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Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates is an American rapper. His mixtape The Luca Brasi Story was called easily the best rap-related thing in February 2013 by SPIN, who also said he has been a rapper to watch for a few years now .

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What's understood does not need to be explained if you really live it. - Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates & BWA present an exclusive leak for the entitled track "Ask Around". Download Stranger Than Fiction on iTunes now! Follo...
Ready for that kevin gates mixtape to drop
Whatever - Rando ft. Kevin gates The first single off (GOOD JOB) Rando's first solo Mixtape. For free download goto my reverbenation page in the link below. ...
"The more I grow in popularity," says rising Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates, "the lonelier it gets." Watch the NPR Hip-Hop interview from SXSW.
She never made kind of love she feeling some type of way A.A.B I'M.Smoove operator .in my Kevin gates voice
Genius life and bwa Kevin gates. Always on the link up. Where we go from here b4 I leave the block? A lil money fine but I need a lot.
Kevin Gates in my hubby's truck this morning on my way into work. Missing my car but loving these jams. Happy Saturday peeps ;)
that *** jarren Benton said I'm tired of hearing all these wack rappers like Kevin gates
Y'all wont believe me buh me and kevin gates have a thing ;)
+50 Cent drops the artwork and release date and single for his upcoming album and debuts his new official website + watch new music videos from Jennifer Lopez. Trey Songz, Isaiah Rashad, and Asher Roth, plus download YG's new album Vince Staples, new mixtape, new singles from Future, i am donald, Kevin Gates, Lil' Boosie, Mobb Deep, and ONYX OFFICIAL PAGE, and download Throwback album Usher Confessions + catch our latest TrueMusic Girl Next Door Shanezz
Kevin Gates is riding clean in the Complex TV First Look video premiere of his new single "Don't Know." Receive "Don't Know" NOW when you pre order "By Any M...
Kevin Gates is coming out with a new mixtape called "By Any Means" is set to feature guest appearances from 2 Chainz, Rico Love and Plies, as well as production from the likes of Jim Jonsin, The Runners, Dun Deal and The Honorable C-Note. His street album drops March 18th, 2014.
how I go from Kevin Gates to Allan Jackson!
panel is starting - Thanks to Trey Hodgkins, Troy Cribb, Kevin Gates, Roger Waldron, & Jim Williams for their participation.
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Famous Quote Said On February 5 We are the ones we have been waiting for. Barack Obama, 2008 February 5 Birthdays Cristiano Ronaldo turns 29 Davis Cleveland turns 12 Neymar turns 22 Henry Hank Aaron turns 80 Darren Criss turns 27 Jeremy Sumpter turns 25 Bobby Brown turns 45 Carlos Tevez turns 30 Sara Evans turns 43 Trayvon Martin (1995 - 2012) Michael Sheen turns 45 Duff Mckagan turns 50 Don Cherry turns 80 Roger Staubach turns 72 Jennifer Jason Leigh turns 52 Laura Linney turns 50 Kevin Gates turns 28 Tony Jaa turns 38 Tiwa Savage turns 34 Barbara Hershey turns 66 Tim Meadows turns 53 - All February 5 Birthdays February 5 History 1958 - Tybee Hydrogen Bomb (undetonated) is lost off the coast of Georgia. 1924 - Royal Greenwich Observatory broadcasts first hourly Greenwich Mean Time signals. 1917 - The Congress of the United States passes the Immigration Act of 1917 over President Woodrow Wilson's veto. 1904 - American occupation of Cuba ends 1852 - The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, opens t ...
Listening to Kevin Gates in pandora and Miley Cyrus comes on
Kevin Gates – The Luca Brasi Story (IDGAF, Paper Chasers and more). 22 tracks (75:03). The Luca Brasi Story was released 1 Feb 2013. Kevin Gates (born October 24, 1989 in Baton Rouge, Louisana) is an American rapper. Since his release from prison in 2011, Kevin Gates has released a slew of free mixt...
Brooke just asked what we wanted to listen to at work Hank Williams Jr, Justin Bieber, or Kevin Gates 🙈🙈😂
Kevin Gates is about to power me through this 30 minute stairmaster warmup!!
Riding around Smokin loud slapping Kevin Gates smiling faces with my glock on my lap!!!
Kevin Gates "Smiling Faces" (audio) from his new street album Stranger Than Fiction Download Stranger Than Fiction on iTunes now! Pr...
Kevin Gates is cancelled so come check out the NEXT BEST THING in the city at TAG.PORT CITY FAMILIA PERFORMING "LIVE".This Sunday Night with Special guest Comedian RUDE JUDE and hosted by Comedian JOE PAIGE.LAST SUNDAY OF 2013 SOO LETS END OFF WITH A *BANG*
I am listening to Love You by Kevin Gates on Pandora using MetroRadio Pro for Windows Phone.
Marshall Mathers is hands down Kevin Gates best song.
“Kevin Gates say Lito been his favorite rapper”
Kevin Gates say Lito been his favorite rapper
I'm mad Kevin Gates think he Micheal Jackson reincarnated
Kevin Gates will be in Pine Bluff for New Years its going down!!!
Well Well Well. Strokin in slow motion. Kevin Gates tickets for sell right now
ha, *** said Kevin Gates look like Tyler Perry
Dudes look at me some typa way when they see I'm a West Coast kid listening to all East Coast music like Kevin Gates...
“Kevin Gates should just move to Pine Bluff.” Lol on a God
Kevin Gates should just move to Pine Bluff.
on that Kevin Gates luca brasi flow today
Kevin Gates' video for "Paper Chasers" off of the The Luca Brasi Story EP. Shot by Coyote Films and Directed by Déjà Star. Get the Luca Brasi EP on iTunes no...
Just cooked breakfast for the fam...gotta get fresh in a few hours! Hardrock Cafe at 5pm! Filming & photos! Hate ima miss the Media meeting with the djs & artists, but I gotta get this $$$!!! YMCMB Kevin Gates 2nite, live at Rush!!!
