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Kevin Griffin

Kevin Griffin (born October 1, 1968) is an American guitarist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter.

Better Than Ezra Mark McGrath David Hodges Uncle Kracker Wolf Trap

team with blake griffin, Gavin young, kevin garnett, kevin durant, and eminem
I'm right there with you Griffin! The is the ONLY reason Kevin and I have access to affordable healthcare
I miss you soo much Kevin Delaine Griffin 😘
Kevin gates will always ride idc idc
suns now Portland not going to the finals because Griffin is too cheap to sign a player so he's trading
Don't miss Kevin Griffin at the Barns this Saturday!
team with kevin garnett, blake griffin, kevin garnett, eminem, and Gavin young
Northern Virginia get ready for Kevin Griffin coming to Wolf Trap this Saturday. Talk about talent, Kevin is one...
This is classic. Love old AAU footage:
Don't miss the hit songwriter Kevin Griffin performing at The Barns at this weekend. Tickets here:
Our pick for Vienna's concert this week? Kevin Griffin @ The Barns at Wolf Trap, Jan 14.
Selling points: Griffin continues push into NJ…
Kevin Love is gonna win a ring before Blake Griffin
Boys Soccer: Bishop Verot 2, Fort Myers 1: Will Saccone and Billy Griffin with a goal each and assisted on each other's goa…
Now with Kevin Garnett teaching DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin, The Clippers might be even better & tougher soon👏🏼.
Kevin Garnett will be tutoring the likes of DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin.
I'm going to at City Winery in Chicago, IL - J...
Kevin Love, Whiteside, and Griffin way too high
But then they had various presenters Phil Wood, Geoff Cooper Phil Griffin and Pete Johnson I think.
Kevin Garnett was working out with Blake Griffin during training camp and was working with DeAndre Jordan earlier t…
Miss out on seeing Better Than Ezra's NYE show? Enter to win tix for 2 shows at
Al Horford is better than Melo, B. Griffin, Kevin Love, Giannis and Marc Gasol? Gordon Heyward better than DDR?
Year after year Cavs expect GM David Griffin to work "magic." He keeps doing it & gets little praise for it:
A new greenway will let you enjoy the outdoors even more.
Crossbow or rifle, Choose your easily. Kevin Steffey guide you through this blog...Gear
📷 Incredibly excited to announce that I will be opening for Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra at City...
PF better than griffin: Love, Aldridge, Z-Bo, Kevin Garnett, David west, pau gasol
NBA - Kevin Durant & Blake Griffin went at it in high school 🔥
Congratulations Chad Griffin on your 2013 Toyota Tundra! Come see Kevin Shannon in the future if you have any...
I remember we use to call Jayme Peter Griffin
It doesn't. Your 'point' is a thinly veiled gripe with Erica. It's misplaced and frankl…
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You said 'She ran to the press (again) with her story'. So you ARE aware of her and you DO take iss…
My parents love me very much. You clearly hate America very much.
Jennifer Griffin is doing a great job! Plus I don't want. Kevin Corke to leave WH.
LATEST Cedric Maxwell on Griffin trade rumors: "I've been near Doc Rivers before & I've heard him lie." http…
team with blake griffin, chris paul, Kevin love, Nick young, and batman
team with blake griffin, lawrence carnes, max burton, max burton, and Kevin love
I liked a video Kevin Garnett Throws Down a Monster Jam on Blake Griffin
She has experiential knowledge, short term savings 4 long term losses by not training her
To be a social worker, and better we pay her to train than pay her to not work!
prospects besides studying full time. What is it you plan on studying ???
now where did I say that ?? A degree does not equate a high sallary. Many ways to improve
it is available to everyone and I completely agree with that. However free universal third level education ???
because we need system to be more adaptable to a changing employment market Don't be down on someone for tryi…
Exactly - and ultimately when someone brilliant like Erica can thrive w…
They make no sense. You presented as if you knew what you were talking about. Just trolling. Bye now.
. So exactly what point are you trying to make here then? Are you opposed to State education?.
have a 4 year old phone and habent been out in so long I cannot remember.
I didnt go to uni. Did an apprenticeship loads of night classes worked all my life.
. Answer my question. You said 'sacrifice' What *sacrifices* are YOU making. Give me an example .
