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Keri Washington

Kerry Washington (born January 31, 1977) is an American actress. She is known for her roles as Ray Charles's wife, Della Bea Robinson, in the film Ray (2004), as Idi Amin's wife Kay in The Last King of Scotland, and as Alicia Masters, love interest of Ben Grimm/The Thing in the live-action Fantastic Four films of 2005 and 2007. She has also starred in the critically acclaimed independent films Our Song and The Dead Girl, and is the lead actress in the 2012 ABC drama Scandal, a Shonda Rhimes series in which Washington plays Olivia Pope, a former crisis management expert to the President.

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Keri Washington is one fine O'lady though
Keri Washington looks so good in this film.
my dad thinks Keri Washington likes white men.
What EXACTLY makes this magazine cover NOT look like Keri Washington... what was photo shopped other than her hair volume?
I was about to say I can't believe a magazine would lighten Keri Washington's skin and change her hairline... But I absolutely can.
Keri Washington's stance on a lot of things, really gets on my nerves.
This girl in my class looks just like Keri Washington
Keri Washington went from save the last dance to scandal
Before it airs in come watch the premiere of 'Confirmation' starring Keri Washington, tonight at the Atlanta Film Festival
told Keri Go Pac 12!! Keri said she was from Washington. What a night!
Keri Washington is such a dime piece
In case you missed it Keri Washington is on the cover of wwd and she looks flawless!
I hope you have a great time in Washington and I just want you to know you're strong enough to get through today, ily ❀️
Who should I be for Grammy's? . Jada Pinkett. Keri Hilson. Kerry Washington. I'm hosting and I still don't know. πŸ’€
If Jada pinkett or Keri Washington were in Ghostbusters they would have been scientists.
omfg Keri Washington is in this film!
Who would you fancast for her? I would say Keri Washington but Keri isn't soulful enough to me.
I would have loved to see Kimberly Elise or Keri Washington in a biopic other than something pertaining to slavery
What are you talking about? Zendaya, Amanda Stenberg, Keri Washington, Venus & Serena Williams, need I go on?
yas ma Keri Washington great show keep on slaying ...yasss give it to me worth it !
& young Keri Washington is so cute in this movie
When Keri Washington used to bend over on some Chaka Demus.
It's crazy how you can tell on the episodes when Keri Washington is pregnant and then when she comes back, they did a great job
watching this movie from when Keri Washington was probably like 16
Bad Habit is a CLASSIC, this is when Keri Washington started the process of joining the side-chick hall of fame
I like this series but I wish they didn't chose keri washington for lead
Keri Washington lowkey looks East African to me
I feel like I'm the only one who has a problem with Keri Washington's teeth
lol can't forget Keri Washington, The obamas and Drake
I love watching the commercial with Mary J , Keri Washington and Taraji dancing
I love keri washington but she got them choppa style chop chop choppa style teeth man...
Keri Washington def looks like she has no rhythm in that commercial
I loved Keri Washington when she played on "Save The Last Dance"! That's my ish!😍
I'd spread my cheeks for a Keri Washington fake. [Blinks]
β€œI meant kerry washington! LMAO” I read it like nah Man Keri hilson look good especially with her braids
Keri Washington upper lip be blowin me sometimes. Lls
Keri Washington got that weird *** little snarl upper lip thing going on. Or maybe that's just me
My dream 'Lead Actress' nominees for the would be: Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington, Viola Davis, Keri Russell, & Julianna M.
