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Kenya Moore

Kenya Summer Moore (born January 24, 1971) is an American film and television actress, producer, beauty queen, model and author.

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Talk about a fight heard ‘round the world! Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams' vicious brawl on the ...
The Bravo TV reality series The Real Housewives of Atlanta recently had its reunion for its sixth season. The fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore was so shocking that even the ladies from The View had to weigh in. The verbal argument turned physical once Moore began to make comments toward…
"Kenya Moore was undoubtedly the primary aggressor in the incident," read a statement from Porsha's attorney.
Y'all can say whatever Y'all want to about Kenya Moore but you can't say she had a bad weave. Some of y'all would've left tracks all overe that stage. Lmao
Kenya Moore says she is considering walking away from the Real Housewives of Atlanta after her reunion brawl with Porsha Williams was televised Sunday, April 20
Boy ppl swear they want to get slapped with a computer screen📺... Then go press charges like Kenya Moore and say they could beat me with three moves from the Israeli militant training they have...💺💺💺💺 pick a seat or sit in all of them!
Kenya Moore writes During the taping of the Reunion Episode for the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I was violently attacked by Porsha Williams. The episode, which aired tonight, Sunday, April 20, 2014, was taped in front of an audience of over 50 people, which included cast, crew, guests and executives, who served as witnesses. I called 911 to report the incident. The Atlanta police conducted an independent investigation, which included viewing the raw footage of the incident. As a result, Porsha Williams was charged with battery. The authorities will decide her fate, not me. There are many inflammatory statements made by cast members to and about each other particularly during the reunion tapings. Many have made untrue, denigrating, disparaging, and inflammatory statements against me in an attempt to provoke me, but I have never reacted in a violent way. My intellect and my brain are my most powerful weapons—not my fists. If people get so angry that they lose control and admittedly “black out” and res ...
While everyone is talking about Kenya Moore and the Porsha Williams brawl or the Mimi Faust scandal just know that another big University (Michigan) just banned Affirmative action. I don't know if it's just me but our culture is becoming *** backwards when a fight or a sex tape out beats the repeal of a huge civil rights law in the media.
Why do people hate Kenya Moore so much??? Be real...if she wasn't on the show it would be no drama and boring...NeNe is a washed up old messy hag...Porsha still low key wants Kordell with his in the closet *** but she still clenching on to the fact that she's a divorcee...Kandi is ok...but her drama with mam Joyce and Todd makes her relevant...Phaedra...her storyline is boring despite the fact her man want Kenya...and Cynthia is jus hanging in there letting Peter take her shine...I feel if Keyna leaves the show will be boring. People say they hate her but that's the real reason they watch the show...I like Kenya Moore...RIP Velvet lol
BREAKING NEWS: I think Porsha Williams is now kicked off Real House Real Housewives Of Atlanta by Reality Wives...For assaulting Kenya Moore.
Barely gettn to watch pt.1 of RHOA. Porsha should of stumped Kenya Moore so hard she reached her uterus, since da trick aint doin ntg wit it anymore.J/S.
Millions of reality television show fans finally got to see the much-hyped fight between “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast members Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams.…
Porsha Stewart (Williams) fights with Kenya Moore on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion part one and gets her kicked off the show. New report says Porsha...
This Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams "fight" though. I just saw the clip. Kenya gets dragged across the stage by her hair but Porsha is the one carried off. I'm confused. 😂😂😂😂
On my life: WE JUST SAW KENYA MOORE driving her white Bentley! I was trying to get a pic but *** phone was too slow. That heifer looked in my face and frowned lol.
Bravo kicked Porsha Williams off the set of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion after a heated confrontation with Kenya Moore, but should they be excused for their Real Housewives Bully Culture?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Kenya Moore in The Housewives in Atlanta Show. She needs to be fired not Porsha Williams keep her. Kenya started first talking junk. I don't like her
04/22/14 – Move over Mr. President, Huggy Lowdown dishes on the Marion Berry Easter Egg Role, what happens when Kenya Moore gets her butt kicked…
So Kenya Moore leaving the RHOA is trending..Who gives a HOOT! She wasn't a Wife anyway. Da *** cares. Shout through a bullhorn in someone's face and expect to get dragged 7 feet, simple as that! lls
Kenya Moore stated that she has been trained in self-defense, developed for the Israeli military, and is trained in weapons. She further states that she can take a person down in "three moves". *blink blink* *blank stare* Apparently, they don't teach reflexive action during an attack.
kenya moore better QUIT RHOA i was sick of her from day one made my dam wife portia reached the edge dere is so much one person can take till they had enough
Ok Kenya Moore is extremely irritating, however saying, "One thing I won't be is talked over. " While holding a bullhorn was HILARIOUS!
Kenya Moore said she may not be returning to the RHOA. I say they should end the show completely. None of them bitties are real friends anyway. I didn't see Kenya's relevance to the show. Ne-Ne needs to stop smelling herself and Cynthia needs to get a backbone. The rest of the cast are boring.I hope this is their last season along with BWLA!
"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kenya Moore is completely fed up with Porsha Williams' violent BS -- at least that's how she sounded on the 911 call she placed ... moments after Porsha allegedly attacked her.
Pretty Gurls Dont Fight,True... But Kenya Moore Kept Gigging at Porsha Williams smh I just saw it LOL she drug tht B* hahhaa
Bad News for Kenya Moore: By: Amanda Anderson-Niles Kenya Moore was dragged across the floor by her tres...
What does Kenya Moore have to say following her on-camera brawl with Porsha Williams??! Find out HERE!
The ladies from The View just read the brakes off of Kenya Moore ***
Wendy Williams wore Kenya Moore out on her show!!!
