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Khris Middleton

James Khristian Khris Middleton (born August 12, 1991 in Charleston, South Carolina) is an American professional basketball player for the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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DeRozan basically a glorified Khris Middleton that shoots more free throws
Khris Middleton cause he doesn't miss. 😂
I love Middleton tho. I like Giannis/Khris/Jabari because they'll be able to switch everything and all versatile on O
I might be buggin', but that attempted Rubio for Khris Middleton trade was so strange, the wing is not an issue
How are Sixers fans everywhere preparing themselves for trading the number 1 pick for Khris Middleton? I'm sawing off my left tibia
not a bad choice. Draymond, Festus Ezeli, Jae Crowder, Khris Middleton, Will Barton all selected after him.
BWA HA HA HA! 60/66 players should b called out. Wesley Matthews, Enes Kanter, Khris Middleton make more than Curry?
my theory is that someone showed him the Khris Middleton contract
Okay so I've used Khris Middleton before but this is my first time actually using the Bucks on 2K16 and OMG GIANNIS BRUH. BRUH. GIANNIS.
Khris Middleton is the best shooter in the Eastern conference don't @ me
Idk how Khris Middleton is a bench option but I'm taking him *shrug*
def not a bust, but I agree Khris is much better. Middleton's problem is that he's stuck on the Bucks
I saw Tatum play vs Monk and he reminds me more of Khris Middleton than Batum
So happy that Khris Middleton isn't my SG
Horford stays, Bud has needed a 2/3 guy that commands the respect of defenses. Khris Middleton at the deadline is an option
Also lets look back at some of deals signed last season. Khris Middleton got 70 million
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Last time we drafted a PG we missed out Draymond Green and Khris Middleton 🌚
I don't see Barnes being better than Middleton ever. So I wouldn't pay more for him than Khris got.
Khris Middleton, Reggie Jackson and Tristan Thompson all got $70-$80M last year. And the salary cap is going up.
VIDEO: John Henson, Khris Middleton admit Bucks weren't in 'best' shape to begin training camp... via
So many basketball players have been coming to Jamba Juice lately. John Henson , Greg Monroe , & now Khris Middleton 👅👅
The Bulls beat the Bucks but Khris Middleton didn't play so did they REALLY win?. My column:
Was trying to figure out why the Bucks were playing so terribly, it was all because Khris Middleton was out tonight. I miss you
Khris Middleton's presence is strongly felt tonight. Bucks only attempted three 3 pointers and missed all of them. No Midrange game either.
Is this what the whole season would've been like without Khris Middleton?
Totally missed the part about Khris Middleton being out tonight.
Jumbotron had video of Khris Middleton naming MLB teams. We got a "Tampa Devil Rays" and a "Florida Marlins" so yeah.
still performing strong without forward Khris Middleton tonight.
ESPNMilwaukee "RT PatelESPN: Khris Middleton out tonight (left thigh strain). Inglis to start."
Khris Middleton (strained left thigh) will not play vs. the Bulls on Sunday.
Khris Middleton..really dude! *** half of my lineups gone..that's what I get for not watching the time though
Khris Middleton has been ruled OUT (thigh) tonight, Damien Inglis will START!
UPDATE: Khris Middleton (strained left quad) is out for Sunday's game vs Chicago (day to day).
Khris Middleton (left thigh strain) is out tonight. Damien Inglis gets the start in his place.
Khris Middleton MIL is OUT Sunday vs CHI - left thigh strain
Giannis Antetokounmpo, Greg Monroe and Jabari Parker all to get a bump in with Khris Middleton a late scratch:
Bucks PR says Khris Middleton is out tonight because of a left thigh strain.
ProBallMetrics: Lineup note: Damien Inglis will start for injured Khris Middleton on Sunday.
Khris Middleton off to a hot start going 3 for 3 from the field for 7 pts. Devin Booker — known for his shooting not hi…
Kawhi has fewer 30 point games this season than Danilo Gallinari, Khris Middleton, Devin Booker, Brandon Knight, Rudy Ga…
Khris Middleton is 8-9 on 3-pt FG. Bucks single-game record is 10 by Ray Allen in 2002.
The Milwaukee Bucks rejected the Atlanta Hawks' offer of Khris Middleton for Jeff Teague. (Via
lol I rostered Khris Middleton over jrue holiday 😢
Khris Middleton with a pair of fouls, which means 1st quarter minutes for Rashad Vaughn. Celtics up 24-14.
Great call Sir!!! I'm working on a trade right now trading Ish smith for Khris Middleton 👀👀
Rashad Vaughn has double the points of Khris Middleton. Just like my opponents have double the money as me.
