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Kevin Millar

Kevin Charles Millar (born September 24, 1971 in Los Angeles, California) is an American former professional baseball first baseman and current analyst for MLB Network and New England Sports Network.

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And promptly served up a 400-foot bomb to Kevin Pillar. Not to be confused, presumably, with Kevin Millar.
As Kevin Millar once said, Don't let us win this one. Let's go
If Kevin Millar played hockey he would say don't let us win tonight
So who is going to be Kevin Millar and get the team to take shots of Jack Daniel's before the game?
To borrow and tweak a line from Kevin Millar: "Don't let us win today."
Bruins will loose a D in exp. draft. do you think it will be McQuaid or Kevin Millar?
Every time I hear Kevin Pillar I think Kevin Millar and then I remember it's not 2005.
I'm just saying, don't let the Bs win this one. Then it's back to Boston for game 6, and anything can happen in Game 7"- Kevin Millar
Kevin Millar, '04 champ. If you didn't know, he will let you know.
Kevin Millar is great as an analyst and he's funny
Hi, my name is Kevin Millar, you insulted the Sox, prepare to die
Somewhere, Kevin Millar is thinking "Do NOT let the win this game!"
Kevin Millar was a baseball player...
In the words of the great Kevin Millar, "don't let us win this game tonight."
Go Blackhawks. As Kevin Millar would say, "Do not let the Blackhawks win tonight."
I'd like to pull out the inner Kevin Millar, don't let the win game 5, cause game 6 at home, anything can happen.
Every time I hear his name my ears perk up: "Kevin Millar retired from baseball..."
Everytime the announcers say Kevin Miller, I repeat Kevin Millar in my head
Your brother looks a little like Kevin Millar.
2004 Kevin Millar- "don't let us win one, don't let us win tonight" Down 0-3 to yanks. I've got a funny feeling!
I know it's 2017, but whenever the Red Sox play the Blue Jays, I hear Kevin Pillar and think of Kevin Millar
I wanna see Kevin Millar putt on one of the greens @ Augusta with a baseball that would be historic
kevin Millar on mlb netwrok Intentional Talk really loves the rockies. Its good to see a media person get them lik he does.
The should of had a couple of shots with Kevin Millar
Oh, that was mean and wrong. No one is even remotely close to try-hard than Paul Byrd. Not even Kevin Millar.
Long time supporter of the show! Millar is HILARIOUS! Hey Kevin, what was your bet with my boy AJ10?
can Kevin Millar shout me out on air?? big fan
I said the guy on the left looks like Kevin Millar and everyone agreed
So was Kevin Millar. If you lob a ball down the middle I will drive it.
Could you imagine Kevin Millar in the booth?
Kevin Millar gonna be in my home town🤔 one of my favorite sox players ever
Yo Uncle Kevvy is this this the Kevin Millar effect? I think so
Kevin Millar and are here this morning, already talking to Twins players this morning on the field. Currently with Jason Castro.
OBJ Ellison defeats the St Lucie Mets 8-0. RHP Kevin Millar picks up the win.
OBJ Ellison gets two in the first on a towering 2B by Nick DiGennaro. RHP Kevin Millar on the mound. T2| St Lucie Mets 0 OBJ Ellison 2
Curt schilling, Johnny Damon, Jon papelbon, Kevin Millar, David Ortiz. I could really keep on going
Who can eat more during Thanksgiving? Kevin Millar or John Lackey?
Among others who went to the same high school as Trevor Brown, Mike Montgomery: James Shields, Jerry Owens, Kevin Millar and Todd Zeile.
Friday 8/12 at noon: Inductees are Kevin Millar, Ed Coleman, David Wills, Andy Leonard, and Guy Gallagher.
[Los Angeles Daily News]SAN DIEGO >> It all started with Kevin Millar and the Chunichi Drag…
"Tell all the hot moms at the little league games Uncle Kevin says wussup mama" - Kevin Millar on Intentional Talk 😂😂
Golden State needs a Kevin Millar pep talk.. "Don't let us win today..."
In the words of Kevin Millar prior to G4 of the 2004 ALCS, "don't let us win tonight."
