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Kevin Love

Kevin Wesley Love (born September 7, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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cleveland​.com >> Kevin Love can play in back to backs; Derrick Williams confirmed as Cavs' odd man out
Kevin Love is the minimum price on Yahoo. Do you play him?
This hurts Gobert a little. Kevin Love makes the Cavs a much better rebounding team. Rudy is still a good play be…
Kevin Love is officially active for 😍
announce Kevin Love will start tonight. He has been out since February 12th.
Report: Cavs would trade Kevin Love at right price, but not for Carmelo Anthony
It's really sad,. I identity myself as Morgan but I am in fact Kevin Love... I am too confused and just want to be left alone
you can't be white Kevin Love and black Morgan from TWD at the same time
don't defend well when LeBron James sits and Kevin Love is out - via App
Off top of head players I scouted who could really pass ball up court: Kevin Love, Kendall Marshall, Kyle Anderson & Lonzo Ball. Others?
I am excited for JR Smith and Kevin Love to play again for the Cleveland Cavaliers
Kevin Love: Break A Leg out there man. Bogut: *breaks leg* . Kevin Love:
My favorite NBA stars are Gordon Hayward, Kevin Love, and the up-and-coming PG Tj Mconnell! What do the three have in common? Superb skills!
Il take Gordon Hayward over Kevin Love everyday of the week, twice on Sunday!
Said it last night on air, with the Kevin Love injury, Bradley Beal should get his spot.. Deserves it..
So is Boston's lineup Isaiah Thomas, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and Kevin Love? I love these rumors, Jae Crowder straight up?
"Derrick Williams will be better than Kevin Love". "MKG is a franchise player in making"
Basketball>Carmelo Anthony will replace Kevin Love at NBA All-Star g...
Carmelo Anthony is replacing the injured Kevin Love in NBA All Star game this weekend.
ICYMI: Carmelo Anthony will replace Kevin Love in the All-Star game.
Carmelo Anthony to replace Kevin Love at the All-Star game!
Carmelo Anthony has been selected as Kevin Love's injury replacement for the All-Star Game. (via
Carmelo Anthony will replace Cavs' Kevin Love (knee injury) in All-Star Game
Carmelo Anthony will replace Kevin Love as an Eastern Conference All-Star reserve, per
Carmelo Anthony to replace injured Kevin Love for All-Star Game - ESPN
Had to get this crazy card to team up with PD Kevin Love 🔥
Looks like everyone missed out on the locker code for Kevin Love
Kevin Love is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Who deserves to replace Kevin Love in the ASG?
BREAKING: Kevin Love will reportedly undergo knee surgery and miss six weeks
Kevin Love's out for 6 weeks, and LeBron and the Cavs need to be careful
Thanks for following and have a great day! :)-
My heart simultaneously broke in pieces and grew with love watching Kevin run to and hold Randall.
team with Kevin love, Russell westbrook, Gavin young, max burton, and michael jordan
Kevin Love went on to grow another 6 inches, but Isaiah was done growing
One of the crazier pictures I've seen of Kevin Love and Isaiah Thomas when they were both 16
This is Isiah Thomas and Kevin Love in 2005.. They were both 16
LeBron James, when asked if he needs to step up in light of Kevin Love's injury: "I've never stepped down"
On the 'NBA Show,' and talk the Serge Ibaka trade, Kevin Love's injury, and more
Josh Jackson really be making passes like Kevin Love
Adam Silver should be a real G and name Mike Conley as Kevin Love's All-Star replacement. Memphis isn't really "West," anyway.
Eastern Conference Power Forward notes this morning:. Kevin Love out 6 weeks after minor knee surgery. . Serge Ibaka trade…
So we just gonna forget about Kyrie Irving , Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Channing Frye,…
Zach LaVine, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Love were among the NBA players to wish Jabari Parker the best.
