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Killer Women

Killer Women is an American crime drama television series that airs on ABC during the 2013–14 American television season, it began airing on Tuesdays starting January 7, 2014. The series is based on the Argentine crime drama Mujeres Asesinas, which was adapted into an American setting by writer Hannah Shakespeare.

Tricia Helfer Texas Ranger Sofia Vergara Mind Games Modern Family Molly Parker Piers Morgan Marc Blucas Trophy Wife Texas Rangers Chicago Fire Person of Interest

Killer Women in action at . Bath's own + +Erin Kelly in conv. wth
Killer Women with Piers Morgan, tonight at 10pm on TV3. Tonight we meet two female murderers, both of whom killed s…
Trump genuinely thinks all men talk about women like he does, which is like a serial killer thinking everyone's killed at…
Far better women in America to be president then hillary the killer Clinton can't vote for her just because she is…
Women have been conscientious for last 50yrs & placed on strict commitment for UC/JSA now Stress of this as no SP @ 60 is a killer.
"Why don't applies odd even formula regarding this, men breathe on one and women on another day.He can do.
Guardiola wants City to show killer instinct
Watching Killer Women til i fall asleep if that ever happens
takes a closer look at the women's Landing this Monday.
Four Women in Search of a Killer Zuni Fetish Doll, or Thoughts on Karen Black in Trilogy of Terror.
KILLER CONFESSES Man who kept woman in chains admits to 7 murders
"Killer Women" - I believe with out a doubt Amanda Lewis angrily murdered her daughter. A memory her son will never forget.
Killer Women with Piers Morgan is probably not the best thing to watch before trying to sleep
why isnt Killer Women on catch up on my Virgin Tivo Box? Don't really fancy watching it on my phone.
You know this TV show, Killer Women with Piers Morgan .do they get to kill Piers Morgan ?
1st line from game recap: "The young Marquette University women's basketball team is coming of age."
Free Man had no Girlfriend, now a Serial Killer- women all over him:
Great ride by to become the first u23 CX women's world champ. Riding the super steep hill on the first lap was a killer move.
Women have it easy when it comes to shopping. Dress and killer shoes they done! Men?? *Cries in they goes my budget*
Be afraid if you have auburn hair – the killer picks on women with auburn hair. The Common Murders.
"As a free man, the serial killer never had a girlfriend. As a notorious prisoner, he attracted...dozens of women." ht…
They carry the same affection for a killer as women working with ISIS or any other terrorist outfit...
Heart disease is the number 1 killer of women. Heart disease kills more people annually than all forms of cancer...
Hillary Clinton is an industry champion for Fracking companies. As Secretary of state, she pushed fracking...
,Jen,it's being never know if women likes me for my money,killer butt in jeans,or my charm.
great job covering the protest event against Rouhani the killer of 63 women including Reyhaneh Janbari https…
Friday February 5th is for and the number 1 killer of both
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SCMR Seeks to Prevent and Treat the Largest Killer of Women – Heart Disease
Heart disease is the number one killer of Australian women. This is a story all Australian women must see.
Premature Ejaculation Killer: Did you know that 94% of women wish men could last longer in bed?
Omg Hitchock never spoke to Michael Caine again bc he refused to play a killer of women in his movie. Hitchcock 👎. Caine 👍
Ginkgo and Hawthorn Combination 100 Heart Disease Is the Number One Killer of Both Men and Women in the United
Serial killer Levi Bellfield has special privileges in jail because he converted to Islam
KLFY: Why heart disease is a greater risk to women than men: Cardiovascular disease is a killer for both men a...
has been associated with an increased risk for disease (CVD), the leading killer of women and men alike.
we both know it's the biggest killer of men and young women in Belfast. I've personally been to 10+ funerals from early 2000s
In the top 100 earners at Queen’s University in 2014, only 26 were women, and Jane wrote a killer piece about it.
are you ready for Feb 5th?!! Tell everyone that heart disease is the number one killer of women!! ❤️
Bellfield: Another serial stalker who abused, raped & killed many girls and women. Register needed htt…
Portland police arrest alleged serial killer suspected of murdering four women in 1980s.
How does Reeva Steenkamp's loving family feel about this furious killer being freed to abuse & murder more women?
