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Kevin Durant

Kevin Wayne Durant (born September 29, 1988) is an American professional basketball forward with the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Kevin Durant just exposed his ghost writer
when Kevin Durant sees someone slandering him online
so found Kevin Durant's private instagram
I liked a video Is Kevin Durant Using Fake Accounts to Defend Himself on Social Media?
How do I know I'm not a Kevin Durant secret account?
I can't trust any of you anymore. Any one of you could be a fake account operated by Kevin Durant to push his agenda.
Anyone could be Kevin Durant. That Warriors fan that's always in your mentions.could be Durant. That "Thunder fan" ??…
When you realize that KD Stan that was in your mentions all season might've actually been Kevin Durant himself
*** man. Kevin Durant plays harder on social media in 2017 than he did in the 2016 Western Conference Finals.
rosenberg wrote a great column on Kd... awesome writer:
Kevin Durant tops Lebron James for MVP in NBA Radio's award predictions via
I'm calling it now Kevin Durant or LBJ is gonna win mvp
.and so in conclusion: Oklahoma City is better off without Kevin Durant.
The youngest player in the top 10 of our may be the most exciting superstar in the league
My pick for MVP this year is John Wall or Kevin Durant.
Kevin Durant, a no doubt 1st ballot HOF basketball player, goes on social media and argues with teenagers using fake ac…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
if you're actually Kevin Durant on an alternate account
Kevin Durant forgets to switch accounts while responding to Kevin Durant haters
Reporter: How do you explain the secret accounts?. Kevin Durant:
Kevin Durant is definitely not mad online, he just has a million burner accounts to respond to trolls
Kevin Durant getting caught with his fake accounts.
Kevin Durant deciding which fake account to defend himself with
kevin durant when he sees slander on the TL
*Phone rings*. Me: Hey, this is Nev from Catfish... Kevin Durant:
Kevin Durant pulled a Skip Bayless this morning and forgot to switch to his fake account 💀👀
Kevin Durant: ain't nobody as crazy and petty as me! . Kyrie Irving: Hold my flat Earth 🌏 .
Charlie Kaufman is going to make a film adaptation of Pale Fire starring Kevin Durant as both Charles Kinbote and John Shade
Kyrie ranked Kobe & Kevin Durant over LeBron. Yup, LBJ fans about slander Uncle Drew all day now 😂
George Foreman praises Trump, slams Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant via the App
BREAKING: The inevitable has happened... Kevin Durant has decided to sign with the Cleveland Indians.
Kevin Durant is just as mad at ESPN's Carmelo Anthony ranking as anyone else
Kevin Durant addresses his haters in his newest Nike KD 10's.
Kevin Durant's new shoes have a message for the losers and haters.
Hey leave Kevin Durant out of this!
Kevin Durant addresses his haters with new KD 10 shoes
Carmelo Anthony, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant only players to avg 20 ppg in every season of career
Kevin Durant, Lebron James,Michael Jordan & Carmelo Anthony are the only NBA players since 1965…
Steph Curry includes a subtle message for Kevin Durant too.
Steph Curry and Kevin Durant will have to agree to disagree.
Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade among those to salute Tracy McGrady on Hall of Fame induction
Lonzo Ball says he worked out with Steve Nash and Kevin Durant this summer.
Kevin Durant: "Nobody wants to play in Under Armours, I'm sorry. … The top kids don't because they all play Nike."
Lebron James and Kevin Durant triple doubles. K. Irving, s.curry and k.thompson all 20+ points. What odds you got for that?…
Kevin Durant and James Harden tbh 😂😂 but realistically Brad Beal and Paul George. A shooter and so…
Kevin Durant: Kobe Bryant is the greatest of all time. His skill is second to none. Him and Michael Jordan are...
Imagine having only Steven Adams to show for James Harden, Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook? ... And Paul George
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best NBA players in the world going into 2017-2018. 1. Kevin Durant . 2. Lebron James . 3. Steph Curry. 4. James Harden . 5. R…
Can somebody make Steph Curry sponge bob and Kevin Durant squid ward?...
Kevin Durant defends LaMelo Ball's new Lamborghini, says it has nothing to do with basketball future - . One ... -
Kevin Durant lead three games to one versus Joe Johnson
With injury to Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors' aura of invincibility gone -... -
Pitch: Kevin Durant and his mom star in a reality show along with Marshawn Lynch and his mom
Kevin Durant is impressed with Markelle Fultz's hesi pull-up jimbo. The guy who taught it to him also taught KD.
