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Kevin Rudd

Kevin Michael Rudd (born 21 September 1957) is an Australian politician who was the 26th Prime Minister of Australia from 2007 to 2010. He also served as the Minister for Foreign Affairs from 2010 to 2012. A member of the Australian Labor Party, Rudd has served in the House of Representatives since the 1998 federal election, representing Griffith, Queensland.

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Speech just posted: Address to the Premiers and the Chief Ministers is just a Kevin Rudd con.
People vote for parties who draft laws.…
Follow from 'boy from Eumundi' to the most powerful office in the land --
FWA was set up by Kevin Rudd you moronic dill! Amazing how some ppl hiding behind fake…
I was happily surprised to get a call from Kevin Rudd offering to record a video backing my candidacy, he has famil…
You are a Snake oil salesman. You are the Iranian Kevin Rudd. An egotistical maniac nerd that was probably picked on growing up
Labor supporters 4 years ago this happened: Your ex leader Kevin Rudd signed off to send asylum seekers to PNG.
Kevin Rudd you have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.
Kevin ultimately set up the system that stopped the boats in 2013, after Gillard tried to implement the Malay…
The people you should blame for their plight is Kevi…
I dont like people to suffer but when the suffering was caused by Kev…
He shoud take legal action against Labor(Kevin Rudd) and the Greens (…
Especially when this open border policy which resulted in 1200 deaths…
Cringeworthy! Would Kevin Rudd have stooped this low. Almost certainly his last opportunity to do it.
Contact Kevin Rudd and Bob Brown then as this was their policy - open border 1200 deaths at se…
I reckon we will get Kevin Rudd back as PM out of this mess
I wonder who’s got more selfies with world leaders... Kevin Rudd OR .
At first I loved how refreshing Justin Trudeau was as PM of Canada -then I realized he was another Kevin Rudd-just foc…
Was a great night with being grilled by - we covered my book and a lot more besides
Wayne was helped a lot by Lindsay Tanner & to lesser extent, Kevin Rudd. Not to say Swan deserved Rudd's a…
is in conversation with Kevin Rudd at Great Hall tonight. Looking forward to seeing the new jacaranda.
Kevin Rudd won't name abusive Marist brothers because they have "retired or left the order". Now in a safety zone?
So, by Abbott's own logic, voting no means you support the bashing of Kevin Rudd's Godson and the death threats to a 14YO…
Headline: with despicable moron bashing Kevin Rudd's godson this again damages no vote .yes!
Godson of former Australian PM Kevin Rudd attacked for supporting marriage equality
Didn't John Howard return from the leadership grave to PM ? Kevin Rudd out of the grave to PM, Menz…
knows a thing or two about dumping an elected Labor leader, as Kevin Rudd will attes…
Can you get your facts straight? Kevin Rudd was Primeminister not President. Heaven help…
I cant believe kevin rudd has met vixx but i havent
Australian president Kevin Rudd is denounced as moral freak and bigot against peoples of Korean, English, Italian,…
I have 'Kevin Rudd's' FTTP version of the NBN, and it is absolutely brilliant. Easy install, never fails, and very…
Whats this I see,has that dog Kevin Rudd made an appearance on TV?
Kevin Rudd in the 'realm of evil', says Mark Latham via
Are China and the US doomed to conflict Kevin Rudd.
Poor old unwanted Kevin Rudd, he would have given Neville Chamberlain great support if he'd been around in 1938.…
Kevin Rudd, the politician you have when you not having a politician
The cat's out of the bag that my collaborator on The Patchwork Bike is "Kevin Rudd's controversial nephew"
Donald Trump is going through staff almost as badly as Kevin Rudd.
BREAKING: Kevin Rudd uses the S word, and its not Sauce
"Kevin Rudd is sworn in as Prime Minister of Australia at a ceremony in Canberra"
Can Bill Glasson beat Kevin Rudd in Griffith? Yes, he can!
Super-successes talk about their first jobs, like Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia, who learned to k…
Why does The Business purport NBN Kevin Rudd's disaster when LNP clearly changed & downgraded the entire model?
It's true. Look at all the trouble Kevin Rudd caused for the Gillard government. It's never good to ke…
Kevin Rudd is critical of Malcolm Turnbull's "joined at the hip" comments regarding the standoff with North Korea.
