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Kim Burrell

Kimberly Burrell is an American gospel singer from Houston, Texas.

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Kim Burrell remade Love Me In A Special Way and its a total fail. A dud. Keep it.
I liked a video Kim Burrell can SANG!!
if you're a *** person that never wanted to sing like Kim Burrell at any point in your life
3-Way Phone Call x R. Kelly, Kelly Price, & Kim Burrell is one of my favorite gospel songs
There are other hackers posing as Kim Burrell & Donnie McClurkin. I think it's the same hacker bec…
Kim Burrell preaching *** homophobia while the same Bible says she shouldn't be in the pulpit in the first place...😞😕😒
Is he speaking his truth or the truth, if so then why was Kim Burrell ridiculed for her truth,???
Kim Burrell - Happy: # Playing via our Mob APP & on - - :# The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
. Not attacking this guy Tyler but...His mom want Kim Burrell Croped out of their song😎 Hypocrite?
I liked a video Shirley Caesar turns from Kim Burrell church to boycott BMI Awards
I liked a video Kim Burrell Responds to Backlash On Homosexual Sermon
I liked a video WARNING: Explicit Content: MONIQUE: Speaks out on KIM BURRELL
she has belted I know but it's rare in the song she did with Kim Burrell & Rance Allen she had great belted notes
Keep it Moving with Kim Burrell: Sipping Tea and Angela Robinson via We wan…
If I could sing like a Chaka Khan, an Aretha, a Kim Burrell, if I c...
I still love Kim Burrell... Since I was a kid going to church with my Uncle Vernon & Aunt Judy LeDay at Greater...
God always exposes fakes..Yalonda Adams you said Kim Burrell was wrong for saying Homosexuality was wrong. Even though the bible says that
Gentle reminder: In light of the Kim Burrell, Bishop Eddie Long, Vicki Yohe or Trump chatter, God is still God.
Kim Burrell vs Andrew Caldwell needs to be on the Dubai Crackhead Brawl
Internet sensaiton Andrew Caldwell threatens to sue Kim Burrell
Andrew Caldwell claims to have suit, restraining order against Kim Burrell
Did we ever find out why Andrew Caldwell is suing Kim Burrell?
Kim Burrell allegedly being sued by Andrew "Delivert" Caldwell
Andrew Caldwell posted a video saying he's suing Kim Burrell:
Internet sensation Andrew Caldwell threatens to sue Kim Burrell
34,000 Black Churches of NBCI Come to the Rescue of Kim Burrell and Denounce Mo'Nique, Yolanda Adams and Queen...
I stand with Kim Burrell. Homosexuality is sin and perversion and God is not gonna lower His standards for...
Waiting to hear Kim Burrell and Shirley Caesar's lil statements on Eddie Long like...
I don't have to even start on homophobia in the black church...ask Kim Burrell. But Bishop Eddie Long can "prey" on youn…
I don't care about Kim Burrell and her hate speech. I don't care about Souljaboy & Chris' feud. I don't care about Nicki Minaj being single.
Embattled gospel singer Kim Burrell can’t get an amen from a number of black religion experts
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A clip from my interview w/ Pastor Jamal Bryant on his show "The Empowerment Experience", here we are discussing Kim Burrell'…
Just like our leader Deitrick Haddon said WE ROCK WITH YOU Kim Burrell! People can have their opinions and agree...
Kim Burrell is having a Paula Deen moment under the Sun...
please discuss the recent viral videos of both Kim Burrell and Pastor Shirley Ceasar
Pharrell talks to Ellen about Kim Burrell: "There's no room for any kind of prejudice"
Pharrell & Ellen discuss Kim Burrell's anti *** remarks: "There's no room for prejudice in 2017" htt…
Fans defending Gospel singer Shirley Ceasar for speech concerning anti *** actress Kim Burrell saying she is a pastor
"You (Kim Burrell) should've said something 4 years ago when our President made that stuff alright" - Shirley Caesar . Fuc…
mom, wants Kim Burrell's voice removed from
Kim Burrell faces backlash after sermon on 'perverted homosexual spirit'
The media created and agenda to Attack Angus Jones the same way they attacked Kim Burrell for having a change of view and speaking truths 🤔
Tamar really shoulda just sat this one out regarding Kim Burrell especially since she have a huge LGBTQ fanbase
Frank Ocean’s mother urges singer to remove Kim Burrell from song after homophobic comments
This wont silence venomous beliefs. But thankful stance was made. I pray it bears witness to God's true love.
