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Kevin Pillar

Kevin Pillar (born January 4, 1989) is an American professional baseball outfielder for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball.

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@ B1-1o: Kevin Pillar pops out to 2B Taylor Motter.
@ T6-2o: Taylor Motter flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
@ T2-3o: Jean Segura flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
@ B1-1o: Kevin Pillar grounds out sharply, SS Jean Segura to 1B Danny Valencia.
Kevin Pillar has always been a Grade A defensive outfielder, but he just reached Josh Reddick-level defense after t…
How centre fielder Kevin Pillar's new approach at the plate is paying off.
So according to Buck Martinez, Kevin Pillar talks to Adam Jones about how much he shags.
Kevin Pillar, Robbie Ray, Ryan Zimmerman and Marcus Stroman all earned 1/2 WOBs on Friday via
That fly ball by Kevin Pillar, per Statcast, had a hit probability of 39%. Stephen Piscotty Nelson Cruz'd that one.
And promptly served up a 400-foot bomb to Kevin Pillar. Not to be confused, presumably, with Kevin Millar.
The Blue Jays are back in it courtesy of a Kevin Pillar bomb!
@ B3-1o: Martin Maldonado singles on a ground ball to CF Kevin Pillar.
@ T1-1o: Kevin Pillar pops out to C Martin Maldonado in foul territory.
I know it's 2017, but whenever the Red Sox play the Blue Jays, I hear Kevin Pillar and think of Kevin Millar
Jackie Robinson day has been replaced with Kevin Pillar superman day. Sorry folks.
Hypothetical question that crossed my mind the other day, Ender Inciarte or Kevin Pillar? Why would you take? Question is just for kicks.
Are you saying you take them over Josh Donaldson and Kevin Pillar?
you are to Kevin Pillar what I was to Terrence Ross and I could not be more supportive of it.
CAN @ B1-1o: Kevin Pillar grounds out, SS Jonathan Malo to 1B Freddie Freeman.
imagine if they had Kevin Pillar and Ryan Braun and Danny Valencia.
Bob McCown, unironic, on Kevin Pillar: "you'd be hard pressed to find an inferior defensive centerfielder." Paid to talk ball.
It was so surreal to meet Devon Travis, Marco Estrada, Aaron Sanchez and Kevin Pillar. ⚾️❤️
Kevin Pillar and Justin Smoak Deer Hunting in South Carolina. If Smoak shoots like he hits, the Deer will be safe.…
Saturday thoughts - where was Kevin Pillar and Russ Martin in the ALCS?
That was a money pitch when he needed it, from Shaw. Kevin Pillar needs to at very least get a base hit here.
Kevin Pillar opens B7 with a single, that's all for Bryan Shaw, Cody Allen is in.
Trea Turner is no Kevin Pillar...He's more like Ian Desmond.
Loving the photobomb of Brett Cecil and his Daughter during Kevin Pillar's interview .
Kevin Pillar had a message for fans at Rogers Centre last night. He's 100% correct in everything he said.
Jim Edmonds looking at Kevin Pillar like Mr Miyage did Daniel LaRusso after he won the under18 All Valley Karate Tourney
Kevin Pillar, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Kevin Kiermaier are in the same division.
Jackie Bradley ranks second behind Kevin Pillar in CF defensive metrics. Not necessarily a big surprise, but the gap between them is.
Kevin Pillar grounds into a force out, shortstop Xander Bogaerts to second baseman Dustin Pedroia. Melvin Upton Jr. out at 2nd.
Kevin Pillar grounds out, second baseman Dustin Pedroia to first baseman Hanley Ramirez.
"Son, you just walked Kevin Pillar. Who never walks. Think about that, son." Larry Rothschild
Will be fascinating to see the 2017 outfield of:. Kevin Pillar. Eric Thames. Tim Tebow
i said to anyone who would listen in the winter that 2016 Kevin Pillar was Jason Heywards best comparable... 184 Mil
@ B2-2o: Kevin Pillar grounds out, 2B Ryan Schimpf to 1B Wil Myers. Michael Saunders to 3rd. Russell Martin to 2nd.
