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Kevin Keatts

Kevin Keatts is an American college basketball coach and the current head coach at UNC Wilmington.

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The realistic choices for Georgetown are King Rice, Kevin Keatts, and Danny Hurley. Chris Holtmann has a better jo…
Congrats to Coach Kevin Keatts and on their 3rd straight CAA regular-season title!
An in-depth comparison of Kevin Keatts' first 3 years coaching D-1 basketball compared to Kim Anderson's (via…
ICYMI: coach Kevin Keatts says he hasn't spoken with NC State officials about its vacancy
NCSU has head coaching vacancy. Is UNCW's Kevin Keatts in a position to take it?. Some say yes, What does Keatts say…
UNCW head coach Kevin Keatts earlier today when asked about NC State
UNCW basketball coach Kevin Keatts has been listed as a potential candidate for NC State's soon-to-be-vacant spot: .
Kevin Keatts asked today about potentially being a State candidate. Will run the rest at 6pm
.coach Kevin Keatts says he hasn't spoken to NC State officials about the job in Raleigh
Today at 6 Win games and your name may be mentioned for other jobs. coach Kevin Keatts.…
correct. If they strike out on their top 3 guys & end up with Kevin Keatts that is a full blown disaster.
See, Kevin Keatts, there's tons of potential at Mizzou. Just sayin
what about Kevin Keatts? Although I could see him going to a major.
Four Mid Major Coaches who will be on everyone’s list via
Here are 7 potential replacements for Mark Gottfried at NC State-
Here is our interview with UNC Wilmington Head Coach Kevin Keatts from this morning.
If Kevin Keatts is at the top Debbie Yow's wish list then she needs to retire today
"I think they want to get in on the ground floor with a younger up-and-comer: Archie Miller, Kevin Keatts, Will Wade.". on NCST 🐺🏀
Kevin Keatts seems to top Debbie Yow's wish list as it looks like was right as usual and Archie wants nothing to do with it
.mentions Cuonzo Martin, Kevin Keatts & Gregg Marshall as early possibilities for
Kevin Keatts is one sharp guy. Like him a lot. He will do big things in College Basketball
Guys possibly on the move on own free will. Tom Crean. Mark Fox. Danny Hurley . Archie Miller. Will Wade. Kevin Keatts. Richa…
Archie Miller would be ideal but Kevin Keatts may be more realistic.
Four Mid Major Coaches who will be on every one’s list
Kevin Keatts agreeing to terms with a new school the first week of April will be the icing on the cake for me personally.
If UW was to let Romar go, the four names I would like to see are Gregg Marshall, Will Wade, Kevin Keatts and Matt McCall.
Archie Miller is the guy everyone wants at NC State. But if he turns it down, where do they go? Here are the names https:…
Kevin Keatts (UNCW) is a nice fit for but let's keep in mind that Gott also had lots of success at a mid ma…
I know you're not huge on NC State but what's your thoughts on Kevin Keatts as next HC?
don't think Archie coming. My guess is kevin keatts uncw
How about the job HC Kevin Keatts and staff are doing at UNC-W. 22-5 overall and 1st place in Colonial with 11-3
I feel like they would be better off hiring Kevin Keatts away from UNC-Wilmington.
If i am Kermit Davis and Kevin Keatts would be on the top of my list
Kevin Keatts needs to head to Baton Rouge
HC Kevin Keatts is here to see 2017 PG Jashire Hardnett who has 3 years to play.
Hopefully they go get Kevin Keatts from UNCW. He's definitely going to a major program soon. Better get him now!
Kevin Keatts making step up this year? LSU?
- to me the best choice for NC State is Kevin Keatts from UNC Wilmington - winner, love his system and can coach
What a great piece from on Coach Keatts and the psychology of winning at .
Victories have snowballed under and he has the Seahawks atop the CAA standings once again.
A look at the rise of the UNCW Men's Basketball program under head coach Kevin Keatts. This all came about...
Kevin Keatts is the total package but if he is the one who gave Andre McGee the cash? Big problem
To me if you are GT right now, roll the dice on Kevin Keatts, he is the best option left.
