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Kim Davis

Kim Davis (born October 31, 1957 in Flin Flon, Manitoba) is a retired Canadian ice hockey centre. He played in a total of 36 National Hockey League games for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Anti-LGBT County Clerk Kim Davis refused to give him a marriage license, so now he's running against her
I’m throwing my support behind David Ermold like he’s Barack Obama because I cannot STAND Kim Davis!
David Ermold was twice denied a marriage license by Kim Davis. Now he’s running against her.
David Ermold and his husband were illegally denied a marriage license by Kentucky County Clerk, Kim Davis, in 2015. No…
Kim Davis denied this *** man a marriage license, and now he may run against her via
Kentucky is more than just Kim Davis, and Lexington is a city of love and acceptance. Glad to see this on CNN.
Bevin won election by jumping on Kim Davis' broom and chest bumping the evangelical population, right ?
6) In Kentucky, Kim Davis is running in the Rowan County clerk election. You'll remember her b/c she was sent to pr…
Once-jailed Kentucky anti *** marriage clerk Kim Davis to seek re-election
Then I need to go make those college students in Rowan County want to register and vote Kim Davis out.…
Spoke to Mat Staver earlier this evening. He said some suggested Kim Davis run for either Rowan Judge-Executive or…
Kim Davis is going to run for re-election. I guess we'll find out whether Rowan County residents really are that st…
Surprised that "Kim Davis" has not already been offered a job by Trump so as to keep Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Vice Pr…
Kim Davis has confirmed she will run for reelection as Rowan County clerk.
Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to seek re-election in 2018
Kim Davis, the clerk who was jailed for refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, is seeking re-election
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It's about Kim Davis, who, as County Clerk (an elected p…
Liberal and Democrat are not synonyms, especially in the South. *** County Clerk Kim Davis was a Democrat.
Allowed to be political at work on employer's time:. Kim Davis, 4x-married County Clerk. Not allowed to be…
explain what the diff. is between what County Clerk Kim Davis did &what NFL players r doing?She defied a US fed.court order
Kim Davis is still the Clerk of Rowan County, KY.
Kim Davis was jailed for failing to comply with a court order directing her to fulfill her duties as County Clerk -…
Remember when this white lady (Kim Davis) "protested" at work and conservatives called her a hero?
Was Steve Mnuchin of the same view when Kim Davis was protesting *** marriage from behind her County Clerk's counte…
Yep. Exactly. Colin Kaepernick still did his job as an athlete while Kim Davis refused to do hers as a County Clerk.
Did Chuck support Kim Davis' workplace protest in TN as a County Clerk? H…
"Football players are at work. They need to keep their personal politics out of it and just do their jobs.”. — Kim Davis, County Clerk, KY
So that County Clerk, Kim Davis, should have been canned? I agree.
So where were you when County Clerk Kim Davis had to make that choice? No NFL pro…
Uh the far right's darling Kim Davis, count…
I should know something about it. Kim Davis is from my home state. She is the County Clerk that refused t…
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Ken Ham and Kim Davis are featured on an ad for the Apologia all access pass.
Kim Davis's Anti *** Views Are Going To Cost State Big Time; Eventually it will cost you judges & other scumbags more than you can imagine..
Good thing for the plaintiffs that Kim Davis isn't liable for attorney's fees. If she were they would likely never collect.
Good because Kim Davis is the "kind" of hypocritical Christian I loathe.
Kim Davis's anti *** views are going to cost her state big time
The anti *** marriage crusade of clerk Kim Davis, hero to bigots everywhere, will cost KY taxpayers $224,000.
Kim Davis' lawyers say they're pleased the state of Ky, and not Kim Davis, will have to foot the bill for her 2015 marriage…
Just a snippet of Kim Davis and Mike Davis if this world were mine.
No real Christian would defend Kim Davis who had an affair and child out of wedlock. Anderson eye…
Ghandi broke unjust laws to gain independence for Indians. Was that wrong? Of course not. Well said Kim Davis. We will defy unjust laws.
