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Kid Rock

Robert James Bob Ritchie (born January 17, 1971), known by his stage name Kid Rock, is an American singer-songwriter, musician and rapper with five Grammy Awards nominations.

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Hi. Would you like me to be Sheryl Crow or Kid Rock because I can do both perfectly.
Read status and got Picture by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow stuck on my head.
One time I wore a Kid Rock t-shirt to the state fair and won a velvet portrait of a corndog in a skeeball tournament.
Ken Daniels why would you give Kid Rock a pedestal there
Why was Harrison on a cruise with Kid Rock?
OHHH OHHH OHHH WHERE DID SHE GOOO? I think I have post Kid Rock cruise depression...I blame and this son…
Officially on my bucket list: cruise with Kid Rock 😁
Robert Randolph & the Family Band last night on Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise.
Finished out the cruise with Kid Rock sitting in with the Robert Randolph Band Superjam. 18…
great job with the Kid Rock cruise, sent you a connection request on LinkedIn
Got to admit..Pam Anderson's *** has range..Julian Assange Tommy Lee and Kid Rock..range..
TEXT from Bruce Allen: "To quote Kid Rock, I'm 'ROLLIN', ROLLIN', ROLLIN' in my NCAA picks -- now 23-0."
. Kid Rock great job by the way good shooting come down for some ducking hunting next season
Picture by Kid Rock will always be a good song
You either sing Picture by Kid Rock like you're performing at Madison Square Garden in front of millions or you don't s…
Shooter is a dope movie but Bob Lee Swagger? Sounds like the name of a guy who'd be on tour with Kid Rock, Big & Rich and whoever sang Rehab
Schilling, Shiva Ayyadurai, Bo Dietl, even rumors of a Kid Rock campaign ... this is going to make the Tea Party cl…
All Summer Long de Kid Rock; not thinking 'bout tomorrow, singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long ♫
Well we do have some minor celebs in US: Scott Baio, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, S. Baldwin. But then there's Kanye West.
I can only expect a conversation with Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Bret Michaels and Rick Salomon would match a Hatchimal in a blender.
Pamela Anderson is apparently dating Assange. Tommy Lee, Kid Rock... she knows how to pick 'em.
There are only two better duet songs. 1. Picture - Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow. 2. Jackson - Johnny Cash and June Carter
He could potentially face Kid Rock in a primary!
Ted Nugent joins Kid Rock as potential candidate for U.S. Senate race in Michigan
With the Trump Train on it's way, this is a good move for Michigan and Kid Rock. MAKEING THE MOTOR CITY ROCK-ON! 🎼
2000 me: Hulk Hogan? President? Ha!. 2017 me: Ya know, I could see Kid Rock as the junior senator from Michigan.
Michigan's Republican party have been looking at less conventional candidates, like Kid Rock, for 2018 Senate.
Kid Rock mentioned for possible Senate run. Look-out Debbie S may be aiming for your seat;…
Kid Rock is being discussed as a potential senate candidate
Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Kid Rock, Jamey Johnson, Hank Williams Jr, Thomas Rhett, & Martina all in one weekend?! I can deal 🎊🍻
Got to be Nugent and Kid Rock. Doing "American Badass" by Kid Rock, Nugent on guitar.
I don't watch the NFL Honors but couldn't pass up Keegan-Michael Peele. He hasn't disappointed. So funny. Got to hear a little Kid Rock too
attn: the new Neil Cicierega album jumps from Smash Mouth to Steve Miller Band to Kid Rock to Will Smith within 10 seconds
We're watching Kid Rock music videos in class. I love Coastal Carolina University.
I'd open the new arena with a Dave Matthews Band concert, personally. Kid Rock is the laziest opening concert choice one can think of.
Donald Trump's poet laureate short list is now down to Kid Rock, Scott Adams, and Hannity.
Please join me in wishing the illustrious and a wonderful birthday! (Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Kid Rock, Betty White.)
Watching the Shere Khan vs Baloo/Bagheera/wolf pack fight in the new Jungle Book is way more intense with Bawitdaba by Kid Rock playing.
