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Kern County

Spreading across the southern end of the California Central Valley, Kern County is the thirteenth-largest county by population in California.

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Roman Catholic priest with ties to Kern County facing jail time
Michael Hart, by the way, is the first Kern County swimmer to reach the second day at state (only the second year of stat…
Mom brag! Avery was awarded Gate Student of the Year out of approximately 200 6th graders in Kern County. Way to g…
Fromt he Pinpoint Weather Center .. Mostly sunny skies today in Kern County. We are expecting to see a breeze...
omg you should try a fried sneaker at the Kern County Fair those are booomb
Historic Union Cemetery: There are a great number of places in Kern County that hold…
Had the privilege to meet Dr. Temple Grandin today as she spoke to high school students in Kern County!
Recent storms cause flooding across Kern County: Storms from Saturday picked up where they left off on Sunday,...
USA Wrestling Tournament @ South. Over 400 boys and girls wrestling for Kern County bragging rights!!
Got family in both Redding/Shasta and Kern County. My dad was an Okie from Chickasaw. :)
Kern County high schools at the West Coast Relays
Getting ready FORE the start of the annual Boys &Girls Clubs of Kern County golf tournament to…
The pioneering days of Kern County's PTA: ... and like other women of the Progressive Era...
The says there was a 4.9 earthquake in Kern County just now. Didn't feel it out here in San Luis Obispo. :)
Heading out to Kern County to see the almond blossoms. Orchards in full bloom.
ICYMI: Oil production is a boon for Kern County.
Where will we be out and about in Kern County this week? Our regular monthly Ridgecrest community drive at Kerr...
Heavy rain moving NE into Tulare County. Passes in Kern County may see issues from rain. More on the way.
LA , Fresno , etc... Enters next week and Kern County enters this week💔
CASA of Kern County is currently looking for volunteers to make a difference in the life of a child. MORE:
Juanes can't get enough of Kern County
Kern county is big AF. Those of you from California know what I'm talking about lol
Kern County coroner: Man who died in custody had heart disease - Bakersfield Now
... And the national articles keep coming out on Kern's notorious record of police killings.
*** A good video to watch and reflect on right here in Kern County/Bakersfield, ground zero of police killings...
Farewell to the best and most brilliant journalist in Kern County, ! The news will not be the same without you!
Public health officials destroyed the picric acid found early today at the Kern County Special Waste Facility in...
The Kern County Homeless Collaborative needs volunteers for this year's homeless count.
Picric acid is hazardous chemical found at Kern County Special Waste Facility today. Our Hazmat team responded.
Our Hazmat team onsite at Kern County Special Waste with Sheriff Bomb Squad assessing hazardous chemical.
Spent half of 2015 at Kern county crossroads facility with my boys
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Bako is Kern County tho, so usually Warner than the LA area. In my experience. I don't remember ever hitting below 60. P
Kern County issues most citations for brush violations in fight. (AP photo)
Bridal shows are a great way to start planning your wedding, but this year, Kern County Bridal Association will...
What is your favorite part about the Kern County Fair?
I would like to personally THANK YOU for partnering with us at The Mission at Kern County throughout 2015.
ICYMI: Bob Barnes, CRC, talked about why the industry is the lifeblood of Kern County.
Kern County has a problem. SB terrorists buried in Rosamond. AV disrespected by Khatib. Reaching out to MSM for coverage.
Sitting in Kern County Court in Mojave waiting for my neighbors grandson Manuel to be seen.…
Found this cool photo, not mine 🔥 FEATURED POST 🔥 . - KernCounty and Bakersfield Firefighters res…
Oil-Producing States Battered as Tax-Gushing Wells Are Shut Down . "In Kern County, California, one of the...
Must see - 'The County: the story of America's deadliest police'. Five part series from
The Federal Aviation Administration was looking for what caused the crash that killed five people, Kern County sheriff's …
Kern County and Bakersfield Firefighters are wrapping up an East Bakersfield structure fire in the 400 block of...
richest school in Kern County but okay 🙄
Kern County could be fun but I'd prefer
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
It seems that Metropolitan Water District and their Kern County partners aren't happy about purchasing islands...
Throughout the years the Bakersfield V-day has raised over $38,000 dollars for the Alliance Against Family Violence for all of Kern County!
Kern County is the most under rated track in the country. Fast, high banked joint.
Where will we be in Kern County this week? We'll be in Ridgecrest tomorrow from 11am-5 pm at the Ashley Furniture...
Boys & Girls Club of Kern County is devastated after gardening equipment stolen. Full story tonight at 5.
In Kern County, California, one of the nation’s biggest oil producers, tumbling energy prices have wiped more than $…
Lake Isabella in Kern County hit some record lows this year due to the -…
Kern County, California. Space No.4. Jean-Pierre Bonnard. Lithograph with collage of cut and polyester relief printed in color
Kern County sheriff's Sgt. said. He expected the names of the plane dropped off radar. A National
Kern County sheriff's Sgt. said. The was investigating to find possible
How did those killed by cops in Kern County come in contact with police in the first place?