Wendy Williams just said that she thinks Kenya Moore should quit RHOA because she's too good and too poised to be in a brawl... Lies! I disagree... She didn't say anything about her pulling out that megaphone and talking that ish! She was asking for it. Wasn't a dang thang "poised" about that... Smh..
Kenya moore reminds me of so many people. starting crap, instigating a fight and then getting beat up! Lmbo. about time
[[ QUESTIONS ]] What has Kenya Moore done to all of these hatin' women? Do they truly believe reality TV is reality?
So the Porsha girl jumped on Kenya Moore for taunting her.on the TRUTH? that wasnt about Kenya Moore that was about her looking herself in the mirror and saying *** i played beard/wife for this dude and i didn't get S*for it!" jmo
Kenya Moore says she's seriously considering leaving
After weeks of speculation surrounding a reported brawl involving Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams, last night the Bravo network finally aired part one of their t...
Kenya Moore is putting up a front that she’s living and eating good when she isn’t. A so
Last night's reunion special on The Real Housewives of Atlanta saw Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore throw down. Come along for the recap.
The highly publicized brawl between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams aired during last night's "RHOA" reunion episode and now Kenya has released a statement about the incident: During the taping of ...
Kenya Moore Releases LONG Statement After Getting Beat Up By Porsha WilliamsKissy Denise | April 21, 2014 | Celebrities | No CommentsLast night the world saw Kenya Moore get molliwopped old school style on the Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show. (Click here for the recap, if you missed that. )Today…
Real Housewives of Atlanta” viewers got a first-hand look at the brawl between co-stars Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore that has been reported about for weeks. The confrontation that took place during the March 27 taping, and resulted in a simple battery charge against Williams, finally aired on Br…
Lmfao my mom thought Kenya Moore was oprah 😂
Lol I just saw Porsha (from Real Housewives of Atlanta) on the local news lol! Her mug shot from getting into a fight with Kenya Moore. To funny, lol!
Porsha Williams has been charged with assault after allegedly getting into a fight with her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Kenya Moore during the reunion special, TMZ reports. There is a warrant out for Williams' arrest, and she is expected to surrender Thursday, according to TMZ
A warrant has been issued for Porsha Stewart's arrest following her Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion fight with Kenya Moore. She turned herself in, check out her mug shot. SMH!
Porsha "Stewart" Williams has been hit with assault charges for attacking cast mate Kenya Moore at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show.
Kenya Moore was not kidding when she called the police after the Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion, where she was assaulted by Porsha Williams. But it all
Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Williams was charged with misdemeanor battery by Atlanta police following her RHOA reunion fight with Kenya Moore. Bravo shared a short preview of the fight this week.
There is now photographic proof that Porsha Williams had a knock-down-drag-out fight with Kenya Moore. Just a day after a preview for the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" season 6 reunion, a new pictur...
Viral photos of Porsha Stewart dragging Kenya Moore by her hair on the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show has hit the net.
A funeral service for a dog. Really? Only something Kenya Moore would do.
Saints & Soldiers! I need to be lifted in prayer. Tonite, we will be saying goodbye to our loved one, Velvet D. Dog, will be laid to rest at the Buckhead Pet Cemetery outside of Atlanta. Services have been entrusted to Willie Watkins & Phaedra Parks-Nida of Southern Comfort Funeral Service and Crematorium. Flowers and Cards can be sent to the RHOA Bereavement Fund, care of Ms. Kenya Moore.
Kenya Moore can kiss this country's whole *** Y'all with me?
BREAKING NEWS! Bishop Eddie Long will be residing over Velvet's (Kenya Moore's dog) funeral.
I'm thinking about cutting Atlanta Housewives, Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop, and a few other ratchet shows out of my life. Because none of them wives and they are TOO *** OLD to be acting the way they do. Jackie Christie and Kenya Moore... I'm over them. Where are my Claire Huxtables on TV?? Then we wonder why these young girls act the way they do, they have no one to look up 2, smh.
Kenya Moore IS THE SHOW!. I swear I love everything about that crazy *** woman!
Wow! Good for Porsha it's about time someone beat her but. Kenya Moore is a trouble maker and I do not know why she is still on the show.
I can't tell the difference between Sarah Palin and Kenya Moore
EXCLUSIVE: Kenya Moore Slams Fellow ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Nene Leakes! In the new issue of In Touch on newsstands now, Kenya Moore sounds off on her Real Housewives of Atlanta costars – revealing how she feels about fellow cast member, Nene Leakes. Kenya was shocked when her former pal NeNe proclaimed on camera she was “on a different level” than her RHOA costars. But the former Miss USA isn’t taking the diss to heart. According to Kenya, NeNe is nothing more than a “former stripper” and when asked if she will watch NeNe compete on this season of Dancing With the Stars, Kenya told In Touch, “I’ll turn it on if I want to go to sleep.”
Oh no! stars Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore have just gotten into a vicious brawl during their reunion special:
Several outlets are confirming Porsha beat the isht out of Kenya Moore at the reunion taping. Find out why.
After Porsha Stewart's reported brawl with Kenya Moore at the reunion taping, some say she may be fired!
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Kenya Moore and Porsha from "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" showed more toughness Thurs. in that studio fight than the did tonite
Apollo really needs to evaluate self before he messes up a good thing. There is a reason why Kenya Moore can't keep a …
Um Miss Kenya Moore know who to play with like that... hunnie that head ah been had nots on it log time ago! "What's her FB so I can tag her?" Phaedra cool & I love her, but she sure know how to pick'em. (Right'up out of prison) My divorce papers would have been signed seal & delivered! Tolerance For Disrespect & Disloyalty!
NEWS Find out what led to Porsha Stewart beating up Kenya Moore at the reunion -- what did she bring to taunt her?