Congrats to Kevin Pillar for receiving the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award for 2015!
@ T1-1o: Nelson Cruz singles on a line drive to CF Kevin Pillar. Robinson Cano to 2nd.
@ B4-1o: Nolan Arenado flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
The bottom three of the list:. 8. Kevin Pillar (60). 9. Russell Martin (46). 10. Ryan Goins (30)
The Man Magazine Issue 3 Launch Party with Kevin Pillar is THIS SATURDAY? Got your tix?
Kevin Pillar lines out to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.
Huge 5-4-3 double play started by Travis Shaw on Kevin Pillar who can move no less. Two down for Kimbrel.
Jackie Bradley Jr. doubles (14) on a fly ball to center fielder Kevin Pillar.
@ T5-1o: Kevin Pillar pops out to 3B Travis Shaw in foul territory.
@ B2-0o: Travis Shaw doubles (19) on a line drive to CF Kevin Pillar.
@ T2-3o: Kevin Pillar grounds into a force out, 3B Travis Shaw to 2B Dustin Pedroia. Russell Martin out at 2nd.
Kevin Pillar is incredible. A constant in centre field.
@ T2-1o: Didi Gregorius flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
Is Russ Martin taking hitting advice from Kevin Pillar? He's swinging at everything he sees, jesus!
Jake Odorizzi walks first two B4, Jimmy Paredes advances runners with GB, Kevin Pillar and Ryan Goins can't get them in. 2-1
Vs. Kevin Pillar has the Most success against Jake Odorizzi. A .308 BA in 13 AB's.
Source: Elvis Andrus suspended one game for throwing punch at Kevin Pillar. Odor, Andrus but no oth…
Kevin Pillar's effort level is always set to "max"
Bro I saw a Kevin Pillar commercial at the theatre and I was not prepared. I almost fell off my chair.
Please say "hi" to Kevin Pillar for me. Used to call the play-by-play of most of his home games at Cal State Dominguez Hills.
This play in center field has earned Kevin Pillar the top highlight from Saturday
Pillar back at it with another dazzling catch vía
Kevin Pillar makes an absolutely amazing diving grab!
Kevin Pillar has 20 hits (including eight doubles & two HRs) over his last 14 games. He thinks he could have more: https…
Kevin Pillar stretches out for a mind-boggling catch
Kevin Pillar rather walk without rhythm than walk to first base:
Kevin Pillar hit a tiebreaking home run in the eighth... via
Kevin Pillar made the catch of the year!
Kevin Pillar powers the Blue Jays to a 5-2 win on game winning blast
Kevin Pillar would rather Walk Like An Egyptian than Walk to First base
Kevin Pillar rather surf centre field on his pecs than walk to first base.
Kevin Pillar rather walk through rain than walk to first base:
Kevin Pillar rather walk like a robot than walk to first base:
Kevin Pillar rather walk up a ladder than walk to first base:
Kevin Pillar, you are amazing buddy!
I always get Kevin Millar and Kevin Pillar confused
Kevin pillar is a beast defensively
Watch: Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar soars through the air to make grab
MLB Blog: Who can identify this Kevin Pillar catch ?
Pillar back at it with another dazzling catch
@ T5-3o: Hanser Alberto flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
Action shot of Ezequiel Carrera's single which would bring up Kevin Pillar for the second time…
@ B9-1o: Kevin Pillar walks. Ezequiel Carrera to 3rd. Justin Smoak to 2nd.
May 4, AB 4: Nomar Mazara lines out sharply to center fielder Kevin Pillar.
@ T7-3o: Nomar Mazara lines out sharply to CF Kevin Pillar.
@ B9-2o: Josh Donaldson walks. Kevin Pillar to 3rd. Ezequiel Carrera to 2nd.