UNCW has given Chuck Ogbodo permission to seek transfer, though Kevin Keatts left door open for a possible return:
Cuonzo Martin to Georgia Tech would pretty much assure one more season of Kevin Keatts in Wilmington.
Yo, someone at VCU AD get Kevin Keatts on the horn! 4 out of 5 starters return from a team that took Duke to the final minutes.
hope he is calling Kevin Keatts if he hasn't already
Kevin Keatts also falls in this category with McCall.
I think they will, but who knows. It would be Bryce Drew before Rice imo. I'd rather see Kevin Keatts than Drew or Rice.
I feel like Bryce Drew would be good. Any thoughts on kevin keatts? Seems like he will be good. May be a year early though
I've heard no reason at this point to seriously connect Kevin Keatts to any job openings. But as of today, no buyout for him to leave UNCW.
I have been told by a source that UNC Wilmington coach Kevin Keatts is not currently in the mix for the Vanderbilt job.
Kevin Keatts would be a fabulous hire at Georgia Tech. justsayin
Kevin Keatts to Vandy would be a dream for me
Mack would be awesome. I'm high on Kevin Keatts from UNCW. Not sure if he's in the running tho. Bryce Drew too
UNCW's Kevin Keatts finalist for national honors
Will UNCW's Kevin Keatts be named national coach of the year?
Kevin Keatts is up for a couple national awards from
Kevin Keatts checks in at No. 48 out of the 61 coaches w/ salaries listed.
Looking into that. Kevin Keatts is not UNC, but he's UNC-Wilmington (in neighborhood, which matters)
Asked if Marshall and Wade are definite no's, who is the guy? Rice, Kevin Keatts (UNC-Wilmington), Dan Muller (Illinois St) could be options
Vanderbilt's coaching search has been quiet. Here are some things we think we know.
call Marshall even though it's a no. I'd call kevin keatts too
Yeah that's what I said last night. King Rice, Kevin Keatts, and Matt McCall are my top 3 now.
Kevin Keatts really might be an interesting fit at Georgia Tech, were it not for the Louisville stuff. I'll await Kermit Davis rumors.
If Underwood why not Kevin Keatts? Bryce Drew? Jerod Haase? King Rice? Matt McCall? Why are people assuming Underwood is the obvious choice?
Here would be my names if Dixon goes: Tom Amaker, Will Wade, Randy Bennett, Kevin Keatts, Archie Miller, Ben Jacobson, Larry Krystkowiak
Along with Cuonzo Martin (at least try), Brad Underwood and Ben Jacobson, I hope SLU looks at Kevin Keatts and Pat Kelsey.
Tiny Dancers: UNC Wilmington is dancing already in Year Two of the Kevin Keatts era:
Will the UNCW Seahawks maintain a loose approach heading into CAA Tournament?. Kevin Keatts hopes so. .
Behind the scenes look, literally, of Kevin Keatts Show on . It's the magic of tv with & Kaden
A UGa assistant and UNCW head coach Kevin Keatts were watching North-Butler last night
UNC-W HC Kevin Keatts in attendance to watch Jaylen McManus of North Meck
UNCW's share of CAA regular season title earns Kevin Keatts $25,000 bonus. Gets $25K more if/when Hawks are RPI Top 100 on Selection Sunday.
The Kevin Keatts Show from the other wide of wall. . This week's show on WWAY right now!. and
Working on my last player profile for the Kevin Keatts Show on
Hear from Kevin Keatts, Dylan Sherwood & Craig Ponder after the UNCW hoops win that clinched a CAA title share:
3rd back-to-back title in program history. Channeling the "Matt Blizzard Days" - Kevin Keatts is coachin em up!
UNC Wilmington beats Towson to get at least share of CAA regular season title. Means $25,000 bonus for coach Kevin Keatts.
UNC-W HC Kevin Keatts is going to be in BIG DEMAND once the season is over.
Kevin Keatts to crowd: Don't ever take for granted back to back CAA regular season championships.
Congratulations to Coach Kevin Keatts and - back-to-back CAA regular-season champions!
Kevin Keatts inherited a dumpster fire at UNCW, has two CAA 1st finishes in two seasons. His offseason be like...
Kevin Keatts was at midcourt after Chris Flemmings went down hard & got called for foul. Avoided a T by saying he was checking on Flemmings.
