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Kidney Stone

A kidney stone, also known as a renal calculus (from the Latin ren, kidney and calculus, pebble ) is a solid concretion or crystal aggregation formed in the kidneys from dietary minerals in the urine.

Mike Barnicle

it would be hard to fit you AND my kidney stone...but ok
Yup, just passed a kidney stone at the perfect time. Went straight into the specimen cup with a fair bit of blood.
Finally kidney stone free (hopefully)!!. Thank you to everyone who's helped me along the way…
Here comes the kidney pain, letting me know that my snap diagnosis of "surprise kidney stone" was probably a good one.
Angie wants me to go with her to visit her mom in the hospital in a bit. I suppose there are worse places to have a kidney stone flare-up.
That or I'm transitioning into a guy ejaculated and passed a kidney stone into your mouth because you know the end is near
get a water filter for your tap! Helps so much. It's probably why I got a kidney stone water isn't my fave but it's all I drink
I think I would have more fun passing a kidney stone.
"It's like trying to pass a kidney stone," Trump told the Japanese Prime Minister on Friday.
So excited for on Sunday & my mom coming on Monday, & surgery to get rid of my kidney stone on Tuesday! Ready to be pain free ✌🏼
I had Vicodin after a 2nd kidney stone procedure. It made me violently ill, so I stopped that on the spot.
Listening to the doctor rundown of the patient next door, 2 mm kidney stone ah no I hope I never get one of those
I got oxy after a kidney stone procedure a year ago. It was amazing.
πŸ˜‚ I never want to experience a stone
This study is first to show an association between asthma and kidney stone formation in kids:
I don't understand the SUPER POWERS moms have. *my mom went to hospital w/ Kidney Stone & texts me to check in on my lil sis' belly ache*
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Flashback.The day I was dying in pain from my kidney stone πŸ˜‚ and…
These old dudes next to me are talking about their kidney stone stories and I'm bout to die
Found out today I might have a kidney stone. I think I want to die instead
So I was like HUH I bet it is a kidney stone then, because that would make sense why it’s not really elevated but it changed. AND IT WAS
I was worried about appendicitis until the white count came back as lower than the day before. Doc was pretty sure it was a kidney stone.
This is the 1st study of its kind to find an association between and kidney stone formation:
It seems as though a kidney stone is making its way through my urinary system. Might need the number of your go-to drug dealer soon.
This too shall pass. It might pass like a kidney stone, but it'll pass.
This too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.
When Gasnier talks it looks like he is passing a kidney stone, such an effort to get the words out clearly
I liked a video from Possible Kidney Stone- Sickness Vlog
they say that Aman who passes a kidney stone is equivelant to a woman giving 1 could say I have delivered 37 kids;)
Watching an islander game is like passing a kidney stone
Tell you this about your first kidney stone: you definitely know you're ALIVE β€” feeling sore at Santa Monica...
Aside from our win, guess who feels a kidney stone coming on? Yup, me!󾌒. Samantha Joness make sureClint Joness increases his fluids! 󾌸
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This too shall. pass just like a kidney stone!!! Now, rest!!
Purple Rain by Prince is my favorite song about trying to pass a kidney stone.
Being that I had a kidney stone only 2/3 weeks ago and it was the worst pain I've ever had , you woulda thought I'd stop drinking redbull
I swear this kidney stone is never gonna pass
If this kidney stone could just leave my body and take the aches, pains and fever away, that'd be great!
I would get a kidney stone the night before prom 😊
Quote of the night: "maybe the horseradish will get rid of your kidney stone".
Might be a long night. Hubs is trying to pass a kidney stone and it feels like I got sandbags on my eyelids.
Man this kidney stone or whatever pain this is man it's killing me
I better never get another kidney stone in my life. This doctor better figure out why this keeps happening to me.
Trapped in the ER for my 2nd kidney stone but still cheering on and
last time I saw a stream this bad I had a kidney stone the size of a golfball
Pooping out of your *** It's a little bit like passing a kidney stone but more pleasurable
Celebrating by passing a kidney stone.
Tfw kidney stone makes you feel like death :^)
I'm getting phantom kidney stone pains from this picture.
not right this second bc kidney stone pain But like soon
Day six of renal colic and I'm about to lose my mind. This is the most obstinate kidney stone that I've ever had.
This guy screams out a kidney stone then says yup 2 to go got to go home now.. Lmao what is life
Bro this *** I work with passed a kidney stone in the employee bathroom!! *** son
Flem: "It will pass.". Kuip: "It will pass.". Kruk: "It'll pass ... Just like a kidney stone, it will pass."
