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Kid Rock

Robert James Bob Ritchie (born January 17, 1971), known by his stage name Kid Rock, is an American singer-songwriter, musician and rapper with five Grammy Awards nominations.

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Kid Rock and a Raccoon Trade Hollywood for Nashville in 'Tennessee Mountain Top' Video
2002: Bush is bad, unlike Reagan, who had ideals. 2017: Trump is bad, unlike Bush, who had ideals. 2032: Kid Rock is bad…
Steve Bannon said to be in regular contact with Kid Rock about Senate run
Eminem and Kid Rock were at the Pistons' opener last night. They got different reactions. 😂
Detroit Pistons fans cheer Eminem and boo Kid Rock at the team's home opener
Eminem cheered, Kid Rock booed at Detroit Pistons game
Macomb County's two most famous native sons are entering the political fray. How it explains Eminem and Kid Rock:
Because Scott Baio, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Tila Tequila, Dean Cain, and the Baldwin brother no one cares about are brillia…
Every single legit entertainment entity is unloading on Trump. Trumpers only have James Woods & Kid Rock left & prolly…
Kid Rock vs this choke artist? Snap back to reality boy - He's choking how, everyone's joking now. Go lose yourself!.
Eminem, Lindsay Lohan, & Kid Rock are all trending at the same time. Is it 1999 again? Oh, and the US still *** at socc…
Like Chuck Norris, Scott Baio, Steven Segal, Jon Bought and Kid Rock after black folks stop buying his wa…
Pink went from female Kid Rock to Katy Perry for rural folks
Celebrities need to shut up except Kid Rock, Ted Nu…
Good.We need the Presidency to STOP being a free-for-all-circus. NOT Dwayne Johnson/Kid Rock. Honora…
My team today the great Steve Cropper, Mike Green, Bob Ritchie ( Kid Rock) and me at The Grove.…
Kid Rock set the attendance record with 86,893 attendees over 6 sold-out shows during inaugural week. Thank you…
He’s still got Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Scott Baio&James Woods. So, he’s got that going for…
The year is 2023. I kiss my family goodbye as I leave under cover of dark to help President Kimmel stop Kid Rock's encroachi…
Are these ppl think that Kid Rock,Ted Nugent,James Woods,Jon Voight should stay in their own lanes?
Big GOP donors want to talk to Kid Rock. He’s not taking their calls. via
@ this point being POTUS is a joke. I just want the Rock as prez & Kid Rock as veep. They would have a less rocky t…
Bernie Kosar congratulating Kid Rock is why we stand for the anthem.
Dear white people,. Re: your superiority. Martin Shkreli . Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. Kid Rock. Steve Bannon. Sheriff Joe. ESPN. Thank…
I don't think Scott Biao, Jesse Ventura, Roseanne Barr, Kid Rock ( just to mention a…
Race baiter Jemele Hill at it again. Kid Rock's ex is black & his son is mixed. That didn't fit her narrative, thou…
Kid Rock: That's future POTUS in the making...
Singer Kid Rock: Outcry over headlining new arena is political hatchet job
my big problem with Kid Rock, and i can't believe i'm saying this, is that his speech actually had no specific policy positions
Future Senator sounds off on Confederate flag, anthem controversies:. 'Pay no attention to the garbage'. - 🇺🇸. h…
Run Kid Run. You can do your own concert when you win. Kid Rock for Senator.🇺🇸
I see TMZ live is pushing Kid Rock for senate.
You like American Kid Rock ? See how fake news narratives evolve ?
Kid Rock and his biracial son who he raised as a single dad... a racist my ***
I will accept that, but take back what you said about kid rock
Kid Rock says F the people who support Colin Kaepernick (EPIC RANT)
Love how no one is talking about Kid Rock's Black baby. Shocked he hasn't thrown that out there to "prove he's not racist".
Pouring the first beer at the new place. . Kid Rock's Made in Detroit at
Kid Rock is talking about being a politician? He'll win too. USA's love for celebrities is disgusting. It's the worst thing about America
Kid Rock has a black baby mama. That might be why he's racist. 😆
If Kid Rock runs for Senate I will run against him after changing my name to Kid Paper.