Warriors go strategy by offering bobbleheads of Draymond Green & Kevin Durant to fans at preseason home games
Warriors to give out these Draymond Green & Kevin Durant championship bobbleheads at its preseason games at Oracle Arena…
Warriors will host bobblehead nights at both preseason home games: Draymond Green on 9/30 & Kevin Durant on 10/13.
I liked a video Kevin Durant gets dunked on by Avery Bradley (Feb 22, 2012)
Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson!. Comic subscribers: Let us know if you want these!. Everyone else: Please call,...
How nice of Kevin Durant to come down and help the people of Houston
GOT season finale with my roommate and I've never seen it. I'm calling the "white walkers" the Warriors and their new dragon is Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant on Devin Booker: "Better watch out for that boy because he is nice. He next, I’m telling you."
Kevin Durant is the greatest player of all time show some respect autistic *** i don't mean Asperger syndrome)
What Danny Ainge and the Celtics did to Isaiah Thomas is worse than what Kevin Durant did to the Thunder in my opinion
The Supersonics/Thunder all time team is nasty af. Gary Payton, Russell Westbrook, Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Shawn Kemp, Serge Ibaka, etc...
I'd like to thank Youtube, Jason Hernandez, Shane O'Neill for allowing me to make the Kyle Walker - Kevin Durant jo…
I thought this would end up like Kevin Durant moving to goldenstate
Kevin Durant on what he learned from Kobe Bryant. 💯
I added a video to a playlist George Foreman calls Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Durant 'Sore Losers' and
Bruh, imagine if Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden played on the same team😳🔥
NBA star Kevin Durant will protest President Trump with his White House absence
Kevin Durant says he won't visit the White House because of Donald Trump.
Kevin Durant of Golden State Warriors has no intention of visiting White House, has harsh words for President Trump
Missed this - Kevin Durant won't visit the White House due to Trump. (NBA players by far most politically active.).
Kevin Durant is planning to skip Warriors White House visit: 'I don't respect who's in office right now'
Kevin Durant on Kyrie Irving’s trade request: ‘A lot of teams have gone through this before’
⚡️ “Kevin Durant says he won't attend the White House because of Trump”.
Kevin Durant says he'll skip a potential Warriors trip to the White House
Kevin Durant will skip the Warriors White House visit. Says he doesn't respect who's in Office right now.
Kevin Durant on NBA players' criticism of Donald Trump: "We don't f**k with him":
Kevin Durant won't visit Trump. "I don’t agree with what he agrees with, so my voice is going to be heard by not doing that,…
Check out this post in the White House vibe:. Kevin Durant won't visit President Trump's White House: 'I don't respect who's in office righ
"I don't respect who's in office (White House) now." . Kevin Durant. Yo!! The racist comments that follow in that thread..cheii Americans🤔
Kevin Durant spurns Trump as teams vow to fund Confederate statue removal.
Kevin Durant on White House visit with Donald Trump: “Nah, I won’t do that” via
Kevin Durant doesn't respect Trump, but it's ok because no one respects Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant says he’s skipping the White House visit and his Warriors teammates ‘all agree’ - The Washington Post https:/…
Kevin Durant isn't going to the White House cuz he doesn't respect Trump 👍.
Please cry me a river K D. Shut up and play basketball u payaso.
"In my opinion, until we get him out of here, we won't see any progress." -- Kevin Durant on Donald Trump.
ESPN exclusive with Kevin Durant: In choosing to embrace love, a candid KD says he's skipping a White House visit. https:…
A Larry Sanders Show remake with Kevin Durant playing Larry Sanders the basketball player
Kevin Durant says Lebron James 'is Cleveland' and Cavs 'can't trade a legend' - Washington Post: Washington… Sports
Kevin Durant & the Warriors laid the smackdown on the Cavs in 5. Don't you never forget.
Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony all ballin on the same court! 🏀🔥.
Kevin Durant's career average of 27.2 PPG is only behind Michael Jordan (30.12), Wilt Chamberlain (30.07), and Elgin Baylo…
Kevin Durant clarifies comments on India, promises to visit country for more camps Golden State Warriors playe…
Basketball star Kevin Durant has issued an apology for his comments on India.
This funny coming from a Golden State fan. Could literally say the same thing about Kevin Durant on the Warriors lol
Durant said to sign two-year deal with Warriors. LOS ANGELES: Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors have ag
BREAKING: Kevin Durant has decided to join Neymar and take his talents to PSG.