Tuesday night, I got kidney stones, expecting it was just another kidney stone. But no, it was something far worse.
My dad gifted me a ziplock with his kidney stone. Smiles & says "Here you go! Don't worry I washed it."
bc sometimes they are needed. Ever had a kidney stone? Percocet was the only thing that helped pain for me
If YOU had a kidney stone the size of a golf ball then you'd be saying it every time you managed to squeeze out a dribble too!
In a business that makes your life everyone's, this too shall pass like a kidney stone at first, but later a play put to ink.
and mess up your body In many ways like giving yourself a Gul or kidney stone
Check out my supercut of all the Al Swearengen kidney stone scenes.
is that a kidney stone/brick in the bowl. You need to sort that diet out Jeremy. Too much salt πŸ˜‰
Each year, more than half a million people go to emergency rooms for kidney stone problems.
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A kidney stone and 6 small grape size blood clots couldn't keep me down so why do you think you can
it's already been proven that a male passing a kidney stone is a worse pain than child birth. Smashing fingers has to be top 3.
Water pollution can create stone in your kidney so do plantation
I should think the kidney stone would tend to crush the other elements of the day. Best wishes.
I guess if th he Morning Blaze doesn't report it, it didn't count. Doc had a kidney stone Monday I'll call next Monday to report.
Environment impacts health. Higher temps -> more kidney stones:
I have a kidney stone. The worst pain in the world.
I pray that I never have to pass a kidney stone
dude it's terrible. 9 millimeter kidney stone bro. Bad news.
Getting closer to kidney stone surgery day. Not stoked.
he thinks kidney stone he's been puking his guts out and in the worst pain I've ever seen.
A kidney stone is enough to make me never want to have a kid
Was not mentally prepared for the kidney stone descriptions... (gross) but I love you guys anyway.
Can I still have a That everyone at the First Aid office receive baked goods. They helped me thru my intense kidney stone pain
Kidney stone poems follow me wherever I go. It's true. Also, read these poems by Melissa Crowe.
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The pain of passing a kidney stone is worse than childbirth.
This time last year I was laying on the couch passing a kidney stone so this birthday is already gonna be way more exciting.
Interesting article. In my studied experience a balanced...
Shoutout to my pals for making sure I wasn't dying as I suffered through a kidney stone/pinched nerve/??? for the worst 20 min of my life
Your about as hard as a kidney stone.
I should have seen his gallstone conversation and raised him my kidney stone surgery stories.
Ever passed a kidney stone? My hubby turned green. THAT is what childbirth feels like.
trust me, I'll take TV over a kidney stone any day! 😦
Decided to do 's from last year again to start off the new year. This blasted kidney stone had me miss day 2😑
I've passed a kidney stone, sans pain meds, its worse than giving birth. Just so you know. ;)
If I'd rather pass a kidney stone than watch does that make me a bad person?
The basis of my theory is this, I am on Percocet for my kidney stone... My hand should not be throbbing... OwπŸ˜₯
Drink more water. It might be a kidney stone.
in the ER with a kidney stone last month, met meet him again today, pass the kidney stone. i can't catch a break with this guy
A year ago today I experienced the largest kidney stone I've ever passed. (Usually the size of a grain of sand) πŸ™‚
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Jhonny has been the kidney stone since he was drafted. Time to flush him down.
I had ESWL in '86 for kidney stone. Opposite side soft tissue black,purple,navy blue. Like a chain gang victim: sound wave!
I know Obama gave me this kidney stone.
Top Easy Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Kidney Stones: Kidney stone, which is known as nephrolithiasis in...
A list of all the things I've done since SnowGlobe:. 1. Passed a kidney stone . 2. Died. 3. Came back to life. 4. Died again
Having a kidney stone is by far the most painful experience of my life
gal dont do that to urself u gonna get a UTI!! or a kidney stone very unhealthy
I don't think I even said 10 when my kidney stone was impacted
you'd be crippled if you had a kidney stone. It's so horrible.
I think I have a kidney stone or twelve tbh :(
Kidney Stone Remedy: Learn how to dissolve your kidney stones and pass them painless from home with...
Oh no. Kidney pain again. Not now please, PLEASE not another kidney stone.
When you finally pass a kidney stone after 3 months. 2016 is great
Good to know. Now I'll just kiss myself when I get a kidney stone since I have no one else to do it.
kidney stone. But then you get dilaudid and it kicks *** The next day is rather tough tho.
