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Kevin Balot

Miss International Queen 2012 Shamcey Supsup Sam Pinto

I love you kevin balot another. Antayin moko jan. ❤
Kevin balot and her boyfriend is so inspiring. Hay. 😍💓💯
Who is the plastic surgeon of Filipino celebrities such as Arci Munoz, Anne Curtis, and Kevin Balot?
It's been a year since I watched UAAP 78 live (and the last time I watched Kevin's game live) 💛🐯
Kevin balot really added me on snapchat? 😲 Wow. Just woow. 😍
Your request my friends:) Poy Treechada of Thailand meets Kevin Balot of the Philippines. See you Manila in a bit. 💋 http:/…
Do you know someone whose name is Kevin? — Kevin Balot
Bragais Shoes for Miss International Queens from the Philippines,Kevin Balot and Trixie Maristela on Sash Factor.
she looks like Kevin Balot. But Kevin, in my opinion is prettier. Lels no hate but true
So I just introduced Kevin Balot to my officemates.
Transgender M2F celeb❗. The crowned Miss International Queen 2012 Kevin Balot had one big wish: to be accepted as a…
congratulations to Kevin goshay,david hovis,matt izzo,Joseph McManus,julia balot,Abby lee,lindsey bissell and Delaney spore for hoco court!!
Kevin Balot is sure is Amazing and Wonderful !
Kevin Balot has competed for Miss International in Pattaya.
kevin Balot your doing excercise is doing pretty well great and pretty good too for one thing you are epic
Saw sarah labati and kevin balot ugh they're both so pretty!!! 😍
dark magician girl Kevin Balot picture please and you do look good in anything that's is fashionable and entertaining and epic !
No crossdressing at Valkyrie? Even saw Kevin Balot and Margaux Medina all looking fab there. Wala namang pumigil. So pag sikat, okay lang?
Kevin Balot is now being bashed at the social media hay. crossdressing policy pa more.
To think na VG is one of the owners of Valk... Why is there such rule? Nakakapasok pa nga si Kevin Balot >
Wait... Barbie always reminds me of Kevin Balot. Do you?
Saw Vice Ganda, Ellen Adarna, Kevin Balot, Sam Pinto, Enrique Gil, Laureen Uy, Camille Co and many more last night, and I was stunned 😍😳✨
I look more like a guy than Kevin Balot. Why should she have to be so beautiful? I can say she's the most beautiful transgender. 😍
That awkward moment when Kevin Balot is prettier than you. I reall am a fossil :o
Being happy never goea out of style -Kevin Balot
Before going to sleep last night.. I watched some vid clips of Maki and Francine of Super Sireyna, International Super Model Trans Geena Rocero and former Ms. *** International Kevin Balot!. And I got envy.. :( I want to have a sex change!.. I'm 100% decided!! Sponsor where are you... :p
the gorgeous, the glamorous kevin balot on TWAC :) she is so pretty. Kase nga TARLAQUEÑO siya :) :* love you gurl.
Bb. Beckynights January Monthly Finals this Friday na See you all sa BED Manila Hosted by Kevin Balot and Peabo Orilla
Ms. International Transgender Kevin Balot on GGV: via remember this :) ang ganda :)
Kevin Balot why do you have to be so hot 💙
Good Evening ☺. Kevin Balot is so pretty on GGV. . Also, the opening is gaga.
Antokyo Japan na'ko pero tiis tiis. I still wanna see Kevin Balot later on GGV.
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Hero is Kevin Balot. The beautiful beauty queen redefined the notion of what beauty is. She made our country...
kevin balot is a beautiful human and I could care less that he was born into whatever gender. Want to meet him now!.
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"My walk, my talk, the way I drip. It's not my fault, so please don't trip" -Kevin Balot
Guess who texted me tonight that made me jump hundreds of times lol :) she's one of the most beautiful beauty queen in the whole wide world. Ms. Kevin Balot :) Worth it pagpupuyat q to reach them and convince them to check and try out my products. Hmmm :) pumayag nadin yung pinay youtube blogger to make a review for me :) A.C initial nya ;) But still waiting padin ako sa response ng iba :) Thanks God for dis early christmas gifts.