Kid Rock threatens to pull support from charities that don't defend him from criticism about concerts https…
Kid Rock doesn't represent me in any way, shape or form ...
Kid Rock slams racism accusations: 'I love black people'
"Pay no attention to the garbage," Kid Rock becomes vocal regarding the Confederate flag & National Anthem nonsense. Lo…
But Jay Cutler is still playing. Kid Rock need to lay of the coke
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Kid Rock gave a political speech at his event in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night where he was BRUTALLY honest. Watch!.
Kid Rock might be talentless but Kanye West is far from it, you don't w…
Sharpton wants Kid Rock boycott because he supports Trump, not Kaepernick - but Al tries too hard to sound noble.
Kid Rock waves the Confederate Flag but loves black people and won a NAACP Award for helping the black community of Detro…
Civil Rights groups fighting to stop the horror of ...a 'white supremacist' Kid Rock concert in Detroit.
People in the news: Kid Rock, Graydon Carter, James Patterson - Akron Beacon Journal
3. Lesson in American history for Kid Rock: Catholic Irish & Italians changed this American tradition after "Polo g…
Kid Rock looks like he's been dead for a week!
Dear God, what have we come to? Rodman negotiating peace. Kid Rock f…
That would be below John. Kid Rock should crawl back under the rock, where he came from.
Kid Rock blasts Colin Kaepernick and insults white supremacists in a profanity-laden concert rant
Kid Rock rattles off political views in fiery 'stump speech' at Grand Rapids show via
There was an East Detroit. They renamed it Eastpoint. Like Kid Rock's dad want named Rock.
Our Govenor is not a Muslim...he's a nerd! Dearborn is the Muslim…
That's a real laugher! How many Kid Rock fans give s fwhat Sharpton and his minions think?
Update your maps at Navteq
Did Kid "inbred" Rock first throw a tantrum to his daddy?
Screw them, Kid Rock has civil rights too.
Kid Rock has 6 back-to-back concerts in Detroit starting next week...
WATCH: Kid Rock attacks athletes who kneel during National Anthem in political speech at concert https…
I will give $5 to the campaign of Shaggy 2 Dope and/or Violent J to run against Kid Rock...
Get ready, cause he's about to rock that b i t c h up and down the coast.
Love that, once again, Kid Rock isn't backing down to the leftist lies & bs. Watch vid in article . 🇺🇸.
How you know sheriff Clarke/Nugent/kid Rock are fake country/real Americans. Cowboys don't wear their hats inside or when the flag goes by.
See Kid Rock rant about Nazis, KKK, Black Lives Matter and Kaepernick at a concert
.has some colorful words for white-supremacists. . The Left will still call him racist though.
Kid rock can suck it, we already have one unqualified celebrity moron, we don't need another
Foucault helped me learn that categories are arbitrary nonsense therefore ketamine is a vitamin thanks y'all
Leftist media dig up fossils who used to be celebs to bash Trump... and Libs are gonna make fun of kid rock? Laughable.
A civil rights group in Detroit, Kid Rock's hometown, is working to have all his concerts in the city cancelled.
I have started seeing yard signs, in Grosse Pointe, for Kid Rock.we can't let this happen again in Michigan.
I was just thinking about when I attended the Jon Stewart rally which shockingly had Kid Rock play a son…
If the bar's been to lowered to Trump, and Kid Rock is eyeing a senate run, we could do far worse than Clooney...
If your party can devolve, in 70 yrs, from Ike to Nixon to Reagan to W to DT, don't act all surprised when Kid Rock show…
Kid Rock slams claims of election law violations, while GOP lawmaker encourages him to run for Co...
Who would wanna go to a kid rock concert
Kid Rock releases statement to media
Hope Kid Rock hires ample private security detail so is prepared for usual antifa violence.
This doesn't sound like the Kid Rock I know
weird that "girl rock" is supposedly music made BY women but "dad rock" is music made FOR dads and "kid rock" just held up…
Henderson: Kid Rock opener at Little Caesars Arena is middle finger to Detroiters via
.tells Fake News Media to "Go FYourselves!". I might move to Michigan just to vote for this guy!!.