In all honesty, Scandal made Keri Washington, she was so underrated. 😣
If Keri Washington was overacting and was such a bad actress why do people stay tuned to Scandal? It's one of the best series' 😌
Can't believe Payton thinks Keri Washington looks better than Meagan Good. 😩
Keri Washington is such a passionate actor
They need to give this man a permanent role on Scandal. Keri Washington on the only black person on this show.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ thank you, baby 😜RT lol I'm gonna follo w you got lips like Keri Washington! πŸ‘
lol I'm gonna follow you got lips like Keri Washington! πŸ‘
If keri washington was thicker smh.she still legit tho
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PSA: If you get a call from a 206 Washington state phone number, ignore it or block it. Apparently the "U.S.
lmaooo :::inserts Keri Washington pointing meme::: "you right"
But if I had to choose between keri "universe size head" Washington and Kim K... It would be keri! I'm playing FOH megamind
Aisha Tyler & Anne Hathaway at 15th Annual GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards - Backstage
*** tell me I favor Keri Washington everyday
Keri Washington is irritating in Django. All she do is yell in this movie
So I guess nobody gone talk about how Keri Washington cheating on her husband and having a baby by the producer of her show? Lol
To that end, I think I just saw Keri Washington in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
I should unfollow Keri Washington until she get a new stylist too. Olivia Pope the only thing saving her. The end.
Always great to see your alma mater and employer team up for something good
He thinks I look like Kerry Washington and Keri Hilson combinedπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Keri Washington is the MVP for this show .
. Plus he's married to Keri Washington and has Obama's personal phone number
Just realized Keri Washington was the sister 😳
Taraji no question!, Angela Bassett and of course my beautiful Keri Washington 😍😍
I'll be watching Scandal in Washington D.C. on Thursday night, and that fact is almost too much for me to handle.
I love me some Keri Washington, Meagan Good, Minnie, Boity, Khanyi Mbau, Rorisang(Mozart) and Yes!
Is it me or does the interviewer looks like keri Washington ?
β€œ33. Who do you look up to?” My mentor πŸ‘ and Keri Washington and Phylicia Rashad
I share my bday with Jackie Robinson, Keri Washington, & Justin Timberlake..I was destined for greatness πŸ™Œ 1/31
I still can't wrap my head around Keri Washington leaving the fixerπŸ™† she is the guttdamn fixer!
I'm actually excited to speak to the parents at Washington Early Childhood Center. The kids in are precious!
Keri Washington is law and order what!! 😦
Im thinking who is big... Lupita Nyongo or Keri Washington... after watchin Keri in
I also love the music video for bad habits. Keri Washington is the major reason.
Keri Washington's dress is so pretty
Keri Washington should know better. That dress hurt my heart.
Best part of django was seeing Keri Washington titty. No lie.
you look like a mix between sanaa lathan and keri Washington
Quiet as kept, Viola Davis and Keri Washington both just got bit by the same vampire that bit Angela Bassett
She just has a bad overbite lol β€œKeri Washington has a horrible smile.”
Keri Washington has a horrible smile.
Keri Washington has a special place in my heart. The love i have for her is beyond me.
Did Jeffrey tambor just kiss keri Washington's hand?
If I ever met Keri Washington, I'd want to try and somehow touch her skin and it would prolly get awkward.
Talking about Keri Washington on the golden globes πŸ˜‚
I don't like Keri Washington's dress... Maybe if it was a different color
Somebody please tell me what Keri Washington is wearing?!
What the *** is wrong with Keri Washington head
hey Keri Washington ...I swear that's my mother
Not impressed with Keri Washington or J-Lo's looks.
Nah Keri Washington gotta go with that dress
I love the dress not the length on Keri Washington
We have no idea what Keri Washington's kid looks like.the baby is prolly 2 by now
What happened to Keri Washington? She usually does well, but tonight...
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Keri Washington is my fashion spirit animal...😍
not really feeling the look on Keri Washington. Kinda looks like a tin ceiling tile with denim.
Keri Washington is too beautiful to be wearing this ugly dress. Who is her stylist?!
Really don't like how Keri Washington looks. Sad too, because usually she looks perfect.
Keri Washington's dress is not good.
Keri Washington's dress is
wait I've only seen flashbacks of Keri Washington in like the first hour...