Like having Kevin Rudd heading up the white ribbon campaign.
liberal party's answer to kevin Rudd
Indeed its the deja vu of Kevin Rudd musical chairs. remem…
When Kevin's portrait goes up I definitely want a print!
Who ever thought that Tony Abbott would turn into Kevin Rudd lite? KR2.0 maybe? Kevin17?
When I recall the way Libs/Nats went into hysterics re Julias challenge to Kevin 'the kid' Rudd & Labor in turmoil the hyp…
I wouldn't blame Tony Abbott for making that vow, Malcolm Turnbull stabbed him in the back similar to what Julia Gillard did to Kevin Rudd.
is just the next Kevin Rudd! He will destroy the Libs and help the rednecks in PHON! Stupid move Tony, very self serving!
Forgot to add, "But he will make sure Turnbull won't either". He's Kevin Rudd in speedos. .
BREAKING: Former PM Kevin Rudd to sue Tony Abbott for plagiarism. Says "he's stolen my act without giving appropriate cre…
BREAKING: Former PM Tony Abbott to leave Parliament to front new Kevin Rudd tribute act.
Tony Abbott is starting to make Kevin Rudd look like a mildly disgruntled former employee
Ford announced its closure on May 22, 2013. Kevin Rudd was PM. Mitsubishi closed in 2008.…
"It's time for sodomy." - former Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd was still Australia's Prime Minister before being ousted by his own party
Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says more needs to be done to prevent a second Stolen Generation.
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Oh no ... he is going to do the Kevin Rudd ... " I have been beyond the wire ' thingy?
Thank you Kevin Rudd!. You took on nasty big tobacco and blazed a trail that the world can follow.
Oh look ALP Roxin on Sky News. Hope Ahron Young asks her about Kevin Rudd. LOL
What do Trump, Travolta, Kevin Rudd (Greg Norman and have in common?
during the administration of Kevin Rudd, a fluent Mandarin speaker. become Chinese now the second-most common language spoken in Australia
On I see Kevin Rudd is in the crowd at the enviously looking toward the table
Is that Kevin Rudd I spot in the crowd?
No one cares what Kevin Rudd thinks
Oh dear. The news in is full of Kevin Rudd. . Malcolm & will be spewing. LOL .
Kevin Rudd has delivered some sage advice to Malcolm Turnbull ahead of his meeting with Donald Trump
No, that would be The Hero of Kokoda
Rudd’s tips to Turnbull on Trump: FORMER Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who is the president of…
Kevin Rudd is all over maybe he can meet
At least he called. Kevin Rudd would have left him waiting all night...😁
GOLD !! Kevin Rudd is in New York offering advice to Malcolm on Sky TV. . eh Mal?
Sky News has Kevin Rudd on...we will never be rid of him either - a sort of Hillary from Queensland.
Back in you box Kevin Rudd. Don't need to hear from you anymore mate
Kevin Rudd is being VERY Kevin Rudd this morning
"This case has applied around him and to see more former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and whether on and out of his session"
Maybe the public would pay for journalism if it didn't run such titles as "Australia Needs Tony" and…
News in from Buckingham Palace: Kevin Rudd mounting leadership challenge
So why was Kevin Rudd the most disappointing PM? How is Abbott better? Let's go.
What is your favourite photo(s) of Kevin Rudd? . Please tell us. You can post them below or describe them. We'd...
Which is entirely different to personal wealth of ALP MP's like Kevin Rudd for example.
LOL it may not even make it through the libs party room if has his way. He has turned into Kevin Rudd
What if kevin rudd was peter griffin xd.
It's worth noting that Julia Gillard didn't put Kevin Rudd in her Cabinet after she replaced him as Prime Minister.
I can't get over how the guy looks like Kevin Rudd.
Kevin Rudd,he couldn't handle the Constitutional Monarchs power and/or can handle the power of the Commonwealth Constitution Act as Party PM
I told Kevin Rudd in 2008-13 everything I had learnt over 30 yrs, he told Qld police I was a threat to him & his family, abuse of office&law
Odd. I don't seem to remember Kevin Rudd serving as a minister under Abbott.
Spot on. now undeniably a bigger disappointment than Kevin Rudd
This advice from the party that chose Mark Latham as their leader and followed up with Kevin Rudd
Amber Rudd and her aides leave their Lynton Crosby training
And then we have Kevin Rudd. He is your Bernie Sanders. It's all abou…
Amber Rudd's offshore directorships springs to mind...
is truly a country of compassion, courage and above all resilience as said by Kevin Rudd. Indeed, a place full of lively people.
