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Kevin Davies

Kevin Cyril Davies (born 26 March 1977 in Sheffield, South Yorkshire) is an English footballer who currently plays for Bolton Wanderers and the England national football team as a striker.

Jay Bothroyd David Nugent Big Sam Sam Allardyce Preston North End Chris Humphrey Alan Shearer Michael Ricketts Wade Barrett

Marsh scores hat trick to spark Davies to state soccer win
Dickinson's bats come alive in state baseball win over Davies
Dickinson uses 5 hits and 1 error to take 6-0 lead in second against Davies
Kevin Davies in the Trafford centre. Backing in to unsuspecting shoppers and going down easily
When's Kevin Davies coming out of retirement?
did I just see you in Malaga airport queuing for your flight?
odds on Kevin Davies scoring a penalty with his head to grab the winner against a deflated India in the final?
psychological support england to lose mental edge with Peters to leave France early
England look about as organised as a team managed by Owen Coyle and captained by Kevin Davies!!!
Will be representing super at Wembley tomorrow
KD's Thunder teammates optimistic he'll return: KD's Thunder teammates optimistic he'll return
Circle of trust for Davies girls soccer team has yet to be b...
The Big Sam/Kevin Davies photoshop when his missus got involved was genius
the Spirit of One Cap Wonder Kevin Davies lives on
"I'm not obsessed with Kevin Davies honest" Okay Garry...
yeah half of them wanted to give Kevin Davies the bloody job
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Looks like will try to recruit Kevin Durant to the Sixers πŸ˜‚
probably because we've had the likes of Crouch and Kevin Davies making caps in recent years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
after 5 yellows in first 8 games, only got 5 more in next 29. He’s no
waiting for him to say Kevin Davies
cracking photo. You know you have made it big when someone asks if you can have a photo with their dogπŸ‘
Durant on future: 'Haven't even thought about it': Durant on future: 'Haven't even thought about it'
Police are asking for assistance with regard the below pictured male. Kevin Roy Davies, aged 52, left his home...
when Kevin Davies has more England caps than you
Bird? Come on Kev you're better than that.
I've only just remembered chewing your ear off in Crazy Pedro's a week or so ago, talking about Ellesmere Park. Apologies πŸ˜‚
Matthew Syed: Coaching the mind as well as the feet is vital for England
thought I recognised that girl dancing
Still haven't forgotten that stupid foul on Kevin Davies in the box as he was going away from goal
Can you help us find 52yr old Kevin Davies from Llandysul. He may be in or Ring 101
Police appeal for information after 52-year-old man is reported missing: . Kevin Davies, fr...
forgot about rob hulse. Remember Noel whelan and Kevin Davies on loan... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rooney is like Kevin Davies with feet
James beattie Kevin Davies and egil ostenstad??
Kevin Davies' late goal sealed an epic European result for struggling Bolton and boss Gary Megson in the Uefa Cup.
Kevin Davies created the asteroid sequence with assistance from Tony Clark.
England's forward line seems to be on the up. I remember when we had David Nugent, Kevin Davies and a traffic cone as our options up front
agreed mate.especially when in past Jay Bothroyd and Kevin Davies have caps.some say I'm a better left back than Chris Powell
All-Star Events sporting dinner with Jack Lester: Following the success of the Kevin Davies spor...
Francis Jeffers and Kevin Davies comes close tbf
"Very underrated" says Martin Keown of Glenn Murray, then adds: "Reminds me of Kevin Davies, the way he uses his body to bump into people."
Glenn you just got compared to Kevin Davies by Martin Keown , can't be happy with that
Sam Johnstone and now Callum Robinson brought back from last season. Kevin Davies is still looking for a club isn't he?
I need to sort my hearing out; just now, Kevin Davies referred to a Chris Peacock, I thought he'd said Crispy *** :-o
. If Phil Brown ( from 300 miles away) and Kevin Davies can take a keen and active interest why not others?? Strange!!
Duncan Edwards was like Beckenbauer and Di Stefano wrapped up in the physique of Kevin Davies. But he was mobile.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Look at all this fabulous gear for Markland Hill School from Kevin Davies!! Brilliant idea Gill to contact him!