Kevin Pillar adds another RBI single and lead over is up to 3-1 in 3rd, Eric Surkamp getting visit from Curt Young.
Kyle Lowry playing defence like he's Kevin Pillar!!
Kevin Pillar is just trolling us at this point
. AND the Indians traded traded Kluber for Desmond Jennings and Kevin Pillar.. real nice.
...Travis Shaw out at 3rd on the throw, CF Kevin Pillar to 2B Ryan Goins to 1B Justin Smoak to 3B Josh Donaldson to SS Troy... [2/3]
@ T3-1o: Kevin Pillar pops out to 1B Steve Pearce on the infield fly rule.
@ B1-3o: Steve Pearce flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
@ T1-1o: Kevin Pillar grounds out, 2B Logan Forsythe to 1B Steve Pearce.
Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar tracks down Rays first baseman Steve Pearce's fly ball and make... - via App
Kevin Pillar went for the catch of the year award on the 2nd day of the season
Kevin Pillar discusses his latest highlight reel catch
Kevin Pillar gotta rock that John Olerud helmet, dawg
WHAT A CATCH by Kevin Pillar -- all-out sprint to left-center on drive by Steve Pearce, leaps full-extension while hitting wall face-first.
Kevin Pillar just did his best Aaron Rowand impersonation on that catch
That's the first Kevin Pillar outstandingness of 2016 - hits his head on the outfield wall, says he's OK. Wow.
@ B7-1o: Steve Pearce flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
Kevin Pillar makes an amazing play in center field to rob Pearce of extra bases, falls face first into the wall doing so.
@ B5-3o: Evan Longoria flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
Kevin Pillar replaces Alex Gordon in the 9th
Matt Boyd has Kevin Pillar picked off at 1B but he beats throw to 2B. Boyd then picks Pillar off at 2B but botches throw to …
Kevin Pillar, Kevin Millar and Jonathan Villar walk into a bar . hilarity ensues.
@ T5-1o: With Jose Bautista batting, passed ball by Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Ryan Goins to 3rd. Kevin Pillar to 2nd.
@ B3-3o: Logan Morrison lines out to CF Kevin Pillar.
@ B5-1o: Kevin Pillar grounds out, 3B Steve Tolleson to 1B Christian Walker.
@ B1-1o: Kevin Pillar grounds out, 2B Jonathan Schoop to 1B Christian Walker.
@ T1-2o: Jonathan Schoop flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
Anthony Alford in defensively for Kevin Pillar, moves to LF, Lake moves to CF, Burns replaces Goins at 2nd, Urena replaces Mier at SS.
@ B3-3o: Kevin Pillar grounds out, P Vincent Velasquez to 1B Darin Ruf.
Kevin Pillar grounds out second base man Cesar Hernandez to first baseman Darin Ruf to record the first out.
@ B1-1o: Kevin Pillar grounds out, 2B Cesar Hernandez to 1B Darin Ruf.
A: Kevin Pillar in a Jackie Robinson tribute game.
Gibbons said leadoff spot is between Michael Saunders and Kevin Pillar. He likes Tulo behind Encarnacion at No. 5.
We asked readers how they want the Kevin Pillar bobblehead to be posed.
So far, Blue Jays 3B Josh Donaldson, SS Troy Tulowitzki, and CF Kevin Pillar will be the 2016…
>> Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitzki, and Kevin Pillar to be forever enshrined as Blue
And Kevin Pillar was doing some super-human things on a regular basis
I think maybe we saw Kevin Pillar selling books on the bank of the Seine. Cool offseason gig.
Great call from on Kevin Pillar the "human highlight reel." What a year.
Neon light? Laser beam? No, it's sun pillar in China's Inner Mongolia! Nature gives blessing for 2016!
Ok I was wrong. THAT is a Kevin Pillar impersonation...
I'll buy you playoff tickets if Kevin Pillar is an 8 win player by FG, BR, or BP next year.
Looked like he was doing his Kevin Pillar impression...
I suspect Kevin Pillar has genital herpes. A couple of real foul balls.
