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Kevin Love

Kevin Wesley Love (born September 7, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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could we start . Kyrie Irving, Kyle Korver, LeBron James, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson.
Lmao this is coming from the guy who told me that Kevin love was gonna average 18 and 16 a…
Bro what team was he gonna beat Lebron , Kyrie and Kevin love with other than the Warriors, please me…
Bro stop this how about being disappointed in Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love and Deron Williams. Leave 39 11 and 9 Le…
True. And the one to Kevin love he had a lay up he tried to kick it out smh
When this seal met a diver, he fell in LOVE ❤️ (via
All the more reason it sounds like a good idea! I'd love to hear you in the booth cheering Kevin on to victory, ala…
Kevin love can't hit when open shots I don't why they don't have Kylie In the line up
Love the sri lanka cricket shirt ..
Well yeah there's no arguing that. Kevin love is just a spot up shooter. But to play aga…
When Lebron James and Kevin Love both go for the block
Kevin love and kyrie aren't all stars? LMFAO
Aye bro, imma say my piece real quick. Kevin Love is trash & is "hurt" everytime he falls, Thompson buns too & Korver & JR the same person🚮
Would love to see Sri Lanka do this nothing against India
Kevin Love didn't play in Finals Game 3 of either of the last two years. He might as well not be playing tonight.
I'd love to hear anatomy of a feud: Michael Hayes/Kevin Von Erich or Dreamer/Raven or Jericho/HBK
Because Kevin love is so much better defensively. Melo>Love.
I work hard. I really take my craft seriously. I love the game. I love playing for my teammates. -Kevin Durant
But.Kyrie is better than Steph and Kevin Love is better than Draymond 🤔
I would trade TT n Iman for him, not Kevin Love tho...
Shumpert was 0% from the field had 1 assist no rebounds Deron Williams had no stats Kevin love had 11.1 fg% with 1 assist
I think the Cavs need to get rid of Ty Lue, and I know Kevin Love isn't popular but he has been great. Not many upgrades out on the market.
The Saudi/PKK lovefest is happening. Which makes as much a sense as Qatar and Iran. Gotta love the alliances of the Middl…
This game really hurt; the Cavs should have won it. Thanks for your article. I hope this loss doesn't l…
Kyrie. Paul George . Melo . Lebron . Kevin love make it happen .. so y'all can get beat in 7 next year
I will go as far saying Kevin Love's swag surpasses that of Durant, Curry, and Klay combined.
I thought Kevin Love was playing as the best version of Love this group has had and would give LeBron and…
Kevin love is way better than demarcus cousins
😍Wonderful Movie Kevin 😍One of my favor 💕Love all your movies and music so very much and you Kevin❤️ Hugs 🤗 and kisses 💋💋to you
Kevin Love. You got a ring but time to go bye bye.
We need untucked jersey Kyrie, off the Henny JR, playoff Bron, fat Kevin Love and Kardashianless Tristan in full force toni…
Another note. Kevin Love grabbing those boards was like The Kevin Love I saw when he was in Minny.
Kevin Love let us down, plus Klay woke up lol.. hurt!!
LBJ fans Kevin Love and Kyrie are franchise players! Cavs are a super team as well 12-1 before the finals
They even passed on the Klay Thompson x Kevin Love trade
I did a vocal cover, cant take credit for the piano -
Kevin Love need a little more heart in the game he making Keith Van Horn And Wally Szcerbck Look bad
And the reason I say Melo would have 10+ boards is cause they give Kevin love every rebound…
So.Is Kevin "just" a friend or are you going steady with him? Otherwise i would love to date him!
All Cavs have to do is replace Thompson and Love with people who can do all the same things + play K…
Prob trade kevin love to clear up cap and they are good fam.
Anyone who doesn't give Kevin Love credit obviously doesn't watch the games much. Dude has found his place on the Cavs.
So ur saying Lamar Odom is better than Kevin love and those role players are better than cavs role players...
