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Kevin Durant

Kevin Wayne Durant (born September 29, 1988) is an American professional basketball forward with the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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A conversation with Kevin Durant on growing up in DC’s crack epidemic, Tupac, Kaepernick and finding his blac…
Demarcus Cousins is averaging:. More points than Kevin Durant. More Rebounds than Anthony Davis. More Assists than Ky…
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook going at it. .
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook say tonight is "just a regular game," but is it really? https:…
Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant will play against his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, on...
ThunderNotes on Melo's Thunder breakdown, Anthony Davis' progress and Kevin Durant's uncertain status for Wednesday…
Tweaking the query for unassisted scores immediately after blocked shots this season. Kevin Durant (3) and Jeff Tea…
Alright it’s finally time that I admit it. Kevin Durant is a ***
Kevin Durant: “There’s no such thing as loyalty in the modern NBA”
The Celtics kept Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green in check.
Welcome to the golden age of Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant needed to ask how to say "Theis," but shouted out both Daniel Theis and Semi Ojeleye.
"From LeBron to Kobe to Kevin Durant, they love Mike ... Kobe doesn’t like that many people, either."
Facts only: Rock Covington has a higher three point shooting percentage than Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson.
Kevin Durant led the Warriors with 29 points, Klay Thompson was good with 23 points, Stephen Curry also was superb with 22 points,...
DeMarcus Cousins is averaging more assists than Kyrie Irving and more 3-point attempts than Kevin Durant. 👀
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"Without Kevin Durant they are expected to win the NBA Championship." - Jeff Van Gundy talking about the Warriors. And…
I need Kevin Durant to go off tonight with Andrew Wiggins having a bad game tonight.
Decided to clear some space on my PC. Before deleting all of my DL's from the past 5 years, I decided t…
Muon Reath is 2021 Player in the Nation! A 6'7 guard from Ottawa that fits Kevin Durant mould - defensive nig…
I️ have 280 characters. Wet your toothbrush before you put toothpaste on. . Cereal in the bowl before milk. Wingst…
Steve Kerr on Warriors' win w/out Kevin Durant: “I like these games when we have to sit somebody in a weird way."…
The Warriors did win a Championship without Kevin Durant. I don't know why some people think the Warriors can't win wi…
Kevin Durant is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Because it doesn't matter! The Warriors are dominant with or without Kevin Durant. Adding him just makes it even mo…
With Kevin Durant out, Andre Iguodala comes up big: via
Omri Casspi joked to Kevin Durant that he's holding him back
This game, without Kevin Durant, feels like one you test the Nick Young waters. Toss him out and see if he can get hot.…
Also Kevin Durant didn’t play tonight due to a thigh contusion. But he is expected to return this weekend wh…
...yet Kevin Durant is a major add up to the team.
Kevin Durant expects to play on Saturday vs. 76ers
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Kevin Durant wont stop trolling one of his own Warriors teammates on Instagram
Kevin Durant (thigh contusion) is expected to play Saturday vs. Sixers. (via ESPN)
Last season, Kevin Durant scored 1,555 points. His teammate, Damian Jones, scored only 19 points. We do not have to liv…
Oh that's awesome...who remembers that time they went 73-9? fact? . THEY DIDNT EVEN HAVE KEVIN DURANT
Gsw is weak you just need kevin durant to win
Kevin Durant and Steph Curry are teammates that’s not a rivalry stop tryna paint that picture, lame *** mfs
*** think saying kd>>Steph is suppose to be an insult to curry lmaooo *** that’s Kevin Durant. Both are MVPs and…
No Kevin Durant, no problem for Warriors in rout over Timberwolves
Kevin Durant and Draymond Green help pick up their 4th straight win!
The are now 17-4 in games without Kevin Durant since the start of last season. That includes 14 straight wins…
ChrisBHaynes: Kevin Durant (thigh contusion) tells ESPN he expects to play Saturday against Philadelphia.
Kevin Durant (left thigh contusion) will be inactive for tonight's game vs. Minnesota.
