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Kim Burrell

Kimberly Burrell is an American gospel singer from Houston, Texas.

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Why would Kim Burrell slay "Love So Pure" like she did? Slid through on the track like a jazz artist.
Omg Did any of you know that Mariah was featured in Kim Burrell's song "I understand!" ? 😭😍 I love you 😍
If you don't or even .. How will you know? Kim Burrell :
Let Us Never Forget. "Let There Be Peace On Earth". (feat. Kim Burrell). Let there be peace on earth. And let it...
Memorial service was moving. Rev. Winans, Kim Burrell and all the loving tributes from guests so meaningful an
We're taking you back to the 103rd Holy Convocation! Here is the COGIC International Mass Choir featuring Pastors Donnie McClurkin, Kim Burrell, and Marvin Winans singing Walter Hawkin's classic, 'Change!' Enjoy! Onward & Upward!
Kim Burrell must be pastor and Senior Eldress of Shady Grove Baptist Church huh?
I liked a video Praise Break with Pastor Kim Burrell - Yes He do
I want Kim Burrell to hop on the Flawless remix & remind these lessers that she reigns supreme & they all copy from her.
OMG! THE Kim Burrell is here! Come try her fave THE Heavenly Butter with Buttercream before it's all gone.
This boy keeps doing this quartet runs thinking he's Kim Burrell lol.
my music library ranges from 20s Jazz, 17 century classical, to TLC & Kim Burrell…
okay I hope I can make it im sad kim burrell not coming
VIDEO: Sunday Best contestant loses temper with
Since Jesus came in by Kim Burrell on
Through out all the genres I listen to when it comes to singing it's def J Moss and Kim Burrell as the voices I love to listen to.
Me playing behind Kim Burrell at DLCC Tampa last year.
I'll Keep Holding On -Kim Burrell:   I love me some Pastor Kim Burrell.  Her Jazz infused style of Gospel will...
they cut my favorite so I gave up on all of them and Kim burrell's Saran Wrap dresses but 🐸☕️
That moment when Kim Burrell takes the mic... after Yolanda Adams.. and KiKi take you there.. lol! Wow.. Sundays Best
NOTHING is to hard for God...NOTHING. The Clark Sisters, Kim Burrell, & Donnie McClurkin - I Expect A Miracle
Kim Burrell and Donnie McClurkin was put in their places for being rude to a young man.
Follow to get fun facts about artists Kim Burrell, Pastor John P. Kee and Le'Andria Johnson!
Do you know of anyone who can out sing Kim Burrell? . I'll wait, until then, she's my favorite singer!
Hello Have you heard about concert w/ John P. Kee, Le'Andria, & Kim Burrell? Will you be there?
Are you a John P. Kee fan? He'll be here on July 19th for The Sound Concert along w/ Kim Burrell. made this possible!
sing some Kim Burrell then I'll be happy lol! 😭
He's good! I love his voice. I also lime Karen Clark-Sheard and Kim Burrell. I like the Walls singers too.
I mean I think kim burrell taught her but still she's taught a lot of them. and jazmine is the reigning princess lol
Kim Burrell is an amazing singer, of course I use ha.
OMFG yes you like kim burrell she's amazing.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Oh Kim Burrell is singing at the wedding? Yas
Kim Burrell. 1 hr ·. You're getting ready to see things take place that u didn't even know was possible! U would...
Worship experience with special guests Kim Burrell, John P. Kee, and Le’Andria Johnson
I'm excited about this concert! Kim Burrell, John P. Kee, and Le'Andria Johnson Fan Club (Official) IN ONE SETTING! There's something for everyone on July 19th. Let's thank Chirrpy for hosting the event!
That Kim Burrell run at :44 seconds in "Faded"
  This is a season of “Sunday Best” you don’t want to miss! Gospel legend Kim Burrell is back as a mentor, and she says…
The Kim Burrell challenge, read 1 chapter a day in the bible. I'm reading the book of proverbs starting on chapter 1. May God work on me, and through me like never before. God bless fb fam & friends.
That moment when Kim Burrell Kim Burrell adds you as friend on FB.
Kim Burrell, oh Kim Burrell... just sang my soul happy!
Listening to Sweeter by Kim Burrell on Gospel via
I can't wait for another Kim burrell album.
Can fantasia and Kim burrell sing at my wedding !?!?!?
Kim Burrell/Benita Farmer shuffle will get your mind right.
iTunes best selling album: The Love Album - Kim Burrell
Watch the video «Stevie Wonder Kim Burrell - If Your Love Cannot Be Moved» uploaded by Malcolm James on Dailymotion.