Switch Kevin love for lebron and the cavs could beat the warriors right now Melo gives you 1…
Just woke up and had a dream that the Cavs came back. Game 7 30 seconds left tied game and Kevin love scores a game winning 3.
Especially when he just now got some help from Kyrie and Kevin Love...all I see him do is miss lmao idk how he had…
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Paul George for Kevin Love would be terrible.
Jr smith finally comes alive and Kevin love ends the game with 1-9 or something like that
Kyrie and Kevin Love contribute just as much. They had that game won last night lol KD just wasn't having it
Draymond Green is not number 7 and Clay Thompson is not rated higher than Kevin Love first of all
Idk why I feel bron is over Kevin Love lol. Something with the body language seems off to me. Maybe I'm tripping 😂
LeBron n Kyrie need help bring in Carmelo Anthony get rid of Kevin Love n JR Smith get rid of Shumpert n Jefferson asap
That's the GM mistake, Kyle Korver Frye, James Jones, Kevin Love, JR Smith. Mike Miller still there? Crazy.
Kevin Love looks like a guy with his pants around his ankles who just realized there's no toilet paper
Kevin Love is the first player with at least 21 rebounds in Game 1 of the since Larry Bird in 1981.
How often do you think Stephen Curry has thought about isolating against Kevin Love in the last year?
Only LeBron and Kyrie showed up tonight. Props to Kevin Love for getting rebounds though since Tristan Thompson didn't…
Kevin Love: 21 rebounds & 3 Blocks & 15 points. Tristan Thompson: had more turnovers than points and 2 rebounds. Kyle Korver: 0-3 from deep
Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love gotta outplay Zaza and McGee. You would think the Cavs had the advantage there
First possession of the game for the Cavs and Klay Thompson does this to Kevin Love...
Cavaliers are 0-of-7 shooting against Klay Thompson so far tonight. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are each 0-for-3
Klay Thompson with the lockdown defense on Kevin Love! 🔒🏀.
I'd imagine Kevin Love is going to be treated like a god or a punching bag after this series.
Brown praising Kevin Love's shooting: "It's quick. He doesn't have to load up or anything."
5 of the last 7 3-Point Contest winners will be playing in these Finals - Klay, Steph, Kyrie, Kevin Love, and James Jones.…
Cavs-Warriors NBA Finals 2017: Kevin Love says 'underdog' talk more fuel for Cleveland
Someone will still call into Cleveland sports talk radio tomorrow & say the Cavs should trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthon…
I like Paul Millsap but id take Kevin Love over him every time I had a chance to.
Kevin Love reminds me of Christian that why I don't like him?
Kevin Love is climbing up the ladder of White Basketball Players I got him top 10
Your team is on the 45 yard line with one play left. Who do you want throwing the Hail Mary: Aaron Rodgers or Kevin Love?
Kevin Love is really just Anderson Varejao with an outside shot. (Did I do this correctly?)
Kelly is either going to have to guard Kevin Love or have box out responsibilities on Tristan Thompson. That's not great.
Lol yeah I did but if we talking rosters, 2015 when Kyrie and Kevin Love got hurt and LeBron's running…
Kevin Love could be a QB. That was Aaron Rodgers last play Hail Mary pass to James in the back of the Endzone.
Kevin Love with Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary connection.
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Tristan Thompson just did the same thing to Amir Johnson that Kelly Olynyk did to Kevin Love. Will there be outrage?
I guess the Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, and Thad young trade for Kevin Love was a good trade. Cavs got the first pick overall that yr 🤔
Kevin Love was giving Marcus Smart "Hakeem Olajuwon vs. David Robinson" buckets in that first game...😂😂😂
Dwight Howard, the best defensive Big of an era was trash...But you're gassing Chris Bosh and Kevin Love? Lmao
If Stevens is a genius maybe he could draw up a scheme to have a defender within 12 feet of Kevin Love?
