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Kerry Packer

Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer, AC (17 December 1937 – 26 December 2005) was an Australian media tycoon.

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Cannot believe its 40 years since the Kerry Packer revolution in cricket..where has all that time gone
It's safe to say Kerry Packer assembled an amazing array of talent for World Series Cricket.
Ha ha ... R u saying Sir, that Kerry Packer was right, when he said 'there is a *** in ea…
Jay Weatherill is to Elon Musk what Alan Bond was to Kerry Packer. Come in sucker.
"Believe it or not" Kerry Packer's man lies a lot. He thinks lying is Politics. Name Khan d…
As Aust's richest man, late Kerry Packer said, he "would not like to come between a young Malcolm & a sa…
Can never understand why Kerry Packer didn't name his son, Al.
If this was Ch9 in the old days Kerry Packer would have pulled us off air during an ad break.
makes me try and remember what that show was that Kerry Packer axed while it aired the first episode...
Kerry Packer changed the way cricket was covered in television (camera techniques, patriotism and night cricket). ~…
"The Local Broadcast rights is what he was aiming at. He got a 10 year deal indexed to inflation."Haigh on Kerry Pa…
“Kerry Packer introduced nationalistic fervour into with the slogan ‘Come on, Aussies, come on” - Gideon H…
Kerry Packer marketed cricket on patriotism. 'Go Aussies, Go!' seemed novel then- on
“Kerry Packer wanted the audience to have the best seat in the house and that changed coverage on TV” - Gi…
The story of Kerry Packer’s World Series retold by Gideon Haigh . What an educational ex…
Author of the book 'The Cricket War' , Mr. Gideon Haigh at addressing students on "Kerry Packer's World S…
Start from the 80s. Kerry Packer to be exact
Fabians and was startled to read Kerry Packer, Hugh Morgan, Arvi Parbo, and some others in the list…
Kerry Packer was a good judge of character. "Never stand between Malcolm Turnbull and a bag of money" was all the Big Man…
I prefer to pay my accountant to do mine, in and out in 20 minutes, $ back after a few days. I use the Kerr…
"You only get one Alan Bond, and I've had mine.". - Kerry Packer. Deceased. Should've hung around longer Kerry, you missed a WHALE.
Anyone who advocates 4 a Criminal like Kerry Packer to avoid Jail cannot b trusted?
Read more on my blog 👉 Women’s football needs a Kerry Packer. Unfortunately it won’t get one .
Turnball's judgement *** No wonder Kerry Packer could not stand him!
If you have a look at the Kerry Packer committee appearance on YouTube, Mrs McHug…
Who's the Kerry Packer impersonator in the background?
oh Luke, would you have survived a father like Kerry and a grandfather like bloody old Frank Packer?
Giving great performance against petty grilling in Senate. Shades of Kerry Packer.
There's no system in place to monitor departure IDs. . That's a fact.…
Plenty of evidence on the Packer family paying bugger all tax.not hard to find…
Kerry Packer's take on cricket officials -
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Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan usher in the new millennium partying on a yacht parked in Sydney Harbour, owned by media mogul Kerry Packer.
Kerry Packer once famously said you only ever get one Alan Bond in your lifetime. Congratulations South Australian…
Kerry Packer once said: 'You only get one Alan Bond.' Mr Adani knows he is only going to get one Matt Canavan https:…
God: Richie Benaud is due up here this morning Kerry Packer: Great, give him a microphone and sit him next to Greigy God: OK Mr Packer
PM goes on AM radio in Adelaide to talk French subs. Instead he's chatting Spycatcher and Kerry Packer. A real this is your life.
Deadset the big man Kerry Packer must have given Ian Chappell a lifetime contract, that's surely the only way he still has a gig 😴
Aggreed! the Late Kerry Packer said it pretty clearly when dragged before an Aus hearing 1991
I reckon Kerry Packer will be turning over in his grave. From what we had , to what we've got 😂😂😂
"Never trust a lawyer who works for a rich man." Remember that time Malcolm Turnbull worked for Kerry Packer? That...
this is the bloke that stood up to Kerry packer
It would be like having Kerry Packer as Aus PM.