‘RHOA’: Porsha Stewart Reunion Brawl — Kenya Moore Speaks On Catfight Housewives cat-fighting? You don’t say! This comes as no surprise to RHOA fans, but the Season 6 reunion taping got seriously heated! According to new reports, Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart went head-to-head and Kenya is sounding off, EXCLUSIVELY to — keep reading for all of the dirty details! Kenya Moore & Porsha Stewart Brawl At Season 6 ‘RHOA’ Reunion The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion doesn’t air until Sunday, April 20 on Bravo, but the ladies got together to tape the oh-so-infamous two-part special yesterday on March 27, and it was quite the scene! Think hair-pulling, screaming and security. Yep, host Andy Cohen called in security to break up the brawl. “They did get into an altercation. Porsha stood up, so then Kenya stood up,” Us Weekly reports. “Porsha charged at Kenya and pulled her hair, but it was over in a matter of seconds. Porsha never dragged her by her hair.” The magazine go ...
With every episode of RHOA I dislike Kenya Moore even more
How about I fast forward through all Kenya Moore *** scenes with her and Marlo(no shade Marlo hey girl) bye Kenya
remember I told u I'd show u a pic of my boo the one and only here she is Kenya Moore :)
looks like Kenya Moore was one of the black kids during the doll test 4 Brown vs. Board that chose the white doll over the black doll.
D'Banj on whether he's dating any Nollywood actresses or Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore.
We now know why Porsha Stewart beat up Kenya Moore yesterday. And the reason is amazing.
Racing back to laplace because Kenya Moore gonna get az whip. Kenya the day that you get a husband then you pass your opinion.
It's been a long time coming! "Real Housewives of Atlanta"  stars Porsha Williams (pictured left) and Kenya Moore (pictured right), who have been arch enemies from their initial meeting on the mega...
Kenya Moore just wants to play house.
How is Kenya Moore going to afford a nanny or 2?1.LOL
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Ms. Kenya Moore... You shonuff got the right name. Cause you got "Moore" problems than alil bit Lawd
The thought of Kenya Moore reproducing is frightening. 😳
So, Kenya Moore have a problem with chocolate babies now. Kenya Moore- *** get your life & have several seats.
I think I will be the one going to jail if CRAZY Porsha did this to me Real House Wise Of Atlanta
Kenya Moore, the lie detector test determines you DO NOT have enough money for a nanny or two.
Kenya Moore have three shots of bleach on Monique Tookes Anntoinette Singleton please shesh you have the Amanda(have& have knots)syndrome bipolar schizophrenic
If and when gets her own Bravo spin-off. It MUST be called "Reading with Kenya Moore." She can read like no other
Ive never loathed someone on tv so much as i do kenya moore since pumkin spit on new york on flavor of love
Who is that heifer crying about not coming back (Kenya Moore)?
If Kenya Moore is crying about that *** baby think it over doll I'll never watch rhoa again...
MLRT! I don't like Kenya Moore too much but I agree that words hurt worse than I fight would.
I was forced to watch Atl housewifes and i know why i never watched this nonsense. Kenya Moore wants to have a baby and not married or even in a stable relationship , that is one of most selfish actions a women can do . The worst thing about it some young women look up to her.
do you think Kenya Moore is really *** I do cuz she talks about men and flirts with them but doesn't seem to really want one.
Dear God, Please don't send me a woman with the mind of Kenya Moore...don't want to hang myself...
Flying with the wind Kenya Moore Real Housewife of
Tamar Braxton wouldn't blame Phaedra Parks for slapping Kenya Moore if she really is trying to mess around with Apollo Nida. The latest episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" was not on...
Reality TV News Weekly Wrap-Up – March 30th As always, it has been a busy week for reality TV news, filled with ups, downs, and Real Housewives of Atlanta drama. Taping of the reunion came to a screeching halt when Porsha Stewart "attacked" Kenya Moore - now rumor has it Porsha has been fired from RHOA. In other news, the Kardashians have set their sights on the Hamptons, much to the dismay of the locals, and Bethenny Frankel could be headed back to Bravo. More photos, recaps, and reality TV news: PHOTOS Kyle Richards with Faye and Camille in Vegas Kenya, Brandi, and Kate on Celebrity Apprentice More Celebrity Apprentice behind the scenes pics Tia Mowry, Brody Jenner, & more out and about Another day, another see through dress for Kim RECAPS Real Housewives of Atlanta: Mexi-Loco Nene Leakes attempts the Jive on DWTS Southern Charm: Is She or Isn't She? Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Cathy loses to Abby on Dance Moms Real Housewives of New York: The Village Jenelle Evans goes to jail on Teen M ...
Kenya moore got some major issues carrying a fake baby around like she is a little girl on a program. She dont need any kids if she dont known how to care for em
watchn rhoa in shock smh.Kenya Moore r u seriously pushing 50yrs old and walking around carrying a baby doll...n I thought I had seen it all.this lady is absolutely NUTS !!
Kenya Moore what kind of message are you sending. When you are Black and you ask this lady why your FAKE BABY IS NOT WHITE. Bravo dismiss her please
Kenya Moore is a weird sicko smh lol
Can not believe Kenya Moore ask why that doll was back!!SMH *IGNORANT* Then she went on and said, She had white in her! Seriously!
Did Kenya Moore just let Ne Ne have it
Kenya Moore...should not have kids.she just needs to be a
That Kenya Moore plays dirty baby. Yes she does!
U know its funny how kenya moore is walking around wit a *** doll baby and asking marlo to what should she named the fake baby!!!Ya'll just pray for Kenya and dat poor doll baby and also for Velvet.She is gonnawhat da *** is her problem???
Omg, somebody let me at her, Kenya Moore, ooh please
Sitting here watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and Kenya Moore just disrespected a whole race... By asking why the phony baby ain't white!! Who says that..
