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Kids Choice Awards

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, also known as the KCAs or Kids Choice Awards, is an annual awards show that airs on the Nickelodeon cable channel, which airs live and is usually held and telecast live (though with a three-hour time delay for those watching in the Pacific Time Zone or on the Nick 2 feed on digital cable that simulcasts the Pacific time zone feed) on a Saturday night in late March or early April, that honors the year's biggest television, movie, and music acts, as voted by Nickelodeon viewers.

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Ariana Grande Los Angeles Michael Strahan Ross Lynch Robert Downey Jr

and share this with friends to vote for us at the Kids Choice Awards! ht…
Vote for as online on the official Kids Choice Awards website →
BIGBANG's Kids Choice Awards nomination in KR news! Hopefully kvips will vote too 🙏. VOTE! 👉
We are voting for as at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards!
Remember when Rihanna performed Rude Boy at the Kids Choice Awards 😂😂
Ariana Grande's 'Side To Side' is nominated for 'Favourite Song' at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards . • Vote → https…
Ariana Grande is nominated for 'Favourite Female Singer' at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards . • Vote →
Selena Gomez has been nominated for “Favorite Female Singer” at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards!
SOFIA👑. I nominate for Favorite New Artist at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards
I nominate for Favorite TV Actress at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards 🍎❤️
I nominate for Favourite Cartoon at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards
I nominate for Favorite Cartoon at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards 🐞
I nominate for Favourite Tv female Actress at the 2017 Kids Choice Awards
I nominate for the Best TV Show School of Rock for the Kids Choice Awards
"The Teen Choice Awards WISH they could be the Kids Choice Awards" -John Wagner
the Kids Choice Awards were terrible even when I was their target audience.
March 31, 2012: Selena in the audience at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California
Kids Choice Awards was at Pauley Pavilion?? That so wild to me considering it's usually at the Galen Center... I'm missing some pieces
I made my seven year old vote for him on the kids choice awards. 😂
I want to melt into a puddle of green slime like the kind they have at nickelodeon's kids choice awards like is that too much…
We snuck a camera into the Kids Choice Awards
I liked a video EvanTubeHD goes to the 2014 Nickelodeon KIDS' CHOICE AWARDS - Orange Carpet
I liked a video Sophia Grace and Rosie at the Kids' Choice Awards on The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2013
No but he is, I voted to support him. I voted for the kids choice awards too.
Happy National 😘 I loved the on my fing(ers) for the Kids Choice Awards last month! 💅🏾
Still time to vote for Lab Rats and for Kids Choice Awards! &
Winner of 3 Kids Choice Awards is coming to BBC TONIGHT! Free for FIU students! Tickets:
I watch the Teen Choice & Kids Choice Awards bc idk who these famous ppl are anymore.
Me if wins at the Kids Choice Awards (Like she suppose to) *Coughts* next week
how do you feel when you're on the red carpet like at the Kids Choice Awards?
The Kids Choice Awards is rigged! I'm blowing the lid off this conspiracy! SpongeBob UNFAIR-PANTS amiright
Make sure to watch the Kids' Choice Awards tonight Mar. 12th at 8pm/7c. I'm so excited to go! http…
So excited I am going to the Kids' Choice Awards Sat. Mar. 12th. Pulling for SpongeBob to win! htt…
Here are all the best looks from the Kids' Choice Awards
And in that moment, the Social Media Community Manager for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards regretted choosing the hashta…
I liked a video jack black nickolodeon kids choice awards
Justin getting slimed at the kids Choice awards, march 31st 2012
Thanks to everyone who voted Wimpy Kid as their favorite book for this year's Kids' Choice Awards!!!
Who do you think made JJJ's list for the Find out here:
We're obsessed with how good the cast looked at the
The best dressed at the https:…
She met the voices of spongebob and patrick at the kids choice awards
It's crazy that I grew up watching The Kids Choice Awards eating pizza on my couch and now I just played on it with Wiz.
Still watches and records the Kids Choice Awards
📹 rdjvideos: Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans at the 2016 Kids Choice Awards (March 12, 2016).
