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Kim Clement

Kim Clements is an American television writer and producer. She has worked in both capacities on the series Wanted, The Black Donnellys, Shark, and My Own Worst Enemy.

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Pastor Kim Clement.will give you chills
were you watching Kim Clement on that day he prophesied that a man named Donald would be elected?
I liked a video Prophet Kim Clement Prays & Worships live in the Den
Kim Clement Center - Special Broadcast A reminder why the fat kid has to go! The poor soul!
Kim Clement prophesied about North Korea.. I listened to this and wow!
Like the prophecy from Mark Taylor in 2011. Also, Kim Clement.
NOW STREAMING | Donné Clement Petruska brings some of the secrets God gave Kim Clement to l…
Kim Clement said before he died, "everything they do to hurt the Trump will fail and they can't stop him. "
The Late Kim Clement was a Profit of God, prophesied about Trump becoming President among other things! Watch, it's…
If you haven't seen this you will love it! Trump IS a Cy…
4 - then I saw the Kim Clement prophecies which really freaked me out…
Kim Clement prophesied in 2005 God wld raise up sportsmans, 3 rappers- 50€, Eminem and 1 unknown 2…
Why?... Why do not you fulfill the false prophecy of kim Clement? 😟
More of Kim Clement 2007 prophecy about Donald Trump becoming real. About 2:50 into it
Thank You for defending Kim Clement. He was a true prophet of God. Check out Kat Kerr, and Mark Taylor; who also predicted a Trump victory
Remember. Kim Clement was whacked in November 2016. I can build a Faraday Cage for your blood poisonous cars even if you are S Afr
I'd blast Kim Clement out my front window on my 1000 watt home theater system! What happens then? Dancing in the st…
I added a video to a playlist UNSEEN Prophecy from Kim Clement of Donald Trump Feb 2014
this was a prophesy by Kim Clement on 8/8/15. You were born for such a time as this...
Does anyone remember this prophesy from Kim Clement 8/8/15? He was always so accurate in the words he gave. He is…
Kim Clement prophesied you would be President, LIVE in Jerusalem! Be strong & courageous!
And for you my downtrodden but glam ex Wife? Pat St Clement? Kim Wilde? Scarlet Johannson?
I believe mainly because I have watched his prophecies come to pass, Kim Clement 12 13 14
WOW! This is such an encouraging word about what we see happening politically. Kim Clement is no longer with...
Kim Clement, an amazing man of G-d he was. I've lstnd to him since the 90's. So many prophecies coming/came to pass
2007 prophecy by the late Kim Clement of Donald Trump becoming president
Foe God chose Donald Trump to cleanse the evil from our government & our media. Mark…
Also, search out Kim Clement prophecies. They are ASTOUNDING with what is happening RIGHT NOW
People appoint, God anoints. It was prophesied in…
Go to utube Kim Clement a veil placed on nation it was…
It was prophesied by more than one that Trump b preside…
Yes I have heard that. Watch Mark Taylor firefighter who is in line with…
Go on youtube and put in the name Kim Clement . after that look up Mark Taylor
Betrayal in the White House. Kim Clement's Prophecy 3-25-10 "Betrayal in the White House" Attack on t... via
Another Kim predicted the downfall of the deep state Kim Clement
Go to U Tube and look at Kim Clement 2007, he prophesied regarding Trump even before Obama was elected. It is hair…
Hillary is Clueless .. "They will shout, impeach, impeach .. But this WILL NOT happen" Kim Clement…
Secrets of the Prophetic: Unveiling Your Future by Kim Clement via
is the "other snowden". God spoke 2 Kim clement about this election in 2014...look at its accuracy
I liked a video The Mountain of the Lord - Kim Clement
Mark Taylor Warning Prophecy to the Prophets and Kim Clement's Big E Pro... via
This is another prophesy from 2007, it is truly amazing!❤️. Kim Clement prophesying about Donald Trump❤️. https…
Kim Clement was right on about this, that he would become a praying man in office.
Kim Clement prophecy over Word of Faith, PE and South Africa. I will say your name. Jesus!!
Via Prophet Kim Clement: He will throttle the enemies of Israel and the West.
Trump for 8 years -Kim Clement 2007 Prophetic wordis in control
Breast Cancer Awareness
Kim Clement on Gods Plan For America To Prosper (With Visuals) ... ... God is with us & we pray
Per request of Matthew Lewis. Kim Clement prophecies in 2007 of Donald Trump being raised up by God for a divine... ht…
I liked a video Spiritual warfare with Kim Clement on June 2nd, 2012
"I have so much love for because Israel gave me my Savior Jesus Christ"- Kim Clement htt…
You might be interested this: Google Trump prophecy and check out Mark Taylor, Trey Smith, Lance Wallnau, Kim Clement
This is a very interesting word by Kim Clement. I can see this woman rising in the spirit also.
Short excerpts of Kim Clement's prophecies about Donald Trump. Note he mentions "another Snowden"!.
watch Kim clement prophecy on YouTube. Gives me hope.
Wow this was predicted by Prophet Kim Clement back in 2014!!! He said terrorism will start to rise in North India!!! Not good!
check out Kim Clement prophesy about a second Snowdon!
FYI: Kim Clement said there would be a 2nd Snowdon in his Trump Prophesy
2007 Kim Clement prophesy said Trump in the WH, no "witch" elected, shaking of Dems, rise of another like sn…
Kim Clement gave a prophecy in 2007 about and Mark Taylor also gave a prophecy.
