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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart (born July 6, 1979) is an American actor and stand-up comedian.

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Kevin Hart has a simple request before running the NYC Marathon...
Finally watching Def Comedy Jam 25. Am I the only person who felt like Kevin Hart's bit was kind've self-centered &…
Watching joe Allan trying to take on Troy deeny is like watching Kevin Hart taking on The rock! Welsh✊🏼💦
My Tommy John x Kevin Hart collection is available today for all of the people that signed up…
just a friendly shouldn't say "Tommy John times Kevin Hart" that x means and. Tommy John & Kevin Hart 🙋🏾
Kevin Hart has Mild Tourette's Syndrome and is also Very Upset
Would you rather exist Emile Hirsch or fire Kevin Hart
PHILLY has Will Smith. PHILLY has Eve. PHILLY has Kevin Hart. PHILLY has Christina Perri. PHILLY has PnB Roc…
Chipukeezy: So I met Kevin Hart. You will not believe what happened. Kenyans:
So your favorite comedian has been put on blast for lying abt how he met Kevin Hart and crediting imaginary white saviors…
I see so much inspiration in Richard Pryor, Paul Moony, Chapelle, Eddie, Chris Rock and Tucker, and of course Kevin Hart like I want that
Which do you think it is? I think it’s a mixture of both and I think Nelly, Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby are examples of targets
Which ‘cases’ did you think might be the result of a target? I think this Nelly thing, Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby
Kevin Hart is the Martin of this present time.
Kevin Hart has a message for The Rock! 😳😩😂
The Rock and Kevin Hart are just to much 😂😂.
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Tyrese is right up there with Kevin Hart, Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump, Steve Harvey, Bill Cosby, D.L. Hughley as the strangers I truly hate.
I have an imaginary friend group of male celebrities 5'5" and below: Plies, Kevin Hart, Anthony Hamilton, Daniel Radcliff, & Elijah Wood
Was trying to watch "The Real" and they talking about the Kevin Hart cheating scandal and R.Kelly ah 🙄
me finding out R. Kelly holding women hostage, Usher spreading herpes. Kevin Hart cheating on his wife
"Cheat on my wife , Kevin Hart for the 😺" Michael Blackson a *** dog . 😂😭😂😭
Kevin Hart? I need Michael blackson in it too , it's gotta be authentic n not cheesy tho
Kevin Hart is eating slow roasted cauliflower DVD's with dijon mustard. Michael Douglas and Derpy Hooves are playing Space Invaders.
I liked a video Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart trying to speak spanish ( Central Intelligence
“Siobhan watch Central Intelligence” “I don’t rate Kevin Hart after cheating on his wife. I don’t wanna watch his films for a while” 😭😂
They just had to turn Kevin Hart's apology into a song😂😂
Between me and you all DeCarla is in love with Kevin Hart in real life not Spragga Benz she just mad at my husband cuz what he did
Worked on a little project at muscle Beach in Venice with Kevin Hart who will be on the late late show with James G…
I added a video to a playlist Jay Pharoah Imitates Charlie Murphy, WiIl Smith, Kevin Hart and More
Kevin Hart and Kevin Love have the same name...but different names.
She is not victim she tried to that appear to extort Kevin Hart for money but Kevin told his wife and now she's...
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That *** Kevin Hart smashed ol girl then turned around and FaceTime his wife right after with nothing but his socks on!
Kevin Hart and Kevin Durant got you Kevins looking real bad right now.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan star in a brand new Jumanji adventure...
Great chat with mega-lawyer about the misconceptions media has about her client in Kevin Hart scandal. https…
I liked a video Kevin Hart's Sidechick/Extortionist Hires LISA BLOOM+Torrei Hart opens up about his
Bloom seems to say Kevin Hart contacted her client and accused her of being the extortionist behind the sex tape.
