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Khizr Khan

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Trump: "The time for trivial fights is behind us." Good news for Meryl, Alec, Miss Universe, Khizr Khan, John Lewis, Schwa…
"I was disappointed. I was hoping that ... divisive rhetoric would end after the election." Khizr Khan
Today, 2pm, @ Capitol House Triangle: ACLU presser with Khizr Khan and others to talk about Trump's Muslim ban and Sen. Sessions'…
"Trump...your children's mothers are immigrants. Don't you have any concern about immigration?!". Khizr Khan did NOT come out t…
"Khizr Khan became a citizen in 1986, claims to New Yorker he voted for Reagan."
Khizr Khan, Gold Star father, warns of anti-Trump boycott after travel ban | US news | The Guardian
"If (Trump) can ban Muslims, he can ban Seventh Day Adventists (and) Catholics. He can ban Jews" - Khizr Khan
A great interview of a good American citizen Khizr Khan, Gold Star Father, on the New Refugee Ban via
What I'm thinking about today:. Khizr Khan:. And a vet who fought with those now excluded:. http…
So moving: Khizr Khan (who waved constitution at at Dem convention) on Muslim travel ban. Such humanity.
UK should ban Donald Trump so he can 'taste his own medicine', Gold Star father Khizr Khan tells. http…
Khizr Khan, the father of the late Capt. Humayun Khan who was awarded the highest military honor, has this to say:…
"Would my son Capt. Humayun Khan have a place in your America?…Would anyone who isn’t like you? —Khizr Khan to Donald T…
My interview w/ Khizr Khan--Gold Star father of Humayun, who died in Iraq--on the new Muslim travel ban.
Khizr Khan to Senate panel: “I am writing to urge you...not to confirm Sen. Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General”
Jill Stein joins Khizr Khan, Alicia Machado, Michelle Fields, Huma Abedin and Tim Kaine in the DNC Phantom … featured in NBC s Science of Love
Khizr Khan’s message to Muslims in the era of President Donald Trump
So uh.khizr khan voted for Reagan lol
Guys: Be the uncle you wish you had growing up
this man is a national treasure - Khizr Khan targeting the 'politics of fear'
Khizr Khan steps back into the spotlight: The Gold Star father first gained national attention five months ago for…
“Never feel afraid, never feel disheartened,” Khizr Khan at MPAC conference
Let's have a look at Khizr Khan's pocket copy of the Constitution and teach the liberals what is says about the Electoral College.
Khizr Khan is targeting the 'politics of fear' via
Gold Star father who feuded with Trump tells Long Beach crowd to stand and defend values: Khizr Khan, the father of…
continues to hold up , an open civil jihadist, as the epitome of American values
Khizr Khan: Now he's targeting the 'politics of fear' & how to move forward
Khizr Khan praisesTrump, "He was right all along"!..I was just trying to stir up trouble you know? via
Khizr Khan seeks to agitate young Muslims in era of Trump via
Khizr Khan steps back into the spotlight Election is over. Get a real job and live with it. Stay out of politics.
Khizr Khan rose to fame with his emotional pleas against Trump. Now he's targeting the 'politics of fear'
Khizr Khan is really just the best.
Khizr Khan seeks to motivate young Muslims in era of Trump
Larry Sabato is interviewing Khizr Khan at our American Democracy Conference - livestream:
"This isn't your America.". Khizr Khan has some more words for Trump:
Sunday Preview. is with Khizr Khan. is with Ted Nugent. Kinda summarizes the whole cam…
Intro speakers tonight: Khizr Khan for Clinton and Ted Nugent for Trump. About as clear an illustration of the race we have
Khizr Khan appears with Hillary Clinton and delivers another rousing speech | Daily Mail Online
WATCH: Gold Star father Khizr Khan to Trump: 'This is not your America'
Khizr Khan: I would stand up to Trump 'again and again and again'
I want Khizr Khan to head the Immigration and Naturalization Service!
Use of term "Muslim-American" in coverage of Khizr Khan campaign ad making me livid. This racing of religion is part of Khan's critique.
Khizr Khan, father of a fallen Muslim American hero: "I want to ask Mr. Trump: Would my son have a place in your Americ…
Two decent men denounce Trump and point out what he really is Thanks
Khizr Khan "saddened" that invoked his fallen son during debate | AP Photo
This is a very beautiful and heart-breaking interview with Khazir Khan and one of the soldiers who was with...
