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Kerry Wood

Kerry Lee Wood (born June 16, 1977) is a Major League Baseball relief pitcher with the Chicago Cubs.

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So nice to visit and pray with Pastor Kerry Wood about all that God is doing through Chevi…
These are good - I'll add Kerry Wood's homer in Game 7 of the NLCS
The Kerry Wood pigeon came to breakfast this morning
Besides the obvious and in 2016, I would have to give the nod at to Kerry Wood's Game 7 Homer in 2003.
When I was in high school, I got turned down for prom. But I had Cubs tickets the next day and Kerry Wood (my fav) was pitching
Mark Price & Kerry Wood should remind you that you Can't guarantee pitchers come back healthy
This is false. Kerry Wood never pitched for anyone except the Cubs.
Kerry Wood owns the best career ERA and ERA+ (min 0 IP) as a Yankee among anyone who's pitched in the Bronx, at 0.69 and 631, respectively.
According to game score Kerry Wood's 20 K game was the most dominant 9 inning pitched game of all time
hashtag Kerry Wood was so good for the rookies.
Thank you Kerry, and on behalf of myself and all the athletes of Wood County, thank you for all of your support!
Paired with Kerry Wood to form a solid punch, Prior helped Chicago reach the NLCS in 2003. He threw a two-hitter against Atlanta.
Kid K’s Lincoln Park mansion is back on the market for $3.25 million
Retired Cub Kerry Wood lists mansion in Lincoln Park area for $3.25 million
Kerry Wood Nature Centre is an icon in this city and we are so happy to have the opportunity to help make your spac…
Kerry Wood 20 K's game was best almost perfecto.
Lol at first I thought u were talking about Kerry Wood bc of your recent video and I think he ended up an 87
"Wood 20 This pitching performance is the I have ever seen."
Rugby programme manager Kerry Wood on the challenge facing his side as celebrate their 50th anniversary
River North condo once owned by Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood sells for $1...
I batted against Kerry Wood in high school. It went about as good as you can imagine
Only pitcher with a higher game score in the 90s was Kerry Wood. . Nolan Ryan is 30 1/2 years older than Kerry Wood.
Check out this item in my Etsy shop # kerry ridgeway
I'm a sucker for first, jersey number, and last when it comes to serial numbers. 1998 UD Black Diamond Dbl Kerry Wo…
yep.. that's a piece of ash I believe.. soaked overnight in a crate full of water.. form and soak.. keep wetting the wood..
This is one of my arty brooches...made from wood from the Kerry Ridgeway, Shropshire
These paints are perfect for wood, ceramics, plastics, canvas, fabric, metal and glass, hope this helps - Kerry
Kerry Wood and I just booked a cruise. We were stunned, but pleased, to find that the Stockton Ferry had an over...
Kerry Wood threw out the 1st pitch today. Cubs fans probably hope he threw the 1st inning as well.
Can we give a few honorary rings to Derek Lee, Kerry Wood, and Ryan Dempster?
I know it says Kerry Wood handed Murray the champagne, but I'd swear that was leaning on the cooler.
Kerry Wood just handed Bill Murray a bottle of champagne. Bill just took two monster swigs.
Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, Dusty Baker. They deserve honorary rings l too, if it the Cubs win.
Kerry Wood spraying champagne in a Santo Jersey. Yup.
A joke with Christ bearing the cross before his crucifixion, the Cubs rotation in the 2016 World Series, and something about Kerry Wood
Please I remember when you had that Kerry wood jersey you are an avid fan man
God Bless Kerry Wood. one of the best pitchers in baseball EVER!
Flashback to my happiest day as a Cubs fan: Kerry Wood's 20-strikeout game, May 6, 1998. (No, I…
Kerry Wood wearing a Ron Santo jersey, celebrating the Cubs going to the World Series.I mu…
Kerry wood 20k game. I had a half day at school and rushed home and watched the whole thing.
ahhh damnit Kerry Wood 20k... That is an amazing one
Kerry Wood is now my favorite Cub of all time
Kerry Wood celebrates the Cubs finally making it back to the World Series.
Die-hard fan Kerry Wood saw big hits off Dodgers' Kershaw coming via
Cubs fan Kerry Wood saw big hits off Dodgers’ Kershaw coming...