For Blue Jays fans: Kevin Pillar will join us next on Prime Time Sports (AM 590 radio and
Kevin Pillar makes the Catch of the Year!
Solid Prime Time Sports lineup, including Kevin Pillar (and who spoke with Peyton Manning. Join us, 5-7 ET on 590.
Sources out of Pittsburgh say that management has ended discussions on bringing back OF Kevin Pillar, advising him to take the $$ offered.
Da Panto dame is Revd Kevin Johns pillar of Chapel community n chaplain to Swansea City FC ->
how about the redemption of Kevin Pillar?
ZiPS Projections: Shortstop: Elvis Andrus of the Texas Rangers fields a single hits a by Kevin Pillar o...
Kevin Pillar's head looks like a square watermelon
Are Reed Johnson and Kevin Pillar brothers? Both from Cali, late round draft picks, went to Cal State
Kevin Pillar connects for an RBI single off Caleb Cotham and the Blue Jays take a 1-0 lead in the 6th.
Kevin Pillar had The Stew's best catch of the year. Scroll to the bottom to see our top-5 catches.
Strange But True feats of 2015: First, Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar ah-chooed his way into the news by pu...
>> Catch of the Year countdown: Kevin Pillar is a super hero (No. 1)
Yahoo News Canada Sports: Another results of Yahoo News Canada Sports. Kevin pillar's first game -- beyond the...
watching DP catch kevin pillar's homer :')
29 more to genesis 3 fund on streamtip to see Kevin Pillar figured out what time the game is
Kevin Pillar is killing it on TSN's "Top 100 Plays of the Year"
I was at that game where Kevin Pillar climbed the wall. Neato.
My niece got me a Kevin Pillar action figure. Merry Christmas.
I got my mom a Kevin pillar shirt for xmas! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
How is Kevin Pillar's wall grab the play of the year...
"71% of Earth is covered by water. The rest is covered by Kevin Pillar."
Fantasy News: Jays crank 3 HRs, push series back to Toronto - Kevin Pillar | TOR
Tampa's Kiermaier wins the Gold Glove over Kevin Pillar and Buck Martinez will be sure to remind us 1000 times next year. 😁😳
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*Guessing* that Mr. Jones may go with Kevin Pillar. The O's, and us O's fans, saw way too much of him this season. 😉
Players with 4.3 - 4.5 WAR last year: EE, Frazier, Arenado, Bautista, Miggy, Altuve, Bogaerts, and... Kevin Pillar.
Man enlists Blue Jays star power for help with wedding proposal
FOX Pillar doesn't see Blue Jays as much different without Anthopoulos
Kevin Pillar's wife just ruined my whole night b
Kevin Pillar is one of the best outfielder's that I've ever seen!
Kevin Pillar talks about how losing Alex Anthopoulos could impact
The Comeback Player Of The Year goes to Kevin Pillar (Kevin was an underdog all of his…
CF Kevin Pillar on re Anthopoulos: "The effect of Alex is still gonna be present in that clubhouse."
Kevin Pillar is a human highlight real every night. He deserves the Gold Glove!
our man Kevin Pillar telling it like it is, listening Shapiro!
Kevin Pillar: Impact of Anthopoulos will remain present in clubhouse.
No offence to but I was hoping Kevin Pillar (would be National Defence minister. …
MR. KEVIN PILLAR, ONE of the good guys in the game of baseball, word is he's a great person as well.
Pete Rose was replaced in the Fox World Series Broadcast by Kevin Pillar. Pete is drunk off his *** at the Bellagio Sportsbook, probably.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
That double for Ben Zobrist was his 5th of this postseason, tied with Kevin Pillar for 2nd in 2015. First place: still Justin Turner, with 6
looking back on this season I didn't appreciate Kevin Pillar as much as I should have. dude can play baseball, like Buck Martinez would say.
Josh Donaldson is fire, Jose Bautista is fire, Ryan Goins is fire, Kevin Pillar is fire, Ben Revere is fire. All the Blue Jays are fire.
