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Kevin James

Kevin George Knipfing (born April 26, 1965), better known by his stage name Kevin James, is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer.

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is far from funny and, dare I say, a comedian.Kevin James made his career in King of Qu…
Fine - no Belushi or Parsons. Kevin James and Adam Sandler?
Kevin James on killing off Erinn Hayes’s ‘Kevin Can Wait’ character: “We were literally just running out of ideas”
bf: I messed up. gf: did u cheat?. bf: worse. gf: what is it?. bf: I watched Kevin Can Wait starring Kevin James airing…
A petition to replace Kevin Spacey with actor Kevin James on the hit Netflix show has popped up on and…
I for one think Kevin James is an excellent choice His body of work is very extensive and a…
Look at everyone from Ralph Kramden to Homer Simpson to Kevin James: Heavyset funny man cast alongsid…
'Daniel Day Lewis' last film' shouldn't be a sentence that exists. Kevin James,Jai Courtney,Gerard Butler - sure, but not DDL.
Kevin James fridged his TV wife because he literally couldn't think of any other way to drive the plot forward.
LeBron James had a great game Derrick Rose Jeff Green Jae Crowder Dwyane Wade Kevin Love everybody did
Kevin Harlan: "LeBron James' jersey has been torn". Reggie Miller: "That's the second time I've seen one of these Nike je…
Plenty of MVP chants for Steph after he got his ring. Funny you should say that.
"I get that people are like 'Whoa, why would you do this?'" — Kevin James
Kevin James said Kevin Can Wait killed off his on-screen wife so the show “could move forward.”
Just got off a video call w/ a pastor in Texas who said I reminded him of Kevin James. Well, it could be worse.
Doing body shots out of Kevin James' belly button
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Aww, love you, Joe-Joe!!! Leah - we just love the brothers Rolf. Kevin James
Leah Remini, loved that Erinn Hayes, had good chemistry with Kevin James! Leah Remini is just wrong Not watching ever again.
you got me, my actual influences are Kevin James, Bob Saget and Stuart Little
Adam Sandler and Kevin James go together like Tim Burton and Johnny deppt
Kevin James scare Jerry Stiller to death in King of Queens: via
Hitch brought a date to a family history revolation situation at Ellis Island & Kevin James is the one that will ultimately pay for this
There should be an "Expendables" type movie except it's with Adam Sandler, Robert Schneider, Kevin James, Ben Stiller, and a…
Reboot perfect strangers with Kevin James and Jamie Fox?
Uff, who can replace Phil Hartman? (Jk it would be Kevin James after relentless studio pressure)
Leah Remini already appeared in a couple episodes as a former cop who worked undercover with Kevin James
That would be justice. Kevin James can thank heroin, cocaine and Beverly Hills Ninja for his career.
Kevin James whose real name is Kevin Knipfing is desperate, u don't see Matt le Blanc bringing in Matt Perry or C.Cox ...
W/O that trope we have no Kevin James, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Peter Griffin's character, this artic…
Kevin James' TV wife killed off as Leah Remini arrives
* Tell us what you think*. Kevin James' show on CBS "Kevin Can Wait" is killing off his wife for Season 2...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Tom Hanks, Beyonce and Kevin James were asked about GOD...This was their answer!
I think it's all Kevin James's dream
And finally (for now),. Paul Giamatti as Reince Priebus. Kevin James as Sean Spicer. Martin Sheen as Robert Mueller. Jo…
Wow!! Is the Kevin James cat version lol
I liked a video Kevin Durant responds to a YouTube comment, says he's better than LeBron James |
Kevin James and Leah Remini to reunite on 'Kevin Can Wait' with TV death of original wife
adding Leah, ok. Getting rid of Erinn, horrible. C'mon Kevin James. Why didn't you fight for Erinn?
I take this all very seriously as every lesson I've ever learned about/goal I have for marriage I've got…
I hope the change makes the show better. I watch it because I like Kevin James. It's alway…
No, I didn't see this. I still watch the reruns of The King of Queens with Kevin James and Leah Remini. Season 2 will be interesting.