Ty Lue on the Kevin Love trade rumors: “Kevin should be happy that teams want him, but he’s not going anywhere” https:/…
As good as that shot was.Can we just recognize the Kevin Love in-bounds pass while we're at it?
I originally wasn't really into Kevin but this childhood love story is cute
Why is this still being discussed? CLE is not gonna trade a key piece of their championship team for Adrian Dantley
ESPN Blogs - - Why they should why they shouldnt Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love
Kyrie doesn't play D and Kevin Love is soft..Cleveland won't win a championship with this team ever.
Really love this centered bit from : What To Do During Student Work Time -
I'll give it a shot ... Do you want to grab LBJ by the Kevin Love?
Love watching Syracuse play basketball 🏀 game winner
Kevin Love has made great strides. 👏💯.
Have you seen Carmelo this year? Now have you seen Kevin Love this year? Numbers don't lie kiddo
.Richard Hatch you made our universe a better place We love you for it. Rest In Peace my friend the Admiral!
why you yelling at Kevin love anyway?
According to person w/knowledge of situation, LeBron NOT pushing Cavs to trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony
It took time, but I've learned to love petty LeBron
Carmelo Anthony has been the center of trade rumors over the last few weeks and the Cleveland Cavaliers are right...
Carmelo Anthony is everything the Cavs do not need. Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony simply makes zero sense.
absolutely not Kevin love is a much better fit than melo is a ball hog and would not fit with the cavs
LeBron LeBron! Kevin Love has 39/12. Kyrie drops 11 in OT AFTER LeBron fouls out. TT has 22/11. But LeBron is too much for
Here we go. LeBron James is reportedly "pushing" the Cavs to trade for Carmelo Anthony, even if it means sending Kevin Lo…
Enough with the Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love crap. It's not going to happen!! 😤
Kevin Love has been throwing perfect outlet passes since high school:.
This Kevin Love full court chest pass is a work of art
Lebron should watch that Kevin Love pass on repeat, then think long and hard about wanting Melo
Why they should, why they shouldn't: Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love
LeBron reportedly “pushing” Cavs to trade for Melo, even if it means giving up Kevin Love https…
Kevin Love on trade rumors: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put his pants on". h…
Can we also talk about the GREAT pass by Kevin Love?! WOW!
I love Kevin but I thought he was missing some depth. turns out it was a cover for a broken heart... poor Kevin...
Most ppl now believe Kevin Love is better than Melo & better fit for LeBron? A happy, re-energized Melo would be bette…
But you cheated on her Kevin. So how "in love with her" are you
GO Kevin Get your woman back. I think you did it!!! Did I say how much I love this show! (4real) 😁
I love everything Kevin has been saying to Sophie.
Poor Kevin. He can't seem to find love.
Kevin is playing the memories card HARD tonight trying to win his first/true love back.
Kevin love for melo... y'all can keep melo , he washed up..
nothing is more satisfying than knowing Kevin Love isn't going anywhere.
LeBron James is pushing for the Cavs to get Carmelo Anthony, even if it means trading Kevin Love. (via
Ty Lue on the Kevin Love trade rumors: "He's not going anywhere."
Cavaliers' Kevin Love goes deep to LeBron James, who banks in last-second game-tying three (all angles)
WHAT A GAME!. Kevin Love and LeBron James lead Cavs to win vs Wizards in an OT thriller, 140-135.
But that pass by Kevin Love though...
Kevin Love turned into Michael Jordan to avoid the Knicks... his teammates don't even like him. They just stare at him after he make shots.
BREAKING: Knicks and Cavaliers agree on a trade sending Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland, and Kevin Love to New York. (…
can you guys go after Andrew Bogut and Derron Williams for Kevin Love? Contracts match! 🏆🏆🏆 repeat!
NBA Notes: Kevin Love doesn't expect to be traded - Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia
There's a greater chance that Phil the Groundhog sees his shadow than the trading Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony.…
Should the Cavaliers trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony? - ABC News.. Related Articles:
The have said no twice but would you trade Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony?