Khan on Trump’s debate remarks: "He continues to use sacrifices of our young men and women for political expediency"
Khizr Khan responds to Trump’s claim his son would still be alive if the GOP nominee was president then
Khizr Khan 'saddened' by Trump debate comments for this person I say he needs colossians 1:19-22
Trump nightmare is back. Khizr Khan on the airwaves. This helps Hillary with women vote & college educated white v…
Khizr Khan is ok brought his son into a debate but somehow offended when calls him a hero by name???
Watch gold-star father Khizr Khan react to Trump’s comments about his son, Captain Khan, at last night’s debate:
Donald Trump said Khizr Khan's son would be alive if he was president. Khan responded to Trump's controversial claim
Khizr Khan, after a media break, is back.
14/41- After blackmail by US Establishment,ie Pentagon:Khizr Khan&Ghazala (as CIA Agents) appeared on 29-07-2016 on DNC stage
Gold Star father Khizr Khan slams the GOP for not repudiating Donald Trump
Wow, just learned that Khan was using his son’s foundation as a private fetish club.
Khizr Khan represents the best of America. In this election, his even temper and signature goodness are a salve for the soul.
watching Khizr Khan listen to descriptions of his sons bravery, if that doesn't touch you, you have no soul.
Khizr Khan responds to Trump: You have only sacrificed 'the truth'
Guys! The new Khizr Khan just sat down for an interview with me. Waaait a minute
Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Khizr Khan, now this. Narrative always collapses. You'd think they'd be better propagandists.
Khizr Khan should be kicked out of this country, he can not be trusted, he is trying to start trouble, kick him out.
What Donald Trump Doesn’t Get about Ghazala and Khizr Khan via Read…
.to Khizr Khan: "Shame on you.". No, Governor, shame on you for attacking a Gold Star family.
Here's video of Rick Perry unloading on Khizr Khan. Because that will end well for him.
In this press release, the head of the TTC union plays Khizr Khan to Mayor John Tory's Donald Trump. h/t
Persuading a single American that Khizr Khan has America's best interests at heart
"Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that the mainstream media and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...
Trump repeatedly questions others' religion, says Khizr Khan has no right to question him abt reading Constitution.
Khizr Khan to Donald Trump: 'Put that Purple Heart back' - -
Khizr Khan for Secretary of State, eh, I love this guy!
Do pls watch and share this short preview clip from my intv with Khizr Khan. The end is heartbreaking. . https:/…
Khizr Khan had a few thoughts tonight on about Donald Trump accepting a veteran's Purple Heart.
Khizr Khan shredding Trump over that Purple Heart moment
Khizr Khan on Tuesday accused Donald Trump of dodging the Vietnam War draft, and said he shouldn’t have accepted...
Khizr Khan on Trump & Purple Heart: You should've "pinned that back to that veteran's chest"
Khizr Khan on the veteran who gave Trump his Purple Heart:"You should have pinned that back to that veteran's chest"
One of the most memorable moments of last week’s Democratic National Convention happened when Khizr Khan, the...
Khizr Khan, in his speech to the DNC, lambasted Donald Trump for wanting to temporarily halt Islamic migration to...
Khizr Khan wants to "return to private life" now that his ties to Hillary Clinton and Saudi Arabia are coming out.
Khizr Khan reminded us what being an American truly means - fighting for the American Dream. That's why I'm for
Khizr Khan and a Brief History of the American Gold Star Family
Top Trump ally suggests Khizr Khan is part of Muslim Brotherhood
You know who also worked at Hogan while Khizr Khan did? Chief Justice John Roberts.
John Oliver: Trump, who is not very pro-military, reached a new low w/ Khizr Khan comments
John Oliver tears into "self-serving, half-man" Donald Trump and his response to Khizr Khan https:…
John Oliver: Is Trump’s response to Khizr Khan the nail that goes through America’s foot?
John Oliver is very, very angry with Trump for his incendiary comments about Khizr Khan:
John McCain: Donald Trump defamed Khizr Khan and he does not represent the GOP
John Oliver tears down Donald Trump for his response to Khizr Khan
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John Oliver: Trump's comments about Khizr Khan make him a "damaged, sociopathic narcissist" http…
Khizr Khan rips Trump? bad decisions lead to his son's death. Is he in his right mind?
