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Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is an American rapper. His mixtape The Luca Brasi Story was called easily the best rap-related thing in February 2013 by SPIN, who also said he has been a rapper to watch for a few years now .

Michael Myers Young Thug Michael Jackson John Gotti Della Reese Kirk Franklin Micheal Myers Rich Gang Big Sean

Kevin Gates killed she know with Jeezy though
Kevin Gates and this sociology hw gotta get it.
23. If u had to be stuck in a elevator with Young a Thug or Kevin gates who would u pick
I listen to a few Kevin Gates songs and my boy asks me if I ea...nvm
Kevin Gates got one hella relatable line
nobody truly understands how much I love kevin gates
when Floridians figure out i'm from Louisiana and ask if i know who kevin gates is😭😭😭
Like Kevin gates said, I pull up by myself 😴 I'm my own team. Ion need or want 500 females round me period.
Kevin Gates get me in a mood I stamp
Kevin Gates might be my new favorite rapper
I've been listening to a lot of kevin gates and country music. Complete opposites
I don't speak English I only speak money. πŸ˜‚ Kevin gates fried.
when we wanted to go to the Kevin Gates concert πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kevin Gates Afraid Of the Dark via the streets need this
Yes, Kevin Gates said it best "Karma comes right back around and you'll get what you did to me" 😊😚
John Gotti has absolutely got to be the most addicting song ever produced by Kevin gates
Erybody can except caitlyne but can't except that Kevin gates eats ***
Kevin gates got me on the floor right now
Im the brown fox, I can find anything and anyone. Ya heard me * Kevin Gates Voice
Someone definitely screwed Kevin gates over.
Shoulda named Moe Kevin Gates... cuz that chick don't get tired
But if somebody told me this girl they know loves Kevin Gates, I instantly think of a black girl with weave on the corner of Hampton lmao
Kevin Gates one of my favorite rappers, I just skip past his *** eating lines cause I can't relate lol
If you love Drake and Kevin Gates as much as I do can be bae. ❀️😬
Kevin Gates girlfriend really love him. This *** be wilding πŸ˜‚
i would love to go to Kevin Gates tomorrow.
Kevin Gates was at the Dayton mall the other day how am I just now finding this out
Kevin Gates has dropped a new, surprise mixtape:
Kevin Gates u own my entire heart I love u
Kevin Gates just blanked on that mixtape! πŸ”₯πŸ’―
Kevin Gates x Dark Angel will never get old
*** no you can't. I fw with OF, Wayne, Kanye, ASAP, Kevin Gates, Jcole, Chance, Future, Travis Scott, Drake
Crucifixion of Tookie Williams We should Be Mad at Arnold! > Kevin Gates
when I'm listening to Kevin Gates, I'm probably the most ghetto white boy you'll ever meet. πŸ”«πŸ˜‚πŸ’£
Kevin gates and fetty wap always get me hyped in the morning. 🎢😍🎧
I think I'm the only person that don't fw Kevin gates
Some guy on ig posted a pic of Kevin Gates & something he said & referred to him as "this man" cause he doesn't know his name 😩
Kevin Gates got a masters in hood psychology
I wish I was Kevin gates and didn't get tired
Gm yall I bet u Kevin gates went to sleep last night 󾌺󾌴󾌴 you might not get tired but your brain do 󾌺󾌴󾌴 have a...
Kevin gates will always have a special place in my heart
Kevin gates just quoted and mentioned Kodak black.
Chu that Kevin Gates Khaza go too hard cuh..
ok Kevin gates! Hope you not out here eating booty too! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kevin gates snapped in his mew song 😨πŸ”₯
I added a video to a playlist Kevin Gates - Coco Remix
Kevin gates always got the same outfit on in ever single picture he uploads on the gram πŸ˜‚
Kevin gates just posted a pic on ig with glad to see he makin major moves now its bout time for a new mixtape
Need to download some more Kevin Gates
Added a new video: "Yung Moo opens for Kevin Gates and Chevy Woods"
This niggah Kevin Gates had to kill his bestfriend😳 that's cray
Kevin gates mad a new song called the law straight slaughtered itβœŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Œ
Mr. Kevin Gates can explain it to you in great detail. Lol
People really listen to Kevin Gates faithfully, smh.
