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Kieran Read

Kieran Read (born 26 October 1985) is a rugby union player for the Crusaders in the Super Rugby competition.

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Crusaders to rest Kieran Read for must-win game against Melbourne Rebels
✨ Some magic skills from June, featuring the likes of Kieran Read, and more.
Skipper and deputy! Meet the new captain Kieran Read and Vice-Captain Ben Smith.
The future is looking bright unveiling exciting opportunities for international educators! Read on!
look what I made! I can't wait to read more about Kieran 💜
I read that as 'need whiskey away'.
The rise of Peter Thiel, the iconic Silicon Valley VC who wants to cheat death
Embracing change in education: read blog post
I've just read 14k, be reyt if you bought one and they slipped up
LOVE THIS! People who still loves wrestling is MUST READ! IMO. .
Stuck for what to read next? We have plenty of suggestions in our Staff Recommends displays 📚…
Thinking about accepting a counter offer? Read this first!!!
Not brand new but a really interesting read :) Four Tet: ‘The club is my world now’
I think Kieran is one of my favorite characters of TDA. I can't wait to read more about him.
I loved Lady Midnight and I can't wait to read more about Kieran, Mark, Ty and Julian 💙
Need Take a moment & read Kieran Cronin's tale of triumph over adversity»
Interesting post, worth a read if you're interested in procedural level gen/design and/or the great looking Seraph.
Yeah, me too. Never realised how "punk" they were at the start. Was glad I had some collected editions to read afterwards :)
great read Kieran well done, we remember that summer in Dublin for sure, remarkable recovery great 2c u doing so well coaching👍
This story won the top journalism award in Norway tonight. Every single one of my followers should read it
Kieran Read wasn't accustomed to seeing women fall from the sky.
Read what I've wrote then before you comment ffs
I'd say Kieran McGeeney would give his left *** to get his hands on today. Great read
Every book you have ever read is just a different combination of 26 letters.
Don't forget. Tomorrow is 'Can't trust a Tory' day. It doesn't matter when you read this.
Read Kieran Cronin's inspirational story about how he fought back from debillitating injury» https…
Read on the political press finally finding the will to call racist means racist.
Last Indy column for a must-read: wanna make a couple of hundred quid in a few hours? Here's how:
‘We made far too many errors’ – Read: Crusaders skipper Kieran Read admits that they are relieved with the 20-...
Looking forward to seeing more of Pete Samu for Brilliant in last year's ITM Cup, lovely assist for Kieran Read try vs. Blues.
.Coach Steve Hansen confirms Kieran Read will take over as captain of the national side from Richie McCaw
Congrats to OCs & Kieran Read for being a part of the back-to-back victories!
Thanks for the follow If your Monday *** to the max please read this on Tuesday ;) X The pleasure is ours!
be carefull his the french Kieran Read
There is a difference between people who are smart and people who got good grades.
You could always strap it up and play on like Kieran Read☺.
Idk how people haven't already been kicked out of sixth form 😂
Is it possible to get your whole weeks worth of sleep in one night?
a quite brilliant interview -as was the ad hoc Kieran Read cameo -fantastic coverage by you both throughout
Kieran Read had his ankle heavily strapped during the final but it wasn't enough to to pull him from the field!
Australia’s strategy to ‘rattle’ All Blacks No 8 Kieran Read and ‘expose’ wingers Nehe Milner-Skudder and Julian Savea has been leaked on
Crusaders considering Kieran Read and Ryan Crotty as co-captains for 2016
Kieran Read just casually running off a shattered ankle.
just re-read. I didn't phrase it particularly well
Kieran Read waited until the biggest game of his career to try something new—a midfield up-and-under
Kieran read baby boy his new dinosaur book before bed. Made my heart glow 😍
oh wow! i didn't know he was still alive! Role Models is a fanzine in book form - well worth a read!
Fairy tale ending: (love the pic of Kieran Read with his kids)
Absolutely the bestest photo from the rugby- Kieran Read with medal and two daughters!
Kieran Read refusing to let an injury keep him from winning a SECOND world cup
By the way, for Kieran Read to put in the shift he did with a crocked ankle - unbelievable stuff.
v good point Kieran Read looked so delighted on that brief interview Great ambassadors for their country
Lol kieran read late to the haka after stopping for chat with crew sir Clive and François pienaar
Kieran Read walks past the ITV desk and does an impromptu interview, hence his lateness to that final haka
Kieran Read has something of the Rory Bremner about him, doesn't he?
Well done Martin Bayfield on managing to do what most players couldn't & stopping Kieran Read
A magnum in Kieran Read's hands just looks like normal bottle of wine
Kieran Read basically played in a moon boot.
Kieran Read hobbled up onto the podium to receive his winners' medal. How that man played the full 80 on one leg is beyond me...
