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Kezia Dugdale

Kezia Dugdale (born 28 August 1981) is a Scottish Labour Party Member of the Scottish Parliament, representing the Lothian region.

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Wow, Kezia Dugdale's gone to a LOT of trouble to distract people from the new Scottish Labour leader.
EXCLUSIVE Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale risks sparking political row by signing up to
Kezia Dugdale sends a message back to her colleagues in the Scottish Labour Party:.
Kezia Dugdale is a celebrity like Scottish Labour is a credible opposition party.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a comrade of Kezia Dugdale from the Scottish Labour Party.
Not all Scottish Labour members are turing their back on Kezia Dugdale - just the rest of the party 🙈😂
The staff who lost their jobs when Kezia Dugdale unexpectedly quit as Scottish Labour leader must be thrilled to see her…
Kezia Dugdale passing Scottish Labour HQ on her way to the airport.
Kezia Dugdale told of plot to replace her as Scottish Labour leader
The sudden outpouring of support of Kezia Dugdale is hilarious. She was completely indiscernible from Ruth Davidson.
Scottish Labour's Kezia Dugdale steps down: does Jeremy Corbyn have a problem with women in his party? Erm...Yes!!. https:…
Kezia Dugdale will be remembered as doing absolutely nothing to better Scotland. I'm sure Ruth Davidson will miss her. https:/…
Tomorrow's Herald: David Torrance on why the resignation of Kezia Dugdale is bad news for Sturgeon. And Douglas Ross on gy…
Breaking: Kezia Dugdale has tonight resigned as Scottish Labour leader. Full text of resignation letter:
This speech in January (several political lifetimes ago) shows vision which deserves more recognition
Didn't see eye to eye with Kezia Dugdale on some things but will remember her at best in Holyrood when opposing the fami…
Update your maps at Navteq
Kezia Dugdale deserves credit for at least keeping Scottish Labour above water following the incomprehensibly destructiv…
Forced out by hard left? Kezia Dugdale quits as Scottish Labour leader
A lot of opposition talking admirably in respect to Kezia Dugdale resigning. I for one, as bitter as it may seem, will not (1/3)
Far from being driven out by "Corbyn's mob", Momentum actually campaigned tirelessly for kezia dugdale in the GE -
Kezia Dugdale has resigned. Corbynites must mount a serious challenge to Labour Right, no soft left muck.
Kezia Dugdale resigns. In my view this was her best speech as leader, on the so-called rape clause. Blistering stuff http…
Kezia Dugdale will be invited on everything now, in hope she'll attack Corbyn
Kezia Dugdale once took pity on me, thrust an Irn Bru into Jeremy Corbyn's hands, and sent me the photos. For that I'll alw…
So ... Jeremy Corbyn visits Scotland. Kezia Dugdale resigns the leadership of the Scottish branch office. Nothing to see…
Kezia Dugdale resigns as Scottish Labour Party leader
Kezia Dugdale quits as Scottish Labour leader -
Kezia Dugdale: My friend's death taught me not to waste a moment in life. So I've quit as leader of Scottish Labour: http…
Kezia Dugdale to resign as Scottish Labour leader - Sky sources
Kezia Dugdale denies Corbyn coup as she resigns as leader of Scottish Labour
BBC News - Kezia Dugdale quits as Scottish Labour leader
BREAKING: Sky sources: Kezia Dugdale expected to step down as leader of Scottish Labour Party, possibly as soon as tom…
Not a fan of Kezia Dugdale but she was hounded out by Corbyn & his marxist advisors. . The Labour party, like the SNP, is a v…
Feeling a bit queasy re. outpouring of affection for Kezia Dugdale. No one forced her into the job, not made her tell people…
Breaking: Scottish Labour leader and out politician Kezia Dugdale resigns
Oh and good luck to Kezia Dugdale. I think there's huge gaps between the traditional hate the snp faction and the 'for the few' maniacs
Before we start the "decent person, hard job" stuff, Kezia Dugdale put a Tory government in place and wanted to pull us ou…
Kezia Dugdale’s resignation has shocked Scottish politics to its core - but why resign now?.
Ah see that wee Kezia Dugdale has been hounded oot by Corbyn's bruisers. Any chance of a follow back
Kezia dugdale quitting as Scottish Labour. That'll be 9th SLab leader since devolution.
Kezia Dugdale quits as leader of Scottish Labour
The look you give when you're just having a midnight snack then hear Kezia Dugdale has quit...
