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Kevin Ollie

Kevin Jermaine Ollie (born December 27, 1972) is an American former professional basketball player and current assistant coach with the University of Connecticut men's basketball team.

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Still wish it woulda been Mark Jackson or Kevin Ollie
Ran into ex-Mavs and current UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie, always…
or get creative like the hated Celtics & get Kevin Ollie or Jay Wright or one of those brought young minds
Hi Kevin. Sorry to see this, which train is this regarding? Did you get a seat okay? -Ollie
If Kevin Ollie lost that first game in the tournament (which he almost did) his seat might be feeling a tad warm right now
Kevin Ollie was one of the hottest names in coaching after he coached a team that earned an 8 seed
Watching play is like watching a men's league.There is no intensity and no flow.Please hire Kevin Ollie.
It's officially March which means Kevin Ollie just received his annual shipment of Michael's Secret Stuff
Kevin Ollie and some of his staff just arrived. We got a full house, folks.
Kevin Ollie and his staff among coaches here. Bob Diaco, Ray Reid, Len Tsantiris are those I can see.
Kevin Ollie and his staff attending press conference
Hi Kevin. Can't see anything in its way, so should be movement soon. -Ollie
you see this? Guarantee you Kevin Ollie wanted Texas to know who the real daddy of CBB is
Does Connecticut's new athletic director have any experience in firing Kevin Ollie?
If anything that's what will run KD off. He made it clear that he wanted . Kevin Ollie.
NOW I really hope SMU beats the crap out of them.Kevin Ollie or no Kevin Ollie. Classless jerks!
Kevin Ollie saying the team lacks leadership when he is the coach. That's a new one.
Rambis is coaching for his job.So he's not going 2 play young guys. Lose 98-81 Hire Kevin Ollie
UConn coach Kevin Ollie blasts team, points to 'lack of leadership'
Kevin Ollie: "this is a gr8 privilege, 2 play in front of a crowd like this n have a chance 2 cement yourself in th NCAA Tournament." (more)
More Kevin Ollie: "...It has been like that the whole year. Get up high. Go down low. It’s a lack of focus. A lack of leadership."
Kevin Ollie: "We couldn’t keep nobody in front of us, we couldn’t get back in transition. … And we didn’t play with any heart."
Jim Calhoun could have coached this group to the Final 4. Kevin Ollie has them on the bubble.
If UConn fans are retarded enough to fire Kevin Ollie just because he doesn't make the Final Four every year,UCF will GLADLY give him a home
Wait, there are UConn fans that want Kevin Ollie fired??? Ugh. Those are my people. Be smarter people, please.
And if Kevin Ollie left, we could not find anyone half as good to replace him. So maybe just chill out a bi on the Ollie is terrible stuff
You're going to let Kevin Ollie coach football?
Kevin Ollie is the 2nd or 3rd best thing to ever happen to the University of Connecticut. If we stay above longer enough to go P5, the best
Kevin Ollie: "I don't know where our defense went."
Two years in a row without making the tournament now. How long is Kevin Ollie gonna last? He misses it next year w/ new players, he's gone.
Since Ollie's divorce, this team has sputtered. can we get Kevin on
Kevin Ollie look like he did when he had on a huskie uniform
If UConn doesn't make the NCAA Tournament Kevin Ollie must go. For a school with the success of UConn you can't keep finishing so low in
How many brutal home losses has UConn had the last two seasons? That championship is the only thing keeping Kevin Ollie off the hot season.
UConn fans realizing they messed up by giving Kevin Ollie all that money yet, or nah?
Kevin Ollie lead team crapping out once again. Hope they just make it in for some March Madness.
I really want to love Kevin Ollie, but the last two seasons he has been a different person. Needs to get back to his roots.
This is life as a UConn fan under Kevin Ollie. Get used to it.
Everyone's saying that Kevin Ollie is just not a good coach.
Are we sure Kevin Ollie is a good coach?
two years ago Kevin Ollie could have picked any NBA job he wanted more or less. Now? Would there still be takers?
Kevin Ollie continues to regress as a coach.
they suck. Kevin Ollie has yet to prove HE can coach. He won the title with a Jim Calhoun team.
Kevin Ollie might be the most overrated coach in college basketball
For a second there I thought Kevin Ollie turned into a football coach and forgot how to manage a clock
You think Kevin Ollie is a good coach?