How did Kieran Read play that whole game?
Ollie had the "Kieran Read". Craven had the "Beauden Barrett" Touch. I brought abit of "J Kaino" arg if we could roll back the years ay
Kieran Read,SBW,Savea time to lead the team.. Big shoes to fill.
One of the reasons why I love Kieran Read is that he looks like Christopher Eccleston and I love the Ninth Doctor ✨
Dan Carter, Richie McCaw, Kieran Read!!! Rugby will never be the same again!!
Kieran Read is the worst though. He must be Niuean.
Kieran Read has to be my favourite no.8
Surprised Kieran Read is still on the pitch
All Black coaches Steve Hansen and Ian Foster joined by captain Kieran Read on stage in the press room
Great insight from our man Kieran Read on tomorrows tussle against Tonga. Good luck from all of us...
It's the most amazing novel you'll ever read.
- Kieran Read gives an exclusive look into his life.
Check out today's - read about . 'Pedalling Priests' in town centre Saturday!
I would never let down, as i have only good memories. So dont believe everything you read and especially if they…
New Zealand will continue playing to win, not to entertain, says Kieran Read
Fantastic read for new and aspiring technology sales reps! Short, sweet, and to the point.
Read what Kieran Reilly had to say about Tonbridge AC's national glory
Swear maths has the most ridiculous amount of work ever
People always saying you should go out see new things and people but the whole reason I never go out is because I never wan…
yeah, I read the German anti-immigration group, Pegida, use a similar image so their context is completely different.
All Black skipper Kieran Read "We like the big occasions, and this venue certainly lives up to that"
All Blacks captain Kieran Read about to address the media in the St James' Park press room. Joined by Liam Messam and Ian Foster
Must read article in the Irish Times by Karlin Lillington
46 pages to read about feminism in sport for 3pm. Class
Just getting my latest estimate proof read!
went on an with Kieran, then came home, got into bed, and silently and separately.…
Today was especially difficult to get about my day, so I just stayed home and read some cool short stories and made so…
Kieran Read will replace Richie McCaw as skipper of the ABs for their game against Tonga on Friday.
Kieran Read is basically Michael Rapaport after a few months in the gym.
New Zealand No8 Kieran Read's hunger for RWC still isn't satisfied:
Kieran Read claims New Zealand are up for Rugby World Cup battle
If Kieran keeps leaving me on read I'm gonna date myself
52 pages Kieran, plenty of stuff to read in there! Glad you enjoyed today's, thanks for your support!
Great read in today's programme. What's Tuesday one going to be like?
Doubt it. Nobody wants to know. Too many big names could be implicated. This piece worth a read.
Our Albion man of the match award today went to the impressive Read match report here …
can't read in general, I just want to know what we need to bring in with us like
it doesn't help, already used that guide, GTA V works perfectly but any other game brings up the cannot read disc alert
my Xbox 360 Elite won't read any discs apart from Grand Theft Auto V. Any tips on how to stop this happening?
WEST HAM FANS (and general football fans) please read by the father of Kieran Bywater who was released by WHU
Kieran is telling me to read chanbaek fanfic
This is what the album sounds like.
You can read more about thunderstorms and how they form here: ^Kieran
American women who think 9/11 was a cover up reckon Kieran Joyce is the hottest GAA player. Read more:
what??? Where am I going to get my Sunday morning poached eggs and read The Times?
Great Piece by on campaign. Well worth a read
Boofhead Gilbert: a big fan of DV Keynote Entertainment. Or should I send that in a text message to be …
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I read that this morning, pretty interesting - they can have my data, I'm not switching
As promised I uploaded my Mark and Kieran one shot, which takes place after Bitter of Tongue. You can read it here:
Thanks Kieran, we get some ‘beef’ (read: trolls) for some reason so it’s great to know our work is appreciated!
Read A Romance a Day is hosting a big contest with fab prizes! Check it out.
Hi Kieran. I am sorry to read this. Are you able to get any of the 5s?
An open door/window doesn't mean thousands of flies can come inside
Hey, Everyone! I'm super honored to participate in a really important project: Read-A-Romance Month. Please come...
enjoyed the talk, thank you! Read both zines this morning, they inspired me to make a new one myself!
Read my article on education reform at
Hi kieran, I'm sorry to read the issue you're having with your laptop. Please call our tech support team on 0207 660 0596 ...
RD on comments following Malmo match: I think everybody can read. I haven't tested every player but I think they can read.
Great read Kieran, solid work as always.
If anyone believes what they read in the Sun their IQ is probably lower than a Pigs..
; Turnbull in 'stronger position' to become PM via (Kieran_Gilbert) READ…
; GST reform 'should go to the electorate' via (Kieran_Gilbert) READ MOR…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
yeah I replied to that and it says delivered, i wondered why you haven't read it yet
; Treasurer Joe Hockey on SkyNewsAust now speaking to Kieran_Gilbert READ MORE;
I might just ship Kieran and Mark already, and I've only read Bitter of Tongue. I still have TDA to go.