Sadly Kezia Dugdale is not the only Blairite in Labours northern branch and peeps voted in MPs that already ignore Scotland h…
Absolutely buzzing for the hot takes over the next 24 hours from UK commentators who are looking up Kezia Dugdale's wikiped…
Kezia Dugdale resigns as Leader of Scottish Labour Scottish Conservatives will be gutted.
Jeremy Corbyn pledges to put federal government 'on the table' and ... Kezia Dugdale ♥♥♥♥
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Kezia Dugdale tells BBC Scotland's Brian Taylor it is time to "pass the baton on"
Kezia Dugdale's departure as Scottish Labour leader gives Jeremy Corbyn an NEC majority – and he’ll use it
BREAKING: Kezia Dugdale resigns as Scottish Labour Party leader. More to follow.
Corbyn critic Kezia Dugdale quits as Scottish Labour leader
Kezia Dugdale resigns as Scottish Labour Party leader.
Anas Sarwar will be licking his chops with news that Kezia Dugdale is to step down as Scottish Labour Leader.
From thetimes : Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has quit after pressure from the left.
Kezia Dugdale resigns as leader of Scottish Labour...A reminder of the front page of the Sunday Herald two days ago ht…
Looks like Kezia Dugdale might have just resigned. If true it's time for Scottish Labour to get with the JC program
A senior Scottish Labour source tells me Kezia Dugdale was "hounded out by JC's mob".
BREAKING NEWS: Kezia Dugdale has resigned as leader of Scottish Labour
The Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale once said that she wakes up every day unhappy about this country being...
I am ready and willing to say that Kezia Dugdale would be a shockingly bad First Minister. Surely the post holder should…
Happy news about Kezia Dugdale and Jenny Gilruth dating across the partisan divide gives me an excuse to bump this chart…
Oh dear. Have you actually met Kezia Dugdale?
leader Kezia confirms relationship with SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth
Left wingers call for Kezia Dugdale to be ousted as Scottish Labour leader. By Andrew Whitaker for the Sunday Herald
A sparkling beam of hope in our fractured and divisive political climate.
Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale reveals she is dating an SNP MSP. via
Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale reveals she's in a relationship with an SNP politician
Kind of re-assuring to know love still crosses party lines
Wasn't Ruth Davidson or Kezia Dugdale was it ?. They are pretty wound up at SNP success right now ... rabid foaming…
It didn't bother them when Kezia Dugdale urged Labour supporters to vote Tory at the Gen…
This wee story made me smile today. Hurrah for love! ❤️All the best 😊
Well, this is fairly unusual. Good luck to them both, of course.
I presume Kezia Dugdale will be standing down as Labour leader. She can't stand up at FMQ's and bad mouth the SNP anymore
Kind of pleases me that Scotland has a new cross-party grouping.
Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale finds love ... with SNP MSP.
Honestly wish them the very best (world needs more love in it) but word o advice..nae politics at the dinner table! ht…
Congrats to and - I wish them every happiness as a couple.
Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale in relationship with SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth - Sky News "Now there's a wee first"
Love across the aisle. Good luck to them. But politically? This has to be a little difficult for all involved.
“Love really does conquer all.” Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale is in a relationship with SNP politician Jenny Gilru…
“after consulting with Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones and Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, he called on th…”
Kezia Dugdale: Further education drop-out numbers have doubled since 2011/12
If Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale had not promoted tactical voting to defeat Jeremy Corbyn *would* be Pri…
'Playing a broken record!' Kezia Dugdale lays into Sturgeon over independence
What happened to Kezia Dugdale at the 2017 general election?. She lobster job.
> | Nicola Sturgeon, Willie Rennie and Kezia Dugdale confirm they will... ”The debate, chaired by STV’s p…
Diane Abbott: Just had the worst interview on BBC 😱. Kezia Dugdale: Hold my beer.
Tories defend sacked Labour Councillors in leadership challenge to Kezia Dugdale
Kezia Dugdale: “The party I lead will never support
I think this lot will be racists. I don't think Kezia Dugdale, Ruth Davidson or Willie Rennie are. It's not that hard.…
Jeremy Corbyn ignores Kezia Dugdale plan for federal UK in Scottish Labour speech via
Kezia Dugdale asks Nicola Sturgeon to "change her tune" and not talk about independence. Here's a quick search of the speec…
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George Foulkes, like Kezia Dugdale and *Not Genetically Programmed* Johann Lamont. Are all... Sponsored by the…
Kezia Dugdale apologising for Jeremy Corbyn and attempting to explain why he doesn't believe Scotland should exist.
Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t like term ‘Act of Union’, Kezia Dugdale admits as Scottish Labour conference starts
Scottish Labour and Kezia Dugdale are now nothing more than an obstruction to the well being of Scotland. Delusional and dangerous
Kezia Dugdale's interview is terrible. She looks like she's about to burst into tears. As for federal powers, she can shove them.
Kezia Dugdale is like the kid describing her school gangs to her pen pal.
Jeremy Corbyn doesn't like term 'Act of Union', Kezia Dugdale admits as Scottish Labour conference starts
Kezia Dugdale is like the nurse comforting you as you struggle against the pillow.
Kezia Dugdale is like the duckling who had a nice personality.
Kezia Dugdale was on - Avoided answering nearly every Q. Proclaimed Stronger Together was not the same as Better…
This interview proves without any doubt that Kezia Dugdale and Scottish Labour are ***
I'm Kezia Dugdale: Vote for me & we can play games on Friday afternoons as long as we've finished our work & tidy up afterwards.
Kezia Dugdale tells STV why Jeremy Corbyn is not "mad keen" on using the phrase Act of Union.
'No one is listening to you.". Kezia Dugdale: 'The country is divided between those who don't listen to me & those who don't know who I am.'
Whilst the are standing up against are doing deals with them.
Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale are to reaffirm their support for Union in speeches in London
Kezia Dugdale, Willie Rennie and Ruth Davidson for the foreseeable.
Kezia Dugdale and Scottish Labour - Stuck between a indy rock and and EU hard place. Moaning about everything and no solut…
Interesting. Up to a fifth of Scottish Labour MSPs to challenge Kezia Dugdale's position on Article 50. So much confusion…
'It’s not a fight' Jeremy Corbyn brushes off claims of new spat with Kezia Dugdale
Great to here Jeremy Corbyn and Kezia Dugdale support a constitutional convention and move towards federalism and dece…
Kezia Dugdale of Scottish Labour, Ruth Davidson of Scottish Tories and David Coburn of UKIP in Scotland
I'm hearing that Kezia Dugdale will be speaking at the Scottish Tory Conference in March.a speech to 'save the unio…
Kezia Dugdale also believed 2 crates Murphy was going to beat Nicola Sturgeon to be First Minister says it all
Nicola Sturgeon and Kezia Dugdale just taking turns to slag off Trump. OK, you don't like him but this is embarrassing…
Biggest danger for Clinton is Kezia Dugdale & John McTernan are over there campaigning for her.
Button pressed?,view the BBC cameras they will reveal if Ian Gray and Kezia Dugdale are lying,If lying Presiding Officer should suspend both
Scottish Labour are appealing to the Presiding Officer to find out why Kezia Dugdale's vote on council tax motion was not…
Kezia Dugdale's spokesman says she did vote. There has been a technical error of sorts and they will be complaining to th…
Kezia Dugdale says she has secured backing from the Labour National Executive Committee to make Scottish Labour a fully au…
domain names
Interesting! Kezia Dugdale has secured NEC backing to make Scottish Labour a fully autonomous party, which means... http…
The deluded Kirsty Wark on Newsnight seems to think Kezia Dugdale is a ''BIG hitter''. Her emphasis not mine. Labour/Unionist shill.
Kezia Dugdale to stay away from Jeremy Corbyn's Scottish visit this week
Kezia Dugdale: Owen Smith can unite Labour party more than Jeremy Corbyn
Remember all the times Ruth Davidson and Kezia Dugdale were held responsible for abuse of…
Kezia Dugdale: Jeremy Corbyn will hold back chance for Labour government if he remains leader
EU nationals need assurances they are welcome says Kezia Dugdale
People have shown they don't want Kezia Dugdale and the imposters calling themselfs Labour
Can someone rescue Kezia she stuck on a Turntable .
kezia dugdale tells her masters in london stop telling me wat2 do ppl in scotland think i am stupid/ KEZIA PPL HAVE KNOWN THIS FOR YEARS!
Look, just get back to me when all the numbers have been verified by Kezia Dugdale.
Who has done most to wreck the union? Its self-styled guardians, the Tories | Kezia Dugdale
"Responding to a speech by the Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale, in which she appeared to abandon her...