. You think that's a 'sacrifice' for education? You think you're entitled to clothes, phones AND Ed?.
if you cannot understand that then "shrugs". I make sacrafices for my kids, my parents did for me..
... so that your parents could finance your education. Give us some examples of your sacrifices
yes. Families make sacrafices to save to help send kids to college every day.
. If you are in this majority I'm sure you'll regale us with what you had to go without growing up..
. Your Free Fees are bring paid by a generation of pensioners who never had opportunity to go to Uni.
. Check your privilege man. Your Free Fees are bring paid by low wage earners who will never have..
Lol its funny no trade. Kevin Love for Blake Griffin it's great for both of U
And my daughter who walks around a Campus every day knows them. And she knows the poor ones too .
Rare late date night, headed to the soiled dove see Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra
Congrats to varsity boys swimming for winning the Tinley Park invite last night. Titans were led by Kevin Griffin. Go titans!
I never want to hear Anthony Davis is better than Blake Griffin. Just like Kevin Love. If you're so great why is your team 1-10?
When you vote for Griffin Lawrence, you vote for America! Make it happen yo!
& at Kathy always has everyone laughing
The first of our follow series starts today. We are following Kevin Griffin this week as he works in…
Just opened Kevin Hart's snapchat story and my sister goes, 'Is that Kanye West?' . What is life
and an offense of Steph Curry, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, and Demarcus Cousins
Yeah right Kevin.. I don't believe you ever thought that foolish statement was ever realistic.
team with Kevin love, kyrie irving, blake griffin, Vegeta, and homer
team with blake griffin, Gavin young, kevin durant, kyrie irving, and eminem
I sped through SANCTIONED KILL by Read my 5* review: .
Someone has to do something about this Texans secondary
Check out this article about The New Flesh written by The Vancouver Sun's, Kevin Griffin!...
team with max burton, Bill russell, klay thompson, blake griffin, and kevin garnett
"The aircraft descended fast, hitting the runway in a jolt." COERCED
barack obama really just said "folks wanna pop off" in a news conference oh wow he's going down as one of the Top 3 presid…
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team with captin crunch, Kevin love, Tim duncan, blake griffin, and Gavin young
Lonnie your cancer I'm a cancer Kevin Hart's of cancer Eddie Griffin's of cancer there's so many
Kevin Gates songs do not all sound alike
team with kevin garnett, derrick rose, Garfield, Damian Bates, and blake griffin
team with michael jordan, david west, Kevin love, blake griffin, and shrek
Seriously, why is a football game 4 hours long
Let me get this straight...Kevin Griffin solo show this Friday and Saturday at Eddie's Attic? Well, I…
I ain't been far lol I live out by Christmas tree farm Bryan myers and Kevin Griffin my neighbors we just party all the time
Yesterday I was in a Christmas music video with Sean Foreman of "3OH!3", Kevin Griffin of "Better…
ANNC:Ponte Vedra Concert Hall presents Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra to the stage Dec 12! Tix on sale Fri @ 10AM!
Do you feel that shiver? It's what happens when Mark McGrath, Uncle Kracker and Kevin Griffin (of Better Than Ezra) are all on one song.
you should check out the song B.Y.H.B. by Kevin Griffin, Mark McGrath, and Uncle Kracker.2015 football theme maybe?
go check out client Kevin Griffin from Better Than Ezra's new single B.Y.H.B. summer anthem!!!...
why are Kevin Griffin and Mark McGrath doing whatever they can to destroy my corny nostalgia for them?
Get ready to uptuck your 90s *** Uncle Kracker, Kevin Griffin and Mark McGrath supplying your newest Summer Anthem
fun to hangout at the BMI pop awards tonight with 6 of our clients -- David Hodges, Sir Nolan, Kevin Griffin,...
if that God is real, he's not worthy of worship.
altogether bible is more like word of a demon than of a God.
the Hebrews of the OT were a wicked, wicked people.
Moses as described in the Bible was the ISIS leader of his day.
Only white people think Kevin Hart Funnier than Dave Chapelle
Kevin Hart is giggly, he ain't funny. But that's our generation. If Eddie Griffin was still a comedian only me and old school would laugh.
I wanna be best friends with Kevin Hart
Mosaic law condemned it. No examples of marriage other than heterosexual.
yes. for enslaving ppl.That is, actively inhibiting liberty,not passively refusing service.
timid men prefer calm of despotism over tumultuous sea of liberty-JEFFERSON
False ads that cause damages should be address by a court.
