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Kevin Ollie

Kevin Jermaine Ollie (born December 27, 1972) is an American former professional basketball player and current assistant coach with the University of Connecticut men's basketball team.

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Net's rumor-firing Coach Lionel Hollins. Ignorant and untrue.Will go hard after Kevin Ollie this summer if Net's are not sold.
And now for a special weather report from Ollie Willams
Sounds like Kevin Ollie won't see Friday, but UConn remains interested in both Carter and
Kevin Van Veen... Go on then Ollie get him in. Good age and scoring goals 👍
they suck but in NXT the main five are Neville, Zayn, Kenta, Owens and Finn Balor. You need to watch Kevin Owens and Balor
Omg Kevin Ollie spotted at Bricco's, this is like the biggest celebrity I've seen
Ryan Boatright: 'Got to win 12 straight to be where we want to be in March.'
Kevin Ollie: 'We've got to put teams away.'
If Kevin Ollie goes 27-3 every year beating coppin state, South Florida and Central Connecticut he could get to 1000!
I like Coach Lavin but those "Lavinwood" signs just don't work, we all know that only works for Coach Kevin Ollie
Kevin Ollie: "we got a lead, but at the end of the day, we've got to put teams away."
Kevin Ollie: "I do not like 16 turnovers, especially coming off one of our best games [in that area]. We've got 2 do a better job with that"
Ryan Boatright sat for a few minutes, then, Kevin Ollie said, "came back in with fire in his eyes." and scored next 13 points
Kevin Ollie says he makes decisions partly by analytics, but mostly by feel.
the cbs announcer continues to call Ollie.Kevin Ali like he's a cousin of the former heavyweight champ.
can u guys please tell that it's "Kevin Ollie", not "Kevin Ali"? He keeps mispronouncing coach's last name...
Kevin Ollie would fare just as well in popularity contests as he does in basketball contests
Kevin Ollie and Orlando Antigua face off as head coaches today, almost exactly 20 years after meeting as players. (OK, 1of their 9 meetings)
.builds steam in Melbourne with win over Kevin Reaction: http…
cav is great and possibly the best hire from an AD that also hired kevin ollie
Kevin Ollie has the SAME AMOUNT OF RINGS as Jim Boeheim does in his 40 years coaching Ollie has been coaching 3 years 😂✌️
That ESPN stat about Tom Izzo, Tony Bennett Sean Miller and Kevin Ollie having 998 wins combine is hard to fathom.
“Kevin Phillips still doesn't know who scored Swansea's goal . . .
What an awesome throwback. A young Kevin Anderson and Rafa Nadal. (Via
I wish they would've hired Kevin Ollie. Scott is such a boring choice.
Thanks to Kevin Ollie for being my guest on the on Interview will air…
I miss the days when Kevin Ollie was an NBA coach.
Hi Kevin. The work at Reading isn't finished, so still areas that get congested. Once finished will flow better. -Ollie
Hi Kevin. To make it an "official" connection, would need to get the 17:45. -Ollie
Kevin ollie may take the stairs but today I really need the elevator
I had interactions with Kevin Ollie and Ryan Boatright within a minute of each other after the game last night!!
Hi Kevin, our website is now back up & running. Very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this! Ollie
That must have been a pretty big stage:. Vocals & synthesiser: BRIAN ENO; Bass: KEVIN AYERS; Guitar: OLLIE...
The Eto'o transfer to Sampdoria has been cancelled because as he was about to sign the contract, Kevin Mirallas ran in and to…
Kevin Ollie: "to hold that team to 60 points when they were averaging 75 in the AAC is a pretty *** good job [on defense]."
Kevin Ollie: "We had 21 assists and 8 turnovers. I'll take that ratio all day."
Kevin Ollie when UConn is hot from 3: "Shoot more 3s!". Kevin Ollie when UConn is absolutely awful from 3: "Shoot more 3s!"
Rakim Lubin got a T. Kevin Ollie got explanation and is giving Rak an earful, but leaves him in
Is it just me or does Kevin Ollie always look like he's aggravated at a call a ref just made?
UConn's Omar Calhoun will start tonight vs. UCF, Kevin Ollie told Rodney Purvis will come off the bench. 7 PM…
“UConn's Kevin Ollie is scheduled to watch Vermont Academy's Bruce Brown tomorrow at Hoophall, per source.”
Larry brown is the 🌲(John Calipari, Greg popavich, Kevin Ollie, dean smith,(molding George lynch who he coached in Philadelphia
Kevin Ollie wins a title, you want him fired. Mark Jackson wins nothing, you want him in NY lol, something wrong with that?
Will be writing, posting on new Huskies Jalen Adams, Steve Enoch over next couple of days Kevin Ollie, Karl Hobbs watching then today
"Kevin Ollie and Sam Cassell were teammates" is the new "Denham Brown once scored 111pts in one HS game"
Battle of hot, young coaches on ESPN2 as Kevin Ollie's UConn Huskies square off against Archie Miller's Dayton Flyers.
Having trouble deciding which coach is more animated on sideline: Dayton's Archie Miller or UConn's Kevin Ollie. Advantage: Push.
UConn Coach Kevin Ollie just offered 2016 Bolton PG Jaylen Fisher. 4-star prospect and big Memphis target.
Why Larry Brown says Kevin Ollie is "the best":
Q&A: UConn's Kevin Ollie on title, keys to getting back
Thank you for interest in the CBBC by NIKE. Fri Bob Huggins and Kevin Boyle, Sat Jay Wright, Kevin Ollie, Ed Cooley and others
Kevin Ollie leaves it on the rim, but Richard Jefferson bricks both free throws.