Zoe Saldana amd Keri Washington are the two most overrated black women in Hollywood.
2014 Keri Washington and Kevin Hart get turnt up on stage as they present award for best video to Pharrel Williams for Happy :)
OK I have been working early everyday this week. I am tired as heck so I am going home and go to sleep and hope I wake up tonight. If not I will have my RL wife record Scandal because I can not miss Keri Washington and my Thursday night look at those lips...lololol...So no family dinner tonight because I know I am not waking up in time. Jordan Li Wright order some pizza. Kayla LeAnn Wright you are off punishment. Alexa Lauren Wright try and stay out of trouble. And to my WONDERFUL wife Trovie Wright...Happy Anniversary again and I love you too *** much...
I have to comment on the pregnant women... Keri Washington looks amazing. Oliva Wilde doesn't even look 9 months preggo!! Jealous!
Keri Washington seems to only dress nice as Olivia Pope.
Nobody understands how excited I am for Keri Washington to be back on my TV on a Thursday.
Keri Washington and Gabrielle Union are both slaying TV shows, when is Garcelle Beauvais going to do it?
Oh look, it's Keri Washington looking like she's about to cry.
Keri Washington is such an incredible actress. I cannot take it.
Do people really like Keri Washington as Olivia Pope? All she does is look like she's going to break into tears. Literally. all. she. does.
Dymond you love Keri Washington don't you ? Lol
I don't care what nobody say, Keri Washington is gorgeous my
Scandal returns next Thursday I can't wait to see Keri Washington
Michael B. Jordan will be a great Johnny Storm. Too bad we don't live in a world where Keri Washington can't be Sue Storm. Baby steps...
Watching What's Love Got To Do With It & I realize Angela Bassett seems to have that same crying face that Keri Washington made a career off
Keri has Washington 7th and Atlanta 8th, which you really can't get too upright about.
Met Keri Washington in NY a few years ago before Scandal . Nice lady !
White people love saying I look like Keri Washington
lol...dude just told me Cassie wasn't better than Megan Fox tho or Keri Washington, or Ashanti or Lauren London.
So glad there is no mail today. Happy President's Day aka George Washington's Birthday
Why did this customer just say " hey u look like someone , u look like Keri Washington" (ew) and im yea nooo ..
Saw an old photo of Keri Washington. Homegirl got plastic surgery on her nose. πŸ˜’
is it? Lol i know i love Keri Washington too!
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Olivia Wilde and Keri Washington make pregnancy look easy..they are both graceful and flawless as always
viola Davis, Halle berry, Keri Washington, gabourey sidibe, Paula Patton just to name a few she's not in that category
she slick looks like Keri Washington 😁
Serge Ibaka gets to play the game he loves, then he goes home to Keri Hilson. Nnamdi goes home to Kerry Washington. Fml
Ice cube is like Keri washington, their acting is very watery and not very believable...
Keri Washington lacks presence and power. ..she's too cute. But her beauty engages you nonetheless
Keri Washington got that perfect upper lip
Ladies do you feel like Megan good is changing her person to be more of a Keri Washington. Hold on…
looks a lil like Keri Washington if you don't see it then I don't know then.
President is white, very attractive. Olivia is Keri Washington, obviously black lol
Keri Washington her smile...But dat blank *** *** . look like she finna cry *** look.. is weird AF.. Creepy almost..
Shonda Rhimes? Olivia Pope? Keri Washington? What have they done causing such an outcry? Anyway, nayo Harry Potter yangu...
I put Keri Washington on my vision board. No, Olivia.
The Cowboys are the best X-mas gift ever, Jamal Charles is a national treasure and Keri Washington
Funfact:. Zoe Saldana is from queens. Keri Washington is from the Bronx.