It was individuals not Gov't that engaged in slavery.
what But, if u hold yourself out as open 2 the public but aren't it's false advertising.
stop the return of Slavery by ridding its vestiges-racism underpins slavery==>
I think I've said 3x that forcing servitude is wrong. Re blacks 13A enjoins Gov't to==>
Your logic says a *** bakery must make anti *** marriage cake for those who are anti ***
“Blake Griffin with a 180 block . how I blocked last year
Kevin Durant heard was working for the Wizards and determined they are no longer an option
The free market is not a moral cleaner. Laws got "Whites Only" signs out of windows.
Meet actress from tomorrow at the in Info:
Thats not an indefinite contract. At some point they can say 'no.'
If they continue 2 agree to new contracts, they continue to be unionized
Corps cant be held to an indefinite agreement with unions.
Blake Griffin had a 180 block last night 😱
VIDEO: Blake Griffin skies for an absurd 180-degree block vs. Celtics
from forming then you're correct. It should be up to the corp to negot
aren't forced on corps by law they are negotiated and agreed to. As long
How wd you enforce a breach of K? Typically DMs are awarded. How do you collect the DMs?
You shouldn't force unions onto corporations by law.
The K w the union is only union members will be employed. Is that ok?
Then your opposed to Ks. Commerce cdn't function w/o Ks.
I wasn't talking about unions. Businesses can enter union contracts.
Why wouldn't that be determined by the Union's contract w the business?
There may or may not be damages that make the suit worthwhile.
Gov't should force anyone to work. However, if a business falsely advertises, it can b sued
Does a *** bakery owner have right to not make a anti *** marriage cakes for a Muslim group?
HA! good one. they even take money up front.
I would not make the distinction. property is property, but auntie and have different views on that.
Happens w/auntie. She has good arguments up to a point. Makes you think.
well this is one of your OUT THERE debates ma'am
lmao Kevin Durant isn't even from Oklahoma *** 😂😂😂 try some Blake Griffin,Johnny Bench,and some Oklahoma Football...
Adam Morrison has more rings than CP3, Westbrook, KD, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Lamarcus Aldridge, & Dwight .combined
VIDEO: Basketball player proves he’s no Blake Griffin with a failed attempt to dunk over a car h…
How much do references matter in a job interview?: Job interviews go both ways. ... up its studi...
You going to see Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra tomorrow night at Eddie's Attic?
Chad Griffin Apologies to Trans Community on Behalf of HRC | The Bilerico Project via
Kevin Griffin: Vancouver's Telus Garden to feature sculptural lanterns by Martin Boyce
One on one Blake Griffin would beat Kevin Love
One class done and back to my house 😴
Whatever one frequently thinks and ponders upon, that will become the inclination of his mind.Kevin Griffin
Our cars keep blowing up their engines after 50,000 km.. solution shorten warranty to 45,000km.
I forgot about Kathy Griffin & Margaret Cho. Both women are hilarious; Griffin & Cho both love to talk about their moms.
I thought football season was starting. It seems like commercial season with some breaks for football
Kevin Heart in the botty wurk video😂😂
see u tonight Seattle! honored to be singing the anthem for u tonight
how everyone doing im worried about paul George an blake Griffin an kevin
There's a little bit of Kevin Love in his game. A little Blake Griffin. A little Rodney Rogers, some Kurt Thomas, some Charles Barkley
"Kevin put together the worst QB tandem in the league, as they added Griffin III and Josh McCown." ... Thanks Yahoo Sports
Imagine if Blake Griffin, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Kevin Durant were there.
And Blake griffin and Kevin love tmlt
Kevin Hart use to be Funny...Now he be trying 2 Hard
Sky Goodden talks about art and criticism in Canada. Panel discussion with Jonah Gray, Brynn McNab and Kevin Griffin.
"The first aspect of is the understanding that doesn't come primarily through the material world" Kevin Griffin
Still think Blake Griffin will be better than Anthony Davis next year. Kevin Love 3rd.