Kevin Durant to miss game with thigh injury – ESPN
Andre Iguodala to start in place of injured Kevin Durant vs. Minnesota - SFGate.. Related Articles:
Oh yeah for sure. He had Alex Lomax, Lebron, Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant and the ghost…
Be sure to cross off Al Horford and Kevin Durant. Bump Steph/Kyrie/Klay and Jimmy Butler. Alex Len will be highly…
BREAKING: Bulls acquire Kevin Durant and Dion Waiters from the Thunder for Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler and his Timberwolves take on Kevin Durant and the Warriors in Oakland. Watch it on NBCSB,FSNTH, or ESPN after the Lakers
Kevin Durant Salutes Veterans with a Special Nike KD 10. Kevin Durant pays homage to the women and men w……
I think you forgot to factor in lbj, pg13, Draymond Green, Seth curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, James…
Danny Green just bagged Steph Curry and Kevin Durant in the same possession 😳
Jose properly # 3-Reason Wen u have Kevin Durant& Lebron James on the Same Team U DONT
Roderick Strong might as well be the Kevin Durant of WWE. Snake 😂😂
I don't think anyone past, present, or future can stop a Kevin Durant euro step.
You just compared Blake griffin to Kevin Durant
So I want to buy a Kevin Durant jersey this season but these new Nike ones look so cheap 😩
Why does offset look like Kevin Durant and Harry Potter just had a child.
Lol it’s better than when I was told I look like Kevin Durant
Didn’t know Kevin Durant had his own show on the cooking channel??? Cupcake Wars!
Kevin Durant's live reaction to watching Gordon Hayward's injury.
I liked a video Is Russell Westbrook Taking a Shot at Kevin Durant?
Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors ejected - ESPN
Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant ejected as Warriors lose again https:The KKK, Jim Crow Referees are at Work. Investigate.
"I didn't throw my mouthpiece at the ref. I got better aim than that.".
Kevin Durant is far too great to be wound so tight and have such a short temper. . Off court and on court.
The BAY really has changed Kevin Durant lmaooo
Kevin Durant might disagree with that. Kawhi Leonard too. Don't be a prisoner of the moment. Several…
MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Golden State Warriors not only lost to the Memphis Grizzlies, th... via
Warriors lose in Memphis, MVPs both get tossed--and could Steph Curry draw a suspension? Via
Basketball> Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry were ejected after going -
Draymond Green says he's going to talk to Kevin Durant and Steph Curry about their 'unacceptable' ejections
I respect u. U think about Kevin Durant every day and every time u wake up. U have…
People still hate on Kevin Durant cause he made a career move and got himself a ring 😂😂
Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant ejected late in 4th Quarter loss to Grizzlies
curry gets thrown out the game and kevin Durant tags along like the nut rider he is and gets thrown out as well lmao
I liked a video Best of Kevin Durant playing 1 on 1 vs Fans - crowd goes crazy!
Durant, Curry ejected late in Warriors' defeat - via App
Kevin Durant got tossed, too. Nightmare close for the Warriors. Gotta be concern about a possible Steph suspension, too.
Kevin Durant brought his eraser to work today. Just ask Jrue Holiday.
Kevin Durant taunts Grizzlies crowd and tells them he has a ring after he gets ejected
Steph Curry and Kevin Durant get ejected within seconds of each other. WATCH @
New Warriors All-82 podcast: on the Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant ejections and GSW's early season funk htt…
Kevin Durant gets ejected and reminds Grizzlies fans he has a ring
Kevin Durant logging onto his burner accounts postgame to defend himself
Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant ejected in Warriors loss to Grizzlies
Draymond Green to ESPN on state of the team, and on Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant getting ejected.
Steph Curry, Kevin Durant ejected in Golden State Warriors' loss to Memphis Grizzlies
Steph Curry, Kevin Durant ejected in loss from RT
Kevin Durant reminding the grizzlies fans that he’s got a ring. .
Kevin Durant may have a ring, but that’s only because he rode the *** to a championship
Steph Curry and Kevin Durant ejected in loss to Memphis
Warriors to sign Barnes after Kevin Durant ruled out 'indefinitely'
2 MVPs ejected in one sequence. Kevin Durant had a message for a fan on the way out, too.
Kevin Durant responds to the Grizzlies crowd after he was ejected: “I got a ring.”
Lonzo Ball (19) is the youngest player to record a 25-10-5 game since Kevin Durant on 04/16/08.
Steph Curry and Kevin Durant ejected in the Warriors loss to the Grizzlies 😮
Stephen Curry says mouthpiece tossed out of frustration, not at referee - ESPN
Stephen Curry has just been ejected for going off on the ref. Kevin Durant was given the boot as well.
Kevin Durant's defense carries Warriors to first win - . Tune Era. The Golden State Warriors came back from a 15...