Who listens to a bigot like Mike Huckabee, he loves Kim Davis and that love affair he had with her that night
Kanye to Kim: " If they would've done something to you, I wouldn't have stopped until they was dead." . Me:
Have an established employer brand image? from on using this to your advantage
right, if Kim Davis could not be removed, there is little chance to remove a federal judge, in my opinion.
It has now been officially two years since Kim Namjoon dropped his first mixtape titled 'RM'~ March 20, 2015
Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes except every time she says Bette Davis you replace it with Steve Bucsemi
A blast from the 1980's era past. Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes via
is your new favorite song Bette Davis eyes by Kim Carnes?🤔
Conservatives think everything is theirs. Steal so much they don't even know what integrity is. The Kim Davis outlook.
GO AWAY HUCKABEE no one except Kim Davis wants you
I added "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes to my Nostalgia80s Playlist on Spotify
Fox News is currently arguing sanctuary city mayors should be locked up for disobeying federal law. Kim Davis anyone?
2). Kim Novak, already an established star, had a public friendship w/singer dancer actor- black entertainer Sammy…
My favorite photo of Kim Novak - taken by Sammy Davis, Jr. Just lovely.
Dr. Kim Davis is blessing the house from the subject "Take the Leap," Acts 3:1-10.
Kim Davis is truly a lucky woman. Look at this MEAL.
"In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist - we must be antiracist." -- Angela Davis
Remember that time you guest hosted Hee Haw with fellow fascist Kim Davis. Yeah, that was aw…
Who these negroes in my mentions camping for Kim Davis? Whose uncles and brothers are these? Please come get em lol
Her life story highlights struggles within us. . .✉A review of: SACRED LOVE by Claudia Cantrell with Kim P. Davis
Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Kim Davis, Ivanka Trump. Conservative women seem to be all too stereotypical.
Congrats to Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel for phenomenal job with Kim Davis victory over ACLU! He's one of our hero…
I love political costumes! 2 yrs ago, we went as self-righteous hypocrite KY clerk Kim Davis & her…
(Part2). Gas Give Away. The River of Life Church. Apostle Kim Davis. Giving back to the Community
I trust that all those who said Kim Davis had no right to decide for herself which laws to enforce support Trump's firing Sa…
Funny how liberals didn't think this way when it was Kim Davis or Judge Roy Moore:.
Vatican confirms Pope Francis met with Kim Davis and Charles Manson
... the people who turned the likes of Kim Davis & Sarah Palin into alt-right darlings were not my cup of tea. (See what I did there?)...
County Clerk, Kim Davis is still making the rounds as, Michael Moore. None of these outlets check I.D.'s.
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Kim Davis - Hello (Is an easy word to say) "
Rowan, KY, home to Kim Davis... voted for Jim Gray, who is openly *** for US Senate with 53%.
Couples who sued Kim Davis want her to pay legal bill: (Louisville Herald-Leader) The legal battle over Rowan…
clerk Kim Davis: Comply with the law
Then you need to disavow Tony Perkins, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, and Kim Davis.
Florida Senator Marco Rubio to address 'Kim Davis' rally, two months after Orlando massacre
Meanwhile, Trump's get Kim Davis lover Ted Cruz, and struggles getting any other due to guns on the floor, where...
While Trump's keynote speaker is Ted Cruz who rallies a Kim Davis abuse,instead of being in Dallas heading a vigil
maybe Chewbacca Mom and Kim Davis can get a room at the local roach motel.
(1/2) True that... Dems until last year had a homophobic County Clerk (Kim Davis)... They had a racist Senator until 2010 (Robert Byrd)
"Rowan County Clerk and "Christian" warrior Kim Davis has violated the law again, according to the Attorney General of Kentucky."
Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis broke the law again, said the attorney general.
A LOOK BACK: Rowan County clerk Kim Davis reflects on year in spotlight
Someone photoshop katina Powell, Bevin, Pitino, & Kim Davis on the arc for me. Just want to show my Kentucky pride
.has to pay a whopping $25,000 for that rally with Kim Davis:
Can an openly *** man be elected senator in Kim Davis' backyard?
