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Khole Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian Odom (born Khloé Alexandra Kardashian; June 27, 1984) is an American television personality. In 2007, she and her family were commissioned to star in the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Its success has led to the creation of spin-offs including Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami and Khloe & Lamar. In September 2009, Kardashian married basketball player Lamar Odom one month after they first met. However, she filed for divorce in December 2013.

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My new Khole Kardashian lunch box via /r/funny
Khole kardashian breaks the internet with this embrassing wardrobe malfunction !!
oh wi prepared now! cause Rihanna and Khole Kardashian is worse some
Khole Kardashian, The Drama Queen which never had a real job in life talked about Give me a break!
why and if something about Khole Kardashain u cant be talking beacuse is your name "Khole Kardashian"
hi I thought your icon actually was khole kardashian
Pretty sure Khole Kardashian was just upset because she didn't know what petulant meant. Which she proved, by being petulant.
Khole Kardashian should read this book
To have the Kardashian sisters (Kim, Khole, and Kourtney) show up in maids uniforms, then they can clean my house.
Khole Kardashian's snaps always make me motivated to workout
Kardashian u dont know me but i been a fan. You are beautiful
i wake up every morning wondering why im not Khole Kardashian
this man waited outside the store until I was done w my customer n came back in jus to tell me I look exactly like khole kardashian lol
Khole Kardashian is the most annoying Kardashian bc she openly fetishizes black men and still thinks tho "big black *** jokes are funny
Then again Khole Kardashian had her hands in your pants. You are not a fan of good judgement are you pal?
When ever I watch khole kardashian snapchats I really wanna work out ***
Khole not even real Kardashian with her annoying ugly ***
Khole Kardashian WILL be attending event today! What will I wear I yet to be decided😛
Khole Kardashian looks like a inbred wildebeest in the middle of a sex change.
Ain't no telling what khole kardashian was gone turn that *** into 🙌
Can Khole Kardashian please come out with her own line of fitness clothing? Please! 😳
I used to like Khole Kardashian but she has totally morphed into this mega b*tch .
The world crucify Kim Kardashian for being a *** but Khole got more bodies than the morgue! Every week a new celeb.
I've just read the reply that Khole Kardashian put to Chloe Moretz, what a vile human
I want a Khole Kardashian body transformation.
Khole Kim Kardashian herself to wrokout but then kills it athe gym: via
Khole Kardashian should be banned too tbh for posting another womans body without permission.
he's to horny smh , Khole Kardashian is his weakness
Is it weird that I think of Khole Kardashian when I work out? 😂for some reason she makes me want to keep going.
wen you're watching 90210 then Kim and Khole Kardashian pop out of nowhere *** !?
Check out these pics of promoting her website...
Idc what anyone says, Khole is the baddest Kardashian 😍
Khole is not the only Kardashian with a new rapper "friend"! -
Khloe Kardashian is way too underrated khole is mine
Khole Kardashian is winning in life
Khole kardashian makes me so happy 😏
When did Khole Kardashian get so hot?
Check out Khole kardashian using LED whitening light this could be you. Just out the website http:/…
Do you LOVE Khole Kardashian's blonde hair? We do!! http:/…
Who wore it better : Khole kardashian or Rihanna 
I think khole Kardashian is the better looking sister ❤️👅💦
Khole kardashian look hella small now
remember that one time Jayden said he thought one of my pictures was khole kardashian
I love ya khole best kardashian ever
If Fergie and Khole Kardashian have a child this will be u ❤
khole is by far my favorite Kardashian. 💞😍
dang is that THE Khole Kardashian on the right?😱👀
Kendall Kylie and Khole Kardashian dressed in disguise and went on a star search in LA😂😂😂
I wonder when is the khole kardashian book coming out ??
I liked thick khole kardashian better she trippin, big *** head
I had writers block, so I stalked Khole Kardashian and somehow ended…
You're the khole kardashian of your group meaning you're the most irrelevant.
why is Khole Kardashian trying to be philosophical
my whole Kardashian family is joining snapchat😆 we just need Khole and Kendall and mom Kris.
The full French Montana x Larry King interview is up! See what he had to say about Khole Kardashian, Taylor Swift...
Kholé is the hottest out of all the Kardashian sisters then comes Kim! ☝🏾
I think Khole is the prettiest Kardashian and the less stuck up 🤔
Khole Kardashian looked amazing as she stepped out in LA wearing a $193 Wolford Black Mat de Luxe Forming...
in your TTe *** test friday u got enough tu Borrow tell Kris Kardashian to give Khole and Hugh Hefner a kiss threw her
When Khole Kardashian tried to get with the Mayor.
Khole K tells fans about self-love: Washington D.C., Mar. 15 (ANI): Khloe Kardashian wanted to promote what sh...
you going from la chilindrina to khole Kardashian 🙌🙏😂
I want Khole Kardashian's body. It's just so pretty.
