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Kevin Garnett

Kevin Maurice Garnett (born May 19, 1976) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays power forward for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Now with Kevin Garnett teaching Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin, The Clippers might be even better & tougher soon👏🏼.
Kevin Garnett will be tutoring the likes of Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin.
Kevin Garnett was working out with Blake Griffin during training camp and was working with Deandre Jordan earlier t…
PF better than griffin: Love, Aldridge, Z-Bo, Kevin Garnett, David west, pau gasol
The Giants are going to have their own Kevin Garnett, their own Allan Houston contract, their own Jacolby Ellsbury in Eli Manning.
Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett. AND Rajon Rondo was there. Instead of joining them like Durant did, he went…
There were the Celtics that had Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo. So no he didn't.
It is now confirmed Kevin Garnett was a Jedi Knight, trained by Jedi Master Kevin McHale
The NBA pays tribute to Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen
"Rather than be frustrated with what you can't control, try to fix the things you can." - Kevin Garnett
Wayne Simmonds is the Kevin Garnett. Thats all that matters to me
Kevin Garnett at his first NBA media day is all of us when the weekend hits. [Credit: Jim Mone/AP Photo]
Kevin Garnett retired and don't know how to act 💀
team with david west, Vegeta, dan barnes, Tim Duncan, and kevin garnett
If you missed out on the Kevin Garnett jersey card, I have one more left on my website Get it before it's too late!
The eight players in NBA history to lead one franchise in points, assists and steals: Minnesota's Kevin Garnett,...
Dawg that video when Kevin Garnett told Craig Sager to burn his suit 😭😭😭😭
Steve Smith remind of Kevin Garnett. They both so passionate when they play there sport
he's gone he's like Kevin Garnett in Minnesota...if he leaves the fans need to give him a standing ovation
RIP to a legend -- Kevin Garnett tells Craig Sager to Burn his clothes! via
Every darkskin *** that talked Trash at the basketball court want to be like Kevin Garnett or Gary Payton
Some of my friends snowmobile. I'm a little scared of it.
team with Blake Griffin, james harden,tyson chandler, kevin garnett, Kobe Bryant, and Deandre Jordan
For Dallas to ever trade they would need several players in return like a Kevin Garnett deal. At least 4 t…
This Craig Sager - Kevin Garnett moment will always be a classic.
Kevin Garnett remembers the one and only, Craig Sager.
We all loved Craig Sager's outfits...except that one night when Kevin Garnett went off (H/T
VIDEO: Kevin Garnett and Chris Webber share heartfelt memories of Craig Sager.
This interview with Craig Sager and Kevin Garnett is one of the best. Craig Sager was one of a kind.
KG for the win! . Kevin Garnett will be talking vs. Warriors with Chris Webber TONIGHT in
There will never be a funnier thing than the Craig Sager and Kevin Garnett interviews
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Kevin Garnett claps back and forgets to use his cuss button on 😂 (NSFW)
Kevin Garnett forgets to hit the cuss button and curses on live TV lmao
Dave Cowens, Scottie Pippen, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James are the only players who led their teams in all five major statistical categories.
Early in his career, Kevin Garnett told Carmelo Anthony that Lala (Melo's wife) tasted like Cheerio's. Yes... CHEERIO'S.
Kidd, who is also a legend by himself, has brought in legends like John Stockton and Kevin Garnett to help our youn…
I found all of my cousins old 90's jerseys so I had to cop the Kevin Garnett and the Jason Kidd
Jason Kidd and Kevin Garnett chatting at practice. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that convo
Weird to see list the best case/worst case for forward Anthony Davis as Kevin Garnett or…
So Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Elton Brand, Ray Allen and Amare Stoudemire will all enter the Hall in 2021?
Ray Allen in the Basketball Hall of Fame with Kobe, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett in 2021. That probably will be the best…
The 2021 Hall of Fame class of Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Ricky Davis, and Ray Allen is going to be absurd.
No Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan. I now know how the old heads felt when MJ, Magic and Zeke retired.
It's sinking in: We'll never see Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Elton Brand, Chauncey Billups, etc.…
Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Big Baby & Nate Robinson --->Athletes are angels in the locker room. Not to mention the respectful…
Turner Sports will introduce a new member. Kevin Garnett.his new show "Bold. Unfiltered. Raw" will premiere next Thur…
Kevin Garnett has joined Turner Sports as a 'special contributor,' will appear weekly on TNT throughout the NBA season.
"All of Jillian's friends are right here- Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James"- Kam
Congrats to Kevin Garnett on an incredible 21 year future hall of fame career. Despite a…
"Kevin Garnett was incredibly weird and incredibly rude. And we’re going to miss him dearly in the NBA."
LMAO!! I've waited so long to use that line. 😂😂 anything is possible!! *Kevin Garnett voice*
Charlie Villanueva is the same *** that lied back in 2010 and said that Kevin Garnett said "He was cancerous to his team"
Kevin Garnett played against Magic Johnson and with Karl-Anthony Towns, who had yet to be born when KG made NBA debut.…
Kevin Garnett earned $335,872,398 from NBA contracts during 21-year career - the most of any player in history. That's…
Coming out of Kentucky, Anthony Davis was compared by to Kevin Garnett and Marcus Camby.…
Throwing it back. to Kevin Garnett & Kevin McHale working in the post at training camp.
Kevin Garnett (with the towel wrapped around his head) coaching the Clippers' rookie big men, Brice Johnson and:.
to Kevin Garnett's only NBA Championship in the 2008 NBA Finals. Thanks for leaving it all…
Tim Duncan is 40. Kevin Garnett is 40. Brad Stevens is 39. Let that sink in... ☘
Kevin Garnett helped bridge the gap between MJ and LeBron (by
Kevin Garnett so old he was guarding Magic Johnson, who made the gorgeous lob to Eddie Jones here
Danny Ainge confirms the obvious with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce having their jerseys retired in the future.
Report: Kevin Garnett expected to retire after 21 seasons via
Kevin Garnett helps restore glory to the by bringing the franchise it's 17th NBA title!
🚨Breaking News🚨 Kevin Garnett will reportedly retire after 21 seasons in the NBA.
Kevin Garnett has posted a farewell message...
Kevin Garnett has announced his retirement from the NBA. One of the greatest PFs to play the game and played every game li…
Basketball> 5 ways Kevin Garnett changed the game - Kevin Garnett is--
Kevin Garnett retiers, not good news. Still is in my top 3 with M.Jordan and Kobe. What a player, hat down for the career!
Thanks for a great career Kevin Garnett
Feels right posting this with Kevin Garnett retiring today.
Prince is dead and Kevin Garnett is retiring so no one talk to me.
Kevin Garnett had three seasons averaging at least 20 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists. Only Larry Bird, Wilt have had mor…
Former guard Chris Carr reflects on the & Kevin Garnett, who retired today. More:
Report: Kevin Garnett retirement announcement expected to happen today.
Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett trash talking for the last time. .
Kevin Garnett decided to retire, but his old coach Doc Rivers wanted him to give it one more shot:
Been busy but congrats to Kevin Garnett on a legendary career.
Kevin Garnett reflects on his career and the mental strength that made him a 15-time NBA All-Star... - via App
Kevin Garnett made $326 million of contract earnings in 21 yrs (not even counting endorsements)-- the most career earnin…
With Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and now Kevin Garnett, the 2021 Hall of Fame class may be one of the best ever
Tim Duncan vs. Kevin Garnett: By the numbers via
With Kevin Garnett retired now, players from the 90's still in the NBA are:. • Vince Carter. • Jason Terry. • Dirk Nowitzki…
Was Kevin Garnett the most intense Celtics player of all time?. Not sure you can no after watching this:.
REPORT: Kevin Garnett set to retire after agreeing to contract buyout with the Minnesota Timberwolves.
