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Kevin Kilbane

Kevin Daniel Kilbane (born 1 February 1977) is a footballer who plays as a left back or left winger for Hull City and the Republic of Ireland national football team.

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Kevin Kilbane tell us what puts a smile on his face
Kevin Kilbane has been criminally under used by the BBC at this tournament...
hate him, terrible commentator. Id prefer Phil Neville and Kevin kilbane
Well done First to find Kevin KILBANE in our
Do you exclude Kevin Kilbane from your definition? Or what about Paul McGrath?
Under the criteria here, are you saying the likes of footballer Kevin Kilbane isn't Irish?
Spot on mate. Kevin Kilbane's just described Zaza's run-up as "like Michael Flatley in Riverdance"...
always had a soft spot for Kevin Kilbane since the time his shorts fell down during a game at the Bridge
Kevin Kilbane is doing a great job tonight.
Martin Keown on BBC1 and Kevin Kilbane one 5live! Poor form they must have been cheap to employ.
"Mesut Ozil is beginning to run the show...Italy are getting ragged". Kevin Kilbane on 1-0
It appears I have swapped Kevin Kilbane for Martin Keown, what have I done.
Not only the has a view but it comes with commentary of & Kevin Kilbane. Double win!
That's it, I'm going to the library to watch this. Cannot hear Kevin Kilbane say "tactical battle" one more time.
HT: 0-0 "As expected, it's been very cagey so far" Kevin Kilbane.
head Kevin Kilbane say he 'dictates the game'
Love being able to watch the BBC pictures with commentary. Excellent & Kevin Kilbane
Kevin Kilbane announces on that he is unequivocally Irish. In a broad Preston accent.
I'm the one who's fist pumping and looking all like Kevin Kilbane
Some might say on a par with Leon Osman, Kevin Kilbane, Marcus Bent and Tim Cahill.
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble KEVIN KILBANE in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our KEVIN KILBANE Conundrum. Nice one!
Listening to on Portugal vs Poland. Kevin Kilbane is so bad. Please replace him.
Ronaldo feeling pressure. Kevin the vulture Kilbane on TV3?. Talk about a non footballer. Or is it the Zico Cunningham?.
Kevin Kilbane looks like a Nigel Clough Corinthian figure.
Kevin Kilbane, born in erm Preston.that town in which country sorry? 😳😳
Wayne Rooney in this 'new role' was supposed to be like Zinedine Zidane. Turns out he was like Kevin Kilbane. Rubbish
Great post. But Kevin Kilbane's summary of Fra v Ire yesterday was excellent.
We have Philips an Kilbane. We need one more Kevin. I repeat we need one more Kevin. This is not a drill
Kevin Kilbane looking more and more like a cross between Alec Guinness and Roald Dahl.
You should let shots come in from 30 yards, but not let them shoot in the 6 yard box according to Kevin Kilbane. Heroic.
The BBC's football talent includes Robbie Savage, Kevin Kilbane, and Mark Lawrenson. All of them have no clue what they're talking about.
Note to Kevin Kilbane. The phrase is "come onto them". Ireland are not allowing France "to come on them".
"Deschamps may even make a change at half time" says Kevin Kilbane. Will the coach make an early change v
Delightful to have Connor McNamara and Kevin Kilbane hailing the stadium and game on Five Live comms
Really enjoying Kevin Kilbane on top summariser.
great build up guys with Kevin Kilbane
Super stuff from Kevin Kilbane. Programme sounds great lads. Mass was packed this morning
Northmen southmen comrades all. Mon the republic al go for a Kevin kilbane double
lookalike: Kevin Kilbane to star in Jim Carey remakes
Sport from now until 7 on - Kevin Kilbane and Mark Lawrenson pull apart England's Euro 2016 squad next. Marcus Rashford?
Roy's the Bhoy for Celts: Kevin Kilbane tips Keane for Parkhead hotseat.
Andy, you resemble the exact average of Kevin Kilbane and Daryl Murphy, and you also have great taste in T-shirts
Kevin Kilbane is a nice guy, sat next to him at a Noel Gallagher radio gig once, but how can he tell Mesut Özil what to do ffs. Pipe down
The one I really can't listen to is Martin Tyler on sky, drives me mad with his histrionics. Kevin Kilbane is ok on MOD as well.
