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Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington (born January 31, 1977) is an American actress.

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Catching up with Kerry Washington’s Scandal tv series. I would have stopped at scandal but for the sake of this twe…
From the Archives : Chic of the Week : Kerry Washington & Me
Kerry Marisa Washington. an icon. a role model. an inspiration. a queen.
It's just amazing the amount of $hitbirds Obama had in executive positions in his adminstration,,, Clapper Brennan,…
Will make a great movie, and she'll probably be played by Kerry Washington. . .
Amtrak engineer remarked on train speed 6 seconds before crash: NTSB
Ow guh. This is hard. None from Had to be all living? Hmmm. Shailene Woodley. Felicity Jones. Karla Souza. K…
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologizes again. This time it was for a major ethics violation. - The Washi…
The Kerry Washington is at my job today 😳👀
Watching Confirmation. Kerry Washington is just so flawless.
So I’ve fast forwarded casting to antagonists and/or “villains”...I’m feeling Kerry Washington and Va…
So the scene in Djanjo where Leonardo DiCaprio smeared blood on Kerry Washington’s face was unplanned and the blood…
Only 11 episodes are left in the hit ABC series. Joe Morton, who plays character Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) father on th…
Before she was Olivia Pope on was in this millennial classic!.
concept: Kerry Washington teaching Eva Longoria how to avaoid paps when she is out with her baby
Something about Ivy's mouth reminds me of Kerry Washington, and the way she's acting, she makes me hate her about a…
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Scarlet Johansson looks like white Kerry Washington. Is this a known thing? It’s uncanny.
We’re huge fans of stars Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young, and Katie Lowes
Adam Sandler, Kerry Washington, Sheryl Crow. What did they have in common? They were all RAs!…
“Thank you to my onscreen bae, Tony Goldwyn. I love you.” - Kerry Washington ❤️
Tell me why Tom Holland looks like a young Tony Goldwyn and Zendaya looks like a young Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington’s speech about LGBTQ rights in the Trump era is a must-see
The 4th one makes you look like Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Contstance Wu, Jessica Alba, and SO MANY OTHER POC have spoken up. They're prese…
Kerry Washington is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world. Just effortless beauty.
ICYMI: This is worth a watch. So proud of you & happy to be your on-screen Bae any time.
Never knew Kerry Washington had a line with OPI and she has this olive green to die for 😩
😂 This is the same publication that named Gwyneth Paltrow the world’s most beautiful woman in 2013, beating Beyonce…
Save the Date for Jan 29 when the will bring industry experts, vendors & managers togethe…
Bellamy Young talks the end of ‘Scandal,’ her relationship with Kerry Washington
This reminds me of an old SNL skit. Miss World, I think. Kerry Washington played Miss Uganda, funniest…
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"Bellamy Young talks the end of 'Scandal,' her relationship with Kerry Washington" If there’s someone who isn’t rea…
Look at all these white women here I'm tired of seeing plastered everywhere when actors like Taraji P Henson,…
People are pressed about Ciara not posting photos of Sienna yet. Meanwhile, Kerry Washington has a 18 year old and…
Doesn't really matter 4 years later, but why did the smart, savvy Kerry Washington agree to be plot device in Djan…
The QUEEN ✨Kerry Washington✨ actress and producer. Since 2012, Washington has gained wide public recognition for st…
Good for her. May she keep her baby as private as Kerry Washington keeps hers!
Sure. Let’s act like we don’t have series starring Viola Davis, Emmy Rossum, Kerry Washington, Winona Ryder, and Gina Rodrigue…
They could've replaced Jen and Emma with Lupita Nyong'o, Kerry Washington or Viola Davis.
Kerry Washington is already slated to star in the film.
Get cheated on by Chris Rock in a movie where you're married to him but he secretly wants Kerry Washington.
Whose voice is shakier? Terrance Howard or Kerry Washington?
Down to Earth: Regina King. . Head of State: Robin Givens and Tamala Jones. . I Think I Love My Wife: Gina Torres and Kerry Washington.
If Kaepernick grievance works, I'll be suing Tamron Hall, Halle Berry, Kerry Washington and Shakira for collusion.
