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Kim Cattrall

Kim Victoria Cattrall (born 21 August 1956) is an English-Canadian actress.

Samantha Jones Big Trouble Little China Sarah Jessica Parker Noma Dumezweni Christian Slater Sheridan Smith Police Academy George Clooney Sefton Park Barbara Streisand Johnny Rotten Kristy Swanson Kristin Davis Cynthia Nixon

Jesus. I know that Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols and Kim Cattrall missed that flight too. Unbel…
I would be honored to meet with Kim Cattrall.
Kim Cattrall in 9 1/2 weeks? . Kim Cattrall leader of North Korea?
Jeff! What's your fav Kim Cattrall? Kim Cattrall in Police Academy? Kim Cattrall in Big Trouble in Little China? (1/2)
So do you Kim Cattrall you look FABULOUS what's your secret!! X
"Belarus is Not Sexy with Kim Cattrall" Oct 2015. and with Nicolai Khalezin - Director of…
More portrait practice, this one is Kim Cattrall in a scene in Big Trouble in Little China.…
This scene is discount Jack Palance and discount Kim Cattrall having an argument.
June has a Kim Cattrall vibe to her.
Samantha Jones would definitely approve of the monkey room in Kim Cattrall’s NYC home
Really rejoice in being yourself. Have your own drumbeat. - Kim Cattrall
Imagine me on an Island with Kim Cattrall? Yep that she still has me blocked
The other week a guy said I had a voice like Kim Cattrall. I think it was a positive observation (?) but it Haunts Me
Kim Cattrall is still fit now, but early SATC days are just outstanding! The fact she's a red is just the icing on…
The Tonya Harding Nancy Kerrigan 1994 Museum is doing an exhibition of art inspired by the YouTube video of Kim Cat…
Kim Cattrall's white lady vibes are over 9000:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Hey (if you're actually getting married and not just making a Kim Cattrall joke) congrats you guys!
My and wedding song is gonna be the clip of Kim Cattrall scatting
Kim Kardashian, or a FaceApp blend of Kim Cattrall and Lindsay Lohan?
It's like Nesbit meets Kim Cattrall meets baroque.
Kim Cattrall The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Opening Night in New York
At the beginning of every role I take, I have to start from basics and build it up. It's like a new construction. Kim Cattrall
If you click on one thing this year, we pray it's this, “Yama Kippi Yay Bo: A Celebration Of Kim Cattrall On Ice" https…
Here are the best celebrity comebacks from women when they are asked why they don't want kids…
Did you know that George Clooney, Rihanna and Kim Cattrall are among the many that suffer from
What an insightful reaction to The Secret from Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall prefers natural aging and self-control in diet -
Congress can help Call them on TODAY and ask them to make it a priority. 30aQmm7
hi, I wrote a small book of poetry about Kim Cattrall wearing a big denim shirt please enjoy
Mayhaps he thought it would turn into Kim Cattrall?
Actresses Brigitte Ariel, Isabelle Huppert, Debra Berger, Kim Cattrall and Lalla Ward on set of the movie 'Rosebud'…
Kim Cattrall arrives at The Laurence Olivier Awards at The Royal Opera House in London
Kim Cattrall's apartment is, somehow, even more extra than Samantha Jones's:
Sex and the city: Sex and the city Sarah Jessica Parker (Attore), Kim Cattrall (Attore), Michael Patrick King…
Sex and the City 3 'confirmed' with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon aqnd……
Kim Cattrall confesses Sex and the City led to Mark Levinson divorce: 'I was never home' https:/…
Kim Cattrall reading Rosemary's Baby sounds like something Radio 4 commissioned specifically for me.
BBC - Toby Jones, Andrea Riseborough and Kim Cattrall to star in The Witness For The Prosecution for BBC One
Kim Cattrall put 2 & 2 together...the Native American Indians can't add up.
Craig T. Nelson & Kim Cattrall star in PETER BENCHLEY'S CREATURE. Today at 4/3c on COMET.
Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Kim Cattrall and more stars turning 60 in 2016
Kim Cattrall's Top Gear reveal and Piers quizzes her about her sex life on TV...
EXCLUSIVE: 'Nobody's watching it!' Kim Cattrall slams AGAIN as she talks GMB jibe
Men cheat for the same reason that dogs lick their balls... because they can. Kim Cattrall, as Samantha Jones. Sex and the City
moved up on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "10". know Y? Goto & tell “Kim Cattrall's fans
Good on for supporting Canadian fashion!
