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Kerry Kittles

Kerry Kittles (born June 12, 1974 in Dayton, Ohio) is an American former professional basketball player who last played with the Los Angeles Clippers in the National Basketball Association in 2004-05. He was raised in New Orleans and attended St.

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Played under one of those with Kerry Kittles in New Orleans East
Kerry Kittles, that's a name I haven't heard in a while
Tru with the Throwback Kerry Kittles! What you know about that?!
I wonder what Kerry Kittles is up to
NJ Nets really let Kobe finesse them into picking Kerry Kittles
Haven't seen anyone wear socks like that since Kerry Kittles in the New Jersey/ glory days.
And the nets?! You mean the Richard Jefferson Kerry kittles Kenyon Martin nets?!
Goo with the knowledge and Alfie with the Kerry Kittles talk
Kerry Kittles with that great defense 😂
That’s taking Kerry Kittles over Kobe. Not smart.
You’re basically saying you’d rather have Kerry Kittles than Kobe Bryant. Dumb.
You tell me Jason Kidd played for any team before the Nets with Kerry Kittles and Richard Jefferson (NBA Live 2003), and I won't believe you
Future has 5 number 1 albums. Does joe have any. That's like Kerry Kittles telling Kobe how to get a ring. It will never add up
Watch out for the Nets. Kerry Kittles has been playing out of his mind lately
Growing up I loved Kerry Kittles, he was the man at Nova and for the Nets. Major hops and solid career.
I use to love me some Kerry Kittles!! Is he still alive? Lol!
Jason Kidd made the Finals with Kerry Kittles and Richard Jefferson lol
Here's in 1996 when he was the Nets coach about drafting Kerry Kittles over
Yes, guarded by Antonio Daniels, Reggie Miller, Kerry Kittles, Mike Bibby, and many more defensive super-stars. Gr…
Kerry Kittles and Chris Ford among the legends in the house at the sold out
Vince balled out that year him J Kidd and Kerry Kittles won the East but lost to Lakers in the Finals
Last time Richard Jefferson started in the finals, he started alongside Jason Collins and Kerry Kittles
People forget how great the Big East was in '95-'96. Iverson's Hoyas, Ray Allen's UConn, Kerry Kittles' Villanova, John Wallace's Syracuse.
Kerry Kittles' senior year, Ray Allen's junior year, and probably the greatest Big East Tournament in history.
Richard Jefferson is the last dinosaur from pre-historic era. Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles all extinct
On the range with Kerry Kittles https:…
i used to be a fan of the Nets back when it was Vince Kidd & Jefferson, I even have a ball signed by Kerry Kittles.
Pride of Villanova right there. He is on that Kerry Kittles level. Already Kyle...
forreal. Kerry Kittles the gawd lmao
Kerry Kittles made me wanna do that stupid one high sock one ankle sock
you always starting Kerry Kittles face
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I may get these Kyrie 2's for the traction, I'm going to transform into Kerry Kittles
One Dance the best dance hall song since Damien Marley came out with "Welcome to Jamrock" DEBATE KERRY KITTLES
Yo what is Kerry Kittles doing right now ?
you forgot Vince Carter and Kerry kittles
Kerry Kittles isn't walking thru that door
Kerry Kittles had game and SamIAm had "the pedigree"
When I was younger, I used to hoop with a headband 2 long arm band, and those Kerry kittles knee high socks.
yeah but when they Richard Jefferson and Kerry Kittles and mogs like that it ain't no guarantees it's going in lmao
Former basketball player Kerry Kittles is a Eucharistic Minister.
Some of the people picked before Kobe:. • Samaki Walker. • Kerry Kittles. • Todd Fuller (!), who now teaches HS math.
Todd Fuller, Erick Dampier, Samaki Walker, Kerry Kittles, Lorenzen Wright. Those are guys NBA teams thought were better than Kobe in 96.
P hilarious that Lorenzen Wright, Kerry Kittles, Samaki Walker, Erick Dampier & Todd Fuller were all drafted before Kobe in the 1996 draft.
