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Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is an American rapper. His mixtape The Luca Brasi Story was called easily the best rap-related thing in February 2013 by SPIN, who also said he has been a rapper to watch for a few years now .

Michael Myers Chris Brown Dom Kennedy Young Thug Michael Jackson Vic Mensa Isaiah Rashad August Alsina Peter Rosenberg Bernie Mac Della Reese Troy Ave Micheal Myers Rich Homie Big Krit Dizzy Wright Gucci Mane Sam Smith Young Jeezy

How does Kevin Gates have time to hookup with his cousin when he has six jobs?
β€œKevin Gates really some whole other kind of *** man” I love him
Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, and Lil Boosie should collaborate on a mixtape and call it: The Louisiana Purchase
My daddy friend look just like Kevin Gates golds and everything
"people tend to tell me im Michael Jackson reincarnated" - Kevin Gates
bishop nehru, Kevin Gates, Isaiah Rashad, Troy Ave, Jon Conner, lil bibby, Sir Michael Rocks. That's all I could think of for rn
Shirley from 'What's Happening?' Kinda looks like a female Kevin Gates.
Kevin Gates stepping up in the game
I DONT GET TIRED- Kevin Gates feat August Alsina I LOVE THIS SONG!...up at 2am so yall know I don't get tired. I'm going to make it!
watch the Kevin Gates breakfast club interview
Do not miss out tonight Kevin Bailey and Kevin Gates at the stage
Roy Williams at practice blowing his whistle like "I don't get tired"lol Kevin Gates voice!
Why does Kevin Gates think he's Michael Jackson reincarnated πŸ˜­πŸ˜²πŸ’€
Laying down listening to this Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates while I get in my zone πŸ’¨
Everybody's sworn favorite, people tend to think I'm Michael Jackson reincarnated - Kevin Gates
According to last FM, the three artists I listened to most this year were: Drake, Kevin Gates, and Sage Francis
Between Dej Loaf, Kevin Gates, Rich Gang, & Dom Kennedy idk who I listen to the most.
rappers I would want to hear on a track with run the jewels: Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs, Kevin Gates, monch, jean grae, Starlito, Aesop Rock
My taste in music ranges from Sam Smith & Lana Del Ray to Kevin Gates & G-Eazy
Listen to John Gotti, the new song from Kevin Gates.
A vision without action is just a dream ✊ -Kevin Gates
I stay listening to Kendrick and Kevin Gates
Things would be so different if I woulda went to Kevin Gates πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Wise men change. Fools, they stay the same. -Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates is getting better and better.
Only thing that I'm missing are Kevin Gates quotes, and status about u watchin The Walking Dead
Kevin Gates has the key to my heart β€οΈπŸ”‘
Wouldn't mind catching Kevin Gates live but not at the expense of Bobby Ray..
August Alsina, Kirko, UGK, K Camp , Vicente Fernandez, Romeo Santos, Kevin Gates, Luke Bryan and Boyz II Men is all I listen too :)
β€˜Kevin Gates - Shawn Beats Presents: Compliments of Luca Brasi (The Screw Tape)’ by Shawn Beats on
Kevin Gates is the best artist and has been the best since Luca Brasi Story mixtape
"Kevin Gates movin up . Yall sleepin on him too" LUCA BRASI
I'm a little obsessed with Kevin Gates music but that's okay
so weird my music goes from Blake Shelton to Rich Gang to Corrine Bailey Rae to Kirk Franklin to Kevin Gates to Ed Sheeran .
"if im only you friend when in doing what you want me to do then you're not my friend" KEVIN GATES speaking that knowledge ✌️
Have you heard β€˜Kevin Gates Type Beat Prod By CHOZENBEATZ’ by on
Got that drank. Hit up my boy oklaschago405 5bucks a piece #
Oop! Is Rapper Young Thug taking shots at Kevin Gates ? Young Thug has been accused of being on the "down low" by many people but could he be coming for Kevin?
*** tried to put me on Gates music in 08 and I was like whatever But when I heard Stranger than Fiction... My opinion changed
Published on Nov 5, 2014 β€’ Get your tickets NOW for Kevin Gates "No Genre" Tour! Download "By Any Means" on iTunes now:
Who's going to Kevin gates on the 11th
Kevin Gates so underrated. Yea he eat booty. SO?. AND???. He still be snappin!!