Kerry Packer would love Trump: start at 1.30 for this idea + minimising tax.
Get ready for a shake up. I could be the Kerry Packer of the Bassetlaw League.
State of origin mini world cup would make for interesting viewing. We need a modern day Kerry Packer to sort it…
Trumps to repeal laws aint a new concept. Kerry Packer brought it up in an enquiry and MURKED THE response
Thank you Kerry Packer for letting us see most of those races but no thanks to Where is F1 now?
famous & realist quote from the late media barron Kerry Packer!
I have a faceplate one end with a small epoxy fixed packer at the other.. the paper joint on this RAKUtool isn't an option..
It's as if Kerry Packer had become PM...
The good news is there's no devil. The bad news is there's no heaven...
Malcolm Turnbull can't pretend to battle the 'elite': he is the elite - he worked for kerry packer! via
Everything is relative. Kerry Packer wasn't a big punter because he never had his last $20 on anything
don had a show.. it was s good. Kerry packer offerred him a Foxtel channel.but Don said no
If I had Alpacas, I'd name them all after Packer family members... James, Gretel, Kerry...
Late mate, Kerry Packer, said he would never stand between Turnbull and a bag of money…
I agree completely with my son James when he says 'Internet is like e...
Gah, had no idea James Packer was the son of Kerry. Should be a $200m inconvenience fee, lol!
you must really miss Kerry packer, he said you went off like a dunny door
Great to see SBS flag the Welcome House exhibition @ The Kerry Packer Civic Gallery: Amazing artworks by refugees:
LISTEN | on his new book, Steve Smith's captaincy, the summer of cricket and Kerry Packer
In 2005 Kerry Packer tore strips off Taylor, Healy & Nicholas. They were let off the leash once he died the following yea…
SARU irreparable. Reckon SA rugby needs Kerry Packer-like professional breakaway led by some billionaires like Rupert etc.
There were two v,wealthy men in Oz, Kerry Packer and Rene Rivkin (suicide) who cried together at the nothingness of life.
reminds me of Kerry Packer way back when he introduced a new slant to the format, however this is too far.
still don't think John has gotten over Kerry Packer yelling at him about tax
People will always remember him that he was sold out to Kerry Packer and left Pakistan Cricket team and was banned to play cricket
Hey now. I thought kerry packer was dead.
Born this day, 1946. Tony Greig: The man who joined Kerry Packer to change fortunes of cricketers
career was cut short due to his joining hands with Kerry Packer.
Packerland return address. Probably is a undocumented feature for all non Packer fans.
"I don't want to be left behind. In fact, I want to be here before the action starts." ~Kerry Packer on technology change
Simon Katich has won the Kerry Packer Award for service to . Watch the video: https:/…
rememebr when the senate tried to keep Kerry Packer tied up. He told them he'd said "NO", to F off he had a business to run
sure Kerry Packer's son and a pregnant black skin aboriginal woman have "equal opportunities" hallucinations
That's a classic era of cricket, the man who really changed cricket in that era was Kerry Packer
Banks still deaf to public anger and sentiment: Kerry Packer excepted, an appearance before a federal parliam...
Kerry Packer, "I pay all my taxes, not one penny less, not one penny more" Turnbull, "I pay all my taxes" we know what the…
Malcolms Mate ;) .Kerry Packer 'wasn't cleared' on taxes
Trump line about Govt squandering his taxes- if he paid them . Shades of Kerry Packer.
All very well for the late Kerry Packer to minimise his/company's taxes. Most wage earners wouldn't know how, don't get the chan…
When a Royal Commission called Kerry Packer the 'Goanna', his then lawyer, Malcolm Turnbull, called the Royal Commissio…
Anybody wanting to know the real Malcolm Turnbull needs to go back to the late 1980 and 1990 and his links with Murdoch and…
I like how Rodney Adler and Kerry Packer are both former directors of Turnbull & Partners: via
BUT won't someone think of poor old Kerry Packer?