Kenya Moore is 46 years old taking baby training as if she is in high school (immature)
Kenya Moore is absolutely crazy. She doesn't need a baby at all
Kenya Moore is a lunatic smh...too funny
Really Kenya Moore. You have just completely disgraced yourself and heritage.
I don't wanna name them nene cuz I want them to be born with hair.lmao... kenya Moore messy *** is one shady tree. lmfao
Lmao I love kenya moore, messy and all
Kenya Moore you need to find a man first before a baby can be conceived.
I think Kenya Moore fell off of a bridge
Kenya Moore you nasty lady! Licking that dog in the mouth. Ugh
So as i was watching Deliver Us From Eva a lil while ago. i noticed that Kenya Moore(RHOA) was in that movie. She had a bangin body during that movie and still has a banging body now :)
In 20 mins my guilty pleasure comes on Real Housewives of Atlanta comes on I can't wait! I know that this ain't Christian but I hope somebody slaps Kenya Moore in the face.
During the taping of their reunion show, apparently RHoA stars Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams got into a bit of a brawl.
OMG these women are so hot *** messes... and Kenya Moore is somthing different... but u gotta love her.. (my girl)
Well I ordered me some chicken Gizzards And watchin the Real Housewives of Atlanta so I can see if Phadera is going to snapp *** Ms, Kenya Moore but I seriously doubt it
If I were u I would not be around Kenya Moore.
Danyelle Montgomery isnt this Kenya Moore??? I didn't believe she actually had an acting career!
At the March 27 taping of the Season 6 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta' reunion, Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart reportedly just couldn't hold it in anymore and got into a physical altercation! Repo...
We told you about the altercation that took place this past Thursday during the taping of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore. Now multiple sources are ...
There is going to be WAR on this year's Celebrity Apprentice show! We have Kenya Moore from Atlanta, Brandi Granville from Beverly hills, Kate Gosselin and Vivica A Fox. Omg it's going to be fun!!
Kenya Moore recently aired her Masquerade Ball on The Real Housewives of Atlanta where she reportedly received proceeds for her favorite charity Saving Our D...
I'm amazed at how many women have problems with Kenya Moore but not the Joe Camel look alike Nene Leakes? Really? A bully, trouble maker fire starting friend to no one (wake up Cynthia Bailey! ) on another level snake! Just saying! Moonfly Media Live in the Light!
I am Kenya Moore in my past life lol.
Kenya Moore ain't got ish on Kentrell Gladden! This shauna, I just love him!
Before her reunion brawl, Real Housewives of Atlanta calls Kenya Moore "thirsty," and addresses those Kordell "beard" comments to Us Weekly
has anyone actually seen the fight between Porsha Stewart and Kenya moore?
Dont understand my child Kenya Moore.. If you allergic to seafood why you chose red lobster eat ate.. Lol.. Not complaining cause its my
Walter Jackson confesses Kenya Moore asked him to PLAY her boyfriend on RHOA pt 1 via
The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunions always bring on the drama, but this year, it's a full on brawl! Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart went straight for the hair-pulling at the March 27 taping, a...
As we previously reported, little Porsha Williams allegedly spazzed all the way out last week at the taping of the Real Housewives of Atlanta's reunion show and whooped up on Kenya Moore like her n...
*It had to happen sooner or later. reports that Thursday’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion taping included an unexpected beatdown for Kenya Moore. The beating came after Porsha Williams had had enough of Moore’s trash talking.… [ 235 more words. ]
Several outlets are reporting that Porsha Beat The Isht Out Of Kenya Moore at the RHOA reunion taping.
RHOA is holding back no punches this season! According to recent reports, housewife Porsha Williams was kicked off the show for fighting Kenya Moore at the reunion taping. Sources in Atlanta are maintain that Porsha was not fired, and there have been many false rumors surrounding the reports regarding Kenya’s catch fade. Blogger Straight From The A claims Kenya did not bring a sex toy to the reunion, instead she actually brought a scepter because she claims she’s the only Queen of RHOA. This did not sit well with the other wives, especially Porsha… Kenya reported goaded the newly divorced ‘housewife’ about being Kordell’s ‘beard.’ She even went so far as to bring up old, unverified stories from the net that claimed Porsha was cheating on Kordell all along and said that her divorce was merely ‘karma’. The cheating rumors reportedly struck a nerve with Porsha and she swung on Kenya. It wasn’t a sucker punch… many say Kenya clearly saw it coming and tried to duck which is how Porsha g ...
Porsha Williams’ attack on Kenya Moore at the Real Housewives of Atlanta taping yesterday may have had some serious repercussions. According to sources, Porsha was asked to leave the taping after putting hands on Kenya and has subsequently been fired from the show. Our own sources revealed exclusive...
Numerous media outlets have reported, Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore got into a
Eboni Franklin, Shante D Ann imma need yall to keep my name out your mouths and off your page dont come for me unless I send for you my Kenya Moore Voice I have not posted anything about anyone or about you guys event I will not be attending at all I thats why I haven't provided my email to Cynale Lane I will be at BMC event and thats it so keep my name out yalls mouth I will greatly appreciate it
So everyone knows I am always up on celebrity news. So to all my a RHOA fans/viewers, Kenya Moore was beat up by little Porsha Williams on the reunion. Sources said that security couldn't even get Porsha off of Kenya. She had it coming and Lawrence messy *** needs to be next. I can't stand messy ***
Kenya Moore don't have nothing on my grandma...check the necklace
The norm happens when Porshe Stewart 'gets in brawl' with Kenya Moore during reunion taping
ATTENTION Real Housewives of Atlanta FANS! Nene Leakes will no longer be able to hold Donald Trump over Kenya Moore's head because Kenya is on the next Celebrity Apprentice! BLOOP!