Singer Kim Burrell will not appear on Ellen DeGeneres TV show after anti *** comments
Photos: Ellen DeGeneres cancels Gospel singer Kim Burrell’s appearance on her show
Gospel singer Kim Burrell will NOT be appearing on Ellen DeGeneres
When Kim Burrell said, "I have yet to sell a million records, where's the support".I YELLED in this here house! 😭
Kim Burrell made her homophobic comments in her church named Love and Liberty Fellowship Church. How ironic?
Kim Burrell pulls into the parking lot of "The Ellen Degeneres Show". Ellen:
We're so quick to dismiss people like Kim Burrell, but will instantaneously share daily motivations from Joel Osteen's…
Update: Janelle Monáe says Kim Burrell will not be performing on Ellen, though the show hasn't released a statement
Frank Ocean's mom on Kim Burrell's "Blonde" feature: "Son, can we crop her voice out of your song?"
Kim Burrell outside trying to get into The Ellen Show
Kim Burrell booted from 'Ellen' after calling *** people 'perverted'
Ellen DeGeneres is done with a capital D
Still have absolutely no clue who Kim Burrell is
For those asking, Kim Burrell will not be appearing on my show.
Amazed at how far this Kim Burrell stuff has gone.
Because of Kim Burrell's homophobic comments, it's appropriate to remind the black church of this.
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Kim Burrell this, Mariah Carey that, Chris/Soulja this...but did you know the Republicans are having closed door meetings to R…
I really want everyone to chill and stop draggin' Kim Burrell.
It's incredible that with all the violence people in the LGBTQ community have to deal with Kim Burrell spoke death over their lives
Kim Burrell really got up there and said that Bishop Eddie Long had AIDS. That we all will die in 2017. . Now, see.
I'm surprised this Kim Burrell thing became such a big deal, I thought everybody knew that's how most christians see homosexuality
Kim Burrell is the reason i do not go to church. smh homophobic ppl are ppl i cant deal w/. don't let these churches feed…
In light of this whole Kim Burrell situation, this is speaking on homophobia.
That time Kim Burrell got read by a Sunday's Best contestant. "and Kim I BEEN stopped liking you!" 😂
Kim Burrell: Homosexuals are perverted!! . Frank: Come get this check for singing on my album. . Kim:
We have to pray for Kim Burrell to be released frm the spirit of ignorance just like Donald trump & David duke. Love her in spite of herself
So 8 days before Kim Burrell goes on Ellen she's speaking violently about the *** community hmmm
Kim Burrell if you dislike the *** community so much why go on Ellen? That's like David Duke going on the breakfast club 🙄
"She was a womaiiienn" Maan Kim Burrell is runing on this song
Kim Burrell ADORED Whitney Houston. . And Whitney loved her right back. 💙
So awesome hearing Kim Burrell in the Hidden Figures promo, there's even Oscar buzz for the song.
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It was from the time Ms. Whitney and Krissi visited Ms. Kim Burrell's Church.
Kim Burrell - Silver Bells - West Angeles Christmas at the Cathedral 2016: via
2hrs later ... watching old Kim Burrell and Whitney Houston videos
fact that Frank Ocean had Kim Burrell, Jazmine Sullivan & Beyonce sing BV's for him on his rec was such a Boss move. That's how EPIC he is
I can listen to Kim Burrell all day. She's amazing.
30. Kim Burrell ain't in your top 10-15 favorite vocalists list? You probably can't sing.
Back by popular demand Pastor Kim Burrell will be ministering at Feb 23-25th in Houston, TX! More info>...