One of Peter Dutton's values was NOT to attend Kevin Rudd's apology speech.
The former Prime Minister Mr Kevin Rudd,is now the president of the New York-based think tank the Asia Society,
I can't find a recording of Clarke and Dawe: Kevin Rudd and his pet worm. Can anyone help? Transcript:
OK. Right. You should probably let Kevin Rudd know.
All this speculation about Peter Dutton makes me think he's doing a Kevin (Andrews, not Rudd).
I reckon this is his Kevin Rudd Sauce Bottle moment. The man couldn't stomach quartering a chook. Farcical.
Albo FWA was introduced by Kevin Rudd and your boss Bill Shorten wanted this review of pay rates, as a political move.
how many times do I get to listen to this Kevin Rudd interview replay today. Twice is more than enough surely?
The NBN was Kevin Rudd's work implemented by MT. The Water Buy Back was...
Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd has accused Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu of "torpedoing" peace negotiations in the…
Daniel Russel to Join Asia Society Policy Institute: He is "a first class American diplomat," said Kevin Rudd.
I think Kevin Rudd is the gold standard for this.
he's doing a KEVIN RUDD undermining from overseas unless of course he's after JULIES JOB
Kevin Rudd follows here & he didn't even get a heads up about Gillard
If the U.S. walks away from the a large part of its global soft power goes with it, said Kevin Rudd:…
I wonder how many times this was said about Kevin Rudd...
Next time Koch interviews Kevin Rudd, can you load a shotgun with rock salt and shoot him in the face? Has Koch got bad breath
Instead we welcome terrorist 'The time has come' Kevin Rudd reveals his 'deepest fear' via…
Time for radical reform of political donations. Turnbull opposed my legislation in 08-09. Let's adopt Canadian model
I'm at a pub trivia and the only questions I've known the answer to were related to Kevin Rudd, The Golden Girls and Miss Saigon. TYPICAL.
Can't quite recall Kevin Rudd on the subject.
Kevin Rudd understood .. to everyone involved .. congratulations on a great campaign
You and former Australian PM Kevin Rudd it seems ;)
Who wants Kevin Rudd back as Prime Minister
Who want Kevin Rudd back as prime mister
On 19 July 2013 joint press conference with PNG PM Peter O'Neill and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
Who remembers what had to say about Julia backstabbing Kevin Rudd? The membership does..
Pres. Monaco of will introduce Fmr Pres of Australia Kevin Rudd at Conf. Thank you,
$auspol. TY. Stand by what I said :. This country owes Kevin Rudd NOTHING. I think It's time he gave something back
UN Queen summons her staff to worship her. . Oh Jules you are so much like Kevin Rudd it is scary…
Turnbull irresponsibly voted down my Govts reform of political donations in 2008-9. Time now for total overhaul.
Dutton will be unifying and responsible???. Remember his abhorrent behaviour during Kevin Rudd's apology. .
Kevin Rudd is still working in that one too
“The overthrow of a hopeless Kevin Rudd by an even more hopeless Julia Gillard failed. Rudd had to be brought...”
Kevin rudd declined annual pay rises for politicians when he led au through the last global recession.
LOL,Tony Abbott has said what most Aussies are thinking & has never acted like Kevin Rudd while on the backbench
Reading off Script. MT was more animated with his call on Utegate targeting Kevin Rudd.
Kevin 07 became Rudd the dud real quick while our borders fell and our surplus was blown away
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Tony Abbott is the new Kevin Rudd Today's column
Tones is KRudd without the popularity via
Profound changes threaten the liberal international order & the West. . Watch speech at
Art is the most sports, your brain power. -Kevin Rudd
6 year old article tells the truth. "Assange 'not' responsible for security breaches.".
The MSN dog has a big juicy bone they're not going to bury any time soon.
I assume bob Carr, Bob Hawke, Kevin Rudd and Gareth Evans will be consistent in their human rights statements
You've joined the exclusive "photoshopped as a Nazi club" along with Kevin Rudd and Stephen Conroy.
First learning circle for the year - reflecting on healing on the anniversary of Kevin Rudd's apology to the Stolen…
Kevin Rudd slams 'Daily Torygraph' and 'Courier Fail' in fresh News Corp spray
. . He still managed to beat Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.
is it me or Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard just randomly walk everywhere in the parliment non stahp. ***
Kevin Rudd lost the Prime Ministership due to mining cos campaign. Boom over too...vast revenues lost.