- For just £60 you could be the Tiverton Town U18's main sponsor h…
if we decide to do it it wouldn't cost you anything. Are you happy for us to look into it?
Hi Kieran - you were 2 marks off (sorry) - we may put in for a remark, are you happy for us to do this on your behalf?
A read on my newest blog post would be greatly appricated bro😅 It's about your g Gibbs.
Ten things Kieran Alger learned from running the marathon last year, interesting read! . It is now less than 48...
After 18 months, if the EE power bar is NOT returned they will charge £5 a month. Read the terms & conditions. It's not free.
Yep sadly we'll never hear those commentators words again: "long ball forward from Huth, finds Walters who s…
If someone wants to write a type hidden history novel, set in a flaneur's London, I'd read it. Does it already exist?
Great read from on top Vic Country defensive prospect Kieran Collins:
I already read the part about the Dead. It was out earlier. No way I read this earlier. Spent. Ready for vacation.
he's had his injury doubts too I'm sure. Also read that Janko can play further forward so ideal if he's any good
If you read the story, the media aren't having a go at him..
All purpose parts banner
😂😂😂 Cheers, I'll get myself a copy soon. Going to see him in September, so probably best to have a read.
give the book a read. As a Bucky drinker I spend alot a time on the bog
thought u meant his book which the stories mentioned are in. Also I can read an *** a mile aff 😉
If you've read a type-out of it, honestly, give it a listen to. Absolutely brill.
In my experience podcasts are better listened to than read chief 😜😂 Or is there a transcript somewherem
I read that "defence forces" are on high alert. This is what scare them so much... 😏. May the reach http:/…
.Please sign our petition and read our open letter here http:…
Any chance you could read an article on Kieran Trippier and tell me what you think?
all the best Kieran. A fantastic read.
Kieran Read expects Wayne Smith's return to add extra bite to the New Zealand defence ahead of Rugby World Cup:
This looks like a Circumzenithal arc. You can read more about the phenomena here: ^Kieran
"It’s a privilege to give back." Great read on philanthropy and transparency by Kieran McLoughlin president
If you haven't read my Kieran Trippier Q&A with you really should.
Marked as to-read: What Waits in the Woods by Kieran Scott
"Dear oh dear. Don't read this there it is
Getting pumped up for the big game...
We could see some further geomagnetic activity today. You can read more here: I hope this helps. ^Kieran
And if you look up an article written by A. Gibney, you can read some of the context for that
blairy told me when a finished work that you done it before a read them. But a kept it quiet for you
I've not read what this says yet, but it's Kieran and Harry so I know it will be RIGHT
Hi Kieran, I'm we're unable to add myWaitrose to this at the moment as our tills are unable to read reflective screens.
Interesting read and insight into all things McGeeney, BJJ and the GAA!
.Another f the many comments made by Irish people about"1st israeli feis"READ IT! .
54% done with Trouble When You Walked, by Kieran Kramer: I like how he can seem to read he...
Reserves Rewarded with Top Prizes at League Dinner. By Adam Checkley. Read the full article...
yeah I read that. Will we get the chance to are it or is he just an investment to sell for a profit? 👀
READ - The smart money on where Foran will land:
Is it just me or does John Plumtree from the look like an old Kieran Read?
Sam Whitelock joins fellow ABs Kieran Read, Colin Slade, Israel Dagg and Joe Moody on the Crusaders' casualty list.
Read our new blog: After The Prime Minister's real test lies ahead – by
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People saying the NHS is going to suffer clearly haven't read the manifesto, its only going to improve🏥 h…
That was a bloody good, eloquent wee rant there. Glad I saw it & read it.
I read that in an Austin Powers voice 😂
can ya read minds ... Eh read this READ THIS
WANT DEEP IN THE POOL LYRICS?!. We've published the lyrics to our latest single here, have a read and sing along!. htt…
Whenever Kieran Read pops up on a wide channel for either the Crusaders or All Blacks, a try is the end result
Kieran Read is dangerous when lurking on the blindside in open play, deceptively quick, hard to bring down, & great linking ability.
I proved this months ago during hangman! When you tried to name some so called 'Indy bands' and I read you like a book 😂😂
If you believe every tabloid you read you'll go insane.. Everyone's acting like a broken leg will cost them £120,000 after tomorrow
Great read which makes you think about what British and Irish coaches are being taught.
did you read that Woj article about it? V interesting.
this is the cutest thing I've ever read. You can be cute sometimes then Kieran ;)
Sad to read so many statuses of those who want to vote Green but feel forced to vote Labour just to keep the Tories out. 👎👎
Thinking of voting Ukip today? Read this: The Top Ten Ukip Arguments (And Why They Are False) via
Thinking of voting Take 10 minutes to get someone to read you this article:
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Just taking a moment to read the Express this morning!
