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Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy (born November 30, 1955) is an American stage, screen, and voice actor, best known for his acclaimed voice role as Batman in the Emmy Award-winning 1990s television program Batman: The Animated Series, as well as its various spin-off TV series and feature films that made up the DC Animated Universe.

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Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, has said Warner Bros won't make any more Arkham games:
And Kevin Conroy as the blimp pilot!
You will always be Terry McGinnis. Just like Kevin Conroy will always be Batman. We need you in Season 3.
I don't know whether to read The Batman Who Laughs in Kevin Conroy's voice or Mark Hamill's! is amazing!
Kevin Conroy from notes that 80% of WI's tax credits went to big companies despite ALL job growth coming from small business.
.Kevin Conroy: invest in young companies rather than
I Love BATMAN aI've been with since I've been in kindergarten True My favorite Batman actors are Kev…
Bale was in the best Batman movies, but he wasn't the best Batman. Kevin Conroy, hands down.
Clooney was literally Kevin Conroy's Bruce Wayne in human form. lol
Kevin Conroy from the 90s animated series.
Watched "I Know That Voice" last night: Really fun movie. I'm so much in awe of voice actors.
Tbf Kevin Conroy was a good Bateman in the Arkhangelsk games
Nah we have to get Kevin Conroy for this
NO ONE does it better than Mark Hamill & Kevin Conroy!. May The Clown Prince of Crime & The Caped Crusader showdowns neve…
Watch Kevin Conroy read famous movie quotes from Batman actors in his Batman voice
Kevin Conroy Does Other Batman Actors' Lines! (Mothership) via Hey did you see this?
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When I say movie, I mean live action movie. Kevin Conroy is, of course, the best non-live action Batman by FAR.
Are we counting Kevin Conroy in the feature-length Killing Joke animated movie? Cos if we are, Bale comes second!
Kevin Conroy reveals what he hated about Ben Affleck's in Batman V Superman. Do you agree?! Full Interview: https…
It looks like the series is really done, if what Kevin Conroy says is true:
Interviewed THE Batman & Robin & at Nashville about 25th Anniversary…
I liked a video Kevin Conroy: All Batman roles
Batman: The Animated Series at 25: Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester remain the Dynamic Duo
If we being real, Kevin Conroy is the best Batman of all time
And they already made the Killing Joke into a movie starring Mark Hamill and Kevin conroy
There won’t be any more Batman Arkham games in the series, says Kevin Conroy -
'Batman: Arkham' Games have Come to an End, According to Kevin Conroy
I liked a video Kevin Conroy dubbed over The Dark Knight - Death of Two Face, Ending Scene
Want to win a The Animated Series giveaway SIGNED by Batman star Kevin Conroy?! Just FOLLOW and LIKE
has this great interview with Amazing 25 year run. And he the audition!…
Kevin Conroy says Warner Bros. has no plans for more Batman: Arkham games
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Warner Bros. is done making games, according to Kevin Conroy
Kevin Conroy, Bruce Timm, Kevin Michael Richardson & more join us to talk about the movie
my top 5 favourite voice actors are:. Richard Epcar, Kevin Conroy, Troy Baker, . Nolan North, Tara Strong
Got to meet Steve Blum, Kevin Conroy, the voice of Edward Alric/Broly
Give me Kevin Conroy, Ben Affleck, and Micheal Keaton over Bale any day of the week.
Kevin Conroy came to Dublin Comic Con and got a HUGE reaction, would you come to Ireland Comic Con?
You know, I don't believe I've ever seen a Batman movie with Kevin Conroy. Or Val Kilmer. Yo…
Some DC fans turned on Geoff Johns, Kevin Conroy, and Adam West. You're all dead to me.
Melissa Rauch (TBBT) is such a good fit for Harley Quinn's voice and Kevin Conroy is a legend.
Watch the trailer for the and Animated Feature starring Kevin Conroy and Melissa Rauch from...