That song was by Kim Burrell, right? Please what's the title? Thanks
REALLY?.T.I. swung at Floyd Mayweather.ummm.You try to fight a prize fighter???...That's like trying to challenge Kim Burrell in singing.or challenging Usain Bolt in'm just saying I would have just cussed him out from a
I am listening to Let Go on Kim Burrell Radio
What a wonderful day. Church.was just perfect... Pastor Mike was of course...his anointed awesome self! Then fellowship in the cafe with friends. Hanging with my sisters Connie Smith and Ashaunda Edwards... enjoyed great up the day with some smooth praise and worship... anointed Tony L. Jones...and some of that Kim Burrell. Father God.thank you so much for this day...for my family...friends.and church...:-)
I am listening to Not About Us on Kim Burrell Radio
Found my Kim Burrell CD and I feel like saying MOOVVEEE MOUNTAINSSS
You think *** marriage is destructive? Hardly. Turn your attention to the Kim / Kanye spectacle. They SO deserve each ot…
The beautiful voice of Pastor Kim Burrell (Love album) will be filling my apartment as I get ready mentally and physically for this wedding. It is perfect since this day will be about love from start to finish. I am nervous, anxious, and excited all at once. You would think I was the one getting married lol I have replayed details in my head multiple times, routes, solutions to possible problems, etc.
Kim Burrell wrote: I just want to encourage & remind u that you're never alone... God is ALWAYS there! U don't have to make an appointment & wait for weeks to talk to Him, he's never too busy... U can just start talking & He'll be listening & moving & working on your behalf!!
Gm up listening to gospel kim Burrell
Feeling good up listening to Pandora on blueray Marvin winans ,Marvin Sapp , Kim Burrell , James Cleveland , John P Kee got my coffee oldschool grown folks been up . My moma sunday dinner almost done by now 6:25 am js!!! :-):-)
NWAOBILO PETER Nwaobilo Peter, popularly known as peeter tones an OND graduate hails from Abia state of Nigeria. His musical influence started at home where he was always made to sing and get gifts from his parents. The first tune that influenced him was that of a singer in his area named Joseph Joshua. With RNB as his favorite genre of music, he tuned his ears to songs from international gospel acts such as Deitrick Haddon, Marvin Sapp, Smikie Norfu, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell and none locally. As a minister in his local church and other churches, he accepted the fact that his bound to make mistakes while ministering but allows God lead the way in such occurrence. In order to improve on his God-given talent, he rehearses daily at random moments while major rehearsals are done once in a month for six straight hours. Peter chose gospel over secular music because he feels he has been anointed by God to preach the gospel to the world. Interestingly, Peter can’t do without his writing materials, toiletries a ...
August 2, 2014 (6pm) Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Kim Burrell and many more... 2nd Annual RMR Scholarship Event 2014! GONE BE BANANAZ!!! We are preparing NOW! Let's pack this place out! College Hill Baptist Church, Tyler, TX! Kennedy Young, Jr. - Pastor (Bringing it back home!) Sent my father home right frm this Amazing church!
Its going down this Saturday. I am going to get my praise on, all of these Amazing Anointed Women of God. like Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Shirley Caesar, Tramame Hawkins, Vickie Winans, Kim Burrell, Erica Campbell, Cissy Houston, Dorothy Norwood, The Clark Sisters, Tasha Cobbs, Dottie Peoples and also Melba Moore so you tell me when going get our praise on that day.
I'm so ready for a new Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell and/or Donnie McClurkin CD, I don't even know what to do with myself! Saints, can we pray for these artists to get back in the studio like TODAY? 🙌🙏 These new school artists just ain't got what they got. Ebonics and all...
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LOL NEVER! The only vocalists I Stan for are Brandy, Kim Burrell, Karen Clark-Sheard, Kierra Sheard, Tonex (when he was saved) 😂
You have singers like Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan, & Kim Burrell . Then you have your Monica, Jennifer Hudson and Yolanda Adams , you see the difference in those vocals ?
I'm watching the WORDNETWORK ..with Pastor Jamal Bryant...sang Kim Burrell.." BELIEVED IN GOD..she is singing from her soul..omg!!
Yes, I'm tuned into The Empowerment Encounter with Pastor Jamal Bryant ... Kim Burrell is singing! Yeees!
Who I hope to see: Kim Burrell, Jessica Reedy, Clark sisters, Fantasia, and Keith WonderBoy Johnson
in 2 hear my Pastor KR Woods,Bishop Jamal Bryant anointed Kim Burrell
Tune in to hear my Pastor K.R. Woods from CWC along with Bishop Jamal Bryant anointed Kim Burrell and more see flyer
Bradley's Mixtape with some Kim Burrell, The Clark Sisters, Donald Lawrence Covers: . Bradley's Mixtape with s...
My aunt just said Kim Burrell ain't all that. I'm appalled by her comment seeing as how I love me some Kim Burrell.
There are certain gospel voices that will always be etched in my mind: Daryl Coley, Tonex, Karen Clark, Kim Burrell, Vanessa Bell Armstrong.
Ladies and Gents! AP has made it to the Finals of McDonald's GospelFest! We will be on the stage at the Prudential Center on Saturday, May 10th at 2pm! We need YOUR help. Please please please head to and/or the Prudential Center's website and purchase your tickets now! We not only need your support, but we also want you to be there to enjoy the show. Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, CeCe Winans, Shirley Caesar, and more will be there! Also, for every ticket you purchase, let us know and you will receive a free "GraceTape"! We need your prayers and your attendance if at all possible. Thank YOU in advance!
Brandy cries while Kim Burrell sings at her surprise b-day party. WATCH MORE BOSSIP VIDEOS: SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW ...