I bet he's left with Lee Greenwood, Toby Keith, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock. Oh and that Springsteen cover band. htt…
. Does he consider Ted Nuggent and Kid Rock soft & sensual ?? Eww.
9/2/1997 - Kid Rock gets arrested for excessively celebrating his signing to Atlantic Records
Picture- Kid Rock ft Cheryl Crow is a classic, don't argue w me on this one. me some Kid Rock mixed with a lot of Cheryl Crowe.👀👀😍😍
Lineup announced for Country 500 music festival: Hank Williams Jr., Blake Shelton and Kid Rock, just to name a few.…
I made and Billy Ray Cyrus and Kid Rock in my phone
Always reminds me of the first episode of Silicon Valley with Kid Rock playing to the techies, classic!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Watching Taylor Hawkins and Kid Rock sing "Rock and Roll" and "Ramble On" respectively, makes me appreciated Robert Plant far more deeply.
i can literally go from Cody Johnson to Kid Rock to 21 Savage. if you can't then wyd?
Hank Jr. Meatloaf, Charlie Daniels, Nugent. Kid Rock, Loretta Lynn, & all the southern bigots will perform.
I think, the only A Lister that agree's 2 perform, is Kid Rock.. So far! (well other then, the Rockette's, Mormon choir,
/2 inauguration has plenty of talent available. Kid Rock, The Mormon Choir, etc will play (YAWN!!!). Much ado about nothing
2017 Kennedy Center honors. Kid Rock. Larry the Cable Guy and David Duke. USA. USA. USA. Make it happen
I think, Kid Rock, will be the only A Lister to perform at Trump's Inauguration... The rest are The Rockette's, the Mormon choir, & the girl
Since so many "artists" won't sing at the inauguration, I think Kid Rock, Hank Jr, and David Alan Coe will be just fine.
The only people signed to play the r Kid Rock and the KKK men's choir. I think I'd rather listen to the choir
Some publication described Kid Rock as a "rap-rock icon" and I threw up in my mouth a little bit
oh sweetie, we believe you! Plus you've got Diamond, Silk, Omarosa, Stacy Dash, Nugent, Kid Rock!…
please Celine is so 20 last Vegas years ago, I would rather hear Kid Rock, Black Shelton, Kiss, Markus Mark
Donald Trump has confirmed Kid Rock and Ted Nugent to play at his inauguration. The opening pitch will also be thrown out by John Rocker.
Watching Dateline (because duh) about a girl who was killed after a Kid Rock show. Guys, I got to hear Keith Morrison say "bawitdaba".
I remember when Kid Rock did the halftime show for Thanksgiving. I think people booed him.
What a lackluster halftime show. Give me some Bob Seager or Kid Rock or anything rocking and Detroit-centric.
I added a video to a playlist Hank Williams Jr and Kid Rock - Family Tradition
Country rocker Kid Rock remains one of our favorite artists of 2016
If I could ride around in an El Camino listening to Kid Rock everyday then my life would be complete
(listening to Kid Rock). I'm beginning to suspect this person isn't a young geologist.
people who endorsed that guy: Richie Incognito, Dan Bilzerian,Robert Davi,Kid Rock, Jesse James,Gary Busey, Charlie Sheen
. ..and he has Mike Tyson, Susan Saradon, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Arnold.a Stellar Group...Poor tRumpy. Wa!
If you don't know one thing about Kid Rock it's that he's loyal. His...
Thanks to the team at Polaris Slingshot for this built for Kid Rock. ... -
Crowd awaiting VP candidate Mike Pence in Fort Dodge repeatedly hears "Only in America" by Brooks and Dunn and "Born Free" by Kid Rock
if you can't jam to Picture by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow ya ain't fa me
Two weeks ago Kanye, last week Beyoncé, today and tomorrow Kid Rock. What a difference in the crowd, holy trashiness.
100% it's me T-Rav, Lou diamond phillips, beau bridges, and Kid Rock
Trump getting Don King to endorse him is like when Mitt Romney got Kid Rock & Stacey Dash. These mf's ain't...