Paul George and Carmelo Anthony have filled a Kevin Durant sized hole in my heart
Kevin Durant logging onto his burner account rn to argue how the game winner should have counted
Kevin Durant thought he hit a baseline jumper at the buzzer to win it but it was waived off because the clock had hit…
Stephen A. Smith reacts to Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors.
NBA playoff scores 2016: Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and a little bit of
You are either an *** deluded or Kevin Durant. Perhaps all three? Ever heard of Reggie Lewis who wo…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The touching reason a Thunder player is wearing No. 35 has nothing to do with Kevin Durant
Karl-Anthony Towns & Kevin Durant hit the practice floor in Shenzhen for the & 🇨🇳
Wow Kyrie Irving is really good. It’s a shame Kevin Durant is a front runner and ruined competition in the NBA for everyone.
I think Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are already surefire Hall of Famers, but the idea that only one of them is to blame is silly.
But there's blurring bc he's Kevin Durant in both contexts. There's a continuity of identity that's…
Kevin Durant hits his pregame warmup in Shanghai for the 🇨🇳
What's the DC equivalent? Tough with no all-time Nats, but... DC Washington. Kevin Durant . John Riggins. Dave Chappe…
Steve Kerr, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry speak with the media following their game versus the
Kevin Durant spends an unsettling amount of time playing Rory McIlroy PGA Tour ?
Just to be clear... Sam Presti loses Kevin Durant. Sam Presti gets Carmelo and PG13. Sam Presti. Is. God?
Sundvold has compared Porter Jr. to Kevin Durant. Underwood compared Mark Smith to Jason Kidd today. Braggin Rights wil…
Kelly Oubre, Jr. on insults from fans and how he can see why Kevin Durant ...
Golden State Warriors: 5 goals for Kevin Durant in 2017-18 - Hoops Habit
We're just gonna call you Kevin Durant if you defend Kevin Durant. Sorry. That's just how the internet works.
Russell Westbrook signed his extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder on Kevin Durant's birthday 👀
Today's Kevin Durant's birthday, Russell Westbrook also signed the richest deal in NBA History today
Russell Westbrook signed the biggest total contract in NBA history on the birthday of Kevin Durant. That's such a petty…
Oh and uh... by the way. Russell Westbrook agreed to his contract extension on Kevin Durant's 29th birthday.
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have been exchanging texts since Westbrook signed his extension with the Thunder: h…
Russell Westbrook waited 90 days to purposely sign his contract on Kevin Durant's birthday.
Just mentioning for no reason at all not related to anything in the world at all... today is Kevin Durant's birthday.
High school baller Kevin Durant gets a message from the future. HBD KD!
Happy 29th birthday to the man, Kevin Durant. .
Steph Curry tells that he sides with Kevin Durant when it comes to a potential White House visit.
A non comprehensive list of people worse than me:. Hitler. Stalin. Kevin Durant. Charles Manson. Timot…
Nike to release shirts featuring Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant and more
Stephen Curry Russell Westbrook Draymond Green Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant are the men to start
I'm basically the Kevin Durant of Senior Connie Mack baseball. If you can't beat em...
"So Westbrook...Would you rather have one Kevin Durant or Carmelo Anthony & Paul George?"
Kevin Durant had been gone for a couple of weeks, off to the Bay leaving the Thunder nothing but a bit of cap...
I'm not saying it's going to happen but man how I'd love to see a Russel Westbrook led Thunder squad beat a Kevin Durant led…
Kevin Durant has singlehandedly changed the course of the league. Amazing
Sam Presti replaced Kevin Durant and James Harden with Melo and Paul George within 5 years. Bro
A young fan thanked Enes Kanter for clapping back at KD 😂. 🎥:
Who is Kevin Durant? Good for OKC. What a turnaround in just a year and change.
Stephen Curry supports skipping White House visit, hopes it will ‘inspire some change’ 
I give Big ups to that OKC franchise. Westbrook wins Mvp, trade for melo and Paul George. Not too bad post Kevin Durant
Dawg I'm screaming. NBA teams got no loyalty salute to Kevin Dagod Durant
Kevin Durant on 20 different profiles roasting Trump right now.
So is Kevin Durant going back to OKC now?