BREAKING: After 21 seasons, Kevin Garnett has officially announced his retirement from the NBA.
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver released the following statement regarding Kevin Garnett’s announcement today
In 1995, Kevin Garnett entered the known as Da Kid. It wasn't long before he earned the nickname, Da Man.
Kevin Garnett reflects on his career 來自
Congrats to Kevin Garnett on an incredible career.
We thank Kevin Garnett for his 21 years of excellence and dedication to the game. You changed the game KG, enjoy your reti…
Little Giant Ladders
The number one thing we will remember about Kevin Garnett is his hilarious level of intensity in all situat...
to when Kevin Garnett put Blake Griffin on a poster!.
Kevin Garnett walks about from the NBA earning $326,304,240 in contracts.
F Kevin Garnett is expected to announce his retirement on Friday
With Kevin Garnett's retirement. There are now no more active players that can be played on the Super Nintendo & the S…
Thank you Kevin Garnett for blessing the Nba with your talent, body and spirit. You will be inducted in the next HOF i have no doubt!
Kevin Garnett will forever be a savage.
Kevin Garnett has announced that he's retiring. There will NEVER be another KG.
Kevin Garnett won both MVP and DPOY honors in his NBA career. The only others to do it? David Robinson, Michael Jordan a…
Kevin Garnett had an NBA career for the ages. How much of it can you remember?. QUIZ:
Kevin Garnett was a mans man his entire career. Never saw him take a minute off. Came in a young man, left a legend. God Bless
" 15 time all star, NBA champion and former MVP Kevin Garnett has announced his retirement "
Kevin Garnett's big night against the Kings, and not in a good way...know what I'm talking about? Video at 10:50 tonight.
Kevin Garnett is retiring and unofficially becomes the 1st player to play 20+ seasons without gaining a pound.
BREAKING: Kevin Garnett announces retirement after 21 seasons in the NBA.
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Kevin Garnett and Michael Jordan are the only players to lead a current franchise in points, rebounds and assists. https:…
Kevin Garnett dominating everyone in 1-on-1 during USA practice
My second favorite basketball player ever retired today! Just read the quotes about Kevin Garnett. Winner, winner, winner!!!
Kevin Garnett was the Best 2-Way and Most Versatile Power Foward of All-Time and it's not debatable. His Peak was higher then…
No Kobe Bryant, no Tim Duncan, no Kevin Garnett, no Chris Bosh. NBA won't be the same.
Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Amar'e Stoudemire, Kevin Garnett, and maybe Chris Bosh all done... In one year.
The crew talk Kevin Garnett, Chris Bosh & more... LIVE on NBA TV!
Kevin Garnett, Kobe, Duncan, and maybe even Chris Bosh. Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant on different teams. Gonna be crazy season
Before I was a Fan of Allen Iverson, and Kevin Durant, there was Kevin Garnett the reason I wore in High...
Kevin Garnett and are a dying breed. Team leaders who don't put up with BS. Competitors. Thanks guys.
Kevin Garnett retires today after leaving the mark of a legend with both the Celtics and the NBA:
Kevin Garnett is retiring from the NBA after 21 seasons. Thank you, KG
BREAKING: Kevin Garnett officially announces his retirement via Instagram. Thank you, Big Ticket
cover athlete Kevin Garnett is retiring. A lot of legends leaving the game. Hitting me in the feels.
BREAKING: Kevin Garnett is expected to announce his retirement today, per
Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, all retired in the same year; the year before, Steve Nash. Time eats everything.
Breaking: Kevin Garnett will announce his retirement shortly. . Thank you for the memories, KG.
AP source: Timberwolves working on Kevin Garnett buyout
this is also false... Moses Malone... Kevin Garnett... Just a couple before Kobe
"I thought Kevin Garnett was a white guy". - Momma Vinyard, 2016. 10/10 - ign
Pro Basketball Talk - - Doc Rivers thinks Kevin Garnett will come back for 22nd season to teach Timberwolves
Starting lineup if JK was coach of USA Basketball:. - Andre Miller. - Jason Terry. - Paul Pierce. - Vince Carter. - Kevin Garnett.