"If what you're doing is not meaningful to the soul of a person, you are only entertaining yourself." -Kim Burrell
Y'anna Crawley singing Kim Burrell's "I Come to You More Than I Give" on InstaStories just made my day
When it's ppl like KeKe Wyatt,Karen Clark Sheard, Kim Burrell, Jazmine Sullivan, my top 5 has no space for MJB. Nope. *** no.
♫ “I See a Victory” by Kim Burrell & Pharell Williams , you just can't help but dance to pharell tunes🎧
Hurt that Jessica Reedy sang Have Faith for the Kim Burrell tribute, hella growls on that mic.
Frank Ocean got Brian Eno, Kim Burrell, James Blake and KOHH on the same
Bruh.. he got Kim Burrell credits and Brian Eno credits on the same project.
'NowPlaying' Jesus by Kim Burrell at - Buy it
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"If Your Love Cannot Be Moved". Stevie Wonder feat. Kim Burrell . You can't say we shall and not fight through...
From Tasha Cobbs to Dorinda Clark-Cole, Deitrick Haddon to Kim Burrell, Gabriel Sidibe "Becky" from Empire to...
Most church queen sing like Kim Burrell or Karen Clark Sheard.
Tamia, KeKe, Chante Moore, Deborah Cox, Kim Burrell, Faith...singers who sing better than Bey. Don't negate me. *closes mentions*
Listen to "Calvary" from Live In Concert by Kim Burrell on Apple Music
Join Kim Burrell, Erica Campbell, and our own Chadney Christle for a POWERFUL CONCERT! Just CRAZY worship! Get...
Kim Burrell voice is whipped butter
current stress level: when Kim Kardashian lost her $75,000 earring in the ocean
I liked a video Brandy, Kim Burrell, Beyonce, Kierra Sheard and Fantasia hacked my snap!
Festival of Praise, 50-city tour with Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, Kim Burrell, Hezekiah Walker and Israel Houghton kick…
can't pick just one but if I narrowed it down to three it'd be, Kim Burrell, Jazmine Sullivan, Ledisi, in no order
She's giving me so much Lalah Hathaway and Kim Burrell fusion
Lalah Hathaway. Jazmine Sullivan. Kim Burrell. I'd sell a rib and three organs for this concert.
however, things I've learned in the past two hours? Amber Bullock is probably one my favorite vocalists after Brandy and Kim Burrell.
1. Kim Burrell can ousting most people.
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Gospel singers are some of the best... I mean--- Kim Burrell... Amber Bullock. Must I name more?
In a perfect world I'd love to see Kim Burrell, Lalah Hathaway, Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan & Whitney Houston slay a gospe…
I could seriously listen to Kim Burrell all day. 😩
I'm a Beyoncé fan just like anyone else, but I would pick Kim Burrell over Beyoncé any...ANY day.
Whitney Houston and Kim Burrell perform "I look to you" via
Introduction to Ministry Training, taught by Pastor Kim Burrell, continues Saturday at 11AM. Corporate Prayer after.
The Highlight of 2015 is when Kim Burrell knew my name. And asked me to sing backup for her at Wheeler Avenue.
I added a video to a playlist Kim Burrell Pastor Ji Nelson playing for Pastor Kim Burrell
NAACP Image Award. Nominations Unveiled. ! Atleast I get to see Kim Burrell, Janet Jackson, Jill Scott get nominated!
Thank you Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Kim Burrell for the worship experience second to none.
Le'Andria Johnson Tribute to Kim Burrell at 2015 Essence Music Festival this girl know she a beast my gawd!
Kim Burrell sings Be Grateful by Bishop Walter Hawkins on Bobby Jones Go... via
Last Chance! Tonight see Donnie McClurkin, Kim Burrell, Fred Hammond, Jessica Reedy, Israel Houghton and more at...
Kim Burrell, Vashawn Mitchell, Kierra Sheard and More: Featuring performances by some of your gospel favorites.
