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Kevin Millar

Kevin Charles Millar (born September 24, 1971 in Los Angeles, California) is an American former professional baseball first baseman and current analyst for MLB Network and New England Sports Network.

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Kevin Millar just on and Toronto hopeful Kevin Pillar gets the Jungle Karma and jacks a 2run shot.
A Stolmy start to this outing. Kevin "don't call me Millar" Pillar goes deep. . Ok time to relax. It's spring training.
Ugh, I love you Jim Rome, but just say no to Kevin Millar.
.Kevin Millar on with now talking MLB
Guy on the radio just called Kevan Miller, Kevin Millar.
Robbie in Boston. I like that Kevin Millar kid. He would never strikeout to a pitching machine.
Kevin Millar - at the end of the day we are just pieces of meat.. Alternative lifestyle Droopy dog: OH BOY!
Kevin Millar (is joining and Kevin is celebrating the return of Summer Shandy
Kevin Millar: "Don't let us win tonight. That's all I'm trying to say."
Kevin Millar said Terry Collins has done a good job lmao
I'm guessing a lot of that is Kevin wanting to make a few political points about getting good things done.
Jim Rome Kevin Millar and the State of California!!
Well, there's two *** bags there for ya-Jim Rome and Kevin Millar. Millar is a Boston wanna be. Hate that guy.
out here on the west coast Jim Rome calls you all the Chowds !! I fell to the floor laughing even Kevin Millar backed him on that!
What did kevin Millar say this season of hot stove is the funniest segment ever. I never ever understand 1 word that comes out of his mouth
Best believe I'm quoting kevin millar in the yearbook
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Quitely drawing a comic for Millar is like Haskell Wexler shooting a movie for Kevin Smith - a total waste
Kevin Millar can't pronounce most words but he wants David Wright
do not miss that guy. He's like kevin Millar but without talent and an even larger serving of self-love.
“Name your top 5 favorite Red Sox players that you've had the privilege to see play". Manny. Pedro. Tek. Big Papi. Kevin Millar
Leiter, Smoltz, & Plesac for me. I do enjoy Intentional Talk. Chris Rose mostly but he's good with Kevin Millar
Mural of greats featuring Pedro, ManRam, and the Big Poopy. BUT WHERE IS KEVIN MILLAR?!
And Kevin Millar as "Boys Club" coordinator and facial hair adviser.
Harold Reynolds just called Kevin Millar in the middle of NOT scripted!.
Harold Reynolds is so smart that he just called Kevin Millar when he is live on Intentional Talk.
Will Kevin Millar be a Bluefish in 2015? Check out Kevin answer our question on Intentional Talk at the 2:15 mark...
I know I wish I had Kevin Millar's number now.
Who is the better golfer: Randy Johnson or Kevin Millar?
Is he out of his mind? Who does that? Oh yeah, Kevin Millar posted one last week of himself in bed.
The future hosts will be and myself when Chris Rose and Kevin Millar leave. http:/…
Plz say hello to Orrin *** Millar Kevin Shuma and folks. Who else is there? Clyde Randy ...
(Not) a great interview with Max Scherzer on Intentional Talk. Kevin Millar maybe the worst former athlete on TV, which is saying something
Am I crazy for thinking Kevin Millar deserves a sports Emmy for Intentional Talk
That was awkward moment was Kevin Millar 100%.
I agree it's the social worker. Where is the little girl though? I reckon Kevin's baby sister has a role to play!
(Kevin) Millar ain't looking to revitalize his career, everybody know who he is.
Sorry, but tHat doesn't look like Kevin Millar in 2004.
The fact Kevin Westgarth has won the Stanley cup gives me hope that despite never playing hockey in my life, I still have a c…
Olivia is at dinner with Kevin millar whAaaAT
Oh Kevin..I am not sure if fireworks and Kevin Millar belong in the same sentence!!!
Kevin Millar, a man who somehow was snuck into MLBPA despite being a replacement player. How MLB network gave you a show mystifies me.