"Karma comes right back around and you'll get what you did to me." -Kevin Gates
When I hear the line "Pray the soldiers all return home safe from where they stationed" by it warms my heart ❀️
Based in the City of Bessemer, Alabama Homicide Watch is a true tale about two brothers who allow the street life to divide their family. They soon realize that their choices will come back to haunt them both. VILLAIN SEASON: Villa is a aspiring film maker from a small town in Alabama who finally gets the big gig he's been waiting for. What he soon discovers is it may be more than he bargained for. Featuring guest appearances by BWA Kane, Kevin Gates, Gucci Mane, Zaytoven, Al Nuke, Str8 Dropp Tha Prophet & More.
In the streets like street life, cooking selling crack cocaine!!! Kevin gates going hard!
Cover I've just made for I made up the name for the Mixtape cover. Cover designed by me…
B.O.B ~ Kevin Gates ~ Dj MoonDawg and the emerging artist! Will be at Columbia College
Bwa strongest name where I'm stationed, hope all the soldiers return home from where they stationed.
I wonder if kevin gates really like that 24/7 or is he just putting on a show for the people
Black on black with game Kevin gates an jeezy is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ it ain't hit old to me yet
Y these *** s WANNA keep playin wit me like my Kevin Gates sex game ain't real.Lol lil girl go find u a child to play wit.
Kevin gates the best rapper on word πŸ’―πŸ‘
Awaiting for to let out some BANGERS!
Tonight! B.o.B w/ Kevin Gates. 9pm show. Tickets avail online now or at the box office tonight.
I need somebody to go see Kevin gates with
Hello wrld im like kevin gates ion get tired $
Arms of a stranger man Kevin Gates b going n
Lets see if i can make this Kevin Gates show tonight ...
Dam I wanted to go to the Kevin gates concert
Who yall think sliding more Rich Homie migos bobby shmurder kevin gates or boosies
If Kevin Gates ever did a Disney commercial...
Check out Kevin Gates Reasonable Suspicion [Produced by Guss] @ SuperIndyKings striving to bring you the best hip hop music from across the globe.
So I got challenged to sing neon lights by Kevin gates should I do it lol let me ask Sherlisa Mariee and Shykerria Lovelace lol
I haven't been to sleep in three days my nickname should be stay up"- Kevin Gates
The official music video by Starlito and Don Trip performing "Leash On Life ft. Kevin Gates" from the Step Brothers Two album. Get "Step Brothers Two" on iTu...
Kevin Gates n Migos got da industry on lock Gucci got da streets
New episode of We Are Young Money coming soon, featuring Kevin Gates. Click the like button if you can't wait! - Check out our sponsors at http:/...
β€œListen to BurnxOne Feat. Kevin Gates and Jay Ant (Prod. by Jay Ant of The Invasion) by Tree Thomas
Feenin x Lyrica ft Kevin Gates so mfking bumping , I love that fqkin song 😍😍
Kevin Gates - Money Magnet this one goes harder , bump it in your car .
New Orleans rapper Kevin Gates proclaims that he's a real gangsta and he pleases his woman by eating her booty... Mm...K.
Mark it down December 5th in Bowling Green KY Kevin Gates live at the Compound
Black on Black - The Game ft Young Jeezy and Kevin Gates
Bro. Bishop looks like Kevin Gates with curly hair πŸ’€πŸ’€
we should talk to Kevin Gates about it
Kevin Gates finna talk about eating that booty
I told my mom Kevin Gates helps me deal with life πŸ˜‚
I can't be the only one who think Michael Myers and Kevin Gates are the same ppl!!! ok
β€œ*faints* β€œKevin Gates looks like Della Reese.”” touched by an angel realness 😩😩
Fredo Santana? β€œI'll square up with any rapper except Kevin Gates, YG and 50 Cent”
Kevin Gates was lowkey looking like Mike Myers LOL
Kevin Gates looks like Mike Myers but lightskinned
sounds like her too β€œKevin Gates looks like Della Reese.”
β€œKevin Gates rap just like his songs but he going off 504 to my city βœŠβ€ why does he sound like Master P
I didn't wanna laugh lol "Kevin Gates looks like Della Reese."
Kevin Gates look like Michael Myers . . W/ the mask πŸ˜•
Kevin Gates look like he can be Micheal Myers son
Kevin Gates look like Micheal Myers or something..
Kevin Gates in the back looking like Michael Myers
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Kevin Gates back there lookin' like Michael Myers wit a swollen face tho
Kevin Gates is so underrated that it's amazing cause his lyrics aren't going down my TL all the time.