Maybe OKC should've built a big 3 when Kevin Durant was still there...or you know not let Harden go when they had one, a better one. 🤔
Kevin Durant had initial regrets after choosing Warriors
Lest we forget, Kevin Durant might have also called Trump a bum. Under a fake account, of course.
Kevin Durant's Game 3 dagger over Lebron James hangs on the Warriors' wall.
Kevin Durant logging on to his backup accounts to downplay the Melo deal
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Kevin Durant ruined the NBA so this really doesn’t matter
Kevin Durant takes his talents back to OKC
It's really INSANE that Kevin Durant, a millionaire star basketball player, wants us to feel bad for him for something HE did…
Kevin Durant would've called Donald Trump a bum from a fake account 😭
Breaking: Kevin Durant signs with the Thunder following the Melo trade. “I can’t wait to come home”
I guess Kevin Durant leaving OKC was the best thing to ever happen to Westbrook
Kevin Durant broke the NBA. Melo on the thunder with Russ and PG13 oh my
Wow.. OKC tho.. I tried to tell *** the Rivalry was real. Kevin Durant better be ready. Westbrook and company are "coming"
2 Warriors teammates reportedly had much different reactions to Kevin Durant's recent…
Kevin Durant after hearing about the Carmelo Anthony trade
George Foreman agrees with about the losers that don't stand for the National Anthem!
The Warriors, from Steve Kerr to Kevin Durant, had already been pretty clear that they weren’t going to go to WH if invit…
Sam Presti has drafted or traded for: Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony. https:…
If OKC couldn't run a good offense when they had Kevin Durant, it doesn't leave me confident they can with Melo and PG.
Rest assured, Kevin Durant’s alt account is ROASTING Trump right now.
Hamilton Collection
When Kevin Durant found out that Enes Kanter has been traded.
Kevin Durant after seeing Melo sign with OKC
Kevin Durant jerseys commercial when he was a rookie in Seattle
Thunder went from why did KD leave we could win a ring to who the *** is kevin Durant
Carmelo to the thunder?! Boy Kevin Durant regranting his move to golden state now
I NEED to see Kevin Durant crying in the Western Conference Finals as & Melo hoist the WCF trophy!
Draymond Green recalled his own social media incident as he discussed Kevin Durant's.
My new sounds: Kevin Durant trippin', Chris Hines of The 94 Feet Report; Mike Randle of Pickin' Up the Blitz FF
Kevin Hart and Kevin Durant got you Kevins looking real bad right now.
Kevin Durant conveniently forgets that Billy Donovan & that bad roster was up 3-1 on 73-win Warriors before KD & Russ laid…
Kevin Durant just exposed his ghost writer
when Kevin Durant sees someone slandering him online
so found Kevin Durant's private instagram
I liked a video Is Kevin Durant Using Fake Accounts to Defend Himself on Social Media?
How do I know I'm not a Kevin Durant secret account?
I can't trust any of you anymore. Any one of you could be a fake account operated by Kevin Durant to push his agenda.
Anyone could be Kevin Durant. That Warriors fan that's always in your mentions.could be Durant. That "Thunder fan" ??…
When you realize that KD Stan that was in your mentions all season might've actually been Kevin Durant himself
*** man. Kevin Durant plays harder on social media in 2017 than he did in the 2016 Western Conference Finals.
rosenberg wrote a great column on Kd... awesome writer:
Kevin Durant tops Lebron James for MVP in NBA Radio's award predictions via
I'm calling it now Kevin Durant or LBJ is gonna win mvp
.and so in conclusion: Oklahoma City is better off without Kevin Durant.
The youngest player in the top 10 of our may be the most exciting superstar in the league
My pick for MVP this year is John Wall or Kevin Durant.
Kevin Durant, a no doubt 1st ballot HOF basketball player, goes on social media and argues with teenagers using fake ac…
if you're actually Kevin Durant on an alternate account
Kevin Durant forgets to switch accounts while responding to Kevin Durant haters
Reporter: How do you explain the secret accounts?. Kevin Durant:
Kevin Durant is definitely not mad online, he just has a million burner accounts to respond to trolls
Kevin Durant getting caught with his fake accounts.