One name Vickie Winans bad too "Yeees. "Kim Burrell can sing nu neck string""
S/o to whoever LaTonya Givens is...with that amazing *** Kim Burrell-esque thing she's doing all on this new Jay Elec record. Man.
Kim Burrell can sing nu neck string
Man Kim Burrell never fails me. Morgan is knocked.
Holding Grudges is like carrying a backpack of bricks everywhere u go... Spend today forgiving those who've hurt u, so that u would no longer carry that burden! -Kim Burrell
Lord make it possible for my child to meet Kim Burrell before this yr is out.
This song is CRAZZZY! Kim Burrell killz it! It's an audio video, I hope you enjoy. God Bless!
A gospel artist named Kim Burrell asked the question: If God said "Just tell me 3 things u need me to do at this VERY moment!" What would u say? Almost literally, 9 out of every 10 answer was a variation of these comments: * "Continue to bless guide and protect MY family." "Divine grace in MY ministry, financial breakthrough [and] enlargement in MY family source of income." "Change MY mind; keep MY name in the book." "I only would need one thing and that's to solidify ME a place in the KINGDOM of HEAVEN." "...give ME what I need to be an effective minister, please be pleased with MY service" "save MY husband Heal MY body Save MY entire family" "Help ME to understand its His will and His way, and to help ME love people as He loves ME" "Give ME peace, MY acceptance letter, as well as vision for MY future" "Heal ME, bless ME with a particular person in MY life to be in relationship with, prosper ME in every area of MY [life]" * Notice all the "me"s, "my"s and "I"s. The god you serve comes down from heaven an ...
Yeah…nawl. Kim Burrell has the best cover of it past, present, or future.
We should do the '2014 sing the answers like Kim Burrell' challenge next.
Kim Burrell singing "Happy" on The Bobby Jones Gospel Show in 2010 with co-host Bishop Eddie Long. Enjoy! :)
"Holding grudges is like carrying a backpack of bricks everywhere you go." - Kim Burrell
KIM BURRELL is of the chain!! an awesome singer that also plays piano & can rock a Hammond B3 with a 122 Leslie!
New Orleans sunrise...I'm singing Kim Burrell's Open the Door...I receive You in all of Your…
Carribean Islands wer coming ur way next week!! Wer honored to share the stage with one of Gospels Best Kim Burrell. htt…
Because like.I.said: Ms Kim Burrell IS music. Permanent stank face when she sangs
Especially Kim Burrell. She's the perfect combination of both. LAWD HAMERCY!!
I would like Kim Burrell to sing at Sally's funeral!
The EXACT Moment I fell in love with Kim Burrell!😩🙌 like seriously this changed my…
I liked a video from Kim Burrell Break Every Chain
Harry...with his soulful self. He and Kim Burrell did an amazing song together.
Kim Burrell please sing at my wedding too. Thanks.
Got the official word last week...I am a finalist as a female soloist in the McDonald's Gospelfest! Come out and join me and the "Women Who Worship" on May 10th at the Prudential Center in Newark! Some of my all time favorites will be there, including The Clark Sisters, Kim Burrell, CeCe Winans and Erica Campbell. Can't wait!
I added a video to a playlist Kim Burrell - I Believe in you and me
Stream If Your Love Cannot Be Moved (feat. Kim Burrell) by Stevie Wonder on A Time to Love for free on Grooveshark.
I listen to kim burrell everynight... all albums. Yep. Lol
Dedicating my song song to a friend, TeQuisha. "I look to You, Lord" by Kim Burrell ft Whitney Houston
Pastor Kim Burrell- Everlasting Life . Still crushes me !!! .please no more imitators !! Classics rule !!...
Time to turn on Morgan's lullaby thanks to Kim Burrell. Her voice is so soothing it puts Morgan right to sleep.
Any one familiar with the singing of Kim Burrell?
I'm going to learn so much from Kim Burrell I love her. And would definitely take heed to what it is she tells me.
I added a video to a playlist 2014 (new) Kim Burrell, KEVIN Gray, ANAYSHA & Nikki Ross
Didn't you also sing T-Pain songs in the key of Kim Burrell?
"Be Not Afraid of Greatness... Some are Born Great... Some Achieve Greatness... Some have GREATNESS thrust upon them" Nothing but & Listening to KIM BURRELL! Good Day ▪MJ
Kim Burrell sings with Livre and Live Orchestra by Charles Butler Jr -
Ok here it go.JaTawn Avant- Bush Gail Avant-Lyons DiAnn Avant Robin Avant Debra Jamison Robinson Kim Burrell Gwen Davis Jamison and the rest of y'all that's are not on FB I love ALL my aunties!
Like you KNOW when Donnie McClurken or Fred Hammond or Kim Burrell comes on the radio.
During her intimate 35th birthday celebration hosted by Tyrese and her brother Ray J, Brandy was treated to the birthday song of a lifetime when Kim Burrell got on the mic and sang the entire room straight into salvation! Tyrese posted a short clip of the video to Instagram, along with a touching me...