Kevin Millar is a huge positive influence in my life
I wanna get a Santa hat like the one Kevin Millar wore on Intentional Talk yesterday 😂
I could watch Kevin Millar and Chris Rose talk baseball all day😂
Bob Costas. Christopher Russo. Kevin Millar and that pear shaped guy he talks to.
Kevin Millar, Brad Ausmus, and Ryan Dempster all in one conversation. Anyway I can join that?
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Subtract the mlb experience and frosted tips and Kevin Millar and I have a lot in common.
who is a better cohost Chris Rose or Kevin Millar?
Who will weigh more after the Thanksgiving holiday Kevin Millar or Pablo Sandoval?
Does Kevin Millar know he was an '04 champion?
Do you realize how long it's been since I've heard Kevin Millar yell "Ggot hem"
"This is WHY you play in the big leagues. To become a free agent." - Kevin Millar. Oh
Kevin Millar, B.J. Ryan, two interesting not on Hall of Fame ballot.
ARRESTED YESTERDAY by of SHOW HOST informant KEVIN MILLAR alertspur! aliases Adam
these ball players today need big money and the glory... What happened to league minimum club house guys like Kevin Millar?
Me acaba de confirmar el agent: Kevin Millar regresa a Boston. (Don't you dare to said first, OK)
One of the reasons Kevin Millar listed as to why Pablo signed in Boston: "It is closer to the Dominican.". Pablo is from Venezuela.
kevin's wife one step ahead of him, I'll take a taxi. Millar in the doghouse again. left wife at airport, then to go golfing.
When was the last time Chris Rose and Kevin Millar has been in the studio for IT?
Because I have to complain every year... Aaron Boone makes the HOF ballot but Mark Loretta and Kevin Millar don't?
BREAKING: Kevin Millar drowns in combination of his own drool and Red Bull after reading about signing of Panda, HanRam
Breaking: Kevin Millar to come out of retirement and draw walks in the bottom of the 9th inning lol
Kevin McHattie looking like a 6 week layoff, thanks to that top sportsman K Millar # just the 9 .
loved Hideout by Kevin Millar please keep playing this track!
kevin millar is a smoosher. I am on my private jet and you aren't invited Chris is what millar says. LOL.
Kevin Millar is in town close the buffet
So kevin millar thinks mets will get Jed lowrie and Ron Darling thinks Cabrera
Thought so. I like that show more than Kevin Millar's "whatever-that-is."
Kevin Millar just suggested Mets sign Lowire for 3 years, $28 million, FWIW.
Incidentally Kevin Millar was called husband for Avril Lavigne who saw herself married in tabloid to Nickelback in black wedding dress
They are Josh Beckett, Gio Gonzalez, Juan Uribe, Kevin Millar. Beckett has been all of these others & was who set up my dad
I added a video to a playlist Kevin Millar - Hideout
did I win a prize! How about a Kevin Millar English to English dictionary.
Might be too much. Probably have to settle for Oil Can Boyd and the rights to Kevin Millar on the days he's not on MLBN.
Remember, there is Theo precedent for welcoming a personality like that. Kevin Millar spearheaded the "band of *** "
Kevin Millar has been taking voice lessons from Ross Perot.
Damon is live from Kauffman Stadium talking with Kevin Millar, Peter Gammons & more. Tune In!! The Game 95.7fm
to think that it all started with Dave Roberts pinch-running for Kevin Millar. Sox still suck, tho.
Today's show... Cris Collinsworth, Kevin Millar and Visit for more
Kevin Millar just said the Royals should lean on Raul Ibanez...
my banner on my first cell phone was Kevin Millar. U were my favorite Red Sock loved that righty power swag
Lol Kevin Millar looks like the guy from the SubWay Commercial 😂😂😂
I'm forever confusing Kevin Pillar with Kevin Millar. And then I hear "Kevin Pillar is a base stealer" and get further confused.
Or Kevin Millar or Bill Mueller or Trot Nixon Mike Timlin and or Jason Varitek/Nomar/Pedro/Derek Lowe/ Terry Francona
I still watch MLB Network and CSNPhilly constantly. They all love Revere especially Kevin Millar who said he's a stud👌
If he's anything like Kevin MIllar, he isn't a stellar outfielder.