Echoes of Kerry Packer, the rest of us are just ***
I want one of these banking CEO's to own this witch hunt Kerry Packer style... waste of money to point out that banks are profitable
This Kerry Packer's response regarding tax, during the tax avoidance enquiry, sums it up!
This is working well for Trump just as it did for Kerry Packer when he boasted of paying as little tax as possible.
ummm she makes the rest of us look like Kerry Packer.
And Kerry Packer's comments are still relevant today, especially with Malcolm Turnbull's farce of superannuation...
yep, how Kerry Packer would've handled it if he'd got over adolescence
Yes Tony, many of Australia's tax-avoidance ills stem back to Kerry Packer's woeful approach Who helped him?.
.Kerry Packer w'out the juvenile swagger
This boss Kerry Packer back in the 90s gives it to the government. Remind you of someone?.
I'm waiting for one of the execs to have a Kerry Packer moment if questions continue in this vein.
consider some talking points from the late (and great) Kerry Packer, especially on tax minimization.
see that's funny because Malcolm Turnbull worked for Kerry Packer for a number of years
On tax minimisation I can tell you as a government that you are not spending it so well that we should be donating extra. Kerry Packer
Pity Kerry Packer wasn't still around..He knew a thing or two about safes being robbed!
This bank Commission reflects the Commission on KERRY PACKER +Co who laughed at all with the backing of influential Politicos. What a FARCE.
Did he watch the footage of Kerry Packer at Senate hearing where he talked about minimising tax.
With all this tax biz... here's why Australia loved billionaire Kerry Packer and his approach to tax mini…
Kerry Packer famously said that anyone who pays more tax than they have to is a fool.
Aussies shocked to be told by one KFB Packer to get head read if not minimising tax
Update your maps at Navteq
Channel Nine & 60 Minutes is nothing more than a grubby little club. Things would be different if Kerry Packer was running the place
Kerry Packer pulled Phillip Adams into his office when Neville Wran there & asked him to write a defamatory article on Neville
So, could this be an Alan Bond for Kerry Packer moment. But which one is which? ;-)
Kerry Packer used a young lawyer to cement his legendary tax avoidance
Bruce Francis should be treated with respect. Did you wear a baggy green and outsmart Kerry Packer to organise the Rebel Tours?
is 'Kerry-Packer'ing Kabaddi for sure,for the better
it's down right un-Australian to snub the cricket! Wouldn't have happened under Kerry Packer's watch 🇦🇺
The brainchild of and Kerry Packer, is set to close its doors after 44 years. A sad day.
The digital world takes out Aussie magazine which was set up by the late Kerry Packer some 44 years ago
Kerry Packer Australian Media mogul and The Undisputed King of Casino winnings. He once…
I heard some fascinating Kerry Packer and Ellison Stories last night. Lavish and generous to staff.
Ever read, The Rise and Rise of Kerry Packer? Well worth the effort if only for admissions of moguls using power to influence ppl
Glad that Canada has casino com petition. Shame Kerry Packer never wanted it.
Kerry Packer once said, "its all legal," change the laws and we will pay more!.
Swept away in a flood & stuck in a tree, Kerry Packer never lost faith & our network never let him down- WATCH
Hamilton Collection
While he makes her put a Kerry Packer mask on before the conjugals
. I wonder if Kerry Packer was still around if 9 would have it on
I wish Kerry Packer was still alive so Bozo could ring him up and make this Brookvale Oval problem just go away.
Don't forget to visit the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery where projects from SA's top new design talents are on display.
Thank god for Kerry Packer will be spinning in his grave if he hear the current commentary team
Doug Mulray beat you to that gag in '92 when he was "the first man in Australian TV history to be pulled off by Kerry Packer."
