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Keystone Pipeline

The Keystone Pipeline System is a pipeline system to transport synthetic crude oil and diluted bitumen (dilbit ) from the Athabasca Oil Sands in northeastern Alberta, Canada to multiple destinations in the United States, which include refineries in Illinois, the Cushing oil distribution hub in Oklahoma, and proposed connections to refineries and export terminals along the Gulf Coast of Texas.

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Part 28: Keystone XL: the final leg and the myth of Trump's job promise
Everything you need to know about the Keystone XL pipeline
The pipeline fight isn't over - submit your public comment against the proposed Keystone XL
... for example the metal sheets for Trump's Keystone XL pipeline while be manufactured by VAI in Europe.
If anything no Keystone pipeline SAVED US jobs because it's really about CANADIAN oil & ov…
Obama cared more about rich people like Daryl Hannah and not middleclass folks that…
Their actions. That is why there are anti oil shale and anti Keystone Pipeline.
Activists shut down five Chase locations today, protesting the bank for backing environmentally-damaging pipelines. https:…
Breaking News: President Trump is reviving the Keystone XL pipeline, which Obama had blocked after opposition
Tell JP Morgan Chase to not fund Keystone XL pipeline or
Life on the Keystone XL route: where opponents fear the ‘black snake’
Despite Trump's promises, it looks like the Keystone pipeline won't have to be made out... by v…
candidate for city council pos 8 arrested by for protesting Chase investment in Keystone XL…
Keystone XL pipeline puts water supply to 18 million at risk of oil spills for a ton of corporate profits and a total of 40 permanent jobs
Indigenous & climate activists disrupt business at a Chase Bank branch in Seattle to protest funding projects like the Keystone XL…
Shutting down Bank branches across Seattle today. Asking them to stop funding the injustice of the Keystone pipelin…
Keystone Pipeline leaks nearly 17,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota via
Tell that to the coal miners in VA, Ford auto workers in MI, Keystone Pipeline new hires,…
Does it include revenue sharing from Keystone Pipeline deal?
Trump approval for Keystone pipeline doesn’t guarantee it’ll be built
Today 45 touted a victory by giving presidential approval for Keystone XL. This isn't the green light he claims...
Company, US want Dakota Access pipeline lake crossing upheld
Stuck in the past... State department issues presidential permit for Keystone pipeline. .
The controversial Keystone Pipeline appears to to be underway, however, certain obstacles still need to be...
The Keystone pipeline is a plus for the environment - New York Post
If you value an educated and balanced discussion, read this science on and the
Keystone pipeline: How many jobs it would really create via don't believe the numbers numbers r temporary
Ok, no more flip flop Alberta premier welcomes Keystone XL pipeline permit
Once built, the State Dept. has estimated the Keystone XL pipeline will employ about 35 people.
The Keystone XL Pipeline gets the go-ahead from President Trump, a day after the shipments of Russian steel arrived in t…
See statement from Indigenous Climate Action on the recent revival of the KXL pipeline.
All purpose parts banner
Trump OKs Keystone pipeline, calling it 'great day' for jobs
“We’ll use every tool in the kit to stop this dangerous tar sands oil pipeline project.” —
❌ Trumpcare. ❌ Muslim Ban. ❌ Keystone Pipeline. The POWER of the American people & their voices will continue to RISE!…
WOW employing more people then the Keystone Pipeline will!
How many jobs will the Keystone pipeline actually create? It could be as few as 35
Trump administration grants approval for Keystone XL pipeline
Why did you lie about using American steel for the Keystone XL pipeline?
As Trump approves Keystone pipeline, opposition groups vow fight 'not over'. Kayla.
❤LOVE IT!. announces the approval of Keystone XL Pipeline.
sells out his rabid followers first chance he gets. "The Gullibles" (née Deplorables) will pay bigly...