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Khris Middleton is playing like Michael Redd did before the injuries
Why in the name of God are we putting Marcus Thornton on Khris Middleton?
Who's hot, who's not: Khris Middleton lighting it up, Kevin Love struggling.
Khris Middleton is slowly but surely turning into the all around beast that Michael Redd would have been if not for injuries
Khris Middleton is everything Bucks fans wanted in Michael Redd, plus he has young healthy teammates.
Dirk Nowitzki (20pts) as Dallas Mavericks lost 96-95 to Milwaukee Bucks wit Khris Middleton (27pts) at the Bradley center.
Khris Middleton dropped a career-high 36 Pts to get to the top of the nightly leaderboard. Who else got buckets?
I think Khris Middleton is the floor for Brandon Ingram.
Like how would D'Antoni view Khris Middleton? Like how he did with Shawn Marion during those 7 seconds or less teams?
Khris Middleton is a better player than Marcus Morris. Knight vs. Jackson is pretty even. Can argue for either.
should I play Jeremy lamb over Khris Middleton who is against GS (daily, 10 category)
Bucks with a big lineup: MCW, Khris Middleton, Giannis, John Henson, Greg Monroe.
Karl-Anthony Towns fast break slam over Khris Middleton
Michael Carter-Williams finds Khris Middleton with silky no-look pass
Khris Middleton a cutting Michael Carter-Williams scores the layup in traffic.
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No Looker Michael Carter-Williams gets into the lane and makes the no-look find to Khris Middleton for the backdoo…
MUST SEE TOP PLAY: Khris Middleton delivers the filthy throw down on Jimmy Butler
Giannis will play tonight vs. Bulls. Other starters are Greg Monroe, Khris Middleton, MCW and rookie Rashad Vaughn.
John Henson is as fast as Khris Middleton in 2K. I'm 98% certain I'd spend ten hours on the rosters before even playing one second of a game
We understand that guys like Danny Green and Khris Middleton are better NBA players than JR Smith and Nick Young, right?
Best three dudes on my MyTeam Jeff Teague , Luis Scola and Khris Middleton I have some work to do lol
The bucks are the up and coming team now and I personally think Khris Middleton is as good if not better than him
Khris Middleton may do everything better than Harrison. Well, except dunk.
Would you rather have Harrison Barnes or Khris Middleton?
Khris Middleton says he 'definitely' wants to stay with Bucks
Michael Carter-Williams. Khris Middleton. Giannis Antetokounmpo. Jabari Parker. Greg Monroe. let that sink in for a moment!
A lot of it is probably due to the A&M connection but watching how Danuel House play reminds me a lot of Khris Middleton
Milwaukee F Khris Middleton (to be inducted into Porter-Gaud Athletic Hall of Fame later this month.
What's the deal w/guys named Khris? There's Middleton with the & now Davis with the Just a WI thing?
in a vacuum, is harden a better player yeah but he's a better player than Khris Middleton and draymond too but they both...
Trade rondo for Khris Middleton in fantasy 😎😎😎😎
Max, trade for, waive: Bradley Beal, Victor Oladipo and Khris Middleton
ICYMI: My piece on one of the most underrated players in the league:
Cary Williams looks like khris middleton
Jabari Parker is back, giving the Bucks one unusual lineup
smh they sleep on Khris Middleton *** nah tied for 9 and 10 he way better than Giannis
and Khris Middleton should most def be on here
ratings accurate. Would drop Rudy slightly. Slide Khris Middleton in at 8 or so ahead of Giannis and Carroll.
Enjoyed this conversation between Michael Carter-Willi, John Henson and Khris Middleton 🏀
Khris Middleton is WAY too low. Hes better than Monta & Wes Matthews tbh
In NBA2K16 Khris Middleton is rated a 79 overall and Rashad Vaughn is rated a 69 overall
What do you think Khris Middleton's NBA 2K16 rating should be?
Khris Middleton finished last season in top 40 playing only 30 minutes per game. Bucks projections by .
Hey if you have time, can you check this out and give me some feedback?
Middleton in same situation in MKE. 11th in 3P% and 51st in 3PAr.
Jahlil Okafor and Khris Middleton have the same 3Pt rating. Who is doing this?
Khris Middleton -- one of the best shooters & defenders in the entire NBA is only a 79 overall.
Khris Middleton and Dez Bryant have the exact same contract
Wow, Dez got Khris Middleton money. Can now aim for Pablo Sandoval bucks in next deal.