The ONLY way I'm ok with this is if it includes Angela Bassett, Traci Ellis Ross and Kerry Washington as the witches. h…
Kerry Washington is TV's 7th highest-paid actress
AIDE: sir we must get you to the bunker, the miss-. TRUMP: do you see what Kerry Washington said about me last night? I want her deported
(Kerry Washington in Sonia Rykiel to be exact. Perfect pout to pull off ...) on -…
Rooney Mara has been on the cover of 3 times. When will it finally be Mindy Kaling, Kerry Washington, Gina Rodriguez's turn?
Would Nnamdi Asomugha ever work with wife Kerry Washington on a project?
(Kerry Washington in a Stella McCartney dress. Teen Choice Awards, 2013...) on T ...
Taraji P Henson. Octavia Spencer. Kerry Washington. None of whom are young enough to play Starr.
I love Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington so so much What Am I gonna do w All this Love I have for Them.
Goodmorning I love my Sunshine's Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn so much, I hope they're having the best of their lives today.
Good morning everyone, especially Chance the Rapper, Tony Goldwyn, and Kerry Washington.
Nnamdi Asomugha got 60 mil from the Eagles, married Kerry Washington and is now starring in feature films all within 6 years. Finesse HOF
TIL: Former NFLer Nnamdi Asomugha is married to Kerry Washington (!). And he co-stars in this 2017 movie:
Okay! Look @ Nnamdi Asomugha, husband to our favorite, Kerry Washington, showing off his acting skills!
Right! She's like a mixture of Michelle, Regina king and Kerry Washington
📷 bananadome: Tony Goldwyn praising Kerry Washington as captain of the Scandal family at Paleyfest LA...
Kenneth Cole tells Moneyish why Kerry Washington and Kelly Osbourne are wearing these $125 sneakers
Meet the cast of Cars 3. Our interview with Kerry Washington, Armie Hammer, Cristela Alonzo, and Owen Wilson.
Im just disappointed. You sat at a round table with Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, E…
Kerry talks and Financial Abuse with Check it out. -krew
Exclusive: Kerry Washington is unapologetic about privacy and politics [Video]
"If you're the best, it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl." -on https…
Meet the Cast of Cars 3 | Interview with Owen Wilson, Kerry Washington, Armie Hammer, and ...
Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington to star in workplace comedy - Malay Mail Online
In honor of Mother’s Day and Disney’s upcoming release Kerry Washington who stars in the film is a...
Lupita Nyong'o, Kerry Washington and Janelle Monáe looking flawless at the 2017 ✨
Nicole Kidman and Kerry Washington looked so glamorous at the
BREAKING NEWS! Kerry Washington revealed to be a panda.
Kerry Washington and the cast onstage at @ David Geffen Hall
Really would like to star in a movie with Sanaa Lathan, Gabriel Union, Angelina Jolie, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington...
So Chris Rock had an affair with Kerry Washington.🤔. While filming a movie about having an affair with Kerry Washington…
EXCLUSIVE: Chris Rock cheated on his wife with Kerry Washington
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Chris Rock allegedly cheated on his ex-wife with Kerry Washington
See the latest looks from Emily Robinson, Kerry Washington, Zoe Saldana, Scarlett Johansson, Joey King & more at
Kerry Washington shines on the red carpet. Interesting dress, it's growing on me
Kerry Washington slaying our lives as usual 👑🖤
Kerry Washington is trending because she SLAYS.
“You can be the lead in your own life.” - Kerry Washington
"Its punk couture," says Michael Kors of Kerry Washington's gown. "Punk," she says, by way of "Spence."
Kerry Washington could have shown up in a *** trash bag and I would still be shook. That's my queen.
I love Kerry Washington, but she is the Forever 21 of Red Carpets. One detail too many ruins what would've otherwise been…
Kerry Washington made sure to show off her curves in her Michael Kors-designed ensemble.
if i were married to Kerry Washington . it would go something like:. person: hey ker-. me: hey this is my wife yes hello.
kerry Washington at the met gala is a no
Kerry Washington looking STUNNING and on theme at the
Is Kerry Washington's wig slipping or is that the cut?
I love the wig. Dat dress doe. Kerry Washington.
Met Gala 2017: See what Kerry Washington, Jennifer Connelly and Diane Kruger are wearing
Kerry Washington, Kylie & Lily Collins paying homage with that bob. We peep 👀
Kerry Washington does Rei Kawakubo hair homage. Lily Collins did it too.