Wow, who woulda thought that Kid Rock running for office was a bad idea?
This might be the biggest *** whooping those AntiFa fruitcakes get yet. Kid Rock has some pretty rough fa…
Kid Rock denies accusations of election law violations via
Reminds me of Trump's campaigns ...anti-kid rock rally will do more good than hurting him...
After the lying media continued to make up stories about potential Senate candidate Kid Rock, he told them to “go f***…
If we're electing musicians to the U.S. Senate, perhaps Chance the Rapper is a better blueprint than Kid Rock. Chance is…
Hey, if retard Al Franken can be there, why not kid rock, an actual American who has patriotism. Time to push out…
I wish I could tell someone in 1998 that Sean from Real World: Boston will become a congressman and try to get Kid Rock int…
Kid Rock denies accusations of election law violations.
This Kelly Bryant kid for Clemson is outchea looking like a monster.
KR: "Go F**k Yourself!". 😂. Kid Rock fires back at DC watchdog group over Senate 'campaign' via the
Kid Rock comes under fire from watchdog over rumored Senate bid
If she can't sing Sheryl Crow's part of picture with you while you sing Kid Rock's part, she ain't the one bro.
Kid Rock is desecrating our American flag yet again. He desecrated the American Flag during Super Bowl 2004 (cont)…
Kid Rock proves once again he’s exactly the voice we need right now in the Senate
Kid Rock is no spineless RINO, Paul Ryan the coward would immediately disavow everyone including his mom if t…
Antifa plans to protest next Kid Rock concert
Kid Rock statement to the media about allegations he is breaking campaign finance laws.
Kid Rock is a disgrace. Why is he first act of Little Caesars Arena?
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Yeah they don't have any Kid Rock restaurants at the United Center! Just a statue honoring domestic abuser Bobby Hull!
The Palace of Auburn Hills closes with Bob Seger and the Little Caesar's Arena opens with Kid Rock. History is...
So far we have Kid Rock, Chachi, Hank Williams Jr, Ted Nugent, Tammy Faye Bakker (token female), and my aunt.
Roy Moore is not the kind of credible, disciplined, policy-oriented Kid Rock-like candidate the GOP leadership likes to r…
Picture by Kid Rock is still easily one of the best songs ever made. Still
Who's in the Cowboy Marching Band?. I'd like to request a cover of the beginning of Bawitdaba by Kid Rock. You…
Kid Rock is being encouraged to run as Senatorial candidate by a Republican group
I think it's time to consider cancelling Kid Rock as your opening act. If you use him there will be a rebellion against...
McConnell: We r pleased 2 support the man who wrote "boo wit da bing bop". Kid Rock: Bawitaba. MC: Just wave the fla…
Trump is our President, Kid Rock is running for Senate, Dwayne Johnson has a Presidential committee in DC..…
If Michigan elects Kid Rock to the Senate, Texas oughta elect one of the dudes from Deep Blue Something.
welcome to my city 🌃 of Canton Ohio . Can't wait till tonight just got out of the hospital last week ready to rock welcome Kid Rock
Correction on a previous post: there will be Bud, Bud Light & Stella available at the Toby Keith/Kid Rock show Sunday in Canton.
I think Bannon will be fired. Pence - President, Conway - VP, Kid Rock - Head of CIA, Trump - Spokesperson of WH.
Poll: Kid Rock trails Democrat by 8 points in Michigan Senate race
Whenever see Dale Earnhardt Sr I get reminded of Kid Rock
It’s only a matter of time before Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, & Sarah Palin are given official positions in the Trump Regime.
If Michigan elects Kid Rock as a Senator, they forever forfeit the right to brag about the University of Michigan's academic prowess.
Can't you see? (Marshall Tucker Band cover) Kid Rock and Zac Brown Band. Source by topazpearlegirl Famous singers...
His favorite topics are lack of Trump crimes and Kid Rock...
Shout out to 💪🇺🇸. Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. Tribute to Johnny Cash.