Nope...idky it's a huge hit now ... I'm just glad Keri Washington is a successful working actress :-)
Lawd how he cheat on Keri Washington fine *** Guess he ain't see it πŸ™ˆ
Keri in Washington Court House Ohio agrees with El Dorado Mexican Restaurant at WomTown >> Biz listing FREE
Janet Jackson was so Keri Washington in Why did I get married
Y'all females need to get hip...Keri Hilson, Nia Long, and Kerry Washington are married to African men
Wish I can have a relationship like Keri Washington got on scandal 😘
My mom said she stopped watching Scandal because Keri Washington "keep holding her mouth like that" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Keri Washington was his wife in Ray also.oh
Man why Keri Washington have to get pregnant! Now I can't watch a new episode of Scandal until February
The last to know that Keri Washington is pregnant. That's beautiful.
"There had not been a black female lead on primetime schedule since the 1970s.". Holy crap, what a stat. Thanks, Keri Washington!
I wish Keri Washington was having my baby
Ok so I started watching scandal last night...I think I'm in love. Keri Washington needs to let me bite her bottom lip asap 😈
I didn't think Keri Washington could carry a whole series, but she put that 'S' on her chest--literally--and moved mountains.
how could you not be?!? Junior isn't a fan of Keri Washington, said she's too manly lol so he just criticizes the whole show!
LoL the radio just called Kerry Washington, Keri Hilson by mistake! I had to pause like, "Keri Hilson pregnant?"
Shame I think Keri Washington will forever annoy me now.
That scene when Keri Washington told Chris Rock he had some *** Ears..? That's the deciding factor of this argument on my TL lmao
Social media is the devil ruining the last scandal episode for me! Have a good pregnancy Keri Washington!
I tried. Keri Washington isn't a good actress to me. Lol
Keri Washington keep posting about Scandal and Im all like I'm let you finish but Beyonce just released an album. So um Imma need you to shut up for about a good two days. Thank you.
You can tell Keri Washington is pregnant.
Just watched scandel Keri Washington by far is one of my favorite actresses
Lol OK I will check it out tomorrow... if it's good. I'm a be tight but watch NCAA Keri Washington
bo ain't nobody thinkin bout Keri Washington fine self right now lol
Keri Washington ol brat doll looking *** messing up this season of Scandal cuz she wanna get pregnant. She's worse than Gin…
Somebody lied to me I had no idea scandal was on they told me that the show was off cause Keri Washington is pregnant 😱😫
Keri Washington sucked her thumb as a kid. I hate her mouth
i can NEVER read Keri Washington's emotions... like it never goes how I think it will.
first impression on my first episode of : Keri Washington is a heaux.
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Keri Washington is a brilliant actress
If Keri Washington says she's not coming back next season, imma cry. 😩😩😭😭
Idc what nobody say Keri Washington is so pretty it's crazy, like her cheek bones and her teeth are tha only things I pay attention to 😍😍
I bet they are going to say Fitz got olivia preggo. Since Keri Washington is REALLY pregnant
I love Keri Washington though...i can honestly say im a fan since Save the Last Dance days
I would love to have Keri Washington
Olivia Pope ALWAYS get to the bottom of it! lol Keri Washington Know she da truth!
I can't deal with Keri Washington's mouth
Keri Washington side head is so sexy
Kerry Washington def gon sweep all the major awards
The man who plays Keri Washington Dad on Scandal. Shakes his head a lot when he he got some suga in his neck. Not the tank... but his neck. Like a Pez despencer. Thankyou very much
Peep how they doing wide angle to not show that Keri Washington is pregnant 😏
SO Keri Washington was nominated for best actress in a series drama for the golden globe, but Scandal did NOT get not ONE nomination for anything!?!?! Well we all know what that's about! And SCANDAL (not to mention Grey's Anatomy) still KILLING all these other GARBAGE shows combined!!!
I wanna be like Janet Jackson, Keri Washington and that order! LOL!
scandel ya keri washington is so much nicer dan SA scandel. i cnt blve i watched season 1 and 2 in jst two days nw its game of thrones turn. so far... LOVING IT!