😂😂 "he wanted a trophy wife but he didn't get a trophy." "He got a certificate" Miss Lawrence & Kenya Moore got me rolling
The shady tree herself, Kenya Moore is taking to her blog this week, to share why she decided not to invite Porsha Stewart and Phaedra Parks with her for the Shaman blessing, and she even says that despite Phaedra reciting Apollo Nida’s lies, she deserves to know the truth about what really happened...
By admin By: Amanda Anderson-Niles Nene Leakes' run on “New Normal” may be over, but the reality star feels her acting credits deserve some respect from her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars. In particular, NeNe is not happy with the fact that Kenya Moore keeps trying to make her former roles...
Kenya Moore and Apollo Nida Tries to iron out their beaf
Kenya Moore and Apollo Nida circled around each other and talked out their differences on Sunday night's The Real Housewives of Atlanta -- while his wife Phaedra Parks fumed! And was Apollo's wande...
"A certificate that wasn't authenticated" -Kenya Moore
Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star, Kenya Moore confronted Phaedra Park's husband, Apollo Nida on their Mexican getaway for his Los Angeles hook up rumors he brought up in the last reunion show.
Kenya Moore blasted for flirting with Apollo Nida on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’
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RHOA: Sparks Fly Between Apollo Nida and Kenya Moore in Mexico "You are an attractive woman," ...
Todays Talk is about who you date publically is different from whom are in an relationship privately. So who would SkyWalkers "girlfriend" be, Sheryl Underwood! Srry Jen it's just business, Kenya Moore will do the job if you don't wanna though
After rumours of Kenya Moore hiring D'banj to play her much publicised African boyfriend surfaced on the internet, UK Daily Mail has written an article on Kenya Moore and called D'banj a "legendary womaniser".
Yes, No, or maybe so? Could Nene Leakes really be leaving Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta after this season? Allegedly, the reality star doesn’t want to return. A source told Media Take Out, if Kenya Moore returns then Leakes most likely will not.
The Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast mates, Kenya Moore and Porsha Stewart, might have had ongoing beef throughout the season, but when it comes to ...
Porsha Stewart is blaming Kenya Moore for instigating the violent new feud between Nene Leakes and her former BFF Marlo Hampton. “We all knew that NeNe was not in a good place with Marlo, and it wa...
In her Bravo blog, Porsha Stewart is chiming in on the Marlo Hampton and Nene Leakes beef and defends her "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast mate decision in cutting Marlo off after she attended Cynthia Bailey's charity game with her enemy, Kenya Moore.
Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore says with all the drama she may be leaving the show and Porsha Stewart is launching her singing career.
I was thinking about all the different keys that Porsha Stewart went into when she was singing "Eye on The Sparrow" last night but then i remembered every other housewife attempting to sing (Kim Zolziack, Melissa Gorga, Coutess Luanne, Daniel Stuabb, Kenya Moore) then I realized that she slays all other housewives except Kandi who is a real life recording artist anyway.
Evertime I see Kenya Moore on RHOA, I can't get past the time when she was on the Ryan Cameron show and she licked her dog in the mouth. Her mouth just looks nasty to me. I'm Sorry!! I just can't. I just.
My ex told me i look lik Ashanti, Kenya Moore & Mary Jane off spider man llf
Blog: US reality star Kenya Moore headed to Lagos I'm sure you all are wondering why this is news...well, the former Miss USA and Real Housewives... More: Linda Ikeji Blog
Is he having a prison flashback where he had to defend himself - Kenya Moore . LOL this woman is fully a comedian
For black history month, I wanna give thanks to Alek Wek, Tomiko Fraser, Naomi Campbell & Kenya Moore for showing the world u don't have to be light to be beautiful. Beauty comes in many skin tones. I wanna thank Tatyana Ali, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Gabby Douglas & Dominique Dawes for achieving your goals & showing young girls you don't have to be a video vixen, a reality show hoodrat, twerking, or on Maury Povich to be famous & successful. Stay classy & make our forefathers proud !
Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Necessary Roughness Last night on Real Housewives of Atlanta the ladies argued from start to finish over who caused the epic brawl at Nene Leakes' *** party. NeNe doesn't know how things went so wrong. "This is about asking questions and answering them!” she seethes. Oh, see I thought it was about getting people drunk so they'd admit overly personal details about their marriages and sex lives. Silly me! What in the *** did NeNe slip into those cocktails?! Everyone was acting head-spinning, drama-grabbing, full tilt crazy – and I'm not even talking about the outfits (I don't know what kind of party you're planning that involves Kenya Moore showing up in a thong covered up by a sheer "diaper" in front of everybody's man). So it all started off rough right there, but at least Kenya didn't have any 1985 Dynasty shoulder pads adhered to her butt cheeks this time. CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR THE REST! Everyone is trying to regroup after Apollo got into a fight wi ...
Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Stewart is definitely dating, but says she will be pulling a Kenya Moore and keep her love interest away from her reality TV life.
It was a huge fight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta with Christopher Williams, Kenya Moore, Apollo, and Kenyas' friend Brandon.  &nbs
Deep Adult Talk... So while i was watching 'the Real Housewives of Atlanta',i found out that Kenya Moore was trying to see her options of getting pregnant, and one of her options was getting a sperm donor. She went to the Dr's place, while she was waiting to be called in, I noticed some dude walked in (anonymous Sperm Donor) This dude seems pretty excited abt donating his sperm; he even offered Kenya his sperm in case she wanted it. So my questions are, 1) Everyone, all these sperm donors, do they get any sort of rewards for donating their sperm? (2) Ladies, Would you ever try getting pregnant thr a sperm donor? (3) Guys would you ever donate ur sperm?