After Kern County swept in the Central Section championships, Kern County gets swept in the CIF State Regional...
Kern County officers shot De La Rosa after he exited his car with his hands up, keeping them outstretched.
The Tea-Party-governed Kern County, California kills more people per capita than any other police force in America.
"Electric Avenue" - Transmission towers at sunrise, somewhere in Kern County,
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"Over 30% of our students today cannot read and write at grade level" - Marshall Tuck at An Evening for Kern County
Carleton Watkins, View on the Calloway Canal near Poso Creek, Kern County, Calif., 1887-88. (Half of a panorama.)
Here is a list of all the Kern County high school teams that are playing in the Central Section football...
Faasuka Lutu, Tracy Rusk Windsor, Todd Evans got this email today! Kern County is now in LA County locality pay.
The poorest man in congress is from Kern County: However in Bakersfield, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy comes ...
Still a chance of light showers this morning then dry weather under partly cloudy skies this afternoon. Mostly cloudy in Kern County.
California Highway Patrol reports there is some mud on Interstate-5 Northbound in Kern County, Calif., but all lanes are open -
Kern County prayers for road safety as the roads have been dry so long they're supper slippery!
Look at Bert and Ernie at the Kern County shelter. They're adorable and need a home
'Kern County investigator's failure to book audio into evidence could impact murder case—and previous convictions'
Kern County explores ways to fund manhunt
21 month sentence for shining a laser at a sheriff's helicopter in Kern County
Jeb! Kevin is a line straddler. We have dealt with him now for too many years here in Kern County in CA!!!
Kevin does NOT represent us in Kern County as Conservatives. You have completely failed. You say one thing and do another. You ARE Boehner!!
Repost from - Rad times at the Kern County Fair performing "I Want That Old Thing…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
State water officials listen to Kern County reps on issues & hear calls for flexibility. Tonight at 5: why we're "ground zero"
Kern County Fire Investigators are looking into the cause of this fire. Anyone with information is encouraged to...
Kern County Fair has $5 admission for EVERYONE today until 9:00pm! children 5 and under are free.
Will you be at the Kern County Fair today? Stop by and see us!
Join us for our open house on 1 October -- 3:30-6:30 pm. St. Clair County Chairman Mark Kern will speak at 5:00 pm.
“The Kern County Chargers. Brought to you by Bolthouse baby carrots and drag racing.”
The people of Kern County want you to secure the border, oppose amnesty, repeal Obamacare, and end cut wasteful spending.
Kern County Roads will be placing stop signs at the intersection of Highline and Banducci Roads on Wednesday 09/30/2015 at 0930 hours.
Goal this weekend.. go to the Kern County Fair. 😊
I just supported Alzheimers Disease Association of Kern Countyby shopping
I added a video to a playlist Adveturing to the Kern County Museum.
Thank you to for being a Kern County Senior Games Sponsor!
Club house at would-be McAllister Ranch project goes up in flames: Kern County Fire officials confirmed the bl...
The Alley Cats has a show on 09/30/2015 at 11:00 AM @ Kern County Fairgr... in Bakersfield, CA
Bike Bakersfield Looks to Expand its Efforts in Bakersfield and Kern County | via
The days are numbered for you to get in on September's great Executives' Association of Kern County Monthly Prize...
Nerds of & Kern County: We’re doing our first Meetup tonight. You should come!
This Friday Night The Dirt Track at Kern County Raceway is back in action!! Pro Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Mod Lites,...
Feed the Need" Day at the Kern County Fair is this Tuesday, September 29 from 3 to 9 pm! Just bring four...
Kern County Probation Department to host fun runs for at-risk youth via
“Ideas don't die because a book is forbidden reading.". Gretchen Knief, 1939 Kern County (CA) Librarian, in defense of The Grapes of Wrath
IPN covered this and other incidents in Kern County, CA this morning.
Kayt and I missed the eclipse traveling under a Kern County cloud cover last night. We had hoped the open space...
Proof the Kern county Sheriff's killed ex foot ball player for no reason Mr.turner
It all started off because Bakersfield police and the Kern county sheriff's kill black people for no reason!!!
y'all. Looking forward to tonight with the hubs. and I headed to the great Kern County Fair!
I liked a video First annual "Tunes and Tuners" raises money for foster youth in Kern County
Can't wait to go to the Kern County Fair with babe😍😍😍
as seen from Kern County and beyond
Today Mr Brower's advice on how to preserve fruit colour for exhibition, from Kern County, World's Fair Association, Bakersfield CA USA 1893
Nick posing for us at the Kern County Fair. ^^
The men and women's Pirate cross country teams competed on the Kern County Soccer Park, the home course for...
Cant believe we finish it half ways 🙌🍟🍴 @ Kern County Fair
Leroy n Doc have far too many bars for Kern County. Gimme a few months, n are gonna have shows here in Ventura County
here's one through the trees Kern County, CA
in Antelope Canyon just south of Tehachapi (Kern County) is now 45 acres and 35% contained.