After this season this statement will be factual Anthony Davis > Blake griffin > kevin love”
Come see the sensitive, introspective, acoustic side of metal head, Kevin Griffin. Saturday night,…
Stunning cover created by Michelle Griffin owner of the Michelle Griffin Academy using KEVIN.MURPHY COLOR.BUGs
.(of is playing an intimate gig at in 4 days! Limited …
“So I see guys are admitting to eating *** now since Kevin Gates said real *** eat booty huh” It was bound to happen
*** in Griffin sneak dissing on the internet will get you whacked in public 💯🔫💉💀
Best Buy in Waxahachie. It's pretty nice there. Except for people stealing food.
“The best 5 players in the NBA today are _.”Lebron, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard.
Kevin Love rated over 90 on 2K and Blake Griffin isn't? Get outta here.
man Kevin love better not be rated higher than Blake Griffin
hope he gets 10 minutes like Kevin Hart had
Kevin Griffin has a show on 06/13/2014 at 05:00 PM @ Hard Rock Cafe Pig... in Pigeon Forge, TN
Matt Jones, Kevin Griffin, I was struck with an idea this morning, and I've been mulling it over all day. Would either of you be interested in considering in the organization/execution of a small, off the grid party/festival/music/food thing? If so, PM me.
Pan Pamela Gardner, Kevin Griffin and all my piano playing friends
My wife with new guitar with Tonic's Emerson Hart, Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin and David Hodges from Evanescence
Emerson Hart of Tonic, Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra, and David Hodges of Evanescence, all to…
Marmion Varsity Lacrosse beat Geneva 11-10 in sudden death overtime! Yeah for Kevin Griffin and Liam Griffin on a great game! A true coaches miracle as we had less than ten seconds in the game to tie and send into overtime! We Believe In Miracles!!
Happy Opening day to all of friends! It's always a tough and happy day because my father a beloved Brooklyn Dodger's fan and for whatever reason a huge Atl.braves fan isn't here to argue with me about my Met's! but cousin Kevin Griffin has filled in nicely with trash talking by 9:00am Eastern time about how "we suck"! thanks Kevin
Feeling pretty fresh considering last night went from just chilling with a few beers watching the match to drunkenly ripping apart someone's bed frame at 5 AM so they could sleep because Jason Edwards, Kevin Griffin and myself all decided to sit on the same bit of it and snap one of the legs clean off. I'm counting that as my good deed for the day.
We got a gig in an episode of Ballykissangel once.. Yvonne Casey , Kevin Griffin , Quentin Cooper, Michellle Milan , The Mighty *** Flynn and myself... It was lovely in Co Wicklow for 3 days.. Lots of hanging around on set though..hours and hours of not a lot.. They had this double decker bus on site where we were fed the finest of food.. I was there having a bite and this young fellah sat in opposite me.. talkative.. likeable..was asking me about making a living as a musician .. he said he might be able to make a go of the acting because he had just got a part in Ballykissangel and he was hopeful.. he asked me my name as he left ..I told him and wished him luck in his dream o being a working actor.. I then asked him his name and he said.. Colin Farrell.
You don't want to miss the end DRUMMERS! Cornell Thigpen, Kevin Griffin, Devon "Stixx" Taylor -
i gotta admit Kevin, you were a whole lot better than i expected
It's ridiculous that Kobe is going to be an all-star and Blake Griffin is going to start over Kevin Love.
Everybody talks about Kevin Love and half of Blake Griffin as the best white guys in the NBA but what about David Lee?
"Blake griffin or kevin love?"kevin love no question offense an boards
Al people used to think Blake Griffin is better then Kevin Love 😂😂😂
Why does it have to snow tomorrow can it just snow on a Monday or something
Kevin Love has 33 points and it's only the 3rd Quarter yet people vote for Blake Griffin as the starting PF for the West Team SMH.
Kevin Love is so much better than Blake Griffin
Congrats to my SAGU friends on graduating today!!!.
The clippers some *** if they trade black griffin for Kevin love
Bill Simmons suggested Kevin Love for Blake Griffin. Does Chris Paul come with that?
please tell me that's Kevin griffin singing karaoke
“Blake Griffin for Kevin Love straight up?” Nah.. Personally not a fan of that!
Whoa rumors of Clippers trading Blake Griffin to Timberwolves for Kevin Love.
Wait the Kevin Love for Blake Griffin trade is actually speculation?
A Kevin Love for Blake Griffin trade would be retarded. Tf would Minnesota give up their franchise player & complete big for Blake
The Blake Griffin Kevin Love trade needs to happen.