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Nice to hear that Kevin Ollie is here to say to the coach that recruited him to Uconn. Class act.
UConn's Kevin Ollie (92-40) becomes first coach in school history to win 20+ games in first 4 years as head coach.
if the Want any chance of landing free agents there is only 1 coach to hire Kevin Ollie
Kevin Ollie looks like he just got off work and came to coach lol
and Kevin Ollie has as many titles as Izzo/Self/Boeheim/Tubby, I'm guessing u believe he is as good of a coach?
Watching my main man Kevin Ollie coach up them UCONN boys at the USF Sun Dome with the cousin.…
Kevin Ollie stay fresh on the sideline
“I counted 12 missed layups. I could be wrong, it could be higher than that,” UConn coach Kevin Ollie said.
don't trade build around him & these 2 can get us with Kevin Ollie @ Coach
Kevin Ollie honestly can't coach,one of the most overrated guys in college basketball
UConn Notebook: Adams Still Out Of Starting Lineup: Jalen Adams still wasn't back in coach Kevin Ollie's good ...
Bold insane hungover prediction: Kevin Ollie leaves to coach the Lakers and Ed Cooley becomes the coach of UConn in 2018.
You think Kevin Ollie should coach the Knicks?
Kevin Ollie is a terrible head coach who without Calhoun's players stinks
Kevin Ollie: “It comes back to execution. I’m the head of that, as the coach, and it trickles down to my point guard and everybody else.”
Kevin Ollie on Temple's comeback: "That's the mark of a great coach and a lot of resilient guys in that locker room."
Kevin Ollie: "I'm the coach but at the end of the day I can't make the layups and can't make the passes."
UConn head coach Kevin Ollie taking the podium
UCONN just let temple go on a 21-4 run to blow an easy run. Kevin Ollie is just a terrible coach
I will never understand how UConn once won a title despite having Kevin Ollie as their coach
i want Kevin Ollie to coach the Knicks next year, ***
uconn basketball update: my dad has decided he would be a better coach than Kevin Ollie...note that Vic is weber coach of the year 2008
Hey, *** What do you think about Kevin Ollie to coach the Knicks?
UConn's head coach Kevin Ollie remains unbelievably cool on the bench ... It's like he is in the wrong profession ...
I firmly believe Kevin Ollie is the worst coach in college basketball.
I don't think Kevin Ollie is a very good coach
A Coleman 3 and a DeCosey transition layup have tied the game at 27-27. UConn coach Kevin Ollie called timeout with 39.8 left in the half.
.just talked about Kevin Ollie being the next coach of the The Ollie to NBA rumors are starting early this year.
Just in terms of picking a quality coach, if Knicks hired Kevin Ollie; i couldn't argue a bad point against it.
The next lakers head coach to rebuild this team the right way and take out the talent in these young players will be "Kevin Ollie"
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Just been to see manager Kevin Keen ahead of Saturday's Cup Tie v
Kevin de Bruyne is set to be sidelined for around six weeks with a knee injury
Kevin Ollie is ice cold in this recruiting game. Do not let that smile fool you.
UConn coach Kevin Ollie would have one year to get out of deal.
I just saw an optimistic Kevin De Bruyne on crutches. He could even smile. A good sign.
this is now my favorite Kevin Ollie quote!
Kevin Ollie talks about departure of UConn AD
Kevin Ollie says there is a possibility Amida Brimah is a week or so away from returning to the Huskies.
Kevin Ollie on "out clause" in contract: “I’m gonna be coaching this team for a long time ... I don’t even know about that out clause.”
UConn coach Kevin Ollie says C Amida Brimah (finger) is about a week away from returning.
Warde Manuel leaving for Michigan means the clock could begin ticking on Ollie's contract
Possibly the worst part about Warde leaving: Ollie can opt out of his contract now.
Can't blame Warde Manuel at all for taking Michigan job. The big question is what will Kevin Ollie decide to do now
Interesting note here for Kevin Ollie to Nets fans out there. Ollie can leave if AD leaves UCONN, which is happening
Too good of a class coming in for Ollie to opt out now. Plus Kevin
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Warde Manuel exit means could opt out of deal as coach with no fees
Per Kevin Ollie's contract, he can opt out with no buyout penalty on one-year anniversary of AD's (Manuel's) departure.