Blake Shelton is hosting the Kids Choice Awards. Because if there's anything Kids like, it's 40 year old country singers.
Saying Miranda Cosgrove wins the lifetime achievement award on the Kids Choice Awards is SAVAGE.
great & OLB Thomas Davis surprised his family with a trip to the Kids Choice Awards in Inglewood, CA!
A Kids Choice Award is a Kids Choice Awards. It's nice & all but the drama? Not caused for. I'm sure Dove wants more than that in her career
I'm going to the Kids Choice Awards & I might get slimmed 😂😂😂 I used to be to slime when I was little🤓
Are you guys ready to rock out right after the Kids Choice Awards at 8:30 to our brand new show School Of Rock?!
Is anyone selling 1 ticket to the Kids Choice Awards this Weekend? I am willing to buy the ticket off of you! Thank You! MSG ME or DM me
Hello, I am looking to buy tickets to the Kids Choice Awards do you still have them?
Now we're watching Zodiac. Never seen it before. My records show it wasn't even nominated for any Kids Choice Awards though.
Can't wait for the Kids Choice Awards this Saturday. I wouldn't be mad at all if I got slimed. It's actually my dream.
vote for Bad Blood as Favorite Song of the Year at the 2016 Kids Choice Awards!
Beastmode while voting for Maine on Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2016
You can also vote the boys at the KCAs US/UK from their websites:. KCA US: . KCA UK:
VOTE NOW!! Pick your favorites now by voting at
We're nominated for Kids' Choice Awards for FAVORITE MUSIC GROUP! Vote here:
Will fulfill her dream of getting slimed at the Kids' Choice Awards?
All purpose parts banner
These are the correct hashtags for Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2016:
Hi guys! Please vote for me as your FAVORITE PINOY PERSONALITY in this year's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards.…
The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards nominations are in and it's good news for https:/…
Justin Update: Justin Bieber nominated for three awards at the Kids' Choice Awards 2016:     The Nickelodeon K...
Justin Bieber is nominated for THREE Kid’s Choice Awards this year. Cast your votes here: https:/…
The boys are nominated for 'Favorite Music Group' at 2016 Nickelodeon KCA. Vote here:
.personally campaigns for to win in the Kids' Choice Awards.
I'm filming something for the Kids Choice Awards right now and I have to dance... But I can't dance, and I have a broken…
March 31st 2012. Eleanor, Danielle and Louis’ mum attended the Kids Choice Awards.
Lol just am watching the Kids Choice Awards
story of my life is Grammy worthy best song ever is kids choice awards
it's the Brazilian version of kids choice awards from nickelodeon
Only kids and teens get to choose. Why isn't there a Grown-ups Choice Awards?!
Victoria Justice Nipple Slip at the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 720p: via
I feel like in the kids choice awards jaja
"My mom made us green slime shakes for Kids Choice Awards"
And seriously you say you watch movies for entertainment yet you watch all these awards (from Oscars to Kids Choice).
kids choice awards Argentina, no entiendes nada
25 HQ's of Kesha performing at the Kids Choice Awards in 2013.
The fact that the Kids Choice awards will go down as being more lively than the VMA's this year.
So *** awesome closing Montreal's Kids Choice Awards tonight that was televised to over a…
Every Witch Way nominated for the Kids Choice Awards Argentina 🎉🔮✨. ¡Vote with EveryWitchWay +
Come see us this Sunday for sweet corn and help fund the IGBFD&B Kids Choice Awards along with the honor flight...
The narrative of how Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black has changed from a Kids Choice Awards afterparty to a dinner.
Brady won a ring and Wilson won a spot on Kids Choice Awards that's what happens when u throw the game away smh
Going to the Kids Choice Sports Awards tomorrow at 11:00 am, so why am I still awake? 💤 Really looking forward to it!
Kids choice awards tomorrow at UCLA :)
"We need to make sure we tune in for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards." - no person ever.
Trying to convince my mom to drive us to la for the kids choice awards because the uswnt might be there lol
The Teen Choice Awards air tonight if you want to see a great reminder of why kids aren't allowed to vote. featured in NBC s Science of Love
ad for The Kids Choice Awards, on Logo, a cable station, during Candyman, an R-rated slasher movie.
