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Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Lee Martin (born December 30, 1977) is an American professional basketball player.

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Kenyon Martin breaking his ankle in conference tournament
- Kenyon Martin puts Eddie Jones in the basket.
Also today on Kenyon Martin joins us to discuss whether his comments have helped Dubs.
Martin Edwards: "So we made our approach and Wenger did show a little bit of interest, enough to want…
I thought it was funny that Cassy Athena deleted my comment on her IG photo disputing the notion of Kenyon Martin being an NBA legend lol.
I'm hoping Sharna has an NBA player who just recently retired like Amar'e Stoudemire or Kenyon Martin
Kenyon Martin used to put chest on my *** dj mbenga
KMart thinks Nets would've won a chip had he still been around when they landed VC to form a Big 3 along w/ J-Kidd:
goin down today. Is it gonna be Kenyon Martin's Trilogy or Rashard Lewis' 3 Headed Monsters?
2013 Knicks, 6MOY JR, 29 PPG Melo, Tyson Chandler when he was still a defensive anchor, Kenyon Martin, Shump, Stoud…
Kenyon Martin on Ezekiel Elliott's suspension — 'Six games. The max? He had a couple of mishaps, but the maximum?'. (via kenyonm…
03' Nets with Richard Jefferson, Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Mutombo, and the Goat Brian Scalabrine
(2002) Kenyon Martin and Richard Jefferson have a dunk fest against the Knicks, courtesy of a couple J-Kidd dimes. htt…
Gary Payton, Clyde Drexler, Kenyon Martin, and Stephen Jackson defending KD's decision and telling the haters to get over it…
Kenyon Martin on Kobe Bryant in his Players Tribune article on his list of players who he hated to play against:
Kenyon Martin, Darius Miles, Mike Miller, Mo Pete was good for the Raptors that's all I got right now
Kenyon Martin wants to play Joakim Noah for his contract: "That boy *** ".
Kenyon Martin calls out Joakim Noah: "That boy *** ..I'll play him for his contract.”. 🎥: htt…
Kenyon Martin goes into full rant about Joakim Noah. "He can't hit his *** with both hands. That boy *** " ➡️
I'm just from NJ, went to an NBA finals game in the early 2000s. Derrick Coleman was cool. Kenyon Martin is a personal hero
How did a nuggets team with Carmelo, Allen Iverson, Marcus Camby, Kenyon Martin, Nene, JR Smith, & Anthony Carter not win…
Loving that all nba players you grew up with are now commentators.Kenyon Martin, TMac, Billups, Stephen Jackson, Shaq, KG jesus christ
Stephen Jackson and Kenyon Martin top 5 hood *** to ever play in the association have television gigs after playing.
Want to watch guys like Kenyon Martin and Stephen Jackson hoop it up again? Ice Cube’s got you.
Kenyon Martin getting Big3 started with some trash talk!
Started watching Blindspot because of Ashley Johnson. Then BOOM, there is Rob Brown. Jamal Wallace and Kenyon Martin in my favorite movies!
I'm aware they were good. Point is guys like Kenyon Martin, Jason Kidd, Kurt Thomas types…
Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin and Rashard Lewis are among the former NBA all-stars…
u forgot they had Billups,Kenyon Martin,Grant hill,caron Butler , Bledsoe etc
I just met Ice Cube, Gary Payton, Kenyon Martin, Stephen Jackson, and Corey Maggette. Only at UNLV.
Richard Jefferson , Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin and Kerry Kittles got more buckets then anybody on the cavs
And the nets?! You mean the Richard Jefferson Kerry Kittles Kenyon Martin nets?!
Kissy lips on Kenyon Martin always bothered me
Kenyon Martin due for another 2 point and 2 rebound game? I know he gonna talk like he still an all-star anyway.
Former college basketball alumni for UC and Xavier like Kenyon Martin.
Kenyon Martin, Cincy... still might be the best college player I ever saw!