Mike Huckabee didn't get a big return on his $25K investment. How ya like Kim Davis now?
Mike Huckabee forced to pay Survivor $25,000 for using 'Eye Of The Tiger' at Kim Davis rally last year.
Ky ACLU says it agrees Kim Davis' marriage license case at federal appeals court should be dismissed, given recent changes…
Kim Davis wants the law to forget she defied the Supreme Court on *** marriage
As POTUS, pledged to allow Kim Davis-style discrimination
Using the Kim Davis standard the official should be charged and jailed
3 time married Trump is as religious as 3 time married Kim Davis from KY.
between April Miller's so-called "comfortable salar[y]" at Morehead State (81K) and Kim Davis salary as an elected official (80K)? No.
Moment of silence for Kim Davis tonight as we raise her 13 year old Faded Glory jeans to half mast. Rick Santoram will speak
Kim Davis slithers out of the woodwork to recast herself as a victim and a martyr
it's gonna be hard to handle Kim Davis' wooden Rick Grimes' impression without Daniel shutting her up.
... Absolute chaos erupts on Texas street as ... anti-marriage equality County Clerk Kim Davis in her effort to ..…
From Marco Rubio to Paul Ryan to Kim Davis, conservatives are terribly worried about having things shoved down...
Tell me about it. I live in KY. McConnell and Paul. Land of Kim Davis. Both barrels. Never voted for a Republican on my life.
Patiently waiting for Donald Trump to pick Kim Davis to be his VP.
Suspect watching Gray vs Paul play out in Kim Davis country is going to be painful.
State Rep. Tom Riner, who hooked Kim Davis up with Liberty Counsel lawyers, is getting beaten by in
Oh look! It's Kim Davis mixed with Michelle Duggar, lol.
Growing my hair out for Locks of Love; have reached the stage where it's either wear it in a ponytail or I look like I'm Kim Davis.
Congratulations to our executive director, Dr. Kim Davis, who graduated form the Greater Rome Chamber of...
It tells you a lot about a man and his priorities when his time was spent defending Josh Duggar and Kim Davis. https:/…
HOW many other clerks stood for principles when Kim Davis went to jail? none that I know of.
re: Kim Davis isn't it the prerogative of *** ppl to celebrate the defeat of one who sought to use her pol. pwr to oppress?
Your no different then msnbc,cnn,Enquirer & what they did 2 good Americans,Zimmerman,Officer Wilson,Kim Davis,U did it to Cruz.
Memo to anyone describing Trump as "moderate": he's against marriage equality, for Kim Davis-style discrimination. Not a…
Kentucky is fighting hard to be the dumbest state in the Union. Kim Davis should be their Statue of Liberty.
The KY civil war statue will b replaced w/one of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis refusing to sigh *** marriage license.
Holy crying my eyes out. love this. Kim Bruck Woodard you need to listen to this.
Another: Both did a 180° turn once it became known we could not vet them.
None, really. Look at Kim Davis. America is doing alright fighting most religion.
I feel like kanye and kim tries so hard to be as classy and as professional as Jay Z and Beyonce and fail oh so miserably
I'm just gonna leave this for all the Kim Davis supporters out there. . Come on now!
Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes was the Billboard magazine Hot 100 No.1 hit on July 18.1981
Survivor Condemn Mike Huckabee, Kim Davis for 'Eye of the Tiger' Usage via
Here's the CBS one re: Davis lawyers
Absolutely mouthwatering pics! Reader (& wonderfully talented baker), Kim Davis, has worked her magic again!...
People rally in support of Kim Davis in Kentucky: "We serve a living God...Don't let down."
I mean I can see Kim Davis supporting him because she is a hypocritical bigot. She is irrational so it's expected.
. Kim Davis sues Kim Kardashian for stealing her baby's name.
Pearl brags to Steven that she was the subject of Kim Carnes' hit single, "Bette Davis Eyes.". Garnet later assures him this isn't true.