The refreshingly candid international beauty queen, Kevin Balot, is on the podcast tonight, to give her take on the love, sex, and relationship problems of callers ...
Now watching Miss International Queen 2013! Kevin Balot, the reigning MIQ 2012 sang the official advocacy song of the Department of Tourism "Piliin mo rin ang Pilipinas" in her prod during the opening... amazed
Miss International Queen, the ninth edition of the annual Miss International Queen beauty pageant for transgender people, was held on November 1 of this year at Tiffany's Show Theater, Pattaya City, Chonburi, Thailand. More of 20 contestants from all over the world will compete for the crown. At the end of the night Marcela Ohio from Brazil was crowned as "Miss International Queen 2013" by last year winner Kevin Balot from Philippines. Final results Contestant Miss International Queen 2013 Brazil - Marcela Ohio 1st runner-up United States - Shantell D'Marco 2nd runner-up Thailand - Netnapada Kanrayanon Top 10 Japan - Seri Fujinomiya South Africa - Anastasia Japan - Satsuki Nishihara Brazil - Roberta Holanda Philippines - Kristina Cassandra Ybarra Malaysia - Nur Sajat Germany - Renata Ferreira Best National Costume Final results Contestant Winner South Korea – Arisa Kim 1st runner-up Venezuela – Nohemi Montilla 2nd runner-up Thailand – Netnapada Kanrayanon 3rd runner-up Malaysia – Nur Sajat 4th run ...
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kinda ironic - :'( i am looking for a written biography of Kevin Balot but of no avail, i cant find anything on the net. wikipedia didn't wrote anything about her :(. i guess, i need to replace her with other beauty queens, she wont make it on the dummy of our school publication. I WAS LIKE, SEARCHING FOR ALMOST 30 MINUTES. T_T
Thank you to Miss International Queen 2012 Kevin Balot for sharing the photo. Hoping to get more…
You're so beautiful KEVIN BALOT :D :* ganda po !
Gonna bring my mama Maria Evelyn) with me to watch Queen of Cebu 2013 tonight... kay malingaw siya ni Kevin Balot (sa MMK niya) and iyang idol si Ruffa Gutierrez... hehe...
" The stunning Kevin Balot, the fierce pretty Francine Garcia. I always respect this two who has successfully turned there life and self as real woman, and to think it was not easy. There beauty is really far from what I've got what I have is just that. But I'm natural."
Kevin Balot is so *** beautiful I can even forget that he's a *** 
Proud of ate kevin balot we love you
Stalked Kevin Balot and my self-esteem just went to it's negative level.
OMC!!! Waaah. im still feeling overwhelmed. so happy that my idol-crush Kevin Balot will be attending Queen of Cebu 2013. Few months ago i posted on my wall that it's been a dream to see her in person (wish i could hug her)... and this opportunity is indeed a dream come true... just so *** HAPPY!!! wahhh. Thank you QofC. Was hoping months back though, that she should have been included as one of the judges... coz so far, she's the only Filipino TG/TS who got the prestigious & international pageant title. *SoDAMNexcited*
At paladium bar drinking with kevin balot
The transgender community Miss International Queen 2013 competition will started in November this for crowned. A New Queen. In 2012, Kevin Balot transpinay contestant from the philippines winning the crown. The last Malaysia contestant complete at Miss International Queen in 2006 represented by Patricia Hsuan and she didn't enter in top 10 but she got The Best Evening Gown. Patricia Hsuan is the first Malaysia transgender has won a title during the competition. In 2007,2008,2009,2011,2012 Malaysia didn't represented any contestant anymore.. Finally in this year Malaysia will represented by Sajat Diva in Miss International Queen 2013. She is the Miss Malaysia Pahang Winner. Hope Sajat Diva will doing best for Transgender beauty Queen
Done with our shoot with MS. INTERNATIONAL QUEEN KEVIN BALOT... thanks F Super Club Patrick Starr Isorena
yeaaah! Google Kevin Balot she won the ladyboy beauty pageant haaha
Kevin Balot is even prettier in person.