Great video from our Kern County public health nurse BenEece on via
From the Pinpoint Weather Center.. Sunny and hazy conditions again today in Kern County. Temperatures are going...
Kern County, Calif. crop values grow to $7.5 billion; Top-4 commodities are grapes, almonds, milk and citrus.
Citrus acreage grew in Kern County, Calif. last year to nearly 65,000 acres. Largest segment = Navels. Mandarin acreage is s…
The US Marshals Service just rolled in with a at the command post for the Manhunt in Kern County
We had some wild weather in Kern County this week. Here is the KBAK-TV Eyewitness News team's coverage of the storm…
Yes, been many lately - DA to investigate all Bakersfield police and Kern County sheriff's shootings via
Happy 4th of July from everyone at the Kern County Fire Department! . Please take a moment to teach the little...
Drive by snap of Redwood Solar Farm in Kern County. Visiting family for the 4th.
Recycled oil field wastewater that Chevron sells to Kern County farmers is clean, results show
Haupt, Kern take first-place awards at San Diego County Fair for jewelry exhibits
This reads like a scary novel. Kern county farmers, an area comprising most of California agriculture, is...
And basically we're gonna help kids from newborn to 17years that are in foster care or are in orphanages here in kern county
Only here in kern county would we bust a medicinal dispensary with 23 pounds of meth
To celebrate the holiday, let's have some fun. Who will be the most explosive offensive weapon in Kern County preps football this fall?
The track is ready!! Kern County Raceway is less than 24 Hours away from a huge Saturday Night!! 6 divisions of...
AERA oil and water treatment plant; possible lead in Kern County, very interesting project.
No showers/t'storms over southern Sierra or Kern County desert yet; however, at least a slight chance remains thru this evening.
The Geography of Poverty USA - Kern County, CA. Kern County has the most active oil fracki… http…
- At 11:14 AM, the Kern County Fire Department received multiple calls for a grass fire on the...
Mitch Perry with Edgar Winter Group photos I took at the Budweiser Pavilion at the Kern County Fair from...
We have another great Executives' Association of Kern County Monthly Prize for July. SC Communications, Inc. is...
Good to hear about the exciting updates for Kern County and our work with to benefit families
Kern County and city of Danville have banned fireworks and two lake areas - Bass Lake, and Don Pedro Lake also due to
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Kids' school immunization rates in Kern County
This morning ELEVATE FITNESS had an opportunity to partner up with THE KERN COUNTY SHERIFFS ACTIVITIES LEAGUE.
Kern County is slowly clearing out and drying up today! See how the heat affects the 4th here:
MT 80% of CA's oil production & 45% of the farming industry is concentrated in Kern County
Waste water salads?. 80% of the state’s oil production and 45 percent of the farming industry is concentrated in a single county, Kern Count
A look at the local Independence Day celebrations happening this weekend in Kern County:
I swear majority of kern county females don't hit the gym. But want to go out and drink
Thank you Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Diplomat committee for inviting us to speak on the behalf of...
Local group helping honor Officer Nelson and raise money: BAKERSFIELD, CA- Many people in Kern county are want...
Local advocate for Military Veterans is recognized: The director of Kern County Veterans Services has been select...
Man found guilty in California laser strike case, faces up to 5 years -
Chairman Kern w/ Monroe County Chairman Wittenauer on river levee this afternoon w/ sandbaggers.
Veteran homelessness has been reduced in Kern County 34% since 2013. Hats off to the KCHC member California...
Property Preservation Subcontractors Wanted (Kern County): -Please only respond to this ad ...
I used to be the fastest runner in the Kern County, then I took an arrow to the knee.
Website Builder 728x90
Here is a list of July Fourth activities happening this weekend.
They ain't payin that much in Kern County fam
We have partnered with and to increase our Bakersfield water supply.
Thank you Kern County Dental Association for your donation of toothbrushes and toothpaste for our event!
Kern County lawmakers propose gutting high-speed rail for, you guessed it, more highways and more cars.
Have you heard that illegal dirt bikers are no longer a problem on the Pacific Crest trail in Kern County? You've heard wrong.
Kern County athletes were big freaking deals today. The ONLY place for Valley track & baseball highlights is FOX& CBSGreat.
Kern County the only county in California where Have Trunk Will Travel will visit this year
T'Storm Update- Lightning is being reported in the Kern River Valley and in the northern part of Kern County from...
Should the Kern County Fair ban elephant rides?. To vote, reply with: "Yes" or "No"
We are right-of-the-center on things.I always say Kern is a county that ought to be in Arizona.--Donny Youngblood,Kern County sheriff
Sierra LED JK pulls Kern County, CA Sheriff truck's differential off rock at the SNORE Motion Tire 300
Kern County sheriff Donny Youngblood featured in the LA Times for his open, illegal, defiance of the California...