See the latest looks from Kerry Washington, Ruth Wilson, Charlize Theron,Darby Stanchfield, Sophie Okonedo & more at
Lovely ode to Angelica Kitchen, a vegan haven that I'll miss dearly, and where Kerry Washington was once a hostess:
"Who cares white man?! Welcome to 2017 where Kerry Washington is winning everything!!"
"Art curates compassion. Art to me breaks down walls and allows us to step into somebody else’s shoes." 💗
How can someone be beautiful? 😍 here's your daily dose of Kerry Washington 😍💖
Get your copy of our May 2017 issue with Kerry Washington here:
Hollywood star Kerry Washington is the cover girl for the May 2017 issue of Glamour Magazine. The “Scandal” ...
Our May cover star on art as activism and the importance of "staying awake" 👉🏽 ht…
Get to know the real Kerry Washington by subscribing to our magazine and reading her interview in our May issue:…
Kerry Washington is starting "a new journey, as a producer" but she's not turning her back on Scandal. h…
another day, another horrible kerry washington cover. When will this fab actress get the glam magazine cover she deserves??!
It's not every day you can see Mt Washington from the coast of Maine. Kerry Coffin found it this evening 75 miles away fro…
Kerry Washington, Keri Hilson, Cari Champion. gawd had created beautiful women with those names
While watching Confirmation I kept hoping Anita Hill will turn into Olivia Pope and take Thomas down. Kerry Washington is a brilliant actor
Kerry Washington reveals the secrets behind her flawless skin.
I liked a video Kerry Washington & Alec Baldwin Have Thoughts on Donald Trump
heyHello Scandal comes back thursday and also Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn still exist and are the most adorab…
Tony Goldwyn got to goofing around with his Scandal co-stars Kerry Washington and Scott Foley
My professor told me she sees me being the next Kerry Washington and that comment shook me
Kerry Washington gives Sheinelle props for her ‘Scandal’ moment: TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones and actor Tony Goldwyn……
Kerry Washington was born in January. I was also born inJanuary. It makes perfect sense that Olivia Pope is my spirit animal 💁🏾
Kerry Washington is so much more than just Olivia Pope
Kerry Washington is everything I want in a black woman.
Oh my gawd, someone give Kerry Washington a Oscar , Golden Globe and a Grammy.
Mr &Mrs Smith co-star also banned from Brad and Mrs Kesha Pitt... Scenes with Ms. Jolie, Kerry Washington not welcomed at Brad Kesha Pitt
I got to see Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Keegan Michael, Laverne Cox, Kerry Washington and so many empowering people. Surreal
the first two seasons were so. *** Good. Ugh. Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyb's chemistry is still unmatched 😭
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Had a dream I met and spoke to Kerry Washington, Phylicia Rashad, & Queen Latifah about my company. They were...
Kerry Washington gushes over her kids at after-party & it's so adorable!!
Kerry Washington at the 74th Annual Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills C…
Walk into every room in 2017 the way Kerry Washington walked into the Golden Globes.
Kerry Washington and Priya wearing matching dark toned lip colors ? Here for this SOC (slay of color)
We loved Kerry Washington's look at the the plum lip. Get the look with our Broadway Plum lipstick!…
Kerry washington looked amazing last night but something was missing so i had to fix it for her.
Let's talk about this .gif of Kerry Washington
Proof that Kerry Washington is a goddess
EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Jessica Parker and Kerry Washington gush over each other on the carpet. h…
We're still living for how excited Kerry Washington and Sarah Jessica Parker were to see each other tonight! https…
I am so infatuated with Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union's style, geez.
I have a lot of respect for Sarah Paulson, but Kerry Washington should've gotten that award. Her portrayal of Anita Hill was EXCELLENT.
Bellamy Young, Kerry Washington and Darby Stanchfield in ep 6x01 'Survival of the Fittest' . Scandal returns Jan 19!
GET THE LOOK: Kerry Washington stops the show with her curly mane. Brazilian or Peruvian Curly can match this look!…
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ABC now has deals with Larry Wilmore, Shonda Rhimes, John Ridley, Kenya Barris, Kerry Washington & Viola Davis
I do not remember Kerry Washington being in Mr. & Mrs. Smith 🤔
When u realize Kerry Washington was also in Mr & Mrs Smith.