If I'm not mistaken, most recent & relevant play for and was Kerry Wood and Jason Dubois.
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Kerry Wood wearing a Santo Jersey and celebrating the W.
As the longest-serving Cub, I wanted Travis Wood to close it out. Well him, or Kerry pretending to be Travis.
How about Cusack bring out a boom box, Sammy puts on loud Salsa, then Kerry Wood beats the box & Cusack w/bat
Half these "Cubs fans" can't even tell you who Kerry wood is or Sammy Sosa. 👀
Kerry Wood popping the cork at Wrigley while wearing a Santo jersey kicked me right in the feelings.
A true thrill to talk with Billy Williams, Kerry Wood and others about what last night meant to Chicago.
Me and the great Kerry wood moments before it happened- and IT happened
You better believe Kerry Wood was ready to celebrate the Cubs clinching the NL pennant! (via
Kyle Hendricks did something Rick Sutcliffe, Mark Prior, or Kerry Wood didn't - win a game (at home) to send the Cubs to the World Series.
Travis Wood joins Kerry Wood (2003) and Rick Sutcliffe (1984) as the only pitchers to homer in the
Travis Wood is just the third pitcher to homer in the (Rick Sutcliffe, 1984; Kerry Wood, 2003). http…
would sooner bring Kerry Wood out of retirement than have ubaldo out there lmao
We're hosting a free Project Wild workshop for members at Kerry Wood in Red Deer on Oct. 22. Register…
Jon Gray joins Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, and Kerry Wood as the only pitchers EVER with a 102 or higher game score in a 9 inning game.
Kerry Wood once did the same to Jon Lester
Kerry Wood voices displeasure with Joe West after Cubs win
a timeless moment. Right up there with Charley Steiner losing it while reading about Kerry Wood peeing in public.
Imagine a world where Kerry Wood & Mark Prior never had health issues...
How many pitchers before Max Scherzer ever had a 20-strikeout game with under 120 pitches? None of course. Kerry Wood threw 1…
My mom always like Kerry Wood. and Damon Berryhill (89 Cubs)
Funny story, John C McGinley (Dr Cox) has a wiffle field in his back yard. Kerry Wood told me about it once.
I knew a guy who put some badass mojo voodoo on Kerry Wood back in the day!
nah. Kerry wood's should've been a no hitter but he got screwed by the umps. plus the 20 k's. pure dominance. no solid contact
players go to Kerry Wood event Fri after opening ceremony. Can catch them in lobby when they come back
Kerry Wood's 20 strikeout performance was the greatest game ever pitched
Fastball was really cool. Would have liked to see a Kerry Wood highlight.
You know what is REALLY fun to watch? Kerry Wood pitching against the Yankees in 2003.
I was going to say like Kerry Wood's 20k 1 hitter
Oh, got it. Kerry Wood was a bigger national star from 98-03 then Kershaw has been from 2010-present.
Now, as a different list, I offer Kerry Wood and Mark Prior. I'd prob go with 10 best would-have-beens?
asked her to be my girlfriend. she said yes. 🙌🏼 @ Kerry Park
If Lucas Harrell goes Kerry Wood on the today that would be a sight to see. An unbelievable sight.
when I turned 18 I was watching Bush and Kerry debate. You want some wood?
All my tigers stuff is at the other house but I have a Pablo Sandoval jersey, a Corey Kluber shirsey, and a Kerry Wood shirsey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i figured MLB would have more legendary players for the mariners and cubs wheres Randy Johnson or Kerry wood?
That dude was such a bust, his teammate Kerry Wood too!
Last time won on a walk-off wild pitch, 2009. The wild pitch was thrown by former Cub, Kerry Wood (Indians). via…
I cant think of a single player to compare Lincecum's career too. A little bit of Kerry Wood, but Tim was better for a little longer.
. Last Cub pitcher to steal home before Kerry Wood???. Hippo Vaughn.
"When Kerry Wood struck out 20 Astros, I think about playing shortstop in winter time."
yeah and Kerry Wood doesn't blame Jim Riggleman for his...but if it walks like a duck and sounds like one...
Aug 1, 2010 - Yanks trade for Lance Berkman and Kerry Wood. Wood went on to have a great finish, Berkman faltered.