Kevin Durant's response to a fan saying LeBron James is better than him. 👀
I actually have floor seats to see Kevin James this Friday night. Looking forward to it. I loved King of Queens.
Kevin Durant is better than LeBron James don't @ me
So they killed Erinn Hayes to bring in Leah Remini. How 'bout killing off Kevin James now to bring in Mark Paul Gosselaar?
team with james harden,tyson chandler, damian lillard, Russell westbrook, blake griffin, and kevin durant
You guys remember how good James Gandolfini looked in Sopranos Season 1?
Why does Kevin Durant get a free pass for being so sensitive? Oh, and LeBron = still better than KD: TRAINA THOUGHTS https…
Lol at the idea that Kevin James bagged Erinn Hayes and then after she passes moves on to Leah Remini. Just lol.
Kevin Durant responds to troll saying LeBron James is better.
Wait, WHAT'S going on with that Kevin James' sitcom???
1. Kevin Durant is not better than LeBron James. 2. Kevin Durant is VERY sensitive. .
I would watch a sitcom starring Erinn Hayes about a woman who faked her own death to get away from her husband Kevin James
When I'm done with AP Psych, I'm gonna psychoanalyze people who enjoy movies starring Kevin James
Very excited to announce that I'm taking over Bill Maher's show AND replacing Kevin James on Kevin Can Wait
lately I fall asleep w TV at min brightness in b/w at v low volume which heightens artistry of Kevin James physical comedy on King of Queens
Suggested by Paul Blart v the expectations of a child. This ep's the funniest thing w/ Kevin James. h…
: "I fell asleep at some concert once, I think it was Kevin James". Me: "rae, that's Paul Blart mall cop"
I loved my time at Guelph. Wouldn't be where I am w/out Karen Racine, Tara Abraham, Kevin James and others.
how did a Kevin James movie end up at the Berlin Film Festival?
Polls show Trump's approval ratings are down even lower. The man has less support than Kevin James's ***
Awkward. CBS is replacing Kevin James' wife in his new sitcom w/ his wife from his old sitcom.
So, um, did Kevin James just fire his TV wife to replaced her with Leah Remini?
This is the 10,476 straight day Kevin Durant has woken up being less of a player than LeBron James
Kevin Durant is coming for the crown as the world's best baller:
Finals:. Kevin Durant has been assisted 74.1% of his buckets. LeBron James has been assisted on 19% of his buckets. That paints a picture..
Apple exec appears to shout at Rihanna to 'sit down' during NBA finals game.
Mr kevin durant the most anticipated finals mvp," lebron L boogie james true demise to his game of throne"!
Lebron James. Kevin Durant. Steph curry . Russell Westbrook . Lionel Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo... What a time to be alive!
Leah Remini Will Reunite with Kevin James for Season 2 of Kevin Can Wait as Series Regular
Leah Remini is reuniting with her former TV husband Kevin James as a series regular on "Kevin Can Wait."…
How is it we haven't "met" before now ?! I love her too ! I'm over Kevin James like Tim Allen's Tool grunting...NO just no.
My guess is that Kevin James knows how to keep his mouth shut but my instinct is that he's a conservative jerk like Tim Allen.
Kevin James and Danny McBride need to both do something understated and naturalistic
If you don't like Kevin James that's fine, but stay away from me.
*opens instagram*. "Ur the female version of Kevin James". *closes instagram*. *burns Instagram to the ground*. *runs away…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Josh Feuerstein aka Kevin James and Fred Durst had a butt-baby, wrapped him in tin-foil and mailed him…
Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Terry Crews, Rob Schneider, Nick Swardson.. i'm so ready to watch Sandy Wexler
Kevin James and Adam Sandler are no doubt on suicide watch.
