Kevin James & Mall Cop

Kevin George Knipfing (born April 26, 1965), better known by his stage name Kevin James, is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer. A mall cop, also referred to as mall security, is a private shopping mall security officer charged with enforcing the rules and protecting the building, like a police force would for a government. 5.0/5

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good afternoon everyone, but mostly just to Kevin James for his remarkable performance in the Paul Blart: Mall Cop trilogy
my celebrity crushes are as follows: 1) Guy Fieri, 2) Kevin James (as Paul Blart: Mall Cop), and 3) Louis C.K.
I like Kevin James, but I cannot handle his John Candy impression in Paul Blart: MALL COP 2.
Heard there's going to be a sequel to Mall Cop called Mall Crawl. It's going to star Kevin James again as Paul Blart the Mall Cop, but this time he has to deal with a group of mall crawling Jeepers with their new JKs causing trouble by flexing on curbs and sidewalks and scaring the customers with their loud music and fart cans. Paul Blart can't control them with his ride walker thingy so he brings in some Hired Guns in the way of a group of hardcore renegade 4x4 guys and then the real trouble & fun begins.
From the makers of "Paul Blart, Mall Cop" and "The Zoo Keeper" comes a new rom-dramady Starring Kevin James in the zany flick "Carlos Castrati". James plays Carlos Castro, a New York butcher down on his luck who has a hilarious faux pas with a meat cutter, resulting in the complete loss of his manhood. The freaky freak-accident forces James to choose between surgically completing the transformation to full womanhood, or spending his life as a secretly emasculated man. Co-stars include writer and producer Adam Sandler, Dennis Dugan, Nick Swardson, David Spade, and Selma Hyack, who plays James' uber-supportive wife Maria, who discovers that true love conquers all and ultimately decides to surgically become a man to support her troubled husband/wife Carlos (Carlitta). The film is rated PG 13, fun for the whole family.
I love me some Kevin James lol...great actor...watching Mall Cop...
I'm sure these TSA peeps are professionals but somehow they invoke images of either Kevin James in Mall Cop or Homer Simpson at nuc plant
10.   Be sure to take as many little kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc with you to the Mall! You'll be spending so much time changing diapers, feeding them, carrying them around that you won't have time to spend much money. And naptime in the Mall parking lot will be a BLAST! 9. To look really UPSCALE, strap your new Barco-Lounger to the hood of your Kia Rio--(delivery is WAY too expensive!) 8. Ask your friendly Mall Cop if you can use his little "Segue" to finish your shopping--If he refuses, tell him he looks NOTHING like Kevin James (from the movie 'Mall Cop'). 7. Dress up like the "Duck Dynasty" guys, and ask customers in the food court, "Say bro, you gonna finish that Peking Duck?" 6. Organize a scavenger hunt and try to find the jerseys of former Chiefs Quarterbacks Elvis Grbac and Steve Bono. 5. A GREAT stocking stuffer--CHIEFS SUPER BOWL TICKETS!  Or a can of Spam. 4. On a budget? Can you say, "Scrunchees at Dollar General?" 3. Ask the clerk at Bass Pro Shops--"Can you gift wrap that stuffe ...
That movie I said about with Kevin James as the mall cop, they really filmed it in Bosten Mass, not N. Jersey. After watching the bonus F.
I find it interesting in the film "Paul Blart:Mall Cop" starring the freemason director and the freemason actor "Kevin James" they show blatant masonic symbols, and they even show a coded 666. Kevin James in the movie is on a dating site titled "" with the "F" highlighted in red. and when the camera catches it loading, looking for single people, it says " Finding your perfect match" with the three "F's" highlighted in red. F=6th letter in our alphabet, hence you got 666. Masons love to do this in hollywood films, most movies have them, but you have to look for it. I mean heck, the film "Jack Reacher" is one of the most blatant at it...showing 666 multiple times lol...
Gonna watch Mall Cop now I love Kevin James!!!Then I think maybe either Bram Stokers Dracula or the Avengers..we'll see I love Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.OMG Bram Stokers Dracula I've been meaning to read it keep forgetting that I have the book here!
Saw "Here Comes The Boom" for the second time. It only gets better! I went into this movie for the first time 2 weeks ago thinking that it would be another Mall Cop or Zookeeper, but unlike those movies, I found myself really enjoying this one. There was a better level of humor than with the previous Kevin James movies. I actually loved this movie!! If you like Kevin James, then you'll love it too.