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thanks for letting me know lovely. I was a bit poorly at the end of last year & had a lodged kidney stone for 5 days before they
I hurt my back a couple of weeks before my recent kidney stone problem. Everytime my back aches I just hope it's a muscle, not a stone.
No better way to end an awesome Parker family vacation than a super fun kidney stone πŸ˜‘
I feel like I have another kidney stone
Well after being in the ER all day, I get to keep my appendix I just have to pass a giant kidney stone yayyy
bruh. I hope im not getting a kidney stone.
My sis went to the hospital and ended up having a kidney stone. On the way home I played *** jenkins πŸ˜‚
To anyone waiting on work:. I've been recovering from a recent hospitalization due to a kidney stone. Hydrocodone also hasn't been nice.
"Pluto was Chuck Norris' 724th kidney stone. His first was the death star."
okay I've never experienced that pain, but a kidney stone was pretty terrible
lets be honest, at least 50% of the MP's probably have kidney stone fetish's
Agree with Dr. Maes's answer to "I have a kidney stone that is 7 mm and is blocking one of my ureters and its infecte..." -
Poor Spock. He looks like he's trying to pass a kidney stone there.
Jesus I thought I was about to pass a kidney stone ***
Just saw on that someone sold kidney stone on
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First I get a flu virus and strep throat on my birthday and then I get an eye infection and now I might have a kidney stone I LOVE 2015!
Apparently I might have a kidney stone I love life!
The handsome just followed me back not even my stupid kidney stone is gonna ruin this moment for me πŸ‘πŸ»
Pretty much sums up my kidney stone experience at the hospital.
This too shall pass. like a kidney stone.
SYMPTOMS. A kidney stone may not cause symptoms until it moves around within your kidney or passes into your...
*pisses excellence*. Now I'm just waiting for this kidney-stone of incompetence to pass
I had a kidney stone and bad kidney infection 😎 but yeah I'm okay after a week in the hospital
When you're having another kidney stone episode and you didn't bring your hydros to school with you 😊😊😊
Hopefully no one has a kidney stone like
Young male, VERY typical sciatic pain, but "feels like my kidney stone." on same side shows "just a cyst?"
Found my old (paid) ER bill from my last painful kidney stone in 2013. Healthcare in the US is just a sick joke.
He did that to my kidney stone too...really hate Gandalf.
Watching the Gophers offense is as painful as passing a kidney stone.
A month ago today I had my kidney stone surgery and I swear I thank god everyday that that's done and over with
Hopefully my kidney stone. Need to get rid of that thing.
You know you're getting older when your friend calls ... " I can't go on the boat today cause I'm waiting to pass a kidney…
Health update. Still haven't passed the kidney stone. Drinking plenty of water and cranberry juice. Vicodin seems...
Nurse: Whenever he got chance, he wld go up n2 kidney & wld scratch it 2 form a new kidney stone n same way that an oyster forms a pearl
your reports this mrng oozed dread at having to cover this game. Like a kidney stone this too shall pass
Then my second guess is a bullet. Third guess is kidney stone. Lol.
means a lot coming from a follow chronic kidney stone maker! At least we get the good drugs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ jk!
My kidney with the stone in it has been downgraded from my 17th favorite body part to my 32nd favorite body part
99% sure I have a UTI which in my case means kidney stone πŸ˜‘
Just kidding just a kidney stone not the flu 😩
Here he is guys, my magnum Opus ORIGINAL fan character- Kidney Stone the Hedgehog!Thanks
I added a video to a playlist Rajiv Dixit : Cure for Kidney Stone (Pathri)
Last Tuesday evening I was in the ER. They found a Kidney Stone. Plus with all the rains the molds, mildew, and...
I'm finally back from the ER. Kenya took me around noon and I have another kidney stone. So at least I know what was causing all my pain and problems. Now I'm going to get some rest (waiting in the ER is harder than the kidney stone I think). Thanks to my daughters for loving and worrying over me until I finally gave in and went to the doctor. I love you Kenya Gouge and Kirsten Ledford.
Do you tend to suffer from kidney stones? Read here how you can reduce the recurrences and prevent new kidney stone formation by treating kidney...
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Back at Southside. Please keep my husband in your prayers. He thinks he has a kidney stone
Never thought in my life I would have a kidney stone smh!
So I go for eye exam, and get the dreaded news.I need bifocals! Are you kidding me? I hit 40 and it ALL goes to *** in a hand basket! Pass a kidney stone, get another ganglion cyst (ok that has nothing to do with age but come on) get bifocals what next a hip replacement? Guess the whole bifocals thing goes with being a grandma.right?