"...and former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who was also a great partner to President Obama and myself during his...
What may the future hold for Australia? offers two paths:
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Kevin Rudd slams vicious public culture Interesting point about admission of fault.
2009 was a tough year, but Australia rose to the challenge of the gl...
Kevin Rudd was recently given a Doctor of Laws degree from ANU for achievement
Kevin Rudd's address to the ANU, He truly is an inspirational man, we need more like him leading our nation.
Science cannot approach it because they use more energy. -Kevin Rudd
. Somewhat more modest than Kevin Rudd (who thought he'd like to run the world after losing office), Turnbull just wants to be "President".
If the states and territories do not sign up to fundamental reform, t...
kRUDD buoyed by the euphoric kEVIN07 then kevUN resurgence now reduced to search for relevance- via
Kevin Rudd calls for a return to civility in public this?
Spoke today on the need for alternative visions for Australia's future & the need for an Australia big in spirit.
pull your head in Barack,you are looking about as relevant as Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd slams vicious public culture Mr Rudd landed us with Abbott, due to his destabilising of the Gillard govt
Kevin Rudd slams vicious public culture via LOL. "civility is lost" from who terrorized
Kevin grasps global paradigm shift: Cold War foes now allies facing new threats via
Kevin Rudd hits nail on the head @ ANU. Aust shamed by nasty abusive disrespectful public discourse & behaviour. Left & Right both at fault.
not like clever . Alp do you.Remember.Kevin Rudd Wayne SWAN decided to send all 1 k ask us to spend saved from GFC
"Civility is lost": slams vicious public culture as he receives honorary doctorate from ANU
"civility is lost"."We have lost a little of our national bearings, lost a little in a national culture of learned helpless"Kevin Rudd said
Only a female like this can replace Kevin Rudd in his electorate and maintain the stupidity.
In danger of becoming "Treasure Island". Small population unable to sustain modern infrastructure via
Article written entirely with the irony font Kevin Rudd slams vicious public culture via
Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd soon to receive an honorary doctorate from ANU
Speech by Rudd on receipt of honorary doctorate of laws from the Australian National University on December 16 2016.
Rudd says of Australian public discourse that "civility is lost". So is satire, is seems.
"As a former PM of this country, I am not innocent of any of these charges” – on the problems Aus faces. http…
Kevin Rudd slams the media and modern politics in his return to Canberra | SBS News
Kevin Rudd receives honorary doctorate from ANU -
Kevin Rudd receives hon Doctorate from ANU; slams culture of incivility
Leadership is not about the title its about values ideas & initiatives you bring to the table via
oKAY but I just want kevin rudd back. He was a cool dude
Sure but you destabilised a whole govt through your own ego. You helped kill civility... via
Kevin Rudd: reflections on a troubled country and a troubled world
It is as if we have lost our national bearings. Lost in a national of learned helplessness.
Kevin Rudd receives an honorary doctorate at the ANU | SBS News
so is Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. Care to cut theirs as well?
December 3, 2007: On the day he was sworn in as Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd signed the United Nations Kyoto Protocol on the environment.
TED - Kevin Rudd: Are China and the US doomed to conflict?.
By including India in APEC, we are trying to rectify a historical error: Kevin Rudd.
Kevin Rudd is not Australian pm. Who fact checks your paper? Anyone??
I had the same experience with Kevin Rudd
Kevin Rudd on Apec and free trade in Mandarin! Kevin Rudd sat down for an interview during his visit to...
There comes a time in the history of nations when their peoples must be...
Kevin Rudd UN role: Tell all about his support from Malcolm Turnbull
Kevin Rudd received the Distinguished Leadership Award from the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute, and was...
In an interview in Malacca on Thursday, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said all countries should put...
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Institute of Politics student reporter Ingrid Li sits down with former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to...
I am determined to honour the confidence which has been extended to us...
Australia needs another Kevin Rudd he was the best Pm
Griffith by-election: Bill Glasson, Terri Butler vie for Kevin Rudd's old seat as voters return to polls - ABC..