The Cavs are interested in trading for Carmelo Anthony without giving up Kevin Love. 👀
The Cavaliers are reportedly interested in Carmelo Anthony, but won't give up Kevin Love in a deal. h…
The Knicks haven't given up in their pursuit of Kevin Love. Can they convince the Cavs to trade?.
Cavs interested in acquiring Carmelo Anthony if the deal does NOT include Kevin Love (Via ESPN).
Reports: The Cavaliers are interested in acquiring Carmelo Anthony as long as the deal doesn't involve Kevin Love
Cavs are interested in Carmelo Anthony as long as Kevin Love isn't involved in the deal (ESPN)
Knicks still trying to deal Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love, report says
Wow. Knicks have proposed a Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love trade to the Cavs. (ESPN)
In what world is Kevin Love better than Melo?
Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love has been voted an Eastern Conference All-Star reserve, league sources tell ESPN.
.is reporting tht Kevin Love has made the All-Star Squad for the East
Carmelo Anthony-Kevin Love proposal reminds me of James Worthy-Mark Aguirre deal almost pulled years ago. Jerry West nearly quit LA over it
Trade Melo for Kevin Love so Love would play the 4, Noah the 5 and Porzingis the 6 .
Knicks reportedly offer Carmelo Anthony-for-Kevin Love but Cavs are not interested. What could’ve been...
Kevin Love would be as useful as Antonio McDyess or Keith Van Horn on the Knicks
Report: The Knicks tried to engage the Cavs on deal centered around swapping Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony. The Cavs re…
Phil Jackson can't truly think Melo's trade value is high enough to get Kevin Love, right? RIGHT?
Noah fence but I'd prefer Kevin Love over Carmello Anthony any day, the trade doesn't even make sense
Knicks reportedly offered Carmelo Anthony to Cavaliers in trade for Kevin Love, per DETAILS:
The Knicks have tried, unsuccessfully, to engage the Cavaliers in Carmelo Anthony-for-Kevin Love trade talks.
PORTLAND 🏀. Huge performances from Oregons own Terrence Jones (career high!) & Kevin Love in Pelicans 124-122 over the C…
If the Knicks were to trade Melo to the Clips or Cavs, they'd seek Blake Griffin or Kevin Love. reports both t…
Kevin Love's last second shot to tie...
When I heard Kevin Love will play tonight ...
Lebron needed D Wade & Chris Bosh. Or Kyrie and Kevin Love. Jordan had who? Himself.
I dont like Messi but i like Kyrie, Lebron, Kevin Love, Westbrook, Dwyane Wade 💚💚💚 lol please notice me 🙏🏻
Yeah bron just had Wade, Bosh, Kyrie, the refs & Kevin Love. & still has a losing finals record.
EastBench: Isaiah Thomas,John Wall, Jimmy Butler,Jabari Parker, Paul George, and Kevin Love. Sad to say Wade and Melo shouldn't be playing.
Wat the...Jimmy Butler n Demar Derozen 😒 i wanted to see D Wade n Kevin Love start
Alright then take D wade, Chris Bosh away and then Kevin Love and Kyrie and he doesn't ever get a ring, prolly one…
But LeBron still needed Kyrie, Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, and Shumpert to win with the Cavs and Bosh and Wade with the…
When you think about it LeBron needed Wade and Bosh to win a ring then Kyrie and Kevin Love
Like say na only Lebron dey Cavs. Irving and Kevin Love plus that shumpert abi wetin be his name. Even JR Sef
Hitting y'all with the rare apt cross-racial basketball comparison: Wendell Carter reminds me of Kevin Love.
Wendell Carter is probably closest thing on this level to Kevin Love since Kevin Love.
Kevin Love also had one of the greatest transformations in NBA History
Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends...RT to Kevin Love
Kevin Love is gonna win a ring before Blake Griffin
Kevin Love, Whiteside, and Griffin way too high
Al Horford is better than Melo, B. Griffin, Kevin Love, Giannis and Marc Gasol? Gordon Heyward better than DDR?