Kevin Gates is my obsession lately πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Lil Bibby & Kevin Gates need to do more tunes together.. Tooo real
I wanna know what Kevin Gates is on bc I go to school & only have 1 job & I'm tired asf all the time
who is Kevin Gates better than? Not Drake, Kanye, Rick Ross, Meek, J Cole, or Jay Z. Or Kendrick Lamar.
I just want a fat orange cat named Kevin Gates
I need to go to more Kevin Gates concerts 😩😩
Lol crack is wack …" this is theoretically wrong according to Kevin Gates
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Yo gotti future and Kevin gates the best πŸ’―πŸ˜‚
Kevin Gates said he doesn't get tired. I'm always tired.
Kevin Gates be having you right in the AM lol
"...tryna get it how I live, I want them dead presidents. I wana pull up, head spin. Get it, get fly; I got 6 jobs...
Turnt af for the 2Chainz Kevin Gates and Boosie concert
Watch "Kevin Gates Goes In Depth on Living the Real Street Life on The Peter Rosenberg Show!" on YouTube -
I love Kevin Gates. He is the realist lol.
I hope Kevin Gates knows that Ben Franklin wasn't a president, lol.
nah you Kevin Gates lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you still like a gigolo nick cannon rich
I don't go one day without listening to Kevin Gates before any other artist
YakClub hosting the Kevin Gates concert and Danny Zuko will be performing.. Agreements have been reached!!
i swear i listen to Kevin Gates , Lil Snupe & Fetty Wap all day & everyday . πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
you need some waka flocka. Some Kevin gates. Little bit of some Ty dolla. Maybe chance. Dej loaf. Logic. J cole. Mike will made it
I bet alot of y'all anit know Kevin Gates was Puerto Rican
Wanna listen to stuff from like Kevin Gates and burner and all that bc Nathan says they good but idk if I'll like them
Kevin gates is one of my favorite rappers.
β€œπŸ˜‚ im use to it now . I ont get tired”ok kevin gates
🎢See a *** on a visit hugging on his Wife . Get back to the cell you another *** wife🎢- kevin gates
What was the last song you sang out loud to? β€” Payback - Juicy J, Kevin Gates, Future, Sage the Gemini
If your still awake put on a song by Kevin gates and thank me tomorrow
Monday nights won't be the same "Today's going - Good. Dry overnight. Gates open at 12.10pm, First race 1.40pm πŸ‡"
Now all I listen to is Mexican and Kevin gates
If you jam Kevin gates , then I cannot deal w you
According to TMZ, Madonna was seen making out with Kevin Gates prior to the Drake performance...
It feel like I ain't been sleep in foreva ' Kevin gates even went to sleep before me && he don't get tired 😩
Got a personal email I can send beats to you bro ?
Kevin Gates is about to have me on a whole different level when he comes 😈
Kevin GATES Security aint like PLIES! Look what happens to Kevin Gates f...:
Kevin gates just makes me wana Get this paper more for my Lil girl
, dawg I'm so tired of listening to Kevin gates
Was the Kevin Gates concert live or nahhπŸ‘€
Kevin Gates help me realize how depressed I am lmao
::Kevin Gates:: Live this Sunday April 17th @ Platinum of Birmingham! Listen to to Win tickets!
same here man. From Tyler to Kevin Gates to Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.
S/o the chase for putting me on John Gotti x Kevin Gates
"The only thing that comes from sleep is a dream" -Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates be motivating me to the max I swear
Kevin Gates puts his girl and babies first ! πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
Idk how Kevin Gates babymama puts up with him lol
I'm so sentimental for what I just sent Josh πŸ˜‚ but like Kevin Gates said, "Don't worry I'm just in my feelings" 😩😏
In the car with these florida boys and they have me listening to some dude named Kevin Gates 😭 "straight from the bottom" help me
! β€œKevin Gates was in orlando last night lol”
Kevin Gates was in orlando last night lol
Josh Gray is like a little mini Kevin Gates 😩 that accent just make me wanna eat his face off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kevin Gates, Boosie Badazz or RiFF RAFF have all fought people on stage:
Not really a big fan of Kevin Gates but this interview πŸ’―πŸ’―
Why am I Lowkey planning what I'm gonna wear to this Kevin Gates concert Memorial 2 months away
she's gonna go see Kevin Gates with me on the 17πŸ˜ΌπŸ‘
when you stand up for what you believe in you accept every consequence that comes wit that - Kevin Gates
You can't talk about best verses of the 2013 and not mention Kevin Gates on that Luca Brasi Speaks
Kevin Gates snapped on that luca brasi speaks..