First Kevin Balot and now Megan Young, it's been a great year. Are you next?
Kevin Balot favorite soap of all time.FLAWLESS PAPAYA SOAP!
Congrats to Ms.Phil.for winning Ms.World but does anybody knew that.Ms.Phil.also won the title Ms.International Queen 2012 in thailand,beauty contest for ladyboy, *** that turn into a real woman, he carry his name Kevin Balot
Beauty deffinitely came from the Philippines ; that includes my favorite International Queen , Ms. Kevin Balot :)
Being a fashion designer, I noticed that the GOWN worn by 2 Ms.Philippines who won the titles, Megan Young , Ms.Suprannational- Mutya Datul, was both SHOULDERS were covered! ( ohhh not to mention, their names starts with letter "M") Kevin Balot also wore a covered one-shoulder gown, and landed her the first ever filipina to won MIQ crown:) So pageant hopefuls, PAGAWA na Ng covered- shoulder gowns at nang makasungkit din Ng corona :)
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Congratulation our first new Miss World Megan Young Philippines in Indonesia Bali first Filipina crowning this prostigious beauty peagent. and Miss Datul first Filipina won Miss Supra National and Miss Kevin Balot Miss International.
Another PINOY PROUD! Congrat's MEGAN, first Filipina Miss World title holder! 2013 is the best for filipina beauty queens..kevin balot, queen international in thailand, supranational title mutya datul, and megan young f or miss world! Mabuhay PHILIPPINES!
Again with the one and only Kevin Balot!
Ms *** international, kevin balot, really fooled me. I thought he is a real girl. But *** she's hot.
Kevin Balot's pictures all over my timeline. So pretty!!!
Get the secret of kevin balot here at RJ Fashionhouse :)
I was looking at Kevin Balot's pics (who btw is a gorgeous transgender), then I looked at my pics. Man, he looks more like a woman than me!!
Thank you for coming to our show sist... =) God bless muah
Glowing skin. I'm so Inspired by my Ate Kevin Balot hihihi :"> . Sooner or later 👍😉❤
Might be imitated but never duplicated. I'm not being arrogant. We are all unique and distinctive as individuals. -Kevin Balot's Bio
How hilarious would it be if Kevin Balot won Miss World Philippines?!
Yeah while you stalk your new crush, Kevin Balot :3
I would really like to see Kevin Balot in person. That pretty gal.
google Kevin Balot then you'll realise just how much truth is in this statement!
This week's very special guest pretty, pretty Ms. Kevin Balot on (: Thank you
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Special guest pretty, pretty Ms. Kevin Balot on
Last night at Persian Kabab! Got our pic taken with Kevin Balot!! 😳👍 wowsa
Kevin Balot's legs are thinner than my legs. LOL
Kevin balot in gma Sunday all stars !! !!! Aaay !
Kevin Balot ..akoy isang sirena with aljur abrenica
Kevin balot in stunningly beautiful♥
'Being simple makes me simply the best' -Kevin Balot | TARUSH!
Don't forget to watch tomorrow . Ate Kevin Balot will be there ❤👌
Saw Kevin Balot last night... And I felt degraded
Because Kevin Balot is like them. And I love her. =)))
"Beauty is about being healthy. If you are not healthy you will lose your beauty." -- kevin balot
Kevin Balot, he is a Miss International Transgender from Filliphines. are you believe that ? OMG !
"Changing my name is a big no-no for me, and it's something I'd like to give to my parents." -Kevin Balot //Enjoyed PhilStar's write up. :)
Read somewhere that Kevin's are handsome folks. Such as my brother But then there's also Ms *** International, Kevin Balot. :)
Read your article about Kevin Balot Beauty secret :) Awesome :)
No dreamer is ever too small, no dream is ever too big. But still dreams do come true. -Kevin Balot
“Someone was drooled while I'm playing at the event last night. Kid'O! 🙊🙉🙈 Ganda Kevin Balot. 💗
Kevin balot liked my photo on instagram!
