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Kevin Durant

Kevin Wayne Durant (born September 29, 1988) is an American professional basketball forward with the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Draymond Green says he immediately started recruiting Kevin Durant after losing 2016 NBA Finals
Goodmorning to everyone except Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant.
Kevin Durant looks like Penny Proud when she joined the swim team
Kevin Durant and Draymond Green catching up with Diane after the game tonight.
Draymond called Kevin Durant from the parking lot after the Warriors blew their 3-1 lead
Westbrook really should be mad at Draymond Green dawg Draymond Green call Kevin Durant in the Parkin lot lol
Marti McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown took Kevin Durant back in time. We could no……
Lebron James & Kevin Durant debut unreleased Off-White x Nike AF1s in white, arriving at Game 3 of the NBA Finals.
I want Lebron James vs Kevin Durant full-court 1-on-1 at NBA All-Star weekend.
According to SportVu, Lebron James and Kyrie Irving combined for roughly 850 dribbles in Game 3. Kevin Durant and Stephe…
I am enjoying the postgame interviews from Stephen Curry, Lebron James and Kevin Durant, especially when they ask reporters to "be better."
Draymond Green sat in his car, and called Kevin Durant right after losing Game 7 of last year's NBA Finals
I liked a video Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry on 3-1, exchange with Lebron James, 1st loss on the
I LOVE Kevin Durant and I respect him, but let me tell you this: Jordan, Kobe, Magic, Bird, would NEVER join the best team t…
Lebron James and Kevin Durant over 24.5 points and 5 rebounds Steph Curry Klay Thompson over 18+ points.
Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Anthony Davis and you obv need 1 sub and that would be Klay Thompson
Now that it's an official Olympic sport I've got: . Anthony Davis . Kevin Durant. Lebron James .
Game 3 was just the 2nd time in NBA Finals history that 4 players had 30+ points (Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, LeBron J…
Kevin Durant had 17 of his 38 points last night on ball screens targeted to get him in space vs a sagging Rudy Gobert.…
Kevin Durant came to Golden State to splash one in the kings face during crunch time in the NBA finals
Kevin Durant outplayed and outlasted Lebron James — and outmaneuvered his as well, explains…
I work hard. I really take my craft seriously. I love the game. I love playing for my teammates. -Kevin Durant
The only way the Cavs win game four is by shutting down Clay Thompson or Kevin Durant
Clay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry were outstanding on both defense and offense as were the rest of the warriors in game 3 win.
LeBron can't beat Kevin Durant in 2017. Kobe couldn't beat Rip Hamilton in 2004. Relax, Kobe stans
Kevin Durant-led rally over Cleveland Cavaliers brings Golden State Warriors to brink of history
Kevin Durant turned it up a notch in the fourth. What went right, wrong in Game 3 of (via
Kevin Durant's dagger the latest heartbreak in Cleveland's sports history
Kevin Durant fans are the type of people who pull their pants down all the way to take a ***
Kevin Durant is the best player in the world and it is showing! He's clutch unlike LeLoser James
The National basketball association Finals are showing Kevin Durant is definitely an elite opponent, too –…
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Kevin Durant got taco meat hair and Lebron James got synthetic hair fibers, the lesson from today's game is just be you and lo…
MJ is better than Magic,LeBron,Kobe, and my not Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant joins Michael Jordan & as the only players to score at least 25 points in each of their first 8
"I think he's having the time of his life.". -Steve Kerr on Kevin Durant.
Great game by Kevin Durant & Clay Thompson to lead Golden State Warriors to win in Cleveland 118-113. 11 points without reply to finish.
Alex trebek: The cavs just cant seem to _ Kevin Durant . Me: What is
Kevin Durant doesn't care about you or your family.
Kevin Durant is being guarded by Richard Hamilton and y'all wondering why he's dropping 25+
Kevin Durant warms up LIVE for Game 3 on ABC!