Remember when Kid Jensen decided he had to do the grown up thing and call himself David? When's Kid Rock going to call himself David Rock?
Kid Rock leads John James by 42 points in the primary
That said, in 2024, Ted Cruz, Kid Rock, and Curt Schilling will argue with each other who will repeal single-payer the…
Breaking News: Kid Rock almost remains relevant for 15 more minutes.
Why does Kid Rock, whose real name is Bob, have the name PAUL tattooed on his arm. Maybe it says RUPAUL?
Former Michigan GOP chair on Kid Rock's possible run: “Anybody who’s writing him off is making a mistake”
Kid Rock is from Macomb County. So am I. Here’s my plea: Don't underestimate his potential senate candidacy.
"Rock the Vote" is MTV's voter registration drive slogan, so I will expect this effort to be called "Vote Kid Rock"
.walks back Senate campaign, plans to register voters.
Please can we not give kid rock the attention he so desperately wants
Uh oh, no one gave Kid Rock the memo that voter suppression is how the GOP wins elections. I bet he's going to get…
Kid Rock's gonna be a Senator, and the Dems are soiling themselves---LOL. I love this country.
Trump and kid rock campaign together
kidsexy on iTunes. on youtube please sub…
Kid Rock triggers sensitive libs with new voter registration drive and a few choice words for Dems
💥THIS is how we roll BOOM!💥. Kid Rock to Register Voters at Shows, Schedule Press Conference in Next 6 Weeks
Kid Rock starts non-profit 501c to GET OUT THE VOTE DRIVE to register new voters. Democrats are mad at him- they must…
What can't it be about both? "It's Kid Rock's Party Now: The GOP Is About Annoying Liberals, Not Conservatism".
Kid Rock Will 'Explore' Potential Senate Bid, But is Launching Non-Profit Voter Registration in the Meantime - New…
Huge Announcement: Kid Rock to Register Voters at Shows 👈. Talk about "Rocking 🎸 the VOTE". 🇺🇸.
Don't give Kid Rock ANY attention right now. You know, act like you do when he releases "music."
Senator Kid Rock ! I believe you will turn your State around. . .
Re ur saying Kid Rock first has to be Sen. before he becomes President, Steve, POTUS didn't: But, it probably couldn't hurt. :-)
Isn't there probably a lot of footage of Fox News pundits clutching pearls about Kid Rock generated sometime in the past 20 years?
💥Kid Rock to Register Voters at Shows💥'Dems shattin their pantaloons'
Honest ?: do we want attendees of Kid Rock concerts registered to vote any more than the ones signed up at the welfare office?
IT’S HAPPENING! New poll has Kid Rock up by 4 over Debbie Stabenow. 👏👏. 🇺🇸.
Meanwhile, Kid Rock says he is launching a 501c4 as he explores a Senate run.
LOL you've OBVIOUSLY never been to a Kid Rock concert, now go back to your grandma's basement
"He's talented and all that, but I could never vote for him." - my dad talking about Kid Rock running for Senate
Person: "I'm so sick of this trans person wanting to be called their legal name!". Same person: "So, Kid Rock might run f…
I have such a hard time deciding if I want to be Sheryl Crow or Kid Rock when I'm singing Picture
With U.S. Senators like fake-Vietnam vet Richard Blumenthal and Com-symp Bernie Sanders, Kid Rock will be an improvement.
I enjoyed this piece on Kid Rock's possible senate run (esp the kicker):
Reminder: It's Kid Rock's Party Now — pissing off liberals has become the core ideology of the Republican Party
In the era of Trump and Kid Rock, the Republican Party has become the party of the little man against the big man, not the…
“Kid Rock is a bridge too far.” - party who made Al Franken a U.S. Senator
Anne Coulter, Alex Jones, Bannon, Trump clan, Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, Kid Rock -they'll have to fumigate the White House after this
Remember when prospective senator Kid Rock appeared in a sex tape with Creed’s Scott Stapp?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
If Myrtle Beach was a person it would be Kid Rock
I've got Kid Rock in 3 seconds of 1st round by TKO!