Bad hair day. With Ms. Inter'l Kevin Balot who looked more queenly than all of us ladies in the room…
It's not to late to do the right things. -Kevin Balot :)
is this an official account of Kevin Balot ?
its just so weird saying Kevin Balot bc my brother's name is Kevin o
the only mmk story i liked is Kevin Balot's
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Kevin Balot is actually really pretty.
first ever winner of Miss International Queen
"The March of the Swan Queens" a Mavy Couture collection for BODA 2013. The 28th of June, Limketkai Mall, 5pm.
Kevin Balot is so pretty tho D: Huhuhu I fail at being a girl :'(
Watching and OMFG Kevin Balot is so sexy and beautiful. Gahd. 
Now watching eat bulagas super sireyna... ganda talaga ni kevin balot one of the judges... idol...
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shemay naman ee. Kevin Balot, why so pretty?!?! :( :)
I love you Kevin Balot! I rather let you rest than to gain more followers, because i know you're tired! :)
Lezz do the kevin Balot style woooh 👏👏👏💋
SPECIAL BULLETIN JUNE 21, 2013 SUBJECT: RECOMMENDATION FOR DETHRONEMENT It is very disheartening to know that one of the MVP 2012 winners is not interested to be part of the Screening and Selection Committee of the MVP 2013 to happen tomorrow, June 22, 2013, 7:00 P.M. at the Orlando Suites Poolside, Estrada St., Malate, Manila. To note, this is not the first time that the subject winner failed to attend important activities of the Organizing Committee. As her justification, she said that the Organizing Committee of the MVP 2013 was already late in informing her that she is required to participate in the Screening Night. This of course is rebuttable due to the fact that the scheduled Screening Night was already posted in the MVP page as early as May 16, 2013. Obviously, NEGLIGENCE AND DISINTEREST on her part is clearly manifested. As to the issue of dethronement, she was informed of the possibility and she exclaimed that it is alright since she is the one at fault. After a thorough assessment and review of ...
Hands down, one of the hardest things that has come with losing my Dad is the occasional realization of how much time has passed. tomorrow is my Birthday :-( ,,, holidays, and other milestones are all reminders... I will never be the same as I was before. In some ways, I see life as a puzzle every experience,, i have forms a piece of my unique puzzle. When combined, they form the entire picture of my life. My Papa took a piece of my puzzle with him, a piece that will never return. I am incomplete without it, without him.,,,Pa Pls guide me on this whole new chapter of my life I miss u Pa... i miss my family, Lead me Lord.
kudos to castro and kevin balot with their talent manager Dennis Sebastian... more shows and projects to come... congrats guys!
Being SIMPLE make me simply the BEST. ~Kevin Balot
I go for Nicko Accad today super serina.. Miss u ses,... Good luck !!!
I love the Walk of Kevin Balot '' Wave Walk''.
SIMPLICITY makes me simply the BEST :))
Unfriend? Blocked? Aww, :3 Okay! I'd rather practice playing DOTA than to think of our situation. Ppfft :3
KEVIN BALOT (Miss International Queen 2012 testimony) - i have you now. my favorite soap of all time. This is so effective and affordable! it makes my skin white and even flawless.thank you chen capule for bringing this soap!
Kevin Balot is the prettiest lady boy I've seen. FACK
Never beg people to stay against their will. Sometimes the gift of goodbye open up another door. Move on, but don't move away.
A Kevin Balot accnt followed me. I think its not legit why following me??
thanks for followin miss KEVIN BALOT :)
Meet lolo bonifacio in wish upon a horse..
