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Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is an American rapper. His mixtape The Luca Brasi Story was called easily the best rap-related thing in February 2013 by SPIN, who also said he has been a rapper to watch for a few years now .

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Kevin Gates doing that extra bid in cook county is the best thing that happened for Tee Grizzly career.
I'm the girl who will go from listening to Kevin Gates to Kellie Pickler in the same minute with no shame
Because it's got a dollar general beat and that guy sounds like the store brand version of Kevin Gates
Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Hart, *** even Kevin Gates it don't matter. Cavs in 4.
When my heart hurts, Kevin Gates is the only one who knows exactly how to make it feel better
by Lil Kim ft. Kevin Gates (released in February 2016) , sold over 30,000 copies in the US without any type of p…
Kodak in Jail. Youngboy in Jail. Bobby Shmurda in Jail. Kevin Gates in Jail. Tupac still "dead". Blac Youngsta in Jail. H…
K Camp and Kevin Gates are my favorite artist ever✨🖤 know all the songs by heart☺️
He need to take Kevin Gates case then
Jam x Kevin Gates will always be my JAM!!! 😎
Kevin Gates is the new Max B just ruined my night
Kevin Gates has been sentenced to 30 months in jail.
Kevin Gates gon come out n there's gonna be a new president
I am not believeing anything about Kevin Gates until i see something from his camp or a real news outlet
Old Kevin gates is still relevant af
Will Kevin Gates be skinny in 30 months?
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New post (Update: Kevin Gates Has Reportedly Returned to Jail in Chicago - BET) has been published on Hot ... -…
Kevin gates down for a while, Free my dawg 💯 BWA
Kevin Gates gets 30 months in prison, won't be out till 2019
Free my mans Kevin gates out that jam ✊🏽
Man Kevin Gates gonna have a story to tell when he get out I Swear
Kevin gates won't be out till 2019 can you hear me crying?
If Kevin Gates and Kodak are out recruit Rae Sremmud and Gucci
When Kevin Gates isn't gonna be at soundest anymore 🙃🙃🙃
This is how I felt when I saw the Kevin Gates news. Idk how im about to make it 2.5 years without new music https…
BREAKING: Kevin Gates has been sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for Gun Charge
They gave kevin gates 30 months, they trying to give Kodak Black like 100 months 😳😳😳
Kevin Gates was sentenced to 30 months after pleading guilty to a felony gun possession charge
Kevin Gates went from 2 Phones to 2 jail
*** they just gone give Kevin gates an additional 30 months in jail! He needs a new lawyer
One of the most talented rappers in the industry plead guilty to a gun charge in court today
Kevin Gates must have the worst lawyers in all of entertainment
Kevin Gates in jail til 2019, Kodak is found guilty on 5 charges, *** probably gonna be in jail for like 10 years😂thes…
Kevin Gates gone for 2 and a half years... and Today we'll also find out if Kodak will be free anytime soon or will be go…
"Rapper Kevin Gates Gets 30 Months in Prison on Gun Charge" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
"Wise men change... fools stay the same" -Kevin gates
Keep Kodak Black in prison and give us back Kevin gates please
Kevin Gates said all lives matter & his life been in shambles ever since
if youu really listen to some of Kevin gates lyrics , it will hit youu so hard in the ❤️ ..
Kevin Gates sentenced to 30 months for gun charge
I have the most random playlist ever. Black tide, Migos, Kiiara, Kevin Gates, Eve 6. What should I add?
everybody that's going to Hippie Hill , Kevin Gates is still in jail lol don't go to that concert
I wanted tickets for Berner Hippie Hill bc Kevin Gates was gonna b there and turns out he isn't. Now YG is gonna b there *** 😩😩
Hella mad Kevin Gates not gone be at Hippie Hill in SF for 4/20 😒 should still be LIT though 🔥
Katie-"do y'all want to listen to Kevin Gates" Uncle geno- " when the kids go to sleep... I'm gonna rap us all the way to Tennessee"
Kevin Gates intake photo (mugshot) after he arrived at Cook County Jail this morning.