I would have loved to see David Blatt, Ettore Messina, Kevin Ollie, Fred Hoiberg, an up and coming NBA assistant
Oh yeah, Tom Izzo and Kevin Ollie are there..and Jim Calhoun and Jim Boeheim and looks like John Thompson!
Kevin Ollie watching wing Chris Clark (per is slight leader n
Seems like Disney took a page straight out of Kevin Ollie's book.
It's a blessing being around all this greatness ; Coach K, Calipari, Sean Miller, Bill Self, Bo Ryan, Kevin Ollie, Roy Williams and more
HOOPS: Kevin Ollie & Tom Crean were just a few coaches in attendance to catch 6'6" SF Derrick Jones in action. ($)
7 courts at Diamond Stone great last night; Derrick Jones all over rim w/ Kevin Ollie watching; Terrance Ferguson went off from 3
Head coaches Kevin Ollie, Johnny Dawkins, Matt Painter, Jim Christian, Bob Huggins and a lot more coaches in gym to see the Rivals win.
John Calipari, Kevin Ollie, Bo Ryan, Frank Martin and Josh Pastner among the group of head coaches here for morning skill work.
I'm just tryna be on my Kevin Ollie, Shaka Smart, Tubbie Smith life style ya smell me
Kevin Ollie, Shaka Smart, & Fred Hoiberg ranked in front of Roy Williams, Thad Matta, & Larry Brown? Man, on man.
Unless Jay Wright or Kevin Ollie is coaching the Celtics then I don't understand how all these guards work in the Celtics system
.I still think Kevin Ollie should be the next coach of the
I didn't like they inquired about Kevin Ollie after two interviews with Hollins
Lionel Hollins has emerged as the clear frontrunner to succeed Jason Kidd as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets:
Mark my words I'm the next Kevin Ollie/Doc Rivers
Report: have Not Reached out to Head Coach Kevin Ollie for Vacant Head Coach job.
Thank you Kevin Ollie for your loyalty and dedication. Most would've jumped in a heartbeat.
Kevin Ollie would have been the BIZNESS in that Nets job. Glad to see him stay loyal to UCONN and his recruits though...for now
The reached out to Kevin Ollie, but he told them he is happy at
Kevin Ollie is going to stay at UConn after being contacted by the Nets.
The Brooklyn Nets contacted Kevin Ollie about their head coaching job but he declined & he will stay at UConn
Brooklyn Nets want UConn's Kevin Ollie, get turned away: University of Connecticut...
I like playing with Mike, Sky, Ollie, Wind Spirit, Renae, Dennis, DeAnn, and Kevin. 😋😎
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Dudes in the league just won't leave Kevin Ollie alone smh Brooklyn trying to get him
After UConn won this year's National Championship, many predicted that young head Coach Kevin Ollie would be near the top of many lists for NBA coaching jobs. He had previously…
Why the Nets contacted Kevin Ollie if he aint leave the NATIONAL CHAMPS for LA why would he for deron williams?
Uh oh Kevin Ollie what you gonna do?
As for Kidd's replacement, Lionel Hollins has emerged as clear frontrunner while Nets haven't spoken to Kevin Ollie:
Kevin Ollie made a GREAT decision to return to UCONN!
Lionel Hollins first choice for Nets coach; Kevin Ollie not in mix: With Jason Kidd ... via
Kevin Ollie to nets? Durant there next year too in his agents back yard?
League source denies reports that the Brooklyn Nets have spoken to Connecticut Coach Kevin Ollie about the team's vacant coaching position.
On a side note, all you Net fans better get a reality check--Kevin Ollie ain't going anywhere. Focus on Billy Donovan. KO has his dream job.
Lost in the Cup madness, it was reported by SNY that Kevin Ollie was contacted by Nets. No surprise.
US wins the World Cup if Kevin Ollie is at the helm. No question in my mind
Can you blame Kevin Ollie.. He knows that would be a bad decision with King as your GM
"approach head Coach Kevin Ollie. Ollie declines." I don't blame him,that job is the equivalent to a crap sandwich
A league source says the Nets have not spoken to Kevin Ollie about their coaching vacancy.
RTtry to poach Kevin Ollie, but get turned away
try to poach Kevin Ollie, but get turned away. Via our
"Nets approach Kevin Ollie, but get turned down no chance.
Nets approach Kevin Ollie, but get turned down
I respect Kevin Ollie's loyalty to UConn but I hope it don't come back to haunt him
The Brooklyn Nets have approached UConn head Coach Kevin Ollie, but no shot he leaves.
The Nets approached Kevin Ollie about their coaching vacancy, but Ollie denied.
Can confirm that Nets approached Kevin Ollie but he is not going anywhere.
Sounds like something Kevin Ollie would say. I'm sure he'll use it and credit himself with coming up with it.
Kevin Ollie, Sean Miler, Greg Mardhall, Bo Ryan, all better coaches than Roy Williams? Nah b.
good job pushing for Mark Jackson.hopefully will reconsider if Lionel Hollins falls thru.Kevin ollie turned it down.
