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Kevin Griffin

Kevin Griffin (born October 1, 1968) is an American guitarist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter.

Better Than Ezra New Orleans Jazz Heritage Festival

A Fort Carson building now bears the name of Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin Griffin, who was killed while deployed to...
Catching up on the last few days of birthdays . . . . . Oct. 1st and 2nd respectively . . . . . Former President Jimmy Carter is 89. Actress-singer Julie Andrews is 78. Actress Stella Stevens is 75. Rock musician Jerry Martini (Sly and the Family Stone) is 70. Baseball Hall-of-Famer Rod Carew is 68. Jazz musician Dave Holland is 67. Actor Stephen Collins is 66. Actress Yvette Freeman is 63. Actor Randy Quaid is 63. Rhythm-and-blues singer Howard Hewett is 58. Alt-country-rock musician Tim O’Reagan (The Jayhawks) is 55. Singer Youssou N’Dour is 54. Actor Esai Morales is 51. Retired MLB All-Star Mark McGwire is 50. Actor Christopher Titus is 49. Actress-model Cindy Margolis is 48. Rock singer-musician Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra) is 45. Actor Zach Galifianakis is 44. Singer Keith Duffy is 39. Actress Sarah Drew is 33. Actress Jurnee Smollett is 27. Actress Brie Larson is 24 . . . . . Country singer-musician Leon Rausch (Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys) is 86. Retired MLB All-Star Maury Wills is 81 ...
hey Kevin just got you message relayed lol thanks bro
Bangor Daily News - Champion the Cure set for Aug. 16-17 - Roof Systems of Maine owner Kevin Griffin has been a su...
Better Than Ezra probably had, at one point, the same rep as Nickelback but I love, love, love Kevin Griffin's unique voice.
Path to Recovery workshop w/ Kevin Griffin of this Sat 1:30-5:30 & CD release party in evening Will you be there?
Missed happy hour at sonic by 10 minutes 👎
Come celebrate the release of Kevin Griffin's CD Laughing with Kimber Simpkins & Rajen Thapa Aug 10 at 7:30 see you there!
The Blue Max Review now available; poems by Kevin Griffin, among others:
South Africa? We might be better off just finding this thing in a boat lol
“it might man!” there's only one way to find out. Let's book our plane tickets
Btw Kevin Griffin had a good segment with Rizzo the other day. Be good to write article on him... And Kokinis lol
farewell to Colin, Allanah and the kids, but welcoming Kevin Griffin and family..wish them a safe trip..
City Winery is great. I saw Kevin Griffin and Graham Colton there, amongst others. Decent menu.
sometimes in a tough situation I say to myself, "what would Kevin griffin do?"
Hanging with my bros Jeremy Haynes and Brian Andrews at Kevin Griffin gig. Brian Andrews is demolishing the kit.
Tonight I'll be at Acoustix Lounge playing with the Kevin Griffin band. If your free Atlanta come through... It's gonna be dope.
Got to hang out with Made me miss freshman year!
commit Kevin Griffin tells me he'll be in Pullman next Saturday to watch practice. Well, actually he'll be in Lewiston.
OUR HOST FOR 2nd ANNUAL SISTERHOOD OF SUPERWOMAN - 5/24/2013 - AT THE WINE BISTRO 6-10PM IS NON OTHER THAN THE FABULOUS. has what you'd call the personality of personalities. Her active, fearless and always full of life persona is contagious! She has an inviting spirit that makes anyone who comes in-contact with her filled with a carefree energy. It's only right that she took to an entertaining lifestyle. Mother, Event host/favorite MC, Socialite, fashionista, sometime comedian & the mild actress still finds the time to do what she loves best radio. jusCookie founder and host of 'The Cookie Jar', a weekly Internet talk radio show, wow listeners every Monday with what's real. She manages to captivate audiences of all walks of life with delightful topics, charismatic guests and the latest music. Recently added to the show two co-hosts: Mark Caesar *** Yo Pants Comedy) and Kevin Griffin (2-Cent TV). jusCookie has always embodied a humanitarian spirit and has always attempted and succeeded in doing her part . ...
Didn't mention, hire Kevin Griffin is nephew of Archie Griffin, two-time Heisman winner. Kevin Griffin also played at Ohio State.
Hi Good weather today. My flyer buddy and college friend, Bishop Byers, is here with me at Woodlawn public library. I ran into an ole shelter buddy, Louis Johnson, yesterday at 7-11 van pick-up spot. He just happened to be in the area. I had a tussle yesterday, nothing serious, with a guy at shelter. The guy, Kevin Griffin, an ex golf pro he says, elbows and pushes his way to the front of the medication line. I was able to get him out from in front of me. This wasn't liked. I guess I should let him jump in front, cuz everybody was upset with me. The staff guy, Aurthor, who was passing out the medication didn't like it. There are some people who you are supposed to let them do what they want to, no matter how childish, in a shelter.. Plus, this guy Kevin, likes to call me Big Bird and Ragity Andy all the time. When I started using his first name in conversation, he seemed to ease up a bit. people in a shelter don't want alot of others to know there names. HA HA Anyway, I had breakfast with Dan, Deyon, Mike ...
Just informed that my childhood best friend in Hyde Park, Kevin Griffin has passed away. My prayers to the Griffin family for their loss! Life is tenuous at best I guess! I just saw him 2 years ago after a 25 year absence. He had such an impact on me during those 5 years I lived in Hyde Park, that my son is named Kevin in his honor and my brother the same with his middle name of Kevin. We had so much fun during those early years on Warren Ave. I think tonight, I will just reminisce about the those great times!
It only takes a small gesture to earn serious respect. Many years ago, Kevin Griffin from BTE took the time out on a plane to write a note to my kids. Love BTE and appreciate their humanity still to this day. HDYGG??! My favorite.
Stay at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Airport, one of the most luxurious hotels near Ft. Lauderdale airport. Our Florida airport hotel is in the center of it all.