The killer blade runner is out! Dangerous animal that Oscar Pistorius. Women r not safe with him out & children & everyone else! Scary!
women are the number 1 killer of children. The majority of children are killed by women.
respect to these brave men and women fighting Turkish terrorism , standing up to oppression of Erdogan baby killer
Detective: several women have contacted them connected to alleged serial killer Homer Jackson. He thinks they are lucky to be alive.
the real terror threat is the cereal killer that is murdering all those missing women. Maybe you should investigate that!
shameful, embarrassing. Germany Chancellor "most powerful women in the world" came crawling w/a stack of cash to Kurdish killer 4 help
Coz Protecting Ghulam Ali is bringing 2 limelight. His main agenda. women protection is nt his concern
Oct is Nov is Learn about cancer killer of women Teaser-You don't have to be a smoker
I have a strong suspicion that the women who would be triggered by this stopped following you years ago for other reasons.
Red dresses hang at Regina Beach to bring attention to missing, murdered indigenous women http:/…
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the number one killer of women in America. . Join...
Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in women. I'm working with to stop it. Join me:
yes, Sam testified similar he was controlling *** WOMEN wake up before you are dead. is a KILLER.
Killer tip for any restauranteur to “hip” up the joint: change the restroom signs. Instead of “Men” & “Women”, make it “Dude…
131669_0125. KILLER WOMEN - "La Sicaria" - Of all the notorious lawmen that ever patrolled the violent frontier,...
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so a remorseless killer is trying to complain about women having it easy? Apparently he doesn't see the irony
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Stress related heart disease is the killer in women 😊 AKA everyone please leave us tf alone!!!
. Most women are raped and murdered by strangers. who are psychopaths. That's not anyone's fault but the killer.
Killer Wales are wolves of the sea. Women... They'll really kill you
Yes, it’s standard. Biggest killer of pregnant women: partners >>. do midwives routinely ask about abuse?
Accused killer doesn't know how two women died. Read ►Follow ►...
Get Ex Back For Men And Women: The number 1 killer mistake when it comes to getti...
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Is there a serial killer hunting down women in Chillicothe, Ohio? speaks with victims' families: http:/…
are becoming a big issue for women in Bangladesh, but still top killer, finds new survey:
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Indian women r lier, thief, killer..every day showing new faces. ht…
Heart disease now a leading killer of women, HPA says
Hear Tammy Cohen and the fabulous Killer Women on 14 November:
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Officer killed was reportedly the suspect's cousin; suspect allegedly stabbed three women before...
The Chromeo feat solange song was the only song on the White women album I disliked but lately I’ve grown to love it.
Chromeo whole White Women album on the jukebox. These ppl gonna learn today.
Killer Sean Price had a lengthy history of violence against women before he murdered Masa Vukotic
When the serial killer on criminal minds is extremely attractive but he cuts women's hearts out so you're conflicted on how to feel
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SCUMBAG is a perfect description ...going through women at work like Kleenex ew
The despicable history of a woman killer by
Ashes regained thanks to 'killer instinct': Ellyse Perry says it was the Co... :-)
I read about women being sentenced to rape, killer 13 yr olds falling through the cracks, refugee crisis, appeal of Trump. I can't anymore.
Traditional cook stove: women and children's silent killer
Rousey isn't even in my top 5 women's mma crushes. I think I might actually be in love with Marloes Coenen.
do you ask them for a job application, you unemployable child killer? Beat up any women lately?
Coming soon a new thriller by Newt Livesay "THE MAN THAT TATTOOED WOMEN" Based on a true event & a serial killer who has never been caught.
Women say their number one fear of online dating is the guy will be a serial killer. Men say their number one fear is the w…
Women are afraid of meeting a serial killer. Men are afraid of meeting someone fat.
Judges your errors are killing people! Jodi Eaton's killer had history of choking women, court hears via
I'm a bug killer. I work with mostly women so I am the one they get to kill their bugs lol.
Buhari is a terrorist & Bokoharam sympathizer to him. He is a killer of women and children
Missing young women, killer brothers. Can they be caught?.
Blood he went up and it was a women in a bikini he had one glance then it disappeared this killer came behind and killed him he fell
MT/RT Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths for women in Africa: .
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Why are creative women dismissed as ‘quirky’? | Eva Wiseman
Jodi Eaton's killer Darren Dobson had history of choking women and was on bail, court hears.
RaiseAChild.US is very proud of Candice and Jaci and all of the good work they do for Here is...
These two women inspire me with the work they do. They're my family, they mean the world to me and I owe them everything.
So wrote an article about my sisters. How two women fell in love and created safer spaces for LGBT youth
You should be more scared of a women scorned than a serial killer...❤️🔫
Doesn't it seem more likely that the killer was someone the women knew, perhaps a local butcher?
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So add that to the list, baby raper, racist, child killer and women beater...Yet a hero to some...
This serial killer did what he loved. He did what made him happy. And left several women raped and dead in the process.