When you're filming, you work 19-hour days, and you know more about wh...
could have used your Kim Cattrall impression!
Sex and the City VI Autographed 8x10 Photo w/COA
yesterday! I watched the (1985) Movie Bonfire and vanitys with Tom Hanks Bruce willis Melianie griffth Morgan freeman kim cattrall, more.
If my accomplishments frighten someone, it's nothing to do with me - t...
Sex and the City Star Trek VI Autographed Signed 8x10 Photo w/COA
I first wanted to be an actress after seeing a play - not a movie.
I was very close to my father. At the age of ten I wanted to do plays,...
Keep an eye on that Kim Cattrall... I hear she's making a comeback!
That would be awesome if I got to meet and talk to Kim Cattrall
New video: Rachel Nichols, Kim Cattrall – Sex and the City s4e17
What would be really difficult is to be sitting on a beach. There's va...
There's a positive side to film and television, the sense of feeding i...
When I got out of my Twenties I stopped playing women that were victim...
I try not to listen to the shoulds or coulds, and try to get beyond ex...
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I didn't want to get married, and I didn't want kids - I knew I wanted...
This is a great interview with Kim Cattrall. . She has been a champion for sharing knowledge and her experiences...
Hot Shot for Kim Cattrall letting the body out for air on "Sex and the City"
Kim Cattrall is such a babe lol.. Every time I see her I feel like watching Mannequin
Kim Cattrall does *not* agree with the arguments in this piece.
I was a bit odd as a kid, because there were so little outlets for me.
PSA the Kim Cattrall podcast about insomnia is completely brilliant but not great for a workout
Kim will always be an Icon, her triumphs reign on and on...😙💋💋.
But seriously, Kim Cattrall in is my new obsession. Season 2 is taking too long! Need the new episode
Kim Cattrall on the French Riviera - Sensitive Skin Photocall in Cannes
A pilot is like the most extensive dress rehearsal you can ever imagin...
My family was going back to England to visit my mother's grandmother, ...
Fact: The following people were booked to fly on Pan Am 103, but missed it: The Four Tops, Johnny Rotten, Mats Wilander, and Kim Cattrall.
I have a big appetite, and staying on top of that is about knowing mys...
your video where you figured out who Kim Cattrall was just helped me get an answer right on jeopardy so thanks I guess
never regret kissing a mannequin, what if she came to life like in the movie Mannequin starring Kim Cattrall.
I'm torn between watching Craig T. Nelson and Kim Cattrall battle Peter Benchley's "Creature" on MGMHD or doing something else.
I'll say Mannequin. Howard at least had some vaguely good special effects and more importantly Lea Thompson > Kim Cattrall.
CBS misidentifies Kim Cattrall as mother of Canadian prime minister
New post: ". 'I couldn't be more proud': Kim Cattrall pokes fun at CBS gaff that mistakenly identified the actress…
.apologizes for mistaking Kim Cattrall for Canadian prime minister's mother
Klingon Christopher Plummer AND Vulcan Kim Cattrall! It does actually hold up well, I think it's better than Khan
Kim Cattrall should have played April O'Neill in her heyday
kim cattrall strip wish she was not my mother
Actress Kim Cattrall has a refreshing take on motherhood.
Kim Cattrall's nod of approval can I get a YAS
She looks like / reminds of IF Kim Cattrall were to play Lieutenant Samantha Carter of SG1
(it's Kim Cattrall doing a dubious Queen's English. I was more weirded out when I thought it was Sheridan Smith doing Queen's English.)
The awkardness of getting halfway through a film and realising that I can't tell the difference between Kim Cattrall and Sheridan Smith.
How great are Kim cattrall's eyebrows in this movie
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Just got a favourite off non other than Kim Cattrall ... scouse power...
. I had a girl crush on Kim Cattrall because of that movie!
Kim Cattrall did this film but dropped out of the much classier Linda at Royal Court.
Kim Cattrall plays such a good role in Sex and the City 😂😂👌🏻 absolutely love her.
Thank goodness for HD, now we can really tell that Kim Cattrall is wearing contacts.
Kim Cattrall looked very Sex and the City in 2003.
I love that film. Haven't seen it in years 😆. Kim Cattrall literally just off the Trek 6 film set.Ahhh. the memories.
Remember when Rahul Bose and Kim Cattrall used to date?
My sister has on a really tense episode of Columbo with Nicol Williamson and a young Kim Cattrall looking like Marion Cotillard.
Just watching Columbo: How To Dial a Murder on C5 now & I thought, "Is that a young Kim Cattrall?" And lo, it was!