The Wolves would never, ever, ever trade Kevin Love for Blake Griffin... Dog, you are serious?!
Iike *** what if the clippers really traded Blake griffin for Kevin love
Bill Simmons just suggested a Kevin Love for Blake Griffin straight up trade. Why would he even suggest that?
Kevin Love for Blake Griffin. Perfect trade that must happen.
Blake Griffin for Kevin Love, straight up. Y or N?
The Clippers trading Blake Griffin for Kevin Love?! Say it ain't so...
Finally people are starting to say get Kevin love for Blake Griffin, in regards to the clippers, they have to do it!
These *** on espn stupid af talking about Trading Blake griffin for Kevin love
If the Clippers trade Blake Griffin for Kevin Love in return, that would be unfair to the Western Conference.
Blake griffin for kevin love? Na ill be done watchin basketball for 2-3 years
this dude talkin bout trade Kevin Love for Blake Griffin.clippers should consider that.
Im seeing blake Griffin dor Kevin love trade possibility on espn right now. Wow!!!
Trading Blake Griffin for Kevin Love??? . Thats a come up for the Clippers
Did Bill Simmons really just say that it would be a successful trade to trade Blake Griffin for Kevin Love?
Blake Griffin for Kevin Love. Who says no, Bill Simmons? Minnesota says no.
Boaa they said Blake griffin for Kevin Lovee that trade weak asl
I would never trade Kevin love for Blake Griffin
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Timberwolves need to offer Kevin Love to the Clippers for Blake Griffin already
Blake Griffin still receiving more votes than LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love really kills my soul man.
Waiting for Kevin Griffin to walk the stage. I can't believe this time went so fast. I am so proud of him.
Check out this video with our talented bar manager Kevin Griffin on how to make a Festive Prosecco Cocktail.
Blake Griffin is starting the all star game over Kevin Love AND LaMarcus Aldridge. Think about that..
LOL at everyone wanting to trade Blake Griffin for Kevin Love. That's totally going to improve the Clippers perimeter defense issues
Melo just need a amazing point guard like Chris Paul or Kyrie or a big man like Griffin or Kevin Love
You can have Blake Griffin and Kevin Love. IMO, LaMarcus Aldridge is the best power forward in basketball. Hard to deny h…
Tonight! It's Music City Motown live at Tin Roof Nashville with $5 Slow & Low! We've got some special Christmas Motown lined up for you tonight so come and hang and get your Holiday groove on. See you soon! Kristen Rogers, Rick Brantley, Hank Born, Calvin Knowles, Ian Miller, Kevin Griffin, Kevin Gatzke, and yours truly.
I got one mo S/o this one to mi *** Kevin Griffin my brudda from anudda mudda happy Gday bro, turn up in that drake tonite
Kevin Griffin I think you could do this one change things up a bit but the lyrics take me back to a feilds and a barn.
Kevin Griffin is now in Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp, Phuket, Thailand. we are so proud of you. Train hard and you will be even more amazing then what you already are!!!
Just had dinner and drinks with Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra and Brian Setzer. No big deal just a normal Sunday in Nashville.
Just want to wish De Late Kevin Griffin Ramsey a Happy Happy Birthday. You are celebrating your special day with The Angels in de sky. Gone to soon but Definitely not Forgotten. God know why he took you so early. Love & Miss U always. From your Uncle.
Why Kevin Griffin always have his legs open like a female on his commercial
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
South Alabama Elite would like to Congratulate Adrianna Wallace in her commitment to play college softball at Belhaven University for Coach Kevin Griffin! We love you Adrianna and are so proud of you!
Dharma talk give by Josh Korda and Kevin Griffin on 6/16/09. Kevin Griffin is the author of
I am now Kevin Griffin with the letters CERT BUS STUD (OPEN) after my name ... Awesome
Kevin Griffin Mike Bowles Allen Jacobson good win for your birds
My Pastor is hooping right now.D. Black.and Kevin Griffin is KILLIN THIS F'N ORGAN!
Well I made a start to my xmas shop. Online lastnight granddaughter sorted out. And Kevin Griffin sorted. Just Michaels to get when better. And a few bit extra
Thanks very much to Phil Michael, Kevin Griffin, Martin Griffin and Natalie Oxford for your donations! We are up to £293! Lets get to £300! Donate below!
