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Kia Ora

Kia ora is a Māori language greeting which has entered New Zealand English. It means literally be well/healthy and is translated as an informal hi at the Māori Language Commission website Kōrero Māori.

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Kia ora is there a higher living wage in Auckland than other places? We want to adjust accordingly. Warm wishes, Manda.
Kia ora After a long meeting yesterday with a fellow RTLit I feel more ready for the year!
Why not give the gift of memories for any special occasion with a Gift Voucher for Kia Ora Mini Farm, available...
Kia ora New Zealand! It's Rātū today – the sun's out in the north and the east of the country, but rain and overcast everywhere else.
Kia ora New Zealand! We’re pleased to welcome you as the newest Member State of
Kia Ora bro! Glad to see another Kiwi onboard. 👍
Just some bird thing, with some wizard, from some movie I haven't seen. Kia Ora Wellington!!!…
you're not Thiel, you hv doggos & nice wife. Throw in the spaghetti for free? Kia ora, e hoa!
Kia ora Rob. Hope you've thoroughly enjoyed Totaranui, back to work now though :( I'm happy to chat re. my Sugar Free journey
Kia ora, we had a theme last year that looked at neutrality and how mus…
🙋Kia ora sunshine girl🌝can you tell me does Saki age like Whiskey or does it have an expiry time?. Unopened bottle from 1989😎
Kia Ora team! . Bit tense this arvo but we got there in the end. EASY Thank you orsome vollies! 🙌🙌👍. "O for...
well this just got awkward for someone. Uh... kia ora? I don't know any maori swears...
Kia Ora bro! Eru Paranihi from Maori TV, have you guys got your final coming up? Get in touch, keen to do story
Kia ora, as long as the Asian know it can't be made, brought or sold in China, it's purely Maori. Then I won't...
"Embrace the jank" is now my new fav piece of film advice. Kia ora you fount of creative wisdom 👌
Electronic Device Insurance
Kia ora we open in April 2017, details for opening/public open day to be provided.
Thank you for speaking out. Kia ora.
Kia ora writers! You've got until 15 Feb to enter the essay competition. ^DR
Kia Ora Koutou. Haere Mai. Welcome to the 2017 school year. I am very happy to be back at Waimairi School after...
New keepcup from Hapa on its inaugural outing. Art by Glenn Jones - nifty NZ souvenir teaspoons spell out Kia ora.
Kia ora folks. Welcome back. Just a reminder that we start back tomorrow, Tuesday 31st Jan.
A public service announcement for brethren everywhere
Kia ora, you can find the answer to your question here:
Kia Ora from New Zealand 😊 I love the show & was wondering how they feel about helping a family as far a…
Kia ora folk - I now have to swap computers so see ya in 2
Woke up extra early for the finals. Kia ora from New Zealand
Kia ora ryanfoland, Thanks for following me!
Kia ora Hopefully you turn up In WCPW In the future
Kia ora Kare I just drank heaps of water lol
Kia ora Whanau,. Welcome to the 2017 school year. We look forward to seeing our existing and brand new students on…
Just picked my mum up from the airport & the first thing she says is "kia ora bro.. chur" 🙄 ok you can go back now lol
Kia ora bro - just flicked an email to your xtra email addy. Is that still the best way to korero? Lemme know. Chur!
I'm watching and State of the Nation - a shining beacon of hope in a very difficult week. Kia ora.
Kia Ora on the drive back to my accommodation after the Australian drag Nationals have just finished at…
Help our kids get to Hawaii: Kia ora In June/July 2017, te whanau o Taipun..
Kia ora whānau! Just a quick note to say we'll be closed on Monday for Auckland Anniversary holiday!
Kia ora. BBQ at BP tommorow Monday 30th January from 1pm. I'd able please bring something to BBQ a salad or...
.currently owning it for NZ women in the State of the Nation event. Kia ora Metiria
Kia ora - your book is in our collection. spread the word! ^DR
Very impressive performance from the son of Cham Sire, sold from the draft of Kia-Ora Stud
Kia ora Bill. I urge you to condemn Trump's despicable actions against Muslims & ask that you increase NZ's refugee quota.