Lyfe Jennings is the Kevin Gates of R&B
I added a video to a playlist Go Hard - Kevin Gates ft Rico love
My music can go from UGK to Pretty Ricky to Michael Jackson to Kevin Gates 😩😩
"Kevin Gates music always puts me in a IDGAF mood" yesss. Lol
The city of Bowling Green will be shut πŸ‘‡ on Dec 5th! Kevin Gates live in concert
Kevin Gates in Bowling Green December 5th who’s in there wit me?!
DJ Akademiks speaks on Young Thug and Kevin Gates sneak disisng each other on instagram. Like my Page Check out DJ Akade...
Tmz releases extended footage of Ray Rice hitting his fiance, Kevin Gates and Young Thug go back and forth at each other on Instagram, Migos and Rich Homie Q...
idk you said suck butt and I thought Kevin Gates bc all he talks about is eating booty lmao
when Kevin Gates change his rap name?
Besides the BS , DJ Shields Diamonds turned tf up πŸ‘―πŸ’Ž Kevin Gates was everything πŸ™ŒπŸ˜
As ratchet as he may be sometimes Kevin Gates be saying some REAL stuff
"Killing emotional attachments with the alcohol" - Kevin Gates
Alley Boy hooks up with Starlito and Kevin Gates for this super hard song titled "Long Haul".From the "War Cry" Mixtape.
"I'm often judged for the way that I look at life" Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates knows more words than whats in all rich white men's dictionaries and perfectly embodies why you shouldnt judge by appearances.
Kevin Gates doing a show in Alaska. I might slide, I don't know yet.
What did Kevin Gates say about Thugga tho? Lol
Dawg did I just read that right. Kevin Gates will be here next Friday. Then October 4th August Alsina will be here at the civic center?
Posed to be in Love by Kevin Gates is the perfect song for Ray Rice no joke word is bond!
If you ever wanna get over a person fast. Listen to Kevin Gates πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I ain't playin when I say Kevin Gates is bae
Kevin Gates coming to Nashville the weekend I wanted to go to ATL for my birthday 😩😭😭 I'm crying real tears.
I actually learned why some people I just don't understand & I begin to clash with. Kevin Gates says they're not intelligent! and thats TRUE
I added a video to a playlist Kevin Gates - John Gotti
Told Max to impersonate Kevin Gates & make a couple Stacks
Kevin Gates said "change my people, places, and things" πŸ’‘ that's a substance abuse treatment phrase that pays.
Deeper than the ocean by Future, Momma I'm Sorry by Lil Herb, & 4:30am by Kevin Gates will forever be my favorite songs
All purpose parts banner
β€œSo I see guys are admitting to eating *** now since Kevin Gates said real *** eat booty huh” It was bound to happen
Kevin Gates is trash sometimes, but this is one of my favorite songs.
Cudi is my emotional side & Kevin Gates is my past.. Mac Miller is me currently.. finally figured the connections out lol
Kinda upset that I'm gonna miss the Murphy vs Baker game Friday...but Kevin Gates is so worth it πŸ‘
I love watching interviews with Kevin Gates . his mind so deep bruh .
So if you had to pick between Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Kevin Gates as the spokeperson for black people which one would you pick?
I feel like I'm obligated to go to this Kevin Gates concert just so I make sure doesn't go to jailπŸ˜…
All they listen to in South Carolina is Kevin Gates
Hip hop Debate: Who's the better lyricist? Drake, J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big Krit, Kevin Gates, & why?
Listening to Kevin Gates.. Feel like whippin' some bricks.
Lyrica Anderson - Feenin ft. Kevin Gates: Yas I love it! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜
Satellites is my favorite Kevin Gates song 🎢
Feenin' by Lyrica Anderson ft Kevin Gates is me and song 😏😈
No Lie this Lyrica Anderson - Feenin ft. Kevin Gates: Got Me in the Mood
If She is not Feenin for you then you not Doing Somethign Right Lyrica Anderson - Feenin ft. Kevin Gates:
Kevin Gates done got into Chris Brown head lmao
β€œI fw Young Thug and Kevin Gates a lot this summer”Kevin Gates eat the booty like me
Y'all better get y'all a Kevin Gates *** Or Chris Brown
Lil Bibby and Kevin Gates are going in
Kevin Gates concert was the place to be tonight fr.. First time I stepped out & did something like that in a luh minute..
Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright, Kevin Gates, Lil Bibby , Kool John are really killing it these days!