I am really digging the lineup on Kim Burrell, Vashawn Mitchell, Kierra Sheard, Earl Bynum and Mt. Unity...
I liked a video Kim Burrell: Lord have mercy, this girl can sing! || STEVE HARVEY
That moment when Zacardi Cortez hit that Kim Burrell note while riffing with Donnie McClurkin.…
Are you Ready for Hezekiah Walker, Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin & Kim Burrell with special guests…
Every vocalist studies Kim Burrell and Karen Clark-Sheard, Brandy, Lalah Hathaway and Motha Ella Fitzgerald. If they don't, they should.
Smokie Norful and Kim Burrell's voices make me want to be a better person 😩✋🏾
Wow!! That was something!! The judges & Kim Burrell even joined in. Now that was an opening. Only on Loved…
Also, Kim Burrell.because she's built like a sweet potato.
She's clearly borrowed these background singers from Kim Burrell. These women are sanging!
For all those of y'all wondering who's playing Bass on the new Kim Burrell album,here you go lol
The way this Kim Burrell album is excellent …
One day I'll be able to do ultra fast riffs like Mali music, Lawrence flowers and awon Kim Burrell. Amen
I want Kim Burrell to do a cover of "Woman to Woman"
Interview with about the new album "A Different Place."
I love the BET awards performance. And her BET honors with Kim Burrell. And AMAs 2009. And Oprah Show 2009.
.Kim Burrell's new album is incredible - great work!
I come to you more than I give you - Kim Burrell
Praise in the Midday will be on at 10am and you don't want to miss it.."The Voice" Kim Burrell will be on at...
Only halfway through this new Kim Burrell album, but so far...nawl. Nope. No thanks.
Doc who playing bass on this new Kim Burrell album. This praise grove sheesh
Jesus Jesus I'm in it now... that zone!!!. Kim Burrell still love this song.
Find out why ledge says she wrote new album from a place of pain.
Kim Burrell is worshipped by them all!! There are many female musicians that are better than Beyonce and those
I can't decide who does better runs: Karen Clark Sheard or Kim Burrell.
Kim Burrell & Jason Nelson . should do a concert together. She can sing Open Up The Door & he should sing I Surrender All
Chris Brown cannot be in a conversation with Kim Burrell. Kyle just made me mad
When she sang it to Kim Burrell at Essence Fest...oh my God. She sang the *** out of that ending.
I liked a video Mathematics of Love George Clinton ft. Kim Burrell
I would love to hang with Tina Campbell and Kim Burrell for just one day. They were the two realest and funniest Sunday Best judges ever!!!
I liked a video Le'Andria Johnson pays tribute to Kim Burrell at Essence Festival 2015
Kim Burrell joining us now on the Yolanda Adams Morning Show on the Light 103.9 FM and she's leaving us her new single! Tune into 103.9 FM!
Don't have much energy for tonight but I hear Jackie Mccullough is preaching and Kim Burrell is singing in town tonight.
Man, I would love if Brandy did Cinderella next with the original cast, and Kim Burrell as .the Fairy Godmothers's sister lol
tbh, Brandy is the Queen of Whisper + I love her Kim Burrell runs. She's everything!
Kim Burrell lives her life like a Tyler Perry play. You ask her to pass the remote, and BAM. Seven minutes of runs.
Jazmine Sullivan, Jon McReynolds & more set to honor Kim Burrell at our All Star Gospel Tribute.
My Princess Shellyis Chasing HerDreams meets Pastor/gospel artist Kim Burrell. She sang to my baby! I thank the...
Not everyone has fast runs and that's ok. People like Nikki Ross, Kim Burrell, brandy, b slade, and Jazmine Sullivan do it effortlessly
Pumping it to Whitney!!! Up next Kim Burrell and Patti LaBelle!' Oh, and Mary Mary!!! Gym tracks!!!
Why hasn't any artist like Karen Clark Sheard or Kim Burrell or Cece Winans ever sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl!?
Before there was Kim Burrell, there were The Clark Sisters.