While you may think Kern County,CA is far away,I assure you fights such as this are coming to your state ht…
Kern County sheriff a defiant CA maverick on immigration
Kern County seniors get one more time to shine on hardwood in all-star festivities: - Kenny Jones shines!
March 20 fish report: Kern County, southern San Joaquin Valley Lake Isabella: It was crappie mania over the weekend…
ICYMI: Zane Smith and kids from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kern County, were featured in the
Groups that successfully shut down Sacramento crude by rail station take on Kern County. Via
will be the dean of Kern County boys hoops coaches next year. Started in late 90's at Kern Valley
A person with measles has been confirmed to have traveled through Kern County while infectious, public health officials say. Story to come.
Jury selection is scheduled Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015 in Superior Court in Kern County in Bakersfield. 1.713.238.7758 rmatth…
UPDATE: Two people were aboard a single-engine plane that went missing between Kern County and Henderson, Nevada
CYNTHIA GUDGER IS STILL HOARDING CATS! PLEASE DNA HER. PLEASE DO NOT ENABLE AND HELP HER. Gudger is described by many as one of the worst animal abusers - Cynthia Gudger tortures animals. She feeds living kittens to hungry Pit Bulls. She chains dogs to cabinets so tight they cannot move. She doesn't feed all of her animals so they starve to death. She breeds dogs and cats and performs surgeries while they are awake. She beats dogs with a cane. Her animals died horrible deaths. She has put animals in the freezer, while they are still alive, and they freeze to death. Her animals were so neglected they had fleas and roaches crawling all over their bodies. This is just some of the information taken from court documents, in both Kern County and Riverside County where she was convicted of felony animal cruelty. A slap on the wrist was her punishment. After serving 2 years in a mental facility, she was released in 2010 and placed on 5 years probation, prohibiting her from any contact with animals. Her ...
The Boron Bobcats, the smallest 11 man football team in the entire state of California, have become a football powerhouse in their division, winning league title on a regular basis. The Today Show announced this morning our Bobcats have won a trip to Super Bowl XLIX after America heard their story. Congratulations to Kern County's own Boron Bobcats!
PLEASE HELP US STOP A HIGH PROFILE ANIMAL HOARDER Kimi Peck, 65, is actively 'rescuing' animals. She is actively collecting dogs and donations from a fraudulent website. What Kimi Peck does not want you to know or see is her documented history of animal related neglect. Here are pictures of the illegal kennels Kimi Peck referred to as 'sanctuaries', from 2005 thru present. Every single 'sanctuary', including the most recent one - a fifth wheel - has been legally shut down. Peck has been booted out of a number of California counties because of her animal hoarding including Los Angeles, Burbank, Kern County, San Bernardino. In the past year, Kimi Peck was booted out of Weld County, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming. Also in 2014, Peck was forced to surrender over 50 neglected dogs and puppies (born on Peck's watch) to Cheyenne authorities and Weld County charged Kimi Peck with animal cruelty. And going back a few years to 2010, Peck was forced to surrender close to 200 neglected animals to Kern County An ...
On air now talking future of valley ag in 2015 w/ & Tulare County Farm Bureau; what the drop in oil prices means for Kern County
Then why is Gov. Brown ambivalent about fracking the Monterey shale? And with all the injection wells poisoning Kern County?
Thanks Carlos Baldovinos & the team @ The Mission at Kern County for helping community members who need it the most
Here is a great item: Collectible Pepsi can for Kern County Fair 1991 Bakersfield CA USA America
Run With The Wolf . With the rain comes wildflowers. Unfortunately, in Kern County, California, it's kind of hit ...
Having a blast at the Kern County Animal Shelter 🐶🐶🐶
BSC Jeans, on sale for $38.69 today. Handmade right here in Kern County. Slim cut, stretch denim.…
Diverting millions of gallons of water to frack in California during a drought is a terrible idea! Help us stop it. Dear Neal, It’s ridiculous! California is facing a record-breaking drought. Communities are struggling, and ugly battles over water use are resurfacing. Yet despite this extreme drought, in recent months, California has rubber-stamped permits for new fracking oil wells throughout the state—more than 140 in one oil field in Kern County alone—without ANY environmental review. My team and I are fighting in California to stop more than 200 new oil wells that will have significant environmental impacts, but we need your urgent help to see this and other critical battles through! In a time when our rivers, lakes, aquifers, and other water sources are extremely stressed, we can’t afford to pollute and waste our most precious resource: water. Fracking is a drilling technique that injects millions of gallons of highly pressurized, chemically-laced water underground to fracture rock formations ...
Looking for something to do this Saturday? Check out our list of weekend events here:
Division I boys race is a rarity for Kern County VX fans. McFarland, tied for the most state titles at 9, has just one runner today.
Please watch and SHARE this amazing video of Kern County veteran Donald Lora sing the National Anthem today in the U.S. Capitol with Honor Flight Kern County. Some may remember Donald when he was the choir director at Bakersfield High School for decades.
Independence's Jennifer Chumbe top Kern County runner in girls D-III in at No. 74 in the state at 19:45.