Another W for the boys tennis team! Winning for the Eagles was 1s Coughlin 2s Kim 3s Titsworth and 1st dubs Davis/Durczynski!
Look out for Kim Davis 2016 wnba draft
Trump, who wants to let Syrians in, stood with Islam in Garland, and wants a Muslim in cabinet?.
Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis takes the letter C from the alphabet
Trump on both sides: NOT CONSERVATIVE Trump on Kim Davis: I Believe 'Both Sides of the Picture' via
Garland Merrick is entitled to the same consideration you gave Kim Davis; "none".
A very nice article about this Davis High School alum from the DHS newspaper, the HUB. Thank you Jeanne Kim!
Congratulations to our May Students of the Month! . Miss Kim-Morgan Davis. I can always count on Morgan to recall...
"I'm pretty sure that Mennonites have better fashion than Kim Davis."
Is Kim Davis a liberal or a conservative?
The Utah GOP is now the party of Ammon Bundy and Kim Davis. This weekend, at the Utah Republican Convention, a...
JFK was a Roman Catholic but not a Kim Davis or Antonin Scalia . JFK put America first. Pope Francis was not embraced by Scalia or Thomas
5. I wrote re: Trump flip-flop on Kim Davis, Christian Broadcast Network interviews, town hall with Pat Robertson
Bernie's Kim Davis moment. "This morning as I was leaving, Senator Sanders was there,” Francis said. “He knew I...
Hi Carl! Bernie and Kim Davis used the Pope as a PR stunt. Have a great day!
Hey! Video or it didn't happen! VIDEO: Pope Francis on St. Bernard's Kim Davis moment:
"historic" = making history = something that will be remembered as unique. Kim Davis even *met the Pope FFS!
Like the one that snuck Kim Davis in on Pope Francis, this one will soon be quietly replaced in the Vatican.
Welcome. We knew they'd use it as a political stunt. He will have none of that. We now go into the Kim Davis mode
Pope met with Kim Davis. The Pope will meet with anyone. Bernie just got into the line
Shades of Kim Davis. The Pope was covering his *** should by chance BS gets elected. BS will owe him.
In fact there was a Kim Davis connection to Sanders "invitation",some of same players involved?.
He does not like to be rick-rolled into politics: Pope fires Vatican ambassador to U.S. over Kim Davis
Shades of Kim Davis. I am sure by now Pope Francis is very disturbed bout being dragged into American politics.
Check this out and find LGBT related apparel at: Kim Davis, The Bible, John Kasich, Ale...
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Maybe if Bernie wants to meet Francis he should reach out to Kim Davis's handlers
Pope replaces archbishop over Kim Davis: … who was previously the papal nuncio in Mexico, where … exposing f...
Nuncio who invited Kim Davis to papal meeting retires.
Pope Francis replaces the guy who introduced him to Kim Davis.
Moderator: Ms.Davis shall we discuss Newton's 3rd law? Kim Davis: I love fig newtons! Buy 'em all the time at the Walmart.
Pope replaces ambassador to U.S. who set up Kim Davis meeting
Unfortunately my 1st UNFOLLOW is 1st it was the secret meeting w LGBT hater Kim Davis & now political invitation of
excuse the pun,but Bernie's Kim Davis move on the Vatican is a Hail Mary play to get New York's Latino vote
Matt Bevin, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Kim Davis -- What the *** is going on in Bluegrass state? Too much kool-aid
Anarchy in Jesus' name. Bree Newsome in the same basket with Kim Davis
RCC cover-up, Ted Haggart, Creflo Dollar, Kim Davis, Ted Cruz, when are people going to get a clue about religious bigots.…
Maybe some adult film co. will offer that ambassador $500K to do a film, like they offered Kim Davis.