Just saw Kevin Kilbane at East Croydon station. (Easily) resisted the urge to ask for a selfie
Enjoying Richard Dunne and Kevin Kilbane on Champions League! Two real legends.
him getting repeatedly humiliated by Kevin Kilbane in the Merseyside derby is one of my all time live football highlights
their choice of pundits Graeme Souness, Kevin Kilbane and Neil Lennon is far superior than before.
Why's Kevin Kilbane styling his look on Ramsey Bolton?
Kevin Kilbane thinks Peterborough are mid-table in the Championship. He is a pundit.
Kevin Kilbane. Seemingly forgetting the prolific, totally fit Harry Kane and that Rooney lad.
VIDEO: Kilbane warms up for FA People's Cup: Former Republic of Ireland player Kevin Kilbane shows you how to ...
Kevin Kilbane, please stop calling Jonathan Pearce 'JP'. He is not someone in a London gang. He is a 56-year-old BBC comme…
Not sure I agree with what Kevin Kilbane is saying, plenty of players deserve to be off the bench, Mirallas and Besic are 2 of them
Kevin Kilbane there, forgetting Glenn Murray had Bolasie and Zaha at Palace to do his running for him
Kevin Kilbane calling Glenn Murray 'technically gifted' is the most surreal statement of the weekend.
The press room here at the Stadium of Light is packed with former derby stars, Micky Gray, Steve Howey, Niall Quinn, Kevin Kilbane all here
I think it's Tony Gale and Kevin Kilbane (I think..)
At Everton, Kevin Kilbane had the nickname of 'Zinedine Kilbane', which with all due respect was a bit of a stretch!
Tonight's the night when Kevin Kilbane will be put on the spot during the Q&A session at The The Station Hotel...
Lineker looks lost when not surrounded by the calibre of Kevin kilbane and Jermain jenas
I am pleased to announce that we will have the former Republic of Ireland footballer Kevin Kilbane joining us at...
I think Kevin Kilbane is a very attractive man.
To be fair, Kevin Kilbane doing a decent job of the comb-forward.
Kevin Kilbane and Aly Power are the spit of each other my god
Did Kevin Kilbane actually just say "He's French, he'll have a big nose won't he"?
*Just announced*. Connor Phillips of Key 103 has been secured as the MC for the Kevin Kilbane Q&A night. Don't...
I'd say Walcott thinks he can finish like Henry, bit like Kevin Kilbane saying he's a good a touch as Zidane.
Kevin Kilbane with the pure emo haircut
Pre-match analysis LIVE now in the studio with Tommy Martin, Kevin Kilbane, Graeme Souness and Brian Kerr
Don't forgot to get down to the Q&A night with Kevin Kilbane at The Station Hotel Didsbury this Thursday at 7pm...
AUDIO: joins to give his best bets for tonight's action!.
It really annoys me that Kevin kilbane is allowed to be a MOTD pundit, the guy was the most boring player to have graced the game!
VIDEO: Football Focus for BBC World News: Dan Walker is joined in the Football Focus studio by Kevin Kilbane t...
how have I only just realised you look like Kevin Kilbane?! thoughts?
I think Kevin Kilbane's comments about Costa were spot on. He's most effective when he's riled up, he feeds off physical battles
Am I going insane or did Kevin Kilbane actually say "there's nothing wrong with a little kick out" on MOTD?
got to be Kevin Kilbane for me. Maybe Danny Murphy. They're so interesting!
Good to see the footballers do well this year, well done Benteke, Kevin Kilbane, Aroune Kone and Nathan Pond👍👊
Kevin Kilbane and Jonathan Buchan have the same voice.
Kevin Kilbane on motd: 'spurs lacking creativity again. Mignolet motm tho'. Right.
yh there were no upsets and Kevin kilbane was on the show so quite inevitable
MOTD 2 with Kevin Kilbane and Kevin Davies is so disappointing
Kevin Kilbane doesn't half look like he belongs with Team America
isn't Kevin Kilbane wearing one of you shirts?
Joining me this lunchtime former Everton, Ireland and part time Oasis front man Kevin Kilbane
Kevin Kilbane straight to work from being out on the tear last night, fair play!
Kevin Kilbane's beard is fabulous. Looks like he's in a Mercury-nominated lo-fi indie band.
Reckon Kevin Kilbane has knocked a tramp over while drunk driving. You can see it in his eyes
Kevin Kilbane hates 'chart music' and can't believe Radio 1 is ignoring the new LP by The Enemy.