The number one killer of African-American women ages 15 to 34 is homicide at the hands of a current or former intimate p…
🇺🇸. Two men took to the streets to ask women if certain quotes were from a pickup artist or a serial killer
Why This Woman Fell in Love With a Convicted Killer on Death Row; Woman on Mission to Prove Her Husband Didn't Kill 3 Women; Man on Death
I don't know why I just don't like her . -women
Words used by reporter killer said were "racist" & made her target for execution
I'm speaking on this with some killer women. Expect cold hard truths & lots of laughs.
things like a serial killer targeting only women or things like wife beating. It's now being used to refer to anything
Fancy older women? 5 Killer reasons you should date a
In , women are afraid of meeting a serial killer. 3% of men are psychopaths & only a tiny percent are serial killers.
plus-sized women will sex you & cut your post-sex sandwich into triangles ... they don't deserve slander at ALL.
This Gary serial killer been knockin' women off since 94'. If he stole a *** pack in that time period, *** woulda bee…
Life is Why! Please support me in our efforts to reduce the killer of men and women in the US. Many thanks...
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Hamilton Collection
Looking forward to my Engaging Women's Committee panel discussion & luncheon today at the Union Club. The panel is killer.
radarstaff - The serial killer who confessed to killing seven women in Gary, Ind., is being investigated for more ...
Catch up on the amazing with this killer playlist! RT
Salman Taseer's killer incited shooting of blasphemy accused in Adiyala
Wanna make a video nasty huge amounts. About? A female serial killer. Its weird that that's actually original. Women kill to ;)
Prolactin and Natural Killer Cells: Evaluating the Neuroendocrine-immune Axis in Women with Primary Infertility ...
¡Espectacular Jennifer Lopez! you're still one of the most beautiful women in the world ht…
In this episode, they have one victim but a nickname for the killer and all red headed women are scared.
Ah, and there are the ads. After 3 songs I've heard 1. First three tracks have been killer - Three Women may be my fav so far
I wish I was a killer or better yet a torturer. I would make sure to hurt Perry in every way that he has hurt me and other women.
Men are from Mars, women are form Venus, Stormtroopers are from the Death Star.
New Republican effort to appeal to women voters.
Secret lair of suspected serial killer who may have murdered up to six women found in remote woodland
I'll have a post up about killer women hurricanes tomorrow. If I can stop from weeping.
How many "men's rights" activists target women and ignore the men they claim they claim to be fighting for
Justice Story: Serial killer Dana Sue Gray offed elderly women so she could shop with their credit cards  
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Malaria is longer a Killer disease amongst Pregnant women in developing Countries,The battle is being won but the War isn't over
FINALLY! the trial for the serial killer who murdered a 15 year old girl from my hometown (&several other women across the West) has begun
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Two killer articles about women and sports: and Get 'em.
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"Trying to understand women is like trying to smell the color 9."
Being blamed for everything. My god... what if we used every women murderer or child killer to say feminism was bad?
Only 1 in 3 Hispanic women are aware that heart disease is their No. 1 killer.
Stanford Women's Heart Health PSA - Heart disease is the killer of women. Experts from Stanford's Women's Heart...
Did you know that is the killer of both men and women in the U.S.?
Secret lair of suspected serial killer found in remote woodland via
Lung cancer is the cancer killer of women. When you shop at your local CVS this month, you can donate to...
Heart disease is America’s number one killer. More women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined.
You know Ramadhan is getting near when there's an ad showing a tons of dates, a pair of women's killer eyes, whispering yusuf taiyoob. Ikr.
i never heard about the mental state of a killer from the hood. they never talk about his family, his views on women, his HS…
Cáca milis: the women is a serial killer she basically kills a blind man for eating cake.
in Studio! Jewel has teamed up with and is bringing awareness to lung cancer, the cancer killer of women.
I will never understand women who wear sneakers and a killer dress to walk to work...
Two series being shot in Texas have been cancelled. Say so long to Killer Women and Revolution.
Someone knew I was entertained by this short lived TV series about a Texas Ranger woman "Killer Women" who only caught women was so bad, it was good. Anyway, I got the time code slate cover from the show. I'm sure no one else wanted it but ME!
TV Pipeline: Does ABC plan to kill "Killer Women"? By Jay Bobbin Q: I loved "Killer Women." Do you know if it's coming back? - Judy Harkness, Marietta, Ohio A: ABC hadn't given any official word as of this writing, and the network often doesn't confirm cancellations until it announces its next season's lineup in May, but a couple of things may work against the Tricia Helfer-starring, Sofia Vergara-produced show being renewed. It didn't score particularly high ratings, to the degree that its original order was reduced by two episodes, thus ending its run to open up that Tuesday hour for "Mind Games." Q: I enjoyed the BBC America miniseries about Ian Fleming. Is there a chance Dominic Cooper, who played Fleming, could play James Bond someday? - Brian Grant, Ventura, Calif. A: There's always a chance, and Cooper wouldn't mind getting that invitation, as he told us in a conversation about the recent "Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond." He realizes Daniel Craig is still committed for at least the next two mov ...