I'll never forgive him for cutting short the careers of Mark Prior and Kerry Wood
I really am surprised Dusty pulled Papelbon there. . couldn't do that for Mark Prior or Kerry Wood?
How many of these Cubs "fans" are looking for Carlos Zambrano, Kerry Wood and Aramis Ramirez?
Kerry Wood could hit of im not mistaken
idk I just know the record is 20 in a 9 inning game. Kerry Wood, Scherzer, Randy Johnson, and Clemens twice.
yup ask Kerry Wood,Scott Williamson,Prior etc if they get to pitch well in their 30s..We ll see
Clayton Kershaw & Johnny Cueto are 1st pitchers with 1-0 shutouts on same day since Greg Maddux & Kerry Wood in '01. http…
Kerry Wood, Mark Pryor and that group were young when they choked in 2003. So young kids can definitely choke.
The arms of Mark Pryor and Kerry Wood second that
Roger Clemens (twice), Kerry Wood, Randy Johnson, and now Max Scherzer have fanned 20 in a 9-inning game. None of them walked a batter.
Not only that but Kerry Wood did it against a 102-60 Houston Astros team that had Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Moises Alou, Derek Bell.
Kerry Wood, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson ... and now Max Scherzer. The 20 K club just got a new member.
20 K thru 8.2 IP for Max Scherzer. He ties the record held by Roger Clemens (x2), Kerry Wood and Randy Johnson
If you claim to be a Cubs fan but don't know who Derek Lee or Kerry Wood is you aren't actually a Cubs fan. Sorry.
18 years ago today, Kerry Wood struck out 20 and gave up 1 hit in his 1st career complete game.
ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY: Babe Ruth, Willie Mays and Kerry Wood all make today's list. To find out why and to learn...
Ron Darling with the "what if we held Bob Gibson to a pitch count??" confirmation bias. Forget Sandy Koufax, Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, etc
But when Ripken retired, and Angelos fired Davey Johnson, and Sammy Sosa's bat cracked open, and the PED scandal, and Kerry Wood, and, and..
agree with Sutter as a reliever. Mark Prior & Kerry Wood were pretty special.
Jake Arrieta is everything Kerry Wood and Mark Prior were supposed to be.
This is what we wanted with Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Greg Maddux, and we finally have it with
I did not know WGN was available in Canada and the memories of Mark Prior and Kerry Wood, great potential, but broken early
they are my favorite NL team. I have had WGN since I was 12 years old. 1st season I watched Mark Prior and Kerry Wood were the aces
Mark Prior and Kerry Wood are lighting up the radar gun! Dusty sure has the rotation figured out!
If you include that Velasquez only allowed 3 hits the list is:. Bob Feller (1936). Kerry Wood (1998). Vincent Velasquez (2016)
Oxford Comma is the Kerry Wood of the English Language -...
Went through the rough times when Ronny Cedeno was our SS or the good with Matt Clement, and Kerry Wood.
Sitting on the fence with this one. This has been bounced around since Kerry Wood pitched that double header...
i'll never forgive Dusty Baker for overusing Kerry Wood and Mark Prior and destroying their arms :( elite elite pitchers
Cubs/Reds about to start. Trevor Cahill vs Brandon Finnegan to start. Kerry Wood delivers the lineup to home plate again f…
You left out Kyle Schwarber's scoreboard home run ball, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Kerry Wood.
RF Rubi Silva, SP Branly Crisostomo (from the Kerry Wood trade years ago) and SP Eric Bascombe go to Houston to complete the deal.
That Chris Wood wouldn't get in our Kerry side 💩💩
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Kerry Wood's HR in the 2003 NLCS was one of the best baseball moments ever. Even if they did screw the game up.
Are plastic cutting boards safer to use than wood? Which one is best? has the answers!
dont worry Tribe fans im sure Chris has Kerry Wood lined up for another 2 year 20 million dollar that 10 mil a year.
Tiger Williams' wood-stick defence as told by Kerry Fraser during hearing w/Brian O’Neill VP in charge of discipline
Just like he did to Kerry Wood and Mark Prior!
Shadi, McCants, Wood and others have been making this point publicly since long before Kerry said "apostates"
"Project tackling loneliness in older people pens festive hen song" by on
L. Todd Wood on the 'gift' that brought to
L. TODD WOOD: goes to bearing gift.
wish i had a kerry wood might have to bring the Kris jersey and show off the youth movement!!