"Spurs weren't very creative today... Mignolet was man of the match today" - Kevin Kilbane, MOTD
There were TWO fouls in the build up to winner against - Kevin Kilbane.
Kevin Kilbane gets his hair cut from beamish
This week we were treated to that footballing god Kevin Kilbane’s mastery of the spoken word. . You could fit his knowledge on a bus ticket.
Rare football moment, Kevin Kilbane NOT on his mobile phone!!
Kevin Kilbane on Match of the Day: Spurs lacked creativity... But Mignolet was man of the match. Well that makes sense
Kevin Kilbane quietly making Alan Shearer look like a good pundit. Two fouls my ***
Kevin Kilbane the ex Sunderland and Ireland winger
Kevin Kilbane, You're wrong, Costa is still a dirty little cheating *** He is a disgrace to the game.
Kevin Kilbane and Alan Shearer unconvinced Arsenal can keep this quality up for ten months of the nine month season.
Kevin kilbane looks like a spicer from 2011
Kevin Kilbane full of praise for Mahrez, says he changed the game and couldn't understand why he didn't start
Kevin Kilbane looks like the lead singer of an indie group😂
Even Kevin Kilbane has the cheek to suggest Afc needs to be consistent...KEVIN KILBANE. FFS.
Love hearing Kevin Kilbane's thoughts on things.
Kevin Kilbane looks like he's just walloped back in from a fortnight in Ibiza.
Lounges open at 10.30am today, our guests today are Barry Horne and Kevin Kilbane, both bring Derby winning experience with them!
Jack Grealish's decision to play for England is a "bitter pill to swallow" says Kevin Kilbane
The other day Kevin Kilbane was calling El Shaarawy "El Shuaree" throughout the game.
Imagine a world where the 4 match of the day pundits over the weekend in 2015 were Jason Roberts, Kevin Kilbane, Martin Keown & Ruud Gullit.
On this day in 2011 The Rams won 3-0 against Doncaster. Kevin Kilbane, Steve Davies and Ben Davies scored
As I once heard someone in a pub shout when Kevin Kilbane got the ball... "go on, show us your bag of trick."
Really hope this is true. Soon we'll have Kevin Kilbane dating Britney Spears. Gary Doherty seducing Lady Gaga.
Kevin Kilbane sounds like a blend between Phil Neville and Andy Tate
BBC Match of the Day pundit Kevin Kilbane made a complaint to the FA about chanting. from West Ham fans which mocked the disabled.
Kevin Kilbane lodges complaint to FA after West Ham fans sing sick song mocking the disabled ...
Clearly second-grade citizens with this mentality. Total *** .
A westham fan saying kevin kilbane is killing the game! Christ!
Just seen the stick Kevin Kilbane is getting on here. Depressing.
Washed-up 'footballer' Kevin Kilbane reported West Ham fans to the FA for calling Kane a mong? And he said it's as bad…
Kevin Kilbane makes complaint to FA after West Ham fans chant offensive songs mocking the disabled
Kevin Kilbane has made an official complaint to the FA after West Ham fans chanted offensive songs mocking the disabled…
Kevin Kilbane subjected to online abuse after reporting West Ham fans to FA for mocking disabled:
Kevin Kilbane has had an absolute mare there
Kevin Kilbane reports West Ham fans to FA for mocking the disabled
Kevin Kilbane complains to FA following offensive chanting by West Ham
You're like Marley of soccer punditry Stan. Kevin Kilbane very good points today.
Next time someone on accuses a manager of devaluing the cup, I'll point them to Mark Chapman, Jason Roberts and Kevin Kilbane
Possibly the bbc's worst ever line up with Mark Chapman, Jason Roberts and Kevin Kilbane
Didn't know Preston used to be called 'Priest Town' during the time of Henry VIII.good fact from Kevin Kilbane in latest UWS.
BBC Sport's Ben Smith and former Everton and Sunderland midfielder Kevin Kilbane look at the latest concerning Liverpool striker Rick...
Kevin Kilbane is the male version of Hayley Cropper
Martin Keown is a worse commentator than Michael Owen and Kevin Kilbane. That takes some doing
Can you imagine a conversation between Kevin Kilbane, Phil Neville and Michael Owen? 😫
Mardle and Harrington are the Garth Crooks and Kevin Kilbane of darts punditry. Nearly men turned experts.
Burnley vs Southampton is on air on Setanta Sports 1 with Matt Holland and Kevin Kilbane in studio with Connor Morris!. KO 3:00pm.