Which lines the problem. Coyle had a hand in shoving Kevin Davies out the door even if it was Freeman who finally
super Kevin Davies bought on a free
Needing some suggestions for the subs bench. Jorge Costa, Paul Bosvelt, Nigel de Jong, Junior Baiano, Kevin Davies
For another Jungle footballer there could be a lot better choices like Niall Quinn, Robbie Savage heck even Kevin Davies.
Ergo, Alan Shearer is a poor man's Kevin Davies.
Getting closer to that Wade Barrett and Kevin Davies tag team match against Rooney and Stone Cold at WrestleMania πŸ˜‚
MOTD 2 with Kevin Kilbane and Kevin Davies is so disappointing
of names is endless, Brent Martin, Keith Philpott, Raymond Atherton & Kevin Davies are a few I recall, some hunted down & tortured
I hear Kevin Davies has retired. I wonder if I could persuade him out of retirement as we need another striker, and he's …
On this day, in 2003, scored a late goal as Bolton drew 1-1 at home to Wolves
tell the Premier League to put their hand in their pocket!Besides, Labour spent sod all when in power anyway!
It's a beautiful day for some family Futsal fun at Prenton Park: Tranmere Rovers Futsal Hub Open Day - Sun 27 Sept http:/…
You know it's time to get off YouTube when you find yourself Watching Kevin Davies post match interviews
Congratulations Wales especially Gareth Davies for sealing final score Kevin Anne I'm sure there are no words to describe feelings tonight X
I take it he,s shrunk down to Warwick Davies size then
I am local now... So promise not to stand you up again!. Haaa!. I know you don't like that!. 😁 😁 😁
hope you are well. Could do with a catch up soon so and I know what our next challenge is!. 😁 😁 😁
you were pretty Ok with a round ball!. Capped by England, 100's of appearances in the Premier league + an inspiration to many
thought it was rugby you always played Kev?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I think I would have been all right in rugby even though the ball is an odd shape!!
lost it with 25 mins to go the Welsh showed more passion than we ever had
Well that was disappointing!! Well done to Wales dug in and showed some real grit!
hi Kevin what's your try to MoM ratio?
Don't miss the family fun day & Futsal launch tomorrow at PP. Famous SWA faces from the past playing and loads to do!
Few goal droughts ended today, floodgates open now!!?
got a spare for Everton of Kevin Davies
obviously!. I hope I am so wrong!!! . Going off my Super6 predictions I will be wrong!
City don't look the "invicibles" that some predicted after first few weeks of the season . United are title favourites for me
Some poor officiating today at the Spurs/City game. No excuse for city poor in second half, softness about them without Kompany in the team
Q to Big Sam: did Kevin Davies have a bonus per yellow card in his contract? πŸ˜‰
Kevin Davies like watching paint dry
Teams in the tunnel, Spurs v City UHD
.gave us his predictions. Make yours here -->
got to have Rooney and Kevin Davies in there
Must be Kevin Davies. Must be. Does Craig Bellamy count as a striker?
We have some wonderful supporters with our fantastic patron and guys such as Jimmy Phillips and Tony Kelly
.fancies a 1-1 Draw v & Kane to score 1st. What are your predictions for the game?.
Check out picks for this week's Place your bets here:
The club would like to welcome Kevin Davies to the club, thanks to for helping get it done πŸ‘
Definitely lime for me - a squeeze in the glass, rub round the rim of the glass and drop it in.
lol can't say that was a good deal either, u might aswell of brought Kevin Davies
Video: Kevin Spacey, Eve Best and Howard Davies during a final rehearsal for A Moon for the Misbegotten’s...
they actually put Henderson on the cover of fifa16 and next to Messi Pmsl
.joined us at BetfredTV to give us his picks PLUS his charity bet for
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Match Attax are out today Kevin. Thought you would like to know! :-)
how about coming out of retirement and playing at the Macron Saturday?
David Nugent, Kevin Davies and my personal highlight was Jay Bothroyd. Vardy is low but arguably not the worst!
Remember when Kevin Davies and Jay Bothroyd got England caps?
Wonder if LVG knows Kevin Davies is available, lump it up to the big man!