New post (Jay Electronica is inspired by Kevin Durant to drop ‘Letter To Fallon’) has been published on Urban -…
When they say Kevin Durant and Steph Curry the best duo of all time 😂😂
Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are literally wearing out the nets - via App
Composite ranking of best high school recruits in the country in 2006: . Kevin Durant . Steph Curry
How Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are destroying nets -- literally via App
🔌 Jay Electronica makes his return with a dope new track inspired by Kevin Durant 'Letter To Fallon'!…
"Yo I think they're giving out rings downstairs". Kevin Durant: .
Jay Electronica - Letter to Fallon . Produced by : Paul Epworth . Inspired by : Kevin Durant
Lebron James vs Kevin Durant... You'll be shocked to see who comes to the King's rescue. 😱😱😱. Credit - . ht…
Would of been so tight to get to watch Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook play on the sonics together
Sources: Story behind six-year-old, never-before released hip-hop collaboration track by Lebron James, Kevin Durant. http…
Having Montana as a side chick is the equivalent of Golden State signing Kevin Durant after a 73 win season
Lebron James and Kevin Durant reportedly made a rap song together in 2011.
Neymar kicks it courtside with Lewis Hamilton at the NBA Finals, meets Kevin Durant & Draymond Green. (SPEEDonFOX)
Finals:. Kevin Durant has been assisted 74.1% of his buckets. Lebron James has been assisted on 19% of his buckets. That…
This is the 10,476 straight day Kevin Durant has woken up being less of a player than Lebron James
Kevin Durant is coming for the crown as the world's best baller:
When you realize it's Kevin Durant out there, not Harrison Barnes anymore.
Kevin Durant staring people down like he didn't just join a 73 win super team because of hurt feelings
Kevin Durant the type to play 12 min quarters on 2K with sliders on rookie level because he hates a challenge
Kevin Durant is the 4th player in NBA Finals history with a 30-pt, 5-blk game (Duncan, Olajuwon 2x, Kareem 2x) (via
Jeff Van Gundy: "Kevin Durant this year has done better job moving without the ball.". This was his biggest (only?) issue when with OKC, no?
Kevin Durant right now is looking a lot like during Greek Week 2015 basketball
This is what happens when you replace Harrison Barnes with Kevin Durant.
Subbing in Kevin Durant for Draymond Green is equivalent to subbing Toni Kroos for Gareth Bale. This Warriors squad is 🔥.
Going from Train to Carlos Santana is like going from Harrison Barnes to Kevin Durant.
Backtalk: Times readers sound off on Colin Kaepernick, the Mariners and Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant the most valuable player outside Steph Curry in the finals
🏈🏀💪 That time Lebron James & Kevin Durant squared off in flag football. Who wants to see this again? https:…
Column on Kevin Durant & his foot-stomping step toward winning his first title, the LeBron view & Steph perspective
.look more formidable than ever thanks to Kevin Durant... . MORE: (via…
Kevin Durant scored a game-high 38 points and Stephen Curry hit six three-pointers as the Golden State Warriors...
Kevin Durant posted 38P/8R/8A in Game 1. Others to do that in Finals since 1984: Lebron James (4x), Michael Jordan (2x), K…
.vs. Kevin Durant might be the best rivalry of the 2017
NBA Finals: Kevin Durant denies beef with Rihanna, but evidence shows otherwise
NBA Finals: Warriors blast Cavs and LeBron is right -- Kevin Durant is the difference
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At the end of the first quarter, Warriors lead the Cavaliers 35-30. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry each have 10 points. BOX…
Bron realizing that's it's Kevin Durant out there and not Harrison Barnes 😂
25+ points in first 6 NBA Finals games. Shaquille O'Neal. Michael Jordan. Rick Barry. Kevin Durant. via
Kevin Durant was asked if he looked at Rihanna after hitting a 3-pointer.
Kevin Durant shook Lebron James out of his boots
Kevin Durant's 6 first half dunks are tied for a career-high for dunks in a game. .