Real Housewives of Atlanta is the best show on television. And Kenya Moore is everything and everything is her. Don't @ me.
VOTE NOW: Who has the best workout video Kenya Moore or Yendi Phillips
My mama said the if Michelle wasn't the FLOTUS she'd want her to twirl like Kenya Moore in that dress.
‘RHOA’ star Kenya Moore hints that Nene Leakes is jealous of her
Okay, I just watched the rerun of Atlanta House Wives, and am so disappointed at my girl Mrs. Nene Leakes! Kenya Moore is not my favorite but she is correct. " Any man that puts his hands on a women is a punk!" Kenya, there was nothing but space and opportunity to straighten Mrs. Leakes! Looking forward to next Sunday!
One article claims she snorted the white lines before the taping.
I am convinced that Kenya Moore from HW of Atl is bonafide nuts! I have diagnosed her severe Personality Disoder...
Sum'n bout that there Kenya Moore though 🙊
Oh my so I been missing housewives of atl I just now seeing it !!! this last episode gave me all kinda life omg.why did appollo attack that guy. I know im late but why tho ?? He did bother him...that dam kenya moore keeps up to much mess!!
thanks for the support.I will definitely hit you up about when I get in. Kenya Moore: And I know you like that
I am going to look up the information for this sperm bank Kenya Moore is using on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta!" @ S475.00 a pop I guess I'll work on having myself a Baby?! HUM?
‘RHOA’ star Kenya Moore speaks out about Apollo’s fraud charges
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Kenya Moore, we would have beautiful babies. Will you take 5'10? My number is .
Earlier today Nene Leakes explains to s2s magazine that Kenya Moore is to blame for big hotel brawl.
Now Ms Kenya Moore you show up late to everybody's event and you dont even inform them what u tryna prove?
Hm... :: in my Wendy Williams voice:: how you doing? ::In my Kenya Moore voice:: Oh they consider themselves common law married. (Imitates drinking tea)
Michelle Suriel-Duncan eveytime i see Kenya Moore I remember the pagnet the 2 of you were in and you beat her by a mile!
Nene Leakes was allegedly snorting cocaine before she went crazy on Kenya Moore, blaming her for the fight that erupted between Apollo and Kenya’s assista
Catching up on RHOA this Kenya Moore is messy she ain't never been married but she is quick to talk *** her dude is imaginary
I'm glad someone other than me is standing up for Ms. Kenya Moore. Ms Nene forgpt she was in those same shoes. I have learned that everything Ms. Moore said was true including her production studio and her movies, there is a black t.v. network call Bounce You see her movies and she is good. "Gone With The Wind" and Ms. Nene Leakes I still like her.
The long list of lies that Kenya Moore Has Told.
Ppl really think I'm related to Kenya Moore lol her crazy ***
Blames for fight, Claims editing made cast look angry and violent
Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star Nene Leakes is opening up about the fight between the cast and insinuates that Kenya Moore started the fight among the men by jumping up and running towards Natalie Williams in a heated confrontation.
Nene Leakes vs Kenya Moore all out Brawl give me one?
Watching making me aggy . Kenya Moore get on my everlasting nerve .
I thought I might not say anything, but I think I will... IF YOU ARE A GROWN UP (ADULT) AND DO NOT RESPOND TO A CHILD WHEN SHE/HE INITIATES A GREETING THERE IS TRULY SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU! This has been happening to my daughter, and I tell her, "keep on speaking" there is something wrong with her, not you." I am trying to be nice, but in the words of Kenya Moore "Don't come for me or my daughter!" I truly have a low tolerance for DUMB people w/ no class...
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I Love kenya moore,,,ppl are so intimidated by beauty and class.she is forever miss her,
A fight breaks loose on and Kenya Moore is to blame
And please, whatever you do, don't keep Kenya Moore around. If you must, phase out her airtime. She's just a bore.
Just got the call I been waiting on... Kenya Moore from rhoa tryin buy some of this sperm!!!
Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Nene Leakes is pointing fingers at Bravo producers and Kenya Moore for the unruly brawl that broke out during NeNe’s drama-filled slumber party. In the episode that aired Sunday, NeNe’s grown folks’ sleepover ended in a petty argument boiling over into a massive fig...
Kenya Moore was recently evicted from her 6-bedroom, 6-bath Atlanta mansion, and now she's firing back with a lawsuit. As we reported earlier, the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star was served evict...
Can't believe I'm saying it, but Kenya's Bravo blog is kind of Gone With the Wind Fabulous this week.
She has me blocked and I'm *** sure not but this is an excellent blog! LOL
it was very hard to write my blog this week. I am so disappointed. Please tell me what u think.
'RHOA': Nene Leakes Blames Kenya Moore and the Producers for Pajama Party... Hot on
Moore hair by Kenya Moore - Kenya's new hair product line, clever name !
“Why do I find this picture so funny 😂😂😂 he slightly looks like Kenya Moore
White people need to take a hard look at their Kenya Moore in the Bahamas colored elbows.
Kenya Moore had quite a bit to say about Apollo Nida's recent arrest on charges of bank fraud and identity theft. The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star just had to share her thoughts about Apollo's...
Kenya Moore wants everyone to know that she was ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing who her The Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida "really are." As Radar rep...
Mental, I'd love for her to show up at a function with beautiful strong intelligent women in the military and let her walk around like her s!!! Doesn't stink. You Kenya would not last a minute in that environment Quit faking the funk, you are embarrassing to watch. I feel sorry for you. You need to leave the show, BUT maybe not. You are very entertaining to watch and laugh at !!! You SUCK!
File this one under messy! Well if you watched Real Housewives of Atlanta this week you will remember that the cast was calling Kenya Moore out for being nosy or an instigator and saying she needed...