Someone needs to tell them it's Gary Madine and not Kevin Davies up there
what do you make of PNE releasing Kevin Davies?
would love Kevin to put up a 5 point NAP
Β£6 mil people!!! Lets have it much was kevin davies?
Missing the game tomorrow. Spending the day with and family
will u be revealed as a contestant on this year All that nifty footwork
maybe it because you're getting older!!! Says a 50 yr old!
I have that problem with my talent.
Sorry Kev I don't think you can find your pace
I know right, BWFC have hidden the goal posts.
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every Saturday night when I get back drunk from the match. My wallet so the wife doesn't see how much I've spent !!
What like a two one lead to take to Norway next week 😁
I'm famous for safe places, still not found a pair of my daughters Dyslexia glasses!!
Don't you just love it when you hide something so well that you can't find it!! 😑😑
the product was an absolute favourite but will now have to look elsewhere. Also disappointed with Kevin's lack of response.
prob not back at S Marys until next (hopefully) game!
hey no probs at all, thanks for trying. Saw most of your sfc games, hope you get a club sorted this season
so sorry got rushed off, tried finding you at half time, think I'm back next Saturday catch you then maybe
nice to nearly meet you last night.Tried to get a photo with kids but you couldn't get away. Told the kids you're SFC legend!
Wade Barrett wants Kevin Davies as his tag team ...
sure you walked past me on Wednesday outside windsor castle??
Funny the way TV companies like ex-footballers as pundits. Even funnier to think of Kevin Davies as ever having been a footballer😏
On this day in 2011 The Rams won 3-0 against Doncaster. Kevin Kilbane, Steve Davies and Ben Davies scored
Kevin Davies wouldn't have gone down? Biggest cheat we came across first PL season!
can't bive you wouldn't wave when I was abusing you at the end lol
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I went on Holiday and Chris Perry, Danny Higgingbottom and Kevin Davies became pundits, never going away again
I Kevin sent an email regarding some football coaching for if you still interested in helping thanks
they tend to come back a lot cheaper than we sold them for. Well Kevin Davies did anyway...
i received an email from Kids at Bolton but looks like hacked
Why does Kevin Davies get to be pundit on European football? He's played the same as me
my favourite player back in a Saints shirt!
For those asking about Kevin Davies, I've posed the question and it's not being considered as an option by
Lol Exclusive: Kevin Davies is set to join on a free transfer as backup to Olivier Giroud"
I think Kevin Davies with respect could still do a better job than the current incumbents
Europe from 1930 this eve wi Owen Hargreaves and Kevin Davies. v FC Midtjyland.
Good luck Kevin Davies to spend Β£1 million on football facilities in Bolton β€” if he wins charity bet. ht…
Class, met Peter schmicheal, Jonny Bairstow, Kevin Davies, Max rushden, dean Ashton and Derek branding from waste sees today at work β›³οΈπŸ˜‚
Walters reminds me of former Bolton striker Kevin Davies...both stiff but they know where the goal is
On this day, in 2013, Zat Knight was named captain of Bolton Wanderers, succeeding Kevin Davies
you should listen to Kevin Bridges interview with He reminisces about Bankies 3 of Eadie/Flanigan/Davies 1/2
Yourself and Kevin ain't nothing but fraudsters,making out you're helping the public. *** you're a thief! πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
Good managers and players being linked. We're gonna end up with avram grant and Kevin davies
Great news hopefully more to come would be nice + and super back
heskey re-signing to partner Kevin davies or grant Holt
If you are interested in entering a team or teams in the BBDFL you must first complete an application form .
Check out the lovely brand new column!
would be great to get some domestic and Spanish coverage on UK TV rather than streams
hoping lads do the business Sat... And make Sundays games! πŸ˜ƒ
yeah, top team..! 20 & 21st June mate..Be dwn Sunday as busy Sat with footy stuffπŸ˜ƒ
Baku are class. When are the copperbox games?
Grand Finals were today at St George's park.. champs again! Cme dwn to Copper Box, Fa Futsal Cup πŸ˜ƒ
missed my Futsal, been over in Spain and on the TV all the time. My kids loved watching it, proper standard over there
0-0 v Montenegro in October 2010. Took my dad for his birthday. At least he got to see one and only cap.
you obviously went to the same DIY school as .
erm, got a wedding to go to,and Gatwick on Sunday. Mr Cotton has been assured a night out on my return
Didn't Kevin Davies used to have player on his bio?