Arvin's Pedro Cruz-Penaloza has top Kern County placing so far. 63rd in D-II boys at 16:20.
D-III girls coming. Liberty's Cagnei Duncan the lone Kern County section champ in this race. North girl, too.
'What's Happening' Kern County? List of events in Bakersfield, Kern County for ... - KERO
It's all playing out for 2 Kern County teams headed to state, again. Liberty in DI finals, Ridgeview in DII and Mission Viejo down south.
Review of The Food That Fits on Good Morning Kern County, ABC affiliate -
this makes me miss Kern County so much!
I will advise CHP, Kern County SO, and Bako PD that you are headed south. No stops at any little stores on the way. Grin 😉
My CN Broncos one and done. Heads up to my Kern County CHP friends-little black Lexus will be traveling South on Hwy 99!
These photos were taken in our beloved Kern County! As residents we are so blessed to be able to experience...
Kern County Sheriff's Office looking for man they say led a deputy on a pursuit on a black ATV this morning |
Panasonic to build 26MW in Kern County, California via
I just intvwd journo who spent 4mo investigating fracking in Kern County, it's a civil rights issue
Kern County - young woman arrested in stabbing death of older man -
Four boys and four girls teams from Kern County plus 12 more individual athletes running at the XC championships Sat in Fresno.
Another warm day in Many locations in Sierra foothills & Kern County mtns already in 70s, similar to yesterday.
Our SPECIAL issue of the Kern County Library December Calendar of Events is HOT off the press!...
Kern County was rated 12th out of 58 counties for the most cases. . - in chlamydia cases in…
I spoke to journalist who spent 5months researching her 'Fracking The Poor'
Kern County is ranked 12th/58 for HiV . 1St for Chlamydia cases and 2nd for Gonorrhea nd Syphilis.
In Kern county African Americans have thee highest rate of chlamydia
Kern county ranked 12th out of 58 for HIV cases!!
2.5 & 5 acre cheap land in California ID2 lots total 7.5 acres land for sale in Kern County, CA by Mo...
The Kern County Young Republicans are on their way to Louisiana elect Dr. Bill Cassidy to U.S. Senate.
"He ended up in Taft with some cougar. She gave him a ride home the next morning on her way to Lake Isabella.". "She's all over Kern County!"
In Steinbeck's country Kern County - I intvwd Hannah Guzik on her new investigative piece
Love for Thanksgiving feeds over 64,000 people in Kern County |
Volunteers with Mission at Kern County prepping to feed nearly 500 people this |
Panasonic to build 26MW in Kern County, California Courtesy of
Happy Thanksgiving from the Board of Directors and the staff of the Kern County black Chamber of Commerce.
I thought it was ironic that Sweet Home Alabama came on right when we entered Kern County
Panasonic to build 26MW in Kern County, California: Panasonic Enterprise Solutions plans to add to ...
is at The Mission of Kern County. Where they are preparing a for over 500 people!
Highlights from Saturday's King of the Wing race at Kern County Raceway Park!
Just entered kern county. Almost home :')
Casino donates $7,500 to Wounded Heroes Fund of Kern County: Eagle Mountain Casino donated $7,500 to the Wounded…
To coincide with President Reagan’s 1983 national proclamation, the Kern County Board of Supervisors is proclaiming NOVEMBER as Alzheimer’s Awareness and Caregiver Appreciation Month in Kern County. I respectfully request your support by attending the proclamation on Tuesday, November 11 at 9:00 am @ 1115 Truxtun Ave – Board Chambers on the 1st Floor (County Building on Truxtun & N Street on the West side of N, across from Rabobank).
Doctors no reason to Kern County, Calif., Sheriff's Office. Ex-Ebola patient Nina Pham today, before returning to ...
Pilot killed in SpaceShipTwo crash identified as Michael Alsbury by coroner's office in Kern County, Calif. - in Hong Kong arrest a 29-year-old British man in connection with murder of 2 women - raiders in northern Kenya attack and kill at least 8 police officers, 12 more missing, inspector says - Suspect found dead in home after standoff with police was triggered by home explosion in Salem, Mass., authorities say - Police use tear gas on sidelines of demonstration in Nantes, France, honoring protester who died in clashes over dam project in the region - Virgin Group founder Richard Branson says 'we would love to finish what we started some years ago. We hope one day the test pilots will enable people to go into space safely' - Group founder Richard Branson in remarks to press says 'we are determined to find out what went wrong' in SpaceShipTwo crash - South African soccer captain Senzo Meyiwa's coffin surrounded by guard of honor at his funeral earlier today in Moses Mabhida Stadium - Getty Images via A& ...
VIDEO of completing 97-yard TD to 2nd longest in Kern County history.
Kern County juvenile detention guard is held on $175,000 bail in sexual assault case
Live Streaming News Video from 23ABC News for Bakersfield, Kern County and all national and world events.
Join us this weekend at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kern County's fundraiser. Here's a little something...