Kia ora everybody! All aboard! It's the Loggcabin radio now till 2pm NZ time on
Kia ora you're my MP, we need to see an urgent, strong condemnation from of the & Trump in general.
Was so nice to see a few young fellas discussing their experience reading this together. Ka pai kia…
Kia Ora! We are looking for someone to join our Easter Camp Events Team from mid-January to the end of April 2017...
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Kia Ora!. That's because you know not to bring food through MAF clearance.😉
Kia ora Kiwis & G'Day Aussies! is kicking off now in Australia and New Zealand. Join us here:
Kia ora InsanelyawesomL, Thanks for following me!
Kia ora whanau! Only 3 days until this event. Get your tickets today to be counted!...
Kia ora Do you know any schools that have successfully implemented your project in building and creating using plastics?
Kia ora good morning Wellington! Mostly cloudy with strengthening northerlies. High of 18.
Kia Ora!!! did the artists ask to be involved or did you hunt them out???
Bye bye kia ora Looking forward to seeing the sights over the next couple of months. 😀
Kia ora, Nicola from Wellington here. Wasn't sure I'd make it as was at board meeting. I'm here! Yay!
"So indigenous culture is collected, stored and stories told authentically." Kia ora, Koha Tech!
Kia Ora Buzz,Hope you're starting 2feel better! Good old Kiwi medicine, R& R will have you state side soon.KiaKaha
we already know the new anthem. It's our time, Kia ora, talofa, it's our time, a special time of day
We about to go live at Kia Ora FM, Manawatu iwi radio statio to promote our 'Kirihimete ki…
That time you have your own private pool in Tahiti... 💦💦💦 @ HOTEL KIA ORA Resort & Spa in RANGIROA
Kia ora,. Just reminding those with laybys or paying via bank transfer. If payment isnt in our account by the end...
Kia ora e hoa. Good on you. Sleeping dogs eh! Pike River whanau hold on 4 the same reason, because its precious. She won't get it
Android Pay says Kia ora. Android Pay in now here in NZ
Kia ora! Good morning! All of that!. I was gonna start with a great but it's Monday morning. 😴. Your…
viewer: "If you wanna speak Maori go work for Maori TV". and Hillary: "Kia ora".
Kia ora and greetings from your welcoming committee! is good to go.
Kia ora good morning Wellington! A few showers today, mainly in the north. Light winds with a late Northerly change. High of 19.
Kia ora. You can find info on our site: Thanks :)
Thru the door. Kia ora. Up the stairs. To bedroom. Kia ora
Kia ora Ms Hopkins, Radio New Zealand here. Could you please follow us for a DM. Thank you
Kia ora is a greeting? Here in the UK it used to be a horrible fruit drink, mainly sold in cinemas.
Lot 620 at the 2017 GC Yearling Sale for Kia-Ora Stud is a Mossman half sister to today's Hong Kong winner People's Knight (and SW Eximius)!
Thank you for sharing your insights on Friday inspiring korero Kia Ora
Kia ora everyone this site started in the last few hours it is a LIVE STREAM address of 24/7hr coverage of...
NGAGA makes it two wins in a row at Kenilworth! A $250,000 grad from Kia Ora stud. Congrats Andre Nel…
Kia ora Mal, great to see you here. Mixed bag in Wellington today - the wind kind of spoiled the sun when it finally appeared :)
Kia ora koutou, Celia from the Kāpiti Coast - multi tasking as I moderate tonights chat
Kia ora koutou, and welcome to our final for 2016. Q1 is all about checking in - 'Who's who in the zoo?…
Kia ora, I did this podcast with Simon Sweetman from Off The Tracks last week when I was back in Wellington. We...
Kia ora - cup of tea and a Kindle book in the Koru Lounge after a big weekend. How times h…
rear diff or complete axle 95 nissan navara 4wd: kia ora, Jus looking for anyone who may have an old diff,complete…
Incredibly special morning with these wahine at dawn blessing exhibition Kia…
Kia ora everyone. Lindsay in New Zealand. Just finished reading now to try the ideas learnt.