I'm a Xavier fan and no idea how Kenyon Martin isn't unanimous. Best college player I saw as a kid
Second best Bearcat all-time: Kenyon Martin, Xavier:. the shadow of David West?
The last one prior to Cole Aldrich, by the way, was Lamar Odom on October 31, 2012. And then Kenyon Martin before him.
the celebrity NBA match is actually Tim Thomas vs. Kenyon Martin
Kenyon Martin shuts down 50 Cent's claim that he'll fight former NBA rival Tim Thomas
A look at Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin, Rashard Lewis and Roger Mason posing with their "Big 3" league jerseys:
According to a boxing match between Kenyon Martin & Tim Thomas has been added to the undercard of the Chris Brown/…
Kenyon Martin, Rashard Lewis, and others are expected to play in a new basketball league starting in 2017. Details: https:…
That's a huge part of it. He was like Ben Wallace but also Kenyon Martin. I still think of him that way.
Kenyon Martin's son is just like dad. Get up!
George Karl admits he is sorry for how he worded his comments about Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony.
"He's showing everybody who he is" - Kenyon Martin openly addressed George Karl's upcoming book today on The Jump.
Voshon Leonard, Anthony Carter, Kenyon Martin, Marcus Camby(who was injured a lot in Denver)
Kenyon Martin's son has the bounce 😱. (via .
J.R. Smith video to Kenyon Martin, Carmelo Anthony, Reggie Evans, after G.. https:…
This is all Carmelo Anthony has to prove to anyone, George Karl owes he and Kenyon Martin an apology
Not surprised Kenyon Martin showed up on he's been Mr. No nonsense 💯
Terry Bradshaw and Kenyon Martin joining the Herd today on the truth couch. Plus best Blazin 5 of the year
Kenyon Martin handled himself very well on just now regarding Jorge Karl
He coached for 100 years, winning percentage is more Kenyon Martin said he is a sorry *** c…
Watched Undisputed to see Kenyon Martin, then Sharpe said LeBron is a better 3-point shooter than Klay. Looks like I overstayed my welcome
George Karl said Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin sucked since they didn't have dads to teach them to act like men htt…
Listening to Kenyon Martin speak you wouldn't know he had a bad stuttering problem growing up
J.R. Smith & Kenyon Martin stuck by their former nuggets teammate Carmelo Anthony defending him in wake of George Karl's slander in his book
Lmaoo they wasted no time getting Kenyon Martin up there tho
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Kenyon Martin & his sister were raised by a single mom who worked 2 jobs while Melo's dad died of cancer when he was 2YO. George Karl is a 🐍
Kenyon Martin really represented himself well and made George Karl look worse.
are we sure Kenyon Martin isn't actually Method Man are we really sure
Kenyon Martin and Carmelo were immature, lazy thugs on the court. George Karl is just c…
Kenyon Martin on undisputed currently and giving his thoughts on George Karl
Bounce me up and down, slam me like K-Mart on and off the d*** better known for breaking hearts. (Kenyon Martin = a Trina verse)
Kenyon Martin and have every right to go see about George Karl, he put that beef on hisself Big Dawg.
"If we won it was because of him. If we lost, it was because of us" - Kenyon Martin on George Karl
Excellent segment on FS1's "Undisputed" with Kenyon Martin in regards to George Karl. Sensationalism sells books but Karl was out of bounds.
I see why I rock with Kenyon Martin.
In case you're wondering, Junior got hops like his daddy too. Look at pops jump from sideline after. h…
Kenyon Martin joins us to discuss George Karl's criticism. NOW on
George Karl has made some enemies with the release of his new book... Because the brought Kenyon Martin out of the caves
George Karl's not making any friends with his new book.
Kudos to Kenyon Martin for the way he's responding to George Karl on better stand up for his mama who raised him
Little Giant Ladders
Kenyon Martin goes off on George Karl: "Awful and coward *** coach".