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Kevin Gates mugshot at Cook County Jail today. He is expected to post bail soon.
You know you're drunk when all you keep talking about it is when Kevin Gates & Kodak Black are getting released...
I can listen to Rick Ross, Lucci, Kevin Gates and Ripp Flamez all day & all night 👌🏾
French Montana shows love to his “Muslim brother” Kevin Gates after jail release postponed
Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates was not released from jail yesterday as expected, and is being extradited to Illinoi…
Cook County should give Kevin Gates bond, who the *** goes to Chicago without a gun anyways? Especially when you're an artist.
Kodak gets annoying quick so Kevin Gates of course
I would do anything to see G Eazy or Kevin Gates in concert.
Listen in as our hosts Skurna and Tone discuss Kevin Gates, his recent release, and the event that led up to it!
The fact Kevin Gates got out & got arrested again breaks my heart fr
Probably the Kevin gates who thing idk
Why is Tyga on here and not Kevin Gates? 😐
Bro they did Kevin Gates something dirty free that man quit playing with people's lives
03-25 Discusses his Personal and Musical Growth in New Interview
Kevin Gates slander will not be tolerated on the TL
They don't want to see Kevin Gates make it 🙄!!
Kevin Gates re-arrested today + back in jail on day he was getting out. Authorities discovered an outstanding weapons rela…
Kevin Gates was supposed to get out of jail today. Here's why that's not happening anymore
Kevin gates. Ain't to pretty in the face but she super thick. IM JUST THINKING WITH MY ***
How Kevin Gates was when he was free
Aww man they doing Kevin Gates dirty
Everyone wants Kevin gates back that they forgot about Bobby Shmurda 😩
Slicc punna got two phones like Kevin gates
I go from Kevin Gates to George Strait within seconds.
Kevin gates gets released and put back in jail in the same day because of a weapon charge back in 2013. LOL🙄
Kevin Gates comes out of jail this week. This how his interviews bout to be. (Part 1)
My new sounds: FREE - The Jacka x Kevin Gates type beat - My Life (prod. by Keezo Beats) on
Instead of being released today, Kevin Gates will now be transferred to Illinois to face gun charges for a case that dates b…
.release from jail, scheduled for today, has been cancelled. Details:
It's ironic that Kevin Gates is still in jail after telling people to be "respectable" to the police and you'll be fine
Kevin gates was released from jail today and was arrested again because of a weapon charge back in 2013...
They really waited till the day they released Kevin Gates to inform him about a outstanding warrant and immediately re-arre…
Kevin Gates really might not make it in Cook county lmao
This bihh Keaira said she gone visit Kevin Gates when he in Cook County. 💀
Kevin Gates is getting out. I can't wait to get all this prison music. All I need is a Luca Brasi 3 and I'll be content
Can't wait for new Kevin Gates music tho
Kevin Gates is coming back home this week!
Gonna be having convos and lunch with Rick Ross, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Kevin Gates,etc
Travis Scott, Migos, Young Thug, Wiz Khalifa, Kodak Black, Kevin Gates, and others featured on 'The Fate of the Furious: T…
There will be a Kevin Gates & Joe Budden track before it's said & done
Kevin Gates is COMING HOME later this month:
Kevin Gates will reportedly be released from jail in three weeks.
Kevin Gates will be released from jail in three weeks
After serving 6 months, Kevin Gates is being released from jail on March 24th.