Kevin Love is just 2nd LeBron James teammate to have 30 points & 10 rebounds in a playoff game. Dwyane Wade did so three…
I'm not NBA coach but I'm beginning to question Brad Stevens game plan to not guard Kevin Love
Kevin Love out there looking like Reggie Miller against the Knicks in Game 5 of the 1994 ECF.
Reggie Miller said he was disappointed in Kevin Love when he got fouled on a 3 that he didn't have leg kick to trip Al Horford flying by 😂
Why is Reggie Miller afraid to say anything definitive?. "Kevin Love may be the best outlet passer". "LeBron is arguably the best player". etc.
Reggie Miller griping about Kevin Love creating contact. How'd you get in the Hall, Reg?
I thought Brad Stevens was smart but having Marcus Smart guard Kevin Love and Kelly Olynyk guard Lebron is a bold strategy
Yup, Kevin Love hits a couple of buckets and suddenly Brad Stevens has to take a timeout to stop momentum. Meanwhi…
Marcus Smart is guarding Kevin Love. Like c'mon bruh. I really dont be seeing the fascination with Brad Stevens.
Does Brad Stevens and the Celtics really believe Marcus Smart can guard Kevin Love ? Cmon son. Silly schemes
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Yea Reggie Miller, everyone with eyes knows that Olynk play was dirty against Kevin Love.
East finals begin Wed, Kevin Love might need to do the arm-yanking this time to slow Kelly Olynyk.…
The Warriors are the luckiest team ever. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving in the 2015 Finals, and Kawhi Leonard now.
Like...Brad Stevens is 12 years older than Kevin Love. How? I buy Stevens at 41 but Love as an 88 baby...c'mon
So far I've seen TJ Leaf compared to David Lee, Nick Collison, Kyle Wiltjer and Kevin Love. Just can't figure out what t…
Kevin Love's father Stan Love was a teammate of Wes Unseld on the Baltimore Bullets; on now
Watching on now & listening to drop the nugget that Kevin Love's middle name is…
I wonder if NBA announcers are legally obligated to mention Wes Unseld's outlet passes every time Kevin Love makes an outlet pass.
If I here Wes Unseld referenced one more time when Kevin Love throws a long outlet pass...
I feel like any time Kevin Love throws a long outlet pass to Lebron the announcers mention that Love's dad used to play with Wes Unseld
What do you know Kelly Olynyk with another dirty play. Keep him away from Kevin Love next series if the Celtics and…
Kevin Love after seeing Kelly Oubre push Kelly Olynyk to the ground.
The degree to which Kevin Love seems to have accepted his role on this team is incredibly impressive.
Kevin Love traveled to Park City, Utah in 2015 to rehab his shoulder at 7,000 feet above sea level.
Kevin Love, Frye, and Richard Jefferson are drinking wine and watching the Raptors/Bucks game. . The Cavs>>>>
Kobe didn't have Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. He had Smush Parker and Kwame Brown facing a tougher Suns squad.
Hall of famer Kevin Love can't even box out Thaddeus Young, crying
Kevin Love made an oddly worded statement about LeBron James, and things seem
The Cavs pull off the greatest comeback in NBA playoff history with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love on the bench in the 4th quarter…
On a recent Lowe Post, Zach Lowe argued Horford better than Kevin Love. Windhorst was like
Good time to remind you that Zach Lowe said Horford> Kevin Love and IT3>Kyrie on his podcast in the span of two min…
This is the first time that Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving & LeBron James have all scored 25+ points in the same playoff game.…
Kevin Love interrupts LeBron and Kyrie in the post-game press conference.
Lance Stephenson might wanna try blowing in Kevin Love's ear. Nothing else he's doing is working against him.
Kevin Love abusing and harassing Lane Stephenson lmao
VIDEO: Paul George nearly ended Kevin Love with this dunk attempt 😨.
Paul George with the NASTY dunk attempt on Kevin Love 😱😱😱
Kevin Love need not get in the paint when he see PG drivin to the lane
Continues to blow my mind how much weight Matt Adams lost in the offseason. It's like fat Kevin Love to skinny Kevin Love
People forget Kyrie was hurt and Kevin Love was transparent the first time they played GS. LeBron was averaging a 40 point…
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Kevin Love was taking a bad shot & making a bad decision but the ref penalized his defender as he forced a shot with the clock running down
LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love will not play in Cleveland's regular-season finale.