DNC used Mr Khan see decorated USMC comments
Donald Trump said he would have liked to hear from the wife of Khizr Khan. Here's what she said on MSNBC last night: http…
This man is no innocent, he is a Muslim Brother with very radical ties to Saudi Arabia and the law firm...
Hm . is this the real actual Khizr Khan?
Let's look a bit closer at Khizr Khan's woodland home. Gosh, it's very secluded, isn't it? Lots of thick woods there
As night follows day: Now the Trumpkins are saying that Khizr Khan is an Islamist.
US Constitution booklet becomes an Amazon best-seller after speech to DNC.
Incapable of the capacity to understand or feel emphaty for another human.
Thank you for sharing this article. One worth reading
Who is Khizr Khan? Good information 2 know! token Muslim to attack Trump on Hillarys WAR!. ht…
Trump has chosen to debate the parents of a slain American serviceman over who has sacrificed more
Khizr Khan, father of slain war hero, calls Donald Trump a "black soul" via
I would take this media handwringing about Khizr Khan seriously if they had said a word in support of
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Gonzalo Curiel is a sitting judge presiding over a Trump case, so he couldn't camp out on TV and keep the story alive. Khizr K…
In case you missed it, Khizr and Ghazala Khan took Trump to task for his comments today.
Gee...How come and did not tell us Khizr Khan has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Clinton found…
I so love this I have no words. US constitution is Amazon bestseller after speech criticising Trump
The Constitution does give Khizr Khan the right to stand in front of millions of people and say Donald Trump has never read…
Khizr Khan is basically a superhero of patriotism. And this is the dude Trump decided to go after.
Needs to be posted again :An Open Letter to Khizr Khan | Global Security, Privacy, & Risk Management
Muslim Dad Khizr Khan to CNN: Terror 'Nothing to Do with Islam' - If Khan has read the Qur'an, he's lying https:/…
How DARE this piece of crap toad of a man Muslim Khizr Khan say that Trump has a 'black soul'! Kick his *** all the way to Pakistan!
Khizr Khan didn't use the teleprompter. There was nothing to put on it, because he had written nothing down.
Khizr Khan: Donald Trump has a 'black soul'
An excellent response to Khan by a Navy Vet, worth reading. .
This veteran drops the mic on the Khan controversy. Wow!. An Open Letter to Khizr Khan via
This man is an American hero. Khizr Khan responds to the latest from Trump: ‘Typical of a person without a soul’
A MUST READ. An Open Letter to Khizr Khan. by Chris Mark a US Marine and Navy Veteran
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NEW: Paul Ryan statement on the Khans: "His sacrifice—and that of Khizr & Ghazala Khan—should always be honored." https:/…
How is this even a headline let alone a question? "Did Trump go too far?" Re: Captain Kahn's family
Khizr Muazzan Khan supports Muslim brotherhood; SHARIAH LAW; he works in OPEC trading supports troops and soldiers, not islam
Same journalists who, without evidence, claimed Trump is tied to Putin, are outraged that Roger Stone claims Khizr Khan is tie…
Khizr Khan calls Trump 'black soul,' says GOP
Khizr Khan, who attacked Donald Trump last week, told CNN's Jim Acosta Sunday morning that terror "has nothing to do with Islam OH REALLY
CNN's Jim sat down with Khizr Khan --> here is the full interview.
Khizr Khan is showing something that John McCain didn’t: Defiance and anger at being belittled by Donald Trump.
Khizr Khan calls on both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to repudiate Donald Trump. This is a must-watch.
Khizr Khan on right now just tearing the bark off of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan
Khizr Khan, a day after DNC address, urges Ryan and McConnell to repudiate Trump
Khizr Khan's wife Ghazala says she didn't speak because she's still overwhelmed by her grief. She can't even look at p…
Khizr Khan is correct. This is a defining moment for America. Time for McConnell and Ryan to stand up to…
“Have you even read the United States Constitution? I will gladly lend you my copy.” -Khizr Khan
Khizr Khan's speech made me cry because it was even necessary for anyone to say Muslims can be real Americans.
I spoke with Khizr Khan, father of a slain Muslim American war hero, who rebuked Trump at DNC last night:
Muslim father of a US soldier shames Donald Trump
33s: Shameful that would not air Khizr Khan's speech. They'll bash Brown people all day, but not give them vo…
Maybe because he looked like men in my family, but more for his words, Khizr Khan touched my heart:
That Khizr Khan Constitution moment was the most single-most powerful moment of the convention. .
