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Kevin Myers

Kevin Myers (born 30 March 1947) is an Irish journalist and writer. He writes for the Irish Independent and is a former contributor to The Irish Times, where he wrote the An Irishman's Diary opinion column several times weekly.

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Calm down Irish people, it's not Kevin Myers. More is the pity.
Some cool peeps got me this book for Christmas. Anything Maxwell is great, and Kevin Myers has some great...
Paywall Tom, unfortunately need to await another opportunity to read the wisdom of Kevin Myers.
Anyone wonder why a portion of the Dublin elite seeking to split a friendly & helpful neighbour, might read this.
"You don't have fall apart when your plans fall apart. You can trust God." -Pastor Kevin Myers @
Charles Miner: I don't need to know everybody's sexual history. Michael: Perfect. Because next up is Kevin. And he has no s…
Kevin Myers article "Africa is Giving Nothing to Anyone - Apart from AIDS." was great.
The reality of loyalist/RUC/British Army violence on GAA families always ignored by like of Kevin Myers and etc..
"No other coach in NFL history has had to keep track of a challenge flag during the relocation process." - Kevin Demoff https…
Kevin Myers in the Sunday Times points out a few other charmers (Stalinists actually) that has praised recently.
Amazing piece on the loss of a parent from Kevin Myers- 'Still shredded with guilt and grief over Dad'.
WHIPPED in the hands of Alysha Collett takes race 2 @ Waipukurau for Kevin Myers going away at the line by 3/4L 1:3…
Check out "Rarity" that I cowrote with Kevin Myers that I play the guitar track on. It's on Dark Room Vol. 2 on Spotify, iTunes, Google play
Kevin Myers, Anne Doyle, all on the show today. Plus looked at the reality of ECT. Listen back https:/…
Channel hopping across radio. Accidentally tuned into Kevin Myers with George Hook. Call Reuters. Newstalk has reached "Peak Mo…
It's fun to compare Irish, the British, and the American editions of Kevin Myers's memoir of 1970s Belfast.
For a man well educated by teachers and professors this is a very unfair & belittling comment by Kevin Myers in today's…
Nothing funny about Kevin Myers. He’s a blight and a horror.
Divorce is not a solution to problems in marriage. Take a Stand and fight for your marriage. Pastor Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers (complete with gigantic chip on shoulder) on now.
Kevin Roldan, Anuel AA, Bryan Myers, Almighty, Jory Boy , Ozuna is all i knock too
I guess mr Myers gave up on the whole playing music on Friday thing
If you're in St. Louis, a warning. Kevin Slaten is returning to your radio. He's got more lives than Michael Myers.
liked Wilson's style, & how he made IU respectable. Hope he stays in B1G... Hoosiers' Kevin Wilson resigns;
A day in the life of Michael Myers part 1.
Get that Kevin Durant warriors out of here
Myers: Moana is a rip off of Mulan . Me: How?. Myers: What's the plot?. Me: A girl leaves her village to save the world...
If Westbrook leave OKC in two years I don't blame him cause they let Kevin Durant, James Harden, Jeff Green & Ibaka go…
In two years i bet my favorite player would no longer be Kevin Durant anymore . It would be Russell Westbrook
Kevin Love use to be asuperstar ,all star,Olympic gold medalist when he was in Minnesota Timberwolves now Cavs hate hi…
Kevin Myers, 38, formerly of Abbottstown Borough, worked as a director of purchasing for Utz Quality Foods, Inc.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Illuminating, Kevin. Your best work comes out amid a tragedy. Can't begin to tell you my concern for you, reporting on Monday.
They did follow Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld and Seth Myers recently, so maybe the bowl just loves funny dudes.
I think Kevin Myers is great. Sharp as a razor. You don't have to agree with him.
The Great Myers vandalism! Kevin's dad was a gas man altogether!
Former potato chip exec Kevin Myers sentenced to 51 months in prison. He received $651K in kickbacks:
"He went into a very dark place emotionally and became a part of this illegal activity," Kevin Myers' attorney said.
I sat next to Kevin Nealon once at the Fort Myers airport. Wait that actually happened. This didn't
Kevin Myers is the guy from My Bloody Valentine, right?