JAmes Packer Kerry Packer & FRank Packer all problems containing their anger mostly directed at staff. Life of the rich
James Packer has always been a little upstart/P.B.L. Meet in ,96 I said aren,t u Lucky 2 have a Dad like Kerry & he replied € Yes! isn,t...
just finished reading your book on Kerry packer. A fascinating read, extremely well put together. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
In response to reports that Kerry Packer lost $20 million in one binge at the casino. . "It's my money."
Would the story run if it were no Kerry Packer. yes the incident was minor ..but nothing like the rogue media to beat a story up with fervor
James Packer in altercation with security guard at Crown Casino Kerry's spoiled Brat & his fat chick.
In 1991 Kerry Packer threatened to kill over Fairfax . "Make sure your assassin doesn't miss me because mine won't miss you"
If Kerry a Packer was in charge, the Ch9 helicopters would be paying a visit 🚁🚁🚁
there was no mention of it on Sunday after the derby. There was just the Kerry Packer love in for 2 days.
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they do create jobs... Kerry Packer helped more people than you're 'hand out' mentality ever did.
Lat days to see 'One Thousand Lifetimes in One Lifetime'. By photojournalists & @ Kerry Packer Civic Gallery
One of the late Kerry Packer main advise to make money was Never pay full price on anything, Goes to prove that Tony Abbott listens.
and on a lighter note, Kerry Packer planning WSC-II with Tony Grieg
Restless desire to understand, achieve freedom & autonomy through competence is the hallmark of many successful ppl.
The financial planner that allow Jennifer to incur Kerry Packer’s wrath and taking a huge pay cut.
The Planner that helped Jennifer speak out against Kerry Packer -
So did by joining Kerry Packer; Akmal bros, Waqar, Wasim so many more involved in equally shameful acts
As i said earlier . MAL TURDCOATs greatest achievement was working for Kerry Packer .
kerry packer said u only get 1 Alan Bond in ur lifetime,& I've had mine. seems telcos get 2 with
Turnbull is shaping up as the NBN equivalent of Channel Nine's Alan Bond. Who will play the part of Kerry Packer?
Ros Packer \'utterly determined to continue polo legacy\' that Kerry Packer establish
Ros Packer 'utterly determined to continue polo legacy' that Kerry Packer established
The Kerry Packer World Series pops off in 1977 while Sir Viv brutalizes in '85:
.work with Kerry Packer to invent World Series Cricket is hard to match
He looks a bit like Kerry Packer. Sad fall from grace.
If in Adelaide, check ‘One Thousand Lifetimes in One Lifetime’ exhibition
as Kerry Packer said: every time you introduce a new rule or regulation you take away someone's rights.
Today in 1977 - Start of Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket.WSC Australia took on WSC WI in the first Super test of the series at VFL Park.
"People don't understand that when you lose, it has to hurt. I have to lose a helluva lot to hurt!" - Kerry Packer
When Kerry Packer spoke, Australia listened! Now his biographer unmasks the enigma.
As pointed out, didn't always play their best attack due to Kerry Packer WSC.
Off to calculate some cricket averages for the post Kerry Packer World Series era.
can anyone see the similarities to Kerry Packer god bless his soul?
Can the clubs and players leave the FFA mismanaged A-league and start a rival league like Kerry Packer and World Series Cricket?
if risk management was handled like this in banks. Kerry Packer would have struggled to get a loan.
Channel 9's been a basket case ever since Kerry Packer lost interest. :-(
I go to sleep imagining that Kerry Packer faked his death and he's coming out of hiding to tear these clowns to shreds.
"Every time you pass a law, you take someones privileges away from them." Kerry Packer.
.Viv Richards also thanked Kerry Packer for 'pyjama cricket' - one-day day/night cricket with colours. He felt it raised cricket wages.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull became Kerry Packer's chief lawyer in the 80's
8th para from the bottom. If only your late table had had this guy on it.
Well there you go, Mighty Sparrow did a Kerry Packer song. I did not know that. This is great.
I wonder if this is the Equestrian version of Kerry Packer and World Series Cricket?