Kevin Gates & lil bibby need to make more music together
|Chris Brown and Kevin Gates are taking L's for lightskins bruh smh. Stay a real *** August!|
Kevin Gates ate his XXL verse. Still don't get the Vic Mensa hype tho. He's just kinda corny to me idk
Kevin Gates interviews are very interesting .
Kevin Gates coming to Mobile I got to be there
So much going on in Downtown Santa Cruz! Tonight Kevin Gates is rockin The Catalyst Club, Jack DeJohnette...
I thought Kevin gates don't get tired lmfaooo like and share
I haven't heard a single song from that Kevin Gates n. Now he famous for talking about eating ***
how Bernie Mac feels about what Kevin Gates says...
Get your tickets NOW for Kevin Gates "By Any Means" Tour! Upgrade to VIP (includes MEET-N-GREET and exclusive BWA apparel): htt...
Niggaz gone be eatn asz like kevin gates soon lol nasty mf want be hit my blunt!
Kevin Gates playin in my ears all day today...
I don't understand why Kevin gates uses Luca Brasi he was bad but they took his *** out quick.
No Kevin gates not saying eating booty make you real... He saying real *** do whatever to please THEY WOMAN...
Seriously wanna go to Kevin gates concert but can't cuz I get my wisdom teeth cut out that day πŸ˜…πŸ˜«
N-ggas out here eating booty listening to Kevin Gates but he didn't tell yall about the pink eye lol.
Bro i had a dream kevin gates tried to fight my uncle πŸ˜’
Then have the audacity to talk in your face.
- What do you think of this new LeBron 11 Low? 1-10:
I really have to take care of some business today
Hopefully these work hours go by fast
This summer turned me into a Kevin Gates fan
β€œTrust you x Pusha T ft. Kevin Gates”my shxt!
- im so in love with kevin gates its ridiculous βœ‹πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’― everything he rap about be a story and it be REAL !! πŸ’―
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Kevin Gates got his masters degree while prison
Chris Brown as Kevin Gates 😩😭 okay.I'M DONE for today. Be back at 12am bcuz thats a new day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
y'all look out fo Jakey Baby he comin right behind. Y'all
I been up all night baby its a real man birthday wish me good luck on this day I DONT GET TIRED N MY (KEVIN GATES VOICE)
The videos that Kevin Gates be posting on instagram be having me joked out
Today is a day full of hoop sessions 5-7am 2-5pm 6-9pm say I don't get tired !!! (Kevin gates voice)
Love Kevin Gates! That *** can make a girl feel some type of way! πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
Look like Kevin Gates,Rich Homie, Migos taking over lol!
- Kevin Gates talks being managed by YMCMB's Fee and his relationship with Birdman. The Louisiana rapper reveals that he was supposed t...
Went out on Dcyoungfly and Kevin Gates lmao.
- Kevin Gates opens up about what it was like being chosen for XXL's 2014 Freshman list, and explains that he used to look at the magaz...
My favorite track off Kevin Gates album "The Luca Brasi Story". Produced by Swiff D. Download at
*** turned Kevin gates on me and ate my booty.
Cause hurt cuz ive been hurt befor love dont live here anymore kevin gates vc lol
Ion get kevin gates voice
As a gangsta I be pttin ha hands all the way behind ha bck I be diving wen I be diving she be dig dig diggates
Kat Williams x Kevin gates and boosie lmfaooo I'm dead Like and share
Following the Kevin Gates concert is Remy Martin Saturday, August 9th
Someone just edited that Kevin Gates wiki page 12 hours ago AND misspelled "Psychology"
Today's playlist has been a mix of Jim Croce and Kevin Gates. So I guess I done caught amnesia, but I'll carry it with my like my daddy did.
Kevin Gates was in Dallas a few days ago so which girls got they booty ate for the free πŸ˜‚
So.Trick Daddy and Kevin Gates are in the "Eat a Booty gang" and Gucci Mane raping trannies in ain't that serious
I wna go see Kevin Gates so bad Friday
I fell in love with Kevin Gates more when he expressed his love for reading novels. *SWOONS*
Nah. I cant get with Kevin Gates braggin bout eatin booty... Nah. Guess im not real. And im glad of it.
Seeing French, Migos, and Kevin Gates all within a month of each other. I'm ready to get shot, and most assuredly shoot back
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I can't stop watching these Kevin Gates videos Jerry did in my phone
That's always β€œI love Kevin Gates x Satellite Im mad that song been out but im just now gettin into it I didn't like it at first.”
as much as I love me some Kevin Gates, this is too funny
This man Kevin Gates on another level bruh...😐
Kevin Gates giving his son advice about being "light skin" Friday, July 11 Kevin Gates β€’ Lil' Boosie in Houma, La. (TD2CH Tour) at the civic center. Doors open at 7pm. Get tickets on ticketmaster.
