Kevin Hart & Ice Cube

Kevin Hart (born July 6, 1979) is an American actor and stand-up comedian. O'Shea Jackson (born June 15, 1969), better known by his stage name Ice Cube, is an American rapper, record producer, actor, screenwriter, film producer, and director. 5.0/5

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December 27,2013... We all going to be screaming "Smokey!!. Yes the Last Friday is coming out that day. Can't wait. Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Chris Tucker, Katt Williams, Charlie Murphey,Anthony Johnson (Ezal), Tommy Lister(Deebo),John Witherspoon,Tracy Morgan, and my man Kevin Hart plus more. I hope Nia Long and Terry Crews be back in there. I wonder ..heck i know they are going back to the hood. And after this be prepared for the new Set It Off Two movie
Thank you to everyone who came to the advanced screening tonight! Kevin Hart and Ice Cube killed it! Stay tuned for our next free advanced screening on November 26 for the movie "Lone Survivor". Details and ticket giveaways will be announced soon.
Ride Along In Movie Theaters January 17, 2014 Ride Along release date January 17, 2014 Watch the Ride Along trailer below, starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. When a fast-talking guy joins his girlfriend's brother - a hot-tempered cop - to patrol the streets of Atlanta, he gets entangled in the officer's latest case. Now, in order to prove that he deserves his future bride, he must survive the most insane 24 hours of his life. For the past two years, high-school security guard Ben (Kevin Hart) has been trying to show decorated APD detective James (Ice Cube) that he's more than just a video-game junkie who's unworthy of James' sister, Angela (Tika Sumpter). When Ben finally gets accepted into the academy, he thinks he's earned the seasoned policeman's respect and asks for his blessing to marry Angela. Knowing that a ride along will demonstrate if Ben has what it takes to take care of his sister, James invites him on a shift designed to scare the *** out of the trainee. But when the wild night leads them to . ...
First time ever for this trio of comedians Ice Cube and Kevin Hart
“Funny man joins Ice Cube and Kevin Hart big comedy! am I in the trailer??
Funny man joins Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in the next big comedy!
John Leguizamo stars in 'Ride Along' with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube - VOXXI: John Leguizamo stars in 'Ride Along...
Kevin Hart is gonna be in a new movie with ice cube ! Ride Along lol it looks so funny
Watch the trailer for Ride Along, starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. It's like Training Day, only funny!
New movie (Ride Along) with Ice cube and Kevin Hart is going to be GOOD!
I saw Kevin Hart trailer of his new movie with Ice Cube. It look funny as *** lol. I was dying funny from the trailer lmao.
Well takes from the Film are finally out and we are excited! We had an awesome time catering the Wrap Party for this Rainforest Films Production. The entire crew and production company were awesome to work with. We think you guys are going to really enjoy this movie with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Yes, we must say, "thank You" Rainforest for allowing us to work on yet another film with you.
Kevin Hart and Ice Cube star in the action-comedy Ride Along. It's like Training Day, only funny!
The songs in the Ride Along Trailer, movie with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, are Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy (originally by Shirley Bassey) and Sound Of Da Police by KRS One
..Ice Cube & Kevin Hart got a movie on the way call RIDE ALONG... Who needs Chris Tucker?? He aint even FUNNY no more.. Leave him out of Last Friday...
Trailer: Kevin Hart and Ice Cube team up for new comedy 'Ride Along' via
Buckle up Atlanta, we’re about to take you on a Universal Pictures has just debuted the first look at the Atlanta-filmed action-comedy RIDE ALONG, starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. Check out the new teaser trailer below!
I gotta see ride along with Ice Cube and Kevin hart.
Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Charlie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Tracy Morgan, and Aj Johnson. The Last Friday is gone be epic.
They need to make a movie with Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Marlon Wayans, Martin, and Money Mike!
Working tomorrow with Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, and John Leguizamo! Can't wait!