This movie looks fun, but why bring back Bruce Timm, Kevin Conroy and even Loren Lester but not Arleen Sorkin as Ha…
Kevin Conroy is THE mainline Batman. but Peter Weller is THE Miller Bats
idk, as far as Batman goes, I'm really only into the Kevin Conroy voiced Batman from Arkham Asylum/City/Knight.
If Batman was ever black or Kevin Conroy could no longer do his voice, Sage the Gemini should voice him
Just finished watching part one of "World's Finest" from Superman TAS. Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Mark Hamill, and Clancy Brown are just the--
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Great to hear Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly back at it, we need a full Injustice movie like this
Kevin Bacon looks like a younger Kevin Conroy.
Ranked Batmen. 3.Will Arnett. 2.David Mazouz. 1.Kevin Conroy. Batman mythos is soaked in psychological drama, the more nuanced the better.
I realize that Kevin Conroy isn't available 24/7 but what about Roger Craig Smith?
Maybe. Injustice's Superman is George Newbern and Batman is Kevin Conroy. Hope they're getting $$
could Kevin Conroy appear in the Arrowverse?
Maybe time to give Kevin Conroy a break. Arkham Knight performance was uninspired, while Troy Baker did really good in Telltale game.
So I've been playing Arkham Knight and it's reigniting my love for the Arkham series. Kevin Conroy will always be my favourite Batman.
Just popped in my head, but how awesome would it be to ADR all of Cristian Bale's Batman dialogue an use Kevin Conroy's voice instead? Win!
Finally watched The Killing Joke. Not as good as Under the Red Hood or The Dark Knight Returns, but Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill were great.
2016, the year where Ben Affleck, Kevin Conroy, Jason O'Mara, Troy Baker, Roger Craig Smith, and Adam West all get to be the Batman.
Kevin Conroy has more on screen Batman time than any actor, criticise all you want but he knows.
The Japanese in this episode of Batman is perfect, I'm so happy ; Kevin Conroy's doing a decent job too
Nick Palatas is like Ben Affleck and Matthew Lillard is the Kevin Conroy of Shaggy.
Kevin Conroy “isn’t particularly comfortable” with Batman killing in Batman v Superman
I have mixed feelings. It's fantasy. I'm fine with him upholding an ideal like that. It Kevin Conroy's Batman was the best.
Kevin Conroy criticized BvS because Batman should never kill. Is this the first Batman movie he's seen?.
Kevin Conroy doesn't approve of Affleck's killing. Is it just me or is he missing the point here?
People, Kevin Conroy is allowed to have his own opinion.
But Tara Strong in my opinion is the best Batgirl same thing with Kevin Conroy as Batman.
"But Kevin Conroy's Batman had sex with Barbara Gordon! His opinion is invalid!" . ...Batman Killing and using guns...or Bat…
Kevin Conroy is not comfortable with new Batman. DC producers praising Zack Snyder. I'm sorry DC fans... but this is a…
DCEU fans have a problem with Kevin Conroy's opinion?
6 tips on playing Batman by the real Batman (well, the closest we have:
Can we have the Legends or Barry go to the future and meet Old Bruce Wayne played by Kevin Conroy himself mentoring Terry McGuiness?
Michael Keaton and the voice of Kevin Conroy as well. They were a part of my childhood.
Man the Killing Joke wasn't all that. It was just great to hear Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil again but the actual...
Kevin Conroy's laugh > Mark Hammil's laugh Thanks for this exclusive event
I'll check out Batman: The Killing Joke in theaters today it should be good. I mean Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil
So Killing Joke was really good. Always a pleasure to hear Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil back and forths
no Kevin Conroy or Mark Hammil. As if Mask of the Phantasm was never released.
Killing Joke IS all Brian Bolland's pencils. Mark Hammil and Kevin Conroy will give great reads as always, but that animation style is DULL.