Kezia Dugdale calls for inclusive campaign to reassure EU nationals. Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale has...
Ruth Davidson and kezia Dugdale should be working with Nicola Sturgeon to respect the wishes of scots who voted remain ,. Blatant disrespect
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Labour activists tell Kezia Dugdale to get behind Jeremy Corbyn
Kezia Dugdale has got to be the worst Scottish politician ever
We know what you're crying out for at this confusing time, readers - another Kezia Dugdale Fact Check!
Only Labour wants to keep Scotland in both the EU and UK, says Kezia Dugdale (| via
Scotland could remain member of EU and UK, says Kezia Dugdale
You can sing either Kezia Dugdale or Jeremy Corbyn to the tune of "Eleanor Rigby" by The Beatles.
Kezia Dugdale: If it's what people want, should not be blocked.
“We should keep all options on the table" should be Scot Labour tag line. Read: "We have no convictions & no ideas"
Kezia Dugdale: Labour needs to speak to Leave voters; UK must allow Scottish independence vote if people want it
Dugdale says Labour "too rarely made a full throated defence of immigration". That's one way of putting it Kezia... htt…
If Jim Murphy, Jackie Baillie, Ruth Davidson or Kezia Dugdale were First Minister, do you see a page like this?
'There's something beautiful about being part of this European family' - Kezia Dugdale
Kezia Dugdale is found lying on NHS & quickly changes the subject to council tax spending. She is clueless as a leader.
Scotland // On who would make a better Leader of the Opposition in Holyrood:. Ruth Davidson: 33%. Kezia Dugdale: 18%. Neith…
An SNP voter tells Kezia Dugdale "I am a big fan of Jeremy Corbyn and now you after that speech". Labour press officers mus…
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Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale says she could vote for independence - Daily Record
Kezia Dugdale: I could vote for Scottish independence.
Kezia Dugdale reveals she is in a relationship with a woman: Scottish Labour leader also clarifies stance on independence saying she ...
Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale seeks to clarify reports she might back Scottish independence if it could...
Kezia Dugdale: I could vote for Scottish independence:
ICYMI Kezia Dugdale: I could vote for independence to keep Scotland in the EU
Thursday's Scottish Daily Mail: Exclusive: Kezia Dugdale calls for "Named Person" scheme to be paused.
westminster politics increasingly foreign. Party of Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale is what people see.
"Well done to Kezia Dugdale, who has seen support for Scottish Labour drop even lower than when Jim Murphy ran it!"
Kezia Dugdale: 'This Parliament should not be a conveyor belt for Tory austerity'. | Scottish Labour Party
Do you believe Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale's promise to oppose
Would someone tell Kezia Dugdale that the Scottish budget is decided, voted on in our democratically elected parliament. Broken record.
Jezzo John Mason might be proving every party has at least 1 fanny in it but Kezia Dugdale is just incompetent
"Taking a Fresh Look". Mike Small on the challenges facing Kezia Dugdale and Ruth Davidson. via
Love Sid Waddell on that. You might have seen creeping into Kezia Dugdale bit here:
Was Nicola Sturgeon really complaining that Kezia Dugdale was questioning her yesterday at First Minister's Questions?!?
What do you really think of your Scottish Branch Office manager.Kezia Dugdale.
Jacob Rees-Mogg. Also not actually MPs but Ruth Davidson, Kezia Dugdale and Leanne Wood would be good
If you read anything today read this...
Kezia Dugdale's eyebrows infuriate me something bad
Today Kezia Dugdale claimed she would cancel and reverse UKGov cuts. The claim is absolute fiction.
Watch "Kezia Dugdale - Car Crash Interview" on YouTube - What is a slab voter going to get . Uklab policy or slab ?
Kezia Dugdale patiently answered 16 of your stupid questions.
Contrary to current Labour claims, Holyrood can't 'reverse' or 'cancel' Westminster's cuts.
Brilliant piece on tax credit policy by the indomitable
The problem is that Kezia Dugdale also supports it! Mad just plain mad.
Kezia Dugdale letting Sturgeon off the hook time and again in Holyrood only UKIP Scotland will robustly challenge SNP …
Surely has worked out how it's to be done contrary to law since she's 'promised' it?
Fantastic piece by on the dog's breakfast of SLab's tax credits plans.
Scottish Labour: Kezia Dugdale promises reversal of Tory cuts to tax credits |
Stop sniggering at the back, there.