every time I see "Kevin Gates" on the TL I have to listen to Luca Brasi Speaks, thanks man, I hadn't heard it …
"Luca Brasi Speaks" is the hardest Kevin Gates song ever! He ate that beat
Morning cruisin' listen to Kevin Gates sounds perfect with me πŸ’―πŸŽΆπŸ™Œ
what's understood need not be explained - Kevin Gates
If you're a Kevin Gates fan we can't drink from the same glass
Kevin Gates gone get tired one day. πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
DJ Bay Bay - Right Now ft Kevin Gates,Ant Bankz & Kirko Bangz: Check out my remix too right now
My playlist goes from:. Boosie to Tim McGraw to Kevin Gates to Luke Bryant to Christina Perry to J COLE. smh.
Need new music from Kevin Gates, Nipsey, Rich Homie Quan, French, Wayne and Bobby Shmurda just in time for the good weather
I will go to a Kevin Gates concert before I die
Josh don't even kno how much of a fool ima act when Kevin Gates get on the stage lmaoo
Month of April catch R.Kelly Project Pat..& Kevin Gates all performing the month of April in Cols. Ga get ya tickets !!
Skooly and Kevin Gates my favorite artist 🎀🎧
Kevin Gates always puts me in a crunk moodπŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚
i don't care where Kevin Gates puts his tongue,,, the *** is talented...
Kevin Gates' music puts me in a better mood.
Kevin Gates is going to be in Ft Myers Harborside Park sometime this month. $50 a ticket
"anything lost will be found again except for time wasted" -Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates, Jhene Aiko and J cole are my fav artist Hands down
Kevin Gates, Lil Herb, J.Cole,Dreezy and Nicki minaj is what I mostly listen too
I'm soo weird like most of the time I'm in the mood for Kevin Gates , then it could be J.cole but right now its Niykee Heaton πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm in love with Wild Ride by Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates got so much bass in his music πŸ”₯😈
I thought you changed well since you can't I can no longer take it. Gave you my trust and you apologized and then betrayed it. [Kevin Gates]
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This lady just said I look like Kevin Gates. I'm putting her on my vision insurance.
Was gonna go to the Kevin Gates concert tonight. . But i got tired!!!
Big Sean, *** Jenkins, Travi$ Scott, Your old Droog, Key!, Kevin Gates, Joey Badass man really all of pro era
Kevin Gates needs to go to North Korea with Dennis Rodman
Kevin Gates kicked a *** out his crib for not giving head to his dog. Not his DAWG but his DOG bruh. BARK, BARK, BARK Dog.
Kevin Gates tried to get a *** to suck his dogs *** & when she didn't he kicked her out... This *** has truly lost it.
Kevin Gates & Trevor Jackson song gonna be the highlight of my life
Terrance Ross, Ronaldo, Kevin Gates, Neymar all have bdays today...
I wish you *** would be more like Lou Williams and Kevin Gates and let everybody know you have 2 pieces instead of sneaki…
so Jay Elect, Weezy, and Kevin Gates are all from NO but it isn't considered one of the best hiphop cities?
Kevin Gates play follow the leader and hop aboard the bandwagon and all the black guys said let's do it but scientifically it does nothing
Drake > Kevin Gates > Zak Brown Band > RHCP > Led Zeppelin. A progression of my iTunes Radio stations throughout the day
I like Kevin Gates, idc who he sleep with lol
...I was told I reminded someone of Kevin Gates πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Kevin Gates is the greatest rapper ever like how could you disagree?
Kevin Gates mixtape better than sorry for the wait 2 & that man straight crazy lol~
I'm so eclectic when it come to music. I can listen to Kirk Franklin, Kevin Gates, Beyonce, Darius Rucker, Nora Jones, Sade, MJ, Wayne, Tip
'Bet ALOT OF Pu$$y NIGGAZ wanna murda Brasi' - Kevin Gates came in w that WAVE on 'John Gotti'
Wayne, Young Thug , Kevin Gates, & KRIT can't be fukked with rn, ion care who it is. Don't @ me talkin bout J.Cole or Lupe either.