-bound rollin like Kerry Kittles still there. & I recap
he was proudly pimping the fact they got Kerry Kittles last week at the Final 4.
eh, I'll take my Kidd Swamp Dragon uni and both of these starter jackets. Or maybe Kerry Kittles
congrats man...break out that Kerry Kittles throwback
Took a break from to play tennis with Kerry Kittles. Once a wildcat always a wildcat ✌️💙
With special attention to the Kittles/Wall Street aftermath!
scrolled back in your TL to make sure you expressed proper appreciation for KERRY KITTLES in that crew
Didn't watch the game last night. Was there a Kerry Kittles sighting?
It's cold outside, but I'm wearing my socks like Kerry Kittles, in honor of winning it all last night.
gotta grab that Kerry Kittles throw back
Told my coworker she looked like Kerry Kittles..she googled him and walked off lol
I didn’t watch the game last night, but I can only assume Kerry Kittles & Tim Thomas both went off.
Very cool how many former Villanova players were at the game last night. Saw Kerry Kittles and Doug West share a big hug in the concourse.
Kerry Kittles!!' That's a blast from the past. Haven't heard that name in a while!!!
Villanova National ncaa Champions Kerry Kittles would be proud used to be my fave player
I had my socks up high Kerry Kittles style.
I once kicked Kerry Kittles out of my desk chair. He was sitting at my desk, and I had no idea who he was
Kerry kittles I would say is 2nd but Kyle is really having a great NBA career
In honor of Villanova's win last night, I'll be going the way of Kerry Kittles for my sock game today.
Thanks for sharing the memories from The Kerry Kittles days. I enjoyed being a part of the family events...Many...
I know Kerry Kittles is smiling somewhere... Great win Nova!!
Was there a Kerry Kittles sighting at the ?
Probably bandwagon-ish to mention now that, in 7th grade, I wore one tall sock, one short like my favorite player, Kerry Kittles.
This is the most fun I've had watching Villanova basketball since Kerry Kittles in the mid 90s
Squad loss last night I'm still out here feeling like Kerry Kittles right now
Kerry kittles is smiling somewhere . Congrats Nova ! Awesome game
Kerry Kittles somewhere tossed up right about now
A legend is about to hit the set. Kerry Kittles joins the gang coming up.
"They're playing like they have nothing to lose." - Kerry Kittles loves what he's seen from
Discussion with Villanova fans at the bar. "Who in the NBA has played for Villanova?" Them: "Kerry Kittles." Me: "Holy 1995!" (1/2)
Kerry Kittles and Tim Thomas are the only former NBA players I know who played for Villanova. Anyone else?
This is for everybody who called me Kerry Kittles growing up
Before plays for the title, Kerry Kittles has something to say to Nova Nation.
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Congrats to Nova y'all been working hard and deserve 1. Somewhere Kerry Kittles is dancing tonight
pumped for 'Nova. I became a fan of there's back in the Kerry Kittles days.
Jason Lawson, Kerry Kittles, Tim Thomas, where are you at?! This was for you.
can I get a Kerry Kittles interview?
I been a Nova fan since Kerry Kittles and Jason Lawson days EAD
Congrats to Kerry Kittles & Charlie Villanueva for capturing a national title--via buzzer beater no less, great play, guys.
Became a big Villanova fan thanks to Kerry Kittles. Haven't watched in years, but nice to see them take home a championship.
Kerry Kittles tried to get me fired from SLAM magazine for literally no reason when I approached him about an article. F Vi…
Let's get 'Nova alum Kerry Kittles up there with K. Smith... Make this announcing interesting.
The 4 people I wanted to hoop like when I was in High School: Allen Iverson, Ray Allen, Allan Houston and Kerry Kittles.
We've got preview coming your way from 1-3p on live from Radio Row. Mike Brey, Frank Haith, Kerry Kittles & more drop by!
yeah but when have we ever had another team as good as that & Kerry Kittles was EATING 😍⛹🏿
Where Stunna at he think he low nah get your kerry kittles *** out of here 😂😭😭
Ya r in rare "I am going to get mentions" form. fwiw answer is 945893rd, right ahead of Kerry Kittles but behind Keith Van Horn
She looks like Kerry Kittles herself so I ain't surprised
1995 Connecticut at Villanova Kerry Kittles one man fast break
Will not soon forget the 90-50 loss Kerry Kittles and Jason Lawson put on my Explorers that year. Men against boys.