Honestly excited to watch the nickelodeon kids choice sports awards tomorrow
You just won the kids choice awards AGAIN
I'm doing acrobatic slam dunking at the kids choice sports awards. Out of all the athletes there, I'd love to meet u the most!
Another great day in beautiful Los Angeles! Looking forward to my first Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards tomorrow!
your first mistake is placing any sort of stock into the ESPYs, they're more of a joke than the Kids Choice Awards
I enjoyed being a Dunk Contest prop at the Now on to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards party.
I liked a video Kids Choice Awards "What I Like About You" by 5SOS, cover by CIMORELLI
Feeling Awesome!My grandson is going to Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards at UCLA on Thursday. Christmas in July for Jeremiah.
Catch me tomorrow on Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards performing with Ciara and Russell Wilson!
Someone clearly hasn't watched the KIDS CHOICE AWARDS
Don't think I've watched the ESPYs since 2009. I stopped watching the kids choice awards in 2008.
also, like homegirl didn't win a Nobel Peace Prize??? The ESPYs are the sports equivalent of the Kids C…
Justin has more Billboard Music Awards than One Direction has Kids Choice Awards
Look out for me tomorrow performing at Nickelodeons Kids Teen Choice Awards.💥💦
She's good, everything healed well. We're taking her to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards tomorrow.
kids choice and teen choice awards, okay😂 Justin has awards with more value, there are only 7 artists to get
Caring about anything award related at the ESPY's is like being an adult that watches the Nick Kids Choice Awards
lol the ESPY's are on the same level as the Kids Choice Awards. I can't believe we're debating this
Having a blast at the Kids choice awards with and
It's like the kids choice awards. Nobody takes them seriously.
Aww, Russell Wilson can't stop gushing over Ciara: "She's a 15 out of 10." ♥
The Awards hosted by airs TOMORROW at 8P! Learn more:
The ESPY's are like the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, but for the more socially and emotionally stunted
it happens on Friday not tomorrow because of the Kids Choice Sports Awards and Spongebob
You guys, I'm going to the Kids' Choice Sports Awards tomorrow!! There is a slime disclaimer!!
Working at the Nickelodeon Kids Sports Choice Awards tomorrow with and he will probably be the happiest kid in attendance
I'm going to the kids choice sports awards! 😊
Yet he's more successful and famous than you. 10 Kids Choice Awards, a Young Artist Award, etc.
Josh Duggar is getting a lifetime achievement award at the Kids Choice Awards.
Who's watching the Kids Choice Awards instead of using a fake movie as an alibi is really amazing
After an unforgettable weekend of Kids Choice Awards and awards... Back on the set of SCREAM QUEENS.
Justin getting slimed at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards, march 31st 2012 (3)
What an unbelievable Kids Choice Awards! I had so much fun hosting! And performing! And winning an award! Thank you so much!…
I remember watching the Kids Choice Awards in 2013 just because Cory was going to be there :(
On the way to Kids Choice Awards! And I got my New Champaign Gold Mophie case. . Thanks
If you missed the Kids Choice Awards yesterday They will be repeating tomorrow and Sunday on Nickelodeon.
Best dressed: The Fifth Harmony girls looked ready to SLAY on that Kids Choice Awards red carpet 👯👯
Are we your choice? Keep voting for us in the Kids Choice Awards using and We love you!!
how was the feeling to get asked to Host the Kids Choice Awards?:)
how much did you enjoy to moderate the Kids Choice Awards?
Check out videos of slimes, including and
If you ever feel stupid just know I rejected an offer to go to the kids choice awards and I just learned today I would'v…
Camila, Normani, Lauren and Ally with a fan tonight at the Kids Choice Awards
Angelina Jolie delivers empowering Kids' Choice Awards speech: 'Different is good'
Hudson and son stylish at the Kids' Choice Awards event - OMG Nigeria
The girls backstage at the Kids Choice Awards with their award.