Kim Clement’s prophecies regarding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with my comments
Is this why Kim Clement said in his prophetic word, "Yes to Esther?"
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and Watch Kim Clement 2010 prophecy on trump on YouTube God has spoken
yes and you need to watch Kim Clement 2007 prophecy on trump on you tube
Kim Clement predicts the coming of Trump and the Virgin Mary: Revelation 12
have you heard of kim clement? Since 2007 prophets been predicting Trump in the church go watch.
Kim Clement predicted 8 years of trump back in 2007 lol he predicted all this and the wall
I liked a video Kim Clement prophesying about Donald Trump 2007
I liked a video Kim Clement Prophecy of America and a woman named Esther
I liked a video from Kim Clement's Final Broadcast
also God spoke a prophecy about him coming back n 2007. Kim Clement spoke of him. Sorry for all videos
Devil will do whatever he can to put a witch in the Whitehouse. Dismantled so there will be no more corruption. Kim Cl…
Bigger yet because of THIS-The late Kim Clement predicted u'd win? Damning proof that 'yes' he did!
Did this man, the late Kim Clement, really predict rise 2 power? Damning proof that 'yes' he did!
Well known prophet, Kim Clement, prophesied in 2007 (before Pres Obama 2nd term), that DTrump would be president.
"I will Baptize him with the Holy Spirit."~ Kim Clement. Something that I know all too well. . For, I too was not...
PS Kim Clement is not Christ, but just another apostate Christian. Christ warned AGAINST them.
Kim Clement passes away his prophecy of Donald Trump - YouTube
Watch "Kim Clement prophesying about Donald Trump 2007" on YouTube -
For those prophetically inclined. If you are a believer, this is mind blowing. Kim Clement went home to be with...
*Prophet Kim Clement was a true Prophet of God,and God used him mightily. If God could use The Apostle Paul, he...
I saw the prophecies so I was pretty confident he would win .. the Mark Taylor one and the kim clement one
Kim Clement died of complications of pneumonia 2016 he predicted Trumps Gods elect
Kim Clement died on the 23rd. This is from 2007 about Donald Trump.
WOW! WOW! Kim Clement passed away but gave this prophecy back in 2015
I added a video to a playlist Amazing 2007 Prophecy about Donald Trump | Kim Clement
if U had dream about Kim Clement, did U let him know? Can anyone do anything about it?
Kim Clement was the real deal, bro. Thanks for sharing :)
Thank you,heavy heart over our Prophet Kim Clement & his beautiful family, & Warriors.
Oh it will HAPPEN April 04, 2007 Kim Clement prophesying about Donald Trump 2007 via
Kim Clement passed away a few days ago. God has been calling His prophets home. Watch Trump prophecy 2007.
I know of 2 major prophetic voices who have gone on to be with the Lord this year, John Paul Jackson &a Kim Clement. Watch who comes after
Word released last year at this time from Kim Clement... . God says today, "You have the power to break the power...
I added a video to a playlist Profeta Kim Clement cap 2014 S10
. The reason I think she gets time is, Kim clement or some major prophet has spoke via God, cont.
A coloring book in progress, how cool is it to have a peek? Judy J Clement Wall is the bomb!
change the name of your pain turn it into a place of rain. sometimes subtractions leads to multiplication. Prophet Kim Clement
"Once you can SEE beyond your present crisis, that's when you've won the war!"-Kim Clement
Confirmation upon confirmation. Kim Clement 2009 Prophecy and now this man! Thank You, Jesus! And we pray...
Thank you to Prophet Kim and Jane Clement and their team: Miranda, Hannah, AT, Sunil and Charlie, and the House...
Kim Clement prophecies about the Dinar | The Second Adam -
Kim Clement, a highly respected prophet released this prophetic word back in 2007. Is God revealing that Trump...
.Kerron Clement wins gold medal in 400m hurdles!
Kerron Clement wins in the Men’s 400m Hurdles, men's first victory on the track.
"is moving toward God with expectation BECAUSE He loves you." Kim Clement
"I see you in the future, and you look much better than you look right now." . - KIM CLEMENT
why not give your preferred candidate a vote? Including Kim Jong-Un (in second place)
domain names
And SBOE Dir. Kim Strach's husband, along with Paul Clement, is defending the state in its SCOTUS stay request.
Our President Kim Clement getting ready for fun.
God will speak to Trump through his gut. I got the traitor words from Prophet Kim Clement. They could send the tape
if dont believe in prophecy..ok but Kim Clement has prophesied what is going on now so I suggest that you go to look
Remembering a word Kim Clement had about a "Benjamin"~ first I thought Carson then Netanyahu~ now I'm seeing Dr.
His Name Kim Clement, we praised God like it was the super bowl for 18 years. The floor would bounce. We were electing you.
Kim Clement Center - Watch good to see you Kim. All is well.
Israel With Attitude by Kim Clement we are a kick devil butt generation ♫
Kim Kardashian leaks a video of her first date with Kanye West, its adorable.
May God destroy ALL the liars and deceivers, including the false prophet Kim Clement. Take his mind Lord, if he won't turn back.
. Link to one of Satan's little minions home page. May God destroy Kim Clement's "ministry"
Kim Clement is a FALSE self-proclaimed "prophet" and he is a LYING devil stealing money from the mentally disturbed, stupid or broken people
It sure would. What do you think of Kim Clement remarks today on Here:
Presidential prophecy by Kim Clement from February 22 2014. . "This man has stood in Jerusalem. This man that I...