Steph Curry and Kevin Love aka the Splash Bros... What if the Wolves chose the right point guard? 🤔
Cavs’ Kevin Love apparently dropped 10 pounds in two days due to some bad fish: By Matt Moore Food
My two sleepers: Jabari Parker and Kevin Love. I told dudes that they had Jabari fu**ed up.
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm rewatching the Finals game 7. Never realized how pasty white Kevin Love was
Find someone in this world who loves you as much as Mike Fratello loves Kevin Love
if you see your favorite player. Kevin Love. LeBron Jame. RusseI Westbrook. James Haren. Kevin Duran. Kyrie Irvin . Steph Cury…
Wow, this is a tough one... I think I'll go w/ Kevin Love, Michael Beasley, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis and Frank…
Kevin Love is probably still in Minnesota, Or Golden State and the Entire NBA World Burns
I wonder if Kevin Love going to see an increase ?💵
Jesus the T-Wolves really gave Derrick Williams, Wesley Johnson & Jonny Flynn to work with Kevin Love. I cant blame their failure on him
Cavs' Kevin Love will miss Tuesday's game vs. Bucks and is questionable for Wed. due to knee injury.
Kevin Love is our king, if only for one night
Kevin Love and JR Smith questionable, Channing Frye out for Updated news from around pro hoops.
Kevin Love probably has a better deep ball than Alex Smith
Video: Cavs' Kevin Love on mindset needed Friday at Chicago
Massacre of unnamed by Nigerian military, Amnesty Intl releases report Kevin Love
Kevin Love use to be asuperstar ,all star,Olympic gold medalist when he was in Minnesota Timberwolves now Cavs hate hi…
Kevin Love is currently averaging more PPG than Paul George, more RPG than Demarcus Cousins, and a higher 3PT% than Step…
Fact of the Day: Kevin Love is outscoring Paul George, outrebounding Demarcus Cousins, and shooting a better 3PT% than Steph C…
Kevin Love looks like Dean Winters in Allstate commercials with his huge band-ai. Poor thing!
Klay Thompson scored 37 in the 3rd Kevin Love scored 34 in the 1st. 37-34=3. 3/3=1. The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA fina…
Kevin Love has already tied the most pts he's scored in a game since joining the Cavaliers (had 34 vs Magic exactly one year ago…
Kevin Love had 8 three pointers in one quarter. Your move Steph Curry.
Kevin Love caught fire from behind the arc and dropped 34 (!) points in the first quarter. We repeat: ONLY the first quarter. ht…
This white man, Kevin Love, just shot up a bunch of black men in Cleveland tonight. Cops did not shoot him. White privil…
WATCH: Kevin Love drops 34 points in a quarter -
.forward Kevin Love sets record for most points scored in first quarter with 34 against Trail Blazers.
I think Kevin Love wants to be in the All-Star Game this year
Kevin Love with a massive 6 points in 3 quarters tonight
“Kevin Love had an absolutely insane quarter of basketball”.
Kevin Love set an NBA record for points in a 1st quarter w/ 34. The NBA record for most points (any quarter) is 37 - Klay T…
Kevin Love, Cavs post historic first quarter (Yahoo Sports)
So Kevin Love went for 34 in the first quarter then ended the game with 40🙄
What I'm hearing is that Kevin Love only scored 6 points through 3 quarters.
Kevin Love finishes with 34 points in the 1st quarter. 11-for-14 from the field. 8-for-10 from 3-point land
Kevin Love needs to prosecuted with a hate crime for this mass shooting of these innocent black men
Kevin Love on pace for 136 points and 12 rebounds tonight, which would be above average.
Cavs' Kevin Love outscores Blazers in 34-point first quarter
So Kevin Love went off for 31pts in the (1st quarter) but ended the game with 40pts🤔.that to me equals trash & the game wasn't a blowout
So Kevin Love slip some of this in his Gatorade or...