Kid Rock understands what it's like to spend every night at the hotel. That's the kind of leadership the S…
If they can duet Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow with you, then they're definitely a keeper
GOP consultant says Kid Rock will win Senate seat as long as he doesn't beat up a woman between now and 2018
Oh, barf. Kid Rock will be as unsuccessful in a Senate race as Kinky Friedman was in a Texas governor race.
Kid Rock just knocked Schumer the 😈out & showed why he will be . A PERFECT Politician .
First Abbott follows Dan Patrick with the bathroom silliness, now he's trailing Sid Miller behind Kid Rock. Don't s…
2017: Kid Rock is running for the Senate what a joke. 2030: I pledge allegiance to the flag and the United States of Bawitdaba da bang
Johnny Cash by Kid Rock makes me wanna drive around a lake with the windows down 💯🔥
Johnny Cash sang Don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys. Kid Rock sang that he is a cowboy, from the wealthies…
Compared to Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer I would welcome a based common sensed person like Kid Rock as…
Sid Miller is an *** and an embarrassment. Oh, did he also endorse Kid Rock?
Kid Rock for a 2018 Senate run in Michigan? Sid Miller is a fan r/texas
Breaking news Astros trade Clay Walker to Detroit for Kid Rock National Anthem singer
.on why should avoid politics: "Politics and rock and roll do not belong in bed together"
What's the US is coming to, trump is president, Bruce Jenner and Kid Rock are thinking about running for congress. I'm moving to Brazil
Kid Rock is really running for senate. God Bless the USA
If these lily-livered republicans won't investigate and support the president, maybe it's time for a new party…
Senator Kid Rock, from the great state of Michigan. . So excellent. .
Bill Kristol continues to prove that his disdain for Trump is just classist. I can't wait for him to get the…
Vegeta picked up a rock and threw it at the kid.
Looks like Kid Rocks run for Senate is going to happen , Support
Kid Rock won the election the moment he announced. Just like did.
Let me get this straight Democrats... You're okay with Al Franken in the United States Senate, but A Patriot like Kid Ro…
Picture by kid rock will always be a jam
'If you work your butt off and pay taxes...': Kid Rock offers Senate platform
Al Franken runs for Senate. GOP: LOL. Kid Rock runs for Senate. GOP: Woohoo
Kid Rock can do many things.Caitlyn Jenner has done many things. But someone should tell them political office is a 24-7 seri…
Liberals hate Kid Rock because he loves America
Dems say is a gimmick? The fact that he loves the USA makes him a more legit candidate than you any day. https:/…
Best song for fight. Remember i told you first. "Welcome To The Greatest F...k…
Kid Rock got (very) lucky when he did the dirty with Pamela Anderson & that gave him a taste of fame…
Kid Rock! Pamela Andersen and David Spade's best friend! Now that's a class act for the R…
Caitlyn Jenner weighs run for Senate. Da? Maybe can run against Kid Rock in primary (still want the Nuge in on that)
The really weird thing is that Caitlyn Jenner is a Republican. Maybe her & Sen. Kid Rock will sit on the same committe…
Senators on Kid Rock: We can't treat as joke.
You want stats, since I started listening to the morning show, Will Smith and Kid Rock songs have s…
Kid Rock is running for Senator of my home state against lowest energy liberal of all time, Debbie Stabenow.
Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow is NOT excited about the prospect of facing Kid Rock!
Needs fully body portraits of Eminem, Fred Durst and Kid Rock between the M.
Kid Rock is just John Cougar Mellencamp 2 and he can burn in ***
Elizabeth Warren lays out the case for taking Kid Rock's Senate run seriously
Democrats want Jerry Springer for Gov but not Kid Rock for senate. Dems pressing Jerry Springer to run for Ohio gov:
Whats more terrifying than Kid Rock's senate run, is that Fred Durst is running for Mayor McCheese in 2018.