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Scandal fans are mad that Keri Washington is pregnant because some episodes will be cut from the season? God forbid she be allowed to live her life and have some *** happiness! The *** is wrong with y'all!?
LMBO!!! Now you know if some woman was chatting it up with your husband/Man and was behind your back trying to undermine your relationship with your husband/Man, while carrying on a sexual relationship with your husband/Man, you women would be sick to your stomachs with hurt and anger but somehow you're entertained by watching a woman be betrayed by her husband, who is having a sexual affair with Keri Washington's character on Scandal. Wow!!! Now thats pretty funny and pathetic. Women out here talking about they want a faithful man, talking about they want a man they can trust. Don't make me laugh
Breaking News! heard it here first.for all of my fellow Scandal watchers.scandal will air 18 instead of the 22 planned episodes for this season; after next Thursday, the show will not air until sometime in February to finish the season due to Keri Washington and her husband expecting a baby! *faints* and tries to decide what I will do for after next Thursday at 10 pm
LOVE him and "Treme" is the and the writing is amazing. No, there is no love affair between Ms. Sally Hemmings and President ., I mean Keri Washington. Just keeping it real and for the record, I do catch up on it from time to time. R
If any show or event wants to invite Keri Washington, they will ask for her to come as Olivia Pope because EVERYBODY wants to meet Olivia Pope !
You Scandal watchers are nuts! Someone really hashtagged that Keri Washington should of had an abortion so the season wouldn't be cut short smdh
Keri Washington abt to cry face... Priceless
Ugh oliva pope annoys me I think I'm the only person in the world who hates Keri washington acting.
I had to change my flight because of weather delays so I am pulling into Little Rock with four hours till my flight takes off. So, I am going to get in the airport, sit down and watch last night's episode of scandal. It's good to know that Jesus is still on the throne and Keri Washington is still fine...
I'm scrolling and seeing all these Scandal post from last night! I just can't watch that show lol ! I hate the faces that Keri Washington makes! It annoys me and makes me angry 󾌩
so i missed Keri Washington at the Mass Women's conference and then i missed scandal ...I definitely lose.
Scandal never fails. Thank you Jesus for the writers. That's for all of my Christians who thank Christ for everything. Thank you Jesus for Scandal and Keri Washington and the entire cast. I would just like to thank Christ for the episode tonight and next week, if live to make it another week.
Scandal was so good tonight looking forward to the season finale next week!Keri Washington
Because of scandal I'm missing the game smh. Dam u Keri Washington
Get Ready, Set, Record. Scandal is moving to Saturday. Ok not Keri Washington's Scandal but a new show that's just as hot and juicy. I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part the Spin Cycle which airs this Saturday at 1:30am on channel 2. If you are looking for Grown and Sexy conversation this is where it's at. Shout out to all of my crazy co - panelists i had a ball. And the amazing hosts April Johnson and Teronce Styyles. To Kenda Bell keep grinding. Thanks so much again for the opportunity. Hope you watch. Especially my sister circle Yolanda Ellis Stacey Jax Ebony Brandon Sage Johnson
Enjoying a great day in Boston listening to Doris Kearns Goodwin, Keri Washington, Robin Roberts and my favorite speaker so far: Linda Cliatt-Wayman
So mrs. Chapelle from english 4...yea she looks alot like keri washington.
I just hope Keri Washington wins that award this year. Β«LOL you're a bit late! She didn't win the Emmy
C'mon 49ers how u gonna cut Nhamdi ? wen he has a baby on the way with Olivia Pope , I mean Keri Washington , that's cold c'mon Dallas *** him up!
My take on Scandal last night: Only Olivia Pope can wear white jackets and drink red wine everyday ... I think I love Keri Washington. lol
Keri Washington along with Taraji P. Henson & Kimberly Elise are my all time favorite actresses & ya can't forget Julia Roberts
β€œand Jurnee Smollett look alike” I get that and Keri Washington all the time
Inspired and truely motivated by Keri Washington's speech for black girls
Keri washington,I luv this woman ...