All PNE memorabilia given to Linda Moon has been returned & we'll be doing various charitable acts with it. We'll always be a co…
I was wondering why your not coming with us all to birthday party !!?
can tell the tension is starting to build. The development of the lads in such a short time has been outstanding
Futsal has been fun and interesting! πŸ˜ƒ
Definitely!. Will have to be weekend for me though as heading south again tomorrow morning!!. Gary will update you!
How did the Futsal cup go this weekend ??
floundering as usual . 😁 . Picked up a nice award though...
Had a great 12 days away in Spain with the family but great to be back home. How is my beloved been doing without me!? ⚽️⚽️
. Of course. Superb. I like the 4 second rule! Guess you do too as I could here:. "I'm counting"πŸ‘
He didnt have a Cigar out on a cold Tuesday night at BWFC a few yrs ago when he down tools against
. Really enjoyed BBDFL Futsal today. Some outstanding skills on show. Getting better by the week
Altrincham athletico u13s (division 1) looking for a new GK and Defender for next season. Dm me for further info please RT
Andy Johnson, Carlton Cole, Jay Bothroyd, Kevin Davies, Michael Ricketts, David Nugent and Bobby Zamora have all played for England.
The call up of Jamie Vardy is up there with Kevin Davies'.
he was called up way before Zamora and Kevin Davies
Just devalued the honour of playing for England by brining Vardy on. Added to the list of Kevin Davies / Michael Ricketts / Steve Guppy
Jamie Vardy you know. Reminds me of when Jay Bothroyd, Kevin Davies and David Nugent played.
Vardy is so bad. Easily the worst call up since Zamora and Kevin Davies and both of them are arguably better strikers and players
Austin is 3 years younger than Vardy. I agree, I don't think Austin will go either. Remember when Kevin Davies got called up at 31?
great morning of u10's futsal. New nets saw plenty of goals!
tbh it doesn't warrant him getting a call up I just get bored of people giving out caps like they did for Kevin Davies etc
Later this hour will be with Kevin Miles of the Football Supporters' Federation in Dublin
chale... E de pain me small. Then that guy get potential but Kevin Davies said no
what about when bothroyd, Kevin Davies and Zamora got called up 😷
either of you two fancy a stag do for a massive Bolton fan in July?
So here we go. First up the Community Player of the Year...and it's Kevin Davies!
Definition of needlessly takimg the *** out of your opponent: bringing on Kevin Davies when 4-0 up
Kevin Davies back at Wembley to end Preston's misery - reports
and you'e thinking of either Andy Morris or Kevin Davies.
he just puts his weight around a bit, like Kevin Davies.
tickets booked for Sunday come on pne πŸ˜ƒ even though I support drfc
thank you very much Darren. Not a chance Il make the game very bad night but Il be behind them
Hi guys, Our Linda Moon ain't too good guys, let's get this promotion for her please. We all BELIEVE
Kevin Davies - Signed for Bolton for free and was a great servant to them for 10 years.
Then our bench striker force is Ebanks-Blake, Kevin Davies, Andy Little... πŸ˜‚
have either of you heard about us playing Bolton pre season for Kevin Davies Testimonial.
Linda - you are an inspiration, hope you can make Thursday and the lads do you proud - best wishes
for me goes to Kevin Davies, inspired me to become a History teacher, he's brilliant! Diolch yn fawr iawn
just do it. Good luck from a wanderer
I wont make it. Had ct scan theatre tomorrow obs sky high bein pumped with loads 😒 Il be 1000% behind the lads tho
Chiellini has to up there with Kevin Davies as one of the dirtiest players to ever play football.
Would love to see play against sergio ramos and really give him something to complain and roll around on the floor for
Time to forget Sunday. Go up via the play offs and you boys might just be bigger legends than going up auto. Nice One.
let's Ave it rite you'll play no part and 4 me will prevail how PNE even got here never know.
thank you Steven Il try that's all I can do x
there was mate! Oh I bet it has! Ah well you should be proud of him mate, and I am fully backing you in the play offs!
cool, think there were a few tears after?! Been a tough few days in the Davies Household!!!