It's time for News at 11 p.m. Tune in now for all things Kern County & high school football with |
FIRE SEASON: Second Fire Management Assistance Grant Secured in 24 hours for Way Fire in Kern County
For Immediate Release August 16, 2014 On Saturday, August 16, 2014 at approximately 6:24am, the Bakersfield Police Department received a 911 call from a residence in the 3000 block of Catalina Drive. The caller, Loren Johnson 55 of Bakersfield, told the 911 operator he shot his wife. Officers responded to the location and contacted Loren Johnson in the driveway of his residence. Johnson was taken into custody without incident. Officers located the victim inside the residence suffering from several moderate to major gunshot wounds. The victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment. The firearm was recovered. Loren Johnson was subsequently booked into the Kern County Jail for attempt murder. The victim’s condition was later downgraded to non- life threatening. Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to call the Bakersfield Police Department at (661) 327-7111.
The yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti, has been detected in Kern County by the Kern Mosquito and Vector Control District.
Miracle Mutts Update! Whenever I'm having a rough day its best for me to get out of my head and focus on helping others. Volunteering at the mission is a great way to do that. It helps change my focus and perspective on whats going on with me and remember how lucky I am to have the opportunity to do the things I love, which helping people is one of them. For those of you who are new to the page, we work many programs in the community which incorporate our goal of helping dogs, helping people and The Mission of Kern County is one of these programs. Every Friday we attend the mission to help with the men's and women's recovery programs by taking some rescue dogs and having them interact with one another whether it be training the dogs, bathing them or just snuggling with them and talking. Our goal is to help teach life skills to the men and women using the dogs. We do this with high hopes of helping them through the program and by giving them education and training knowledge about dogs, which could lead to ...
Does anyone know anyone who does or can do a hand-painted sign? Preferably in Kern County.
I've never been to the Kern County Fair. Out of the 10 years I've lived here, I've never went. But this year will be different.. 😈
It would be remarkable if Kern County adopts a Vision Zero plan before LA even mentions the term.
Drought hit Fresno Ag values hard in 2013 as west side dried up. Kern County had respectable 6% jump in total Ag value as milk moved Tulare.
Project 'Lead the Way': The Kern County Museum is helping engage young minds discover the wonder of science, t...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Lol you still getting outta *** kern county. Hw or no hw you still going to the Bay! Seems like a vay-ka to me.
We are officially closed to orders. We take this time off to prepare for the Kern County Fair. We will announce...
Watch County's only weekend morning newscast with & with your weather LIVE:
1st ever discovery in Kern County, CA of the yellow fever mosquito
Great to be in Kern county supporting Thank you to the 200+ Californians who joined us for breakfast. htt…
has been selected to play in the 2014 Kern county All-Star Game. They have scouted long and hard... http:/…
presents the Chamber Executive of the year award to Jay Tamsi of Kern County Hispanic Chamber! Congrats!
Project Lead the Way at the Kern County Museum -
Project &the Way&hopes to bring STEM education to more children in Kern County
in Kern's county aka the Californian Dust Bowl
Massive marine fossil site in of all places, Kern County (Bakersfield). Huge shark teeth found there
Not good... Yellow fever mosquito found in Kern County
14 Kern County farm families to be honored at event in Bakersfield on August 21
Kern County Raceway Park is excited to announce Saturday Night Supermoto to debut during next weekend's Whelen...
BEYOND BAKERSFIELD: News from around Kern County TEHACHAPI: Bears in Tehachapi have decided to come out and pla...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
“Yellow fever mosquito found in Kern County. so scary!
Yellow fever mosquito found in Kern County.
Wow. I thought Kern County would have been a deeper red this past election.
and then there is Kern County, which we discovered sort of accidentally, and worth another visit, *sigh*
Yellow fever mosquito detected in Kern County via
Yellow fever mosquito detected in Kern County Public health officials are warning the public about the discover...
Many of your have asked - The Craft Fair at the Kern County Fairgrounds tomorrow is FREE to the public! There are...
Yellow fever mosquito detected in Kern County -
Independent refiner Alon USA Energy looks for approval next month of terminal in Kern County, California.
Kern County Public Health said the yellow fever mosquito has been found in Kern County by the Kern County Vector...
70,000 people in the Central Valley’s Kern County have Obamacare GOP should repay the money spent on repealing whatsup KEVIN?
We went 12/12 today in Kern county. 7 dismissals and 5 negotiated non-point infractions.
Tomorrow is National Honey Bee Day! What's better than making a donation to help bees in Kern County.
14 Kern County families farming 100 years or more to be honored by on Aug. 21.
TONIGHT AT THE Kern County Museum. "Nights at the Museum" featuring The Sandlot . Gates open at 7pm, Movie will...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Join us for our School Employee Benefits Fair tomorrow at the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office!...
EDD: The unemployment rate in the Kern County was 10.4 percent in July 2014, up from a revised 10.2 percent in...
According to San Joaquin County Public Health, The man who left Stockton while being quarantined for tuberculosis is in custody in Kern County.
