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Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is an American rapper. His mixtape The Luca Brasi Story was called easily the best rap-related thing in February 2013 by SPIN, who also said he has been a rapper to watch for a few years now .

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Following the Kevin Gates concert is Remy Martin Saturday, August 9th
Someone just edited that Kevin Gates wiki page 12 hours ago AND misspelled "Psychology"
Today's playlist has been a mix of Jim Croce and Kevin Gates. So I guess I done caught amnesia, but I'll carry it with my like my daddy did.
Kevin Gates was in Dallas a few days ago so which girls got they booty ate for the free πŸ˜‚
how Bernie Mac feels about what Kevin Gates says... πŸ‘Œ
So.Trick Daddy and Kevin Gates are in the "Eat a Booty gang" and Gucci Mane raping trannies in ain't that serious
I wna go see Kevin Gates so bad Friday
I fell in love with Kevin Gates more when he expressed his love for reading novels. *SWOONS*
Nah. I cant get with Kevin Gates braggin bout eatin booty... Nah. Guess im not real. And im glad of it.
Seeing French, Migos, and Kevin Gates all within a month of each other. I'm ready to get shot, and most assuredly shoot back
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can't stop watching these Kevin Gates videos Jerry did in my phone
That's always β€œI love Kevin Gates x Satellite Im mad that song been out but im just now gettin into it I didn't like it at first.”
as much as I love me some Kevin Gates, this is too funny
This man Kevin Gates on another level bruh...😐
Kevin Gates giving his son advice about being "light skin" Friday, July 11 Kevin Gates β€’ Lil' Boosie in Houma, La. (TD2CH Tour) at the civic center. Doors open at 7pm. Get tickets on ticketmaster.
My lil bro Tyler Jackson just dropped his single featuring Kevin Gates. Check it out and do what real people...
So I just watched a video of Kevin Gates and I'm not gon lie I was scared as *** !! He's officially the 2014 Fleece Johnson
Kevin Gates got yall dudes eating *** like thats normal... well honey its not 😷
I done got on another promotion ! Kevin Gates out hea next Sunday 07/06
Men do what they must fools do what they want - Kevin Gates
I only have a crush on men I can never have. Like Tupac, Kevin Gates, Morris Chestnut & a few others. Cause they are m! 😜
Kevin Gates - Patrick Swayze is my anthem for this year!
Meek mill yo gotti and Kevin Gates and ace hood the only street *** in the rap game that came from nothing
Louisiana's own Kevin Gates rocks his first "On Da Spot" freestyle for Invasion Radio on Hip Hop Nation (Sirius/XM 44).
Chris Brown went to jail & ate a section of cellmates bruh. I can't tell him & Kevin Gates apart no more.
I was more disappointed with the 1st one in comparison with Kevin Gates, Vic Mensa, Isaiah Rashad & Chance the Rapper.
With the individual freestyles from this year’s XXL Freshman class in the books, the crew unveils the first of the cyphers today. The leadoff group features Kevin Gates, Vic Mensa, August Alsina, Isaiah Rashad, and Chance The Rapper, and the result is an expectedly entertaining clip. Backed by a raw…
The first of our three XXL 2014 Freshmen Cyphers, featuring Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Kevin Gates, Isaiah Rashad and August Alsina.
Morgan always quoting Kevin Gates, so I guess I'll go listen to him. πŸ‘Œ
To go to Kevin Gates tomorrow or to not go?
Kevin Gates is the best rapper out right now as far as REAL hip hop is concerned
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Lil mists Cain/Kevin Gates got me out my feelings QUICK!
Kevin Gates and Dizzy Wright gone have the best XXL freestyle
I talk with Kevin Gates about his family’s response to claims of fraudulent energy trades.
Any why that we can talk about it , ain't no walking out we pose to be in love ✊☺️-Kevin Gates 🎧🎧
I just fell in love with Kevin Gates y'all lmao Jp Jp
Causing hurt cause I been hurt before. Love don't live here anymore (Kevin Gates voice)
what you know about that Kevin Gates?!
I''ve had this Kevin Gates on repeat al day!!
Dom Kennedy better than Kevin Gates im sorry..
K.Dot and Kevin Gates and Dom Kennedy gone ride tonight. πŸ‘ŒπŸŽΌ
Dom Kennedy, J.cole, Kevin Gates, & Big Krit are the artist I've been playing the most in 2014.