“More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill – none have wrestled without pride.” “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” - Dan Gable
Can anyone come up with a better starting 5 ? Magic Johnson at point guard, Michael Jordan at shooting guard, Larry Bird at small forward, Tim Duncan at power forward, and Kareem Abdul- Jabar at Center. Center was the only position I struggled deciding over. There's a few Big men that could be in there. What you guys think ?
What nba player would you like to party with? -kolt
Can't study anymore, taking a break for the gym 😁
I would like to take a minute to post one thing that really bugs me about people and life.As much I hate to admit this. I have found out one thing that is true. You only have friends when you have money or things to offer them. I have been on the top and bottom of life. And still I have stayed the person no matter what. I have owned many nice things in my lifetime. Bad *** trucks buses houses. But it was all material things. It never made me better than another person. I still have nice things. But what I have come to see is everyone that clamed to be a good friend when I was out in my party bus promoting. Letting so many come on the bus and drink. And have a good time. And at clubs getting people in the VIP rooms. And being a friend to so many. I have found now.That I don't spend money like I use to and have laid low. Stopped partying and started to focus on what really makes me happy. My beautiful fiance Priscilla M Vargas and my Headway Music Productions of San Antonio Tx. I now see who my true frien . ...
Kobe Bryant has displayed no love for the Los Angeles Clippers in two meetings this season, but the Lakers have lost both games. The five-time NBA champion looks to lead his squad to victory on Valentine's Day versus the Clippers at Staples Center. Bryant is averaging 39.0 ppg in two matchups with
A LAD EXCLUSIVE We have actually secured an interview with... Willie Frazer. Please post any questions you have on this thread. Willie has promised to answer as many as possible. Deadline for submissions is 8 pm this evening. Have a nice day.
"And that R.E.M. song was playin' in my mind"
Sweet They had "Biff Rose Day" in New Orleans...Feb,'69. and they called it Sweet Thursday after Ash Wednesday and Fat Tuesday cuz I was hot on Carson and Mel Leavitt the station manager of WDSU-TV wasn't getting along with his daughter,Melanie, age six who liked me and stayed up late...and so Mel thot he could get tight with his daughter if they had a "day" for me and gave me the key to the they did/../and wrote up a proclamation and Mayor Victor Schiro presented it to me at City Hall..they had a motorcade from the airport...a marching band met me there and played When The Saints and it looked wierd at Gate Six...and I waved to people all along the Airline Highway waiting for the bus who never heard of me or me of them... They gave me the Presidential suite of the Royal Orleans Hotel and all the writers and pundits and sho' folk in town came to eat free at my giant buffet and Tommy Griffin one of "them" asked me "Who's watching the store?" cuz it was commonly thot I ...
Thank God I only have this 8am class
walao I ordered size 9, you give me size 9.5 I ordered white color, you give me black color??? ==
Cards, gifts and a surprise weekend get-a-away!!! What a great Valentine's Day!!! All thanks to my hubby and best friend. Love me some Kevin Griffin!!! Smooches
Thank you Kevin Griffin for my roses, chocolate, and giant teddy bear! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
Nike and the Jordan brand have created an interactive space at the Galleria Mall Thursday-Sunday, featuring everything from athlete appearances to a peek at new styles. players Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Kobie Bryant, Lebron James and Kevin Durrant are scheduled to stop by and visitors can try on the new Air Jordan xx8
Announcement coming tomorrow for all you so called "drinkers" out there. You've all been notified.
Who is better Blake Griffin or kevin love
SPECIAL OFFER! In celebration of the NBA All Star weekend this weekend we are offering a 2013 All Star jersey plus a hat from the player you select's team for just $90! Players available are: EAST: LeBron James, Rajon Rondo, Carmello Anthony and Dwayne Wade. WEST: Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant. Get your orders in ASAP :)
Just as I'm defending belief in God,not his comes up. Really, people? It's a joke! Especially by Kathy Griffin, who does this stuff all the time. Is it tasteful? Not at all. But it's not a hate speech. And why bring Muslims into it at all? Talk about instigating...just call down and move on with your lives, for everyone's sake
Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Howard, Kobe, Griffin are the western Starter for all star 13
LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin are the most exciting players in the NBA
First half mercifully comes to an end for the Sixers but its ok.. They just played their last game without the services of the NBA's best center. Welcome home Andrew. Accept my big bear hug.
So what's going to happen with the next Pope? No matter who it becomes, there are BIG changes coming up for the Roman Catholic Church.your thoughts?
I would LOVE to see Blake Griffin dunk on Kevin Garnett ***
Any dude that waits till Valentine's day to treat his woman like a queen is failing 364 days a year.
Many will be offended: I think people should stop taking their myths so seriously. I love this sexy minx
What is your favorite Valentine "love" song? Compiling a list for WAAO in the morning.
Thanks for keeping tuned in... Here it goes... Win a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar autographed T-shirt if you can be the first to guess how many points Kobe Bryant will score in the 2013 NBA All-Star game... If no one guesses his EXACT point total, the winner will be the first one who guesses the CLOSEST point total LOWER than what he scores. In other words, if you guess high, you are disqualified.
Just won game 4 81-60. Kevin Love had 29pts, 5rebs, and 4asts. Griffin had 16 and Felton had 15. Moving on to Eastern Finals.
Favorite Player who is on a different team to who you go for? Mine is Nicolas Batum! - Jackson.
I love when Kobe Bryant, LBJ, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin explain about the definition about "BIG".
Buying a pea coat was the best investment
and every since I became a comedian , I do doing shows with all kinda big names now! From Eddie griffin to Kevin hart &Katt. W
this was our second video we ever made self titled “Gypsy Mob” circa winter 2006-2007 thanks to everyone that has believed in us
Gettin' psyched about the game!!! This is the greatest rivalry ever in college hoops! Heels Lets Go Son! Like for duke blue. comment for Carolina blue. Lets see my heel fan show up on this status!! Whop whooop!!