Cavaliers transition defense right now against Kevin Durant
Rihanna yells "Brick!" at Kevin Durant during at the free throw line, he then stares her down twice. 😂.
Kevin Durant legit carrying the ball but no one says anything. 👀.
It's obvious to anybody who isn't a gigantic Kobetard that Kevin Durant is a better scorer than Kobe
OAKLAND, California -- Kevin Durant drove through the lane untouched for dazzling dunks time and...
Kevin Durant and Steph Curry combined for 66 points in Game 1.
Looks like Kevin Durant may have stared down Rihanna after that 3-pointer
Kevin Durant isn't the only big difference for the Warriors in these NBA Finals. .
LeBron says Kevin Durant's performance is the story of Game 1. (you take 1 of best teams assembled and add kd to em)
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Kevin Durant missed his most important shot of the night. MY COLUMN:
Maybe. But we all know Kevin Durant would not be anywhere near to playing for a championship if…
Kevin Durant plays for a team that won 73 games last season. It's easy to look unstoppable. Stop gassin' him up. Where was…
Kevin Durant with the pass to JaVale McGee for the slam! .
Kevin Durant joins Kobe Bryant (2009) as the only players with at least 38 PTS, 8 REB & 8 AST in Game 1 of the htt…
Kevin Durant attacked the rim and it was exactly what the Warriors needed
Golden State hasn't lost a game with all four of its All-Stars in uniform since Feb. 28 ... which was the night Kevin Du…
Cavs Defenders when they see Kevin Durant on a Fastbreak
Kevin Durant says he's not touching the Rihanna question, Steph's reaction is hilarious
Kevin Durant: a lot of points, no turnovers.
Kevin Durant fires 38 points to power unbeaten over defending champion 113-91 in opening game of NBA finals h…
Kevin Durant literally shot his shot for Rihanna
LeBron has reached out to the NBA to put Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant in foul trouble early in game 2. 😂 jk. https:/…
Never forget when Kevin Durant broke Lebron James ankles
"We stayed locked in for 48 minutes." - Kevin Durant. KD & Steph combine for 66p, 18a, 14r in Game 1 win. ht…
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Assist No.8 for Kevin Durant. . are closing in on a 1-0 series lead on
Kevin Durant is willing to pass up on a max deal this offseason to keep the Warriors' core together. (via ESPN)
Kevin Durant has all the swagger of a fanny pack
Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant moving on from Oklahoma City backlash -
This series is the passing of the torch moment, Lebron is gonna lose to Kevin Durant, and he's the best player in the world now.
Kevin Durant delivers opening wallop in Warriors' historic quest
Warriors last loss in which Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green all played at least 5 minutes…
So, a ridiculous stat I found:. Through 10 seasons, Allen Iverson had 6 fewer points than Kevin Durant for his career, on 2…
I mean yeah we lost out on Kevin Durant. But if KD signed w/ us last summer we couldn't have afforded to keep Amir Johnson…
What if: Jonathan Bender actually turned out to be the original Kevin Durant?
Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Hart, *** even Kevin Gates it don't matter. Cavs in 4.
LeBron trying to figure out how to stop the "wide open dunk for Kevin Durant" play the Warriors keep running
Can someone just punch Kevin Durant on the face?
Kevin Durant trails behind, rises up behind Green. What's he doing!? Durant blocks Draymond! The ball sputters out of bounds!
. Champion: Golden State Warriors. Number of games: 7. MVP: Kevin Durant. Score of final game: GSW 115 : CLE 112
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"Kevin Durant, Lebron James united in quest for NBA greatness"
GS Warriors in 6 and Kevin Durant will be the NBA Finals MVP.
Who's the bigger scapegoat if GSW loses and no single player plays well below his averages? Kevin Durant, Mike Brown or someone else?