I'm not kidding- pretty sure I'd get the hairy eyeball in the locker room if I brought Kevin Millar as a fill in for Team X
Chris Rose and Kevin Millar talk to Didi Gregorius via does it all! :-D
Oh man- had a horrible dream I went to Harvard, became GM of the Bs and signed Kevin Millar to 4/10 mil.. Nightmare
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Why is C.C. Sabathia wearing a Browns jersey? Find out now as he joins Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on Intentional...
my top five Redsoxs famous players I like is 1. Big Papi 2. Kevin Millar 3 Dustin Pedroia 4 JBJ 5 manny
And here's your hint for tonight's : Kevin Millar would not be a correct answer
today's starting lineup, with Kevin Millar on the mound
The handshake, the suit...Kevin Millar knows how to make a statement on MLB Tonight. ...
.Boston just loves oddly spelled Kevin Millers. First with Kevin Millar, now with Kevan Miller.
Kevin Millar's quote prior to Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS is resurfacing for some odd reason.
Warriors are going to win out. This panic is ridiculous. It's like Kevin Millar said Game 4 of the ALCS, "Don't let us win this game"
Hey Kevin Millar, does that suit come with a matching ottoman?
you're right Kevin Millar was a legend
Please return the jacket Kevin Millar is wearing to motel 6 there is a couch missing 2 cushion covers. The room cant be rented
And have u seen what Kevin Millar is wearing on it's loud and i think he may've stolen it from Doc Sevrenson
Holy screen test, my eyes. That look on Kevin Millar's face? Same.
Kevin Millar and Pedro are fantastic on MLB tonight.
When Kevin Millar talks crap to Chris Rose there is nothing better in the world of sports tv
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Kevin Millar has now become MLB's Chris berman.
maybe he thought he was bringing in Kevin Millar
Kevin Millar is absolutely bonkers on the MLB Network tonight. He's acting like his suit looks!
Chris Rose AND Kevin Millar on MLB Tonight is just magnificent
Chris Rose shut down Kevin Millar's Hawk Harrelson impression and I don't think I've liked him more.
Can everyone turn on and see what Kevin Millar is wearing
Can Kevin Millar and Chris Rose host MLB Tonight more often
Kevin Millar is wearing a 70s Show sofa as a suit on MLB. b/c well why not
Why isn’t Kevin Millar a better fit for Boston than Steve Lyons?
He must have thought he was signing Kevin Millar, Cowboy Up!
So Kevan Millar got a four year extension from the Bruins. Kevin Millar!! Did B's management watch any of the games last year?
but Kevin Millar was on the greatest baseball team in history, and you can't put a price on that.
maybe they thought they were paying Kevin Millar of the Sox?
where's Kevin Millar when you need him
I wish the Red Sox re-signed Kevin Millar for 4 years / 10 million instead of the Bruins giving Kevan Miller 4 years / 10 million.
wait a minute...the B's signed Kevin Millar??
thought they signed Kevin Millar on first glance
I'd rather have Kevin Millar for that money.. At least he Cowboys up
thoughts on the Kevin Millar signing?
I read this as saying Kevin Millar for a second
Kevin Millar for four more years is a disgrace
Whoops. being told "cowboy up" is a reference to Kevin Millar and not Kevan Miller. They actually play different sports and are different pe
So is there any evidence for me to not believe that if Kevan Miller and Kevin Millar ever meet they'll cancel each other out and disappear?
maybe Sweeney thought he was signing Red Sox World Series hero Kevin Millar?
Kevin Millar is hilarious. Love watching this guy...
Got a new game idea for Chris Rose and Kevin Millar? Leave them below and watch your Friday at 5pm ET!
Kevin Millar is a scab. A lot of people forget he crossed the picket line during the '94 MLB strike. His opinion = 💩
Then Kevin Millar, a human comment section, talked about how great other parks like TAMPA are, but Safeco is empty & quiet always
Kevin Millar is right. Ryan didn't even have hitter's instinct to duck. Pitcher's hitting is not worth it whatsoever.
is by far the best Baseball show on TV. Kevin Millar and Chris Rose are two of the best their are.
David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Jason Varitek, and Kevin Millar all tested positive for PED's in 2003 for the Red Sox just thought I'd share
Looking at the Riesel/Mart game today I couldn't help but think of Kevin Millar's quote in 2004 "Just don't let us win this one"
Shout out to taking that Kevin Millar 4 days in October walk
I never recognize Mike Napoli it's like Kevin Millar all over again
It's always a sad day when Kevin Millar isn't on
okay maybe not Wake but definitely Kevin Millar
kevin Millar David Ortiz , from lifelong Yankee fan. Hats off. Great job with mav
The ultimate bachelor party would include Eric Byrnes, and Kevin Millar.