will cut through Great Sioux Nation's land. We stand in solidarity with the tribes that are threatened. htt…
In approving Keystone XL, the State Department "considered a range of factors" - not one of them was climate change https:…
Pipeline opponents vow fight as Trump approves Keystone XL
The Keystone XL pipeline would only create 35 permanent jobs
ANOTHER promise kept! President issued a Presidential Permit to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. . The man just continues…
Trump just set the environmental fight back decades by approving construction on the Keystone XL pipeline—but activists aren't…
BREAKING: admin will approve oil pipeline by Monday
Tell 21 banks to drop TransCanada, the company building the Keystone XL Pipeline. ACT NOW:
Congratulations for getting the Green Light on the Keystone XL Pipeline
President Trump issues a presidential permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline! Another promise kept by our
Keystone XL opponents renew fight against the pipeline as Trump approves it via…
Boom! Keystone pipeline would suddenly make US and Canada bigger competitors with OPEC
Keystone XL pipeline moves closer to reality with Trump administration approval
'We stopped the Keystone pipeline once and we will do it again," Tom Goldtooth, Over 120+ Nations and Tribes stan…
Mother Nature Isn't the Only One Who Will Suffer From the Construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline:
"When Trump said this pipeline was a done deal, he was wrong." -We stopped Keystone XL once and we'll do it again…
While Republicans were arguing over Healthcare, the President was getting the job done approving ✅ h…
Despite Trump’s approval, still isn't in the national interest. by
Another room of white men just okayed the Keystone XL pipeline with their new Russian steel, putting MILLIONS and the…
Pipeline or pipe dream? Despite Trump OK, Keystone XL faces many hurdles ahead, by me...
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Keystone XL: Trump issues permit to begin construction of pipeline | Environment | The Guardian
Pipeline fighters in front of WH right now to say: No thank you, Keystone is as bad an idea as Trumpcare--and it's going…
At one end of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, there is a scene you must see to believe
Yeah - big win here for 35 out of 324,118,787 Americans. . XL pipeline would only create 35 jobs via…
Keystone Pipeline passed today. Was the rest of all of this a headfake so no one is talking about implications (environment and jobs)
Do you support Trump’s decision to approve construction on the Keystone XL pipeline?
Don't forget to make sure your bank isn't funding the DAPL or the Keystone Pipeline. If it is move your money and t…
. Mr. President can Standing Rock Sioux Tribe be invited to express their concerns on the Keystone Pipeline?
Inhofe has been harping about this since the Keystone XL pipeline.He wrote a book on how climate change doesn't exist. He's insane
Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipeline, big news. But a Lot more oil and water flowing through the Great Lakes.
Senator Inhofe doesn't believe in climate change. He fought to keep the Keystone Pipeline.
How much does Buffet pay to prevent Keystone Pipeline so he can continue shipping oil on his trains?
Keystone pipeline leaks nearly SEVENTEEN THOUSAND gallons of oil.
File this one for a while: "Keystone XL pipeline would have little impact on climate change, State Department analysis says"
Newsnight crid:5a7inu ... He should endorse the Keystone pipeline, embrace fracking, and rescind the punitive regulation on ...
Today is a pipeline double header day for me. Here is another report on pipelines for DeSmog. This one on the...
Remember when I stopped the Keystone Pipeline. -bo
He supports the Keystone pipeline, which is discouraging & disappointing. 2/
label China a currency manipulator. begin work to end foreign trading abuses. lift roadblocks on the Keystone Pipeline.
not sure what to think of this guy, one minute he says this and the next he supports the Keystone pipeline. hm...
.questions climate science, saying “it’s not proven,” and supported the Keystone XL pipeline
I'll bet doesn't know the Keystone Pipeline from the Banzai Pipeline
TransCanada to replace sections of Keystone Pipeline found to not meet federal strength standards.
FACT: Jill is the only presidential candidate who has been arrested protesting the Keystone Pipeline:
Alberta to Cushing section of Keystone pipeline shut down due to a leak
SIGN: Shut down for immediate integrity review:
BernieSanders: I opposed the Keystone pipeline from the start because it was a no brainer. Evolving is not good enough. We need leadership.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, an investor in the Keystone Pipeline ,paid Hilary Clinton $990,000 for speeches leading to her campaign.
Keystone Pipeline to restart after oil leak: FREEMAN, S.D. (AP) " The Latest on an oil leak in South Dakota fr...
Donald Trump just said he wants to use Eminent Domain to build the Keystone XL pipeline to pump the dirtiest oil on earth
Yea "Eminent Domain" is bad, one time for Trump, but ok for hundreds of times, for the private keystone Pipeline ?
Grasping at straws. For the TPP and Keystone Pipeline before she was against them. She is NOT a progressive. PAC $.
Brainless-Jeb Bush is for keystone pipeline, benefit oil companies bring oil thu states to ship to OPEC thinks no houses in way
How would you do the KEYSTONE PIPELINE without Eminent Domain? Bet you couldn't get it very far, ask any GOP involved!
Keystone pipeline is not a public works project. It's to the benefit of a Canadian corporation.