The Brooklyn Nets have reached out to Kevin Ollie, but he's appeased at UCONN. (Via NY Daily News)
I'm glad to hear King reached out to Kevin Ollie! He would have been the perfect candidate!
have talked to Kevin Ollie about coaching job but he wants to stay at UConn
So happy that Kevin Ollie keeps rejecting NBA jobs and is staying at Uconn
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Please tell Evan Nets talked to Kevin Ollie about the coaching job source tells News But coach likes where he is
“The Nets reached out to UCONN Coach Kevin Ollie about the teams coaching job, but Ollie declined...(via NYDN)”✊
Missed my flight due to terrible traffic back up on I-78. Booked on later flight that is a direct flight, a plus, and the delay resulted in me bumping into UConn Coach Kevin Ollie and his lovely wife in the terminal! Go Huskies!!!
We need a coach...Kevin Ollie is my choice
Now that Jason Kidd will likely never coach the Brooklyn Nets again, (great for the Nets) who will succeed him and where will the Nets go from here? Is Mark Jackson a good candidate..or would Kevin Ollie from Uconn or Lionel Hollins be a better fit? Check out the latest NBA post from La Sportsa Nostra.
Shaka Smart, Rick Pitino, Coach K, Kevin Ollie and Bob Huggins are coaches I look up to
Cavs offered Calipari 10-year deal news services | June 9, 2014 NBA coaching sources have told's Marc Stein that the Cleveland Cavaliers' recent pitch to Kentucky coach John Calipari was a 10-year offer worth nearly $80 million and included the role of coach and team president. Kentucky on Thursday announced that Calipari has been signed to a new seven-year deal worth $52.5 million guaranteed. Sources told ESPN's Andy Katz that Kentucky's new deal with Calipari was completed in April and that the Cavs' proposal was made within the past two weeks. Sources told Stein that part of Cleveland's motivation to chase Calipari for its job was the belief that hiring Calipari -- who is well known to be a good friend of LeBron James -- would greatly enhance its chances of convincing the NBA's best player to return to his home state in free agency this summer. But Calipari, like UConn's Kevin Ollie before him, ultimately resisted Cleveland's overtures. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has been highly moti ...
UConn orientation leader didn't let us stop to take a picture with Kevin Ollie
From the Cutting Room Floor: UConn Men's Basketball head Coach Kevin Ollie talks to Jon Rothstein about bringing his team to AT&T Stadium as motivation for a Final Four run. For more, watch One2One: Kevin Ollie and Geno Auriemma Wednesday at 10 PM, ET on CBS Sports Network.
Kevin Ollie talks new deal on Dan Patrick Show
UConn's Kevin Ollie discusses new contract on 'Dan Patrick Show' (VIDEO)
If I was Kevin Ollie, coaching in LA would be a great opportunity, but NO WAY IN *** I WOULD WORK FOR JIM BUSS!!!
Source: Ollie close to $3M a year deal at UConn: UConn Coach Kevin Ollie and the univ...
I have no faith in Jim Buss or Kupchak to do anything right with the Lakers. How do you not at least call Kevin Ollie?! Sell to Magic please
Scratch off Kevin Ollie from list of possible coaching candidates for ... - The Plain Dealer
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Would love for you to reach out to Kevin Ollie. Players respect him and he out coached. Izzo, Donovan & Calipari in Tourney
Should Lakers Pursue Fisher as Coaching Candidate?: Two college coaches, John Calipari and Kevin Ollie, are on...
UConn's Ollie listening, not looking to leave: UConn Coach Kevin Ollie says he's listening to job offers, but ...
We should call Kevin Ollie honestly. Don't think Mark Jackson or Lionel Hollins would be good fits here.
Not 100% sure on this... though I do know that Vegas has odds and is taking bets. I just don't know if this list came off one of their boards, or not. If so... someone just please shoot me (with some of these)... Byron Scott (I'd give him a chance, before going postal, but I don't have a great feeling about it) Kevin Ollie (Not going to happen) Tom Thibodeau (I don't think we strike gold twice out of Chicago, slightly overrated) John Calipari (Not going to happen and shoot me) Derek Fisher (shoot me) Jeff Van Gundy (shoot me) George Karl (shoot me, cut off my head, defile my corpse, then feed me to pigs) Kurt Rambis (sigh... but it might happen. shoot me) Lionel Hollins (shoot me, he's a stopgap coach) Mike Dunleavy (shoot me)
Great to meet Coach Auriemma and Coach Ollie from the NATIONAL CHAMPION UCONN HUSKIES. Coach Jim Boeheim, Coach Izzo, Coach Tubby Smith, Coach Jamie Dixon, and Coach Jay Wright and Jay Bilas. Came to talk about leadership at the Pentagon. Super impressed with Kevin Ollie, very articulate, very focused, not afraid to talk about values.
We better get Steve Kerr, Kevin Ollie or Brian shaw, bro. Freal.
Coach Picks: John Calipari or Kevin Ollie and draft pick should be Guard from UCONN-Shabazz Napier
The Thunder have interest in Kevin Ollie if they fire Scott Brooks, source tells So UConn fans shd thank Zach Rand…
Next Lakers coach? Vegas likes Thibs, Calipari, Byron, Ollie. (odds below) Btw, Lakers fans - hate to break it to you but if you really think D'Antoni was your team's biggest problem, you're delusional. I'd challenge you to find a coach that could squeeze more out of Wesley Johnson, Jodie Meeks, and Jordan Hill (the 3 leaders in games played). But yeah, keep blaming Coach for the injuries that Kobe, Pau, Nash, and even Dwight faced in the meantime. Odds: Avery Johnson+2500 Byron Scott+600 Derek Fisher+800 Doc Rivers+5000 Frank Vogel+10 George Karl+800 Jeff Van Gundy+1800 John Calipari+400 Kevin Ollie+600 Kurt Rambis+1500 Larry Brown+10 Mark Jackson+2000 Mike Krzyzewski+5000 Phil Jackson+10 Rick Carlisle+2500 Stan Van Gundy+800 Steve Kerr+2500 Tom Thibodeau+350
Kevin Ollie and UConn are in negotiations to double his salary after Ollie led Huskies to National Championship, source t…
Lakers intend to reach out to John Calipari & Kevin Ollie about their interest in replacing Mike D'Antoni. »
Just an FYI: Kevin Durant is a HUGE fan of Kevin Ollie's from when they were teammates for one season in Oklahoma City.