Kevin Pillar is an alternate universe version of Kevin Millar, right?
Kevin Millar is a moron but he's funny so its ok.
AUDIO: Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Winter Ball would be good for Middlebrooks 9-5-14
Kevin Millar on MFB: ‘I don’t think you give up on a Will Middlebrooks’
Girl, Kevin Millar can play their wacky neighbor who's always trying to get them to loosen up.
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.I want a new Orioles Magic video like the one Kevin Millar and company did years ago.
. Bro you have to have a bad can't throw,run,hit or field..fake teeth...Hamhocks...then your a Kevin Millar
better than being called an old Kevin Millar, huh?
Spoke to last night, and he agrees with me. Being referred to as a young Kevin Millar is NOT a compliment!.
Watching Kevin Millar explaining kershaws hair made my day day
Kevin Millar was actually an Oriole. Kinda forgot about that.
It wood be nice if Chris Rose & Kevin Millar talk about the Braves better. Stop putting the Braves down.
The greatest line in sports history said by a 2004 Boston Red Sox number 15 himself Kevin Millar: "why not us"
looking for some notable people associated w/ LU. I got Kevin Millar & Bum Phillips. Even Clay Walker doesn't want apart of that.
Coming up at 10:30: Owego Mayor Kevin Millar discusses the lack of overnight coverage by village police.
This day had it all: Kevin Millar's sidekick redefining "success," folks accusing Luhnow of being a racist, and a Matt Schaub benching.
Be quiet, everyone. I'm having trouble hearing the guy who works with Kevin Millar talk about Houston's poor roster decisions.
I hear Kevin Millar and Edgar Renteria are sitting by the phone waiting
Pirates outfielder Travis Snider hangs out with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar via Ballpark Cam for a humorous interview on Intentional Talk
Then in a side melee, Tanyon Sturtze gets ganged up by Gabe Kapler, Kevin Millar, Trot Nixon, David Ortiz, a I never forget
Got a video for How Pro Is That? Leave your "pro" video below and see if it’s used by Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on Friday at 5pm ET!
Chris Rose & Kevin Millar will be at Encino Little league today 😭
MLB:Boy we really need to do something about concussions. Kevin Millar on MLBN:Hector Sanchez getting hit by a ball in the mask is hilarious
Every year during the ASG, I remember this. Kevin Millar and Scott Rolen: still hilarious even three years later.
Kevin Millar and Ryan Dempster are wearing suits tonight. I have nothing more to add there.
Turned on MLB Network. What are Ryan Dempster and Kevin Millar wearing?
Ryan Dempster is in a fire red suit and Kevin Millar is wearing a tablecloth for a jacket
If you think NBA Draft suits are bad, check out what Kevin Millar and Ryan Dempster are wearing on
Everybody watch this hilarious interview with Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz and Kevin Millar
Had one of the best nights of my life last night at the game. I sat right behind the dugout before the game and for all of the 2004 remembrance ceremony. I got Kevin Millar to sign my ball ! I then saw the whole ceremony and then they came in through the dugout ! Jason Varitek, Trot Nixon, Kevin Millar, Tim Wakefield, Kurt Shilling, Johnny Damon, Manny Rameriz, Kevin Youkilis, Pedro Martinez.just to name a few !!! We then went and sat a little to the right behind home plate and watched the game !!! I finally saw my boys win a game !!! Best night ever ! Thanks again pastor Ray Daniel !
Great seeing Manny Ramirez with David Ortiz and Kevin Millar on
Manny Ramirez - sans dreads - with David Ortiz and Kevin Millar on Intentional Talk.
"I know I was a role player. David and Manny's teammate...Cowboy Up" - Kevin Millar
Kevin Millar is one of the coolest Red Sox players to ever play the game
The guy follows 15 people and one of them is Kevin Millar. That should tell you something.
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The Blazers need to bring in Kevin Millar and Pedro for a pep talk.