Pat Houtson, Bobby Kristina, Kim Burrell, Clive Davis, please hurry up and bring yall movie of out...
I liked a video Vanessa Bell Armstrong testifies for Kathy Taylor (w/ Kim Burrell)
Celebrate 25 with Kathy Taylor hosted by Kim Burrell with performances from Kurt Carr! Stay tuned for more...
Kim Burrell does a Tribute to Pastor Shirley Caesar. I grew up listening to this song but God Of Heaven, Kim sung...
Why would Kim Burrell slay "Love So Pure" like she did? Slid through on the track like a jazz artist. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Omg Did any of you know that Mariah was featured in Kim Burrell's song "I understand!" ? 😭😍 I love you 😍
If you don't or even .. How will you know? Kim Burrell :
Let Us Never Forget. "Let There Be Peace On Earth". (feat. Kim Burrell). Let there be peace on earth. And let it...
Memorial service was moving. Rev. Winans, Kim Burrell and all the loving tributes from guests so meaningful an
We're taking you back to the 103rd Holy Convocation! Here is the COGIC International Mass Choir featuring Pastors Donnie McClurkin, Kim Burrell, and Marvin Winans singing Walter Hawkin's classic, 'Change!' Enjoy! Onward & Upward!
Kim Burrell must be pastor and Senior Eldress of Shady Grove Baptist Church huh?
I liked a video Praise Break with Pastor Kim Burrell - Yes He do
I want Kim Burrell to hop on the Flawless remix & remind these lessers that she reigns supreme & they all copy from her.
OMG! THE Kim Burrell is here! Come try her fave THE Heavenly Butter with Buttercream before it's all gone.
This boy keeps doing this quartet runs thinking he's Kim Burrell lol.
my music library ranges from 20s Jazz, 17 century classical, to TLC & Kim Burrell…
okay I hope I can make it im sad kim burrell not coming
VIDEO: Sunday Best contestant loses temper with
Since Jesus came in by Kim Burrell on
Through out all the genres I listen to when it comes to singing it's def J Moss and Kim Burrell as the voices I love to listen to.
Me playing behind Kim Burrell at DLCC Tampa last year.
I'll Keep Holding On -Kim Burrell:   I love me some Pastor Kim Burrell.  Her Jazz infused style of Gospel will...
they cut my favorite so I gave up on all of them and Kim burrell's Saran Wrap dresses but 🐸☕️
That moment when Kim Burrell takes the mic... after Yolanda Adams.. and KiKi take you there.. lol! Wow.. Sundays Best
NOTHING is to hard for God...NOTHING. The Clark Sisters, Kim Burrell, & Donnie McClurkin - I Expect A Miracle
Kim Burrell and Donnie McClurkin was put in their places for being rude to a young man.
Follow to get fun facts about artists Kim Burrell, Pastor John P. Kee and Le'Andria Johnson!
Do you know of anyone who can out sing Kim Burrell? . I'll wait, until then, she's my favorite singer!
Hello Have you heard about concert w/ John P. Kee, Le'Andria, & Kim Burrell? Will you be there?
Are you a John P. Kee fan? He'll be here on July 19th for The Sound Concert along w/ Kim Burrell. made this possible!
sing some Kim Burrell then I'll be happy lol! 😭
He's good! I love his voice. I also lime Karen Clark-Sheard and Kim Burrell. I like the Walls singers too.
I mean I think kim burrell taught her but still she's taught a lot of them. and jazmine is the reigning princess lol
Kim Burrell is an amazing singer, of course I use ha.
OMFG yes you like kim burrell she's amazing.
Oh Kim Burrell is singing at the wedding? Yas
Kim Burrell. 1 hr ·. You're getting ready to see things take place that u didn't even know was possible! U would...
Worship experience with special guests Kim Burrell, John P. Kee, and Le’Andria Johnson
I'm excited about this concert! Kim Burrell, John P. Kee, and Le'Andria Johnson Fan Club (Official) IN ONE SETTING! There's something for everyone on July 19th. Let's thank Chirrpy for hosting the event!