On Run to Win: The Darryl Wood show. Mr. Kerry was refreshingly honest about the climate change agenda.
I know Kerry Wood, he's a really cool dude. Also like a Cubs legend and the reason I liked baseball there's that.
Thanks to AB Museums Association for a great write up about your visit. We had a super day with you.
😂 The bristles represent the pain he had to go through and just brush off. The wood represents his tough character.
Luckily you don't pitch, so Dusty Baker can't prematurely end your career like he did to Mark Prior and Kerry Wood.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I would with a plank of wood over his head 😂😂😂
I once asked a prominent, veteran sportswriter for a big news org, who is the nicest athlete you ever met? His response: Kerry Wood
Andrew Perkins hybrid designs combine wood and metal for a unique take on sustainability:
I'm giving away something for you on 2 rare kerry wood rookie cards. Get it here -
the last time Cubs fans were this excited. Kerry Wood/Mark Prior were on the mound and Corey Patterson was in cf. Howwas that?
Phil Humber vs Kerry wood. You want a shoe start up that debate
I've been watching through thick and thin. While there was Soriano theriot Zambrano Kerry wood and Derek Lee
Just like with Kerry Wood and Mark Prior years ago, the Cubs are dream killers.
Check out Kerry Wood Winter Warmup from WGN TV - I just entered here!
I'm throwing it out there: deliberately blew out the arms of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior because they're white.
now to avoid Mark Prior/Kerry Wood breakdown and Big Z punching team mates?
This car is made entirely of wood and it can drive
We've waited so long. The days of Kerry wood and Sosa, to Alou and Zambrano. We've endured it all lol
A big thank you to and Kerry for kindly donating keyboards to Yarl's Wood. Music is their haven
Gary Matthews, Kerry Wood, Rick Sutcliffe, Dennis Eckersley, last one has me stumped
All the Dusty Baker bashers do realize that it was Jim Riggleman who abused Kerry Wood as a rookie and not Baker, right?
Dear Washington Nationals, . Enjoy watching all your starters' arms fall off under Dusty's watch. Sincerely, . Mark Prior and Kerry Wood
I been Cubs fan since Alfonso Soriano, Giovanni Soto, Kerry Wood was playing together
Cheers as owner Tom Ricketts walks through upper decks, then when Kerry Wood is shown on big screen.
Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke remain tied with Mark Prior and Kerry Wood in the postseason series victory column.
I'm saying Kerry Wood is singing the 7th the stretch
it's gotta be Kerry Wood throwing the first pitch
My guess...Bill Murray is throwing out the first pitch. Don't see the rift with Ryno being healed yet. Either Murray or Kerry Wood.
Getting Kerry Wood's autograph on the mound at Wrigley on Easter Sunday in 2001 as he took the mound for his warmups.
Gonna be real disappointed if this secret first pitch thrower is Kerry Wood.
cubs fans r so sensitive. I said Arrieta is a 1yr wonder like Kerry wood n Mark Prior. His best comebk is I don't watch bsball
One year wonder. Just like kerry wood and Mark Prior and every other cubs pitcher in the last 20 years
probably one of the usual suspects Bill Murray, John Cusack, Jim Belushi I.would like to see Kerry Wood tho
I just hope he has indeed recovered from such an emotional game last week. I remember Kerry Wood saying similar things in 2003.
they looked good when Kerry Wood was mowing down players that wore that uniform
Among those 48 home runs, Lima served one to Jeff Kent, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey, Jr., Mark McGwire and Kerry Wood.
All time would have to been when Kerry Wood struck out 20. . This year when Schwarber hit that dinger into the Allegheny.
PLEASE RT!!! I've been nominated for a or a Small Business Influencer Award in:. Experts:
2003. Cubs vs Yankees at Wrigley. Roger Clemens vs Kerry Wood. Clemens denied his 300th win in an awesome Cubs win!
drove from Il to atl with dad and grandma dee and saw Kerry Wood hit a BOMB!! And deal on the mound, I skipped school to go
Watching Jake's no hitter w/Gramps. He wouldn't stop talking about Kerry Wood. Now he can't stop talking about Jake.
growing up and watching Kerry Wood strike out 20 Astros.