If Mitch Johnson finishes his career with more wickets than Dennis Lillee, got *** it Kerry Packer you can rot in ***
im more your Kerry Packer.. give em some money and let em buy it
Much as I would like to have reported it, I judged that neither Mr Kerry Packer nor his audiences were yet ready for such horror.
no chips at that price unless you're Kerry Packer.
Kerry Packer kept wages as a teller in a bank and then face full time West Indian professionals on weekend
As Kerry Packer said "You lot don't spend it wisely enough for me to give you any more than I have to!".
It's like somebody did one of those 50:50 morph photos with Warnie and Kerry Packer.
Like Kerry packer said Malcolm about tax he said as a government I can tell you your not spending it that well so why should I donate more.
It's a legacy thing. Nine will fight tooth & nail to keep cricket - it would be disrespectful to Kerry Packer not too.
This very much has a Kerry Packer World Series feel to it, it's gunna take time! But at the moment. Cringe 😳
This is probably the most important day in cricket history since advent of T20 and Kerry Packer series.
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Click here to support To replace my car from the flood by Kerry Packer
Kerry Packer escaped flooding in Austin, Tex., by climbing a tree, and when he called in, newscasters had no idea he was still waiting to
He is what I can call an iceman... no fear!
do Ian Chappell and Bill Lawry really have "jobs for life" at channel 9 as a reward for early loyalty to Kerry Packer?
Remembering Mike Gibson - interviewing Kerry Packer on his sports radio program at 2SM in 1977 with George Moore.
Kerry Packer would have pulled the plug the moment they said "ultrasound". James asleep at the wheel.
"To be successful TV, it has to be recognisable. Based on a book you know. Asher Keddie. About Kerry Packer." Claudia Karvan
Your patriotism was that when you were asked to play for u refused and join Kerry packer for greed & got banned!
Richie Benaud was "an architect of the greatest change to there has ever been" - Sir Michael Parkinson (citing Kerry Packer Affair)
Packer tops BRW via . Jimmy Packer is $1.8billion poorer than when Kerry left him his fortune?
If TVNZ sign they get audience, revenue and the hearts of many. Classic Kerry Packer move!
West Indies captain Clive Lloyd with Kerry Packer at the height of World Series Cricket. Source: The Daily Telegraph
Have you talked about Kerry Packer's World Series in the book and it's effect on Pak cricket?
Kerry Packer would be so infuriated if he knew what happened to Complete garbage
Imagine Kerry Packer accepting Lisa Wilkinson spouting off on QandA . He'd pull her for sure.
The Kerry Packer era saw Sylvester Clarke and Malcolm Marshall arrive on the scene. As the big guns returned, ...
Packer polo dynasty to be saved by Kerry’s widow Ros
Packer polo dynasty to be saved by Kerry's widow Ros
Kerry Packer paying less tax than a bank manager (at the time) seemed unfair to me.
I'd never heard of WR Hearst, as a non-American; rather I grew up with Rupert Murdoch & Kerry Packer in Australia
Imran Tahir is to T20 cricket what Kerry Packer was to ODI cricket. Love how he runs from the pitch to the boundary everytime he takes a wkt
Would love to see that Kerry Packer World Series drama again that was on a couple of years ago. The good stuff never seems to get repeated.
That was the tax-avoiding Kerry Packer and nasty spiv, it should be recalled.
lisa why do you hate our p.m so much,if Kerry packer was alive today yud be on the abc ,how you can support labor your call!
did the same thing to Kerry Packer and nothing happened Packer won and beat the ATO he said i pay whats in the rules not $1 more or less
The Kerry Packer TV series last night was great way to honour Richie Benaud. Surprised how influential "Strop" Cornell was for World Series
between 1997 - 2007 my husband paid $600,000 in tax ..he died 2007 .no home, no assets..Kerry Packer $50,000 personal tax
"Of course I am minimising my're not spending it that well" - Kerry Packer to 1991 inquiry
I actually 'met' Kerry Packer - scary *** man. Young girl working for and he came through. Gah!
you should a mini series or TV movie about how Kerry Packer started Channel9. Plz plz
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I liked a video from Howzat! Kerry Packer's War: Extended Preview
What is James Packer doing in New York? Can't imagine Kerry doing that:
It is an undeniable fact that Australian Sport & Media were built on the back of Kerry Packer's mood swings
Hilly makes an appearance. Good. James Packer recalling a Kerry story... Is his from the mini-series ?...