Kevin James and Leah Remini just became king and queen of the TV reunion game! Proof:
When your bosses want a sex pun on the poster but all the good ones are taken by Kevin Hart and Kevin James movies
New post (Leah Remini and Kevin James to share 'King of Queens' reunion on season ...) has been published on ! ... -
Many moons ago I was the publicist for King of Queens - Leah Remini & Kevin James Reunite in 'Kevin Can Wait' Finale
National Cheesesteak Day 2017. Best way to celebrate is to treat Kevin "Slow Jammin" James to…
James Harden is a Manu Ginobili and Kevin Martin hybrid with zero health concerns
Kevin James was the voice for Otis the cow in the movie only
Could you imagine if Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook were all still on the same team?
Only top-50 of Phoenix players whose names rhyme with “Kevin” though.
Devin Booker better than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant. Don't @ me😬
She has been divulging information on Scientology.
Do you think it bothered Greg Luzinski that the Veterans Stadium scoreboard sort of made him look like Kevin James afte…
Lois Ayres, Kevin James in slutty cheerleader from golden
Leah Remini and Kevin James reuniting in 'Kevin Can Wait' season finale: via
Leah Remini and Kevin James to Have 'King of Queens' Reunion on 'Kevin Can Wait' -
just heard about your cameo with Kevin James!!! Can't wait to see you two reunited!!! You are my fav!!! ❤❤
OK. Right. You should probably let Kevin Rudd know.
Cavaliers back on track with big victory over Hornets | SPIN.PH via
lol Kevin McHale wanted James Harden to run the wings.
Leah Remini reuniting with Kevin James for season finale:
'Kevin Can Wait' finale to reunite James with 'King of Queens' wife Leah Remini
❤️ you Kevin James. So happy 😊 that Kevin Can Wait is coming back for season 2. You made Mondays "Great Again."
Trivia- In golf fan Kevin James' sitcom "King of Queens", Kevin's best friend is named Deacon Palmer
Trivia-On "King of Queens" sitcom created by golf fans Ray Romano and Kevin James, Kevin's best friend's name is Deacon Palmer
Kevin James is now offering hand jobs to fund Paul Blart Mall Cop 3.
Kevin James is the king of a burp fart sneeze!
When I find myself in times of trouble. Kevin James comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom, "King of Queens"
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Kevin James and Milania Isabella. She's got a lot to learn from him @ Olson Burke/Sullivan…
James Musiitwa scores another try for the Rhinos and Kevin Makmot completes the extras pushing the scores to Rhinos 35_6 Rams
thoughts are with Kevin at this desperate time
Tickets go on sale TODAY for our second Kevin James show on April 6 and SKID ROW on November 9! Head to...
and not lacking hope but calling for Christians of all stripes to stand together /3
I liked a video Kevin Hart jokes with Lebron James and Shaq Funny video
I find it highly ironic that someone who so well understands Charles Taylor 1/
Once again: elected Right after he released Oct. 28 letter 2 Congress abt trendlines flipped
Kevin James flattered by comparison to Bob Newhart.
I guess you didn't actually read the Chaput book in totality.
don't defend well when LeBron James sits and Kevin Love is out - via App
Did you ever notice Jesse James looked a lot like Kevin Bacon?.
The graph presentation says it all.
Say it with me again: James Comey elected Donald Trump president via
I can't get over how much Tony Nese looks like Damien Sandow with a Kevin James face.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Is your husband a Ray Romano or Kevin James type?
Just a reminder that *** Foley and Kevin James were on the same wrestling team in high school
Kevin James' movie does it better than them Lol!
if Kevin James and Vince Vaughn had a child...
Today's Inspirational Quote:. "There's no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap.". -- Kevin James
Like vintage Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapelle, and Kevin Hart as well. David Spade and Kevin James pretty funny too.
which would be nuts if Kevin James and Jim Belushi hadn't had shows run most of a decade
Only Jim Carey, Chris Farley & Kevin James have ever made me laugh
How many more Kevin James promos can Jim Nantz give before he snaps on live tv?