"You're taking a shot at my mom. You're taking a shot at other single moms out there." - Kenyon Martin on George Karl on F…
Can't tell me Kenyon Martin not back in hood owning the weed man money& telling him " duke I'll pay you, stop acting like that "
George Karl calls Kenyon Martin "insecure, immature" in part because he had no father growing up. Kenyon has a few thi…
Serious accusations from George Karl regarding Melo and Kenyon Martin.
Kenyon Martin and Melo need to pull up on George Karl. He crossed the line with this statement:
I’d rather hear what Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, Kenyon Martin & DeMarcus Cousins think of George Karl.
And Joel Embiid was drafted what, in the same year as Kenyon Martin?
Great group of back for homecoming: Kenyon Martin, Leonard Stokes, Terry Nelson & DerMarr Johnson.
Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin once got into a fistfight while on the New Jersey Nets http…
My bro got kicked out of a playoff game for telling Kenyon Martin he had Blake Griffins lips tatted on his neck.
Criss looking like a cross between Jared Jeffries size with the energy of Tyrus Thomas/Kenyon Martin. Out of control but working hard
nah. The Jason Kidd, Vince Carter and Kenyon Martin era took them to the finals.
Kenyon Martin tells that he's planning on trying to make a comeback in the NBA.
Richard Jefferson is the last dinosaur from pre-historic era. Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, Kerry Kittles all extinct
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Paul Pierce, A.I, KG, Kenyon Martin and Ron Artest. Throw in JR smith too
wait, we had Jason Collins, Kenyon Martin, and Rodney Rodgers on the floor all at one?
I respect that and I also respect that you could probably pass as an expert in Kenyon Martin facts and trivia.
Sometimes you think about RATM and then Kenyon Martin and wish it was 1998
Sometimes, you just happen to think about Kenyon Martin.
So I can't get Kenyon Martin lip neck tat?
Wish Kenyon Martin still played, he'd snuff Draymond in a heartbeat. Just to set the tone!
this is why KD wont win until he;s paired with another superstar who is unselfish like kenyon "pass n dunk" martin
smh and kenyon martin STILL doesnt have a head coaching job what is this league coming to? smh
Of course Shaq was gonna eat vs Rik Smits, a 37 yr old Mutombo and Kenyon Martin lol..
Guys, the Vertical podcast w/ guest Kenyon Martin is one of the most honest interviews ever. K-Mart: fun & intense! https:/…
"You ever try to fight a grizzly bear in a phone booth?" - on Pod with https…
People don't know. People are ignorant. They feel that if you stutter,...
U say the East has never been bad, and I'll show you games when the Nets dominated the East with Kenyon Martin being the second best player.
Crazy to still see Jefferson going up like that. Listened to Kenyon Martin's interview with Woj on Brought back fun memories.
Of course there's some things that I would have liked to have... none ...
Great interview with for fans to listen to
Last time a senior was drafted number 1 was Kenyon Martin in 2000
Nah my uncle still wanna fight Kenyon Martin 4 that hard *** foul
Kenyon Martin said on Podcast with that he lost $370,000 one year in just fines alone.
I mean I can't argue that lol I'm jus sayin I think some ppl do tho. j Kidd made Kenyon Martin good lls idc idc
cp3 made Tyson Chandler a lot better. J Kidd did the same for Kenyon Martin and Richard Jefferson
Kenyon Martin rode a bus from Dallas to Jersey for ABDC camp. Crazy!
no i cant kenyon martin is the only basketB player with true the media must address this
What about Kenyon Martin he had way more influence on the Nets rise in 00s then Jefferson and Vince
i thought it was obvious that GSW was missing kenyon martin out there. really need his tenacity and fire imho.
Those Nets teams with Jason Kidd, Kenyon Martin & Richard Jefferson were so fun to watch.