Hello Everyone! Spread the word please . MOVIE NIGHT Is this friday 9th BRING YOUR LAWN-CHAIR . We are going to project the movie "drive-in style" on the front of the student ministry building OUTSIDE. The youth will be cooking hotdogs and selling all the food and popcorn as a fundraiser . You can vote here for any PG movie . We put out a list and so far there is two front runners . Here is the list. Bedtime Stories /Adam Sandler PG Kung Fu Panda/ Jack Black PG Castaway/ Tom Hanks PG13 Smokey And The Bandit PG Ice Age PG Mr. Poppers Penguins PG The Cat In The Hat /Mike Myers PG Narnia TLTWAW PG Finding Nemo G Mall Cop / Kevin James PG Bruce Almighty PG 13 The muppet Christmas Carol G So far Mr. poppers and Mall cop has most of the votes WHAT DO YOU THINK?
A giant thumbs up Kevin James for saying "the *** with you" to his elitist Hollywood friends by coming out in support of Romney and understanding what is at stake in this election. He knows individual liberty, property and most other essential freedoms and rights we too often take for granted are under attack under the guise of "we care more and will give you more stuff", "you'll have 'free' healthcare, "we'll 'spread the wealth around'" and so on. Ballsy move Doug Heffernan, AKA Paul Blart-Mall Cop. Awesome. I think I'll go to Wal-Mart and buy season 4 of King of Queens.
Here Comes The Boom. 6 out of 10. Okay, I know what your thinking, and no this movies is no where near as bad as Mall Cop even though it has Kevin James in it. No actually its a fairly decent movie and a great family movie, w/ a dash of action in it. I wouldn't recommend going and seeing in theater but it is defiantly a rental of DL.
Watchin "Paul Blart:Mall Cop" Kevin James u one funny brotha, i can`t believe back when diz movie came out i ain`t really like, i give 6 starz...
one of these days, and i are gonna have a depressing Kevin James movie marathon, get ready for Paul Blart: Mall Cop quotes guys
okay im going to bed. If you have any questions for Kevin James (Paul Blart in Paul Blart mall cop) please send them to me.
Kevin James you are a mall cop not a UFC fighter!
Kevin James did another staring role in a movie? Come on man, I think Mall Cop and Zoo movie were enough.
is pretty sure Kevin James movies are really just named after careers Kevin James should be pursuing instead of comedy. Think about it. Mall Cop. Zookeeper. So this new one should be called "High School Biology Teacher." Good luck in this new phase of your life, Kevin James.
Is it just me, or is Kevin James no longer funny? I loved King of Queens and Mall Cop but wow, lately - pretty bad.
"The zookeeper" "Paul Blart mall cop" and now "Here Comes The Boom" Kevin James' next movie should be him filming his own suicide. He ***
Colby: "Kevin James always does great movies. Am I right or am I right?" Lindsay: "ummm, mall cop!?!?" Colby: "that was a great movie!". I don't think my kids are cool today.
"Here Comes The Boom". Ya, cuz when I think MMA, I think Kevin James. Didn't think he could make worse movie than Mall Cop
Mall Cop.. Comedies with Kevin James should not make a guy tear up.. Yeah, I'm man enough to admit it!!!
I look and feel ridiculous. I look like Kevin James as Paul Blart in Mall Cop. =(
Here's a great quote from Kevin James in the movie Paul Blaut, Mall Cop..."Nobody ends well with a headbutt." LOL!!
Watching Kevin James in "Paul Blart;Mall Cop.." Have seen this many times..Yes, my husband loves Kevin James and so do I--he resembles him as well and sometimes acts like him..which is funny!LOL
You know what is a very underrated movie? Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I hate Kevin James but that was his best performance ever. Easily fav movie
Every mall cop in the world hates Kevin James with a passion.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Watching "Mall Cop." I love this movie. Kevin James rocks. Ready to LMAO!!
Like if you think Kevin James ruined his career with Paul Blart: Mall Cop.
Movie and TV star Kevin James brings his hilarious stand-up comedy to Cobb Energy Centre. He's best known for his starring roles in comedy blockbusters like 'Zookeeper', 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop', 'Grown Ups' and 'Hitch', as well as his TV sitcom 'The King of Queens' and memorable appearances on 'Every...
How could I forget that Kevin James is in Hitch? I hope Paul Blart: Mall Cop is next.
Kevin James, the King of Queens and Paul Blart: Mall Cop, returns to standup roots Thursday in a show at the...
Kevin James in "Mall Cop" is the candy-coated version of the much more raunchy, bloated-Seth Rogen comedy, "Observe & Report"...
Thank you to my beautiful ...loving Mary Simmons / "My Mary") for surprising me with some awesome tickets to see Kevin James (King of Queens and Paul Blart/ Mall Cop) at the DPAC- Durham Perf Arts CTR on Tues April 10th @ 7:30PM.and the Crystal Gayle greatest hits CD.
Kevin James was behind me at Mass at the National Shrine today...You may remember him as Paul Blart, Mall Cop.
Kevin James of Mall Cop and The King Of Queens before he was famous, doing stand up comedy in 1995 on Star Search and making it to the semi finals by beating...
Just found out Mall Cop isn't just a movie staring Kevin James. It's also a riveting reality TV show. I know what I'll be watching tonight.
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