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Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau (born Khanyisile Mbau, October 15, 1985) is a South African actress, socialite, and television personality.

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I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday. -Khanyi Mbau
As Khanyi Mbau said, "a rich man will give you everything, but you will pay for it"
Khanyi Mbau being called a gold digger because her husband was spending money on her, come on
Watch Khanyi Mbau's interview with Anele, she says such and you are denying.
Khanyi Mbau is looking fierce on the set of her new movie .
Two kinds of women is SA, there is Khanyi Mbau and them
Khanyi Mbau is giving life with all these snaps of herself in character for her latest movie project...…
And Khanyi Mbau will tell you to bleach ur skin first.
JUST IN. Sexy to star in new movie.
Khanyi Mbau brings Sexy back in latest pictures
Definitely and khanyi mbau will be Trending because God couldn't recognize her.
Went from black to khanyi mbau. Bleach
eWallet Racoons, Blac China fan club, Khanyi Mbau protégés, Sikhathele.. we also wanna be with a lady that has coin…
Tumi Morake has actually bleach her skin, she look like Khanyi Mbau. Black woman are very disappointing n they have low self esteem
Now I see what Khanyi Mbau was looking for.
Khanyi Mbau was just being real on . Most people deny stuff but she didn't deny anything. Even showed us her routine. 👏👏👏
South African actress Khanyi Mbau defends (her) plastic surgery as a Christian.
So this means. Michael Jackson, Nicki minaj, Khanyi Mbau etc used to look lighter?
Didn't you know that a lot of the SABC employees are prostitutes/gold diggers. Khanyi Mbau came out & there are oth…
We could do with more African beauty and less of these Khanyi Mbau coconuts who want to be white.
Do you realize we are given Khanyi Mbau repeatedly because of a huge following not actual talent?
Either way, Ms Khanyi Mbau is a fave.
While we're at it let's block Khanyi Mbau. Nje just for control
The 3-1 sjamboking of Pirates by Sundowns surprised me as if I was seeing Khanyi Mbau having sex with Bhushiri at his church, live on TV.
ayyye sisi was at the film screening i love the u dance, F.Y.I u & Khanyi Mbau made the movie to be a success 🙌🙇🙏
I saw Khanyi Mbau today . but she didn’t see me...
Eminem is one of us, he just pulled a Khanyi Mbau on us before we all knew about it. Eminem is a Black man. 🔥 🔥 🔥 https:/…
Inoba thina we don't attract money like Khanyi Mbau 😩💔
I quote in verbatim, the great Khanyi Mbau, a pioneer in the *** is life movement: . "A man will get you all these things, but you will pay"
: How cute Babes Wodumo is trying to be like Kelly Khumalo & Khanyi Mbau at the same time 😂
Proud of the team. Capitalise on Khanyi Mbau & Khabonina's star powers. Make it an event when the film hits cinemas on December 1st.
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Khanyi Mbau I still believe she was robbed on strictly come dancing
If you think khanyi mbau and Mshoza are fake yellowbones
10 times Khanyi Mbau showed us her toned legs
They know themselves too we won't snitch on Khanyi Mbau and crew
I lv ur courage live ur life,let them talk u will always be beautiful and successful then haters.u wi…
Only white person that's not rasicist is Khanyi Mbau. The rest. Foetseeek
Lol Khanyi Mbau and Mshoza are the experts.
Skin bleaching is black erasure. Our kids see Khanyi Mbau and Kelly Khumalo and they think they have to do the same
Dear Drum, My name is Lasizwe not Khanyi Mbau’s Brother 😪
Yaz yini...we will discuss the issue of the eyes later..Mara ain't this Khanyi Mbau? And who is holding her phone f…
Just after ur sister khanyi mbau, I cant wait
When you think the nude style is dominated by Khanyi Mbau with pics:. Comes Emtee with a vid!. What the hack did he drink and smoke?
We've put Queentwerk, Khanyi Mbau behind us, we did the same ngo Pulane this will pass too Emtee just go to the rehab uzobashap.
Yes. Thats the only reason we know Khanyi Mbau, Pearl Thusi, Minnie Dlamini and Boity Thulo.
'My body is my investment' - Khanyi Mbau on splurging on surgery
I'm with this beautiful lady Khanyi Mbau
Actually we need to acknowledge that Khanyi Mbau is first Bad Bad SA has seen. She opened the game🔥
For a moment there I didn't release that this is Khanyi Mbau.
Khanyi Mbau looks like a casino, she will finish your money!