Kevin Gates, Ace Hood, Rich Homie , Boosie ,and chance the rapper πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
XXLMag got Troy Ave, Kevin Gates, and Jon Connor... But King Los shouldve been on that list. Anyways... Troy Ave is one of the most realist with the quotes.
Kevin Gates & Louis Lbe would probably make the dopest Track together that ever existed
Kevin Gates , "Posed to be in Love" makes me so emotional. I be wanting to cry just listening to it. πŸ˜‚ My crybaby *** .
I love when Kevin Gates talk on his songs
β€œKevin Gates - Go hard >>> can't go a day with out listening to this song !” may25 or nah?!?
I'm glad Louis told me about Kevin Gates
Promoting a lil early, but spread the word. Kevin Gates' artist Percy Keith live @ Club Oasis in Grand…
Video shoot today in Baton Rouge, LA...98.7 radio station in Alexandria, LA tomorrow for interview and my song "Tipsy" feat Kevin Gates premieres tomorrow...107 Jamz radio station in Lake Charles, LA for meeting Tuesday...May 30th show in Leesville, LA at Club Wild Rides with Level Town Representer
Woke up and started my day with my children with music to the likes of Donnie McClurkin. Made all my school runs and came home to some breakfast and house cleaning listening to the likes of Jill Scott and Maxwell. Now it's grind time. .conference call then heading to my store to music to the likes of Kevin Gates to Devin the Dude.
I could just be high, but I think Kevin Gates and Killa Kyleon might be the same ***
We suppose to be in love aint no breakin up any we can talk about aint no walkin out - Kevin Gates
Thanks to everybody who came out last night to Kevin Gates and sorry to the people that couldn't get in, I know...
Kevin Gates all the way to Hughes Springs! πŸ‘ŒπŸŽΆ
What if Kevin Gates came to Choctaw County on May 2? Do you think the club would be packed?
Need a homebody chick that has never heard a Kevin Gates song in her life and attends bible study every Wednesday night.
Kevin Gates on his way to Clarke Atlanta 😩
My manager really blastin Kevin Gates station on Pandora.. We chilling
I cringe when my little brother sings every word to a Kevin Gates song including the p word πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
I swear I don't know one Kevin Gates song, none of his music on the note 3, no mix tape of em, I rather bump that b lean, young tello, Chee Ali, fresh fread, young dubb,Keedy Weedy, Gutta loc, Proc, Royse Pee,the LIE movement and who ever else i forgot love that PA flavor , really don't care for out of towners..thats my opinion don't want nobody mad but I Rep that Port Arthur. ..
Come out and party with the MWMG Crew and Kevin Gates at the Otherside event center in tulsa ok..MWMG own Trapp Tha General will be performing also Tha Supa so come out and have a great time!!
Kevin Gates is an upcoming Louisiana artist. In an interview with Peter Rosenberg he ...
Kevin Gates dropped some gems in his interview with Peter Rosenberg.
Kevin Gates interview with Hot 97's Peter RosenbergPosted by Jay
I love Kevin Gates too. He a thug but he so soft.. 😏
Party bus for April 19th to the Cajun Dome Lafayette La. live in concert Boosie Bad Azz , Young Jeezy , Kevin Gates & Zero $100 to ride round trip. Shouts out to my homie Pratt da Catt for doing the first show in La.
Up vibin to the bae "Kevin Gates , goin back all the way too his old Mixtapes. Ooh i can't wait ta go see him in a couple more weeks. Lawd i swear his Puerto Rican self knw he Sexy. 😍😍 Goodnight faces..πŸ’‹.
Kevin Gates just said he listens to Taylor Swift in this interview. If I wasn't in the library, i would have laughed so hard.
Went from CyHi to Stanley Clarke to Prince to Sam Smith to Kevin Gates to the weekend to MJ to Rick James and then common lol
Smiling in your face, you turn your back they talk about ya. -Kevin Gates
We can talk about this more when I'm sober but Kevin Gates' "Wit It" is maybe my favourite R&B song of 014 so far.
Kevin Gates is having a release party but I don't want to pay for tickets and it's the same day as krunkness πŸ˜•
Kevin Gates just told me how to get away with the perfect murder.
Listening to Dark Angel (Feat. Kevin Gates) by Trae Tha Truth on I Am King. Download now on android - |
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Which one better the Kevin Gates or YG album?
I'll be on my Kevin Gates flow today.