Trump was right though that Keystone pipeline is a private enterprise for private company profit.
Listen ppl is right about Eminent Domain. If u want Keystone Pipeline to happen then u agree…
. Eminent Domain necessary for Keystone Pipeline. Trump knows; hack politicians don't.
TRUMP RIGHT JEB WRONG! Keystone Pipeline is by a private Canadian company Trans Canada
Keystone pipeline is permanently disbanded, no longer a debate issue. Canada is rerouting pipeline.
Unless oil prices improve the Keystone Pipeline will never be built. That heavy oil only gets about $20/barrel.
Trump says that w/o Eminent Domain, "Keystone Pipeline wouldn't go 10ft." Only partly true: much of it would be built on Federal land.
Mark Levin was for Keystone Pipeline which would require Eminent Domain!. Two Tongues Mark!.
was for Keystone Pipeline which would require Eminent Domain! Two Tongues Mark!
"in the White House lawn, protesting / the Keystone Pipeline =$=$=$=$=$=$=>>"-Brenda Hillman, January 2016
Update your maps at Navteq
James Brown has a direct link to the Keystone Pipeline
if Conservative pundits looking for building Keystone Pipeline XL again in 2017?.
the return saga politics of building Keystone Pipeline in 2017... Why is doing anything yet about
Most of it would be consumed in the US
Canada is an ally. We need to show our appreciation for them & build ties. Keystone Pipeline.
Let's get this movement moving. Keystone Pipeline.
What can Americans do to get Keystone Pipeline project moving again? Who should we pressure or appeal to?
at least low prices ended the keystone pipeline debate! But yes, US can be leader in natural gas. Get Elon Musk on it
Politicians always makes promises that they can't keep. Always.
Super excited to surf the keystone pipeline.
East coast con man talks keystone xl pipeline funding
Did you know that pro Keystone XL Pipeline related paid speeches from both Bill & Hillary put almost $10 million in their personal bank acc…
can they say Keystone pipeline attempt take over Native's no guns
Native Americans had fight over Keystone pipeline and taking of their their land no guns no guns no take over
.NYers, 40+ groups launch Keystone The Constitution campaign to stop the Constitution Pipeline!
Of course if we'd have the Keystone Pipeline, US wouldn't have to worry about the Middle East.
Fraternity insists Keystone pipeline has already been constructed.
How does the Keystone XL pipeline make you feel. Tell us in 3 emojis or less.
oh yeah I thought that is what you meant lol so the Keystone pipeline is part of the transportation of the fracked oil. Figured out
Who is Fracker? Big oil barons probably? Probably promised them he would okay the Keystone pipeline? Which would be good for U.S.!
why did they fund them in the first place and I guess they're going to bring the Keystone pipeline back too
The Heat debates controversial Keystone XL pipeline: U.S. lawmakers will vote next week on the con...
Are working together to dismantle dividends and tax alaskans before Keystone Pipeline.
2015 was the year the President Obama vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline...
A shining example is who dug deep & paid big $ to get the Keystone Pipeline derailed.
Democrat donor giving Obama $100 Million if he continues to turn down Keystone XL oil pipeline that will create jobs, …
Funny how Americans still love our oil.
Sounds pretty *** to me. [sitting on santa's knee] please let the Keystone XL pipeline.
trump explained Eminent Domain and he will build the Keystone Pipeline. Steyer-Buffett big losers!!
While Obama thwarts Keystone pipeline for domestic oil he does nothing about ISIS oil fields or shipments.
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Canadian Parliament: To cancel proposed plans of the Keystone XL pipeline - Sign the Petition! via
While the 830,000 bpd pipeline was blocked global oil demand increased by 4.2 million barrels per day https…
Celebrities to President Obama: Reject the Keystone XL pipeline via
The Keystone pipeline benefits Canada and India, not the USA.
The United States needs to support the Keystone pipeline The Obama administration has refused to approve the Canada permit!
"don't let the Keystone Pipeline die. The US needs to be good neighbors with Canada, and en…
"what if TransCanada uses NAFTA to sue the United States for unfair treatment over the Keystone Pipeline?"
.stands with against the Keystone Pipeline. Tell them OH wants the Keystone Pipeline built!
.rejected the Keystone Pipeline. Tell Pres. Obama & that Ohio wants Keystone built!
VERBATIM: I oppose Keystone XL: Hillary Clinton announces she opposes the Keystone Pipeline as a "distraction"...
The Turner Report: Billy Long: I won't stop pushing for the Keystone Pipeline...