Okay but Khanyi Mbau looks like a spice ***
EzaMaGrootman...Eczema cant atand my way, kelo bleecha like Khanyi Mbau...I wanna be pink...
Khanyi Mbau, South African media personality and public figure has bagged yet another sizzling ..
haibo I wanted to blame the foundation as well, but she looks yellow all over. She better not pull a Khanyi Mbau on us 😯
Hayini Khanyi Mbau ndiworried. Nithi akaguli kodwa? She's pink. I even thought she had pink pantyhose or something. No, she's pink guys
Khanyi Mbau's skin is so pale it looks painful. I think she's in pain, I get emotional looking at her white legs my God😭.
Khanyi mbau -When two people you love the most genuinely gets along
Khanyi Mbau has been making boss moves as a light woman than when she was dark and ha…
How do u call khanyi mbau,ablack woman?
Khanyi Mbau she is doing a splendid job on the industry.. I'm watch on YouTube she is perfect.👏👏
Khanyi Mbau is the new face of Slimatone in Africa
Khanyi Mbau trying to get up from this clap.
There by Khanyi Mbau's App she just announced that she is the new face for Slimatone. . Congratulations to her.
Media personality and South African icon, Khanyi Mbau (has officially been announced as the African…
okay am scared khanyi mbau looks like a ghost right now or should I say thriller yesses mann
Listen to by Featuring myself AJAPPLE and on Auido Mack now👇🏼.
Let me guess the phrase was taken out of Khanyi Mbau's lost USB
SK,mama Yvonne Chaka Chaka looks beautiful and fresh than Bonang and Khanyi Mbau,thanks for being a ro…
"Khanyi Mbau is not a white woman. She's just a DIY yellow bone". - 😂
The Queen of Bling Khanyi Mbau got her own app
I added a video to a playlist The Scoop - Week 10 - Full Show! Khanyi Mbau on SABC3
It hasn't started but I already suspect Khanyi Mbau may not have been the best choice to host this upcoming showing
Khanyi Mbau's hands doesn't match with the whole body
Join at 9pm tonight on to get an exclusive look Khanyi Mbau's experience of The Moonlight Ma…
If Thando Thabethe was a close friend of Khanyi Mbau.
Watch our shoot with the gorgeous and for
My is bleaching and I loved her for the melanin. Now she looks like the cheaper version of Khanyi Mbau
Famous Last Words Khanyi Mbau and John Vlismas: behind the scenes with people magazine
We don't wanna question on Khanyi Mbau here in South Africa , we know it won't unlock .
So our sisters who bleached themselves boMshoza, Khanyi Mbau are called FBIs- Former Black Individuals🙆
Watch: Construction workers go crazy over Khanyi Mbau:
IPhone ka Khanyi Mbau won't recognize her after 6 months of owning it
Yazi only blacks you follow and they don't follow back? I followed a white person by the name of Khanyi Mbau she fo…
Wow awumhle. You look like Khanyi Mbau a bit.
nobody truly goes this white. if he went up to Khanyi Mbau le…
wow 2nd anonza she has khanyi Mbau tendencies wen she was still hustling.
That's so unfortunate. My crush for Kelly Khumalo and Khanyi Mbau 😍😍😩
guys Khanyi Mbau is not white y are y'all not uploading his picture?
Khanyi Mbau has already taken it upon herself to finish that mission eyedwa. 😔
😂😂I'm just waiting for them to hire Khanyi Mbau as Tannie Elsa who's very cheeky 😩
Breaking News: Khanyi Mbau distraught after her nose files for divorce
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Khanyi plays bridezilla on David Tlale's reality show
Khanyi Mbau only decided to bleach her skin after Juju told her to go undercover.😂😂😂.
Khanyi Mbau would've looked gr8 in Keletso's dress, especially the bottom garment, all that sexiness, lawd have mercy
and then what happened to Khanyi Mbau's feet? Skin lighting gone wrong!
Khanyi Mbau sabotaged that designer with her diva tendencies, from blue to pink! what do u want!
I can only imagine the drama if Frank wasn't eliminated and was paired with Khanyi Mbau
I saw Khanyi Mbau last week so I'm guessing she's the late celeb that didn't show up
When Khanyi Mbau fill up forms and realise the is only. Black. White. Indian. Coloured. And no Pink or Shiny.