This side-by-side video of what Fox News was showing during Khizr Khan's speech last night is ... something
Khizr Khan’s loss: A grieving father of a soldier struggles to understand
By far my most memorable moment from and Khizr Khan's line to Trump: "You've sacrificed nothing."
Ask Khizr Khan if he denounces Allah's call to kill or convert all non believers & listen for crickets.
What a stellar way to open an article.
Khizr Khan’s speech to Trump at the Democratic convention: “You have sacrificed nothing and no one” - Hot Air
Khizr Khan showed what it means to be an American
Littlefinger,. Khizr Khan slapped your racist face. Hillary kicked your unstable ***
If I could get you to watch one thing from last night, it's these 6 minutes on real patriotism, on real sacrifice.
How Khizr Khan helped Democrats take back religious liberty:
In 2005, the Washington Post wrote about Khizr Khan, who's speech last night was incredible
Khizr Khan: "Donald Trump, let me ask you, have you even read the U.S. Constitution?"
As soon as Khizr Khan finished his speech, "register to vote" spiked as a Google search.
Khizr Khan delivered an emotional rebuke of Donald Trump's ideas on religious tolerance
Among the Democratic convention standouts: the quiet dignity of Khizr Khan, by via
Father of Muslim American war hero: We cannot defeat terror by dividing America
I will take the America of Khizr Khan & his fallen son over Trump's distorted & selfish version every day of the week.
Father of Muslim soldier asks if Trump has read Constitution: "I'll gladly lend you my copy"
Top Kasich aide: I will take Khizr Khan's America over Trump's
I just watched the Khizr Khan speech again & cried because we're having an election about whether we value people like him and…
"Donald Trump, have you even read the Constitution?". -Khizr Khan patriotic Muslim American & father of brave US soldier…
Khizr Khan, the father of an American Muslim captain killed in Iraq, had a message for Trump
Can't overstate how good this 2005 profile of Khizr Khan is. The man is a saint.
13. Khizr Khan's speech embodied this last night--not the part about losing a son in the military. The part where as a Muslim immigrant,
I think we just witnessed what may be one of the most powerful moments of this entire convention from Khizr Khan speaking to…
Don't just read about the Khizr Khan speech. I promise you, watching it is very different.
Dear If you become POTUS,You'll owe it to Khizr Khan—Most irrefutable speech of all https:/…
The Khizr Khan speech is just going to enrage Trumpkins because somewhere inside, it made them ashamed.
I'm not easily moved by political rhetoric, but right now I'm rewatching Khizr Kahn tear into Trump. It's incredible htt…
Father of Muslim American war hero to Trump: You have sacrificed NOTHING & NO ONE via
Father of slain Muslim US soldier to Donald Trump: "You have sacrificed nothing and no one" https:…
Father of fallen Muslim-American war hero to 'You have sacrificed nothing'
If you are a Republican, you should watch this and be ashamed of what you have done.
Khizr Khan and General John Allen deliver powerful speeches and doesn't show either.
NAWAB KAIM KHAN Qaimkhanis are the descendants of Nawab Qaim Khan, born Karamchand, the son of Raja Motay Rai Chauhan, the ruler of Dorayra or Dadrewa (presently situated in the Churu district of Rajasthan). Karamchand and his bothers were converted to Islam by Firuz Shah Tughlaq who named him Qaim Khan, and his brothers Zainuddin Khan and Zabaruddin Khan. The term Qaimkhanis or Kaim khanis applies not only to the descedants of Qaim Khan but also to the descendants of his brothers. Qaim Khan become an Ameer of the Delhi Sultanate. Reference: Tuzk-e-Mehboobia of Sultan-e-Deccan Nawab Qaim Khan embraced Islam in 754 Hijra. In 760 Hijra, Sultan Feroz Shah appointed him the Governor of Hisar Ferozah with the title of Khan-e-Jehan. Nawab Qaim Khan continued as the Governor of Hisar in the times of Muhammad bin Tughluq and Khizr Khan. Khizr Khan defeated Daulat Khan Lodhi, who was at the helm of the Delhi Sultanate for a year and three months, and imprisoned him under Qaim Khan at Hisar Ferozah. Later Khizr ...
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