Purchasing dat kevin gates dat come out tuesday
Shorty look good but her friend look better wish I would known before I even met her -Kevin gates πŸ’πŸ”«πŸ”¦
wanting to see Kevin gates in concert
Kevin Gates needs to come to Bayfest this year🎢
Everybody know Kevin gates is my bd
I done told ya! RT"Lol Kevin Gates is a waste of time. I feel cheap
talking bout Kevin Gates could get it any day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Boo got me hipp to Kevin Gates, the *** cranks.
Easing mi mind listenin to Kevin Gates
DOPE tracks on this cd, grabbed it while in Atx
I'm salty af because I didn't get to see Kevin Gates.
Kevin Gates Got me Retarded in. good way tho lol
Doesnt kevin gates mixtape drop in a few days?
Being introduced to was one of the greatest things ever.
I'm ready for Kevin gates new album By Any Means to drop!
Lately if it ain't Kevin Gates ion wanna hear it.
Karma comes right back around and you get what you did to me. - Kevin Gates
I may or may not go to hard while me and are ridinπŸ‘Œ
I know a lot but there's some things I
Kevin Gates mixtape drop in 3 days !
The Kevin Gates Love Sosa freestyle is highly underrated.
That new Kevin Gates gone go hard af
Boosie said he wrote 1,018 songs in prison😳😳 . Jesus. Goodbye kevin gates
Bout to be off this lito and kevin gates for a minute
Kevin gates is wayy better than boosie gates is so versatile boosie voice like nicki after awhile it gets annoying
Underrated Audio: dope tracks you may have missed this week This edition features Kevin Gates, JMSN, Blu, *** Jenkins and more
Karma comes right back around look at what u did to me # kevin gates
Without u by my side its safe to say id die but baby u can leave.- kevin gates
Kevin Gates, Z-RO, AND Young Jeezy just got added to Boosies concert boosie boo daughter say "I tolddd Yal"
Can we please get some Kevin Gates on the *** radio?!
I kno alot but its sum thangs I don't kno.- Kevin Gates
TONIGHT: Show Avenue on Congress Rooftop – I go on at 11:30. G-SIDE Kevin Gates SEAN FALYON
Forever making mistakes Falling flat on my face I just want to die How much more can i take God give me a sign Show me I'm not forsaken Trusted you for years I'm still alone and naked Knowing I'm the blame I wasn't meant to make it Do you look at me the same Same as you look at Satan How you suppose to love when your heart is filled with hatred how you suppose to forgive when your heart still you aching? Kevin Gates.. if no one understand he does.
If your still living under a rock and u haven't tuned into Kevin gates yet? Your running late.
Been on this Kevin Gates all day... Time to switch it up !
On the phone with Kevin gates manager he our next victim believe it making major moves round dis bit was sup Shreveport-Bossier
New music from Louisiana newcomer Kevin Gates that will appear on his upcoming project, By Any Means, which drops March 18th. Β 
Volume 3 of the mixtape series You Need This is in the works. *ARTISTS* Send your TWO hottest songs to ---ChuckDcity--- to be reviewed for placement on this edition. There is no submission fee - I do this out of love for music and our area and if you are familiar - you're aware we've featured artists such Starlito, Don Trip, Kevin Gates, JellyRoll, Yung Wun (of the Ruff Ryders) and more. This will be all over the net and the streets and is a great promotional tool - that's FREE. When submitting - Please - in the subject put "Vol 3 Submission" In the body - Make sure to write your name as it should apppear upon release, song name and list any features and then just attach the files being sent.
Listen to lilCJsWaGgZ / 11-Kevin Gates-Would You Mind | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
What's understood does not need to be explained if you really live it. - Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates & BWA present an exclusive leak for the entitled track "Ask Around". Download Stranger Than Fiction on iTunes now! Follo...
Ready for that kevin gates mixtape to drop
Whatever - Rando ft. Kevin gates The first single off (GOOD JOB) Rando's first solo Mixtape. For free download goto my reverbenation page in the link below. ...
"The more I grow in popularity," says rising Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates, "the lonelier it gets." Watch the NPR Hip-Hop interview from SXSW.
She never made kind of love she feeling some type of way A.A.B I'M.Smoove operator .in my Kevin gates voice
Genius life and bwa Kevin gates. Always on the link up. Where we go from here b4 I leave the block? A lil money fine but I need a lot.