Nick Jonas made some jokes about THAT Zayn Malik news at the and we just weren't prepared
Judging from these pics, Suri Cruise had a blast at the Kids' Choice Awards
Tune into Kids Choice Awards tonight! You might see a familiar face at the beginning 😳
The cast of Austin & Ally at the 2015 Kids Choice Awards.
Looking forward to Hogan stumbling onto the Kids Choice Awards set, starting his Randy Savage speech, joking about Stephanie, kids crying.
Nick Jonas talks hostin the 2015 Kids Choice Awards his new image & that West covr
Do not forget to vote for Dog with a Blog TODAY! 😂 💕
Why do they still have the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards?? The kids who are watching Nick rn dont get the whole slime thing
I know. But seriously, why are Coldplay nominated for Kid's Choice Awards? Do kids even know who they are?
Why am I still getting emails about the Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards? I'm not that young...
Congrats to on his nomination. Did you vote for him?
Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Hudson and 5 Seconds of Summer Set to Perform at 2015 Kids' Choice Awards -
Oh.. the Kids choice awards... . Ew. -votes anyway-
I liked a video Kids' Choice Awards 2015 | Nick Jonas Slimes the Cast of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and
The Kids Choice Awards r almost here! I'll be watching on March 28 at 8/7c — will you?
It's time to get even more excited for the 2015
Got a game you can't stop playing? Check if it's a nom and give it a vote 🎮📱🏆
Listen 2 @ 3:45pm for word of the day 2 win a trip for 2 to Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in LA! 21+
Jamie Foxx, Emma Stone, Liam Hemsworth, Zendaya & More to Appear at ... - TVbytheNumbers
I remember when I was younger I used to wanna go to the Kids Choice Awards so bad
Next, we have To vote for the girls ahead of this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards, use
Are you ready for stars, slime, and some insane surprises at this year's
Write down all Top 9 @ 9 songs to win Kids Choice Awards tickets at the end of the countdown. Listen here:
Liv and Maddie and K.C Undercover aren't up for Kids Choice Awards. Dove and Zendaya aren't up either. Can you believe this?
I'm over the Kids Choice Awards. Let me go back to doing me. I hope nominates Dove for something.
I like how Nick is trying to step out of the kid/teen audience then he goes and hosts the Kids Choice Awards
With the Kids Choice Awards '94 incident behind us, once again has our hands to hold on to
Assorted pictures from the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, the CFDA, the Cannes Film Festival, the European Music Awards, the Colours screen awards, the SAG awards, the MET gala, the Grammy's, the TOIFA awards, the Teens Choice Awards, the Kids Choice Awards,the Emmy's , the People's Choice Awards. (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
TVXQ in MAMA is really like Meryl Streep getting nominated for Kids Choice Awards. I really can't take it seriously. Sorr…
Just voted for Kids React for a Audience Choice Award!
Me and Dez Jr getting pumped up for the Kids Choice Awards tonight. Tune in y'all!
💕fetus Justin at the kids choice awards in 2010. 🙈
Kids choice awards in Colombia!. Was amazing i love it . thanks to Nickelodeon for make the KCA in my country i was very happy thanks
Everyone...Follow she is ooo awsome and i couldn't stop watching kids teen choice awards because of her:) :) :)
Here on's my room Viewing, The 2014 Kids Choice Awards. I love awards!!
love your presentation on the kids choice awards Colombia
Today were presented in Latin America, Colombia's Kids Choice Awards 2014 by nickelodeon
. Niall sorry for no vote much in kids choice awards colombia,. Sorry please. You and liam, harry, zayn and louis are okay??
A little sad from Colombia wishing that you had won the kids choice awards .. But I love Colombia.. 😩😢😢
mpn it's the Brazilian version of the Kids Choice Awards made by the Nickelodeon Brazil
Love the looks on these ladies tonight at the Kids Choice Awards. Salena Gomez, Jlo and man how fab…
Only watched the Kids Choice Awards because of Michael Strahan and David Beckham getting slimed
Kids Choice Awards I wore the yellow dress thanks guys. After we were invited to Lake Tahoe to watch celebrity golf!
