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Kevin Durant

Kevin Wayne Durant (born September 29, 1988) is an American professional basketball forward with the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Kevin Durant is doing a great job helping the Warriors win. But enough about the 2016 Western Conference Finals
Kevin Durant been a member of the Warriors since the Western Conference Finals..
To my opinion I believe Carmelo Anthony is way better than Kevin Durant...
List of players to average 21-8-4 on 49-33-76 or better:. Kevin Durant. Blake Griffin. Karl Malone. Kevin Garnett. David Robinson. Larry Bird
Russell Westbrook is a better player than Kevin Durant - Thunderous Intentions
Celtics are 1 win away from clinching the 1-seed in the East. Imagine if Kevin Durant chose the Celtics in free agency
Kevin Durant to the Wizards?? Kyle Lowry to the Rockets?? Top 5 Crazy Offseason signing that could happen!…
Kevin Durant is sort of unprecedented
I hope the Kevin Durant in your life leaves you so you can be the Russell Westbrook you deserve to be
How many teams, after losing a player of Kevin Durant's caliber, can have a season like OKC? Thats all Russell Westbrook.
So can we agree that it was actually Kevin Durant who was holding Russell Westbrook back? Not the other way around.
Russell Westbrook is better than Kevin Durant. Don't @ me.
Russ doesn't need Kevin Durant... he has KYLE SINGLER! We were just saving him for playoffs to make sure he wouldn't get…
Kevin Durant's knee looking healthy and ready for the playoffs. 😂😂😂
Kevin Durant returns to the lineup with 16 points, 10 rebounds & 6 assists!
Kevin Durant makes his return tonight
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"Baseball been berry berry good to me” — Kevin Durant
A Kevin Durant fan is ready for his return 😂 (via
Tonight, for the first time since Feb. 28, Kevin Durant will take the court.
Kevin Durant made this young fan's day 🙌 (via
Kevin Durant believes player rest is only an issue when players are involved
Kevin Durant has classic response when asked if he missed media during injury
The Golden State Warriors are looking forward to the return of Kevin Durant, hear Warriors insider Monte Pool...
If that last forward spot comes down to Kevin Durant or Gordon Hayward, we really going to give it to Hayward via an injury technicality?
Kevin Durant *and* Harry Kane coming back ahead of schedule?
This Just In: Warriors have targeted Saturday night's home game against New Orleans as the return date for Kevin Durant,…
Kevin Durant spent 8 years in OKC; his Players Tribune farewell was 351 words. Malik Monk went to Kentucky for a year an…
I liked a video from I Can't Believe They Let This Happen | Kevin Durant set to
Starting Ray Allen as the sniper RW and Kevin Durant, the blue liner leading the league in scoring as…
Steph Curry has now outplayed Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, & James Harden without Kevin Durant and during a tough…
Kevin Durant wants to go back to being friends with Russell Westbrook
"Kevin Durant says 'shady' James Worthy was nice in person, badmouthed him on TV" {by James Herbert} via
We were robbed the chance to see Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kevin Durant play together in their prime. That wo…
Joe Ross would love for Kevin Durant to throw out the first pitch at a Nats game. But would fans want that?
Could you imagine if Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook were all still on the same team?
Devin Booker better than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant. Don't @ me😬
Kevin Durant just did a two-handed vertical dunk before exiting the practice court. Prior, he did some spot shooting. He…
Kevin Durant's rehab going well, making Warriors optimistic about return via
Link to the latest on Kevin Durant's promising recovery steps co-scribed with -->
Kevin Durant admits his bond with Russell Westbrook "won't ever be the same".
Golden State Warriors ground breaking Ceremony for New Arena, Kevin Durant commits to new State Warriors
Watch: Kevin Durant discusses his knee injury.
Kevin Durant tells a LOL story about meeting this “white kid” named Steph Curry 16 years ago!. VIDEO:
I guess all these LeBron haters would rather have Korver, D-Will, Bogut, and Larry Sanders over Kevin Durant. Interesting.
But you're cool with the 73-9 Warriors adding Kevin Durant, huh? Didn't know you're not supposed to improve your team if…
If you build it, they will ball. Check out Kevin Durant's Charity Foundation! .
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Chris Lofton puts one in the eye of Kevin Durant, Tennessee goes on to win. (2006)
The Warriors would've been better off not signing Kevin Durant. Nick Wright (explains.
