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Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey, CBE (born Kevin Spacey Fowler; July 26, 1959) is an American actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and crooner.

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I swear I'm gonna have a Kevin Spacey type response for my personal life the rest of my days. Lol
"Don't feed me anymore lines from Monsters Inc. It pisses me off" - Kevin Spacey.
Kevin Spacey 95-99 was an epic run of movies. Except, look at Tom Hanks during the same era. 😳
What up, I'm Alissa, I'm 19, and I have an unhealthy obsession with men that could be my father (aka Kevin Spacey)
The kevin spacey WRONG!!! meme belongs in the meme hall of fame
The love story, love interest, and the protagonist were underdeveloped, true. And the turn with Kevin…
Baby Driver was great but now I can't stop talking about Kevin Spacey
I can't believe this friendship you literally out there thinking that I love Jon Hamm more than Kevin Spacey who's…
yeah and also kevin spacey, Jon Hamm AND Jamie Foxx are in it. pls watch and tell me what u think
If you don't agree that Kevin Spacey is a great actor idk what to say to you smh that man is gold idc
Good-bad big performances...good sub genre of acting. Like, say, Kevin Spacey in Pay it…
oh god, we’re gonna watch 9 Lives starring kevin spacey. y’know, the fact that i didn’t see it in theaters ate me alive /s
Sometimes the person who is the most logical is the person whom we call insane. - Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey teaches a course on acting. Learn from the best!
Kevin Spacey is a *** nut with this Frank Underwood guy, but his role in Seven passes the threshold of insanity.
Denzel Washington lost Best Actor last year, but he could be back in the Oscars race with “Roman Israel, Esq.”:
On a note, Kevin Spacey has appeared in a comedy co-starring Wikileaks.
The director of "Nightcrawler" is back, and with Denzel Washington. “Roman Israel, Esq.” opens November 3:
That Kevin Spacey will get you every time!
Going to see Baby Driver. Best seat in the house. Neee my Kevin Spacey fix. Lets do this.
Now Kevin Hart done messed up too cheating on his pregnant wife. Got dangn't WE CAN'T HAVE NOTHING NICE!…
Kevin Hart marched his little *** on Oprah's Masterclass talking about how much he's grown as a man and how honest he i…
Ok I went and saw Baby Driver again yesterday with Jamie Fox and Kevin Spacey and John Hamm and…
Kevin Spacey, rockin' that fencing gear, 1970s
HHFKH i forgot kevin spacey and danny devito were in the third austin powers movie
Kevin Spacey is soul glo to me. Lol
NJ has Bon Jovi. NJ has Joe Budden. NJ has Kevin Spacey. NJ has Naturi Naughton. NJ has John Travolta. NJ has Jack Nicol…
Looking at these masterclasses, I wanna learn acting from Gary Kasparov, soundtrack scoring from Kevin Spacey, comedy from Hans Zimmer.
At least Kevin Spacey didn't do his Johnny Carson impression.
You got Ansel elgort, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm, Lily James & Sky Ferriera in one movie and…
'Baby Driver' Starring Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx Shaping Up to Be Best Reviewed Movie of the Summ...
Appearing on the Thursday night edition of "The Late Show," Kevin Spacey spoke with host Stephen Colbert about...
I love Kevin Spacey so much, throwing all types of shade on Colbert right now.
JP has a creepy Kevin Spacey vibe going in.
Had a dream that I met Kevin Spacey in character as Frank Underwood.. was a little shook
Kevin Spacey's on the One Show tonight as Tim McGarry & Colin Murphy explain the DUP & Northern Ireland politics. I…
WTAF is Kevin Spacey doing on The One Show?? . You're Kaiser f-ing Soze mate!
Kevin Spacey, Ben Stein, Rob Reiner. is gonna bring down the Hollywood Pedo ring just wait
I am watching a movie about Elvis meeting Nixon and Nixon is played by Kevin Spacey. Another wild Saturday for me.
Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are so brilliant together.