I just said "well I wouldn't, your cooler than him." In regards to some one telling Wesley Crusher what to do, then felt like Kid Rock.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Hall of Famer Lem Barney, Eddie Murray, and Kid Rock were among the familiar faces spotted today at Ford Field:
the best part is this was during Undertaker's American Badass phase so there was absolutely Kid Rock playing at the end of the maze
I'm at Fenway Park - for Jason Aldean with Kid Rock in Boston, MA w/
Might I be more tolerant of your loud party next door if you weren't blairing Skynyrd, Kid Rock and John Cougar? Well, yes - I would be.
Happy 36th Birthday to Macaulay Culkin. Your parents Kurt Cobain & Kid Rock are so proud of you.
Just saw Kid Rock at the County Clerks office ***
Eric Church & Kid Rock. FYI Beer will be sold at concert! Spread the word! Discount Code “student”
Watching the wonderful Wrestlemania 25 moment where 72,744 attendees at the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas utterly chumped Kid Rock
Just so I'm understanding.people paid money, to go to a country music festival, see Kid Rock?
what is up with this look at CMA Fest??? It's like Kid Rock and Jesus had twins! Not a good look.
The only way "Dana White at a Kid Rock concert in Sturgis" could be more American is if they rode into town on bald eag…
I thought that about Billy the Exterminator. He looks like DDP + Kid Rock had a baby.
DEM convention: Sarah Silverman to Paul Simon to Mario Cuomo. GOP Convention: Scott Baio to Kid Rock to 6 screeching chim…
"It takes a Village" vs "The Art of the Deal". Paul Simon vs. Kid Rock. I know which team id rather be on, do you?
I am happy to make money. I want to make more money, make more music, eat Big Macs and drink Budweisers. ~Kid Rock
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I don't think so - I'm just using common phrases from Kid Rock, John Legend, Albert Einstein and Forrest Gump.
An Ungoogable question today for tix, joins as well as Jim Riggleman from the Kid Rock tix too
I'm the girl that *** at being dj because I'll play Kid Rock then go straight to Bob Wills
I’d be ALL GOOD w/ fireworks, pony show, CNN diner, Kid Rock concert (maybe not) military flex if the country was winning w/ equality & love
Hey, Kid Rock is shockingly not awful outside his stage persona.
You know Kid Rock, Phil Robertson, Sarah Palin Gary Busey, Ted Nugent and Tim Allen all want a fascist POTUS?
I'm thinking Trumps VP pick will be one of: Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Stan Smith, Barney, Scott Baio, Ivanka, Phil Robertson or Ann Coulter
LOL NAH GOOD BRO. half black other half white like Kid Rock ✊🏽. aint no spanish *** with the name Raekwon Motley 😂😂😂
Macklemore->Riff Raff->Kid Rock is just a real life Pokemon evolution gone horribly wrong.
My friends asked me to make a playlist for the boat this weekend. Not sure if it should be all Kid Rock or all Insane Clown Posse.
If you light a firework, then eat an entire Slim Jim and chug a Bud Light before it explodes, Kid Rock will appear and g…
I really do think Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson were great together I don't think zodiac totally determines it !
oh oops to bad: Kid Rock; bass player gave us free tix when I worked at the WAC
You know a bar is lit when the DJ works for the place, plays censored songs and loves Kid Rock
Kid Rock in Concert at the Winstar Casino in Thackerville Oklahoma 3/3/12. This ...
um how could you even think to pass up Jason Alden and Kid Rock?!
I was going with Johnson but he lost me. I'm either going with Kid Rock or Judge Judy.
So far today .. Sara Evans and Cadillac Three. Tonight Kid Rock, Willie Nelson and Florida Georgia Line !
John Jaso. We all know you are secretly Kid Rock. When will you walk out to bawitdaba?
Incredible. The in-between song banter would make Kid Rock sound like William F Buckley Jr.
I've always made music from the heart, and that's what I do. And at th...
I bought my sister some kid's merchandise about a 1990's rock band. She hated it. It was an Extreme Toys Error.
When you accidentally delete your Kid Rock "Badwitdaba" car ride to work snap chat.