*** Byrne, Kevin Myers, Terry Wogan ) & other non-parochial Irish would see Sturgeon as stuff of nightmares. SNP's anti-devolution
The fact a muncie police reserve officer was busted for child sex trafficking. I'd like to know who's badge Kevin Ray Myers had I was told
oh wow pick up your game Kevin. I'll take that 1v1 any day with my nearly 2 KD 😏
how can I ever make it up to you Kevin? ☹️
Whiskey Myers coming to Delmar Hall: Whiskey Myers is coming to Delmar…
Fake News from the fascist Kevin Myers with his revisionist history of Cuba. The long blockade by US not mentioned.
See Kevin Myers is back on the airways again, must have a new book out
Here is Kevin Myers at his sublime best in the Sunday Times. Magnificent from start to finish.
Launching Kevin Myers' memoir, Michael O'Leary said after Myers left the Irish Times "there was no reason to buy the bloody rag again".
It'd be a good strategy to get new members..."Join SocDems or we make Kevin Myers Taoiseach"
A fine idea. I choose Kevin Myers. Seems like he'd know his way around a flintlock pistol, so he's a sure duel winner.
BASE: Kevin Myers comes on to just throw one pitch. Nice moment for Mount as he leaves to a round of applause. Ben Smallenbroek on now.
David Quinn in the Indo argues that the rising wasn't justified. He uses a Jesuit and Kevin Myers to back him up. Don'…
The filthy fraud Kevin Myers even contradicted by Michael Portillo as to whether Ireland needed The Rising for freedom.
to get a good look at Shaq Lawson, Kevin Dodd at Clemson Pro Day
Meanwhile, Chris Paul whacked Kevin Durant in the groin
NASCAR star's replica of Augusta National's 12th hole might be the greatest thing ever:
This might be a great fit for you: Manager in Training (Kevin Lane's District) Ft Myers/Naples Fl -
Monday 14 Mar 6.30pm - in conversation with Kevin Myers. Admission free - book on 01 6774754
Kevin Flaherty, Hal Collard, and Jeff Myers all ready for weekly ILD conference!! Welcome to U of M, Hal!
NEXT UP: The Ceramics Department at GCC is proud to share that we will be hosting Kevin Myers, artist and...
Kevin, and all the menses!!!. Let the 7 year itch begin!!! — drinking cocktails at Rascals Fort Myers
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Rays' lineup will be fluid this season: FORT MYERS -- Rays manager Kevin Cash said Monday he is not close to…
The had an error free game today in Ft Myers. What did Kevin Cash say about the defense before the game?
Pelicans play by play man Joel Myers says Kevin Durant will leave OKC if they don't make the finals. Hear it here.
Red Sox game at Jet Blue facility in Fort Myers. Great way to spend day.
Artist Kevin Myers on his travels in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China. Mar. 11 @ 7 p.m. in AA 108
as Kevin Myers once said, the highlights of a NI football match seemed to last longer than the match
tip toe guys, tip toe. Still gives me nightmares
Sunday on Fort Myers Beach. Very hot and lots to see.
Kevin Myers on Irish election versus US election...
lmaaaooo that's how it be. I thought it helped with the ignorance level 😭
Shaun Livingston was instrumental in limiting Kevin Durant & forcing him to make 9 turnovers in Golden State's win.
Judges have listened and voted for their favourite entry. The winner is Kevin Myers with Part of the show! Congratulations!
Kevin Cash says Ryan Webb doing well (left hamstring tightness), but is not scheduled to pitch FRI in Ft Myers as originally planned.
"Would you please be quiet I am in an intense game of minesweeper" Chad Gregory Myers 2k16
Meg Myers must die Jenny! I will give all your life back once the Hollywood *** are dead Like Kevin Alber's cat!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The Kevin Myers receives award for service to safety from Karen McDonnell
Kevin Smith likes to talk about misguided/self-serving moral guardians in some of his movies after all.
I wouldn't like that. Kevin are u going to ft myers at all to do any baseball stories? Or bc of hockey, not?
Open mic is tonight with Kevin Myers. Join us for your chance to WIN a $140 private room party. Perform for...
