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Kevin Ollie

Kevin Jermaine Ollie (born December 27, 1972) is an American former professional basketball player and current assistant coach with the University of Connecticut men's basketball team.

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Battle of the Prophets, The 2014 NCAA Championship Game. Following a blowout loss to Florida to end the regular season, most of BBN was ready to move on to next season. Not Tyler Black, his love & never-ending faith for the Big Blue prompted him to get a tattoo prior to the start of the SEC tournament marking a UK 2014 National Title. Almost everyone in the sports world is now aware of Tyler Black's inked on prediction. A lesser known proclamation was made by UCONN Coach Kevin Ollie, who after the Huskies senior night win told UCONN fans they would be back in April with another championship banner to hang. Over the next 10 days, the Huskies would be manhandled twice by Louisville. So here we sit, a 7-seed & 8-seed showdown for a title, each with their own prophet awaiting confirmation.
If you have no ties to Kentucky or Connecticut, I don't see how you can root against Kevin Ollie. Coach Calipari is a legend but still ...
Anybody want to see uconn HC Kevin Ollie become the lakers next HC
I remember growing up and watching Kevin Ollie play on the sixers and thinking to myself... That is one *** of a mustache. Still think that same thing today. lol
Big Ups to Kevin Ollie in getting to the Big Game in only his 2nd year as a Head Coach.
Kudos to UConn's Kevin Ollie for his overachieving Huskies...but UK's Calipari is extraordinary in allowing Coach Tark his victory lap.
NCAA championship game coaches John Calipari and Kevin Ollie share one important trait.
Today, I finally experienced the last remnant of my childhood come to an end. I saw my child hood hero The Undertaker lose in his first WrestleMania. I guess all good things come to an end and to those who say it's fake. IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT! (tears drip from Lupe's eyes) I am finally a man. Sidenote: Definitely looking forward to the NCAA Final tomorrow, I'm rooting for Connecticut. Kevin Ollie was one of my favorite NBA journeyman.
Kevin Ollie has taught his Huskies to never give up... — with Corynn Young.
Kevin Ollie, Head Coach of UConn in press conference speaking about Kentucky "They use they speed and they use they quickness..." I'd be embarrassed if he was representing my school. I think he's a good coach from what I can see and the team is obviously good, but he needs to be educated on proper grammar.
So I just viewed a Kevin Ollie interview...The very first commment he makes."I just want to thank my Lord Jesus" You go UConn!
Since I really hate what this one & done crap is ruining College Basketball and basketball as a whole, but John Calapari specifically & his one and done recruiting method. I'm pulling for UCONN tomorrow. But more important than that, Kevin Ollie has had to coach knowing his administrators & boosters have been shopping that job to big name coaches or so called great assistants the entire time he's been there. He was told the only he'd be the full time Head Coach was to win a national title. He'd be the 5th African American coach to win it. Get it done Ollie
I don't know root for in the National Championship Kevin Ollie or the Harrison Twins
Now why isn't anyone talking about both UConn teams being in the championship? And that Kevin Ollie is a relatively young coach who has brought a powerhouse program to national contention.
Both UK and UCONN were in the NIT last year. Lol. It's a battle between cats and dogs. Love the kids from UK but love Kevin Ollie.
All do respect to all of the Men's College Basketball coaches for doing a great job during March Madness but Coach Kevin Ollie deserves coach of the year. After all the school has gone through, clearly...he has done an outstanding job turning the Huskies around...hands down!!! These boys have been bracket busters and is in position to shock the world...who would've known.
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Kevin ollie uconn where u from omg crenshaw high school how bout that Bryan Gumbylocdamnit Hardy ncaa bb
All the best to a former Sixer, Kevin Ollie, on his first NCAA tourney championship game...
Former Philadelphia 76ers guard Kevin Ollie guided the UConn Huskies to the National Championship game Saturday night with a win over top-seeded Florida. Ollie. whose NBA career spanned from 1997-2...
Nice article by -> should target Connecticut's Kevin Ollie as next Head Coach
UConn (a 7 seed) has proven everyone wrong. Now it faces an 8 seed (Kentucky) in the National Championship game. And the 8 seed is favored? Hey, UConn has been in the underdog in its past four games, and this will make five straight. That's OK. Incredible story for this team and Kevin Ollie coaching in his FIRST NCAA Tournament!
Is there anybody in basketball, college or pro, that Kevin Ollie didn't play with, for or against?
UCONN, I'm so happy for Kevin Ollie. Do your thing my BROTHER...
March Madness has been awesome this year... it comes down to tomorrow final , to of the lowest seeds to ever play for the national title, Kentucky vs UConn to high profile programs in College Basketball ... when they talk about UConn basketball the first thing that comes to my mind is Jim Calhoun the longtime hall of fame coach. the program is now under Kevin Ollie who played for Calhoun... Kentucky will win this one , the huskies will not go away , I just think they have to much to throw at them . they are big strong and very athletic . regardless of what bobby knight says about him ,John Calapari continues to be on of the best recruiters in the country . he will lose these guys and find some more . plus a great coach .
Former Cavalier Kevin Ollie was a leader when he was here, so former coaches and teammates are not surprised he has taken UConn to the NCAA title game.
In the finals I will be cheering for Kevin Ollie and the UCONN Huskie's... I love a coach who got put through *** and still made it happen.
Retired NBA player Allen Iverson sent a congratulatory message to University of Connecticut head Coach Kevin Ollie following the Huskies' impressive Final Four victory over the top-seeded Florida G...
The word is the Lakers will talk to Kevin Ollie for the Head Coaching position after the Final 4, he's a LA guy and anything is better than Mike Dantoni hm!
How come nobody is talking about Kevin Ollie of Uconn doing one of the best coaching jobs this tournament?
UCONN Huskies moving on to National Championship, Hoping the "Dogs" make lunch of the "Cats" on Monday night. Hats of to Kevin Ollie, the "OLLIENATOR", you deserve Coach of the Year!
The Connecticut Huskies are going to the National Championship game under second-year head Coach Kevin Ollie, and his former NBA teammate Allen...
Congratulations to LA own Kevin Ollie (Crenshaw High) for guiding his UConn Huskies to the NCAA Finals!
This is Alan. Cal says that when he was an assistant at Philly in the NBA and Kevin Ollie was there as a player, that Ollie helped Cal. He says Ollie is a great guy and a great coach.