Labours claims they could reverse Tax Credit cuts- shoogly on both financial and legal pegs
Lallands Peat Worrier: Kezia Dugdale: Doctoring with a cudgel... ScotGov doesn't have the power…
If Santa doesn't visit you this year, it might be because he asked Kezia Dugdale for directions.
"Politics is about taking decisions that have the ability to transform lives." column: . ht…
Kezia Dugdale: Ask not what the problem is - but how you can solve it
Kezia Dugdale, has basically been told that she and her Branch Office colleagues are not 'Generically Conditioned.
Peat Worrier: Dugdale CAN'T "reverse" Tory tax credits policy; the Scottish Parliament doesn't have the power.
New out with 's lovely smiley visage all over front + interview
Kezia Dugdale: More autonomy is vital for the Scottish Labour Party
Read our interview with on Trident, Kezia Dugdale and party democracy
Labour in Scotland under Kezia Dugdale is surely now a weapon of mass dysfunction.
Kezia Dugdale hates pugs even more than she hates Scotland. FACT.
did you see Kezia Dugdale die on That's the level Scottish Labour are at here.
What does expectation management look like? My interview with Kezia Dugdale this week
"Red Len" McCluskey will meet with Kezia Dugdale for the first time on Tuesday, as Labour tries to persuade him not to back SNP candidates.
Marcus Roberts discussing Labour's decline on Daily Politics just said, "despite the heroic efforts of Kezia Dugdale."
When Ruth Davidson,Kezia Dugdale ,Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvey fly ,what nom du plume do they use I wonder ? 😀 go go go
Kezia Dugdale has emailed me asking me to be a female candidate for the Scottish Labour Party. Erm
Jeremy Corbyn should work with Labour Party members who want to help him. Kezia Dugdale will drive all such people out of her Scottish party
FORMER First Minister Henry McLeish yesterday warned Labour could appear “divided” as he called for Kezia Dugdale...
Kezia Dugdale reminds me of Nicola Murray from The Thick Of It
Kezia Dugdale: Not sure UK party realise it yet! Revolution if genuine.
Kezia Dugdale: Ordinary members to attend Labour Party conference for just £5. End "conference control freakery"
Neil Findlay handed trade unions role in Scottish Labour team: Scottish Labour’s new leader Kezia Dugdale has…
Kezia Dugdale elected leader of Scottish Labour Party via
Kezia Dugdale is elected as new leader of the Scottish Labour Party, with Alex Rowley as deputy
New Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale vows to rebuild the party - 75
New Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale says she will make key decisions about the party's direction in Scotland.
On tonight actor and former Labour supporter Brian Cox on whether Kezia Dugdale can revive the party.
Website Builder 728x90
Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, says today’s election of Kezia Dugdale as the 4th leader...
Just realised, Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson, Kezia Dugdale and Willie Rennie make it four women leading the parties in Scotland.
James Naughtie didn't ask Kezia Dugdale about today's Her voters regret backing her after she smeared Jere…
Kezia Dugdale telling somebody how to do politics is like a taxi driver telling Neil Armstrong how to land on the moon.
Portly LibLabCon member Kezia Dugdale wants new House of Lords in Glasgow
Kezia Dugdale wants rid of the Lords, but then wants to replace it with another House of Lords. But in Glasgow... Right, t…
Kezia Dugdale calls for House of Lords replacement to be based in Glasgow
Scottish Labour's Kezia Dugdale calls for the abolition of the House of Lords and its replacement by an elected...
Kezia Dugdale tells Dermot Murnaghan there could be more storms ahead for Scottish Labour.
Jim Murphy, Kezia Dugdale and Ian Murray arrive at Labour Party Headquarters in Glasgow
Kezia Dugdale tells former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont has "a lot more to say in the weeks & months ahead" on its problems
As Alex Rowley MSP calls for Jim Murphy to go, says "Kezia Dugdale is more than able & capable to lead us forward to 201…
Kezia Dugdale - Let me ask you about the Labour Party? Sure Gordon - the SNP, SNP, full fiscal autonomy, the SNP, etc and …
I doubt Kezia Dugdale and Jim Murphy even know what or who the likes of Jimmy Maxton and John Maclean stood up for and represented.
Just listened to Kezia Dugdale on Today - she is completely out of her depth. May as well interview an answering machine.
Thought the exact same when Kezia Dugdale mentioned it on Thursday's Question Time.
Kezia Dugdale is a young inexperienced woman who trots out Scotlab stuff ad nauseam. She has no influence, no power. Hopeless.