Thanks for RT'ing guys! You fancy putting a BBDJFL team in?
Oh Kevin Mcnaughton you are the love of my life, . Oh Kevin McNaughton i'd let you shag my wife, . I want silver hair too!
I refereed your son today! Great player + lovely lad, following in his dad's footsteps!
- If you're on the bench again on Thurs, tune in to the game - it's the place 2 B!
Gutted about Kevin McNaughton leaving. He's been here for nearly as long as I've supported City.
hope your feeling a little better Linda x
I'm neutral but hope PNE make it, you deserve it and certainly don't want Sheff Utd to do it
can confirm that Kevin McNaughton, Danny Gabbidon and Nicky Maynard will leave the Football Club this summe…
get 'em thinking positive Kev, no point feeling sorry for ourselves!!
Good for Kevin to send good wishes - as do I xx
it's all set for a big kev winner at Wembley or
thank you kev. Had my treatment this morning went home nurse came out & rushed me into royal Preston. Good πŸ€ 4 thurs 4 u all!
every faith in you boys hope Chesterfield get the backlash from Sunday
good luck Kevin must be a strange one this. Still remember watching your hatrick sink Bolton in 97
GOOD LUCK KEVIN.I hope you get promoted..we all want to see you here at the Macron Stadium.
good luck PNE failed to get promoted after 9 cracks at the playoffs. All the pressures on you boys spirites just happy 2B inv
Taken 48 hours to get Sunday out of my system now ready for in the play offs this week!
sorry to hear your not feeling so well Linda and I'm sure Sunday's result didn't help. Try and stay positive as we are, Kev
I had a dream that I was reading Kevin Davies's "Lateral Argument" and it was basically the same thing as in the book
Big Kev deserves one for all he has given to the beautiful game.
brilliant daggers! Great song choice as well! I got some grief this morning but my top was hanging proud 😁
Grayson has a good playoff record & 20 years since Kevin Davies' successful playoff (for Chesterfield). Think players confident
It's more tinpot than Kevin Davies scoring record.
I'm waiting for Man United to be linked with Kevin Davies now
Kevin Haskin: Big 12 should stay the course, reject football championship game | Mobile
My favourite picture from an amazing day yesterday being given match shirt with heartwarming words ❀😁 htt…
He can make an impact from the bench. I'd rather turn to him than Kevin Davies, let's put it that way
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Sure super Kevin Davies was having a testimonial
Kevin Fox, yes. I wasn't sure who was next to Adrian Davies, think it is his brother Graham?
defo mate has a lot more to offer than Kevin Davies and seb combined like to see a youth striker there aswell someone pacey
it won't cos I'm inviting Kevin bacon
treatment comes 1st just a shame iv to be at hospital at 8am tomorrow!! Always sky I suppose
I'm sure big or can sort you out for this one Linda. There's no more dedicated fan.
Lee Chung-yong was Bolton's a co-recipient in 2010 alongside Kevin Davies and Fabrice Muamba.
"Saints' last win at Goodison Park was a 2-0 victory in Nov *1997*, when Matt Le Tissier and Kevin Davies both scored." Brilliant.
90th min: Joe Garner is replaced by Kevin Davies.
Kevin Davies & Chris Humphrey to score and PNE to win 2-0
Kevin Davies has said that getting an untimely injury against Manchester United in 98 cost him 50 England caps.
I dey with my homies.awon bi Kevin Davies, Chris Humphrey, Kikenny
Warring Louis van Gaal and Sam Allardyce are cut from same cloth, says Kevin Davies
Kevin Davies shares some insight how Big Sam prepares and evaluates his players for matches β€”
RETURNS: hero Kevin Davies and ex-loanee Daniel Johnson face their old club for Preston today!
Says Sam who made a living going long into Kevin Davies and Nolan working off knock downs. 😐
Big Sam has the cheek to complain about Man u with the long ball when he was the instigator of it at Bolton to Kevin Davies
Preston striker Kevin Davies has spoken of the relief of finally scoring his 150th career goal.