The yellow Khanyi Mbau looks like you 😱
When that dude from 'Kwelatebza' posts a picture of Khanyi Mbau
Lol as for saying khanyi mbau is a white person 😂😂😂😂
Ok Dr Mbau, next time you should take the correct dose. or perhaps blacken your skin a bit. via
Sexxxy Gorgeous Khanyi Mbau turns up the heat 
2010?.Don't be stupid Nonhle and Khanyi Mbau were reigning supreme ngeloxesha.
Khanyi Mbau's interview on real talk with Anele is still my favourite. I just LOVE her ❤
The blonde girl looks like Khanyi Mbau
Khanyi Mbau needs too hook me up with some of that bleach abantu bakhiti exhaust me
if u wanna be a Patrice Motsepe u gadda date & marry a Dr Precious Moloi. if u wanna be a Mandla Mthembu u can date a Khanyi Mbau
See, my woman crush right now is Khanyi Mbau, very strong babe.. living life on her terms... I see you ... I see you
Guys honestly Khanyi Mbau has to be the queen of innovation wigs, a whole faux locs one? Hayi shem I'm done.
Khanyi Mbau & Kelly Khumalo flashed their punanis a few years ago &we Neva made noise.Why make noise about an American now?
lol I wonder why people are surprised by Amber Rose's Maponapona when we have Khanyi Mbau& Pam Andrews who've done it before
Where can i get Khanyi Mbau's book in Zim?
Great stuff! I love Khanyi Mbau interviews ! She's well spoken and I always learn a lot from her...❤❤
lol why are we surprisd by Amber Rose's nudity when Khanyi Mbau & Pam Andrews were famous for this sort of pictures in the past
I got blocked by Lerato Kganyago and Khanyi Mbau.I was so shocked yazi
We don't see Americans judging Riri the way we was judging Khanyi Mbau.
SA TV personality Khanyi Mbau slays in five different bikinis on the beach. The actress and singer is currently...
Khanyi Mbau's interview with Anele. 🙌🏼🙌🏼 The wisdom that she possesses.
In light of my messed up day, change is good and I welcome it. . In the words of Khanyi Mbau "money loves me".
ICYMI: How the Bible inspired Khanyi Mbau to do cosmetic surgery
"A man with money will get you everything but YOU will pay for it..." - Khanyi Mbau . Shook. 🙊
I added a video to a playlist Zodwa Wabantu challenge Khanyi Mbau 🔥🔥
"A person like me will never fail..." -Khanyi Mbau on Real Talk with Anele.
'A man with MONEY will get you everything but you're paying for it' Khanyi Mbau interview on
Someone had to compile to best trolls on Khanyi Mbau 😂😂😂
Khanyi Mbau is so intelligent though 👏🏽👏🏽
UIF offices Pretoria... It would be so awkward seeing Khanyi Mbau in the cue like what is she here for?
Let not joke about women with actual natural features. Let joke about pink khanyi mbau...
Khanyi Mbau for her personality. Bonang for her work ethic nje qha.
You've got to respect Khanyi Mbau for reinventing herself. Very few people can.
Khanyi Mbau’s Bikini Pictures are EXTRA HOT they might just BURN OFF THE INTERNET
Khanyi mbau can bleach her skin all she wants but she can't get a big forehead there's no surgery for that
Like Khanyi Mbau"Amber Rose is an easy target for anti-sex feminists because her feminism doesn't come with academic jargon"
I'm pretty sure Khanyi Mbau is expecting to give birth to white babies 😕
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
😂 ka Khanyi Mbau. "money recognizes me, its comfortable around me" lmfao jokes. It was just luck hey
Black people attacking Khanyi Mbau for bleaching are the same ones who call dark skinned people ugly. We are part of the probl…
This interview with Khanyi Mbau is so deep 😭❤️
Eve, Joseline Hernandez, Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, Khanyi Mbau the list is endless...
Stop what you're doing and look at these snaps of Khanyi Mbau
is flames Khanyi Mbau giving us truth and humour. Best interview thus far alonside Robert Marawa's &…
Khanyi Mbau a sneeze away from white honestly
South Africa radio and TV personality Khanyi Mbau attended a fancy dinner and wowed in a stunning black and gold...