Or Russ. Or Kevin Love. Or Eric Gordon. Or Gallinari. Or Brook Lopez. Rose has injury problems but for a time he was amazing
Despite this loss,I really like the effort I seen from Deron Williams,Kevin Love and Kyle Korver tonight.Sadly it ended in a loss.
This Cavs team on the court currently is am All Early 2000's team. Richard Jefferson, Devon Williams, Kyle Korver, JR Smith, and Kevin Love.
Kyle Korver, JR Smith, Kevin Love on the floor and they give it to Deron Williams to take the final shot...smh.
when we passed up Steph Curry and Kevin Love in the draft and traded Kyle Lowry
...Channing Frye had 12 points, Kevin Love racked up 11 points and 15 rebounds and Kyle Korver also with 11 points.
Ron Baker, Kevin Love, Gordon Hayward, myself and J. J. Redick will win the NBA Championship, Mr. LaVar Ball.
Gordan Dragic , Kevin Love, Gordon Hayward alone would be better then alot of teams
Cavs announcer just said that's Kevin Love's 18th "touchdown pass" to LeBron. That's as many as Carson Wentz, Kaepernick and Trevor Siemian
If Gordon Hayward is better than Kevin Love that means what Bron is doing is even crazier lol
preach!! tell that to Larry Bird, Gordon Hayward, Porzingis, Kevin Love, JJ Redick.. all white studs
Put Gordon Hayward on the cavs and Kevin love on the jazz. Kevin Love would be better... You know he avg 26-13-4 th…
When has Gordon Hayward ever had a year like Kevin Love ?
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And if you had Gordon Hayward, Kevin Love, some fraction of Dirk and the guys from the Balkans, yeah, you'd make the playoffs.
JR Smith revives Kevin Love after taking ball to the face...undoubtedly thrown by Kelly Olynyk.
Celtics fans cry themselves to sleep every night knowing Gordon Hayward & Kevin Love don't play for them
J.R. Smith watching Kevin Love get hit in the face is beyond perfect.
yes "solid". plus ELITE Kyrie and Kevin Love. harden has no elite players. Lou Will and E Gordon are very good, but Cavs help is >
"What will become of LeBron James and Tristan Thompson yelling at each other? (nothing)" . Kevin Love: "Yo you want some mouthguards?"
If you're Nate McMillan you have to think about putting Myles Turner on Kevin Love
Stephen Curry has more 30-pt, 10-reb games over the last two seasons than Dwight Howard or Kevin Love
Say goodbye to that drought. Oregon becomes the first Pac-12 team in the Final Four since Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love and UCLA…
Is Kevin Love playing? If so, so much for the restriction...
*** that Kevin Love had to sit out the rest of the season in 2K.
Me: I love babies so much, can't wait to have a mini me. *period is late by 2 hours*. me:
Kevin Love can play in back to backs; Derrick Williams confirmed as Cavs' odd man out -
boy i knew kevin was romantic but this comment REALLY touched my soul,holy crap, he's so in love with her. Zhamira…
I want this Veronica and Kevin kinda love
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100% Kevin Love, and Otto Porter tonight. Lets have fun
used to love this boy. Is Kevin Bridges even a thing anymore? Last I saw he sulked off a stage in Bradford. Bad crowd tbf 😘
Hope Chapel in HB is my favorite Church of all time. Love pastor Paul!!
I lived in HB for 20 years raised my kids there. Would love to be there.
Kevin is the best. Love his reporting.
One of the reasons I love and The provide as many Rice Cripsy treats I can eat. Thank you
French Montana shows love to his “Muslim brother” Kevin Gates after jail release postponed
I guess? I mean it'd be another tragic unrequited *** love story and do we really need more of them?