The HSE's Kevin Myers will open the free Conference at on 22 March. Have you registered your place?
it. Which is a little odd to me given Kevin Smith was one of the founders, you'd think it'd've gained more ground since …
Ian O'Doherty: What you get if you take Kevin Myers, remove all writing talent & traces of beauty & decant remainder into a block of lard.
What an amazing photograph by of Kevin Myers opening in the Gallery's Collection room! htt…
Kevin Myers ran very strong article in Telegraph warning Ireland the peril we face from Sinn Fein
The former Kevin Myers trained Dee I Cee a tough 3rd in his first Australian race for
The and have discussed Kevin Love trade. Also have discussed 3-way deal involving Carmelo Anthony:
Knicks, Cavs and Celtics also discussed a blockbuster that sends Melo to Cleveland, Kevin Love to Boston and picks/play…
The Cavs and Celtics have discussed a blockbuster trade that would send Kevin Love to Boston. (NYDN)
OVERTHERIVER ridden by Hayden Tinsley for Kevin Myers takes the feature
I liked a video FLASHBACK: Working Out with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon & Mike Myers in
It's Team Drake vs. Team Kevin Hart at the All-Star Celebrity Game—but it's really all about the Property Brothers:
Kevin Myers says reduction in injuries at work not just down to regulation also market conditions, media, unions etc
One of us is now on Late Night with Seth Myers. The other is very proud.
aye bet now I got another pencil to put in my ear and never use 😀
dimes are my favorite coins. You got yourself a deal
you know what, just because I like you. How about 2 SHINNY Pennies ? 🤔
how about I give you a shinny penny for that $1 🤔
My family is such a blessing. Now to shut down a fantastic night with some scripture and a little reading from Homerun by Kevin Myers.
I will be voting for Kevin Kopec for the 2016 Presidential election
Frank and Claire are going to war in the new ‘House of Cards’ Season 4 trailer.
Kevin Love is frustrating to watch play basketball
Kevin Myers opening up our very first Open Mic night
Was not disappointed. (Also remember when Kevin Spacey played a video game supervillain?)
Should have had more contrarian voices, John A Murphy, Ruth Dudley Edwards, Kevin Myers, Paul Bew, John Bruton ...
If are giving Kevin Myers of The Telegraph "Nightmares" they must be doing something right!.
Kevin Myers spade-is-a-spade article on Sinn Fein/IRA killings incl dishonourable mention for Slab Murphy
Kevin Gonzalez u ready for this all star
A take on Sinn Féin and the upcoming election by Kevin Myers for Telegraph readers. .
Kevin Myers is a candidate for Delegate on the Zuckerman / Bolton: Local 89 Teamsters United slate, and he stands...
Kevin Myers: As murder returns to Ireland, so does the Sinn Fein nightmare: … FILES. The Provisional I...
Watching the Door: Cheating Death in 70s Belfast, by Kevin Myers
Someone should lower Kevin Myers into a giant silo of spunk and seal up the door. I'd have a party outside listening to him gurgle.
I thought about that at first too 😂 but all we were gonna do was watch the Kite Runner lol
Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook combine for 61 Pts as the Thunder defeat the Suns, 122-106.
Put others in God's hands. Changing people is God's responsibility, not yours. Kevin Myers
Kevin Gonzalez Brenda Gonzalez Claudia Bello how many chucho got so far
Very good articles by you & Kevin Myers in today's nobody else thinking outside the box.
I agree with Kevin Myers. Islam is biggest cultural problem in Europe
Watching the Door: Cheating Death in 1970s Belfast, by Kevin Myers via
Family of Officer Kevin James, murdered in 2001, just entered the Walls Unit
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Kevin Pillar's spirit animal is a Labrador Retriever
"The UK is best in class in the EU with the least number of fatal injuries at work" Kevin Myers
SPOTTED: PK at IWU . I REPEAT. Kevin Myers is in the building
"No God-sized dream can be realized without God in it." Kevin Myers
Kevin Gonzalez, Brenda Gonzalez who does the the last one remind of lmao
Kevin Myers & Andrew Garner are 2 great speakers at Topic: 'Increasing Efficiency Whilst Retaining Talent'
its that or sexual torture from Michael myers 😂
Re: the idea of unconscious misogyny as related to fashion, feminism, obesity, anorexia.