It's gonna be a combination of ghetto *** people and white trash at that Kevin Gates tomorrow.
Shirley Chisholm had members of Congress goin Kevin Gates in that *** for sure
J. Cole, Kid Cudi, Tyga, Big Sean, Kevin Gates and Mack Maine are all featured on Sorry 4 The Wait 2.
I ain't never listened to Kevin Gates
Got up and shook it off everytime I ever fell Why do we fall ? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up
Kevin Gates is having a sexual relationship shares w/ his cousin & is fine with it:
It's is impossible for Kevin Gates not to get tired
Very disappointed in Kevin Gates' acts of incest ... You no longer bae off that one lol
Kevin gates with his cousin not even a surprise to me cause that's so common in louisiana 😭
Yo Kevin Gates is messed up in the head LMAO πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
Kevin Gates went on TMZ Live today to clarify sex with cousin watch here.
β€œMan what's the move for tonight bih”coliseum Kevin gates gone be there bih
β€œ36. Would you continue having sex with your cousin like Kevin Gates? πŸ’€β€ No ***
Anything lost can be found again. Except time wasted -Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates is the greatest rapper if all time
I go from Taylor swift to kevin gates.πŸ˜‚ that's global.
the fact that you listen to Kevin Gates question your mental health.
Kevin Gates was not only smashing a cousin... But they look related. ***
tho?? Come on now why use your influence to lead these youth down the wrong path?? Thas sick!!! πŸ’―
Only *** who could ever eat my booty is KEVIN GATES ☝️
So they giving Kevin Gates *** for continuing to smash a bih that he was killing for 3 months and found out it was his cousin??? Boy stop!!
I liked a video from Kevin Gates Doesn't Get Tired of Having Sex With his Cousin!
Maybe Kevin Gates really does need some sleep. "Mr. I Don't get tired"
Rapper Kevin Gates states he sexed his cousin & he won't stop. Videos on my IG
Daylyt is funny as ish.. response to Kevin gates
"Kevin Gates announces he's having sex with his cousin, says he won't stop either" That's disturbing”
After what i heard I can't respect Kevin gates smh kissing cousins aint my type of party
Kevin Gates is a Port Richey hilly billy.
Kevin Gates revels that he had sex with his cousin for 3 months Thoughts on this?
This is the official video for Kevin Gates "Trust You".
β€œShe pleases me in the bedroom. She does things I enjoy, like talking dirty to me when I sayΒ something freaky. I’d ask, Whose your daddy? and She’d say β€œyour uncle.” Said underground rap star Kevin Gates. Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates has fans, friends and family members in an uproarΒ after he revea…
Produced by Knucklehead and Go Grizzly Get an instant download of the new single by Kevin Gates "Don't Know" - Site:
BATON ROUGE - After admitting to having sexual relations with his own cousin, Kevin Gates has reportedly impregnated his cousin. Kevin Gates publically announced that he was having sexual relations with his cousin for two years and probably will not stop...
How does Kevin Gates have time to hookup with his cousin when he has six jobs?
β€œKevin Gates really some whole other kind of *** man” I love him
Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, and Lil Boosie should collaborate on a mixtape and call it: The Louisiana Purchase
My daddy friend look just like Kevin Gates golds and everything
"people tend to tell me im Michael Jackson reincarnated" - Kevin Gates
bishop nehru, Kevin Gates, Isaiah Rashad, Troy Ave, Jon Conner, lil bibby, Sir Michael Rocks. That's all I could think of for rn
Shirley from 'What's Happening?' Kinda looks like a female Kevin Gates.
Kevin Gates stepping up in the game
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I DONT GET TIRED- Kevin Gates feat August Alsina I LOVE THIS SONG!...up at 2am so yall know I don't get tired. I'm going to make it!
watch the Kevin Gates breakfast club interview
Do not miss out tonight Kevin Bailey and Kevin Gates at the stage
Roy Williams at practice blowing his whistle like "I don't get tired"lol Kevin Gates voice!