📷 nuclearbummer: Kid Rock fans reacting to his song “Balls in Your Mouth”
With Kid Rock back in 2011. Photo by Rick Diamond. -
If we knew why would we know how to believe?
Sweet Home Alabama by Kid Rock is my summer song!
Ungaphashiswa ukuba nengane aybo. Rock and Roll with ya Little Kid . Stay alive phela
Megadeth's Dave Mustaine has paid tribute to the band's "larger than life" former bandmate Nick Menza:
If the rock gets a kid, he needs to name him/her pebble
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Playing a concert for 2 hours is pie. I would do that every minute of ...
When I was a kid, I wanted to be either a rock star or a wrestler.
I've heard great things about Hard Rock Bali! Fun nightlife/dining for adults & great kid programs
I will go see kid rock sometime. For sure.
I think what I've learned out of this lifetime is you should be proud ...
When you challenge a kid to a game of Rock Paper Scissors and they pie you off
Just had a dream I was at a Kid Rock concert n woke up mad sad but in 17 days it'll b a reality
I am a huge fan of hip hop and rap. some of my favorite people in the game right now are: kid rock, t. swift. m. trainor…
that's not a flail. That was karate kid on the rock right there.
. kid on the puerto rico heineken folk rock fest 2012: FfIXBU
If no one thought you had to pee, ya Milly Rock trash kid.
Surround yourself with good people. Whether they're the best or not, p...
Wishin I had a detroit girl to miss me
Thank you for helping me practice my when I was your age. My kid'll hate me by 2025 when John Mayer is inducted into the rock hall of fame.
Picture by Kid Rock will never get old
No more appropriate way to close out the Republican National Convention than a Kid Rock concert
Jason Aldean and Kid Rock have added another Fenway Park show! Full details:
Kid Rock is reeling from the death of his personal assistant, Mike Sacha.Podcast favorites: Blindsided: How ISIS Shook The World | Bernie
I'm not sure if John Jaso, or Kid Rock
Kid Rock was once on a classic rock station, I seriously had that *** look on my face, Linkin Park shouldn't be classic yet either
Thoughts and Prayers are with Mike and Kid Rock and the Twisted Brown Trucker band and
Trump has been endorsed by Bob Knight, Tila Tequila, John Rocker, Frank Kaminsky, Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, Aaron Carter, and also James Woods
Kid Rock postpones Detroit Music Awards appearance, will instead accept honor in 2017:
Search Trends (2016-04-27): People are searching for Kid Rock
Dreaming of being crowned the Passive Aggressive Queen as I turn up 98°'s Una Noche over roommate's Kid Rock.
Rick James, Prince, Marvin Gaye, and Kid Rock (*Don't judge!) and IEP/Conference Summary creation. Yep, it's a party up in here!
Bands no one gets nostalgic for Vol 1 feat. Korn, Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Methods of Mayhem, Dave Navarro and Coal Chamber.
Why did no one tell me the Super Bowl trailer for Gladiator was cut like an action movie with a Kid Rock soundtrack?
If you're ever at a party with me and want to see me embarrass myself play Picture by Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow 😂😂 I will sing my heart out.
I'll pass that along to Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Gene Simmons, Hank Williams Jr, Elvis' ghost & the dude from Megadeth htt…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
only if I can have Kid Rock's part 🙋🏻
These Women's Title Match entrances are fantastic. Long gone are the days of 25 divas coming out all at once to Kid Rock.
Favorite this if Hadley and I should audition for The Voice with the song Picture by Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow (me as Kid and her as Cheryl)
Foleys the only person I know that can switch it up from French Montana to Kid Rock and Cheryl Crow
Wondering why Weird Al hasn't done "American Fat *** in the style of Kid Rock's "American Bad ***
Papa Bear with Kid Rock = Belichick spends a little quality time with Kid Rock
Just submitted through to perform at among Kid Rock, Aaron Lewis, and many more!
That Jeremy Renner dude has white trash eyes. No matter what you dress him in, he'll look poor. Kid Rock syndrome.
where I saw Lynard Skynard , and Kid Rock at Blossom Music Center about four yrs ago
Chris MacK loves Kid Rock? Xavier is going out in the 2nd round just based on that.