Kevin Spacey & Robin Wright Bring 'House of Cards' to the Tony Stage as Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump 'Revival'
Kevin Spacey joins us for this ep of DLM. Kind of.
i SHOULD HAVE BEEN chosen as the of the instead of that fake president Kevin Spacey.
Kevin Spacey is the tito host that you just wanna root for lol.
Frank Underwood made an appearance at the when host Spacey was joined by his costars
Tony Awards 2017: The Full Winners List At long last, it's time for the 2017 Tony Awards! Kevin Spacey is hosting …
Kevin Spacey acting as Frank Underwood acting as a genuine nice guy is always so delightful and unnerving
Kevin Spacey is back for Season 5 of the award winning show which airs on Wednesday nights at 22:30 o…
I was not here 4 Kevin Spacey & his coming out "jokes" at the Tony's. It's 2017. People r being thrown off buildings. Say u r *** or leave.
A divorced father questions his sanity when he awakens in an abandoned mall. Starring Kevin Spacey.
'I'm coming out': Tony Awards host Kevin Spacey pokes fun at sexuality rumours
.sung/danced his way through his first time hosting the Tonys poking fun at rumours about his sexuality
Kevin spacey gets better and better as house of cards goes on. The monologues are unmatched.
Kevin Spacey is a good actor. I like watching him.
In retrospect, missed an opportunity to have Kevin Spacey in a big Dolly hat singing "Just Leave Everything to Me" as host...
The usual suspects 2: Kevin spacey dupes a detective with the audience knowing the whole time that he's kiezier sose.
Get ready for some amazing Kevin Spacey dancing... I'm not kidding...
If there wasn't enough reasons to be impressed by the talented Kevin Spacey...
Actor Kevin Spacey tells political joke that ‘nobody would ever think I’d do’
What donyou think about Kevin Spacey for Trump? Too obvious? Or Alec Baldwin and go the slapstick route
Nevermind. Not even Kevin Spacey can get me to watch Nine Lives.
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Kevin Spacey is the most boring Tony Host🙄
“The story is everything,” says Kevin Spacey. Great article in by about using authenticity
Only Kevin Spacey can get me to watch a movie about a talking cat. Nine Lives.
Broadways biggest stars hit all the right notes at the 2017 Tony Awards:
I should become a Kevin Spacey stan account, it's an underrepresented community
I could watch Kevin Spacey as Bill Clinton. all. *** night.
Kevin spacey said that CNN was a spoiler for the new season
MasterClass is such an amazing tool. This Kevin Spacey one has me leaping where I used to drag my feet.
Nobody understands how daddy Kevin Spacey is.
Sometimes it's the crazy people who turn out to be not so crazy. - Kevin Spacey
It's a bad show people just like watching evil Kevin Spacey
I love kevin spacey he's a good actor ***
I added a video to a playlist Kevin Spacey and Gordon Ramsay Have a Swear Off
Kevin Spacey and Chief Keef should make a track.
Trump and the Tony Awards: Stephen Colbert, Kevin Spacey and More Targeted the President, White House and America
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“I’m coming out — wait, no": Kevin Spacey brings Stephen Colbert (and the closet jokes) to the Tonys
How did Kevin Spacey do as host? The 71st Annual Tony Awards: TV Review
Kevin Spacey sending a message to all the Grindr twinks in *** s Kitchen
Me too was very unimpressed also Kevin Spacey didn't come out so I'm disappointed
Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, and Michael Kelly appeared at the as their characters from
WATCH Kevin Spacey as Pres. Bill Clinton make a joke about Sec. Clinton's emails: .
Stephen Colbert joined host Kevin Spacey to riff on ‘‘Groundhog Day: The Musical’’ at the tonyawards2017.…
My main problem with Kevin Spacey is that wherever he goes he brings his Carson impression and I don't care for it.
Curing my Preds woes with some magic. Kevin Spacey is already dominating.