Asia tries to prove she is Kim Burrell friend. Asia sings songs from everlasting life CD. the Asia Monet Project coming soon
I'm addicted to Kim Burrell batho,yoo
Can Kim Burrell sing to me , cause her vocals are EVERYTHING
Whitney Houston and Kim Burrell perform "I look to you" and amazing duet between these two.
Looking forward to may 10th bus ride to the mcdonalds gospelfest with my church choir. Ive never been before so its going to be one awesome experience. Seats are filling up fast (10 seats left). Plus it includes an all you can eat buffet. Yes im advertizing because im excited. These are the performers: The Mother's Day experience features Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, The Clark Sisters, Shirley Caesar, Tramaine Hawkins, Dorothy Norwood, Dottie Peoples, Cissy Houston, Melba Moore, Vickie Winans, Kim Burrell, Tasha Cobbs and Erica Campbell. It is produced and directed by A. Curtis Farrow. It is Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.
Self help is no help at all. However, self sacrifice is the real help. I learned something at praise team rehearsal. It's time to stop making excuses and start "making progress." 2014 has no reserved seat for insecurities, procrastination, fear and doubt. Thanks Pastor Kim Burrell for "music mentorship"
Bro, Darrin Lamont Bailey what key is With You by James Fortune ft Kim Burrell?
then Kim Burrell had to go and sing Break every chain..took if further and said destroy every chain.
I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG! Excuse the mistakes... I LOVE Kim Burrell and thank my bro Pastor Everett McBee for sending me this song a few days ago...
Brother and Sister born in the Carolina's: Anthony and Margo McRae affectionately called Bebe and Cece are the premier sibling gospel duo of the Carolina's, singing along side great gospel artist like Brian Cage, Kurt Carr, Crystal Aiken, James Fortune, Kim Burrell, to name a few and opening for Bishop Noel Jones, Apostle Marvin Winans, Bishop TD Jake's, this Brother and Sister duo anointed from birth to sing and lead God's people to God thru worship have been called to the nation and beyond.
On Sunday, July 31, we are able to interview Kim Burrell at The WoodStarsFest sponsored by Shannon Brown from The LosAngeles Lakes and Michael Finely of The ...
I'm having a Mariah Carey Whitney Houston moment..these kids don't know what real singing is...ask Kim Burrell if you know who she is then you know real singing when you hear you. ripwhitney xoxox never forgotten!!!
{WelcomeBy Kim Burrell "Well done, good & faithful servant... You have been faithful over a few things... I will make you ruler over many things"
When I hear Kim Burrell sing, I be thinking her voice is going to give out
Another flawless performance by the incomparable Kim Burrell on Bobby Jones Gospel. I NEVER get tired of hearing this song...
God will never give what is not ultimately ready for you! Burrell
"At times we go through tests & trials and it's so that we can learn valuable lessons. The way to your life is to pass the test & ultimately...finally learn the lesson. Don't despise this process... This will bring GREAT success in the Kim Burrell
i love calling ur name by Kim Burrell...mmmh.. Cuts deep..
Is it bad that I had no idea who Kim Burrell was until Ekolu Keala mentioned her on a thread and sent me digging. Holy crap.
Song that's on my mind. What is the song that Levi Too King aka Uncle Too wrote that Kim Burrell sang?
via YouTube Capture The beautiful Kim Burrell doing what she does best! Pure ministry! You may need your headphone to hear better.
I am pondering my top 3 male & female vocalist.I just can't get it down yet. I will give you a few on my list: Donny Hathaway, Lalah Hathaway, & Kim Burrell. What about you? Who can sang their face off?
Next Lifetime Would you believe me if I told you that this is my second life? Me neither; But.. I keep having this reoccurring dream that tackles into aspects of reality. I'm in kindergarten. And my uncle, who can do no wrong in my eyes like a bed filled with little boys and Michael Jackson...yesterday, picked me up. We beez on Warrensville Center, bumping Kim Burrell like its Wu Tang Then skrrr! A driver while lol'ing hit a Honda civic 4 cars ahead who smashed into a Toyota; Plows into a Beemer who tried to escape the blow but caused a red SUV to hit a rape van and then. Our breaks go out. Memories after are missing like easter baskets and chocolate daddies so I'll have to rely on the trance. My body crumbled, genocide stricken like the twin towers; and my savior, as unknown as the bombers still are- wrote me a letter; that seems as real as the brail called finger prints I possess. Dear princess, I do not know your name but you are my soul's sunrise. You have a glow about you reeking of destiny that nee ...
I swear, Kim Burrell can sing "sizowa nyathel' amadimoni" and make it sound like this beautiful ballad. Xoxo. Love this lady.
Since I said no more worrying, I have been dreaming crazy. I had a dream I was in charge of a mental facility and we were going through an inspection, Kim Burrell was the inspector. We passed lol.
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""Decide to be DONE with the details of the sum total of nothingness!" Distractions are designed to derail you. Be necessary! - Kim Burrell
That moment when Kim Burrell walks out to surprise Brandy for her 35th birthday!!! Brandy you are grace, you are an angel, you are a sincere soul I love you and adore you forever happy birthday. Shout to Ray-J and Ryan for helping to pull off the impossible. Kim Burrell you are the Steve Jobs of innovative vocals there is literally no one who can compare and you're so humble it's unreal.. Thank you for letting me host you at my home and I'm glad you liked my food... Lol. Amazing birthday night. Truly.!! Happy Birthday Brandy we love you!!!