Kevin Durant about to follow Neymar to PSG 😂😂
go watch Kevin Durant's celebration after the championship. Guy looks like he's never had alcohol in his life
Wrong, See WS48, historic run of dominance but now Durant's better & LBJ's not even top 5, at least in rs.
Kevin Durant catches fire in the fourth quarter and lights up Rucker Park on the way to a legendary 66 point night https:/…
Kevin Durant got a 96 and Stephen Curry got a 94.
This is all Kevin Durant's fault now everybody doing it
Update your maps at Navteq
Michael Jordan defends Kevin Durant’s right to choose
Reports "Paul George was traded to the OKC Thunder". Kevin Durant "
Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz have higher rankings than any rookie in the game since John Wall.
BREAKING NEWS: After Neymar's decision, Kevin Durant decided to join PSG as well.
Sneaker Rewind — A look back at and his sneakers over the years
It's International Clown Week, and 4 people have celebrated by clowning Lebron James:. Steph Curry. Kevin Durant. Kyrie Irving. M…
BREAKING: After Neymar Jr leaves Barcelona for PSG, Kevin Durant will join also.
I liked a video Kevin Durant responds to a YouTube comment, says he's better than Lebron James |
Kevin Durant's response to a fan saying Lebron James is better than him. 👀
Kevin Durant is better than Lebron James don't @ me
Why does Kevin Durant get a free pass for being so sensitive? Oh, and LeBron = still better than KD: TRAINA THOUGHTS https…
Kevin Durant responds to troll saying Lebron James is better.
1. Kevin Durant is not better than Lebron James. 2. Kevin Durant is VERY sensitive. .
What would you say is more likely: this proposed trade or Evan Turner for Kevin Durant
us this team in ur next video . Chris Paul. Klay Thompson. Jimmy Butler . Kevin Durant . Anthony Davis
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As long as Kyrie finds happiness "wherever that is," Kevin Durant doesn't care where he plays. ht…
Kevin Durant looks like he's having a great time in India, but this photo is my favorite (Photo by
Kevin Durant teamed up with thousands of kids to set new world record in India . 📷: .
Kevin Durant sets Guinness World Record with help of 3459 kids in India – New York…
Kevin Durant set a new Guinness world record today for leading the largest basketball lesson ever (3,459 kids) in India.…
Rashard Lewis has been the Kevin Durant of the league. Ranking top players in the BIG3
Nick Foligno's relationship with fans vs. Kevin Durant's relationship with fans:
Another musician. Another tattoo. Kevin Durant adds Rick James to his collection:
Kevin Durant's personal chef just cooked me lunch!
We will be live from at noon as presents "Cowboy Chef's Table" featuring Ryan Lopez, personal chef to Kevin Durant.
Donald brashear for sure. Kevin youkilis right up there. Kevin Durant the player I dislike most who was ever on my…
And having Kevin Durant, again, is much different than hav…
Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving and Lebron James will give Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant problems!
UT has Matthew McConaughey . UT has Kevin Durant. UT has Travis Scott. UT has Owen Wilson. UT has LaMarcus Aldridge. UT has Trist…
Kevin Durant wasn't happy about this Peyton Manning joke 😂😂😂
. Burn victim of the Year: Kevin Durant . (Video via
MD has Kevin Durant . MD has Michael Phelps. MD has Wale. MD has Logic. MD has Martin Lawrence . MD has Taraji P. Henson. MD=Best…
Kevin Durant shows up at the Peach Jam, famous dads and their kids playing, USC media day & Matt Hazel's football camp. Whew! See ya
Bob Myers: we'll trade you Steph Curry and Kevin Durant for Terry Rozier. Danny Ainge:
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were not having this Peyton Manning joke😂😂😂
Peyton Manning absolutely roasts Kevin Durant in front of Russell Westbrook.😂😂😂.
Wait are we all actually pretending that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook weren't in on Peyton's joke the whole time?
DEAD! LOL The 11 funniest memes from Kevin Durant's unamused reaction at the ESPYS via
Peyton Manning made things very awkward between Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant at the ESPYS: https…
Kevin Durant was not amused after Peyton Manning called him out at the ESPYS
Peyton really had Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook feeling some type of way😂💀
New post: Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant among big winners at 25th ESPYS – ESPN
Peyton Manning made things awkward for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in his monologue.