Kholé Kardashian recommends a revenge body and Rihanna says to work when they treat you like ya girl will do both 👸🏽
Khole Kardashian is so cute with that blonde hair!
Khole Kardashian makes me puke.her face is currently being view by *** trump beauty models while in the john...great diet plan
My sister and I act like Kourtney and Khole Kardashian 😂❤
Can I be hot like khole kardashian ? 😩😩😒
I wanna be Khole Kardashian blonde but I wouldn't 😅
Khole Kardashian looks better blonde then Kim . ❤️
I'm obsessed with khole Kardashian loves her😩
Khole Kardashian has turned into a goddess man 😍
Khole fine af tho 👀 "Khloe Kardashian the man of the house now."
ehh. Same birthday as khole kardashian.. I think..😅🙌🏽
Me and khole kardashian have same birthdays 😂
Khole Kardashian birthday is a day before mines, nawice.
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happy birthday Khole Kardashian I am a big fan of you and your sister's I just wanted to tell you happy 30th birthday Khole
Happy Birthday to my favorite kardashian 🎁🎉🍰
Lmao I'm tired of this Kim Kardashian game spamming me about Khole's birthday bash. 😒
Just tryna glo up like Khole Kardashian.
Khole Kardashian badder than Kim foreal foreal
happy birthday to one of my biggest inspo Khole Kardashian 💋😍🙏 Have an amazing b day
"These kardashian women totally wrecked Lamar Odom's life. Sad." Khole was his hail mary & I really think she still loves him
How did James harden get khole kardashian 😑😑😐😐
Why did I just have a dream with khole and kourtney kardashian.
So I have khole kardashian Phone number.
Khole Kardashian could get it 100x before Kim.. 🙌👏👏
i hope khole kardashian didn't forget to wish happy father's day to OJ simpson.
S/O to all the cancers and some of my favorite celebrities are cancers too Luke Bryan, Romeo Santos, Khole Kardashian and Kevin Hart
I think Khole Kardashian is just so perff
Amber Rose speaks out on her Khole Kardashian feud, "I don't hate her"
I wish the 21 beheadings done by ISIS got as much attention that Amber Rose and Khole Kardashian got.
Meika thought Kendrick Lamar and Khole Kardashian were married...
Khole Kardashian and new boo, French Montana expecting baby via
Omg I hope thts not truee . Khole kardashian pregnant by French Montana lol what tht don't even sound right
Ok no honest question when Khole coming out with a sextape because she hands down has the best *** in the Kardashian family lol
I wonder if it'a true… is Khole Kardashian really pregnant from French Montana….
French Montana & khole kardashian could date then me & got a chance love u ma
Khole Kardashian is seriously my idol
you know I gotcha I'll get you right and you'll have that Khole Kardashian ***
OMG so French Montana and khole kardashian might be going out uno 😱
Wish I looked like Khole Kardashian oh my god.
Khole kardashian is dating French Montana. I still forget that her & Lamar are fr done
Khole kardashian is the baddest kardashian, y'all sleeping on her 😍😁
French Montana is kicking it with khole Kardashian lol ha ha that's hectic
Since when was my guy French Montana with khole kardashian ?
See i my eyes khole is by far the hottest kardashian
- "omg how did this person get 401,000 likes oh it's Khole Kardashian" 😂😂😂
Khole Kardashian went from a bald chocolate goodness the would melt you called Lamar to a chubby Arab? K!
Khole kardashian took my man from me 😢😢😩😩
I love da fact that French Montana is dating khole kardashian, i think they're nice together 👌👌
Khole Kardashian & French Montana may have had a slice of Arizona
Well... here are the other half of the years highlights. Carilla Graduated from ELAC, we moved out and into our 1st apartment together, added a new kittly (Snuggles) to the family, sang a at a Cuban restaurtant with Mario Francisco Díaz Cuéllar, my mom underwent cataract surgery in both eyes (now she has 20/20 vision), enjoyed time with my friends from Guatemala Elizabeth De Guatemala and her mom Alicia Azurdia Admiradores (whom I love and was so happy to see), I went back to school and passed with good grades, made a new wonderful friendship with Marsha Malamet (your fabulous by the way), made a new friend from Tunisia-Sondés Mizouni (love you my friend), Cari and I dressed up as the Kris and Khole Kardashian for halloween, I reconnected with a wonderful friend from Alhambra High that I hadn't seen in more then 20 years (Tammy Pabon great seeing you) and with some other friends, had a wonderful visit from Barbara Jan Crawford (a person who has always been an inspiration in my life), Catered an executi ...
my bad, Matt kemp is dating Khole Kardashian which is just as bad
Matt Kemp was on Sportscenter... He said "When I'm healthy I am one of the best players in the league", and "When Matty is out there he can do some damage." He referred to himself in the third person. Oh, and now He's apparently in a relationship with Khole Kardashian, it seems like he and Kayne would get along quite well.