Pope replaces American ambassador who arranged meeting with Kim Davis
When Mike Huckabee offers to go to jail instead of that Kim Davis. And they say chivalry is dead 😌👌🏽
Pope Francis meets with Kim Davis, enters culture war, by Nathan Johnson
Please The GOP has Bigots for years denying LogCabins a platform at CPAC championing Kim Davis as a hero Ducky Dynasty etc
Kim Davis just walked past me. What face do you think I made?
Trump won't pick Palin for VP, or even poor, sad, confused Duncan Hunter (Trump-Hunter? No way.) He'll go with Kim Davis. Just you watch.
Utah's own Kim Davis-> lawmaker's bill:State should be able to ignore court on *** marriage via
Kentucky Senate OKs Kim Davis-inspired marriage license bill. This has to be stopped. via
My Ted Talk is out and I look a little less like Kim Davis!: via
I swear I think I just saw Kim Davis at St. Thomas West. Maybe she is trying to prevent any same sex marriages from happening 😂😂
*** marriage is law of the land and if people like Kim Davis don't like it, they should find another job" -Sen Thomas
If I name my uterus Kim Davis, will you support it's freedom of religion?
HEADLINES Kim Davis has been obeying orders on *** marriage licenses, judge says: ... SPREAD 2 THE PPL
Judge clears Kim Davis, approves Kentucky marriage licenses with her name removed
Click here to support Wayne Thompson's Homegoing by Kim Davis
It’s probably his only shot, but I still believe Bevin won in part because of the Kim Davis issue. That demo won’t be pro-Gray.
I forgot that dude existed. Where's Kim Davis?
From George Zimmerman to Kim Davis, conservatives' "heroes" say a lot about their movement
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Chris Christie’s Solution for Kim Davis and Marriage Licenses is Destroy ISIS: WATCH
First, Kim Davis. Now,Tebow. Haven't the fanatics figured out Survivor doesn't want them touching their song?
Thank you, Mr. Christie, for not pandering on the Kim Davis issue.
If they can get Kim Davis & Joe the Plumber to moderate it'll be the social event of the decade
I've said my piece about the Kim Davis stuff, but I confess I get more sympathetic every time I see "LOL there's a guy in overalls."
Anti *** "Christian" wants to silence Guy Benson whose conscience is as important as Kim Davis'.
I want Ammon Bundy and Kim Davis to be in a debate narrated by Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin. My cat gets to pick the topic.
What is it with Americans claiming to be chosen by God? Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Kim Davis. I mean: whoops.
Halfway through "The Handmaid's Tale" and witnessing a real world where Kim Davis and Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are in the news and OMG.
resembles Lou Costello. When breaking Kim Davis out of prison, Huckabee and Cruz looked like Abbott & Costello.
I am aunt of Kim Davis and former dog owner and animal lover. Yes, I did cry. Nothing like a loving pet/friend.
Kim Davis to Attend Family Research Council's 'State of the Family' Address -
Martin Luther King spent his life fighting against discrimination; Kim Davis, and Staver too, fight for discrimination.
your husband is one thinned skinned person. As for his saying Kim Davis is like Martin Luther King.
Anyone comparing Kim Davis to Martin Luther King, Jr. needs a prompt psychological exam and a good history lesson. Good grief, y'all!
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Yes, Kim Davis is like MLK, except for being white... female... racist... rock stupid.
I hope that anyone who compared Kim Davis to Martin Luther King Jr. went to school today.
Kim Davis: *** marriage' judge blew decision: Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after nearly three decades with th...
Rick Santorum compared Kim Davis to Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Activists. bet
It's hard to believe, but Martin Luther King was a Republican. Kim Davis is a Democrat. And I am Beyoncé.
Kim Davis is as close to Martin Luther King, Jr as an *** to a brain
Rick Santorum and Kim Davis' lawyer compare her to Martin Luther King Jr.
Kentucky clerk Kim Davis claimed last week that her legal fight to keep her county from issuing marriage licen...
we can't get married cause Kim Davis is the County Clerk! She's not giving out marriage licenses to ***
*** Kim Davis does is rockin the exact same hair-do as Dog the Bounty Hunter- that's hysterical!
What's the sexiest thing about Kim Davis? Is it her Transitions lenses or her Chairman Mao meets Dog the Bounty Hunter c…
Kim Davis arriving at the State of the Union.
for Kim Davis the house of reps is like the Yankee stadium of elected officials that don't do their jobs
Kim Davis... The problem is not that she is from the boonies of the South, not that she is hateful, not that she...