Congrats to the UCONN men's basketball team for advancing to Monday night's National Championship Game against what looked like insurmountable odds all season long! Their coach, Kevin Ollie, is a strong, influential believer! Just ask Kevin Durant of the OKC Thunder or the several players on this team that openly confess Jesus as Lord! Much success against the Kentucky Wildcats! Oh, btw, enjoy the new alliGator shoes!
BEFORE 79,444 Final Four FANS, the largest crowd to ever watch College Basketball, UConn beat Florida and Kentucky beat Wisconsin. For the want of one point, we would have had a National Championship game Monday night featuring two northern teams, but, alas, we only get one team from north of Mason Dixon, UConn. Had it been Florida/Kentucky, I would not have watched. Now, I will root for the Huskies of Storrs against the Wildcats of Lexington. At breakfast yesterday, a friend asked, "Is Jim Calhoun still coaching UConn?" I said no, but admitted I had no clue as to the identity of the Huskies' coach. Well, his name is Kevin Ollie, who's in his second year, only four years removed from his playing days in the NBA. Ollie, out of LA's Crenshaw High, played four years for UConn, 13 years with 12 NBA teams, before becoming Calhoun's assistant. The UConn/Kentucky game for the NCAA crown Monday is one few thought would happen. Seventh and eight seeded teams do not get to the Final Four, but they did. To get to .. ...
Wow, I guess Kentucky's players coached themselves back to the championship game according to half my friend list! Calipari had absolutely nothing to do with it! You guys are funny as *** ! And Kevin Ollie of Connecticut has been a Head Coach for ten minutes and they reached the championship game! Which further proves Memphis has a head recruiter and need to find a Head Coach!!
Kevin Ollie: the Denzel Washington of basketball Man On Fire 'My man!'
Congratulations to Jim Calhoun and Head Coach Kevin Ollie of UConn Huskies to be playing in the National Championship game Monday night. Unbelievable comeback win by UCONN last night against Florida. Don't think I've ever seen a basketball team get dominated for the first 10 minutes of a game and then come back and dominate the opposing team the rest of the way and win, as a 7-seed no less. UCONN Huskies National Champions.
I ain't gonna lie what Kevin Ollie is doing with that team is impressive
Markcus Harris, I just heard a quote from UConn's head Coach Kevin Ollie and I could only think of you. "The bigger the problem, the bigger the destiny." If this is not you? Son you ARE destined to come through this. You are destined to show us once again how special you are. You are destined to show us that you are a true testimony of what a wonderful God we serve. I love you son. You are my rock, my soul, my heart, my angel, and my hero.
Kevin Ollie was a childhood hero of mine. I grew up a UConn maniac. I won the Hustle Award at Jim Calhoun basketball camp! I'm very happy to see the transition from Calhoun to Ollie maintain a high high level of success. Even though I bleed a much different color these days, I'm happy to see no change from the norm. Congrats UConn. Smack that smug Calipari right in the *** mouth
In a million years i wouldn't envision uconn vs kentucky in the finals. Special seasons for both college teams but i have to root for the ex sixer Kevin Ollie and UConn!
Regardless if UCONN wins or not on Monday,Kevin Ollie should be at the top of whatever coaches awards are left to be had.He took over a team last year that would have played in tournament and had 20 wins and this year he took them to the final game.My opinion is he should get coach of the year some where.
Congrats to Uconn huskies defeating the flordia gators 63-53 to advance to the National Championship game against kentuky.Big shout out tothe Uconn head Coach Kevin Ollie who grew up in Gardena used to ball it up park.
I can also say ,I've learn something from Kevin Ollie and Cal .Don't give up ,and never give up !!!Especially on your team ,month ago both teams were Terrible!!! Now they both are playing for the Gold Wow!!!
Congrats to Kevin Ollie for making it to the big game, at least one Sixer is having success.
The fact that Kevin Ollie is Uconn's Head Coach makes us at Acorn Journalism feel dated. Ollie is a throwback Cav from Bron's rookie year, back when Boozer and Big Z held it down in the paint with Austin Carr on the call. a little sample
Kevin Ollie and Cal have taught me a very valuable lesson-- never quit on your team. A month ago UCONN lost by 40 to UofL and UK lost to South Carolina. Now they both are in the National Championship game. Wow.
Hope the wildcats are ready to get SHABAZZED and Kevin Ollie is by far the coach of the year lets do this boys one more
I hope Kevin Ollie and the Huskies bring the NCAA to their house..!
Well just woke up and seen kensucky won so I should cheer for my state right to win the championship RIGHT NO im a life time member of the BCA black coach association so there for let go Kevin Ollie I hope you become the fourth to do it and against kensucky one of the most racist school In history that would be great GO U CONN!
I felt proud when I heard Kevin Ollie call his players student athletes. I believed him.
Has Connecticut's Kevin Ollie done enough to earn an NBA Head Coaching job?
Kudos to former Philadelphia 76ers guard Kevin Ollie for getting UConn into the NCAA Championship game. I hope the Huskies win on Monday night. Go (former) Big East!! Since Syracuse and Villanova tanked, at least someone is doing well :)
With a lack of African American coaches in College Basketball, where the majority of players are African American, I gotta pull for Kevin Ollie and UCONN to win the title!
Congratulations to the UConn Huskies and their Coach Kevin Ollie for beating an outstanding Florida team. It was obvious that coach Ollie had his team confident and well prepared. I am however perplexed. As I was watching the game I could not help but notice how slanted the air time was in favor of Florida. I have been a sports fan for more years then I care to mention. But I have never seen a team and coach so totally ignored as coach Ollie and the Huskies were this night by both the cameras and sports announcers. It was as though Florida was the only team out there. Granted Billy Donovan and the Gators have a great program and great season. But to totally ignore coach Ollie and his teams accomplishments borders on criminal. Let me be clear on one thing. I am an Auburn fan and to a lesser degree an SEC fan. So I was partial to FL. But I just had to say something about the unfair treatment UConn was given. I'm wondering if anyone else have any thoughts on this matter. Comments appreciated. Thanks. Peace
Okay, here is a little TRUTH! I don't hate the hard working players of the University of Kentucky! I hate their fake, inconsiderate fans ( I am not talking about all of them). UK fans are the WORST in the country! I will however say that the UK players have really stepped up to get to this championship. They fought hard and played as a team and Aaron Harrison has been clutch in the last three games! I am a die hard CARD fan but I love the game of basketball and I will say these young men deserve this, as does Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright. These two could have jumped ship and left the program when they realzed they were not able to play in the NCAA tournament last year! They stuck it out and with a new coach at that! Kevin Ollie earned his coaching job and should be VERY proud! Good luck to both TEAMS Monday! May the best team win. UK watch out, Napier is a senior and hungry to go out on top!