New poster for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle starring Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, & Nick…
Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan try to survive the jungle in second…
Here's where he f***d up: They asked Kevin Hart in the Breakfast Club about cheating, his response... "It's too Risky"
Rick Ross snitched on Kevin Hart in Same *** but we didn't listen 😂
The comic combo in Jumanji should be fun. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart
Surprisingly Welcome to the Jungle looks pretty good, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are so funny together. htt…
Kevin Hart's IG apology for cheating on pregnant wife struck the right balance between maudlin and "Don't make me work with Chris Kattan!"
Joe?? You have to chill with the songs in the background to Kevin Hart, I hollered!!
Kevin Hart & Ryan Phillippe Get Caught Up WATCH more with on What's Popping'?
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Torrei to Eniko after Kevin Hart confessed to cheating :
Kevin Hart is trash & i dont understand the hype about the little man
Thanks to Kevin Hart for the motivation! Real men admit to their wrongs and make it right! 💯 No shame here I'm sorry. 😂 htt…
Naw but ian going out like Kevin Hart boy stupid denna moffucca
yoo when played Free Yourself over the Kevin Hart apology, i dieddd 😂😂
Even with Zari somebody still manages to pull a Kevin Hart a good one! So no one's safe?
Comedian made a mobile game the whole family can play
Once a cheater always a cheater. . My grandma always said "how u get em is how u lose em!". Idk why she even married Kevin Ha…
My man KD says he can't eat over this. Hope he doesn't make a Kevin Hart style video
Men reacting to Kevin Hart cheating since black men don't cheat
Having sex with Kevin Hart, him declining your blackmail request, confessing... and THEN you getting investigated by the…
This whole Kevin hart thing really just part of an elaborate plan to keep the black man down
Regardless of what Kevin Hart did to his wife, I still idolize him ☝🏿
"Nobody forced Kevin Hart to drink.". So when females under the influence get raped is that the same energy we having?
Kevin Hart made $86 Million last year & he got a prenup.. She ain't leaving and neither would y'all. So y'all can put that t…
This is Kevin Hart era , we don't negotiate with terrorists . Do your worst
Kevin Hart got married, cheated on his wife, married the girl he cheated on her with, then cheated on her, sounds like co…
I love Kevin Hart but whoever made a song out of his apology needs to get signed 😂😂😂
Kevin Hart put up a Snapchat video with his wife and that... was.. awkward.. 💀
Here's a video of Mexican born Kevin Hart speaking Spanish. Stop trashing Black men now.
Kevin Hart apologizing in a video? His side chick must be blackmailing him and asking for ten million dollars
📥This week is filled with news:. 📥Falcons dominate the Packers. 📥Kevin Hart apologizes for cheating to avoid...
Shorty wanted 10M from Kevin Hart. She might need to do a year or 2 in the pen to relax. Why couldnt u ask for like 250…
Why the *** was there a camera in his room? Like feba but don't get caught out! nah Kevin Hart isilima I'm tired
We had Martin Lawrence and y'all got Kevin Hart.. There's NO comparison.. .
Now women are saying since Kevin Hart didn't say he was raped, he wasn't raped. . Do you realize how insanely ironic this…
...Kevin Hart...Usher and R Kelly need to come down to Africa...the river Jordan awaits...y'all need cleansing!!...🙆🙏😘
When she's not yet over Kevin Hart cheating on his pregnant wife and a *** gets on his knee to propose.
The worst thing about this whole Kevin Hart cheating situation is the Salsa dance he was doing, just swaying his hips in adul…
Y'all call Kevin Hart wife a gold digger like that *** ain't handsome no ***
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Kevin Hart didn’t cheat. He was raped. Black men still have a clean record.
Kevin Hart really apologized on insta.the world really had to know? Hope he told his wife and kids before he released that shxt.
It is. It's why Kevin Hart admitted to it. Also reason why big websites haven't posted it. I.E: Hulk Hogan/Gawker.
[VIDEO] American actor, Kevin Hart, begs wife as girlfriend threatens to leak sex video.
All black men looking at Kevin Hart.
Kevin Hart: My wife is my rib. I have everything I could want in her. Kevin's Spare rib:
As long as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle & Paul Mooney are still alive on this earth. I don't wanna hear anything about Kevin Hart being top 5.