Ben Revere, Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Troy Tulowitzki, Russel Martin, Kevin Pillar and Ryan Goins are all back.
Russell Martin, Kevin Pillar, Ryan Goins: You got an angel wit you right now.
Ventura walks the leadoff man, Martin and then Kevin Pillar. 1st and 2nd with nobody out for Ryan Goins
Kevin Pillar deserves his Gold Glove award on the spot.
Not sure how Kevin Pillar made this catch, but he did.
Kevin Pillar's spirit animal is a Labrador Retriever
Kevin Pillar makes like Usain Bolt then Greg Louganis for diving catch on Josh Hamilton fly ball. Spectacular.
Ronnie Gray asked if Kevin Millar is related to Kevin Pillar. Phillip said he thinks he is.
I can't work out who I love more Josh Donaldson, Kevin Pillar or Chris Colabello. It's probably Kevin Pillar, he's Superman remember ⚾🏃
Kevin Pillar ended the regular season with an 18-game streak of reaching base safely. (Robinson Cano had the longest active streak with 25).
Why doesn't Kevin Pillar's catch on Jackie Robinson day get more love I'm upset
Michael saunders should be MVP just because Kevin Pillar.
Kevin Pillar of the Toronto Blue Jays posted this picture on his Instagram. The shirt that's being…
@ T7-1o: Kevin Pillar called out on strikes.
Kevin Pillar. Spider-Man. Nuf said. Vote on the top play of 2015:
@ B4-2o: Richie Shaffer flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
@ T4-3o: Kevin Pillar strikes out swinging.
Kevin Pillar with some solid contact as he makes Matt Moore work but Moore wins battle and strikes him out to end T4
This is insane: Kevin Pillar's 4.2 WAR is more than Vernon Wells ever had in a single season other than 2006.
lets change topics for a sec... Would Kevin Pillar get any (or even enough) votes for Gold Glove?
I'm fairly convinced that Kevin Pillar is in cahoots with Satan
Kevin Pillar's a thing of beauty. Easily an MVP as it pertains to the Where would they be without him?
@ T2-2o: Kevin Pillar singles on a ground ball to LF Brandon Guyer. Russell Martin to 2nd.
Is that guy chanting kevin like i was at pillar couple weeks ago? 😂😂 sounds the same
Kevin Pillar knows how Goins and Edwin are feeling right now. .
"Two thirds of the Earth is covered by water, the other third is covered by Kevin Pillar"
I realize the connection is 2B but I think Kevin Pillar would be the better option.
They forgot to invite Kevin Pillar to the photo-shoot.
Pillar's super catch among top GIFs via
I'm pretty much done with Kevin Pillar.
VIDEO: Kevin Pillar goes completely horizontal (again!) for an incredible catch!
Nicest goal I have ever seen. if someone had a video camera that would knock off Kevin Pillar in http…
Kevin Pillar makes like Superman, dives for ball to rob Rays of home run
Hall tries to resemble Kevin "Superman" Pillar with his back checking. Hall forgets that in hockey, play continues...
Toronto Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar continues to make case for Golden Glove w another spectacular catch via
Kevin Pillars sits down with to talk about the pride he takes in his highlight-reel catches
Jays’ Kevin Pillar adds another jaw-dropping catch to his highlight reel
Kevin Pillar's highlight reel becomes even more ridiculous.
"Toronto Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar continues to make a case for a Golden Glove | National Post" ( )
Wow. Kevin Pillar just "Bobby Orr'd" in CF to rob Luke Maile of a sure double. You're going to want to watch Central later
Kevin Pillar not only a fine baseball player, but a true gentleman helping Hazel Mae put the googles on.
Russell Martin, Josh Donaldson & Kevin Pillar should win Gold Gloves this year.
Weak Justin Smoak nubber scores Dalton Pompey, throw from Chris Davis sails to backstop, Kevin Pillar tries to score, tagged out. Challenged
Kevin Pillar is to the Jays what Daniel WInnik is to the Leafs. Cheap, great defensively, unexpected offense when you need it.