"In a modern reimagining of the John Candy classic, Kevin James is UNCLE CUCK"
No your casting Kevin James and nonso anozie in fat men can't jump
Just watched 5 min. of Kevin Can Wait to see if it's as bad as I could imagine. It's even worse. Who does Kevin James have pictures of?
Whenever life feels like a movie it's usually a really bad Kevin James movie...
I thought that's why they started making Adam Sandler and Kevin James movies.
Can somebody explain what the plot of and is other than to get Kevin James and Matt LeBlanc on TV again?
Blues Brothers 2025 will feature Kevin James as the love child of John Belushi and Kathleen Freeman's characters..respectively.
Kevin James as Steve Fart & Kevin James as Jeff Fart in FART BOYS FOOTBALL CAMP. In theaters this Christmas.
Jimmy Fallon Point Pleasant Police Department skits with Kevin James and Bill Hader are masterpieces
How does Kevin James end up with these babes in every one of his may have everyone else fooled Kevin, but not me
same ppl who wrote Rosario Dawson as having a deep unrequited love for Kevin James
I'm really enjoying this new program "King of Queens," with the funny man Kevin James. Is that a podcast?
Here Comes The Boom is a great movie, but that's because of Bas Rutten, not Kevin James
My son told me I look like Kevin James the other day.. or was that... Raymond Burr? Either way I look more like the…
Kevin James (8-4) and Dylan Moreno (18-1) both posts wins at 157 pounds to reach CCCAA State Semifinals for
Why do fat guys always have the hottest TV show wife's? Kevin James, George Lopez..
Kevin James plays a Taurus in every performance. He's out right Doug Heffernan in his new show.
Kevin James and Jimmy Fallon are the messiest '80s cops ever
I watched Kevin James and Jimmy Falon and it was funny especially when they were the police officers.
A 10 minute skit on Jimmy Falon of he and Kevin James literally just spitting on each other.
New Thanksgiving after football! The Point Pleasant sketch with Kevin James is the most I have laughed in a…
Super B-Day to Greg Luzinski. I'm still waiting for Hollywood to make the Bull's life story starring Kevin James. https…
. Louis = Ray Ramano . Don = Shaun king but sounds like Kevin James
Can you imagine Kevin James' 2009 campy comedy, "Paul Blart: Mall Cop," as an action-packed thriller? CineFix did.
there's also a new Kevin James where he plays a spy which may or may not be in the Paul Blart universe
Obama read "Team of Rivals". Trump bought a ticket to "Lincoln", got bored after 20 mins and snuck into Kevin James' "Here Comes the Boom"
Kevin James provides lots of laughs. Here Comes the Boom!
you gave Kevin James money, and even worse screen time... I'm cancelling my account. Shame Netflix shaaame!
good afternoon everyone, but mostly just to Kevin James for his remarkable performance in the Paul Blart: Mall Cop trilogy
Adam Sandler on Kevin Can Wait. It's like Christmas came early. Now I only have like two weeks to wait for Kevin James' Netflix movie.
Come on guys don't tie this. It's down to the wire between Martin Sheen and Kevin James
is exactly like Kevin James when William Martin Joel is playing on the radio in my bus depot.
Noel Fielding , Greg Davies, Bill Bailey, Josh , Kevin James and he's not a comedian a such but Samuel L Jackson 😂, you?
Ahead of UFC 205, Chris Weidman goes – on Long Island – with Kevin James
Officially confirmed - Kevin James will play Ken Bone in $100m opening weekend…
Kevin James and I will remember all the haters when we hit our stride in 2017. We're the next Abbot/Costello Batman/Robin Ann Coulter/Racism
"If I can hold Kevin James attention, I can hold the world's.". - Dolly Parton.
my first time watching KCW, Leah Remini was hotter than the tv wife Kevin James has on this new show.
Kevin James can only be married to Leah Remini or Adam Sandler. Sorry, thems the rules.
this was a directive from Kevin James. He said "I'll only come back to CBS if you let me own Leah Remini. A hot stand-in!"
You won't believe this, but Kevin James has a new show on CBS where he appears to have out kicked his coverage again.