"Chris MacK likes Kid Rock" is something I'd put on a sign for the Shootout. Turns out it's accurate. Yikes.
Chris MacK and Kid Rock makes so much sense
Imagine being the reporter listening to Chris MacK gushing about Kid Rock's back catalog.
Margo Pheagin DeWitt. Lee Ann Johnson Miller. I changed my mind. Come back and get me. I want to be Rockin on Kid Rock tonight.
Mac Miller is for people who thought 'I' was the best song from TPAB. Mac Miller looks like Kid Rock and Mike Patton had a kid
Breast Cancer Awareness
Pandora station: Kid Rock, Bubba Sparxxx, Everlast, Rehab, Swollen Members, and Tech N9ne. All it plays is Tech N9ne. I am not complaining.
My candidate may not have won but at least my vote didn't match Mike Tyson Charlie Sheen and Kid Rock., seriously, guys.Chris Rock, Kid Rock, and The Rock are not actually related.
Patiently waiting for the chick at work with the black boyfriend to approach me to discuss Chris Rock @ the Oscars. 😩😩😩😩
"If the kid can't read, that's mamma fault; if the kid can't read because there is no light in the house, that's daddy's fault" - Chris Rock
When I was I was a kid I knew I was into music cuz I would rock to tha rythem of my heart beat
idc what time of day, where I'm at, or who I'm with, if you start playing Picture by Kid Rock I'm singing the whole thing
.yes this is common joke delivery. It's just cringe worthy and done poorly. Likewise, Chris Rock's Asian kid jokes r the same.
When i was a kid i thought vin diesel n the rock are the same person lmao
Beyoncé and Jay Z Rock Matching Outfits at a Children's Birthday Party: After their cute basketball date last ...
Was real rock hound as a kid; when we had a baby + hubby wanted to use talcum powder, I was all, no! Asbestos!  
I'm crying, people expected the kid who played Chris Rock in Everybody Hates Chris to show up and tell some friendly jokes
People want you to quit only when they don’t have a job - Chris Rock
Trump needs to walk out to American Bad *** by Kid Rock at the next caucus
The music behind school of rock is powerful. It's literally the message every kid wants said.
Trust what you Know, Rock with your folks but take no Prisoners...:- BJ The Chicago Kid..
Chris Rock, loved your Oscar riff, you got balls kid, P.S. What's your secret? You look like 20... Illuminati.? J/K.
[old man convention]. Let me tell you about the 90s, kid. When a suburbanite's definition of punk rock was Gwen Stefani.
The whole thing could fit but HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to my rock Love the kid..❤️!!
Sometimes I wish that I can go back to a little kid again.
Not sure I understand the Mad Max 💘. Love Charlize & Tom & the rock royalty but thought original was better. Maybe my kid memories r off...
Coming up shortly, Montgomery Gentry, Kid Rock & Tim McGraw. Listen at
Lmao when Tyler & I do the face swap he looks like kid rock it's hilarious 😂😂
Chris Rock guilts crowd into buying $65K-worth of his kids' Girl Scout Cookies: https:…
Kid Rock makes music for people that smoke cigarettes through a hole in their neck.
Is right!!! Did some minor DJ work years ago and was pressured to play kid rock, because that's what the crowd liked
Steeling yer rock idols hat for yer kid. not his but I can pretend)
7 of 10 As you (may) know, Kid Rock has a video he made of me before he became known which he wants to post on his website.
Just want someone that I could listen to some Nickleback and Kid Rock with
And you know what "Cowboy" Cerrone is out to: It's "Cowboy" by the early morning stoned pimp, the K-I-D, Kid Rock, circa…
Garth at Texas stadium! Kid Rock brings it, and John Meyer was strong!
This is the best now playing Kid Rock - Born Free on
Kid Rock discusses his Detroit heritage, rules to live by, what Bob Seger taught him and more
this sounds really weird but I've got a Bmx video with Kid Rock from one his selling on the street mixtapes. So good.