Now that Kevin Ollie has restored sanity in are some other much less important things he can do in the off-season. 1) Balance the budget. 2)Explain what is really going on with O'Bama Care. 3)Take Nancy Pelosi to charm school. 4)Hire a toll booth worker for Chris Christie. 5)On a related note.explain to Rachel Maddow that bridge-gate is over..time to move on. 6)Take Sheldon Adelson on a long vacation to a far away place.
Guess I have to root for Kevin Ollie (former 76er) and UConn on Monday.
Kevin Ollie has done a masterful job with UConn this season. Great coach. Even greater person. Had opportunity to meet and speak with him at MVHS when he was an assistant at UConn. Who do you feel has done a great coaching job this season?
So Kevin Ollie! First time coach in the NCAA tourney and takes his team to the biggest game? Simply Awesome!
The Kentucky Wildcats, who for the most part, has coined the phrase 'One and Done" can now begin to realize it's importance, perhaps in a different light as the original definition of the original phrase! Kentucky's season has come down to literally "One and Done". Great win last night against a very spirited Wisconsin team that will put them in the Championship game Monday nigh!! A great crowd at the Green were on the edge of their seats on every play on every dribble and every shot. We thank you for sharing this great game with us and just a casual bit of advice for UConn's Coach Kevin Ollie---"You might want to think about guarding in the last minute of the game" lol.
*** NCAA MEN'S BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME PLAY: UConn + 2.5 - Okay let me get this straight...the team that just DOMINATED the top overall seed, the Florida Gators, is GETTING 2.5 points vs. an opponent who needed a late 3-pointer just to win their game by a point? I definitely respect this young Kentucky team and Coach Calipari has shown what a great coach he truly is. That said, his counterpart Kevin Ollie is proving to be a rising star in his own right. In what should be a great game, I'm inclined to take the 2.5 points with the team that has the best player on the floor, senior point guard Shabazz Napier, the All-American leader for the Huskies.
He took the reigns from a Hall of Fame coach and led his Huskies to the Final Four. Kevin Ollie sits down with his former UConn teammate, Donny Marshall, bef...
If you scramble Kevin Ollie and John Calipari's initials, you can spell the word JOCK.
Now I am not a big UK fan, but I've always liked Coach Cal. People have hated on them all year and now they are in the championship. Kevin Ollie is great young coach and was one of my favorites when he played.I don't care who wins really,but it will be a good one.Who had a 7 and 8 seed in the finals in their bracket? Not this guy!
So this year's Men's NCAA basketball final features a showdown between John Calipari, who stands to make a $700,000 bonus on top of his $4,800,000 salary, against Kevin Ollie, with a $166,666 bonus and a $1,200,000 salary. So Kentucky is favored by 4X. Their players stand to earn pride and a small piece of netting. At they they get an education -- wait, Connecticut has an 8% graduation rate, and most Kentucky starters leave for the NBA after one year. March Madness indeed.
ARLINGTON, Texas -- In his 13-year NBA career, Kevin Ollie played 662 games for 11 organizations. He played in the northeast (Philadelphia, New Jersey), the southeast (Orlando), the south (Dallas), the west (Sacramento), the northwest (Seattle) and at what seemed like every basketball outpost in bet...
Okay I live a mile from UCONN campus and stood on my porch after the win last night and could hear the cheering coming from Gamble. Way to go Huskies you were wonderful. And to Kevin Ollie, I loved to watch you as a player and now as a coach - GREAT JOB COACH! Now bring it home!
According to the analysts, when you are a young coach (Kevin Ollie) your team wins "despite" your coaching. When you are an older coach (John Callipari) your team wins "only" because of your coaching. And yet they are both coaching teams who are playing for the National Championship. Seems like something odd is at work in that double standard!
UCONN needs to give Kevin Ollie a raise 1.3 mil won't keep him from the NBA. Hope he wins it all. Class Act
Shout out to former 76er, Kevin Ollie for coaching his team into the NCAA championship! Role players end up being the best coaches.
Ok BBN fans I like the cats to win it all.bottom line. I bleed blue. My spirit is cats cats cats, but my heart is with Kevin ollie. He is a man that has begged for an opportunity just like I have in this life. You're goals are yours, no matter what they are. Being blessed is the reward. I have learned in life that all goals are reachable if you set your self up right. I would love for kevin ollie to win because he is a trend setter. A tribute to black men. Don't ever give up on your self or your goals. They are reachable with a little work. But I am torn between the two. BBN all day long
as Kevin Ollie said."I don't want to chase championships...I want them to chase me!!" Go UConn!
Uconn vs Kentucky I think ima take my maan's Kevin Ollie Huskies in this one they beat Florida and Kentucky been getting they *** whooped by Florida all year long so if you can beat the number one team in the country I can rock with you good luck to both teams though in the Championship game *** College Basketball bout to be over!!
Why isn't any of the media giving Uconn Coach Kevin Ollie any respect?? We know *** well if it was Donovan, Boeheim, Petino, Izzo or etc... The media will be all over them.
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For 5 to 6 years kevin ollie was rated the worst overall player in nba 2k and nba a live. .. now he is the Head Coach of uconn playing in the ncaa championship. .. Bench players make epic coaches
Kevin Ollie brings UConn to the finals in his first year at Head Coach. Kentucky stands in the way of another championship. Think good thoughts for the next two days, Connecticut fans!
After watching the Uconn v UF game and listening to the analyst's opinion of the game. It's safe to say that Kevin Ollie simply outcoached Billy Donovan.
Congratulations to Kevin Ollie and the UConn Huskies this coach must be great to reach the Championship game within two years of coaching in Division I basketball🏀
All these so call Uconn fans - a bunch of walking fakes. For a billions dollars none of y'all had Uconn going to the chip. Lol & don't hit me with that "I did" b.s show me the screen shot. Congrats to Kevin Ollie great guy who should have had a Head Coaching offer years ago.
Wisconsin put up a great stand vs. Kentucky, better than I expected. Great season by Bo Ryan and the Badgers. Congrats to Coach Cal. Also, huge ups to Kevin Ollie and the UConn Huskies for reaching Monday night's National Championship game. Kentucky is very scary right now.
*** Vitale, Seth Greenberg and all the rest of you at ESPN... SCREW YOU!!! Hope Kevin Ollie bans you all after they're done cutting down the nets.