Kia Ora ! has had some fantastic support from some awesome peeps. All contributed to making i…
Kia Ora whanau,. If anyone has ever wanted to learn tools on how to speak more confidently in public in a safe environment Toastmasters can…
WAIHI EAST PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWS. Kia Ora te whanau. Who can believe week 3 is here already! Its great to see our...
Kia Ora koutou, to all my Otago Whanau if you or someone you know is an akonga of science then come along to this...
Here we go whanau! Flying to rehearsals in the big smoke. Shot to for the Kia Ora love.
Kia Ora whanau, the Tuparehuia Marae Committee have asked to share this agenda for the AGM tomorrow, which begins...
Kia Ora whanau. Thank you to everyone who went to the unveiling.
Kia Ora whanau great to be back in Whakatane. It's nice and warm up here and Aunty Tala can't…
LIVE on Kia Ora from New Zealand the Land of the Long White Cloud 🇳🇿
Kia Ora! We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday night.
Kia ora Natives! Our replay's on at 11.00 this morning if you fancy some Native Affairs with your parakuihi.
Kia ora we are now live on or watch us on live streaming here:
Kia Ora, whanau - a pic of Sally's Head Table for moko Kevin's 21st last night, at our return to our -...
Kia ora! oh I saw some stunners in your Storify.
Kia ora to the hosts of kid show on - 7 year old & me lovin' it. Badjelly yay! 👯🎉
In the old days it was Chipmunk Crisps and Kia Ora that did the trick.
Kia Ora, from New Zealand! Join us every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Courtyard King…
On the big screen she looks like she's selling Kia-Ora and Poppets in an old fashioned cinema.
Kia ora e te whānau. We're going to launch our soon. Please take our survey. Kia ora.
Kia Ora Perth whanau, To everyone in the wider Perth areas - Joondalup and Rockingham. Due to Travel costs, I...
Glass of Kia ora and I feel fantastic
"Kia Ora Wellington"? A preparation of orange squash coated with pâté and duxelles, then wrapped in puff pastry and baked
Kia Ora Wellington! How lucky are you all, to live here? It's bleddy gorgeous.
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Good win by Heart Starter, giving followers 4 wins in a row. Good Derby warm up there for Kia Ora Koutou.
Kia Ora Koutou closed late for third in an improved effort after his first-up run. On track for the WATC Derby
Gonna be a be on me next time every time with ordinary jockeys on it, yeah only 2nd up. Good jocks make it happen Ora Koutou
Kia Ora will improve here 2nd up and no doubt is the best horse. Hope we see the best of the horse
Kia Ora Koutou getting ready to show his best!
Just got wow-ed by the words of Anis Kia ora Anis. Come back to Christchurch again soon.. ^DR
Hoping Kia Ora Koutou can be back to his best here.
landing at Kia-Ora Hut Cradle Mountainto pick up a patient with an ankle injury and transfer to RHH
Kia Ora Whanau!! We are back in action!! Remeber let us know if you have any panui or hui posted on our site.
only taken 6 months for you to jump on mate, and to think you thought Kia Ora Koutou would knock him off!!!
Tom Walsh you legend! Gold medal in the men's shot put at the World Indoor Champs . bring on Rio big boy!! Kia ora, we are proud of you
"It's our time, kia ora, talofa. It's our time, our special time of day..." *** Only. 90s. Kids. Remember. :^)
We're happy to show you some Kiwi hospitality! Kia ora!
Kia Ora Beautiful Souls!. I'm in New Zealand for this Equinox and Eclipse cycle. I'm doing some past life...
Hi, kia ora! We are unavailable right now but will respond to all posts and emails as soon as we can. For a...
Kia ora everyone! The Anticancer Agents are mobilised and ready to go, and in a few hours we …
Kia Ora, Paora. If you could keep those feelers out for the dogs…have a possible solution but may not work out.
Great first Blab Robyn and now you have your own site ! Kia Ora :)
Kia ora thanks for your welcome nga mihi
Indigenous brands - good for NZ and Maori producers. Kia ora Lucy Griffin Future Perspectives 2015
Kia ora from New Zealand have a nice Friday! (Via
Delighted to have work accepted by Kia ora from the British Library.
Kia Ora team New Zealand. Way to go guys. Awesome show. Keep it up. Hope to see you win the finals.