Correct - 2:00 into this vid, Robin Zander mentions but RRHOF chose Kid Rock
Make one night Rock and Roll night. Dave Mustaine, Dee Snyder, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock.
I haven't listened to that stupid Kid Rock & Cheryl Crow song in years and it's been stuck in my head the last hour ***
Robin Zander says Kid Rock will induct Cheap Trick into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
ICYMI, Robin Zander revealed that Kid Rock was picked by the Rock Hall to induct Cheap Trick at (2:00)
Some rocks are so cool they get names. Ayers Rock. Plymouth Rock. The Rock of Gibraltar. Kid Rock. Fraggle Rock. Pluto.
I loved Justin Bieber's rendition of Kid Rock's trailer trash & Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance during his performance tonight.
Picture by Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock is the ultimate
You know it's time to clean up your Itunes when there's still a karaoke track of Picture by Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock just chillin
Reba, Sugarland, Scotty McCreery, Tim McGraw, Kid Rock, all of them were hanging on my wall 😂
But showing up to Kid Rock's concert at Bethel Woods flying confederate flags was just people showing "their southern heritage?" 😂😂
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Super Bowl 51 halftime show should be Justin Timberlake and Kid Rock. Because we deserve it.
IA you will. I see great potential and I kid you not... I am a very harsh grammar nazi. . I am my worst critic. U rock
They don't want you to have a bigger pool than Kid Rock. Re: Beyoncé
Wasn't impressed by anyone at halftime. Kid Rock would of been great.
I was looking through old notes in my phone and found one that said "jay rock vice city but with microsoft sam" and, well
I didnt care for any of the 3 of them. How about some Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. I'm sick of this stuff.
For a kid that looks 14 in School Of Rock. Saying he's 10 is just far unrealistic 😂 Then to find out he was actually 16 there, lol wowza
She's not though at all you creep? and I can tell you're just another *** it seems go back under your rock kid 👌👍
Have you ever seen Kid Rock on Ritmic Music ?. 🔊Free listening there:
I feel like everyone has at least one Kid Rock song they like
If you don't like old school Kid Rock can we even be friends?
Come on girl we go together like Maxwell house coffee, Bud Light beer, lead in Flint Michigan, and kid rock songs
I was thinking Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, but anything can happen
Now Playing on WNR: Rock Kills Kid - Paralyzed - Click to listen to WNR:
Worst halftime show ever. Beyoncé is a racist. Next year should be Kid Rock and Hank jr.
Appreciate everyone that still rock with us!!! The grind is about to be heavy gotta get this feeling off my head smh
next year maybe Kid Rock can come out with white sheets and hoody back up
Songs I never thought I would hear again let alone still enjoy: Bawitaba - Kid Rock
All summer long by kid Rock is the worst song ever made by far no question it's garbage
Dude that joked about ripping out my face piercings is karaokeing a Kid Rock country slow jam right now. I really am out in the sticks.
Best halftime show is still the pats panthers in '03. Nelly, Aerosmith, kid rock, JT, Janet Jackson. What a time
An ad w/ & a badass mini redhead rock kid. We're here for that!
Kid Rock has endorsed Donald Trump for. If there's anyone who should give political advice it's the guy who sings a song ca…
when you misspell Kid rock but you can't Delete cause it already has favs
Came home to my momma telling me were going to see kid rock at the rodeo this year😩🤘🏼
"Kid Rock performs songs in which he says likes other songs, that is like the lowest form of anything" 😂😂😂😂
I should put it away.but I cant. Kid Rock - Picture ft. Sheryl Crow [Official Video]
All Summer Long by Kid Rock is in Bowlplex Dunfermline, Dunfermline. Download it now at
And they replaced Kid Rock with Mark McGrath lol
someone should tell Katie that getting fingered at a Kid Rock show once doesn't make you Michael Alig
Kid Rock endorses Donald Trump the only way he knows how -
Kid Rock has endorsed Donald Trump for president. "Let the business guy run the country like a business"
Kid Rock tells us why he has officially endorsed Donald Trump for president
Kid Rock also endorsed MI Gov Snyder and lives in Nashville. He could care less about the country or his home state.