Kevin Keatts spending most of U-12 timeout talking w/ official about what's an acceptable back court trap. UNCW up 14-13.
Craig Ponder set to make his UNCW record 126th appearance here. One more time before tip, my senior day story:
Kevin Keatts has all three seniors starting today. Denzel Ingram and Chris Flemmings join Craig Ponder, Dylan Sherwood and Kevin Hickson.
Nice work from dressing up the Ponder tale for web too. We're hoping to do more of that going forward:
Great stuff from on UNCW guard Craig Ponder and his relationship with Seahawks coach Kevin Keatts:
Terrific feature from on guard Craig Ponder and his relationship with coach Kevin Keatts
A senior day story on Craig Ponder, who's gotten a couple of helping hands from Kevin Keatts to get here:
Check out this article on Hargrave alum and former Hargrave coach
Here's the story of whose hoops life changed twice thanks to Kevin Keatts //
From to has had a mentor in Kevin Keatts:
Craig Ponder wouldn't have ended up at and probably wouldn't have stayed here w/o
.Craig Ponder is grateful for coach Kevin Keatts' help
Hear from Kevin Keatts, Denzel Ingram and Craig Ponder after the UNCW hoops loss to Hofstra:
Kevin Keatts drops the jacket. Denzel Ingram drops in a deep jumper. Probably unrelated.
Kevin Keatts needs timeout now. Desure Buie slips into the lane and finishes through contact. He can get Hofstra within 49-45 w/ 9:55 left.
Kevin Keatts has UNCW 20-5. Big time job in his near future I'd reckon
Hear Kevin Keatts, Dylan Sherwood and Craig Ponder on Thursday's UNCW hoops matchup with Hofstra:
what are your thoughts on Kevin Keatts? Unknown but would he be a good hire at Memphis?
On CAA call, Kevin Keatts goes to bat for Chris Flemmings, Denzel Ingram and C.J. Bryce for all-conference honors.
also this Kevin Keatts looks like something
Hear from Kevin Keatts, Craig Ponder, Denzel Ingram and Mark Matthews after the UNCW hoops win over Utah Valley:
Kevin Keatts on UNCW tabbed 6th in preseason poll: “Considering what we lost & what everybody has returning, I think it was a fair pick.”
The highlight of Media Day for MBB HC Kevin Keatts is the Maryland Crab Soup in Baltimore.
Coach Kevin Keatts is interviewed by the American Sports Network at Media Day.
MBB HC Kevin Keatts makes the rounds at Media Day.
.WBB HC Charlotte Smith is on now! On deck this hour: Kevin Keatts and Bruiser Flint
Matt, where's Kevin Keatts in all of this? Wasn't he the lead recruiter at that point?
Quick shout-out for my man and my School Best School in Illinois. Go follow them!!!
Rick Pitino's best 3-year UL stretch came while Kevin Keatts was on his staff (Final Four, Championship, Sweet 16):
Kevin Keatts said Freddie Jackson actually hurt his right ankle Saturday. Had previously sprained left one. Now has two sore ankles.
UNCW coach Kevin Keatts mentions four guard lineups as a challenge vs. "It's going to be an up and down game."
UNCW's Kevin Keatts: "I had as much fun in the Charleston game as I've had all season."
I'll talk to Kevin Keatts more on Tuesday, but here's a brief Freddie Jackson injury update for now:
A big mid-major surprise? UNC-Wilmington is tied for first place in the CAA with a 6-2 record. Kevin Keatts doing a nice job as head coach.
Who is this week's Player of the Week? Find out this morning at 11:30 on The Kevin Keatts Show airing on
Join us this morning at 11:30 for The Kevin Keatts Show on We'll highlight 2 big CAA wins for the first place Seahawks and more.
Kevin Keatts is doing a helluva job down in Wilmington. When the trask is rocking that place is incredible.
Shout out to Kevin Keatts for turning the uncw program around, I don't remember the last time they were any good
Coach Keatts shows the team gettin dunked on tonite while we wait 4 our celebration ice cream ht…
58-56 overtime victory for Kevin Keatts & the UNCW Seahawks vs College of Charleston. Video at 11pm on WWAY. Jordon Talley 11 pts for UNCW.