Can't read without hearing Kevin Conroy. Great writing by Scott Snyder and Capullo's artwork is gorgeous
well Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, you can't go wrong there
Watching the animated version of The Dark Knight Returns. Peter Weller's good, but he's no Kevin Conroy.
that reminds me, I get to meet Kevin Conroy this Saturday
How rich is Kevin Conroy?: The post How rich is Kevin Conroy? appeared first on Richest Celebrities & Net Worth.
Kevin Conroy has tried, voicing Bruce for that long.
Watching the Flashpoint Paradox on I'll be damned if Kevin Conroy isn't the only Batman I'll never need in my life.
Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one's journey is easy. It's how they handle it that makes people unique. Kevin Conroy
i'm shed tears when Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy pass on smh
Take a moment to relive the best Batman, stopping for coffee: by for
Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and Tim Daly should star in a live-action adaption of The Dark Knight Returns as the ch…
Possibly the best version of Batman that's ever existed. Kevin Conroy as Wayne, Mark Hamil as…
Everyone is all about Mark Hamill and kevin conroy, but can we not forget clancy brown? His luthor is everything too.
to be honest I loved Ben afleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman. I love Kevin Conroy, and the kid on Gotham is fantastic but that's it.
Do you think Kevin Conry is the best This author agrees!
As much as I love watching any cartoon Batman, Kevin Conroy will always be the voice of
Batman: The Killing Joke animated movie starring the voices of Kevin Conroy & to be R-rated.
A stirring explanation on why Kevin Conroy will always be THE Batman.
Best Episode of Fatman on Batman with Kevin Conroy my favorite actor to voice Batman In BTAS
Excited for Batman the Killing Joke when I see. Kevin Conroy as Batman. Mark Hamil as The Joker . Tara Strong as Batgirl 🤗🤗🤗
I'm so grateful that Ham saw my drawing of him and Kevin Conroy. 😊
Kevin Conroy will always b batman to me
Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill back in their roles!!! Besides in such a great history. The Killing Joke
Conroy was not only the best Batman, this was one of the best shows ever on television.
A lot of people have played But Kevin Conroy is the BEST. Here's why:
Has anyone made the connection yet that Kevin Conroy looks like Todd Howards Uncle. There's no point to this I just wanted to share okay bye
Cam Clarke in Bravely Second giving an almost "Kevin Conroy in Arkham Knight" level performance, but he does emote a little bit
what about west? I liked Adam West a lot actually so I say him, Kevin Conroy definite second tho
Dream list for a Kingdom Come movie... Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammill for Batman and The Joker.. John Hamm for...
Can't wait for this to come out!. Batman: The Killing Joke. Also, the best voice cast is back!. Kevin Conroy -...
The Killing Joke Teaser was a fanmade one, according to Kevin Conroy
Honestly my favorite heroic actors are ultimately all VAs: Kevin Conroy, Sean Schemmel, Mark Meer. Mark Hamill's the funny, odd one out.
It's official: and Kevin Conroy are returning to
Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy set to return for Killing Joke animated film
keep holding on to the belief that Kevin Conroy is the best Batman, sorry Michael Keaton.
Mark Hamil's Joker and Kevin Conroy's Bats are definitive for me.
Its the Robin episode and Zucco is voiced by Mark Hamil and *** s dad is Kevin Conroy. Joker finally killed Bats!
definitely a yes!!! It won me over from JLU, that had Mark Hamil & Kevin Conroy!
What do you think about turning your blue skull into your very own Geoff Peterson s… — I have no idea. Kevin Conroy
Kevin Smith talked about this scene to Kevin Conroy, but I never saw it. Thanks
Kevin Conroy basically gave his endorsement to Ben Affleck. If that doesn’t shut up the haters, nothing will.
If we can get Kevin Conroy involved, I'm on board.