Kia ora, I'm a Maori Sydney director. would love to direct a music vid for u. My work for
P Kia Ora from New Zealand President Obama, I'm wondering when I visit America can I pitch my tent on The WhiteHouse Lawn?? I'll cook
Kia ora to all my new students and possible students. I look forward to working with you. To all those living...
you make me giggle ! Kia ora from when you coming for a visit ?
hello or Kia ora as we say in New Zealand xx much love bro, you should come here sometime
Kia Ora from the Gold Coast. Winston has kept the beaches closed. Gonna try my luck in Byron bay for a swim 🏊
"Kia Ora from the Morning Crew guys, I'm Jordan & I'm covering for Nate this morning because I wield the Matrix Of Leadership!"
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LOST- CAT - (LOWER HUTT) WELLINGTON. Kia Ora. My mate Frankie the cat has gone bush. I live in the Naenae area of...
After our gig last night the whiter half of us ended up drinking Purple Goannas & going eeling with the Gisborne locals a…
kia ora cuzzy, im a big fan of your tunes bro. Keep doing what you doing, if you ever come to NZ i would defiantly come see it
Kia Ora! Being away this week has really given me some time to reflect. Just hanging out at the beach thinking...
Kia ora whanau, locked in to play a set at the Auckland Seafood Festival next Saturday afternoon. It is an...
Any media release on the happenings at Anderleigh Rd Kia Ora Yesterday?
Israel plans more settlements in occupied West Bank | Kia Ora Gaza
Kia ora yeah I'll be there tomorrow !!:)
Kia ora Karyn:) has become a normal part of my morning too:) One week till we are off again!
Kia Ora & my Granddad Wilfred was a Sapper in WW1. Lovely work this week team. x
Kia ora! We're out of the office Monday 25 January due to Wellington Anniversary. We'll be back in the office Tuesday 26 January.
I don't know about you but this at a got me in tears. Powerful stuff. Kia ora!
Kia ora if you have time, could you pls check to see if the images are working properly for you now? Thx :)
Kia Ora Gem, beauty shots as always...
A0 Kia Ora everyone, Nigel squeezing into for a bit at least, learning is continuous but hey... what do I know?
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Kia ora! Just checked the new site out, looking for where the games are being played, but can't easily find the info.
Tonight I have been mostly drinking Kia-Ora
kia ora Winston, the flag they are flying on harbour bridge isn't even the same colour scheme as what was on the ballot paper
Kia ora Jackson r u still in Turangi bro just having a chat with the guys here at awafm reckon you at Ratana apopo?
Kia ora! 2 years since my trip in New Zealand. Gorgeous landscapes and unique experiences. It's…
: Kia Ora: Huia: This proud community plays host to the best scenery — and cake — you'll find, writes...
Anei kia ora koe me ou nei hoa Aroha may health and prosperity attend you and all whom you love.
kia ora - the flag that they are flying on the harbour bridge is turquoise. Not what the people who voted for...
Looking fwd to flying to Aotearoa next month! 🇳🇿✈️ love the Kiwi culture & ANZ is the best. Kia ora!
we'll see you Kia Ora and raise you a Chur
I don't know anyone, no, but that's good to know. Kia ora!
And in other news, the vatican realise Jesus was slipping blackcurrant Kia-Ora into their water all along.
Kia ora! Wanting to learn Download our cultural kit to your phone or tablet today!
I used to enjoy eating a spoonful of this washed down with neat Kia-Ora out the bottle.
How does Israel continue to get away with it? | Kia Ora Gaza
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Kia Ora e te iwi..thank you for the views..I've been quiet lately on this site but things are gonna change. .put...
your Spotify playlist is still my life and thanks for sharing it with me pal, kia ora.
Kia ora whanau been busy at work!! Happy new years to everyone out there!!. Thanks so much uncoditional love and...
i always get you mixed up with my other friend cos same names rip, Kia Ora fellow NZ gc member, we haven't talked a lot but hIII
HELLO LITTLE SINGAPOREAN KID THAT LIVES IN CHCH, you're a blast to talk to. hope we can talk more. Kia Ora
Kia Ora! Our Mini Magnum carriage is half the world away, having safely completed its epic journey to New Zealand https…
Kia ora koutou katoa! Up to this weekend? The MOUNT BEACH 5s are kicking off, our third installation, 1st summer...
