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Kevin Charles Millar (born September 24, 1971 in Los Angeles, California) is an American former professional baseball first baseman and current analyst for MLB Network and New England Sports Network. The Boston Red Sox are a professional baseball team based in Boston, Massachusetts, and a member of Major League Baseball’s American League Eastern Division. 5.0/5

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Nick Cafardo thinks the Red Sox should have traded Kevin Millar to the Reds for Aroldis.
Kevin Millar instantly becomes my favorite Red Sox player of all time if he smacks Arod in the mouth while on the air.
"It's never over till 27 outs. Keep grinding" former Red Sox and World Series champion, Kevin Millar.
By that logic, Kevin Millar is more important to the Red Sox than Yaz because he has a ring and Yaz doesn't.
lol I thought that was ex-Red Sox star Kevin Millar for a moment
The worst thing about that 2004 Red Sox team is it gave Kevin Millar a shred of relevancy now i have to see his stupid brotastic face on tv
David Ortiz's HR in the top of the 16th was the latest for the Red Sox, by inning, since 4/1/03 (Kevin Millar in 9-8 win…
“Name your top 5 favorite Red Sox players that you've had the privilege to see play". Manny. Pedro. Tek. Big Papi. Kevin Millar
Kevin Millar is one of the coolest Red Sox players to ever play the game
Kevin Millar is definitely one of my all time favorite Red Sox, absolutely ripped into Shaughnessy before game 4 against the Yankees
Jon Lester now Red Sox leader! joined and discussed the current situation!
Kevin Millar: "don't let the Red Sox win this game"
Best part of the How ecstatic Terry Francona and Kevin Millar were to add A-Rod to the Red Sox.
Which Red Sox player shaved his beard? Find out on Intentional Talk, plus Chris Rose and Kevin Millar discuss Derek Jeter's retirement statement at 5pm and 7pm ET!
I just got finished watching "Band of Bearded Brothers" - the celebration video for the Red Sox championship season. Outstanding. Great job by the narrator, Kevin Millar. Excellent section on the Boston Marathon bombing and Boston's response. To all my friends in Red Sox Nation.if you haven't bought the DVD, get it. You will probably never again see a team that was almost universally picked to finish in last place by national, and local, so-called "experts" actually win it all. When they make movies about stuff like that, critics pan it saying that the plot simply isn't believable. Boston Strong!!
Kevin Millar of the Red Sox plays a little winter ball.
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My buddy Allan Wood from Essex has his new Red Sox book coming out for opening day. "Don't let us Win Today" with a forward from Kevin Millar. You can pre 0rder it on Amazon!
Today in Baseball History -- Jan. 26 -- from Mary Landers ... 1957 -- Lou Perini is replaced by Joe Cairnes as president of the Braves. Perini, the owner of the club, will be best remembered as the person responsible for moving the franchise from Boston to Milwaukee in 1953. 1960 -- Due to his fear of flying, Red Sox outfielder Jackie Jensen announces his retirement. The 1958 MVP will later change his mind. 1989 -- The rules initiated last season to make balk calls more uniform throughout baseball are rescinded and are replaced by the pre-1988 rules. The wording change from 'a complete stop' to 'a single complete and discernible stop, with both feet on the ground' had caused umpires to call an unprecedented amount of balks in both the American and National League. 1990 -- Red Sox hire Elaine Weddington as the assistant general manager of the team making her the highest ranking black female executive in major league baseball. 2001 -- The June 8-10 (Arlington) and June 15-17 (Houston) interleague games betw ...
On this day 2005 After failing to sign free agent first baseman Carlos Delgado, the Mets quickly fill the void at first base by trading minor league prospect Ian Bladergroen and a player to be named (or cash) to Boston for Gold Glover Doug Mientkiewicz. The Red Sox, who acquired the 30-year-old infielder from the Twins at the non-waiver trade deadline to solidify their defense, will use heavy hitting, light fielding Kevin Millar at first.
ICYDK, Cowboy Up was a Kevin Millar creation for the 2004 Red Sox team to motivate. I still love that team.