Two beautiful tag-avoiding headfirst slides that inning from Kevin Pillar. And an oppo line drive single off a LHP by Ryan Goins.
Single for Kevin Pillar makes it a 4-2 lead for EE stopped at third, Dalton Pompey will run for him. One out, Ryan Goins up
The most random thing of the day was seeing Toronto Blue Jays rookies Kevin Pillar & Ryan Goins at…
@ T8-2o: Kevin Pillar grounds out, SS Andrelton Simmons to 1B Freddie Freeman.
Nice story in the L.A. Daily News by on centrefielder Kevin Pillar
Kevin Pillar should change his name. It makes me think of Kevin Millar and really, who the *** wants to do that?
RHP Mark Lowe to pitch B9 for Kevin Pillar for Jose Bautista, playing CF and hitting third.
Tulo exits after 2nd-inning collision with Kevin Pillar:
@ T5-2o: Kevin Pillar grounds out, SS Xander Bogaerts to 1B Travis Shaw.
Kevin Pillar grounds out, shortstop Xander Bogaerts to first baseman Travis Shaw.
@ T7-3o: Gerardo Parra flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
@ T1-1o: Gerardo Parra flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
Not to be lost in the excitement, Dioner Navarro and Kevin Pillar fought to catch Ryan Goins' helmet. Pillar won. http:/…
how is Kevin Pillar so high up there.
@ T4-3o: Nick Castellanos flies out to CF Kevin Pillar.
Kevin Pillar has no chance against Dyson
Kevin Pillar's 8th HR of 2015, and first since July 4th ... off Detroit's David Price
Kevin Pillar flare off a sliding Shane Victorino's glove plates two more, up 3-0 T1
Thus far we've seen the families of Aaron Sanchez, Kevin Pillar & Roberto Osuna here @ Angels Stadium.
Love this conversation that Phil Hughes and Kevin Pillar are having ⚾
Kevin Pillar golden glove remember that.
Angel Hernandez one again shows why he is MLB's worst umpire: strike call on Kevin Pillar not even close. Then baits Pilla…
One thing evidently different about the 2015 the bottom of the lineup is producing well. Guys like Kevin Pillar and Devon Travis.
Who should i start tomorrow, Kevin Pillar or Steven Souza Jr?
Kevin Pillar has a higher WAR than Nelson Cruz and Michael Brantley.
Blue Jays get home runs from Kevin Pillar, Danny Valencia in win over New York Mets
Right now, only internally developed Jays position player is Kevin Pillar, who was a hail Mary pick.
Max Scherzer no match for Kevin Pillar, who flares a single to shallow right for his second hit off the ace in as many at…
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Kevin Pillar hits an RBI ground out and the lead the 6-0 after six innings of play.
It may have ended in a lineout, but that was a good at-bat by Kevin Pillar.
Nice applause for Kevin Pillar after an 11P AB ends in a liner to LF Preston Tucker. lead 5-0, B4.
Roberto Hernandez makes a great play to knock down a Kevin Pillar ground ball, but can't get the speedy Pillar at first. Leadoff single.
Kevin Pillar leads off the 3rd with a infield single. Over his past 7 games, he's hit .455 with a HR and 6 RBI.
Kevin pillar keeps out torid hitting with a single to lead of bottom of the third
At the Jays game with Big Brother and Kevin Pillar has been named our mascot
Kevin Pillar will start at CF and bat 8th vs Houston Astros on Friday.
Kevin pillar has the most hustle in the league
Kevin Pillar with an amazing diving catch
14 picks in the ESPN Franchise draft and nobody has taken Kevin Pillar yet? That is going to be a steal for the analyst who grabs him.