At this point the only way the Wizards get to Durant to actually listen to them in a meeting is if they fire Wittman and hire Kevin Ollie
Think Kevin Ollie will respond like Calhoun when Providence took player in CT UConn passed
Wow i guess with how he built up the football program he deserves it. Kevin ollie says ur welcome
Next UConn AD hire isn't as important as hiring Kevin Ollie. But still critical for Huskies' quest to one day get into a power five league.
I love Kevin Ollie but at the end of the day, he's no Howie Dicka'min
Kevin Ollie or Luke Walton next season as the new coach and I'll be satisfied, thanks.
aka anyone but Byron. Agreed. Luke Walton, Kevin Ollie, or Ettore Messina step right on up
The happiest men in this evening as manager Dave McGlynn and Kevin Kelbie celebrate their win.
If Kevin Ollie ever leaves for the NBA, I want Eric Musselman as the new coach and this photo is why
sounds a little like Kevin Ollie. And he won a NC!
what excites you more? Talk of Kevin Ollie as coach or a chance at Ben Simmons
yeah guess that maybe true, Kevin Ollie was a bum in the league but is a NCAA champion coach
remind me to tell you my Kevin Ollie story on the podcast ...
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If y'all don't hire Luke Walton, Kevin Ollie, or Becky Hammon this summer, we getting you outta here
Five-star center Zach Brown verbally committed to Kevin Ollie and UConn this morning, his guardian Michael Lipman told Sco…
if you honestly think Kevin Ollie is a better coach than Brad Stevens, please watch your first basketball game.
is Kevin Ollie a lesser Rick Barnes? (Good recruiter, bad in game coach)
Nice of Roy Williams to let Kevin Ollie borrow one of his jackets
I always thought Kevin Ollie was head-coach of UCMB but according to Pete Gillen it's actually Kevin Ali
For the love of Christ, someone tell Pete Gillen it's Kevin Ollie and not Kevin Ali.
That was Kevin Ollie and Roy Williams in to see Mohamed Bamba, and Avery Johnson calling to offer. Big time stuff.
*sees Kevin Ollie drew a terrible T* *immediately scurries over to timeline to see the reaction*
If you're stuck in a rut in life, just remember, Kevin Ollie has a national title. This means anything is possible.
Larry Hughes, Kevin Ollie, Doug Overton, Aaron McKie, and family and friends of. Darryl Dawkins & Moses Malone will be in attendance
`when I went to sixers camp I learned from sixers greats Kevin Ollie and Samuel Dalembert.
he's watching UConn GU right now, Stevens for Kevin Ollie?
AI got to the Finals AND won a game against the 3peat Lakers w Aaron McKie, Eric Snow, Tyrone Hill, Matt Geiger, Kevin Ollie. C'mon now
Out of curiosity, when coaches Kevin Ollie, Geno Auriemma, or Bob Diaco, walk around an event, state police at their side ... (Cont)
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Seton Hall transfer Sterling Gibbs will obviously help Kevin Ollie's team. Big time shooter. Just like to see him not dribble as much.
Kevin Ollie would be very good, very good college coach with some NBA exp
The best quote I have heard from a coach from Kevin Ollie the UCONN COACH. "No better place to plant seeds than in the ga…
"The best place to plant seeds is in the Garden" - Kevin Ollie
My Monday notebook hits on UConn's recruiting efforts, notes from Big East Media Day and the latest on Kobi Simmons: http…
All these haters don't realize the coaching potential of one Kevin Ollie. I love my coach. He's going to lead us to multiple titles.
Kevin Ollie told this is the most talented he's had in four years at UConn. Huskies have pieces -- will an alpha dog emerge?
I'd like to see Kevin Ollie coach after Coach K.
I really really want Kevin Ollie or Ettore Messina
Think "awkward halftime interview of one question on ESPN in the Kevin Ollie era"...
that's a good question. A small part of me what's coach Thibs..but Kevin Ollie..maybe even Jerry Sloan. For the PG/PF dynamic
hopefully Byron is gone after this season. Bring in someone like Kevin Ollie and I'd be grateful.
How (Kevin Ollie) has reloaded the Huskies, who now boast the No. 3 recruiting class in the nation:
Kevin Ollie has UConn recruiting among elite
id say Carlisle, but Kevin Ollie wouldn’t pass up his gig at UConn would he?