On This Date In California Weather History (July 16) 2005: Reno, NV, recorded a high temperature of 104° F. 1998: Fresno and Bakersfield experience their latest first 100° F day on record. On the same day, Tehachapi hits 100° F for the first time since July 26, 1980. 1998: It was 127° F in Death Valley. 1988: Redwood City had a high temperature of 100° F. 1984: Thunderstorms caused flash flooding in the eastern Kern County desert, including mudslides on Highway 14 between Mojave and Inyokern, due to runoff from the eastern slopes of the Southern Sierra Nevada. Flash flooding also occurred in the Lake Isabella area, with part of Highway 178 under 3' of water. Flooding continued through the 18th. 1973: A tornado, rated F1, was reported 6 miles north of Reno, NV. 1954: A severe thunderstorm struck the Daggett area east of Barstow. In addition to the heavy rains and flooding, this storm produced damaging winds. These “gales” knocked down several power poles and were “hurled across the highway”. A ...
It'll be two years this month since we adopted out Abilene. If you'll remember, she came to us in terrible shape-- pregnant, tick infested and near death. Miraculously, my Dad stumbled upon her just as she was giving birth. What he thought was a dead rat was actually a baby Saint! She is a prime example of how breeding and breeders have gotten out of hand in Kern County. We did some research and found that she came from a supposedly "reputable" breeder, which I guess they'll all refer to themselves as. She was one of eight Saint Bernard's that we rescued from the Shelter in Kern County that Summer. If breeders did simple follow ups to guarantee their offspring were spayed or neutered, we could avoid the needless death and exponential unwanted reproduction of countless dogs. There is no need to allow the "option to breed" for people who are purchasing dogs. It simply results in breeding by people who shouldn't be breeding. I am aware of contracts that require "rules" but there is little to no follow throug ...
Visiting with the Policy Makers from Kern County in Sacramento, our President, Jim Baldwin had the opportunity to...
I have been with media for most of the day speaking about the billboard that went up this morning. Tonight and tomorrow morning Magdalene Hope, KCAHT and The Alliance Against Family Violence will be featured on Fox 58 KBFX at 10 pm and ABC 23 KERO & CBS 29 KBAK @ 11 pm and again in the morning on their am news shows, please watch or set your DVR's. Lastly a story on the billboard and combatting human trafficking in Kern County will be in tomorrow's edition of The Bakersfield Californian, written by writer Ruth Brown. It is my hope and prayer that many will be brave enough to reach out for help from this collaboration. A special thank you to all of my friends who have of their time, talents and treasures towards this vision.
6-15-14 The Shirley Fire burning in the Sequoia National Forest came within a mile of Wofford Heights on Saturday night. Kern County sheriff deputies evaluated the area. Photos from Saturday and Sundays air attack. © Dave Mills 2014 All rights are reserved and that no license is granted or rights transferred in the absence of specific written permission from Dave Mills Photography.
Conditions slightly better for the Kern County, CA fire but still very dry. Critical Fire threat for AZ/UT/NV/NM http…
Nestled In The Hills It is unusual for snow to fall on the San Joaquin Valley floor in western Kern County,…
Kern County is the most-fracked county in California by a wide margin. This region also has the worst air quality in the nation, as well as highly elevated rates of cancer and respiratory illness. For the people that live here, fracking means more oil extraction, more crippling climate impacts, and more impacts on their health. But residents of Kern County are fighting back. They've invited California Governor Jerry Brown to come see the impacts of fracking for himself. Join them and sign the petition to Governor Brown here:
Help make this little cowgirls dream come true. Kyndle is running for Jr. Miss Rodeo Princess for Caliente. This is a picture with one of the rodeo queens at Stampede Days at the Kern County Fair and her riding Sarge in a Western Dressage Show of which she won a 1st place ribbon. Kyndle has been riding horses since she was 4 yrs old and it is her dream to become a Veteranarian so she can help horses. I am selling tickets for $5.00 or $50.00 for 10 tickets, $100 sponsors get a business card size ad put in the Caliente Brochure and 20 tickets. All tickets are tax deductible and you can win $500. cash or a cruise to Mexico. I will have a date and place to buy set up for next Friday. Please let me know if you would like to buy one or more tickets. Thank you, Shelly
Don't get hurt or need emergency services in Kern... Supervisors Approve Sharp Ambulance Rate Hikes Bakersfield, CA - An ambulance ride in nearly all of Kern County will cost substantially more after Tuesday. County supervisors on Tuesday approved substantial rate increases for Hall Ambulance and Liberty Ambulance -- the two companies that have exclusive rights to serve most of the county. Hall Ambulance basic life support and advanced life support rates will increase by $311 to $1,420 a trip. Its advanced life support base rate -- the one paid by people whose lives are in danger -- will go up $345 to $1,660. In total, the cost of an average Hall Ambulance trip will go up around 16 percent, county officials told the board. That's substantial because Hall Ambulance is the only service most county patients can use. Delano Ambulance serves the cities of Delano and McFarland and a strip of territory that runs east and west along the northern border the county. Liberty Ambulance serves the Indian Wells Valley, ...