I ain't been far lol I live out by Christmas tree farm Bryan myers and Kevin Griffin my neighbors we just party all the time
Many forget Casey Affleck's cameo as Kevin Myers' older brother. It was a performance to remember.
After 4 hard days recruiting in Ft Myers it's time to relax at Kevin Hart on WSU campus at Nutter Center!
😂😂😂😂 I'm weak. Props for you being so suave with it
I still apologize for last night bruh 😂
Nice letter Kevin. I'm hoping Berkeley hears what you and so many others are saying.
I have to wear my hoco jersey though 😐
was at Kevin Myers H&S masterclass on Wed. It was said that presentation would be available on gcu but I can't find it? Help? ☺
Dozens attend vigil for Vonderrit Myers Jr., killed in gun battle with St. Louis officer
to Watching the Door: Drinking Up, Getting Down, and Cheating Death in 1970s Belfast - Kevin Myers
Vigil set for Vonderrit Myers Jr., shot and killed by St. Louis police officer one year ago
Great, Kevin McCarthy drops out of SPEAKER race. We need a really smart and really tough person to take over this very…
Health and safety should be seen as business opportunity, not an anchor, says Kevin Myers at Masterclass.
Students are the future of health and safety, says Kevin Myers at GCU Masterclass.
Leisure Activities at 1:30!. Does your accent influence the way people think about you? Ger speaks to Kevin Myers about these prejudices.
An Attempt to Translate the 6 Most Common Guy Fieri Sayings via - by Dan Myers
Kevin Myers will give a lecture in Rothe House Kilkenny. on Wednesday 28th of October at 7.30 pm. Admission 10...
some places still available for tomorrows Kevin Myers Masterclass on health and safety details at
Congrats to Anne and Kevin Myers for being voted Top Printing Business in Myrtle Beach!...
Kevin Myers to me is the poor man's Alf Garnett
”now the subject of an offer from an English buyer and according to trainer Kevin Myers there’s a good chance that a deal will be done"
"There’s positive energy when we come together, a sense of relief." Kevin Myers on his support group for FAP&Lynch.
When you meet Thomas Ian Nicholas from American pie aka Kevin Myers.
Kevin Myers versus Barry McGuigan sounds like a pretty unfair fight in fairness.
I oppose boxing . Did so on TV with Barry McGuigan and Kevin Myers years ago.
“Little in the way of organizational structure to guide the intending case inquirer” from Gary Thomas & Kevin Myers
activate OF Wil Myers from the 15 day DL; option P Kevin Quackenbush to AAA:
OF Will Myers called up to San Diego from El Paso, Kevin Quackenbush optioned to El Paso.
Mark Daly ( FF) " Kevin Myers would agree with the Senator. He is in good company." Sounds like 1916 might break out again !
Right-handed reliever Kevin Quackenbush optioned by to Triple-A El Paso to make room for return of CF-1B Wil Myers from D.L.
According to reports the have activated Wil Myers from the DL,they optioned Kevin Quackenbush to Triple-A El Paso
SAN DIEGO PADRES: Activated outfielder Wil Myers off the 15-day disabled. list; optioned pitcher Kevin Quackenbush to El Paso (PCL).
Get your tickets for Kevin Myer's Lecture 'Father Browne, Limerick and Ireland's Great War'!
Shaun Fannin and Kevin Myers a formidable duo |
Breeding spotters should have collected in the first at Wanganui.Kevin Myers. Romelo produced top stayer's run to...
Cavaliers: 4-0 this postseason in games that both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love do not play
"Go for the one who doesn’t wait until you decide what you want, but shows you what you want instead."
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Kevin Durant hit the blunt before that commercial 😂😂
'Feminists demand equality, but women and children come first'. (HT
Wil Myers just went yard in his rehab stint!
no but really, what if Kevin Durant had a brother named Deo...
If Myers had done the Kevin Love deal, Warriors would be a blistering 5-for-21 today.
Shawn Le Va, 12u Miken Blue Sox, hits a 2-run homer in the top of the 1st. Kevin Ralston also joined today's HR part…
I like to think that before too long we'll be asking the same question about Kevin Myers & John Waters.
still standing tall with Nate Craig-Myers? We have the latest.