Kid Rock would be a better senator than Debbie Stabenow can't think of anything she…
listening to from thursday almost threw up from the Kid Rock aka even more white trash Fred Durst
Super stoked about Kid Rock running for Senate! So stoked that we need to share this celebration of his music.…
if Al Franken can be a senator, or Debbie Stabenow can be a senator, a Kid Rock can be a senator
So the party that ran Clay Aiken, Heath Shuler, and Al Franken (to name a few) had a problem with Kid Rock?
Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are considering a run for Senate against Senator Debbie Stabenow in Michigan. Who do you prefer?
I don't understand how people that don't like Beyonce know everything she does immediately. I never know what Kid Rock did.…
This would be terrific change for that long-held Dem Senate seat! Kid Rock!
If you're honestly going to support Kid Rock go ahead and unfollow me
Kid Rock wants to run for Senate in Michigan & Republicans are already running attack ads against Debbie Stabenow. WE CAN'…
No, Kid Rock is not running for Senate (yet)
“Kid Rock 2018: No rogaine in the propane flows.”
This is going to be super confusing post-2020 when we have to explain that President The Rock isn't the father of Senator Kid…
Kid Rock is the reason why you're ashamed to tell people you enjoy 38 Special's singles from the early 80s.
Kid Rock running for senate in 2028? My God, I'm terrified at what our country is becoming. We're such a freak show these days.
Let's all start preparing emotionally for President Kid Rock
Before Donald Trump became President, things were simpler, and we could just assume this Kid Rock thing was a joke
I'm not phased by kid rock in politics because MY GENERATION lived to see Skrillex come outta From First to Last.
Definitely not missing the Kid Rock election night party
I see Kid Rock is running for senate. So, this is what it feels like to be locked in a state fair Porta Potty and tippe…
Fun fact: If elected, Kid Rock would be the first U.S. senator to appear in a sex tape with the lead singer of Creed
We can find someone who isn't a career politician that is better than Kid Rock.
This Lib is better versed in the Quran Kid Rock
Kid Rock running for Senate is like Donald Trump running for Presi... nevermind.
Kid Rock posted a pic of him posing with a mountain lion he just killed - so I FIXED it. . (Go Fyourself Kid *** ht…
I know Kid Rock will make an excellent senator
I have never liked Kid Rock. He's a redneck from Michigan who pretended he was black.
Bill Murray would be the perfect running mate for Kid Rock.
Kid Rock is running for Senate in Michigan... God I hope he wins.
Stay tuned, I will have a major announcement in the near future - Kid Rock
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Kid Rock is running for Senate so I have several options for lyric-based campaign slogans. GET READY THESE ARE ALL REAL.
And his team will consist of palin and nugent⚡️ “Is Kid Rock running for Senate?”.
Maybe we need less Kid Rock running for office and more Jon Stewart/Anderson Cooper running for office.
Kid Rock announces he's running for Senate, so we're right on schedule for the end of America.
Kid Rock is actually running for office and this is not a joke.
Kid Rock's running for U.S. Senate. The meteor that was going to kill us just said, "Nah, they're doing just fine destroyi…
Kid Rock said we've never seen a politician like him before. He's a rich kid who has a band. I've seen him at every level.
(old joke). d'ya know how to get Kid Rock . 2 turn down?. put some sheet music in front of him
*takes the afternoon off from the internet*. *receives text saying Kid Rock is running for Senate*. *gets online to…
Going to be hilarious watching the media toe the line when bashing Kid Rock for some of his lyrics
this is just a joke. The lindsey 2 weeks thing, not the kid rock senate run 🙊
Canadian Political News: Astronaut who speaks 6 languages will be next Governor General. American Political News: Kid Rock…
Guess who I bumped into at dinner during business trip to D.C.? Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent!
Kid Rock is teasing bringing Pimp of the Nation to Washington.
Senator Kid Rock and President The Rock could not agree on a budget and the government has shut down
We DONT NEED celebrities as politicians. I don't want the Rock, Kanye West, Kid Rock or anyone without political experi…
Kid Rock assaulted someone at a Waffle House, was arrested, and had to pay 40k, so of course Republicans think he belongs…
be open-minded & support Kid Rock for U.S. Senate 👍🏼 Republican to replace Dem seat in MI
Oh. Kid Rock isn't really running for anything, he's just selling merch. Because he's a graduate of the Trump School o…
I can't wait for Kid Rock to filibuster by saying "My Name Is Ki..."