Davies relieved to reach 150 goals: Preston North End striker Kevin Davies speaks of the relief of finally scoring…
I feel for football purist Big Sam having to have such an ugly tactic as long ball, but if sides don't have a Kevin Davies what else to do?
heard Dave was arguing for a Kevin Davies call up for years
I have a similar level of hatred for Jonathan Walters that I previously reserved for Kevin Davies.
Kevin Davies trying to get Bad News Barrett to play in his testimonial game is the male equivalent of Kim Kardashian breaking the internet
( in other news, Kevin Davies still plays organized soccer for Preston North End so this could totally happen )
Kevin Davies the next man for Preston.
Kevin Davies coming on as a half-time sub. Looks like Garner coming off, he took a couple of whacks in the first half
in 2010, Kevin Davies hit two in biggest win of the season: http:…
53: 0 1. Preston sub as Paul Gallagher comes off injured for Kevin Davies
will go same way as Kevin Davies and David Nugent England careers
Matt Murray on Gillette Soccer Saturday just compared James Hanson to Kevin Davies. Very good comparison and a bit of a compliment.
Sack D/F now and bring Kevin Davies and Phil Brown in too run the club
Kevin Davies just passed his medical m8, currently walking the 'brown mile' at AOL πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
I'm surprised Sam Allardyce hasn't resorted to them in the past. Kevin Davies would break jaws, left right and centre then.
Kevin Davies, Peter Crouch, Alan Shearer, there were a few. Not just superstars. Even less talented guys like Tuncay.
defender play Kevin Davies better. Including Terry, etc.
Kevin Davies reminds me of Paul Robinson (the left back). I don't even know why, he doesn't even look like him
Please tell me this is Kevin Davies who he rates
So we're going from the speed of Sterling, Sturridge and probs Markovic to big frontmen, bully tactics of Kevin Davies?
On this day, in 2013, Bolton legend and former captain joined Preston North End
You fancying the Dutch all night didn't work bud. C'mon on you Argies!
I really hope they get it! Don't wanna see Argentina in the final!
brazil Argentina in the play off could be better than the final
I need them for my sweepstake so I hope you are right! P.s - when is your testimonial??
Pens it is, some drama at last!! Holland keeper never made a penalty save but fancy the Dutch
heard Van Gaal wants him at United next season, bit of the tough stuff is just what they need too!!
They couldn't score in an Amsterdam brothel tonight !!
Holland just like BWFC of old getting stronger in extra time
think everyone want holland to score because of dirk Kuyt! Love that guy! What was he like to play against?
I get the impression what ppl say will happen is exactly the opposite of what they hope will happen.
Fancy holland to score in extra time
not much for the Germans to worry about.
why wasn't Kevin Davies in the England squad?
NOT VERY MUCH KEV! It would be more interesting knowing about your grass being cut? Do tell πŸ˜†
I'd go back and make sure your lawn is thoroughly cut. For the next 49 minutes. You'd see more action
absolutely nothing. Mascaeono doesn't know what day it is tho
not sure I'll stay up that late. This is sending me to sleep.
get back outside and do some weeding is my advice. This game is poo!
Right in from cutting the lawn, what's going on in this game?? Tough one to call this one, pens again??
On the way out I mainly felt sorry for Bolton fans rather than wanting to celebrate an historic moment for us. Very odd
I felt for you that day, even though I was on the winning side!
Listen to the brand new UFC World Podcast as talks to &
John Davies, John Porter, Kevin Jones and Chris Griffiths from arriving for the Awards Ceremony
What's this story in the times has Kevin Davies been avoiding paying tax tut tut
Kevin Davies in the times today for - allegedly - tax avoidance...
. They won't relish it if it's against Argentina & I just might be.
disgraceful performance that day. Ever since that game the club has gone totally downhill.
0-5...Think it might be time for Brazil to bring Mario Jardel on.😜
I know what it feels like to win 5 - 0 in a semi final
May be another hammering on the cards.
that's what you call life Kevin I hate to say it but Brazil & England still live in the past
who do you thing will meet Germany in the final?
Sport can be ruthless and unforgiving at times, night
Capello got some abuse but he got us out the group then only lost 4-1 to the Germans and gave his only cap
Kevin Davies has suggested plans are in place for Fernando Hierro to play in his testimonial match
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