Kia Ora . Recollection of the history of the Ruruku Whakatupua Whanganui River Claim - more details can be found...
I see you two are enjoying the sky tower in New Zealand on your story 😂 Kia Ora❤️😊
Kia Ora from Martin... . I see the snail season has arrived, plenty on the footpaths and a very juicy one in my...
Kia'Ora from New Zealand! You're an inspirational human being Connor much aroha & respect to you!!!
Our DOM PELLIGRINO wins the Kia Ora Stud Benchmark 60 Handicap R2 at for Christian Reith
The Paul Perry trained Don Pellegrino all fired up before his win in the Kia Ora Hcp. Double for Perry/Reith combo
Highlight: Quentin Tarantino loves Utu. Kia ora to that!
Kia Ora! Just interested to know what you are studying at university? All the very best with your studies too.
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MISSING - DOG - (FEILDING) MANAWATU/WANGANUI. Kia Ora. Our American bulldog Leo is missing. He is white with a...
Kia Ora bro & yes tell da people tune in now special live broadcast BAYS NYE worldwide to the midnight hr http…
Well eating cauliflower, drinking Kia Ora and singing about "Juan Jesus" running through the park shoes I got a little tipsy last night 🤔
Adam Durrant's Kia Ora Koutou is the Derby wildcard. By Blackfriars, out of an Oaks winning Jeune mare, out of an At Talaq mare. Stay much?!
Kia ora - is that the Amanda Palmer book? If you fill out this request form, we'll see what we can do. ^DR
Kia Ora Kotou friends.. a message from Jay McLaren-Harris about NYS Film Screening in Dargaville :-). Kia Ora,...
Kia Ora from Radio New Zealand. We'd love to talk to you about Fear the Walking Dead.Please email susan.baldacci
Durrant puts faith in rookie to steer path to glory
Kia Ora I would love some coffee for Sundays game
Kia Ora Koutou for me. Only one to have won over 2200.
Kia Ora from NZ! Gutted is over, but glad Kiwi viewers will still see ya (& maybe your Butt) on :-D
Kia ora to Nunuccal for their fabulous welcome to Feeling properly welcomed back to my birth country.
Kia ora!. Vote for which Maori name you think is the most suitable for our new school to sit alongside our...
"...disinclined Somerset Maughan to spend his evenings in the dark with a carton of Kia-Ora"... >
No sure what trainers gain out of relentlessly talking up their horses. Here's hoping Kia Ora Koutou can live up to the hype!
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Kia ora! We have a on Wellington Access Radio: tune in on 783am on Saturday 31st at 12pm to…
WA tnr Adam Durrant says "First run off the plane is their best given my experience with Mr Moet & a few others previously- Kia Ora Koutou
Kia ora, hello, how's the mouse problem hope it's sorted
Kia Ora! Don't think I am all that new though. Have a lovely day
Adam Durrant says undersell Kia Ora Koutou at your own peril, "He is a serious horse, don't worry about the month between runs, he is fit."
Shout out to the yummy folk Kia Ora from sunny NZ and enjoy selling Pic's to PB fiends
Kia Ora Alessio, thanks for the drop and for being Freddys champion in Italy all these years..
Kia Ora! Getting permission to enter and learn the haka. . …
Kia ora Flying Kiwis! Where was your best selfie taken in New Zealand?? Our recent student trip definitely found...
Off to Nelson & my pickle column in Kia Ora torn out of 3 onboard mags
Cannot wait to see Kia Ora Koutou on Saturday. Write him off at your own peril.
Kia ora! Awesome reading through everyone's thoughts.. definitely a big issue. Hope you all have a great day!
Kia-ora Craig,looking forward to the Big Game this wkend.Go AB's. Thank you for your support.Roy LM .
Kia ora friends and Happy Monday. Get ready for a wine-filled week ahead.
have you watched the trial footage from Kia Ora???
Kia Ora! It's 1am there right now. Where ru exactly in NZ? Take care. See u soon in your concert. 😁
what is all the fuss about Kia Ora ...