If I'm not mistaken, Kevin Balot will be the guest later sa GGV. Yaaay! :D
Because I'm regretting why I don't have a picture of Kevin Balot when we had the whole night with him. Tell me. Why? -.-"
OMG... local look alike of Angelina Jolie :) (left in black)
congrats pa rin Joren Jhajha made us proud... keep on dreaming... kaw ang pinakamaganda par samin... mwah!
Kaka insecure si kevin balot' so beautiful and so puti :-)
see you later @ Star mall EDSA for the Opening Exhibit of Percy Denolo the Mud Artist on Canvas... Kuya Dennis T. Sebastian you are invited to join us. 1pm-5pm
WHO WANTS TO COME OVER FOR SOME DRINKS TONIGHT??? PM me if u wanna party with us... ;)
his a guy in a beautiful woman miss KEVIN BALOT :)
kevin balot will have a guesting Gandang Gabi, Vice! ang Minute to Win It :)
I was an Electronics Warfare Technician in the Navy. We used to collect radio emissions data for the NSA. This was way back in the 70s. It's no secret. The NSA collected data from numerous sources, shifted it and then sent it back to us so we could determine what ships and planes were out there. Identifying threats was the goal, and we were good at it. I think of this whole NSA disclosure as "The Big Yawn." If someone didn't already know this was going on or wasn't outraged by it then, why should their opinion matter now? My take on the "whistle blower?" He's just like Bradley Manning. He's a traitor who violated an oath he made to his country. He clearly knows the illegal nature of what he did. He set himself up as a target. He won't set foot in the U.S., or many other countries, for the rest of his life. That's pretty sad for a 29 y/o, but not punishment enough for his crime. This data mining "revelation" only confirms the apparent. Yawn.
about a papaya soap na whitening talaga. Kevin Balot is using it
Shamcey Supsup and Kevin Balot crowned the new winner of Eat Bulaga's Super SiREYna 2013! (Miss *** Contest). The winner's name is Marian Arguelles. Admin - Tarush (Philippines)
That moment when Kevin Balot looks Prettier than Shamcey Supsup.
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What women should never do: CHEAT Kevin Balot ikaw na talaga!
is the best story ever na naitampok s television I love Kevin Balot talaga Except for being pretty & smart,she's kind pa
Kevin Balot is an inspiration for us na mga silahis or either *** .
I like Kevin Balot 's reaction when she was crowned as Miss International Queen 2012. Galing ni na!
now watching featuring the life story of Ms. Kevin Balot... up next na!!!
Did you know, may keps si Kevin Balot at after 3 months ng surgery ginamit na niya ito?
Aw Na touch ako sa Life ni Kevin Balot. I salute you ;-) You inspire all the bekis!
I wonder what's the name of the young guy portraying Kevin Balot on galing niya umarte ha! Bading na bading. LOL
This is It na A Special Role .. Played by our own as Kevin Balot :)
Who would have thought na si Kevin Balot ay dating paMENta!!! Achuuu
The beautiful Kevin Balot's life story in MMK now na! :)
The BEAUTIFUL life story of Kevin Balot played by versatile actor tonight on Tune in na Kapamilya!
Martin Del Rosario will be portraying the role of Miss International Queen 2012 Kevin Balot in MMK on May 18, 2013.
Martin del Rosario will play as 2012 Miss *** International Queen winner Kevin Balot in MMK! Abangan!!!
If Ms. Kevin Balot compete with the Bb. What is the essence of being a *** ? :))
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Hows your rel w your sis kevin balot?
i was so inspired to Kevin balot,, starting today (april 10,my birthday) i gonna love and exert extra care to my self before anything else!!
Skype with my beautiful idol Kevin Balot :) saya
excerpt from Karen Davila's interview with Kevin Balot: Whoever you are, respect yourself...:)
It is unfortunate that Many Kalenjin People are still Afraid to speak it out that they are NOT for Mr. Ruto and his support for Mr. Kenyatta! It is clear that Many of Us are very CORDED which is good but it is better to save a friend, SPEAK IT OUT LOUD!!! special thanks to Mr. Joshua Sang.