Anthony Brown said he wants to emulate Trevor Ariza, DeMarre Carroll, and Khris Middleton. . I really like that Ariza com…
I'm must be out of the loop bc I have no clue who Khris Middleton is but he's getting a huge contract from the Bucks
Khris Middleton is getting away with robbery right now. If he don't make a Jimmy Butler jump then it's Michael Redd all over again.
It's amazing that Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton, Greg Monroe & Andre Drummond will all get max deals & Pistons didnt do …
2015 NBA free agent rumors: Khris Middleton the new Rashard Lewis? - Detroit Bad Boys
Tobias Harris, Tristan Thompson, Khris Middleton, Reggie Jackson, Jae Crowder & of course Kawhi, D Green & Jimmy Butler will all get paid
[True Hoop: Piston Powered] - Khris Middleton might be custom tailored to plug the Pistons' holes
Danny Green, Khris Middleton and Lou Williams want 8M. Dorell Wright maybe. Koufus might be gone.
If the Milwaukee Bucks move on from Khris Middleton, could Wesley Matthews be an option?.
Khris Middleton projected to get 15 million annually:
Giannis Antetokounmpo finished 7th and Khris Middleton 13th in the voting for most improved player. Giannis received one first-place vote.
Khris Middleton averaged 13.4 points a game. So should the Bucks pay him $15 million a year?
Offseason blueprint: How will the handle Khris Middleton's free agency?. READ →
The way he's playing, if it continues throughout his career, I see Khris Middleton being the next Michael Redd for
in 2012 Draymond and Khris Middleton both were secondrounders. we took Cunningham and Sarge before both.
Do the Clippers have money this offseason? Would be interested in seeing them w/ a Wes Matthews or Khris Middleton at the 3.
Gerald green, khris Middleton, Thaddeus young and there's more and jordan still young he not gonna take a pay cut
Draymond Green, Khris Middleton and Miles Plumlee were drafted after Austin Rivers .
Alright. Way to go, Mavs. Let's talk about the Khris Middleton offer sheet.
The only bad thing about drafting KCP and bknight for Jennings is that we also gave up a pure SF in Khris Middleton
remember when he was supposed to be our three and d guy. Like khris middleton
Lineup of Marcus Smart/Dinwiddie in the backcourt, both between 1/2, Khris Middleton & Robert Covington at 3/4, and Joel Embiid @ 5.
and i didnt wanna hop on Cavs, but i would still root for Lebron over any team, i juss became a fan of Khris Middleton and
Khris Middleton is going to be there? 🙊
Chicago Bulls during the 2012 NBA Draft passed on wing prospects Khris Middleton and Draymond Green and selected Marqu…
If I'm the my goals for the offseason are: 1- Draft D'Angelo Russell, 2- Sign Khris Middleton and 3- Get Embiid 100% healthy.
Hoping that the Khris Middleton/Jimmy Butler feud keeps going on for a few years. They really go at it and trash talk all night long
Khris Middleton Rattles in the Three off the Backboard at the Buzzer - Taco Bell Buzzer Beater
Pistons (kind of) in the playoffs: Khris Middleton is NOT a throw-in, thank ...
Think about how crazy it would've been 2 years ago to think that this offseason Draymond Green & Khris Middleton would be max(ish) players..
Khris Middleton hit a crazy 3 for the win once...maybe he should be MVP.
Porter-Gaud alum Khris Middleton has 18 points and 7 assists in the Bucks' 113-106 loss to the Bulls. Milwaukee down 3…
Curry just hit the shot of the playoffs so far sorry Khris Middleton
he's another defensive liability tho. Raps should make a move for Khris Middleton. He can play the 3 or 4 for us
Khris Middleton drains the floater to give the the late lead with 10.8 seconds left.
khris Middleton Giannis BKnight John Henson and after this yr Carter Williams
Bucks lose Game 3 in double OT to Bulls: Giannis Antetokounmpo had 25 points and Khris Middleton added 18 for…
Khris Middleton, 10M, maybe 12M per. Worth giving out an offer sheet, no? Make bucks sweat
Khris Middleton with 6 points in the last 40 seconds. He had 5 points in the game's first 46 minutes.
Khris Middleton with 2 HUGE treys for who are now down 94-92 to with 55.6 seconds left on
Khris Middleton went 3/4 on FG for 8 pts in final 1:40 of regulation to send to OT in Game 3:
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Khris Middleton... The H is silent... The buckets are not.
Middleton's Clutch Shot: Middleton's Clutch Shot. Khris Middleton drains the floater to give the Buck...
Remember when the Bucks traded away Brandon frickin' Jennings for Brandon Knight and Khris Middleton? Great deal for MIL in my opinion.