All prepped and under for the kidney stone operation. Scope and laser in the kidney (which it turns out is bigger than first thought). And the laser doesn't work! Set the stint so the ureter won't block. but I've got to go back in 1-3 weeks when the equipment gets repaired. Same recovery from this initial surgery... and then back again to remove the stone.
A leading surgeon based at Southampton's teaching hospitals has warned the UK is sitting on a kidney stone "timebomb" fuelled by the growing obesity crisis.
Kidney stone jewelry is going to be all the rave next year
The suffering of all people who have kidney stone, can be stopped in a very simple way, with this homemade remedy that has saved many from the pain and discomfort of this health problem. However, i...
Please keep my honey David Gresham in your prayers. Going for 5th and believing last kidney stone surgery on both kidneys. Have to be at hospital at 530 am in the morning. Then praying for easy and fast recovery. No plans for Christmas but to get him well.
I would like to ask for prayers for Cindy Vaughn, My daughter. She has a kidney stone and is having LOTS of problems! She went to the ERs with it twice today. They sent her home with a catheter, pain pills and a pain shot! PLEASE pray for her!
I want to thank you who called and said prayers for TP. This morning at the Courtyard Marriott he delivered a 6.5mm kidney stone. He said it was a boy but I couldn't tell. The urologist was thrilled to hear of the delivery, however he found another 10mm or 1 cm stone on the other side. We plan to blast that to smitherines on Dec. 29th. Since the office kept the stone for analysis, we didn't have a chance to name it. But it looked like a goathead without the spikes. When I get there I am going to ask...Lord why Kidney Stones?
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4 hrs in the ER and we just barely got some abdominal X-rays and a cath. Things are super slow!! At this rate, we should be home by morning lol And my phone is dead and Js iPad I'm using has 6% battery. Not good lol we are looking for intestinal obstruction and/or kidney stones at the moment. We know J had had at least one kidney stone before because we saw it on his kidney scan. We saw the plastic surgeon resident and he doesn't think the pain has anything to do with his surgery. But hey, they didn't think the pain during recovery was from the surgery either lol J is calm now, but had a rough hour while we were here with lots of pain and discomfort and really manic crazy behavior, movements and noises. I really hope we get tithe bottom of this cuz I hate seeing my baby like this :/
So i woke up in agony this morning suffered for a little while and then went to hospital and come to find out all it was was a kidney stone and apparently they run in my family just found out that today wat a thing painfull as *** but i made it through
This random chick in the waiting room is talking to me about her son's kidney stone problems
Jackson had to work hard tonight but finally pinned his opponent in the 3rd period. Northern defeats Thomas Stone HS 45-33 to improve to 5-0. If only I could dispatch kidney stones the way Jackson dispatches opponents πŸ˜‰
So i spent 5 and a half hours in the ER today. I have a kidney stone. I have antibiotics, antinasea and pain pills. I've also puked twice today.ugh
So glad I was sitting down when I open the BCBS medical statements. It was all of my medical expenses (I believe it was all of it) grand total. $34,100! Dang a kidney stone is like having a kid. Haven't wracked up that kind of medical expense since the boys were born! Thank God for insurance AND dog sitting!
I just passed my kidney stone. It's literally the size of a pebble. Can't belive this tiny little thing caused me so much pain. All I have to say that prayer does work, cause I kept asking God to please let it not hurt on the way out. I literally felt nothing. Like my status if you wanna see what it looks like!
I sure hope I don't have another kidney stone starting to move!
Went to the hospital at 2 in the morning, come to find out the back pain was a kidney stone ! On all kind meds now . So glad I'm not in pain anymore !
Have you ever had a kidney stone before? The other week this came out and boy, can I tell you I learned a lesson...
Passing a kidney stone, and my medicine is just destroying my stomach, making me feel so sick :(((
Being interested in me is like having a kidney stone - it soon shall pass or you'll go to a doctor to have it removed.
the doctor JUST came in here. He's saying I have a kidney stone or infection hes not even for sure what's wrong its scary :(
James Shields passed a kidney stone during the ALCS:
but I hope something will come along and provide some relief. Keep on rocking on. This too shall pass (like a kidney stone.)
When I pee out a kidney stone all I hear is journey don't stoppp pein oh
This too shall pass, painfully like a kidney stone, but remember it’ll pass.
I'm giving birth to a kidney stone. It's not funny
".I hope he dies passing a kidney stone tbh." πŸ˜‚Im there with you
All I want for Christmas is for this stupid kidney stone to LEAVE MY BODY! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ”«
Goodbye you nasty little kidney stone. You've been relegated to my septic tank where you belong.