Are we all just ignoring the fact that Kevin Durant wore a tshirt to the Espy's???
None of this matters to Kevin Durant. He's going back to OKC after season anyway to join Westbrook & Paul George & Get Paid!
Kevin Durant hate is always accepted on my TL 💯
Well, Kevin Durant's mom thought it was funny lol
Someone let Kevin Durant know it's ok to laugh. The mean muggin was cool during the NBA finals but a sense of humor ain…
Peyton Manning's still got it. Just ask Kevin Durant.
Kevin Durant : "I didn't go to Golden St to make my life easier. I can't stand when some1 discredits the work. Don't tak…
Kevin Durant tell Russell Westbrook to tell TAYLOR SWIFT I love her
Me when the picked Kevin Durant over Tom Brady...
Kevin Durant and the Warriors when they see Peyton Manning after the
Kevin Durant did not appreciate Peyton Manning roasting him.
Peyton Manning just roasted Kevin Durant at the Russ didn't bite on it.
Peyton Manning roasts Kevin Durant so bad at the ESPYs 😂
Peyton Manning: "Our gymnastics team was so dominant that Kevin Durant told me he wants to play for them next year" . KD: htt…
Peyton Manning got Kevin Durant ready to fight.
Kevin Durant was not happy about this joke from Peyton Manning 😂
Kevin Durant was not feeling this Peyton Manning joke AT ALL 😂
If you honestly think James Harden is better than Kevin Durant you have zero knowledge of the game of basketball.
DMV has Kevin Durant. DMV has Marvin Gaye. DMV has Taraji. DMV has Samuel L Jackson. DMV has Gogo. DMV has Mumbo Sauce. I…
I'll bet anything that Kevin Durant can't name one song off that Dead Kennedy's album on his shirt
Golden State Warriors couldn't have done this without Kevin Durant any Cleveland Caval…
The Heat lost out on Lebron James in 2014, Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade in 2016, and now Gordon Hayward in 2017.
Deion Sanders urges Broncos to trade for Philip Rivers. Says Chargers QB needs to pull a "Kevin Durant"
OKC basketball has seen Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and will see Paul George. Not bad for a fly over.
"Dion Waiters is going to sign for the same total sum as Kevin Durant this off-season."
At least Gordon Hayward's Players Tribune article was well written. Kevin Durant just scribbled a quick note on his wa…
The money Kevin Durant is sacrificing is going to Joe Lacob and Peter Guber more than to Andre Iguodala and Shaun Living…
Kevin Durant's Warriors contract expected to be $25 million, I’m told, with player option for 2017-18. Max was $34.5 mil. Ma…
The Warriors have a championship caliber team under contract already and they're going to add Kevin Durant on July 4th.
or calling out Kevin Durant to play him one-on-one but alas
One year after losing Kevin Durant, the Thunder appear poised to land Paul George. MORE:
When Russell Westbrook and Paul George see Kevin Durant and the rest of the Warriors.
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I hope Kevin Durant taught you women something... it's ok to move on to get that ring you want.
Thunder fans when they got Paul George but remember they once had Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant would not have left if Sam presti had ponied up the money to keep James Harden
Ten years ago, the Trail Blazers took Greg Oden over Kevin Durant. Portland fans can't help but wonder "What if?" http…
Kevin Durant ain't worried about the Rockets acquiring Chris Paul. 👀
Breaking: Kevin Durant has been traded to the Washington Wizards for Otto Porter Jr., Bojan Bogdonovic, Trey Burke and 4 first round picks
"Hey KD, there's a super team being assembled downstairs". Kevin Durant:
when Kevin Durant comes into the finals next year and sees LeBron, Kyrie, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade https:/…
"Kevin Durant congratulates Russell Westbrook on MVP award in YouTube comment" {by Chris Chavez} via
Kevin Durant is the Finals MVP & Russell Westbrook is the MVP. The difference a year makes.
"thank you to Kevin Durant for leaving" .
Amber Rose out here making sure Kevin Durant catches the full view 😩🍑
Russell Westbrook. Victor Oladipo. Kevin Durant. Al Horford. Steven Adams .. The starting 5 we actually would've had th…
"Kevin Durant on Sixers' FEDS: 'How they got a nickname without playing together?'" {by Chris Chavez} via
Kevin Durant likes his cupcake with a ring on top. (via
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
It looks like Kevin Durant is trolling Russell Westbrook with a championship cupcake hat
"He works like he has no talent. He works every day like he wants to make the team." (Scott Brooks on Kevin Durant)
I saw the Bulls traded their second round pick to Golden State, I didn't see the details but I'm hoping it was for Kevin Durant.
to vote for Kevin Durant for at the 🗳
Lebron James bald, Kawhi Leonard cut his braids...I swear if Kevin Durant posts a picture with waves in head, I'm done.