Who could have predicted in 2001 that Kevin Ollie would be more successful than A.I. in 2014
UConn Men's Basketball Coach Kevin Ollie has done an amazing job game planning this season and tournament
Just in case Kevin Ollie happens to be reading this. If, by chance Monday night, the game is close and Kentucky has the ball...guard Aaron Harrison. Apparently, Bo didn't get that part of the scouting report. Thanks and good luck
OK Folks, why isn't the Media saying and commenting that Kevin Ollie OUT COACHED Billy Donovan! Hum?
Happy for Kevin Ollie...UConn fronted on him at first as the permanent Head Coach now he's in the Championship. Good for him!
Amazing Final Four so far for me, my guy Kevin Ollie coaching UConn to National Championship and UK w The Twins, Marcus and Dakari going to the chip as well!
Kevin Ollie first year Head Coach and takes his team to the National Championship. Good work boy. Can't wait to see that game UConn vs Kentucky.
Rant: I am tired of athletes and coaches speaking horribly during interviews. Connecticut Coach Kevin Ollie, " We was gonna get back in the game." Come on now.
I predict a 1 point victory over Ucon after Kevin Ollie begs them to foul Aaron on a last second 3
I pray to the ghost of Khalid El-Amin that Kevin Ollie does not do a photo op with Jerry Jones before monday.
I'm going to bed. Feel like I'm going to pUKe. I hope to dream about Kevin Ollie and National Championships and his tours of B-Town;) lol
So when are people going to start talking about Kevin Ollie?
Doron Sheffer, Kalid El-Amin, Rip Hamiliton, Ray Allen, Kevin Ollie( Head Coach for UCONN), Kemba Walker, Shabazz Napier, Ryan Boatright, just to name a few! Old School: Donyell Marshall, Donny Marshall, Emeka Okafor and last but not least, Chris Smith! Chris Smith, is a bonus. Tell me who he is without looking him up? I'm a real UCONN FAN, are you?
Wait a minute, Kevin Ollie, took some unknowns (basically), and beat the Gators? ROFL!
What a great Final Four. So happy and proud to be a Kentucky fan. Going to be another tough game on Monday night. Kevin Ollie has done an incredible job and I really like what he has done with UCONN. Hated to see either Wisconsin and Florida lose. Great programs and coaches that I respect and both had good years. Would have liked to seen an all SEC final especially since we "Southern" played Florida this year.
Say what you want about Coach Calipari, the man can flat out coach. Today's Final Four games were absolutely awesome games to watch, especially if you are a coach or have coached. Bo Ryan, Kevin Ollie, Billy Donovan, and Calipari flat out killed it today!!! UCONN Kentucky will be a war.
S/o to both these teams playing under the radar all year and now in the final two... I'm rocking with Uconn tho for the fact of Kevin Ollie a black Head Coach in only his second year looking to make history!
The Onion Knight, Shabazz Napier leads the underdog UConn huskies against Kentucky and the new fab five on Monday. Sorry to show my bias, but as a UConn alum, my allegiance lies with Kevin Ollie
U C O N N UCONN UCONN UCONN!!! Kevin Ollie may be the nest young coach in the nation!
Absolute fantastic game, marred by atrocious officiating on both ends of the court. Let them play! Every time someone drove in the lane an official blew his whistle. Despite Calipari's praise of Kevin Ollie, he couldn't have been more disingenuous in his post-game interview. You don't know anything about UConn? Your assistants started breaking down tape and preparing a scouting report on every team in the Final Four about an hour after you beat Michigan. You used to coach Ollie in the NBA, you've called him one of your favorite coaches in the game and we're supposed to believe that you haven't talked X's and O's or strategy with him ONCE in the two years since he took over at UConn. Please. But Coach Cal made up for it with his 'this was the type of game that the team that had the ball last was going to win' comment. So classic.
Great game by UK, better interview with Coach Cal giving props to Coach Kevin Ollie. Not a fan of UK, but I am a fan of great basketball. Now it's time for homework. Next stop Master's Degree!
Kevin Ollie has the chance to be the first African-American coach to win an NCAA championship since Tubby Smith in 1998...who won it with Kentucky. The story writes itself.
Well my pick will be UConn huskies to win it all. Coach Kevin Ollie is doing it big in his first year as Head Coach...
At this moment in my life, I have one wish: for Kevin Ollie, UCONN coach, to put me in the game Monday night...with an unlimited number of personal fouls to give. The Harrisons would not walk off the court. I. Hate. Kentucky.
Kentucky and Uconn it is. The Kentucky coach gave Kevin Ollie big respect for what he has done with Uconn.
Kevin Ollie, if the game is close in the last minute, get your most athletic player, put him on Harrison, DENY DENY DENY THE BALL.
Basketball gods you have FAILED us all.the only way UCONN beats UK is if Kevin Ollie, Richard Hamilton and Kemba Walker suit up...
Help us, Kevin Ollie. You're our only hope... Don't think I can stomach FSU AND UK winning it all in the same year.
7 vs. 8.Yet, never been this excited for a National Championship game. Coach Cal may have redeemed himself slightly by giving Kevin Ollie a shout out in the postgame interview. BUT, when he said he knew nothing about UCONN in the next sentence it made me hesitant to give him too much credit. This is a no lose game I guess, either UCONN wins and I will be thrilled or UK wins and everyone in the county is in a good mood!
Mondays NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP is going to be EPIC!!! I can't wait! Kevin Ollie and John Calipari are masters of the game, but if I was a kid being recruited I would chose UCONN and Kevin Ollie.
Im on the UConn band wagon for Monday! Really like Kevin Ollie and what he stands for.
Two great coaching jobs by Cal and Kevin Ollie to get these teams to Monday night
(7) UConn Huskies vs (8) Kentucky Wildcats for The Big Dance. Kevin Ollie, Napier, Randle and Coach Cal? This will be a great battle.
What a game. Should be no losers. Hats off to Wisconsin. Ok Kentucky this is as far as I am cheering for you. I'm going with my man Coach Kevin Ollie and UCONN in the finals.
Evil wins again. Well, I guess Kevin Ollie winning it all would make a nice story. Otherwise I think I'm going to spend the whole next basketball season vomiting.