Q8: Who am I? First one to 4 Holden: 1 Chase: 1 German: 1 Mikey D.: 2 Jose: 1 Antonio: 1 Remember, full name, or COMMON nickname for the player -Drafted by the Grizzlies -Plays PF -Played for Team USA -Stack
But Bernie Mac, Kevin hurt, Eddy Griffin, Kat Williams, eddy murphy and Steve Harvey not forgetting Sedgedric (don't watch the spelling)
Talking about having sex with dead people in Criminal Justice 😏💀
I took a sick day today (I know - I know) and, of course, I watched Tombstone. Started thinking about my pal Doc Holliday. Researched it and turns out he's buried in a town on our route through Colorado in June. Just put a little visit with Doc onto our vacation calendar. Can't wait to hike up to the cemetery and hang with my Huckleberry!
Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation: taught by Wes Nisker, Kevin Griffin and other teachers affiliated with Spirit Rock Meditation Center.
'is that Kevin Griffin' no it's Peter ...
Aleeah has a crush, WTH?? Jessie off of the Movie Free Willy!! I'm in shock right now, she keeps telling me she needs to call him. OMG.
Who would win in a fight? A. Dwight Howard B. Shaquille O'Neal C. Metta World Peace D. Blake Griffin E. LeBron James I have my bets on Dwight seeing that he's gigantic, but I also think Metta would rip someone's eyes out. - Yanni
Robert Griffin III turned 23 today. He led all rookies in QBR this season (71.4) and his 815 rush yds were 5th-most by a QB since merger.
Age I was given: 20 Where I lived: Roscoe IL What I drove: 1990 Pontiac Sunbird Convertable What I did: Server at The Rock on the River Who had my heart: I was single! Age Now: 24 Where I live: Beloit WI What I drive: 2007 Chrysler Pacifica What I do: Student at Rockford Career College Who has my heart: Kevin Lewis, Griffin Lewis, and Amelia Lewis! :) Like my status and I will give you an age!
Who would the five guests (excluding Kylie and Madonn... — Kevin Smith, Kathy Griffin, Melanie C, Sarah Millican...
Friends that make the world a better place :)
Alright since I didn't get the kind of activity I wanted on the last question, I'll give you guys an easier 1! Who's the most complete ALL AROUND player in the NBA ? NOT named Lebron James I say it's a tossup between the Paul Millsap and Paul George! -Neu
I miss you Dad so much.! R.I.P Kevin Dale Griffin 12~6~68 TO 7~29~12 I would do anything to bring you back and see you one more time and are last words to be i love you and not what they where.! I love you dad im so sorry...
um.. I disagree. I think you look brilliant.
I always get caught looking stupid lol
once he opened it, it was the last thing up and not paused and the whole class heard it lmao I was behind him
Keep it in the day: just the next 24 hours. Judith Ragir and Kevin Griffin talk about sobriety as a one-moment at a time, one-breath at a time practice. At it's finest point, it is that. But if you can just keep it to one day at a time, you're doing good. The day has enough problems of it's own. For sure, I know for some part of the day, I'm going to encounter fear and anxiety, I'm going to feel resentment and ego-threat, I might even get into jealousy and envy, sadness and regret. So say to myself in my morning meditation: I'm going to feel all these things today, so how am I going to deal with them? How am I going to get through them? Getting through this range of emotions is my greatest challenge on a daily basis, and it will be with me every day, for certain. As will joy, peace and serenity. Getting through these feelings is my daily spiritual practice. As I get through these feelings, I also let go of focusing on myself and focus on being open to others, giving to others, relating to others with kind ...
Chairman Oginda Dickson is coming to Homa Bay. Senior Kenyans like Odundo Nicodemus, Kevin Osuri Jr., Jack Kamau Warui, Onang'a NyakwarSewe Ephraim, Griffin Manguro, Bob Awino among others will assure you that Homa Bay County's capital is the best. Welcome chairman, thank you again
Huge Congrats to Liz Griffin and Kevin Shanahan and big sister Sophie on the birth of Baby Emily :) Cant wait to meet her x
I am working on an article for the South Roanoke Circle on microbrews and trends within the beer industry. Do any of you live in South Roanoke and homebrew? Do you know anyone who fits those criteria? If so, I'd love to set up an interview with you (them) to discuss... Please let me know asap as time is of the essence!
Broken Leg mars Reckitts romp and South Cave score nine in 45 minutes. Division One took centre stage with four games taking place, Leaders Reckitts were back in action and were comfortably 8-1 ahead against Northfield when Dean Griffin of Reckitts suffered a broken leg after 70 minutes. The game was abandoned at this point. For the record the scorers for Reckitts were Steve Lapping 4, Dean Brown 2 and Mark Warhurst 2. Best wishes to Dean in his recovery from a nasty injury. Howden gave up home advantage to ensure that their game with South Cave went ahead and they paid the price in an amazing game. After a goaless first half in which the Howden keeper saved a penalty late in the half. What a transformation in the second half as Cave ran riot and scored nine times through Matt Simpson who bagged 5,Kris Booth 2, Carl Barnett and Nigel Stait. Andy Keetch pulled a goal back for a demoralised Howden outfit late in the game. East Riding Rangers hosted a Hall road Rangers outfit playing their first game for a m ...
Which one is the best in this list of NBA top players 1= carmello anthony (Newyork nicks) 2= kevin durrant (Oklahoma city thunder) 3=libron james (Miami heat) 4= kobi brriant (Los angles lakers) 5= Balke griffin (Los angles klippers)
DeMar DeRozan doing his best Blake Griffin impression on the Denver Nuggets-
DeMar DeRozan just did his best Blake Griffin impression on League Pass!!
Proud employer of 'the Picasso of cocktails' Kevin Griffin
I'd like to meet Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin this weekend.
I really just love all the commercials that feature Kevin Durant. And Blake Griffin's too. Those ones are pretty funny as well.
him n Kevin Durant in a dunk contest would be insane and Blake Griffin
WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, 2013 – A U.S. Army soldier who was awarded the Medal of Honor for risking his life to save his comrades during an ambush in Afghanistan has been inducted into the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes.  