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lowkey think Carlisle is dipping from Dallas after this season. Would be the marquee name. Also, Kevin Ollie might get a call.
Imagine what kind of college basketball analyst you'd have to be to pick Frank Haith's returning team over Kevin Ollie's.
Kevin Ollie's recruiting classes are getting better and better during his time at UConn -- how's he getting it done? http…
Kevin Ollie's national net has UConn recruiting among the nation's elite, by
on the efforts of Kevin Ollie and UConn, which moved up to No. 3 in the latest 2016 class rankings:
*** that is some quote. Via piece here:
Kevin Ollie and UConn are recruiting as well as any program in the country
I did not know Burrell and Donyell Marshall played together on UConn. Kevin Ollie and Travis Knight too.
Of course, he didn't get to see Kevin Ollie coach much that night.
Head injuries are so much more delicious in monochrome. That's why everybody loves Churchill.
Repost with the boys with Kevin Ollie at the Navy/UCONN game
I have chosen the University of Louisville. It was either him or Kevin Ollie of Connecticut
Field reporter reports "mad love" between Kevin Ollie and Vance Jackson at halftime. Please read into this.
Ramsey has to go Kevin. You and Ollie mate that's what we need.
What's up Kemba! What do you think of this year's UConn team? What's your relationship like with Kevin Ollie?
Hamilton Collection
ESPN's had high praise for Aug hoops legend Ricky Moore's work at UConn here
Shout him out I put that on Kevin Ollie
Still one of my favourite Palace pictures. Parr, Glenn & Paddy watching Kevin Phillips score at Wembley. Glorious.
Hi Kevin. "Earlier" in the sense that it was a train before yours. -Ollie
Ike Obiagu picked up an offer from Cincinnati today. Kevin Ollie & an assistant from California also popped in to see him.
John Thompson Nolan Richardson Tubby Smith Kevin Ollie.4 out 76 champions! "But y'all think things have changed"
WATCH: David's Comedy Film this will have you in bits!!
Great piece by on and his recruiting success. Love what KO and company are doing:
Hi Kevin. Info on how to DM is here: -Ollie
Campus Consciousness Tour night 2 at UCONN in Storrs, CT! Looking for a pickup game w Kevin Ollie, hmu
I want the Raptors to hire fire Casey and hire Kevin Ollie
A top-50 2017 point guard from discusses his offer from and relationship with Kevin Ollie
Kevin Ollie doing work, huge get with Alterique Gilbert committing to UConn. Gilbert & Jalen Adams are going to be an excellent 1-2 punch
- Kevin Ollie has snagged his top target each of last 3 yrs - Hamilton, Adams & now Alterique Gilbert. This is how UConn rolls
so you have inside info on Eric Snow making a comeback? If not maybe Kevin Ollie would be player/coach?
Do u remember who replaced Jim Calhoun as head coach of uconn? . Kevin Ollie right . & did he play for the rockets & rudy tom janovich boener?
UConn’s Kevin Ollie is in the title game in his 1st NCAA tournament. Last to do it was Steve Fisher (1989 Michigan).
Kevin Ollie was irrelevant until his first year at Uconn where he won the title, would you consider a good coach?
G Sterling Gibbs transfers to Connecticut from Seton Hall where he scored 16.3 PPG in 2014. Sneaky pick up by Kevin Ollie
I feel like the Pelicans have a plan in firing Monty Williams. Good coaches out there: Jackson, Brooks, Kevin Ollie maybe
Been here 30 minutes and have already seen Roy Williams, Tony Bennett, Kevin Ollie, and Ben Howland.
Everyone who wants Kevin Durant in DC should be thrilled Kevin Ollie will not coach OKC.
Thoughts on best coaching candidate for Okc? Rumours are Billy Donovan and Kevin Ollie atm
The Thunder​ have FIRED head coach Scott Brooks. 2 rumored replacements are Kevin Ollie of UCONN/Billy Donovan of UF ht…
and don't you dare say Billy Donovan or Kevin Ollie. It'll be impossible to sell me on either of those two.