The Nets today are working out:. Terry Rozier. Kevin Pangos. Treveon Graham. Aaron Thomas. Mike Myers. Kendall Gray
Here's the latest work by Jeff Brunstrom and Peter Rogers and their collaborators Kevin Myers and Jon Holtzman
Anyone else find it strange that anti marriage equality spokesmen Bruce Arnold & Kevin Myers are republicans greatest critics?
Kevin Myers offered us vista of marrying our grandkids/parents
Cameron Diaz & Mike Myers at 2007 MTV Movie Awards - Audience and Backstage
Russell Westbrook has more triple-doubles this season (7) than Kevin Durant has in his entire career (6)
bc they're gross at that shop (except for red velvet) bc they're all dry! Ask your uncle Kevin for the place he buys them at!!
I hate this part 󾍀 — traveling to Denver, Colorado from RSW Fort Myers Int Airport
“The problem with popular thinking is that it doesn’t require you to think at all.”. —Kevin Myers”
Good article by Kevin Myers in the Sunday Times today. I applaud that man for not being politically correct.
ICYMI, Kevin Martin had a big night as the snapped the Trail Blazers' five-game win streak
YES!!! Well, good prediction there Coach Kevin McCarthy! Myers deflected the puck in! Thanks!!! 1-1 tie.
Jordan Myers, dunk you very much, cuts Allen lead to 23-16
“"Well I'm not homeless and I'm not a cocain addict. So I have that going for me.". -The Big Sexy” AKA: Kevin Myers
The verdict is in on Kevin Myers and books on the first World War.
Kevin myers snapchat story makes my night
A wonderful pinup shot by the great Kevin Myers with Coastal Expressions photography! Absolutely loved this...
"Look at that dude wearing a black robe on the sidewalk looking like Freddy Myers" . 5 min later Kevin realized he said Freddy Myers 😂
Kevin Gates is going to be in Ft Myers Harborside Park sometime this month. $50 a ticket
Check out at the revised photos from:
Chris Myers, thanks for the memories. Best of luck wherever you land.
Kevin Myers and his needs for Africa's produce for food clothes and phones a reminder of our inter dependence!
So it was Kevin Myers, Whitney Farrar, & Lareese Blaques idea for my ex to want to become a shooter.
KEEP THE SPIRIT OF '45 ALIVE!! MARTINSVILLE, IN would like to WELCOME Kevin Myers to our list of friends to join...
Reading Home Run by Kevin Myers, and I can't not share it.
"The most dangerous place a church can be in is comfortable." . - Kevin Myers
“He’s our leader and it wasn’t just him. It’s on all of us.” . - Kevin Love on LeBron James in Rockets game
Kevin Myers looks at Ireland during The Great War. 6 - 7pm. Free event with light refreshements from The Silver...
Chris Paul has passed Kevin Johnson (6,711) for No. 18 on the all-time assists list.
'Ireland's Great War', with Kevin Myers, historian, author, and journalist.
Brian Christian (0-0, 0.00 ERA) will make his first collegiate start for the Huskies against Kevin Myers (0-0, 0.00 ERA).
Red cups, *** shots and Kevin Myers - what more could you want... AMERICAN PIE PARTY w/ this Sat!!
The recent talk by Kevin Myers at our 'History & Culture in Wartime Ireland' study morning is now up as a podcast
Is it true Kevin Myers is now battery operated by a retired Stickie?
I always think Kevin Myers, of all people, had him about right:
Remember when Warriors fans were mad that Myers refused to give up Klay Thompson for Kevin Love?
Remember when we wanted to trade Klay for Kevin Love? Thank you based Myers
Brilliant ride in opener with Kevin Myers boom NZ App MICKY DEE driving ROYAL SNITZEL home switching whip to left hand top of lane
I heard he's been hanging out with Kevin Myers and Shane Ross a lot lately.
Kevin Myers: "We don't make God relevant. We show peopke God IS relevant."
its matinee time again tomm pm . This week we have Kevin Myers from PEI. Happy hour 4-6.