Kevin Gates in my hubby's truck this morning on my way into work. Missing my car but loving these jams. Happy Saturday peeps ;)
that *** jarren Benton said I'm tired of hearing all these wack rappers like Kevin gates
Y'all wont believe me buh me and kevin gates have a thing ;)
+50 Cent drops the artwork and release date and single for his upcoming album and debuts his new official website + watch new music videos from Jennifer Lopez. Trey Songz, Isaiah Rashad, and Asher Roth, plus download YG's new album Vince Staples, new mixtape, new singles from Future, i am donald, Kevin Gates, Lil' Boosie, Mobb Deep, and ONYX OFFICIAL PAGE, and download Throwback album Usher Confessions + catch our latest TrueMusic Girl Next Door Shanezz
I think I'm gonna skip prom & go to New Orleans to watch Kevin Gates perform 😌
Kevin Gates is riding clean in the Complex TV First Look video premiere of his new single "Don't Know." Receive "Don't Know" NOW when you pre order "By Any M...
Kevin Gates is coming out with a new mixtape called "By Any Means" is set to feature guest appearances from 2 Chainz, Rico Love and Plies, as well as production from the likes of Jim Jonsin, The Runners, Dun Deal and The Honorable C-Note. His street album drops March 18th, 2014.
how I go from Kevin Gates to Allan Jackson!
panel is starting - Thanks to Trey Hodgkins, Troy Cribb, Kevin Gates, Roger Waldron, & Jim Williams for their participation.
Famous Quote Said On February 5 We are the ones we have been waiting for. Barack Obama, 2008 February 5 Birthdays Cristiano Ronaldo turns 29 Davis Cleveland turns 12 Neymar turns 22 Henry Hank Aaron turns 80 Darren Criss turns 27 Jeremy Sumpter turns 25 Bobby Brown turns 45 Carlos Tevez turns 30 Sara Evans turns 43 Trayvon Martin (1995 - 2012) Michael Sheen turns 45 Duff Mckagan turns 50 Don Cherry turns 80 Roger Staubach turns 72 Jennifer Jason Leigh turns 52 Laura Linney turns 50 Kevin Gates turns 28 Tony Jaa turns 38 Tiwa Savage turns 34 Barbara Hershey turns 66 Tim Meadows turns 53 - All February 5 Birthdays February 5 History 1958 - Tybee Hydrogen Bomb (undetonated) is lost off the coast of Georgia. 1924 - Royal Greenwich Observatory broadcasts first hourly Greenwich Mean Time signals. 1917 - The Congress of the United States passes the Immigration Act of 1917 over President Woodrow Wilson's veto. 1904 - American occupation of Cuba ends 1852 - The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, opens t ...
Listening to Kevin Gates in pandora and Miley Cyrus comes on
Kevin Gates – The Luca Brasi Story (IDGAF, Paper Chasers and more). 22 tracks (75:03). The Luca Brasi Story was released 1 Feb 2013. Kevin Gates (born October 24, 1989 in Baton Rouge, Louisana) is an American rapper. Since his release from prison in 2011, Kevin Gates has released a slew of free mixt...
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Brooke just asked what we wanted to listen to at work Hank Williams Jr, Justin Bieber, or Kevin Gates πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚
Kevin Gates is about to power me through this 30 minute stairmaster warmup!!
Riding around Smokin loud slapping Kevin Gates smiling faces with my glock on my lap!!!
Kevin Gates "Smiling Faces" (audio) from his new street album Stranger Than Fiction Download Stranger Than Fiction on iTunes now! Pr...
Kevin Gates is cancelled so come check out the NEXT BEST THING in the city at TAG.PORT CITY FAMILIA PERFORMING "LIVE".This Sunday Night with Special guest Comedian RUDE JUDE and hosted by Comedian JOE PAIGE.LAST SUNDAY OF 2013 SOO LETS END OFF WITH A *BANG*
I am listening to Love You by Kevin Gates on Pandora using MetroRadio Pro for Windows Phone.
Marshall Mathers is hands down Kevin Gates best song.
β€œKevin Gates say Lito been his favorite rapper”
Kevin Gates say Lito been his favorite rapper
I'm mad Kevin Gates think he Micheal Jackson reincarnated
Kevin Gates will be in Pine Bluff for New Years its going down!!!