Of course not! On any given day I look like Elton John, Colin Powell, Raul Julia and Kevin James. Guess my mom and…
I sometimes wonder if Kevin James could have pulled off the Paul Blart role with only three years of daily mall cop training instead of five
Tim Allen and Kevin James have TV shows? In 2016? Middle America can't get enough of white mediocrity 😒
Kevin James in Paul Blart: Mall Cop in the streets. Kevin James in the new CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait in the sheets.
Kevin James is BACK with his buddies in 'Kevin Can Wait'... And it's just as bad as you imagined!
promo for next week's episode of Kevin James' new show "Kevin Can Wait" was Kevin falling down and yelling, so i just set a DVR season pass
Kevin Can Wait stars Kevin James as a very patient man named Kevin :)
Kevin James should really just stick to acting in Adam Sandler movies
Why am I only finding out now about Kristen Bell's new sitcom before it premieres, yet I've seen countless ads for Kevin James's latest turd
Kevin James traded in the wife for a newer model as he got larger
I actually don't really hate anybody at all except for Oprah,David Spade, Kevin James, the mom from the Berenstain Bears, Sheryl Crow, Kevin
descriptions: Kevin James: We are a meatloaf sandwich. Rock Reuben: Macaroni and cheese.
Adam Sandler is a joke. Kevin James is a joke. Chris Rock is a joke. David Spade is okay. Rob Schneider is a cuck. That's my opinion of grown ups
In my head, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays me in the movie. In reality, we'll have to get Kevin James to grow a beard.
Kevin James old Comedy Central stand-up special was extremely quotable! Good memories.
The one not too keen on taking his picture looks like Kevin James!! Very cute, both of them. 💋
To the haters, would you rather had the new Ghostbusters star Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and Kevin James? Is that what you want?
Kevin James, Jim Gaffigan, Kevin Hart (on Kimmel)...and Tom Waits on Letterman. My goodness. Laughed til it hurt. 😅
There's only one "Yas Queen" for me in my life. He's a famous carpenter from Jerusalem. That's right, I'm talking about Kevin James
Homer simpson, Peter griffin, Sherman klump, Paul Blart (or every Kevin James character) . should I keep going?
getting ready to watch Easy A on and Here Comes The Boom is on. Yeah right Salma Hayek would b with Kevin James. Give me a break
Enter at for your chance to win tickets to see Kevin James at Akron Civic Theatre!
my coworker looks like a mix of Vince Vaughn and Kevin James
we are watching the thunder game and Lebron comes on screen during a commercial and dalton Meeks says seriously, isn't that Kevin James? 💀
Please be Schneider, Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, and Melissa McCarthy. Will be the best worst film ever
Hey Mel Brooks, Kevin James, and Martin Lawrence are going to be at Chicago theater in June. You should get them on your show.
"Drew Carey is hilarious in King of Queens". "Dude that's Kevin James"😂😂
Adam Sandler as Aladdin. Random attractive actress as Jasmine. Kevin James as The Genie. Rob Schneider (in a bird suit) as Iago
I am not sure Kevin James has the gravitas to pull this off, it needs Timothy Carey or somebody.
Also on this list;Adam Sandler and Kevin James pretend to be ***
Comedian and ‘Kevin Can Wait’ star Kevin James performs at Sands Event Center on Sept. 24
Would you rather it have been Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, and Martin Lawrence?
Ghostbusters reboot should’ve consisted of Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Rob Schneider so people could stop with the sexism nonsense.
I know I'm late to the party but Wayne Goss is my new favourite. Add him to Kevin James as my make-up heroes.
Kevin James would play a great Jacob Peterson.
"Tears in Kevin" stars comedian Kevin James as a detective assigned to find a probable cause in the death of Eric Clapton's son.
oh nice new Kevin James series about to be lit like King of Queens, hopefully
I've always thought Elena Kagan looks like Kevin James. But now I think she also kind of looks like a gummy bear.