"...if what you're doing isn't meaningful to the soul of a person, you're only entertaining yourself." -Kim Burrell
Listening to kim burrell song home man it sends chills through me
Many of you grew up on Fred Hammond & the group Commissioned, You vocalists love the voice and skill of Kim Burrell, song writers love the pen of Richard Smallwood, Christian Rap is next level due to Lecrae , Producers everywhere have been inspired by Rodney Jerkins, & who didn't learn that the church could leave the four walls thru Official Kirk Franklin, Well MAY 15~ Come out and honor these powerful industry greats!
Brl Chicago will be honoring Major artist May 15- Commissioned, Kim Burrell, Richard Smallwood
Relaxing ...plan to see Kim Burrell and Tye Tribbett tomorrow night. I pray that it will not be too cold. This is a rescheduled concert.
Tye Tribbett, Kim Burrell, JJ Hairston, James Hall, Leon Lacey, Stephen Hurd, Patrick Lundy, the SINGING SENSATIONS and more ... this concert is gonna be OFF THE CHAIN on Thursday! I am SO PUMPED!
Ok FB fam. Listening to Kim Burrell live in concert and thinking about the top 5 best live gospel albums. I would say top five are the one mentioned above; commissioned reunion; hezekiah walker live at morehouse; Fred Hammond pages of life; and a tie between the pace sisters & Dr Charles Hayes and cosmopolitan choir. How about you? Do you Agree or do you have a different top five5 list?
"3-Way Phone Call" (feat. Kelly Price, Kim Burrell and Maurice Mahon) [R. Kelly:] Hello [Kelly Price:] Hey little brother [R. Kelly:] Hey sis how you doing? [Kelly Price:] Fine, what's going on with you? [R. Kelly:] Oh nothing much [Kelly Price:] Got your message from earlier this afternoon And something just didn't sound right And so I'm calling you back to check on you How you holding up? [R. Kelly:] Oh everything is fine [Kelly Price:] You know I don't believe you [R. Kelly:] Whatcha saying? You think I'm lying? [Kelly Price:] I'm not saying it, but I know you [R. Kelly:] How you know me? [Kelly Price:] Cause you're my brother And therefore I can tell When something is troubling you [R. Kelly:] Ok Ok, I give you that Nothing's wrong, I take that back There is something on my mind But sis, I don't want to waste your time [Kelly Price:] But I done told you time and time again Whatever you're going through You can come and talk to me And I will say a prayer with you [R. Kelly:] But I done prayed and praye ...
Listen to The Gospel Guru / Wake Up Everybody - Joshua Rogers, Alexis Spight and Kim Burrell | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, pod...
love Kim burrell she is...just...amazing!
Wow Kim Burrell in my inbox God is amazing!
Tired of being compared to kim Burrell lol.
Is Kim Burrell still a cold cannon.. I haven't listened to gospel in so long
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I favorited a video Whitney Houston singing Yes at Kim Burrell's church *rare*
Singers like Brandy, Fantasia, Lalah Hathaway, Kim Burrell, LeAndria Johnson they do it for me, and that's just the females. Oh Lord😰
... Who is your favorite singer now ? Kim Burrell ?
I really love this "sweeter" song by Kim Burrell...but Kim could sing anything and I'll think it's the dopest thing I've ever heard lol
Excuse me Whitney mariah and Kim Burrell night. I think so. Yaas
Kim Burrell. Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then...
I got 50-11 mentions about "Victory." I was expecting Kim Burrell to have put *** into a dope run.
Kim Burrell-Grateful: via I am Grateful this morning..Can't forget What or Who has gotten me this far.
My lunch consists of Kim Burrell's Open The Door and cream of chicken soup from Pret. 👌
Kim Burrell is doing it for me tonight🎧🙏
I added a video to a playlist It's Not Supposed to be This Way-Kim Burrell
I added a video to a playlist Holy Ghost Kim Burrell
I just looovveee me some Kim Burrell…..
Doing harmony with Kim Burrell by Delany Mccarthy -
Holy Ghost by Kim Burrell is my favorite gospel song.
I've not met anyone to deliver this solo the way Tasha Wilson Hatchet did!! I can't think of this song ...
Happy Saturday family! Pray you all have been having a blessed day! McDonald's Gospelfest 2014 is here and my what great expectations we have for this year's show "The WOMEN WHO WORSHIP!!" This line-up is one of a kind Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, The Clark Sister, Kim Burrell, Shirley Caesar, Vickie Winans, Erica Campbell, Dorothy Norwood, Tramaine Hawkins, Dottie Peoples, Tasha Cobbs, Melba Moore. This next young Lady :-) is known as the woman who brought the world to church. She is also known world wide for her operatic soprano voice, which led her to sing background for several greats such as Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Wilson Picket & Jimmy Hendrix just to name a few. But she never left her gospel roots and today she's known as the Dutchess of Gospel and has recorded several Gospel hits. "Deep River, Amazing Grace, Without God and The Lord Is My Shepherd. " The one the only Dr. Emily Cissy Houston!!