As a cheap actor who pieced together an affordable professional look for an audition @ Burlington CF, what's Kim Davis' excuse?
Update your maps at Navteq
Kim Davis refused to follow law, discriminated against *** couples. Her invite is an insult to every LGBT American. htt…
A reality show where Kim Davis and Rick Santorum have to live in a house and follow every rule in the bible.
Kim Davis told AFP the president's speech "was good."
The tap to invite Kim Davis may have come from Obama. A Truth and Reconciliation message to the .
Kim Davis flying home, wishing she'd brought more Garfield books.
That shot of Kim Davis reminded me of Michelle Duggar before she came into TV money (minus poof bangs)
Kim Davis looks like everyone from King of the Hill combined
I'm assuming Kim Davis thought this was an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.
Kim Davis couldn't be assed to choose her monochrome Hate Cardigan??? Ok.
Kim Davis shares a scary resemblance with Michelle Duggar.
Kim Davis wins the ugly sweater contest
Kim Davis is having the time of her life at our live blog!
Someone should tell Kim Davis the ugly Xmas sweater contest is over.
@ Kim Davis you're at the state of the union not an ugly Christmas sweater party.
I'm pretty sure Kim Davis's sweater from the Martha Stewart "Bold Prints for Bold Bigots" collection. Way too much going on there Kim.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Pretty sure Kim Davis purchased her outfit from the Michelle Duggar fashion line.
Why the H is Kim Davis at the SOTU? She became famous for being a bigot who refuses to do her job while being a hypocrite.
whoever told Kim Davis the was just a big ugly Christmas sweater party is COLD, man
all he has to do is stand next to Kim Davis and he's Brad Pitt
Kim Davis is invited to the ? Obama likes a wide audience to show shade to.
Kim Davis looks like she's about to throw a kid into the chokey
Who the *** invited Kim Davis to the State of the Union?
hope Kim Davis is taking in all this Obama greatness smh
I guess no one told Kim Davis that isn't an ugly Christmas sweater party... 😂
BREAKING: Kim Davis meets her sixth, seventh husbands after seeing Paul Ryan and Rick Santorum refuse to clap.
Great to see Gabby Gifford at STU, not so great to see Kim Davis though.
Kim Davis stumbled into the on her way to a late ugly Christmas sweater party.
Kim Davis is wearing her finest Lee Greenwood-tribute duster and hair inspired by Michelle Duggar WHAT DO YOU MEAN?
Apparently didn't know his staff invited Kim Davis to the tonight. Way to be on top of things.
predictions:. –Kim Davis will speak in tongues. –Paul Ryan will multitask with some P90X. –Trump will buy the Capitol and cut the lights
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Kim Davis got SOTU invite from ...: Kim Davis has a secret admirer.
I'm hearing reports that Kim Davis will be wearing a tablecloth dress with intricate doily work that she got from Michelle Duggar
Something messed up about Kim Davis going to the State of the Union when I can't even get Don Rickles tickets
In 2014 Willie Robertson went to after his daddy's meltdown showing RW stupid,only fitting the meltdown continues with Kim Davis
Yep. Kim Davis is coming to the SoTU
Yeah & Kim Davis & Mike Huckabee fights for Canon (Christian) law but you think thats irrelevant.
To: Kim Davis, Linda Harvey, and evangelical Christians in the US and elsewhere. Your world is a different world...
Heroes of the right:. Cliven Bundy & his sons. Kim Davis. George Zimmermann. Sheriff Arpaio. Joe the Plumber. Donald Trump. Oliver North
NEWSFLASH: Kim Davis is not Rosa Parks. She's Bull Connor. Google that name, learn something, and get back to me with your commentary.