Beckham getting gunged is the best thing we've seen all day...
A few shots from the orange carpet at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards yesterday 😜
I didn't get to meet them but I was at the nick kids sports choice awards & had pit row spots so I got to touch all the famous people's hand
TBT with the talented presenting at Kids Choice Awards 2012
Congrats to & on their Kids' Choice Sports Awards!
Had so much fun meeting fans at the Kids Choice Sports Awards today!
Hanging with the homie at the Kids Choice Sports Awards!
If you're not watching the kids choice sports awards than what are you doing with your life?
Melo's son broke out the 1of1 11s for the Kids Choice Sports Awards; http:…
Performing at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards with these ladies was one of the best…
We love pretty floral dress from the awards! See the pics HERE -->
It’s Golden goo! David Beckham and sons Romeo and Cruz get gunked in slime at Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards
So, might have gotten the best autograph ever at
My girl out shooting on the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Orange Carpet
Marshawn Lynch's entrance to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards last night -- takes out several staffers, dives into slime
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What do you think was the REAL reason was cancelled? 1. leaked photo scandal 2. Jennette McCurdy's Kids Choice Awards no-show 3. Jennette and Ariana Grande not getting along 4. explosive music career?
it was at the Kids Choice Awards, yes, in a orange carpet and not in a red
I think I might watch the stupid Kids Choice Awards just because Michael Strahan is hosting. 😍
Please tell all of ur friends, family, teachers, dolphins & babies to vote for iCarly for Fav Tv show every day
I'm bout to sneeze up the . Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, if this nurse doesn't get back soon💁
Fotoğraf: thorne-news: New/old picture of Bella at the Kids Choice Awards 2013.
Josh Duhamel Full Opening Kids Choice Awards 2013 with Fergie, Darren Criss, Steven Tyler, Sophia Grace and Rosie, Megan Fox, and more!
I feel like I shouldn't register to vote because I voted for the kids choice awards this year.
Watch the live performance of on Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards this 14th of April, 2012.
Kids/Teen Choice Awards I think r the highest recognition u can get! I love that your books do inspire people to think.
Mark Wahlbergs children help him get slimed at Kids Choice Awards - Fox News
Sports and slime collide! The first ever is blasting your way in July:
Where did U hear Melo Going to Kids Choice Awards? We are going would love to see him. We want Danica to get slimed at show
Heading to the Orange Carpet at Kids Choice Awards. So excited! Thanks
Remember when won an award and all the actors from his shows came up on stage with him at the kids choice awards? Yeah good times..
Dwight meet his girl at the Kids Choice Awards
Melos gonna be at the kids choice sports awards. What
tonite. Did I mention he touched me on the Orange Carpet at the Kids Choice Awards? Yea, just not like THAT
Is Dwight Howard getting invited to the Kids Choice Awards next year?
What if Jary hosts kids choice awards
Ppl STILL making a big deal about dress, she's grown, y'all act like she wore it to the kids choice awards or something !
I voted on What's the best iPad app for Kids & Family? Vote in Tabby Awards Users' Choice:
to Kids Choice Awards after party with one of my favorite blondes!!! marissaheartt 👯 💖😍
Don't forget u can vote as many times as you want! Here's all the ways to vote for your faves:http…
The cashier at Savemart thought I was 13 when I bought beer today so new record. Aka I can still get slimed at the Kids Choice Awards
I remember when they performed on the kids choice awards I pulled out the lyrics to sing along to it because I didn't know them
dude, *** yes! You know nickelodeon gave him the first ever lifetime achievement award this year at the Kids Choice Awards?
Last day to vote for our nominated book (Aloo Maloo Kaloo) in the Parents and Kids Choice Awards
Between Two Twins with Jake Short Disney star and 2014 Kids Choice Awards nominee! Vote for JAKE! Please take a second and LIKE + FAV this video :D ...
'Kids Choice Awards' 2014: Debby Ryan behind the scenes gets ready to present and walk the red carpet and greet her fans. Subscribe! St...