LeBron has finally arrived and became dat *** Bad thing is he ain't even in his prime yet!!!
Kevin Durant with his 10th technical of the season, tying him with Blake Griffin and Matt Barnes for 2nd in NBA. It was a pretty weak one.
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yeah! And they think they might end up in his situation some day...HA
Tonight was a very special night because we celebrated the passing of our friend and co-worker Senior Police Officer Kevin Griffin. At the veiwing there was Kevins family and co-workers Det. Phil Villanueva, Sgt. Ernie Frank and many others.. It was good to see everybody one more time.
Poor Chris Bosh goes 13 for 16 and scores 32 with 11 rebounds ... and nobody will notice.
Tonight's 9:00 Science Challenge: Ok, I think it takes a LOT OF GUTS to be a Sumo Wrestler!!! QUESTION: What minimum wind speed must occur to have a Tropical Storm classified as a Hurricane?
hilarious video with Blake Griffin and Kevin Love
I just found out about an hour ago that my friend Kevin Griffin lost his battle with leukemia. I was so shocked when he was diagnosed with it last year. He was a strong tough guy who fought hard till the end. It's with a sad heart that I'm typing this. My heart goes out to his family and to his dear friends Julie Leibowitz and Donnamarie Camp. Miss ya Kev!
The Better Than Ezra Foundation, started by talented and accomplished recording artists Kevin Griffin, Tom Drummond and Travis McNabb, is currently accepting qualified applicants for Executive Director. Sign in to LANO's Career Center to view and print the full job description for this unique and exciting opportunity in the city of New Orleans. Completed application packets must be sent via email before March 1, 2013, to: careercenterwith subject line: BTE Foundation
Rise (Colton Dixon/Kevin Griffin) - "Fun fact about 'Rise': This was originally going to be a bonus track. But as soon as we heard the finished product, we all looked at each other and said, 'Man, this has to be on the record.' Soundwise, it kind of goes between OneRepublic and Coldplay, but rocks a little bit harder. It has some of my favorite melodies, as far as what I do vocally. It's a really encouraging song, too; if there's something you've been going through or if you feel like giving up, block it out and rise above it. This is another one of my favorites on the record. I have a lot of favorites, I guess!"
Completely agree, immigration clock fuels A stunt Griffin would have devised. DC is right.
I was playing GTA4 earlier with my dad watching me. I was driving on the sidewalk mowing pedestrians down by the dozens, and my dad chimes in "you're driving like an Asian woman!" Good 'ol dad
Who is one player you wish played on your team? My team is the Lakers and If i was given the option to take a player from another team Id want either Kyrie Irving or Paul George.-JP
I love when coaches decide that their gimmick "system" is more important than figuring out to put their best players in the best situation.
This game is really disappointing what happened to the days of Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant?
Dwight Howard is such a terrible basketball player
Watching this OU vs Texas game and thinkin back when Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant had those two jerseys on
Went ham at the varsity game Kevin Griffin
Ah, yes. reminded me that Kevin Bookout started the Baby Gap CLAC shirt trend. Funny dude, but no Blake Griffin.
I brought Mama home from the hospital today.had her medication filled and she was a happy camper when I left.She just wanted to take a nap LOL and I don't blame her.She is my 86 and to have been brave enough to have her heart operated on is absolutely awesome. :))) As silly as she is sometimes... makes me smile. LOL
My name is Chrissy Hughes and I am the mother of Farrah Hughes. I live in Walton County but this case originates out of Holmes County. The caseworker is Eva Brown and her supervisor is Shawn Block. They work for Children's anchorage family home. The Guardian Ad Litem is Amy Griffin and their attorney Kevin ?. My appointed attorney is Stephanie Shimer and they have all lied to me, about me and i feel have done absolutely nothing to help me get my daughter back. At this point they are only trying to permanently remove Farrah from my life and the lives of her older siblings forever. I have been threatened with the removal of my unborn child as well if i do not voluntarily sign over my rights. I do not believe they are looking to do this on reasons being in the best interest of the child or family. I feel they have all been working against since day one and i would appreciate any and all help, advise, and support i can get. She is part of my heart and soul and regardless of the my past and the mistakes i have ...
Charles Barkley just said Blake Griffin is most talented player in the NBA?! What!? Ever hear of LeBron or Kevin Durant, Kobe??
Eddie Griffin is the funniest black comedian in my eyes. Better than Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, Katt Walliams etc
Blake Griffin putting the team on his back.
Hey Clippers fans, does Jamal Crawford always flop after he shoots the ball? He should get T'd for bad acting. Who does he think he is, Kevin Costner?
“Kevin Garnett. I hate him way more than Blake.” No chance. KG doesn't flop like Griffin.
The Warriors bench is too *** funny. Blake Griffin aired a three and the bench laughed like LeBron at Kevin Hart.
Griffin and Jordan have all the style of Kevin Garnett with none of the substance.
Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, and Lamarcus Aldridge the only PFs I would take over Amare
Congrats to Jayden Wilson, Andrew Duncan, Jared Diaz, Korey Daich, Chad Au, Jose Torres, Kevin Barros and Chris Garcia for each scoring a sweet pair of kicks from the Adidas Sneakpeek! *Winners should check their email for instructions on how to claim their prize! You have 7 days to get back to us!
The starting point of both paths, then, is to see the truth: in 12 Step terms, to come out of denial; in Buddhist terms, to shed delusion.
Carlos Boozer and Kevin Durant have been named Eastern and Western Conference Players of the Week. Carlos Boozer led the Chicago Bulls to an impressive 3-1 week, including wins over the Toronto Raptors and the Atlanta Hawks. Throughout the week, Boozer averaged 23.0 PPG and 14.8 RPG. He put up a double-double in all four contests, including 19 points and 20 rebounds during a 100-99 win over the Boston Celtics. Kevin Durant helped the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 3-1 record this week, as well (including wins over the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets). KD averaged an awe-inspiring 37.5 PPG through the four bouts, including an OUTSTANDING career-high/season-high 52 points last Friday at the Dallas Mavericks (overtime win).