Randy Bachman / vinyl tap / GOSPEL: why am I not surprised that Bachman dug up some Old,old,old,old Dorsey Gospel, Mahalia and Curtis Mayfield instead of dedicating an hour to Contemporary Gospel Artists such as Kim Burrell & Freddie Hammond? Things That Are Wrong With the Canadian Musical Mind.
Come celebrate New Year's Eve at the Cliff. Pastor Tony Evans and Kim Burrell. Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Beyonce's focus is vocals. She cites Kim Burrell & Donny Hathaway as mentors. +
If you would like to see a FREE play that appeals to all age ranges tonight is the night! Click below to get all the information...I hope to see you there! The performance on today, Sunday, Dec. 22 (6:30 p.m.) Doors open one hour before show time which will be held at the Worship Center (600 Watkins Park Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774). I would suggest that you get there at 5:50 to get a great seat! Tasha Cobbs, Anaysha, and Isaac Carree are starring in this awesome play "The Uncut Coming of Christ". I saw the play before and it is truly awesome! Kim Burrell was in the play last year when I saw it! Please arrive no later than 5:30...I'm gonna get my seat...Just come on in and ask someone if you don't know something. Just that simple...See you there!
Be ready to hear the sultry, melodic sounds of Kyle Rushing tonight at "The Joy of Giving" Concert. Tickets are still available just visit Rushing has been singing since she could talk!! She comes from a long line of singers; one of them being Mr. 5x5 himself, the Jazz Legend, Jimmy Rushing. Kyle has performed in numerous choirs, but her most memorable times were performing with the Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit where she was granted the opportunity to sing in front of President Clinton not once but twice. Later on, her craft developed even further when she performed with her high school choirs such as the Cass Tech Concert Choir, Cass Tech Madrigals, Cass Tech V-Jetts, and the World Renown Cass Tech Harp & Vocal Ensemble. Kyle has been influenced by many musical legends such as Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Anita Baker, Michael McDonald and the Doobie Brothers, James Taylor, Kim Burrell, The Clark Sisters, Brandy, and too many more to mention. Kyle continues to pursue her dreams of be ...
Silent Night performed by Harry Connick Jr., Marc Anthony and Kim Burrell. Harry Connick Jr.'s holiday special was filmed in high defintion video at the hist...
I respcet James Fortune, Vashawn mitchell, J J Hariston, Kevin Lemons , Ricky Dillard,Patrick Riddick & Riddick, Bcahse, Jason Wright! not because they have the Kim Burrell voices or the Luther Vandorss Techniques but becuase you hear them singing. and some strange way regardless of your opinon your church is always singing there song. Tasha Cobbs & Anita Wilson are great examples if be who you are vocallly! this season ARTIST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! & THE PEOPLE GOD HAS ASSIGNED TO YOU!
Fascinating discussion on singing in different styles, singing at different ages, and such. Check out all of the videos from this "American Voices" series. Masterclasses with Eric Owens, Sutton Foster, Kim Burrell, Dianne Reeves, Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds and other symposiums like this one.
Had a blast in D.C. this weekend Kennedy Center hosted: American Voices Concert featuring Renée Fleming, Sara Bareilles, Kim Burrell, Kurt Elling, Ben Folds, Sutton Foster, Josh Groban, Alison Krauss, Norm Lewis, Eric Owens, Dianne Reeves, and others. Spectacular! A tribute to the many styles and gifts. American History Museum Sat. & Union Market for Korean tacos! Oh yeah! Sunday Brunch with my handsome son and his fiancé Heather – Maryland crab cakes! More yummy!!! Too much to do in too little time. Heidi please call me when you get to North Carolina. Sorry I didn’t make it to your end of the city this weekend. Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! A time to reflect how good God has been to all of us! Thank you Barb and Sandee for such a great time! Mom loves her new ipad.
n Kim Burrell tribute 2 Vanessa Bell Armstrong. "Nobody But Jesus"I love the ponytail and I LOVE U.
I woke up this morning at 4:45 out if a deep sleep with Bishop Paul Morton song in my head, The Best is yet to come! Then I saw Kim Burrell s status. Very encouraging! Thank u Lord. Good to feel something, and hear something GOOD!! " you ain t seen your best day s yet, The best is yet to come!!!
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Kim Burrell sings ADESTES FIDELES
Her & Kim Burrell are singing at my wedding... Just watch😎😅
you have singers like Kim Burrell and Brandy then you have your Monica , Whitney Houston's and Jennifer Hudson
I'm in here singing and I just hit a run that Kim Burrell herself would of had to applaud! 👏👏
Beware Of Scam! Someone faking like Pastor Kim Burrell: . 5:01pm. Kim Burrell. okay that is good to hear and...
Something to get u over the hump ...Kim Burrell - Don't Count Me Out (New Single)
Donald Lawrence & j moss are keeping me sane. Any song is a good pick boo. Kim Burrell too!