Lol me Kevin and Sean are all ENFJs on the myers Briggs personality test 😂
Kevin gates the realest nigggah out
ty😘. Kate Beckett. Leslie Knope. Harvey Specter. Kevin Ryan. Nina Myers. ignore me if u did this already
“my music ranges from Whiskey Myers to Kevin Gates” this is literally the story of my life omg.
Kevin love is like Myers Leonard. He's there for the pictures 😎
I like how Myers still has classes on Schoolweb
Kevin Myers should acknowledge teacher bashing as one of his hobbies.
Paddy Harte (ex Donegal TD) and Kevin Myers might both be worth contacting
You got 2 ears 1 mouth, listen twice as much as you speak -
In the Ballymore Inn having lunch with Kevin Myers he was asking how was
JC said it in his last verse in his battle against Danny Myers. Whole battle had crazy bars from both sides
At a leadership seminar with John Maxwell and Kevin Myers. Incredible!
Oh you know, just sitting here listening to John Maxwell and Kevin Myers.
From History Ireland: Kevin Myers on estimating the Irish dead of WW1:...
I'm so excited can't wait til nest fest in fort myers fla umma b da 1st person in line welcome to my city Kevin Hart
Black Lives Mater - writes message on his shoes last night
fort Myers florida? See if you can out sell Kevin Harr
thanks to you both for sharing, Lois and Kevin!
Kevin Love has 16 rebounds tonight. Serge Ibaka has 0 rebounds tonight.
me too! We're going to fort myers to see Kevin hart in March!
no tried to promote spoke to Kevin Myers but unknown author (not Irish!) low profile publisher niche subject = no interest
Tyler Myers for Kevin Bieska I would make this deal in a heart beat! Bieska is not a clean enough player & 2 many penalties!
Kevin Myers launches his first book about Irish involvement in the Great War :: The Irish Times, Novemb...
I met James Hird, Dyson Heppell, David Myers, Jake Melksham and Matthew Lloyd last Friday so life's pretty good
Living in Tampa these next 2 years with high hopes of meeting and befriending Wil Myers and Kevin Kiermaier
Kevin Burke and Mark Myers should get drafted in the spring
"Waiting for God to catch you instead of chasing him is lazy." - Kevin Myers
Warriors GM Credits Continuity for Hot Start: Bob Myers was blasted for not trading for Kevin Love, but it's b...
My latest blog on the best endurance performances by Iowans over the weekend:
Thanks again to our fantastic speakers on Friday, Kevin Myers (HSE), Andy Lucas (Ex EHO) and Mark Flanagan (Shieldyourself)
Kevin McAllister is more dangerous than Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees & Freddy Krueger combined.
stfu Kevin *** y'all lost to Fort Myers last year😒
Junior takes home top award in Vegas | ESPN USA
"Your life is shaped more by what you give than what you get" - Kevin Myers 12 Stone Church
Junior takes home top award in Vegas
ESPN NASCAR News: Junior takes home top award in Vegas
So excited to see Kevin Hart in Fort Myers this March 😻
QB Mark Myers strong arm, so wind shouldn't be huge factor. QB Kevin Burke known for play in bad weather
news - NASCAR stars shine in Vegas: Marty Smith and Ryan McGee welcome Matthew Berry to discuss his fa...
Kevin Myers at the launch of his book 'Ireland's Great War' at the 1937 Reading Room TCD
Kevin Myers HSE acting Chief Executive speaks about FFI to the commercial sector
Un peu de RECONNAISSANCE. ...Ça fat du bien de lire ça. (Même si c'est un peu pathétique...) Passez le mot... ;o) British newspaper salutes Canada . . . this is a good read. It is funny how it took someone in England to put it into words.Salute to a brave and modest nation - Kevin Myers , 'The Sunday Telegraph' LONDON :November 2013. Until the deaths of Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan , probably almost no one outside their home country had been aware that Canadian troops are deployed in the region. And as always, Canada will bury its dead, just as the rest of the world, as always will forget its sacrifice, just as it always forgets nearly everything Canada ever does.. It seems that Canada 's historic mission is to come to the selfless aid both of its friends and of complete strangers, and then, once the crisis is over, to be well and truly ignored. Canada is the perpetual wallflower that stands on the edge of the hall, waiting for someone to come and ask her for a dance. A fire breaks out, she ...