Kenyon Martin went on the Verticle podcast with Woj and kept it 100. Interesting stuff on Nuggets, Melo, and more. https:…
Imagine if Nugs didn't overpay for Kenyon Martin and actually put pieces around Melo
it was Carmelo and Kenyon Martin the rest were decent and Ty didn't even pop yet
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Showed my brother the picture of me and Kenyon Martin , he googled his whole career lol
Aldridge and Interested Rondo at least make that a multi-faceted debate, as opposed to Kenyon Martin and Jamaal McGloire
The Woj pod with Kenyon Martin is really good, check it out. But beware, some NSFW or kids.
Kenyon Martin in my spot getting his Soca on tonite, Old people bday Party maddy2k's video
The apple watch review with the Kenyon Martin lips tattoo.
K-Mart to Woj: “We had great pieces, we had a lot a lot of talent, but we never were a team”
Kenyon Martin had some really interesting things to say about the Denver Nuggets via
This Kenyon Martin podcast with Woj is amazing 😂😂😂😂
great interview (The Vertical Podcast) with Kenyon Martin. Learned a lot about him & what fueled his physical play
Kenyon Martin (aka Uncle Buck) speaks out on his short time as a Buck. This and more in today's Daily Bucks!.
let's put Kenyon Martin in the HoF too for being the best player in his draft class
because we had Reggie Evans and Kenyon Martin
This Scott guy the new friggin Kenyon Martin with the lips tattooed on his neck? Tool
hope I'm not offending, but: Rashard Lewis (that stupid contract), Tyson Chandler and Kenyon Martin (recipient of J-Kidd passes).
It’s astounding to think a team with Melo, Iverson, Kenyon Martin, & JR Smith, and coached by George Karl, once co-existed enough to win 50
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When did Kenyon Martin go back to college?
Makes me wish there were cameras for the Kenyon Martin "popcorn in the car" prank that nearly ended the Nuggets
Actually they may be. Tim Krumrie for the Bengals, Kenyon Martin for UC, and the Votto a couple years ago in the playoffs
I'd put in Nick Young, Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans right about now.
correct. But the last college senior to be taken No. 1 was Kenyon Martin in 2000. Teams want talent+youth. Ben Simmons is both
feel like Jason Kidd lobbing to you like a young Kenyon Martin on this one
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the interesting David Wesley meets the unfortunate Kenyon Martin 🏊
S/O too Kenyon Martin and Gilbert Arenas coming by the shop!
Bogdanovic is the 4th player to make the game as a rookie & sophomore (Mason Plumlee, Brook Lopez, Kenyon Martin). …
I wish Kenyon Martin didn't get hurt. I will remember Mike Miller shot v Butler and all the way to final game.
But I'm noticing the women in these New York web-series either resemble bonzi wells or Kenyon Martin in the face
Kenyon Martin and Johnny Cueto and Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton are responsible for my unreasonable pessimism
ICYMI, sums up what everyone is thinking. Kenyon Martin, Carson Palmer, Johnny Cueto ... Andy Dalton. https:…
I can handle that, but don't bring up Kenyon Martin around me.
…and you're stuck with Grant Hills broken body and Kenyon Martin.
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The last time dropped 106 points, Kenyon Martin was a senior (106-66 vs UNLV on January 2, 2000)
I still contend that if Kenyon Martin hadn't gotten hurt, they'd have won it all
who was the owner that let Kenyon Martin go?
and Kenyon Martin was just a bad boy to
Check out this week's Campus Cutie, Edgar Martin '17!
football game vs Tulsa reminds me of the NCAA tourney in 2000. An injured Kenyon Martin could only watch. Still a sad memory.
I love the 2008-2009 Denver Nuggets. The most tattoos in NBA history. Birdman has tats, Melo has mad tats, JR, Kenyon Martin. Chauncey.
Memo to announcers ... Kmart is Kenyon Martin, not Kevin Martin.
nah this makes Kenyon martin's tattoo look like classic artwork
why they do u like that being October jeer with Kenyon Martin 😂😂
for today: '07 Carlos Boozer, '06 Andrei Kirilenko and '04 Kenyon Martin.
Larry Austin has played in more Sweet 16 games than Kenyon Martin.