My lil bro Tyler Jackson just dropped his single featuring Kevin Gates. Check it out and do what real people...
So I just watched a video of Kevin Gates and I'm not gon lie I was scared as *** !! He's officially the 2014 Fleece Johnson
Kevin Gates got yall dudes eating *** like thats normal... well honey its not 😷
I done got on another promotion ! Kevin Gates out hea next Sunday 07/06
Men do what they must fools do what they want - Kevin Gates
I only have a crush on men I can never have. Like Tupac, Kevin Gates, Morris Chestnut & a few others. Cause they are m! 😜
Kevin Gates - Patrick Swayze is my anthem for this year!
Meek mill yo gotti and Kevin Gates and ace hood the only street *** in the rap game that came from nothing
Louisiana's own Kevin Gates rocks his first "On Da Spot" freestyle for Invasion Radio on Hip Hop Nation (Sirius/XM 44).
Chris Brown went to jail & ate a section of cellmates bruh. I can't tell him & Kevin Gates apart no more.
I was more disappointed with the 1st one in comparison with Kevin Gates, Vic Mensa, Isaiah Rashad & Chance the Rapper.
With the individual freestyles from this year’s XXL Freshman class in the books, the crew unveils the first of the cyphers today. The leadoff group features Kevin Gates, Vic Mensa, August Alsina, Isaiah Rashad, and Chance The Rapper, and the result is an expectedly entertaining clip. Backed by a raw…
The first of our three XXL 2014 Freshmen Cyphers, featuring Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Kevin Gates, Isaiah Rashad and August Alsina.
Morgan always quoting Kevin Gates, so I guess I'll go listen to him. πŸ‘Œ
To go to Kevin Gates tomorrow or to not go?
Kevin Gates is the best rapper out right now as far as REAL hip hop is concerned
Lil mists Cain/Kevin Gates got me out my feelings QUICK!
Kevin Gates and Dizzy Wright gone have the best XXL freestyle
I talk with Kevin Gates about his family’s response to claims of fraudulent energy trades.
Any why that we can talk about it , ain't no walking out we pose to be in love ✊☺️-Kevin Gates 🎧🎧
I just fell in love with Kevin Gates y'all lmao Jp Jp
Causing hurt cause I been hurt before. Love don't live here anymore (Kevin Gates voice)
what you know about that Kevin Gates?!
I''ve had this Kevin Gates on repeat al day!!
Dom Kennedy better than Kevin Gates im sorry..
K.Dot and Kevin Gates and Dom Kennedy gone ride tonight. πŸ‘ŒπŸŽΌ
Dom Kennedy, J.cole, Kevin Gates, & Big Krit are the artist I've been playing the most in 2014.
Kevin Gates, Ace Hood, Rich Homie , Boosie ,and chance the rapper πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
XXLMag got Troy Ave, Kevin Gates, and Jon Connor... But King Los shouldve been on that list. Anyways... Troy Ave is one of the most realist with the quotes.
Kevin Gates & Louis Lbe would probably make the dopest Track together that ever existed
Kevin Gates , "Posed to be in Love" makes me so emotional. I be wanting to cry just listening to it. πŸ˜‚ My crybaby *** .
I love when Kevin Gates talk on his songs
β€œKevin Gates - Go hard >>> can't go a day with out listening to this song !” may25 or nah?!?
I'm glad Louis told me about Kevin Gates
Promoting a lil early, but spread the word. Kevin Gates' artist Percy Keith live @ Club Oasis in Grand…
Video shoot today in Baton Rouge, LA...98.7 radio station in Alexandria, LA tomorrow for interview and my song "Tipsy" feat Kevin Gates premieres tomorrow...107 Jamz radio station in Lake Charles, LA for meeting Tuesday...May 30th show in Leesville, LA at Club Wild Rides with Level Town Representer
Woke up and started my day with my children with music to the likes of Donnie McClurkin. Made all my school runs and came home to some breakfast and house cleaning listening to the likes of Jill Scott and Maxwell. Now it's grind time. .conference call then heading to my store to music to the likes of Kevin Gates to Devin the Dude.