Excerpt from "The Mind of Bill James" by Scott Gray (Doubleday, 2006): … Look at some of Boston's lineup next to that of their 2004 World Series opponent. Bill Mueller versus Scott Rolen. Kevin Millar against Albert Pujols. As great as Johnny Damon is, most pundits wouldn't have preferred him over Jim Edmonds. No wonder the consensus prediction had the Cardinals winning in five or six games. But a basic James principle is that "balanced strength is always preferable to unbalanced strength." The 2004 Red Sox, often labeled a "fantasy league team" by the media, were in fact far from it. Fantasy leaves value steals the same as home runs. Fantasy teams value the saves statistic at a premium. If you were putting together a fantasy team, the Yankees and Cardinals would have been better choices. Of course the "fantasy team" barb was supposed to reference Boston's lack of defense, too, but it reveals both the media's fixation on errors as the sole measure of fielding and a failure to realize the old Fenway Park ...
.which parts? TX? I first heard it when Kevin Millar said it to his Red Sox mates in 04.
"Your name isn't Skip Bayless." - to Kevin Millar on Matt Kemp being traded to the Red Sox. Nicely done.
Available on DVD and Blu-ray in stores and online throughout New England, now! Band of Bearded Brothers is narrated by former Red Sox first baseman and 2004 World Series champion Kevin Millar. With...
Kevin Millar said the exact same thing after the Red Sox traded talent for Joel Hanrahan
Catch a replay of Intentional Talk today with Kevin Millar & Chris Rose as they discuss Tigers' new manager Brad Ausmus & Red Sox beard shaving at 5 & 7pm ET!
Some Red Sox players answer questions from Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on Intentional Talk
Join Kevin Millar and Chris Rose for Intentional Talk as they discuss the comeback by the Red Sox, Hanley Ramirez’s injury and play Big Deal or No Big Deal, LIVE at 5pm ET!
Kevin Millar liked the Red Sox to win the 2013 World Series
Enjoy how the Bruins have a d-man named Kevan Miller and the Red Sox used to have a guy named Kevin Millar.
Kevin Millar picked us to lose to the Red Sox in the World Series and Chris Rose says we will lose to the Athletics.
For all my Red Sox fans, in the words of Kevin Millar,,"Cowboy Up"!!! Yeehaw!
Idk who is more of a clown Kevin Millar from the 2004 Red Sox team or Jonny Gomes from this years Red Sox team?
There's a Kevin Pillar on Toronto Blue Jays, I wonder if he's anything like Kevin Millar from the Red Sox
As Kevin Millar said don't let the Red Sox win this game
Red Sox Honor Rivera. Boston Shines on and off the field! 07:15 AM ET 09.16 | Boston, relatively speaking, has roughed up Mariano Rivera over the years, but the club on Sunday honored the Hall of Fame closer. The Red Sox tried to have a little fun with the Bombers' closer by showing his blown save in Game 4 of the 2004 AL Championship Series -- pitch-by-pitch with commentary from perpetrators Kevin Millar, Dave Roberts and Bill Mueller. ... Rivera seemed to take it good fun and enjoyed every minute of a fete that included the entire Red Sox team presenting gifts, a rendition of Rivera's "Enter Sandman" anthem by the Boston Cello Quartet and a sellout Fenway crowd standing and applauding throughout. "Great ceremony. Well-done," Rivera said. "(It was) humbling to me ... I appreciate what the Red Sox organization did." New York Daily News
MLB/ Boston Red Sox thoughts - Back in 2004 the Sox took on the moniker of the "Self Proclaimed *** " Led by Johnny Damon, Mike Timlin and Kevin Millar, the *** brought the first championship to Boston since 1918. Fast forward to this season, one in which the Sox were not expected to go anywhere after the horrific conclusion of the 2012 season. The locker room has seemingly been shifted back to a positive vibe once again. Guys like Mike Napoli, Jonny Gomes, Dustin Pedroia and Mike Carp are at the forefront of this recent transformation. However unlike the 2004 team, who gave themselves a nickname, ESPN has done it for the Red Sox. With a rugged bearded look, they have been dubbed "The Soggy Bottom Boys," a reference to the movie, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" So how does the Red Sox Nation feel about the name? Do you like it, hate it, or could care less about a nickname? If you don't like it, what nickname do you feel would be appropriate for this current group of players and why?