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Lets make this happen girl were gonna show the world something that could work and make it work for youuu and you know that i will.
Fello kenyans this is along story but i ask jublee colition always say's that they have numbers today uhuru kenyatta knw's what happened to him in kericho county it's take ruto 10mnts to talk his mother tongue but he dint make it so tel me if 2.1million that registerd in central and 0.6 that are in eastern that is embu and meru and o.7 that are in rift verlley is 14million kenyans that wil turn out to vote?
Oh. The parody account of Ms. Kevin Balot is following me. . Followed! :)
LGBT respect our self..i love kevin balot . :)
After the Bomet Rally yesterday, am now 100% sure CORD is winning in round one.the Generals like Gen Karangi, Gen Gichangi, Gen Mathenge, Gen Waiganjo and last but not least Gen Kimemia should be planning peaceful transition of power from Kibaki to Raila instead of planning how to mess up this country of 40 million men, women and children.CORD Tuko Tayari! © Edgar Paul Orchie
What's meant to be will always find a way. :)
Few days to go and its ,my BIRTHDAY sna maging masaya that day :)
Is this the real account of Kevin Balot?
"'ll see...I'll be like Kevin Balot"
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Kevin Balot to the LGBT Community: "Never give up."
Prettiest transgender I know. Kevin Balot, you're amazing.
Kevin Balot for BB Pilipinas now you're talking
“Being simple, makes me simply the best.” -Kevin Balot, Ms. International Queen 2012
"I believe my difference that all the candidates are equally beautiful and even talented and the only thing that I've got is that I've got this overflowing-confidence that makes me strong,i believe that I'm a very simple geared transsexual and being simple makes me 'simply the best' " Kevin Balot answered during the Miss International Queen in Thailand.
TARAY MO teh! as if naman pantay pagkakaguhit mo sa kilay mo. XD
: Mark Anjelo 'Jake Pacaña Frenila Halasan Factor is my NAME, but then you only know my name and not my STORY.
A Filipina won the 2012 Miss Tourism International pageant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on New Year's Eve, continuing a run of good luck for Filipinos in international beauty contests. Robert Requintina of the Manila Bulletin reports Miss Philippines Rizzini Alexis Gomez won the pageant, first won by a Filipina in 2000, "which is the most extensive pageant that promotes the tourism industry." "Gomez, 22, a registered nurse, bested 55 other global beauties for the coveted title. At the same pageant, the Cebuana beauty, who stands 5’10”, also won Best In Evening Gown. Gomez is the daughter of former basketball player Roel Gomez of Alaska (the team, not the state)." The win capped a year of good luck for Filipinos in pageants. Also in December, Janine Tugonon was crowned first runner-up in the 61st Miss Universe pageant. "Other winners were Kevin Balot, Miss Tourism Queen International; June Macasaet, 2012 Manhunt International, both crowned in Bangkok,Thailand; Andrew Wolff, 2012 Mr. World, first runner-up ...
She started it all! Filipino transgender Kevin Balot, our Miss International Queen 2012 ~>
1st Runner up?? ok lang!! Remember : Kevin Balot is Miss International Queen 2012 winner - a first for the Philippines! db?? hehe..
Kevin Balot, fm Philippines, won the prestigious Miss International Queen 2012, the worldwide pageant of transgenders.
Filipino transgender & Miss International Queen 2012 Kevin Balot joins us on Headstart. Post your questions!
Might be imitated but never duplicated - Kevin Balot
Thanks to Kevin Balot, i wanna scream to the world that... I'm *** :) I may not be perfect but i'm still beautiful not outside but inside.
Ms. Kevin Balot followed me? :) :) (But I think this is not her official account) (O_o)
ON THE OTHER SIDE, nanalo tayo sa Mr. World, Manhunt at si Kevin Balot. Everything is equal, natalo si Pacman. Life is fair after all.
Di ba this account is the real kevin balot? -->> :-)
I have 2 Kevin Balot that being followed are you the real?