Khris Middleton's rise brings stability at shooting guard
3 surprises in the top 25 of real +\-. Khris Middleton at 7, Cody Zeller at 19, and Tyreke Evans at 20.
And Bob Dandridge to the players Sidney Moncrief has compared to Khris Middleton to this year along with Kobe and MJ..
Jason Kidd has the Bucks at 30-23 with a starting 5 of Brandon Knight, Giannis, Khris Middleton, Jared Dudley and Zaza Pachulia. Impressive.
Conversely, though, thank goodness for Khris Middleton and John Henson, plus some great play and guidance from the vets, esp. Zaza and Duds.
Khris Middleton appears to tie up Donald Sloan, but Marc Davis calls a foul.
Bucks' December surge in shooting has been fueled by Kendall Marshall, Jabari, Jerryd Bayless and Khris Middleton:
Khris Middleton: Professional shotmaker. Might even have some Michael Redd to him.
“I guess jay-z found his problem… Had a good run at —> …Khris Middleton ladies and gentlemen . 😂
Bucks were down 11 and on the verge of getting left behind, but a couple stops on D and two buckets by Khris Middleton have kept it close.
Larry Drew is upset that Glen Davis wasn't called for a foul on Khris Middleton's shot attempt. You could easier hear a slap on the play.
Script for Success Unfolding - - NBA.comScript for Success UnfoldingNBA.comKnight was acquired by the Bucks along with forward Khris Middleton and forward/center Viacheslav Kravtsov from the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Brandon Jennings last July 31, and he made his intentions clear as he began his first Milwaukee training ...Brandon Knight&armor beginning to shineMilwaukee Journal Sentinellos 2 artículos informativos »
Khris Middleton just tried to play defense with his ***
Khris Middleton replaces Giannis, who is 0-for-5 from the floor. Needed to be done.
Larry Drew said he would be considering putting Khris Middleton back in the lineup soon. KM had strugged with being removed. So did I.
Bucks coach Larry Drew says he is thinking of returning Khris Middleton to starting lineup. But will be off bench vs. Bulls.
I liked Knight a lot!! Y'all got my guy Khris Middleton too, he's got serious potential!!
Can Khris Middleton be a starter on a contending team?
no that is a potential championship team, with a great 6th man in Khris Middleton. He can drop 20 On any given night.
Want to hear the new podcast intro verse? Of course you do! (The other stuff is also good, I think)
Tony Wroten and Khris Middleton too.. they're both over the 10PPG Mark..
ICYMI: and tell you why your opinion of the Bucks' "core" is wrong
Okay, here's the podcast (I put the name that will make you angry in the post as well)
Sure they talk about Bucks stuff, but busts out a new rap intro!! Check it.
Do Nate Wolters, Khris Middleton, and Brandon Knight belong in the "core" of the team? Brew Hoop Milwaukee Bucks Talk | Basketball Podcasts: Milwaukee Bucks talk is back! The ...
Lookin forward to CP3, Millsap, DeAndre Jordan and Boozer coming in tomorrow😍 and khris Middleton but I'm lettin him go
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kind of like the type of SF Khris Middleton has become?
Golden State Warriors @ Milwaukee Bucks . . . . . . A game of contrasts for the Warriors but they get the 101-80 win against the Bucks. The front-court of David Lee (22p/18r), Andre Iguodala (11p/7r/5a) and Andrew Bogut (8p/12r/3a) combined in 17-21 from the field and 3-3 from three, whilst Steph Curry (15p/6a/7to) and Klay Thompson (15p) had 11-36 from the field and 3-17 from three. Ersan Ilyasova had 20 points and six boards for the hosts, Brandon Knight had 18 points and four assists, OJ Mayo had 13 and Khris Middleton 10.
The Warriors run the "elevator" play for Curry or Thompson. The Bucks just ran it for... Khris Middleton :(
last in 3FG% in the NBA, could really use a wing shooter to stretch the defense. Hmm..
It's gotta be Luke "Cool Hand" Ridnour and Khris "Stuck In The" Middleton...keeping the in the game.
Would have liked if they kept Khris Middleton... been balling for Milwaukee
Wait, is Khris Middleton a homeless man's Harrison Barnes or is Harrison Barnes a homeless man's Khris Middleton? DOES ANYONE HAVE A HOME?
He just seems like your kind of guy. Ricky Ledo, Hollis Thompson, Khris Middleton.
Why aren't you a huge Khris Middleton fan?!
I've been thinking a bit about Khris Middleton being benched lately, and I think if you're going to blame anyone you'd have to blame Giannis
Dion is now a cassette copy of Jimmy Page's "Outrider"? Cute, but this isn't Khris MIddleton we're discussing.