Pathetic effort by the Bruins in Montreal tonight. Sure, they didn't catch any breaks, but the Canadians outhit them, beat them to loose pucks and some of the Bruins' young defensemen were just terrible (yes, YOU, Kevin Millar).
...and some lousy defense, especially by Kevin Millar.
it's because his name looks like a misspelling of Kevin Millar
Can somebody tell Kevin Millar to take his Hack Daniels back from Marchand?
With Kevin Millar's third assist in the playoffs he is only two short of his regular season total
sometimes I do too. And to be fair Kevin Millar is also probably drunk right now
Dont get too cocky, Bruins are going to Montreal for game 6, and as Kevin Millar and all his wisdom said "Anything can happen in game 7."
"It made me smile inside." - Kevin Durant's mom, Wanda Pratt, on his MVP speech.
Kevin Millar should do commentary for the 😂😂 I'd be dying of laughter everyday!!
Kevin Millar is fine but Chris Rose isn't funny at all
Kevin Millar and Chris Rose probably suck each other off
I'm gonna live like Kevin Millar one day👌
Was Kevin Durant's MVP speech the best one of all time?
Kevin Durant on tonight's Game 3 in LA. "We definitely have to be focused and locked-in in a hostile environment."
AUDIO: Kevin Millar, MLB Network, John Lackey will not pitch for league minimum in 2015, 5-9-14
it's still very Millar-y, so you might still not be crazy about it.
There is ONE NFL draft a year. I love baseball but there are 162 and game 43 doesn't really matter right now... Sorry Kevin millar
Which is more surprising...Fraser scoring the game winner or the Pats drafting Dominique Easley? Mut and Merloni are talking about both the Bruins and the NFL Draft. Behind Enemy Lines in Montreal: 10:30 Pierre McGuire: 11:30 Kevin Millar: Noon
I wish Kevin Millar would tuck in that ugly peach/orange shirt.
How come Kevin Millar won't confirm his real name? I could have swore it was Austin Friese
I don't know how you get network jobs your the biggest tool other than Kevin Millar
Texans select the real one five, Kevin Millar with his lil deb deb towel.
A Kevin Millar and Villar matchup would be better.
Kevin Millar is definitely one of my all time favorite Red Sox, absolutely ripped into Shaughnessy before game 4 against the Yankees
How to make friends with Red Socks fans: Tell them your cousin is Kevin Millar . How to make friends with everybody else: you don't
Kevin Durant has shot the lights out of the Chesapeake Energy Arena. Literally.
What a weird, dark way to end the half. YOUR THUNDER are up 61-56! Kevin Durant with 21 points and 4 rebounds. Westbro…
Kevin Durant on pace for 108 points. No joke.
You know who would be a good commentator when Remy leaves? Kevin Millar
Like trying to squeeze into a tin of spam
Where can I find a bobble of Chris Rose and Kevin Millar? Couldn't find any online.
Justin Timberlake just gave Kevin Durant some love for this MVP speech, thus making KD the most popular man in the wor…
Your Bruce pump was up there with Kevin Millar
Kevin Durant didn't win MVP for this to happen...
remember when you got to go to Fenway during the World Series and Kevin Millar got down on one knee for you?
When you got people behind you, you can do whatever! – Kevin Durant
"like Kevin Millar? The baseball player?" "No, Kevin with an A, not Miller with an A." "...Kavin?"
MVP Kevin Durant is really first-class and humble, young athletes should follow his example.
Blue Jays players Munenori Kawasaki and Mark DeRosa join Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on Intentional Talk Check out for more! About MLB.c...
Kevin Millar and Thomas vanek look the exact same
So Boston sports have had a guy named Kevin Millar and Kevan Miller. I guess Kevin Miller is too "been there done that"?
I like to pretend it's Kevin Millar.
I don't do the fanfare thing. But 1 of my friends must have put kevin Millar on my page. He's a dude. But didn't expext to text him. Somebody better own up. I owe ya.cause I'm lost.
Considering two GOATS wore 15 (Kevin Millar and Dustin Pedroia) I think 15 will be retired when we're all old
Kevin Millar just said that part of reason the hit better at home is because they get their "home wife".i'm dead.