Pics of me on the orange carpet at the Kids Choice Awards from here >>
For all you Raura/Auslly shippers, I kinda envisioned a Sailor Moon where Ross Lynch and the girls get a Sailor Senshi role, starting with Ross as Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Kamen. Laura Marano- Usagi/Sailor Moon Maia Mitchell- Ami/Sailor Mercury Raini Rodriguez- Rei/Sailor Mars Vanessa Marano- Makoto/Sailor Jupiter (I based it on her appearance at this years Kids Choice Awards) Rydel Lynch- Minako/Sailor Venus In such case, the idea mixes Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon with All 5 seasons of the anime (As in PGSM-like action and effects combined with the anime season's stories, outfit designs and attacks) and based it off the dream casts' several connections (Ross, Laura and Raini being on Austin and Ally, Vanessa and Rydel being Laura and Ross' older sisters, Maia being Ross' co-star in Teen Beach Movie).
Kids' Choice Awards: At the of the slime! - Celebrities like Bella Thorne...
My outfit was everything at the 2003 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards
Me and my twin Chad gettin our smiles all warmed up for Kids Choice awards.
All rights belong to the Kids Choice Awards! No copyright intended
True or false! 2/5 ~ Julia Asia and Nia went to the kids choice awards.
Will just asked why I didn't take him to the Kids Choice Awards... Followed by he wants to go next year... Then he's decided that last years host looked liked coach Jason Watson from the Y. LOL
Moment you arrive at the Studio Kids Choice Awards 2014! wonderful feeling!
you didnt go to the kids choice awards 2014 but next time please come to the teen choice awards. Okay
Thanks to for taking me to the Kids Choice Awards in style!
One Direction cleans up at Kids' Choice Awards - Robert Downey Jr. turned...
2014 Kids' Choice Awards: The Good, The Slimed and the Big Winners! - Bring on the...
i saw u got slimed at the kids choice awards! Good job on ur music career keep it going! U got real good fans!
rocking the red carpet at the Kids Choice Awards!!! XO,
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Chance Combs and her friend Harper Tillman were such the mini fashionistas at this past weekend’s Kids Choice Awards. The duo arrived at the event in style, wearing feather-printed pant suits from clothing company La Miniatura. To pull off their head ...
My little guy was student of the month at his school today and he said to me when they called his name he felt like he was on the kids choice awards... He is the sweetest kid... Luv Matt
I liked a video from Kids' Choice Awards Fashion REVIEW
Sweety High heads to the Orange Carpet for the 2014 Kids Choice Awards! Find out what iconic Nick shows were on your favorite celebs tv and watch their hilar...
I want to go to the kids choice awards next year even tho ill be 17
yeah everything is fine now 💕 . It was after the kids choice awards
Austin and Cody tonight at the Kids Choice Awards!
I didn't know that the Kid's Choice Awards were still a thing. Like half of those kids weren't even alive when Drake & Josh was on TV.
Pharrell Has a Tall for Every Occasion: See His Green Version at the 2014 Kids' Choice...
{NEW PHOTO} Ariana Grande and Ross Lynch on stage at the Kids Choice Awards 2014
Ariana Grande and Sam & Cat Win BIG at Kids Choice Awards 2014 and we've got your recap!
A clip of me interviewing at the Kids Choice Awards was on today?! Crazy:
Love or Loathe: Ariana Grande at the Kid’s Choice Awards - . Huh. So this is what Ari looks like...
Gorgeous Gigi! See how got red-carpet ready for last weekend's Awards:
Lea Michele: Kids Choice Awards Outfit Too Revealing? - Naturally, she's fallen back on one strategy that's a...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
On this day March 4 1998 Madonna made an appearance at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.
Emblem3 in the kids choice awards look those handsome guys 💛💚
You know you're getting old when you stop recognizing the celebrities on kids choice awards
Did you miss Austin Mahone get slimed today with Cody Simpson? Watch here:
Isabella Castillo 2012 Kids Choice Awards held at the Galen Center - Arr...: vía
Sophia Grace and Rosie with at the Kids' Choice Awards. She's never looked better.
Won Favorite Female Singer at Kids Choice Awards last Saturday! Thank You all so much for voting for me! I love you all so much!