Eddie House on Kevin Durant : "Don't downplay it. It should mean the world to u to win a 🏆, that's why you jumped ship a…
Jared Dudley says Kobe Bryant was much harder to guard than Lebron James or Kevin Durant.
The Klay Game AKA the game when Kevin Durant fell in love with someone else.
Kevin Durant, Kevin Bacon, *** Ayesha bakin me a cake I don't give a *** Cavs in 4
If it wasn't for Klay Thompson in this game, Kevin Durant would still be with the Thunder
Lebron James guarding Kevin Durant in the 2012 finals. Durant averaged 30 per game.
Lebron James is better than Kevin Durant. More important, LeBron believes he's better than Durant on the Finals stage.
When you remember Kevin Durant joined the Warriors 😐😭
Too far? Stephen A. Smith goes off on Kevin Durant...again! . VIDEO:
I don't think people have gotten it through their heads that Kevin Durant is on the team now.
Don't be Russel Westbrook to these *** cause they go Kevin Durant in a heart beat
NBA: Kevin Durant says he made the "100 percent correct decision, win or lose" to join Warriors - Marc J. Spears (ESPN) …
ESPN radio just compared Kevin Durant to Hulk Hogan lol
Kevin Durant was Russell Westbrook ShaQ. And Russel Westbrook was kevin Durant penny. When things fell apart, it was never the same.
LeBron made a 73 win team feel like they had to get Kevin Durant just to even have a chance at dethroning him
Steph Curry, Kevin Durant make All-NBA second team, Draymond Green makes third team - The Mercury News
Kevin Durant gets his head to the rim and posterizes Brendan Haywood in the WCF! Geez..
Dude makes Kevin Durant look like he has a Seal Team Six mentality. Wish we could get him up outta here for good
Kevin Durant is amazing. When Kawhi Leonard isn't guarding him.
Kawhi Leonard is better than Kevin Durant. Don't @ me!
(ESPN)- Stephen Curry started the rally in the third to get Golden State going, then Kevin Durant was determined...
Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry had to do a postgame seat change because KD always sits on the left side (right side viewin…
Stephen Curry (40p) & Kevin Durant (34p) combine for 74 points in comeback victory over the Spurs. https:…
Stephen Curry is too good, then there's someguy named Kevin Durant.
Watching the recording of Gm1 of GSW/Spurs and my final thoughts: I still can't believe Kevin Durant is on the warriors
The Warriors storm back from a 25 point deficit to beat the Spurs in Game 1! Stephen Curry & Kevin Durant combine for 74 poi…
Golden State, down 25 at one point, turned to an injured leader for guidance. Kevin Durant? No. Steve Kerr.…
Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant combined for 74 points, their most as teammates
Gary st jeans game analysis: oh wow what a nice layup by Steph Curry. Oh and look at this Kevin Durant shoots the ball and makes it.
Kevin Durant -- all NBA first teamer -- was just blocked by LMA. what a time to be alive
If San Antonio wins this series, will Kevin Durant be a Spur next year?
Golden St getting bodied brah Kevin Durant you better pray Spurs don't snap this series
Kevin Durant has played nine games in the last nine+ weeks.
Kevin Durant to debut the KD 10 on court today vs Spurs
Kevin Durant suffered MCL sprain and tibial bone bruise, will be evaluated again in four weeks, no timetable for his retu…
I know most will disagree with me but I would put Kawhi on Klay Thompson and Danny Green and Jonathon Simmons on Kevin Durant
Even at 19 years old, Kevin Durant thought the NBA combine was a waste of time. MORE:
Lebron James taking on Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala in the NBA finals ht…
Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are ‘back on talking terms,’ according to Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins casually letting hoops world know that Kevin Durant & Russell Westbrook are back on speaking terms https…
Arden Key's 2016 tape makes him look like the Kevin Durant of edge rushers. 6-foot-6 with long limbs and a wiry frame.