Idk watch nba because People like Rasheed Wallace, Kenyon Martin , Rod Strickland , etc dont hoop no more. lol
“Could John Stockton get to the finals twice with the 2002-2003 New Jersey Nets? with Richard Jefferson & Kenyon Martin?”hmm
Luke Walton, Linas Kleiza, Marcus Camby, Kenyon Martin are all playing big minutes in a playoff game in 2008. God bless NBATV
Birdman, Melo, AI, Marcus Camby and Kenyon Martin all on the same team.. Recipe for the playoffs
Former No. 1 pick Kenyon Martin says he's retiring from pro basketball
All Trina bodies got that tat probably lmao Soulja Boy, Kenyon Martin, all them ***
I been doin nothing but making music for the last 4years I still thought Kenyon Martin was in the league
Kenyon Martin a nice lookin Biggs too.. I would suck the life outta his lips .. smh crazy
Kenyon Martin was the number 1 pick bro that draft was poo.. Jamal Crawford the best out that draft
I rang the basketball player Kenyon Martin today at work and I forgot his shoe laces so he had to come back lmao 😂
Walking the streets in Dallas and I meet Kenyon Martin
What y'all know about the Kenyon Martin throwback 🔥🔥🔥
Kenyon Martin announces retirement from basketball
we forget how much talent that 08 Nuggets team had. Melo, Allen Iverson, Kenyon Martin, Nene, Camby, J.R. Smith
Watching this Hardwood classic game of the La Lakers against the Denver Nuggets 🏀they disrespectful having Kenyon Martin guard Kobe
They really tried kenyon Martin on Kobe in that series lol
As Kenyon Martin ends NBA career, a look at where he started ...
S/o to the guy with Kenyon Martin style lips tat at the gym today!
Update your maps at Navteq
Random, but Curious fans: Would you rather see the Nets retire Kenyon Martin's jersey or Vince Carter's?
Youngmisuk: Ups and downs of Kenyon Martin's NBA career
J Kidd and Kenyon Martin really took them to the finals 2 years straight. The west was just too good though
Big thanks to Kenyon Martin for providing a great youth BBall Camp at Beckley-Saner Rec Center!
Longtime NBA forward Kenyon Martin retires from basketball
Had a chance to be amongst one of my childhood idols , Kenyon Martin. God bless you and thanks for all the wisdom. Much l…
Great camp in Dallas this week with Kenyon Martin and Higher Goals!…
Great time this week at the Kenyon Martin - Higher Goals Camp in Dallas!…
Kenyon Martin has the worst game 6 performance ever 3-21 lmao
Kenyon Martin throwing bricks at the backboard for fun kmt
Youngmisuk: Ups and downs of Kenyon Martin's NBA career
Keith Van Horn played for the Nets, very good player! Kenyon Martin, Richard Jefferson, Drazen, Vince Carter, Derrick Coleman
We got Keith Vanhorn instead of Tim Duncan. We get the pick and only get Kenyon Martin. We go to the finals with Byron Scott as our coach
A look back on Kenyon Martin's time in Denver - Mile High sports
1996 Bryan Adams High School graduate Kenyon Martin, 37, is retiring from the NBA, after 15 seasons.
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Kenyon Martin gonna live on as the answer to the trivia question who was the last senior to be drafted first overall that's a solid career
Kenyon Martin retired and put in as much effort as I did in high school coursework.
Kenyon Martin retires to likely be the answer to this Trivia Question for a Looong time coming:. Last 4 yr College player taken overall?
*** to see Kenyon Martin retire... Only guy I've probably seen play live in high school, college and the pros
How many of y'all knew that just-retired Kenyon Martin and attended the same high school _ albeit a few years apart?
Kenyon Martin was a beast in his prime. Loved watching him while I was in high school.
Kenyon Martin retired today. He was the pick in the 2000 NBA Draft. That was the year I started high school. Man, I feel really old.
Who else do the Cavs have stashed on their bench? Trajan Langdon? Darius Miles? Kenyon Martin? World B. Free?