2008. TransCanada applied tobUS State Dept to build Keystone Pipeline. Is your google broken?
So could the Secretary of State give us firm position on the Keystone Pipeline before the primaries?
How cutting edge research, tools and technology are fueling our pipeline operations:
Trudeau on getting AB oil to market: Keystone XL, Energy East good for Canada, hopeful for west coast pipeline. ht…
How will the latest oil spill affect plans for the Keystone Pipeline?
Cool pic of the moment Obama literally blocked the KeystoneXL pipeline. All smiles
w/ Rick Ruddel, an expert on crime in boomtowns (the kind that will pop up all along the keystone XL Pipeline)
When we think about the Keystone pipeline, remember what said:
"Every pipeline in America will be fought like Keystone"
what is your stand on Keystone pipeline, immigration, Syria? - Uhm... you know I jus…
Youth coming out to defend Minnesota against the Keystone Pipeline
Do you support the Keystone Pipeline Madam Secretary? We have been waiting on your position now for only 4 years? tick…
While I wait for you answering my Keystone Pipeline question, do you support or not support the Asia Trade Deal? tick …
Obama: Keystone pipeline bill 'has earned my veto' Mr Obama, you have earned the American people's veto!
Minnesota pipeline protest draws large crowds to St. Paul: Activists who led the battle against the giant Keystone…
."SHOCKER: Making ethanol from corn emits 10% more CO2 than fuel from Canadian Tar Sands oil."
Why is low among our Keystone XL pipeline concerns:
Not so, says environmental org Corn is actually worse resulting in mo…
Who does Obama work for? Majority of Americans support Keystone Pipeline
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My appearance on Fox News where I discuss why Hillary Clinton is keeping quite on the Keystone Pipeline
MSM ?s for HRC you won't hear: Do you prefer more rail oil spills over the safer Keystone pipeline?
Wait a minute they are trying to ram through a fast track trade deal. Yet the Keystone Pipeline has been stalled for 5 years?
WASHINGTON -- Two Canadian banks tightly connected to promoting the controversial Keystone XL pipeline in the United Stat…
Peter Voelker has recorded the people of the Midwest in the path of the Keystone XL Pipeline
Corn Ethanol Is Worse for the Climate Than the Keystone XL Pipeline ~ Benefits Monsanto & GMOs
Rick Perry says if elected he’ll sign an executive order approving Keystone pipeline on day 1.
Here's the Truth About the Keystone Pipeline - via
The Pipeline and the Paradigm: Keystone XL, Tar Sands, and the Battle to Defuse the Carbon ...: Th...
And the President wants to ok the Keystone Pipeline through the heart of the mid-West to Gulf Coast. Shame on him! ed
Something keystone pipeline like, but for water.
What are the economic & environmental implications of the Keystone Pipeline? Check out January 26th http:/…
And Santa Barbara was receiving no benefit whatsoever from pipeline. Like with keystone. All risk, no reward at all
Another oil spill today. Wondering what happens if the Keystone pipeline spills or catches fire underground!
. It may come to that... a Keystone pipeline (but for water)
President Obama went to the ribbon cutting on the southern Keystone XL pipeline. He supported it.
Water for oil? Will the keystone approval depend on Canada's pipeline of water?
hopefully politicians will keep this incident in mind when thinking about the Keystone pipeline
Learn how will be one of the safest pipelines in America.
California oil spill ... And you wonder why people dont want the keystone pipeline.
Pres. Obama kept his word, vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline. It's time to invest in renewable resources.
I aint opposed to the Keystone Pipeline.Them oils is also used to make Soul Glow..Us nappy folks ain't...
They need to build a Keystone H2O Pipeline to transport water from Lake Superior to California & Lake Mead.
While debating Keystone XL pipeline, the real pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast was completed.
We hear a lot about farmers and the Keystone Pipeline, but what about businesses affected by Eminent Domain? Do...
so yeah the keystone pipeline is a fantastic idea. I THINK NOT to all the supports
Another disastrous pipeline spill! Our country made the right decision about the Keystone Pipeline.
Keystone Pipeline. The ONLY thing disagrees with Obama on...
Kathleen Wynne in Washington to talk climate change, not Keystone pipeline.
Maybe US Gov should open Keystone & have a land pipeline that can be monitored by drones 24/7~ AlaskanPipeline has been a huge success
Drilling in the Artic and Keystone Pipeline needs to be stopped!!