Listening to Kim Burrell and look who I see on the song cover artwork 👀 my jigga blowing…
Kim Burrell. REPOST... Just a reminder: God knows all... Quit stressing... Your breakthrough is right around the...
Background Singers warm up to a Kim Burrell Song tonight before the show. ME, & http:…
Everyday makes me wanna add another day! Cause your so sweet!
I'm listening to Try Me Again by Kim Burrell on Pandora
Listening to some Kim Burrell, If you know then you KNOW! If you don't then soz mate 🙌🙏
Ah Yes hunnay!!! Kimmy is givin me life right now :) listening to Kim Burrell- Over and Over Again
Where Kim Burrell's voice moves throughout, is the hallowed place where all your transgressions are washed clean. I say that w/ conviction.
And now we've crossed into Kim Burrell territory...
Y'all know Kim Burrell from Houston right? Oh because I didn't 😂
Kim Burrell, Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, in concert. I just might need to make my appearance at Lakewood Church 👌
Kim Burrell and house of psalms singing Holy Ghost live in coza
Pastor Kim Burrell praying for house of psalms band
House of psalms on stage with Pastor Kim Burrell
I liked a video Kim Burrell 'It is Done' - Live (A MUST SEE)
Watching Boby Jones Gospel from Sunday because Kim Burrell was on.
Watch "Kim Burrell sings Be Grateful by Bishop Walter Hawkins" on YouTube -
I just wonder who gave birth to Kim Burrell
3 of my favorite female singers: Chaka Khan, Kim Burrell & Toni Braxton. And I ALWAYS try to impersonate Chaka. LOL.Those are some SANGIN' chicks!!
I wanna go to a concert! Leandria Johnson, Kim Burrell, Joshua Rogers, and Tye Tribbett in one building!! Somebody should make that happen!
"If you never do anything else more for me, I'll still praise you." - Byron Cage feat. Kim Burrell & J. Moss
Macedoniabaptist Columbus first annual DIVA SWAGG women retreat to Dallas Texas to the Gospel concert with Tamela Mann, New Testament, Christal Cameron, Shirley Ceasar, David Mann, Kim Burrell, LeAndria Johnson and soo many.Ladies it was an awesome experience you divas ROCK! Love you Tammie
So Shirley Caesar, Kim Burrell, Tamela Mann, and LeAndria Johnson were all at Friendship West last night? I need to be back in Dallas.
Just got back from the Gospel Concert at Friendship West Baptist Church. Pastor Shirley Caesar, Kim Burrell, Tamela Mann, LeAndria Johnson, Crystal Cameron, Kathy Taylor and Favor all of them was so "AMAZING".
Nu Testament getting geared up to hit the stage with Tamala Mann, Shirley Cesar n Kim Burrell n Leandria Johnson!!! We r heahhh! U can still get ur tkts at the door! Dallas, TX Come on!
God Almighty Is Great! My wife Marguritte S. Johnson and I are UP.UP . UP getting the FOOD ready for the GIGANTIC Concert with Gospel Artists . Shirley Caesar , Tamela Mann, Leandria Johnson, Kim Burrell and so many other VIP's in Dallas, TX at Friendship West ... Go get your tickets right NOW and also come by our vendor table . We will be having a drawing giveaway for (5) VIP Dinner's to different person's for Cookin' for the STARS to come cook for you and 8 guest!! Hope to See Ya There . Jeremiah Johnson Sr.
Kefia Rollerson,Kim Burrell,Amber Bullock,Lisa Knowles & Ashley Mackey.Only people I know who sing better than Beyonce.Everyone else,sorry.
WIN 2 VIP PASSES to see Tamela Mann, Kim Burrell, Shirley Caesar and more
the one that's the 15th in Huntsville w/ Tamela Mann, Kim Burrell, Leandria Johnson, Shirley Ceaser , and somebody else that idk!
Kim Kimble is just as unattractive as Kim Burrell
Kim Burrell song Dont count me out really speaks to me and touched me I love it
“Kim Burrell SANGS "Don't Count Me Out"!!!” Sis I had to listen to it on YouTube today just to hear it.
Joel Mason and Cece " Kim Burrell Jr. " Douglas shutting it at down Holy Trinity by Gerald Pimpleton -
lol oh yes they do. Matter of fact I'll send Kim Burrell your vocals first thing in the morning lol
Let's Make It To Love by Kim Burrell on love this.please listen!
"Bless people when you have the platform to do so " Kim Burrell
In here doing my best kim burrell runs hiya!
my most recent favorite is Whitney Houston & Kim Burrell @ celebration of Gospel "I look to you"
the Whitney Houston and Kim Burrell picture. I love Whitney Houston lol
you should do a BDTR on some of Kim Burrell's runs/riffs.kills.
One of the best songs ever made - let it bless you, the great anointing of Minister Kim Burrell.
You used way too much energy... To get it wrong - Kim Burrell
Just .watched Celebration of Gospel with Whitney Houston & Kim Burrell.yeah I just wanna go home...I'm through working today
This Kim Burrell song just took me there, I might be down but please Don't Count Me Out! Needed to hear that...