I forget Kerry Washington was in Mr & Mrs Smith! She witnessed the scandal from the beginning lol
I've only just realised that Kerry Washington is in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. 😳
Kerry Washington, Beyoncé, Blake Lively and Lauren London are the ultimate queens of privacy. Love it!
Me and Kerry Washington is blood the same. Me and Chris Brown feel pain. The point Im making we all the normal human
📷 Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn speak onstage during the 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at...
Kerry Washington or Adele or Angelina Jolie or Sarah Paulson. To name a few
And that unlike too many NJ Democrats, Kerry Washington campaigned with Christie foe Barbara Buono.…
Find yourself a man who looks at you the way Tony Goldwyn looks at Kerry Washington.
It’s a boy for Kerry Washington and ex-NFL player husband
The barbarism John Kerry declaims has engulfed Syria courtesy of the destabilization of the region wrought by Washington. -John Wight
Kerry Washington is now a mother of two! via
Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha welcome second child
I wouldn't be mad if Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn had an affair, don't @ me
Kerry Washington just welcomed her second baby!
BABY JOY! welcomes her second child — find out the baby's name and gender:
Kerry Washington in floral dress out in Pasadena
Idk why I read this as "Kerry Washington becomes a baby boy" lol.
Kerry Washington gave birth two weeks ago and dropped the news today. Legend.
I love how low key Kerry Washington and her hubby are. Baby no.2 and we have yet to see a pic of Baby no.1. Love that!
Kerry Washington had her second baby today and 1. I'm so happy I feel like it's my own child 2. That means scandal will b…
Kerry Washington finally dropped the load. Scandal should be up and running in no time lol
Kerry Washington gave birth to a baby boy and named him Caleb Kelechi Asomugha. how gorgeous is that 😩
Scandal star Kerry Washington and her husband Nnamdi Asomugha have welcomed their second child, a son named Caleb... https…
Congrats to the 'Scandal' star!. BTW - The hit show returns to Local 24 in January!
Loved watching Great performances by Kerry Washington, Wendell Pierce. So relevant in our times.
My top 5 best dressed are: Priyanka Chopra, Kristen Bell, Emilia Clarke, Kerry Washington & Sarah Paulson.
Blake Lively, Kerry Washington or Jennifer Aniston: Vote for the All-Time Best Dressed Star at the Emmys!
I forgot Kerry Washington was in Mr and Mrs Smith. Nice.
why am I just now realizing that Kerry Washington played Chenille in Save The Last Dance...
Kerry Washington was so fine in Save the Last Dance. Her haircut was everything.
Bryan Cranston and Kerry Washington are among the more than 100 celebrities to... by via
For some reason Kerry Washington and Tracie Thoms are the only names on the tip of my tongue, but yeah, we'll see.
Omg bookmarked for later: Emmy round table with JLo, Kerry Washington, and more!
Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie is a dream team: Sarah Paulson, Audra McDonald, Kerry Washington...& Lynette Scavo?!
What J. Lo taught Kerry Washington how to do when they were kids.
I always think I Kerry Washington can't act then I realised I can't stand how well she plays this irritating Olivia Pope character
Interesting to see Kerry Washington play a character with Judy Smith (Olivia Pope inspiration) as another character in the script
Tony Goldwyn with his wife vs Tony with Kerry Washington ??? 😍😩❤️
Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are two of my all time favorite actors😭
Baby on Board! Kerry Washington cradles baby bump at White House women's summit: Is there any celebrity as pr...
‼️ Host to Tony: We have something in common...I would want to sleep with Kerry Washington too if she went that way 😩😩😩 . Tony: (laughing) ‼️
Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington need to remake Bodyguard! It would be PERFECT in everyway 😣
Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn deserve the world.💓
Kerry Washington & Wendell Pierce are simply marvelous in the docudrama about the Clarence Thomas - Anita Hill hearings
Kerry Washington on portraying Anita Hill in "Confirmation": " It's so, so complicated."
LKG was almost as diplomatic as Kerry Washington was about her Ad Week cover. And Kerry was very diplomatic. TL still did he…
For the longest time I thought Kerry Washington had the sexiest lips ever.Jurnee Smollett from has dethroned her.
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