So it's CP3 , Blake griffin, Kobe Bryant, DH and Kevin Durant western starters Howard should not be there that's all I'm saying
Clippers vs. Thunder: Tuesday's rematch more of a prove-it game for LA:
Why is the western conference all star team just LA players: Kobe bryant, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant
And as much as I like Blake Griffin idk that he should go over Kevin Love, same scoring, way better rebounding, FTs, and defense.
This dude on the unicycle is weird af
& are LIVE from Griffin Pk with a comprehensive preview with Kevin O'Connor &
Ok Lebron at point Micheal Jordan at shooting guard Kevin Durant at small forward Blake griffin at power forward and Dwight Howard at center
Can't believe the real Kevin Griffin was in the house last night!
I love when people nationally talk about Mississippi's low rank in education, but don't know that cities like Clinton are among the best!
Fiorello! Opens Encores! 20th Anniversary Season: Bock and Harnick’s Fiorello!, the opening musical of the Encores! 20th Anniversary season, will star Kate Baldwin, Erin Dilly, Jenn Gambatese, Shuler Hensley and Emily Skinner, with Danny Rutigliano as Fiorello LaGuardia. Fiorello! will be directed by Gary Griffin with choreography by Alex Sanchez and music direction by Rob Berman. The show will run for seven performances from January 30 – February 3 at New York City Center. Fiorello! launched the Encores! musical theater series in 1994. It tells the story of Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia’s rise from an immigrant’s son to the feisty congressman whose guts and determination to fight corruption brought down the crooked Tammany Hall political machine. (He’s also the man singularly responsible for saving City Center from the wrecking ball and transforming it into Manhattan’s first performing arts center.) The cast of Fiorello includes Kate Baldwin, Jeremy Bobb, Ray DeMattis, Erin Dilly, Jenn Gambatese, ...
Like him or not, you can't say Obama isn't an amazing speaker
Already want to finish this semester 😁
Campus center better be open today I need food 😩
A huge shout out to the married couples on the Vi Challenge... Michael Ellis and Toni Mindy Kinsey Settles and Kevin Christina Brereton Hunter (who is killing her workouts here in 2013) and Devin Hunter (ME, LOL) Douglas Hunter and Kimberly Hunter Barb Flint Faulkner and Dean Griffin Joe N Stacey O'Herron Frank Stokes and Danielle. That is how you support each other and succeed with your goals! If I missed any other couples... I apologize!
Fantastic day yesterday for Team No Ego Wrestling Club at the IKWF Open in Springfield. Our 19 wrestlers placed 8th as a team out of 159 teams. TNE had 1 first, 2 second places, 1 third place, 1 fourth place, 3 fifth places and 1 sixth place in the ELITE divisions. We rocked the open with 3 first places, 2 second places, 1 third place and 1 fourth place. WAY TO REPRESENT! Great job Gannon, Sammy, Julien, Noah, Nathan, Luke, Cole, Kevin, Anthony, Triston, Griffin, Ben, Nick L, Jared, Allen, Zach, Gavin, Aric and Austin.
15 logical sequence for kobe, outvoted james by 7k+ Lakers teammate Dwight Howard and the Clippers' Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will join Bryant in the Western Conference lineup for the Feb. 17 game in Houston. Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant, the MVP of last year's game, rounds out the five.
Feeling bleek and dreary. Need some good news.
Chris Bosh is quite overpaid when compared to Kevin Love and Blake Griffin.
The introduction video for Storytellers II at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey. Today there are 500,000 Airmen serving in the United States Air Force. 500,000 Airmen.…
My sweet Griffin has the stomach bug too! Please, dear Lord, keep Salinger well and make Kevin Price and Griffin better very soon!
If the real James harden, Kevin Durant or Blake Griffin was here right now.
Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Blake Griffin is all good but I am a fan of and and the S V Marshall Tigers winner or not, supporting my own! Nanna and Na!
My mother decide it was time for a new school for me!! While walking in the door of Galewood Elementary School I had knots in my stomach not knowing what to expect! When a woman walked out of the office! Her name was MRS Kellogg ( Nelson) now!! she bent down and looked me right in my eyes and huged me! it was a real hug too. I could tell real from fake people! See I had learned from my old school. Dean Turner thank you!! you where the first student that spoke to me there!! I never forgot Dean you shook my hand too! We at Galewood School would go to Church once a week if we wanted to. I took Jesus in my heart, at the Church of Nazarene !! I was hugging MRS. Kellogg every morning when I got to School. We would somtimes eat lunch togather. I even told her I loved her before leaving school sometimes! Oh and The Fox Jim Jane thanks for always being the 2nd set of parents in my neighbor hood!! you 2 where awesome! And Webber Joyce thank you for always letting me play with your children!! and being a friend to . ...
The OKC Thunder fall to the Denver Nuggets in OT! Russell Westbrook & Kevin Durant both miss potential game-tying 3s that would have sent the game to DOUBLE OT! It's always hard playing in the Mile-High City, let's move onto the next game versus the Clippers on Tuesday!
Which NBA player to you has the best work-ethic? -DRose
Ray Lewis is crying as much as the family of the guy his friend murdered. Yay sports redemption
Something about that endzone at Georgia Dome. & both 10-yards or less from playing in BCS Title Game & Super Bowl
My day will be made if the Pats lose
Hey Kevin Griffin, did you notice our Mavs have a better record(and are more likely to make the playoffs) than Brittney Nicole Miles' Lakers? You might let your brother and Cali friends know ;)
Great job today at our first student foot all game!!! Awesome job to our students Jeremy Outhensacda, Dasean boseman, Bianca Neal, Charles Neal, Anthony Zungolo. A special thanks to Catherine Pugliese, Dennis Zungolo for making it more fun. Sensei Justin Yibomb, Sensei Jason Helmer, Sensei John Nunez, Sensei Kevin Griffin and Sensei Croseille Pongparnsana made the event perfect for the kids and parents. Looking forward to the next one!!! Keep an eye out for the date, all students from AmeriKick Martial-Arts South Philly are welcome ages 7 and older. Keep an eye out for the next day!!!