With Khanyi Mbau's new skin tone,Buhle Mkhize's leadership & Rachel Kunutu's ambition to get Lehasa's money, we can safely get back the land
South Africans drag actress Khanyi Mbau on social media for bleaching her skin South Africans stormed on social m
Khanyi Mbau is following in Michael Jacksons footsteps😂. I mean she's white now😂🙈
Khanyi Mbau should not even think of taking the Coligny route. Looks like white people are endangered that side after…
Dear . Bonang Matheba. Lerato Kganyago. Somizi Mhlongo. Khanyi Mbau. You can keep me on your block list, I'm not bothe…
*Khanyi Mbau asking for help from her ancestors*. Ancestors : Who are you?. Khanyi : Yimi uKhanyi. Ancestors :
Khanyi mbau.a.k.a the pink sponge Bob😩
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
They're not getting enough "stories" about AKA, DJ Zinhle, Khanyi Mbau, Boity Thulo, Bonang Matheba and Minnie Dlam…
Full name of Khanyi Mbau is Khanyisile. It all makes sense now.
When are u guys having Bonang,khanyi Mbau and jessica Nkosi
if skin is R 140 per square Cm I want Khanyi Mbau 5 CM Square size
Tell Khanyi Mbau she's not a yellow bone
Khanyi mbau..who doesn't know lol u don't live around here
Why ekare you went Khanyi Mbau on us so😐. You look gorgeous mara🔥
We still have Khanyi Mbau, she went undercover to get our land back.
There is something about Kelly Khumalo and Khanyi Mbau that I really like🤔
Khanyi Mbau showing her butt in the bath - Fappening 2015 leaked
The people you're trying yo look like still won't accept you... officially lost another black soul. Bye bye Khanyi Mbau https:…
I blame Mabala Noise artists for this curse how do you involve AKA and Khanyi Mbau in political campaigns 😞😞😞
Khanyi Mbau's *** NA is very addictive and here is why...
Is Khanyi Mbau still doing the Metro Fm breakfast show?
Mshoza and Khanyi Mbau started like this
Khanyi Mbau ...haibo from a black bone to pink panther
The girl in white with curly hair buys her lotion from the same shop as Khanyi Mbau
Khanyi Mbau and Mshoza at this year's Durban July
It was just an over-filtered picture‚ says Khanyi Mbau on 'pink complexion' - SundayWorld - via
Khanyi just made a LOT of mistakes which Bonang came & improved on, otherwise Ms Mbau is the original SA's IT girl.
Kim K did to Paris Hilton what Bonang did to Khanyi Mbau. Monitor, study, & improve.
Instagram is to my data bundles what Khanyi Mbau once was to Mandla Mthembu's bank account.
The way South African girls are bleaching these days,a guy might end up dating his ex again without knowing. Khanyi Mbau
Khanyi Mbau will look back at life when she's old and be like... Me when I was black vs Me when I was white. 😭😧 https:…
Khanyi Mbau looks sore man. Ngathi it's that red polony. Or ngathi she's a pork nyana. Animal Farm spaces.
I knew they were doing it wrong when they started bringing Khanyi Mbau and Somizi on board. From tha…
seems like Khanyi Mbau has replaced Bonang. Great match though.
Khanyi Mbau still looks pretty without makeup. And she has good hair underneath. Stop Bashing.
Khanyi Mbau is basically a white black person now, not a necessarily a bad thing but things money can buy. 👏
Khanyi mbau oozes everything i want to be in life.
Can Khanyi Mbau please stop bleaching or whatever it is she's doing 💔😢
Guys what time is Khanyi Mbau's show on metro fm?
Somizi is so real. Him and Khanyi Mbau interviews I wouldn't miss. I love how real they keep it
I actually love somizi's friendship more with Khanyi Mbau. He must let go of Bonang
Sitting here thinking about iconic Khanyi Mbau actually was as a blessed baby wow.
The realest celebs you'll interview. Somizi and Khanyi Mbau 👌
Some guy tried it under Khanyi Mbau 's post on IG and this is what was delivered to him since he placed an order. How savage 😅…
I'd rather have Khanyi Mbau as my president than Babes Wodumo.
Lol *** !?! �� when did Khanyi Mbau get so light skinned?
Don't know how many times I've heard the "you look like Khanyi Mbau" comment on all my grad pics 😅
when Khanyi Mbau discovered she could sing.
Be proud and flaunt those thick lips. Khanyi Mbau le Mshoza had to get a lip job so they can…
there's a chance of Khanyi Mbau dating you 😱
Nadia Nakai preparing to kick some Khanyi Mbau *** Will she succeed? MTVBaseAfrica 322 at 21:30 🔥🎤🎬
Khanyi Mbau's fashion sense. Only she can pull it off. 👌🏾
Order Miche Bag Online!
South African media girl, Khanyi Mbau goes semi-nude in new photoshoot.