Yeah, that's different, I've read those, cheers. I was just wondering where this new idea had come from, but worry about it.
Survation's new ballot paper method, read all about it:
nah😂 thank you drinks thing for RJ is next Friday loads of free drink and scran! Then pub crawl week after! Do you read emails?!?
‘We will not repeal the legislation (same sex marriage)’ Is this such a hard piece of txt 2 read?
read a bit of the report and just says Brady liked them low. Said one week the refs pumped them to 16psi
If you have had a piercing or tattoo at Blue Voodoo, Sun Tattoo Studio or Flesh Wound in Newport please read this http…
Read about our client Kieran Moloney's inspirational transition in New Zealand's That's Life magazine. After...
Great interview by . Well worth the read!
this is an eye-opening article from Benjamin Studebaker. Read it, people!.
Can't believe I'm not going to have a new read when I go abroad in June!! Bring on the autobiography with Kieran! 💋
So cute when someone knows you're asleep and they text you a long paragraph about how they feel so that's the first thing yo…
read your phone please?? Come off the comp and come cuddle till I sleep 😴😴😴😴 😘☺️
Whenever I read a message from I read it in his voice, it's driving me insane 😂
“Excellent and insightful interview with by Great read.
Well I have read their manifesto and they're still as ignorant as I first thought. What's your excuse now?
I'm because I haven't actually read their manifesto and only vote based on what the mainstream media tell me.
This is an excellent read on - packed it all up, moved to Spain and became a coach at Alcorcón:
Compare the way Kieran Read spoke to the ref after seeing 3 of his players sin binned to James Graham. Chalk and cheese
cross field kick to Kieran Read then the offload to Richie McCaw to score a try!
had to Kieran Read, all about it, on D. All Blacks doing some "Add" for AIG. via
I'm saying, If you were a coaching team, And you had a way to qualify for the 2014 RWC, WITHOUT having to face Jerome Kaino, Liam Messam, Kieran Read, Richie McCaw, Ma'a Nonu, Malakai Fekitoa, Daniel Carter, Julian Savea, Israel Dagg, Ben Smith, Tony Woodcock, Owen & Ben Franks, Brody Retallick and Adam Whitelock, THAT penalty decision starts to make sense, but that's just me..
All Blacks: Big three shape well for Oz test: A handy 80 minutes by Daniel Carter, a solid 60 from Kieran Read...
Kieran Read ,Dan Carter ,Israel Dagg all back for Crusaders must win game against Blues on Sat
Crusaders name team for Auckland Blues clash. Kieran Read, Dan Carter, Israel Dagg all included. Carter playing No.12
Kieran Read, Daniel Carter and Israel Dagg are all back in Crusaders starting line up for the Blues on Saturday night.
Loving this Crusaders team. Israel Dagg, Nemani Nadolo, Owen Franks, Kieran Read, and Dan Carter all back in the starting XV. Look out Blues
Crusaders named for the Blues. Owen Franks in 3. Kieran Read in 8. Nemani Nadolo in 11. Dan Carter in 12. Israel Dagg in 15.
All the big guns back for this weekend. Kieran Read, Dan Carter, Israel Dagg and Nemani Nadolo return to the starting XV.
Read to be treated with caution: New Zealand head coach Steve Hansen doesn't expect Kieran Read to be r...
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Kieran Read subbed at halftime for Liam Messam. Coach Steve Hansen said he'd only play 40-50 minutes.
Fekitoa To Start For All Blacks In No 13 Shirt: Malakai Fekitoa's rise continues. The chance to prove he is, indeed, Conrad Smith's heir apparent at centre has arrived earlier than most expected, but everything about his rapid progression suggests he will seize the moment. After one cameo from the bench at Eden Park, Fekitoa will start his second test outside Ma'a Nonu as the All Blacks chase a 3-0 sweep over England in Hamilton on Saturday. For the third week in a row Aaron Cruden has been given the nod at first five-eighth, holding off Beauden Barrett's strong claims for a maiden test start at No 10. Once again, the Hurricanes playmaker is forced to wait for his time to run the cutter. Kieran Read also makes a welcome return from his lengthy struggles with concussion, having played one match in the last eight weeks. That sees Jerome Kaino switch to his favoured role, where his physically imposing presence is preferred over Liam Messam at blindside flanker. Fekitoa's unique qualities - his fast feet, str ...
New Zealand recall player of the year Read: (Reuters) - Kieran Read returns for the All Blacks and exciting mi...
Read returns for All Blacks: Fit-again Kieran Read returns to the New Zealand starting XV to face England in the...