Many people took a prophecy of Kim Clement "Trump will be a trumpet" and interpreted that to mean he would be...
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Please say a prayer for Kim Clement.I know you have met him and he needs healing at this time..he trusts you,, I trust him
Prophet Kim Clement new prophecy for Iraqi Dinar RV July 18 2015 (insurance) -
Please pray for Kim Clement today he is having surgery! I decree I see Him in the future and he is much better...
Speak health over my precious friend Kim Clement. He is in hospital.
We want to join the prayer vigil for Prophet Kim Clement as he is in the hospital. We serve the God…
Warriors! This is a "life or death" situation. How would Kim Clement pray? With a mighty shout of valor! So we...
The music of Kim Clement is anointed by God. Keep him. In your prayers.
Please PRAY for Kim Clement Bleeding in the Brain for God to Reverse it! Kim Clement Center
"URGENT! Prayer for Kim Clement Who is at the Hospital: Bleeding Found on His Brain"
Please continue to pray for Kim Clement who was hospitalized with bleeding of the brain.
prayers for our Lord's hand over Kim Clement
Join Without Walls and Pastor Randy in prayer and intercession for our ministry friend, Kim Clement, as he is...
Praying for Kim Clement, who has been suffering from bleeding in the brain. test are being run. Please pray.
Kim Clement"s Garden...WHO WILL PRAY for HIM TODAY ? . · 9 July ·. Love is not valued or appreciated until it...
My charge to pray for friend Kim Clement:
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Before we get busy with the many tasks of our day, lets pray healing for Pastor Rod Parsley and Prophet Kim Clement.
Saints let us pray to God for prophet Kim Clement in Jesus name, Amen!
Please be in prayer for Kim Clement. See post below.
Let us lift up Prayer for Kim Clement
Please be in URGENT prayer for my dear friend Kim Clement. We are declaring total healing!
Update On Prophet Kim Clement Thank you for your continued prayers for Kim. He is being treated now with...
LIVE on BREAKING NEWS: Kim Clement rushed to hospital with brain Bleed
Please continue to Pray for Kim Clement... He didn't need surgery yet for the bleeding on the brain. It was a stroke.
Pls,let's lift up prayers 4 Prophet Kim Clement whose health is in a critical state.He's in d ICU.We know that our God is a Great Healer!tks
Please pray for our friend Prophet Kim Clement. He was rushed to the hospital with a stroke and bleeding on the...
BREAKING NEWS: Prophetic voice Kim Clement rushed to hospital with brain bleed. Keep him and family in your prayers!
Kim Clement be thou made whole in Jesus' Name. Brain bleed stop. You are needed. At Lakewood you prophesied over John & me…
Keeping Kim Clement and his family lifted in prayer. Kim is healed and made whole in Jesus name!
Hold prayers in your heart and up to God for Kim Clement who is currently in the hospital with unexplained...
Please pray for Kim Clement. He has had a stroke. Going in to surgery now to stop brain bleed. We ask for healing in Jesu…
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Have you heard any news on Prophet Kim Clement?
Join the God Campaign as we pray for Kim Clement & others with traumatic brain injuries.
Please pray for KIM CLEMENT who is in the hospital. Agree together for a complete healing! IN Jesus NAME!
Kim Clement·. While praying about today’s Den broadcast, which is going to be “HIGHLY UNUSUAL” according to the...
URGENT MESSAGE / BODY OF CHRIST:. Kim Clement prophesied last year that in March 2015 a spirit of assignation...
Kim Clement. Love is not valued or appreciated until it is given; love will not multiply unless it is shared;...
Kim's pregnant, Bruce is Caitlyn, Tyga cheated on Kylie, Scott & Kourt broke up. I don't know how longer I can keep up w/ the k…
Kim Clement. "Whoever listens to Me shall dwell safely and shall be quiet from fear of evil." Proverbs 1:33. When...
Check out this cool episode: . how to lose your crown 󾌣
Kim Clement. 1 hr ·. Soldiers of Light,. Just a quick note. I started a teaching yesterday and felt that I should...
Kim Clement. ·It is amazing to me how each week before our very eyes there is an unfolding of prophetic insights...
Kim Clement. 22 hrs ·. This last Saturday I was taken by the Spirit of God to an unusual place. I was on a ship...
"With God, nothing is impossible, and the impossible is nothing" !!! - Prophet Kim Clement 👍 😄 👏 😁 ⛪
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Kim clement called me Elisha in 2005 in Nashville I have always hated my real name
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Kim Clement shares God's heart and concerns for America and the world. " In February, insight was revealed...
Would love to see Kim Clement, Bill Winston or Prophetic Psalmist Dianne Palmer on the program
On the Chuck Missler partnership with false “prophet” Kim Clement -
On the Chuck Missler partnership with “prophet” Kim Clement: A lot of Christians have been asking us about one...
Brought in the New Year worshipping the Lord in the beauty of His splendor! Thank u Kim Clement Min for a great New Year's Eve. Freedom 2015
Anyone else going to be watching Kim Clement tonight?
"One act of obedience can change your entire life" Kim Clement
Kim Clement. · New Year's Eve and My Startling Experience on Dec 26th. The day after Christmas early...