Looking forward to the media screening tomorrow 💃🙌
.& Set to battle it out on the premier of Season 2. Details >
Last frame she looks like Khanyi Mbau
you are racist jo...what if that dog belonged to Khanyi Mbau??? Then what??
Khanyi Mbau now looks like she cousins with The Joker from Batman especially when they smilin.
Watch lip sync tonight at 21:30 and catch Bragga battling Khanyi Mbau
why is Khanyi mbau, Sominzi Mhlongo and Ntonmby nolonger hosting the whose show it is any way ?
Khanyi Mbau, Bonang, Mshoza and Kelly Khumalo have one thing in common.
Khanyi Mbau is like the ghosts on Michael Jacksons videos
No mbau gave performances, she should've won
Sesethu and Khanyi Mbau are two different things ninganyi 😒
I'm having visions of Khanyi Mbau and Mandla Mthembu in the matching Lamborghini's. The city was in a chokehold
Our dear Khanyi Mbau doing her thing on tonight! .
mna I would like to know ba what is happening with Khanyi Mbau's skin guys! like kwenzeka ntoni sisi
your reaction when mama Clementine said "i love Khanyi Mbau" hmm u so beautiful.
So Is Trending vhel. . Khanyi Mbau on ma Screen gorgeous as ever
what is wrong with Khanyi Mbau's face??😩 is so yellow.
I'm just here for Khanyi Mbau, she is funny!
Some doesn't add up with Khanyi mbau... she light brownish(face) and pinkish chest... and her boobs? Haiii maan
*** Khanyi Mbau is lighter than me hey. yoh. I guess it's the money glow! . I certainly can't wait to start balling
I'm outchea just staring at Khanyi Mbau's boob. I'm trash I know...
Khanyi Mbau is a great presenter. Strong personality.
It's funny how Trending SA invited Khanyi Mbau the day they talk about a leaked sex video
I'd marry khanyi mbau she's a blessing
lmao Lord now that's iNner happiness meeting Papa Penny , Khanyi Mbau n Somizi
For me to have internal happiness I need to meet Papa Penny, Khanyi Mbau and Somizi and I swear I'll be set free from within. 🙌🏿
Khanyi Mbau looking like a roasted chicken with spice on a plate on a table awaiting to be dished
Lemme just say; I'm OBSESSED wit KHANYI MBAU lyk no other!. Babe, u r like a Dictionary..u add meaning to my lyf!. LUV YA LOADS!
I wanted to see the reaction on khanyi Mbau's face when she presents Nasty C
Electronic Device Insurance
A report back on what happened at the recent Pan-Canadian Congress of the Revolutionary Student Movement!
Khanyi Mbau on beauty transformation shares her before and after pictures
Just saw an episode of where Khanyi Mbau is made to clean and make sexy noises for money. It was more sad,…
Funny hw when khanyi Mbau or Boity show more skin than u do, people don't throw shade. Be u & be proud, ppl wil always talk
Khanyi Mbau sends a tweep into deep confusion.
Just seen the cover of previdas latest issue there's no denieing that khanyi mbau is force to be reckoned with
Her name is Khanyi Mbau - the girl who owns a variety of hot sauces. I must say we were never ready. 😭😍 . 📌 |
Mmh ai shame Khanyi Mbau instead of looking better, she is Ugly and those lips ai no !
Khanyi Mbau continues to be hot as ***
my best dressed on the black carpet has got to be khanyi mbau! also Arthur
+Khanyi Mbau, South African TV host goes semi-nude in new photoshoot
Khanyi Mbau will probably need a critical therapy after making this film
Bonang, Khanyi Mbau and Boity stun at Metro FM Awards (Photos) - Johannesburg Sunday World
Guys, I really love Khanyi Mbau, hey. What a life this woman has had.
Khanyi Mbau (: I’ll probably need therapy after making this film
I want to get into the topic with Khanyi Mbau.
6 things you need to know about Khanyi Mbau |
launch and Khanyi Mbau was their SA model/ambassador. Is there a gap in the SAn market for beer primarily targeted at women?
Tune into tonight as I Interview and Khanyi Mbau . Make sure you rate me out of 10
Got to many girlfriends on tv Minnie Dlamini Khanyi Mbau. I will buy them prezis but they'll never get to see them
Is Khanyi Mbau still dating the Kwela Tebza guy or is she tired of supporting him?