Here's Kevin Spacey as Bill Clinton. I just feel like you should know it happened. I have nothing to add. http…
Stephen Colbert and Whoopi Goldberg crashed Kevin Spacey’s opening number at the Tony Awards:
You can watch Kevin Spacey's opening number here:
Kevin Spacey's opening number took no Broadway prisoners, including and
KEVIN SPACEY: pls let me host the tonys. TONYS: ok. KEVIN SPACEY: fine but i'll only do it if i get to sing bobby darin. TONYS:…
Tony Awards show excellent; Kevin Spacey amazing. Interludes with Rachel Bloom - not necessary.
Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, & Michael Kelly Bring 'House of Cards' to Life at Tony Awards 2017!
It's so weird to see Frank Underwood doing a tap number but here we are. Kevin Spacey is 💯💯💯!
KEVIN SPACEY: I will host the tonys but only if you let me do my Johnny Carson impression
Still thinking about this. It could just be Kevin Spacey singing his whole story and I'd see it.
Here's the moment Kevin Spacey called Christian Borle "Christian Bor-all" and was never invited back to the Tonys again.
Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood: “I want to get the *** out of here before Bette Midler thanks anyone else”
I'd kill to see Kevin Spacey perform "dead *** son" from now.
(And I love Kevin Spacey. He jus wasn't a good host IMO.)
Kevin Spacey kicked off his first-ever Tony Award hosting gig with grace and self-deprecating wit.
Kevin Spacey will host Tony Awards on Sunday night, hoping to shake the telecast's post-"Hamilton" hangover.
Kevin Spacey is hosting the Tony Awards and I am the most excited.
Just wanted to let you know that Kevin Spacey playing Chess alone in the dark is me.
"Jake Gyllenhaal, Kevin Spacey, and Leonardo DiCaprio are the final three contestants..."
Stupid things I did just use he who smelt it, dealt it in his deal with Kevin Spacey.
“I think your audition material should make you feel something first.” -
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Last year James Corden hosted the Tony Awards, this time it's Kevin Spacey's turn! Make sure you're watching LIVE...
My chat with about Byron White, Kevin Spacey, Ebola, Trump, and Comey will be live soon. May be biased, but…
You know Kevin Spacey loved every second ofnit
Love it! Had no idea Kevin Spacey was in the movie Nine Lives. 😱 kinda want to watch it meow. 😂
He's not a nominee, Hugh makes an appearance at the end of this video.
Great tale about Kevin Spacey and an old lady who was tired.
• Vogue: nominee shares his most embarrassing musical audition…
I watched! You did good! Even though Kevin spacey clearly hates trump! Lol
Kevin Spacey is hosting Broadway's biggest night on June 11.
Broadway's Biggest Night Comes Sunday Night with the Tony Awards at 8pm on CBS..Kevin Spacey Hosts
Is it just me or does it kinda seem like Kevin Spacey will be the worst part of Baby Driver based on the trailer?
Trump makes Kevin Spacey in House of Cards look like Josiah Bartlet
Yes. Kevin Spacey is the best example of this. Not a big fan. I can think of others.
Kevin Spacey just might be one of my top 5 favorite actors 🙌
I couldn't stay with that show after the second person Kevin Spacey killed.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Kevin Spacey gets ready to host Tony Awards on Sunday
Kevin Spacey hosting the Tonys on the same day as LA PRIDE and the Equality March almost makes sense. 👀
host Kevin Spacey makes a guest appearance in Wolverine the Musical
I say Kevin Spacey should play in a movie. Great performer who can sing the Underdog theme. Love the show!
“has my audition tape on his iPhone,” said nominee
Yes! If you like Kevin Spacey, you'll fly through the seasons in no time.
You know who would play an awesome Saban??. Kevin Spacey. And Mykelti Williamson as…
Kevin Spacey discusses his passion for 'Clarence Darrow' : . Via AOL News
.recalls the scene he shot, with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, on Election Day…
Kevin Spacey's character in House of Cards is way better at this than you. You're a transparent imbecile.