AND SHE’LL DIE A REPUBLICAN . . Party purists could do with a reminder that Kim Davis was elected as a Democrat
Whenever I see Kim Davis name on my timeline. I'm like who? Could seriously care less if I never see her name ever again. We won she's done.
Kim Davis is 2015 Person of the Year, Says Pastor: Contact: Rev. Steven Andrew, USA Christian Church, 877-537-...
Aye, that Kim Davis was a gorgeous wee girl and not a hypocrite at all. No suree Bob...
to that time we were Kim Davis, Howard Dean, and Carl Winslow at a holiday party
From voting rights to the minimum wage to Kim Davis: KY governor Bevin issues slew of executive orders
Kim Davis finally gets what she wants with marriage licenses
AZ Senator Sylvia Allen reminds me of Kim Davis. However even Davis is no where near as crazy as Sylvia Allen.
Kim Davis' lawyers sue Virginia school over LGBT inclusion
Ash to renounce Christian Shariah and denounce Kim Davis or STFU. .
Hypocrite compared Kim Davis to Rosa Parks and she's a Shariah Christian, arguing her faith trumps the law. King is a bigot.
I was just behind Kim Davis at Bath & Body Works 😂
Hey Andrea Tantaros, Kim Davis also thinks she answers to her god, NOT her government. So she's no better than a Muslim who believes that.
And I thought that Kentucky's most embarrassing problem was Kim Davis. Thanks, McConnell and Paul
Trump's Muslim immigration proposal is nowhere near as extreme as the Gaystapo putting Kim Davis in prison.,
The couple that took on the Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis tells why they stood up to fight:
How long before conservatives begin treating Robert Lewis Dear as the second coming of Kim Davis?
Thanks to Tina Wirt, Kim Davis, Tuckers, Vecrumbas, Lindseys, racheleguthrie & bg34bu for making…
censorship of ppl like BOR & Ann Coulter & harsher punishment of those who break (fed) law, like Kim Davis. I'd start there.
NEW POD: Ep. 10 w/ We talked about his Kim Davis story, eating 10 lbs of candy, and more.
What do Rachel Dolezal, Walter Palmer, Jared Fogle, and Kim Davis have in common?. Nothing until New Years on
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ACLU again pushes court to take action against Kim Davis - Metro Weekly
You know who else wouldn’t like Kim Davis types or Donald Trump? Andrew Breitbart
'Kim Davis? “Don’t even say her name in this house,” she shoots back, and then goes into a rant about “all those...
Crucifixes like pitchforks?. Whatever u think of Kim Davis, this is bigoted . https…
In other Kim Davis related news, you're not as sick of Kim Davis as Governor Beshear is sick of Kim Davis. .
Jennifer Lawrence says Kim Davis 'makes me embarrassed to be from Kentucky':
Fox News rips into Jennifer Lawrence over Kim Davis and GOP criticism: “She has the right to sound like an ***
Jennifer Lawrence slams Kim Davis in new interview:
lol ppl mad at the Kim Davis / Eye Of The Tiger association as if some south philly boxer from the 70s wouldn't be a complete bigot IRL
From John Locke to Kim Davis, a brief history of religious toleration & the not-so-tolerant
W. SCOTT LAMB: Jennifer Lawrence says Kim Davis is an embarrassment to Kentucky - Washington…
A past quote by Pres. Carter slams religious hypocrites like Mark Bevin and Kim Davis
Thanks to for blasting my new Kim Davis smack down video! Watch it here: .
."But I made out with Kim Davis a little..."
I liked a video Kim Davis and the Westboro Baptist Church! | TwinJoke Episode 9
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New Kentucky governor will change marriage laws to help Kim Davis
The same people applauding Kim Davis for not doing her job are calling football players "whiners" and *** " …
Kentucky's new governor vows to protect Kim Davis' refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses
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I honestly think a conversation about *** marriage with Kim Davis would be less stressful right now.
Ky. Gov.-elect will remove County Clerks' names from marriage licenses to guard religious liberty
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