Kevin Gates is getting out of jail in three weeks featured in NBC s Science of Love
So now I jamming out to Kevin Gates.🙃
if you can't go from Kevin Gates - Josh Abbott - Demi Lovato - High School Musical then i don't fwy
I added a video to a playlist 2 Phones - Kevin Gates (William Singe Cover)
Kevin Gates is my spirit animal. His music speaks to me like no one else's does
Hol up bruh, u shave Steve Harvey mustache and put tattoos on his face he Kevin Gates
If you can't bump to . Kevin gates . Montana of 300 . Lil durk. Future . Famous Dex. Chris Brown . A boogie. Or Migos. I can…
How was quietly the most important album of last year:
Gotta Glock in my back pocket, call me Kevin Gates
I've never seen someone be more loyal to their favorite artist like this boy is to Kevin Gates 😂
what happened to my man Kevin Gates
Ready for some new Kevin Gates as soon as he gets out. 🙏🏽
I'm 😩😩😩, I know you have like 6 JOBS, and you don't get tired, in Kevin gates voice. TODAY SHOW LOSTED OUT
Kevin Gates music will forever have my heart
"I've been hurt she's the only one that means sum" ~ KEVIN GATES
I added a video to a playlist Kevin Gates - Run It Up (Lyrics)
Thank You for this interview! My family stand with your family :)
Kevin Gates makes music for the *** who were last in the times table competitions
On how 'Islah' was the most important album of 2016 and just might have changed the game…
Somebody said blac youngsta is better than Kevin gates 😂😂😂 🚮
I can't f with you if you're a racist yet you listen to Future, Kevin Gates, Migos, Lil Wayne, etc... hypocritical head ***
I liked a video from XXL Freshman 2014 - Kevin Gates Profile
🗣Screaming free Kevin Gates .. till they free him 🤘🏽🖤
And free Kevin Gates that's my dawq tho
If you can't go from Future to Nickelback to Kevin Gates to Creed to The Weeknd to Linkin Park to Migos then I can't ride in t…
A new favorite: Wish I Had It by on
I cant even listen to J. Cole or Kevin Gates music anymore. ugghh 😔
I legit listen to Kevin Gates everyday.
I can't wait til Kevin Gates free. I need new music🎶. Music worth listening to.
Can't wait for Kevin Gates to get out. I know he got some 🔥.
I need some new Kevin Gates music. Mad he's in jail
And the guy dressed in all red grew up to be Kevin Gates.
Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, J Cole, Big Sean, Chris Brown and Chance The Rapper are all people i need to see in concert.
I liked a video from Brother Ben X freestyle ft. Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates level of pride, is my spirit animal.
lol I don't think I'll ever be able to skip "Jam" by Kevin Gates when it comes up on shuffle 😍
When I'm around too many White People in public I put in my headphones and blast Kevin Gates.
I can literally go from Kevin Gates, to 3 doors down, to George Strait all in a matter of minutes and idk if that's okay…
Kevin Gates - Jam ft Trey Songz Ty Dolla $ign and Jaime Foxx listen, like, share at
there is very few songs that i can NOT skip and Dangerous by Kevin Gates is definitely one of em' 🔥🔥
A mom across the street just rolled up bumping Kevin Gates that's what's up
If you can go from JB and the moonshine band to Jason Aldean to Kevin Gates to Taylor Swift , then you're my *** 🤘🏼
Nicki, Kanye, Jeezy, Future, Fetty, Big Sean, Kevin Gates just to name a few...
I can't wait until Kevin Gates get out.. ❤️
When Kevin gates and Dreka get in a argument 😂😂😂
Young MA deadass look like the female Kevin Gates 😂
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Don't care what you say, Kevin Gates is the realest dude in recent memory in hip hip. And his beats are bangers
Kevin gates, desiigner and 21 savage are all garbage
if you my cousin then im Kevin gates lets make it happen baby
Young M.A. is everything Kevin Gates should've been
I will always know all the lyrics to kno one // Kevin gates
If you can't go from Kevin gates to George Strait to kid rock, I don't need ya!
If you wish Kevin Gates had a little sister that sounded like Bobby Shmurda you should listen to Young M.A
American rapper Kevin Gates during Hajj .. "Sometimes the people with the worst past create the best future.". ~ Umar Ibn…
THESE ROCKETS NEVER GET TIRED. (Word to Kevin Gates) And y'all cook when Calvin Murphy's NOT there? Lmao.
Kevin Gates will be going to jail for kicking this fan
So Luke Bryan can punch someone in the face for flipping him off but Kevin Gates kicks someone for touching him & gets pri…
at Lil Wayne & Kevin Gates for not caring about Black Lives Matter
Bend it like Beckham, Kick it like Kevin Gates
haven't smoked since the Kevin Gates concert so im finna be sleep with just one blunt 😂
If you can't go from Keith Whitley to Miley Cyrus to George Jones to Hank Jr. & then Kevin Gates then you can't ride with me.