LRT: Kerry Wood couldn't sleep before Game 5 of 2003 NLDS in Atlanta because of a back injury. An actual injury. Not a stomach ailment.
Congratulations to Kerry and Paul on becoming Mr and Mrs Healy!.
Well the last time the Cubs won a nlds game Kerry Wood was pitching and Kordell Stewart was Da Bears qb
Jake on the mound in a swing game?!?!? Haven't had wood this big since Kerry
One time the Cubs thought a series was over because the Marlins had to beat both Mark Pryor and Kerry Wood. The Marlins took both games.
I liked a video HOUKerry Wood ties ML record with 20 K's
Is it just me or does Cahill look like a chubbier version of Kerry Wood?
"I didn't know Kerry Wood was still on the team! NICE!" —Filthy casual bandwagon fans right now, probably
Kerry Wood is at my dad/daughter camp out I was just talking to him. Lol
Kyle Hendricks knocks in the first run. Fun fact: Kerry Wood had 5 RBI in 4 games in 2003.
Pretty crazy that Kerry Wood's son is in the bullpen for Chicago
Kerry Wood and Mark Prior are cringing right now.
I know man, I've been a fan since birth lol. I have a throwback Kerry wood jersey & a playoff hat signed by Moisés Alou. Crucial!!
Fire goes out without wood, and quarrels disappear when gossip stops. . - Proverbs 26:20 (NLT)
Dusty Baker "I would have left him in". Yes... Kerry Wood and Mark Prior send their regards.
Jake Arrieta has tied Kerry Wood's Cubs record for most strikeouts (11) in a postseason game.
Kerry Louise and Mark Wood in Cougar High - to ! Cumtastic!!!
soo many old white guys watching who haven't sprung wood since Kerry Wood was on the bump in Chitown.
maybe Kerry wood could get in then 👀
In case you missed it... Lane hosted the WGN Morning News Chicago Cubs Rally at Kerry Wood Cubs Field!...
Who's pitching for Chicago tomorrow anyways? Is Kerry Wood on the hill?
1998: Would u trade Kerry Wood for Pedro Martinez?.I would've & Cubs should've.
yea they beat us. Kerry Wood dominated us and had some big hits
Never seen more balls called strikes in a game since Kerry Wood struck out 20.
happy I didn't watch,I'm use to Kerry Wood getting 20 K's,Sosa with juiced Bat and body
Dr. Kerry Wood will be speaking @ THE CHOSEN Worship Conference. October 17th and 18th @ Bethlehem Baptist Church
If they win the Cubs need to dedicate that World Series to Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, and Carlos Zambrano lmao
and the star players in our line up were Ryan Dempster, Kerry Wood, Ted Lilly, Aramis Ramirez, Kosuke Fukudome and Ryan Theriot
Eric Gregg deserves an assist for Kerry Wood's performance that day, if memory serves.
Kerry Wood throws first pitch to open Kerry Woods Cubs Field at CPS school
Clayton Kershaw has his fourth career game with 14+ K. That's as many as Kerry Wood, Mike Mussina, & Bert Blyleven had in their careers.
Think it was in reference to Kerry Wood's 20 Ks. Wonder if the opposite applies, if so O'Flaherty would seem to be entering that zone.
Jim and Justin pairing with Club 400 and the Kerry Wood Foundation for a great cause!! @ Club 400
I think Kerry Wood started that game for the Cubs as well. I think it was his start after his 20K game.
Wood looks around like it was someone else's fault!
Hi Kerry, sorry for the late response - was someone at Wood Green able to assist you with your query?
terrible mechanics. Twisting and torquing of elbow like Kerry Wood, Stephen Strasburg, et al.
Reds: First back-to-back games with 0 runs and 0 XBH since September 23-24, 2003 (vs Kerry Wood & Shawn Estes of Cubs).
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This wood pitcher needs to be more Kerry lol
We need one more batter to not strike out to keep Kerry Wood's 20 K game safe.
Wife just asked me if Kerry Wood went to Lane Tech.
Plus, they had a 5-3 lead in Game 7 if memory serves. With Kerry Wood on the mound.
Check out the official highlights from Kerry + Jay's ace Wedding at Wood Hall Hotel & Spa in Linton, near...
