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All these years as a sports analyst and still don't know what he talking about. Kermit the frog face anyone can win…
Kermit Davis is a liable candidate for Ohio State.
Am I the only one who pictured Chrono Trigger's 🐸's voice to be that of Kermit the Frog? 🐐
2. y'all know i have mad love for my boy Kermit
Mark Fox, Kermit Davis, Bob Hoffman all here to see Kalu Ezipke. Alabama, Auburn & long line of mid-majors here to see AC…
Kermit Davis says he, MTSU talking new contract
Kermit Davis says he, talking new contract via
I respect Tim Brando's opinion to a fault. But I don't want Kermit Davis at LSU.
Fred Hoiberg is NOT and NBA coach he wouldn't get offers back, Kermit Davis would, Crean would leave you're correct
not Doug gottlieb. He's just not the right man for the job. Tom Crean, Kermit Davis, or maybe Fred Hoiberg?
Will Wade or Kermit Davis seem likeliest at the moment. Tom Crean is the wild card.
If I'm AD at LSU. I call one guy. Kermit Davis at Middle Tennessee State.
Clinic notes from some of the best teachers in the game. Rick Byrd, Kermit Davis, Randy Lambert & Sam Allen. .
It will not be Kermit Davis. LSU decision makers don't want him. Keep an eye on Mike Brey. Hear that rumor is real.
If i am Kermit Davis and Kevin Keatts would be on the top of my list
15 Years in the Making --- Excellent story from on Kermit Davis and Middle Tennessee ht…
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Kermit Davis about to take John Groce’s job
Arkansas transfer Jacorey Williams is putting in work for Kermit Davis at Middle Tennessee. Averaging 20.1 PPG, 5.6 RPG.…
Middle Tennessee beats Ole Miss by 15 in Oxford. Strong road victory for Kermit Davis and the Blue Raiders. Conference-US…
Reporter: how u feel about ya breakup with miss piggy?. Kermit: sensational . http…
Mfcas been real Kermit the Frog lately wanna jump stupid like life not worth living an you ain't trying to be...
MTSU is getting a heckuva setup guy in 2017 PG Donovan Sims. Really good coup early for Kermit Davis & crew
coach Tom Crean and coach Kermit Davis in Chanute today to watch
come March Kermit Davis is going to have his team ready
Boeheim send Kermit Davis a Final Four ticket and comp him at Pappadeux or nah!
Kermit Davis last week on Tyler Lydon: “He’s going to be a lottery pick down the road.”
1st NCAAT win for Kermit Davis after long/winding road as stuns Michigan St. JC HC at 24. 2 NCAATs at Idaho. 400…
The new March Madness Flavor of the Month is KERMIT DAVIS JR. Get out those "short lists"!!!
Kevin Keatts really might be an interesting fit at Georgia Tech, were it not for the Louisville stuff. I'll await Kermit Davis rumors.
Guys I would like to see at UAB and think would do a great job: Bucky McMillan, Matt Zimmerman, TJ Cleveland, Kermit Davis, Steve Forbes.
We could have hired Kermit Davis Jr. And we chose.Rick Ray
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Middle Tennessee beats Auburn in overtime. Quality win for Kermit Davis and the Blue Raiders. Very scrappy team in C-USA.
Solid Kermit Davis speech and a surprising amount of trash talk from Rick Insell
Kermit Davis told his team to approach Michigan St as a pickup game in the summer. "You don't care who it is, you expect to win in pickup."
Head coach of Middle Tennessee State Kermit Davis joins the show RIGHT NOW to talk about his team's improbable upset of Michigan State!
Last I saw Kermit Davis is making $400k. Wonder what this year's run will yield. Haase is highest in CUSA at $1mill. Bet it's $600k.
Kermit Davis is one of my favorite people.
.was on the today. Listen to what he had to say here:
AUDIO: If you missed in studio today, listen here: .
Kermit Davis: (Indiana) I love Yogi Ferrell. I watched them play on senior day. I think this team has a great offensive flow. (Beating NC)
Kermit Davis: No explanation on why we were chosen as a 15 seed; once the brackets were leaked, it had us matched with No.2 Michigan State.
Kermit Davis: (Giddy Potts) He’s going on to expand his game and when he gets better off the dribble, he’ll be one of the best out there.
Kermit Davis: We got off to a great start; settled in the game. It was like a Blue Raider home game. The arena went to our side.
Coach that has won more big games than I have Kermit Davis.
.Kermit Davis gave same speech at game. Great results.
Kermit Davis said he's coming up to the Vandy game tonight. Said it'll be one of the few times he hasn't been hunkered down in his office.
UPDATE: We are moving interview with Kermit Davis to 7:45 am. Tune in!
Today on SMIM - We talk with Kermit Davis at 7:15 am central. The Blue Raiders have been the talk of the tourney!