A young Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury. That was supposed to be the duo of the future for the Timberwolves. Starbury got too jealous tho
Players to do that in a playoff run:. Kevin Garnett - 2004. Charles Barkley - 1993
Players to put up those totals in a season:. Kevin Garnett - 2004
team with Paul george, Michael Jordan, kevin garnett, spongebob, and lawrence carnes
2012-13 Elite Series Turn of the Century Kevin Garnett /99 Boston Celtics 8x7
team with Damian Bates, Anthony Davis, Mr.crabs, dan barnes, and kevin garnett
Like the great philosopher Kevin Garnett once shouted, 'ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE'
team with ross teeter, Trey ebert, Carmelo Anthony, kevin garnett, and batman
Kevin Garnett once cussed out a young Avery Bradley for missing a layup in practice.
like for some reason he was like Kevin Garnett
The beautiful thing about when you go through a slide is that you learn from it. Not just say
DRAGONS - the only ones that can be great leaders at a young age . -. Tim Duncan. STEPH CURRY. Kevin Durant. KEVIN GARNETT. DERE…
Ex-76ers GM Billy King said AI wanted to be traded to Minnesota to play with Kevin Garnett back in ‘06
Heard of Conor McGregor? Loved in America because of his trash talk. Chad Johnson? Deion Sanders? Kevin Garnett? Muhammad Ali?
I get Kevin Garnett, Darius Miles, Bud from the Cosby Show, and Tim Thomas more than anything.
Nine years ago, the Boston Celtics acquired Kevin Garnett and the Boston Three Party was formed.
Nine years ago today, T-Wolves traded Kevin Garnett to the Celtics to form the modern day Big 3
Kevin Garnett was the first player to win the NBA Player of the Month Award four times in a single season.
Vince Carter..Paul Pierce...wade..Kevin Garnett..coming to the end of there careers 😔
It's almost sad. Once Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Vince Carter retire it will actually be the end of a legendary era..
If PF-C Kevin Garnett plays this season, it will be his 22nd, passing Robert Parish and Kevin Willis for most seasons all-time
1995: Kevin Garnett. 1996: Kobe Bryant. 1997: Tim Duncan. What a Hall of Fame class if all are retired this summer.
Klay Thompson vs Scottie Pippen, Leonard vs Durant, Tim Duncan vs Kevin Garnett, or Kobe vs Magic (for greatest laker of all time)
Dwight Howard is in bad shape and Kevin Garnett fell asleep
And then there was one. Among NBA players who played in 1997, only Kevin Garnett remains.
Because of Tim Duncan's retirement, Kevin Garnett's now the only active NBA player who was drafted before 1998.
And then there was 1. After Duncan's retirement, Kevin Garnett remains as only active player from '97-'98 season.
Better than Karl Malone, better than Kevin Garnett, and especially better than Charles Barkley.
Alex Rodriguez, Adam Vinatieri, and Kevin Garnett are the only NFL/NBA/MLB players left to debut before 1997
also on the fringe of that list, Jason Kidd, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Willis, Reggie Miller, ..and i think Artis Gilmore is close
They Heat signed Derrick Williams instead of first ballot hall of fame Kevin Garnett 😤
Celtics just got Ray Allen, I mean Al Horford. Now we just need Kevin Garnett, I mean Kevin Durant.
short memory I guess you don't remember Ray Allen or Kevin Garnett. That was all Ainge!
Since 1998, the highest-paid NBA player each season has been either Shaquille O'Neal, Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant. Welcome,…
Maybe the sixers will sign Jamal Crawford and Kevin Garnett!
In honor of Craig Sager's 65th birthday, a look back at his best suit moments with Kevin Garnett.
Avery Bradley is the last remaining player on the Celtics to have played with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, & Ray Allen.