You can hate on Kevin Durant all you want, but this is the greatest thing ever what he says to the Jazz mascot. 💀
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Kevin Durant on the late Gobert tussle: "Just basketball...That's why they call our league soft. We call flagrants for…
Kevin Durant put the nail in the coffin of this series last night. Now the Warriors just need to fill the grave with dirt. h…
Kevin Durant really told the Jazz mascot to "get the f**k off the court." 😂.
Kevin Durant finished with postseason-highs of 38 points, 13 rebounds and 39 minutes.
Steph Curry and Kevin Durant crack up when reporter uses word 'kerfuffle'. WATCH:
Kevin Durant is just a slightly taller Danny Granger tbh
Kevin Durant's corrupt heart is just as disgusting as Gilbert's missed free throws
I'm sorry I still don't think Kevin Durant is better than Kawhi Leonard.
I've only seen two people stop Kevin Durant in the NBA. . 1.Kawhi Leonard . 2. Russell Westbrook
Still a fan of Kevin Durant.. no matter how bad he broke my heart. 🌚
Changes within the top 100: . Kevin Durant moved past Wes Unseld to No. 59.
LIVE: Postgame Press Conference with Kevin Durant. More postgame coverage airing now on
Kevin Durant and the biggest player-option decisions of 2017 (via
I still hope Golden State loses because Kevin Durant sold out and went there and idc what you say
Sam Presti thought Billy Donovan had the X factor. Turns out that Kevin Durant made a big differe…
Hamilton Collection
Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Serge Ibaka, & Reggie Jackson were all on the same team. & All under 23 years…
How can you watch this video and not be happy for Kevin Durant. Dude is enjoying life. How could you not want this. Dud…
Kevin Durant just has to be Harrison Barnes for them to succeed
Upgrading from Harrison Barnes to Kevin Durant is quite the luxury
Kevin Durant being on the Warriors is like Hollywood Hulk Hogan on the NWO
This Just In: Warriors announce Kevin Durant will play tonight in Game 4.
Flip side to the flip side...Harrison Barnes is not Kevin Durant (who was a monster on defense this seas…
"If they do not have Kevin Durant, the Warriors would have lost this game. Harrison Barnes is not giving you 32 points." —…
Anderson Varejao had more contributions to the Warriors last year in the Playoffs than Kevin Durant to the Warriors this year.
So I just bumped into Kevin Durant from the Golden State Warriors! 😃🏀
Lakers fans when asked "What happened to landing Kevin Durant, Demarcus Cousins, DeMar Derozan, and Russell Westbrook in fr…
And anyone that thinks Kevin Durant is a top 10 historical all nba player needs to be investi…
ESPN just showed Kevin Durant shaking his head after owned the Golden State defense again.
Warriors rule out Kevin Durant and Steve Kerr for Game 3 vs. Blazers
Last time Mike Brown was a head coach in the playoffs, Kevin Durant had 25 points in OKC to eliminate Lakers in Game 5 of 2012 Semifinals.
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OKC at one point had Reggie Jackson, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Surge Ibaka, Kevin Durant , Jeff Green on the SAME TEAM
Kevin Durant, Kyle Lowry, Chris Paul and George Hill ALL had worse injuries than Rose's knee scope…
Lowe Post podcast: on West playoffs, Russ, some Hawks-Wiz. Also, KA compares Kevin Durant to a couch
Portland trailblazers could have been gods.They passed up on Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, Jimmy Butler,and Gilbert Arenas.
Kevin Durant to the Pistons: How much is too much to give up in...
Arguably Kevin Durant , althought i hate him
Jim Barnett: “If Kevin Durant cannot play, it changes everything”
Steve Kerr updates injury status of Kevin Durant, questionable for Game 2 with a calf strain; "If he didn't practice, t…
Kevin Durant questionable for Game 2 with left calf strain.
Kevin Durant's message to Isaiah Thomas: The family is behind you
Knicks coach’s firing leaves Kevin Durant fishing for...
