Kevin Nash & Bob Backlund

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I saw Bob Backlund at the Hartford parade today...of course I told him he lost the WWF title in 8 seconds to Kevin Nash
So far in the WWE Hall Of Fame 2013 inductees we have Trish Stratus ,Bob Backlund and *** Foley . Who will be the next to going in the WWE Hall Of Fame 2013?. -Head Admin Jesse
I may watch tonight the 1994 Survivor Series to see the Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund match
Kevin Nash actually thanked Bob Backlund. WHAT?!?! He was not thinking about himself for a change.
Kevin Nash should induct Bob Backlund. He'd get the job done in 8 seconds.
im watching wrestling and they just introduced Bob Backlund into the Hall Of Fame.Really, Really, Really, Really. out of all the people not in the HOF they induct him hopefully they just induct him for 7 seconds just like how Kevin Nash beat him in 7 seconds for thee the wwe championship how about the midnight express the rock and roll express scott steiner sting the dudley boys ***
WWE officials had talks last week about inducting either DX or The Kliq - Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman, as one group, into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year. It's not confirmed that they will go in but it was definitely talked about over the last week. Bob Backlund was at WWE headquarters in Stamford last week. WWE wants to induct Backlund this year but word is that he has not yet accepted the invite. Regarding Bruno Sammartino, word within WWE over the last week is they hope to reach out to Bruno again to ask him about being inducted this year. One source believes Triple H is planning to offer to personally travel to Pittsburgh to meet with Bruno. With all the names floating around for possible induction this year, it's safe to say nobody is confirmed yet except for *** Foley. We noted yesterday that Kamala may be the next name announced.
WWE officials have reportedly discussed the idea of inducting the legendary and infamous Kliq faction into the 2013 Hall Of Fame. As longtime fans will remember, The Kliq consisted of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall/"Razor Ramon", Kevin Nash/"Diesel", and Sean "Syxx-Pac" Waltman. WWE officials are also reportedly interested in inducting Mr. Bob Backlund and "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala. As for Bruno Sammartino, it was reported a few weeks back that Triple H was going to personally visit Bruno at his home, or at least his hometown, and sit down with him to discuss the possibility of going into the Hall Of Fame. Apparently Triple H has not yet done that though, but the word is that he might still do it if that's what it would take to get Bruno to accept to offer.
1995 was the begining of the so called "Dark Era" in the WWF. However, it didn't it (in my opinion) start till May of 1995. Diesel (Kevin Nash) just won the WWF Championship from Bob Backlund (who himself won it two days before) in a record 9 seconds. The WWF decided to maKe this year's Rumble more interesting. The decided to make the intervals only 60 seconds apart instead of the normal 2 minutes. They did this for a few reasons. One is to give more time to the undercard which was fantastic by the way. Second, is that this year's Rumble has probably the weakest field ever and Vince probably knew that and didn't want the fans to get bored by seeing midcarders doing nothing for an hour. That is way this year's Rumble has a fast paced feel to it. January 22, 1995 USF Sundome in Tampa, Florida Announcers: Vince McMahon & Jerry "The King" Lawler is Shawn Michaels and is the British Bulldog. Bulldog does his usual and so does Shawn by bumping like crazy. Shawn looks to be out way too early with a Flair flip be ...
At one point, WWE officials had been discussing inducting Owen Hart into the 2013 Hall Of Fame class as a part of a settlement with Martha Hart. WWE reached out to Martha about settling her lawsuit against the company and inducting Owen but she turned the offer down. There is a feeling that eventually the lawsuit will be thrown out but that may take some time. Other names recently discussed for induction include the late "Big Bossman" Ray Traylor, *** Foley, Bob Backlund and Kevin Nash. Nothing is set in stone and after the first of the year, WWE will be sending out ballots within the company to get suggestions on names to be inducted.
On this day in Pro Wrestling History-In 1994Diesel (Kevin Nash) defeats Bob Backlund for the WWF/E World Heavyweight championship.
the following names are currently being discussed for the 2013 WWE Hall Of Fame: *** Foley -Bob Backlund -Kevin Nash -The Ultimate Warrior -JBL
It was recently announced that the 2013 WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony will take place on Saturday, April 6th from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Despite the fact that WrestleMania 29 is being billed as taking place from “NY/NJ”, WWE has reportedly had some issues regarding holding the HOF ceremony from New York City, due to their agreement with the state of New Jersey regarding where WrestleMania-week events will be held. It’s no secret that WWE was pushing hard for Bruno Sammartino to be the top name inducted into the Hall Of Fame next year, but at this point, there’s virtually no chance of that happening. Other names discussed for next year’s class include Bob Backlund, *** Foley, Kevin Nash and the Ultimate Warrior.
Rumored names for the 2013 WWE HOF are: *** Foley, Kevin Nash and Bob Backlund.
Some names rumored for next year's Hall Of Fame 2013 class would be *** Foley, Kevin Nash and Bob Backlund.
*** Foley, Kevin Nash, Ultimate Warrior and Bob Backlund are rumored names for the 2013 Hall Of Fame.
all that sounds great but I wanna see Daniel Bryan & Bob Backlund vs Sheamus & Kevin Nash in a "10 second match"..
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