Sports Latest: Read returns for All Blacks - Kieran Read will return for the All Blacks after concussion trouble f...
Kieran Read and Dan Carter, how we miss you. ABs poor at the breakdown and Cruden did not pull strings from midfield. Bring on Dunedin!
Those who decided Kieran Read was the best footy player in the world are muppets. That title belongs to Conrad Smith.
Photoset: justabit0ffun: (L to R) Kieran Read of the Crusaders, Tawera Kerr-Barlow and Liam Messam of the...
All Blacks enjoy an embarrassment of riches Ben Smith has to be in the starting side, Craig Dowd believes Even three weeks out from the first Test against England it is obvious from the naming of the All Blacks wider training squad this week that the back three are going to provide some headaches for the selectors. All Blacks Training Group Hookers: Keven Mealamu (Blues), Nathan Harris (Chiefs), Dane Coles (Hurricanes), Liam Coltman (Highlanders). Props: Charlie Faumuina (Blues), Tony Woodcock (Blues), Ben Franks (Hurricanes), Wyatt Crockett (Crusaders), Owen Franks (Crusaders). Locks: Patrick Tuipulotu (Blues), Brodie Retallick (Chiefs), Jeremy Thrush (Hurricanes), Dominic Bird (Crusaders), Sam Whitelock (Crusaders). Loose forwards: Jerome Kaino (Blues), Steven Luatua (Blues), Sam Cane (Chiefs), Liam Messam (Chiefs), Victor Vito (Hurricanes), Richie McCaw (Crusaders), Kieran Read (Crusaders) / Luke Whitelock (Crusaders). Halfbacks: Tawera Kerr-Barlow (Chiefs), TJ Perenara (Hurricanes), Aaron Smith (Highl ...
Kieran Read's health outweighs needs of country Craig Dowd will be happy if Kieran Read is omitted from the All Blacks training group on health It will be interesting to see how the All Blacks selectors approach the situation with Kieran Read's concussion worries when naming their training squad for the England series next week. Read will miss another round of Super Rugby for the Crusaders this week, and some really hard thinking has to be done here. Basically, a player's health outweighs the needs of the country. It is only a game we are talking about after all and someone's health is important. It is great that there is such a focus on the issue, and involving an All Blacks star; the issue when it has arisen in the past hasn't always involved a high-profile player, and for that reason hasn't attracted the attention that it should have. Let's face it, three head knocks in a season are grounds for ending a career. It is too serious to overlook the reality of the situation and say, 'He looks OK'. It is suc ...
Head knock puts Kieran Read in doubt: Kieran Read may be scratched from Sunday morning's match against the Lio...
Kieran Read awful 4 79mins makes a game settling tackle in the last minute. . take a bow my fav skipper De Villiers and Burger
Eden Park clash should be thriller: Kirwan ... Friday has all the ingredients for a big night of rugby among two old rivals, the Blues and Crusaders, who both need points from the Eden Park Investec Super Rugby encounter. Blues coach Sir John Kirwan, who was involved in more than his fair share of traditional encounters with Christchurch-based sides, said both teams were under pressure and needed the points. It wouldn't be the end of the world if the Blues departed for South Africa without any points, but there was no doubt Kirwan would prefer to have them. The Crusaders were under the pump and would put the Blues under pressure and would try to crack the Blues through the middle. "It doesn't matter who they bring, it doesn't really matter. They all know how they want to play and they'll be bringing it. Kieran Read is back in the side so I think it is fantastic," he said. Speaking to his decision to replace Chris Noakes with 20-year-old Simon Hickey at first five-eighths, Kirwan said the side had talked a ...
A good mix of NZ Sports Awards here - congrats to all finalists - release thanks to NZRU - The Awards, which honour and celebrate New Zealand sporting excellence, were held tonight at Auckland’s Vector Arena. The All Blacks were named Team of the Year – their fifth Halbergs team award - after winning all 14 of their Tests last year, becoming the first international side in the professional era to go through a calendar year unbeaten. All Blacks Coach Steve Hansen was also honoured as Coach of the Year. All Blacks Captain Richie McCaw was also given the Sport New Zealand Leadership Award while All Blacks great Jonah Lomu was also inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame. All Blacks number eight Kieran Read was also a finalist in the Sportsman of the Year category, while the Chiefs back-to-back Super Rugby titles, the All Blacks epic win over South Africa in Johannesburg and All Black midfielder Ryan Crotty's last-gasp try against Ireland also featured on the Favourite Sporting Moments list. New ...
Kieran Read in line for another award: Kieran Read is in the running to be named New Zealand Sportsma...