Darren Collison and the 10 most added players
John Henson, Khris Middleton and the Bucks among the most-dropped players
Khris Middleton just hit the Holy Ghost slipping on the pick and roll
Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo set up the give-and-go [VIDEO] -
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Khris Middleton was going off for my squad, and just like that he's in Larry Drew's doghouse smh
Specifically, I can pick up Khris Middleton from waivers and would like to move Pierce to upgrade another player.
Not one game should go bye where Khris Middleton doesn't get 28+minutes
for example, Khris Middleton was considered a throw away last year
I would not rush to curse out Bucks head coach Larry Drew for this move as Khris Middleton has averaged slightly over 40 minutes per game over his last five games, so he could use a redux in playing time with the hopes it will keep him fresh and healthy in the long-run for you season long owners. As for daily league play I would shift Middleton from a must own, to more of a GPP play as many people may shy away from the 2nd year player out of Texas A&M due to this move to the bench. I would not expect to much, if any, of a fall-off in production from him tonight, in part because even if he sees a few less minutes the matchup against the banged up and brittle Lakers is just too promising.
Proving even the Bucks CAN mess up a good thing: Khris Middleton will shift to a reserve role for the Bucks on Tuesday, allowing Luke Ridnour to start in the backcourt.
Khris Middleton is the most added player in ESPN and Yahoo.
The Timberwolves destroy the Bucks 117-95. Timberwolves were led by Kevin Love who had 33 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. The Bucks who fall to a lowly 3-12 home record were led by Khris Middleton who had 23 points. -Krause
FINAL: TWolves: 117, Bucks: 95. Kevin Love finishes with 33 points and 15 rebounds. Khris Middleton led all Milwaukee players with 23 points.
Milwaukee Buck SF Khris Middleton is worth adding off the 2013 fantasy basketball waiver wire.
I gave my mom the option of giving me a Richard Jefferson, Khris Middleton, or a Shawn Marion jersey for Christmas. She went with Marion, the one of the three that has a championship ring and has an outside chance at the Hall-of-Fame one day.
Bucks coach Larry Drew was not sure what to expect from the 6-foot-7 Khris Middleton, who arrived as part of the Brandon Jennings-Brandon Knight exchange with Detroit in late July.
On Monday night, Porter Gaud grad Khris Middleton and the Bucks fell 111-110 to the Bobcats in Charlotte, but at the end of the game, the Bucks put the ball in the hands of the second-year pro.
Khris Middleton nice effort in the loss last night 19pts
Khris Middleton of the Detroit Pistons Skill Camp 2013 Highlights / Dir. By. Charleston, SC Thank you to all that attended the inaugural Khris Middle...
It'll probably be a long time before Khris Middleton shoots another three-pointer with his feet over the line. That's exactly what he did as the buzzer sounded on his Milwaukee Bucks' 111-110 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats on Monday night...
The Bucks lost yet another heart breaker Monday night in Charlotte 111-110. Brandon Knight had 26 points and 14 assists. Khris Middleton added 19 points and almost a game-tying shot that was ruled a two instead of a three.
WHAT A GAME! The Bucks need overtime for the third time in their last 4 games. With 1.6 seconds left in overtime and the Bucks down 3, Ante threw a perfect crosscourt pass to Khris Middleton who made the shot but unfortunately he was inside the arc and the Bucks lost by 1. Ante finished with 12 points, 6 boards and 2 assists in 36 minutes. His highlights included 2 dunks on consecutive possessions and a beautiful lob to John Henson for an alley-oop slam.
Khris Middleton been putting up solid numbers for who ever needs a SF
What did Khris Middleton do at the end of the game?
Who are your favorite players that aren't stars or that aren't known as much as other NBA players? Here are mine: Khris Middleton, Peyton Siva, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Moe Harkless, Phil Pressey, Chandler Parsons, and Gordon Hayward (my favorite player in the league) Comment yours! -ZP12
Oj Mayo barely even gets minutes anymore, Khris Middleton is playing so well
Ill say it now, i know the Bucks could be a very good team next year, if: 1. We get a top 3 pick 2. Keep the core of players we have (Giannis, John, Larry, Knight, Butler, and Mayo) 3. Develop Khris Middleton, Miroslav, and Wolters more We do these 3 and possibly move a couple players to deepen our team look out main man Khris Middleton has 28 and we knocked off Philly with a season high 116 points. Good win from the Bucks tonight.
At the half in Orlando, the Bucks are up 9 on the Magic. 54-45. Caron Butler 15p, OJ Mayo 12p, Khris Middleton 10p/4r & Nate Wolters 5p/4a to lead Milwaukee.