"What contemptible scoundrel has stolen the cork to my lunch?" -W. Clement Stone
Kim Clement will be joining Ziv soon on the air
Prophet Kim Clement Prophesied to David E. Taylor concerning the magnificent results of this book before it was...
Click; Kim a Christian Prophet.He had vision in 2000 about Trade centers attack.n?
I see many people on Fb who claim to believe the Message of the Cross is the exclusive message that God works in however by their promotion of other false preachers prove they don't really believe its the only Message one needs for living for God. Many preachers are saying things that seem right but only to deceive. Here's some of them you need to examine more closely, Sid Roth, Mother Teresa, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyers, Rod Parsley, Perry Stone, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, Andrew Womack, Arnold Murray, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Bill Johnson, Todd Bentley, Rodney Howard Browne, Kim Clement, and many more. The Bible warns us. Ephesians 5:6-11 KJV Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. Be not ye therefore partakers with them. For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;) Proving ...
Watching Patricia King on Kim Clement's TV program right now. Watch online and hear what she is sharing:.
We are "LIVE" at 5 in 15 minutes from O.C. for ITFN program with Matt & Laurie, Israeli Consul Gen David Siegel and Kim Clement! Tune in!
The Spirit of the Lord says, The very words of Dr. Martin Luther King before he died, knowing prophetically that he would not live, there is a dream that has not yet been fulfilled. You say the African people have been freed. But have they truly been freed says the Lord. That dream has not yet been fulfilled. It shall come to pass that I will take the African-American race, the people that have a strong leaning towards a spiritual life, and I will do something special for them because I have told you I will raise up an African-American president of the United States of America. I will put within him the wisdom of God and the power to be able to negotiate and take this nation into a higher level of authority and power. - Kim Clement, (2002)
Honored! It was a true honor to welcome Dr. Jimmy Crompton and his gracious wife Mariana Crompton at the airport. They pastor a great church in South Africa. The likes of Rodney Howard Browne , Kim Clement, the Thoms, and so many others came out of this church. God has, and is using, them to build people who build the Kingdom. It's refreshing to be around people who have vision for the Work of God. You will be blessed when you come 7pm Wednesday at Evangel North Church, just 5 minutes from Louisville, Kentucky.
Honestly I am shocked at how flying our American Flag has become a crime, or Christian companies being forced to pay for an abortion pill, or it being considered a hate crime to believe in the Biblical definition of marriage, between one man and one woman. The Bible says in the last days many would depart from the faith. But those who persevere and endure until the end will be saved. The Kingdom of God suffers violence, but the violent take it by force. Not violence like the radical anti-Christ groups in America would think, but through complete resolve and dedication to believe God's Word and stand for Him no matter what. We must forgive, believe, sacrifice and obey.but above all, love. Thank you Billy Graham, Martin Luther King, Charles Finney, Derek Prince, Kenneth Hagin, Kathryn Kuhlman, Francis Frangipane, Paul Keith Davis, Dutch Sheets, Sandy Newman, DeeAnn Ward, Pastor Phil and Sheila Hollis, Pastor Mike Heil, Kim Clement, Pastor David Jeremiah, Pastor Joseph Prince, Charles and Francis Hunte ...
Kim Clement gives a word about the present pope. Let's make this a target of prayer
Kim Clement asked us to write a Hezekiah prayer where Hezekiah told God all the good things he had done. 3/30/14 Our Hezekiah prayer. We Led a Muslim young man from Ivory Coast Africa that we had live in our home to The Lord. He changed his major from learning to fly planes to becoming a nurse. He is a nurse practitioner now. After we also influenced for God some Japanese students who also lived in our home. I did not abort my daughter my only daughter that I had. I gave her up for adoption. Prayed for her all these years and found her and her husband to be in 1996 met them in 1999. Then we moved to Colorado to help raise the grandkids and speak into their lives in 2004 We have been grandparents to our 4 grandkids and have influenced them for God every opportunity we had till they moved away in 2013. Now our gifts to them are always Christian books and CD’s we don’t buy them toys. Julie is a prayer warrior. Kreg has unselfishly stayed home to take care of Julie because I Julie was poisoned when I work ...
George I gave you an invite to Kim Clement. He is very interesting and right now is in Ukraine. He will broadcast on is webpage tomorrow at noon(3/15) and it will rebroadcast anytime for three days. Also thanks for our conversation the other day have been doing research on color light therapy and found Darius Dinshaw's book which I ordered. We can can talk more later, very interesting what we learn together!
The Lord Shall Rule From Jerusalem, Israel ~ Kim Clement As Kim is praying for the nations of the world, he states: "Awake the glory of America, England, Ukraine, Russia, the East and the Middle East; South America, Norway, Sweden," then prays for Germany. God says, "Watch out. Watch out for Germany. Watch out," says the Lord. "The enemy has endeavored to tempt her again – endeavoring to tempt Germany to join forces with the wickedness of this earth. But there are saints in Germany; there are prayers coming from Germany as well, but yet it is being tempted at this hour to join forces or would stand and be passive. "How can you be passive when it was in your land that you saw anti-Semitism? How can you be passive when you saw in your land the oppression of the Jews? And it is rising up again, where the Jews are being looked at," says the Lord, "where Israel is being looked at for the Jews in Ukraine, and the Jews in Russia, and the Jews in Germany, and the Jews in Europe." God said, "Would they go throug ...