Kid Rock tries to pass himself off as blue collar MI white trash but his childhood home listed for $…
Kid rock is running for senate...bc of course he is, I mean anyone can do it.just look at Marco Rubio
Luckily Kid Rock is sure to lose the senate seat to his opponent, Kid Paper
So... . Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sarah Palin walk into a bar...
Kid Rock announced run for Senate; ISIS announces they've been working too hard.
.KidRock's website includes slogans like "In Rock We Trust" and "I’ll Rock The Party"
Cool can I hurl myself into it when Kid Rock becomes a senator
Greatly looking forward to the Evangelical Christian community ideologically contorting itself to get behind Kid Rock's…
Elizabeth Warren is proof that ANYONE (yes even Kid Rock) can win a seat in the Senate.
With both Kid Rock and the Rock looking to enter politics, who's next? Don 'The Rock' Muraco or Pebbles from the Flintstones?
Log in. sees Pat Robertson ,Kid Rock and Jeff Sessions Trending... Somebody buzz me when the DEMONS have been exorci…
Kid Rock for US Senate: Singer fuels rumors he's running for Congress
My two biggest pet peeves as a Detroiter:. 1. People who say Dave Coulier is Canadian. 2. People who say Kid Rock is from Detroit.
List of Rocks I'd want as a politician before Kid Rock:. -Dwayne Johnson. -Chris Rock. -Roc Carmichael . -Cast of School of Ro…
Whose arms look better in sleeveless attire in 2017, Kid Rock's or La Monte Young's?
Someone go see Kid Rock with me September 6th at Van Andel 🙏🏽
Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Rick Solomon. Julian does not belong on this list of *** 🤢She needs to GO AWAY!
I really just want to go to the Kid Rock and Toby Keith concert ☹️
The Undertaker's initial comeback was Kid Rock's American Badass, not Limp Bizkit, but still a great gag!
I've got American Badass by Kid Rock stuck in my head so I'm blaring it out while I clean the house and I'm not even ashamed. (Maybe a bit)
I added a video to a playlist Kid Rock - American Badass (DIRTY) HQ
Nothing says American Badass like a middle aged man on a motorcycle, blasting Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock. XD
Since only has Scott Baio, the Duck Dynasty guy, Kid Rock and Ted Negent... I'll stick wit…
As a true American I fundamentally believe that Kid Rock could defeat Jet Li in combat. That is important to me.
If Kathy Griffin threatened to kill Obama & Clinton she'd be invited to the White House w/Palin & Kid Rock.
or Kid Rock or Ted Nugent or Hank Williams Jr. or Victoria Jackson or Dennis miller or Charlton He…
The sun set Sunday on the second year of the country music festival with performances by Keith Urban and Kid Rock.
I saw Kid Rock and Kerry Collins trading shots at some hole in the wall bar in Nashville. KR told me to ca…
The '101 Crew & our good friends over at Grand Casino Hinckley are proud to welcome 'Kid Rock', coming up...
Did you guys ever notice Dan Carpenter looks a little like Kid Rock?
Celebrities who support Donald Trump via Jon Voight, Kid Rock, and ultimate fighter Holly Holm likes him.
"Idk, just have fun with it!" -Sheryl Crowe to Kid Rock before this moment:
Vic is the love of my life. She sang Picture by Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow with me
Bobby Knight, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock all compete in a talent show-style competition on Fox. Winner is FBI Director.
Miley Cyrus' MikeWill run was basically Kid Rock with fire production
day3. a) A song that reminds you of summertime. (No, not Kid Rock). The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset .
Toolbox ran against Eliz. Warren. Kid Rock, Ted Nugget and Sarah Palin just not enough incompetence in the…
Yup, and don't forget that Kid Rock and Ted Nugent were in the Oval Office
There's a total of one brain in this Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, Kid Rock photo.. and it belongs to the portrait... https…
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