Now playing on Apache Ent Radio on Tunein app Kevin Gates - John Gotti
*bailey doesn't have a phone for a couple hours" . Bailey:"I relate to Kevin Gates, I been through da mud". Me:🙄
If you can't jam to George Strait, Kevin Gates, Randy Travis, Drake, and Merle Haggard, I cannot associate myself with…
How is Kevin Gates and Kodak in jail and not Hillary???
Kevin Gates said ALM, then a jury made up of 6 white women gave him a sentence to a system totally against people that loo…
Everybody saying free Kevin Gates is clearly delusional. The guy punted a girl in the chest. He wanna be Matt Prater lock look him up
Kevin Gates is sentenced to 6 months for kicking a girl who grabbed him, Brock Turner only served 3 months for rape. i d…
Brock Turner went to jail for a shorter period of time than Kevin Gates got sentenced for today? 🐸☕️
Kevin Gates is in jail cuz a woman touched him without consent and he kicked her. If it were vice versa, nobody would bat a…
Kevin Gates got a harsh sentence...but let's not act like kicking a female FAN is cool either.
just got added to the Malu Luna Festival in San Antonio but i heard Kevin Gates just got locked up & will not be there ***
Kevin Gates: 6 months for kicking someone who was clearly touching him without his consent. Brock Turner: 3 months for…
Kevin Gates said All Lives Matter, only to get convicted by a jury of six white women for kicking a fan in the face. Look…
Kevin Gates got 6 months in prison..
young m.a and Kevin Gates the same person
So I heard Kevin Gates is gonna be locked up for a while
I can't believe Kevin Gates in jail behind a fan
All I know is that after Kevin gates does 180 days in jail he's gonna drop the most fire mixtape ever
Kevin Gates was supposed to get 60 days by the judge gave him 180. That All Lives Matter tea must be bitter as *** right now. ☕️
The news need to add "after repeatedly tellin her to stop grabbin on him" instead of makin it sound like Kevin Gates just kicked the heffa 😒
When people say they're going to voodoo for Kevin Gates I'm just like.r u serious¿ 🙃
Kevin Gates gets 6 months in jail for kicking female fan who grabbed his shorts
Kevin Gates Sentenced to 180 Days in Jail for Kicking Female Fan at Show:
Man Kevin Gates got 6 months in jail😣 but I know his next album gone be 🔥
The rapper Kevin Gates has a song on his mixtape named Marshall Mathers, also he listed Eminem in his top 5.
Kevin Gates gets 6 months for kicking someone. George Zimmerman walks free for killing someone. I'm so glad I don't live…
Just heard Kevin Gates is getting 6 months in prison for kicking a fan girl who tried to touch him. And Brock Turned di…
When Kevin Gates kicks you, you say thank you.
Kevin Gates got 6 months for kicking someone. Brock Turner was caught raping a girl & was out in 3!. Say it with me: "Whi…
Can someone successfully explain why Kevin Gates is about to do more time than Brock Turner. Don't worry I'll wait.
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You might be religious, but are you Kevin Gates doing wudu and praying in a waterfall religious?
Kevin Gates going to jail for 180 days 🚮 Expecting some straight hits when he comes out then
Kevin Gates album is really good tho.
Kevin Gates is about to drop the hottest album of the year when he gets out of jail.
Kevin Gates sentenced to six months in jail for kicking girl in chest
I am so mad Kevin Gates is going to jail for 6 months , I hope when he comes back; he comes back with 🔥
How does kevin gates get more time for kicking a fan, than Brock Turner gets for raping a female.
Moral of the story dont touch Kevin Gates in any way
Kevin Gates album still undefeated and all your favs have dropped.
Y'all won't admit it but Kevin Gates deserves best rap album of the year over Views and TLOP.