This kid could be the next Kevin Garnett...or he could be a complete bust. Will depend on how Kidd and Co. bring him along.
All purpose parts banner
Kevin Garnett was beaten out by Vince Carter for the Teammate of the Year award, which apparently exists, and is voted on by…
Bill Russell to Kevin Garnett - "You have no idea how proud I am of you, I couldn't be any more proud of you than I am…
if Newman was runner up with no wins 2yrs ago... cue Kevin Garnett cause
Westbrook is a mixture of Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant just so relentless and intensity never dies.
Avery Bradley is the first player to be named to the NBA All-Defensive 1st team since Kevin Garnett & Rajon R…
Happy late birthday to Kevin Garnett! You truly showed what it meant to bleed green
From the Kevin Garnett sits down with legend Bill Russell!
Join us in wishing Kevin Garnett of the a HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!
Do people really believe that Draymond Green is that intense of a player? They must have never seen Dennis Rodman or Kevin Garnett!
How about this squad of past Wolves picks:. Kevin Garnett. Ray Allen. Ricky Rubio. Isaiah Rider
drafted Isaiah Rider, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Rubio with the 5th pick, it'll be interesting to see who they go with this year
Hey Brooklyn how is that Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry trade working out for you guy's Smh
My all time starting lineup would be:. PG: Oscar Robertson. SG: Michael Jordan. SF: Larry Bird. PF: Kevin Garnett. C: Bill Russell
Players who I am honored to have gotten to watch play. Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Pre-Injury D-Rose, Steph Curry, Kevin Garnett
I used to be a fan of Boston with Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Glen Davis and Rajon Rondo but they traded all of em
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
As Drake is celebrating the win tonight, Kevin Garnett posted this on Instagram earlier today...
Kevin Garnett's Instagram makes me miss the best big three there ever was:
Man I miss when the Celtics had Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen
Mason Plumlee is the first player with 20 rebounds and 8 assists in a playoff game since Kevin Garnett in 2004.
Mason Plumlee is the first NBA player with 20+ rebounds and 9+ assists in the playoffs since Kevin Garnett on April 21,…
Rajon Rondo passed Kevin Garnett, Dennis Johnson, and Mike Bibby for 44th all-time in assists.
Okay so is Kevin Garnett gon retire orr??
and Kevin Garnett can't win without James posey
Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili & Vince Carter are the only retirements I care about. 🙌🏼👏🏽
Paul Pierce is definite. Will the Celtics retire Kevin Garnett, Rajan Rondo and Ray Allen jerseys?
Kevin Garnett is so old😂 his coach right now (Sam Mitchell) played with him on the Timberwolves
Watching Dave Roberts manage the Dodgers and Kevin Garnett in a suit on the sidelines in the final week of his career. Thx for the memories
How good did Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Brook Lopez look on paper
.talked to The Show about the Blazers, & getting guidance from Kevin Garnett:
Kevin Garnett pays tribute to Tim Duncan with throwback picture
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Sean Miller sweating more than Kevin Garnett, Shaq, and D-Wade combined
Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, rondo, glen Davis, Kendrick, Nate, Ray Allen we was unstoppable
Remembering Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett's Celtics days... *** that was the real Big 3...
He had 3 hall of fame players on that championship team...Paul Pierce,Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett
Lebron James just quietly slides by Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Tim Duncan in all time scoring...
Kevin Garnett would snap on them😂😂 Rondo kicking it out to Ray. Paul with the isolation. Bro
Kobe is the greatest and Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen had heart!
VIDEO: Kevin Garnett tells Eric Gordon exactly what he thinks of him
Kevin Garnett: the next great NBA analyst.
Kevin Garnett may be done for the season, according to Wolves' Sam Mitchell.
Kevin Garnett is one *** of an interesting dude. Even on the bench. . (NSFW. H/t
I had stan smiths for a long time before the kanye adidas and i had those Kevin Garnett and Gilbert Arenas sneakers
Not bad seats, but Kevin Garnett is still out. @ Smoothie King Center
Nope, Kevin Garnett still isn't over losing the 2010 NBA Finals.