Watching the Dan Schneider tribute on the Kids Choice Awards and it's is beyond epic. I think he looked older when he played Dennis on Head of the Class.
Celebrity news update: One Direction & Jennifer Lawrence won big @ the Kids Choice awards last Saturday, with the boy band taking home favorite music groups & favorite songs, & the actress winning favorite female buttkicker & favorite movie actress. The movie "Frozen" became the highest grossing animated film of all time @ the box office last weekend. Megan Hilty & Brian Gallagher r expecting their 1st child 2gether. Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald split after 2 years of marriage, actress rep confirmed it.
Me explaining my thoughts on the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards which aired on TV live last Saturday March 29th. NOTE: If you guys can't hear me talking, feel free to turn up your volume
Watching the kids choice awards and seeing all of the casts from shows I grew up with brought a lot of tears and memories :)
Sign of the times - Hannah & max glued to 'Kids choice awards' & know who all these actors are - scary!!
I just watched the kids choice awards on my phone and every time I nodded my head for a person to be picked he/she won lol
How awesome is kca kids choice awards awesome right
WWE posted the following videos on their YouTube channel: John Cena and The Bella Twins appear at the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards: My First WrestleMania-Kofi Kingston:
Who is watching the kids choice awards they are so fun
Watching Kids Choice Awards wit my shorty mobzz
Big night at home watching kids choice awards with Charlie
The articulate and outstanding actor - Zach Callison looked super dandy and so great as he attended the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards on March 29, 2014 at the USC Galen Center in Los Angeles,...
One direction in kids choice awards...
One of our pediatric hematologist/oncologists at Cook Children's in Fort Worth won the Cook Children's Kids Choice Awards as the top doctor to be slimed by h...
Happy 10th Danniversary to all! That's right... 10 years ago, on April 3, 2004, Danny Phantom premiered it's first episode (Mystery Meat) after the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards as Nickelodeon's first kid superhero. The show was announced to be canceled in 2006 and the series finale (Phantom Planet) aired in 2007, totaling in 53 episodes. I have never found a series that touched my heart as much as this show. This was the first time I had seen a Nickelodeon cartoon where there was a type of continuity, where the siblings somewhat got along (and they didn't randomly hate each other). The character felt real, with a little extra humor. Danny was a character I could relate to, and grow up with. The characters were well rounded and a lot of fun to watch. While the show wasn't perfect, and had plenty of flaws (mainly in the 3rd and final season, but it was also a rushed schedule and a lot of the main writers left) the pros still outweigh the cons. The show had the right mix of action, adventure, comedy, roman ...
Nothing like a popcorn filled night watching the kids choice awards with my kids!
Photoset: Robert Downey Jr.’s words to kids, at the 27th Kids Choice Awards, March 29, 2014. [video]
Oh. Selena really is the third person with most Kids Choice Awards...
Heading to the 2014 Kids Choice Awards today! Who's going to be watching and I will be pre…
{New Video} Emblem3's Slime Prank on at the Kids Choice Awards
I was at the mall last weekend and my girlfriend took a photo of me standing by a Kids Choice Awards sign. They...
Jordan Banjo, Ashley Banjo, Perri Kiely, and Mitchell Craske of Diversity arrive at Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards
Could the hit series Sam & Cat really get cancelled after just one season? Jennette McCurdy is reportedly causing tension on-set, culminating in her absence at Saturday's Kids Choice Awards. But did McCurdy snub the ceremony because of co-star Ariana Grande? And what role did McCurdy's nude photo sc...
March 29: Ariana with Daniella Monet, Avan Jogia and Zoey Deutch at the 2014 Kids Choice Awards
So shouldn't winning the "Kids Choice Awards" be a negative thing? So congratulations, you're 25ish and your deepest thoughts and feelings relate best with 12 year olds. Good job.
Pretty sure Kaley Cuoco was drunk during the entire Kids Choice Awards
Does anybody know how many Kids Choice Awards "12 Years A Slave" won?
watching the Kids Choice Awards since I missed them on Saturdayy
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