Justice League Animated Series Network w Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy but will it be Timmverse? Sadly, no
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him or Kevin Conroy if you want to count the animation
Reading comics in normal head voice = Boring. Reading comics in Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy voice = AWESOME
Engagement metrics will help determine where the value is being delivered. What does the consumer really care about? Kevin Conroy at
He'll be better than all but Kevin Conroy, because Conroy IS Batman. Lol. (I do love Keaton though!!)
animated series headed to Cartoon Network with Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy
Getting the voice of Batman himself, Kevin Conroy, to sign my Batman drawing was one of the best moments of my life!
Do you have anything to do with Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill teaming up again?
Kevin Conroy is the best batman btw. Argue with your friendly neighborhood spider-man for all I care.
Mark Hamill & Kevin Conroy together! My personal favourites when it comes to voicing The Joker &…
Bagging and boarding with the smooth tones of Kevin Conroy on in the background? Dream date.
then again i wish all batman's sounded like Kevin Conroy lol
but the animated Batman is also the best portrayal of Batman so.. still Kevin Conroy.
Batman and Robin...hmmm so many possibilities...Kevin Conroy?
Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are taking part in a new project. Find out which one!
how could i get your autograph? Your the real & only batman that will ever live. Long live kevin conroy the batman
if there was a pronunciation clip for it, it better be Kevin Conroy!
True, should of put Kevin Conroy instead
Download our discussion about Kevin Conroy and and Mark Hamill teaming up again like intended!
Mark Hamill calling Kevin Conroy his 'only' Batman. Happy tears happy tears
imagine Kevin Conroy was on the other line
Anytime I hear somebody other than Kevin Conroy doing Batman, I'm like that's not really Batman. That's just one of Batman'…
From Kevin Conroy laughing as Joker to Alfred piloting the Batwing, this is one hard episode to forget!
Yeah he is! Him, Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, Troy Baker, Nolan North and Jason Spisak are like my biggest inspirations for VA
If I had to choose any other actor to voice Batman, other than Kevin Conroy, it would be Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Bruce Greenwood is almost as good a voice actor for Batman as Kevin Conroy imo,, but Kevin will always own a special place in my heart.
True but it's been proven that Kevin Conroy can lighten his voice. I liked Roger Craig Smith as well.
The way Kevin Conroy is THE Batman, Shirley Walker's "Mask of the Phantasm" opening is THE Batman theme for me.
Cool people I share my birthday with: David Mamet, Mark Twain, Jonathan Swift, Ridley Scott, Kevin Conroy, Mandy Patinkin.
I liked a video Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle perform The Empire Strikes Back - The Voices of Batman
no I think it should Kevin Conroy should be the old batman
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Kevin Conroy can you please convince Warner Bros to make a live action Batman Beyond film it would be awesome
Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are voicing Batman and Joker in The Killing Joke animated movie right?. Right!?!. RIGHT!?!?!?!
With all due respect to if you're including voice actors (which you are with Will Arnett), the best Batman is Kevin Conroy.
When I read Batman comics I hear Batman's voice as Kevin Conroy and Joker's voice as Mark Hamill. Who do you hear?
Got and Kevin Conroy to sign my Batman poster! So freakin' sweet!
even if it's Kevin Conroy (or Japanese. Every game sounds better with Japanese actors)?
I liked a video Kevin Conroy Will Friedle read star wars at ricc
Kevin Conroy is still DA GAWD of Batman's. Unmatched, incomparable, he IS the Batman.
I walked right by Kevin Conroy today!
Rhode Island Comic Con was pretty fun. I met Kevin Conroy (The voice of Batman for about 20 years)…
Kevin conroy proves the way on how to play batman. His more realistic voice was with Batman and his fake voice Wayne
CONROY-GRATULATIONS. to my favorite. FakePR INSIDER firm. GRAMERCY on buying the. NOT METHADONE CLINIC. on 4th
the CONROY/BUELL. version of Economic Development. rob your neighbor's tenants & rearrange the deck chairs.
Last day of RI Comic Con. If you are here, stop by and say hello. 👋. I am with Kevin Conroy (Batman)
Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle read dialogue from Empire Strikes Back!
Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle reading the 'I am your father' Star Wars scene as Batman and Terry McGinnis was pretty funny today.