Cheers for all the Birthday Wishes. On the road 18yrs... Couldn't have done it without our loyal customers.
Thunder's Kevin Durant is the last phenom to come into the league after Lebron James. Blake Griffin is a beast but not nowhere near their level.
So who's brave enough in appleshaw to "get naked in the snow". ?? Lol
Q8 who says This man is to be protected?
Tonight only! Making his speaking debut at First United Methodist Church in Pigeon Forge is Kevin Griffin! He will be speaking at 6:00pm.
This is Kevin Griffin on the banjo with his friends Eoin O'Neill & Quentin Cooper. We had a good gnatter at the bar (at 11 am!) in Egan's pub in Liscannor wh...
I don't know who Blake Griffin is but I just had a dream that his new album was so awesome, it made me late for a trip with Kevin Smith.
yeah loll I was with kevin griffin.
My top 5 players in the league right now are: 1. Lebron James 2. Kevin Durant 3. Carmelo Anthony 4. Kobe Bryant 5. Russel Westbrook Submit your top 5! -Dalton
God was on his A game when he made yoga pants
I love Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin and I don't even know why 😁😊👌
Just watched some kevin hart and eddie griffin videos on now my stomach & face hurts sooo bad ! From laughing so much
Kevin Durant's Sprint and Blake Griffin's Kia commercial make me laugh so hard!
It always be when you home alone you hear stuff!
you read any Kevin Griffin? I'm reading his One Breath book. The first chapter reminds me of some of your work.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
On any goal lower than 10 I be feelin like Blake griffin!
So, it's more dangerous to leave Blake Griffin wide open from 16-23ft (41%) than Kevin Durant (36%) on similar attempts per game. Yikes.
0 - 18 and counting. Still can't tell you the playlist but here are some clues, there will be fiddles, some guitars and maybe a banjo
Regardless if the Giants make post season or not, Killdrive and Fewell need to be fired during offseason.
Lets see... I need to meet Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant.
How RGIII won over his teammates. Great article on leadership.
no...that's burritos every day for this girl. Today Im feelin Panera!
I might be going to BWW. I'll text you later on
no plans yet, but I'd like to see it.
Why do people jump with Blake Griffin?
Cuz calling everybody in his contacts asking who the better player Kevin Love or Blake Griffin
he's improving but personally I think he's overrated. I'd take Kevin love anyway of week over griffin
David Lee, Tim Duncan, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love (tho maybe not this year cuz of injury), & Z-Bo are all better than him.
My mom asked me what Sosa means? Honestly don't know what to tell her
Christmas is over now I'm ready for summer
I just need somebody to lovve , oh wait , i have kevin , NEVERMIND !
Kevin should start at power foward in the all star game not Blake griffin
Notebook: Clippers 106, Celtics 77 THE FACTS: Looking to extend their franchise-best winning streak to 15 games, the Clippers took on the last NBA team to put together such a streak, the legendary Boston Celtics. L.A. didn't bother easing itself into the game against the league's most storied franchise, instead bolting to a double-digit lead after the first 4½ minutes Thursday night and never trailing in the in the 106-77 victory at Staples Center. THE STAT: L.A's margin of victory was the largest over the Celtics in franchise history, surpassing the 23-point win six years ago Wednesday. The loss was also the worst for Boston since a 32-point defeatlast March against the 76ers, which represented the worst defeat in the Big 3 era of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. QUOTABLE: "I'm a big believer in we can't look ahead. We've got to be professional, we've got to be prepared, we've got to be locked in to what we want to do and how we want to do it." -- Clippers coach Vinny Del *** TURNING POINT: T . ...
I continue to contend that Blake Griffin is and will continue to be a better NBA player than Kevin Love.
WEDNESDAY: Kevin Griffin, tickets to see The Killers w/ Tegan And Sara, tickets to see Imagine Dragons w/ Atlas Genius, WWE SuperShow tix, and tickets to see Dave Matthews Band w/ The Lumineers!
Will Kevin Love or Blake Griffin start for the West All Stars? -JWall
Replacement for Forrest Griffin? says NO not yet. Then says winner of Mauler/Shogun will get the next shot at LHW title.
Watching the dark knight rises in class>>>
I choose Dwight Howard,Kevin Durant,Blake Griffin on the frontcourt, and Kobe Bryant,Chris Paul on Guards
The only things I care about in the NBA: Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant.
It's HEAT/Knicks gameday & the will be rocking tonight @ 8pm! The game is on or listen to or WAQI 710AM.
Mike Vick by Blake Griffin, Kevin Hart and Mary Dionne." not a bad trio...
I've never understood why everybody says Carmelo Anthony is a bad defender. Kevin Love, Dirk Nowitski and Blake Griffin play way worse on D.
Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan's dunks are so scary
i have blake griffin, cp3 and kevin love on my fantasy basketball team. How am i not in first?
Griffin invitational: best finish yet. 37-36 LFA win vs McMath. The Kevin Hansen led Angels comeback to end a great night at the Nest.
Kevin Love. You could make an argument for Randolph if he ever stayed healthy or Griffin if he keeps improving his jumper.
There are some “oohs” and “aahs” coming out of Staples Center. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and crew are putting on a show.
Andrew Friedman's salesman is about to sell volcano insurance to Dayton Moore's Peter Griffin.
S/O to Ben Gordon. He def helped the out tho
Ellis Johnson went 0-11 at Southern Miss, is the leading candidate for the Auburn DC position.
Just throw an alley to drake griffin
Installing cameras on our floor now? 😑
Yeah studying is definitely not working for me 🙅
The Franklin Park Zoo is holding a naming contest for a baby giraffe born late last month, the zoo announced today. The female giraffe, born on Nov. 27, stands taller than many of those at the zoo caring for her at a height of 6-foot-5 and weighs 165 pounds, the zoo said. She learned to stand just a...
Asked a player how adderall helps football plyrs (regarding C.Griffin): "It's like the limitless pill from the movie." Boosts concentration.