Shaq on Kevin Durant: 'He can’t talk to me like that...You’re not in the club with me and those [championship] guys'
AUDIO:PG elevated on how his team will pick up the slack for Kevin Durant's absence:
Is prime Tony Allen as valuable as Kevin Durant? D is great and super important, but scoring holds higher importance imo.
Kevin Durant is going to be 72 years old and waking up in the middle of the night because he's scared Tony Allen is in t…
I can't believe no one is comparing Kevin Durant moving to GSW to Ray Allen moving to Miami. Probably because Ray Allen was…
disrespectful by you. Kevin Durant actually misses the occasional shot. Tony Allen would never!
Tony Allen is basically Kevin Durant against the Rockets
Texas had Myles Turner, Jarrett Allen and Kevin Durant and have one tourney win over New Mexico State to show for i…
Warriors fall on road to Bulls in first game since Kevin Durant's injury
Charles Barkley: The Warriors won’t make it out of the West without Kevin Durant
I never noticed it but Kevin Durant & Offset kinda look alike
Kevin Durant is going to be in the new Space Jam 2 movie!
Check out "Piece of cake: Kevin Durant's night puts icing on rout" (via
Golden State forward Kevin Durant suffered Grade 2 MCL sprain, tibial bone bruise. He will be re-evaluated in four weeks.…
The Cleveland Cavaliers' NBA rivals are out of their minds if they think this player will help replace Kevin Durant.
A review of Kevin Durant's injury should leave the Golden State Warriors feeling fortunate…
first Derek Carr now Kevin Durant what's next for me
For some reason, sticks out in my head when Klay Thompson stated emphatically Kevin Durant addition wouldn't limit his to…
Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant out indefinitely with left knee injury
Kevin Durant is running scared of Russell Westbrook and I'm not going to stand by and watch while it happens.
Kevin Durant is in "good spirits" thanks to Wednesday's diagnosis after sources say his bruised tibia was initially fear…
First Derek Carr now Kevin Durant 😅 why does Oakland always get the bad luck . Get well soon
D.C. historically has always had the best Hoopers ie Kevin Durant, Lynn Bias, Adrian Dantley,Steve Francis, Elgin Baylor What…
🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨. An MRI on Kevin Durant's knee has revealed a torn ACL. He is confirmed OUT for the remainder of the…
What Kevin Durant is actually doing in the locker room.
Warriors to add Barnes in wake of KD injury
Warriors say Kevin Durant will be re-evaluated in four weeks. . Of course, if they said a month, March has 31 days.
Golden State believes Durant could return to play in the regular season. The latest... by via
Kevin Durant is out at least a month and it looks like the Warriors will miss him a lot more on offense than on defense.…
Kevin Durant hyperextended his knee during last night's Warriors loss. As a result Durant has demanded to be traded to the…
Kevin Durant news is (relatively) good. He could be back in time to find his rhythm before playoffs
Kevin Durant I hate it had to be you. We were still going to win the finals if you played, but I guess we will have to p…
Kevin Durant expected back for the postseason, multiple sources told ESPN. “It’s not as bad as it looked,” one source said.
MORE: The Warriors will try to hold on to a four-game lead in the West over the Spurs without Kevin Durant.
announce Kevin Durant is out indefinitely with a Grade 2 MCL sprain. KD said "Its not as bad as it looked".
This Kevin Durant news came on March 1st... 3-1 really is an awful number for the Warriors. 😂
REPORT: Worried that Kevin Durant may be out for the season, Warrior fans have rushed to the store to stack up on Cavs…
This Kevin Durant news broke on March 1st. 3-1. The Warriors are bracing themselves for bad news. You can't make this up!
Golden State plans to sign veteran swingman Matt Barnes in the wake of the Kevin Durant injury. (via &
Kevin Durant's knee injury is significant, but it doesn't derail Warriors..
The Warriors are going to announce Kevin Durant's injury results on March 1st ... otherwise known as 3-1 ...
With Kevin Durant hurt, many might say to start Andre Iguodala in his place. How about starting Curry, Thompson, Green, Pachulia, and West?
ATTENTION: Kevin Durant could miss the rest of the season (left knee).
foxsports​.com >> 5 ways the Warriors are drastically different without Kevin Durant
Lebron finding out Kevin Durant injured his knee
Warriors' Kevin Durant out at least 4 weeks with MCL sprain, bone bruise: What to know - (cont)
No, the Warriors without Kevin Durant can't simply play like the Warriors before Durant
Kevin Durant has sprained MCL, bone bruise; will miss at least a month. story. htt…
Kevin Durant is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. My thoughts on how that affects the Warriors and the Western Conference: ht…
Kevin Durant injury update: Warriors to sign Matt Barnes as they fear the worst
BREAKING: The Warriors announced that Kevin Durant suffered an MCL sprain and bone bruise and will be re-evaluated in fou…
REPORT: Kevin Durant gives up basketball for lent:
Kevin Durant's injury shows why other NBA contenders should never give up.