Kia ora Definitely. With tarzino and etymology...
Kia Ora Koutou has the pedigree, form & a confident jockey ahead of Saturday’s blue riband event. reports. .
You can take the boy out of New Zealand but you can't take New Zealand out of the boy. Kia Ora…
Kia Ora, I am getting excited about visiting Auckland this week and connecting with some dear friends, meeting...
Kia ora koutou. I witnessed a young girl (around 6) being physically and emotionally abused today in a playground...
I am really starting to warm to Kia Ora Koutou. Reminds a bit of Plastered. Beaten older seasoned horses. Stays all day $9 gift!
oh for sure. Undeniable chance and deserves favoritism but something special about Kia Ora IMO
So great to have you back... Kia ora tena koe!
I am really warming to Kia Ora Koutou. Beaten seasoned older horses and reminds me of Plastered
Kia Ora from sunny Maraehako Bay! Can someone ask my boss if I can have an extra week off to chill…
This has been very useful for bringing into focus some things I already was considering. Kia ora.
Just done a Kia Ora Koutou/Fame Game/Sacred Eye multi at the very nice odds of $146.25. Fame Game better price on Bet365 than Betfair!!!
Can't wait too see my best mate get aboard kia ora koutou in the vic derby Saturday!!
Kia ora This does look fab. If you recommend it using this form, we can let you know ^DR
Kia ora. Our system upgrade is all done thanks to our fab Library IT crew. You can use catalogue & eResources as normal again, Yay! ^DR
Early Derby noms - looking forward to Keen Array vs Exosphere in the Coolmore, Kia Ora Koutou in The Derby, & the Last Chance Lexus
Kia ora. Gearing up for the final. Go
I just screamed at this scene in the film and my mum flicked some of her Kia Ora juice on me like say it's holy water LOL
Victoria Derby 2015: Adam Durrant more certain of Kia Ora Koutou's ability than naming inspiration
takes Manhattan. Booth going up at No long now! Drop by and say Kia Ora @ booth http:/…
Kia Ora whanau in Aus, I am a freelance journalist and photographer in Aotearoa writing a feature story about...
Kia Ora beautyfull IDEC whanau! . I want to share with you that the FIRST video has now been released on You Tube...
❤Honey !! Taste of home. What price do U put on ur health? Kia Ora,kia kaha.
For non kiwis at "Kia Ora" = Te Reo Maori greeting, also a way of saying you like what someone's saying
Kia Ora! At we celebrate Te Reo all month long! Find out about all the events we have planned here: ^JR
Kia Ora e te whanau - there's still time to get along to our Whakaata Maori studios to be a part of our studio...
Kia Ora e te whanau.. To view any of the *** performances, please go to click on...
Kia Ora whanau, I'm Troy from Palmy and I'm hoping the bro's and will be down to share a korero tonight..
Sitting in a beautiful theatre at Park Rd Post. No pix allowed but wow its a stunning space. Kia Ora
You little beauties. Kia ora Proteas. rock'n along. an honour to watch in action.
Brilliant batting display by Guptill, almost certain to be a match winning performance. A warrior with his taiaha in battle, kia ora
Kia ora. "What makes you beautiful? Apparently it's nothing to do with big bums .
Fascinating and poignant walk around Pukeahu with Kia ora!
Kia Ora from the best part of Aotearoa!
Kia Ora Michelle, Welkum to Aotearoa NZ. I belng to the Patriots Defense Force Motorcycle club & I'm X Army. Msg me for info
Cartoon (lesson) of the day... feel free to share it around! Kia ora
Kia Ora Whanau. Amy my team mate and I have joined up to try raise funds for our up and coming travels. Im off to...
Kia Ora♪ How r u this morning? No hungover?? ;-). Have a wonderful, special time with ur people in Yokohama today! Good luck!. Txx
Kia Ora working hard to end suicide and dealing with the black dog at the same time. Kia manaaki ai atua koutou
Old guy next to me on the plane is so bored. Pointing out something on every page of Kia Ora magazine to me.
Kia ora Fam ! . It's a stunning day in Welli and we're at Karaka Cafe from 2pm with live sets Tyna Keelan , Jay...