Kevin Ollie high on coach search. But after Brown and D'Antoni .. A fired Frank Vogel would be just as ridiculous.
Do I think Kevin Ollie will make a great NBA head coach one day? Sure, but after Mike Brown and Mike D'Antoni, I'm not sure it best ATM
Durant will want to play for. Wait for Kevin Ollie."
Congrats to Kevin Ollie and Uconn fun game to watch. Great run by Kentucky too!
Congrats to my friend and former teammate Kevin Ollie for the win! National Champ!
Sources: Frank Haith will reportedly make more at Tulsa than AAC counterparts *** Cronin and Kevin Ollie.
Just spoke with DeAndre Daniels' AAU coach. Nothing decided re: NBA. DD's dad in town, he and DD meeting with Kevin Ollie next couple days.
Kevin Ollie will declare for the NBA Draft and DeAndre Daniels will become coach of the Lakers
Kevin Ollie has to be the coolest coach in College Basketball
I have no clue. Maybe they go after Kevin Ollie. The coach of uconn.
men's basketball Coach Kevin Ollie became the 4th black man to lead a DI Basketball Program to the NCAA Title
Hall of Fame Coach Larry Brown of SMU and Kevin Ollie, coach of the newly crowned NCAA champion U Conn Huskies,...
Just interviewed UCONN men's basketball Coach Kevin Ollie. See it at 11 on WFSB.
chances that Kevin Ollie is the coach there next year?
As painful as it STILL is, just wanna say that Kevin Ollie is a GREAT coach & I would love to play for him. Mad respect. Still tho
Kevin Ollie may be the coolest coach on the planet:
"Kevin Ollie is not only a great coach, but a GREAT guy. I hate losing, but I'm happy he won." -- Calipari's post game comments
With UConn's win, 13-year NBA vet Kevin Ollie will become the most experienced NBA player ever (662 games) to coach in the NCAA title game.
Kevin Ollie can coach but his wave game is on point. He keeps the du-rag on deck.
and Kevin Ollie will coach him in a year or two.
Kevin Ollie will be the head coach of the next season, right?
UConn head Coach Kevin Ollie was ballin in the NBA in 09!
Kevin Ollie says he plans to talk soon with DeAndre Daniels & Ryan Boatright about their future plans. Says both improved stock in NCAAs
UConn! Kevin Ollie becomes the first coach since Steve Fisher (1989 Michigan) to win his FIRST NCAA Tournament.
Kevin Ollie reminds me of Mike Tomlin lol they talk alike
Kevin Ollie..."we won the title, and I got a Ferrari in the garage that I can't event play with"...referring to
VIDEO: UConn's Kevin Ollie broke it down in the locker room after the National Championship http…
coach Geno Auriemma got $66,667 bonus (2 mos. base) for women's title. It's = what men's Coach Kevin Ollie got for title.
The U. of Connecticut is at the glowing center of the NCAA Basketball universe this week. w/ the men's team winning a close game over Kentucky in the Final Four Championship game on Mon and the women's team stomping previously undefeated Notre Dame on Tues. First time that one university has had that NCAA honor since 2004...when the Huskies did it as well 10 yrs. ago! The men's program has won 4 Nat'l titles since '99 while the women's team has been even more consistent... winning the last 2 Nat'l titles but also 9 in the last 20 seasons. Men's Coach Kevin Ollie guided the 7th seeded men's team to the coveted title in only his 2nd season... while women's coach, Geno Auriemma, won his 9th title... capping a 40-0 season for one of the most consistent NCAA sport programs in America. Now, if the men's team can only avoid some of the academic scandals that have plagued them in the past resulting in last season's ban from the NCAA Tourney. The women's program has had no such troubles. Hooray for the Huski ...
I hear UConn is now offering March Madness 101 classes for other schools, taught by Kevin Ollie and Geno Auriemma themselves
UConn celebrates 1 national hoops title, eyes 2nd: Kevin Ollie delivered on the promise he made last month aft...
College coaches such as John Calipari and Kevin Ollie should realize how good they have it.
From John Calipari to Kevin Ollie, college coaches make enough money, they don’t need to turn pro - John Calipari
Kevin Ollie should thank Jim Calhoun for illegally recruiting players to earn him a National Title.
Rumors are flying about Kevin Ollie and John Calipari going to the NBA. I don't think it will happen. Why? Not enough power at the NBA level as a head coach. In college ball, the coach is not only that, but he's the GM and President of the team. They make decisions as far as the personnel goes. In the NBA, the coach is just the coach. They don't always have full control over the players they draft or sign. Kevin Ollie has an awesome situation at Connecticut. He's proven he can win, players would run through a wall for him. They've established themselves as a prestigious basketball power. For John Calipari, I believe the only way he leaves Kentucky is of they give him power like they gave Pat Riley in 1995 when he left the Knicks for Miami. He was hired as head coach and Team President. Similar with Pete Carroll when he left USC to go to the Seahawks. Successful college coaches can coach in the league if you give them similar power as they had in college. Its not guaranteed to work, but it could work...