I felt free and happy and hopeful under Kevin Rudd. I am a carer with a sole parent daughter!
looks like they haven't uploaded the panel discussion i saw, where Kevin Rudd and Fu Ying classily debunked Mearsheimer
My biggest political dissointment was the sacking of the Whitlam Government. The second was the vindictivenss of Kevin Rudd.
(I like ANT-MAN a lot but Zhou is 100% right about that scene. It falls flat and cruises on Rudd’s Ruddness.)
Creating carbon markets is the way to reduce global emissions & encourage cooperation between govs & business…
would kevin rudd have been charged under 18c laws after the way he spoke about Chinese?
An ad for Lamb that mocks Kevin Rudd,The Apology & trivialises the settlement of Australia must never be aired...
Seething Kevin Rudd invokes Godwin Grech, accuses Malcolm Turnbull of lying, and we all know he has form.
Former PM of Australia Pricing carbon at Marrakech & moving from principle to practice…
What we have seen in financial markets should bring home to us all tha...
Pricing carbon at Marrakech: moving from principle to practice.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Former Australian PM argues in Marrakech for more carbon pricing. via
Kevin Rudd on steroids: Why business is embracing Donald Trump
Former PM of Australia Pricing Carbon at Marrakech: Moving from Principle to Practice
Kevin Rudd won because he wasn't John Howard
Dutton held a press conference to talk about Kevin Rudd?
Taxpayers help Abbott travel the world
- Taxpayers help Abbott travel the world
they are hilarious, but how stupid juvenile behaviour & they talk about Kevin Rudd :)
Diplomats help Tony Abbott get around but nowhere near as often as they did for Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.…
Taxpayers help Abbott travel the world (Business)
Tony Abbott playing it straight from the Kevin Rudd book of how to be an Ex-PM .
Just wilfully blind and ignorant mainlyThanks to Kevin Rudd
Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great sadness that I announce that I wil...
I can't do Malcolm Turnbull job,Tony Abbott Kevin Rudd Joe Hockey is getting angry, with us ,UN ECOWAS,
Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd can offer some sage advice to Bryce Gibbs as he spends 2017 alone on the bench and not really wanted
Donald Trump's responses are longer than Kevin Rudd's election concession speech.
Note he is/was a 'Labor mate': joined ALP at 15, worked for Bob Carr, Kevin Rudd. See item by Prof James A…
The Australian has supported the NDIS in principle since the idea was put on the agenda of Kevin Rudd’s 2020 Summit in 2008... however
Is that a Tony Abbott I see before me? Ah, no, 'tis a Kevin Rudd. Begone, foul spot.
the Kevin Rudd of the liberal party
A new favorite: Thomas the Intergalactic Engine (HiT Entertainment vs. Beastie Boys) by Kevin "Armageddon" Rudd
I think Tony Abbott has been well behaved. He's no Kevin Rudd, that's for sure.
The UN is a joke that is why Kevin Rudd wants to be there
yes and he is ten times worse than Kevin Rudd ever was, surely there must be a spill soon :)
Over in the States, inside the UN building, Kevin Rudd begins the ceremonial sounding of the 'it's on' horn.
Shh no one tell him how kevin rudd's career in parliament ended
Wow tony's been working on his kevin rudd impression
Tony Abbott on 7:30 tonight. Straight out of the Kevin Rudd playbook.
Because the time has come, well and truly come, for all peoples of our gr...
HE FAILED in his bid to ­secure the top job at the UN, but prodigal son Kevin Rudd has landed one of Brisbane’s...
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We apologise for the laws and policies of successive parliaments and gove...
China has long been a great power. Now, for the first time in its history, it's becoming a global one. -
a class mate of mine just said your name instead of an ex Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, you are in our thoughts!!
Australia's election was an interesting time in 2007.
Kevin Rudd on How Europe can Engage Asia and China - Asia Society: Kevin Rudd on How Europe can En...
I always get penny wong and kevin Rudd confused for each other very similar personalities
Building a new Health and Hospitals Network is fundamental to building a ...
is she in anyway related to Aussie Wet Extraordinaire - Kevin Rudd!!! who also had a fetish for immigrants???
Oh and is in his element, doing his very best "Kevin Rudd". Buckle up folks!.
Watch the third coming of kevin rudd as Prime Minister.
yeah Steve blames Kevin Rudd like that is somehow an answer to the problems on Nauru. It's a pathetic answer.
a reading i have to do for uni about Kevin Rudd is quoting Sidney Blumenthal and I can only read his name in Trump's voice
The PM is in gridlock this morning because Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have given us cause for confidence and an example of resolve.