Avery Bradley has a new treasure: a signed Kevin Garnett jersey
Website Builder 728x90
Kevin Garnett challenges Will Bynum and learns his lesson
Watch young Kobe Bryant and young Kevin Garnett get to know each other
No more Paul Pierce, No more Tim Duncan, No more Kobe Bryant (3rd greatest of all time), and No more Kevin Garnett. That's crazy 😱😱😱
You see that throwback pic from 2004? Only Tracy McGrady might not be HOF'er. Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson & Ben Wallace would.
who is your all time on "The List", mine is . G:Payton. G:Vernon Maxwell. F:Ron Artest. F:Rasheed Wallace. F:Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett is 17th on All Time NBA Scoring List? That's pretty impressive
It's important to be around people that have the right kind of attitude, being happy about what you're doing. – Kevin Garne…
One great goes right by another: LeBron James passes Kevin Garnett for 16th overall on all-time scoring list
on the cusp of passing Kevin Garnett (26,071) for 16th All Time; Now
Congrats to on passing Kevin Garnett for 16th on the NBA’s All-Time Scoring List!
.passed Kevin Garnett for 16th on the all-time scoring list.
LeBron James has passed Kevin Garnett for 16th all-time on the NBA scoring list (26,074 career points and counting).
King James passed Kevin Garnett and moved into 16th place on the NBA's all-time scoring list!. ✔️ https…
oh, you mean like Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen when they went to Boston?
so you mean leave in search of a ring ? lol Ray Allen , Kevin Garnett , Allen Iverson , melo , Steve Nash , Dwight ? pau
Isaiah Thomas is the first Celtics All-Star since Kevin Garnett & Rajon Rondo were named to the 2013 All-Star Game.
Kevin Garnett is the fake tough guy. Ray Lewis a real tough guy... the "anti-tough guy"
I had classic Pau Gasol and Kevin Garnett vs Spud Webb & Isiah Thomas(BOS)... what a time to be alive.
Timberwolves' Gorgui Dieng: To come off the bench Wednesday: Kevin Garnett is out Wed...
Three people bring out the sports ire in me: Matthew Dellavedova, Kevin Garnett, and Captain Mike Rotunda/o.
Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett think Dwight Howard is soft. butted his soft ***
If Kobe Bryant is making the All-Star team "because he's a legend" then so should Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.
I miss the Celtics with Rondo, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and big baby Davis. Those were the days 🍀
Almost time to ring the bell as Kevin Garnett and JaKarr Sampson get into shoveling match
kid got a HUGE heart! His mindset & the anger he plays with remind me a little bit of a guy named Kevin Garnett!
Kevin Garnett plays Grandpa, Deandre Jordan mom in new ads:
. is a baby in a new State Farm ad with Chris Paul, Deandre Jordan, Kevin Love and Kevin Garnett
The NBA just won't be the same with Kobe, Vince Carter, Manu Ginobli, Paul Pierce, Tim Duncan, & Kevin Garnett 🏀😔
I LOVE My Boston Celtics!!! And I LOVED Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen when they were with us, and as basketball...
Tim Duncan has only played for one coach, Gregg Popovich. If that was also true of Kevin Garnett he'd be in his 21st season with Bill Blair.
Wade Boggs, Kevin Garnett and the evolution of two great franchises (via
Kobe lists the greatest players he's ever played against, but leaves out: Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce! What're your thoughts?
Kevin Garnett is one of the respectable players ever in the NBA
Some of the finest work of career. A look at Kevin Garnett, the last of a dying breed.
(VIDEO) Kevin Garnett salutes the Boston crowd "I grew up when I came to Boston"
Kevin Garnett gets a standing ovation in potentially his final game in Boston. (WATCH):
This Kevin Garnett fist bump represents everything about him and Boston
It’s quoted/linked in there, but seriously, go read fantastic story on KG + Gino Time:
Kevin Garnett makes what will likely be his last visit to Garden as an NBA player.