I still think Anthony Bennett can become a productive player in this league. Kenyon Martin is the comparison I like to use
Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, and Kenyon Martin all shared a locker room once. Where is the 30 for 30 on tho…
Just think Allen Iverson, JR Smith, Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin all played on the same team at one time!
2006 Nuggets starting 5 was AI, Smith, Melo, Kenyon Martin, and Marcus Camby. Made me fall in love with basketball
» Chauncey Billups on the time he saved J.R. Smith’s life from Kenyon Martin
Panathinaikos will NOT sign Kenyon Martin. The Greens will sign Raymar Morgan and DJ Cooper.
Jamal Crawford was in the same draft class as Kenyon Martin, Jamaal Magloire, Mike Miller, Darius Miles and Q-Rich
Al Harford woulda never did that to the great Kenyon Martin
I could also see J.kidd, Kenyon Martin and Richard Jefferson.
Kenyon Martin to enter the floor, along with James White and Jason Maxiell. UC wins 88-45
Nick Van Exel, Ruben Patterson, Danny Fortson, Jason Maxiel and Kenyon Martin are not walking through those doors; Even if they did...
Bob Huggins is about to hire Kenyon Martin to murder one of his West Virginia players
Brook Lopez, Ryan Anderson, Kenyon Martin and Brandon Armstrong are just about the only exceptions I can think of.
I feel like people forget how ridiculously entertaining Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin back in the day.
Jason made Kenyon Martin and Richard Jefferson look like hall of famers. Lebron hasn't done that yet.
The work of Oscar Robertson, Jack Twyman, and Kenyon Martin died yesterday, February 1st 2015, at the hands of the East Carolina Pirates.
Kenyon Martin (lol) is expected to play Thursday against the Knicks
Pretty sure CP3 would take the Nets to the Finals 2 yrs if he had Kenyon Martin, Keith Van Horn, & Kerry Kittles as teammates.
Kenyon Martin (nothing lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change) left Saturday's game and did not return.
Kenyon Martin can still throw it down, y'all
Kenyon Martin (37 yrs,10 days) is the 3rd oldest player in history to debut w/ team---Jerome Kersey (38.152) and Kurt Thomas (37.26).
.Kenyon Martin? What's next? Can we bring back Stackhouse, Kurt Thomas, and Primoz Brezec?
The Bucks officially announce they have signed forward/center Kenyon Martin to a 10-day contract.
id rather have Kenyon Martin though. He was so cold back in the day. And he will help the young guys
Kenyon Martin chimes in on his move to
The Cavs are also in talk with Kenyon Martin. Mos/Martin along with Thompson/Love. Might reach out to Sam. Dalembert too.
I miss when we had Jason Kidd, Steve Novak, White, Kenyon Martin, Raymond Felton that was squad dude best bench by far.
I've always wondered how Bob Huggins could recruit a guy like Kenyon Martin and then... Nathan Adrian.
Thanks for the tixs coach and good seeing you!! . With Shawn Myrick, Da Juan Baker an Kenyon Martin at TCU. Love em!
So a disgruntled and restricted Joe Johnson is worth 2 firsts, Kenyon Martin is worth 3, unloading Kurt Thomas is worth 2?!
Yes get Kenyon Martin back in the NBA
The Lamar Odom and Kenyon Martin jerseys I saw in the crowd 😂
Ohio State shouldn't be penalize for losing Barrett. Teams earn right to prove can overcome, like Cincinnati bb w/Kenyon Martin in '00.
KD's a solid dude, all time player. But he's not exactly Charles Oakley or Kenyon Martin lol. You just don't believe it.
The days of Melo, Kenyon Martin, Nené, J.R Smith . . The Nuggets was the team to beat !