Kevin Love going beast mode with 13 points in the paint. 😍
Love his show can't beat a bit of Kevin heart funny guy — watching Lip Sync Battle
Thread of NBA players better than Kevin Love:
Please 4 stores and I finally found this hopefully I am not late ps. I Ke…
I honestly love how much you love kevin and casey
The Kevin Love Triangle is an annoyance for anyone who wants to work with Gary or William.
I love Kevin Hart way more than I should 😍😍
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Love to see more focus on Big Pharma business and layers of sham companies under them raising prices on people..just greedy
LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving will play tonight.
Louis and Steve love u so much. We're proud of u
I feel so lonely but I love being alone
I tried to tell yall about Luke Maye!. He is a poor man's version of Kevin Love.
Russell and I have a hate love relationship but it's still love
I am now the number 1 most subscribed FaZe member 😍 I can't believe this, thank you all so much for supporting me. Much love t…
yo I love Mike and Ike's. Pink diamond Kevin love?
UCLA gets players like Baron Davis, Kevin Love, Westbrook, etc. aside from steph Davidson has no pro players
Kevin Love is the minimum price on Yahoo. Do you play him?
This hurts Gobert a little. Kevin Love makes the Cavs a much better rebounding team. Rudy is still a good play be…
Kevin Love is officially active for 😍
announce Kevin Love will start tonight. He has been out since February 12th.
Report: Cavs would trade Kevin Love at right price, but not for Carmelo Anthony
It's really sad,. I identity myself as Morgan but I am in fact Kevin Love... I am too confused and just want to be left alone
you can't be white Kevin Love and black Morgan from TWD at the same time
don't defend well when LeBron James sits and Kevin Love is out - via App
Off top of head players I scouted who could really pass ball up court: Kevin Love, Kendall Marshall, Kyle Anderson & Lonzo Ball. Others?
I am excited for JR Smith and Kevin Love to play again for the Cleveland Cavaliers
Kevin Love: Break A Leg out there man. Bogut: *breaks leg* . Kevin Love:
My favorite NBA stars are Gordon Hayward, Kevin Love, and the up-and-coming PG Tj Mconnell! What do the three have in common? Superb skills!
Il take Gordon Hayward over Kevin Love everyday of the week, twice on Sunday!
Said it last night on air, with the Kevin Love injury, Bradley Beal should get his spot.. Deserves it..
So is Boston's lineup Isaiah Thomas, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and Kevin Love? I love these rumors, Jae Crowder straight up?
"Derrick Williams will be better than Kevin Love". "MKG is a franchise player in making"
Basketball>Carmelo Anthony will replace Kevin Love at NBA All-Star g...
Carmelo Anthony is replacing the injured Kevin Love in NBA All Star game this weekend.
ICYMI: Carmelo Anthony will replace Kevin Love in the All-Star game.
Carmelo Anthony to replace Kevin Love at the All-Star game!
Carmelo Anthony has been selected as Kevin Love's injury replacement for the All-Star Game. (via
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Carmelo Anthony will replace Cavs' Kevin Love (knee injury) in All-Star Game
Carmelo Anthony will replace Kevin Love as an Eastern Conference All-Star reserve, per
Carmelo Anthony to replace injured Kevin Love for All-Star Game - ESPN
Had to get this crazy card to team up with PD Kevin Love 🔥
Looks like everyone missed out on the locker code for Kevin Love
Kevin Love is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Who deserves to replace Kevin Love in the ASG?
BREAKING: Kevin Love will reportedly undergo knee surgery and miss six weeks
Kevin Love's out for 6 weeks, and LeBron and the Cavs need to be careful
Thanks for following and have a great day! :)-
My heart simultaneously broke in pieces and grew with love watching Kevin run to and hold Randall.
team with Kevin love, Russell westbrook, Gavin young, max burton, and michael jordan
Kevin Love went on to grow another 6 inches, but Isaiah was done growing
One of the crazier pictures I've seen of Kevin Love and Isaiah Thomas when they were both 16
This is Isiah Thomas and Kevin Love in 2005.. They were both 16
LeBron James, when asked if he needs to step up in light of Kevin Love's injury: "I've never stepped down"
On the 'NBA Show,' and talk the Serge Ibaka trade, Kevin Love's injury, and more
Josh Jackson really be making passes like Kevin Love
Adam Silver should be a real G and name Mike Conley as Kevin Love's All-Star replacement. Memphis isn't really "West," anyway.