That Kim Burrell run at :44 seconds in "Faded"
  This is a season of “Sunday Best” you don’t want to miss! Gospel legend Kim Burrell is back as a mentor, and she says…
The Kim Burrell challenge, read 1 chapter a day in the bible. I'm reading the book of proverbs starting on chapter 1. May God work on me, and through me like never before. God bless fb fam & friends.
That moment when Kim Burrell Kim Burrell adds you as friend on FB.
Kim Burrell, oh Kim Burrell... just sang my soul happy!
Listening to Sweeter by Kim Burrell on Gospel via
I can't wait for another Kim burrell album.
Can fantasia and Kim burrell sing at my wedding !?!?!?
Kim Burrell/Benita Farmer shuffle will get your mind right.
iTunes best selling album: The Love Album - Kim Burrell
Watch the video «Stevie Wonder Kim Burrell - If Your Love Cannot Be Moved» uploaded by Malcolm James on Dailymotion.
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That song was by Kim Burrell, right? Please what's the title? Thanks
REALLY?.T.I. swung at Floyd Mayweather.ummm.You try to fight a prize fighter???...That's like trying to challenge Kim Burrell in singing.or challenging Usain Bolt in'm just saying I would have just cussed him out from a
I am listening to Let Go on Kim Burrell Radio
What a wonderful day. Church.was just perfect... Pastor Mike was of course...his anointed awesome self! Then fellowship in the cafe with friends. Hanging with my sisters Connie Smith and Ashaunda Edwards... enjoyed great up the day with some smooth praise and worship... anointed Tony L. Jones...and some of that Kim Burrell. Father God.thank you so much for this day...for my family...friends.and church...:-)
I am listening to Not About Us on Kim Burrell Radio
Found my Kim Burrell CD and I feel like saying MOOVVEEE MOUNTAINSSS
You think *** marriage is destructive? Hardly. Turn your attention to the Kim / Kanye spectacle. They SO deserve each ot…
The beautiful voice of Pastor Kim Burrell (Love album) will be filling my apartment as I get ready mentally and physically for this wedding. It is perfect since this day will be about love from start to finish. I am nervous, anxious, and excited all at once. You would think I was the one getting married lol I have replayed details in my head multiple times, routes, solutions to possible problems, etc.
Kim Burrell wrote: I just want to encourage & remind u that you're never alone... God is ALWAYS there! U don't have to make an appointment & wait for weeks to talk to Him, he's never too busy... U can just start talking & He'll be listening & moving & working on your behalf!!
Gm up listening to gospel kim Burrell
Feeling good up listening to Pandora on blueray Marvin winans ,Marvin Sapp , Kim Burrell , James Cleveland , John P Kee got my coffee oldschool grown folks been up . My moma sunday dinner almost done by now 6:25 am js!!! :-):-)
NWAOBILO PETER Nwaobilo Peter, popularly known as peeter tones an OND graduate hails from Abia state of Nigeria. His musical influence started at home where he was always made to sing and get gifts from his parents. The first tune that influenced him was that of a singer in his area named Joseph Joshua. With RNB as his favorite genre of music, he tuned his ears to songs from international gospel acts such as Deitrick Haddon, Marvin Sapp, Smikie Norfu, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell and none locally. As a minister in his local church and other churches, he accepted the fact that his bound to make mistakes while ministering but allows God lead the way in such occurrence. In order to improve on his God-given talent, he rehearses daily at random moments while major rehearsals are done once in a month for six straight hours. Peter chose gospel over secular music because he feels he has been anointed by God to preach the gospel to the world. Interestingly, Peter can’t do without his writing materials, toiletries a ...
August 2, 2014 (6pm) Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Kim Burrell and many more... 2nd Annual RMR Scholarship Event 2014! GONE BE BANANAZ!!! We are preparing NOW! Let's pack this place out! College Hill Baptist Church, Tyler, TX! Kennedy Young, Jr. - Pastor (Bringing it back home!) Sent my father home right frm this Amazing church!
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