I want someone named Walter Martin to be in the NBA. There's Kenyon Martin, Kevin Martin (the K-Marts) but I want a Wal-Mart
Sources: Memphis Grizzlies are meeting with former No. 1 overall pick Kenyon Martin today to discuss a possible coaching p…
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Report: Kenyon Martin to work out for Memphis Grizzlies:
Eric, look at those people you named, then think. Kenyon Martin? 😂 the only real help is AI. Jr smith Is a bench player
NBA Players Explain Their Tatoos...first show, Birdman, Kenyon Martin, and Cherokee Parks. Who doesn't watch that?
Would y'all eat this? Brother I feel like you would. Idk about you daddy lol Kenyon Martin Kenyon Martin
Where is Kenyon Martin playing this season?
Where does Mike Miller fall in the Kenyon Martin category of worst tattoos in the NBA?
Do you know what Kenyon Martin is saying?: via
Oh yeah. We can talk about the time I had to sneak Kenyon Martin's gun into a show. Or funneling John Elway whiskey all night
Wow! I just won this for free, Kenyon Martin card
I would love to get Kenyon Martin to get paired with Birdman in the second unit. Would provide more aggressiveness for us as well.
If leaves or gets suspended, does the 'Kenyon Martin effect' come into play with the committee?
Yes there is a guy here in a Kenyon Martin Nuggets Jersey. In case you were wondering.
out of all em, Kenyon Martin would've game KG the business. He didn't really want that with him.
yep, they shot up the limo with Kenyon Martin and others
Looks like will start Opening Night. Last time a rookie started on Opening Night for Think it was Kenyon Martin in 2000.
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If the heat signed Kenyon Martin or Emeka Okafor or Bynum we'd be such a nice team
Andray Blatche, Kenyon Martin, Jermaine O'Neal, *** Greg Oden. ALL could of been taken over Shawne Williams.
“I'd never get a neck tat” I used to want the Kenyon Martin neck tatt 😂😭😂
Kenyon Martin was an allstar, RJ was pretty good at the time. Van Horn was also solid
bruh he had Kerry Kittles Keith Van Horn Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin he won by himself lol
I wanted to go Stockton over Kidd but I've seen way too many crazy passes, esp to Kenyon Martin for wild alley-oops lol
Happy Let's celebrate by watching 10 awesome Jason Kidd-to-Kenyon Martin alley-oops:
Yea So jr smith,Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, Nene, Marcus Camby no HELP for Allen Iverson still from 2006-2008 iight cool.
Kenyon Martin and Paul George nudes got me like .
PAUSE!! Kenyon Martin, Geno Smith AND Paul George nudes have been leaked and I didn't know about this??! *heads straight to Google*
Check out 2002 Upper Deck Dual Jersey Card from Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin. via
There's an interview about baseball the day Kenyon Martin broke his leg at cincy. You should watch it. It's revealing and true
Unless he get some REAL players. Not old washed up bums. Kenyon Martin?? Quentin Richardson?? C'mon now..
Ok definitely. That Jordan one is amazing! I'll go with Kenyon Martin?
AI had chucky Atkins , Marcus Camby . Melo , an booty Kenyon Martin lol come on now
*** Reggie miller did it, Jason Kidd with the nets , but he had Kenyon Martin, There's so many lol
"Cleveland get Kenyon Martin and emeka oakfar it's a wrap for real east getting swept"
Kenyon Martin is the best comparison that I can think of for Karl Towns. Big 4 and dominated the paint for Cincinnati.
lol I never mentioned him either ole bald headed Kenyon Martin looking *** ***
I think that's Kenyon Martin's birthday too
just like Kenyon Martin, bust for the pick, but he became a very good player
Kenyon Martin Rumors: Injuries scaring teams away from offers: Kenyon Martin has had a long NBA career but it’...
am i the only one that thinks Joe Budden looks like Kenyon Martin
"I know the game well. I'm a student of basketball: I know what it takes to win." Kenyon Martin
See a lot of Ben Wallace & young Kenyon Martin in Montrez Harrell
nuggets were a stacked team. Melo, A.I., JR smith, Kenyon Martin, birdman. George Karl as coach why they not win ?
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