Well Well Well. Strokin in slow motion. Kevin Gates tickets for sell right now
ha, *** said Kevin Gates look like Tyler Perry
Dudes look at me some typa way when they see I'm a West Coast kid listening to all East Coast music like Kevin Gates...
β€œKevin Gates should just move to Pine Bluff.” Lol on a God
Kevin Gates should just move to Pine Bluff.
on that Kevin Gates luca brasi flow today
Kevin Gates' video for "Paper Chasers" off of the The Luca Brasi Story EP. Shot by Coyote Films and Directed by DΓ©jΓ  Star. Get the Luca Brasi EP on iTunes no...
Just cooked breakfast for the fam...gotta get fresh in a few hours! Hardrock Cafe at 5pm! Filming & photos! Hate ima miss the Media meeting with the djs & artists, but I gotta get this $$$!!! YMCMB Kevin Gates 2nite, live at Rush!!!
Just listened to a Kevin Gates song for the first time.. Ehhh, I hope this isn't his best work. Lol cause um, no.. πŸ˜•
Nothing makes me more homesick than Dewey Cox and Kevin Gates
Best thing kevin gates ever did was get on that zydeco
Bout to vibe to this Kevin gates til I fall asleep..,
1st it was yo gotti now Kevin gates he think its a game CDs not cheap lol !
he said somebody stole your Kevin gates out your car I said yes he gave me the side eye !
I dont your name, you dont know my name, thats the way i want it is my *** straight up
I've fallen in love with Kevin Gates I think lol
I swear Kevin Gates my favorite artist
Im be sad if this Kevin Gates doesn't download
I'm with this chick, and I'll feel free. She don't demand of me for much. -Kevin Gates
Order Miche Bag Online!
But in the words of kevin gates, i was just thinkin with my *** Foolishness now that i look back at it tho
Lets just listen to Kevin gates, and everything will be ok.πŸ˜˜πŸ™ŒπŸŽ§
i'm like Kevin gates now would you mind if
finally got into Kevin Gates,ii guess he pretty dopeβ€¦βœ”
Missed my flight... But when I land in Cali tomorrow me and liable to shoot a video every day.. Turn up
Shout out for my first peace of success the next song is to die for lol special
We get alone like best friends πŸ‘« we hang out like homies πŸ‘¬ i'm feeling just like Kevin Gates ... girl you bet not change on…
That Twerk line and Kevin Gates Session was on point.
I think Kevin Gates is a rambling *** that doesn't make sense. But hey that's my opinion.
I can keep a secret but we gotta be careful. -Kevin Gates
and also for every generic medium sean rapper right now there is a Freddie Gibbs or Danny Brown or Kevin Gates
Stroking by Kevin Gates been on repeat for bout 4 days now
Just downloaded that Kevin Gates , im just thinking with my ***
Light skinned red hair thats whaaa sup i need it up n my life
, I was right. Kevin Gates did say didn't . I googled it. Lol
Everybody on this Kevin gates ish I don't like him !
Chocked on my powerade fooling around with Kevin Gates. Lol man OMG! πŸ™ˆ I miss Damion lol
(for tickets to see Kevin Gates contact pearllion or…
that *** Ervin never heard Strokin by KEVIN GATES
Watz da name of the kevin gates song when it sounded like he was beating on his chest while he was rapping?
Kevin Gates really got *** thinking its ok to just go around licking booty hole. No *** just no
I retract all bad talking on Kevin Gates. Definitely not someone to listen to for lyrics, but buddy knows how to make a jam.
If you do t fuk wit Kevin gates you needa start
I only jam to Kevin Gates now a days.
Kevin Gates the best in the business.. And lito of course
If you could do anything now, what would you do? β€” Do a song with kevin gates
I wonder when my baby going to meet me in Louisiana
Kevin Gates ft Juicy J x Thinking with my *** >>
So Kevin Gates is growing on me . Smh
Am I late, or did y'all hear Kevin Gates shoutout in that song White Tan?.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
If you don't fw Kevin gates x satellite jump off a building cause that *** jam lol!
Most of kevin Gates songs be sounding alike or maybe its just his voice
Kevin gates has always been that slap!
White folks walk in and hear kevin gates - thinkin wit my *** n they instantly lookin crazy.
what are you favorite songs? β€” Kevin Gates x Slow Dance , Stroking , Addicted , Do You , Satellites Lloyd x Feel...
I wish would come to Murfreesboro and take me away lol
put me on that Kevin Gates x 100it Gang
I liked Than Fiction ' using the App
I should've went to see yesterday instead of going to the alley.