Kevin Durant deciding which fake account to defend himself with
kevin durant when he sees slander on the TL
*Phone rings*. Me: Hey, this is Nev from Catfish... Kevin Durant:
Kevin Durant pulled a Skip Bayless this morning and forgot to switch to his fake account 💀👀
Kevin Durant: ain't nobody as crazy and petty as me! . Kyrie Irving: Hold my flat Earth 🌏 .
aye aye aye. Y'all remember when bob fitzgerald called Kevin Durant kid dynamite in front of the entire city of oakland
Charlie Kaufman is going to make a film adaptation of Pale Fire starring Kevin Durant as both Charles Kinbote and John Shade
Kyrie ranked Kobe & Kevin Durant over LeBron. Yup, LBJ fans about slander Uncle Drew all day now 😂
George Foreman praises Trump, slams Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant via the App
BREAKING: The inevitable has happened... Kevin Durant has decided to sign with the Cleveland Indians.
Kevin Durant is just as mad at ESPN's Carmelo Anthony ranking as anyone else
Kevin Durant addresses his haters in his newest Nike KD 10's.
Kevin Durant's new shoes have a message for the losers and haters.
Hey leave Kevin Durant out of this!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Kevin Durant addresses his haters with new KD 10 shoes
Carmelo Anthony, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant only players to avg 20 ppg in every season of career
Kevin Durant, Lebron James,Michael Jordan & Carmelo Anthony are the only NBA players since 1965…
Steph Curry includes a subtle message for Kevin Durant too.
Steph Curry and Kevin Durant will have to agree to disagree.
Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade among those to salute Tracy McGrady on Hall of Fame induction
Lonzo Ball says he worked out with Steve Nash and Kevin Durant this summer.
Kevin Durant: "Nobody wants to play in Under Armours, I'm sorry. … The top kids don't because they all play Nike."
Lebron James and Kevin Durant triple doubles. K. Irving, s.curry and k.thompson all 20+ points. What odds you got for that?…
Kevin Durant and James Harden tbh 😂😂 but realistically Brad Beal and Paul George. A shooter and so…
Kevin Durant: Kobe Bryant is the greatest of all time. His skill is second to none. Him and Michael Jordan are...
Imagine having only Steven Adams to show for James Harden, Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook? ... And Paul George
best NBA players in the world going into 2017-2018. 1. Kevin Durant . 2. Lebron James . 3. Steph Curry. 4. James Harden . 5. R…
Can somebody make Steph Curry sponge bob and Kevin Durant squid ward?...
Kevin Durant defends LaMelo Ball's new Lamborghini, says it has nothing to do with basketball future - . One ... -
Kevin Durant lead three games to one versus Joe Johnson
With injury to Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors' aura of invincibility gone -... -
Pitch: Kevin Durant and his mom star in a reality show along with Marshawn Lynch and his mom
Kevin Durant is impressed with Markelle Fultz's hesi pull-up jimbo. The guy who taught it to him also taught KD.
Warriors go strategy by offering bobbleheads of Draymond Green & Kevin Durant to fans at preseason home games
Warriors to give out these Draymond Green & Kevin Durant championship bobbleheads at its preseason games at Oracle Arena…
Warriors will host bobblehead nights at both preseason home games: Draymond Green on 9/30 & Kevin Durant on 10/13.
I liked a video Kevin Durant gets dunked on by Avery Bradley (Feb 22, 2012)
Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson!. Comic subscribers: Let us know if you want these!. Everyone else: Please call,...
How nice of Kevin Durant to come down and help the people of Houston
GOT season finale with my roommate and I've never seen it. I'm calling the "white walkers" the Warriors and their new dragon is Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant on Devin Booker: "Better watch out for that boy because he is nice. He next, I’m telling you."
Kevin Durant is the greatest player of all time show some respect autistic *** i don't mean Asperger syndrome)
What Danny Ainge and the Celtics did to Isaiah Thomas is worse than what Kevin Durant did to the Thunder in my opinion
The Supersonics/Thunder all time team is nasty af. Gary Payton, Russell Westbrook, Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Shawn Kemp, Serge Ibaka, etc...
I'd like to thank Youtube, Jason Hernandez, Shane O'Neill for allowing me to make the Kyle Walker - Kevin Durant jo…
I thought this would end up like Kevin Durant moving to goldenstate
Kevin Durant on what he learned from Kobe Bryant. 💯
I added a video to a playlist George Foreman calls Colin Kaepernick, Kevin Durant 'Sore Losers' and
Bruh, imagine if Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden played on the same team😳🔥
NBA star Kevin Durant will protest President Trump with his White House absence
Kevin Durant says he won't visit the White House because of Donald Trump.