So some ppl spazzing out cause of all the RIP Paul Walker posts but I tell ya'll this God Forbid Beyonce' Nicki, Cyn Santana Tahiry Mimi, Draya,Somaya, Tami Roman, Elle Varner, Tamar Braxton, Stacy from The Lottery Ticket, Adrianne Bilon, Paula Patton, Sanaa Lathen, Traji P Henson, Lauren London, Tia or Tamara, Lotoya Lucket, That Curly Hair Girl From Girl Code, Rachel Ray, and Khole Kardashian ever die imma post bout it every hr on the hr and wear all black for weeks straight. RIP Paul Walker and to the driver of the car
im so loving tonight episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E!. Kris Jenner n Khole Kardashian are so crazy lol
So Khloe Kardashian got a dog and named it Bernard Hopkins. Bernard Hopkins should get a pig and name it Khole Kardashian.
Dear Simon Cowell, I hate to say this but your days of reality TV music fame, live shows & worldwide voting systems for stars are done. The format is dead. I'm grateful for your years of service with finding such megastars as Kelly Clarkson, Will Young, Leona Lewis, JLS, Alexandra Burke, Cheryl Cole, Cher Llyod, One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson, Olly Murs, Tulisa, Carrie Underwood, Shayne Ward & even Jedward. I was such a huge fan of music stars made on TV but as I grew so did the music industry as a whole. Even legends in the entertainment industry like Britney Spears, Paula Abdul, LA Reid, Nicole Schwerzinger & I guess Steve Jones & Khole Kardashian; could not keep me stay tuned in to watch 2 seasons of your USA "The X Factor" go down in flames. Nonetheless buy the winner's album or any merchandise or music from other cast members. (I still have no idea who won the 1st or 2nd seasons.) Believe me when I say I had high hopes. The hype still has not lived up to that which was generated with 9 massively pop ...
SO, Khole Kardashian is accusing Kris Humphries of being "Fame Hungry" --- YEA... this comes from: a family who's famous for their father getting double murderer off --- Kim doing a sex tape... their mother having an affair with Jenner and then marrying him.and except from Jenner, whos not a kardashian, they all are famous for nothing really and having zero talent. whos been on, it must be like 8 reality shows and who dates and/or marries celebs and exposes every imtimate detail of their private lives on camera...yea, Kris Humphries is the fame hungry one, hes just a guy who was famous before, you know, for having a talent and being a somewhat sucessful athlete hes the bad guy here!
So the male secretary in the Physics department commented that I look like Khole Kardashian. Normally, I'd be upset, but I'm just proud he gets out of the lab enough to know who she is. ;)
Today's Bochinche 2013 - NYC is already getting ready to host the 2014 SuperBowl, but we will also be hosting the MLB All-Star Game this Year, NYC doing big things, Mets sign Shawn Marcum to complete their pitching rotation, Young Money selling Drake rights to Roc Nation for $50 million, the deal isn't done, but it's in the works, Beyoncé changed her mind, you won't see Destiny's Child during the Superbowl Half Time Performance, Lamar Odom is photoed with 3 blondes, Khole Kardashian is not pregant, so maybe they the Kardasians started that rumor so they don't look so Pathetic, Guy in Brooklyn gets arrested for Murder, ask to use the bathroom and escapes from the Precint,
I love Carson Daly! It seems like he really cares for the contestants! So sweet! Khole Kardashian too, Mario Lopez not so much, so cute tho
"Khole Kardashian and Meg Griffin look just alike." « So Do Me And Beyonce
Khole Kardashian and Meg Griffin look just alike.
Ok, watchin the XFactor. I cant express how much i DO NOT like Khole Kardashian as a host. I mean yes, one of my guilty pleasures is watchin The Kardashians but something scripted,ugh. Its kinda nauseating. The duck lips and baby talk are a lil much Khole. Almost as much as i dont like seeing or hearin Faith Hill butcher the Sunday nite football anthem. So there ya go! Back to your regularly scheduled programming!
we have Khole Kardashian, Demi, Uncle Simon, and Britney Spears... Hmmm Xfactor USA seems pretty awesome. Watched it lately?
Khole Kardashian may soon inherit a portion of OJ Simpson's estate. Reports continue to point to Khole K as the product of an affair between OJ and Kris Jenner.
you're looking at Khole Kardashian's wedding photos and Ryan Seacrest is in the family photo😳
Beyonce, Khole Kardashian, Ramona Rizzo, Charlize Theron, Zoe Saldana, and Iggy Azalea are all potential suitors for my baby mother.
I think Khole Kardashian is black on the slick. Kris Jenner was dippin.
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