5ft4 Kevin Hart confirms that he actually did cheat on his pregnant wife
Kevin Hart hot takes aside, extortion isnt funny. Unless we talking about Rick "3 in the key" Pitino. That was hilarious.
just finished workin a 17hour shift & found out that Kevin Hart's a cheater. This information is honestly causing an existential crisis
He look like Kevin Hart back in 07'
Kevin Hart saying " I'm not perfect" really took me out. *** you 4"11 your wife knows you ain't perfect. Lmaooo
But in this current case that's ravaging social media? That was Kevin Hart's hail mary, and THAT was unwise
Kevin Hart's mistress didn't know when you don't follow "Side Piece Rules" things hit the get ugly!!! This girl...
Kevin Hart when his side chick came with the receipts ready to blackmail him
Kevin Hart is not black, he has the Uncle Ruckus disease. BLACK MEN DONT CHEAT, THIS IS FACTS
Torrei Hart reaction to Kevin Hart cheating again
Black Chyna: I cheated on Rob. . Black Feminists: YAAAS. Kevin Hart: I cheated on my wife. Black Feminist:
I don't even know what to see about the people who are comparing Kevin Hart to Lawrence. Y'all know Lawrence isn't real, right?
Kevin Hart makes people laugh for a living he better pull a hall of fame joke out his *** n make his wife chuckle when she tryna be mad
Kevin Hart is trending and I immediately thought of my second-choice striker at West Ham on Football Manager
Loyal black men when we see Kevin Hart at the next Black Men Don't Cheat™ conference... .
Kevin Hart cheated on his ex wife with his present wife.. . And now he has cheated on the present wife. . Ex wife:
Kevin Hart just cheated on his girl because he needed more material for on stage
Kevin Hart cheated on his ex wife with the side chick who is now his wife, then cheated on the new wife with a new side chick…
Kevin Hart was only touched when his money was threatened. That's the language men speak. Gotta hit him in the pocket.
Kevin Hart went through ALL THAT TROUBLE denying he cheated when he really did. Like when Rick James denied grinding his feet in Eddie couch
I had a feeling when i saw Kevin Hart trending it wouldnt be good lmao
Side chick: I got receipts. Kevin Hart: Okay what you want? . Side chick: Money!. Kevin Hart:
Kevin Hart is 1.02% white. So he's not fully black. Therefore he is not a black man. Cause black men don't cheat. https:…
Kevin Hart said he don't negotiate with terrorists.
LOL so Kevin Hart apologizing to his wife for the infidelity we all saw but he denied? . Color me surprised.
Kevin Hart trash lmao "lemme confess on cheating on my pregnant wife so I don't have to pay these extortion fees" ***
The catch is... Kevin Hart never said he cheated. You know why? Because black men don't cheat 😴
Black dudes when they find out that Kevin hart will the first black man in recorded history to cheat
I'm personally offended by Kevin Hart. He's been saying the N word this whole time and he's not even a black man.
Kevin Hart supposedly cheated on his wife. You know what that means...
Torrei hart right now after reading about Kevin hart
Kevin Hart just had to further humiliate his wife by apologizing to a bunch of strangers who aren't affected by his in…
Kevin Hart was a North Korean agent sent by Kim Jong-un to ruin the image of the faithful black man. Stay woke.
Bring on the dark skin man slander because of Kevin Hart. . Do you pull up the whole rose garden because of 1 weed? . Exactly.
And if in fact Kevin Hart cheated, this makes those comments Eniko made against his ex wife even WORSE.
Kevin Hart ex wife talking to the kids rn like
Eniko: "Why you change your passcode on your phone?". Kevin Hart:
Watch the "black love" crew bout to try to destroy Kevin Hart. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Kevin Hart sidepiece now that she can't extort him.
Kevin Hart is too short to be out here cheating on people.
Kevin hart wife was right after all 😩😩
Kevin Hart cheating gonna led to more wack *** comedy movies
Kevin Hart Ex Wife telling his New Wife again about Kevin Hart cheating
Kevin Hart gotta get in the studio and drop 5'4.4" immediately.
When Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, who he cheated on with his current wife, found out that he cheated on his current wife.
kevin hart on IG apologizing to his wife like
Stop worrying about kevin hart cheating and start worrying about why your man's "group chat" poppin at 3am
I love Kevin Hart. Idgaf about any of this. How could anyone make fun of this face?
All the black men looking at Kevin Hart for becoming the first black man to cheat on a woman
On September 16, 2017 Kevin Hart became the first black man to cheat. Very sad day for us black men, indeed.
First off Kevin Hart, apologize to ya wife. We don't need an explanation. That's who you said your vows to not us.
Kevin Hart had a whole "rib" at home but still had to hit the drive through for a "mcrib"
Black Leprecoon Kevin Hart admits to cheating on home wrecking wife eniko hart by smashing another woman’s low self esteemed…
After being extorted over a sexually suggestive video, Kevin Hart apologizes to family.
So Kevin hart cheats, admits it and people are like 'that's a real man' 👀 are you dumb? A real man doesn't cheat in the f…
Kevin Hart's ex wife, Torrei, is at home right now like... "How you get em is how you lose em sis."
LIVE: Black men calling to inform each other about Kevin Hart becoming the first black man to ever cheat, allegedly.
Kevin Hart becoming like Steve Harvey. Not funny and too cocky.
I don't get the "black men don't cheat" jokes at all!. On the other hand, when is infidelity funny?. Kevin Hart in general is not funny.
Kevin Hart cheated. Vols lost on a Hail Mary. As a Black man and Vols fans it's been rough.
Didn't Kevin Hart cheat on his first wife with his second wife who he's now cheated on?
Wait...why is Kevin Hart apologizing? Did he cheat?
2 and a half men staring Tracey Morgan, Louis CK and Kevin Hart
So, Liam Neeson and Robert DiNero are now comedians, while Kevin Hart does action movies. OK, then
BEHIND THE SCENES (VIDEO SHOOT). Hanging with Mr.Kevin Hart himself Lol but he's…
My mom and dad think that Chris Rock and Kevin Hart are the same person and that that person is dating Katie Holmes
So while at Layal, we watch Kevin Hart's episode of Hot Ones.…
Kevin Hart and Chris Paul handing out food and water in Houston. 🙏🏼 (via
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Demi Lovato & Kevin Hart in Houston helping out ... pretty awesome 🤘🏽
😂😂😂😂 hilarious. That's before Kevin Hart got big too
Yvonne Orji to join 'Night School' with Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart in her feature film debut
Justin Bieber has accepted Kevin Hart's challenge & donating $25K towards relief efforts to those impacted in Houston…
Justin accepted Kevin Hart's challenge and is going to give $25,000 towards Red Cross 🙏🏼
Run the day or the day runs you” Best motivational speeches ever by Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Kevin Hart - What Now,…
Kevin Hart challenges celebrity friends to donate toward aid for Hurricane Harvey. Master P takes some offense. Michael B…
This December... Watch Jack Black, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan kick some *** in...
First goosies of the day!! I love that celebrities like Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are donating money; but...
I donated! Pls take the time to check it out! CrowdRising for Hurricane Harvey Donation / Kevin Hart:
Celebs answer Kevin Hart's Hurricane Harvey challenge. I'll R. Kelly's last tour stop was canceled...
Kevin Hart donated $25Kto Hurricane Harvey victims. So when are all the other celebs going to start actually doing something too??
Kevin Hart is putting his money where his mouth is!
Kevin Hart urges fellow celebrities to donate to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts
.gives $25K to victims of and asks his famous friends to donate. https:…
Kevin Hart is lit for this challenge 🤙🏾🙏🏽
So that Kevin hart challenge with him challenging artist to donate 25k is a waste of money.