2013 saw Italy beat France and Ireland in the 6 Nations, Bryan Habana move to Toulon, lots of welsh players move to France, an Irishman get paid a vast sum of money to also move to France, be followed by his fly-half competition as his kicking coach, a star-studded Jonny-led Toulon win the Heineken Cup, Dylan Hartley swearing at Wayne Barnes, Kurtley Beale cocking up a kick, Leigh Halfpenny missing another, a first Lions series win for 16 years, Dan Carter passing 1400 points and 100 Test caps, Sergio Parisse, Castro and Gethin Jenkins also claiming their ton, a load of arguments about rugby in Europe, Kieran Read being awesome and Sonny Bill proving he's human by slipping over a deadball line. What will 2014 bring?! Happy New Year everyone.
Planet Rugby se lesers se Span van die Jaar: Power to the people! As has become our tradition, we gave you the chance to vote for YOUR Team of Year: Here are the results from the PR faithful. We received a massive response from hundreds of readers who sent in their first-choice line-ups. Only three players kept their place in your side from 2012 - Conrad Smith, Kieran Read and Eben Etzebeth. The southern hemisphere rules in your final selection which features no less than seven All Blacks, two Wallabies and three Springboks. Planet Rugby Readers' Team of the Year: 15 Israel Folau (Australia): Only a handful of votes separated British and Irish Lions star Leigh Halfpenny and Australia's Newcomer of the Year in the full-back position from the line-ups you sent in, but many of you actually picked both players, naming the Wallaby on the wing. So we decided to face them off in a straight poll on the front page and you voted for a clear winner. 14 Ben Smith (New Zealand): No doubt about this one. 86 percent of ...
Read The Best, World Rugby Fans Say: In a year when All Black No 8 Kieran Read won almost very player accolade in world rugby, it was fitting for him to be named player of the year by the game's international fan base. Read was voted the world's best at the Ultimate Rugby IRPA Fans' Awards to top off a highly successful 2013 where the Crusader was also named IRB world player of the year and the best in New Zealand at the national rugby awards earlier this month. Read held off stiff competition in the form of Wales fullback Leigh Halfpenny and Irish loose forward Sean O'Brien. Fans took a different view to the players, however, when it came to naming their World XV. Only five All Blacks made the team with the back-row trio of Read, Richie McCaw and Liam Messam leading the way. Elsewhere Dan Carter was named at first-five and Conrad Smith at centre. Will Genia, who endured a painful series against the British and Irish Lions, pulled his season out of the fire to be named at halfback ahead of All Black Aaron ...
So the All Blacks, Kieran Read and Steve Hansen have been nominated for the Halberg Awards in their respective categories (NZ's premier sporting award). They'll probably only win one of them. What do you think the rest of you Kiwis? This has stirre much debate apparently, why the *** are Team NZ doing there for team of the year lol? Sportsman of the Year Aaron Gate (Cycling), Andrew Nicholson (Equestrian), Kieran Read (Rugby), Mitch Evans (Motorsport), Scott Dixon (Motorsport), Simon van Velthooven (Cycling). Sportswoman of the Year Emma Twigg (Rowing), Lauren Boyle (Swimming), Linda Villumsen (Cycling), Lisa Carrington (Canoeing), Lydia Ko (Golf), Melissa Timperley (Taekwondo), Suzie Bates (Cricket), Valerie Adams (Athletics). Team of the Year All Blacks (Rugby), Black Sox (Softball), Emirates Team New Zealand (Yachting), Men's Pair - Hamish Bond and Eric Murray (Rowing), Men's Lightweight Four (Rowing), Men's Team Sprint (Cycling), NZL Sailing Team with ETNZ (Yachting), NZ Men's 49er Class Team - Peter ...
Northampton in New Zealand-esque all black today. So that makes Ian Morris the Kieran Read of the team. Okay then.
Please don't purposefully stand behind me so you can read what I'm doing
The awkward moment when I read this as "Urg feel like a *** .
If anybody thinks the €50,000 fine is fair or can be justified, read this:
Congratulations to Kieran Read, Steve Hansen, and on their nominations for Halberg Awards
One of the craziest things i've read
sad thing is I read this so I proubly still will
An amazing week for Kieran Read ... world player of the year and now NZ player of the year
Who should win Sportsman and . Sportswoman of the year at the Halberg Awatrds? My picks, Kieran Read & Lydio Ko! ^A
I thought that when I noticed!! I do apologise! No wonder my timeline has been boring to read
and have a read please: NK Maribor vs Wigan Athletic match report   10% Off
Mums exam advice - just read the question slowly and carefully
just read AMANDA. Amazing beautiful haunting and affecting. More please! Loved it.
Premios IRPA:. Player of the Year: Kieran Read, . Newcomer of the Year: Israel Folau . Team of the Year: All Blacks
interesting read about getting a UE3 game working pretty well in browsers using empscripten.