Bummed that the fuds at ABC disappeared *Killer Women.* Hope they put the 2 unaired episodes on the DVD. It was Tricia Helfer's best work.
Tricia Helfer joins the 2014 guest list. Between Battlestar Galactica, Tron: Uprising, and Killer Women, fans will have lots…
James Lane and Tricia Helfer on Killer Women epi.7 "Daughter of the Alamo" Good job man! You look great! :)
Have you seen Killer Women? Tricia Helfer is fantastic in it (total girl crush). Too bad it looks like it's been canceled. :(
I watched the Season Finale of Killer Women on Tuesday eve. Nice to see Canadians Tricia Helfer and Erica Karpluk. Excellent show!
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"ABC To Replace 'Killer Women' The Tricia Helfer-led freshman drama Killer Women isn’t dead yet, but its condition is definitely worsening... ABC is shortening the run of the Sofia Vergara-produced series and stepping up the premier of another first time show, Mind Games." What the heck is ABC doing? Removing a TV show with a strong willed woman and putting on another blah show with 2 men who haven't made other shows they were on work. This is an insult to the strong brave women in law enforcement and it is a shame that the show did not get enough support from the public. ABC just didn't give this great show enough time to catch on.
TONIGHT ON PRIMETIME: Agents of SHIELD, Killer Women, American Idol, & The Vampire Diaries... What are you watching?
Listen to adlerfm1021 / Adler Talks With Tricia Helfer From ABCs Killer Women | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and cre...
I'm catching up on some recorded shows. I'm am surprised to find myself really liking Killer Women which I've been binge watching this weekend. And if you grew up on the 1980's soap opera/mini-series like North & South and Thorn Birds, check out Will Ferrell's spoof "Spoils of Babylon". Very funny and great cast - Toby Maguire, Kristen Wiig, Tim Robbins, Val Kilmer and more.
Things are heating up on this week's Killer Women. In this exclusive sneak peek at Monday's episode, Molly (Tricia Helfer) and Dan (Marc Blucas) get a little dirty while cleaning off in the shower before a big fundraiser.
I'm not sure if any of y'all have seen the new show called Killer Women, but Tricia Helfer plays a Texas Ranger. She is my picture of Sam...I know she's a ranger and not MPD, but she's a badass cop!!!
Longmire & Katee Sackhoff vs Tricia Helfer & Killer Women: the difference between a good part and good actress and a bad part and a so-so actress.
Sofia talks about the new show she's producing "Killer Women" - and explains why women are so much better at murdering people than men. Jimmy Kimmel Live - T...
Television Predictions: The Goldbergs certain to be renewed, It's Trophy Wife vs The Neighbors vs Super Fun Night vs Mixology as only one of these will be renewed, The Carrie Diaries & The Tomorrow People & Beauty and The Beast certain to be cancelled, Sean Saves The World & The Mindy Project likely to be cancelled, Brooklyn Nine-Nine & The Millers certain to be renewed, Only 2 of The Crazy Ones & Mom & Two and a Half Men & Mike and Molly will be renewed, Killer Women cancelled, Bob's Burgers & The Blacklist renewed, Nashville certain to be canceled due to falling viewership, Surburgatory opens up as 50/50 chance.
Killer Women cancelled by to be replaced by "Mind Games" bc stars “Christian Slater &Steve Zahn are really special.”
My review of Beth Riesgraf on Killer Women Two thumbs up, fans NEED to see it. Beth Riesgraf Kills it in guest starring role on Killer Women (Season 1 Episode 2, Some Men Just Need Killing, original air date Jan 14th) . Chilling and gorgeous, she will send a shiver up your spine. Since the end of Leverage (which aired for 5 seasons on TNT ending its run in Dec. 2013) Riesgraf has managed to stay steady and strong on the radar, taking on roles that prove both her diversity and her staying power in the industry. Last nights Killer Women was no exception, in a performance that would give Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct a run for her money, Jennifer Jennings (Riesgraf) is poised, beautiful, charming and deadly. A true treat for fans to see Beth play quite the scorned and venomous lover with such preciseness and realism. There is a swagger in her step and charm oozes from her every word, but it is the curve in her smile, a…. craziness in her eyes that truly sells the character and brings it hau ...