Coach Calhoun I know you must feel great knowing that the group of kids you started as seeds have grown roots into the program you have built up to where it is today. S/O Coach I have known this man from the days I worked out of Blockbuster Video in high school when he used to come in & rent movies from me. Back then he was playing for the Connecticut Pride Basketball organization. (Former UConn Huskie) He later had multiple tryouts with NBA teams & never quite had what coaches were looking for.. Year after year he pushed & fought for an opportunity & that's when coaches saw something special, they saw Ollie received his first NBA contract from Chicago before getting sent to Philadelphia to play alongside Allen Iverson & the 76ers. Fast forward several teams & several years later & that kid who fought to fulfill his dreams of playing pro ball not only accomplished his goals but showed the determination & heart a true champion is... Coach Calhoun saw this quality in him & he brought this winning, never say ...
Watch the video Kevin Ollie, Connecticut overcoming all obstacles on Yahoo Sports . Yahoo Sports’ Greg Anthony isn’t shocked by the Huskies run to the Final Four behind the 2nd year coach.
How bout them huskies? ESPN TAlkin heads don't have a clue, or they are totally biased against the university of CT., or maybe it's the new conference,. Mm! Digger Phelps needs to acknowledge UCONN can okay and deserve to be in the finals! Accordinding Digger, Kevin Ollie just beat Billy Donovan and Rick Pitino tonite. That is Just unfashionable! ! Either Digger's an *** or just plain biased! BTW did any if his teams make it this far in his 2nd year at ND?
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UConn's head basketball coach, Kevin Ollie, is originally from Dallas, Texas.Texas ties all over the NCAA Final Four.
Congratulations to my cousin Kevin Ollie and his squad, the UCONN Huskies for making it to the NCAA championship..
Head Coach and former 76er Kevin Ollie. A calm, dignified, articulate, well mannered, respectful, CHRISTIAN, gentleman. On to the championship on Monday. Congratulations, it couldnt happen to a nicer guy.
UConn's Kevin Ollie is a hellavu coach.
Kevin ollie coach of the year this was ucoon least talented team in 4 years n he got them to the chip great coaching
File this under the "He obviously has way too much time on his hands" category. Watched the Uconn vs. Florida game on Tru TV channel, forever more to be called the Kevin Ollie channel. While I know this was a UConn Teamcast game, after a while it dawned on me that Coach Kevin Ollie was featured in TV shots at a disproportionate rate compared to Florida coach Billy Donovan. The disparity of face time was so obvious I actually went back and re-watched the game (on fast forward) and counted the number of significant face shots for each coach. The count spanned from the time the teams were introduced through the time the teams greeted each other after the game was over. The final tally was: Kevin Ollie 104 times Billy Donovan 5 times Wouldn't you have thought the camera would have captured Donovan accidently more than 5 times?
Great coaching from Kevin Ollie, setting the emotional tone for his team: When UCONN had dear in the head lights in the first 5 minutes, he was jumping up and down and screaming, willing them to snap out of it, when they had the lead with 5 minutes to go, he was calm and cool.awesome stuff!
Kevin Ollie deserves all the credit for that win. He somehow convinced this team they could beat an unstoppable force. His sideline methods amaze me. I couldn't be happier he took over for a miserable Calhoun. He a good face for CT basketball.
Now does Kevin Ollie deserve a big time contract or what, what's your thoughts.
Shoutout to Uconn basketball and Kevin Ollie! It aint been a black coach in the National Tournment championship game over a decade.
So cool seeing Kevin Ollie kill it as Calhoun's successor, GO HUSKIES!
Kevin Ollie just out coached Billy Donovan (Florida) and previously Tom Izzo (Michigan State). Can this guy get some love?! Go Uconn!
UCONN! Just last year Kevin Ollie had signed a TRIAL contract for Head Coach now in the National Championship game!
Great win Huskies. Nobody gave this team a chance. Thank you Deandre and Kevin Ollie for making this fun.
Congrats to Kevin Ollie and the UCONN Huskies for defeating the favored Florida Gators! Go hard and go home...NATIONAL CHAMPS Monday night!!
Kevin Ollie is the most inarticulate coach in the universe. His team be "promoted" when dey lose da game!
Shabazz Napier is a spectacularly good point guard, and Kevin Ollie is a terrific coach. Connecticut is one impressive team!
Kevin Ollie reminds me of Billy Donovan’s early career as a coach.
You don't just go toe to toe with Billy Donovan and beat him twice. Kevin Ollie is a stud
Kevin Ollie out coached Billy Donovan IMHO can't wait for Monday.
Kevin Ollie should just drop the Florida scouting report at mid court, brush his shoulder off and calmly walk to the press conference.
Good job Kevin Ollie, Huskies! I mess wit Billy Donovan n them Gators too, they will b bck!
I like this Kevin Ollie,coach for UConn!!! I think he out coached Billy Donovan!!!
Kevin Ollie just Jim Calhouned Billy Donovan. Match up zone killed him. Thanks to AAU.
I gave UConn 0% chance of winning today. Congrats to Kevin Ollie and his crew. Well deserved.
Kevin Ollie out coached Billy Donovan tonight. Big ups to uconn. They are just better than Florida
So does that make Kevin Ollie a better coach Billy Donovan?
Billy Donovan is a class act telling Kevin Ollie that he is happy for him
Would say UConn outplayed Florida but Kevin Ollie outcoached Billy Donovan!! Uconn made the right adjustments! GO UCONN!!!
I'll take Kevin Ollie as coach of the Thunder. Bye bye Scotty Brooks please.
Kevin Ollie had a gameplan and stuck by it. Doesn't over coach. Doesn't try to coach every possession cough cough Tom Crean.
Kevin Ollie is a better coach than Billy Donovan
Is it just me, or is Kevin Ollie totally out-coaching Billy Donovan?
I'm a Gator fan, but I have to admit that Kevin Ollie out-coached Billy Donovan tonight. I will add that Ollie is a committed Christian who publicly professes that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior. He's my man on Monday night.
I believe Kevin Ollie may have out coached Billy Donovan.
I am watching the National Coach of the year, and it is not Billy Donovan, it is KO. Kevin Ollie has out coached him.
This game had a Big East flavor thanks to coaches Kevin Ollie and Billy Donovan. Defense has been outstanding, with my home state faring all the better.
Never thought I would say this...but Billy Donovan is getting his pants coached off by Kevin Ollie right now. And its not close. Ollie is already a better coach than a point guard. Not saying much as a Cavs fan I know...just sayin...
Kevin Ollie is just completely out coaching Billy Donovan! Great job!
all day! I know yall see it! They lockin down on de and Kevin Ollie is outcoaching Billy Donovan
So far, Kevin Ollie has out coached Billy Donovan. Lots of time left though.