SA Rugby mag’s anti-rugby awards RYAN VREDE reflects on a year filled to the brim with individuals and teams whose incompetence deserved awards. This past year has been one of great accomplishment for various men and groups of men in rugby. The Chiefs showed their mettle to defend their Super Rugby crown, the Lions handed out a beating to Australia, the All Blacks went the season unbeaten, Kieran Read was untouchable, Morné Steyn recovered the form that was central to the Springboks' success. The list could go on, but the point is made. However, scattered among the triumphs were reminders that this great game of ours has some who have the capacity for actions that leave us incredulous. We celebrate those men, because foolishness of this degree is a science that deserves recognition. THE ROMAIN POITE AWARD FOR BEING A POITE Seldom has a referee shown such utter incompetence that he actually changes the way we speak. So poor was Frenchman Romain Poite's performance in the much-anticipated Rugby Champions ...
Somebody please suggest a good book for me to read. Dying for something good to read...
Yep. I get students to read this book.
But ya, Kieran Read was untouchable. Best rugby player in the world by a country mile. | Epitomises consistency.
Either Kieran Read or Scott Dixon should get sportman of the Year at the Halberg Awards!
New Zealander of the year finalist 2013: Kieran Read
Well we arent going to beat any of the other teams
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With that Dortmund goal, are we still top?
Ramsey, Wilshere and Walcott come on now please
Nice to hear! One way is imaginative education perhaps. I've been inspired alot by Kieran Egan. As you might've read now.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
We won the bet. You didnt say anything about us having to score
Well Juventus should have the Europa League in the bag then
Starting next year I am writing about games. Not sure who will read it, but I have a lot to say. Stay tuned.
Click on the link to read about the evening of Christmas Carols in St Kieran's College..
1st task of the day; write up my 68 pgs of notes from yesterdays interesting IDdev summit while I can still read them
I can read people just by looking at them. Ask Kieran. I know what *** are like and how people act.
Here's the link to the article you need to read
Good old LRPL Taylor. I can't not read that as Lerpel. I think Lerpel is a better name than Ross.
There would hardly have been a murmur of dissent when Kieran Read was officially acknowledged last week as the best rugby player in the world. - New Zealand Herald
Absolutely buzzing just got a request read out on national radio! "This ones thanks to Kieran Stewart, who demanded this song!"
If you haven't read it already, read All You Need Is Kill right away! The trailer for is out.tomorrow!
Highlights of All Black Kieran Read IRB player of the year 2013. Please comment and subscribe if you like. Any feedback is VERY helpful as I aim to improve m...
Richie McCaw believes he can sustain his form and desire through to a fourth World Cup, but in a brutally frank admission, the All Blacks captain says he'll walk away from the team's shot at history if he feels either start to wane. McCaw, in an exclusive interview with Sunday News to reflect on the All Blacks' history-making season, has offered a telling personal insight into the challenges he faces, at 32 and with a record 124 tests under his belt, making it through to England in 2015. The veteran openside also delivered a chilling warning on the challenges looming for the world's No 1 side, believes Dan Carter's six-month extended leave will make or break his shot at personal World Cup redemption, and has urged a commonsense approach over the workload for star All Black Kieran Read over the next few years. McCaw has had his challenges recently, with a painful foot injury requiring him to play the 2011 World Cup more or less on one leg, and some niggling ailments this year forcing him to miss more tests ...
SA Rugby mag’s Test awards JON CARDINELLI applauds the outstanding individuals, teams and moments of the 2013 Test season. TEST PLAYER OF THE YEAR: KIERAN READ As hard as Duane Vermeulen and as athletically gifted as Sergio Parisse, Read is the most complete No 8 the international game has witnessed for some time. Celebrated by both the Crusaders and All Blacks for his exemplary work ethic off the ball, he will be better remembered by fans for his game-breaking touches with ball in hand. Who could forget Read breaking from the scrum in a Rugby Championship Test against Argentina this August, taking the tackle, and then threading an outrageous offload to Aaron Smith for the score? His skills and pace were also put to good use in that unforgettable clash with the Springboks at Ellis Park, where he managed to put Ben Smith away for an important try in the first half. A great in the making. TEST ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: WILLIE LE ROUX Kudos to Bok coach Heyneke Meyer for taking a gamble on a maverick, and credit ...
Wat is u mening hieroor: Lees wat skryf Gordon Popham: The New Zealand rugby year wrapped up on Thursday night with the annual Steinlager rugby awards. Predictably Kieran Read won the Kel Tremain player of the year to add to his IRB title and the All Blacks won team of the year after their ‘perfect’ season. The All Blacks had a remarkable year becoming the first team in the professional era to win each and every game they played in a calendar year. For this to occur the team must be well coached, have great preparation, a great culture and of course great players. However this last point may prove to be the All Blacks downfall starting next year and ending at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. The fact that they are holding onto past greats and nursing them through campaigns can only be detrimental to the team long term. Players such as Dan Carter, Riche McCaw, Kevin Mealamu and Tony Woodcock, well, to be frank their best days are behind them. Daniel Carter has been the best first five-eighth the world has eve ...