Kevin Love's first quarter shot chart will catch fire to anyone looking at it by sheer proximity
Kyrie Irving: Kevin Love could break a crazy all time scoring record if I give him the ball. Also Kyrie: I can get up a…
That Kevin Love fade. never forget. What an awful way to hit Turkey day.
UNREAL!. Kevin Love has 8 3s (26 Pts) in the 1st 8 minutes of the game. He's already set a career-high for 3s made in a…
Kevin Love with 34 in the first and 0 in the second. There's no way this has happened at any level of basketball.
Portland doesn't know who Kevin Love is apparently. 8 threes in the first quarter! .
Kevin Love just set a new career-high with 8 threes... And scored 34 pts... And oh ya, he did it in one quarter.
So Kevin Love casually dropped 34 in the first quarter tonight...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
he's loving it? Kevin Love of Cleveland Cavaliers scores 34 points in 1Q vs. Portland Trail
Kevin Love was unconscious in the 1st quarter, finishing with the 2nd most points in a quarter in NBA history.
Kevin Love had 34 points in the first quarter. ***
Kevin Love goes 8/10 from deep and scores 34 in the first quarter for the
Kevin Love erupts for 34p w/ a career-high 8 threes to lead the 81-60 at halftime over the Lillard adds 15p/5…
Kevin Love's shot chart in the 1st quarter. 34 points in the first quarter is now a new NBA record. 🔥🏀
Trying to get Kevin Love 100 points tonight seems like something LeBron would totally be into.
Kevin Love has most trash 40 point game in the history of the NBA. How you score 34 in the first quarter...then 6 for the rest of the game?
No one in NBA history has ever scored more points in the first quarter than Kevin Love (34).
Count along as Kevin Love hits EIGHT three-pointers in the 1st quarter 👀
Kevin Love's 34 first quarter points. 11/14 FG 8/10 from 3
Damian Lillard and Kevin Love are the first NBA opponents to both drop 40 points in the same game this season.
Kevin Love got 34points . at the end of the first quarter 😳😳😳
I don't know what's crazier, the fact that Kevin Love has 34 in the first quarter or the fact that he had 6 the next 3 qu…
Kevin Love tied the Cavs franchise record for threes (eight) in one half. IN THE FIRST QUARTER.
Kevin Love just put up 34 points in the first q, the 2nd most in a quarter ever (K.Thompson, 37)! . 3 more quarters to go!
Amazing 1st quarter by Kevin Love. 34 points on 11-14 shooting, 8-10 from 3 & 4-4 from the FT line in 11 minutes
Kevin Love is on pace to score 136 points in the game.
Kevin Love is playing almost as good as what we will Opening Night!
After a quarter Kevin Love is on pace for 136 points.
Kevin Love has 28 points with 2:14 left in the FIRST Quarter. What?!
State farm needs to replace Kevin Love and Damian Lilliard in their Droppin' Dimes commericals, he'd be perfect for the job.
Kevin Love says J.R. Smith nearly gave President Obama one of his signature “tattoo” shirts 😂😂
Trade Anthony Davis to the Cavs for Kevin Love and Channing Frye
That's expected when DarkoMilicic and Kevin Love are two of your best defenders
Paul George's usage cannot stay lower than Carmelo Anthony, Andrew Wiggins and Kevin Love if Indy wants to turn things around.
LeBron James, J.R. Smith and Kevin Love's arrival to Progressive Field. Richard Jefferson made it in ahead of them.
Just getting to this excellent Kevin Love story from Worth your time.
Kevin Love going to the hoop at any time:
I have JR smith, Courtney Lee and Porzingis in lineups but no Kevin Love smfh
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Kyrie Irving, J. R. Smith, LeBron James, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson will start vs. the Knicks on Tuesday.