Blake Griffin has a penchant for thunderous dunks and alley-oops, among other things. Although he wasn't in the public eye until college, when he took off during his second year at Oklahoma, he was still being Blake Griffin during high school. As in, monster alley-oops that dwarf the athleticism of ...
Blake Griffin is avg 2.1/4.8 fgm/fga (43%) from 16-23 ft. Kevin Garnett is posting the exact same
Robert Griffin III has 2 go-ahead fourth quarter TD passes this season. Both have come vs the Giants.
Kevin Love should start in da all star game. He much better then Blake Griffin
I know I'm falling asleep during this lecture 😴
Bielema in February: “We at the Big Ten don't want to be like the SEC - in any way, shape or form" ... Hm interesting.
Think kevin love and blake griffin is the best power forward in the nba this dude
Full-time FETAC-certified day courses in business, health, beauty, computing, engineering, art/design, and sport/leisure.
Would be amazing to hear a Kevin Griffin version of the Beatles "A day in the life" Are you up to it?
I want to see Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Surge Ibaka, Blake Griffin, James Harden, allstars2013
kevin durant tried to blake griffin a man tonight wow o.O
HA! Kevin Durant tryin to find his inner Blake Griffin.
and the lack of heat is coldness, even more fundamentally, so I stand by that analogy
no because temperature has nothing to do with ignorance or knowledge. The lack of knowledge is ignorance and vice versa
exactly. Degrees of each, yet independent. Is 5 degrees F partially -5 degrees F? If not, are either equivalent to 0?
lolol Kevin durant tried to do it like Blake griffin.😂😂😂
maybe in theory but not this situation. There are degrees of ignorance and knowledge
opposites can never exist in partiality. They are contradictory. Like I said, balance predicates something independent
Finally my erection can go down lmfao
hey ponies i have a question! do any of you know about the Griffin Kingdom?
Would you keep Chris Johnson and Jared Cook after this season or kick them to the curb?
We just confirmed our first 2 shows of 2013! Utah and So-cal here we come.
Bulldogs third at Thornridge Congratulations to all our coaches and speech team members on taking third at the highly competitive Thornridge TRee Tournament (they missed second by only six points). Tournament champions for the Bulldogs included Brendan Johnson in Radio Speaking and Jason Warrior in Poetry Reading. Second place winners included Caroline Azem in Original Oratory and Griffin Forberg and Caroline Azem in Humorous Duet Acting. Third place finishes included Eda Guven in Special Occasion Speaking and Griffin Forberg in Dramatic Interpretation. Gabrielle Fink was fourth in Dramatic Interpretation, JP Murphy fourth in Radio Speaking, Mike McCarthy fourth in Humorous Interpretation, Cheyenee Syring sixth in DI, and Kiersten Bergquist and Kevin Kozik sixth in Humorous Duet Acting.
The thing I just posted made me think of this: Who is the best White player per position? (in the league now) PG- Steve Nash SG- Goran Dragic SF- Steve Novak PF- Kevin Love C- Chris Kaman -LBJ
is the best white player in the NBA? I say either Kevin Love or Steve Nash. -LBJ
Our All star starting 5 Prediction (fan vote) West: Paul, Kobe, Durant, Love, Dwight East: Rondo, Wade, Melo, LeBron, Varejao (we hope) The C/F spot is up for grabs in the East. What are yours?
Winners of last night's 150 Club draw were: €300 Tom & Trish Culbert €150 Sean Griffin €50 Mark Culbert Well done to all winners and thanks to Kevin in the Mill for hosting this months draw.
Thanks to Kevin Twocent Griffin and Chicdesign for their creative energy and hard work in making GAMECHANGERS look good! These are two LOCAL Young Professionals who we should support! Let's all CHANGE THE GAME!
Off to photograph one of the Uk`s top comedians, Kevin Bridges, at The Alhambra Theatre tonight!
NBA 2K13 NBA 2K13 is a simulation basketball video game set in the National Basketball Association. The fourteenth release in the franchise history, it has been the most popular NBA video game in recent years, and is the first to feature multiple players on the cover - Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers, and Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls. Additional features include: current and past NBA superstars, optional Kinect sensor support, new mapping of player/character moves to the right analog controller stick positions, dynamic shot generation, signature skills, a revamped passing system, and more. NBA 2K13 Sale
Tag a page that you think posts more than us. -Griffin
Getting on Xbox soon, add me if haven't: HidanTheReaperX. -Ezio
If you could make a team who would your starting lineup, coach, and 6th man be?-Flash
Wishing a very happy 60th to Kevin Griffin! We hope you had a great day today and that you all enjoyed yourselves this evening!
On the internet: Who needs action when you've got words? -Griffin
What player and team has impressed you the most so far this season?
What are the keys to victory for the New York Giants against the Redskins this Monday night? This game is not going to be a cake walk for the Giants, we won a close one last time, will it be the same or different Monday? Sound off Giants Nation!!~KEITH
Mark and Mercedes Not So Silent Night is this Sunday at The Joint! 90′s Pop Rockers Better Than Ezra is amongst the power line up that night. Kevin called in to chat with Mark and Mercedes about the show, and what he’s been up to.
I was contacted by the buyer for the ACO Hardware stores yesterday. They have 66 stores.. all in Southeast Michigan. I may become just a weee bit busier next
Irish Singer Songwriter Stevie Cliff singing a song on a windy day in Queens NY. Word and Lyrics by Steven Clifford Camera: JJ Plunkett Sound: Conor Murphy
The handwritten prayer request was heartbreaking in its seeming impossibility: “Please pray—I have multiple sclerosis, weak muscles, trouble swallowing, increased pain, diminishing sight.” The woman’s body was breaking down, and I could sense despair in her plea for intercession.
I might be the only knicks fan that loves lebron james. Did you see how he just took over last night vs the spurs?? With that said, for all my nba fans out there, who is your favorite basketball player that doesnt play for your team?