It's incredible to see the outpouring of sympathy and support led by celebrities and athletes (JJ Watt, Kevin Hart, Chris Young)
Kevin Hart donates $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey victims and challenges other celebrities to do the same. Read more:
People legit mad at Kevin Hart for "only giving $25,000" the same mf's that won't give a homeless man a dollar on Pay Day
TI responds to Kevin Hart's new challenge and says he will donate $25k to help Houston 🙏💯
Kevin Hart calls out fellow celebrities to help him help raise hurricane relief funds >>
Wow Kevin Hart you're my kind of man patriot celebrity Celebrities have the greatest hearts
Comedian Kevin Hart announced a $25,000 donation to the American Red Cross for victims of Hurricane Harvey:
.Chris Young and other celebrities donate to relief efforts
Kevin Hart donated $25,000 to the victims in Texas and people are really mad that he didn't give more. This is why people disgust me
Please help with anything you can 'Hurricane Harvey Donation / Kevin Hart' - via
Kevin Hart donates to Harvey relief, asks celebrity friends Beyonce, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake to do the same
Stars including Kevin Hart, Katy Perry & Chris Young are lining up to help raise money for flood relief in Houston:…
Kevin Hart, Chris Young donate to Harvey relief efforts
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Country artist Chris Young and comedian Kevin Hart are pitching in to help the Harvey relief effort.
Kevin Hart in Scary Movie 3 will forever be my favorite 😂
Kevin Hart is starting up a new challenge to help victims of Hurricane Harvey! 🙏💯
Do right w me at Usher, Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart & Friends Comedy Shows + surprise guests!…
Women have to try super hard to be funny which causes them to, unfortunately, not be as funny as Kevin Hart or Daniel Tosh.
more often than not, you won't believe them. Or to put it another way: If you think that Kevin Hart and…
Kevin Hart hits out at people after cheating rumors
Warring wives! Kevin Hart's ex Torrei lashes out at Eniko Parrish via
Kevin Hart addresses fight between his wife Eniko and ex-wife Torrei via
Usher, Bruno Mars, George Lopez, Kevin Hart, Chainsmokers, Marshmellow, Kaskade, Wiz Khalifa, Galantis, and Calvin Harris will be there omg
Diving into Kevin Hart's book. I can't help but read every word in his voice. Lol.
Tiffany Haddish to star in Night School opposite Kevin Hart
R. Kelly. Usher. Kevin Hart. Michael Vick. Mike Tirico. You know Black men are having a bad week when OJ is the only one wi…
I liked a video Kevin Hart as Money Mayweather & Uncle Roger work the boxing mitts.
My favorites include and in no order: Bobby Lee, Kevin Hart, Eric Andre, Key and Peele, Bert Kreische…
Kevin Hart didn't even cheat and no one even apologized to him
Chappelle, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Louie C.K 😂😂😂 it'll be the tour for sure. Eddie griffin to open even. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ok but then you would have to arrest Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, who make racial jokes and othe…
Had a surreal weekend seeing Chris Rock and Kevin Hart perform with Dave Chapelle. It was crazy…
I can't front,that show had to be epic!Kevin Hart,Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock! Th…
Kevin Hart and pregnant wife Eniko Parrish head to Catch ->
Karen Gillan, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black. The trailer has sparked a strong reaction online, with-
Remake of 'The Intouchables' starring Bryan Cranston, Kevin Hart gets new title KSATnews
This coach can be a great comedian, next to Kevin Hart
He sounds like a cross between Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart original. 🙄.
White women ruined Brooklyn, the 2017 election and now Kevin Hart
UK bball strength coach Rob Harris is like the Kentucky version of Kevin Hart. I love it.
Martin, Psych, wayans bro,fresh prince of bel air and all rush hours and Kevin Hart movies and will farell movies thx
PA has Will Smith. PA has Kevin Hart. PA has Meek Mill. PA has Kobe Bryant. PA has PnB but we lose bc Taylor Swift smh 🤦🏽‍…
Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish vacation together with friends after cheating rumors:
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How are things with the Harts? Apparently, life is a beach! Kevin Hart and his pregnant wife Eniko Parrish, who ar…
I would love to see Tiffany Haddish booked like Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, Melissa McCarthy, etc.
Rawson Marshall Thurber says working with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in Central Intelligence was fun.
Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are dead to me
even Kevin Hart had to cheat .Life aint FUNNY atimes ...
My mental state after this week:. OJ free. Usher got herpes. Kevin Hart cheated. R Kelly cult. Bella Thorne. Chad's death. https:/…
Kevin Hart is dismissing a report claiming he cheated on wife Eniko Parrish and a rep has denied the claims as well.
Peanut Butter Brownies sound good. I'm trying to figure out why "Kevin Hart" is an option in my…
Its not my place to judge Kevin Hart, would any of you who are hating on him want your lives to be under constant supervision by nobodies??
Last 48 Hours:. 1. R.Kelly has a sex cult. 2. Usher has herpes for yrs. 3. Kevin Hart cheated . 4. OJ is free . 5. Chester committed…
So... R Kelly running a cult. Kevin Hart a cheater. Usher got Herp. Chester dead. OJ out on parole. Wild week so far.
How yall see Kevin Hart cheating? I was looking at the video like...
R. Kelly got a whole cult. Usher paid a woman to hide that he gave her herpes. Kevin Hart apparently cheated on his pregn…
Comedian/actor Kevin Hart has been accused of cheating on his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish, with an...
Kevin Hart is 5'4". If he was an astronaut with a Pulitzer, an Oscar, and a Nobel prize, he'd still need to prove himself…
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I obviously know nothing (Jon Snow) but I just watched that Kevin Hart cheating video and I don't get when he cheated? Did I miss something?
*checks to see why R. Kelly, Kevin Hart, Usher, and OJ Simpson are trending*
Jumanji will flop because Kevin Hart got caught cheating... Nick Jonas doesn't deserve this
07-20 Kevin Hart and Chris Paul's 6-year-old son teamed up for the ultimate alley
On behalf of the dark-skinned community, I would like to say R. Kelly, Usher and Kevin Hart do not represent all of us.
All the news about Kevin Hart, R. Kelly, and Usher should be a constant reminder: Ladies, INVEST IN YOURSELF! 💖
Kevin Hart marched his little *** on Oprah's Masterclass talking about how much he's grown as a man and how honest he i…
Recap from the last couple of days . •R-Kelly has a cult. •Usher is spreading herpes . •Kevin Hart allegedly cheated on h…
Shoutout to Kevin Hart for reminding these *** about this basic fact:. If 👏 he 👏 cheats 👏 with 👏 you 👏 he 👏 will 👏 cheat 👏…
Eniko: You cheated on Torrei with me, but you ain't gon cheat on me right?. Kevin Hart:
Usher trending . Kevin Hart trending . *finds out why*
Angela Yee: So are the rumors about you cheating on your wife true?. Kevin Hart:
R.Kelly's sex cult, Usher spreading herpes, Kevin Hart caught cheating and Ghost is still in jail. Black men aren't having it…
R. Kelly been kidnapping underage girls. Usher been spreading herpes for 8 years. Kevin Hart been cheating on his pregna…
All I kno is Kevin hart next movie gone b funny asf
Well at least I now know why everyone's talking about Kevin Hart
When Kevin Hart's 1st wife hears that he's cheating on the new wife he left her for
Kevin Hart got caught cheatin. R. Kelly holding women hostage. Usher got Herpes. Me:
Kevin Hart, R. Kelly, and Usher walk into a bar. . Every female:
When you find out Kelly has a cult, has herpes, and Kevin Hart cheated on his pregnant wife
Kevin Hart ex wife on the phone to the kids like this LMFAO
If I was Eniko I would start putting all of Kevin Hart's favorite things on the top shelf
*Kevin Hart's next interview when they ask him why he cheated on his pregnant wife of 5 minutes*
Don't let usher r.kelly and Kevin hart let y'all forget why
Kevin Hart is a perfect example of why you shouldn't judge people's relationships by the pics they post... Pics don't…
When she show Kevin Hart all the photos of him and that 💁🏼
I learned today:. 1. John McCain has brain cancer. 2. Usher has herpes. 3. R. Kelly has sex slaves. 4. Kevin hart cheated on his pregnantwife