Billy Donovan is straight being out coached by Kevin Ollie! Give the young pup some love!
Don't know how it will end but Kevin Ollie is coaching rings around Billy Donovan.
It will be interesting to see how Kevin Ollie respond to Billy Donovan big men.
Thunder should hire Kevin Ollie when they fire Scott Brooks.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Will St. Agnes' Point-Guard Billy Donovan be out-coached by Crenshaw HS's Kevin Ollie? UCONN leading at the Half.
Kevin Ollie is outcoaching Billy Donovan right now! That 13 years in the NBA is showing up in this game!
Kevin Ollie showing off his coaching brain early. Made some great moves. 3 G line up and switching to a zone
Kevin Ollie's face showing Scott Drew-esque confusion. That's not good for UConn.
UConn Coach Kevin Ollie wants to take the program to another level.
Gregg Marshall named AP coach of the year.. I would've went with UConn's Kevin Ollie, Beilein, or Bennett from UVA
Gregg Marshall giving a lot of credit to Kevin Ollie and UConn on reaching the Final Four, referenced the 33-point loss on March 8.
Romar makes more than, Greg Marshall, Bruce Weber, Shaka, Kevin Ollie, Few, and Steve Fisher!
Incredible Story on KO ! From NBA journeyman to Final Four coach: The odd odyssey of UConn's Kevin Ollie.
730-9PM Find out what had to say when I asked him about Tom Izzo vs. Coach Kevin Ollie.
UConn's Kevin Ollie is proving black coaches belong on College Basketball's biggest stage
DTN Sports: UConn's Kevin Ollie out to prove black coaches belong on College Basketball's biggest stage (Yahoo...
Kevin Ollie: Touching the Void: Joe Simpson and Simon Yates set out to climb the west face of the Siula Grande in the
Scratch UConn Coach Kevin Ollie's noon conference call. Operator just informed us they were unable to reach him, schedu…
UCONN Coach Kevin Ollie slaps freshman guard Terrence Samuel for trying to videobomb him! loool
That's A Wrap: Ollie, Calhoun, And The Hug: UConn Coach Kevin Ollie, headed to his first Final Four, and forme...
Shabazz Napier, Coach Kevin Ollie have begun new era at UConn via
Kevin Ollie is a player's coach. Connects with his players. Those who never played the game won't ever understand.
Connecticut Coach Kevin Ollie made da Final Four in his 2nd year coaching at his Alma Mater. Wow. He played 13 years in da NBA.
4 things to know about UConn's Final Four Coach Kevin Ollie
Final Four 2014 :UConn's run built on trust and commitment to Coach Kevin Ollie|
WATCH: UConn Coach Kevin Ollie slaps freshman for trying to videobomb him! http:…
I am not a Huskie fan...but ya gotta give it up to Shabazz Napier. Happy for him and his newbie Coach Kevin Ollie. Napier's got the goods for real. Its been so fun watching the Badgers...but its going to be a thrilla...Gators v Huskies...Donovon will be the victor! =) Tim Fischer
UConn's Kevin Ollie is just the 4th coach to reach the in his 1st tournament appearance since 1985.
UConn Coach Kevin Ollie finished a postgame interview with CBS's Allie LaForce when his attention turned to Terrence Samuel, who along with his teammates, videobombed their coach's interview. And t...
just watched Michigan State after the fact - played really well for 8 minutes straight - just the wrong 8 minutes - the ability for MSU basketball to go 16-8-4 year to year is appreciated - was hoping as my shirt from the 2000 championship is in good shape but is 14 years old - living east I have watched Connecticut play too often - retired Coach Calhoun considered himself 'entitled' and the program paid an NCAA penalty for his being aloof - but Connecticut with Coach Kevin Ollie was the better team in this game - I'll tell you I want to see the Gators do well Saturday - well enough to win :)
Donovan said Kevin Ollie has done a tremendous job at Connecticut following Jim Calhoun.
Have to admit I was skeptical when Kevin Ollie was named as Jim Calhoun's replacement but man he can coach.
UConn Coach Kevin Ollie proved his worth same way he cut down the net yesterday at MSG: one step at a time
Congrats to Uconn and my friend head Coach Kevin Ollie on making it to the NCAA Final Four. He played briefly with Chicago, was faithful attendee of my chapels and an overall good upstanding and solid brother. God bless Kevin. I hope Unconn does well in the Final Four
it makes you wonder if people slept on this team because Jim Calhoun left & said Kevin Ollie couldn't do the job.
Congrats to Kevin Ollie. Calhoun made UCONN, but it's in great hands with Ollie. Also Ollie's personal skills are a tad better than Jim's.
UConn's program is in a state of transition, but the future appears to be in good hands with Kevin Ollie:
Kevin Ollie, Shabazz Napier help UConn complete climb back to Final Four
From old friends Dee Rowe and Jim Calhoun to Kevin Ollie, UConn Hoops is a grand tradition, thanks to 3 …
Why do I feel like Kevin Ollie is just "one of the guys" and Jim Calhoun is secretly still coaching UConn?
Kevin Ollie the Head Coach for the Uconn Huskies played for the thunder he was a guard he played 2 guard aswell!
Great shot of Kevin Ollie hugging Jim Calhoun. Calhoun fought to get Ollie the job. Looks pretty smart right now.
I love what UConn Coach Kevin Ollie said "Level 5 is when our guys have a championship mentality on the court and the CLASSROOM"... These colleges kids are awesome at the game but life is how you use your brain.
Tom Izzo is a great coach. But fact is, Kevin Ollie was able to get through to his guys about focus and effort in a way that Izzo wasnt.
I remember when Kevin Ollie was playing in college, does that make us old?
I just can't get enough of seeing Jim Calhoun embrace Kevin Ollie after the win today. So awesome
Kevin Ollie is the man I had a opportunity to sit down n speak w him n he came at me to speak to me n called me by my first name n praised
Kevin Ollie and Jim Calhoun...Then and Now.two class acts!! Proud to be a Husky!
Coach Kevin Ollie representing for the young coaching generation
Kevin Ollie rescues UConn from sanctions, defections to spark unlikely Final Four berth
After the end of the 2014 March Madness game between 7 Uconn and 3 Iowa State, head Coach Kevin Ollie slaps one of his players after an interview. The team h...
The UConn tradition has never wavered under Kevin Ollie -- and now he's got them back in the Final Four. From MSG: http:/…
Kevin Ollie has done a great job with the Unconn program! Congrats
I gotta give major props to Kevin Ollie, a rookie Head Coach taking his team to the Final 4, helps that others besides Shabazz are emerging.