"..legendary with lyrics.. and never let up, keep one leg up, n***a Kerry Kittles"
Missouri's Week 3 opponent UConn trailing Villanova 9-6 at halftime. Kerry Kittles with three 3s.
UConn leads Villanova, 6-2 late in the 2nd quarter. Khalid El-Amin with 4, Jake Voskuhl with 2, while Kerry Kittles leads Nova with 2.
Villanova alum Kerry Kittles 1995 Big East Tournament on the call
Are you 100% sure? This is not another Kerry Kittles to Heat rumor by your right?
That Kerry Kittles is suppose to be the real deal!!
yeah Kerry Kittles and Richard Jefferson don't exactly yell video game team lmaooo
Calipari once had the draft pick in the NBA and took Kerry Kittles over Kobe Bryant cause he was suspect to a HS kid playing in the pros
It's remarkable. Tim Thomas and Kerry Kittles are probably their best pros...ridiculous. That's mid-major written all over it.
I think Justise Winslow will be a terrific NBA player. To way player. Similar to Kendall Gill, Jimmy Butler, Kerry Kittles, maybe Scottie P.
talk about KOBE going number 13 behind MarcusCamby, Vitaly Potapenko(who?), Eric Dampier, Tod Fuller(who?), Samaki Walker, Kerry Kittles etc
Chris Wilcox Quentin Ross and Kerry Kittles are not taking the warmups off.
Brook Lopez has tied Derrick Coleman for 6th place in points in Nets' NBA history (6,930 points). Next up: Kerry Kittles (7,096 points)
I know. But I still knew who he was. Also knew who Lucious Harris was. Kerry Kittles. Jacque Vaughn.
Notables . -Kerry Kittles, former NBA player for the New Jersey Nets and Los Angeles Clippers
Pretty sure CP3 would take the Nets to the Finals 2 yrs if he had Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, & Kerry Kittles as teammates.
You ever just realize that certain people not in the league no more? Remember Mike Bibby! Jason Williams! Kerry Kittles, jimmy Jackson!
Tempted to get a Kerry Kittles jersey
I mean, it's the '96 draft! You haven't lived until you watch Pitino become appalled at the thought of drafting Kobe over Kerry Kittles!
Even Kerry Kittles thinks that's old skool.
WHAT *** would draft Kerry kittles long neck *** over Kobe
Kobe was for sure going to New Jersey. But Kerry Kittles.
Kerry Kittles wouldve been a all star if his knees ain't give out
Jefferson averaged 18 and 6 rebs , Kenyon Martin 16 and 7, kerry Kittles 14 and 4.. All starters
Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, and Richard Jefferson.. Plus they had a lock down defender.. Kerry Kittles
Kerry Kittles is one of my all-time favorite NBA Live players. Along with Mo Peterson.
What if Kerry Kittles never got injured - had handle, shot, hops, IQ and heart An earlier version of
So you guys just talked about Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles, Lucious Harris and Aaron Williams?
Evidently Villanova is good at men's basketball again. It's just not the same without Kerry Kittles, though
to get paul pierce, Shaun Livingston, Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn back.
If you have a Kerry Kittles or Scottie Reynolds jersey in stock, I could stomach it ... barely.
I can't wait to hear what Kerry Kittles has to say about all this
Ya'll are gonna have to resurrect the immortal Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn.
Jason Kidd, Collins, TJ Kidd and Mr. Whammy are all here tonight. Nets should have invited K-Mart, RJ, Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn too.
Real question is how many guys could have been Richard Jefferson, Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles, Lucious Harris, etc.
“Kerry Kittles had 157 steals in the 1996-97 season.
So many better options New York Knicks: Wally Szczerbiak, Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn, Keith Van Exel. Do i need to go on...
I agree Kidd's better. Just stating, Kidd had Kenyon Martin and Kerry Kittles in his prime. Average players.
There's definitely more Klay Thompson/Stephen Curry and even Kerry Kittles to than Reddick.
love the Felipe Lopez mention. I really thought with the Big East being in town I would hear more Kerry Kittles references
Kobe was really out there abusing Keith Van Horn and Kerry Kittles. That was the best the East could do back in 2002? Sheesh
Has anyone seen Keith Van Horn? If you don't know who Keith Van Horn is you're probably 18yrs old and don't know who Kerry Kittles is either
This just hit me, if I was Jason Kidd, I'd clean house and start from scratch with my boys Kerry Kittles & Keith Van Horn.