Right now featuring a very young Kim Cattrall, who looks like Chloe Moretz.
Kim Cattrall looks like she is 12 in
omg why is no one talking about sensitiveskintv on netflix starting Kim Cattrall???! HILARIOUS
omg why is no one talking about on starting Kim Cattrall???! HILARIOUS
this reminds me of that scene from Sex and the City with and Kim Cattrall. 😂😂😂😂 featured in NBC s Science of Love
sensitive skin on Netflix is my new fave show.. love Kim Cattrall in it
Being a Girl : Navigating the Ups and Downs of Teen Life by Kim Cattrall...
Noma Dumezweni, aka the new Hermione in on taking over from Kim Cattrall in Linda at the last minute https:/…
Saw Penelope Skinner's Linda at Royal Ct Theatre with in title role. A STUNNING performance
Kim cattrall was so pretty in mannequin 😍
There’s some movie with Goldie Hawn and Kim Cattrall and some Sikhs on at the gym, and I have no idea what’s happening in it.
Kim Cattrall: a classic beauty with great comedic timing
Kim Cattrall in this film might be The One.
Craig T. Nelson & Kim Cattrall fight an amphibious shark-like monster in PETER BENCHELY'S CREATURE today at 4PM EST
Big Trouble in Little China? Between that and Mannequin, Kim Cattrall got me through puberty. It holds up.
Actress Kim Cattrall is just one of the British women born in the 1950s hit by the changes
Wow. What has poor Kim Cattrall done to offend picture editor? Presuming they employ one.
Kim Cattrall and Craig T. Nelson are in this bad sci-fi movie on Comet. I can't turn it off.
Kim Cattrall explores aging in new HBO Canada series 'Sensitive Skin' …
Reasons for to go to New York? Three words: Kim Cattrall impression.
Have any of y'all seen the Netflix show "Sensitive Skin"? With Kim Cattrall? It's cute.
Many of us work far too hard & we don't put enough value in the epicurean,sensual part of life. Kim Cattrall
I liked a video Kim Cattrall talks about hubby Mark
Photo Flash: Lovely photos of you in The Cryptogram at the Donmar Warehouse 💗.
This film's director originally wanted Kim Cattrall to play the young officer, but she was unavailable at the time -
Kim Cattrall series "Sensitive Skin" on Netflix. I think we all know how this drinking game goes.
"Having my priorities in order has really helped me look better, fresher, and more relaxed." - Kim Cattrall. HAPPY WEDNESDAY DUNIA FAMILY
good old KIM CATTRALL who love that DOG SEX in locker room
Has the office of Mr Anderson, approved a housing development in Sefton Park, objected to by many,including Kim Cattrall?
Kim cattrall's sensitive skin on sky arts - very good remake after the sublime Joanna and co. In uk original - excellent!
Don't wanna be mean or owt but I think Kim Cattrall sagging off was a blessing for us all. Noma Dumezweni's Linda is right rousing 🏆🏆🏆
I wish that was true. Then I could be with Kim Cattrall. 😍
Wanna sit next to me for 2h 40m tonight? done a Kim Cattrall on me. It's probably the running time that did for both of em
Close, 1992.. also featured Kim Cattrall alongside Rutger Hauer. Famous for the big guns scene:.
TIL Star Trek VI starred Kim Cattrall from Sex in the City as well as Christian Slater. Wasn't able to look at them the same all movie.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
OMG Kim Cattrall is on this episode of Columbo as a brunette and she looks beautiful
I have no idea what Kim Cattrall would have made of the role, but Noma Dumezweni absolutely owns it. Outstanding performance
JENNA MARONEY: You don't think I've been brought in on a million auditions just to make Kim Cattrall seem grounded and human?
"Sex and the City" star Kim Cattrall has withdrawn from playing the title role in "Linda" on the London stage due to an u…
Kim Cattrall is ultimate woman crush
This video of Kim Cattrall scatting is worse than you could have ever imagined.
This video of KIM CATTRALL SCATTING is still top 5 things on the internet.
Kim Cattrall talks about hubby Mark. "Wow" is all I got
Mind you, wrestling a mannequin into a wedding dress is a bit daunting. My efforts there tend end up more to Boxing Helena than Kim Cattrall
Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall withdraws from West End's Linda on advice of doctor
Kim Cattrall as the Beautiful. QUEEN OF EGYPT CLEOPATRA. Soon to be playing at
really make a gal feel defective. Someone call Auntie Kim Cattrall for me?