Omg... Miss those days.. . Dhruvin Kalavadia remember the pain of kidney stone on that winter night... . Fun we...
According to the doctor, I passed a kidney stone today ... Worst pain I've ever been in
Really hoping this ain't a kidney stone causing all this pain.
Check out this great new book! Pocket Guide to Kidney Stone Prevention - Dietary and Medical Therapy
Today I've decided that I would rather take finals than have a kidney stone.
Mom's kidney stone surgery was scheduled for 10AM. 3.5 hours later, it's just now getting started.
I have leveled up in the kidney stone game. Passed a 1 mm about 5 years ago. Today I'm passing a 2 mm. FYI: Bigger is NOT always better.
This too shall pass like a kidney stone
I'm paying off $4,000 for a kidney stone trip to the ER. Mine didn't get a *** song!πŸ˜”πŸ˜’
I've never passed a kidney stone but they say it's equivalent to giving birth πŸ˜”
I hope I don't have a kidney stone.
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" I'm sure there's a kidney stone black market"
Don't mind us, we are just gonna sing the "Tonya: Kidney Stone" song from Real World Chicago all day long.
Just got out of the hospital with a sharp pain on my right lower back thinking that I might've had kidney stone...
Time to do what I was planning to do yesterday before a kidney stone doubled me over - go to the mall
Things I'd rather do right now than go to the dentist: child birth, pass a kidney stone, retake my accounting final, die.
Have lost over a stone in weight from being ill with kidney stones,would rather not be in pain!
I may cut this kidney stone out myself.
I'm having lower abdominal and lower back pain. Could be a kidney stone or my appendix or something.
Yeah; possibly going into surgery to get my Kidney Stone removed sometime next week after Xmas.
A kidney stone as a birthday present. Thanks body.
Raw great for gut infections and preventing cancer (kidney stone removal too)! Just watch out for acid reflux.
My kidney stone has decided to make its exit today... I took some pain med but I have a final at 4 it needs to come out right now
ok, i'm in a emergency room here in Cleveland. Doing tests, "might" b a kidney stone. would u like my tic tonight?
I got morphine while on a boat in 03 in the Persian Gulf,passing a kidney stone. I understand why junkies like it
GOLF BALL?! Seriously? I have a kidney stone like a GOLFBALL?! Fantastic. Theatre at 10pm. Must be serious.
Would you 'Adam and Eve' it after waiting 17.5 weeks to have my Kidney Stone removed my appointment is on New Year's Eve!
WOOOHO!!! After 12yrs of dealing with the same kidney stone that was to big to pass, I finally found a doctor...
Turns out I have a kidney stone. I've chosen to name him Henry. Henry is a bully. Go to *** Henry.
So on my birthday God decided to give me a 2lb kidney stone.. *** they're no joke at all
Finally called and got a referral to a urologist for my kidney stone that's taken residence and won't leave. I'll...
They landed Rosetta on Mike Barnicle's Kidney Stone...What did they find ?
RE: Rosetta: Did they have to spend so much money to send probe to Mike Barnicle's Kidney Stone? WHY?
Why did they send a Probe to Mike Barnicle's Kidney Stone..? WHY?.why?...
"European" Probe lands on Mike Barnicle's Kidney Stone...they discover also a shoe.
Feelin' pretty good about myself right about now... I stared that Kidney Stone straight in the eye last night, and I would NOT relent.I just changed the sheets off the Death Bed, and I am humming the tune to one of my favorites, by Tom Petty... "I won't back, I won't back down... You can stand me up at the Gates of *** but I won't back down."
Just getting home from the ER. Earlier tonight I had a very sharp and unbelieveable pain in my left side lower stomach region. It happened out of nowhere. After a CAT scan it turn out to be a Kidney Stone. I am blessed that it was only one and it's nothing major.
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Ok, I am home from the Hospital. Some know and others don't because it was posted on other peoples Pages. I will make it Brief, on Sunday I was rushed to the Hospital with a Kidney Stone. there was some Error on the Blood test So the Hospital thought I was having a Heart attack ( I was Not) but they would not release me until they could double Verify that I was not having one, I gave an Oscar winning Performance to get out of the Hospital last night. but now I am Hurting at home trying to pass the stone...
Hi everyone. This is Loy's son Richard. My mom is currently in North Kansas City Hospital. She has been there since yesterday. She has a Kidney Stone that is too big to pass and has been causing her severe pain. This afternoon they will be doing surgery to put in a stint so that it can pass. If everyone could just say a little a prayer for her it would be great. I will update her status as my Aunt Sharon updates me. Thank you.
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