Just listened to a Kevin Gates song for the first time.. Ehhh, I hope this isn't his best work. Lol cause um, no.. 😕
Nothing makes me more homesick than Dewey Cox and Kevin Gates
Best thing kevin gates ever did was get on that zydeco
Bout to vibe to this Kevin gates til I fall asleep..,
1st it was yo gotti now Kevin gates he think its a game CDs not cheap lol !
he said somebody stole your Kevin gates out your car I said yes he gave me the side eye !
I dont your name, you dont know my name, thats the way i want it is my *** straight up
I've fallen in love with Kevin Gates I think lol
I swear Kevin Gates my favorite artist
Im be sad if this Kevin Gates doesn't download
I'm with this chick, and I'll feel free. She don't demand of me for much. -Kevin Gates
But in the words of kevin gates, i was just thinkin with my *** Foolishness now that i look back at it tho
Lets just listen to Kevin gates, and everything will be ok.😘🙌🎧
i'm like Kevin gates now would you mind if
finally got into Kevin Gates,ii guess he pretty dope…✔
Missed my flight... But when I land in Cali tomorrow me and liable to shoot a video every day.. Turn up
Shout out for my first peace of success the next song is to die for lol special
We get alone like best friends 👫 we hang out like homies 👬 i'm feeling just like Kevin Gates ... girl you bet not change on…
That Twerk line and Kevin Gates Session was on point.
I think Kevin Gates is a rambling *** that doesn't make sense. But hey that's my opinion.
I can keep a secret but we gotta be careful. -Kevin Gates
and also for every generic medium sean rapper right now there is a Freddie Gibbs or Danny Brown or Kevin Gates
Stroking by Kevin Gates been on repeat for bout 4 days now
Just downloaded that Kevin Gates , im just thinking with my ***
Light skinned red hair thats whaaa sup i need it up n my life
, I was right. Kevin Gates did say didn't . I googled it. Lol
Everybody on this Kevin gates ish I don't like him !
Chocked on my powerade fooling around with Kevin Gates. Lol man OMG! 🙈 I miss Damion lol
(for tickets to see Kevin Gates contact pearllion or…
that *** Ervin never heard Strokin by KEVIN GATES
Watz da name of the kevin gates song when it sounded like he was beating on his chest while he was rapping?
Kevin Gates really got *** thinking its ok to just go around licking booty hole. No *** just no
I retract all bad talking on Kevin Gates. Definitely not someone to listen to for lyrics, but buddy knows how to make a jam.
If you do t fuk wit Kevin gates you needa start
I only jam to Kevin Gates now a days.
Kevin Gates the best in the business.. And lito of course
If you could do anything now, what would you do? — Do a song with kevin gates
I wonder when my baby going to meet me in Louisiana
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Kevin Gates ft Juicy J x Thinking with my *** >>
So Kevin Gates is growing on me . Smh
Am I late, or did y'all hear Kevin Gates shoutout in that song White Tan?.
If you don't fw Kevin gates x satellite jump off a building cause that *** jam lol!
Most of kevin Gates songs be sounding alike or maybe its just his voice
Kevin gates has always been that slap!
White folks walk in and hear kevin gates - thinkin wit my *** n they instantly lookin crazy.
what are you favorite songs? — Kevin Gates x Slow Dance , Stroking , Addicted , Do You , Satellites Lloyd x Feel...
I wish would come to Murfreesboro and take me away lol
put me on that Kevin Gates x 100it Gang
I liked Than Fiction ' using the App
I should've went to see yesterday instead of going to the alley.
This weekend? It's going down in Pine Bluff. Kevin Gates and YRG, it don't get no better than that 👌
I listen to Kevin Gates when I'm up like this. 🎧 Would You Mind.?
Kevin Gates has become Louisiana's Tupac, no lie...
Little Giant Ladders
Why Kevin Gates won't stop playing in my head?!?
Fore heavens sakes I think its flow and Kevin Gates🙌🙏
Your mom filmed with cody coyote back in 2011 Kevin Gates Big *** Christmas Concert
rihanna giving me noggin with attributes of a scholar , or should I say knowledge , counseled by a professional .
The new Kevin Gates album sounds like Lex Luger produced the whole thing. That's not good.
CANT FALL IN LOVE FT KEVIN GATES go get your digital copy today off iTunes
I listen too Young Troll diss on Kevin Gates.
"Cause ain't no one on the phone but us. Someone who strong when its rough, someone who won't give up" -🎶
This *** Kevin Gates is gifted wit that music shxt .
hi Lisa, it's still possible to send beats for Kevin Gates project ?
Bumping this getting my mind right.
They was like play, Kevin Gates or Boosie >
real af been killin them videos man. Can't wait for the 16th & 19th to be here!
Thanks to I'm officially a Kevin Gates fan. He was spazzin on
Whatever you do, just stack papers. -
I had a dream abt Kevin Gates last night wwwhhheeew funny part abt it is that ion want him I want >>>>>
Everybody in my phone got a kevin gates ringtone
Ima fall asleep on dat kevin gates flow
Kevin Gates so nasty . He stick his tongue EVERYWHERE !
I'm coming to see you at the howling wolf on the 18.
I ain't know i was on the phone with kevin gates!
Is it too late to get tickets at howling wolf
Still at it. Whippin up one with my *** Kevin Gates.
Listenin to , only thing that can calm me down .
Kevin Gates' 4:30 AM Music video. 4:30 AM is the lead single from Kevin Gates' upcoming album "Stranger Than Fiction," dropping on July 16th! (Audio now fixe...
Now that there are six more months to go this year... what albums are you excited for that have yet to release? Albums I'm definitely keeping an eye out for (in no particular order)- - Doris by Earl Sweatshirt - Old by Danny Brown - Oxymoron by Schoolboy Q - Flockaveli 2 by Waka Flocka Flame - Unit 6 by Ab-Soul and JMSN - Event II by Deltron 3030 - Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay Z - Eminem's untitled album - B4.DA.$$ by Joey Bada$$ - Nothing Was The Same by Drake - Trials and Tribulations by Ace Hood - DOOMSTARKS by DOOM and Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele Presents... Blue & Cream: The Wally Era by Ghostface Killah - BetterOffDead by Flatbush Zombies - Madvillainy 2 by DOOM and Madlib - Cocaine Pinata by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Str8 Killa Pt 2 by Freddie Gibbs - Dark Matter by GZA - FutureHendrix by Future - Stranger than Fiction by Kevin Gates - A Better Tomorrow by Wu Tang Clan - Something Else by Tech N9ne - Country Couzins by Big KRIT and Yelawolf - Love Story by Yelawolf - Hall of Fame by Big ...