WHOS THE NEXT COACH. Kevin Ollie. Billy Donovan. Mark Jackson. Tom Thibodeau. Other. Who do you want to coach and WHY!?. Will…
Billy Donovan, Kevin Ollie, or Thibs have to be the next coach of OKC or they made a mistake. If not one of those they're playing with fire
when did Larry Brown, Kevin Ollie, and Billy Donovan stop coaching in college?
Despite numerous stories saying the new coach will be Kevin Ollie, still hearing it's Billy Donovan.
Hearing OKC wants Billy Donovan or Kevin Ollie... and if they can't get either one, they might wait to see if Bulls/Thibs …
Thunder candidates? has some advice for Billy Donovan and Kevin Ollie:
My Top 4 Coaches I want to see get the Thunder job. 1.Kevin Ollie . 2. Fred Hoiberg . 3.Mark Jackson . 4. Billy Donovan .
If the OKC Thunder get a college coach, it'll be Kevin Ollie, or Tony Bennett.
Probably. I think they'll go after Marc Jackson then Kevin Ollie
Kevin Ollie, Fred Hoiberg, Billy Donavan, Mark Jackson. One of those guys will be the next Thunder head coach
Makes sense... Kevin Ollie's last season was 09-10 with the Thunder. Got KD buy-in already.
If the Thunder hire Kevin Ollie then my old Sixers hat signed by Ollie and Mo Cheeks gets funnier right?
Mark Jackson, Kevin Ollie, Mo cheeks, Brian shaw my estimated top candidates.
Report: Thunder seriously considering Kevin Ollie as head coach
Would you be in favor of Kevin Ollie returning to the Oklahoma City Thunder as the team's head coach?
Daniel Hamilton, Kevin Ollie looking to improve next season.
Jay Wright and two assistants watching. So are Kevin Ollie, Danny Hurley, assistants from PSU, UNCG, Towson, plenty more
Tommy Amaker, Johnny Dawkins, John Thompson III, Lorenzo Romar, Kevin Ollie all are watching NJ Playaz and PSA
Pete Carroll, Jimbo, Kevin Ollie, Geno, Spoelstra, and John Farrell were the coaches this time last year
Josh Pastner gets his first career win against UConn and Kevin Ollie. Markel Crawford, Austin Nichols, Kedren Johnson all terrific.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sam Cassell Jr. will undergo MRI next week for the stress fracture in his foot. Kevin Ollie said he can't say whether Cassell done for year.
A little disappointed because I wanted Kevin Ollie, but Mike Malone is my favorite of the experienced bunch.
Net's rumor-firing Coach Lionel Hollins. Ignorant and untrue.Will go hard after Kevin Ollie this summer if Net's are not sold.
And now for a special weather report from Ollie Willams
Sounds like Kevin Ollie won't see Friday, but UConn remains interested in both Carter and
Kevin Van Veen... Go on then Ollie get him in. Good age and scoring goals 👍
they suck but in NXT the main five are Neville, Zayn, Kenta, Owens and Finn Balor. You need to watch Kevin Owens and Balor
Omg Kevin Ollie spotted at Bricco's, this is like the biggest celebrity I've seen
Ryan Boatright: 'Got to win 12 straight to be where we want to be in March.'
Kevin Ollie: 'We've got to put teams away.'
If Kevin Ollie goes 27-3 every year beating coppin state, South Florida and Central Connecticut he could get to 1000!
I like Coach Lavin but those "Lavinwood" signs just don't work, we all know that only works for Coach Kevin Ollie
Kevin Ollie: "I do not like 16 turnovers, especially coming off one of our best games [in that area]. We've got 2 do a better job with that"
Ryan Boatright sat for a few minutes, then, Kevin Ollie said, "came back in with fire in his eyes." and scored next 13 points
Kevin Ollie says he makes decisions partly by analytics, but mostly by feel.
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the cbs announcer continues to call Ollie.Kevin Ali like he's a cousin of the former heavyweight champ.
can u guys please tell that it's "Kevin Ollie", not "Kevin Ali"? He keeps mispronouncing coach's last name...
Kevin Ollie would fare just as well in popularity contests as he does in basketball contests
Kevin Ollie and Orlando Antigua face off as head coaches today, almost exactly 20 years after meeting as players. (OK, 1of their 9 meetings)
.builds steam in Melbourne with win over Kevin Reaction: http…
cav is great and possibly the best hire from an AD that also hired kevin ollie
Kevin Ollie has the SAME AMOUNT OF RINGS as Jim Boeheim does in his 40 years coaching Ollie has been coaching 3 years 😂✌️
That ESPN stat about Tom Izzo, Tony Bennett Sean Miller and Kevin Ollie having 998 wins combine is hard to fathom.