If at all today's cricketers R enjoying money &luxury ,it is because of Kerry Packer&Rchie architects of that Packer series
Remember Kerry Packer appearing before tax inquiry? What's happened since? Well, Abbott & Hockey failed to kill welfare for one thing.
Odd couple who revolutionised cricket (Sport)
3Novices:Odd couple who revolutionised cricket AT first glance they were the oddest of couples - the cool, culture…
Odd couple who revolutionised cricket
Kerry Packer - Full Version - House of Reps Select Committee on Print Me...: via I can watch this all day!
A special presentation on the life of Richie Benaud, tomorrow night at 7 on - followed by Howzat! Kerry Packer's…
Yet another journalist's book on Kerry Packer. One day you will see him thru the eyes of a friend. Extraordinary man.
As a sad day draws to a close, reflects on an odd couple who revolutionised cricket:
Great interview of Richie by Aggers - love how he always calls Kerry Packer - Mr Packer
Driver to before that told me Kerry Packer flew down to see Bradman and screamed at him to put lights up in the SCG.
Vale Richie Benaud. Yourself, The Don and Kerry Packer can all sit back and be very satisfied
Richie Benaud and Kerry Packer had different styles but they combined to launch World Series Cricket
Tax inquiry: Kerry Packer's infamous zinger still serves as a cautionary tale via
Basically, when I meet people, I don’t expect to like them… . Kerry Packer
| Odd couple who revolutionised cricket >
He has scored more points than u!! Have u ever took on Bob Hawke, Malcolm Fraser and Kerry Packer? U are wet behind the ears!!
" crashed *** over head.I took a glance behind and who was there, Kerry Packer and John Howard."Ray Warren-The Voice-p170.
Our TV companies can organise a competition at the same time as FIFA'S like Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket.
if Kerry Packer episode wouldn't have happened, cricket around the world would have been like Hockey in Pakistan.
SIR in Khasif show absar Alam told abt kerry packer that U did 4 money & than again U retured to PCB,same situation 2 parlimnt
And as usual he was lying about the Kerry Packer incident!!!
sir expose imran kerry packer decision. He refused to play for pak
Absar alam an extreme example of claims that Ik left pak-cricket&joined kerry packer for money,he needs a treatment
where is Kerry Packer when world football needs him. Time to form a new world association
Ever get the feeling football's Kerry Packer moment may not be too far away?
Sepp Blatter is like the Kerry Packer of football. Can always tell when he's about to lie - his lips move
when he betrayed Kerry Packer. awful
Europe needs to break FIFA. We need a Kerry Packer for today.
spot on. Indian cricket needs a Kerry Packer moment. What is with BCCI's mania for controlling the message?
"IK dumped Pakistan in 1978 for Kerry Packer money while Asma was fighting Zia
IK ditched Pakistan in 1978 by selling himself to Kerry Packer while was fighting Zia
I remember '04 blaming John Kerry for not reaching out to Black voters enough (at all? All I noticed was interview w/ ZZ Packer in
Kerry Packer gave Bob his free airtime: just before Epic Theatre
Would we be stuck with SD if Kerry Packer was still alive? Packer's death & the emergence of HD was around the same time no?
Test cricket's anti-rock stars: So much has been made of the revolution that was Kerry Packer's WSC. Very litt...
Can you confirm Kerry Packer is rolling in his grave because the league isn't telecast live into QLD on
Just another one of Kerry Packer's "sign with WSC get a job for life at channel 9" brigade
Sadly it does. Mind you, it really all began with Kerry Packer - that was the start of the very thin wedge.
I am the worst packer of suitcases there ever has been
You will recall that Lamar Hunt's WCT worked off the same premise as Kerry Packer . Lamar Hunt led to Packer. Packer led to Lalit.