Never really made love but i can get it right.. emotions tell her she can stay the night but her friends dont give her good advice.. - Kevin Gates
me and just listen to Kevin gates in the Avvy . Miss you man 😢
is way too talented to let Wiz Khalifa go in on a feature. Im dissapointed
If you listen to rap and don't like kill yourself please.
I can listen to Kevin Gates all day
Even heaven knows sometimes how cold this world gets - Kevin Gates
Just got off the phone with kevin gates lol
Love how Kevin Gates never gets old!
Listen now: BEATS! *|NEW|*Narco Trafficante 2 ft Kevin Gates by via 4
And I'm going hard all day long abound questions asking me why I ain't came home -Kevin Gates
Kevin Gates need to release the rest if the new music , I heard one song so far & it's nice !!!
Shawty with me shining brighter than the lights in the city .-Kevin Gates
Ridin in SoCal and I hear Narco Trafficante by I look and its a 250 lb white dude wit Iowa plates. Dis *** getting out there
The reason I wear shades is so you Kant see the pain in my eyes
Am I the only one who hasn't listened to Kevin Gates or
Kevin Gates really a fool. I don't know why I didn't like him.
Can you follow the clothing range there big fans of you!! Its fresh and new!! Check them out! !!
Perfect day too: Home alone, kitchen looking good af and I'm listening to Kevin Gates.
New Beats at 9pm. .. Credits (Starlito,Kevin Gates,BowWow,Lil Twist, SouljaBoy,KillaKyleon, TumTum and more...) 8
Some say life is a gamble witch means love is a casino! -kevin gate-
Til death do us part threw thick and thin, I wont pretend. Kevin Gates
It seem like everybody be listen too trust youu By Kevin Gates..
If U still puttin bakin soda in a cup u anit no hustle don't ask about tha ticket if u a Boss u water whip that zone( Real)in my Kevin Gate voice) am on these Daq about to just say what like on this Gates Yeaaa babie
Well I am only posting this because it is just too funny: This morning I broke my nose in two places trying to put teat dip on one of the goats. She does not like it. She lunged off the milk-stand and hit me right in the face. Good thing is the X-ray shows the break is aligned perfect, so I shouldn't be so disfigured, at bed time I get to take some Hydrocodone (for once a good nights sleep) and she won - NO teat dip tonight!
We have hot rods, we have rat rods, we have slammed trucks, trucks jacked to the sky, classic, antique, modern, muscle, tuners, boats, motorcycles, and more!!! We do this for the love of vehicles and we love variety. We have two awesome bands (The Midwesterners and The Kevin Fayte Rock N Roll Trio), golf challenge, scavenger hunt, pontoon boat tours of our unique venue, and we have the pedal car drag races which I have not seen anywhere else. And MOST importantly all proceeds go to benefit Lion's Club charities. We also have the Wyocena Helping Hands Food Pantry at the front gate which will be accepting all non-perishable food item donations!!!
For Fathers Day, a story about my Dad, Kevin Bowe. Dad retired, a little early , from the Public Service DND in 94. . . We started working together shortly afterward (96), sometime after that, "CUPE" went on strike. . affecting Greenwood, with picket lines at the Main gate, and the POL. We'll, my Dad forbid us (myself and 3 employees) from crossing. We had several open Work Orders, and stood to lose a lot of Money for non-compliance. . . we became restless, i had 3 guys begging to work, bills to pay etc. . . So one day, we tried, there was no law against crossing, Military Police kept order. . . We came to the Back gate, and waited, nervously . . . . then "Gerry" whom my dad had known for 20 years spotted me. . .. . I was embarrased, he just said to me, in his heavy Newf accent, "what ya doin B'ye?, it shame ur old man if you cross this line, ya knows that don't ya Darrin". . . . see there was no way my Dad would betray those guys, he wouldn't be called a "scab" ever, he'd rather starve. I admit, i though ...
If you could donate 1 million dollar, to one promotion, so they could get a chance at establishing themselves right away. What promotion would you choose? ONLY one. -Joe
What to do. there have been so many sugestions for supporters of 'other' clubs.
[K-QUESTION] What one K-idol would you run and give a big hug too if you ever got the chance? [Tabi]
Really? Westboro Baptist is coming to the Fort Smith area?! And I'm not home?! The one time.
Well, it's been an eventful 5 years at my workplace. Going in shortly for my interview. Applied for a job promotion.. We'll see how it goes. With as many applicants vs openings I have a 50/50 shot at grabbing one...
It is very unwise to put God in a box...He is indescribable, uncontainable, unmanipulatable...He does not take sides but takes over!
Sunday, I rode a rented bike to the Weissensee cemetery to see my grandmother’s restored gravestone. Riding a rented bike, I was delighted and surprised that I didn't get lost given my horrible sense of directions. It was a long bike ride from my apartment in Wilmersdorf (about ten miles in one direction). I rode through the Tiergarten where there was a festival for a bike race by the Brandenburg Gate. Not surprisingly, there were booths of bike items, food, beer—what I have seen when I do an organized bike ride but escalated by the number of booths and people. I then went along Unter den Linden before heading north and then east and north again, past Alexandarplatz, through Penzlauer Berg and then along the Greifswalder Strasse, where I passed a monument that I had remembered seeing when my brother Ken and I first visited the cemetery together in 2004. Since I hadn't seen it since while living here, I thought it had been torn down, but it is still there despite some debate about its destruction. It i ...
In Atlanta airport with four hours to kill. Enrica Bulloch, I waved at the Crown Plaza from the runway! Wish you were coming along.