Which NBA player would you love to meet? -Rob
Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin has appointed a new judge to the state superior court. Norwich attorney Kevin Griffin was assigned to Chittenden County. Griffin served as a law clerk to Justice William Hill from 1982-1983.
Governor Peter Shumlin today appointed Norwich attorney Kevin Griffin to serve as a Superior Court judge to be assigned to Chittenden county. 
Thank you to the staff of AmeriKick Martial-Arts South Philly for a great job setting up, cleaning up and everything that you did. Thanks guys... Gil Naz Rivera, Stephonie Ngaoluangrath, Maureen McFadden Griffin, Qu-dir Mckendrick, Justin Yibomb, Kevin Griffin, Johhny Nunez, Mikey Mizzy Paige. Thanks Guys!
Congratulations to Daniel Rose, Brent Williams, Randy Trotter and Kevin Griffin for their election to the Bmt Section Presbytery Committee. Pray for these men along with Presbyter Donny Flippo as they serve the churches and ministries of the Golden Triangle.
Thanks to those who packed out Arizona's to see Kevin Griffin who a had an all-star cast including Brien Andrews Eddie Wright Gary Harris Jorel Flynn and more. They smashed it!!!
Prove Me Right by Memphis May Fire It's an awesome song, please buy it on iTunes and support this great band! Drum cover by Sam Rios Video by Kevin Griffin a...
Later I attend a goodbye celebration for John Walsh , and his true love Angel. They are leaving Alaska ,and going to be traveling for the next few years . John Walsh has been Alaska's foremost authority on tradition Irish music . He has brought many great Irish musicians and their bands up to Alaska over the years . He has also acted as a mentor ,for upcoming Irish musicians . John is also a fine Irish banjo player ( influenced by County Clare's Kevin Griffin). He his Irish bands have played all over Alaska ,and some on the remote east coast of the lower 48 ,and west coast as well . Angel was part owner of the famed Celtic treasure shop ,with her friend and partner Lisa Caress -Beu. The shop will continue to serve Anchorage with Lisa as the C.E.O./owner . It is a lovely shop with Irish and Scottish items . Check it out when in Anchorage . They ,John and Angel, will be sadly missed ,and the great traditional sessions and ceili s will continue. The music is strong here .
Kevin Griffin teaches internationally in Buddhist centers, treatment centers, professional conferences, and academic settings and specializes in helping people in recovery connect with meditation and a progressive understanding of the 12 Steps.
We are posting this blog to make you aware of some sad news about our friend and FBC team member, Pamela Griffin. Early Wednesday morning on August 8th, Pamela’s husband, Kevin Griffin, was killed in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber. Kevin has served in the Army since 1988 and gave much of his life...
8/7 Clayton Beauchamp,Weatherford,TX was killed by an IED in Shabin District, and Eathan Martin, 22 Lewistown, ID, was killed by small arms fire in Koragay. 8/8 Gregory Trent, 38,Norton, MA died in Bathesda MD from wounds from small arms fire Walter Gray, 38, Conyers, GA, Thomas Kennedy, 35,West Point, NY and Kevin Griffin, 45, Griffin, WY were killed by a suicide bomber in Sarkowi. 8/10 Mathew Manouklan, 29, Los Altos, CA, Sky Mote, 27,El Darado, CA and Ryan Jeschke, 31,Hernden, VA were killed by small arms fire in Sangin District, Gregory Buckley, 21,Oceanside, NJ, Richard Revera, 20,Ventura, CA and Scott Dickinson, 29, San Diego, CA were killed by hostile fire in Garmser. Please keep them and those mentioned in my previous post in your heart and in your mind.
Condolences to the CES Chief Executive Officer and his family on the death of his brother Kevin Griffin in Afghanistan. Also to those of his comrades who died in the same suicide bombing. May God support all these families during this time of suffering.
"Think about the good times, and you live with all the bad." - Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra. In a good time among good times, this line really brings out joy in one's life. I'm grateful for the support and opportunities I'm being given, and the joy therein. I think Barnett would agree as I'm reading his stuff. :)
bill bodkin speaks with the lead singer of collective soul as he rolls into Asbury Park, N.J., as part of the Southern Gentlemen Tour with Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin … Ed Roland i...
Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra playing Porcelain acoustic on December 11, 2010 at Webster Hall in New York City.
'Life is a mystery; the mind an enigma; the possibilities for spiritual growth endless, if we are willing to explore.' ~ Kevin Griffin
Better Than Ezra lead singer Kevin Griffin confirmed to Alternative Addiction this week that the band will enter the studio this fall to record a new album they plan to release in 2012. The album is a follow up to the band's 2009 release Paper Empire.
Dale Nottestad, Robert Hansberry Jr., and Kevin Griffin won features in their respective…
Being in my first band "One of Them" continues to payoff. Just played "Good" with Kevin Griffin from Better Than Ezra! Still remember it.
Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra at @ Winner's Bar & Grill
Returning to Nashville to play WHISKEY JAM tonight at Winners. 8pm free! Don't miss this one! David Hodges (Evanescence,) Emerson Hart (Tonic,) Kyle Cook (Matchbox 20,) Kevin Griffin (Better Than Ezra,) Nathan Angelo (Kings Of Leon producer,) Marti Frederiksen ("Jaded"-Aerosmith,) & Jessi Alexander all on the bill!!
LSU student, and drummer, Cary Bonnecaze was looking to form a band, so he placed an ad in The Daily Reveille looking for members: among the respondents were vocalist/guitarist Kevin Griffin, bass player Tom Drummond and guitarist Joel Rundell.
domain names
Check out this fun interview with Better Than Ezra's Tom Drummond & Kevin Griffin. Talking about the evolution of the band, and New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival song & dance routine to commence in a few hrs!
I know that it is Derby Day, and I am in Louisville, but I can't help but wishing I was down in for New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival! My boys Better Than Ezra will be gettin' down in just a few short hours, horn section and all! Look out Jazz Fest, because Tom Drummond, Kevin Griffin, Michael Jerome Moore, and *** are gonna rawk you right...yea you right!
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