This weekend? It's going down in Pine Bluff. Kevin Gates and YRG, it don't get no better than that πŸ‘Œ
I listen to Kevin Gates when I'm up like this. 🎧 Would You Mind.?
Kevin Gates has become Louisiana's Tupac, no lie...
Why Kevin Gates won't stop playing in my head?!?
Fore heavens sakes I think its flow and Kevin GatesπŸ™ŒπŸ™
Your mom filmed with cody coyote back in 2011 Kevin Gates Big *** Christmas Concert
rihanna giving me noggin with attributes of a scholar , or should I say knowledge , counseled by a professional .
The new Kevin Gates album sounds like Lex Luger produced the whole thing. That's not good.
CANT FALL IN LOVE FT KEVIN GATES go get your digital copy today off iTunes
I listen too Young Troll diss on Kevin Gates.
"Cause ain't no one on the phone but us. Someone who strong when its rough, someone who won't give up" -🎢
This *** Kevin Gates is gifted wit that music shxt .
hi Lisa, it's still possible to send beats for Kevin Gates project ?
Bumping this getting my mind right.
They was like play, Kevin Gates or Boosie >
real af been killin them videos man. Can't wait for the 16th & 19th to be here!
Thanks to I'm officially a Kevin Gates fan. He was spazzin on
Whatever you do, just stack papers. -
I had a dream abt Kevin Gates last night wwwhhheeew funny part abt it is that ion want him I want >>>>>
Everybody in my phone got a kevin gates ringtone
Ima fall asleep on dat kevin gates flow
Kevin Gates so nasty . He stick his tongue EVERYWHERE !
I'm coming to see you at the howling wolf on the 18.
I ain't know i was on the phone with kevin gates!
Is it too late to get tickets at howling wolf
Still at it. Whippin up one with my *** Kevin Gates.
Listenin to , only thing that can calm me down .
Kevin Gates' 4:30 AM Music video. 4:30 AM is the lead single from Kevin Gates' upcoming album "Stranger Than Fiction," dropping on July 16th! (Audio now fixe...
Now that there are six more months to go this year... what albums are you excited for that have yet to release? Albums I'm definitely keeping an eye out for (in no particular order)- - Doris by Earl Sweatshirt - Old by Danny Brown - Oxymoron by Schoolboy Q - Flockaveli 2 by Waka Flocka Flame - Unit 6 by Ab-Soul and JMSN - Event II by Deltron 3030 - Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay Z - Eminem's untitled album - B4.DA.$$ by Joey Bada$$ - Nothing Was The Same by Drake - Trials and Tribulations by Ace Hood - DOOMSTARKS by DOOM and Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele Presents... Blue & Cream: The Wally Era by Ghostface Killah - BetterOffDead by Flatbush Zombies - Madvillainy 2 by DOOM and Madlib - Cocaine Pinata by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Str8 Killa Pt 2 by Freddie Gibbs - Dark Matter by GZA - FutureHendrix by Future - Stranger than Fiction by Kevin Gates - A Better Tomorrow by Wu Tang Clan - Something Else by Tech N9ne - Country Couzins by Big KRIT and Yelawolf - Love Story by Yelawolf - Hall of Fame by Big ...
Never really made love but i can get it right.. emotions tell her she can stay the night but her friends dont give her good advice.. - Kevin Gates
me and just listen to Kevin gates in the Avvy . Miss you man 😒
is way too talented to let Wiz Khalifa go in on a feature. Im dissapointed
If you listen to rap and don't like kill yourself please.
I can listen to Kevin Gates all day
Even heaven knows sometimes how cold this world gets - Kevin Gates
Just got off the phone with kevin gates lol
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Love how Kevin Gates never gets old!
Listen now: BEATS! *|NEW|*Narco Trafficante 2 ft Kevin Gates by via 4
And I'm going hard all day long abound questions asking me why I ain't came home -Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates need to release the rest if the new music , I heard one song so far & it's nice !!!
Shawty with me shining brighter than the lights in the city .-Kevin Gates
Ridin in SoCal and I hear Narco Trafficante by I look and its a 250 lb white dude wit Iowa plates. Dis *** getting out there
The reason I wear shades is so you Kant see the pain in my eyes
Am I the only one who hasn't listened to Kevin Gates or
Kevin Gates really a fool. I don't know why I didn't like him.