At this point UNCW HC Kevin Keatts looks like he's ready for the 8th grade dance
Keatts is unhappy enough about what's going on that he just sent in Kevin Hickson. Anything to get a spark going.
Kevin Keatts stuck with "game-time decision" on Freddie Jackson earlier. We'll see soon enough if UNCW has its leading scorer vs. CofC.
ICYMI: HC Kevin Keatts appeared statewide on The David Glenn Show on Monday. You can listen to the interview here:
Sounds like would be a fan of UNCW coach Kevin Keatts:
School policies, housing proposal, Kevin Keatts, and a teacher is rewarded. Tonight at 5:00.
Last-place CofC is part of what makes the CAA so tough. UNCW HC Kevin Keatts: "Just a very dangerous team that’s peaking at the right time."
UNCW's Kevin Keatts: "(Our players) compete every day in practice. They give us tremendous effort."
"He loves to recruit winners and he loves to recruit guys who want to be good," Keatts said" Kevin Keatts on Rick Pitino
On March 27th, UNC-Wilmington hired Kevin Keatts as their new head basketball coach. Keatts had recently been an assistant coach under Rick Pitino at the University of Louisville for the past three seasons. This will be the first head coaching stint for Keatts on the Division 1 level.
listening to Jason Anderson he said Kevin Keatts sent out an email
Former Marshall basketball player AW Hamilton is staying at Hargrave Military Academy, will not join Kevin Keatts staff at UNCW.
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Kevin Keatts says Montrezl Harrell reminds him of Tyler Hansbrough
Kevin Keatts watching Spiece. Groce, Matta, Stevens, Painter, Vols assistant here as well
Kevin Keatts, Tubby Smith, Matt Painter, Norm Roberts some of the coaches watching HoopDreams vs. Boo Williams 15s
Hancock was clearly a mid-major months into his tenure at Hargrave. His coach: Louisville asst Kevin Keatts
Louisville's Luke Hancock played for UL assistant coach Kevin Keatts at Hargrave Military Academy, and the connection paid off big.
Former Greg White assistants Gregg Marshall and Kevin Keatts headed to Sweet 16, with Jeff Boals waiting in the wings.
Louisville assistant Kevin Keatts here watching Terry Rozier & Anton Gill. Won this as Hargrave head coach back in 2008
James Byron Croudep Sara Clark-Pool Allan Neal Atkins Mike Atkins Louisville has the recruiting class in the country coming up. LOOK OUT! Who they have: The Cardinals and Rick Pitino landed the nation's best backcourt class after catching a break and winning a key recruiting battle. The Cardinals signed ESPN 100 point guard Terry Rozier and were counting on him to play this season, but he didn't make it academically and quickly enrolled at Hargrave Military, where Louisville assistant Kevin Keatts once stalked the sideline. Rozier is Hargrave's best player but its No. 2 guy isn't bad. Anton Gill, Rozier's backcourt mate, pledged allegiance last spring, and he's a top-50 prospect with a scoring bend. The left-handed Gill is a bucket maker and diligent worker, and plays with a chip on his shoulder. But Louisville wasn't finished. The guy who ties this whole thing together is junior college star guard Chris Jones, who could have gone to Kansas, Florida State, Baylor or Oklahoma State. Jones is one of the bes ...
Troy Williams, a 5-star small forward from Hampton, VA, will receive an in home visit from Louisville assistant Kevin Keatts on September 13th. The Louisville
Bill Self, Richard Pitino and Kevin Keatts all here to see Florida Elite.
Current Louisville asst and former Hargrave Military coach Kevin Keatts on new James White: “At Hargrave, ...
Congrats to Louisville & Ohio State on making the Final 4. I worked w/assistants Jeff Boals (OSU) & Kevin Keatts (Louisville) at Marshall.
There r four great head coaches in the Final 4. There r also some top assistants, from Louisville Wyking Jones, Richard Pitino, Kevin Keatts
has 3 former assistants in the Myself, Dave Dickerson and Kevin Keatts.
Just ran into Peyton, Gorgui, Russ, Kyle and Kevin with Coach Keatts!!!
Congrats to former Marshall U asst. coach Kevin Keatts for making it to the Final Four with the Louisville Cardinals!
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