Good try, Bucks, you didn't give up after spotting the Knicks a 25 point lead. I'd rather have Raheem Middleton on my team than Khris Middleton. Maybe even Kate Middleton. No, I wouldn't go that far. But the man who took over the great Michael Redd's sure stunk it up tonight.
The Bucks trade Jennings to the Pistons for a bucket of balls. Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton and Slava Kravtsov.
Bucks - Slava Kravtsov-C: Slava Kravtsov, who came over in the sign-and-trade that also sent Khris Middleton and Brandon Knight to th...
The Detroit Pistons have traded Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton and Slava Kravtsov to the Milwaukee Bucks for...
Khris Middleton has a big opportunity in Milwaukee while there really is no room for Slava Kravtsov on that roster
Detroit will also send center Slava Kravtsov and forward Khris Middleton to Bucks as part of sign-and-trade for Jennings, …
Detroit will send G Brandon Knight, C Slava Kravtsov and F Khris Middleton to the Bucks as part of the sign-and-trade f…
"We also want to thank Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton and Slava Kravtsov for their contributions to our organization."…
DONE DEAL: Pistons acquire Brandon Jennings from the Bucks in exchange for Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton and Slava Kr…
Bucks sign-and-trade Brandon Jennings to the Pistons for Brandon Knight, Slava Kravtsov, and Khris Middleton.
Summer League: Pistons 76, Nets 67 Melanie Curtsinger for The Brooklyn Nets failed to secure a victory in new coach Jason Kidd's NBA coaching debut, falling 76-67 to the Detroit Pistons to round out day one of the 2013 Southwest Airlines Orlando Pro Summer League at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla. Detroit, who had six players register at least seven points, were led by Khris Middleton's 16. It was a tale of two very different games for first round draft picks Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Mason Plumlee. Caldwell-Pope, chosen No. 8 in this year's draft, struggled from the floor the entire game, hitting only 1-of-10 from the field and missing all eight of his attempts from downtown. Plumlee, on the other hand, registered a double-double with 10 points and 14 rebounds in over 30 minutes of play. Neither team had a clear-cut advantage for the majority of the game, with the teams knotted at 54 with 8:05 remaining in the game, but the Pistons went on a 10-2 run over the next three minutes to . ...
I would have enjoyed Trey Burke to the Pistons, but I am just fine with Kentavious Caldwell Pope. Trey Burke and Brandon Knight in the same backcourt spelled awful defense anyways. I think Pope fits that need of being combo SG/SF, and he should play SF. besides def. an upgrade over Khris Middleton and Corey Maggette, we can always get another guard in the FA.
acquiring quality talent so he doesn't have to play with Khris Middleton, Jonas Jerebko and Charlie Villanueva forever.
Khris Middleton is getting more minutes then Austin Daye ever got.
I think you mean Khris "Money" Middleton! Young guy can flat out shoot the rock!
That Khris MIddleton guy's played really well tonight.
Khris Middleton looks good tonight hitting 4 3's
Coming into this game, Khris Middleton was 4-16 from his three in his career...
Khris "Money" Middleton putting in work for Detroit. Pistons still trail 84-77
Khris Middleton makes his fourth 3-pointer. The production of his shot is finally matching the aesthetic.
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I see you Khris Middleton. Wish you would've got some PT earlier this season
KHRIS MIDDLETON. Four triples for him tonight. Jazz lead is five
Khris Middleton just challenged Enes Kanter at the rim (a weaker version of DeAndre Jordan-Brandon Knight), but Middleton poked the ball out
Khris Middleton is gonna be a player. He's got 9 points, sparking a 9-3 run, it's a 76-70 game now as we head to the 4th in Utah
Khris Middleton with a trio of three-pointers tonight. 9 points off the bench for
i like Khris Middleton..the Pistons coaching staff should give him more minutes
It's nice watching khris Middleton have a role with the team
Why does Marvin Williams shove Khris Middleton like that? WHAT DID HE EVER DO TO YOU
so has Khris Middleton always been on the team or...?
Yeah they'll be making moves forsure. On a side note, I kinda like what I see so far from Khris Middleton.
well I don't know there is still a lot of useless players on the team like Jason Maxiell, Khris Middleton, and Rodney..
Khris Middleton Jason Maxiell Jonas jerebko will Bynum Rodney Stuckey on the floor for the pistons
- Detroit Pistons' Khris Middleton falls short of becoming shooting star but took big ones
Detroit Pistons nearly pull off fourth quarter comeback with strong play by rookie forward Khris Middleton.