A knight of the bat continues: Kevin Conroy, Adam West, that guy who should not of voices batman in returns
will you ever consider working with Kevin conroy again?
I just fangirled so hard meeting Kevin Conroy.
Just met the man behind the Batman voice! Kevin Conroy...voiced for…
Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle at voices of Batman panel. Amazing!!
Jim is near Kevin Conroy in middle section. Don't know where Henry's table is at. He was taking photos when I passed thru.
Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle just did the Luke/Vader "I am your father" scene and it was amazing 😀
Voices of panel with Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle!
"Jason Todd is Joker! Kevin Conroy should voice Batfleck! Tara Strong should have been cast as Harley!"
Working with Kevin Conroy at RI Comic Con this weekend. Be sure to stop by and say hello! 👋
Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are like waffles with over easy eggs on top; the perfect combination.
Kevin Conroy that voices batman in most DC animation just too perfect. D voice matches d persona of batman
Just found out that Kevin Conroy and Christopher Reeve went to the same acting school. Batman and Superman went to school together. 😱
William H Conroy Kyle Fetterly we are doing this.
$EXAS CEO Kevin Conroy announces partnership with and to develop biotech campus in Madison http…
Kevin Conroy, the voice actor from the Animated Series and the Arkham games. He's been Batman the longest
There's a diplomat in the audience! Kevin Conroy from comments on how social media conversations can impact on diplomacy
"Jensen Ackles as Jason Todd! Lynda Carter should be Hippolyta! Kevin Conroy should voice Batfleck!"
batman animated series. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are the best batman and joker
I want Kevin Conroy to play Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie.
> Saying Kevin Conroy should be Batman in a live action movie. You only like him for his voice.
I don't care what Kevin Conroy's age is, I need him in a live action Batman movie!
If we're talkin live action yeah but if any portrayal like animation then that's Kevin Conroy
& we have a winner! Bridget Conroy Varnis of South Philadelphia, ward 39, division 13!
Did you miss yesterday's news conference with Mayor Soglin, and $EXAS CEO Kevin Conroy? Watch it here: http…
I would watch the *** out of reality show following Kevin Conroy and Phil Lamarr. They are that delightful irl
Voice talent Phil Lamarr and Kevin Conroy describe their process of recording for animation.
some day, I'll get your autograph and put it next to Butch Hartman's. or next to Kevin Conroy's... Tough choice!
Kevin Conroy would represent the failed legacies of Jim Doyle and Scott Walker if he were to run for Wisconsin Governor in 2018.
Breast Cancer Awareness
keep hearing rumors of a new JLA animated show w/ Paul Dini involved, & Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill back, & Swamp Thing too??
I like to imagine that Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are best friends in real life and just mess with each other constantly
Rewatching Dark Knight Rises makes me realise how much I prefer Kevin Conroy's Batman to Christian Bale's
Superman TAS and Batman TAS are on amazon instant video, so there actually is a reason to get it. Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy forever.
I'd love if it had the voice of Tim Daly or George Newburn, like the Arkham games had Kevin Conroy
so my ears know right away if I'm going to like Animated Batman...first condition: it has to be Kevin Conroy's! LOL
Kevin Conroy (said he wants to return to TO, Mark Hamill, and anyone from the Flash (Barry/Wells!!!) please!!
I'd still like to have Kevin Conroy as Batman, Troy Baker as Robin, and Mark Hammil or John DiMaggio as joker
If DC announces that Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are doing the voices in the Killing Joke animated movie this week they win forever
the only Batman to me outside of comics is Kevin Conroy
If only Kevin Conroy (voice of the animated Batman) could act. He has the perfect Batman voice
Just spoke about that with my uncle. Unless they go dull I always want Mark Hamill & Kevin Conroy
Favorite voice of Batman other than Kevin Conroy? — Bruce Greenwood, perhaps. Or in the case of future Miller Ba...