Respect Jimmy Butler doesn't want to just jump aboard someone else's train a la Kevin Durant. At least fight for it a lit…
Report: Kevin Durant to opt out, sign new non-max deal to give Warriors flexibility
To me, Kevin Durant is like Kim Kardashian. I don't care how successful you are right now, I will ALWAYS remember what you d…
Kevin Durant will decline his player option, re-sign with Warriors, per
Gilbert Arenas went off on Instagram about why Lebron James has never played on a super team and why Kevin Durant's Warriors…
did not need Kevin Durant to win a title, he was just an insurance policy...
.Kevin Durant is like Tom Brady… right coach, right time, right system. LeBron is like Peyton Manning… he is the s…
For Talked w/ my guy bout Kevin Durant winning a ring w/ the Warriors
Kevin Durant spitting out that beer lmao if I won the NBA championship I'd have 4 Honey Browns in the chuggler waiting in…
Kevin Durant, better team. Lebron James, better player.
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You want to know how Allen Iverson feels about Kevin Durant?
Kevin Durant explains why the Warriors are no \'super-team\'. (SPEEDonFOX)
The fact that the Cavs guarded Kevin Durant one-on-one for nearly the whole Finals shows just how good Steph Curry truly is.
ouch > . Mary "Fallin is less popular than Kevin Durant in Oklahoma" .
Kevin Durant, so criticized for chasing a title, led the Warriors to this one
"It's easier said than done, but that's the goal ... We want to keep this thing together.". —Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant shares what Barack Obama texted him after the Warriors clinched the title. (SPEEDonFOX)
Allen Iverson explains why he rooted for Kevin Durant to win the 2017 NBA title. (SPEEDonFOX)
Kevin Durant said he's thought about the free agency financials for him over last couple days
This stems from the Bill Simmons-Kevin Durant podcast (which was very good), where Simmons and Durant believe Irving is better than AI
Stephen Curry deserves plenty of credit for Kevin Durant\'s Finals MVP season. (SPEEDonFOX)
and joining after feels eerily similar to Kevin Durant joini…
What did Kevin Durant and Lebron James say to each other?. We turned to a professional to find out.
Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors for winning the 2917 NBA title. It pays then to hire Kevin Durant!
Mission accomplished: Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors live up to lofty expectations (via
Caron Butler congratulating Kevin Durant on winning his first title.
People are really so mad at Kevin Durant
Congratulations to Kevin Durant on a ring that, rightly or wrongly, nobody will ever respect
Tuesday\'s Hot Clicks: Morgan Ketzner; Warriors win, Kevin Durant is not a good beer drinker. (SPEEDonFOX)
Imagine disliking Lebron so much that you root for a 73-9 team that added Kevin Durant lmao
I can’t believe Kevin Durant went to a team he wanted to play for instead of staying with the people who won him in a lott…
Kevin Durant still has 0 rings in my record books. Pulled one of the sleaziest moves in history. Ruined NBA for next 5-10…
Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant reacts after scoring against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the way to the…
Steph Curry on Kevin Durant \'You got to call Kevin Durant a champ now\'. (SPEEDonFOX)
Kevin Durant doesn\'t deserve your hate for joining the Warriors to win a title. (SPEEDonFOX)
26 years ago today, Michael Jordan won his first NBA title. Today, Kevin Durant does the same. .
Kevin Durant has nothing but respect for Lebron James. 💯.
Kevin Durant and Bill Russell share a moment.
Lmao someone just said kevin Durant winning is equivalent to losing your virginity to a prostitute.
Kevin Durant winning this championship is like losing your virginity to a prostitute
All purpose parts banner
Russell Westbrook is your regular season MVP. Kevin Durant is your NBA Finals MVP. Basketball fans are sad we missed out on…
Congratulations to Kevin Durant for winning the LEAST RESPECTED RING IN THE HISTORY OF THE NBA
Kevin Durant celebrating his ring with his fans
LIVE: Postgame Press Conference with Finals MVP Kevin Durant. More coverage airing now on
LeBron is facing triple teams every play and Kevin Durant is wide open on half of them. . 1. It is different . 2. KD made a…
From high school to the Bay, Kevin Durant has his day. 🏆
"I can't respect KD's ring" . Yeah because Kevin Durant, an NBA champion, cares about having the respect of a shift ma…
It's the first weekend of colllege, and Kevin Durant is the freshman who lied about having partied in high school.