Hot take: If Draymond doesn't get suspended, the Warriors win, JR Smith is overpaid by like Sacramento and Kevin Love is…
RE: Harrison Barnes two years ago; MIN was discussing Kevin Love trades. Wonder if feels the same way...
when you realize the Brian Shaw haters are prob just the Kevin Love haters
Report: J.R. Smith, Cavs agree to 4-year, $57M contract: LeBron James, Kevin Love and the rest of the Clevela...
Kevin Love picks up his 9th double-double in 15 games this year. He makes the best double-doubles.
Kevin Love and Mo Williams for Ben Mclemore and Cousins and they'll beat GS for sure
Kevin Love and Jason Kipnis in the same *** year.
JR Smith emerged shirtless, Kevin Love with a belt, LeBron with Larry O'Brien wearing an Ultimate Warrior shirt.
Should I trade Bradley Beal and Lin for Kevin Love and Jeff Teague?
You're being disrespectful as *** to Kevin Love to say he's about as good as Mo bald *** Speights
Kobe,Westbrook, KD, Kevin Love, CP3, Blake Griffin and many more run pick up games at all summer. Only in LA.
he could not get around Kevin Durant or Steve Adams ...HELLO or fricking Kevin Love
he could not get around Steven adams in the WCF.. he could not get around Kevin Love yet in regular season..
The Cavs had a washed up Kevin Love, trashy Timofey Mozgov, JR Smith is inconsistent af, and Mathew Dellevadova??
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Shoutout to Andrew Wiggins having better MVP odds than Kevin Love. That's hilarious.
[News OK] - OKC Thunder: Five games to watch in 2016-17: ... Bron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and the def...
I just hope Tyronn Lue figures out the best way to use Kevin Love and Love asserts himself like he wants a role on the team.
LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving all sitting out Cavaliers' finale
Kevin Love with the touchdown pass to LeBron! 🙌 (Vine by
depends on if Kevin Love is guarding him in the last 30 seconds.
Sources: Cavs have agreement for Kevin Love, including long-term contract commitment. Wiggins, Bennett, pick to Minn. h…
Lol its funny no trade. Kevin Love for Blake Griffin it's great for both of U
why isn't Kevin Love for Paul George & Myles Turner being discussed? Would be a good move for both teams
I'd look at a move for Kevin Love as cashing in *some* of their assets to give their roster construction a pillar.
Cory Booker is Kevin Love's stat lines from his Minnesota days.
Odds Jahlil Okafor, Russell Westbrook or Kevin Love are in trade to Celtics
Sources: Kings and not willing to give up Demarcus Cousins for Kevin Love without the Cavaliers throwing in picks, Cavs…
CST sources have heard rumors of a Kevin Love and Iman Shumpert for Demarcus Cousins and Ben Mclemore trade 👀👀👀
The Cavaliers are looking to trade Kevin Love & Iman Shumper + Draft picks in exchange to get Demarcus Cousins & Ben McLemor…
The Cavs are trying to trade Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert, and draft picks for Demarcus Cousins Ben McLemore. 👀 (via
Rumors circulating that Demarcus Cousins, Ben Mclemore to Cleveland for Iman Shumpert, Kevin Love and multiple 1st round picks
The Cavs are interested in trading Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert, and future picks in exchange for Demarcus Cousins.👀 http…
That Andrew Wiggins🔄Kevin Love trade was more disappointing than Teen Titan Go!
He also influenced Shaq to play in LA years ago and stopped a Klay Thompson for Kevin Love deal.
Kevin Love, Shumpert, 1st round to the Kings for Cousins, sign Wade.
Cavs trade Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert, and a few draft picks for Kosta Koufos, Ben McLemore, and Demarcus Cousins
If you look at Wiggins for Love as what it functionally was: a "Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love and LeBron James" deal, it looks real nice.
Kevin Love is sick of all the crap he took during the playoffs, and took it out on everyone. (Video via h…
The Grizzlies drafted Hasheem Thabeet in the top 2 and on draft day traded OJ Mayo (kicked out of NBA) for Kevin Love (just won NBA title).