My story on Kevin Ollie, Shabazz Napier and co. emerging from some pretty long shadows:
Huskies Coach Kevin Ollie: We can beat Gators again | New York Post
Well both of my schools (Oklahoma State and Louisville) are out of the tournament but I still have a connection left (albeit a small one). I went to high school with UConn head Coach Kevin Ollie's dad (Fletcher Ollie) and his uncle (Jack Ollie). Coach Ollie and his Huskies are headed to the Final Four and I wish them luck.
Kevin Ollie, a black Head Coach going to the final 4.
Still laughing > VIDEO: UConn Coach Kevin Ollie playfully slaps player for videobombing him
Ollie, UConn skip no steps to Final Four: As Kevin Ollie walked up the ladder to cut down the net, he took his...
Just saw that Geno congratulated Kevin Ollie on the Final Four trip... Funny don't remember him giving any shout outs to the last coach.
Kevin Ollie, Jim Calhoun share heartwarming moment after Huskies ...
Well deserved got to respect a guy like Kevin Ollie
Congrats to former Thunder guard Kevin Ollie (2009-10), Head Coach of the UConn Huskies, headed to the
Not a UConn fan, but a big Kevin Ollie fan. So go Huskies.
Kevin Ollie was a good hire for Uconn
Kevin Ollie's mother had surgery for breast cancer Monday. She's swears she's making the trip to Dallas
The best Final Four story is guard Kevin Ollie: 12 NBA teams across 12 years, now coaching alma mater. Admire him greatly.
NBA journeyman Kevin Ollie, just 41 yrs old, has his UConn Huskies in the Final Four of the US NCAA. Good story there.
“Wanna send a HUGE S/O to my former teammate Kevin Ollie and UCONN on advancing to the Elite 8. Keep it going K.O.
HILARIOUS - UConn coach, Kevin Ollie, slaps player for videobombing him! [VID]:
Politi: Kevin Ollie proves that Connecticut is no dog without Jim Calhoun: The East Regional became one long C...
“That’s money in the bank right there. In March, they’re going to be a team to be reckoned with.” Kevin Ollie on Florida, b…
Kevin Ollie is as cool as the other side of the pillow. Calhouns the best recruit ever. Hand picks his successor. Whata great choice
“Once left for dead, Kevin Ollie's UConn keeps *** swinging:
From Kevin Ollie's mom had surgery to remove breast cancer six days ago. She's going to the Final Four.
UConn, Kevin Ollie and Shabazz Napier have climbed out of a hole, up the ladder and into the Final Four
Connecticut head Coach Kevin Ollie sporting his Fila in 7th Grade
I'm gonna be going to sleep tonight in a world where Kevin Ollie is coaching a Final Four team
I heard Kevin Ollie Speak at the Final Four worship service last year. Seems to have a sincere relationship with Christ. Very cool to see a coach who sees the big picture.
NEW YORK — Positioned perfectly at the intersection of resilience and jubilation, Kevin Ollie slowly climbed the ladder to snip the final cord of net that tightly, securely ties the past and present of UConn basketball.
OMG the Huskies are in the Final Four. Go Kevin Ollie. You are becoming a great coach. I am one of your greatest fans.
Kevin Ollie might not have been the best player but he's the coach of the tourney . cant root for UConn though.
Oh yes Great job Kevin Ollie! And take away UConn women and Louisville women could do it!
Uconn and their Black coach Good job Kevin Ollie!
Although this post is for Our UCONN Lady Huskies and for "Stewie ". We all must also give Congratulations to Coach Kevin Ollie & The U CONN Men's Basketball Team on Winning The East Region and to their Trip to Dallas for The Final 4. And wish them luck against Florida.
What high school basketball player in this country wouldn't want to play for Kevin Ollie?
"Don't get it mixed up. We are predators out there" - UCONN Coach Kevin Ollie.. You GOTTA love that quote he said about his supposedly "under-sized" team in their battle against MI St..
Feel bad for Michigan State - UConn essentially had a home game. But super happy for Ex-Sixer Kevin Ollie
Im happy for kevin ollie mane.. congrats.. crenshaw bread
Congratulation to Sharon Baptists' own Kevin Ollie on his first Final Four appearance as Coach of the UCONN HUSKIES!!!
Shout out to UCONN Coach Kevin Ollie for having a team that couldn't make the tourney last yr and keeping them focused to be able to make the Final Four this be able to recruit and do what he has done deserves a round of applause!
Kevin Ollie is coaching. I am so happy for him and Ucon
How about a big shout out to Kevin Ollie?? This is the same team that lost to Houston, SMU twice and Louisville by 30 plus!! He has found a way to connect with these kids so that they play with heart and leave it all on the floor for each other!
Tough afternoon on the basketball court for the state of Michigan. Looks to me as if Florida and Wisconsin play the best team basketball among the Final Four schools, and if I had to bet I'd bet on the Gators, but I can't discount Kentucky or Connecticut. I'll bet that four years ago, when Kevin Ollie was a substitute guard for Oklahoma City, he didn't expect to be where he is this spring.
So you are telling me that Kevin Ollie is going to beat Phil Martelli, Jay Wright, Fred Hoiberg, and Tom Izzo? And, Kentucky with 5 freshman starters is going to beat 3 of last year's Final Four in Wichita St, Louisville, and Michigan? The same year? You could've given me 100 brackets and I wouldn't have both U Conn and Kentucky in the same Final Four this year.
Not sure about you, but all I recall of UConn Coach Kevin Ollie, now in the Final Four, when he was with the Cavs is that he was worse than another Husky on the roster, Donyell Marshall but better than Ollie in"Hoosiers" and he also could never find LeBron James flying down the wing on the fast break.
Kevin Ollie. in his first year eligible to coach in the tourney, only his second as a coach, goes to the Final Four. Coach of the year?
Not a fan of UK or Calipari. Not a fan of UCONN - would have loved to have seen Knight slap a kid in the face on National TV - Kevin Ollie... Love Florida - the state, not the team. Wisconsin is the lesser of the 4 evils. Go Cubs! :-)
Shout out to Kevin Ollie too. That's the way you follow a legend.
Mood games today. Can't wait for the Final Four next weekend. Go UCon!!! Congrats to Crenshaw High graduated and UCon head Coach Kevin Ollie.