The Connecticut Huskies won their 4th title since 1999 last night. Kevin Ollie is 6-0 in first six tournament games. http…
Daily Jolt: A new deal coming for Kevin Ollie? - Daily Jolt -
I think Kevin Ollie is a better coach than John Calipari. I still think no one recruits like Calipari but when it comes down to strategy Ollie has proven he has what it takes.
In UConn's magical ride to winning the NCAA tourney, new Coach Kevin Ollie -in his first year coaching in the tournament- outcoached veterans and "legend" coaches Phil Martelli, Jay Wright, Tom Izzo, Billy Donovan, and John Calipari. Not bad. That is all. :-)
"When I would get cut from a team...God never cut me. He never said I wasn't good enough." - Kevin Ollie.
123 years ago in Springfield, Mass, Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball...Last night we watched as history was made...Kevin Ollie joined Tubby Smith, John Thompson and Nolan Richardson as the only black coaches to win a National Title...And its a "Big F'in Deal"...We cheer for large PWI's that have rosters full of black players year in and year out and are usually the better teams in basketball...Duke, UNC, Florida, Syracuse. ..None have ever had a black coach...Those coached have been there forever, I get that...The opportunity for a black coach hasn't been...Marquette just hired WoJo from Duke...Why not Jeff Capel a former Head Coach who is Asst Head Coach at Duke...College sports makes millions of dollars a year with major sports being dominated by black athletes...When will they begin to trust black coaches with the keys to the car.I will stop making a "Big F'in Deal" about it, when the playing field is even...
A fav story line from last night, Kevin Ollie's journey. Sat at his table 4 Jimmy V dinner, great guy. Agreed w/ me Rose needs help in Chi.
Kevin Ollie became the 4th African American coach to win a national title. It was 30 years ago where John Thompson became the first.
Did anyone notice all the greats Kevin Ollie outcoached to win the Championship Phil Martelli, Jay Wright, Fred Hoilberg, Tom Izzo, Billy Donavan, and John Calipari Pretty impressive.
Congrats to Kevin Ollie and the UConn Huskies, the 2014 NCAA Champions! But I can't be too happy for them, because in a way, I feel like they cheated. UConn used a bunch of 21-22 year olds. Kentucky only used 19-20 year olds. If John Calipari knew he was allowed to keep his players for 4 years, this game would not have even been close. Here is what Kentucky's roster could have looked like: C-Enes Kanter (3rd pick in the 2011 NBA draft), PF-Anthony Davis (1st in 2012), SF-Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (2nd in 2012), SG-Archie Goodwin (29th in 2013), PG-Brandon Knight (8th in 2011). On the bench: Nerlens Noel (6th in 2013), Terrence Jones (18th in 2012), Marquis Teague (29th in 2012) & Doron Lamb (42nd in 2012).
How about Kevin Ollie doing a great job with Connecticut Huskies this season winning NCAA Men's National Championship for 2014
Who was the last black coach before Kevin Ollie to win a NCAA basketball championship. Was it Nolan Richardson of Arkansas or John Thompson of Georgetown? I'm doing this without Google. Please feel free to use it.
Former guard Kevin Ollie leads to National Championship:
UConn: postseason ban to National Championship. Kevin Ollie goes 6-0 in his first trip as head coach in NCAA. Historic in…
Congratulations Coach Kevin Ollie on winning the national NCAAA championship!
UConn Coach Kevin Ollie: More than just an awesome mustache [GIFs]
Yea I'm an Arizona fan boss...that's Lute Olson in the know who he is? Or is Kevin Ollie better than him too? Smh
Kevin Ollie's good with you calling him a National Champion. But don't call him a Cinderella.
Connecticut’s Coach Kevin Ollie, made a bonus of $66,666 for tonight's victory. This brings his total tournament bonus payout to $166,665. Not bad. On the other hand, John Calipari has made $275,000 from bonuses for making the Sweet 16 ($100,000) and Final Four ($175,000). Had he won tonight, it would have been worth an additional $375,000. The tournament could have brought him an extra $650,000 over his base pay of $5.4 million. His players, get paid with college scholarships.
Kevin Ollie beat Tom Izzo, Billy Donovan, and John Calipari to win it all.. Coaching won those games because those teams had way better players
“Kevin Ollie was once teammates with Allen Iverson, LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.” When?
Congratulations to the Connecticut Huskies on their 2nd National Championship in the last 4 years and their fourth since 1999. A new dynasty has been built up by Jim Calhoun and now extended by Kevin Ollie.
Shout out to Kevin Ollie and the Connecticut Huskies on their National College Basketball Championship! See ya next year.,...UNC all the way!!
Anyone hear any explanation from Charles "Hamhockhead" Barkley on how he picked against UCONN in EVERY GAME? ... I mean if he got paid for his accuracy and performance he'd OWE CBS his gambling money, BTW for all the SYRALOSERS (cept for Derek L Ward a true gentleman) from where I'm sitting it LOOKS LIKE Kevin Ollie has JUST as MANY CHAMPIONSHIPS AS Jim Boeheim Now I don't know iffn THIS matters but it took Ollie ONE YEAR to do what it took Boeheim FORTY YEARS AND 900+ GAMES TO DO... NOW who HAS THE ELITE PROGRAM AGAIN?