Woop! Just got booked for 4 days on "Ride Along" with Ice Cube, John Leguizamo, and Kevin Hart. Should be a pretty good time huh? :)
Casting Extras to ‘Ride Along’ with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in Atlanta: Actors are invited to go on a hilarious ...
ATLANTA - If you hear gunshots around Underground Atlanta this week, don't worry. There's no need to duck for cover. The shots are simulated, part of a movie shoot for the new film "Ride Along," starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Wednesday and ...
So, they're filming a movie w/ Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, & John Leguizamo in The Underground. The simulated gun shots caught me off guard.
A cop movie called Ride Along, starring Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and John Leguizamo, is filming at Underground Atlanta this week. summarizes the
I keep expecting to see Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and John Leguizamo wandering around downtown, but haven't seen them yet.
"Ride Along" is filming downtown/Underground. Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and John Leguizamo
Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Chris Tucker,Charlie Murphy, Ice Cube && more on da Last Friday movie gone b good a'f
Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Tracy Morgan, Debo, Eva Pigford and Pinky(say it again)..all in the Last Friday, can't wait
Man if they put all them actors in the Last Friday... That's going to be non-stop laughter!!! Mike Epps,Kat Williams, Charlie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Aj Johnson, Tiny Lester, and Ice Cube* epic
John Leguizamo is in negotiations to join Ride Along, Universal’s action comedy starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart
John Leguizamo in talks to RIDE ALONG with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart:
Taken 3 should star an all black cast starring: Chris Tucker, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. It would be a comedy of coarse... and the title would be "I Done Been Took!"
Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have both signed on to star in the upcoming film Ride Along. Filming is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks in Atlanta Georgia. Universal Studios grabbed the sc
Kevin Hart .. Mike Epps .. Ice Cube .. Chris Tucker .. Katt Williams n more they gonna be in the new friday movie called The Last Friday Yezzzr ... Deff gotta go see that On Another Note Ya See Them 49ers Lets Go 34-0 Its HeavyTraxx !
Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker, Charlie Murphy, Tracy Morgan, Katt Williams, & D-Bo is the cast for the "Last Friday" movie!
With Kevin Hart, Ice Cube. A rogue cop invites his sister's fiancé -- a white, well-to-do psychiatrist -- on a ride-along in an effort to the couple's relationship.
They comin out with Last Friday with Ice Cube, Katt Williams, Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Tracy Morgan, Charlie Murphy, and Debo... lol O LOOORD
I juse read that the cast of Last Friday will be.Mike Epps, Katt Williams, Charlie Murphy, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker and Ice Cube. Well they got my lol.
The new Friday movie gon have Katt Williams, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Chris Tucker, and Ice Cube. I aint gon make it t ...
Last Friday is going to be movie of the year. They have Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy.
The male cast for the new Last Friday movie... Ice Cube..Kevin Hart..Mik Epps..Tiny Lister.. Katt Williams.. Chris Tucker..Charlie Murphy..and A.J. Johnson. This gonna be bomb *** movie!!!
so tha word is that Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Kat Williams, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Debo, Charlie Murphy,Tracy Morgan and somebody else
Ice Cube had done it again! Just say a promotion for The Last Friday! He got Chris Tucker for the next and final Friday! Along with Mike Epps, Charlie Murphy, Kevin Hart and a host of others! I'll be in the theater for this one!!!
Just seen a post of the cast of the movie Last Friday (Friday 4 the movie) and if that's it that bih gone be to funny. Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Tracy Morgan, Katt Williams, Charlie Murphy, Debo, Ezel, and Kevin Hart.
Well, it looks like Ice Cube really knows what he is doing in the comedy game; from working with Chris Tucker, Mike Epps, Katt Williams, and Tracey Morgan to now Kevin Hart, Cube is about to drop another comedy film with another comedian all star.
Ice Cube new movie "A Stack in 30" stars Boxiee Brown, Mike Epps, Kevin Hart, nd Charlie Murphy
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