Killer Women is a female version of Walker, Texas Ranger and I love it 🌟🔫
ABC missed the perfect opportunity to use Sofia Vergara on Screen for "Killer Women".
NJ Gov. Chris Christie is getting blasted over a huge scandal that could cost him a potential Presidential nomination. Shaquille O'Neal has been one of his biggest supporters ... and joined us to explain why he's still got his back. Plus, Gwyneth Paltrow backs her children behind their own lemonade stand -- but there's nothing traditional about the setup. Just another case of Gwyneth being super snooty, or a valuable lesson for her kids? And "Killer Women" star Tricia Helfer's got an awesome plan to raise money for charity -- GET NAKED! You gotta see her talk stripping and motorcycles with us. Honestly, what's not to love?
As we mentioned in the show today, is it weird that a show called 'Killer Women,' which was hyped up to be about Tricia Helfer hunting female crime lords, wound up defaulting to a bunch of male bad guy mercenaries in the end? Kind of undercuts its own premise, no?
KILLER WOMEN is DOA for ABC: 0.9 in A18-49.
I was going to watch Killer Women but then I saw this.
Did anyone watch the new show that started last night called killer women, I dvr'd it. Just curious??
Intelligence Debuts to Strong Ratings for CBS: Meanwhile, ABC's heavy promotion for "Killer Women" was...
Did anyone watch Killer Women last night? Was it good? We’ll probably catch it tonight on hulu.
I know The Assets and Killer Women were short runs, but if they had done good, ABC would do something. Both started below 1.0.
Did you catch the season premiere of Killer Women last night on ABC? If so you heard a song by The Wind and The Wave / SONGS writer Patricia Drew. Listen here:
For reals: Reruns of Modern Family did a 0.6 in A18-34 on USA. KILLER WOMEN? A 0.5. ABC doesn't target A18-34, but still...
CBS's "Intelligence" hit big in ratings with 16 million viewers, ABC's "Killer Women" however is another failure in the making with a 0.9 in the demo and less than 4 million viewers.
Killer women ratings worse than Lucky 7.
Just watched Killer women. Ooh rah! Hit it out of the park! Good on you. Looking forward to the rest! Smart TV !
Still sick, in bed all day - yet can't sleep, again. Catching up on TV shows. So happy Almost Human and Brooklyn 99 were back this week :) But must say the new one Killer Women was awful. Total waste of time.
To me you just don't make it harder for people to watch your shows. I wanted to check out Killer Women but missed it
Killer Women *** Sofia Vergara pooped out. See Jerome, I was working on it.
Just getting to watch this show that premiered last night called "Killer Women". Its a stupid show. But I did like the church scene in Texas where everyone pulled a gun.
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Work It aired two episodes. The lowst it rated in the key demo was a 1.5, much higher than Killer Women's 0.9.
“Killer Women premieres tonight on ABC with the talented and . Thank yo…
I didn't watch ABC's debut of Killer Women, but apparently neither did you. The mid-season debut bombed. It made Trophy Wife look good.
Looking forward to the Killer Women premiere tonight on ABC with my buds Congra…
I think I would be looking forward to Killer Women more if it actually followed the adventures of a female serial killer
The CBS drama drew 16.6 million viewers and a 2.4 in the adults 18-to-49 demographic, making it the most-watched series premiere this season. CBS closed the night with Person of Interest (12.1million, 2.0), which was flat with its last new episode. ABC's Killer Women grabbed 3.9 million and a...
Get physically fit. Heart disease is the single biggest killer of women in the UK. It kills 3 times more women than breast cancer.
How much did you enjoy the premiere of on last night? Vote here and purchase it on
Highlight of my workday has been calling “the ursine observer of television fortunes” at
I watched the premiere of KILLER WOMEN last night so you wouldn’t have to (and you really don’t have to, I promise): http:/…
Killer Women looks like they need writers. Just up his alley.
Killer Women. It's against Chicago Fire and people (me) are tired of seeing women be "brutal but sexy"
Hugs and fist bumps to you all for watching last night. All 16.5 million of you
20,65 millions viewers for last night !! So glad this show is so good ! Best show w/
Disappointed KILLER WOMEN wasn't good. I don't watch TV (sorry!) but I ~do~ love the idea of a show about Female Texas Rangers.
Killer Women is a really badass show.
Then today see the headline "Killer Women DOA" with only a 0.9 rating... welp, guess we won't bother then
Wife and I saw first 3 minutes of Killer Women last night when recorded on DVR w/ Trophy Wife... Intrigued but didn't bother to finish.
With all the outrage concerning guns in the home, legally, ABC starts a new TV show Killer Women. Does this make sense...