Unbelievably happy that I'm getting a kitten! Thank you so so much Kim Clements and Jennie Giles - I will be cat shopping this afternoon for beds and toys! Xxx
We can say we are proud... Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matt. 5:16 To be proud is to feel deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one's own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated. In our case we are proud to be part of Prophet Kim Clement's ministry and church especially as our team is on the ground now in Ukraine, doing the good works of the Gospel. We are proud to be Warriors: A Warrior is a valiant, brave or experienced soldier or fighter. Let's keep fighting the good fight, let's keep our "troops" fully supplied through prayer and financial gifts as the Lord prospers us. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. 1 Cor 15:58
Spiritual warfare with Kim Clement and the band. I'm sorry that in some parts the sound is not well synchronized but I couldn't get it any better. Video: LQ ...
Praying for Kim Clement and John Crowder as they separately and purposefully are in Ukraine praying God's will for the country.
Kim Clement is on the ground in the Ukraine , bless hi heart , left California yesterday to be there
Kim Possible has been facetiming since 2002
OK buddy. Read "Son" and "Birthright" by John Sheasby. Also follow Kim Clement on here.
Kim I thought I told you to leave 3 hours ago! go home!!!
After listening to Kim Clement this afternoon I decided to go ahead and share another of my favorite artists with...
If you receive an invite for the Kim Clement SnapChat inner circle, don't join! It wasn't what I expected. :(
Yes, Prophet Kim Clement. It is the gene-isis of some thing unusual . God still answers prayers of Esthers Moses ..
Kim Clement. Warriors,. I write to you today with tremendous excitement. I moved the altar from the platform at the...
Take a look at this. Umm. more confirmation about the scheme going on here. "Restructuring" is exactly what we have seen inside the church for the last several years especially. A "restructure" of new age/occult acceptance. These men are so dangerous. What is going on here is clearly demonic. It is not of God. TBN never dated this false prophecy from Kim Clement that I could find, but the one made by Bill Hamon, I think was in 2006. -D- Kim Clement's prophecy to Paul Crouch: "God, i have dreams and dreams. God said the dream i’m going to give you shall show you the details of what must take place. There shall be three depths [deaths?] Of the old in the New Year, but God said i'll cast a mantel upon this generation, Paul Crouch the spirit of God said there are bones in a valley that must come to life. And though people say he could never do it, you can: by the structure and the RESTRUCTURING of trinity broadcasting network." Bill Hamon, Kim's friend and Senior Prophet, ...also the 'leader' behind trainin ...
I loved reading this word that Kim Clement gave to Paul Crouch Sr. some years ago...that he would fulfill his call. How God spoke to him so tenderly and honored him as a son. Worth rereading. It all came to pass...including a tv studio in Jerusalem.
Look and see if your favorite televangelist, book writer is on this list. I call this section, "Know Your False Preachers and Teachers". First is T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen, Joel Osteen, Paul Crouch(he is dead and in *** now), Rod Parsley, Kim Clement(he no longer likes Christianity), Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Oprah(yes, she has her own church)(T.D. Jakes again), Billy Graham(he is dead and in *** now).
Some Important facts on those Teaching us God's Word It is important to understand that when you see the superstars of charismatic televangelism you are looking at and listening to individuals who have (in the majority of cases) absolutely no biblical training or formal education whatsoever. But, yet they carry around them the title of Dr. Here are some of the more popular preachers one can see daily on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN): Kenneth & Gloria Copeland; Mr. Benny Hinn; Jesse Duplantis; Kim Clement; Jerry Savelle, Joyce Meyer, Charles Capps; Marilyn Hickey; and Joel Osteen. It has been widely researched that 'None' of these individuals have any biblical education, most of them have not even attended a secular college or earned a college degree, with the exception of Marilyn Hickey who did earn a teaching degree for primary school and that's it! Yet these individuals are deemed as possessing divine insights into the Word of God and are seen by multitudes as being some of the greatest biblica ...
Please brethren I urge you to be very, very careful that you allow no man to deceive you. Any "ministry" on TV I would stay away from, God's people are hated by the world and have never been accepted by it. Men and women like TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Billy Graham, Creflo Dollar, Kim Clement, Juanita Bynum, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson, Robert Schuller, Paul Crouch, Marilyn Hickey, John Hagee, Oral Roberts, The Kansas City Prophets, Patricia King, IHOP, Todd Bentley, TBN, Rick Joyner, Bill Johnson, Joyce Meyer, Paula White, Rick Warren, Paul Cain, Toronto Blessing. Are deceiving many and you should stay away from them. I could name plenty more but I would be here all day.
Kim Clement: Purifying Your Soul • Kim ClementIs Your Soul Whole? Our souls are constantly being saved, restored, purified, and renewed. • Saved James 1:21 "Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to SAVE YOUR SOULS." •Restored Psalm 23:3 "He RESTORES MY SOUL and leads me in the right path for His name's sake." • Purified Our souls are purified by obedience... 1 Peter 1:22 "Since you have purified your souls in OBEYING the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of your spiritual family..." • Renewed 2 Corinthians 4:16 "Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man (soul) is being RENEWED day by day." • So When Am I Truly Saved? Most of us realize that forgiveness of sins and eternal life are received the minute we call to God and receive Jesus Christ. However, we have to live on this earth with our imperfect aging bodies AND our souls. To assume that the condition ...