The beat the 7-3; Kevin Pillar went 3-4 with two home runs, 4 RBI's for Toronto in the win in game 2 on Tuesday. 😱
I don't know if everyone knows, but there's a player on the Toronto Blue Jays named Kevin Pillar. Foreshadowing much there? 😝
Kevin Pillar is on pace for a 2 WAR season…
Blue Jays blanked by Nationals in first half of double-header
Jays beat Scherzer, earn split: WASHINGTON (AP) — Kevin Pillar hit two home runs off Max Scherzer, and the Toronto…
Blue Jays’ Kevin Pillar homers twice in nightcap as Jays split Washington doubleheader
just wondering if you guys figured out the Kevin Pillar is not a typo of Kevin Millar yet?
Kevin Pillar has always been told what he couldn't do. Interesting insight from Buck Martinez.
"I knew Kevin Millar... Kevin Millar was a friend of mine. Sir, you're no Kevin Millar!" ~ Matt Williams to Kevin Pillar, hopefully.
Pat Tabler "not" jokes. 2 Kevin Pillar home runs... what could be next
I think it is fair to say Kevin Pillar > Kevin Millar.
Kevin Pillar always makes me think of Kevin Millar. St. Paul Saints great, Red Sox OK, and general meathead.
I wonder if Kevin Pillar is just as annoying as Kevin Millar.
True. An odd gap in the article. Currently, have two Jewish players we love: Kevin Pillar and Danny Valencia. :)
Mookie Betts is no Kevin Pillar, however Mookie Wilson was pretty cool
Kevin Pillar sac fly cashes in another, but Danny Valencia thrown out at second trying to advance. lead 4-0, two d…
Wait I missed Craig Breslow against Danny Valencia AND Kevin Pillar? That’s 30% of the league’s Jews right there!
Ryan Goins tripled to right scoring Kevin Pillar. Runner on third with two outs and Devon Travis due up.
Devon Travis RBI single after Kevin Pillar walk and Ryan Goins single cuts into lead, down 4-1, men on corners none out
(5th inning) Brandon Guyer has been taking Kevin Pillar lessons. Not cool.
Kevin Pillar just Supermanned an Adam Jones liner, then thew to second for a double play.
Kevin Pillar climbs the wall to rob a home run
I think Kevin Pillar has already done more defensively than Colby Rasmus ever did
I think the Kevin Pillar catch is the best in the history of SkyDome. Better than Devon White in the World Series:
ICYMI: shades of Devon White from Kevin Pillar last night, climbing the wall to rob a HR.
Amazing catch by 2012 Midwest League MVP Kevin Pillar! (The outfielder played for the Lansing Lugnuts.)
VIDEO: The wall is no obstacle for Kevin Pillar when it comes to robbing homers
Kevin Pillar with the big boy web gem! Better be number one on SC top plays
Kevin Pillar treated the outfield wall like the Aggro Crag for outstanding HR-saving catch.
WATCH: catch of the year? Kevin Pillar climbs wall to rob Rays of HR
Web gem! Kevin Pillar climbs the wall in left to take a hit away from Beckham. Might have just robbed a homer. Crowd on its feet.
Blue Jays OF Kevin Pillar injured and out of Toronto's line-up..he strained an oblique SNEEZING! Only in baseball!
Kevin Millar just on and Toronto hopeful Kevin Pillar gets the Jungle Karma and jacks a 2run shot.
After the non-tenders, the Jays best internal LF options: Kevin Pillar, Brad Glenn, Michael Crouse. Well then.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
MT: Love this kid! "A Q+A w/ Dalton Pompey, who'll compete for CF job with Kevin Pillar:
A Q+A with Dalton Pompey, who'll compete for starting CF job with Kevin Pillar after trade of Anthony Gose:
Kevin Pillar may not be awful... Either is Andy Dirks, but Pompey should beat either or both out... Deserves his shot.
Toronto's outfield at this moment is Jose Bautista, Andy Dirks, Kevin Pillar and Dalton Pompey. Melky/Rasmus are FAs. Gose traded.
"Baseball player. That's what you think of when you see Kevin Pillar." God, Pat Tabler ***
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