Thanks to all my family, friends and colleagues for the birthday wishes! :D
Check out my good friend Collin owner of If you ever need some of the best welding in the US, hit him up! Dude is silly with Tig, Porting, and Fabrication of anything. Look at the consistency in his temperature and bead spacing.
Attention Biggest Losers tonight is your last session and your train the trainers session at 7pm, the first half of the session will be a short exercise blast session for you all and the second half will be trian the trainers and the presentations for the winner.For the train the trainer session we have drawn up a schedule to keep the instructors busy LOL if one of you biggest losers want to take charge and give out the instructions to the instrutors please do so :) Please also remember that Terry will be in OLT from 5.30-7pm to take your after pics, so please take advantage of this :)
Bar stoolers will be out in force in August as Celtic vs Liverpool in the Aviva has sold out...the event "The Dublin Decider" is a farce...delighted ill be away...not that I'd go anyway...what exactly is to be decided? Anyway LOI tomorrow Bohs vs Shels, huge game for both clubs in the home of Irish football...I'm so there
Anything you are dying to know or wanting to see? Please share.
peoplez go like my like page Kevin Gates
Got any other good animes? Preferably ones like Steins;Gate and also in English. Until I found another one I am willing to check out I will be watching Pokemon.
June 12, 1987 - "General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization: Come here to this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate! Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
Once you understand the 'Blue Tie' for what it is, everything falls into place! The 'Blue Tie' rant was just a smokescreen to divert attention from her other...
I opened the gates to *** 0516-7650-1758 is my 3ds FC. We have Cherries.
Well today was the official last day of training! Only 2 days until I graduate from the Security Forces Academy. I turn in all gear tomorrow and having a pizza party for the team. Then Friday I will officially graduate!!! Cant believe how quick this has come.
Special Field Trip – Wolcott Mill's Grasslands Birds Friday June 14 – 6:30 pm From Ruth Glass: As you may know, our grasslands birds, as a group, are disappearing at an alarming rate – faster than any other group of birds. We are so fortunate to have Wolcott Mill’s grasslands hosting both Eastern Meadowlark and Bobolink, and possibly others. Please join Kevin Rysiewski and I for a brief look at these birds Friday night. Meet us at 6:30 pm at the gate on the west side of Kunstman Road, just south of 30 Mile Road – this is the entrance to the model airplane field. If you have a scope, please bring it. Binoculars are a must. Duration of this trip will be no more than one hour, and is low impact with minimal walking. Hope to see you there!
Just trying out new video recording software near Amarr station before docking.
As promised: Alice Eidson Naples, FL Alice Jean Eidson lost her courageous fight with heart disease on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 5:45 p.m. She peacefully left our world with her family by her side. She now starts her new life in heaven with her past loved ones. She is survived by her husband, J.D. Eidson; her three sons, Danny Eidson (his wife, Martina) and their children, Brandon and Nick Eidson, James, Kevin, Doug, and Susan Markusson, Eric Eidson, (his wife, Tammy), Jeff Eidson (his wife, Anna) and their children, Zeb, Colton, and Freya; sister, Manetta Osburn and her children, Kevin and Andy Osburn; and brothers, Jim and Jesse Southern. Alice was born in Enid, OK on October 7, 1946. She moved to Naples, FL in 1969. She was the youngest of four children of Dan and Margie Southern, who moved to Naples in 1967. Alice was a dedicated employee of Sunshine Ace Hardware for over 40 years. She enjoyed garage sales and family gatherings. Wild life and nature was also a favorite, along with a good pizza! A memo ...
Tomorrow I head to Dublin. Anyone have any suggestions on must sees.I mean beside the obvious ;)
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Is there any products we make that you guys would like to see a "how to make" on??
The natural world is a distraction from the things of the spirit! = Because everything has its origin in the spirit world, and our words, just like the words of our lord and savior Jesus Christ are spiritual, John 6:63. We must address our battles from the spirit realm instead of our natural realm if we desire consistent victory. As a reminder our natural world is just the conclusions of what has already transpire in the world that we can not see (the spirit world). Anyone whose reality is the things of this natural world HAS BEEN DECEIVED ALREADY and will continue to challenge what they see instead of the things that they don't see (things of the spirit), 2 Corinthians 4:18. This approach will always guarantee FAILURE AND DEFEAT! My words of wisdom for you this morning is simply this, shift you strategy and take your battle to gate of the enemy. Meaning, don't wait for him to attack you in the natural, instead you take the war to its origin, and that origin is the spirit realm where he and his host are l ...
Why do people do dumb things first thing in the morming like walk right up to the fare gate and then dig in there purse looking for farecard (where do they think they were going back to bed?) I think like a boy scout " Be Prepared" so my farecard is in my hand as I get there. Then you gonna walk up the left side of escalator past the people standing on the left and stop 5 steps from the top? Dumb people dumb i
Happy birthday to 2 of my favorite people... Kevin Wolfe and Whitney Minaj.hope you both have an amazing day!!!
Want to win your dad some amazing vouchers this Fathers Day? Tell us why your dad is great and stand a chance to win him one of eight R1000 Mimosa Mall Vouchesr PLUS a R1000 voucher from one of the following stores: HDL, Trappers, Cape Union Mart, Checkers, Options, Moba Couture, The Kings or a hamper from Matrix Warehouse worth R1300! Competition closes Saturday at 13:00 so start posting now!
Ring side parking will only be for Disabled and people with more than one dog, all others can park in the main car park and walk over to the rings, the parking this year has been extended so more cars can fit in but please be aware that if you only have the one dog you will be asked to use the public car park to allow the spaces to be used for people with lots of dogs. There will be a sign on the road saying where the appropriate car parks are plus the stewards on the gate and in the road will be well informed about all this.
In 2006 - I assembled a video crew headed by my wife Brigitte and we had three days to film every square foot of the Norconian interior - literally thousands of feet of video and thousands of still shots.
*** Kishor is missing since last afternoon.I don't know where the *** did he go to lift some stone's again :) :P
On a Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Vegas a guy informed the flight attendant he left his phone in the airport. The doors were already closed on the plane. We pulled out of the gate and stayed in place while the gate attendant walked out on the tarmac and handed the phone to a ground crew member who walked it to the pilot window and threw it up to the pilot. Flying has become a big pain but this was an outstanding display of customer service!