Kevin Spacey *killed* as John Doe. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman at the helm of David Fincher made me fall over again with buddy cop films
I saw this clip of Kevin Spacey doing celeb impersonations on Fallon and it made me love him even more
06-01 Watch: Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon read 'scenes written by kids
not going to lie when i first saw this i thought it said the Kevin Spacey program and not "Kerbal Space Program" 😂
Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright have mastered the art of looking reptilian.
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Robin Wright is so good. So good. Kevin already know.
Season Five of "House of Cards" has started, and it promises to be addictive. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright drive the show
I will watch all of the new season of House of Cards before I pass judgement on it. I like it when Kevin Spacey acts like Zack Morris at me
Kevin Spacey and John Kander sighted at at the August Wilson Theatre on Broadway.
Gordon Ramsay and Kevin Spacey had a swearing contest
Kevin Spacey enters the The Late Show With Stephen Colbert taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater, May 23, 2017
Kevin Spacey is going around D.C. today as Frank Underwood with former Obama photographer Pete Souza
Kevin Spacey is amazing. Can't wait for more Frank Underwood!
Kevin Spacey to Stick Around After the Tonys to Star in Solo Show Clarence Darrow...
Today's sees Kevin Spacey as Hickey in the production of Eugene O'Neill's epic The Icem…
I absolutely adore I could watch Kevin Spacey & Robin Wright all day long.
Nope. The movie had Kevin Spacey, Gabriel Byrne, one of the Baldwin brothe…
Sufjan Stevens warbling soulfully and playing the theremin or whatever, smushed into a glass closet with Kevin Spacey
Except Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Kevin Spacey would each make better presidents, by far. And I don't mean their characters.
Al Pacino reacts to Trump (I re-cut Ricky Roma from Glengarry Glen Ross swearing at Kevin Spacey with the Trump Dic…
Kevin Spacey jokes that he's working on his Ted Sarandos impression
Ted Sarandos is moderating the Q&A with Kevin Spacey. So he has a backup career if this whole Netflix…
Watching Ted Sarandos interview Kevin Spacey about how much he loves my comedy. .
Kevin Spacey is a Legend . Francis Underwood is a (evil) Poet. House of Cards is a Masterpiece
I liked a video Phone Booth with Kevin Spacey
"Kevin Spacey and William Holden enjoy the show." -Mike Nelson, ("Girl in Gold Boots").
Kevin Spacey, Woody Harrelson, Ralph Fiennes, Cate Blanchette, Sam Rockwell, and the actor hiding inside what we no…
When your cat decides to watch Nine Lives with you... Well, who doesn't love Kevin Spacey?!
Day 19: Tom Cruise. I don't know why... he just is. . Also Michael Fassbender, Kevin Spacey, and Matt Damon…
if Anthony Hopkins were younger, I'd go with him. But I think Kevin Spacey would be my pick right now
And the longer I watch House of Cards, the more I think Kevin Spacey is converging with…
Sorry, Kevin Spacey that they said Carter Page looks like you. Clearly he doesn't.
Checking to see if John Travolta, Kevin Spacey, and Richard Simmons are ready.
To be fair Kevin Spacey is not just someone famous...
You missed Kevin Spacey as Frank Cards in the white spinoff to Tyler Perry's House of Payne.
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can't wait for Kevin Spacey to play Schiff in the movie
About to watch The Negotiator starring Samuel L Jackson, Kevin Spacey, and David Morse. I'm shaking.
Amy Adams could have been Rachel Dawes. Henry Cavill could have fought Kevin Spacey. But then one man...
If your boss is anything like Kevin Spacey in 'Horrible Bosses', quit.
Breaking: Kevin Spacey to be honored s at the 2017 Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of...
Quick, get me Cuba Gooding Jr., Rene Russo, Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Spacey. Morgan Freeman and Donal…
Edgar Wright unveiled the first trailer for “Baby Driver” starring Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx.
Kevin Spacey with his Olivier Award as Best Actor for his portrayal of Hickey in The Iceman Cometh. 1999
Seven (1995). Another masterclass by Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Phenomenal psycho…
Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Robert De Niro. Those are actors that are worth mentioning.