Little-Foot from Land Before Time might do a guest spot so you definitely want to be there tonight. Kelly Cairns Kevin Griffin Ruben Rodriguez Justin Montgomery
*** Sunday cood not come any slower lol Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin to bad you are not down here today or tomorrow!
Reminiscing. Let's see. At about 2:30 a.m. 16 years ago, I was tossing and turning. Couldn't sleep because I was too excited and nervous. Excited and nervous because in just a few hours I was about to marry the love of my life. It has been a wonderful 16 years. I love you so much, Kevin Griffin!!
Wanna give a couple of Happy Thanksgiving wishes to my brother Richie and two close friends that have been taken from us...Kevin Griffin and Nicky is short everyone enjoy these days with your love ones..cherish them...give THANKS.take nothing for granted.God Bless Everyone...!!!...
A Fort Carson building now bears the name of Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin Griffin, who was killed while deployed to...
Catching up on the last few days of birthdays . . . . . Oct. 1st and 2nd respectively . . . . . Former President Jimmy Carter is 89. Actress-singer Julie Andrews is 78. Actress Stella Stevens is 75. Rock musician Jerry Martini (Sly and the Family Stone) is 70. Baseball Hall-of-Famer Rod Carew is 68. Jazz musician Dave Holland is 67. Actor Stephen Collins is 66. Actress Yvette Freeman is 63. Actor Randy Quaid is 63. Rhythm-and-blues singer Howard Hewett is 58. Alt-country-rock musician Tim O’Reagan (The Jayhawks) is 55. Singer Youssou N’Dour is 54. Actor Esai Morales is 51. Retired MLB All-Star Mark McGwire is 50. Actor Christopher Titus is 49. Actress-model Cindy Margolis is 48. Rock singer-musician Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra) is 45. Actor Zach Galifianakis is 44. Singer Keith Duffy is 39. Actress Sarah Drew is 33. Actress Jurnee Smollett is 27. Actress Brie Larson is 24 . . . . . Country singer-musician Leon Rausch (Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys) is 86. Retired MLB All-Star Maury Wills is 81 ...
hey Kevin just got you message relayed lol thanks bro
Bangor Daily News - Champion the Cure set for Aug. 16-17 - Roof Systems of Maine owner Kevin Griffin has been a su...
Better Than Ezra probably had, at one point, the same rep as Nickelback but I love, love, love Kevin Griffin's unique voice.
Path to Recovery workshop w/ Kevin Griffin of this Sat 1:30-5:30 & CD release party in evening Will you be there?
Missed happy hour at sonic by 10 minutes 👎
Come celebrate the release of Kevin Griffin's CD Laughing with Kimber Simpkins & Rajen Thapa Aug 10 at 7:30 see you there!
The Blue Max Review now available; poems by Kevin Griffin, among others:
“it might man!” there's only one way to find out. Let's book our plane tickets
Btw Kevin Griffin had a good segment with Rizzo the other day. Be good to write article on him... And Kokinis lol
farewell to Colin, Allanah and the kids, but welcoming Kevin Griffin and family..wish them a safe trip..
City Winery is great. I saw Kevin Griffin and Graham Colton there, amongst others. Decent menu.
sometimes in a tough situation I say to myself, "what would Kevin griffin do?"
Hanging with my bros Jeremy Haynes and Brian Andrews at Kevin Griffin gig. Brian Andrews is demolishing the kit.
Tonight I'll be at Acoustix Lounge playing with the Kevin Griffin band. If your free Atlanta come through... It's gonna be dope.
Got to hang out with Made me miss freshman year!
commit Kevin Griffin tells me he'll be in Pullman next Saturday to watch practice. Well, actually he'll be in Lewiston.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
OUR HOST FOR 2nd ANNUAL SISTERHOOD OF SUPERWOMAN - 5/24/2013 - AT THE WINE BISTRO 6-10PM IS NON OTHER THAN THE FABULOUS. has what you'd call the personality of personalities. Her active, fearless and always full of life persona is contagious! She has an inviting spirit that makes anyone who comes in-contact with her filled with a carefree energy. It's only right that she took to an entertaining lifestyle. Mother, Event host/favorite MC, Socialite, fashionista, sometime comedian & the mild actress still finds the time to do what she loves best radio. jusCookie founder and host of 'The Cookie Jar', a weekly Internet talk radio show, wow listeners every Monday with what's real. She manages to captivate audiences of all walks of life with delightful topics, charismatic guests and the latest music. Recently added to the show two co-hosts: Mark Caesar *** Yo Pants Comedy) and Kevin Griffin (2-Cent TV). jusCookie has always embodied a humanitarian spirit and has always attempted and succeeded in doing her part . ...