Breaking: Warriors announce Kevin Durant sprained his MCL and will be re-evaluated in 4 weeks
There is reportedly concern that Kevin Durant may miss rest of regular season with knee injury suffered last night http…
The fact that people are celebrating Kevin Durant's injury is unbelievable. Can´t understand that type of fans. Make me sick.
Kevin Durant's phone has been blowing up since the Warriors announced he'd be out at least 4 weeks:
All in all, good news for Kevin Durant and Warriors, team says: Sprained MCL, bone bruise. He will be re-evaluated in a…
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Lebron James spoke on Deron Williams, Andrew Bogut, the Celtics and Kevin Durant's injury Wednesday morning. FULL:
Pundits who says injuries part of the game don't know anything about winning; Kevin Durant out King James in; Willis Reed ancient history
The Warriors may miss Kevin Durant's defense even more than his offense. Top rim protector on No. 2 defense in NBA
First Derek Carr. Now Kevin Durant. God why are you doing this to us 😩
NBA rumors and news stories on Kevin Durant's injury, Matt Barnes/Warriors, Norris Cole/Thunder:
Sources: Warriors, Kevin Durant's inner-circle bracing for tough news on KD's knee, awaiting MRI result. Fear is he's o…
The Golden State Warriors should bring Ray Allen out of retirement to replace Kevin Durant. It would be the greatest pairing of all time.
Important to note that an official diagnosis on Kevin Durant is not yet known, but the Warriors clearly feel the need to…
BREAKING: Kevin Durant out for the season. He'll undergo bone graft surgery & is expected to be sidelined 4-6 months. htt…
Kevin Durant has suffered a hyperextended left knee. He will undergo an MRI and will not return tonight.
that he had KG and Ray? No. But he has the best shooter ever in Curry and one of the best scorers ever in Kevin Durant.
Fun facts you didn't know about Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant out here running around playing with one shoe. 😂.
Kevin Durant running around playing with one shoe 😂
Kevin Durant politely exclaims to Aaron Gordon that he should seek occupation in the weight room within the Orlando Mag…
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Tbh, Brandon ingram can easily be the next Kevin Durant in the next couple of years, he is that talented.
Klay Thompson on what had to do on offense with Kevin Durant out.
Should I sell Amy Kevin Durant to complete the Pelicans Collection and get diamond CP3?
Kevin Durant said Shaq has no skill. I mean he is only a HOF and a 4 time champion, 3 time finals MVP.
And the award for most direct question during All Star Weekend goes to..
Kevin Durant is in the GS bandwagon :)
Kevin Durant has eyes on a future front-office position - San Francisco Chronicle
lol Kevin Durant is finally be tough? Maybe.. maybe he's right this time but a betrayer can't judge like that.
Kevin Durant isn't fit to comment on any aspect of Shaq's game in a negative light. He can't even dream of reaching Shaq…
Kevin Durant lost all credibility when he said Shaq had no skill
Kevin Durant on Shaq:"He couldn’t shoot outside the paint.He didn’t have those skills. He was bigger and stronger than ev…
I need someone to explain how Kevin Durant is better than James Harden please
Kevin Durant: Shaq had no skill. Shaq and Everyone else on the planet:
Kevin Durant pokes holes in Shaq's game after he threatened to smack JaVale McGee silly
Video: Steve Kerr and Kevin Durant respond to on-air attacks on JaVale McGee by Shaquille O'Neal
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Kevin Durant comes to Javale McGee's defense and goes after Shaq
I added a video to a playlist Shaq responds to Kevin Durant ripping him over JaVale McGee criticism ,
Full Kevin Durant comments backing JaVale McGee, defending his reputation and ripping Shaq for his constant mocking htt…
The next Kevin Durant?. Manute Bol's son, Bol, has the potential to be better than his dad (h/t
Shag is a grumpy has been :: Kevin Durant, Steve Kerr Support JaVale McGee in Feud with Shaquille O'Neal
Kevin Durant taking shots Saying he didn't have SKILLS, was just bigger & stronger then others. Kinda makes me like…
Kevin Durant and pretty much everyone in the NBA needs to shut the *** up about Shaq. How dare you insult one of...