Reading Chris Mitchell's memoirs 'Making headlines'. Amusing detail about the ever vain-glorious Kevin Rudd, the human chameleon .
Useless intl org gets new leader. Perpetrators of atrocities still get to veto themselves unaccountable.
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Also didn't Kevin Rudd seek sympathy from Hillary Clinton after he was knifed as Prime Minister? lol
Auspost has overpaid dysfunctional ineffective management team, hangover from Kevin Rudd.
"The essence of reconciliation is acceptance that a great wrong has occurred.". The Hon Kevin Rudd, ANU Reconciliation Lecture
CYHouse students admiring Kevin Rudd, Sorry Apology. Very interested in the doc
How fantastic! Firstly Kevin Rudd not able to work with UN & now Australia is breaking UN law!!! Wake up Mr. PM! Pl…
Only in Oxford could you see Kevin Rudd speak, see Alastair Campbell speak, and go to fencing drinks in the same evening
Who knew Kevin Rudd was only the second worst Rudd in politics
Is the door still ajar for Kevin Rudd to be the next UN secretary general? - it sounds like a very long shot
This just got a little more interesting. Kevin Rudd next?
Kevin Rudd's Indigenous museum was a good idea. | Paul Daley | Australia news | The Guardian
THAT just goes to show the level of intelligence the scribes at the OZ NP have. KEVIN RUDD wd have come across better than TRUMP
You want proof Australia is racist? Just look up the Stolen Generation and the backlash to Kevin Rudd's govt apology for it.
I was elected by the people of Australia as Prime Minister of Australia. I was elected to do a
Press and Ozzies voted Tony Abbott in after Kevin Rudd's superb and eloquent press talk, didn't punish Abbott's lac…
third alternative, we give you either Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd or Malcolm Turnbull from Australia instead? :P
We were in at the first meeting. 1989 along with 26 other countries. Only ALP PM that did anything was Kevin Rudd.
Kevin Rudd calls for one in Australia for indigenous - what are we doing in NZ?
Whatever one thinks about Rudd, this is an excellent idea and long overdue:
Kevin Rudd commissioned an Indigenous history museum to be built near Parliament House before he was rolled as PM https:/…
Kevin Rudd's lost plan for a national museum of Indigenous Australians in Canberra.
Backing down on the greyhound ban will be your Kevin Rudd climate change moment. Don't go there. Silent minority is behind you.
Australia: Kevin Rudd's Indigenous museum was a good idea. But let's not leave it to politicians
My breaking of an ironclad promise is the fault of Sam Dastyari and Kevin Rudd or something: Malcolm Turnbull. .
it's been exactly three years since Tony Abbott beat Kevin Rudd at the 2013 federal election, or, approximately 149 internet years
isolation in full swing. I think the west is isolating itself
The gap between what the aspires to do and what it actually does is growing
Well Australia's been in Afghanistan from the get go, way back in 2001, but we have been resol
If they had an area cleared off for these guys to fight, Kevin wouldn't show up. Rudd would have beat his...Harvick is a wimp
and who reopened NARAU... KEVIN FCKING RUDD! Sit down & STFU Wilkie you selective moron!
"The UN is still important, but it needs to be reformed for a new age" - Kevin Rudd op-ed to TIME Magazine.
Breast Cancer Awareness
"UN offers a Charter of global norms which could never be renegotiated in the current age"
Kevin Rudd is now 1,086 in the INQUIZIE celebrity ranking.
The artist formerly known as Kevin Rudd
For a first year coach, maybe...but Hardwick has been there since Kevin Rudd was PM - first time!
.Exactly. Kevin Rudd & first woman PM Julia Gillard among the worst PM's in Australian history.
. Donate your fat pension and solve world hunger Kevin Rudd!
Kevin Rudd is as cute as a Pikachu, says Kevin Rudd.
The stability of global financial markets is a public good. If governments fail to protect this
the press had far to much to say, over years , . If the press just talked policy would we stil. Ms Gillard or Kevin Rudd may B
Sad Aussie has-been Kevin Rudd must be angling for an invitation to hang with DiCaprio at his mansion, sycoph…
A core challenge for Australia is - how do we best prepare ourselves for the Asia Pacific cent
Paris Aristotle on made Kevin seem an amateur on the art of non-specificity. Suggested sent to
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