*** Kevin Hart cheated on Eniko; However, this may provide some new fire stand up material in upcoming years
Kevin hart cheating just shows that the only faithful race is hispanics
Me seeing Usher and Kevin Hart trending then finding out why
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Kevin Hart cheated on his first wife w his new wife so I mean. The way you get them is the way you loose them sis
R Kelly trending . Usher trending . Kevin Hart trending . *finds out why*
Kevin Hart wife is Tristan Thompson bm cousin.they both was preggo and got cheated on.Sheesh
If Stacey Dash doesn't represent all of y'all, Kevin Hart sure as *** does not represent all of us
Don't let this, Mike Vick, R. Kelly, Usher and Kevin Hart thang distract you from the fact that Ghost is still in jail
Mike Vick, R. Kelly, Kevin Hart, O.J. Simpson and Usher are all trending today??? Wendy Williams is going to have a fie…
So now we have to deal with R.Kelly, Mike Vick, Usher, AND Kevin Hart? *** ..and I thought my summer was about to…
Usher giving out herpes. Kevin Hart caught cheating . RKelly has a sex cult . Mike Vick is a *** JayZ really did cheat. Cmon…
*** .Watching that video of Kevin Hart getting caught creepin' was worse than watching the Marion Barry crack smoking vi…
*** Kevin Hart and Tristan Thompson basically the same person
When you see the reasons why Kevin Hart, Usher, and R Kelly are trending
Me: Kevin Hart trending, must be a new show or tour 😅. News: Kevin Hart cheated on his new pregnant wife with a white girl 🤦…
Kevin Hart got caught cheating on his pregnant wife whom he had cheated on his previous wife with to be with LMAO ht…
Why y'all care if Kevin Hart cheated on his wife. It's their marriage not yours
Kevin Hart doin some good in the hood
I want Hollywood 2 make a heist comedy movie starring Dave Chapelle, Louis CK, Bill Burr & Kevin Hart. It would be epic.
And I'm also not so sure about Will Smith as genie. I could see Kevin Hart or even The Rock filling genie's shoes.
Also stoked that Will Smith will be Genie in Aladdin. I like The Rock and Kevin Hart but they're just in way too many things tbh
He got beat by Bill Nye and Kevin Hart.
I'm going for a Kevin Hart, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr thing. We'll see how it goes
Kevin Hart isn't in Bill Murray's league. Murray is a legend, a comedic genius of the highest quality.
With Laugh Out Loud, Kevin Hart continues to be the greatest champion of fresh stand-up talent since Johnny Carson http…
Why do I feel like Stephen listens to too much Kevin Hart.
Robert Kardashian gone learn today 😂 *Kevin Hart voice*
Listened to 14% of I Can't Make This Up by Neil Strauss, contributor, Kevin Hart. Try and get it free:
😂😂😂 he not feeling the Kevin Hart mural
I liked a video The Rock and Kevin Hart get payback on Beau Ryan | NRL Footy Show
How dare you impugn.. *** you're right! *See Robert Downey, Spike Lee, Sam Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart, Louis CK, Stephen Colbert, Zach Galifianakis, Jim Carrey, and Lisa Kudrow were all rejected after they auditioned
Happy Birthday to , Kevin Hart, Fred Dryer, Burt Ward, Tia and Tamera, Eva Green. Today was also Nancy Reagan...
Just a quick observation, Kevin Hart & Erica Mena were both in the Lean Back video.
Will Ferrell 100x funnier than Kevin Hart rns
The original had humor, but this can't be another "Kevin Hart panicking & forcing bad comedy" movie. It should've b…
Kendrick Lamar sounds like Kevin Hart doing an impression of a dumb guy
Omfg guys! I just watched the trailer of the new Jumanji. THE ROCK, KEVIN HART, AND Jack Black! Literally can't wait.
If it keeps him and Kevin Hart away from big trouble sign me up!
I don't care what anyone says, Kevin Hart is funny.
Kevin Hart - should I giveaway a house like he told me?!
Breaking:hornets sign 4 time mvp kevin hart to a 4 year 500 million
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