Javale McGee, Kevin Durant, & Steve Kerr have all gone after Shaq. Sounds like a 3-1 advantage. We all know how this will…
Kevin Durant said Shaq had no skill?! Lmfao
Shaq was bigger then everybody he didn't have any Skill - Kevin Durant
When Kevin Durant says Shaq had no skills ha!.
Kevin Durant out here roasting Shaq for coming at teammate Javale McGee
Kevin Durant really said Shaq didn't have any skills.
Kevin Durant comes to JaVale McGee's defense vs Shaq: "I didn't know cops could threaten civilians like that"
Kevin Durant being "surprised" Shaq threatened to whoop JaVale McGee's *** for calling him a "c**n" shows you what type of…
"You had your flaws, too" - Kevin Durant rips Shaquille O'Neal for ongoing drama with JaVale McGee (ESPN)
Kevin Durant didn't hold back when defending JaVale McGee following Shaq's comments.
[Shreveport Times] - Kevin Durant fires back at Shaquille O'Neal for threatening JaVale McGee
Charles Barkley: "Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant should have a fist fight..and if Russ win, GSW have to trade Dura…
Lebron James, Serena Williams and Kevin Durant among stars to appear in Nike's powerful new Equality film
Inside the awkward reunion of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. column on
Stephen Curry's reaction was all of ours when Kevin Durant threw a lob to Russell Westbrook 😂.
DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis form the second highest rated duo in NBA 2K17 behind only Kevin Durant (95) and Steph Cu…
sign* & I never got this "young asset" nonsense. Brandon Ingram isn't Lebron James or Kevin Durant. You wanna be good now
Seeing Kevin Durant throw the lob to Russel Westbrook made me so happy😂😂
Kevin Durant to Russell Westbrook, just like always.
SportsCenter be like... BREAKING: Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant hook up for an alley-oop!
Kevin Durant and Steph Curry both had 21 points apiece for the West Conf. All Stars.
Kevin durant still had a triple double lol
Kevin Durant has become the 4th player in NBA history to notch a triple-double in an All-Star Game.
Kevin Durant just had the 4th Triple Double in All Star History
"So Westbrook how'd it feel to receive that alley oop from Kevin Durant?" . "So Durant how'd it feel throwing that alley oop to Westbrook?"
Crazy thought of the day... the OGs of the NBA are now Melo, Lebron, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul... crazy how time flies!
Russell Westbrook was practicing away from Kevin Durant and the other West All-Stars so James Harden joined him.
Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant all smiles celebrating alley-oop dunk on the sidelines
Russell Westbrook to Kevin Durant give and go.
"Russell Westbrook from Kevin Durant.". First time that's happened in 265 Days . (5/30/16 Thunder got knocked out by Warr…
Kevin Durant to Russell Westbrook. Just like old times! 🔥.
Kevin Durant with the lob to Russell Westbrook
We were made for moments like this!!! Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook connect for an alley-oop!!! 💕💕💕. Much better w/T…
We've been so focused on Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant avoiding each other that we haven't noticed what a true frie…
Players to have triple doubles in the game: . Kevin Durant (17'). LeBron (11'). Wade (12'). Michael Jordan (97')
Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook after the all star game tonight
Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant: reunited and it feels so good
Kevin Durant hits Russell Westbrook for an alley-oop ... hey is somebody chopping onions? 😢.
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Russell Westbrook haven't said one word to Kevin Durant
Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant tonight at the All-Star game.😂
Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook continue to avoid one another.
Kevin Durant did not find this funny, but we did.
Hannibal Buress asks Kevin Durant if he loses in 2K, will he switch teams? 🎥
That was awkward... Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook continue to avoid each other at (via
Space Jam 2: Starring Kevin Durant. Bugs: They'll enslave and murder us, Kevin. WE NEED YOUR HELP!. KD: Sorry I gotta do w…
Tb to LeBron playing football against Kevin Durant during the 2011 lockout
Kevin Durant dagger 3-pointer from deep in Russell Westbrook;'s face
"Yeah, we'll sweep your *** – Kevin Durant to the fans in Denver (via
Yall listened to them Bill Simmons podcasts with Steve Kerr and then Kevin Durant? You probably should
- Kevin Durant and now "cupcake jr" Matt Sheehan ! Good life to you my friend! Always a pleasure having had u on webcasts
WATCH: Nike tackles racial inequality with Lebron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant and more in new commercial:
I'm told Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are both at Mahogany right now sitting 15 feet apart, but not speaking.