Kevin Balot is beautiful you go girl!
i can't help but admire Kevin Balot. ang ganda nya kahit transgender sya.
Catch 2012 June Macasaet and 2012 Kevin Balot on MARS on gma news tv :)
I would like to inform everyone that this is not my account :) beware of fake accounts please. This is Kevin Balot :)
Aw. Thanks Kevin Balot for following me. I already followed you back. Take Care Ms. International Queen 2012! ^_^
Goodmorning another episode of Kusina Master with Kevin Balot. Please, watch again until Friday. :)
Kevin Balot is really stunning.My jaw dropped upon seeing her.
is kevin balot really a student of FEU.?
OMG !! its that you KEVIN BALOT :O tnx for the follow,i appreciate it. by the way CONGRATULATION :)
I may not have the cutest eyes, prettiest smile, gorgeous face or perfect body, but I do have a caring heart. - Kevin Balot :)
For Binibing Sta.Barbara,judging w me is the beautiful gaffud,& kevin balot!☺☺☺
"Its better to see my bad sides first rather than to see my good sides. Why? Because after hating me you will gonna love me."
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Being simple, makes you simply the BEST - Kevin Balot
When Kevin Balot walks in.. and well the fact that he's *** Wth.
Ganda mo talaga kevin balot na inspired mo ako you girl and congratulations again :)
Just watching Party Pilipinas when suddenly I realized that Kevin Balot is more beautiful than Sam Pinto dafuq? xD
Off to Manila to meet, greet, and assist Kevin Balot, Miss International Queen 2012 as she comes home where she belongs! Olongapo City.hail the coming of the QUEEN.
Wow naman, Kevin Balot visiting her school! Now on Ch7 special, our Miss International Queen 2012!
Exclusive interview with Miss International Queen 2012, Kevin Balot from the Philippines, and the first and second runners-up in the transgender pageant, Bra...
Miss International Queen 2012, Kevin Balot, amazes people with her physique and proves that transgendered ca
Renato, the father of Kevin Balot, who won the Miss International Queen 2012 pageant, is finally comfortable with his son’s identity as a transgendered woman. In an interview on "Tonight with Arnold Clavio," Renato said that he loves his son for who he is.
Beauty queen Kevin Balot happy to be accepted as a transgender by her father: Powered by Max…
Congratulations to Kevin Balot for being crowned as Miss International Queen 2012!
Miss International Queen 2012 winner Kevin Balot from the Philippines discusses growing up in a Catholic country and how Filipino *** *** bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are now actively participating in the political process in his homeland. Video by Toto Lozano and Prapasri Vasuhiru...
Kevin Balot, newly crowned Miss International Queen 2012 held in Thailand. Candidates of this beauty pageant are ALL TRANSGENDERS. [via Globe SMS]
Congrats kevin balot for winning the title of ms international queen...
Kevin Balot defeats 21 contestants to clinch Miss International Queen 2012 title in Pattaya.
the most beautiful in the worLd kevin balot ... =))
OMG!! Kevin Balot is so pretty even though she's a transgender. She actually won a pageant. So proud of her. Proud of being a filipina/o ☺👏
"That sad moment when transgenders are so much prettier than you :(" yeaah. "KEVIN BALOT" :((
congrats kay Kevin Balot of the Philippines sa Miss International (transgender) Queen 2012, Thailand
so proud for KEVIN BALOT. nd na pala ako updated. :)
Kevin Balot from philippines,Miss International Queen 2012 #
Ms InternationaL Queen 2012 KEVIN BALOT (First TV appearance and interview after she won The Crown) watch!
Congratulations to Kevin Balot ! Congratulate natin sya for winning a title in a pageant. :D
I would like to remind to each everyone to be careful on fake profiles and posers.. GOD BLESS..