Only the 4th African American to win an NCAA National Basketball Championship, Crenshaw alum Kevin Ollie does it in just his 2nd year as a Head Basketball Coach. Congrats Coach Kevin Ollie!
Kevin Ollie 4th African American Coach to win it all in NCAA Men's Basketball. Others, Tubby Smith,Nolan Richardson an…
The University of Connecticut Huskies and Coach Kevin Ollie defeat The University of Kentucky Wildcats and Coach John Calipari 58-54 for it's National Championship. Coach Kevin Ollie becomes the fourth African American NCAA coach to win a National Championship behind John Thompson in 1984, Nolan Richardson, 1994; Tubby Smith, 1998 and Kevin Ollie in 2014.
Hard to believe that UCONN head Coach Kevin Ollie was an active NBA ballplayer in this Decade and now is coach of the NCAA basketball champions. How incredible is that
Congratulations to Kevin Ollie!!! The 1st African American coach to win a since Tubby Smith in 1998!!!
Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Kevin Ollie the 2nd black coach to win a NCAA basketball championship?!
I'm a Dorsey Don, but I have to give it up to former LOS ANGELES Crenshaw Cougar, KEVIN OLLIE for UCONN's NCAA BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! The 3rd black coach to ever win the title and the 1st in over 20 years.CONGRATS Kevin Ollie and the UConn Huskies. (does anyone know if he went to Audubon?
Congrats UConn and Kevin Ollie history moment
OK, Kevin Ollie, Nolan Richardson, John Thompson...who else? Looking for answer to trivia question how many black coaches have won NCAA basketball title? UPDATE: Tubby Smith and Carolyn Peak, an African-American college coach, won the female NCAA basketball Division 1 title at Purdue University in 1999.
Congrats to Kevin Ollie on his 2014 NCAA National Championship win tonite with the Connecticut Huskies! BELIEVE
GREAT GUY, NATIONAL CHAMP: After UConn embarrassed Memphis in the American Athletic Conference Men's Basketball Championship, I walked up and shook Kevin Ollie's hand after the Huskies' postgame news conference and wished him well in the NCAA Tournament. Little did I know that he'd emerge as a national champion. Clearly, it couldn't have happened to a better guy. Can you say huge raise and contact extension?
At first they didn't want his a champ they all on him. Thank you Kevin Ollie. Just the 4th African American head coach to win a D1 basketball championship.
Kevin Ollie . This will allow more ex-nba players the opportunity to coach college.
Congratulations to UCONN head Coach Kevin Ollie (Palm Jr. HS) for winning the Men's NCAA Basketball Championship!
Really happy for Kevin Ollie & What a job he’s done w/ this team in 2 years. D. Jones better step his game up in the next year.
Kevin Ollie, Palms Class of '88, just coached UConn to the men's College Basketball National Championship. Wow!!
Big shout out to Kevin Ollie...first black coach since Tubby Smith win a NCAA basketball championship!!!
Full circle for Kevin Ollie tonight. Winning the championship for his alma matter in the city he was raised in.
Uh, everyone, that's "FORMER PACER Kevin Ollie" to you. (disavows all knowledge of Ron Mercer)
Kevin Ollie joins, Nolan Richardson of Arkansas, Tubby Smith of Kentucky and John Thompson as the only black coaches to ever win the NCAA Basketball tournament.
Big ups to Kevin Ollie, another black history moment
Kudos to Kevin Ollie, now he can comfortably step out of Jim Calhoun's shadow. UConn is his team now.
Congratulations to former Sonics players and alumni Ray Allen and Kevin Ollie, on UCONN's National Title victor…
Kevin Ollie has as many championships as Lute Olson
Kevin Ollie just won the National Championship in his first year of postseason eligibility.
Kevin Ollie has as many National Championships as a head coach as Jim Boeheim, Lute Olson, and Tom Izzo. It took him 2 years to do so.
I still remember on my Sega Genesis game Coach K I wouldn't even start Kevin Ollie. I would sit him out and start Ray Allen. Now he coaching for a National Championship. *** today's youth don't even know.
Wow. Kevin Ollie took his team to AT&T stadium in between games @ SMU & Houston back in January showing them where they will play final 4.
Jim Calhoun needs to shut his trap and let Kevin Ollie coach his team.
Spoke with Jim Calhoun yesterday, got his thoughts on Kevin Ollie, UConn and Kentucky:
Why does god love Kevin Ollie more than me? -Timmy Tebow
Uconn's AD didn't want to hire Kevin Ollie because he was young and didn't have any head coaching experience. Pressure from the alumni and ex-coach Calhoun was they key. I know dude is happy he gave KO that chance. Just 2 seasons and already playing for a title! Life is about chances.Amen!
IMPORTANT COMMENT!!! Well its game time today; Its Unconn vs. Kentucky for the National Championship. I am picking Unconn over Kentucky in a close one because their guard play is more better and experienced and because Kevin Ollie(Paul Snoddy) in only his second year as coach has built a better denfensive team than Kentucky. So Hail to the Unconn National champions of Men's College Basketball!!! Agree? or Disagree? and why?
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Kevin Ollie a Cinderella Himself (via a tribute to a great coach today & tomorrow.
With a win tonight Kevin Ollie would tie the "great" Jim Boeheim in National Championships in just his second season.
that’s why you should follow the women’s game. PS at UCONN the women all graduate. PPS Kevin Ollie is not Jim Calhoun.