If Kevin Durant pulls a Deandre Jordan, and backs out of the Warriors contract before July 7th, I'd be the happiest perso…
Also today: Lil Wayne joins us to talk Aaron Rodgers, Dez Bryant, and Kevin Durant. 9:30 AM-Noon ET. Fox…
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Durant zepco…
Happy born day to my unc chuck✊🏽 don't turn up to hard Kevin Durant head *** 💙
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It's Klay Thompson's time to step up, especially if are without Kevin Durant tonight via
Kevin Durant and Shaun Livingston are questionable for game 2 against the Trail Blazers. 👀
Check out Kevin Durant’s awesome Bay Area pad as he launches YouTube channel
Oh you ina slump I'm headed to Oakland like Kevin Durant
The whole state of Oklahoma have lost all respect for you, Kevin Durant. You were our leader. How could you.
This is definitely the best meme so far 😂
Kevin Durant has a left calf strain and is questionable for Game 2 against Trail Blazers.
Check out Kevin Durant's awesome Bay Area pad as he launches ... - Sacramento Bee
John Wall is Greg Oden. Evan Turner is Kevin Durant. Maybe I'm happy with the No. 2 pick.
With Kevin Durant (Calf) listed as questionable, the moved from -15 to -13.5. https:/…
ok, i don't know about you, but this is *** arious. The have already given us a hilarious meme .
It's Klay Thompson time. Especially if Kevin Durant is out for Game 2 ||
⚡️ "The internet goes wild over Kevin Durant joining the Warriors".
Kevin Durant is doing a great job helping the Warriors win. But enough about the 2016 Western Conference Finals
Kevin Durant been a member of the Warriors since the Western Conference Finals..
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To my opinion I believe Carmelo Anthony is way better than Kevin Durant...
how many longhorns are in the playoffs?. Miles turner. Lamarcus Aldridge. Avery Bradley . Kevin Durant . Tristan Thompson
Kevin Durant sends condolences to Isaiah Thomas' family, then talks about his rhythm in Game 1
5 rings in 20 years. I'm surprised Kevin Durant didn't go to San Antonio and went to the Bay Area instead tbh.
List of players to average 21-8-4 on 49-33-76 or better:. Kevin Durant. Blake Griffin. Karl Malone. Kevin Garnett. David Robinson. Larry Bird
Russell Westbrook is a better player than Kevin Durant - Thunderous Intentions
Russell Westbrook . Dion Waiters . Kevin Durant . Steven Adams . Serge Ibaka . how did this line up not win an NBA championship
Celtics are 1 win away from clinching the 1-seed in the East. Imagine if Kevin Durant chose the Celtics in free agency
Kevin Durant to the Wizards?? Kyle Lowry to the Rockets?? Top 5 Crazy Offseason signing that could happen!…
Kevin Durant is sort of unprecedented
I hope the Kevin Durant in your life leaves you so you can be the Russell Westbrook you deserve to be
How many teams, after losing a player of Kevin Durant's caliber, can have a season like OKC? Thats all Russell Westbrook.
So can we agree that it was actually Kevin Durant who was holding Russell Westbrook back? Not the other way around.
Russell Westbrook is better than Kevin Durant. Don't @ me.
Russ doesn't need Kevin Durant... he has KYLE SINGLER! We were just saving him for playoffs to make sure he wouldn't get…
Kevin Durant's knee looking healthy and ready for the playoffs. 😂😂😂
Kevin Durant returns to the lineup with 16 points, 10 rebounds & 6 assists!
Kevin Durant makes his return tonight
"Baseball been berry berry good to me” — Kevin Durant
A Kevin Durant fan is ready for his return 😂 (via
Tonight, for the first time since Feb. 28, Kevin Durant will take the court.
Kevin Durant made this young fan's day 🙌 (via
Kevin Durant believes player rest is only an issue when players are involved
Kevin Durant has classic response when asked if he missed media during injury
The Golden State Warriors are looking forward to the return of Kevin Durant, hear Warriors insider Monte Pool...