Don't know how many posts I've seen about Khanyi Mbau today but y'all are tiring. Can you guys stop with the insults
Khanyi Mbau must just donate one of her nice wigs to me...My bad hair days have elongated
Before you call a woman a 'Gold digger' ask yourself, do you even have gold?. -Khanyi Mbau
Shaka is right that girl looked like Khanyi Mbau
How old is Khanyi Mbau's daughter? She got 34,6k followers on Instagram...😂😂What you guys trying to see? That time…
The Roast of Kenny Kunene is still funny... 😂 the heat that is directed at Khanyi Mbau's Kushi-ku. 😂
Khanyi Mbau and Edward in the house // @ Durban ICC -…
Khanyi Mbau can rock the pose and pull off a professional photoshoot.
I just saw a picture of Khanyi Mbau on TimesLives and couldn't help but wonder what happened to her. She's definite…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
"There's always time for a sexy photoshoot with incompetent
There's always time for a sexy photoshoot with Khanyi Mbau
If you treat a man as he is, he will stay as he is. If you treat him as he ought to be, he will become the bigger & better man. -Khanyi Mbau
For all of life's simple pleasures, I say, "Thank You, God!" -Khanyi Mbau
6. never forget. how Khanyi Mbau rose to fame, using. men ...bc we provided what she. couldn't have bc she was lazy to. work her *** off,
Yes AKA is in Bryanston. Somizi in Hyde park. Khabonina in Bedfordview. Khanyi mbau in sandton if not in Morningsid…
Did Khanyi Mbau say SAMA of the year? Shuuu
Khanyi Mbau released her single, Shake. Gigi Released an album.
Hey boo..😍"Hi it's me... Khanyi Mbau.. yeah that girl"
Khanyi Mbau is all kinds of flames 🔥
Khanyi Mbau has really upped her game in radio presenting, I'm loving her slowly but surely. All we need now is 4 Somizi to walk out the stu
Khanyi Mbau looks so pale she really needs to stop bleaching her skin now 😒
I wish Khanyi Mbau can just stop talking/reading
Is this the khanyi Mbau look alike dress u were talking about?
Best dressed was definitely Khanyi Mbau. A fashion icon.
Don't know how old Khanyi Mbau is but that's my wife ❤
NOPE radio has nothing to do with talent anymore eg Bonang, Khanyi Mbau, Lerato, Sthandwa and…
🎵 You wanna take me to London, All you want is the bum-bum, to me watch me whine and go down🎵 . - Khanyi Mbau - Shake! . The…
If organizers can fork out a 100K for babes let them do. Was it Khanyi Mbau who used to charge 50K for appearance? Cost of living is high!
Stars can't shine without darkness. -Khanyi Mbau
But Khanyi Mbau Say on top since ever
Good friends always slay together 👌🏾 Nkosingiphile King X Khanyi Mbau *the Cream 3 piece suit is now available at...
I have to win powerball and lotto, so I can rent khanyi mbau before we get into 2017
CT man gets early Christmas present with R21.6m Lotto win via I say marry Khanyi Mbau and start a new life!!
the whole of Khanyi Mbau? The poster child of the blesser lifestyle? The God and Savior of blesserville? Just W…
Khanyi Mbau forgets she is the ancestor of blessies. The ultimate makoya. Today she acts like she never led the way.
LaMaps looked ridiculous with those glasses. Does he wear them all the time? Awks. Kinda like Khanyi Mbau in Ayeye
You wanna support local black authors, but this particular segment is inundated with chancers like Sbu & Khanyi Mbau 😷😷😷
Uhm Khanyi Mbau she's still bleaching? :-(
Khanyi Mbau is one good looking lady, her past doesn't matter😍
. Q: Who is Moreki? . A: Zuma paid back the money, Mabala Noise signed Khanyi Mbau. Trump became president.
If Khanyi Mbau drove a Lambo without a formal education who are you to judge yourself?
She got a light skin friend look like Khanyi Mbau, she got a dark skin friend look like Khanyi Mbau...
Khanyi Mbau would make a beautiful Xhosa Makoti, too tlean!
Khanyi Mbau's face is lighter than the rest of her body. On some half vampire half human shvt
Ask Khanyi Mbau she wore almost the same outfit.
She's actually the same skin tone as Khanyi Mbau.
Khanyi Mbau is my hero, actually. Wow, guys 😭❤️
My mom is obsessed with how Khanyi Mbau dresses...too bad we did not see the full outfit 😥😭
I just LOOOVE how Kuli pretended to care about Khanyi Mbau's Christmas
Khanyi Mbau really captured Christmas in a black home. ♥ Beautiful!
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