So the the Harrison twins against Wisconsin, this shall be interesting. Hoping for a uconn vs uk final with Kevin Ollie team winning it all... Now what do I do for the rest of the night I have this apartment looking spotless and clean.
Former Prime Ticket intern, Kevin Ollie, has UConn in the Final 4! Way to go K.O.!!!
Kevin Ollie has done one *** of a job with the way he coached that team this year. Go uconn!
Man the sweet 16 and elite 8 has been great. Can't ask for better games to get to the Final Four. Kevin Ollie or John capalliri coach of the year
THIS IS NOT SPARTA!!! My Uconn huskies are Final Four dancing again! Shabazz Napier is the best player in the country and Kevin Ollie should win coach of the year! PROGRAM
Had UCONN in the Final Four in two brackets and winning the whole dance in one. Kevin Ollie is very unrated coach.
when UCONN first came into national prominence there was always the fear that a younger Calhoun would leave UCONN for one of the coaching spots opening up in one of the elite programs in the country we don't have to worry about Kevin Ollie leaving for one of the elite programs, he's already there!!! It all started in the Dream Season of 1989 - 1990 and has not let up. In those 25 years it can be argued that UCONN has been the # 1 Program in the country!
I want to congratulate Coach Kevin Ollie and the UCONN Men's Basketball team on reaching the NCAA Final Four. I didn't attend UCONN but was there so much, you would have thought I did! :-) I want to give just a brief history on a program that "started at the bottom" and is now a national power. There was a Coach before Jim Calhoun named Dom Perno who started with guys like Earl Kelly, Corney Thompson, and Carl Hobbs. He also recruited Phil Gamble, Cliff Robinson, and my brother Tate George, old man Spider Ursery (RIP), and Jeff King (RIP). Then came Steve Pikiell, Murray Williams, my man Lyman DePriest, and chocolate thunder 2 Willie McCloud which led to the 1988 NIT Championship! I appreciate them so much that they showered me with UCONN gear, and we when we went around the State we would get free everything and they would say "J", just say you're a redshirt! LOL! (Don't Judge Me! :-)) That was such a special time when they came back and one I can never forget! That NIT Team was Cliff Robinson, ...
Congratulations to U Connecticut Head Coach Kevin Ollie. A coach that really cares about his players in the classroom as well as the court.
Who would of thought Kevin Ollie was that good of a coach
S/o to Coach Kevin Ollie. He deserves it good dude. Salute
What a finish today...yes, give yourself a hand Kevin Ollie! Great game! On to the Final Four!!!
Congratulations to University of Connecticut on their victory over Michigan State 70-64 to reach the Final Four of the NCAA Basketball Championship which features Coach Kevin Ollie and my cousin Kevin Freeman of Springfield Massachusetts as Director of Basketball Operations and was a NCAA basketball champion in 1999 as a player himself for University of Connecticut and attended Paterson Catholic High School in Paterson New Jersey along with former New York Knicks player Tim Thomas as his ballmate...Shoutout to Springfield Massachusetts,Bolton North Carolina,Riegelwood North Carolina,Acme Delco North Carolina,Paterson New Jersey,Bridgeport Connecticut...Freeman Family Nationwide
Love to see how people turn their dreams until reality! Congrats Augusta's own Rickey Moore and Head Coach Kevin Ollie!
Ok my UConn friends, let the snarky comments commence, especially toward leagues and media who refused to give you respect. Especially media south of the Mason-Dixon Line who think all sports begin and end with the ACC and SEC. UConn is an elite basketball program built by former Northeastern coach Jim Calhoun and now run by one of his star pupils, Kevin Ollie, who has the same passion and fire as Calhoun. History lesson over. Congrats Huskies and your great passionate fans.
Connecticut Coach Kevin Ollie and freshman guard Terrence Samuel are now even. After the Huskies knocked off the Iowa State Cyclones in the Sweet 16 on Friday, Ollie playfully slapped Samuel in the face...
Spartan fans while sad to see the season end without reaching the ultimate goal, I'm proud of their ability to fight through adversity! While far from their best effort today, UCONN deserves plenty of credit and played hard. Happy for Kevin Ollie a good guy who was getting a raw deal at UCONN till recently. Thanks to the seniors who leave the program and welcome back hopefully all the returning talent but I think will be leaving. He was basically the team today but definitely appreciate his talent and commitment to excellence! I'm still attending the Final Four and will as I always do rock the GREEN and WHITE all weekend long! GO GREEN!
I'm so proud of Kevin Ollie. They doubted him and his ability to grow these young men. He did it. Congratulations. This is just the beginning though. We have to go down to Texas and do the *** thang. It's all about husky pride. Show your pride and tell us all where you lived on campus. I was in Belden 419.
...UCONN over Michigan State..luv it...I met Coach Izzo cool what!!. all u doubters.Kevin Ollie in the final 4 in his 2nd year...WHAT.Georgetown aint fired John Thompson III yet! Cmon SUN!!!.I hope UCONN win it all!!!.
This just in The University of Connecticut is once again the center of the basketball universe... BOTH Men's and Womens teams headed to the Final Four... for AL the haters who counted us out after some difficulties last year... How those fish biting on your early fishing trip?... ESPECIALLY the syraLOSE haters (cept for Derek L Ward a class act and gentleman)... Oh and By the Way if Kevin Ollie isn't the coach of the year I don't know WHO IS!! ... Peace
UConn Final Four...amazing! Coach Kevin Ollie has taken a team of, relatively, unmentionables to the pinnacle of College Basketball. CT PRIDE!
So happy for Kevin Ollie and our Huskies! Woo woo!
Im hangin with Uconn love that guard play..."always liked Kevin Ollie"
Nice jersey! Congrats to former 76er Kevin Ollie!
Crenshaw Alum Kevin Ollie killin everybody bracket, congrats C-House going to the Final 4
Kevin Ollie is awesome & Check out Ollie & Calhoun hug at the end, he passed the torch off to Ollie and he did what he had to.
UCONN! Back to the Final Four 3rd time in 6 years. Kevin Ollie is a legend in the making
The many thousands of us who watched Kevin Ollie play for Jim Calhoun could not be prouder of today.
Mad props to kevin Ollie UConn Head Coach who took over for Legendary HC Jim Calhoun two yrs ago. Tough place for Ollie with no Head Coaching experience and tons of pressure the man has his team in the final 4 when nobody expected his team to pass the first round. Thanks for destroying my bracket. But I'm still happy for you sucker!
The Lady Cards put in work & congrats to UCOnn and Kevin Ollie.
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