30 for 30: 4 days in October. Thanks, ESPN!! I guess I should also thank a hungry baby for getting me up so I could watch it and relive the historic comeback of the Red Sox over the Yanks. I sure miss Kevin Millar -- "Don't let us win today!"
My new favorite sports show is Intentional Talk on MLB network. Fun show, has Kevin Millar (World Series Champ/Red Sox) and Chris Rose from my last favorite sports show; Best *** Sports Show.
Just watched an interview with Big Papi David Ortiz from the Red Sox on MLB Network with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar. Absolutely best interview ever! Absolutely hilarious!
Seeing the Bruins' unbelievable rally reminds me of postseason comebacks by Boston teams. The one I think about first happened in the sixth game of the 1975 World Series. The Red Sox were an inning away from elimination when Bernie Carbo hit a three-run homer to tie the contest. The Sox won in 12 innings on Carlton Fisk's famous homer off the left field foul pole. Unfortunately, the win only tied the series and the Reds rallied to win game 7, 4-3. At the time, I was 25 years old and in my second year of teaching at PJ. MPass
Left signed by Jim Morris "The Rookie" right signed by Kevin Millar of the 2003-2005 Red Sox, 42 by no one, yet
MLB Network will air tomorrow's Royals at Red Sox game. Pregame prior to first pitch with Greg Amsinger, Kevin Millar &Harold Reynolds.
26th time in Red Sox history a plyr has hit 3 HR in 1 game, last 5: Nomar in 99/02, Bill Mueller in 03, Kevin Millar in 04, Pedroia in 2010
Watch: Kevin Millar talks Red Sox: Kevin Millar, who is co-host of the MLB Network's Intentional Talk program ...
Most important walk in Red Sox history? Kevin Millar in '04. Jackie Bradley, Jr., today. Discuss.
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MLB Network analyst Kevin Millar talked with Dennis & Callahan on Thursday to discuss the Red Sox’ chances this season, pitcher John Lackey, the best teammate he ever had, and more Red Sox news.
Ryan Dempster and Jonny Gomes spent some time on The Baseball Show on Tuesday, and the conversation turned to Kevin Millar. That's when "Kevin from Austin" called in.
“MLB Roundtrip” with Jeff Joyce and Kevin Kennedy is live until 11pmET. Tonight we’re previewing the Red Sox and Phillies seasons as we bring back our Thunderdome. Which teams wins more games in 2013 – the Red Sox or the Phillies? Is the window closed on both teams to win a World Series as currently constructed? Call us at 866-MLB-ON-XM/866-652-6696.
Kevin Millar talks about his career with the Red Sox and winning the World Series
9/25/12: Pedro Martinez and Kevin Millar join the NESN broadcast to wax nostalgic about past Red Sox teams
Gotta love the Boston accent when watching the movie Fever Pitch. Ex-Red Sox player Kevin Millar has his last named pronounced Millah. LOL
I actually don't think the Red Sox are a real baseball team, with real baseball guys anymore. Duquette's teams were better. They're a John Henry toy equation, using Bill James as a mathematician. This is supposed to equal a team. It doesn't. There are two teams in this Series who DO NOT use Sabremetrics...just talent, heart and guts. Kevin Millar, Johnny Damon, David Ortiz, Perdo Martinez have all said more or less that the faith, fun and friends drove the 2004 team. The 2007 team was iffy...and since then? The Sox have been a collection of useless salaries without chemistry. Gonzalez, Crawford, Lackey, Dice-K, Beckett -- all out for the huge money, no clutch delivery or respect for the game. John Farrell is a smiley-face Larry/Benjie "corporate decision" who IMHO won't push things. If a good baseball guy doesn't get signing (Ortiz, Ellsbury, Ross, a couple of big bats, a couple of stud pitchers) and solving (put Iglesias at short, get rid of FrankenCatcher) quick, I could see the Sox having nothing to sh ...
It was on this date on October 17, 2004, that Red Sox mouthpiece Kevin Millar announced to no one in particular at Fenway Park, "Don't let us win tonight." On This Date, October 18, 2012..."Let's See What The Yankees Are Made Of..."