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So happy for new show that premieres tonight "Killer Women". Is this a good time to ask you to go out for coff…
New fave show? Killer Women!!! Omg a total badass female Texas Ranger?! Totally the life I want.
TV ratings: 'Intelligence' premieres big; 'Killer Women' not so much
Pos. color Red: Favorite; Sexy; Arousing. Neg. color Red: very bad for my health. So just killed me :) 'Killer Women'
New single from will be featured on ABC's new crime/drama "Killer Women" in January 2014! Visit
Killer Women will be dead soon. Oh good. I like Tricia Helfer, but I can't even turn on a show about Texas Rangers.
The Texas Rangers drama KILLER WOMEN premiered last night, and it's probably not long for this world.
How did you like the premiere of See what revealed about Molly's character:
so it is committed by women and men ? Could you tell me the sex of the last serial killer in the uk?
No mistaking the distinctive voice of Raul Malo of the Mavericks in last night's epilog to the ABC premier of "Killer Women." I recommend you sample "Dance The Night Away," even if you think you don't care for this genre of music. You might find some of this group's hit songs among your unattributed favorites of the late eighties and nineties.
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Tricia Helfer describes herself as a tomboy. That’s good, since she plays Molly Parker, the sole female Texas Ranger, on the new ABC series Killer Women (Tuesdays at 10/9c). Shooting machine guns and chasing bad guys are right up Helfer’s alley. “This role is 95 percent me,” she says. “[Molly] has t...
I have the Hopper(which I highly recommend) so I watch everything a day late. I just watched a new series "Killer Women" set in Texas, about a female Texas Ranger. Its so bad I can't think of words to describe it.
So let me get this straight. The new TV show "Killer Women" is about a female Texas Ranger who pursues exclusively notorious female criminals that can only be caught by a female Texas Ranger. Okay...I guess...what?
I don't know what the best new series of 2014 will be but I hope I don't see many shows worse than ABC's Killer Women. If I thought for a second the show was going for a tongue-in-cheek, so bad it's good style I would champion it as a work of genius but sadly I don't believe that to be the case. Such TERRIBLE dialogue, such ridiculous scenarios...just awful, and with ratings to match.
Sofia Vergara is back on the small screen -- but this time, she’s positioned behind the camera. The Colombiana, who’s best know for her role as goofy but lovable Gloria on Modern Family, is serving as executive producer for the new ABC crime drama Killer Women. The show centers on Molly Parker, the…
The Mavericks appear on the ABC TV show, "Killer Women".
Tricia Helfer and 2 of her castmates from the new show Killer Women promote the show down in hollywood
Intelligence capitalized on a big NCIS lead-in to get a huge overall sampling on Tuesday night, helping CBS win primetime in all measures. Meanwhile, Killer Women became ABCs second straight drama to premiere with under a 1.0 key demo rating, as it tanked in its January 7, 2014 premiere.
ABC’s Killer Women missed the target with its Tuesday night bow, drawing just 3.9 million total viewers and a 0.9 demo rating. That falls well shy of the numbers put up by both time slot predecessor Lucky 7 (which debuted to a 4.4 mil/1.3 and got axed a week later) and the Body of Proof […]
Watched two good new shows last night one was called Intelligence and the other one was Killer Women we liked them both.
OK, let's start reviewing what TV programs are worth watching. The new series called Killer Women on ABC, waste of time, old sad story, depends on sex and enticing women rather than good stories, and good writing.
Ok just watched the premiere of that new show Sofia Vergara produced "Killer Women" on ABC. Recorded it from last night. Anyone else catch this? Pretty cool.
Welcome, fans! Watch full episodes, play trivia games and read recaps for every episode at your home for all things Killer Women.
Killer Women aired its series premiere this week. Grade it now!
My video interview with Tricia Helfer about her new series "Killer Women" - premieres Jan. 7th on ABC
Two sides of the feminization of television crime shows come to the screen this week with “Chicago P.D.,” on NBC, and “Killer Women,” on ABC.
Did anyone watch the new police drama on ABC called Killer Women last night? What did you think? I had high hopes but I was disappointed.