Kenya goes HAM on fraudy Apollo! Kenya Moore Slams Phaedra And Apollo After Fraud Arrest Via UB Magazine reports: We knew it was only a matter of time before Kenya Moore would publicly find pleasure in Apollo Nida’s recent arrest and new batch of serious legal problems.
Justen's impression of Kenya Moore from the housewives of Atlanta! I peed a little lmao!!
It was a rough night for The Real Housewives of Atlanta this week when all *** broke loose at Nene Leakes' Pillow Talk party. A massive brawl erupted between Kenya Moore's pal, Brandon, and Phaedra Parks' hubby, Apollo Nida as the episode ended, and it appears the craziness is going to contin...
BLIND ITEM REVEAL Our blind item subject would have you believe she’s got an African Prince locked down… but we’re told that’s nothing but a facade. She’s *** for pay, and word is she’s a deep throat pro. Don’t believe me… just ask Keith Washington. Long before she became a Peach-state Housewife, she called Van Nuys, Cali home. That’s where our whistle blower says home girl was pulling tricks for five racks. But that doesn’t mean her Johns were getting top dollar goods. Know why? We’re told she left some of them with VDs! Just ask Mike Tyson. “She did outcalls. She’d find randoms from Craigslist to roll with her. She did the professionals, keep $4,500… and give the random $500 to smash.” Even though she was gettin’ guap, this heaux was far from being any sorta housewife. That’s because Miss Thang’s Valley-spizz reportedly featured a “disgusting toilet that didn’t work”… and her things “thrown everywhere.” She’s hired an actor to play her father on her real ...
RHOA star Kenya Moore may be dubbed a lot of things but chick does have a gorgeous crop of hair. Back in 2011 the former Miss USA gave us a twirl and ...
I can't stand Kenya Moore. But I'm gonna snitch one of her phrases because I need to at this moment. Mind your mouth sweetie, don't come for me if I didn't send for don't know what you're asking to receive. The ONE thing I DONT do is play with a heifer when it comes to my FAMILY.ANY OF MY FAMILY...
Nene Leakes has a lot to say about the violent fight that aired on the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She took to her Bravo blog to blast Kenya Moore for her bad behavior and slammed...
Kenya Moore Blasts Apollo Nida (UrbanMediaDaily News) Kenya reads Apollo his rights after he gets busted for bank fraud and identity theft…
For months now we’ve been hearing about some rumored rift between Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore — something that was later confirmed by the feuding parties themselves — though we had no idea what led to the epic shade fest. Now, after catching the January 26 episode of The Real Housewives of Atl...
Me & Snuggle's were watching RHOA and I must say I am very disturbed by the behavior of these, so-called, professional women. Its sad how everybody is blaming Kenya Moore for the confusion, when in fact, NENE kicked it all off. She set the whole thing up to get some monkey business started. She talks about other people NOT being good friends, when SHE isn't such a good friend, either. A TRUE, REAL friend does NOT sit around other people talking about their friends business and mistakes. Every chance she, NeNe, get's she's talking about somebody. I cannot respect a person like that. If that's how SHE does her friends I don't want to see how she treats people she doesn't care for.
Rumor has it that Bravo has raised Kenya Moore ' s pay to $600,000 per season. .is she slowly becoming the new NeNe?..According to Kenya..nene is getting jealous. .
As we reported, Phaedra Park’s husband was charged with bank fraud and identity theft in federal court on Friday. He is currently out on $25,000 bail. Kenya Moore re ...
Nene Leakes blames Kenya Moore for the Real Housewives of Atlanta fight
RHOA NENE NENE You started something and then blame it on Kenya Moore. How could you.
When Kenya Moore was on the show, she was wearing a revealing top-- a really, really, really revealing top. called out Arsenio for staring a...
I am sitting here in a comedic relief of tears trying to supress my BOL at Kenya Moore trying to explain Porsha Stewart's interpretation of the "Underground Railroad" LOL
On the last episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, controversial housewife Kenya Moore revealed that she is currently seeing a "Nigerian billionaire who spoils her." On the November 24th episod...
Kenya Moore spoke to Cherise Nicole ( about her fight with Kordell Stewart & Peter Thomas and her new man!! For More Exclusive Interviews SUBSCRIB...
'RHOA' star Kenya Moore calls "an *** and a thug" after he allegedly assaulted her assistant. Get the exclusive details:
Really don't like Kenya Moore. Just watched Rhoa.messymessy
I'm sorry baby I lived for Ms. Kenya Moore last night. Back pedaling "No this is me front pedaling".
Who is the best bird reality star? Kenya Moore Says Nene Leakes Is Jealous Of Her Via UB Magazine reportsL If you caught last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” then you saw all the chaos go down at what was supposed to be a fun and innocent lingerie party and “p...
Ugh, Kenya Moore needs to go get hit by a bus . Driven by her mother. I can't stand her!
I feel strangely bonded to Kenya Moore.
Ok I have to side with Kenya Moore on this one (can't believe I just said that) Christopher SHOULD NOT have grabbed Kenya's arm, in NO WAY should he have put his hands on her and Red Satin had every right to stand up for his friend and protect her... But really Nene started EVERYTHING instigating stuff. I don't like her right now. And the fact that it took Peter Santa Claus, Life size bobble head Todd, and Golden Girl Greg to hold Christopher Soft Williams back was a comedy show in itself. And why oh why was Chuck Smith in the corner, behind his wife, with the buck eyes lookin like he never seen black men fight... Didn't he play football? I'm done. And somebody needs to check Nene's supreme a$$. I'm done fr fr. until next week.
As much as Kenya Moore gets in my nerves. She gives me the most with her messiness!