The Fiver: London’s most searching exploration of pipe dreams since Kevin Spacey in The Iceman Cometh at the Old Vic
Soylent Green is people. Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze. Rosebud is his childhood sled. Bruce Willis was dead all the time.
Bruce Willis and Kevin Spacey as McCain/Graham in the 2019 feature film "The Saviors" 🙏🏻
Thats a good one, haven't sen it in awhile. I love Kevin Spacey and Guy Pearce
Kevin Spacey wen to Jeff Epstein's private island for boys around 11. He lied to cops about a young boy robbing him
is my favorite TV series actor. Movies hmmm would say Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey top my list.
I'm watching this old Irish movie with a young Colin Farrell & Christoph Waltz. And Kevin Spacey wh…
I see you more as Kevin Spacey in the Usual Suspects. Able to tell a great story but keeping the best surprise til the end.
Ever since I heard Edgar Wright was doing a movie with Kevin Spacey and Jon Hamm I was hooked. I can…
Kevin Spacey is certainly a shoe-in for some Tonys with his role in The Eric Bristow story.
Reading Jeff Wells is like reading from Kevin Spacey's notebooks in SEVEN.
why do Alex Jones and Kevin Spacey look identical and why isn't Kevin Spacey playing him on SNL?
"If you're lucky enough to do well, it's your responsibility to send the elevator back down." -Kevin Spacey 🚀
Interesting the actors you see in older TV series. On Wiseguy, just in the first season, Annette Bening and Kevin Spacey.
Se7en, directed by David Fincher and starring Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kevin Spacey.
I'd want to have Martin Scorsese, Ethan Hawke and Kevin Spacey for dinner and conversation.
I just started this documentary without knowing anything and lo and behold KEVIN SPACEY IS THE NARRATOR OH BOY HOWDY ❤❤
“Making my directorial ⁰debut with the Kevin Spacey Foundation’s support & mentorship is a dream come true” https…
Pretty sure my professor is the love child of Kevin Spacey and Lex Luthor.
imagine being the person behind the camera, the shock, the realisation, the pleasure, the laughter, the love for Kevin spacey
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Lol why do I have such a weird crush on Kevin Spacey?
SAG Awards: Kevin Spacey thanks departing House of Cards showrunner after win
I started watching house of cards and my fav moment so far was when Kevin spacey called me pathetic then strangled me with his bare hands
But he knows nothing about how Holly'd works. Netflix had to hire Beau Willimon & Kevin Spacey: not outsiders. Holl…
Wait, isn't this like exact timeline for Call of Duty? When does Kevin Spacey start employing exoskeleton soldiers?
I bet Kevin Spacey never thought his role would seem angelic compared to what we have going for us now.
I feel like kevin spacey's acting career
"You have to always be ready, always be alive, and always be willing to move in a new direction." - Kevin Spacey htt…
Nicolas Cage as Donald Trump. Jeremy Irons as Vladimir Putin. Kevin Spacey as Mike Pence. . A Woolworths mannequin as Melania Trump.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman would body-bagged it. Also, Kevin Spacey is perfect.
Chuck Schumer might want to sign up for Kevin Spacey's acting classes.
Even Hopper (Kevin Spacey) from A Bug's Life knows the first rule of leadership is "everything is your fault."
you aren't Kevin spacey either.. stop waiting for it to fall in your lap.. u condone.. y fix
he thinks he's Kevin spacey... house of cards ..not even, just waiting.
Holy crap, my two biggest celebrity crushes & Kevin Spacey in the same photo. Swon. So much…
*** I thought of that but dismissed it as "not [kevin] Spacey enough for Stoj". Silly me. Plenty spacey and sciencey.
.and talk everything from Valentine's Day plans and dates with Kevin Spacey to black!…
They need to make Call of Kevin Spacey: Dog Warfare
Oh, please. You know that the best one Call of Kevin Spacey: Advanced Warfare.
Somewhere, Keyser Soze and Rolo Tomassi are having coffee and discussing Kevin Spacey.
watching Hurlyburly and Kevin Spacey with gray hair looks like Julian Assange
I was Mainly referring to CoD where Kevin Spacey and Kit Harrington play roles in their games but extended it to voice acting.