Didn't mention, hire Kevin Griffin is nephew of Archie Griffin, two-time Heisman winner. Kevin Griffin also played at Ohio State.
Hi Good weather today. My flyer buddy and college friend, Bishop Byers, is here with me at Woodlawn public library. I ran into an ole shelter buddy, Louis Johnson, yesterday at 7-11 van pick-up spot. He just happened to be in the area. I had a tussle yesterday, nothing serious, with a guy at shelter. The guy, Kevin Griffin, an ex golf pro he says, elbows and pushes his way to the front of the medication line. I was able to get him out from in front of me. This wasn't liked. I guess I should let him jump in front, cuz everybody was upset with me. The staff guy, Aurthor, who was passing out the medication didn't like it. There are some people who you are supposed to let them do what they want to, no matter how childish, in a shelter.. Plus, this guy Kevin, likes to call me Big Bird and Ragity Andy all the time. When I started using his first name in conversation, he seemed to ease up a bit. people in a shelter don't want alot of others to know there names. HA HA Anyway, I had breakfast with Dan, Deyon, Mike ...
Just informed that my childhood best friend in Hyde Park, Kevin Griffin has passed away. My prayers to the Griffin family for their loss! Life is tenuous at best I guess! I just saw him 2 years ago after a 25 year absence. He had such an impact on me during those 5 years I lived in Hyde Park, that my son is named Kevin in his honor and my brother the same with his middle name of Kevin. We had so much fun during those early years on Warren Ave. I think tonight, I will just reminisce about the those great times!
It only takes a small gesture to earn serious respect. Many years ago, Kevin Griffin from BTE took the time out on a plane to write a note to my kids. Love BTE and appreciate their humanity still to this day. HDYGG??! My favorite.
Stay at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Airport, one of the most luxurious hotels near Ft. Lauderdale airport. Our Florida airport hotel is in the center of it all.
“More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill – none have wrestled without pride.” “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” - Dan Gable
Can anyone come up with a better starting 5 ? Magic Johnson at point guard, Michael Jordan at shooting guard, Larry Bird at small forward, Tim Duncan at power forward, and Kareem Abdul- Jabar at Center. Center was the only position I struggled deciding over. There's a few Big men that could be in there. What you guys think ?
What nba player would you like to party with? -kolt
Can't study anymore, taking a break for the gym 😁
I would like to take a minute to post one thing that really bugs me about people and life.As much I hate to admit this. I have found out one thing that is true. You only have friends when you have money or things to offer them. I have been on the top and bottom of life. And still I have stayed the person no matter what. I have owned many nice things in my lifetime. Bad *** trucks buses houses. But it was all material things. It never made me better than another person. I still have nice things. But what I have come to see is everyone that clamed to be a good friend when I was out in my party bus promoting. Letting so many come on the bus and drink. And have a good time. And at clubs getting people in the VIP rooms. And being a friend to so many. I have found now.That I don't spend money like I use to and have laid low. Stopped partying and started to focus on what really makes me happy. My beautiful fiance Priscilla M Vargas and my Headway Music Productions of San Antonio Tx. I now see who my true frien . ...
Kobe Bryant has displayed no love for the Los Angeles Clippers in two meetings this season, but the Lakers have lost both games. The five-time NBA champion looks to lead his squad to victory on Valentine's Day versus the Clippers at Staples Center. Bryant is averaging 39.0 ppg in two matchups with
A LAD EXCLUSIVE We have actually secured an interview with... Willie Frazer. Please post any questions you have on this thread. Willie has promised to answer as many as possible. Deadline for submissions is 8 pm this evening. Have a nice day.