Kevin Gates is about to get more jail time for literally kicking someone than Brock Turner got for rape. cr…
y'all better free kevin gates I'm not tryna go 6 months without seeing videos like these
Kevin Gates album was just called a diary. Drake whole discography is a diary. . But isn't music supposed to be persona…
Kevin Gates' album wasn't trash, but I won't pick it over Drake's. Kevin's mixtapes are better. His new album…
Kevin Gates Got Sentenced 180 in jail for KICKING A FAN But white Police officers killing Black People Daily and they still…
Kevin Gates has been sentenced to 6 months in jail
Almost forgot Kevin gates kicked that poor women lol
The only reason I bought tickets was for Kevin Gates.
Kevin Gates going to jail because a woman sexually assaulted him over and over after he told her to stop so he kicked her.
I don't know anyone who loves Kevin Gates as much as my Pops
some Kevin Gates song that played on pandora, didn't catch the name
"Trust issue, don't trust really. No two point conversions. Won't run it after I touch down . My punter kicking, it's defense". -Kevin Gates
Who told Kevin Gates he was Michael Jackson reincarnated 🙄
Im usually the one pointing out the Michael jordan/Charles Barkley/Don King/Stacey Dash/Kevin Gates/ Lebron ain't one of them bruh
Kevin Gates shaves his head after someone he knew in the Make a Wish Foundation was being bullied for being bald. http…
Idc how white I am I go so hard to Really Really x Kevin Gates 😅
Kevin Gates' album goes platinum with no features
If she can't go from George Strait to Kevin Gates then she ain't the one
Kevin Gates has been TRASH for a minute now. He kicks young girls at his concerts so none of me is surprised at his comments about BR.
I wonder how many Kevin Gates fans actually know who Luca Brasi is? I just recently found out myself so don't think I'm trying to stunt.
| Kevin Gates rocking our 63" Onyx Black lambskin leather laces with gold tips |
Dude that album is a classic, you listen to Kevin Gates smh. Might as move down south wear 501's & Black AF1's
Young Thug, Kodak Black, Future, Sremmurd, and Kevin Gates with Drake and Joe Budden is really all I listen to this year for rappers.
Thug don't want black men as fans anyway lol yall don't buy albums 😂😂 look at Kevin Gates bet thug is a all lives matter dude
first night of college she goes to see Wiz & Kevin Gates, my first night of college I fell asleep
Can we petition for a Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Kodak Black, Post Malone song to be made?
Taking relationship advice from Kevin Gates is like getting cocktail pointers from Bill Cosby
I'll go from five finger death punch to Aaron Watson to Elle king to Kevin Gates in a matter of two seconds ..
Suicide Squad: The Album, feat. Action Bronson, Kevin Gates, Wiz Khalifa, and Rick Ross, is set to debut at No. 1.
I can go from Cojo to Kevin Gates in like 2.5 seconds 😂😂
I can go from Kevin Gates to Journey to Blink 182 to MGMT in .3 seconds
If you can't switch from listening Kevin Gates to George Strait in 5 seconds you can't ride with me
Rick Ross, Kevin Gates, Kehlani, & Skylar Grey made some hot records for the Suicide Squad Soundtrack!
I can go from super chill FGL to terrifying Slipknot to some bangin' Kevin Gates in about .02 seconds flat.. am I the only one?
Can literally name every Kevin Gates song from hearing the first 5 seconds
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
If I were a rapper I'd definitely see myself as Rick Ross or Kevin Gates
I wouldn't want anybody checking for me the way DJ Earl check for Kevin Gates . it's borderline obsessive 😦
Boss had us listening to Kevin Gates the entire time. 😩😩
We trade Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, Lil Bow Wow, Ben Carson, Stacey Dash & Kevin Gates to the white delegation for Michael…
Lyfe Jennings and Kevin Gates is all i listen to.
Free Kodak Black , make Kevin Gates do his sentence
Kevin Gates singing Blink 182 still a top 3 moment of 2016
Texas : Where we go from jamming Kevin Gates to singing George Strait in literally a split second.
Kevin Gates, Chinx Drugz, Tupac, and Rihanna just to be funny
Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dog, and Kevin Gates bout to be lit af tomorrow👀
Got two moods when it comes to music, Alan Jackson and Kevin Gates.