John Calipari was an assistant coach with the 76ers in 1999-2000. Kevin Ollie was a player on the team.
Jim Calhoun on Kevin Ollie: "He played 13 years in the NBA without a jump shot. That’s how good he is, as a leader & as …
Many talk about Kevin Ollie as a "young" coach. Experience comes in all forms, not years. Has experience with the best…
We gonna take the stairs & we gonna get there 1 step at a time - Kevin Ollie. Step 1: St. Joe's. 2: Nova. 3: ISU. 4: MSU. 5: Florida. 6:
Allen Iverson congratulates his former 76ers teammate and UConn Coach Kevin Ollie over Instagram
We celebrate black history 365 on the TJMS! Learn about
trying to define Kevin Ollie as a coach. What does he do exceptionally well?
Will be rooting for the Huskies Coz of Kevin Ollie and Shabbaz Napier.See how far they have come!That said may the better Team win
everything you need to know about tonight's game and Kevin Ollie. A must read.
Cal's young Cats get it done tonight and Kevin Ollie gets a massive raise/extension
Why does Coach Kevin Ollie's tie always seem like it's not sitting right.
You really think KD leavin OKC to try and rebuild what he already has cause Kevin Ollie stayed after practice with him for extra shots???
Look, just shut up about Kevin Ollie. Y'all play too much.
I bet the sixers wished they still had Kevin Ollie
I want Kevin Ollie and Uconn to win the ship!
Go watch Kevin Ollie's introductory presser. He said that day that he had enough to win a national title if they worked hard.
Where did this Kevin Ollie to LA thing come from? Lol
Kevin Ollie looking to be 3rd African American Coach to win a National Championship. Go Uconn
Y'all must don't realize KD been said he wants Kevin Ollie to be his coach one day and he credits him a lot for helping his game.
I know a lot of people will also predict UCONN winning this National Championship game tonight but I'd like to explain why I believe it: After every game since the playoffs started, a player and/or coach will get interviewed on the court by a reporter. And every single time the rest of the UCONN players/coaches will be standing right there with them. It is the unity of the team that will allow UCONN to win this game. It is the concept of family that Kevin Ollie has instilled in those kids, that binds them together to compete at the highest level and at the most important times. Go back and check out the past interviews of the other teams. None of em do it like UCONN. Hey, I could be wrong but tell me that when you have 5 people working together in complete synchronicity that magic can't happen. I've noticed this for quite some time now and selfishly kept it to myself. But what better time than now? This is UCONN territory! Go Huskies!
Why would lakers even want kevin Ollie??
.on UConn's success versus the Gators - "The move Kevin Ollie made to go small, created a mismatch"
Tonight I'm going for Kevin Ollie, not UCONN or UK, but him, wishing him the best.
I'm taking Uconn grew up watching Kevin Ollie as a PG for the 76ers young black coach I can relate to...still like Coach Cal's swagger
If Kevin Ollie comes to LA, u can take it to the bank KD going to follow once his contract up.
Kevin Ollie has proved that He is the best replacement for UCONN . Wonder how his work would translate in the NBA... Cause the Lakers need a good coach...
Hi ! I see you on !! You pulling for John tonight...I'm pulling for Kevin Ollie !!
Who wins tonight and why? I want UCONN to win cause of Kevin Ollie but I think they don't have the size to bang with Kentucky. Bad matchup!
Kevin Ollie was brought to Cleveland when they drafted to help his transition into the pros .
Shout to former Sixer kevin ollie, at least something extremely loosely connected to our squad could potentially go right
Did you know that Kevin Ollie grew up the son of a landscaper and his father would make him wake up at 4am to help mow lawns? Go Uconn, make the landscape industry proud tonight.
UCONN is the NCAA basketball mecca! We all know the woman have DOMINATED in the last 15 years with SEVEN National Championships.hand down, no one even comes one can argue.BUT did you know, in the last 15 years, there have been only three mens teams who have repeated: Florida, UNC and Duke. Only ONE has THREE-PEATED: UCONN...with a win tonight, they will have FOUR National Championships won which is over 25% of the Championships since 1999! Thats rarified air! Very UCLA-John Wooden-esque! What more remarkable, in that span, 3 years where they didnt even qualify for the NCAA tourney and last year they were banned and sanctioned by the NCAA. A fate that would set many programs back years in recruiting and success. How does UCONN and 2nd year coach and UCONN Alum Kevin Ollie respond? Just by going to the title game for the FOURTH time in 15 years! Now, with that said, its appropriate to say, BOTH UCONN MEN AND WOMEN have dominated College Basketball for the last 15 years making UCONN the NCAA B ...
An interesting take - Lakers should target Connecticut's Kevin Ollie as next head coach
S/o the homie Kevin Ollie been told me he had plans for UConn... Actions def speak louder than words
Napier knows Ollie as coach and father figure Shabazz Napier talks about Kevin Ollie's influence on his life.
Well another March Madness has come to an end. Bracket looks like swiss cheese, let's go UConn and Kevin Ollie. Any one but Uk and Dook ! Go Huskies
In an interview about the game head Coach Kevin Ollie was asked ""So are you the Cinderella team ?"" ...with a big smile he responded ""No...we are UCONN"" !!
This weekend, the University of Connecticut Huskies upset the Florida Gators for the win leading them to the NCAA Championship game. They were led by Kevin Ollie, the only black coach in this year’...