The Killing Joke is finally being made, by Bruce Timm. I couldn't ask for better, except for Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy to be included.
They even have the same voices as Batman TAS. Kevin Conroy as Bats, Mark Hamill as the Joker, etc
Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy NEED to be in the "Killing Joke" movie
hamill is my favorite too. Along with Kevin conroy being my favorite batman.
kevin conroy is the only voice i associate with Bruce Wayne
isn't this a school night.. Kevin conroy is totally BOSS
"Different actors bring different things to it, it's so interesting to see that." Kevin Conroy gets it, don't know why everyone else can't.
Just the coolest game ever!! The ultimate dynamic duo.Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. I'll never…
Kevin Conroy is the best Batman and Mark Hamill is the best Joker.
There is one Batman & that's Kevin Conroy, and there is one Joker & that's Mark Hamill
...Mine is Micheal Keaton for live film and for animated,it's gotta be Kevin Conroy
They could still get Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammill and do the whole "Return of the Joker" plotline in the game.
Fascinating Microsoft Partner interview & CEO Kevin Conroy on pivot from services to product com…
Sorry. Kevin Conroy will always be batman.
Kevin Conroy deserves a shout too in truth.
I do, I just keep hoping somebody will understand what Kevin Conroy and Michael Keaton understood about batman. he has depth
Kevin Conroy did narration work for some Shark Week docs... Outstanding.
Conroy will always be MY Batman. Keaton is second, but NO ONE will ever take place of Kevin Conroy. He IS Batman.
Okay. Was that a laughable "I'm Batman"? Kevin Conroy is the only guy that can deliver it with moxie.
Is kevin Conroy doing the narration for Island of the Mega Shark??
But like, I couldn't believe my all time faves Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill were the VAs because I thought they were done with voice acting
There is a show on Shark Week that is narrated by Kevin conroy The voice of Batman in just about every animated thing that batman is in
Kevin Conroy aka the famous voice of Batman is narrating a Shark Week episode... Now I love sharks. He makes everything sound epic.
I wish I had Kevin Conroy's voice tbh
I'm double sold if they have Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy returning again, especially since the former has interest in the comic.
'If you figure how to sell products and services at the same time you are smarter than me.' ~ Kevin Conroy
although he's doesn't compare to the real batman Kevin Conroy
Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy are gods. . All the fanboys know this
Any animated Batman film that is not voiced by Kevin Conroy is not really a Batman film.
Hey is it too much to ask to get Mark Hamill & Kevin Conroy to voice
Hoping they get Mark Hamill for the Joker & Kevin Conroy for Batman. Their voices for those characters r NEEDED
he should ask Kevin Conroy for advice
With a story like this, and a co-actor like , Kevin Conroy is Batman, without a doubt. .
That guy, Kevin Conroy and Arleen Sorkin are like the default voices of Supes/Bats/Harley in my head so I actually like it -
Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Best Batman and Joker combo ever
If only they had tapped Kevin Conroy for the live action role back when he was younger.
All you need to do is get Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, and you guys are set.
I think we all know who the greatest Batman ever is (Kevin Conroy)
yeah with Kevin Conroy back as the batman hopefully hamill comes back as joker
Excited to get this party started at Had a great day with the field sharing profitability stories with Kevin Conroy
Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. Anything else is unacceptable.
So with Mask of the Phantasm, Kevin Conroy counts, right?
Other than Kevin Conroy, of course. (Batman : Mask of the Phantasm was a movie, technically).
Kevin Conroy is narrating this Shark Week show on Discovery and I cannot not thing about Batman talking about great whites.
Kevin Conroy is and will always be the greatest Batman actor
I can't pick which version exactly, but Kevin Conroy EASILY has the best voice for Batman (Peter Weller's the worst)
I paid $40 to get an autograph, a photo, a conversation and a hug from Kevin Conroy. Best use of my money ever.
I genuinely believe that Ben Affleck could possible be the best Batman we've ever seen.Apart from Kevin Conroy, obviously.
the only true batman is voice actor Kevin Conroy. All others are deceivers.