Kevin Durant of Golden State Warriors has no intention of visiting White House, has harsh words for President Trump
Missed this - Kevin Durant won't visit the White House due to Trump. (NBA players by far most politically active.).
Kevin Durant is planning to skip Warriors White House visit: 'I don't respect who's in office right now'
Kevin Durant on Kyrie Irving’s trade request: ‘A lot of teams have gone through this before’
⚡️ “Kevin Durant says he won't attend the White House because of Trump”.
Kevin Durant says he'll skip a potential Warriors trip to the White House
Kevin Durant will skip the Warriors White House visit. Says he doesn't respect who's in Office right now.
Kevin Durant on NBA players' criticism of Donald Trump: "We don't f**k with him":
Kevin Durant won't visit Trump. "I don’t agree with what he agrees with, so my voice is going to be heard by not doing that,…
Check out this post in the White House vibe:. Kevin Durant won't visit President Trump's White House: 'I don't respect who's in office righ
"I don't respect who's in office (White House) now." . Kevin Durant. Yo!! The racist comments that follow in that thread..cheii Americans🤔
Kevin Durant spurns Trump as teams vow to fund Confederate statue removal.
Kevin Durant on White House visit with Donald Trump: “Nah, I won’t do that” via
Kevin Durant doesn't respect Trump, but it's ok because no one respects Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant says he’s skipping the White House visit and his Warriors teammates ‘all agree’ - The Washington Post https:/…
Kevin Durant isn't going to the White House cuz he doesn't respect Trump 👍.
Please cry me a river K D. Shut up and play basketball u payaso.
"In my opinion, until we get him out of here, we won't see any progress." -- Kevin Durant on Donald Trump.
ESPN exclusive with Kevin Durant: In choosing to embrace love, a candid KD says he's skipping a White House visit. https:…
A Larry Sanders Show remake with Kevin Durant playing Larry Sanders the basketball player
Kevin Durant says Lebron James 'is Cleveland' and Cavs 'can't trade a legend' - Washington Post: Washington… Sports
Kevin Durant & the Warriors laid the smackdown on the Cavs in 5. Don't you never forget.
Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony all ballin on the same court! 🏀🔥.
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Kevin Durant's career average of 27.2 PPG is only behind Michael Jordan (30.12), Wilt Chamberlain (30.07), and Elgin Baylo…
Kevin Durant clarifies comments on India, promises to visit country for more camps Golden State Warriors playe…
Basketball star Kevin Durant has issued an apology for his comments on India.
This funny coming from a Golden State fan. Could literally say the same thing about Kevin Durant on the Warriors lol
Durant said to sign two-year deal with Warriors. LOS ANGELES: Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors have ag
BREAKING: Kevin Durant has decided to join Neymar and take his talents to PSG.
Kevin Durant about to follow Neymar to PSG 😂😂
go watch Kevin Durant's celebration after the championship. Guy looks like he's never had alcohol in his life
Wrong, See WS48, historic run of dominance but now Durant's better & LBJ's not even top 5, at least in rs.
Kevin Durant catches fire in the fourth quarter and lights up Rucker Park on the way to a legendary 66 point night https:/…
Kevin Durant got a 96 and Stephen Curry got a 94.
This is all Kevin Durant's fault now everybody doing it
Michael Jordan defends Kevin Durant’s right to choose
Reports "Paul George was traded to the OKC Thunder". Kevin Durant "
Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz have higher rankings than any rookie in the game since John Wall.
BREAKING NEWS: After Neymar's decision, Kevin Durant decided to join PSG as well.
Sneaker Rewind — A look back at and his sneakers over the years
It's International Clown Week, and 4 people have celebrated by clowning Lebron James:. Steph Curry. Kevin Durant. Kyrie Irving. M…
BREAKING: After Neymar Jr leaves Barcelona for PSG, Kevin Durant will join also.
I liked a video Kevin Durant responds to a YouTube comment, says he's better than Lebron James |
Kevin Durant's response to a fan saying Lebron James is better than him. 👀
Kevin Durant is better than Lebron James don't @ me
Why does Kevin Durant get a free pass for being so sensitive? Oh, and LeBron = still better than KD: TRAINA THOUGHTS https…
Kevin Durant responds to troll saying Lebron James is better.
1. Kevin Durant is not better than Lebron James. 2. Kevin Durant is VERY sensitive. .
What would you say is more likely: this proposed trade or Evan Turner for Kevin Durant
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