"And that R.E.M. song was playin' in my mind"
Sweet They had "Biff Rose Day" in New Orleans...Feb,'69. and they called it Sweet Thursday after Ash Wednesday and Fat Tuesday cuz I was hot on Carson and Mel Leavitt the station manager of WDSU-TV wasn't getting along with his daughter,Melanie, age six who liked me and stayed up late...and so Mel thot he could get tight with his daughter if they had a "day" for me and gave me the key to the they did/../and wrote up a proclamation and Mayor Victor Schiro presented it to me at City Hall..they had a motorcade from the airport...a marching band met me there and played When The Saints and it looked wierd at Gate Six...and I waved to people all along the Airline Highway waiting for the bus who never heard of me or me of them... They gave me the Presidential suite of the Royal Orleans Hotel and all the writers and pundits and sho' folk in town came to eat free at my giant buffet and Tommy Griffin one of "them" asked me "Who's watching the store?" cuz it was commonly thot I ...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Thank God I only have this 8am class
walao I ordered size 9, you give me size 9.5 I ordered white color, you give me black color??? ==
Cards, gifts and a surprise weekend get-a-away!!! What a great Valentine's Day!!! All thanks to my hubby and best friend. Love me some Kevin Griffin!!! Smooches
Thank you Kevin Griffin for my roses, chocolate, and giant teddy bear! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Nike and the Jordan brand have created an interactive space at the Galleria Mall Thursday-Sunday, featuring everything from athlete appearances to a peek at new styles. players Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Kobie Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Durrant are scheduled to stop by and visitors can try on the new Air Jordan xx8
Announcement coming tomorrow for all you so called "drinkers" out there. You've all been notified.
Who is better Blake Griffin or kevin love
SPECIAL OFFER! In celebration of the NBA All Star weekend this weekend we are offering a 2013 All Star jersey plus a hat from the player you select's team for just $90! Players available are: EAST: LeBron James, Rajon Rondo, Carmello Anthony and Dwayne Wade. WEST: Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant. Get your orders in ASAP :)
Just as I'm defending belief in God,not his comes up. Really, people? It's a joke! Especially by Kathy Griffin, who does this stuff all the time. Is it tasteful? Not at all. But it's not a hate speech. And why bring Muslims into it at all? Talk about instigating...just call down and move on with your lives, for everyone's sake
Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Howard, Kobe, Griffin are the western Starter for all star 13
LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin are the most exciting players in the NBA
First half mercifully comes to an end for the Sixers but its ok.. They just played their last game without the services of the NBA's best center. Welcome home Andrew. Accept my big bear hug.
So what's going to happen with the next Pope? No matter who it becomes, there are BIG changes coming up for the Roman Catholic Church.your thoughts?
I would LOVE to see Blake Griffin dunk on Kevin Garnett ***
Any dude that waits till Valentine's day to treat his woman like a queen is failing 364 days a year.
Many will be offended: I think people should stop taking their myths so seriously. I love this sexy minx
What is your favorite Valentine "love" song? Compiling a list for WAAO in the morning.
Thanks for keeping tuned in... Here it goes... Win a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar autographed T-shirt if you can be the first to guess how many points Kobe Bryant will score in the 2013 NBA All-Star game... If no one guesses his EXACT point total, the winner will be the first one who guesses the CLOSEST point total LOWER than what he scores. In other words, if you guess high, you are disqualified.
Just won game 4 81-60. Kevin Love had 29pts, 5rebs, and 4asts. Griffin had 16 and Felton had 15. Moving on to Eastern Finals.
Favorite Player who is on a different team to who you go for? Mine is Nicolas Batum! - Jackson.
I love when Kobe Bryant, LBJ, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin explain about the definition about "BIG".
Buying a pea coat was the best investment
and every since I became a comedian , I do doing shows with all kinda big names now! From Eddie griffin to Kevin hart &Katt. W
this was our second video we ever made self titled “Gypsy Mob” circa winter 2006-2007 thanks to everyone that has believed in us
Gettin' psyched about the game!!! This is the greatest rivalry ever in college hoops! Heels Lets Go Son! Like for duke blue. comment for Carolina blue. Lets see my heel fan show up on this status!! Whop whooop!!
Q8: Who am I? First one to 4 Holden: 1 Chase: 1 German: 1 Mikey D.: 2 Jose: 1 Antonio: 1 Remember, full name, or COMMON nickname for the player -Drafted by the Grizzlies -Plays PF -Played for Team USA -Stack
But Bernie Mac, Kevin hurt, Eddy Griffin, Kat Williams, eddy murphy and Steve Harvey not forgetting Sedgedric (don't watch the spelling)
Talking about having sex with dead people in Criminal Justice 😏💀
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