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Choice between BKS Iyengar on Yoga Sutras and Howzat the DVD series on Kerry Packer , guess have to go with former today
Went to a funeral in Elliott once. When we got to the cemetery, one of Kerry Packer's bulls had fallen into the grave. Messy.
Has anyone told James Packer, Jodhi Meares was married to "Kerry" Packer?
Is the implication that being married to Kerry Packer makes you drink and drive?
is dangerous journey. It is limit of IK credibility. But i know him since Kerry Packer. I am not fickle with loyalty.
""Jodhi Meares still 'haunted' by Kerry Packer". " Perhaps it was suppose to read thus.
Being married to Kerry Packer would haunt you even if he wasn't dead.
.Look on the bright side. Kohler can do a Kerry Packer & buyback his publication for a song to start again.
More awesome journalism by social media *** Tell me, when did Jodhi Meares marry "Kerry Packer"?
Jodhi Meares still 'haunted' by marriage to Kerry Packer: 1yr driving ban, $1100 fine for DUI
From a punch up on live TV, to the smut Kerry Packer didn’t let us watch, these are the most controversial...
Kerry packer son apparently. Very good friends with him and the third richest man in Oz.
Don't miss Newcastle Waters Station on this week! The property was once owned by Kerry Packer!
kerry packer reinvented. after all Dhoni is Srini employee.
.Hockey is just doing a Kerry Packer-MILKING tax system for every cent he can-while REDUCING the incomes of MOST
Good example was Kerry Packer who paid less tax than a middle income earner on$6billion+??
To back up his auction video, here's a little inside into Sean O'Brien. Position: Sales Consultant & Auctioneer Q) What is your favorite form of exercise? A) Boxing. Q) If you could chose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor? A) Kerry Packer (deceased) Q) If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy? A) Maserati, Gran Turismo. Q) What is the hardest thing you have ever done? A) Saying good by to my Mum Q) What is something you have learnt in the past year? A) How to have a healthy state of mind.
Oz: Packer God-Daughter On Murder Charge: The god-daughter of the late Kerry Packer, one of Australia's most s...
that work that Kerry Packer stole was glorious and in HIS MIND it made HER a master artist along with Norman Lindsay RETURN IT JAMES.
. Kerry Packer took Doug Mulray off the air for less. . Jamie snotted Gyngell over this but he hasn't learnt his lesson.
.now I get it. He's copying the Goanna, being a Lizard. Kerry Packer
Cultivating modernism: French garden style of the 1920s and 1930s at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery
Sharing the good earth: 175 years of influence and vision at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery
Traverses: J.M. Coetzee in the world at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery
Cultivating modernism: reading the modern garden 1917-71 at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery
Enslaved in a Magdalene laundry, Adelaide at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery
Hidden places, hidden lives at Kerry Packer Civic Gallery
Winerrrs. Kerry Packer Clique march into the Redbridge final! Absolutely scenes in Burger King to celebrate
thats just great , lets expand to dubai , be playing there every week soon !! Modern day kerry packer
Good luck to Kerry Packer Clique in tonights Redbridge
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G'day is there a link to the Kerry Packer story you did in April? Love to see it again
OK...but apparently Kerry Packer had a large set.
I always want to bring up kerry packer whenever my accountant tells me i owe tax on a return.
Mark Bouris on Success| 3 Techniques to achieve it: What drives growth?: and Kerry Packer's empathetic side!
Didn't Ita Buttrose have an affair with Kerry Packer? Really shouldn't have a go at over her moral integrity.
..ok, I got this... *thinks*... um, Kerry Packer! The Martin Luther of international cricket! *fetches coat*
Kerry Packer's state funeral was the triumph of money over decency.
Kerry Packer's state funeral is a blight on democracy and the common good.
Little wonder Kerry Packer hated, detested Rupert Murdoch, Kerry had CLASS, Rupert? SLEAZE only!!
"I convinced Kerry Packer to follow my vision for because of my authenticity”
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