Probably. With or without fat, that was the rule for all positions on 2004 Red Sox. See also: Kevin Millar, Johnny Damon, Trot Nixon
6. Mike Lowell, MLB Network analyst. Another outside-the-box candidate, Lowell stated a desire to spend more time with his family in Miami after retiring from the Red Sox in 2010. Lowell enjoyed tremendous respect in the Sox's clubhouse and was a fan favorite. He also is bilingual, which is a great asset, but as Kevin Millar said last week, "He might be too rich to manage." Lowell's name also has surfaced as a potential candidate in Miami if the Marlins fire Ozzie Guillen.
Loved the ceremony remembering the 2004 Red Sox team! Nomar, Kevin Millar, Pedro, and Trot Nixon, so good to see them together again, loved that team! :)
Just got to watch Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez talking about the 2004 Red Sox.that was a team.not this band of misfits this year.where's Francona
Dear NESN: please just have Pedro Martinez and Kevin Millar in the booth for every Red Sox game next year.
Kevin Millar and Chris Rose chat with Red Sox left fielder Cody Ross about a recent wardrobe issue that he had during batting practice
Do you think players want to play in Boston? Jon Lester is not so sure. Mut and Merloni are talking about what it's like to play for the Red Sox and if Boston is still a desirable place to play. "Jon Lester, if it's such a tough place to play, then leave" -Lou Merloni
Well said Kevin Millar, show some passion Red Sox, time to Cowboy Up and knock someone on their ***
Red Sox need to hire Jason Varitek and Kevin Millar next season. for something
Two-part MLB All-Star Game mega-pod. In Part 1, Bill Simmons catches up with Kevin Millar to chat about his Red Sox days, and asks Sean Casey who he t
Before breaking up Beckett's no-no, Miguel Olivo's claim to Red Sox fame what that Kevin Millar imiated his stance to end '04 slump.
Kevin Millar joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Red Sox, the Clay Buchholz injury, and the...
Kevin Youkilis traded to White Sox - Extra Bases - Red Sox blog via is like losing Kevin Millar -sad
*** no Youkilis. Figured we could also get Manny, Kevin Millar, and Pokey Reese so we could have the entire '04 Red Sox squad.
Gary Rothfeld MD Kevin Millar, MLB Network, on David Ortiz, Bobby V, and the Red Sox - WEEI. Baseball
Chris Rose and Kevin Millar debate the state of the Marlins, Red Sox & Tigers in "I'm Buying or Keep Trying" on Intentional Talk, LIVE at 5pE
I really hate Kevin Millar. And all of the World Series winning Red Sox.
5/7/12: Orioles outfielder Adam Jones joins Chris Rose and Kevin Millar to discuss the Orioles' 17-inning win over the Red Sox
AUDIO: Kevin Millar, MLB Network, on Adrian Gonzalez playing RF and the Red Sox
With the Red Sox down three games to zero in the 2004 American League Championship Series, Kevin Millar warns to not let the Red Sox win Game 4.
How do the Red Sox do such a good job with Tim Wakefield's Day & then massively screw up the 100 years of Fenway...oh right no Kevin Millar
Thank god John Henry knew that all I needed was Kevin Millar singing Tessie to heal my Red Sox wounds. Can't wait to buy the CD!
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Kevin Millar, former Sox 1B, on Mariano Rivera and the Red Sox
Why did the Red Sox pinch run Dave Roberts for Kevin Millar? The racing stripes on his shirt means he's fast right?
Kevin Millar claims that it was invented in the Red Sox clubhouse but why did he wait for Brian Wilson to say it for him to bring it back?
Cody Ross is the quintessential Red Sox player - the Kevin Millar of his time.
Tracked Down: Caroline Kennedy, Patrick Chung, Kevin Millar, and more...: Red Sox [team stats] legend Bobby Doer...
A lengthy ceremony recognizing the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park before today's Yankees-Red Sox game came to a close with former Sox stars Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez offering a toast, sort of, to the stadium—while sounding a bit like they'd been rehearsing it for some time.
Kevin Millar, on national TV, just called out Joe Buck on dying his hair. This is the most I've ever liked a Red Sox player
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