Yes. You and co-star Kim Cattrall would have been the perfect escort-slash-bodyguard for SJP's headdress.
Sarah you caught me out on that one, you know who you remind me of Samantha Jones(Sex and the city's Kim Cattrall)
Actress Kim Cattrall may bring the sexy to but learn how she's just like the rest of us:
God morning kim Cattrall follow you Me
Arena full of woman standing as Kim Cattrall leaves the stage. . Standing Ovulation
Scariest movie ever for me? Mannequin 1987. Kim Cattrall was horrifying.
KIM CATTRALL Sex and the City, 2008 Stylist Patricia Field used over 300 outfits as Sex and the City
Kim Cattrall provides an excellent response to a question that unfairly plagues many women.
W/ Don Mannequin filling in for Cougar of the Week has got to go to Kim Cattrall. ("Mannequin" -1987).
I just thought about when Kim Cattrall told Britney Spears she was a mistake in cross roads I'm so sad Britney didn't deserve that
Don't be so quick to judge! Come nightfall that could be Kim Cattrall!
Being a gossip reporter just isn't a respectable job. It'll chew you up and spit you out. Kim Cattrall
Remember that Kim Cattrall sex documentary? The worst part of it is Kim Cattrall.
His dad dated Kim Cattrall, so I guess it all evens out.
Kim Cattrall: How the mix of physical therapy and yoga saved her life
The reason I watch old episodes of sex in the city for kim cattrall aka Samantha Jones
I just found out that Justin's dad dated Kim Cattrall too!
This is his dad, a PM, with John and Yoko.This guy also dated Barbara Streisand & Kim Cattrall.
And let's not forget Justin Trudeau's father, Pierre, who dated Barbra Streisand and Kim Cattrall.
His Dad (our old PM) dated Kim Cattrall, Barbara Streisand and Margot Kidder.
The Kim Cattrall sonnet reading tank emoji for when you really want to "go for it."
his Dad dated Kim Cattrall back in the day.
Somewhere, Kim Cattrall is planning a "Trudeau Dynasty" of her own. Watch your back, Sophie.
Kim Cattrall Just Had the Perfect Response to People Who Ask Why She's Not a Mother. by via
You know who's opinion I really want to hear? KIM F'IN CATTRALL!!
Stephanie Smith: Why no one is really child-free, says Kim Cattrall -
Is anyone really child-free? Kim Cattrall defies such definitions:
The entrepreneur will join a host of other famous women such as Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall and Dame Jacqueline Wilson t…
I would like to see a sexually themed double entendre contest between Kim Cattrall & Jane Krakowski.
mannequin one with Kim Cattrall, mannequin 2 was Kristy Swanson.
♥ to see u chat!. I'd love to film Sex and the City 3 in rainy Ireland - Kim Cattrall via
I want to commission a painting that just is the poster for Big Trouble in Little China but Kurt Russell is Bernie and MTN is Kim Cattrall
sometimes I just cry because i've adored satc since i was 12 and i've met kim cattrall and carrie bradshaw is just everything to me
Dear Miss Kim Cattrall, I wish you much pleasure in his artistic work you this going well, God bless you, your number one fa
TIL Actress Kim Cattrall was booked on Pan Am flight 103 but changed her reservation shortly before…
Next on HBO-DEFINED 'Sex and the City' at:13:40 IST.Genre:Romance.Cast:Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Da
watching Kim Cattrall spoon feed Sarah Jessica Parker warms my heart
Kim Cattrall: "Practically all the relationships I know are based on a foundation of lies and mutually accepted delusion."
This is how Kim Cattrall is bringing sexy, back to menopause:
I bet the American show will feature a version of our Jerry Hall episode as with Minnie Driver & Kim Cattrall.
Marina Abramovic and Kim Cattrall photographed by Santiago & Mauricio for V Magazine
You wish you were 80s Kim Cattrall fresh off Porky's? You howl like a wolf?
I thought you were a good guy Sam, u should know this is Kim cattrall in character as Samantha Jones in the seminal satc movie 1
"Mannequin" (1987) - ineffably daft film with Andrew McCarthy & Kim Cattrall rescued by its soundtrack:
if the first time you discovered your special purpose was when Kim Cattrall smelled the sweatsocks in Porky’s
Why doesn't anyone ever point out how Kim Cattrall drives a sweet van in 'Big Trouble in Little China'?
The Jays remain unbeaten in the Kim Cattrall Era.