Well walked the dog made my coffee watching my newshow "Killer Women" then shower and off to work again
OK, I'm just going to come right out and say it: I am deeply in love with Killer Women. If that sentence wasn't about a TV show, I realize it would sound very strange, but since it is about a TV show, we can just move straight on to all the reasons why I…
lol don't blink ... Airing Sat. Jan. 11 @ 9:00 on ABC ... Killer Women
Hey Sweeties-finally warming up? Bout time huh? ~MAN~ Didn't much like that new show Killer Women. It was ok-I know the first episode they have to introduce all the characters-but it could've been better. Will probably give it another try. Throats trying to get sore on me. Too much n and outta warm then cold! Hope everyones feeling good. Haven't EVEN cked to c if all the regular Wednesday nite shows r gonna be on (first run). Tonite Exfinity kept pixilating and the sound went off at times ~SIGH~ what's up with that? Anywho-ready to go snuggle deep down under the covers and laugh @ some Frasier. Here we r starting our 2nd wk of the new yr. ~THAT WAS FAST~ Hubby got me a nice coffee maker for my master suite so when I want to loll n bed awhile when I wake up I can have a nice cup or so. I'm luven that! Sleep well tonite Sweeties-stay warm! Catch ya on the flip side!
Tricia Helfer is Molly Parker, Texas Ranger. Bow down, Big Hats, & admire her evening gown. I unquestionably had the wrong impression of ABC’s Killer Women, brought to you by Sofia Vergara. Thanks to the series’ aggressive promos, I assumed it might be campy & fun. This is horrible to admit, yet I s...
Good job vergara her new show is really good so far women
Ok here we go on city ty a show called Killer Women she is just like Lone Wolf Macquade a little lady chuck norris with the Texas Rangers lol
I just saw the series premiere of ABC's show Killer Women. Tell all the single guys that you know out there to watch it because it's hot, sexy, and has women that are armed with guns!
what are ya'll watching today? my playlist looks like Justified, Person of Interest, The Mindy Project, Chicago Fire (returns) and then will check out Killer Women and Intelligence pilots maybe :D
I'm watching Killer Women not bad... Hint I like it...
Aunt Beth and Aunt Kay I stumbled on this new show tonight called Killer Women on abc. Its like Walker but with a girl Texas Ranger. It is awesome so far. They will reshow this episode (its the premier) on Saturday night at 9pm your time I think. You gotta check it out!
Okay, the new winter TV season has started, and I have a new guilty pleasure: KILLER WOMEN This is a really bad show. It's a show so bad that if it was smart enough to be a spoof, it would be genius. But it's not... BUT I love tall beautiful women with side arms. It sort of reminds me of a show called CHASE w/Kelli Giddish... I can't help it! I would get my wife a weapon but I'm afraid she might actually shoot me! :-)
When watching previews of upcoming episodes of "The Bachelor" they were advertising for a new TV show. "Killer Women". Coincidence?? I think not! Starring.women rejected by Juan Pablo!
EDI / Sarah Kerrigan actress has a new show: Killer Women~!
Tuesday Night on Television The Mindy Project involved Chicago Fire that located Bones through Person of Interest and lost Killer Women and then found out How I Met Your Mother on Frontline when Criminal Minds discovered Brain Change after the Simpsons went on The Arsenio Hall Show only to see Flash Point who was Held Hostage on Modern Family.
This Killer Women series, one bright side: Staring at Tricia Helfer
Actress Tricia Helfer channels her inner Texan for her latest role in the new TV action drama 'Killer Women.'
Two new fav shows. Both with Canadian talent! Intelligence and Killer Women
Lord, we lift up those whose man-caves are too frigid to enjoy "Killer Women" in true peace and comfort tonight.
Watched 2 New series starters ...Intelligence with m.held her...groom CSi and Killer Women with as woman Texas Ranger..pretty good for starters.we'll see what the next 2-3 shows bring us.
Funny thing, there were 2 new pilots that ran tonight, this and Intelligence. I fully expected to really like Intelligence and find this offensive. Funny thing expectations. Really enjoyed Killer Women and found Intelligence predictable and boring.
I'm watching Killer Women, I'm not sure if I like it or not. I've seen it in Spanish before, Mujeres Asesinas and it was a little different but I really liked it so maybe that's why I'm not into this so much.
Well, I'm an excited tv watcher tonite! I haven't watched real tv since the last NASCAR race that aired on ABC. Which was in October, I'm thinking. I have, since then, made good use of my DVD player ... So ... "Intelligence" premiers tonite. A show starring Yummy Sawyer from Lost. He reminds me of an ex, which is probably why I like him ... Show is a sci-fy intelligence show. 9pm on CBS. Then at 10 ... Killer Women, a tv show about the only female Texas Ranger. Very very much looking forward to tv viewership tonite. Now... To go run a coupla errands
Mike Dell Xavier Ramirez I'm about to watch killer women.
If you watched or are watching the new ABC series, Killer Women,'s being filmed here in Albuquerque (though the show is supposed to be set in San Antonio)!!!
Hey Erieites, you need to watch abc's Killer Women - you may recognize a local face. Girard's Marc Blucas stars as the DEA agent Dan Winston.