Kim Burrell - I Believe in you and me: via I LOVE YOU ..
When is shift change? I'll go jack off in my car to this Kim Burrell CD until then...
Kim Burrell. I love this woman. Her music kills me
I only like that song in the Kim Burrell version
I attended a surprise birthday gathering for my client Ms. Kim Burrell this evening. This is the…
I cannot end my Day without wishing "The Voice" of Gospel THEE ONE AND ONLY KIM BURRELL…
I might be down, but don't count me out!. -Kim Burrell
Kim Burrell make up I'm episode 7 of Sundays best was BEAT omg it's so pretty.
I was serious about that collabo with Ms. Kim Burrell though.
Kim burrell x don't count Me Out. If I'm down alls I gotta do is Listen to that.
I made it home to see Sunday Best at 9:00 p.m. EST. Kim Burrell is singing! Love her and all her music.
Kim Burrell slayed thats why i love her she is so talented and humble
Missed the first showing of Sunday's Best cause I was sleep so Im watchin the 9 o clock one... Yo Kim Burrell sang at the beginning!
Kim Burrell is like an underground mix tape artist. Like Cassidy, K. Michelle, Carly Ray, school boy she got no hits
Ms. Kim Burrell I love you, your voice, and your anointing. I have to meet and sing with you one day.
Alright now Kim Burrell, I maybe down but I'm not out.
I'm glad Sunday Best came on twice because hearing that Kim Burrell song just blessed my soul and spoke to me in an unbelievably way.
Kim Burrell just smashed anyone whoever sung on the Sunday Best stage.
No one in my opinion... it was def so so this season. Kim Burrell def slayed her new single
Umm I love this new Kim Burrell song!
Kim Burrell new song is the BIDNESS!
GOOD claude I love me some Kim Burrell ooh lawd had to roll on the floor a minute after that...
These bgvs are dressed for the godly heavens! Kim Burrell DID that!
Kim Burrell have to perform that song the next time she come to Greater St Stephen!
Yooo This KIM BURRELL album is going to be great!! I have a good feelings
Between Kim Burrell and Jazmine Sullivan 😩🙌 my gawsh! I can't. Ooh killem.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Catching the 9p Sunday's Best... Kim Burrell is killing it right now!!!
Anyone who knows me knows that Kim Burrell is my favorite Vocalist!!! I love KIM!!!
Ya'l that Kim Burrell.I just get tired of it.sigggh. Sing woman.
Watching Kim Burrell perform, Don't Count Me Out. I love it. Just amazing.
I might be done, but please dont count me out!!! ~kim burrell
KIM BURRELL. I don't have the words. I'm in love with you I absolutely love the single. MY LAWD YOU'RE ANOINTED!!!
That LOOP sounds so familiar. Is that the loop from'Pop Champagne' on this new Kim Burrell record? Dope.
Kim burrell's Hair stylist did her thing .
I like this song Kim Burrell is singing on Sundays Best. And she is snatched! That hair color is so pretty..
Had to watch this Kim Burrell performance again.
Kim Burrell sangs her butt off! Had to hear it again...the way she says "don't count me out" I
Ugh! this is why I love Kim BURRELL.. of this song is on iTunes i'm buying it!
Say what y'all want too. KIM BURRELL IS AMAZING!
I had to catch Kim Burrell the second time around. I missed it at 8 lol
Thanks Kim Burrell for bringing me to tears I might be down but please don't count me out! 😪😪😪
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I'm bout to listening to this Kim Burrell song again on the replay then I'm turning it
Is everybody watching Kim Burrell again lol
Kim Burrell has been one of the biggest trendsetting singers...
I missed the first 10 mins of Sunday Best... Kim Burrell! Yes, ma'am.
Wow...what a time it's been. Kim Burrell yesterday, Tameka Mann, Kurt Carr & singers, and Bishop Hez Walker tonight.
Kim Burrell gives some really interesting advice.
The Rhythmical Champion: Kim Burrell gives some really interesting advice. Keep it Locked!!!
Does anyone know when Kim Burrell is performing?
Kim Burrell know she can put some people to shame with them runs .
Love Kim Burrell's songs but I'm not too keen of her as a person .
and rightfully so because he said KIM BURRELL is not a mentor but there for support.IJS
when Pastor Kim Burrell tells u something you NEED TO LISTEN TO HER.
Kim Burrell know she can sing lord . ❤❤❤
The last two sound like Kim Burrell
'now y would anybody wanna be singin on stage w/ Kim burrell' yaaasss I loves me some
Kim Burrell on she about that life when it come to music!!!
😳 Kim Burrell is wearing lip liner. It is 2013!
I love Kim Burrell. She so knows her craft. Impressive.
Exactly! Ain't nobody got time to be singing with Kim Burrell!! The embarrassment lmbo
Wanna add new gospel to my mix. If I could only pick one cd, Tamela Mann or Kim Burrell?
Paula sound like a lil Kim Burrell so I like her ALOT! Then mix her with a lil Lalah Hathaway yes! 👍👍
Nice voice!! She sound just like Kim Burrell though lol
You are not Kim Burrell sweet heart..
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