Filipino contestant Kevin Balot, brings new pride for his country. He bested 20 contestants for the coveted crown for Miss International Queen 2012. The pageant for
Twenty-year old Kevin Balot, a nursing graduate from the Philippines, won the prestigious Miss International...
the full video of Miss International Queen 2012 ms Kevin Balot phillippines proud to be filipino..!!!=)
May the triumph of Kevin Balot serve as an awakening for us to fully accept the like of "her". Gender expression needs acceptance
Truly, a Filipino is world class whether you're straight or transgender, *** *** or bisexual. Congratulations Kevin Balot!
A 21-year-old transgender beauty from the Philippines — Kevin Balot — was crowned 'Miss International Queen 2012' in Thailand's seaside resort Pattaya on Friday. One Filipino fan said that winning a transvestite contest in Thailand, the land of 'lady boys,' was like winning in soccer in Brazil. An e...
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Kevin Balot wins Miss International Queen last night, yes it's beautiful Kevin! via
Fading Hunk’s career has seen better days, but he still acts as if he is the toast of the town and God’s gift to women and ***
congratulation to miss kevin balot... all of transgenders here in the philippines are all proud of you... laman ka ng balita sa TV at bukang bibig ka ng mga bading humahanga kaming lahat sayo.
For the pageant fanatics out there, here's Kevin Balot once again! ~>
Filipino transgender Kevin Balot was crowned Miss International Queen 2012 in Pattaya, Thailand.
hi!!! Madam Lassy ihave a? What you Can Say's about Kevin Balot he won Miss Thainland beauty pageant!!!
KEVIN BALOT I Salute you for not changing your name in a Pageant..:)))
Kevin Balot is so beautiful. I think its time to have a legit and prestigious beaucon for transgenders in our country.
Nice Kevin Balot scope ! Congrats again, girl! Pinoy LGBT community is very proud of you!!! :)
Kevin Balot :\ Dunno if I'm gonna be proud about this, I mean, is this even acceptable?
cngrats to KEVIN balot for winning the tranny cntest in thailand.HI5 sistahh
More than a pretty face The Nation Filipino winner of Miss International crown hopes to promote acceptance for transgenders
Did you know... A Filipino transgender contestant has been crowned the Miss International Queen 2012, defeating other beautiful contenders representing different countries from all over the world on Friday night. Taking place in the seaside town of Pattaya, the pageant started with a spectacular show from Tiffany cabaret troupe and a nightgown contest from 21 contenders. The judges then selected 10 transgender participants into the second round and three in the third round. The winner of the night was Kevin Balot, a nurse from the Philippines, who won $10,000 cash, a crown and other prizes from the sponsors. Kevin also won the photogenic award from photographers. The first runner-up title and $2,000 cash prize went to Jessica Simos from Brazil. The second runner-up was a Thai contender, Phanwilas Mongkol, a freshmen from a Bangkok university, who won a $1,500 cash prize.
The Crowning Moment of Kevin Balot of the Philippines as Miss International Queen 2012!
Goodluck to all the beautiful TRANSPINAYS.Whether you'll be representing our country PHILIPPINES or other countries;still we know that deep in your hearts your proud filipinas. Positive lng tau..Hopefully this year we will win the crown for Miss International Queen.. Matricamae Centino, Kevin Balot, Stefania Cruz , Nikki Normanson Estanislao, Miriam Jimenez, Ms. Michelle Montecarlo & Ms.Marla Vera.. God Bless us all always.. :)
Manila's 5 (official fan page) 2011 wrote: Please support Ms. Miriam Jimenez for the upcoming MISS INTERNATIONAL QUEEN (transgender pageant) on Nov. 2 2012.. She is one of the official representatives of the PHILIPPINES along w/ Kevin Balot and Matricamae Centino.. Lets pray for der victory.. Mabuhay ang mga TRANSPINAY..
Ang ganda ng kapatid ni Kim Balot. I still can't get over the fact na bakla siya. Look her up! Kevin Balot :)
friends vote Kevin Balot ..Tnx and god bless!!!
As of now Kevin Balot is leading the MVP Peoples Choice Award(Batch 3) followed by Jennah Fernandezthen Vanity Kintanar Salinana-Banks..Keep Voting
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