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“Just passed the place where Kerry Kittles sodomized me
Kidd took a squad of KMart, Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn, Richard Jefferson, and Donyell Marshall to the finals, untouchable.
And for those of you in the comments that rate the 1996 draft as the greatest in the past 20 years, if not ever... Allen Iverson, Marcus Camby, Shareef Adbur-Rahim (was an allstar back in his day), Steph Marbury, Ray Allen, Peja Stojakovic, Steve Nash, Jermaine O'Neal, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Derek Fisher and also Antoine Walker, Kerry Kittles, Erick Dampier and Ben Wallace went undrafted this year - getting picked up after the draft. . Oh, and some bloke named Kobe was picked at 13... by the HORNETS 11 allstars, 3 MVP's, 2 DPOY's, 8 players have made All-NBA teams and 3 made all-defensive first teams.
Kobe Bryant wasn’t a top-10 pick. In fact, he slipped beyond the first dozen, coming in at number 13. Any guess who got picked sooner? Erick Dampier, Todd Fuller, Vitaly Potapenko, Lorenzen Wright, Kerry Kittles, and Samaki Walker. Yes, I'm serious.
For the loot we going shoot like Kerry kittles, come with ya group and ya group getting buried witchu
oh absolutely on Steph. But don't forget about Nick Van Exel, BJ Armstrong, and Kerry Kittles as elite guard options as well.
Plan A: get the light-skinned duo of Damon Stoudamire and Kerry Kittles for my backcourt.
The only reason I was a fan of theirs was they were on basic cable & drafted my fav. college player- Kerry Kittles
My Nana has all my throwbacks lol | young Eazee auditioning for a role as Kerry Kittles tho
Don't know if I'm gonna cry or cream my pants when I meet Kerry Kittles next week
''finds everyone shots, not just myself. He makes everyone better because he gets you the ball." - Kerry Kit…
Meet Kerry Kittles at 2 Sears Drive in Paramus on Nov.1 at 4:30pm & enter to win 2 tickets to a future game courtesy of
Kerry kittles was the man when he wanted to be
virg gave me Kerry Kittles! Grew up hooping in that gym! & now the whole Reach program wear Moneyball today!
Or when you rock a pair of lowtops and the only clean socks you have are longer than Kerry Kittles so you pull them down on your feet?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I can't wait for 2014's backcourt of Kerry Kittles and Eric Snow.
never liked the Nets ... Ever! Actually HATED Kerry Kittles but I'm FROM Brooklyn
Real rap, that Villanova team with Kerry Kittles and Tim Thomas was nice
That dude, Kerry Kittles straight up vanished without a trace from the NBA
Kerry Kittles used to be cold back in the day
“Ant look just like Kerry kittles lmfaoo
Is that better or worse than Kerry Kittles territory? I say worse
I'm the type of Nets fan who buys Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn jerseys cuz they were my favorite players before J-Kidd
didn't Kerry kittles go to Villanova? One sock up one sock down
The number 30 I liked because of Kerry Kittles youtube him and findout why
If you don't know who Kerry Kittles and Lucious Harris are, you are not a Nets fan.
Good to see Kerry Kittles out and about. Keith Van Horn WHERE YOU AT!
Today Tyler Florence made mac & cheese with me and Kerry Kittles offered Cavs tix. We're doing something right.
I fully expect to see Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn there for the ceremony .
"Shaq faced bums in the Finals!". Reggie Miller, Jalen Rose, Aaron McKie, Eric Snow, Lucious Harris and Kerry Kittles were beasts, right?
I already wear number thirty in honor of Brooklyn's own Bernard King and Kenny Smith along with Nets stud Kerry Kittles.
