Kevin James & Eddie Murphy

Kevin George Knipfing (born April 26, 1965), better known by his stage name Kevin James, is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer. Edward Regan Eddie Murphy (born April 3, 1961) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, singer, director, and musician. 5.0/5

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Like vintage Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapelle, and Kevin Hart as well. David Spade and Kevin James pretty funny too.
fb question! who would you love to see get paired up for a buddy cop comedy. my 10 pics are 1-Adam Sandler & Eddie Murphy(this team up will be a dream come true) 2-Damon Wayans & Damon Wayans Jr.(father/son duo) 3-Sarah Silverman & Whitney Cummings. 4-Aidy Bryant & Kate Mckinnon(cause they had a buddy cop skit on SNL) 5-Andy Samberg & Matt Bennett(these 2 look alike) 6-Seth Rogen & Kevin James(both playing mall cops lol) 7-Seth Macfarlane & Alex Borstein(Brian & Lois as Cops lol) 8-Chris Pratt & Anna Faris 9-George Lopez & Gabriel Iglesias 10-Martin Lawrence & Kevin Hart.
Why is Kevin James stealing Rob Schneider and or Eddie Murphy's movie roles?
The Papal Conclave, where the Church elects a new Pope, begins Tuesday. NFL free agency, where teams can sign new veteran players, also starts on Tuesday. Am I the only one who sees the potential here for a horrible new Hollywood comedy? Imagine: The studio that brought you "Jack and Jill" and "That's My Boy" offers a new film starring Robert DeNiro, in another kind of unintentionally sad comedic role, as an elderly Italian Cardinal and Kevin James as a star free agent defensive tackle (although I would have preferred Michael Clark Duncan for this part, may God rest his soul). Through some wacky and unexpected turn of events, DeNiro ends up getting signed to a lucrative contract to play defense for the Oakland Raiders and James is hilariously and accidentally selected to be the new Bishop of Rome. Eddie Murphy will play a wisecracking American Cardinal who has to show the new Pope the ropes. John Goodman will appear as DeNiro's no nonsense D-line coach. All sorts of hilarity will ensue, as an old Catholic ...
So started playing the old game of creating a dream cast to remake a classic movie with my new workmates. it started off because one of the pt's was watching Hitch and it was the scene at the end when Kevin James is choking Will Smith on the yacht, and all I could see in my head was Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy in a the "It was the Dukes" scene from "Trading Places". Obviously since Kevin James is the jokster he'll have to play the Eddie Murphy part and Will Smith is just straight smooth will take Aykroyd's. But with no further ado my dreamcast for the remake of Trading Places. Role Original Remake Billy Ray Eddie Murphy Kevin James Louis Dan Aykroyd Will Smith Ophelia Jamie Lee Curtiss Kat Dennings Coleman (butler) Denholm Elliot Paul Bettany The Dukes Don Ameche Ted Danson Ralph Bellamy Whoopi Goldberg (in her The Associate makeup)
I don't get it, I really don't. Why do people think that Kevin James is funny. Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase, Phil Dumphy, Jerry Lewis. Now that's real comedy. Enough said
Lmfao, the movies A Thousand Words, w Eddie Murphy and Kerry Washington, and The Dilemma, w Vince Vaughn and Kevin James :) All great actors!
This June, don't miss the next gem from Happy Gilmore productions! Kevin James, Eddie Murphy and Rob Schneider are...the Replacement Refs!
Erin and I are discussing if Foleys became a major motion picture, which actors would play the regulars. We decided Brett would be played by Michael Cera and Bob would be Kevin James. Erins boobs will be played by Sophia Vergara. All the other roles will be played by Tyler Perry and Eddie Murphy in a fat suit.
Will Ferrell, Sean William Scott, Horatio Sanz, Kevin James, Kevin Hart and Eddie Murphy... No matter what role they have I will laugh.
The Brokerage Comedy Club opened its doors in 1980 and for the past three decades many of our nations greatest comedians have stepped onto our stage entertaining audiences: Eddie Murphy, Ray Romano, Kevin James, Rob Bartlett, and Tim Allen... just a few to name.
Why Battleship? Why not Hungry Hungry Hippos starring Tom Hanks, Kevin James, John C. Reilly, and.Cedric The Entertainer featuring Tim Allen and Eddie Murphy? If Battleship actually makes money, then people just really have nothing to do with their time and money. I'm sure Battleship will either 1)bomb at the box office and break some awful record perhaps highest net cost film or...2)be the male twilight with multiple sequels, explosions, and sex scenes and that Channing Tatum guy Don't mind me, I just need to sleep soon...ha.
like my status if you wanna see comedy stars such as Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Kevin James, David Spade, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Charlie Sheen, Owen Wilson, Will Farrell, Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, and Seth Rogen all in one movie. :)
Kevin James is the white, censored version of Eddie Murphy.
Stand up - PK is the current host of PG-18 Fridays at The World Famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood. He was one of the original hosts of Asian Nights at The Laugh Factory for over three years. During that 175 week run, he brought over 10,000 people to the club, many of them seeing stand up comedy live for the first time. He has performed stand up comedy in over 40 universities across the United States. His passion is laughing really loud with friends and making good memories. Some of his comedic inspirations: CONAN O' BRIEN, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Brian Regan, Eddie Murphy, Johnny Carson, Jimmy Brogan, Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams, Chris Rock, Tony Rock, Cedric The Entertainer, George Lopez, Dane Cook, Jo Koy, Edwin San Juan, Felipe Esparza, Bobby Lee, Russell Peters, Joey Guila, Shawn Felipe, Randall Park, Ellen Degeneres, Kevin James, Kevin Shea, Bret Ernst, Iliza Schlesinger, Ian Edwards, Chris Spencer, Daniel Tosh, Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Nealon, Bill Maher, Joe Rogan, Pablo Francisco, Jerry Seinf ...
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