Kim Clement: I've Wept Deeply - "Feeling Something Is About To Erupt" May 25, 2013 - From The Den Please hear me. I heard this word this morning, clearly, "I will restore today that which has been taken illegally, and even if My people have made mistakes." Listen to what the word is – hear it now, please. Abraham lied about his wife; said it was his sister for his fear of death, and so the king took Abraham's wife and God visited the king early that morning in a dream, "Should you touch this woman, I will kill you. That man is a man of God." The king came to Abraham and the king said to him, "Why did you lie to me? I could have died because I took into my hands your wife." And he came with offerings to Abraham and said, "Here is your wife back. It's your mistake, Abraham, but along with your wife, I'm giving you offerings of goats and bulls and sheep and stock for I want you to be totally restored" (see Genesis 20). It was a mistake that Abraham made. It wasn't the king's mistake, but even though it was ...
So am watching TBN and this man Kim Clement.started talking about Nigeria, it's replay of a.program recorded in April 2011. WISH WE TOOK IT SERIOUSLY. April 9, 2011 - From The Den I sense something about Nigeria right now. Nigeria, you need to pray. Nigeria, pray, pray, pray. There is deep darkness that is wanting to emerge, a deep darkness that wants to come and control the children of light. There is a fear for corruption. Nigeria, pray, for the enemy is looking at you right now saying, “What they decide will either allow me to do this great wickedness or stop me.” I command your power to be broken right now. The power of what? The powers of darkness that would try and put fear into the masses. Nigeria, God has great plans for you, great plans for you – but it is still in your hands to decide. For the light of Christ wants to shine and bring destruction, yes destruction, to the opposing forces of *** They will try and say, “We will outlaw certain Christian values.” Pray, that wha ...
Again my husband & I have attended 2 churches in the chandler/tempe area. Both pastors are using the culture to cause people to become members in their church. They are saying since people in this culture have a difficult time committing to anything, that is why we should committ ourselves to an organization/institution. Kim Clement just prophesied that the church would not be meeting in big buildings in the future but from house to house, from street to street. The harvest will be so massive it will be all hands on deck. I'm not saying that there will not be leaders in that move, but we do not need a middle man to go to our Shepherd, Jesus for things. The pendulum of legalism is swinging again.
Each of us must give an account for our own self. We cannot blame Sid Roth, T.D. Jakes, Kim Clement, Perry Stone, Charles Stanley or anyone else for what we don't know or understand about THE WORD OF GOD. We need to stop making people our bible and start understanding that JESUS IS THE WORD OF GOD. There's nothing wrong with listening to televangelists and other public speakers, but we need to know THE WORD for ourselves and we need to measure everything a person says by THE WORD, whether that person is our pastor, our sister or brother, our parents etc...
Men of integrity, let me make a partial list. My husband, Billy Brierley, full of character and no compromise, my Dad, Albert Goyette, who overcame obtacles & failures to be one of the most wise, thoughtful, prayerful men facing the challenge of being a stroke patient, fighting every day to make life meaningful, his 83rd birthday is Monday wish I could be with him. The Collins men, Donald, Donnie, Jay & Colt, Centerpeace band, Issac Vega, Nate and Aaron, my pastor, Philip Smith, my former pastor, Dennis Myren, Lance Wallnau, Kim Clement, Cody Hughes of Unbroken, Mike and David Landrum of Primerica. I just wanted to give honor to these men of God who make the world a pleasant place to live.
Kim Clement: Finding Joseph – Your Lost Promise by Kim Clement February 20, 2013      Posted  (2/21/13) "2013 is our year of acceleration, advancement, and progress." God Always Keeps His Promises Read this with me: "So Jacob set out for Egypt with all his possessions. And when he came to Beersheba, he offered sacrifices to the God of his father, Isaac. During the night God spoke to him in a vision. 'Jacob! Jacob!' He called. 'Here I am,' Jacob replied. "'I am God, the God of your father,' the voice said. 'Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for there I will make your family into a great nation. I will go with you down to Egypt, and I will bring you back again. You will die in Egypt, but Joseph will be with you to close your eyes.'" (Genesis 46:1-4). Isn't that odd? God would make Israel a great nation while oppressed, in slavery, under the cruel grip of a Pharaoh who no longer knew Joseph. It seems that this is Israel's mark of greatness – to become great while surrounded by cruel and hateful ...
The Multitude of Prophecies AMOS 3:7 For the Lord will do nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. For many years, from all over the world, the prophetic word has sounded. This word has come from many proven men and women of God. Their message that has consistently come forth is one of the coming revival. Has there ever been a time when we have heard so many prophecies concerning the coming revival? Benny Hinn and Kim Clement - VERY VERY SIGNIFICANT - they discuss the Coming move of God. The tidal wave will begin when two well-known spiritual leaders die, one being Oral Roberts. This was revealed to Benny Hinn in the 1990's and Kim Clement has confirmed this. In spring 2006, the prophet Kim Clement gave a message from God saying that Billy Graham and Oral Roberts were going to die soon ... Billy Graham: The Spirit of God says, “Even as Billy Graham dies, I will raise up two of him. I will raise up two of ‘Billy Graham’.” God says, “Your soil surrendered him to Me, and s ...