Eastern Conference Power Forward notes this morning:. Kevin Love out 6 weeks after minor knee surgery. . Serge Ibaka trade…
So we just gonna forget about Kyrie Irving , Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye,…
Zach LaVine, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Love were among the NBA players to wish Jabari Parker the best.
Ty Lue on the Kevin Love trade rumors: “Kevin should be happy that teams want him, but he’s not going anywhere” https:/…
As good as that shot was.Can we just recognize the Kevin Love in-bounds pass while we're at it?
I originally wasn't really into Kevin but this childhood love story is cute
Why is this still being discussed? CLE is not gonna trade a key piece of their championship team for Adrian Dantley
ESPN Blogs - - Why they should why they shouldnt Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love
Kyrie doesn't play D and Kevin Love is soft..Cleveland won't win a championship with this team ever.
Really love this centered bit from : What To Do During Student Work Time -
I'll give it a shot ... Do you want to grab LBJ by the Kevin Love?
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Love watching Syracuse play basketball 🏀 game winner
Kevin Love has made great strides. 👏💯.
Have you seen Carmelo this year? Now have you seen Kevin Love this year? Numbers don't lie kiddo
.Richard Hatch you made our universe a better place We love you for it. Rest In Peace my friend the Admiral!
why you yelling at Kevin love anyway?
According to person w/knowledge of situation, LeBron NOT pushing Cavs to trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony
It took time, but I've learned to love petty LeBron
Carmelo Anthony has been the center of trade rumors over the last few weeks and the Cleveland Cavaliers are right...
Carmelo Anthony is everything the Cavs do not need. Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony simply makes zero sense.
absolutely not Kevin love is a much better fit than melo is a ball hog and would not fit with the cavs
LeBron LeBron! Kevin Love has 39/12. Kyrie drops 11 in OT AFTER LeBron fouls out. TT has 22/11. But LeBron is too much for
Here we go. LeBron James is reportedly "pushing" the Cavs to trade for Carmelo Anthony, even if it means sending Kevin Lo…
Enough with the Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love crap. It's not going to happen!! 😤
Kevin Love has been throwing perfect outlet passes since high school:.
This Kevin Love full court chest pass is a work of art
Lebron should watch that Kevin Love pass on repeat, then think long and hard about wanting Melo
Why they should, why they shouldn't: Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love
LeBron reportedly “pushing” Cavs to trade for Melo, even if it means giving up Kevin Love https…
Kevin Love on trade rumors: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put his pants on". h…
Can we also talk about the GREAT pass by Kevin Love?! WOW!
I love Kevin but I thought he was missing some depth. turns out it was a cover for a broken heart... poor Kevin...
Most ppl now believe Kevin Love is better than Melo & better fit for LeBron? A happy, re-energized Melo would be bette…
But you cheated on her Kevin. So how "in love with her" are you
GO Kevin Get your woman back. I think you did it!!! Did I say how much I love this show! (4real) 😁
I love everything Kevin has been saying to Sophie.
Poor Kevin. He can't seem to find love.
Kevin is playing the memories card HARD tonight trying to win his first/true love back.
Kevin love for melo... y'all can keep melo , he washed up..
nothing is more satisfying than knowing Kevin Love isn't going anywhere.
LeBron James is pushing for the Cavs to get Carmelo Anthony, even if it means trading Kevin Love. (via
Ty Lue on the Kevin Love trade rumors: "He's not going anywhere."
Cavaliers' Kevin Love goes deep to LeBron James, who banks in last-second game-tying three (all angles)
WHAT A GAME!. Kevin Love and LeBron James lead Cavs to win vs Wizards in an OT thriller, 140-135.