It does have Susan Eisenberg, Kevin Conroy, & George Newbern reprising their roles as the Trinity.
Arkham Knight may just have been Kevin Conroy and finest hour. Consider me blown away!
Good lunch with Switzerland’s ambassador to the United States, Martin Dahinden and Kevin Conroy, CEO and chairman...
Kevin Conroy, Ian Sinclair, Ashleigh Ball, Steve Blum and Ryo Horikawa. What do these voice actors all have in common?
I heard Kevin Conroy so I ran over here!
For the record, I'm pretty sure my Batman voice is better than Christian Bale's. not as good as Kevin Conroy or Diedrich Bader though
// Famous people I wanna meet . 1: James Arnold Taylor. 2: Stampy and Iballisticsquid. 3: Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy. 4: All the Gotham cast
Tom Hardy's Mad Max has the best Batman voice since Kevin Conroy
WOW!!! Batman Arkham Knight has an amazing voice acting cast. Kevin Conroy, Nolan North, Troy Baker, Tara Strong and more 🙌
And that always gets me too. Kevin Conroy talked about how it’s a shame when that happens at Dallas Comic Con one year.
Wait, the hired Kevin Conroy to voice Thomas Wayne?! You have THE Batman and you use him for one scene?
When you grow up hearing Kevin Conroy as no other voice actor really adds up.
If Kevin Conroy didn't need a second voice, neither do you.
They should just dub Kevin Conroy's voice into every Batman movie.
Kevin Conroy reciting the myth of the Court of Owls is really chilling. He's a brilliant Thomas Wayne choice for this
has its work cut out for it if only b/c Paul Dini, Kevin Conroy, & Tim Daly already nailed it 😎
Watching and squeed when Kevin Conroy as Thomas Wayne recited the court of owls legend.
Batman's voice in the Batman Vs Superman trailer sounds like a robot. I wish he sounded like Kevin Conroy's Batman voice!
Hoping to see more of Batman and Robin against the court of owls! It also doesn't have Kevin Conroy
People always talking about movie Batman's "gruff" voice, but how could you not recognize Kevin Conroy's?. Batman would be outed in a day.
Kevin Conroy and Tara Strong working together on something. Interesting.
I don't see Kevin Conroy so no Batman there. Just some fine actors
Kevin Conroy is the best Batman if we keepin it a stack.
and I don't see Kevin Conroy anywhere.
it was cool because Kevin Conroy is an awesome voice actor but it's definitely a trope.
The best Batman's not even in this photo. *cough*Kevin Conroy*cough* . Sorry. Little cough. Kevin Conroy.
I met Kevin Conroy and Takashi Obata, that was awesome. I wanna meet some of the cod youtubers irl
Here's an idea, how about they just dub Kevin Conroy's voice in every movie.
I added a video to a playlist Batman: Assault on Arkham - Kevin Conroy Interview - Comic Con 2014
I added a video to a playlist Kevin Conroy is the Dark Knight! Batman clips from DCUO
For everyone saying Christian Bale will always be Batman, sorry folks that belongs to Kevin Conroy. And always will.
Nope. Christian Bale was the best Bruce Wayne. Michael Keaton was the best Batman. Kevin Conroy was both.
Kevin Conroy will always be the best Batman voice.
I hated MoS, I can tell I'll hate this. I'll stick with Kevin Conroy Batman.
Really hoping Kevin Conroy gets so old he'll be able to play an old Bruce Wayne in an eventual live action Batman Beyond film.
Still nobody does better Batman Voice than Kevin you bleed? really? ask do you poop too next time...
Kevin Conroy does a great job voicing Batman in animated stuff. Bruce is the put-on voice, Bats is him talking normally.
After watching the new Batman v Superman teaser, I'm ready to declare Ben Affleck the best Batman since Kevin Conroy.
The only batman I acknowledge is Bruce Timm and Kevin conroy 's.
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