SLO is Central Coast and Kern County would be Central Valley, IMO. San Bernadino's SoCal.
...and Governor Jerry Brown *still* thinks fracking is a good idea?! It is time for him to face the facts on fracking. We are calling on the Governor to visit Kern County, the most fracking part of the state and also an area very affected by the drought. Join us
Kern County assessor-recorder candidate Russell Johnson held a press conference Thursday to announce a list of plans he would implement if elected to office.
Hi everyone, join Congressman Kevin McCarthy and I for breakfast with our friend Jon Lifquist for Kern County...
Good luck to the nearly 800 Kern County students who will compete this Saturday at the annual Math Field Day. It's a fun-filled day of learning and competing for middle school/junior high students. Tax Collector, School Problem Solving, Circle Tic Tac Toe, Circuit Training, Leap Frog, Mad Hatter, Power Relay, Kalah and Sudoku are among the math games in which students vie for school or individual recognition.
Kern County wind gusts, Lamont 25 MPH, Mettler 26 MPH. CHP office at the bottom of the Grapevine 40 MPH.
$2,000 donation when we reach 3,408 LIKES. Please help! Please click LIKE at (only on this link - not the picture) and SHARE. The money will be used toward the costs of the "Fix Your Pets" mobile spay/neuter clinic on 7/12/14 for the Kern River Valley (rural towns), Kern County, CA. This is our 3rd event for 2014 for the same region. The donors are a group of individuals who have rescued Josie (dog in this picture) and found her a home with a family. Many unwanted dogs don't have that lucky break (especially they are pits and big dogs). It's best they are not born. * If you have pits, pitX, big dogs at least 40 lbs, OR puppies of BIG breeds, sign up here *
“4.3-magnitude struck 12 miles south southwest of Lake Isabella in Kern County" felt it here in Tehachapi!
We had a blast representing Marley's Mutts at the The Mission at Kern County's 5K run, MISSION POSSIBLE! Julie brought Sophie, and Daryn and I traded off running with Fred. It was so awesome to see the ladies (who work with the dogs and us each week), determinedly burning rubber on the soles of their running shoes; steadfastly moving forward on the beautiful Hart Park/CALM track...forward with their lives. Proud of you all! And thankful for the Mission's inviting us to join in the celebration! -- Liz
Mayor Harvey Hall will make a difference for Kern County kids this Make your pledge
The oil companies are now and have been for some time buying up properties and leases all over Kern County in search of ways to make gas extraction profitable for them. They are testing various fracking techniques in order to find the proper chemical combination for profitability. Just thought I might try to give you a heads-up Kern. I realize I am whistling in the wind, but I can't just let it go. You, your children, and your grandchildren are in harm's way. Good luck.
Originally formed in 1983 to assist Kern County's Meals on Wheels Program, Kern River Valley Senior Citizens, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Although KRVSC, Inc. no longer delivers Meals on Wheels, it is dedicated to providing services to Kern Valley Senior Citizens. Every Wednesday at 1p...
The long-promised PCT segment surveys are up and running! You can be extremely helpful in giving us any info on parts of the PCT you're familiar with. This info will allow us to talk specifically with the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, non-federal agencies, and private landowners about programs for PCT bicycle use (pilot programs where the no-bikes rule is in effect and PCT-benefitting volunteer maintenance and other land stewardship endeavors where there is no PCT bicycle ban). The first survey of a potentially desirable PCT stretch runs from a back road south to Highway 58 in Kern County, Calif. This is a remote area. The second is a much less remote section of the PCT that runs down to the north bank of the Columbia River near Portland, Ore. From on-site inspections we have done in the last year, we think this would be a prime segment of delightfully rideable PCT! Let us know what you think! Begin by visiting our website and following the survey links. Thank you in advance. www.SharingThePC ...
WEDNESDAY KERN COUNTY WEATHER- Temperatures took a tumble on Wednesday, down more than 15° from Tuesday as a cold front passed by. Rainfall tallies were respectable but generally less than a tenth of an inch in the south valley. Mountain locations saw more moisture and some snow above 5,000'. Tehachapi and vicinity picked up between a quarter and a half inch of rain. Higher elevations of Bear Valley Springs saw 2-3" of snow. The Lake Isabella area enjoyed even more rainfall, generally a half inch to one inch. The most impactful element of this storm has been the very strong winds in eastern Kern County that brought 76 MPH gusts to the Inyokern airport and near zero visibility in blowing dust and sand. A Dust Storm WARNING was issued for the Indian Wells portion of extreme northeast Kern County until 11PM this evening, including Ridgecrest and the China Lake Naval Air Station. A Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) was mistakenly sent to many cell phone users in the Bakersfield area around 12:30 this afternoon. ...
HVAC Service Technician (San Joaquin to Kern County): Our company is headquartered in the Sacrame...
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