Gonna call it "All Eyes On Z" and will star Laverne Cox as Z and Kevin Spacey as "Anthropomorphic Razor" book now tickets will run out soon.
Oh, why did they kill Kevin Spacey and not Rene Russo?
It's GERTY from Moon, directed by Duncan Jones (son of Bowie), starring Sam Rockwell (+ Kevin Spacey as the voice of GERTY).
In Carrie Fisher's home hung this portrait she described as "an unhappy woman that looks like Kevin Spacey" and I've never…
Watching Seven - for the love of Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman
Usual Suspects is a rather clever movie. Kevin Spacey as Verbal Kint is excellent. Boondock Saints = a very cool movie.
Kevin Spacey once took a photo with Elliott Smith. In case anyone cares (me)
Kevin Spacey hit the nail on the head. ht…
Kevin Spacey could play Robin Williams in a biopic
Kevin Spacey imitates Al Pacino at Kennedy Center Honors see more
That was an amazing 2 hours wasn't it. I love Kevin Spacey teaching people how to imitate Al Pacino. But the music wow. ht…
Kevin Spacey can do the perfect Al Pacino impression, and now so can you
Kennedy Center awards had great tutorial by Kevin Spacey on doing Al Pacino impression-- 1) look around 2) be surprised and 3) the huff.
Judge Reinhold in The Santa Clause makes Tommy Wiseau look like Kevin Spacey. Possibly the worst acting performance in recorded history.
I love Bruce Willis. He on my old white bae list. Kevin Spacey, Jeff Goldblume, Chris Noth...
My favorite show! It's so great!! Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are unbelievable.
Is The Ref anyone else's favorite holiday movie? Kevin Spacey, Judy Davis, and Denis Leary at their best.
One of my favourite 'Christmas' movies is The Ref, with Denis Leary and Kevin Spacey. It's on Netflix if you're interested.
you have to see The Ref with Denis Leary & Kevin Spacey, for grownups though
with Denis Leary & Kevin Spacey in The Ref with one of my favorite all time quotes by
Pretty much how Kevin Spacey & Judy Davis' marriage and Christmas are saved in The Ref as well (btw, The Ref is gre…
Whoa I just realized that all my favorite men are named Kevin: Kevin Parker, Kevin Ayers, Kevin Drew, Kevin Spacey.
I just realised how much Kevin Spacey looks like Bob Mortimer being blown with a hairdryer
I'm in love with Joe Jonas and Kevin Spacey and I want them to date each other
Well it's set at Christmastime...My favorite movies to watch at Christmas is The Ref with Dennis Leary, Kevin Spacey and more
Anyway I really recommend Nine Lives. It has Kevin Spacey and Cheryl Hines in it and it's a nice family-friendly comedy
Kevin Spacey in the Life of David Gale! Best movie ever!
. Interesting who is listed in Epstein's lil black book. Kevin Spacey, Chris Evans, Dustin Hoffman...
I just want to be a combination of Kiefer Sutherland & Kevin Spacey when I grow up.
Not to Self: You are not Bobby Darrin, Kevin Spacey singing Bobby Darrin, or even Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee. But Rosemary Cooney, maybe.
- you, Dana Carvey and Kevin Spacey in an impersonation-off. Make it happen for those that need a laugh. Please??!!
📷 Sweater weather with Kevin Spacey and Peter Facinelli at the William Morris Agency party at Cicero’s...
Howard's work for us includes 'The Iceman Cometh', with a cast including Kevin Spacey - just one of his many acclai…
I loved 'Iceman Cometh' in Islington in 98, which he and Kevin Spacey both won Oliviers for.Such a fab cast.
Simple but great definition of a true business partner. Nellie Peshkov quoted. Kevin Spacey's Frank Underwood charact…
Gary Oldman would probably be my pick, with Kevin Spacey, Steven Colbert, Patrick Stewart, & also receiving votes.