Can you follow the clothing range there big fans of you!! Its fresh and new!! Check them out! !!
Perfect day too: Home alone, kitchen looking good af and I'm listening to Kevin Gates.
New Beats at 9pm. .. Credits (Starlito,Kevin Gates,BowWow,Lil Twist, SouljaBoy,KillaKyleon, TumTum and more...) 8
Some say life is a gamble witch means love is a casino! -kevin gate-
Til death do us part threw thick and thin, I wont pretend. Kevin Gates
It seem like everybody be listen too trust youu By Kevin Gates..
If U still puttin bakin soda in a cup u anit no hustle don't ask about tha ticket if u a Boss u water whip that zone( Real)in my Kevin Gate voice) am on these Daq about to just say what like on this Gates Yeaaa babie
Well I am only posting this because it is just too funny: This morning I broke my nose in two places trying to put teat dip on one of the goats. She does not like it. She lunged off the milk-stand and hit me right in the face. Good thing is the X-ray shows the break is aligned perfect, so I shouldn't be so disfigured, at bed time I get to take some Hydrocodone (for once a good nights sleep) and she won - NO teat dip tonight!
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For Fathers Day, a story about my Dad, Kevin Bowe. Dad retired, a little early , from the Public Service DND in 94. . . We started working together shortly afterward (96), sometime after that, "CUPE" went on strike. . affecting Greenwood, with picket lines at the Main gate, and the POL. We'll, my Dad forbid us (myself and 3 employees) from crossing. We had several open Work Orders, and stood to lose a lot of Money for non-compliance. . . we became restless, i had 3 guys begging to work, bills to pay etc. . . So one day, we tried, there was no law against crossing, Military Police kept order. . . We came to the Back gate, and waited, nervously . . . . then "Gerry" whom my dad had known for 20 years spotted me. . .. . I was embarrased, he just said to me, in his heavy Newf accent, "what ya doin B'ye?, it shame ur old man if you cross this line, ya knows that don't ya Darrin". . . . see there was no way my Dad would betray those guys, he wouldn't be called a "scab" ever, he'd rather starve. I admit, i though ...
If you could donate 1 million dollar, to one promotion, so they could get a chance at establishing themselves right away. What promotion would you choose? ONLY one. -Joe
What to do. there have been so many sugestions for supporters of 'other' clubs.
[K-QUESTION] What one K-idol would you run and give a big hug too if you ever got the chance? [Tabi]
Really? Westboro Baptist is coming to the Fort Smith area?! And I'm not home?! The one time.
Well, it's been an eventful 5 years at my workplace. Going in shortly for my interview. Applied for a job promotion.. We'll see how it goes. With as many applicants vs openings I have a 50/50 shot at grabbing one...
It is very unwise to put God in a box...He is indescribable, uncontainable, unmanipulatable...He does not take sides but takes over!
Sunday, I rode a rented bike to the Weissensee cemetery to see my grandmother’s restored gravestone. Riding a rented bike, I was delighted and surprised that I didn't get lost given my horrible sense of directions. It was a long bike ride from my apartment in Wilmersdorf (about ten miles in one direction). I rode through the Tiergarten where there was a festival for a bike race by the Brandenburg Gate. Not surprisingly, there were booths of bike items, food, beerβ€”what I have seen when I do an organized bike ride but escalated by the number of booths and people. I then went along Unter den Linden before heading north and then east and north again, past Alexandarplatz, through Penzlauer Berg and then along the Greifswalder Strasse, where I passed a monument that I had remembered seeing when my brother Ken and I first visited the cemetery together in 2004. Since I hadn't seen it since while living here, I thought it had been torn down, but it is still there despite some debate about its destruction. It i ...
In Atlanta airport with four hours to kill. Enrica Bulloch, I waved at the Crown Plaza from the runway! Wish you were coming along.
Thanks to all my family, friends and colleagues for the birthday wishes! :D
Check out my good friend Collin owner of If you ever need some of the best welding in the US, hit him up! Dude is silly with Tig, Porting, and Fabrication of anything. Look at the consistency in his temperature and bead spacing.