Kevin Millar was on Dan Patrick yesterday saying how, unless you're on his team, Bautista isn't a popular g…
It has the Avs signing Kevin Millar & Jordie Benn. (It's a what he thinks they will do)
VIDEO: Kevin Millar gets behind the mic to introduce David Ortiz's at-bat.
this must be a Kevin Millar project seeing it's Intentional Talk night at Fenway
I always get Kevin Millar and Kevin Pillar confused
kevin millar saying the sox could have Dan Shaughnessy play second base in Game 7 against the Yankees in 04 and still win is the ultimate FU
(9/10/02) Kevin Millar tries to slide into 2nd but ends up about a foot or two short.
Love this story, great job Papi and Kevin Millar!
Also, I mean, Kevin Millar is just the best 💗
Also, eff David Ortiz (even though props for the video he and Kevin Millar sent today. That was great)
Former Red Sox first baseman Kevin Millar had told Big Papi before the game about a boy named Maverick, who was...
Kevin Millar is such an old school Boston homie
Here’s the video the kid sent back to Ortiz after the game. Kevin Millar apparently set this all up. Not bad.
Those are Kevin Millar's kids, by the way! They were at the game, and you can see Millar lean into the shot in that GIF
*** straight I did! All because I took the elevator and ran into this World Series Icon! Kevin Millar!
Kevin Millar shows his favorite highlights: Watch on at 10am ET
Kevin Millar will ALWAYS be one of my favorite sox players. Curse breaker and a class act through and though.
Watch: Ortiz hugs Kevin Millar's kids after go-ahead blast. (via )
Kevin Millar predicted Ortiz would go yard, and guess what? He hit the game winning HR in the 8th inning
Did you see the video Kevin Millar posted before the game?
Not just any kids. Kevin Millar's kids
Also I still really hate Kevin Millar, and his show on MLB network ***
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they were Kevin Millar's kids. Still cool though
Big Papi bear hugs Kevin Millar's kids after hitting a home run.
that is a little dramatic for Kevin Millar..
Fact about me: Kevin Millar is my favorite.
Papi bear hugging Kevin Millar's kids might be even better than his homer
If you ever wonder what one World Series ring will do for your career. Look at Kevin Millar.
Big Papi gave Kevin Millar's kids a hug after his epic homer and it was probably the cutest thing I've seen lol
Bob Brenly makes it seem like Mark Grace was/is like Kevin Millar, of course Grace was a million times better but personality wise
Pedro, Youkilis, Schilling, Lowe, Damon, Arroyo, Manny, Bill Mueller, Kevin Millar, Big Papi, and my favorite player of all time: Nomar.
that doesnt mean anything Kevin Millar is an *** he's almost Harold Reynolds level
Tune in for IT after dark! Paul Konerko joins Chris Rose and Kevin Millar from Gretzky Fantasy Camp at 8pm ET.
Kevin Pillar, Kevin Millar and Jonathan Villar walk into a bar . hilarity ensues.
Chris Rose and Kevin Millar are friend goals
Chris Rose & Kevin Millar are the most entertaining duo in television
Kevin Millar admitted that he watched Chris Russo on mute
Nick Cafardo thinks the Red Sox should have traded Kevin Millar to the Reds for Aroldis.
Dude you are Kevin Millar... like the Kevin Millar... where is your private jet bro?
Cubs now with Lester Lackey Theo and Manny.. Should bring in Kevin Millar as bench coach..
. You and Kevin Millar, back in the it!
Kevin Millar-"Terry Francona, lost his hair in 5th grade". lolololo
10/6/03 - BOS vs OAK - Kevin Millar "playing the game the right way" - thrown out at 2B after jogging to 1B
in the immortal, annoying words of Kevin Millar. Got hem
They should get Kevin Millar, Bill Mueller, and Doug Mirabelli while they are at it
Kevin Millar might be a yahoo, but he nails Dave Roberts
Kevin Millar says he would prefer to give Zimmermann $120MM instead of Cueto.
hey Kevin millar you favorite man funny person I love you Kevin millar
where can I get a Kevin Millar signed baseball?