Actors Dennis Haysbert, Tony Goldwyn, Martín Sheen, Kevin Spacey all act Presidential, but it doesn't mean they should be Pres .
Being a real-life analog of Zoey Barnes, you should probably tread lightly on the Kevin Spacey issue.
Providence, Iceland. You watch Seven Samurai with Kevin Spacey. Brooke Shields marries barley not far away.
Our newest episode just got released! We talk Kevin Spacey, Daniel Craig and James Bond. Check it! .
📷 Kevin Spacey onstage at Tony Bennett and Susan Benedetto’s Exploring the Arts Gala to support arts...
Imagine living the life of Kevin Spacey's brother, Randy, who is a Rod Stewart impersonator AND limo driver?
Kevin Spacey's mom volunteered at campus. He came and sang Xmas carols including to the last of 3 Stooges.
Kevin Spacey is Keyser Soze. Bruce Willis is a ghost. Like and Leia are siblings.
📷 Kevin Spacey, Eve Best, and Colm Meaney attend the after show party to celebrate opening night of A...
Kevin Spacey yelled "wrong!" as Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor was briefly president in the comics. QED it was presidential.
Can't wait for the HBO film starring kevin spacey that reveals what trump WAS snorting before the debate.
But I mean if I had to die I guess Kevin Spacey pushing me in front of a moving train would be the way to go
Popular musician Drake enjoys a visit with President Underwood:
Kevin Spacey could be on the debate stage tonight if he announced his candidacy for President.
I really wish Kevin Spacey could stay in character long enough to run for president as Frank Underwood
him and Kevin Spacey must me homies..
Kevin Spacey be disappointed with this debate..would have done better..
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How many Americans have to write in Kevin Spacey for him to become president?
Can we get Kevin Spacey to be the next moderator?.
Trump reminds me of Jonathan Irons (Kevin spacey's character) in advanced warfare, and not in a good way.
someone's already edited a gif of Kevin Spacey Lex Luthor to have ridiculous hair, right
I wish Kevin Spacey was there to lean over Trump's shoulder and yell "WRONG!!!" in his face.
Plz include Kevin Spacey in this debate ,Underwood for president
Trump is doing a great impression of Kevin Spacey in SUPERMAN RETURNS
📷 chasingspacey: Kevin Spacey answers questions during a press conference for House of Cards at The...
The role of Donald Trump will tonight be played by the role of Lex Luthor played by Kevin Spacey.
Can we just recreate the character played by Kevin Spacey from House of Cards and make him our president?
Kevin Spacey has probably done more research about being the president than Trump has.
📷 chasingspacey: Kevin Spacey during the Oktoberfest at Theresienwiese on September 25, 2016 in Munich,...
How funny would that be to hear the Stone Cold music and see Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood sprinting to the podium?
Yo can we just let Frank Underwood run the country for real? Someone get Kevin Spacey to the next debate
Idea: a prequel to Se7en called Thr3e but Kevin Spacey kills people who Live, Laugh, Love. IDK, just an idea.
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I swear I feel like I'm watching House of Cards and Donald Trump is gonna look into the camera like Kevin Spacey and explain *** is going on
Tom Odell reveals how he got Kevin Spacey to run up an infinite number of stairs
Wouldn't mind Kevin spacey going all house of cards on either of these candidates.
Tbh this episode of House of Cards is a little out of left field. Kevin Spacey looks bad.
So wait Kevin Spacey tried pitching a sequel to the movie Se7en w/John Doe reincarnated as an animal but the studio made Nine Lives instead?
Kevin spacey would be ideal in this debate
WRONG. Trump is turning into meme Kevin Spacey now.
Can we just have Kevin Spacey show up and debate as Frank Underwood?
Why couldn't Kevin Spacey run for president? House of Cards is way better than this...
I would prefer Kevin Spacey the actor to this mess.
true but it's really missing that Kevin Spacey charm
Can we get Kevin Spacey to change his name to Frank Underwood and save our country
If only this debate was a fake show on Netflix and the true reality was Kevin spacey running for president
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