But that pass by Kevin Love though...
Kevin Love turned into Michael Jordan to avoid the Knicks... his teammates don't even like him. They just stare at him after he make shots.
BREAKING: Knicks and Cavaliers agree on a trade sending Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland, and Kevin Love to New York. (…
can you guys go after Andrew Bogut and Derron Williams for Kevin Love? Contracts match! 🏆🏆🏆 repeat!
NBA Notes: Kevin Love doesn't expect to be traded - Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
There's a greater chance that Phil the Groundhog sees his shadow than the trading Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony.…
Should the Cavaliers trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony? - ABC News.. Related Articles:
The have said no twice but would you trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony?
The Cavs are interested in trading for Carmelo Anthony without giving up Kevin Love. 👀
The Cavaliers are reportedly interested in Carmelo Anthony, but won't give up Kevin Love in a deal. h…
The Knicks haven't given up in their pursuit of Kevin Love. Can they convince the Cavs to trade?.
Cavs interested in acquiring Carmelo Anthony if the deal does NOT include Kevin Love (Via ESPN).
Reports: The Cavaliers are interested in acquiring Carmelo Anthony as long as the deal doesn't involve Kevin Love
Cavs are interested in Carmelo Anthony as long as Kevin Love isn't involved in the deal (ESPN)
Knicks still trying to deal Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love, report says
Wow. Knicks have proposed a Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love trade to the Cavs. (ESPN)
In what world is Kevin Love better than Melo?
Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love has been voted an Eastern Conference All-Star reserve, league sources tell ESPN.
.is reporting tht Kevin Love has made the All-Star Squad for the East
Carmelo Anthony-Kevin Love proposal reminds me of James Worthy-Mark Aguirre deal almost pulled years ago. Jerry West nearly quit LA over it
Trade Melo for Kevin Love so Love would play the 4, Noah the 5 and Porzingis the 6 .
Knicks reportedly offer Carmelo Anthony-for-Kevin Love but Cavs are not interested. What could’ve been...
Kevin Love would be as useful as Antonio McDyess or Keith Van Horn on the Knicks
Report: The Knicks tried to engage the Cavs on deal centered around swapping Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony. The Cavs re…
Phil Jackson can't truly think Melo's trade value is high enough to get Kevin Love, right? RIGHT?
Noah fence but I'd prefer Kevin Love over Carmello Anthony any day, the trade doesn't even make sense
Knicks reportedly offered Carmelo Anthony to Cavaliers in trade for Kevin Love, per DETAILS:
The Knicks have tried, unsuccessfully, to engage the Cavaliers in Carmelo Anthony-for-Kevin Love trade talks.
PORTLAND 🏀. Huge performances from Oregons own Terrence Jones (career high!) & Kevin Love in Pelicans 124-122 over the C…
If the Knicks were to trade Melo to the Clips or Cavs, they'd seek Blake Griffin or Kevin Love. reports both t…
Kevin Love's last second shot to tie...
When I heard Kevin Love will play tonight ...
Lebron needed D Wade & Chris Bosh. Or Kyrie and Kevin Love. Jordan had who? Himself.
I dont like Messi but i like Kyrie, Lebron, Kevin Love, Westbrook, Dwyane Wade 💚💚💚 lol please notice me 🙏🏻
Yeah bron just had Wade, Bosh, Kyrie, the refs & Kevin Love. & still has a losing finals record.
EastBench: Isaiah Thomas,John Wall, Jimmy Butler,Jabari Parker, Paul George, and Kevin Love. Sad to say Wade and Melo shouldn't be playing.
Wat the...Jimmy Butler n Demar Derozen 😒 i wanted to see D Wade n Kevin Love start
Alright then take D wade, Chris Bosh away and then Kevin Love and Kyrie and he doesn't ever get a ring, prolly one…
But LeBron still needed Kyrie, Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, and Shumpert to win with the Cavs and Bosh and Wade with the…
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