1) Who helps you in the garden? 2) What project COULDN'T you have done as easily without this help? BIG shout out! For me it's 1) Tractor Man and 2) I couldn't bring up as much good topsoil or bucket loads of mulch to the garden without him...and his tractor. Now you. :-) Sue
Looks like I ended up with three roosters. Will they kill each other? If so is anyone looking for a rooster?
Sometimes it's depressing to watch the X-files. Why can some psychopath who's running a suicide cult get like, six hot women to obey his every command, and I can't? It's not fair. Why do good things only happen to horrible people?
If you're too fat to fly maybe you should lose some lbs.
I don't get personal on here. I usually tell y'all what I think about our slackPresident and politics in general. That's cool, fine, whatever. But I have come to realize of late--and feel compelled to share--what a genius my dad is. So I'll brag on him a bit: He is an exceptionally gifted veterinarian, specifically as an orthopedic surgeon. We 'rediscovered' that fact in recent weeks. He's taken a bit of a back seat in small animal medicine in recent years in order to help facilitate the rise of others, but nobody's better at what he does. Period. The perception may be to the contrary in the eyes of some. That's fair. But the wealth of knowledge and experience he wields--both small and large-animal--is uncanny, and I'm proud to learn something new every day from the very best.
A big heartfelt thank you to my family & friends who posted birthday wishes for me xx
Overheard a white 20-something call a black person a monkey today.
Miami Heat finna get a good ole Ida St./ Front St. *** whooping tonite!!
Well proud to say my princess is 6 pounds and she got her mommy at 2? Pounds lol 18,2013
The first two classics of the Triple Crown were won by sons of established stallions whose success at this level was actually a garnish to their credentials as sires of great significance in the breed today. In contrast, the victory … Continue reading →
A horror story from Fri night. I was sitting outside the PABT on a break at about 9pm when I get a call on the radio to go to gate 301 to pick up someone in wheelchair then go to regular gate to pick up everyone else. This is just great considering the monsoon we were having that night and of course you gotta operate the lift from outside. I had a lady in a wheelchair on Mon and Tues so I'm thinking it might be her again. Certainly was with her three kids and husband. I gotta bust my *** sliding all these seats outta the way and on Mon I noticed after she was in she gets up and sits in a regular seat!!! *** is that!!! Now on Fri they were going to LaQuinta Inn in Mill Creek. Once again she sits in a regular seat. They were tourists I think from Canada had that French accent. I get there and the rain and wind were ridiculous at that point. I'm trying to use an umbrella which was useless. As I'm lowering her to the ground her husband decides to be a comedian saying "Nice weather we're having eh?" I wanted t ...
KH3 is rumored to come out on the Xbox one ... u.u
NOT a good way to start the morning. Husband calls "Well I've had an interesting morning. I think my car is totaled.". Geesh what a great way to start out a conversation. I'm like, are you ok. Are you at the hospital? He says no I'm at work. I'm fine. I said you need to get checked out and he says I had to go to work. MEN!!!
Cast your vote. Is your console of choice likely to be PS4 or Xbox One? Vote here:
Hey, if someone is selling or knows someone for 1 ticket on Saturday at Merion, please hum on fbook or text me 610-724-GOLF Thanks
Having Faith in the Lord. I always try to trust in God for everything!Some times we get caught up in everyday life and business of this world and forget where everything comes from! I love racing. I love bringing joy to kids especially sick and needy kids. Two weeks ago I was on cloud nine. My race car was working great, at least I thought. I was racing at Charlotte in the All Star Legends race. My charity is going good,for summer time we have more toys available to help like as if it was Christmas time. Then in a second's notice my motor blew! No warning whatsoever.In fact it shouldn't have blown, it had hardly any races on it. All in a moments minute my world got mixed up. My family struggles just to make it to the pit gate. We had just spent all of our race funds on race car parts and getting ole Betsy setup. As I road in the wrecker back to the pits I was so discouraged. Then I thought of all the folks that just lost their lives and everything they owned with the tornadoes. I thought of all the kids I ...
Liverpool plans to become a financial super power Liverpool’s Managing Director Ian Ayre has given a big idea over how Liverpool are going to turn themselves into one of the financial superpowers of English and European football. Ayre has revealed that Liverpool’s planned redevelopment of Anfield remains on track as the club looks to increase the current capacity of the stadium up to 60,000, matching Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. However, that’s only a fraction of the story as Liverpool look to become a self-sustainable and profit producing business, able to stand alone and compete with the rich owners in football across Europe. "It’s a common aim at Liverpool to produce a situation where the club is not reliant on funds from a personal owner or one particular party." The club’s owner and leader of the Fenway Sports Group, John Henry, has explained that he wants all entities under the FSG banner to be able to finance themselves and that’s only just started at Liverpool. He told a WEEI FM repo ...
PlayStation network no longer free once the ps4 drops?!
I am in need of a preferably a white Chevy 88 style tail gate with all the hardware !!! Let me know or call Kevin Blaisdell to get ahold of me at the shop
Feels weird and wrong seeing the toddlers on that Cow & Gate ad playing "Come On Eileen", a song which is essentially about shagging. Still, could've been worse. Could've been "Relax".
Hi Everyone! I will be out today as I have family visiting from Indiana. With that said, I reached out to Jen. She said she is in for a run depending on the weather. If it's a downpour, the run will most likely be canceled. If you do decide to run in the rain, make sure to be extra careful as the reservoir is pretty rocky. Tuesday Night, at West Hartford Reservoir Tuesday, June 11, 6:00 PM - Address: 1420 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT - Local Directions: enter through the gate, and take a quick left. Park quickly, as the trail entrance is right by the parking lot entrance. -Post run food and beverages at Mcladden's Hope to see you out there! ... Thanks, Luke
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I need advice on flying with a guitar. My 16 year old is flying United non-stop to SFO and wants/needs to take a guitar. What are his odds of being able to carry it on? It's a thrift shop Ovation, so it could go case-less, if necessary.