This guy Mark Millar has never been an SNP supporter! Have a look at his timeline! I blocked him ages ago!
Kevin Smith makes movies and people are still trying to figure out why.
No word on when Kevin Millar will return to visiting diners, drive-ins and dives.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Johnny Gomes has become this generation's Kevin Millar. Explain to me why they are famous again?
Trying too hard to be Kevin Millar. This is all about him trying to get a tv gig.
There should be a show where they lock Gomes, Sean Casey, and Kevin Millar in a room. First one to beg to be let out loses.
2016 champ Kevin Millar just no spelling please JK
Kevin Millar blocked me because I called him a scab. Truth hurts.
Who would have ever thought and Kevin Millar would be best friends for 20 years.
Hah. I wondered why Kevin Millar replaced Pete. I don't think Millar had a positive WARR, Wins Above Rose Replacement.
Kevin Millar to Salvy Perez: Do you have anything to say to the cans .. I mean the fans ...
curious choice. I think the clear winner is Kevin Millar for saving us all from further Pete Rose nonsense
how is Kevin Millar supposed to listen to that bs just 2 seats away from A-Roid?
Kevin Millar is trying so hard to pretend that he can stand to hear A-Rod talk
Kevin Millar be like "but don't let the Mets win TOMORROW NIGHT."
Kevin Millar looks like he lives under a rainbow with a pot of gold.
Kevin Millar just made a Jonny Gomes reference. I think a black hole has just formed.
So. Frank Thomas does not speak English well. Makes Kevin Millar sound good.
Fox expert Kevin Millar just said “Deez guys throw good” to describe the Mets young starters. Ex-jock analysis at its goodest.
Why isn't anybody talking about how FOX replaced Pete Rose with Kevin Millar?!? It's like the infamous Becky swap on Roseanne.
Anyone who thinks Pete Rose is better than Kevin Millar can eat a bag of ***
A-Rod and Kevin Millar on the World Series panel together is hilarious. Only better option would've been A-Rod and Varitek.
Man, saw Kevin Millar play A ball at now he's long-retired and a commentator. Actually, saw play against KCC in early '94.
Very cool to have A-Rod and Kevin Millar on the same broadcast team
Shout out to Kevin Millar for making a living off of being mildly charismatic for the month of October eleven years ago.
I wish would punch Kevin Millar in the face
Kevin Millar looks like the kind of guy who fishes a lot and tells you all about it.
also how are Kevin Millar and Arod sitting at the same desk right now and not throwing hands
Love the fact that I'm looking at Kevin Millar on the tv right now
Kevin Millar still has frosted tips and a soul patch dude it's not 2004 anymore
Hats off to the real MVP: Former Red Sox great Kevin Millar! He took Pete Rose's seat so we don't have to hear...
Heres one for ya...What happend to Pete Rose? And what a let down to see Kevin Millar on that set.
Love Kevin Millar but can't see him without thinking of the most awkward event of all time aka the Sox 100 years of Fenway ceremony
Actually, come to think of it, if he didn’t play baseball Kevin Millar would probably work at a cell phone...
Kevin Millar is the Guy Fieri of baseball
Wait wait wait. Hold up. They replaced Pete Rose with Kevin Millar? Lame.
They replaced Pete Rose with Kevin Millar who is like, kinda shady, but not gamble on baseball shady. 
Replacing Pete Rose with Kevin Millar for postgame World Series, is up there with Bob Barker replaced by Drew Carey
Kevin Millar will pinch hit and draw a walk...
also, Kevin Millar, whose voice is a worse crime than nearly anything.
Kevin millar in the 04 ALCS before game 4,"don't let us win tonight"
Kevin Millar instantly becomes my favorite Red Sox player of all time if he smacks Arod in the mouth while on the air.
Eric Hosmer was created when someone fed Kevin Millar after midnight.
Love Kevin Millar and think he is really good but does anyone know why Pete hasn't been on the Fox pre game
Why'd they replace him with Kevin Millar? Millar is such an annoying hick.
Really surprised that Fox went with Kevin Millar instead of John Rocker to replace Pete Rose.
Also CAN WE TALK about A-Rod and Kevin Millar being on the same Fox panel?
We're not getting eliminated on our field. As Kevin Millar once said, "dont let us win this one". lets go Mets!!