Kenya Moore is gonna give her thoughts on Apollo's arrest. That 🍵 should be a real read and then some
Sarcastic Word of the Day: Butt Hurt Definition- someone is constantly getting in their feelings like a baby (me) Example: Kenya Moore stays acting butt hurt because no one likes or believes her. *thank you for teaching me new slang with every click.
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Kenya Moore.well played .your nemesis is being chewed up in the blogs!
Why is Kenya Moore so messy, jealous and mean ?
See, Michelle, Camisha, Wilisha, Vernicka & Alisha: So none of y'all had anything to say about Kenya Moore & her thirstiness (at the sperm bank) on last nights episode of she REALLY had an African tycoon/prince, her *** would've pulled a 😒 (with a freezer full of opportunities) 😝
Kenya Moore Blasts Phaedra Parks, Apollo Nida After Arrest - RHOA star was first to expose who the couple "really are."
This hasn't been the best week for Phaedra Parks' husband Apollo Nida -- first he was charged with identity theft, now he gets into it with Kenya Moore's friend Brandon on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Read more here via AJC Radio and TV Talk:
Kenya Moore needs to be removed from show!!!
Love the show but Kenya Moore has to go! Problem child that's what she is!
Losers never win! This according to RHOA star Kenya Moore.  The former Miss USA turned reality tv star made this comment after the recent news that co-star Phaedra Parks husband, Apollo Nida was ar...
A "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast member is revealing that the reality show isn't all that based in reality, after all. Walter Jackson, who was the boyfriend of "Real Housewives" star and former Miss USA Kenya Moore, revealed to an Atlanta radio station that their entire relationship was staged fo...
star Kandi Burruss flaunts her curves on the beach after Kenya Moore criticized her weight!
Halle Berry and Whitney Houston were both considered for the role of Teri. Regina King, Kenya Moore and Jada...
She said Ms Kenya Moore ain't got nothing on her "twerking by the fireplace" 😂😭😭
😂😂 y'all knew Kenya Moore studied psychology??
I find the twerk videos funny except that of Kenya [thirsty for film time] Moore.
Beyonce is the real Kenya Moore “Kenya be like everybody thinks I'm the real beyonce 😂😂😂
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Kenya Moore aggy af she act just like my aunty
cherisse is Kenya Moore, broke with nice hair
Kenya Moore would get cained once then thrown away
Kenya Moore is the real definition of jazz babe
Somebody tell Kenya Moore that her right butTOCK needs more 💉.
and in MY Kenya Moore voice: "it is painful to watch someone be so dumb." :)
in my Kenya Moore voice "That's just something you should know!" LOL
thinks Porsha Stewart is uneducated for Underground Railroad comment
Porsha Stewart was slammed for her Underground Railroad comments when she believed that there was an actual train, however, the recent divorcee is gaining some sympathy from Kenya Moore and her lack of education.
I got a text message that I forgot to pay my cellphone bill but then I remembered that Kenya Moore was evicted so I didn't feel so dumb.
Kenya Moore gets on my *** nerves with that Gone With The Youth Wrinkly-ness *** face of hers.
Kenya Moore Slams Porsha Williams over Underground Railroad Confusion: ‘Porsha’s an embarrassment to her grandfather’
Sunday night’s episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta turned into a mini history lesson as it was revealed that cast member Porsha Williams didn’t quite understand the concept of the Underground Railroad. She thought it was a real physical train. Kenya Moore took  to her blog and blasted Pors...
Well maybe class act but that's it. lol “: Any DVD movie that Kenya Moore is in”
👣When I'm right in an argument I be feelin like Kenya Moore kickin up her ashy feet 👣   10% Off
Hey, I just mentioned you in my comment on "Porsha's Embarrassing Behavior":
im getin Ratchet. * twirls and gets Crunk*. kenya moore style every day twerking LOOOL
The Real Housewives of Atlanta collectively dropped their jaws to the floor on this week's episode, when Porsha Stewart revealed that she was under the impression that the historic Underground Railroad was an actual, choo-choo railroad, but Kenya Moore was downright mortified. The "Gone With t...
": Any DVD movie that Kenya Moore is in" LMFAO
: Any DVD movie that Kenya Moore is in
On the "Foxx" set with Kenya Moore, Kelita Smith and Susan Wood...pretty ladies.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore recently tried to downplay her negative comments about co-star Kandi Burruss' weight on her Bravo blog. But on Sunday night's episode, Kenya continue...
Kenya Moore responds to Porsha Stewart's belief that the Underground Railroad was an actual train Harriet Tubman used to help free slaves.
FIRE KENYA MOORE! she's annoying a S*^6 starter and such a non factor! She is so irrelevant! Please bravotv.don't renew her contract!
Excuse me Kenya Moore. you were on vacation with a man, got butt naked and he still was not sexually attracted to you!
Got *** Kenya Moore for this entire episode u trying ur hardest to be the Devils Advocate and by golly he should be hella proud of u..smh...can't stand her.
I think Porsha Stewart has embarrassed Black people and her family. If you didn't learn anything else in school whether elementary, middle or high school you should that the Underground Railroad was not a real train. I have to agree with Kenya Moore by saying she made herself look dumb and I surely agree with Cynthia Bailey by saying granddaddy Hosea Williams is rolling over in his grave. Smh!
I don't like KENYA MOORE but this is the ONLY time I Will agree with her. It really hurts to see PORSHA be sooo dumb󾰦
I need to sign KENYA MOORE for the back of my hand because she just starting mess tonight.
Thats it.Kenya Moore is bi-polar, and Kandi is wrong for taking that room. That room debacle bothered me because it was inconsiderate. Flat out rude.
Kenya Moore irks da *** outa me. I used to think she was so pretty but her personality is so unattractive. Just goes 2 show attitude goes a long way or u will be beautiful & single. A man will always wana sleep with u but he ain't gona stick around
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