VIDEO: MOTD3: Wenger, Liverpool & bogeymen: Match of the Day's Mark Chapman, Philip Neville and Kevin Kilbane ...
Kevin Kilbane the first pundit ever to talk sense of Marouane Chamakh.
Kevin Kilbane interviews a brutally honest Roy Keane, who clears up a lot of nonsense the media have you believe .a very interesting, honest and no nonsense interview.
it doesn't get much better with Martin Keown, Kevin Kilbane, Danny Murphy, Phil Neville, Pat Nevin, Michael Owen,Jason Roberts
Rio, Robbie Savage, Kevin Kilbane, Jason Roberts, Danny Murphy, any of the players that wanted to move to into the media...
Mark Chapman is joined by Jason Roberts and Kevin Kilbane to discuss the talking points from the
I like Kevin Kilbane. Seems willing to treat the media as a second career and work at it. Some ex-pros think they just n…
It seems Kevin Kilbane in a parallel universe, is doing the footballing equivalent of Martin Brundle's pre-race grid walk.
Tonight Setanta got it right. Kevin Kilbane and John Hartson. Intelligent, thoughtful and not Denis Wise.
Who will meet Germany in the final, Netherlands or Argentina? Will the second semi-final be a battle between two of the stars of the tournament, Arjen Robben and Leo Messi? BBC Sport's Jason Mohammad talks to Kevin Kilbane ahead of the match in Sao Paulo.
Its not of them though..I've actually met some reasonably intelligent ones (Kevin Kilbane,Lee Dixon for example)
only thing wrong with this world cup is the co-commentators, Danny Murphy, Clark Carlisle, Kevin Kilbane. Just no!
Phil Neville, Kevin Kilbane, Robbie Savage? Michael Ricketts must be gutted the BBC haven't made him a pundit
Kevin Kilbane poses with a Colombian journalist.
“FACT: Kevin Kilbane - one of the luckiest men in Brazil right now. I want her as my wife
The starting team you get on FIFA Street is beyond unreal. Paddy Kenny. Claus Jensen. Kevin Kilbane. Clinton Morrison. Matt Holland.
Could Roy Keane be on his way back to Manchester United? Hear the thoughts of Kevin Kilbane now with Allan Beswick
HOLLYWOOD star Michael Fassbender and Ireland soccer legend Kevin Kilbane will be among the guests on RTE chat shows this weekend.
In this week's MOTD3, Mark Chapman is joined by Danny Mills and Kevin Kilbane to discuss the scale of the rebuilding job required at Old Trafford following Manchester United's 3-0 defeat by Liverpool.
Kevin Kilbane, at KC Stadium for BBC Radio 5 live sports extraHALF-TIME - Hull 0-1 Man City "For the first 10 minutes Hull were the better team, forcing the issue and putting Manchester City under player. But as soon as Vincent Kompany was sent off Man City stepped it up, with their big players looking to be counted. And it was a great goal from David Silva.
its Gavin McCann not Grant, Jason McAteer isnt in pic its Emerson Thome, and Kevin Kilbane
MOTD3 pundits Alan Shearer, Kevin Kilbane and Michael Owen discuss the sacking of Paolo Di Canio from Sunderland. Former Newcastle striker Shearer says ...
Kevin Kilbane looks like Wayne Rooney if his hair transplant had been successful.
Kevin Kilbane is having a laugh even suggesting Martin Skirtel should of been sent off!! Bring back Martin Keown ASAP!!
Kevin Kilbane just comes across as a comedian doing an impression of a football pundit
More on the relationship between Allardyce and agent Curtis from Kevin Kilbane via
More on the relationship between Sam Allardyce and agent Mark Curtis from Kevin Kilbane via
Dan Walker previews the League Cup semi-finals in the company of former Republic of Ireland internationals Kevin Kilbane and Mark Lawrenson.
Football Focus inc Martin Keown and Kevin Kilbane or Soccer Saturday inc Charlie Nicholas and Paul Merson? Jesus.󾆳
Theirry Henry was on motd last week, this week Kevin Kilbane... Contrasting *** lol
They asked Kevin Kilbane who was the hardest player i ever played against Roy Keane got me i got him he literally chased me rest of match no interest in the game shouting weres your boyfriend Niall Quinn lol
After the press conference we'll be on-air on SS1 at earlier time of 14.15 with Kevin Kilbane & Matt Holland discussing MON/Keane apointment
Kevin Kilbane, BBC Radio 5 live at Westfalenstadion Borussia Dortmund 0-0 Arsenal "Dortmund have created more, Arsenal have created very little. Dortmund have looked much brighter after the break, but Arsene Wenger has got to be happy they have not conceded yet."
Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane appointed Ireland bosses and it's a masterstroke - Kevin Kilbane
BBC1 Football Focus 'Everything' by on Kevin Kilbane meets Phil Jagielka at Goodison feature
Stuck in a Berlin hotel room where the only English language TV station is showing Kevin Kilbane interviewing Phil Jagielka. Send help.
VIDEO: Football Focus for BBC World - Dan Walker is joined by former Everton midfielder Kevin Kilbane - who has gone back to Goodison Park to meet Toffees skipper Phil Jagielka.
Former Sunderland winger Kevin Kilbane believes Paolo Di Canio was only brought in to give the club a short-term boost and said he had upset a significant number of his players during his time at the Stadium of Light. -
has gone from interviewing the PM on to Julie Goodyear. Next series it'll be Chas and Dave and Kevin Kilbane
Interesting that get Danny Mills & Kevin Kilbane to comment on quality of new signings in Premiership
Don't know who's more insufferable, Kevin Kilbane or Lawro. I feel sorry for Dan Walker.
Dan Walker: “Who'll win the league this season?”. Kevin Kilbane: “Either Man Utd, Man City or Chelsea.”. Cheers, Kev...
Reliable source claiming we are going to use the Bale money to fund a double swoop for Nigel Reo Coker and Kevin Kilbane x
Stumbled across this fine ol' piece by Paul Doyle on Kevin Kilbane.
The rest of list of pundits apart from Gianluca Vialli, Kevin Kilbane and Gus Poyet are awful.
Bebe and Kevin Kilbane. Dunno what ones worse
Bale is just Kevin Kilbane without the skill. via
Kevin kilbane was Dean there at the same time.
Kevin Kilbane another one dimensional leftwinger *** leftback in the mould of Stewart Downing and James McLean
Movie moments with Kevin Kilbane. Who'd have thought he'd be so dashing
is only a hamstring injury away from being Kevin Kilbane. Classic.
Whole office is now working on this - Kevin Kilbane?
in my time Best Linekar , worst Kilbane
Josh king is like a poor mans kevin kilbane.
Foy you don't ave to take that from the Kevin Kilbane of 1874!
"How do you turn it off?" Kevin Kilbane - 2006. "Buses. They're just trains for the poor." Ronald Koeman - 1992.
"How do you turn it off?" from Kevin Kilbane was a personal favourite.
Tributes to Duncan Ferguson from Dave Watson, Stan Collymore, Alan Shearer, Nigel Martyn, Kevin Kilbane, Wayne Rooney, Graeme Sharp, *** Rathbone and more.
*** from Kevin Kilbane. Do Blackburn nave a good shout for a penalty?
The two studio pundits for Brazil v Uruguay. Alan Hansen (26 caps) and Kevin Kilbane (110 caps). Scotland must have had one *** of a team in the 80s...
Great Brazilian football history intro by BBC television for the Confederations Cup semi final. Gary Lineker, Alan Hansen and Kevin Kilbane - Brazil v Uruguay on BBC 3 right now!
Who sits and thinks "I know, Mark Lawrenson and Kevin Kilbane will be great commentators. Oh and Efan Ekoku will bring the jazz"?
Kevin Kilbane is nearly as bad as Niall Quinn.
As if Niall Quinn wasn't bad enough, the BBC have now employed Kevin Kilbane
Didn't think Football Commentary could get any worse than Andy Townsend, Robbie Earle, Gareth Southgate and the piece who used to do the last Match of The Day game.. Step up Kevin Kilbane
Anyone else enjoying this BBC battle between Garth Crooks, Dion Dublin and Kevin Kilbane on who can out stupid the others the most?
Kevin Kilbane, Garth Crooks and Dion Dublin is the worst punditry trio you could ever find
Some line up on Final Score Garth Crooks, Kevin Kilbane and Dion Dublin. Feel sorry for Gabby Logan!!!
McCarthy with his best Kevin Kilbane "pass it to yourself" impression just there.
Good luck to Kevin Kilbane and everyone else running the London marathon tomorrow. The hard work is done now. Enjoy the day !
VIDEO: Guess the famous manager quotes: Colin Murray is joined by Alan Hansen and Kevin Kilbane for this week'...