Powerfull words from Keri Washington *inspired* n she luks stunning too
'We must keep shinning the light on each other' - Keri Washington
Is it me or Keri washington does have some look alike with Koketso
No one fake cries more than Keri Washington one
Reggae music instantly makes me want to channel my inner Keri Washington circa 2001 in 'Save The Last Dance.'
it would be a shame if Keri Washington wasn't part of the 49er fan any more lol
just reminded me that Keri Washington was in save the last dance...I just got my *** life
In other news keri washington is getting married soon.after all the lashin she did in scandal. Well.theres a man for every woman
I don't know who I love more Olivia Pope or Keri Washington.
I'd rather have Adriana Grande or Keri Washington than Beyonce any day.
Keri Washington and her outrageous *** sex scenes be vexing me
you meant to say Matt Damon and Keri Washington.
Keri Washington, the aliens from AlienNation, same *** fam...
Keri Washington's persona in scandal is attractive as ***
I don't think Keri Washington is that pretty.
Keri Washington is NOT that pretty. Her head too big for her body and her mouth pisses me off.
Paula Patton and Keri Washington aren't attractive to me, one looks like a 12 yr old the other a block
it's so much sex and heat you'd love it!! Lol Keri Washington did the *** thing
Just lock me in a room with Keri Washington, Gabrielle u Union and Meagan Good for the rest of my life
Keri Washington. if she was black lol
its A Tv series bruh its good you should watch it my boo Keri Washington Is In It
Why does Keri Washington make almost cryin look so good
Keri Washington looks like a black Angelina Jolie
Keri Washington is kinda fierce tho
Only 10 minutes in the first episode & i love Keri Washington in Scandal
I think Keri Washington mad pretty breh
I wonder if Nnamdi Asomugha and Keri Washington will do a Traditional Marriage in Nigeria
If she's Rihanna or Keri Washington "Guys, can you date your Friends Ex gf ?
Jamie Fox and keri Washington were in ray charles and django together
I knew Keri Washington got married but I didn't know it was to Nnamdi Asomugha
Of course Keri Washington is in this movie. Ugh idk why but she annoys me as an actress.
Keri Washington's boob shot was love!
I love Keri Washington but she always looks like she's on the verge of tears. AL-WAYS!
but she also gives me Keri Washington cousin vibe
I said I ain't wanna see Keri Washington titties while she got on that darkskin makeup 😭
I forgot Keri Washington was in Ray Charles movie baby been doing this 😍😘 I love her
Plans canceled for tomorrow. Smh saw that coming. Watever. Its Washington.
I need to move. Texas 'men' obviously aren't in my lane. If the grass was so *** green on this side, I wouldn't have to request a date on FB. SO people/society in general, PLEASE stop explaining to me how happy I SHOULD be because I'm not fat, old, married or a parent. Thanks. Goodnight.
What celebrity annoys you the most? β€” Keri Washington. Im nt racist its just something abt her
Jon S. Corzine, the former New Jersey governor and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. co-chairman, probably will be sued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for his role in the collapse of MF Global Holdings Ltd., said a person with direct knowledge of the situation.
called Scandal too in some parts; dope but not a classic legal show "THE FIXER! Starring Keri Washington. AMAZING"
Django is such a good movie 🐴 the only reason I watched it was for Keri Washington tho!
Keri Washington on the cover of Maxim Australia. Yeah she did that.
Asha from Hit the Floor talks and favors Keri Washington!!
sweetie it's a small typo under the new keri washington article during the second sentence. I just wanted you to know :-)
Chances are, though, if you’re reading this and you watch TV the way most people do β€” without missing a single episode of your favourite show β€” you’re not one of them.
Gabrielle Union was out of her league last night. Auntie O would have done better choosing Keri Washington.