.and i dont wanna see no bandwagon Brooklyn fans either -_- if you didnt atleast LIKE the Nets when they were in Jersey, shut yo *** up.this is for US who remember the Nets when Kerry Kittles and Kendal Gill use to do it.ok, that might be alittle far back lol.
watching a repeat of the 1996 NBA Draft, and man how things could be different now...Calipari was starting his first year as coach of the NJ Nets, and sitting with the 8th pick in the draft... Rick Pitino was a guest commentator at the draft, as well as coming off his first National Championship at Kentucky. How does that change anything? Well, right before the Nets pick, Pitino, Hubie Brown and Ernie Johnson are debating on who the Nets should pick...Pitino thought the Nets should go with Kerry Kittles, a stud from Villanova, who turned out to be alright, but their was some controversy here...John Calipari had high hopes for a certain high school player from Philadelphia, and was really adamant the Nets choose him, but the Nets owner and GM wanted to win now, and didnt wanna wait the 2-3 years it would probably take for this 17 yr old kid to develop, and Pitino agreed with that notion.Anyway, the Nets went on to choose Kerry Kittles, and the 17 yr old kid, had to wait until the 13th pick to be drafted by ...
I was thinking, IF, the draft lotteries played out the way they should, with lottery balls falling to the odds and we could look back in 20/20 hindsight and redo drafts: 1996 could've played out like... 1) Grizzlies: Kobe Bryant 2) 76ers: Steve Nash 3) Raptors: Allen Iverson 4) Bucks: Ray Allen 5) Timberwolves: Ben Wallace 6) Mavericks: Stephon Marbury 7) Clippers: Peja Stojakovic 8) Nets: Jermaine O'Neal 9) Mavericks: Marcus Camby 10) Nuggets: Antoine Walker 11) Warriors: Shareef Abdur-Rahim 12) Cavaliers: Zydrunas Ilgauskas 13) Hornets: Kerry Kittles ...Just a rough guess, feel free to debate. But what the NBA COULD have looked like, if lottery balls fell the way they're supposed to and you could see these players with 20/20 hindsight.-Brandon
The Nets should just bring back all their old players as assistant coaches. Todd MacCulloch must be available. Kerry Kittles can be Team Masseur or something. Lucius Harris can manage the bench I guess. Dikembe Mutombo will coach the big men. What's Aaron Williams doing these days? Vince Carter, Brian Scalabrine, Richard Jefferson, Jason Collins, and KMart can all just retire and join the staff. Find Boki Nachbar wherever he is. Mikki Moore, Josh Boone, *** even Zo. Just not Keith Van Horn. He's useless.
the New Jersey Nets teams in the early 2000's with Kidd, K-Mart, Richard Jefferson, and Kerry Kittles were so good
Those New Jersey Nets squads were weak as *** the had Kerry Kittles and Richard Jefferson as their scorers smh
Now we're considering Kerry Kittles, Richard Jefferson and Van Horn goons? Smh
Of no *** where to watch mf lose by 30, foh w// Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles & Kendall Gill
Cuz the cavs don't got kerry kittles lol
When u meet a nets fan you must ask follow up questions to see how real they are like . Did u like the nets with Kerry kittles?
Cant be alltime worst.He made Lucious Harris,Rodney Rogers,Scalabrine, Kerry Kittles,Donny Marshall into players on a finals team
Earlier, I was asked who my NBA comparison is. After much thought, it's obvious I am a simple mix of Hakeem Olajuwon and Kerry Kittles.
TMac back, QRich back, Iverson might be, but I've been asking for years and no has told me *** HAPPENED TO KERRY KITTLES.
we gonna sign another Net. Where is Kerry Kittles? Ha
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T-Mac comin back Quentin Richardson came back now it's time for Kerry Kittles to make a comeback
If my feet could talk they would say you're 33 and out of shape quit playing basketball at open gym but Kerry Kittles doesn't listen to feet
I might. Ill let you know, relax Kerry Kittles.
And not just any Nets, but Kerry Kittles, Rodney Rogers, Lucious Harris, Donny Marshall and Scalabrine!
I never let up... Keep one leg up, ni99a Kerry Kittles
don't forget raef lafrentz and Kerry kittles
Y'all don't even know Jason Kidd took Kenyon Martin,Kerry Kittles,Richard Jefferson to back to back NBA finals
Kerry Kittles and Donyell Marshall don't want to be left out, either
When Kerry Kittles getting that Nets deal, tho?
maybe Kerry Kittles and Shawn Respert can come back
Kerry Kittles rumored to be on his way back to the Clips to meet with Vinny. Othella Harrington in talks with Memphis.
how long before Nets sign Kerry Kittles?