Listen to Benjamin Flexington x Lil YNT ft Kevin Gates " No Shooter" by James Walker on GATES HERE
Kevin Gates on why he won't support Black Lives Matter
Walter White had two phones way before Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates on why he wont support Black Lives Matter
while we're playing Shooter Jennings they're playing Kevin Gates..
My playlist will go from Hank Jr. To Kevin Gates real quick.
Gotta be a good man like Jessie Williams freak like Kevin Gates fine like Michael Ealy 💲 like Mayweather cook like Bobby Where he at?
Just a white girl that jams Kevin Gates
If you don't like Kevin Gates. Then Uh you gotta go lol
Listen to my EP features w/ Kevin Gates, Pastor Troy, and Hurricane Chris
Kevin Gates not there . Lucci not there. Kodak not there. Gucci not there . Migos not there. Future probably left
Frank Sinatra -> Kevin Gates -> Frank Sinatra again. This is the playlist for champions.
Just seen an 80 year old woman pull put of country mart listening to Kevin Gates 😂😂😂
Kevin Gates is more interesting than the guy in those Dos Equis commercials
*** Jenkins and Kevin Gates are good for the mental
Kevin Gates does an awkward interview at Birthday Bash. 😂 😂 😂 .
Chief Keef gives a savage MTV cribs tour of his home and shoutouts Kevin Gates
Tip: don't touch Kevin Gates' arm during an interview
My bipolar anointing I keep jumping from Kevin Gates to Bishop Paul Morton
Kevin Gates can't decide if he's black, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, John Gotti or Michael Jackson 💀.
Kevin Gates my spirit animal, i swear!
I was told I was too white to listen to Kevin Gates...
" Kevin Gates - One Thing " been on repeat for like two weeks 😩😍😭
Heres sum of my 2015/16 placements. 1 on Kevin Gates album. 3 on Chris Brown Tyga album. 3 on Kid Ink album. 2 on Bibby album. 1 R Kelly single
If you ride with me better love Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates this Friday night for Hot 107.9's "HOT 107 Days Of Summer"!. Tickets going quick, so get yours before...
9 days -Kevin Gates . 18 days -Casino & Billy Currington . 23 days -Country Stampede. The next month is about to be great and full of alcohol😂
Kevin Gates' excellent new EP is here
Get you a girl that can jam Cody Johnson and Kevin Gates.
I had to start listening to Kevin Gates bc his music matches my mood 24/7 😂
Watching kevin gates videos on YouTube.. Kind of makes me regret giving up being an artist.. I can rap and sing.. Man
this Kevin gates been the only cd in my radio for like two years.
In my feelings, Jam, Ain't too hard, One thing x Kevin Gates😍
I want a girl that's gone like me for me & and she know how I act , out my mind - Kevin Gates
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Kevin gates voice jus melts my soul 😩💦 but fredo ... Oh that's me 💁😝
Ain't too hard by Kevin gates explain my whole situation right now omm it's crazy
Kevin Gates Performing Live at the Orpheum Theater in New Orleans on June 4th
ask me why I love Kevin Gates. cutest video I've ever seen omg
"I don't give anyone a reason to hate me, they create there own drama out of pure jealousy, keep ears open, mouth closed"…
If you're a Kevin Gates fan he's dropping a mixtape tomorrow.
So ready to hear Kevin Gates new mixtape tomorrow
When I get married I'm gonna post a picture of the ring w the caption "all my diamonds shine cause they really diamonds" bc Kevin Gates💍
If you diss Kevin gates or say he's not a good rapper I simply just can't fw you its that real
Kevin Gates new mixtape drops tomorrow 👀
I enjoy Kevin Gates tracks a little too much for the basic white girl. 📞📞
Kevin Gates plays snippets of 'Murder for Hire 2,' announces release date
Tell me yall bangin the new hit "F**k Dat by King Kyle Lee ft Kevin Gates!
If you can't go from Justin Bieber to Dustin Lynch to Kevin Gates, We can't ride together 💁🏼
"Anything lost can be found again, except for time wasted" -Kevin Gates
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