Watching Here Comes The Boom. Forgot Kevin James name in this is Scott Voss
the kids I nanny made me watch Kevin James' "Zookeeper" tonight & I'm like aren't u guys supposed to be obsessed with Frozen
The heat were so off and they came that close to beating Toronto watch back home 😂
you guys should try and get Kevin James ex KRLA host he's great
The Lakers should go after LeBron James or Kevin Durant
Cleveland's "Big 3", Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James all played great in Game 1 led by LeBron's 25pts.
Cant believe it's been like four days since your birthday and did not congratulate you!! Happe (delayed) birthday dear Kevin
team with Anthony davis, james harden,tyson chandler, lawrence carnes, Dwight Howard, and kevin garnett
My favourite is when James Johnson matches up with Kevin Durant.
.r over the moon 4 eSports Today ht…
Yo if I ever lose a fight I'm doing this idc
Big congrats to D. Wade who has now passed Scottie Pippen for 15th all-time in postseason points.
Replayed 007 Everything or Nothing wit the original James Bond cast from Die another Day on the Playstation 2. Very fun videogame.
Mindset: ALPHA | I rather have 10 wolves in the sound of battle than 100 men that move like sheep. . Kevin James, Th…
" Assist of the Night: Kevin Love: Kevin Love grabs the rebound and outlets to LeBron James who powers in ... "
when are you guys gonna have Kevin James ex KRLA host on as guest ?
Amazing radio monologue attacking Murdoch and Kelvin MacKenzie
.loves Fiona Apple and feels like James Bond (
Presumably the James Wan / Kevin Bacon remake did so well that they are keen to repeat it.
Nathan Drake falls down more then Kevin James.
I dropped food all over myself at lunch then a pen busted in my pocket and suddenly I feel like Kevin James' character in Hitch.
Kevin James wife from King of queens
this post for chance to win a Dave Prowse & James Earl Jones signed Darth Vader 8x10 http…
"Now captain America is disappointed in me" 😂😂😂
you kidding?! I'm just pumped to be married to Kevin James!!!
HCS CEO Tom Fahey as well as programmers James, Kevin and Ryan take part in the 22 Push Up…
I've always had something in my heart where I root for guys who struggle wi...
team with Damian Bates, James Harden, lebron james, patrick, and Kevin love
Kevin Durant & Lebron James Working Out at the University of Akron
Only in Cleveland can a trio of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love be underrated nationally
I think he's a regular boxer. I think Kevin James in the 2012 classic "Here Comes the boom" was a kick boxer. I never saw it tho
I don't watch agent carter is it good? But Stan lee and Kevin James will be there and tons of anime creators
Jerry Stiller and Kevin James, then and now
New video: Don Fernando - Jesse Adams - Kevin James in retro xxx HD DVD video
Is there a movie where Kevin James is a zookeeper ? . Or did I just imagine that ?
In light of GHOST IN THE SHELL, I assume Kevin James will be in the reboot of this any day now...
*** Foley reference was on point and went unappreciated. I'm also pretty sure he and Kevin James both went to Ward Melville.
Falling Down, starring Matt Damon and Kevin James. Directed by Jonathan Frakes, music by Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins. Budget: $50,000
.on life imitating art, the universe not wanting her to own a car & her Kevin James-like dance skills
*** Foley (Mankind/Cactus Jack/Dude Love) and Kevin James (The King of Queens) were on the same high school wresting team
guys, it's already April which means we only have 8 months til the year Kevin James stars in the Jason Bourne reboot
can you IMAGINE the uproar if Kevin James was paid less than Ryan Reynolds because of the weight differential?!
not just because I can be Kevin James stunt double doesn't mean Cake doesn't outrank the rest.
Kevin Durant might be coming to LA to play with the Lakers if he doesn't go to Houston with James Harden!!
Cali? Westbrook, Kevin love, Paul George, James harden Lmaoo that's a whole 4
I gave Hunny his anniversary gift! Tickets to see Kevin James from King of Queens At Foxwoods
Kevin Owens needs to win that and make me happy after Mix vs Ryder!