We have finally arrived. Tonight, I watched an hour long new series, Killer Women, which concerns an SAPD female detective. They kept saying, SAPD this and SAPD that, which was kind of cool. And her Texas Ranger detective boyfriend said he was "10 miles out of Bandera. Be there shortly." Everybody had big Texas accents and it was filmed, of course, in Austin. I give it 3 more shows until it's canceled. Ya'll, we're bogus, TOO!
I bet that this new Killer Women show is gonna make me wanna be a Texas Ranger again.
Killer Women has a hot Texas Ranger using her super girlie powers (intuition, menstruation) to get over her marriage.
Sofia Vergara stopped by today to talk about her new show "Killer Women". Plus, we heard an acoustic version of Miley's new song, and saw a
Tricia Helfer is comfortably at home in the role of Texas Ranger Molly Parker in ABC’s new crime drama Killer Women.
Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood, Killer Women, Cougar Town, Justified and more all premiere/return tonight. Head to and set your DVR!
The "Modern Family" actress settles breakup rumors and talks about her new show, "Killer Women".
Greetings Ohana, This Tuesday a new series will premier on ABC 10/9c. Please tune in. This new series is called Killer Women and it features a star here on Kauai. If anyone has seen South Pacific at the Kauai Beach Resort, you will recognize our little Ngana aka 9 year old Siena Agudong who is now officially a Movie Star. Tune in to ABC, channel 4 at 9:00pm for the first episode and see Siena play the role of Lulu Parker in the Texas Ranger series, Killer Women! We can't wait! Kauai is so proud of you Siena! Please tune in and watch our little movie star! :)
Alberta’s Tricia Helfer relishes role as tough Texas Ranger in new series Killer Women
Check out talking to about her new ABC series Killer Women
Who's going to be watching Tricia Helfer in Killer Women? We will be. .
Texas Rangers never looked better...Killer Women!!...can't wait!
I kinda want to tune in to Killer Women. I mean, Tricia Helfer shooting and blowing stuff up. That's a winning combination.
Our interview with the star of Battlestar Galactica and the upcoming series Killer Women, Tricia Helfer. New Mexico Entertainment learns more about Helfer's ...
Marc Blucas' DEA agent has an undeniable "text appeal," as evidenced by this steamy first look from ABC's Tricia Helfer-fronted Killer Women (premiering Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 10/9c). RELATED | ABC’s M...
Watch the first trailer for Killer Women, starring Tricia Helfer as a beautiful Texas Ranger bringing criminals to justice.
Six from BSG is going to play a Texas Ranger in a show called "Killer Women," based on an Argentine soap? And it's produced by Sophie Vergara and Ben Silverman? Poor Six. Ouch!
Killer Women is basically the female version of Walker Texas Ranger !
LaBlast was soo fun tonight. Thanks to everyone who came to dance with me. Good Luck to Patti Smith and the Killer Women. We still have some spots for the class with Louis. Monday Nov 4 12-1 let me know if you are interested. Or call the Studio, 883-9521.
UPDATED: Updated with new shows Back in the Game, Betrayal, The Goldbergs, Killer Women, Lucky 7, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Mind Game, Mixology, Once Upon a
Don't miss Killer Women, coming soon to ABC! Watch full episodes of your favorite shows at
SOURCE: ABC Full ABC Fall 2013/14 Press Releases for New Shows Posted by DarkUFO at Tuesday, May 14, 2013 0 Comments Agents of SHIELD, Back In The Game, Betrayal, Killer Women, Lucky 7, Mind Games, Mixology, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, Resurrection, Super Fun Night, The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife NEW FALL AND MIDSEASON SERIES: DRAMA “BETRAYAL” A chance meeting between photographer Sara Hadley (Hannah Ware) and Attorney Jack McAllister (Stuart Townsend) leads to an instant and undeniable attraction. Sarah’s husband, Drew (Chris Johnson), is a successful prosecutor with political aspirations, while Jack is married to Elaine (Wendy Moniz), the daughter of his boss, Thacher Karsten (James Cromwell). When Karsten’s brother-in-law Lou is murdered, all evidence points to Karsten’s son, T.J. (Henry Thomas). Jack, the company’s lead counsel, will have to defend him, but for Sara’s prosecutor husband, Drew, this is the kind of high-profile murder case that can secure his political future. Just as Sar ...
Alex Fernandez will be enforcing the law in Texas in his next project… The 45-year-old Latino actor has been cast in ABC’s drama pilot Killer Women, which is being executive-produced by Sofia Verga...
I know! Investigation Discovery should show Killer Women, they have it with subtitles here! LOL
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