Si & Gary More FM chatting to All Black/Crusader Kieran Read on his awards, Christmas & more!
Listen to madkizz2012 / The Time Be Soon By Kieran Read 2014 | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music &a...
International team of the year. Number 8. Kieran Read (NZ) - Wallaby halfback Will Genia said all that needs to be said when he was asked about Read this year. "Without doubt Kieran, hands down, is the best player in the world. To have a No 8 have such an impact on any game he plays is astonishing. Against South Africa in the Rugby Championship decider in Johannesburg, he had a hand in their tries. He could play centre, wing or fullback, he's that good a footballer." Enough said.
Great comment in your interview last night Kieran Read making the national news for something other than rugby!
It's unanimous. All Black No 8 Kieran Read is the best rugby player on the planet.
And now to mark some of the week's success stories, thanks to ASB. Kieran Read and Steve Hansen were all recognised at the Steinlager Rugby Awards in ...
All Blacks sweep the IRB's 2013 rugby awards with Kieran Read named player of the year.
In recognition of having won both the IRB and New Zealand Rugby Union Player of the Year awards, Prime Minister John Key announced today that Kieran Read would be replacing all mentions of God in the country’s national anthem, which will also have a new title, Kieran Read Defend New Zealand.
Kieran Read, Steve Hansen and the All Blacks sweep the New Zealand Rugby Awards in Auckland.
All Black number 8, Kieran Read, certainly has reason to smile! He was just named the IRB Rugby Player of
Is there anything you haven't done this year? Kieran Read: 'got my wife pregnant' A quote for the ages
The player of the year Awards is kieran Read...
Perfect rugby year...IRB player of 2013-KIERAN READ, IRB team of 2013-ALL BLACKS,IRB coach of 2013-STEVEN HANSEN. All Blacks also unbeaten for 2013...!
Kieran his workrate and his skills...had a great first half to the season,then blew all his opposition away in the second half...great securing of the ball,great tackling,awesome runs...a deserved winner of this prestigious award... :-)
New Zealand No. 8 Kieran Read has been named World Player of the Year as the All Blacks dominated the International Rugby Board awards
CCF Ambassador Kieran Read has been named the IRB Player of the Year! Congratulations Kieran! We are very proud to have you on the CCF team making a positive difference in the lives of kids with cancer. The Crusaders will be out and about tonight supporting CCF, at funrazor: the 10th Anniversary Event in Christchurch. For more info
Congrats to Crusader Kieran Read named IRB Player of the Year for 2013. All 3 NZ players who have won this award have been from the Crusaders.
Kieran Read has been named the Rugby Classifieds Player of the Week.
Watch this tribute video to the IRB player of the year for 2013, Kieran Read.
Short Highlights vid from 2 excellent performances from Kieran Read in the Rugby Championship.
The 5 players nominated for the IRB Player of the Year have been announced. Who gets your vote? Kieran Read (New Zealand) Ben Smith (New Zealand) Leigh Halfpenny (Wales) Sergio Parisse (Italy) Eben Etzebeth (South Africa)
Let me take this opportunity to congratulate my boy Kieran Read for been named the best rugby player in the world. Off-course this New Zealand eight-man is bigger that rugby today !
Congratulations to New Zealand’s All Blacks, Steve Hansen and Kieran Read for winning the IRB’s Team, Coach and Player of the Year Awards. Well deserved!
The Rugby Blog’s 2013 Autumn International Awards December 3, 2013 After a thoroughly exciting month of rugby, the (insert sponsor’s name here) Internationals are now officially over, and it’s time to look back at the action and hand out the rugby equivalent of the Oscars, The Rugby Blog’s Autumn International Awards. Try of the Autumn: Julian Savea, vs England A number of nominees for this award, but it comes down to two standout efforts in my mind; Julian Savea’s first try against England, and Christian Lealiifano’s score against Wales. Savea’s try was a result of individual brilliance from Kieran Read, whilst Lealiifano’s was the product of fantastic teamwork from Quade Cooper and Joe Tomane in the build-up to Lealiifano finally crossing the line. As a former forward, I’ve opted for Savea’s score, as the awareness, ball skills, and composure from Read to offload the ball as he was being bundled into touch were truly inspiring. Performance of the Autumn: New Zealand, vs Ireland Irela ...
UPDATED 10:12am: All Blacks number eight Kieran Read has capped his best international season to date by winning the supreme prize at the IRB player o ...
The best rugby player on earth is Kieran Read, best rugby coach on earth is Steve Hansen and the best rugby team on earth are the All Blacks.vacava Mars!
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