Kevin Kilbane's Irish accent is as thick as Andy Townsend's
Second top football story on BBC is Kevin Kilbane's take on O'Neill's sacking. Kevin Kilbane. Thats who we've all been waiting to hear from.
Sunderland have made a mistake in sacking boss Martin O'Neill, according to former player Kevin Kilbane. The Black Cats sit only one poin..
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Kevin Kilbane on Question of Sport,hoping he goes for home rather than away and Sue Barker asks "you play much?"
What does Kevin Kilbane know about Scottish football? And Ian Dowie talking about technical football. Do me a favour Sky
Charlie Webster (I think) just got replaced by Kevin Kilbane on SSN. *turns off tele*
As they know nobody's watching, with Everton live on ITV1, BBC1 have chosen Kevin Kilbane and Robbie Savage as their Football Focus pundits
Kevin Kilbane and Robbie Savage terrible pundits. Just about sums it up for the BEEB.
Kevin Kilbane and Brian Kerr doing the punditry? It's what Fast Forward was invented for
draw just been made in Ciro's fantasy league cup. Tasty clash for you with Kevin Kilbane in next round!!
James McCarthy's relegation battle experience could be priceless for Wigan - Kevin Kilbane
Christian Purslow, Simon Jordan, Iain Dowie, Ray Wilkins and Kevin Kilbane have all been on they all have something in common
Shay Given's old international team-mate Kevin Kilbane says it's time for Paul Lambert to put the Irish stopper back between the sticks at Villa Park.
reminds me of the time we had to sell Kevin Kilbane to pay the bills at West Brom, Colin.
Kevin kilbane!!! The worst player to grace the DW stadium! And that takes some doing
If Kevin Kilbane hadn't retired he would have made it.
remember when we saw Kevin kilbane last night
Kevin Kilbane being all patrioticly festive
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
congrats mate well earned from BRFC fan-managed to crowbar a mention of you on my blog on Kevin Kilbane on
Former Everton winger Kevin Kilbane on Martin Skrtel's goal: "The Liverpool defender reacted so well. His touch and finish was wonderful"
Kevin Kilbane looks like the older version of Gareth Bale.
Kevin Kilbane believes that City can win it. I guess it's all wrapped up then, why bother playing it out?
Did not expect that voice from Kevin Kilbane
It's good to see Kevin Kilbane has taken to punditry with the accuracy, guile and charisma that emphasised his playing career.
Only realised there that Kevin Kilbane looks a little bit like Simon from Misfits!
Great to see Kevin Kilbane on Final Score. More Prestonians is what TV needs!
Kevin Kilbane telling us that Wigan dominated possesion, We had 57%, for those not fond of maths Wigan had 43%. Alright Kevin
Final Score resorting to Kevin kilbane
Does Kevin Kilbane cut his own hair?
Kevin Kilbane seems the type of guy who should have acted in Coronation Street / Emmerdale
What's everyone up to today then without any City? -Kyle
Kevin Kilbane fears the Republic of Ireland could lose Norwich City star Anthony Pilkington to England.
Ah Kevin Kilbane showing his football expertise on Final Score with his 100+ Ireland caps and thick Lancastrian accent.
Kevin Kilbane on Final Score - sweet hair bro, and he has got the london look teeth
Kevin Kilbane on BBC now. Who's hiring these people? The devil himself?
just realised I am watching Steve Claridge and Kevin Kilbane on the TV. Turning off now.
Kevin Kilbane, I love & respect you but putting Bale in the same bracket as Messi & Ronaldo? No, shush, please, quiet SON!
has there been budget cuts at the beeb? Kevin Kilbane? Ha.
Kevin Kilbane on Football Focus, loved him for us
Kevin kilbane and Steve claridge on BBC Final Score!!
Kevin Kilbane explained it very well on RTE about being brought up as Irish even though he was born in Preston
Kilbane fears Ireland will lose Norwich's Pilkington to England: Kevin Kilbane fears the Re...
Kevin Kilbane Column (02): Ireland should make Norwich star Pilkington feel more wanted, and quick
I've just seen Kevin Kilbane in the Arndale Centre, Manchester. He looked like a really, really nice bloke.
Saw in selfridges and kevin kilbane in tk max... That seems like a fair reflection of their footballing prowess!
Got a new U19s manager and coach! They are Pascal Chimbonda and Kevin Kilbane respectively!
will be pleased that Kevin Kilbane has won the League 1 Player of the Month award.