Kevin Love's headband makes him look like a ***
Kevin Love pens an emotional Instagram message to James Jones for supporting him:
Kevin Love paid tribute to James Jones on Instagram, who he calls "the best teammate he's ever had."
Kevin Love with the greatest message ever.
Kevin Love wrote a heartfelt tribute to the best teammate he's ever had ❤️🏆
Michael Smith and Jamele Hill hate Kevin Love so much that they should change their show name from His/Hers to Black and Blacker!
Ben Simmons averaged more points than John Wall, more rebounds than Kevin Love and more assists than Steph Curry. He's pretty…
NBA Rumors: What should the Cleveland Cavaliers do with Kevin Love? Stick ...
Kevin Love on the Celtics? Our NBA experts discuss the possibilities in breakdown:
Nothin’ says “Merica” like Kevin Love goin’ Stone Cold Steve Austin after winnin’ the NBA Finals.
I can see it now Cavs trade Kevin Love to the Pelicans for Tyreke Evans and Omer Asik, that would be a great trade for the Pels.
Kyrie Irving hit the GW 3, Kevin Love with the great defense on Curry on the last possession. . The 2 players the Cavs d…
Important question to ask now:. Does Golden State even win the 2015 had Kyrie and Kevin Love even played?
Kevin Love and Coach Lue join the desk after Game 7 of the
I'm listening to 808s I love being alive
So the Cavs next year after the draft Wiggins, sign LeBron, and trade for Kevin Love along with Kyrie will be pretty good…
Kevin Love celebrating like he's "Stone Cold" Steve Austin with his Austin 3:16 shirt. .
Kevin Love caught plenty of flak, but his defense down the stretch of Game 7 was clutch (via
All Kevin Love had to do to make everyone love him again was win an NBA title—and wear an “Austin 3:16” shirt.
Kevin Love embracing his inner Stone Cold (via
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Kevin Love out here thinking he's Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Kevin Love finally got that hug from LeBron James!
Kevin love should not be allowed to celebrate
Kevin Love really wore the greatest celebration shirt ever
Kevin Love the secret weapon. Lebron the MVP. And the NBA's favorite Warriors will not be victorious!
Scott said Steve Kerr is a bad coach. Scott also thinks Kevin Love is good.
"Kevin Love needs to show more heart." - Coach Nick
bro on everything he was the LBJ to our JR Smith and Kevin Love
LeBron James had 82 points in the last two games. Kevin Love had brisket for lunch.
I am jealous of Kevin Love. He has one of the best seats in the arena to watch this LeBron performance. AND he is gettin…
Kevin Love last 36 mins = 3 pts. Dahntay Jones last 36 secs = 5 pts
Danny Ainge has spoken to Kevin Love's agent about a trade to Boston
Kevin Love reminds me of the Disco Biscuits from 2010-2014.
"He gets benched for 3 minutes of action?" Brock Turner's dad on Kevin Love.
.doesn't think Kevin Love has a big performance in him. .
Danny Ainge reportedly met with the agent of Kevin Love and Harrison Barnes this week.
Russell Wilson gets assist from trainer for Khloe Kardashian, Kevin Love
Draymond Green, Kevin Love and more weigh in on James Harden's Shaqtin MVP.
BREAKING: The Cavs have filed a restraining order preventing Kevin Love from coming within 500 miles of Quicken Loans…
Kevin Love has 2 points in the 1st half. Where’s Kevin?.
Kevin Love wants high five, gets yelled at instead.
Kevin Love thinking he's getting a high five & instead getting yelled at by LeBron is heart wrenching
I asked my girl Siri how many points Kevin Love has tonight and the response was absolutely delusive
Crazy that Kevin Love is out on the floor having played 32 minutes and has 2 points.
Kevin Love is the Pete Kozma of basketball
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