“Kevin Phillips still doesn't know who scored Swansea's goal . . .
What an awesome throwback. A young Kevin Anderson and Rafa Nadal. (Via
I wish they would've hired Kevin Ollie. Scott is such a boring choice.
Thanks to Kevin Ollie for being my guest on the on Interview will air…
I miss the days when Kevin Ollie was an NBA coach.
Hi Kevin. The work at Reading isn't finished, so still areas that get congested. Once finished will flow better. -Ollie
Hi Kevin. To make it an "official" connection, would need to get the 17:45. -Ollie
Kevin ollie may take the stairs but today I really need the elevator
I had interactions with Kevin Ollie and Ryan Boatright within a minute of each other after the game last night!!
Hi Kevin, our website is now back up & running. Very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this! Ollie
That must have been a pretty big stage:. Vocals & synthesiser: BRIAN ENO; Bass: KEVIN AYERS; Guitar: OLLIE...
The Eto'o transfer to Sampdoria has been cancelled because as he was about to sign the contract, Kevin Mirallas ran in and to…
Kevin Ollie: "to hold that team to 60 points when they were averaging 75 in the AAC is a pretty *** good job [on defense]."
Kevin Ollie: "We had 21 assists and 8 turnovers. I'll take that ratio all day."
Kevin Ollie when UConn is hot from 3: "Shoot more 3s!". Kevin Ollie when UConn is absolutely awful from 3: "Shoot more 3s!"
Rakim Lubin got a T. Kevin Ollie got explanation and is giving Rak an earful, but leaves him in
Is it just me or does Kevin Ollie always look like he's aggravated at a call a ref just made?
UConn's Omar Calhoun will start tonight vs. UCF, Kevin Ollie told Rodney Purvis will come off the bench. 7 PM…
“UConn's Kevin Ollie is scheduled to watch Vermont Academy's Bruce Brown tomorrow at Hoophall, per source.”
Larry Brown is the 🌲(John calipari, Greg popavich, Kevin Ollie, dean smith,(molding George lynch who he coached in Philadelphia
Kevin Ollie wins a title, you want him fired. Mark Jackson wins nothing, you want him in NY lol, something wrong with that?
Will be writing, posting on new Huskies Jalen Adams, Steve Enoch over next couple of days Kevin Ollie, Karl Hobbs watching then today
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"Kevin Ollie and Sam Cassell were teammates" is the new "Denham Brown once scored 111pts in one HS game"
Battle of hot, young coaches on ESPN2 as Kevin Ollie's UConn Huskies square off against Archie Miller's Dayton Flyers.
Having trouble deciding which coach is more animated on sideline: Dayton's Archie Miller or UConn's Kevin Ollie. Advantage: Push.
UConn coach Kevin Ollie just offered 2016 Bolton PG Jaylen Fisher. 4-star prospect and big Memphis target.
Why Larry Brown says Kevin Ollie is "the best":
Q&A: UConn's Kevin Ollie on title, keys to getting back
Thank you for interest in the CBBC by NIKE. Fri Bob Huggins and Kevin Boyle, Sat Jay Wright, Kevin Ollie, Ed Cooley and others
Kevin Ollie leaves it on the rim, but Richard Jefferson bricks both free throws.
I would have loved to see David Blatt, Ettore Messina, Kevin Ollie, Fred Hoiberg, an up and coming NBA assistant
Oh yeah, Tom Izzo and Kevin Ollie are there..and Jim Calhoun and Jim Boeheim and looks like John Thompson!
Kevin Ollie watching wing Chris Clark (per is slight leader n
Seems like Disney took a page straight out of Kevin Ollie's book.
It's a blessing being around all this greatness ; Coach K, Calipari, Sean Miller, Bill Self, Bo Ryan, Kevin Ollie, Roy Williams and more
HOOPS: Kevin Ollie & Tom Crean were just a few coaches in attendance to catch 6'6" SF Derrick Jones in action. ($)
7 courts at Diamond Stone great last night; Derrick Jones all over rim w/ Kevin Ollie watching; Terrance Ferguson went off from 3
Head coaches Kevin Ollie, Johnny Dawkins, Matt Painter, Jim Christian, Bob Huggins and a lot more coaches in gym to see the Rivals win.