Khris (with an h) Middleton takes advantage of chance at extended minutes in loss to Mavericks …
The best part about tonight? Khris Middleton got playing time and he played terrific. You know who didn't get playing time? Rodney Stuckey. It was beautiful.
The Pistons almost pulled off a great comeback. They were down 15 in the 4th quarter and even took the lead on a Khris Middleton 3, but they fall to the Mavericks 102-99 as Charlie Villanueva's attempt falls short at the buzzer. Brandon Knight had 21, Greg Monroe had 14 and 10, Jason Maxiell had 12 and 13, and Middleton had 14. ~KC
fall 102-99 to the Brandon Knight with 21, Khris Middleton scores a career-high 14 and Greg Monroe with 14 and 10 rebs
At least Khris Middleton will get some deserved playing time off the bench now, maybe
Watching that boy Khris Middleton put the pistons bak in the game
down a Khris Middleton three with 12 seconds left in the game.
Khris Middleton gets blocked on a critical trey to tie the game with 35 sec left. trail by 3 pts, 100-97.
Khris Middleton can't spell his name but can fill it up.
trail by 3. The best game I've be at for Khris Middleton. With 52.4 seconds left can the find a way to beat the
First time Khris Middleton gets big mins and he is capitalizing. Stretching the floor with great catch-and-shoots.
Khris Middleton misses a critical jumper that would've given the lead with 1:45 left. trail by 1 pt, 98-97.
What' happening? Charlie V. and Khris Middleton leading a comeback is what's happening.
retake the lead with a Khris Middleton trey. They haven't led since mid Q1! Up 97-96 with 2:29 left.
Rockstarpoetry (Official) NBA Recap: Even without Tony Parker, Spurs dominate Pistons The Detroit Pistons 75 (23-39, 8-21 away) San Antonio Spurs 114 (47-14, 24-3 home) San Antonio, Texas -- Tim Duncan insists the San Antonio Spurs are still trying to find their way on offense without All-Star point guard Tony Parker. They sure looked smooth Sunday night. San Antonio had one of its most efficient games this season, routing the Detroit Pistons 114-75 in its first game since Parker was injured. Manu Ginobili scored 17 points, Duncan had 16 points and 11 rebounds, and the Spurs rolled to their most lopsided victory of the year. Danny Green added 16 points and Kawhi Leonard had 14 for San Antonio (47-14), which has won eight of 10. Making his first start of the season, Cory Joseph had eight points, four assists and one turnover in place of Parker, who sprained his left ankle in Friday's win over Sacramento and is expected to miss about a month. Without Parker, the Spurs spread the floor and shared the ball, p ...
Mail's in! Langlois' weekly mailbag is full of answers to YOUR questions on point guards, draft picks, Khris Middleton, Corey Maggette and more. Thanks as always for all the great questions!
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The trade that brought Jose Calderon to the Pistons also has given Khris Middleton his chance in the playing rotation. Keith Langlois has more on Khris's game:
How do u have Jared Cunningham, Khris Middleton, Fab Melo & Miles Plumlee ranked above Kent Bazemore? Played more, won more etc
The Pistons should trade for Rudy *** They could offer Corey Maggette's expiring contract, Austin Daye, and someone like Khris Middleton.
Corey Maggette, Khris Middleton inactive for tonight vs.
The Maine Red Claws outlasted the Fort Wayne Mad Ants 107-104 behind the strength of Micah Downs and Kris Joseph, who scored 24 and 22 respectively. Playing in Indiana Friday night, the Mad Ants came out strong in the first quarter behind the strong play of their three recently assigned NBA players — Kim English, Khris Middleton and Miles Plumlee. But the Red Claws went on the attack in the second quarter. The game was close throughout the second half, but Maine's 18-6 run leading to the final minute secured the visitors' victory in the NBA Development league game.
Mavs have assigned Jared Cunningham Pistons have sent Khris Middleton and Kim English, and Pacers have sent Miles Plumlee to the D-League.
Detroit putting in Charlie Villanueva and Khris Middleton... while Houston puts in Rush Hour 4.
– The Pistons put their 2012 draft class on the floor en masse late in Saturday’s first half of their 108-91 loss to Milwaukee and Joe Dumars might have been tempted to dole out raises for his entire scouting staff by halftime. Andre Drummond, Khris Middleton and Kim English all acquitted themselves...
Khris Middleton and Kim English coming in at next deal ball for first NBA action
The Pistons have added Kyle Singler, Khris Middleton and Kim English to their perimeter over the past two drafts – picking up healthy doses of size, athleticism and perimeter shooting in the process – and they’ve seen plenty from the three rookies in the days leading to camp to be confident in their...