Attention Biggest Losers tonight is your last session and your train the trainers session at 7pm, the first half of the session will be a short exercise blast session for you all and the second half will be trian the trainers and the presentations for the winner.For the train the trainer session we have drawn up a schedule to keep the instructors busy LOL if one of you biggest losers want to take charge and give out the instructions to the instrutors please do so :) Please also remember that Terry will be in OLT from 5.30-7pm to take your after pics, so please take advantage of this :)
Bar stoolers will be out in force in August as Celtic vs Liverpool in the Aviva has sold out...the event "The Dublin Decider" is a farce...delighted ill be away...not that I'd go anyway...what exactly is to be decided? Anyway LOI tomorrow Bohs vs Shels, huge game for both clubs in the home of Irish football...I'm so there
Anything you are dying to know or wanting to see? Please share.
peoplez go like my like page Kevin Gates
Got any other good animes? Preferably ones like Steins;Gate and also in English. Until I found another one I am willing to check out I will be watching Pokemon.
June 12, 1987 - "General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
Once you understand the 'Blue Tie' for what it is, everything falls into place! The 'Blue Tie' rant was just a smokescreen to divert attention from her other...
I opened the gates to *** 0516-7650-1758 is my 3ds FC. We have Cherries.
Well today was the official last day of training! Only 2 days until I graduate from the Security Forces Academy. I turn in all gear tomorrow and having a pizza party for the team. Then Friday I will officially graduate!!! Cant believe how quick this has come.
Special Field Trip – Wolcott Mill's Grasslands Birds Friday June 14 – 6:30 pm From Ruth Glass: As you may know, our grasslands birds, as a group, are disappearing at an alarming rate – faster than any other group of birds. We are so fortunate to have Wolcott Mill’s grasslands hosting both Eastern Meadowlark and Bobolink, and possibly others. Please join Kevin Rysiewski and I for a brief look at these birds Friday night. Meet us at 6:30 pm at the gate on the west side of Kunstman Road, just south of 30 Mile Road – this is the entrance to the model airplane field. If you have a scope, please bring it. Binoculars are a must. Duration of this trip will be no more than one hour, and is low impact with minimal walking. Hope to see you there!
Just trying out new video recording software near Amarr station before docking.
As promised: Alice Eidson Naples, FL Alice Jean Eidson lost her courageous fight with heart disease on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 5:45 p.m. She peacefully left our world with her family by her side. She now starts her new life in heaven with her past loved ones. She is survived by her husband, J.D. Eidson; her three sons, Danny Eidson (his wife, Martina) and their children, Brandon and Nick Eidson, James, Kevin, Doug, and Susan Markusson, Eric Eidson, (his wife, Tammy), Jeff Eidson (his wife, Anna) and their children, Zeb, Colton, and Freya; sister, Manetta Osburn and her children, Kevin and Andy Osburn; and brothers, Jim and Jesse Southern. Alice was born in Enid, OK on October 7, 1946. She moved to Naples, FL in 1969. She was the youngest of four children of Dan and Margie Southern, who moved to Naples in 1967. Alice was a dedicated employee of Sunshine Ace Hardware for over 40 years. She enjoyed garage sales and family gatherings. Wild life and nature was also a favorite, along with a good pizza! A memo ...
Tomorrow I head to Dublin. Anyone have any suggestions on must sees.I mean beside the obvious ;)
Is there any products we make that you guys would like to see a "how to make" on??
The natural world is a distraction from the things of the spirit! = Because everything has its origin in the spirit world, and our words, just like the words of our lord and savior Jesus Christ are spiritual, John 6:63. We must address our battles from the spirit realm instead of our natural realm if we desire consistent victory. As a reminder our natural world is just the conclusions of what has already transpire in the world that we can not see (the spirit world). Anyone whose reality is the things of this natural world HAS BEEN DECEIVED ALREADY and will continue to challenge what they see instead of the things that they don't see (things of the spirit), 2 Corinthians 4:18. This approach will always guarantee FAILURE AND DEFEAT! My words of wisdom for you this morning is simply this, shift you strategy and take your battle to gate of the enemy. Meaning, don't wait for him to attack you in the natural, instead you take the war to its origin, and that origin is the spirit realm where he and his host are l ...
Why do people do dumb things first thing in the morming like walk right up to the fare gate and then dig in there purse looking for farecard (where do they think they were going back to bed?) I think like a boy scout " Be Prepared" so my farecard is in my hand as I get there. Then you gonna walk up the left side of escalator past the people standing on the left and stop 5 steps from the top? Dumb people dumb i
Happy birthday to 2 of my favorite people... Kevin Wolfe and Whitney Minaj.hope you both have an amazing day!!!
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