My partner also worked with Kim Cattrall-She was really cool when he told her his favorite movie is Big Trouble in Little China.
All purpose parts banner
oh Kim Cattrall throwing out first pitch was also nice
How good was Kim Cattrall in the 80s
I had to check why Kim Cattrall is trending in Canada. I thought she might be dead. But she only threw the first pitch at a Blue Jays game.
Kim Cattrall, is now trending in Canada
You know who’d make a great Gracie Law (Kim Cattrall's role) in the remake? Kaley Cuoco. Completely serious, too.
By the way, does Kim Cattrall's first pitch qualify as a super windmill?
And Kim Cattrall threw out a great first pitch at the game. I knew she would. She's always great on and off tv and a
Kim Cattrall films her show in and bravo to the for having her throw out the first pitch tonight.
Samantha aka Kim Cattrall just threw the opening pitch ... Guess who's the token *** at guys weekend
I'm watching Star Trek 6 and every time Kim Cattrall comes on screen the song from City Limits come into my head
How did we not get Kim Cattrall on the show today? Which season of "Sex & The City" was Walker's fave? Mine? Three.
For my follower who really likes Kim Cattrall (can't remember who it was)
Kim Cattrall throwing out the first pitch at the Jays game. Wonder if the boys locker room...still turns her on.
Love how Kim Cattrall just flexed her arms after delivering the first pitch!
just met Kim Cattrall aka Samantha from sex and the city
Electronic Device Insurance
Kim Cattrall throws out the first pitch, underhand, and way high. Hutch with the leaping grab! Happy Birthday, ol' ballyard!
Samantha Jones, aka Kim Cattrall, under-hands the ceremonial first pitch while the the Sex and The City soundtrack plays.
Actress Kim Cattrall just threw out the first pitch underhanded.
Actress Kim Cattrall throws out first pitch...underhand.
Just watched John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China. Surprised to see young Kim Cattrall!
Exactly! In general Kim Cattrall cannot be replicated...There ONE & ONLY Kim...And Gracie Law in
Kim Cattrall is super hubba! I watched it more than double figures ish ? And Porky's. a lot :(
Apparently a remake of Big Trouble in Little China is in the works. NO. Just, no. Mid-80s Kim Cattrall cannot be replicated.
Rita Wilson and Kim Cattrall are over 50 and fabulous via
I chat with the fabulous & learn how she embraces menopause in this video:
.& remind us to have a sense of humor about Hear the here:
If I have to, I can do… ♫ I Am Woman by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis & Cynthia Nixon
Loose Women returns from Easter break with Kim Cattrall and Susanna Reid Loose W…
See our latest FB posting featuring the indomitable Kim Cattrall - Miss Samantha Jones of Sex and the City fame! http:/…
*Vaguely hears Kristin Davis complaining & Kim Cattrall talking about cake and men* ahh Sex and the City
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I added a video to a playlist Graham Norton Full with Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pine, Kim Cattrall,
Kim Cattrall won't see bec she's not attracted to 1 who would watch: Samantha Jones, who's on
Christina is so talented, but her TRU talent is impressions, never forget her Kim Cattrall.
But not like the amazing Kim Cattrall kind.
I didn't even understand the significance of Kim Cattrall being Britney's mom till now.
Now where is the picture of him chewing out Kim Cattrall?
Literally one moment you’re fine, and then another, you feel like you’re in a vat of boiling water. -Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall/Sam from Sex and the City on the board!
idk why but when I looked at you the 1st time, you reminded me of Kim Cattrall in the early days of Sex And The City! 😍
Steve Guttenberg and Kim Cattrall were great in Police Academy. Love that film.
I thought that pic of Chloe Grace Moretz in that golden dress was Kim Cattrall.
It's Kim Cattrall & Sefton Park all over again. And our famous sensayuma is nowhere to be seen.
Kim Cattrall and Gillian Anderson to star in Channel 4 epic - News - TV & Radio - The Independent
"I'm a woman of a certain age who doesn't have kids and never really settled down ... I enjoy kids but not for long periods. - Kim Cattrall
oh god VI film is on w og series cast, I have never seen prior, and what? kim cattrall is explaining etymology of '…
I just voted for my favourite Canadian Screen Star Kim Cattrall! You can too! Here:
Wait.. Who is this? I thought yall were talking about Kim Cattrall.. 🙈
What I wear is a reflection of where I am going and how I am feeling🌐 -Kim Cattrall-
Brief cameo from a 21 (ish) year old Christian Slater on the Excelsior bridge too. And Kim Cattrall as the sassy vulcan Valeris.