You can tell your kids how you saw one of the best ever players. I can say that I saw Kevin Kilbane
what better way than to chill with your cat named Kevin kilbane?
'Paul Green is an INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALLER.' We gave Kevin Kilbane over 100 caps you bellends.
Er Kevin Kilbane is in here now. Is he signing for to replace Demba?
“You are Kevin Kilbane” 100 caps for Ireland, superstar for Everton, yeah I'll take that.
Pity, Kevin Kilbane as manager and then yourself, we'd win the league
Kevin Kilbane: 'My 3 years at Everton were the highlight of my club career. It was a great experience playing for such a wonderful club.'
Can't believe i've not seen this before - Kevin Kilbane as Vanilla Ice.
what are u smoking do you not remember how good Kevin kilbane was? Messi doesn't have a look in
Domhnall Gleeson. And a damned fine young man he appears too. Up there with Kevin Kilbane.
We think Kathryn Jenkins, Domhnall Gleeson & Kevin Kilbane but not sure !
On First Fast Now: We're live to Tim Abraham in Nagpur for the latest on Stuart Broad's injury ahead of the fourth Test. We'll get reaction of both managers after Fulham defeat Newcastle on MNF. We speak LIVE to former Sunderland winger Kevin Kilbane ahead of their Premier League clash at home to Reading. He'll also reveal WHY he has retired from football. Tonight, Arsenal face a real test at League Two Bradford - former City winger John Hendrie with us to look ahead to the game.
Kevin Kilbane retires from football, and all Alan Brazil wants to talk about is Adam Johnson and Martin O'Niell, ok he played for them
Kevin Kilbane has retired. Similar to how Didi Hamann got John Welsh'd, he just couldn't handle getting Wallace'd.
Kevin Kilbane has retired, what a legend he is, great player
Best wishes to Kevin Kilbane on his retirement from football today. Was great to play alongside him & a truly great guy 🍀
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A bit of news from League One - but which will ring a bell with plenty of other fans around the land - as Coventry City captain Kevin Kilbane has announced his immediate retirement from professional football. The 35-year-old, who is the Republic of Ireland's third most capped player with 110 international games, had not played for the Sky Blues since 23 October.
One of Ireland's greatest servants, Kevin Kilbane, has retired from football. Thanks for everything Kevin
Kevin Kilbane has announced his retirement from professional football
James McCarthy, Kevin Kilbane, Ray Houghton are Irish ye??? Give over and learn the clubs history
There's not enough Kevin Kilbane in this Irish team
Video: Anno 2005 (June 8) the Irish were the last time in Torshavn, Faroer Islands vs
True enough. Rooney's missed bits and pieces too. All that said, Kevin bloody Kilbane has over 100
Video: Ireland's last visit to the Faroes in 2005. Kevin Kilbane even scored with his right foot. Seriously.
Absolutely. Santi is in a different league. He's on a different planet! Bale is like a faster Kevin Kilbane.
Kevin Kilbane - *** McCarthy is the man Republic of Ireland need: Before he resigned in 2002, *** McCarthy ran...
Very quick! 1 point for the answer was Kevin Kilbane!
And because of this Crap press conference on I have missed Kevin Kilbane on -- thanks for nothing, Crap!
Kevin Kilbane interviewed on ... I really couldn't understand him with that thick Irish accent
Nice to hear Kevin Kilbane on Sky Sports News again. I hope he's able to use us to supplement his pundit wages.
Kevin Kilbane on Sky Sports talkin about Kelly bust up.
Didn't quite give it the Gibson, Baines and Jelavic performance I wanted. More probably a Kevin kilbane I would've said.
Nice of to refer to Kevin Kilbane as former Wigan, Sunderland and Everton player, very poor effort
Judging by Kevin Kilbane's comments, Trapattoni is even worse than we all thought:
... with Coventry captain Kevin Kilbane when he reduced a ball boy to tears at Crewe
Kenny Cunningham & Kevin Kilbane on Trap from Newstalk earlier. Great insight on his weakened relationship with players
anybody who is undecided about Trap should listen to Kenny Cunningham and Kevin Kilbane talk to here -
Ireland 1-6 Germany analysis by Kenny Cunningham and Kevin Kilbane on Newstalk (and mine)
A lot of people asking earlier for Kenny Cunningham and Kevin Kilbane's Trap analysis - They were great.
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