DECEPTIVE AND DANGEROUS The Word Faith "Prosperity Gospel" Movement By Jesus is Some of the preachers of the "Word of Faith Movement." John Bevere, Markus Bishop, Morris Cerullo, Kim Clement, Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, Creflo Dollar, Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Hagin, Marilyn Hickey, Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard-Browne, T.D. Jakes, Bishop Eddie L. Long, Joyce Meyer, Miles Munroe, Steve Munsey, Mike Murdock, Joel Osteen, Rod Parsley, Fred Price, Oral Roberts, R.W. Shambach, Robert Schuller, Karl Strader, Robert Tilton - General Word-Faith Articles - (1) An Examination Of The Word-Faith Movement by Richard J. Vincent, 1991 "The Word-Faith Teachers. This is the group that would seek to convince us that Jesus and His disciples were rich, that to be poor is a sin, to be sick is a sin, and that faith is a creative force that we can use to shape our world just like God supposedly created this world and universe that we live in through His "faith"! Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, John Avan ...
Kim Clement: Two Giants Will Be Brought Down and Two Forces Will Be Released by Kim Clement Jan 23, 2013 December 31, 2012 - From Israel: Two Giant Spirits Will Be Brought Down Let me tell you the things that I saw when I was praying, especially today, this morning as I was praying, that there are two giant spirits that are going to be brought down. There are a lot of forces that control generations, that control cultures, and that control even seasons. A lot of people think because there's so much evil going on that there's no good going on. We don't understand and realize that there's something powerful emerging, and very few people actually get it, because you have to perceive it. The one spirit that I spoke of earlier and that I've taught you on was the spirit of pythos or python. Remember, when I had my vision just about the time of the election, I said that there's a python (that speaks of a spiritual force that strangles, as you know). A python suffocates its victim. And most people don't even know ...
Download the booking form for your region or Book online today! Download the brochure With guest ministries Kim Clement, Patricia King, Lou Engle, Faytene Grasseschi, James Goll, Planetshakers, Matt Sorger and Angus Buchan.
I am still in awe of God. I seen Juanita Bynum preach last night in Killeen and she was all in my kool aide. I thank God for confirmation, then I was watching prophet Kim Clement today and he was confirming some of the things Prophetess Bynum was saying.all I can say is thank you JESUS. The Spirit of the MOST HIGH GOD always bare witness
What IF: Abraham decided no to leave when God told him. Joseph decided to sleep with Potiphar's wife and instead stayed there and not when to prison. Moses walked away from the burning bush and said No, I'm not going to do it. Moses accepted God's offer to kill all the Israelites and make a Nation our of him Esther lost site of her mission and decided to remain a Queen w.o a mission in luxury Samuel would have obeyed King Saul to destroy the Amalekites Sampson hadn't slept with Delilah and told his secret David hadn't slept with his best friends wife and murdered his best friend Daniel had taken nourishment from the spirit of Babylon and forsook his praying and turned his face to Jerusalem and put his face into Babylon Herod decided not to kill all the male children Rahab the Harlot had decided to show the spies to the security forces that knocked on her door Adonijah successfully de-throned his father and became the king instead of Solomon Jesus fell into temptation and ate the bread Kim Clement decided ...
DEATH OF THE PHOENIX FINAL ACT FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ACT I. Sleepy Hollow Revisited The Templar symbolism of Hurricane Katrina Zionist agents orchestrate downfall of the U.S. Why the United States must be sacrificed ACT II. The Ark & The Grail Jewish discovery and settlement of the New World Ark of the Covenant in the “New Jerusalem” The Judeo-Masonic history of Louisiana The “Sionist” conspiracy to repossess the Holy Land ACT III. The Dawn of Aquarius New “Radical” Reformation planned for the West Coast Prophecies of Kim Clement & Chuck Pierce for Los Angeles / San Francisco Zionist plan to take out the Muslim community of Detroit ACT IV. Bible Belt Destroyed Prophecies of Flooding / New Madrid earthquake with epicenter in St. Louis Destruction of U.S. agriculture belt and manufacturing infrastructures Destruction of Fundamental Christianity to begin with Bible Belt ACT V. Exodus / Aliya Jewish exodus from the U.S. before its destruction Secular media to preach Kabbalist ...
Kim Clement: Conquer Your Mountain in 2013! It's almost 2013! Many great things happened during 2012, and even though we faced hardships and trials, which are to be expected in life, we survived and even laughed a lot more than we had in previous years. How can we smile, have joy, and even get excited when we are faced with so much evil and darkness? Well, let's look at a few things before we travel together to the mountain in Israel and hear the Word of the Lord on Dec. 31. We are NOT going to enter 2013 with one negative word on our lips, but rather the word "CONQUER" will resonate and prepare our path to many victories. You may be saying, "Kim, you're just too positive! How can we truly believe this?" Sir Winston Churchill was once asked to give the qualifications of a person needed in order to succeed in politics, and he replied: "It is the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn't happen." Th ...
I told JESUS please don't let me ever see Kim Clement fall same snares traps as Rod Parsley fools did. It would break my heart
Kim Clement doesn't listen to LIES of Fallen Angels. Paul Crouch got the WRONG book on Angles from evil liers. A Mistake.HEAR ME
Surrey Central City Church will be hosting Pastor Katharine Siegling of Glory International Church in Germany at our weekly "Tent of Meeting Ingathering". Pastor Katharine Siegling was recently on Kim Clements television and Internet broadcast. See Pastor Katharine interviewed by Kim Clement in the this link. may go into the video at 80 minutes to see the beginning of the interview. Won't you join us at 2:00pm Saturday Nov. 3rd in the Coast Surrey Guildford Hotel 10410 158 Street, Surrey, BC, Canada and give her a warm Canadian welcome and enjoy a time ministry in Worship & Word. Seating is limited. Glory International Church Website:
Watching 60 Minutes - The new millionaires or should I say SHALEianaires. It's like Beverly Hillbillies gone wild. Our country has the equivalent of 2 Saudi Arabias oil worth of natural gas? Kim Clement prophesied there would be new energy sources revealed in the U.S.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
A reminder that Kim Clement will be with us at Herts International Church, Welwyn Garden City this Sunday at our usual service time of 10am.