Kerry Wood cuts asking price on mansion by $345,000
It's an insanely gorgeous Friday and I'm watching Kerry Wood's 20k game just to make it a little gorgeouser.
Oh this place is beautiful. Soft warm breezes carry the scent of wood smoke from the mystic mountains. Dragons...
Kerry Wood told me he's keeping October open in case the Cubs, well, you know:
The smell of zinsser wood stain killer being painted all week on our interior surfaces is not gud 4my head/throat.But results are beautiful
Oh for Kerry Wood and Mark Prior circa 2003. Oh wait !.
*Shoots arrow into the sky & lands in ivy which is found by Kerry Wood 10 years later during State Farm commercial*
9 strikeouts through 4 innings. 70 pitches so Kerry Wood is safe but this Yordano Ventura is insanely fun to watch.
As a Kerry Wood fan, it makes me smile seeing wear the 34.
Fernandez's curveball looks a lot like Kerry Wood's on his 20 strikeout day ... And at 12 years old, that's not a good thing ...
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For those who remember what our gallery and displays used to look like... @ Kerry Wood Nature Centre
Thank you Mr.Kerry Wood for the picture! I really appreciate it! ❤️💙 Go
Today, Kerry Wood is exactly as old as Kim Il Sung was the day the Korean War began: 13,950 days.
In Kerry there is a season between April and Sept called Sprinter when we nip about to keep warm and try to stay dry.*lights wood burner*
Kerry Wood records 20 strikeouts and throws a one-hitter as a rookie in 1998 ⚾️
Bob Dylan or someone should have written a song about Kerry Wood.
"Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Zambrano and Matt Clement are going to be unbeatable for years" - Cubs fans circa 2003...screw pitchers
Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Matt Clement, Carlos Zambrano. And that is just the top 4 pitching staff before they were all hurt.
Thanks to Dusty Baker, Mark Prior and Kerry Wood had to end their promising careers early
n e 1 who says " in dusty we trusty" is on a 6 month ban from the show. He ruined Mark Pryor and Kerry Wood. See ya seth!!
This is awesome to watch: Kerry Wood and vs. Roger Clemens and on June 7, 2003 (fr. https:/…
Lance McCullers did something that only Bert Blyleven, Dwight Gooden and Kerry Wood have done in last 50 seasons. http:…
Corey Kluber at 18 strikeouts at the end of 8. MLB record for 9 innings is 20 (Kerry Wood, Randy Johnson and Clemens, t…
Corey Kluber has 18 strikeouts through 8 innings. MLB record is 20, shared by Roger Clemens and Kerry Wood. Kluber has th…
Kerry Wood didn't even make it through Spring Training '99. Danny Jackson's arm fell off after big FA deal.
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Bring me back a Kerry Wood jersey & a pizza from Lou Malnati's please ;-)
When I watch a Cubs game all I can think about are Moises Alou, Sammy Sosa, and Kerry Wood
what a *** Jon Lester using Kerry Wood number . Fix that asap.
Many major league baseball players, including Moises Alou, Jorge Posada, and Kerry Wood, have admitted that they...
Jon Lester wearing the same number as Kerry Wood. Interesting choice.
I sure hope Jeff Gray got permission from Kerry Wood to wear in 2010!
Played golf behind Samardzija and Kerry Wood one time. He was hammered by the 5th hole so to me it's a great pickup for the sox.
Is anyone else getting the feeling that Cory Crawford's injury may be "Kerry Wood and the Hot Tub" worthy?
Name one big time free agent the Dolan's have signed in their 14 year ownership...No, Kerry Wood doesn't count.
Smart looking IIC certificates there! Congratulations Mr Kerry Wilson and Master M Wood!
Media room debate: Who was the last pro athlete to have rapid on-field rise/fall like RG3? Current leader is Kerry Wood.
We would like to welcome back Kerry Carnes to the Jack Schmitt Chevy Wood River family! Kerry will be taking on a...