I could just be high, but I think Kevin Gates and Killa Kyleon might be the same ***
We suppose to be in love aint no breakin up any we can talk about aint no walkin out - Kevin Gates
Thanks to everybody who came out last night to Kevin Gates and sorry to the people that couldn't get in, I know...
Kevin Gates all the way to Hughes Springs! πŸ‘ŒπŸŽΆ
What if Kevin Gates came to Choctaw County on May 2? Do you think the club would be packed?
Need a homebody chick that has never heard a Kevin Gates song in her life and attends bible study every Wednesday night.
Kevin Gates on his way to Clarke Atlanta 😩
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
My manager really blastin Kevin Gates station on Pandora.. We chilling
I cringe when my little brother sings every word to a Kevin Gates song including the p word πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
I swear I don't know one Kevin Gates song, none of his music on the note 3, no mix tape of em, I rather bump that b lean, young tello, Chee Ali, fresh fread, young dubb,Keedy Weedy, Gutta loc, Proc, Royse Pee,the LIE movement and who ever else i forgot love that PA flavor , really don't care for out of towners..thats my opinion don't want nobody mad but I Rep that Port Arthur. ..
Come out and party with the MWMG Crew and Kevin Gates at the Otherside event center in tulsa ok..MWMG own Trapp Tha General will be performing also Tha Supa so come out and have a great time!!
Kevin Gates is an upcoming Louisiana artist. In an interview with Peter Rosenberg he ...
Kevin Gates dropped some gems in his interview with Peter Rosenberg.
Kevin Gates interview with Hot 97's Peter RosenbergPosted by Jay
I love Kevin Gates too. He a thug but he so soft.. 😏
Party bus for April 19th to the Cajun Dome Lafayette La. live in concert Boosie Bad Azz , Young Jeezy , Kevin Gates & Zero $100 to ride round trip. Shouts out to my homie Pratt da Catt for doing the first show in La.
Up vibin to the bae "Kevin Gates , goin back all the way too his old Mixtapes. Ooh i can't wait ta go see him in a couple more weeks. Lawd i swear his Puerto Rican self knw he Sexy. 😍😍 Goodnight faces..πŸ’‹.
Kevin Gates just said he listens to Taylor Swift in this interview. If I wasn't in the library, i would have laughed so hard.
Went from CyHi to Stanley Clarke to Prince to Sam Smith to Kevin Gates to the weekend to MJ to Rick James and then common lol
Smiling in your face, you turn your back they talk about ya. -Kevin Gates
We can talk about this more when I'm sober but Kevin Gates' "Wit It" is maybe my favourite R&B song of 014 so far.
Kevin Gates is having a release party but I don't want to pay for tickets and it's the same day as krunkness πŸ˜•
Kevin Gates just told me how to get away with the perfect murder.
Listening to Dark Angel (Feat. Kevin Gates) by Trae Tha Truth on I Am King. Download now on android - |
Which one better the Kevin Gates or YG album?
I'll be on my Kevin Gates flow today.
Purchasing dat kevin gates dat come out tuesday
Shorty look good but her friend look better wish I would known before I even met her -Kevin gates πŸ’πŸ”«πŸ”¦
wanting to see Kevin gates in concert
Kevin Gates needs to come to Bayfest this year🎢
Everybody know Kevin gates is my bd
I done told ya! RT"Lol Kevin Gates is a waste of time. I feel cheap
talking bout Kevin Gates could get it any day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Boo got me hipp to Kevin Gates, the *** cranks.
Easing mi mind listenin to Kevin Gates
DOPE tracks on this cd, grabbed it while in Atx
I'm salty af because I didn't get to see Kevin Gates.
Kevin Gates Got me Retarded in. good way tho lol
Doesnt kevin gates mixtape drop in a few days?
Being introduced to was one of the greatest things ever.
I'm ready for Kevin gates new album By Any Means to drop!
Lately if it ain't Kevin Gates ion wanna hear it.
I may or may not go to hard while me and are ridinπŸ‘Œ
I know a lot but there's some things I
Kevin Gates mixtape drop in 3 days !
The Kevin Gates Love Sosa freestyle is highly underrated.
That new Kevin Gates gone go hard af
Boosie said he wrote 1,018 songs in prison😳😳 . Jesus. Goodbye kevin gates
Bout to be off this lito and kevin gates for a minute
Kevin gates is wayy better than boosie gates is so versatile boosie voice like nicki after awhile it gets annoying
Underrated Audio: dope tracks you may have missed this week This edition features Kevin Gates, JMSN, Blu, *** Jenkins and more
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