My signed Q Richardson back. Why not see what Nick Van Exel & Kerry Kittles are doing; maybe Bobby Sura, or Tsktisvili ?
Slick mouth *** legendary with lyrics i never let up keep my leg up..Kerry Kittles
Kerry Kittles is only 38. he could have played a few more years.
My prized kerry kittles jersey has gone missing. I know someone knows something
that Kerry Kittles line make it dope
I was about to say him, but he's an all time great I should've said Kerry Kittles Lol
Brittney Griner is built like Kerry Kittles with Bill Cartwright's jumpshot. She couldn't make a D League practice squad
I'm giving away: Kerry Kittles 1997 Scoreboard All Rookie Team. Check it out -
John Calipari would still be the Nets coach if he had the balls to take him over Kerry Kittles but Kobe said no Nets!
We putting the entire Nets roster in one big dustpan, Keith Van Horn,Kendall Gill or Kerry Kittles not walkin through that door playboi!
throwback ballers of the night Kerry Kittles and Bob Sura.
look at the guards In the NCAA during that time AI, Marbury, Ray Allen, Kerry Kittles, Drew Barry, Steve Nash, Jeff McGinnis
(2/2) Marcus Fizer and Iowa State, Kerry Kittles and Villanova...I totally concur
Georgetown Hoyas *** you scrubs. How do you lose to Villanova! Who was playing for them Kerry Kittles jeez!
I heard that after Creighton joins the Big East that the Big East will do what the Big 10 did, with guys like Crouch, Frazier, and Osborne by ridiculously including them as greats of the Big 10, and immediately include Doug McDermott as one of the greatest ever in the history of the Big East. I mean seriously, he is clearly better than legends of the Big East like Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin, Allen Iverson, Alonzo Mourning, Kerry Kittles, Derrick Coleman, Carmelo Anthony, Sherman Douglas, Kemba Walker, Emeka Okafor, Richard Hamilton, Dikembe Mutumbo, Ray Allen, John Wallace, Hakim Warrick, Malik Sealy, and many other greats. Just go pro now Doug, you have nothing left to prove.
Question of the day Along with Kidd and KMart, should this team be trying to acquire Richard Jefferson, Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn and every other member of the 2001 Nets?
Kerry Kittles was the X factor when the Nets made it to the finals both those years
that was right after I got into college bb. Mercer and Kerry Kittles were my guys.
he thought he saw the ghost of Kerry Kittles
-- Is it wrong that I hate everything about Villanova except for Kerry Kittles..
I take that back. LeBron will be the third best player to ever play. Kerry Kittles is second
Nah but on the real, there were some hoopers in the early 2000s that just faded to black low-key lol. My *** Kerry Kittles...
Time to buy a Kerry Kittles Nets jersey
Kerry Kittles. the reason i rocked high socks in middle school gym.
How different the NBA would be if the nets drafted Kobe in 1996...but they drafted Kerry Kittles
There is nothing like Big East basketball and it will be missed/Where is Kerry Kittles
what if the drafted instead of Kerry Kittles
Never let up, keep one leg up, ninja Kerry Kittles.
“you look like Kerry Kittles yo daddy”lmao
you look like Kerry Kittles yo daddy
Bruh if you aint watch Kerry Kittles then dont talk to me about the NBA
has anybody ever told you that you look like kerry kittles?... — YAS.
The NBA used to be so swagged out back in the day. Vince Carter, Kerry kittles, t-Mac, j-Kidd on NJ, Latrell sprewell on NY, A.I. Philly
And neva let up keep one leg up kerry kittles
Dikembe Mutombo just jumped off of Kerry Kittles back
People really underestimate how good Kerry Kittles was.
Take your pick Lucious Harris or Kerry Kittles?
What happened to thar fool Kerry kittles lmfao
I cited to if Kerry Kittles struggle after knee injuries, what makes one think Bynum recover.
ill respect that I used to love them too still gotta Kerry kittles jersey lol but can't stick with them after all that
Dude..Kerry Kittles, KVH, K-Mart, and Todd Maccullluch. Kidd took THAT GROUP to the finals.
There's a reason you're my favorite of the group. "Kerry Kittles?"
I had a Kerry Kittles Villanova jersey as a kid, to this day, I still dont know why...
That's like MSG hiring Kerry Kittles to be a commentator.