Great times onboard with Captain James, Cruise Director Amy, Amy & her staff, and Activities Manager Gordon.
A great show of world premieres by Timothy Beyer Kevin Eppich & James Praznik
That's the first Kevin Pillar outstandingness of 2016 - hits his head on the outfield wall, says he's OK. Wow.
Fatal 4 way match. Kevin Owens needs to win!
J.J. Barea wins West Player of the Week over Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and James Harden...
If anyone is deserving that title its Kevin Owens!
James Harden is Going to Recruit Kevin Durant to the Rockets
Which dumpster fire is Kevin Durant headed to? Wizards? Lakers? The Rockets?.
the evolution of the great Kevin James?
Gary Valentine to reunite with Kevin James on new sitcom
They'll get Josh Gad or Kevin James for the Dom Deluise role and I'm gonna set myself on fire
I love him so much and I love how he gets his friend in his films; Nick Swordson, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Drew Barrymore
I wonder if Kevin James knows he's just a poor mans Chris Farley and probably wouldn't have a career today if Farley didn't die
Chris Farley dying was the best thing that could have happened to Kevin James' career.
Up late watching the classic film 'Hitched' starring American sweetheart Kevin James.
Let's cast Primary Colors: 2016 edition. Glenn Close as Hillary, Martin Freeman as Jeb!, and Kevin James in his dramatic debut as Christie?
Super disappointed with the Sorry Leo but Kevin James was the best actor this year in Paul Blart:Mall Cop 2 smh...
Do you think when Adam Sandler or Kevin James dies they'll be on the In Memoriam segment?
If Chris Farley was alive there would be no Kevin James
In other words, the entire David Spade, Kevin James, and early Adam Sandler filmographies.
Technically a masterpiece, Citizen Cane was a movie about a fat old rich guy and his sled. Kevin James should do the reboot.
Kevin James is a strict method actor and anyone who says otherwise can go suck a toad
I am a HUGE Kevin James guy, so you take that back. I now pronounce you chuck and Larry is also an all time classic
2. Like Wagner, Kevin James' contributions to fascism may not be totally understood until after his death.
My kingdom for an Oregon Militia Hollywood film starring Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Kevin James.
Elizabeth Warren wrote this textbook. I'm taking this as that is a Kevin James fan.
Do you think that the only reason Kevin James gets a part in movies is because he's pregnant with Adam Sandlers baby? Xxx
So has come up with the perfect replacement for Paul Walker's character in subsequent Fast and Furious movies:. Kevin James.
or maybe a tag team, Ben and Owen Wilson vs Adam and Kevin James
If Kamler's book is ever made into a movie, it's gotta be Kevin James, right?
Also King of Queens still one of my favorites. Kevin James & Leah Remini were great together.
As a child it must be crushing to get a part based on the fact that you look like a young Kevin James.
Paul Blart: I enjoy Kevin James, and it's basically a comedic Die Hard. Works flawlessly for me.
...James LeGros, Dermot Mulroney, my fave Kevin's indie actor heaven.
3 of the last 4 head coaches to coach LeBron James took the job with 0 games of NBA head coaching experience
Tonight, I will only be using Kevin James dance moves from Hitch at the bar. Rolling dice and cleaning ears
Cleveland Cavaliers GM says LeBron James doesn't run team. Also says JR Smith doesn't like teenage girls & Kevin Love is loved by teammates.
Some of the Dysfunction With "The Cavs" Is Due to Lebron's Style of play Here Is Why >>>
Stellar season helping Pacers' George rewrite his story via
Tyronn Lue will need buy-in from Cavs David Blatt didn't get via
When u have Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James managing their egos and personalities is all that matters
For example, James White. Cynthia Nixon could have easily been in the Oscar conversation with bigger promotion.
It's like a satire on apocalypse with lots of celebs making brief appearances eg Rihanna, Kevin Hart, Tatum Channing etc
Kevin Pelton writes that the chances of LeBron James bringing home a championship as the…  -via ESPN app
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