Kia ora! I look forward to seeing a developing discussing around this topic.
Kia ora whanau - want to be a part of this collaborative film list project?? Check it out :)
All purpose parts banner
Kia Ora where can I get those details for the free swimming lessons? Want to share on fb for whanau. Thanks!
Kia Ora Steve Thank you, your support means a lot. Cheers, take it easy and enjoy your weekend
Kia ora koutou, the last one for this week...
The bane of my life they are. I demand a full hysterectomy . I can pay in chips and Kia Ora
Kia Ora! Learn how YOU can Study, Work, and Live in New Zealand this 2015!. Let Fortrust help you plan ahead!. Work...
Me "can I have some of that Rita ora juice you bought?" Daniel "do you mean Kia ora?" Lol yeah sure that
Miss K, hope you shared your musical talents with Miranda as well. Nice moves, ladies. Kia ora!!
Well, whatevers goin on in life, Kia Ora - Hello from New Zealand
kia ora it's 9pm and I'm a bottle down. Sup
Is she any relation to Kia Ora who used to make orange & lemon squash ?
Kia ora Wahine ma,. Interested in furthering your knowledge of karanga?. Check out this hui at Te Wairua Tapu tomorrow
Kia ora,. What are you all up to Easter? Check out the Blak Markets in La Perouse
462 Te Moana Rd, Waikanae NZ - Kia Ora! Without declaring New Zealand as part of this country...
Kia Ora can't wait to try you guys out 🎉
I did not know this, but now that I do it makes total sense. Kia ora.
Kia Ora!. The search is on again! See below:. Top level male dancers mid 20's - early 30's. If you can pop, slide,...
Kia Ora Camille :) is the IG compexusa competition open Internationally?
Kia Ora Quincy - thanks for the follow. Nga mihi nui, Tim
Wow, I can't believe you are in New Zealand!!! Kia Ora and welcome to paradise!!! 😊😊😊
Kia ora/ Hello Sk peeps!!. Please like this post if it comes up on your News feed.. Not sure if our message is...
Kia Ora to Blue Mountain School - thanks for the follow. Nga mihi nui, Tim
Kia Ora Stephen - thanks for the follow. Nga mihi nui, Tim
Awesome to know we arent that much behind in NZ, You (kia ora bro) & are "the best" judges...
Juliet M PES YEAH POLYFEST!!!: Kia Ora,Talofalava,Malo e lelei have you ever been to polyfest well if you have...
I finally got around to watching Mt. Zion with last night, Kia ora bro did a tumeke job my bro!
Kia Ora for this beautiful piece on my cousin Louise Jull: How we will miss her
Kia ora whanau. We have about 8 computer flat screens that we no longer need. FREE FREE Please come in and see Mr...
Coding my new game with a bit of Tech News Tonight on ... Kia Ora from New Zealand!
We have a Kia Ora Lime pie spare as part of Pie Day Friday!. Delivery today in CBD and imme…
'Kia Ora' Susan good on you, you good thing you. Thanks for the support info
Update your maps at Navteq
I encourage people to attend a Business Roundtable in Toronto organised by Kia Ora Canada on Mar 27
I'm gonna *** in your Kia ora now, better guard that fridge tomorrow
Got a 'Kia ora koutou katoa' from the train guard ova train intercom. Chur
Kia ora, New Zealand! Come and see at the We are SO excited to be here (2 shows left, Fri-Sat). htt…
Kia ora watching all the way from New Zealand at 2:50am. Worth being tired at work.
London today commemorations end Kia ora whanau served & families of our Fallen
kia ora guys, good luck vs the raiders this weekend. Kia kaha from Melbourne
From now on, my boss gets a kia Ora /morena /ata marie each morning, hope that's not too "cuzzie bro" for him
It's a SIX! 6 from 6 in Pool Play Yay! Bring on the Qtr Final. Kia ora to all the teams exiting. Kia pai te haere
. Kia ora mate Get the blues to build the ten bridges Go the
Kia ora Jo. Welcome back to Taranaki. It's great isn't it.
Kia ora e te whānau the LIVE stream is going better now. Thanks for hanging in. The candidates are offereing...
Fark man just gave you a kia ora den you chuck your wkt away
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