On this day in 2007, signed free agent Kerry Wood to a one-year contract
On this day in 2007 the resigned Kerry Wood to a one year $4.2 million deal. I miss Kid-K
who is going to be more a disappointment DRose or Mark Prior/Kerry Wood? Discuss among yourselves
Can't deal with D.Rose and all these injuries. Reminds me of Kerry Wood
Ryne Sandberg,Kerry Wood,Andre Dawson,Mark Grace,and last but not least Anthony Rizzo :)
I missed an English presentation for Kerry Wood and he still blew me off
surprised not to see Kerry on there lol! 😂😂😂x
So Kerry Wood is my new next door neighbor... 🐻💙❤️
except for when he put the hit stick on Kerry wood
Kerry Wood? Ron Santo? Ernie Banks? Ryne Sandberg? Not the kind of players who wins championships
The man. The myth. The legend. Kerry Wood, y'all.
Forgot to tell that I saw Kerry Wood at the game yesterday walking around like a real ***
A Heat Design Vitae 8kW insert stove installed in Co Kerry. Great controls on this stove.
13-metre long sinkhole in estate: An investigation is being carried out in County Kerry after a green area in ...
A new method of dyeing wood so that it never fades, resulting in some beautiful furniture:
Probably saddest moment of my life was when Kerry wood retired! Life long fan of him
so do they have the towel drill for Derrick Rose's injuries like Kerry Wood had?
Just saw Kerry Wood at 7-eleven, legend. He held the door for me
This day in history. 1940. Carbon-14 was discovered, allowing us to estimate the age of organic materials such as wood, leather, and Cher.
It's Game Day. Today welcome coached by ex Ionian Kerry Wood. Should be a great game. KO 2pm, all welcome.
gkqx2jgh: kerry wood jersey black fridayM7... (via
just read the article in Good Weekend mag about Cake Queen Kerry Vincent. I love her thank you for doing this story Stephanie Wood.
Kerry wood and Mark Prior. Could put oden on a list too
Andrew Rule: Kerry Stokes' parents were so poor that one birthday his dad sent him a piece of wood w sardine can labels stuck on as a gift
'No extension' on Iran nuclear deal: US Secretary of State John Kerry says talks will focus on "driving toward...
Still long way to go for Iran nuclear deal - Fabius, Kerry: PARIS, Nov 20 (Reuters) - French Foreign Minister ...
have Starlin now, hoping he doesn't join the rest. Also once had Kerry Wood and that wasn't a total loss
Catch Kerry Kelly discussing wood smoke and with the in today's TribTalk:
A birthday edition of as Kap celebrates. That means Cubs 9-10, Iowa Cubs from 10-11 and Kerry Wood retrospective from 11-12.
Derrick Rose to meet with Mark Prior and Kerry Wood about his 5-year injury plan
what about Kerry Wood, Russel Martin, Eric Chavez, Bartolo Colon, Raul Ibanez. Freddy Garcia. Can go on.
DeGrom looking to tie Kerry Wood, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson*?? He's killing it out there
My mom thinks Kerry Wood is pitching for the I dont have the heart to tell her he retired a few yrs ago & Travis Wood is pitching.
I would love to see Kerry Wood, Roger Clemens, and Randy Johnson get some company tonight!!! 10 K's through 4 IP, 58 pitches.
10 K's through 4 for Jacob DeGrom, cld he challenge the single game record of 20 by Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, and Kerry Wood?
Three years of chaos: Wellington’s public transport plan, and how to fix it: by Kerry Wood Since the Transport...
Only two rookie pitchers ever K d 18 or more hitters in a 9 inning game. One is easy, one a little harder. Name them? Answered: Bill Gullickson and Kerry Wood
This is the exact opposite of Kerry Wood hugging his kid after striking out his last batter.
Will Kerry Wood be at the park this week? Been gone all season - seems odd, doesn't it?
And a Christmas ornament with Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, and Nomar Garciaparra jumping up and celebrating in hugs
This was in 1998 yeah. I met Kevin Millwood and Roy Halladay too. Kerry Wood.
Thanks Kaz Wood for my nomination. To be honest over the past 6 years of studying with the OU I haven't had much...
the Indians have had much more success trading for talent than they have signing it..Swisher, Bourn, Hafner extension, Kerry Wood
Making the Impossible Dream possible. Sarah Wood is a very inspiring human being.
when he was dominant, his curveball had that nasty Kerry Wood, Strasburg bite but that has consequences.
Will Kerry Wood make an appearance before the season ends? If not, why not?
Car 5 has a reclaimed wood dining table, seats about 12 comfortably.
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