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Tatton !!! That's it !!. Khalid Masood none other than George Osborne in Disguise. Theresa May profoundly relieved…
Scotland Yard says Khalid Masood acted alone and carried out the Westminster attack in just 82 seconds.
The Sunday Times have a sensitive & newsworthy angle on the Khalid Masood story - "What about his daughter though, eh,…
British boxer Frazer Clarke witnessed and filmed some of the Westminster terror attack, including the shooting of attacker Kha…
Admire clarity explaining what Europe & world face. Hope all here at will read it. htt…
"He was a violent Christian long before he was a violent Muslim" on Westminster terror attacker Khalid Masood
Nigel Farage blasts the government for doing nothing to tackle homegrown terrorism-too scared of upsetting muslims htt…
Khalid Masood "sent a WhatsApp message" that is encrypted/can't be accessed before the Westminster Bridge attack. . http…
Islam and the Jihad in London. People who are stupid write their own epitaph. In UK it will be written in Arabic.…
Yesterday people told me not to blame Islam for London until all facts were in. Today, they're in. Khalid Masood did it…
Muslim extremist Khalid Masood, who had prior weapons charges & had been getting arrested since the 80's, was working a…
Terror fears mount as up to 'SEVENTY terrorists set for release from British prisons'
Islam and the Jihad in London. Enclaves that nurture sharia supremacism breed the jihadists of tomorrow.
ISIS used Telegram to call for jihad on Parliament just weeks before Khalid Masood attacked .
Example: Brexit voter told me that Khalid Masood's parents should not have been allowed to settle in UK. Not EU citizens!
'We've done NOTHING' Nigel Farage blasts Government failures to stop homegrown terror
Lo and behold, London terrorist a Muslim; Khalid Masood a convert 'radicalized in prison'
What is it about cars & violence? After 2 days chasing Khalid Masood's roots in Birmingham, I've pondered that a lot h…
Call him Adrian Elms because Muslims can't be terrorists but also call him Khalid Masood to respect his religion
So Khalid Masood wasn't part of a wider conspiracy nor does anything connect him to 'Islamism' other than being Muslim... ht…
Secret text message ordered the 'lone wolf' Khalid Masood to carry out London terror attack
attacker is identified as 52-year-old Khalid Masood, But he has no Religion.
Aysha Frade mother and teacher on her way to pick up her two daughters (ages 8 and 11) from school. KILLED by Khalid Masood in…
WhatsApp's message encryption unacceptable, should be accessible to police: UK minister...
Muslim women stand 'in solidarity' with London terror attack victims on Westminster Bridge
"Police investigating the Westminster attack have concluded that Khalid Masood acted entirely alone for reasons that ma…
London terror attacker was not lone wolf
Delete this please.  Khalid Masood acted alone, he does not speak for England. Your Islamophobia sickens me.
We're having same problem as islamic jail population rises. They use them as training camps. We gotta h…
since WS was encrypted-Khalid Masood used WhatsApp before terror attack, firm must help police get access, UK says |
London terror suspect Khalid Masood was in Saudi Arabia 3 times but not on security officials' radar: embassy
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
STOP turning a blind eye to the reality that is radical Islamic terrorism. . London terrorist named. Khalid Masood .
British officials named the attacker as Khalid Masood, a 52-year-old with criminal convictions
Muslims at Trafalgar Square condemning the actions of Khalid Masood & sharing msg of true Islam:
Islam makes it clear that we stand with our friends at Trafalgar Square to condemn actions of Khalid Masood in…
Khalid Masood and Sadiq Khan certainly sound like British names. It all makes so much sense now... You've lost your country. RIP - Europe
Where does having a name like Khalid Masood mean you're a terrorist? Maybe we should ask Dr. Mehmet Oz? 🤔
Met Police confirm attacker who killed 3 people including a police officer in London as British born , 52 years,Khalid Masood.
BREAKING: Police name man believed responsible for as Khalid Masood
Met Police name attacker as Khalid Masood: 52. Born in Kent in 1964 and Scotland Yard think he was most recently living i…
terrorist named by police. Khalid Masood was also known by a number of aliases.
Met Police name man who carried out terror attack Wednesday as Khalid Masood.
London attacker named by Met Police as Khalid Masood, 52:
Met Police have named the London attacker as Khalid Masood, 52-year-old Briton with criminal convictions from Kent.
Met Police say he was known by a number of aliases but Khalid Masood is the name they are using.
London attack: Khalid Masood named as perpetrator
There is no Higgs boson, it's a moment in time that control the mass of a particle and everything in it. Khalid Masood
Khalid Masood brilliantly explained IdealSituation vs HumanRealities keeping in view of Human Psychology/Reaction: .
is it everything finr in Multan? . You , Khalid Masood and Haroon Rasheed everyone is writing on Multan
Saiydana Mufaddal Saifudeen is the new Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Khalid Masood gets maximum votes...
Meting with provincial general secretary pro kpk Khalid Masood at his office
[ Khalid Masood compares Pervaiz Ilahi and 's focus on south Punjab ]
El Fassi and the throne day celebration It was a festive mood in the Throne Day reception hosted by the Ambassador of Morocco Mohammed Rida El Fassi and his spouse in the prestigious Marriot Hotel. The elite of the elites attended the function including the Federal Minister of Overseas Dr. Abdul Sattar Farooq, Federal Minister of Religious Affairs Khurshid Shah, Deputy Speaker, National Assembly Karim Kundi, Chief of Federal Shariat Court Agha Rafique, former Foreign Minister Gen. Yaqoob Khan, Governor KPK Masood Khusa, Gen. Ihsanul Haq, Gen. Talat Masood, Gen. Asad Durrani, Gen. Abdul Qayyum and DG Islamic Research Institute, IIU Dr. Khalid Masood and many others.
Nawaz Sharif is supporting his bhateeja Gillani in NA -151. written by Khalid Masood
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