The drilling in the Artic along with the Keystone Pipeline needs to be stopped i worry about the animals :(
Understanding Keystone XL pipeline decision is as as one-two-three | News OK.. Related Articles:
TransCanada feeling heat, spends millions on ads in South Dakota to promote KXL:
TransCanada's Keystone pipeline network is now under federal investigation for safety failures:
FBI up to its old COINTELPRO tricks again. "Why Is FBI Spying on Opponents of Keystone XL Pipeline?"
It's been called Keystone's big brother - sign the petition to stop the Energy East tar sands pipeline! via
The truth about the Keystone XL pipeline after Senate vote fails to pass - Toronto Political Buzz | ...
This piece is about how Obama will probably sign off on the Keystone Pipeline. I have a gut feeling that he will...
Of course the Keystone XL pipeline will create jobs. Look how many clean up jobs the California pipeline just created.
Hey! This will not happen in northern BC with that new/proposed pipeline? It will not happen with Keystone?!...
this is an ABOMINATION, completely unexcusable! And there are still people fighting for the XL Keystone pipeline.yea go figure
like Canada & Keystone pipeline. He will let climate change drive his diplomacy instead of letting amendments fix it.
Did you miss this? What they are NOT saying about Dear GOP: is a thing.
Keystone Pipeline cancelled after massive water main break in Chi   10% Off
Maybe they should use the money they got for voting on the Keystone Pipeline to pay for rent. Ridiculous.
Georgia landowners fight Eminent Domain over pipeline: We’ve heard a lot about the controversial Keystone XL…
.Alberta’s oil pipeline network has experienced 28,666 crude oil spills in the last 37 years
for water. Politicians talk about the Keystone pipeline, what about a water pipeline from Canada. Why do we as a nation wait until...
Have you considered the potential target a pipe full of oil from Canada to Texas would be?
.to talk about the Keystone pipeline. "I'm not going to do that," Kathleen Wynne says. Goes on to discuss efforts to reduce GHGs.
Wynne says "it's not my place" as Ontario premier to weigh in on the Keystone XL pipeline.
Transcanada keystone 1 pipeline sufferer major corrosion only two years in operation
Think you know it all when it comes to the Keystone XL Pipeline? Test your knowledge! via
Paul Seamans on Keystone XL: Preserving the quality of Mni Wiconi means embracing Lakota translation: ‘Water is...
Houston FBI Justified Spying on Protesters by Saying Keystone Pipeline was Vital to National Security
What's the hold up with pipeline decision?
Cont: There are already thousands of miles of pipeline underground throughout Nebraska w/ 1 Keystone line underneath eastern part of Neb
Photos of the People in the Path of the Keystone XL Pipeline:
What about the Keystone pipeline...thousands of good paying construction jobs.
Can we use the keystone XL Pipeline to transport water to CA., now that it's not transporting Tar Sand?
Why not use the XL keystone Pipeline to pump water to CA? It's just sitting there...
Sierra Club: It only took the original Keystone pipeline two years of operation to suffer MAJOR co...
trending, Mad Men Keystone Pipeline right in her / with Just Right For Me
its really ISIS on Bikes trying to remove Farmers from their land so UK can build Keystone Pipeline to Canada WONKA OIL .
.says 1st thing he would do as president would be to sign the Keystone XL pipeline
fm The pipeline that Texans are freaking out over (nope, not
There's a pipeline controversy brewing in Texas. No, it's not Keystone: via
While Americans are relaxing, your president will be at his desk for the 312th straight weekend, diligently studying t…
The human cost of the Keystone XL Pipeline includes rape, spying, and FBI visits -
Obama won't allow pipeline but will allow drilling in the Arctic ? He continues to baffle the world.
Resistance to pipeline bigger than Keystone thwarts Enbridge in Wisconsin
What does T-Rav think about the Keystone Pipeline?
fails twice on both policies in favouring Arctic drilling, but vetoing a Midwest Keystone pipeline. A disappointing presidency.
Latest from Iran: Demonstrators hold signs against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline in front of t...
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The FBI broke internal regulations to spy on opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline.
10 North American Oil Trains Have Now Exploded in 2 Years via If only we had pipeline.
Why you should oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, even if you're not a “green religionists”
“Keystone XL Mr. President, now please reject this pipeline
Keep up the good fight! Dane County resistance to bigger than thwarts in WI:
If FBI has reports of people planning to blow up the pipeline, then why haven't they been arrested? Because its a lie http:/…
Guardian: FBI violated its own protocol in investigation of anti-Keystone XL pipeline activists via
Hello! Section of Keystone 1 pipeline corroded 80% in two years.