John Calipari, Kevin Ollie, Bo Ryan, Frank Martin and Josh Pastner among the group of head coaches here for morning skill work.
I'm just tryna be on my Kevin Ollie, Shaka Smart, Tubbie Smith life style ya smell me
Kevin Ollie, Shaka Smart, & Fred Hoiberg ranked in front of Roy Williams, Thad Matta, & Larry Brown? Man, on man.
Unless Jay Wright or Kevin Ollie is coaching the Celtics then I don't understand how all these guards work in the Celtics system
.I still think Kevin Ollie should be the next coach of the
I didn't like they inquired about Kevin Ollie after two interviews with Hollins
Lionel Hollins has emerged as the clear frontrunner to succeed Jason Kidd as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets:
Mark my words I'm the next Kevin Ollie/Doc Rivers
Report: have Not Reached out to Head Coach Kevin Ollie for Vacant Head Coach job.
Thank you Kevin Ollie for your loyalty and dedication. Most would've jumped in a heartbeat.
Kevin Ollie would have been the BIZNESS in that Nets job. Glad to see him stay loyal to UCONN and his recruits though...for now
The reached out to Kevin Ollie, but he told them he is happy at
Kevin Ollie is going to stay at UConn after being contacted by the Nets.
The Brooklyn Nets contacted Kevin Ollie about their head coaching job but he declined & he will stay at UConn
Brooklyn Nets want UConn's Kevin Ollie, get turned away: University of Connecticut...
I like playing with Mike, Sky, Ollie, Wind Spirit, Renae, Dennis, DeAnn, and Kevin. 😋😎
Dudes in the league just won't leave Kevin Ollie alone smh Brooklyn trying to get him
After UConn won this year's national championship, many predicted that young head coach Kevin Ollie would be near the top of many lists for NBA coaching jobs. He had previously…
Why the Nets contacted Kevin Ollie if he aint leave the NATIONAL CHAMPS for LA why would he for deron williams?
Uh oh Kevin Ollie what you gonna do?
As for Kidd's replacement, Lionel Hollins has emerged as clear frontrunner while Nets haven't spoken to Kevin Ollie:
Kevin Ollie made a GREAT decision to return to UCONN!
Lionel Hollins first choice for Nets coach; Kevin Ollie not in mix: With Jason Kidd ... via
Kevin Ollie to nets? Durant there next year too in his agents back yard?
League source denies reports that the Brooklyn Nets have spoken to Connecticut coach Kevin Ollie about the team's vacant coaching position.
On a side note, all you Net fans better get a reality check--Kevin Ollie ain't going anywhere. Focus on Billy Donovan. KO has his dream job.
Lost in the Cup madness, it was reported by SNY that Kevin Ollie was contacted by Nets. No surprise.
Can you blame Kevin Ollie.. He knows that would be a bad decision with King as your GM
"approach head coach Kevin Ollie. Ollie declines." I don't blame him,that job is the equivalent to a crap sandwich
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A league source says the Nets have not spoken to Kevin Ollie about their coaching vacancy.
RTtry to poach Kevin Ollie, but get turned away
try to poach Kevin Ollie, but get turned away. Via our
"Nets approach Kevin Ollie, but get turned down no chance.
Nets approach Kevin Ollie, but get turned down
I respect Kevin Ollie's loyalty to UConn but I hope it don't come back to haunt him
The Brooklyn Nets have approached UConn head coach Kevin Ollie, but no shot he leaves.
The Nets approached Kevin Ollie about their coaching vacancy, but Ollie denied.
Can confirm that Nets approached Kevin Ollie but he is not going anywhere.
Sounds like something Kevin Ollie would say. I'm sure he'll use it and credit himself with coming up with it.
Kevin Ollie, Sean Miler, Greg Mardhall, Bo Ryan, all better coaches than Roy Williams? Nah b.
good job pushing for Mark Jackson.hopefully will reconsider if Lionel Hollins falls thru.Kevin ollie turned it down.
The Brooklyn Nets have reached out to Kevin Ollie, but he's appeased at UCONN. (Via NY Daily News)
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