Looking for a c20let engine box loom and stuff to convert my nova (chrissy)
I've spent my entire day looking at E3 videos and looking up reactions/reviews on the Xbox One and PS4. I hate to say it... but Microsoft has officially disappointed me. Why? Well, let me think... - You can no longer let others borrow your game. All you can do is give your game to someone else, and you don't get it back. - Zero backwards compatibility. Kinda to be expected but... come on. - No offline playing (the Xbox checks every day to make sure you're connected to the internet, and if you're not connected then you get 1 hour to play). - Used games are basically gone. It's up to publishers whether or not you're allowed to sell/trade-in the game you bought. Wonderful. - The dang thing is $100 more than the PS4... figures tacking on the Kinect would have a price. I've read other stuff, but I don't remember it all... It was disappointing, though. Thoughts, guys?
Xbox One: Used/Borrowed Game Restrictions, Has to check in online once a day, Kinect is always on, Indie developers are screwed.costs 499$ PS4: None of those rules. 399$ Welp
Just wanna thank my neighbors again for helping me find Conner today when he wondered off. I am still shaking on the inside! So glad ya'll were home.
Thanks so much for coming thru at the last minute to help fill the dumpster with all the yuuuck debris that has accumulated along side of the house and in front of the gate. Looked really bad... When I knew that Mike and sons and families were coming for stock show requested the dumpster and asked if they would spare hour or so from their play. Terry you are forgiven for not making it until all the work was done... Know you and Dutch were working on your very own house projects... Yard looks so much better and even got rid of some of the garbage in the garage. And thanks to Beth and Courtney for planting my barrels in front with flowers... and you still made it to rodeo and carnival... :) Really appreciate your help
So PS4 is gonna be $399! But what does it come with? What's the specs on it? They didn't even bother really covering the hardware. I guess the REVEAL is all we get to know?! Is there only the one model?
RV Bikes - It seems as though Kevin Cyr has fully embraced the meaning behind eco-friendly camping. Kevin has designed the Camper Bike, a camper that is hoi...
People watching at the airport... one of my favorite things! ❤
Flashbacks from the past have brought back some great memories that I hadn't thought about in over a decade! Nick Lacy,Tony Bravo, Adrian Greene Ennis Veale, Shawnta Fain,Calvin C MartinKelvin Young,Dwayne Jones, Brett Kaminski, Devon Atchison Stenlake I don't know how much I really learned while I was in high school but I had some unforgettable laughs with great friends!! We are all thousands of miles apart but I hope love and happiness have filled all of your new laughs. RIPK. & Willie P. May God be with your families.
so I sent an email to the Right Honourable Prime Minister.. here it is. "I have arthritis.. I may have a medical permit or let to purchase cannabis from the government if I pay the gate keeping money demanded by the MDs. A reasonable person would agree all plants must be permitted to grace an altar of god or there is no religious freedom. 176 of the Criminal Code suggest if any government official messes with me or my religious service they have committed an offence. Also in the criminal Code of Canada.. Common nuisance 180. (1) Every one who commits a common nuisance and thereby (a) endangers the lives, safety or health of the public this is from the Queen of Canada's oath. In the Coronation ceremony of 2 June 1953, one of the highlights was when The Queen made her Coronation Oath (taken from the Order of Service for the Coronation). The Queen having returned to her Chair, (her Majesty having already on Tuesday, the 4th day of November, 1952, in the presence of the two Houses of Parliament, made and sig ...
Kevin Hines , the Keynote Speaker at Help Hotline's Nov. 9th, 2012, Annual Workshop wrote a book entitled: Cracked, Not Broken: Surviving and Thriving After a Suicide Attempt . His book will be on sale beginning July 16, 2013 on The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most recognizable structures to define a modern city. Yet, for author Kevin Hines the bridge is not merely a marker of a place or a time. Instead, the bridge marks the beginning of his remarkable story. At 19 years old, Kevin attempted to take his own life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge - a distance which took four seconds to fall. Recently diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, Kevin had begun to hear voices telling him he had to die, and days before his attempt, he began to believe them. The fall would break his body, but not his spirit. His story chronicles the extraordinary will of the author to live mentally well in the face of his mental illness: bipolar disorder with psychotic features. With each mental breakdown, however . ...
Xbox One will be available in November for $499. I think that's $100 too much for most consumers. The door is open, Sony.
"What kind of supreme being would condone such irony?" If somebody can tell me what movie this is from, you win.
WIMS Rnd.4 complete and a Big thanks to all who showed and supported us, however I will admit I'm a little bummed that we lost so many local riders to a out of state MX series when the local MX market is taken a serious beating this season. Our local numbers are down across the board for everyone and it will get harder to support the local scene when they spend money out of state. Tracks without numbers do not last, like the saying goes " You don't know what you got till it's gone " Cole and I would love to see our Valley riding market grow and with the current season's numbers dropping it discourages the few left here to not participate or share the enthusiasm we need to continue to grow. Just my thoughts this Monday morning as I ponder our future for the sport.
Weird to think that there are almost more aventadors than diablos in production. They just built their 2000th aventador.
if anybody else bring up Kevin Gates sorry *** ima Run yo *** over with a Walmart Bugee!!
In da Plat rockin out wit D.j. Neutron .. Kevin Gates tickets on deck! The first lady to come find me and mention this post gets a free Concert ticket for this Friday.
As I look across the board Houston has produced some major talents such as DJ CHOSE Paul Wall Kirko bangz, Lafayette, La as well with Cupid, Baton Rouge Webbie Lil' Boosie Kevin Gates, Shreveport platinum selling artist Hurricane Chris) , Monroe grammy award winning producer (Rodnae D. Boss, Grambling. La produced the homie Louisiana Cash, Jonesboro's own Lil Snupe just recently signed to Dream Chasers with Meek Mill, New Orleans of course put on the whole hot boys movement, and then that leads me to Lake Charles, LA. WHO???
This the second time on Q93 in one night !
A coward dies a thousand times and a solider dies uno and immortals die zero Kevin gates
Just listening to Kevin Gates so I can put my hood up and look like a ***
In March 2005, Kevin Berthia climbed over the railing of the Golden Gate Bridge. Desperate and distressed, the young man was ready to jump to his death.