"The FBI breached its own internal rules when it spied on campaigners against the Keystone XL pipeline."
tribe invokes "Bad Men" Treaty clause in regards to pipeline …
FBI spied on Keystone protesters, worked with pipeline builder TransCanada
Keystone pipeline will create a handful of permanent jobs and zero will go to the poor and impoverished. Nice try, though.
GOP plan for the poor and impoverished: 1) Keystone pipeline 2) Reducing tax rates 3) balancing the budget
The FBI broke its own rules spying on Keystone XL Pipeline activists. By the way, stop KXL Mr. President!.
No, wingnuts, the Keystone Pipeline does not count as "infrastructure".
"Authorization was required under F.B.I. investigative guidelines intended to prevent agents from abusing powers...
And the Keystone Pipeline, and the Northern Gateway Pipeline... Never tell them everything's OK.
Keystone XL Pipeline latest details: TransCanada wants to use the power of Eminent Domain, but landowners are…
If the next President need not follow any agreement with Iran, maybe she won't need to keep the Keystone pipeline or TPP
How Obama’s Veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline Unfolded in Real Time
How many Politicians are too afraid to oppose Obama on policies including Keystone Pipeline like Senator Menendez did who is now indicted
pipeline spilled 12 times in 1 year! Time to reject
Big rally today in Lincoln. Opponents of Keystone XL pipeline want laws that make it harder for govt. to take people's property.
Bill authorizing Keystone XL pipeline passes in House, heads to Obama's desk for anticipated veto.
Oil and Gas special: Facts and lies and the Keystone XL pipeline: First, billionaire Barack Obama ...
The decision to end or prolong the keystone pipeline may be decided within a few weeks. 5 reasons it may end htt…
. Imagine if all fuel was delivered by pipeline? Keystone ***
House approves Senate-passed bill to build Keystone pipeline; President Obama expected to veto -
Opposing Keystone is small, because a pipeline is far safer than moving oil by rail.
Oil and gas analyst Nicole Decker of UBS on Keystone XL pipeline, New York's fracking ban
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UBS oil and gas analyst on Keystone XL pipeline, New York's fracking ban: Nicole Decker is an equi...
Project of the Day: Connecting North Americans with energy -
Former general of China's military says China would not sign a Keystone pipeline bill.
I'll fight to protect LA energy jobs. Read more from my editorial about Obama's war on our energy industry. .
Will the keystone pipeline create jobs? 1. YES 2. No, I'm a Environmental Terrorist and should be put in prison.
Wondering about all the pipelines that aren't We've got you covered, by
Keystone isn’t the only pipeline proposal out there -
No, Obama did not veto the Keystone XL pipeline
NASA scientist estimates that tar sands contain twice the carbon pollution emitted by the entire oil industry, ever. 🌐
He vetoed the Keystone XL pipeline which would allow for an abundance of oil to be pumped to the US. I support his veto.
"President Obama has increasingly sided with the most negative assessments of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline"
Misguided says the resource developers.. We gotta change the paradigm from destructive energy to non. It's not...
Oh look, another oil tanker has exploded in Detroit, but nooo we can't build the Keystone pipeline.
would transport raw, toxic tar sands oil right through the American heartland.
While debate over rages on, here are some proposals you've never heard of, from
5 reasons why Keystone XL is a bad idea and tar sands oil should stay in the ground.
I liked a video from Obama Veteos Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Ft. David So
The fight over XL isn't about a pipeline, it's about stopping tar sands
A recommendation. Look into why John Hoeven, ND senator is pushing so hard for Keystone Pipeline when it doesn't come through ND.
Obama vetoes the Keystone Pipeline, angering many republicans.
so far they failed on restricting abortion, immigration,&keystone pipeline. Maybe they can name more post offices.
Now that has vetoed the bill, I hope he’ll reject the pipeline outright:
VideoA State Department meeting turned testy yesterday when reporters questions turned to the Keystone XL pipeline
Students react to President Obama’s veto of the Keystone XL oil pipeline bill
***Viewer Poll***. What would you build first?. BORDER FENCE or KEYSTONE PIPELINE. WATCH 10E .
Obama veto of Keystone XL bill not the final word in pipeline dispute › The Lethbridge Herald –
“Obama vetoed keystone pipeline that 80% wanted and killed 42,000 jobs. Proof:
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