Why does Kevin Gates think he's Michael Jackson reincarnated πŸ˜­πŸ˜²πŸ’€
Laying down listening to this Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates while I get in my zone πŸ’¨
Everybody's sworn favorite, people tend to think I'm Michael Jackson reincarnated - Kevin Gates
According to last FM, the three artists I listened to most this year were: Drake, Kevin Gates, and Sage Francis
Between Dej Loaf, Kevin Gates, Rich Gang, & Dom Kennedy idk who I listen to the most.
rappers I would want to hear on a track with run the jewels: Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs, Kevin Gates, monch, jean grae, Starlito, Aesop Rock
My taste in music ranges from Sam Smith & Lana Del Ray to Kevin Gates & G-Eazy
Listen to John Gotti, the new song from Kevin Gates.
A vision without action is just a dream ✊ -Kevin Gates
I stay listening to Kendrick and Kevin Gates
Things would be so different if I woulda went to Kevin Gates πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Wise men change. Fools, they stay the same. -Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates is getting better and better.
Only thing that I'm missing are Kevin Gates quotes, and status about u watchin The Walking Dead
Kevin Gates has the key to my heart β€οΈπŸ”‘
Wouldn't mind catching Kevin Gates live but not at the expense of Bobby Ray..
August Alsina, Kirko, UGK, K Camp , Vicente Fernandez, Romeo Santos, Kevin Gates, Luke Bryan and Boyz II Men is all I listen too :)
β€˜Kevin Gates - Shawn Beats Presents: Compliments of Luca Brasi (The Screw Tape)’ by Shawn Beats on
Kevin Gates is the best artist and has been the best since Luca Brasi Story mixtape
"Kevin Gates movin up . Yall sleepin on him too" LUCA BRASI
I'm a little obsessed with Kevin Gates music but that's okay
so weird my music goes from Blake Shelton to Rich Gang to Corrine Bailey Rae to Kirk Franklin to Kevin Gates to Ed Sheeran .
"if im only you friend when in doing what you want me to do then you're not my friend" KEVIN GATES speaking that knowledge ✌️
Have you heard β€˜Kevin Gates Type Beat Prod By CHOZENBEATZ’ by on
Got that drank. Hit up my boy oklaschago405 5bucks a piece #
Oop! Is Rapper Young Thug taking shots at Kevin Gates ? Young Thug has been accused of being on the "down low" by many people but could he be coming for Kevin?
*** tried to put me on Gates music in 08 and I was like whatever But when I heard Stranger than Fiction... My opinion changed
Published on Nov 5, 2014 β€’ Get your tickets NOW for Kevin Gates "No Genre" Tour! Download "By Any Means" on iTunes now:
Who's going to Kevin gates on the 11th
Kevin Gates so underrated. Yea he eat booty. SO?. AND???. He still be snappin!!
When I hear the line "Pray the soldiers all return home safe from where they stationed" by it warms my heart ❀️
Based in the City of Bessemer, Alabama Homicide Watch is a true tale about two brothers who allow the street life to divide their family. They soon realize that their choices will come back to haunt them both. VILLAIN SEASON: Villa is a aspiring film maker from a small town in Alabama who finally gets the big gig he's been waiting for. What he soon discovers is it may be more than he bargained for. Featuring guest appearances by BWA Kane, Kevin Gates, Gucci Mane, Zaytoven, Al Nuke, Str8 Dropp Tha Prophet & More.
In the streets like street life, cooking selling crack cocaine!!! Kevin gates going hard!
Cover I've just made for I made up the name for the Mixtape cover. Cover designed by me…
B.O.B ~ Kevin Gates ~ Dj MoonDawg and the emerging artist! Will be at Columbia College
Bwa strongest name where I'm stationed, hope all the soldiers return home from where they stationed.
I wonder if kevin gates really like that 24/7 or is he just putting on a show for the people
Black on black with game Kevin gates an jeezy is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ it ain't hit old to me yet
Y these *** s WANNA keep playin wit me like my Kevin Gates sex game ain't real.Lol lil girl go find u a child to play wit.
Kevin gates the best rapper on word πŸ’―πŸ‘
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Awaiting for to let out some BANGERS!
Tonight! B.o.B w/ Kevin Gates. 9pm show. Tickets avail online now or at the box office tonight.