In Mid Murray, Dave Burgess is back as Mayor. Adriaan Sakko, Brenton Schmidt, Kevin Myers, Mardi Jennings & Kelly Kuhn will be on council.
“why Kevin gates looking like Michael myers bruh ?
why Kevin gates looking like Michael myers bruh ?
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is to Paul Rudd as Nightmare on Elm Street is to Johnny Depp as Friday the 13th is to Kevin Bacon.
"My voice is unique.. like Bob Dylan." - Kevin Malone
I can't be the only one who think Michael Myers and Kevin Gates are the same ppl!!! ok
Kevin Gates was lowkey looking like Mike Myers LOL
Kevin Gates looks like Mike Myers but lightskinned
Why Kevin standing like that he look like Michael Myers😂
Kevin gates look like a black Michael Myers • Yes wit all those wild *** face tats
Kevin Gates look like Michael Myers . . W/ the mask 😕
Kevin Gates look like he can be Micheal Myers son
Kevin gates looks like a real life mike Myers / Chucky ??
Kevin gates look like a black Michael Myers
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Kevin Gates look like Micheal Myers or something..
Kevin gates back there lookin like michael myers
Kevin gates looks like Michael Myers back there lol
Kevin Gates in the back looking like Michael Myers
Kevin Gates back there lookin' like Michael Myers wit a swollen face tho
Kevin Love da truth! I remember watching him play in high skool down here in Ft. Myers & he was doin da same thing back den
Was refused entry to police union presser on Vonderrit Myers shooting for 10 mins. WaPo/Capitol Building id not enough to…
"You cannot be around the fire of the Holy Spirit for long without being caught by it or running from it" - Kevin Myers
Many teams interested in Myers and BUF would do it, but the price will be high. DET one of many calling BUF.
Letters in todays Sunday Times in response to Kevin Myers diatribe against Constance Markievicz in last week's paper
N yes i got a new tat n yes it is mine and Kevin Myers last names lol
We live in a society with destination disease. Too many people want to do enough to "arrive," and then they want to retire. My friend Kevin Myers says it this way: "Everyone is looking for a quick fix, but what they really need is fitness. People who look for fixes stop doing what's right when pressure is relieved. People who pursue fitness do what they should no matter what the circumstances are." People who are constantly improving themselves make three processes an ongoing cycle in their lives: 1. Preparation: When individuals are intentional about learning something every day, then they become better prepared to handle whatever challenges they meet. 2. Contemplation: Time alone is essential to self-improvement. It allows you to gain perspective on your failures and successes so that you can learn from them. It gives you the time and space to sharpen your personal or organizational vision. And it enables you to plan how you can improve in the future. 3. Application: Musician Bruce Springsteen said, "A ...
10 July 1980, saw the birth of Thomas Ian Nicholas (34), best known for playing Kevin Myers in the American Pie films
He's done it again..Pencuri changed to stables to Kevin Myers' care a week ago and he wins first time for him at Waverley today.
I really can't wait to see Kevin Keirmaier and Wil Myers in the lineup and in the outfield
Hamilton Collection
"I am Frank Sinatra and my bathroom is Las Vegas.." - Kevin Myers on shower singing
more importantly how good is Kevin kiermeier. Mercy he's hardly made me miss myers. Lol
The Cavs and T-Wolves are engaged in trade talks that'll send Kevin Love to Cleveland. Trade is contingent on LeBron si…
The are reportedly pursuing a trade for Kevin Love that is contingent on LeBron James returning to Cleveland http…
Took some time to leave Crete: had to talk to Kevin & Susan Myers, whose tandem we saw parked.
I did, and I have faith in AB too. But Kevin love is an all star right now
kevin love is injury prone and wiggins can be a stud wing defender and lebrons BOY on the fast break
Smith and Myers on Pandora radio made me smile like a little girl last night. Lmao. Kevin was laughing so hard.
I used to be a homie hopper lol first it was Myers then Khalif then Myers again then Khalif again then Myers then Kevin lol
All. But David Price, Wil Myers and Kevin Kermaier drive me crazy
If only wil myers played as hard as kevin
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