You can watch all of our previous shows right here... From Kim Cattrall to McBusted,
Probably not a lot of of fans of this classic 1985 film starring Timothy Hutton, Robert Urich and Kim Cattrall - but I appreciate it.
Kim Cattrall and Phoebe Cates are like the R S T N L E of childhood crushes. Every 80s kid should have them by default
Jst found out tht Kristen Davis & Kim Cattrall hve been sober since their 20s was practically based around cosmos🍸
Kim Cattrall gets cheeky with Vanessa Kirby - the photos you didn't see from ES Theatre Awards …
WATCH last weeks with Jay & Ellie here Kim Cattrall, Esco Williams and Barry White Christmas
Kim Cattrall, George Clooney and James Cameron were all spotted in the Comox Valley today. Why here? Lol
Kim Cattrall in Police Academy looks so much like Chloe Grace Moretz
Kim Cattrall’s role in Sex and the City gave her icon status due to the show’s popularity with men
Just so U know,ur ❤ this Vulcan. “Kim Cattrall Star Trek The Undiscovered Country
Welcome home Kim! Hope the jet lag isn't too bad?! Just in case you didn't see my story in
btw I'm watching this movie w my dad called Big Trouble in Little China and Kim Cattrall is in it. Thought you'd appreciate that
Kim Cattrall makes for a sexy Vulcan.
Fantastic coverage in ahead of tomorrow's :
Did you know Kim Cattrall is back in this city tomorrow! Mabz we'll see her out partying and enjoying our cocktails? 😁
We talked Sex and the City reunions with Kim Cattrall:
Kim Cattrall on a SATC reunion, staying in shape and being honoured in...
Find out what had to say about SATC3, style and being honoured in her hometown of Liverpool
Liverpool's Sex & The City Star to head home to accept icon award h…
Just got a text from Kim Cattrall, sure.
PHOTO SUBMITTED - Honoured in the Village Kim Cattrall, the Canadian film and television actress bes
omg I can't believe kim cattrall & SJP didn't like each other in real life 😭
will be honouring Don Carmody, Kim Cattrall, and Dean Deblois as part of our signature series!…
Kim Cattrall speaks out about menopause and experiencing a real hot flash for the first time…
News! will be hosting Kim Cattrall, Dean Deblois, Jason Priestly, Chace Crawford and more this year!
So excited to work Check out their amazing guests! is coming!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
London: Actress Kim Cattrall, who portrayed Samantha Jones in six …
A reminder: Mannequin is the most important movie ever filmed in Philadelphia.
Kim Cattrall didn't want to be the third actor playing the part so they just made her a different character
I need a mannequin. It does not have to turn into a living Kim Cattrall or Kristy Swanson. Just need a regular, non-living mannequin.
As awesome as it was to see Kim Cattrall, the entire panel last night was amazing - Erin Brockovich,…
Yo Kim Cattrall is not the old thirsty broad in this movie.
Interesting! I think Kim Cattrall is a real comic talent—see: Big Trouble In Little China—but the show uses her wrong.
The movies from 1987. Apparently it was released straight 2 video. That explains everything. It stars Diana Rigg who looks like Kim Cattrall
Now it's over to my favourite, Kim Cattrall, as Samantha Jones. Come at me, Sex And The City. 😍❤️
No problem. It's called The Hold Up, came out in '85, and stars Belmondo and Kim Cattrall. :-)
Marie Whipple the young and beautiful Kim Cattrall has a new series called Sensitive skin and she looks great.
Drunk again. Enamoured with a bartender who looks like Kim Cattrall from the 80s. Life could be worse.
The best advice ever got? “Take things that scare you, scare the pants off of you":
Kim Cattrall is one of those women that I don't know if I want to be or be in... if I had a ***
I am the meat in a Ray Quinn and Kim Cattrall sandwich here, as people from Merseyside choose their favourite book -
Kim Cattrall and I have something in common.Who knew?
I don't think Kim Cattrall wants to come alive in that pose. :)
It's crazy to think Sarah Jessica Parker & Kim Cattrall hated each other in real life! Can't believe how well they acted in the show!
"There is no need to feel defeated at 40, 50 or 60. I'm having the greatest time in the second half of my life."...
Agree on Kim Cattrall/Gracie Law in this! Completely ridiculous, but also very entertaining film. Spelled C-U-L-T!
hometownhorror:. celebritycaps:. Kim Cattrall hogtied and...
Also, I would like Kim Cattrall's body for my 50th birthday &
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