I need somebody to go see Kevin gates with
Hello wrld im like kevin gates ion get tired $
Arms of a stranger man Kevin Gates b going n
Lets see if i can make this Kevin Gates show tonight ...
Dam I wanted to go to the Kevin gates concert
Who yall think sliding more rich homie migos bobby shmurder kevin gates or boosies
If Kevin Gates ever did a Disney commercial...
Check out Kevin Gates Reasonable Suspicion [Produced by Guss] @ SuperIndyKings striving to bring you the best hip hop music from across the globe.
So I got challenged to sing neon lights by Kevin gates should I do it lol let me ask Sherlisa Mariee and Shykerria Lovelace lol
I haven't been to sleep in three days my nickname should be stay up"- Kevin Gates
The official music video by Starlito and Don Trip performing "Leash On Life ft. Kevin Gates" from the Step Brothers Two album. Get "Step Brothers Two" on iTu...
Kevin Gates n Migos got da industry on lock Gucci got da streets
New episode of We Are Young Money coming soon, featuring Kevin Gates. Click the like button if you can't wait! - Check out our sponsors at http:/...
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β€œListen to BurnxOne Feat. Kevin Gates and Jay Ant (Prod. by Jay Ant of The Invasion) by Tree Thomas
Feenin x Lyrica ft Kevin Gates so mfking bumping , I love that fqkin song 😍😍
Kevin Gates - Money Magnet this one goes harder , bump it in your car .
New Orleans rapper Kevin Gates proclaims that he's a real gangsta and he pleases his woman by eating her booty... Mm...K.
Mark it down December 5th in Bowling Green KY Kevin Gates live at the Compound
Black on Black - The Game ft Young Jeezy and Kevin Gates
Bro. Bishop looks like Kevin Gates with curly hair πŸ’€πŸ’€
we should talk to Kevin Gates about it
Kevin Gates finna talk about eating that booty
I told my mom Kevin Gates helps me deal with life πŸ˜‚
I can't be the only one who think Michael Myers and Kevin Gates are the same ppl!!! ok
β€œ*faints* β€œKevin Gates looks like Della Reese.”” touched by an angel realness 😩😩
Fredo Santana? β€œI'll square up with any rapper except Kevin Gates, YG and 50 Cent”
Kevin Gates was lowkey looking like Mike Myers LOL
Kevin Gates looks like Mike Myers but lightskinned
sounds like her too β€œKevin Gates looks like Della Reese.”
β€œKevin Gates rap just like his songs but he going off 504 to my city βœŠβ€ why does he sound like Master P
I didn't wanna laugh lol "Kevin Gates looks like Della Reese."
Kevin Gates look like Michael Myers . . W/ the mask πŸ˜•
Kevin Gates look like he can be Micheal Myers son
Kevin Gates look like Micheal Myers or something..
Kevin Gates in the back looking like Michael Myers
Kevin Gates back there lookin' like Michael Myers wit a swollen face tho
Kevin Gates is so underrated that it's amazing cause his lyrics aren't going down my TL all the time.
Lyfe Jennings is the Kevin Gates of R&B
I added a video to a playlist Go Hard - Kevin Gates ft Rico love
My music can go from UGK to Pretty Ricky to Michael Jackson to Kevin Gates 😩😩
"Kevin Gates music always puts me in a IDGAF mood" yesss. Lol
The city of Bowling Green will be shut πŸ‘‡ on Dec 5th! Kevin Gates live in concert
Kevin Gates in Bowling Green December 5th who’s in there wit me?!
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DJ Akademiks speaks on Young Thug and Kevin Gates sneak disisng each other on instagram. Like my Page Check out DJ Akade...
Tmz releases extended footage of Ray Rice hitting his fiance, Kevin Gates and Young Thug go back and forth at each other on Instagram, Migos and Rich Homie Q...
idk you said suck butt and I thought Kevin Gates bc all he talks about is eating booty lmao
when Kevin Gates change his rap name?
Besides the BS , DJ Shields Diamonds turned tf up πŸ‘―πŸ’Ž Kevin Gates was everything πŸ™ŒπŸ˜
As ratchet as he may be sometimes Kevin Gates be saying some REAL stuff
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