Congrats to the UCONN Men and Women for being 2 of the last 4 standing in Division 1 College Basketball. Takes a lot for BOTH programs to consistently produce high caliber team with this day and age of 3, 2, and even 1 and DONE college ball. Shout out to Geno and Kevin Ollie for carrying a tradition of strong basketball. Good luck tonight and tomorrow night ladies and gentlemen. Show em some Huskie Power
"No 1-3-1. No 2-1-2. No 2-3 zone. Under 10 seconds to play, all 5 of you go here." ~ Kevin Ollie
Battle of the Prophets, The 2014 NCAA Championship Game. Following a blowout loss to Florida to end the regular season, most of BBN was ready to move on to next season. Not Tyler Black, his love & never-ending faith for the Big Blue prompted him to get a tattoo prior to the start of the SEC tournament marking a UK 2014 National Title. Almost everyone in the sports world is now aware of Tyler Black's inked on prediction. A lesser known proclamation was made by UCONN Coach Kevin Ollie, who after the Huskies senior night win told UCONN fans they would be back in April with another championship banner to hang. Over the next 10 days, the Huskies would be manhandled twice by Louisville. So here we sit, a 7-seed & 8-seed showdown for a title, each with their own prophet awaiting confirmation.
If you have no ties to Kentucky or Connecticut, I don't see how you can root against Kevin Ollie. Coach Calipari is a legend but still ...
Anybody want to see uconn HC Kevin Ollie become the lakers next HC
I remember growing up and watching Kevin Ollie play on the sixers and thinking to myself... That is one *** of a mustache. Still think that same thing today. lol
Big Ups to Kevin Ollie in getting to the Big Game in only his 2nd year as a head coach.
Kudos to UConn's Kevin Ollie for his overachieving Huskies...but UK's Calipari is extraordinary in allowing Coach Tark his victory lap.
NCAA championship game coaches John Calipari and Kevin Ollie share one important trait.
Today, I finally experienced the last remnant of my childhood come to an end. I saw my child hood hero The Undertaker lose in his first WrestleMania. I guess all good things come to an end and to those who say it's fake. IT'S STILL REAL TO ME DAMMIT! (tears drip from Lupe's eyes) I am finally a man. Sidenote: Definitely looking forward to the NCAA Final tomorrow, I'm rooting for Connecticut. Kevin Ollie was one of my favorite NBA journeyman.
Kevin Ollie has taught his Huskies to never give up... — with Corynn Young.
Kevin Ollie, head coach of UConn in press conference speaking about Kentucky "They use they speed and they use they quickness..." I'd be embarrassed if he was representing my school. I think he's a good coach from what I can see and the team is obviously good, but he needs to be educated on proper grammar.
So I just viewed a Kevin Ollie interview...The very first commment he makes."I just want to thank my Lord Jesus" You go UConn!
Since I really hate what this one & done crap is ruining College Basketball and basketball as a whole, but John Calapari specifically & his one and done recruiting method. I'm pulling for UCONN tomorrow. But more important than that, Kevin Ollie has had to coach knowing his administrators & boosters have been shopping that job to big name coaches or so called great assistants the entire time he's been there. He was told the only he'd be the full time head coach was to win a national title. He'd be the 5th African American coach to win it. Get it done Ollie
I don't know root for in the National Championship Kevin Ollie or the Harrison Twins
Now why isn't anyone talking about both UConn teams being in the championship? And that Kevin Ollie is a relatively young coach who has brought a powerhouse program to national contention.
Both UK and UCONN were in the NIT last year. Lol. It's a battle between cats and dogs. Love the kids from UK but love Kevin Ollie.
All do respect to all of the Men's College Basketball coaches for doing a great job during March Madness but Coach Kevin Ollie deserves coach of the year. After all the school has gone through, clearly...he has done an outstanding job turning the Huskies around...hands down!!! These boys have been bracket busters and is in position to shock the world...who would've known.
Kevin ollie uconn where u from omg crenshaw high school how bout that Bryan Gumbylocdamnit Hardy ncaa bb featured in NBC s Science of Love
All the best to a former Sixer, Kevin Ollie, on his first NCAA tourney championship game...
Former Philadelphia 76ers guard Kevin Ollie guided the UConn Huskies to the National Championship game Saturday night with a win over top-seeded Florida. Ollie. whose NBA career spanned from 1997-2...
UConn (a 7 seed) has proven everyone wrong. Now it faces an 8 seed (Kentucky) in the National Championship game. And the 8 seed is favored? Hey, UConn has been in the underdog in its past four games, and this will make five straight. That's OK. Incredible story for this team and Kevin Ollie coaching in his FIRST NCAA Tournament!
Hall of Fame coach Jim Calhoun holding court at Final Four when he probably should make himself scarce. is Kevin Ollie's team now.
Is there anybody in basketball, college or pro, that Kevin Ollie didn't play with, for or against?
UCONN, I'm so happy for Kevin Ollie. Do your thing my BROTHER...
March Madness has been awesome this year... it comes down to tomorrow final , to of the lowest seeds to ever play for the national title, Kentucky vs UConn to high profile programs in College Basketball ... when they talk about UConn basketball the first thing that comes to my mind is Jim Calhoun the longtime hall of fame coach. the program is now under Kevin Ollie who played for Calhoun... Kentucky will win this one , the huskies will not go away , I just think they have to much to throw at them . they are big strong and very athletic . regardless of what bobby knight says about him ,John Calapari continues to be on of the best recruiters in the country . he will lose these guys and find some more . plus a great coach .
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