I'll take it for what it's worth. Kevin Millar said, when they are healthy, The Orioles lineup, top to bottom, is the best in baseball.
Kick *** 1, 2, and 3 and Hit-Girl by Mark Millar. Daredevil Guardian Devil by Kevin Smith
Kevin Millar just called a black fan in the stands catching a foul ball an elephant... take his tv show away
Kevin Millar should get his ring taken back. Worst player ever
Kevin Millar didn't make the headline because he's a man that needs no introduction.
SHOCKER Kevin Millar picks Boston as the team off to a slow start likely to turn it around
will be appearing at 4:25 or in about 7 mins on with and Kevin Millar.
Our own doing talkback on with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar.
I know! Dude wanted to stick it to an 11 year old and Kevin Millar is spraying booze all over Pedro's midget to it.
was that Kevin Millar on the ice tonight for the Kings?
"Don't let us win this 1." Kevin Millar following game 3 of 2004 ALCS.
Mookie Betts (2-for-3) is leading minor league baseball with a .430 average. Just tied Kevin Millar for the most hits in April (40)
Kevin Millar reminds me of that middle-aged guy we all know who cannot stop retelling the story of helping his high school team win states.
How to look great without really trying? Peter Peter Millar and Kevin's. Done! In our stores and online. Free...
Missing 03-04 when the rivalry was punch for punch! Miss manny, j varitek, kevin millar, r clemens, andy, jorge, the fire starter pedro
Wade Boggs, Gerald Williams, and Kevin Millar making an appearance in the Tampa Bay Devil Rays greatest moments of all time
Chris Rose and Kevin Millar talk so *** lmao
Rickey thinks Kevin's Millar should be from saying things.
Kevin Millar said Puma should get punched in the face by Bartolo on
Kevin Durant's picture is painted on fan's head. And see:
Deep thoughts by Spoiler alert, it's not about alligator boots.
John Farrell says batters with longer swings generally have more success with knuckleballs, notably Kevin Millar.
Can you imagine if the Thunder still had James Harden? Russell, Kevin, and James would be shooting a combined -26%.
Last year against Memphis we saw what the Thunder are without Russell Westbrook. This year we're seeing what they are wit…
1st bag Kevin Millar said "don't let us win tonight because were home for game 6 and game 7 anything happens" San Jose take note...
Hey in the words of the great orator Kevin Millar "Don't Let Us Win Tonight"
Maybe he lost a bet lol. I remember Kevin Millar and Jeff Conine gave each other embarrassing walk up songs.
I read that as "Kevin Millar". Who's not playing tonight either.
she can have it, she'll be just as useless a Millar
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Derek Jeter is so amazing, he easily makes players around him so much better. - Kevin Millar
Some of my favorite moments from last week: Talking baseball with and
Strongly disagree. He is our Kevin Rudd. Bad news for our party. Not a leader nor team player.
it looks like the cabinet have hung Cameron out to dry over Maria Millar
Anthony Friese was my guy with a blonde goatee somehow meant to be Kevin Millar
Still rattled that I actually saw Kevin Millar and Pedro in the flesh yesterday
Kevin Millar could pass for a member of Smash Mouth
Jon Lester now Red Sox leader! joined and discussed the current situation!
Kevin Millar takes more selfies than a high school girl
Kevin Durant has scored 25 points for 40 straight games.
Kevin Durant has tied Michael Jordan's record for 40 straight games of 25 points or more.
Kevin Millar took selfies with everyone today
Kevin Millar doesn't know how to take a selfie and it's cracking me up.
Gonna try to get a selfie with my man Kevin Millar! Lol..
Watching Four Days in October in honor of opening day at Fenway and Jesus I miss Kevin Millar.
For some odd reason I will always love Kevin Millar
Sox! Kevin Millar spotted playing the cow bell at the Landsdowne last night!
Kevin Millar says the ring ceremony was amazing. what is this, Boston Talk or Intentional Talk?