I want Kermit Davis to coach UW. Kermit would have UW to play the right way, and he would bring dignity and class.
It's time for the Huskies to hire Middle Tennessee State coach Kermit Davis. Kermit would bring fast-pace style to UW and Pac-12.
Middle Tennessee head coach Kermit Davis will get a $31,250 bonus for today's win over Michigan St, says
AUDIO: talks run in the NCAA Tournament on
I wonder if guys like UCI's Russell Turner, or MTSU Kermit Davis, or Dan Majerle have even been contacted at this point.
great interview with Coach Kermit Davis of MTSU!! I'M A KENTUCKY FAN, THAT GUY IS GREAT!
Kermit Davis did an incredible coaching job during MTSU's NCAA tournament run.
Tune in at 7:15 Tuesday morning to hear Kermit Davis talk with Scotty Mac about MTSU's NCAA tourney win over Mich St
Kermit Davis on talking upset over Class act, for sure.
Hey don't you ask Archie Miller and Kermit Davis whether deserved to be in the Tourney?
Lot of similarities, relatively speaking, between Kevin Stallings & Kermit Davis job status situatons that I've covered. Maybe blog one day
Kermit Davis says the Blue Raiders won't be defined by the blowout loss to Syracuse.
Thanks to Archie Miller, Tom Izzo and Kermit Davis for making the path to the Elite 8 so easy for Mark Few, you're up.
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AUDIO: recaps weekend in the NCAA Tournament and discusses the upset of Michigan State.
Does Kermit Davis have a shot at a potential change of guard at Vandy
if we're doing reverse facials; ive been critical of Kermit Davis, no more criticism, hes doing a great job.
Calvin also asked a great one to Kermit Davis on Friday if you can have the Sea Monster find it.
The kids from MTSU played the game of their lives & Kermit Davis had a great game plan.Hate that it happened to us, but hats off
Middle Tennessee St coach Kermit Davis referenced Frank Beamer in the post-game after upsetting Michigan St https…
I want to say I am done rooting for Rutgers after not hiring Jim Munson as AD and Kermit Davis as coach.
For Rutgers to hire Steve Fikell as basketball coach. What Rutgers needed was Kermit Davis.
I wanted Kermit Davis of Middle Tennessee State to coach Rutgers since he would bring running and gun style
I felt Middle Tennessee State coach Kermit Davis and Jim Munson would have saved Rutgers from oblivion.
Are you surprised Rutgers never made the call to hire Kermit Davis to coach their basketball program?
Kermit Davis says he’s “best friends” with John L. Smith. I did not know that.
press conference will be Kermit Davis, Reggie Upshaw, Darnell Harris and Perrin Buford.
Congratulations to Kermit Davis and the Big Blue!! Great win!!
We're surpised, but not TOO surprised to see Kermit Davis and Middle Tennessee State off to a hot start!
Update your maps at Navteq
Kermit Davis calls a timeout with the Blue Raiders up 19-16 with 9:30 left in the fist half.
Future150 Summit Camp alum 2016 Ben Moss Jr. was offered today by Kermit Davis and Middle Tennessee State University
Rick Barnes sounds a whole lot like Kermit Davis!
my dream is Kermit Davis as the HC an Kenny Payne as his assistant but thats just wishful thinkin
One of my favorite coaches now just one game from the Big Dance. Way to go Kermit Davis and
Middle Tennessee's Kermit Davis + assistant is here watching 2015 Trey Potts of Alabama Basketball Academy. Good looking wing.
If USM is willing to give MTSU's Kermit Davis a decent raise, maybe it could have an outside shot at luring him away
Kermit Davis won American idol using only sign language
MTSU's Kermit Davis and former Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln are cousins. Adjust your bracket accordingly.
Kermit Davis and Grace Potter mentions all at once! Happiness overload!"
To borrow the Verne Lundquist/Jackie Smith phrase from Super Bowl XIII, "Bless his heart, Kermit Davis has to be the sickest man in America"
Thanks to Pete Weber, Tim Hasselbeck, Barry Trotz & Kermit Davis for coming on today.
Wow, Larry Eustachy replaced Kermit Davis at Idaho in 1900?!? Had no idea he was that old! :)
Looks like MTSU coach Kermit Davis landed a big commitment today. Read about it on
Kermit Davis has agreed in principle to a five-year contract as head men's basketball coach at Middle Tennessee...
Report: Kermit Davis rejects Southern Miss, to remain at Middle Tennessee State - ...
what are you hearing on USM? Kermit Davis, Mike Davis, Sean Woods, Kenny Payne, Bob Marlin?
Sean Woods, Kenny Payne, Bob Marlin, Kermit Davis, Mike Davis are the names in TN being floated for USM.
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