Is being able to hear Kevin Millar really an issue?
"It's never over till 27 outs. Keep grinding" Former Red Sox and World Series champion, Kevin Millar.
Fox took out Pete Rose and replaced him with Kevin Millar? one five is good but Pete Rose has been Comedy this whole postseason
Kevin Millar and A-Rod on the same set is a pretty good consolation prize for the loss of Pete Rose
I want to know who's brilliant idea was it to replace Pete Rose with Kevin Millar.
So now can we speculate about the reasons why Pete Rose was replaced by Kevin Millar tonight?
As if things couldn't get any worse, Fox replaces Pete Rose with Kevin Millar. Also: F ARod
There is something funny about Kevin Millar in place of Pete Rose.
Kevin Millar is the perfect replacement for Pete Rose.
Kevin Millar... What happened to Pete Rose? He was so much fun to watch!
We're losing Pete Rose and adding Kevin Millar. You thought it couldn't get any worse.
So, I'm all for Pete Rose being in the HoF. But a broadcaster he is not. Kevin Millar should have been in his spot all along
Ronnie Gray asked if Kevin Millar is related to Kevin Pillar. Phillip said he thinks he is.
...and I'm sharp as a tack Kevin Millar.
They just showed Kevin millar on the Jumbotron and someone behind asked who it was
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Ask Kevin, IT Fan Show edition! . Post your questions for Kevin Millar below and find out ...
Is there anything worse than being woken up from a nap by Kevin Millar's screeching, yelling voice?
Bedford 1 Weston 0 on a goal in the final minute by Kevin Engel from Tim Cowen. Second shutout for GK Casey Millar.
by Kevin Millar A new airport is: authentic broncos emmanuel sanders youth jersey Now that the tensions betwee...
No! We don't want to hear what Kevin Millar has to say. Shut up Millar! Stop speaking!
Kevin Millar also predicts we won't see the Astros in the postseason. 🐸☕️
Kevin Millar is the Guy Fieri of commentators.
Kevin Millar said the Rangers are a scary baseball team. Yeah buddy!
I don't agree with you Kevin millar
Guy Fieri is the Kevin Millar of the food world.
All about Kevin Millar ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Kevin millarTori Hunter trying out for your tv job ? Does this mean your coming to Philadelphia to manage the phillies.please!
From London's grimy workhouses via a sugar plantation to life on the High Seas: follow Laetitia Beedham in this...
yeah, because Kevin Millar's contributions to the 2004 championship are equal to David Ortiz's.
By that logic, Kevin Millar is more important to the Red Sox than Yaz because he has a ring and Yaz doesn't.
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Is this Kevin Millar or Clay Mathews. Down with Da Bears, love his Game.
Kevin Pillar should change his name. It makes me think of Kevin Millar and really, who the *** wants to do that?
.got an inspirational speech by Kevin Millar & stayed alive in playoffs. A win today draws them even:
I also don't enjoy that other MLBN show either Intentional Talk mostly because of Kevin Millar he triggers me
I'd love to see the show where Kevin Millar and Chris Russo join forces to create the most messed up players names in history.
Kevin Millar interviewing Mike Aviles on Intentional Talk, "Which player is most likely to go cougar hunting on tinder tonight?" love it
Kevin Millar just said Brian Roberts looks fantastic with his shirt off. 👀
MLB network should cover the derby tho and let Harold Reynolds and Kevin Millar commentate
Players must get annoyed by interviews with Kevin Millar and Harold Reynolds. Just bad.
"You can tell the guys that get and you can tell the guys that don't.Todd Frazier gets it" Kevin Millar
need to sign guys like Kevin Millar and David Eckstein and Jim Edmonds and
Kevin Millar tried to do the Whip on Intentional Talk 😂
l feel her pain. Think Kevin Millar. Don't let us win tonight...
I read this as Kevin Millar and was super confused for a second.
CEW luncheon honouring Dr. Robin Millar underway, MB Minister for Jobs & the Economy starts us off
Kevin Millar is the man. Everytime I watch him I'm laughing hysterically at least twice
Kevin Millar has a show on MLB network and he's a clown! 😂😩
TIL that the mere mention of Kevin Millar will cause me to turn off my TV.
Kevin Millar.. I'm just naming demons off the 04 team
just wondering if you guys figured out the Kevin Pillar is not a typo of Kevin Millar yet?