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The slave masa would've put me in the hot box like they did Keri Washington cuz I would've been like it's too *** hot to be in the fields
Keri Washington is just too too HAUTE.
What movie star would you most like to meet? β€” Keri Washington
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I started with season 1. I like it, but for some reason I don't like Keri Washington. She's annoying to me lolol
Photos: Keri Washington on the cover of Maxim Australia Magazine July 2013 Issue
So I guess now black people have any issue with Keri Washington because of her skin tone on the cover of a magazine smh,all mags do touch up
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Imagine if they had like Keri Washington , Gabrielle Union , Nia Long , Tika Sumpter , or Kelly Rowland would they have the same issues ?
Keri Washington is such a good actress.
How ironic that no one payed Keri Washington any attention back in 2001 when she was in save the last dance & now she's killing the game.
This has been my first Vegas trip without having a single drop of alcohol! Say what?! ...BUT since EDC is in town our bathroom always reeks of marijuana from the other rooms.
Thank God for women like Gabrielle Union,Keri Washington, Badu, and Mrs. Hill.
She tried out for Olivia Pope and didn't get she was hating on Keri Washington and how she could have done better
agreed...I love gabby, I do, but Keri Washington has more relevance in connection to women today.
Gabby Union just dropped a precious jewel to the veteran actresses on OWN! She spoke of herself, Sanaa Lathan, Keri Washington etc starting their own production companies to create more projects for work. Not waiting on someone to "Give" you a job!
I would much rather see Keri Washington over Gabrielle Union. Ugh.
I love Gabby. But Keri Washington does it better
What? Gabriel Union auditioned for the Olivia Pope role ?!? I'm so happy Keri Washington got the part!
reveals she went out for Keri Washington's role in Scandal
4 days and 4 nights train trip from Vancouver BC to Toronto Ontario CA
Keri Washington just made Oprah cry! Shucks, me too!
Keri washington reminds me of you :-)
La Meuf Du Saloon, Django version! Keri washington still in the crush list!!
I wish that I could see Cody Simpson, he's in my hometown right now and I can't go:'( ~Mariah
Straight shooting for all the gym heads...this page was only made so me & my CGBs team could put the workout motivation to others out in the world
Blood letting is healthy, right? Because each day I've been ripping the tip of my thumb off and regluing it after I have a little bleed.
Freaky Friday: movie with the best sex scene?
Goodbye Missouri!! I've had a blessed time and I'm so thankful for everything!! Time for a new start though. :)
Y'all be going home with Keri Washington and waking up with Andre 3000.
omg noo lol watch it from the beginning lol .. Keri Washington is a beast in the show lol
Meet Keri Washington! Funny she said I was stunning ... I'm thinking what? Your stunning ... she's an amazing actress!
eff basketball! Time to watch Keri Washington be all fast in "Sacandal". That'll help clear my mind...
Who is the most flawless women alive? β€” it's between Keri Washington and Gabrielle Union 😍
How are y'all tonight??? Lets play a game ur name/age/where u from to get to know y'all just a little better. Redneck Woman:)
Why is it when you say you are a "Liberal" or a "Progressive" you suddenly become amoral, anti-god, and unable to think for yourself. Funny thing, I am none of those.
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on e. Samuel L. Jackson is one funny guy. Keri Washington!! Gorgeous is what she is!
this man that come to my job calls me Keri Washington cuz of my lips ... his old *** lowkey calling me dsl
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Nia long husband is an assistant coach for the spurs where he meet her at?? This is why I never give up Keri Washington I'm comin for u lol
All you scandal fans watch She Hate Me n see Keri Washington at one of her best
Keri Washington in She Hate Me was giving it up filthy oh Oliva Pope how far you have come
Has anybody ever seen "She Hates Me" with Anthony Mackie and Keri Washington ?? I just walked in on Kerri and Dania Ramirez making out πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
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