If that last forward spot comes down to Kevin Durant or Gordon Hayward, we really going to give it to Hayward via an injury technicality?
Kevin Durant *and* Harry Kane coming back ahead of schedule?
This Just In: Warriors have targeted Saturday night's home game against New Orleans as the return date for Kevin Durant,…
Kevin Durant spent 8 years in OKC; his Players Tribune farewell was 351 words. Malik Monk went to Kentucky for a year an…
I liked a video from I Can't Believe They Let This Happen | Kevin Durant set to
Starting Ray Allen as the sniper RW and Kevin Durant, the blue liner leading the league in scoring as…
Steph Curry has now outplayed Russell Westbrook, Kawhi Leonard, & James Harden without Kevin Durant and during a tough…
Kevin Durant wants to go back to being friends with Russell Westbrook
"Kevin Durant says 'shady' James Worthy was nice in person, badmouthed him on TV" {by James Herbert} via
We were robbed the chance to see Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kevin Durant play together in their prime. That wo…
Joe Ross would love for Kevin Durant to throw out the first pitch at a Nats game. But would fans want that?
Could you imagine if Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook were all still on the same team?
Devin Booker better than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant. Don't @ me😬
Kevin Durant just did a two-handed vertical dunk before exiting the practice court. Prior, he did some spot shooting. He…
Kevin Durant's rehab going well, making Warriors optimistic about return via
Link to the latest on Kevin Durant's promising recovery steps co-scribed with -->
Kevin Durant admits his bond with Russell Westbrook "won't ever be the same".
Golden State Warriors ground breaking Ceremony for New Arena, Kevin Durant commits to new State Warriors
Watch: Kevin Durant discusses his knee injury.
Kevin Durant tells a LOL story about meeting this “white kid” named Steph Curry 16 years ago!. VIDEO:
I guess all these LeBron haters would rather have Korver, D-Will, Bogut, and Larry Sanders over Kevin Durant. Interesting.
But you're cool with the 73-9 Warriors adding Kevin Durant, huh? Didn't know you're not supposed to improve your team if…
If you build it, they will ball. Check out Kevin Durant's Charity Foundation! .
Chris Lofton puts one in the eye of Kevin Durant, Tennessee goes on to win. (2006)
The Warriors would've been better off not signing Kevin Durant. Nick Wright (explains.
Shaq on Kevin Durant: 'He can’t talk to me like that...You’re not in the club with me and those [championship] guys'
AUDIO:PG elevated on how his team will pick up the slack for Kevin Durant's absence:
Is prime Tony Allen as valuable as Kevin Durant? D is great and super important, but scoring holds higher importance imo.
Kevin Durant is going to be 72 years old and waking up in the middle of the night because he's scared Tony Allen is in t…
I can't believe no one is comparing Kevin Durant moving to GSW to Ray Allen moving to Miami. Probably because Ray Allen was…
disrespectful by you. Kevin Durant actually misses the occasional shot. Tony Allen would never!
Tony Allen is basically Kevin Durant against the Rockets
Texas had Myles Turner, Jarrett Allen and Kevin Durant and have one tourney win over New Mexico State to show for i…
Warriors fall on road to Bulls in first game since Kevin Durant's injury
Charles Barkley: The Warriors won’t make it out of the West without Kevin Durant
I never noticed it but Kevin Durant & Offset kinda look alike
Kevin Durant is going to be in the new Space Jam 2 movie!
Check out "Piece of cake: Kevin Durant's night puts icing on rout" (via
Golden State forward Kevin Durant suffered Grade 2 MCL sprain, tibial bone bruise. He will be re-evaluated in four weeks.…
The Cleveland Cavaliers' NBA rivals are out of their minds if they think this player will help replace Kevin Durant.
A review of Kevin Durant's injury should leave the Golden State Warriors feeling fortunate…
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