At Back in Boston, Kevin Garnett enjoys 'Gino Time' one more (one last?) time.
Celtics fans shower Kevin Garnett with an impromptu standing ovation:
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: A look back at Kevin Garnett's night at the Garden
team with Paul george, lawrence carnes, Anthony Davis, kevin garnett, and damian lillard
Discussing Kevin Garnett & the NBA with from Give it a listen on
"Boston's always had a special place in my heart & probably always will" -Kevin Garnett reflects on return to Boston. https:…
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Kevin Garnett: “Boston’s always been a special place in my heart and probably always will.” ht…
Number 5 is a legend. One of the best ever "Celtics fans salute Kevin Garnett, maybe for the final time
Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett beat Kobe in a finals . and he named a guy he really only played against 3 times.
Goosebumps moment as emotional KG gets maybe one last dance with Gino in Boston. (
Kevin Garnett soaks in one last time at
Bulpett: For Kevin Garnett, it's classic night at the Garden. . (Sent from Boston Herald)
WATCH: Kevin Garnett received standing ovation in possible last game in Boston
In possibly his last game in Boston, Kevin Garnett was treated to a standing ovation .
"I like to say Minnesota made me a young man, but I grew up in Boston". ~ Kevin Garnett ☘
Kobe so good...nobody cares that kevin Garnett retiring too
I liked a video Ray Allen checks in for the Heat, Kevin Garnett ignores him
The researcher for the new season of Serial is named Kevin Garnett. Now I can't stop imagining KG mf'ing clerical workers o…
Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce. All future Hall of Famers. LeBron will pass all 3 on the All Time scoring list …
I need 30 points from Dwayne Harris tonight...hey Kevin Garnett said "anything is possible" right???
Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett all threw down some throwback dunks this week! The former Celtics!
Kevin Garnett passes Karl Malone to become the NBA's all-time defensive rebound leader with 11,409.
Tonight, Kevin Garnett passed Karl Malone to become NBA’s all-time defensive rebound leader (11,409)
Congrats to an all time great Kevin Garnett who became the all time leader in defensive rebounds in the NBA https…
Tim Duncan vs. Kevin Garnett, Two for the Ages - Project Spurs
Lakers vs Timberwolves was the 1st matchup in NBA history between 2 players (Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett) in their 20th o…
Kevin Garnett throws down a monster jam on Blake Griffin with pass cc/
Kevin Garnett dunking over Blake Griffin in 2015 should be worth at least 10 FanDuel points right?.
Kevin Garnett dunked all over Blake Griffin last night because it's 2001 again:
ICYMI, Kevin Garnett was dunking on folks like "Da Kid" last night. WATCH:
Karl-Anthony Towns got super excited about the Kevin Garnett dunk on Blake Griffin.
Kevin Garnett's turn back the clock poster of Blake Griffin with all the angles and reactions
Now that the football game is over can we all just acknowledge what Kevin Garnett did to Blake Griffen 😳😱
In case you missed it: Kevin Garnett dunked on the chump Blake Griffen.
Blake Griffen gets a taste of his own medicine from the veteran Kevin Garnett
NBA - Kevin Garnett turned back time, dunked on Blake Griffin!
Kevin Garnett just did this to Blake Griffin. KG is 39.
Kevin Garnett rolls back the clock and puts Blake Griffin on a poster
Kevin Garnett putting Blake Griffin on a poster 😨
I really wanna know what Kevin Garnett said to Blake Griffen after he dunked on him...
Oh my goodness, Kevin Garnett just dunked right on Blake Griffin and immediately got T'd up.
Anyone wanna explain how Kevin Garnett just did THIS to Blake Griffin?!?!??!.
Congrats to Kevin Garnett of the on becoming the 15th player in to reach 26,000 points!
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