The NBA All-Star game should just be Russell Westbrook vs Kevin Durant in a game of 21.
Apparently the boos didn't live up to the hype according to Kevin Durant.
Which brotherhood went up in flames worse? Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook or Cam'Ron & Jim Jones 🤔
Kevin Durant was like Jim Jones in this game
The Thunder have not been able to stop Kevin Durant, especially when contesting his shots. He is shooting 63 percent whe…
Kevin Durant might as well bald his head since he don't wanna brush it 🙄
Tonight I don't know what's crazier. Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook . Or. Cam vs Jim Jones?
And now Kevin Durant and Andre Roberson are getting chippy...
Kevin Durant trolled by Thunder fans with these posters and shirts
Who the *** is booing Kevin Durant? Dayum seats r empty from what I can see!
Kevin durant has to win on his own with a team built around him
Thunder fans hitting Kevin Durant with a "Cupcake" chant in OKC. .
Warriors have a 15-point lead over the Thunder that Kevin Durant has nothing to do with. That's why he went there. That's th…
Wire: Oklahoma City fans let Kevin Durant know exactly how they felt during…
Russ with the agressive push on Kevin Durant. 👀 .
Seeing Kevin Durant do work to embarrass the OKC franchise.
Kevin Durant made wide open big dunk to end the half. Does not taunt or mock the crowd. Runs back on D. He came to compete, no…
I sincerely think Kevin Durant won't win an NBA Championship until he starts wearing a durag.
These OKC fans are treating Kevin Durant like crap.
thread: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. • the good old days •
I'm a man of science. I have deduced that the team that gains Kevin Durant is superior to the team that loses Kevin Dur…
Kevin Durant about to take the floor for tip off (credits:
The old Kevin Durant-Andre Roberson rivalry everyone's been talking about
Kevin Durant talking about Russell Westbrook in his MVP speech back in 2014. .
They don't care about the score. They just want to heckle Kevin Durant.
Live look at Thunder fans trying to boo Kevin Durant.
Russell Westbrook vs Kevin Durant and the crowd loves it! .
Kevin Durant has the final laugh against his former team.
Kevin Durant's thought process has been revealed. (pic via
🤔🏀 Russell Westbrook with the shove on Kevin Durant 🤔
On a team with Kevin Durant and Steph Curry, if you're teaching a kid how to shoot, you're showing film of Klay Thompson
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" Can't lose to the Warriors if You play for the Warriors." - Kevin Durant
Something tells me Russell Westbrook doesn't like Kevin Durant, but I can't put my finger on it.. https:…
They've done a consistent job of keeping the jeers alive! Should fans jeer future HOF's like ??
Kevin Durant just tried to visit the OKC locker room but Russell Westbrook shouted, "get that snake out of here". Wow.
Kevin Durant hits the game winner for Seattle 💚💛 (2007)
As the crowd boos Kevin Durant at the free throw line, his mother Wanda stands in support
Kevin Durant was reportedly heard screaming, "THIS IS WHY I LEFT!" As he walked back to the GS locker room.
Kevin Durant doesn't even brush his hair you think he care about ya'll booing. 🚫😮
In an alternative world Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook do community work with Garfield High School or something.
Camron and Jim Jones Beef remind me of Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook.
Minding my own biz in OKC- I hear that Kevin Durant tried to rent out steakhouse 4 postgame 2morrow night to spend 40K.…
Kevin Durant is taking extra precautions in his first trip back to Oklahoma City.
Sources: Kevin Durant traveling with enhanced security on OKC visit Video - via App
During last night's game vs. the Kings, Kevin Durant & Draymond Green got into a heated exchange
From yesterday: Deep dive into the history between Kevin Durant, OKC and why Saturday will be emotional for both https:…
.Russell Westbrook will outplay Kevin Durant on Saturday night. KD has the most help out of anyone in the…
Russell Westbrook welcomes Kevin Durant back to OKC on Saturday:
Kevin Durant has tried to reach out to, Russell Westbrook, but the surly PG won’t talk to him.
Kevin Durant was on Bill Simmons' podcast. And he talked about how much he loves Manu Ginobili.
Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City, their incredible history together and a departure that will forever sting
I know this is a radical position but hear me out - I don't think Paul Zipser can guard Kevin Durant effectively
Marc Stein(Steph Curry) to Woj(Kevin Durant): "We'll break majority of stories here at ESPN, but if you join us we…
FACT: Lebron James is shooting better from the 3-point line (37.4%) than Kevin Durant (36.9%) this season.