If you don't listen to you need to get hip
Why is Mike Posner on my Kevin Gates station?
“if a *** run up on me with the hand gun I might can stand one”... U dne Kevin Gates Jr?
Wth do kevin gates be rapping about?
Kevin Gates didnt even act like Joseline just tried to act man 😒😒
Kevin Gates May 31st. Hit me up for>>> Tickets©
See the working of the serpent when the woman think she clever- kevin gates
Kevin Gates 'Counting On Ya' [Video] - New Orleans newcomer Kevin Gates provides a new visual off his "Luca Brasi ...
today was awesome to top it off kevin Gates drop his video for counting on you
That Kevin Gates song JAM right about now. "She ugly, but she fine!"
“i listen to Kevin Gates to get in my gangsta mood.” 🙋🙋same here
Military Luggage is a superstore for Military Backpacks, Multicam Gear, Military Bags and more!
Inspiration comes in many forms. In the past I have tried to shine a light on the positive stories — the resilient chameleon nature of humanity. I often choose to highlight individuals who transcend personal adversity to achieve tremendously empowering feats. But perhaps I am guilty of slanting t...
As if Ronald Isley and Wesley Snipes were not examples enough. Lauryn Hill, go you've got first dibs on which bunk you would like, and Mary J. Blige will take the other. Chile, Uncle Sam has slapped a tax lien on the queen of hip hop and soul for $3,426,255.43. The IRS is claiming she ...
Sen. Rand Paul insists there's a revealing memo on the IRS scandal (although he hasn't seen it); Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says it shows a "culture of intimidation" within the Obama administration; and more GOPers are trying to tie the president to the IRS scandal without any evidence.
Click here to buy: See the English cast here: A meteorite carrying a foreign virus crashes in Japan...
£1m to help all of Scotland’s secondary schools carry out educational trips.
What is it about presidents' second terms that makes them seem so scandal-ridden? Simple: The iron law of longevity. All governments make mistakes, and all governments try to hide those mistakes. But the longer an administration is in office, the more errors it makes, and the harder they are to conc...
Congress ought to open an investigation, New York Times editorialists should be in a state of apoplexy, and MSNBC hosts ought to be frothing at the mouth. Without appropriate documentation or good reason, President Obama has fired a federal investigator who was on the case against a political ally o...
Costas Inn Come enjoy Preakness Day with live racing coverage. Lets root ORB to victory keeping Triple Crown hopes alive. Special thanks to Kevin, Butch and the rest of the gate starters at Pimlico for joining us for Crabs and dinner last night!! Back-Eyed Susan's all day long!!
My BEAUTIFUL best friend of 37 years. Linda ''Roemer'' Elkin. Still GORGEOUS as ever ! I think that she actually gets even prettier with age, a fine wine. Ha Ha lol :)
Congratulations to the staff of Planning and Zoning Kevin Myatt and Thom Kendall, along with members of the committee, for the Glasgow Alternative Transportation Endeavor (GATE) winning outstanding plan in small jurisdictions presented by the Kentucky Chapter of the American Planning Association. This was a joint effort of the Planning and Zoning Commission, the City of Glasgow, the staff of PZ and community volunteers. GREAT JOB! here. Thanks to Melinda Overstreet for covering this story.
Now THAT would have been interesting to hear on stage!
Midnight Shift w/ Steve Guyger at Lehigh River Blues Jam on June 17, 2011 in Catasaqua, Pa organised by Bev Conklin // Sou...
What the Sam Hill is Going on Here! MAY 17, 2013 Washington, D.C. Insider Says Senator John Sampson Covered-Up Court Corruption BREAKING NEWS: Washington, D.C. insider says NYS Senator John Sampson covered-up evidence of widespread corruption in New York Surrogate's Courts. Source says Sampson was first threatened, but then successfully bribed, to bury evidence involving countless state and federal crimes involving billions of dollars. Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, White Plains, Brooklyn and Manhattan Surrogate's Courts are said to top the list of areas involved. It was revealed on Wednesday that a New York State Court administrative insider said that top state officials had been briefed by the feds on pending federal corruption indictments that would include employees of New York's Office of Court Administration (a/ka/ "OCA"). Most court employees, including judges, are employed by OCA. It was further confirmed by the Washington, D.C. source that judges, with ties to banks, would be among those charged. D ...
I schooled in the walking ring this morning. Took it all in, in my usual cool way.
I don't know if it was on purpose or not but the Marine is holding his hand over his buckle which depending on his rank, has the Marine Corps Emblem (Eagle, Globe and Anchor) on it. Normally a Marine stands at attention with his arms hanging naturally to the side and thumb along the trouser seem. Is he covering it up to protect it from shame? Unbelievable!
"FOX has yet to announce an official premiere date, but FOX entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly has given us some pretty darn specific hints. During a recent conference call with reporters, Kevin said that he thinks The X Factor and Glee will likely “get out of the gate two weeks early.” Last year, Glee premiere on Thursday, September 13. That would put this year’s premiere at Thursday, August 29, provided that nothing changes. Before you get too excited about Glee’s super-early premiere, we should point out that other changes to the usual show schedule don’t have quite as many fans jumping for joy. FOX has decided to break Glee Season 5 into two distinct chunks. The first half will begin in August 2013, but the second half won’t start until the Spring of 2014." Quote from David
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Kevin Berthia both recognized the life-saving efforts of Kevin Briggs, the "Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge," last week at a public service ceremony.
Fallon Hills Lamb will be served at the Art of Eating benefiting the Audubon Canyon Ranch Education Programs. Chef Jamie Lloyd of Golden Gate Meat Co. and our very own Kevin Maloney will be preparing our Fallon Hills Lamb. The Art of Eating is on Sunday, June 2nd from 12:30 to 4:30. Tickets can be purchased at:
The world needs more people like him...
Every police officer should learn from this guy...