Kevin Durant is just 6th player ever to score 30+ in every game of a Finals series, joining Shaq, MJ, Hakeem, Elgin Bay…
Russell Westbrook showing up to Kevin Durant house like
Lebron James with some thoughtful words for Kevin Durant. Nothing but respect between the two.
Kevin Durant is that dude that went 3-18 in TDM, adds you to his party because you went 33-1.
Kevin Durant's 28.8 playoff scoring average is 4th all-time, trailing only MJ (33.4), A.I. (29.7) and Jerry West (29.1)…
Kevin Durant: "I can't wait to celebrate the rest of the night...wait, maybe the rest of the summer."
Kevin Durant shares a moment with the real MVP: His mom
Remember, people in Golden State think Trump didn't "earn" his billion dollar empire, but they think Kevin Durant e…
Kevin Durant speaks about his journey and his team's victory.
Kevin Durant joins Michael Jordan in 1993 as only Finals MVPs to average 35+ points, 8+ rebounds & 5+ assists in The Finals…
The fact they made Kevin Durant out to be a martyr is the dorkiest thing Nike has ever done
Kevin Durant was unanimously named the MVP…. here’s how the voting went:
LeBron averaged 34, 12, & 10. In the NBA Finals. Against the best team in NBA History + Kevin Durant. . Don't disrespect t…
Curry choked once again but Kevin Durant picked up the slack This is truly Kevin Durant's team
Kevin Durant (21 points) and Stephen Curry (20) have both scored at least 20 points in the same half for the second time th…
LeBron averaged... 34pts. 12rebs. 10ast. against a 73 win team who add Kevin Durant, don't disrespect him.
Kevin Durant and his mother are hyped!.
Russell Westbrook watching Kevin Durant win a ring like .
to the golden state champions salute you, Kevin Durant salute you and welcome home champion. the curse is over my f…
Kevin Durant on the moment he realized he won his first
Kevin Durant is an NBA Champion and he deserves every bit of it and I don't care what you or your daddy thinks.
Rick Barry in 1975, Andre Iguodala in 2015, and Kevin Durant in 2017 the Award Winners for the Warriors.
Kevin Durant . Klay Thompson. . Steph Curry. Dreymond Green. Ahh they had to win mxm
congrats to Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant for winning the 2017 NBA Championship (not pictured: Klay Thompson) ht…
Kevin Durant joined a fight that wasn't his
Russell Westbrook watching Kevin Durant and David West win their first ever rings
Kevin Durant helps Warriors win second NBA title in three years with a 129-120 victory over Cavaliers. (SPEEDonFOX)
Kevin Durant wins 2017 NBA Finals MVP to go with his first championship. (SPEEDonFOX)
Kevin Durant has just been an ASSASSIN, killing run after Cavs run.
Kevin Durant played like a boss throughout the entire playoffs. Deserves the hardware. LeBron acknowledged this with th…
I will never like Steph Curry or Draymond Green or Klay Thompson or Andre Iguadola or Zaza Pachulia or Shaun Livingston, or Kevin Durant
I bet Ed Murray doesn't even know who Kevin Durant is
Every time Kevin Durant mama smile, she look like Paul Mooney
Is there a Kevin Durant method for making it through grad school?
WATCH: Kevin Durant shared an emotional moment with his mom after winning his first NBA championship
Kevin Durant single handedly ruined the NBA, save your
Ladies learn from Kevin Durant, it's ok to move on to get a ring 😘
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Five years later, Kevin Durant gets his ring.
In your honest opinion, who's better Kevin Durant or Lebron James
Kevin Durant and the Warriors are the kings of the ring in the NBA. (
Kevin Durant so efficient. BEST player in the league right now. Don't @ me 🐺😤
Anyone who ever kept losing games on All-Madden and slyly shifted down to All-Pro can identify with Kevin Durant's joy righ…
Kevin Durant is a living improper fraction and nobody can do anything with those
This feels more like Kevin Durant's title than the Warriors'. *** of a series for 35.
Listen, I’m just going to come out and say it. Kyle Korver cannot guard Kevin Durant.
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