"Slick mouf *** legendary with lyrics/ I never let up keep one leg up niga Kerry kittles"…
Someday, Kerry Kittles will be the answer to a quiz and I will die happy.
I be throwing dimes like Kerry Kittles and now your girl say my rhymes are sweet like skittles. 😂😂😂
Yes he did .. Kerry Kittles & Kenyon Martin are also 2 other players that owe Jason Kidd lots of $.
I don't wanna have to show Young Kerry Kittles face the door bruh.
or just a regular fist & feel like Kobe when Kerry Kittles pieced him up.
That's when the Big East was dope and had Kerry Kittles, Ray Allen, John Wallace all in the conference at the same time
Another huge win for Villanova, word to Kerry Kittles.
Nova!!! Kerry Kittles was my favorite player growing up
Nova needs a Kerry Kittles right now
No Tim Thomas or Kerry Kittles on this Nova team. Big men that cant finish. Point guard who jacks set shot 3s.
Some classic ESPN Basketball for the PS2, boutta play as the Nets and only score with the legendary Kerry Kittles
My favorite NBA player when I was 7 was Kerry Kittles lmao
late great Kerry kittles?He's still alive! Brook Lopez would come thru & slap you with his matumbo if he knew what you said.
I've had these shorts since the Kerry Kittles, Chuck Kornegay and Jason Lawson days.
Lonnie in He Got Game, Dawg in Bamboozled. Kerry Kittles aint got no movies. lmao.
Kerry kittles v john wallace on espn classic now.
I would be gassed too if my team was In contention for the first time since Kerry kittles
Is it awkward that I just found out the New Jersey Nets drafted Kerry Kittles and then 5 picks later Charlotte drafted Kobe. Almost had him😭
Christian could you introduce me to Jay-Z and Kerry kittles. I could so do what pj is doing
derek fisher Kerry kittles Eric dampier. Like almost the whole first round of 96 were all stars
1996 NBA Draft picks. Kerry Kittles is still my favorite name...How fitting that Kobe has the ball -- Credit
easier to drop 40 on Jeff Hornacek, Kerry Kittles, and Byron Russell than Wade, Lebron, and Kobe.
When them niggaz had J Kidd, Kerry Kittles, K Mart, Jefferson, Jason Collins... I bet ya don't even kno about that.
Remember that awesome Kerry Kittles dunk on Providence from the Big East Tournament? Re-Live it!
The Nets decided to restructure their roster back in '04 dealing Kenyon Martin and of course Kerry Kittles:
vs 2nte who will start Michael Ray Richardson, Kerry Kittles, Ed O Bannon, Buck Williams and Billy Paultz
Kerry Kittles just sent me into a fury.
"Never let up keep one leg up, Kerry Kittles."
This is the only Kittles one I could find lol
I'm trying to find a Kerry Kittles one. I'm about to just personalize a Brooklyn one with his name on it. Lol
Kerry Kittles and Richard Jefferson dont believe the Nets moved to Brooklyn
Richard Hamilton is slowly becoming Kerry kittles
Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn, Jayson Williams, Kendall Gill & Sam Cassell was the best Nets team.
I've been a nets fan since they had Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn.
Still a Nets fan since the Continental Airlines days...the biggest Kerry Kittles and Zoran Planicic fan ever
Michael Carter Williams trying to be like Kerry Kittles with the one high sock.
I never let up, keep one leg up nihga Kerry Kittles
Knicks may get Kenyon Martin. Wonder if bringing back Keith Van Horn & Kerry Kittles are their next plans
Yo who was better Allan Houston or Kerry Kittles ?
"Cigarillo filled in the middle wit sum stank that leave ur face lookin like Kerry Kittles' " ...
lmao I am just seeing this craziness... WHO?? KERRY KITTLES??
don't forget Kerry kittles and Keith Van Horn
Might as well sign Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn, Richard Jefferson and Dikembe Muotombo.
reportedly interested in Kenyon Martin. They have JKidd so Kerry Kittles' area code is 215, RJ is at 510.
We still have Kerry Kittles... Nobody can take that away from us.
can Kerry kittles be far behind lol
Hey Dolan, I think Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn are available also.
they might as well sign Kerry Kittles and Todd McCollough while they are at it.
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