English, MIddleton in spirited shooting competition. Kim insisted he won by 1; Khris insisted it was a tie. Steve Hetzel claiming ignorance.
In the gym: It's rookie day .. Andre Drummond, Kim English, Khris Middleton working with Arnie Kander and his staffers
In the gym: Rookies Kim English, Khris Middleton in various shooting/conditioning drills with Arnie Kander. Greg Monroe was an early bird
Khris Middleton / Ben Wallace checks in ahead of three Pistons rookies on list of…
khris Middleton but he hasn't answered -__-
“What’s taken place this summer has been encouraging,” Joe Dumars said late last week as another wave of players – Rodney Stuckey, Greg Monroe, Charlie Villanueva, Andre Drummond, Kim English and Khris Middleton – had wrapped up workouts with Arnie Kander and his strength and conditioning staff and ...
Detroit looks to be heading into the season with five rookies: Drummond, Kravtsov, Kyle Singler, Kim English and Khris Middleton.
Summer School: Khris Middleton: I knew he was going to do what was best for me, so I stayed home and was working...
Khris Middleton is a 6'8 SG/SF who let us check out his 2012 NBA Draft Workouts in Houston. Middleton consistently hit shots from beyond the three point line...
One of many steps of the maturation process for our Pistons rookies!via
Pistons rookie Khris Middleton offers a look at what he's been up to since Orlando Summer League.
Updated the Detroit Pistons Team Salary Page Khris Middleton - $2 mil left of MLE
Detroit Pistons announce they have agreed to a contract with former A&M SF Khris Middleton, who they selected in 2nd...
Former Texas A&M men's basketball forward Khris Middleton has agreed to terms on a contract with the Detroit Pistons.
And then it hit me, that was Khris Middleton's grandmother!
Detroit Pistons: Will Khris Middleton Be a Piston in 2012?: Training camp is still two months away and the Detro...
There is still time for Pistons to sign rookie Khris Middleton
Khris Middleton / Middleton, who was selected in the second round of the 2012
There is still time for to sign rookie Khris via
The latest Road to Motown video features & talking about their games. Check it out!
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Khris Middleton again started for Singler and undrafted free agent Casper Ware for Knight and they scored the last two critical baskets as the Pistons beat Philadelphia 71-67 on Friday.
Pistons still expected to sign Slava Kravtsov, which will bring them to 15 contracts, with Khris Middleton still unsigned.
Pistons traded Ben Gordon to release salary and get Corey Maggette. 2nd (39th ov) drafted Khris Middleton good shot. I think is fine picked.
With SF Kyle Singler, and second round SF Khris Middleton need to play so we can see if they are part of the future of this team.
Khris Middleton is gonna do work in Detroit
Raymond Felton-Latta. Raymond Sessions and Utah Jazz HC from SC. Khris Middleton from SC just got drafted
Congrats to Khris Middleton, 39th draft pick to the Detroit Pistons.
and khris middleton is a big SF. Solid bench player. Kinda like Jerebko but more athletic. And we get Kyle Singler back too
is it me or do Khris Middleton and Kim English look like twin brothers?
Chad Ford grades the Pistons' draft: Detroit Pistons | GRADE: A- Round 1:Andre Drummond (9) Round 2:Khris Middleton (39), Kim English (44) Analysis: I have no idea whether Andre Drummond is going to pan out or not. I'm not sure anyone does. He has all the physical tools to be a monster center in the NBA. He could be Dwight Howard-good. However, he is a major project and there are questions about whether he has the drive to become the player he could be someday. He's the second-youngest player in the draft and he can still be molded, so I can't fault the Pistons for taking him. He was a huge risk in the top five, but here the risk/reward factor favored Detroit -- especially because he is such a perfect fit on the front line next to Greg Monroe. Middleton was rated as a late first-rounder last year before injuries derailed his junior season. He's a smooth scorer with a great midrange game. English shot the lights out at Missouri this season and is seen as a cheap replacement for Ben Gordon. Overall, I thoug ...
I liked the Pistons Draft. I like getting Andre Drummond. Yeah he's nice or they say too nice, but if their is a place to learn the bad boy way it's Detroit. But Godforbid we have a class act. Anyway sometimes a risk is good. Khris Middleton gives us a shooter from the perimeter. Kim English has some size and can shoot from there as well. Getting rid of Gordon's contract will open up things to. And Corey M is in the last year of a contract, so I feel he will play even for that reason and want to prove himself/earn more money, etc, etc. We may have a rebuilding year but they did somethings this year good and also at least should be exciting for me, not like the last rebuilding team I had to go through (though I did like Alan Houston, Grant hill, etc, etc at the time)
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