Kezia Dugdale no more smoke filled room politics. That'll make a change then. Smoking is banned now maybe use ecigs instead?
If you look at Jim Murphy, Kezia Dugdale and Gordon Brown, they basically conform to the same main character dynamics as in Father Ted.
oh dear. Think kezia dugdale is more of an appropriate comparison
Kezia Dugdale should abandon her tired mantra. Scotland voted Labour in 79, 83, 87, 92 and 10. We got Tory governments.…
I have no idea why Labour think Scottish people are interested in what Kezia Dugdale says. All she seems to do is whinge!
How refreshing to hear the entire audience groan when Kezia Dugdale starts ranting
Has anybody ever explained to kezia dugdale that 1+1 =2 and so forth!
Kezia Dugdale says are committed to ending austerity. When did this happen? They voted for £30bn of cuts the other…
Toby Young getting more applause in Glasgow than Kezia Dugdale. *Toby Young*. Labour aren't coming back, are they?
Kezia Dugdale flat out lying on national tele there. I expect nothing less.
Just realised who Kezia Dugdale reminds me of - Philomena Cunk.
Catching up on QuestionTime. Ruth Davidson mopping up where Kezia Dugdale has spilled. Worrying.
What is it that Kezia Dugdale wants the Scottish Government to do? FORCE young women to take up engineering apprenticesh…
Kezia Dugdale - Inspiration. No charisma, limited intelligence and the debating skills of a plastic bin...and yet she's…
Shocking treatment of the knowledgeable Christine Graham by Gordon Brewer, Kezia Dugdale allowed to lie without interruption
the image of Kezia Dugdale, Jenny Marra, Jackie Baillie and Neil Findlay being a "posse" is cracking me up :D
First Minister’s Questions: Kezia Dugdale accused First Minister of failing to respond to letters from Scottish…
Kezia Dugdale must explain why Scotland should vote for Ed Miliband to be PM when Jim Murphy says he doesn't trust Ed Mil…
Do you think Kezia Dugdale is a Tory, for she was spouting this line at Holyrood today.
All but 1 (98%) of the parliamentarians who gave their first preference to Jim Murphy also gave their first preference to Kezia Dugdale
Nuclear war enthusiast Jim Murphy as Branch manager & part time Daily Mail columnist Kezia Dugdale as deputy. This is Labou…
Just got this today in my private "e" mail inbox : Scottish Labour Hello Kelly Earlier today, I was elected to lead the Scottish Labour Party. It is a huge responsibility. I am determined to repay the trust of those who voted for me and earn the support of those who didn't. Here’s a short video of my acceptance speech from this morning: Along with Kezia Dugdale as our new Deputy Leader we can make a fresh start for Scottish Labour and for Scotland. With new powers coming to Scotland there are so many opportunities to change our country. The Scottish Labour Party must lead the way in offering the kind of bold and radical change the people of Scotland want. It doesn’t matter how you voted in this contest. I don’t care if you voted for me, Sarah or Neil in the leadership contest or Kezia or Katy in the deputy vote. All that matters now is that we all work together to make Scotland a better and fairer place to live and work. When we get back from the Christmas holidays there will be just three months un ...
Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale were elected Leader and Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour this morning, and will be getting straight to work in their new roles. Ed
Yet curiously there's barely a word about Katy Clark saying it about Kezia Dugdale in the press this morning.
Kezia Dugdale is surprised to find Katy Clark is being less than complimentary about her...
Contenders for Scottish Labour deputy leader likely to be MSPs Kezia Dugdale, Jenny Marra and Drew Smith.
Kezia Dugdale talking about having a Scottish Parliament being able to tackle inequalities better proves just don't do irony
Edinburgh MSP Kezia Dugdale to Salmond: "Leave the UK & you leave the pound, the Bank of England & all that...
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Stella Creasy and Kezia Dugdale on why Scotland gets best of both worlds in UK:
Ah got up this mornin an ma stomach's still turnin ower at the thought that Kezia Dugdale, an MSP, a *Labour* MSP wis t…
Kezia Dugdale looks like the lovechild of Nigella Lawson and Sporty Spice
BBC's Brian Taylor chairing the debate with Dennis Canavan, Kezia Dugdale, Nicola McEwen & Neil Walker on the panel
Kezia Dugdale says Alistair Darling "couldn't be more Scottish"..ehm, he's actually English …
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