I would like to see a show were Skip Bayless moves into a hotel for women with Kevin Millar
Watching Intentional Talk because I don't get the Dodgers game for some reason and anyway kevin Millar is a SCAB SCABB SCAB!
it's so cold out that Kevin Millar's can of Axe Body Spray exploded in his pocket.
I wish I loved anything as much as Kevin Millar loves being at Fenway Park
Millar unfortunately chose to stand next to Pedro! BAD decision Kevin!
Sean Casey and Kevin Millar on Late Night with Seth Meyers? i love it
If Mike Eruzione is America's guest, then can we appoint Kevin Millar as Boston's guest?
Am I the only person who has to pause before typing "Kevan Miller" because my instinct is to type "Kevin Millar"?
Nobody likes opening day at fenway better than kevin millar
AUDIO: Kevin Millar, MLB Network, weighs in on the Boston Red Sox
I wish Kevin Millar would just go away.
247,803 people could have seen 'Kevin Millar' since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic.
the 1st mention of 'Kevin Millar' appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in United States!
I really like Kevin Millar but the selfies with Boston players have got to stop.
When ever there's a celebration going on at Fenway you can count on Kevin Millar to be there
I don't think Kevin Millar ever needs convincing
Mike Lowell, Jason Varitek, Pedro Matinez, Tim Wakefield, Kevin Millar to cap off the most perfect opening ceremony, now I'm fired up REDSOX
Kevin millar is amazing I miss that guy
“They convinced Kevin Millar to come back, too.” Bet that didn’t take a lot of effort!
Oh god- just ruin everything for everyone Kevin Millar. Let the kids have their moment
Sox ring ceremony: can't go wrong w/Boston Pops; Irish dancers a little much; Menino - inspired; of course Kevin Millar had the last word!
They convinced Kevin Millar to come back, too.
I liked a video Kevin Millar and Sean Casey Interview - Late Night with Seth Meyers
wonder if that miller pronounces his name like Kevin Millar.
Every time they say Kevin Pillar I hear Kevin Millar
“The ridiculous Reddick catch (via ). And then he did it again. Kevin Millar commentary!
Calling Adrian Garcea & Kevin Millar Lyrics by Kevin Millar Produced by Adrian Garcea Composed by Adrian Garcea Released through Break Through Music Video by...
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I'm Kevin Millar I throw my glue whenever I want.
another annoying *** Kevin Millar. I just don't find these dudes funny..
him and Kevin Millar together in same studio. Ponder that 1 Pinky.
Statement from Wagner Lumber: "If you are a friend or family member of a Wagner employee at the Owego mill, please spread the word...we have had a serious fire. No injuries. The mill itself is severely damaged. NO EMPLOYEES SHOULD ATTEMPT TO COME TO THE OWEGO MILL UNLESS ASKED TO BY THEIR SUPERVISOR. No one is to report to work on Monday unless they are told to specifically by their supervisor. We are trying to call everyone, but some people can't be reached." (Thank you Kevin Millar for sharing)
I love the clips of Kevin Millar at the beginning of 4 Days in October.
watching "four days in October" don't let us win today.. Kevin Millar is money!! We need to hang out with him someday
"don't let us win the game tonight" Kevin Millar, Game 4, 2004 ALCS great to see you kick it off, kid! Sully loves ya!
I can only imagine...gotta love what Kevin Millar said..don't let us win this game...then they get Petey..then Schill & game ...
No one wanted to pitch to Kevin Millar.
Kevin Millar is easily the best clubhouse guy in the history of sports.
Kevin Millar Don't let us win today. They get Petey tomorrow Schilling game 6 and anything can happen in Game 7
How Kevin Millar ever worked a walk here is beyond me.
Got dang I forgot how much I love Kevin Millar.
Forgot how awesome Kevin Millar was before Game 4 of the 04 ALCS. Don't let us win tonight!
Kevin Millar will go down as one of my all-time favorites
Kevin Millar knew what he was talking about "Dont let us win this game"
Kevin Millar acts like a boss during this. He knew something was up.