I liked a video From My Heart to Yours- Benny Hinn and Kim Clement- Part 2 of 5
Wow just got done watching Kim Clement a great Man of God, He is the voice of the God, and oh my Gosh He said, that today the RECOVERY starts for America, One man who MOCK GOD no longer will and that His wrath would come upon him, People I am telling u CHANGE IS COMING AND ITS COMING LIKE A TIDAL WAVE! This election is the turning point for this CHANGE, wants what was, will be no longer be, and the next 4 year GOD WILL BE IN COMPLETE CONTROL! Man has had his time, but now GOD WILL HAVE HIS! I am shouting HALLELUJAH, no more fear of the FUTURE, GOD ALMIGHTY IS IN IT!!! JESUS IS ALIVE AND WELL ON THE EARTH!
A new breed Kim Clement says - I say a NEW REVOLUTION PARTY - with God a ruler vote Nov 6 for the heart of God
Kim Clement and the Codebreakers team discuss NBA player Jeremy Lin. Kim had a prophetic word from years ago that said God will raise up athletes to penetrat...
July 12, 2012-prophetic ALERT by Kim Clement--"Storms coming to America and Canada--This is a man made attempt to manipulate and control--It shall be exposed however there shall be death and loss of lives. This is just the beginning but know this I, YOUR GOD will destroy those that eye the nations that I have put my hand on. I will take them down as I have Promised. I need my people to pray that the planning of the mass destruction will not happen.
July 20, 2012 Urgent Prayer For Colorado AND Kim Clement Prophesies Over Colorado on July 12th Editor' Note: In lieu of today's tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado, we wanted to get this word out from Kim Clement and ask our readers to pray for the victims and families of those effected. As of this early afternoon the Huff Post Denver reported that "71 people had been shot in total and 12 had been killed." Police say the shooter's apartment is booby trapped with explosive devices and trip wires and bomb squads are on the scene determining how to disarm material even now. Let's pray for wisdom for the bomb squads to detonate all material and for no more lives lost. Let's lift up those wounded (as some are still in surgery), praying for healing and wholeness as well as families of those who lost their lives (please notice the date of this prophecy by Kim Clement). -Julie A. Smith, Editor, The Elijah List July 12, 2012 - Prophetic Alert (This is for that one moment where I prophesied with my team on our inst ...
This is the best explanation of the famous Eccl. 3 by Kim Clement from his Facebk post July 12, Ecclesiastes 3:1: Solomon said, "There is a time...for every activity under heaven." By the word "activity," Solomon meant people's deliberate, willful acts...
Eastern Regional Watch Cramer: The 'Nervous' Prophet The 'Perfect Storm' of 2006 Sizzled but Fizzled-Out, but Did Christians See Jesus Sitting on a Throne? Part 1 prophet, Dennis Cramer, is a familiar face on The Elijah List, and the prophetic poster boy of The Father's House church in Stockton, CA, where he is scheduled to conduct his "School of Prophecy" in November 2007. The Elijah List, headed up by Steve Shultz, serves as a public spotlight for individuals such as Kim Clement, Chuck Pierce, Rick Joyner, John Paul Jackson, Cindy Jacobs, John Arnott, Jim Bakker, Mike Bickle, Juanita Bynum, Randy Clark, Francis Frangipane, Bill Hamon, Rodney Howard-Browne, Bob Jones, Dutch Sheets, Richard Twiss, C. Peter Wagner, Les Yoder, Bill Yount, and many more. Schools of Prophecy aren't unique. A Google search netted thousands of hits, with some offering correspondence courses via the internet. Even the New Age "Master Prophet" Elijah Bernard Jordan offers a School of the Prophets on his website. But Dennis Cramer ...
Kim Clement: Little Signs Have Come Along the Way - It's Going to Erupt Kim ClementFrom The Den April 28, 2012 - From The Den: Elijah saw the cloud the size of a man's hand. This is what happened, and it's important for all of you watching, for your own prosperity in the next seven years, starting almost immediately, that you listen and be patient. Remember what I taught you the other day; I said by patience you must possess your soul. In other words, don't let your soul get disrupted when something doesn't happen when you want it to happen. We heard about Firepointe, we heard about Ford – we heard about lots of things, and some people are getting impatient (speaking of the Iraqi Dinar). These things happen in time. Obviously, there are moments where God says this is going to be released now, but this is what happened with Elijah: Elijah heard the sound of abundance. There were no clouds; there was no sign of abundance. He heard the sound; then he said to his servant, "Go, and look until you see it." He ...
Awesome Jesus. Listening to Kim Clement as I prepare for my day. I'm so sorry Lord that I got so caught up in writing all morning. I woke up at a good time. But got caught up, so now I will be late for church. Stupid Dave. Strengthen yourself Dave. Discipline. So mad at myself. I need to be better organized with my time. ahhh... But anyway, so glad that he is using me as he is. Learning so much. But my life is a yo yo. So, I need to get organized and put main things in it's order. But Kim Clement is preaching so well. And Pandora has great music that I was listening to by Misty Edwards.
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