"I knew Kevin Millar... Kevin Millar was a friend of mine. Sir, you're no Kevin Millar!" ~ Matt Williams to Kevin Pillar, hopefully.
Oh Kevin Pillar! See, if it had been Kevin Millar we could say GOT HEM!!
I think it is fair to say Kevin Pillar > Kevin Millar.
Still confused about him not being Kevin Millar... Pillar? Millar? Pillar?
just made it on with former Saints player Kevin Millar.
I want to be Kevin Millar when I grow up.
I love Intentional Talk.Kevin Millar is the best!
I know Kevin Millar, Clay Buckholts, John Lackey from MLB and rock god David Drainmen live there. I watch
Kevin Millar and Pedro are coming back to lead the entire crowd in the biggest Bud Diesel toast in history.
Tom just asked who Kevin Millar was. Did he have a childhood ?
Kevin Millar is one of the funniest people out there
Chris Rose, that's what DVRs are for . . . figuring out just exactly what Kevin Millar says.
What are your June predictions? Chris Rose and Kevin Millar share theirs and talk Felix Hernandez vs. Mich...
lol I thought that was ex-Red Sox star Kevin Millar for a moment
I want Kevin Millar as GM and Pedro as manager. Man, that would be a blast.
As Kevin Millar once said "you get to game 7, anything can happen"
Kevin Pillar always makes me think of Kevin Millar. St. Paul Saints great, Red Sox OK, and general meathead.
You and Kevin Millar have the best job on TV, You guys have the most fun I have ever seen in one show.
Kevin is right, win the war of "Who's the Boss of Me," early, and you can have Millar's life. You don't, then you're Rose.
would you beat Kevin millar at a game of golf
One of the best Kevin Millar in an O's jersey moments
Tallpaul # Intentional Talk :kevin millar/what's the worst hair day you've ever had in the show?
I am not a Kevin Millar fan, but I prefer the phrase "Cowboy up" to "Man up."
makes sense. MVP Baseball 2005 had Dowd for Bonds and "Anthony Friese" for Kevin Millar. there were at least 30 cases like that
Would Kevin Millar make the IT Top 50 if he was still an active player?
Kevin Millar said Allen Craig was doing well and maybe cards get him to replace Adams, STL may be what Craig needs to get right
Kevin Millar...the ONLY team he's able to get excited about ! are a MLB Analyst now. Act it.
Prince with Kevin Millar right now on
Kevin Millar is LIVE from the Globe Life Park in Arlington for Intentional Talk! The Texas Rangers&P...
Kevin Millar mentioned his lower back sweat during My goodness.
I like what Reynolds brings to the clubhouse. Kinda reminds me of Kevin Millar. Difference in '15 is the fun is back.
When Kevin Millar is one of your better analysts you know you're doing something wrong
Curry quoting Kevin Millar from the 04 Red Sox with the "why not us" . He just won the finals before they even start.
Kevin Lamoureux wants access to Mark Adler's phone. There's a Matt Millar joke to be made here
Kevin Millar Story Time; This weeks episode will tell us about his time as a Calgary Cannon.
Chipper,have u ever golfed with Kevin Millar.Ive heard him refference u a few times on Intentional Talk?
I wonder if Kevin Pillar is just as annoying as Kevin Millar.
Kevin Millar going nuts over "Blazer" saying some big league team should do it. We've been doing it since we were 8!!!
Yep! I was the Kevin Millar of the ghetto tonight. "Don't let us win tonight", etc.
James Harden needs to pray to the Ghost of Bronson Arroyo's cornrows and Kevin Millar's goatee if he wants to come back from 0-3.
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Got a call give Kevin Millar an error?
Bring in Kevin Millar and celebrate the anniversary of something.
Just read my story on that game and now see I got Kevin Millar's first name wrong. Ugh.
“Great fact about Mark Wood in column you'll be proud.
5/24/99, Kevin Millar drove in the game-winning run in the top of the ninth inning with a 3-run, inside-the-park home run
the Rockets should make plans to fly in Kevin Millar to hand out whiskey shots in the locker room before game 4
sign 1B Kevin Millar and OF Dave Roberts to 10-Day contracts
Was it Kevin Millar who insisted the Tigers would be leading the AL Central by the end of the 3 day weekend?
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