"All I'm sayin is don't let the Sox win today. We got PeeDee tomorrow, Schill game 6, and anything can happen game 7." - Kevin Millar
Watching Kevin Millar talk to Dan Shaughnessy before Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS will never, ever, ever get old
Kevin Millar: "don't let the Red Sox win this game"
Dempster can easily have a broadcast career in his future like his BFF Kevin Millar if he wants.
Do yourself a favor. Watch "Four Days in October" tonight on ESPN. Even if you are not a Sox fan. "We'll be all right. We just don't make it easy on ourselves." Kevin Millar.
just to clarify, Kevin Millar is in Cabo, hope you're enjoying your honeymoon buddy
your objective, find Kevin Millar and buy him a drink of his choice
'I'm not using any of the toiletries at the hotel - I don't want to smell like Kevin Millar' - a thing that was just said
"my name is Justin Cianca and my favorite player is Kevin Millar, got heem"
I canceled Bell just to get Intentional Talk and Kevin Millar on Rogers! I am hooked!
How will the Diamondbacks do in 2014? Chris Rose and Kevin Millar discuss and react to Julio Teheran's contract extension on Intentional Talk at 5pm and 7pm ET!
What do you think of Julio Teheran's extension with the Braves? Chris Rose and Kevin Millar discuss and talk Diamondbacks on Intentional Talk, LIVE at 3pm ET!
Nothing better than Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on a Friday afternoon.
2/14/03 The Marlins pay the Chunichi Dragons to release Kevin Millar from his contract. On 2/15, the will purchase Millar's contract
game 7 you know who I want at 1st base(as a yanks fan)? Kevin Millar.
Pulled over early Sunday for a missing front license plate, Owego Mayor Kevin Millar admitted he consumed six alcoholic drinks before being charged with drunken driving, according to police records.
That awkward moment when u somehow manage to send ur bfs card to ur own address instead of his lmao sorry Kevin Millar
Baseball. THE GREATEST GAME ON EARTH. Why? No one really knows. Because it's steeped in math? Maybe. All I know, is: pitchers and catchers are ready and Kevin Millar is keepin' me ready! Let's go 2014!!!
"Play the game hard, play the game right." -Kevin Millar
“Happy Valentine's Day, from Kevin Durant's shoes. I'd wear these all the time.
Teammate once called Bedard's curveball probably the best in baseball. It was Kevin Millar though, so oh well.
Is Kevin Millar the most underrated sports TV personality in the game today? Not anymore, 'cause I just rated him. Entertaining dude.
Chris Rose & Kevin Millar just said that Mike Trout will be a 300mil player. And i absolutely agree with them. do you guys agree Andrew Vanacek, Mark Denkewalter?
Kevin Millar logic: Phillies are better than the rockies, but worse than the probable playoff teams, therefore are a possible playoff team
to going to Orioles games and getting Kevin Millar, Luke Scott, and Adam Jones' autographs. 😍
Congratulations to our own alum and INVIVO VP Kevin Millar, named to the Board of Governors!
Best part of the How ecstatic Terry Francona and Kevin Millar were to add A-Rod to the Red Sox.
"This is the way we like it. Down & out. and then POW Sox Nation takes over." -Kevin Millar, Game 4, 2004 ALCS.
Which Red Sox player shaved his beard? Find out on Intentional Talk, plus Chris Rose and Kevin Millar discuss Derek Jeter's retirement statement at 5pm and 7pm ET!
Omg Waterloo road is making me cry no not Kevin 😭
Kevin Millar Here is slot of corky miller show staches
Best quote ever, " I am going to choke Derek Jeter out if he does not come on this show before he retires"! Kevin Millar
Kevin Millar finally Derek Jeter will retire farewell Yankees and gone. Derek will retire goodbye of 2014 season. NY fans will lose of Derek
A-Rod comes back in 2015 and the Yankees win a World Series after they also sign Roger Clemens, AJ Pierzynski, and Kevin Millar.
So funny. Hey mo thanks for not being able to pitch to kevin millar or bill mueller. Farewell
I can't believe Kevin millar said that lol
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