Kanye West might want to think about who he has drive his Lamborghini Aventador, because his latest guest driver didn't fare too well. His Aventador
SKC Brian Zweir was recently appointed as the Communications Committee Chairman, as I have relinquished the position to focus on my upcoming term as Chapter President. Chief Zweir has plans for a robust communications presence, including public relations, member and community outreach, and building...
On THREE STAGES plus The Dance Barn and Children’s area, set within Western movie sets and mountain locations -- bring your instruments and ”sit in“ with jamming musicians!
after Goldencents flopped in the Kentucky Derby – he finished 17th over a sloppy Churchill track – trainer Doug O’Neill has reverted to his previous training methods of shorter, quicker gallops prior to Saturday\'s Preakness.
The GOP lost big nationally in 2012, but may have found the key to future success in one southern state. Cash from groups backed by the Koch brothers and others helped North Carolina Republicans build a robust conservative infrastructure and fundraising network, leading to the GOP winning both the g...
Download 2012 LA-- Izwezwe.mp3 free. File hosted free by DataFileHost.
Doing a pump run down the new Tamarancho Flow Trail (Endor) in Fairfax, CA. Ras Zimma in front with Blur TRc, Racer X filming with Stumpjumper Comp Super fun...
Kevin you can have your motorcycle if I can have a house with a gadget like this.
We all know Game of Thrones has a great opening... but so does Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I just had to check how they mix. And they mix VERY well :D Show: Ga...
.just heard Kevin Gates for the first time.. ...he's f**king terrible
This goes out to Kevin Kevin Rucker straight out tha gate.
Rumor has it Steve Fraczek is going to be drumming wearing nothing but our last pair of South Gate panties. After our set he is planning to throw them into the crowd like a bridal bouquet...who wants 'em? We hit the stage at 9:50pm sharp.
8-years ago, CHP Officer Kevin Briggs talked this young man out of jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. That young man's name is Kevin Berthia. Today he is 30 years old and married with 2 children.
I'm finally putting together a web site where people can order prints of the photos I've been posting. Your feedback would be much appreciated - I find it much easier to make websites for others than for myself. Here it is:
We are looking forward to a great pull in Chowchilla this Friday night! We are running 8000 lb unlimited tractors, 6200 lb modified trucks, blown and injected mini tractors and all stock, street classes! Show time is 8:00. See you there!
Eight years ago, 22-year-old Kevin Berthia was literally one step away from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Last week he was reunited with the CHP Sergeant, Kevin Briggs who helped save his life.
Crown Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil is the first Indian royal who has ever come out as *** It took him 30 years of internal struggle before he dedicated his ...
Powerful image. Sometimes police officers do good things. This cop talked Kevin off the Golden Gate Bridge 8 years ago. Now Kevin is married with two kids and just reunited with the cop for the first time
been listening to satellites by Kevin gates last couple days..
I love listening to old Kevin Gates && old Boosie !
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she wnt ha ringtone too be Satelites by Kevin Gates
Happy anniv 2 months and Longlast ya! God bless you!☀
Baby u a rider n I love when u ride it slowww ♫ Satellites by Kevin Gates —
Really just noticed how hard Kevin Gates x "Arms of a Stranger" was tho
My daddy listening to satellites by Kevin gates bubbed ***
I don't see no black and white, I see fifty shades of grey.
Kevin Gates- Luca Brasi Story, mixtape of the year
she also just found out who Kevin Gates is.
In my room bored listening to my Kevin gates. So I mean what up? Last final was today lol I'm ready to kick it !
I liked a video from Kevin Gates Love Sosa Freestyle Official Video)
lol ik . But Kevin gates said refrigerator !
Every morning she played Kevin Gates - Trap Girl
girl that boy Kevin Gates sd that I was like omg
i be bumpin J.Cole all day and Kevin Gates .
SAN FRANCISCO -- As he shivered on a narrow iron bar 220 feet above San Francisco Bay, 22-year-old Kevin Berthia heard a voice. It did not belong to the old wounds, crushing worries and inner demons that had driven him to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Tonight a man who almost jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge is being reunited with the highway patrol officer who talked him out of it.
NewsBC May 8, 2013 VANCOUVER/CNW/ - First annual Concrete Hero Ultimate Urban Obstacle Challenge will take place on September 29th in downtown Vancouver. The innovative fundraiser will draw thousands of British Columbians to scale massive obstacles and race along Vancouver's streets and alleyways in support of the BC Cancer Foundation and leading-edge cancer research in BC.  "We are absolutely thrilled about our first ever Concrete Hero," said Douglas Nelson, President and CEO of the BC Cancer Foundation.  "This year alone, over 24,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer in BC. The BC Cancer Foundation is on a bold mission to dramatically improve the lives of those diagnosed with cancer by supporting world-class cancer research at the BC Cancer Agency. We designed Concrete Hero specifically to engage people from all walks of life to become heroes in their community by completing a 7km race while raising vital funds for life-saving cancer research initiatives," Nelson added.  Concrete Hero will incorpo ...
Velazquezto Ride Itsmyluckyday; Smith Gains Mount on Will Take Charge; Leparoux AboardTitletown Five   BALTIMORE, 05-08-13 – On a rainy Wednesday morning at Belmont Park, Stuart Janney III and Phipps Stable’sOrb went to the racetrack for the first time since his Kentucky Derby victory last Saturday, jogging a mile under exercise rider Jenn Patterson in preparation for the Preakness Stakes on May 18. “The weather was terrible, so instead of galloping, he just jogged,” trainer Shug McGaughey said. “It was a pretty miserable morning when he went out. But Jenn said he was feeling good and moving good. All signs are good.” Although plans changed Wednesday due to the muddy track, McGaughey said Orb will gallop Thursday morning, rain or shine, and is likely to breeze on Monday before shipping to Pimlico Race Course on Tuesday. After adding a Kentucky Derbyvictory to his Hall of Fame resume, McGaughey has been somewhat overwhelmed bythe avalanche of congratulations and tributes to his consummate hors ...
Kevin Gates' official music video for "Satellites." "Satellites" available on iTunes now!
THE teenagers of today... honestly (cue middle-age joke).
During a regularly scheduled weekly news conference, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson urged Chris Hansen on Tuesday to move on in his quest for the NBA's Kings.
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