Kevin Durant knows his return to OKC is not going to be the friendliest welcome.
Kevin Durant sits down with ESPN's Marc Stein to talk about what the environment will be like pla... - via App
Sources: Draymond Green purposely tried to rile up, motivate Kevin Durant - via App
BREAKING: Kevin Durant announces he is joining the Atlanta Falcons
Kevin Durant said he watched some Briante Weber in college because former OKC teammate Eric Maynor always had VCU games…
Chris Martin Palmer was fired from ESPN in 2013. Don't forget that he let Kevin Durant the NBA's second biggest jok…
So in news Chris Palmer tried to get slick with the words & Kevin Durant laid him down. ht…
Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant named co-players of the month — delighting NBA fans throughout the state of Oklahoma
PORTLAND, Ore. - Kevin Durant had 33 points and 10 rebounds, and the overcame
Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Draymon Green are all All-stars 🙉 I hope they all can play at once.
Thirteen Warriors turnovers midway through the third quarter: Five from Kevin Durant, five from Draymond Green.
Kevin Durant on Steph Curry: "He has no ego. It's really unbelievable." Looks like Klay better watch out. 👬
Kevin Durant and Roy Hibbert are the same height. Let that sink in. 😂
he did make it ALL the way to the first round with Kevin Durant
BREAKING:. Kevin Durant joins the Miami Heat to form a new super team with Dion Waiters.
What did Kevin Durant say to the NBA Reporter?. KD:The only Russell I know is Charles Taze Russell 🙈✌
Leonard definitely is in the MVP discussion. I have- . 1. James Harden . 2. Westbrook . 3. Leonard . 4. Isaiah Thomas . 5. Kevin Durant
KD this week = 🔥. Kevin Durant came up big vs former teammates in back-to-back match ups.
Congrats to Stephen Curry & Kevin Durant on earning starting honors for the 2017 Game in New Orleans!…
James Hardin, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Durant could have all been on the same team right now
James Harden beat a team with Kevin Durant and the President of the United States... I told yall to STOP comparing…
And if they traded Gerald Green for Kevin Durant
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It should stay length its at. No James Hardin/Kevin Durant action.It look good!
When they asked Russell Westbrook if he spoke to Kevin Durant he straight up said "nah." I remember when they were friend…
Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant will represent the Golden State Warriors at the All-Star Game and the rest of the...
Kevin Durant thinks James Harden could have been the best sixth man ever | THE HERD
Russell Westbrook was an angry little guy after Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors handed him another L...
Less tension and awkwardness in Kevin Durant's latest reunion
Less tension and awkwardness in Kevin Durant&latest Thunder reunion
OAKLAND, Calif. -- With big white Beats headphones on over his ears, Kevin Durant went through his pregame...
Less tension and awkwardness in Kevin Durant's latest Thunder reunion
Kevin Durant: "I'll dominate the *** out of a Wednesday night game in the middle of the season.". "What about in the playof…
After dropping 39 in his first game against his former team, Kevin Durant went off for 40 against the Thunder last nigh…
Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum join Steph Curry and Kevin Durant as the only teammates w/ 1,000 Pts each this season. (h/…
Gotta take my hat off to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook
These commentators saying we are gonna give Kevin Durant a standing ovation when he returns to the 'Peake
Russell Westbrook, after being asked if he's ready to face Kevin Durant tonight:
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Every time Kevin Durant looks at Steph Curry he just looks so, so happy it's him and not Russell Westbrook.
kyle korver been in the league for like 16-17 years, he's 35 years old. Kevin Durant is the best scoring SF 2 prolly ever play
Kevin Durant got all that recognition. And is really the third best player to come off that 2012 Oklahoma City Thunder team
if you liked this block by Kevin Durant 🚫
[Fox Sports] Kevin Love says 'it's hard to tell' if Warriors are better with Kevin Durant
Q&A: Former Michigan State star Draymond Green talks Warriors' season, and his relationship with Kevin Durant.
NBA - Kevin Durant & Blake Griffin went at it in high school 🔥
Thaddeus Young is shooting better from 3 than Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, CJ McCollum, and Kyle Korver
Kevin Durant interview transcript: On his bond with Steve Nash...
Lebron James, Kevin Durant lead their conferences in first voting returns for NBA All-Star game .
.on Russell Westbrook: "[He's] now miserable. Kevin Durant's never looked happier."
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