I miss the old Kid Rock. The rap-rocker from Michigan I grew up listening to. This Southern revivalist Republican Kid Rock is a ***
ORIGINAL AMY SCHUMER IDEA: Amy is mulleted redneck janitor on a search for the parents who abandned her. Christoper Walken & Kid Rock costar
Kid Rock says he's 'digging Trump' for president
Let's not forget Kid Rock endorsed Mitt Romney last time.
Of course this country is a mess, Kid Rock made a song using Werewolves of London and Sweet Home Alabama and we let him…
Now for your viewing pleasure I give you: Sharknado 3. Starring, Sugar Ray & Mark Cuban. Only way this gets better is a 'Kid Rock' cameo.
TIL in 2011 the Detroit Symphony Orchestra was in a deep financial crisis. Kid Rock, in wh…
Kid Rock - Collide (feat. Sheryl Crow and Bob Seger on Piano) via
"Cowboy" by Kid Rock packing up game chillin like flint, huge Trump supporter don't believe the lies, vote for Trump
I am EXTREMELY busy at the moment enjoying the ouevre of Mr. Kid Rock. so that's my Tuesday night.
I don't like Kid Rock but I can appreciate the work it takes to glue pubes to his chin every day for 20 years.
Kid Rock summoned for jury duty in Oakland County: Robert James Ritchie — AKA Kid Rock — appeared at the Oakland…
Lineup Announced: Eric Church, Blake Shelton, Toby Keith, Kid Rock, and many more at First-Ever Music Fest
Coming up shortly, Joe Nichols, Kid Rock & Thomas Rhett. Listen at
"I'm so greasy you can call me mud." Oh what a timeless classic the work of Kid Rock is. . Not.
Did they just say Zac Seljaas is shooting 57% from behind the arc? GET THAT KID THE ROCK!
I'm not sure who the kid on the rock is but he never jumped 
I hope my combination of dress slacks and black rock t-shirt conveys my "I want to support my kid, but I hate leaving m…
I'm gonna be "Chillin the Most" with my buddy Kid Rock on his cruise to Jamaica!! Already SOLD OUT!
Now playing: Bawitdaba by Kid Rock listen at - Buy it
I don't understand how anyone souls like kid rock music 😂
Picture by Kid Rock is one of my favs
FYI on RN... The kid has never been in trouble... He's been a rock star since 10th grade... So the NFL will not change him.
my love of Kid Rock music is indescribable...
When u tell the kid u babysit that his rock climbing instructor was cute and he runs back in and tells him. Terrible wingman.
As a kid I always was sad that camp rock didn't win the final jam but as much older u get u understand what the movie wants to tell u
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
another year goes by...and no Kid Rock in the rock n roll hall of fame
I was shootin double when u walked in. I was a rock star party hard gettin over you come back kid, hey I musta did what all my friends say!
This *** Kid Cudi on some other stuff now.. I can't rock bruh lol
When I listen to picture by kid rock, I instantly turn into Sheryl Crow.
Kid Cudi made a rock and roll album. . You read that right. What better way to end 2015.
*walking past 2nd graders at my moms school*. Kid 1: who are those guys?. Kid 2: Rock Stars. Me: 🤘🏼
The kid rock cameo in the new star wars was a nice touch
Stoked to see rock LA Got Aloha on January 8th!!!
Did John Goodman and Kid Rock merge into one person?
HBD The only kid I know that can rock a Hawaiian shirt better than me
'Rock That Museum Kid': stunning photos of kids in galleries … (
Erykah Badu cosigned the new faux rock Kid Cudi album. I'm gonna be sick to my stomach.
A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.
I added a video to a playlist Tribute to Led Zeppelin (Foo Fighters - Kid Rock - L.Kravitz - A.&
It's basically just carnival food themed Kid Rock
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Did You Know??? Miranda Lambert & Kid Rock are going to be at The Legendary Buffalo Chip in 2016!!! WILL...
Same. Got a load going and rockin the drum set to various glam, rock and metal. Love Bowie & this Kid Rock ain't bad either.
Just realized that Kid Rock has a southern rock song with the line "it was summer time in Northern Michigan."
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