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Kenya Moore

Kenya Summer Moore (born January 24, 1971) is an American film and television actress, producer, beauty queen, model and author.

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I liked a video from Kenya Moore CONFIRMS Sheree's Past Violent Relationship on Instagram
I liked a video Nene Leakes & Kenya Moore from Real Housewives of Atlanta
RHOA Kenya Moore is low life and overbearing. Will be spinster
I wonder if Kenya Moore will be in this installment of
Cynthia Bailey Thinks Porsha Overreacted To Kenya Moore's Anger Management Questions ; Kenya was out of line and she had alterior motives.
Entertainment/sports/news/: Kenya Moore's ex Matt Jordan claims she cheated on...
accuses of dating SEVERAL married men for $$$! -->
In 1993, Kenya Moore became the second African American woman to win Miss USA.
Kenya Moore crowned Miss USA, 1993. She became the second African American woman to win this title.
I dead wanna twirl like Kenya Moore in the sand on a beach when listening to lol Nicki bodied this one along w/switching up da flow😍🔥
RHOA Star Kenya Moore’s Ex-Boyfriend accuses her of Cheating with “Married Men in Nigeria”
Oprah's reaction after being surprised by Mary Tyler Moore (her all-time favorite) will always make me smile. RIP Mar…
How can I not like you when you use a Kenya Moore gif? You are my people. Lol.
'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star pulled a gun on three trespassers at her home last weekend. http…
Yall president really broke up an argument between Kenya Moore & Vivica A Fox over a stolen cell phone. I. Can't.
Best performance by a FAKE *** ACTRESS in a REAL series goes to Kenya Moore. Golden Globes 2nite
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Kenya Moore is taking a page out of Nene Leakes' book when it comes to dealing with Marlo Hampton.
Marlo Hampton Calls Out Kenya Moore!! The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore is being called out again and t…
Marlo Hampton is back and doesn’t like Kenya Moore just as much as Sheree. On last night, the shady plotting…
We don’t talk enough about the fact that Kenya Moore was in the Lindsay Lohan epic I Know Who Killed Me.
But in all seriousness, HEATHER DUBROW CHANGE YOUR SECURITY CODES!! You can't go all Kenya Moore on intruders, you're just not capable.
Real Housewives of Atlanta star scares off trespassers by waving gun:
Toys is the Kenya Moore of she aggravating af
When Kenya Moore says she doesn't have implants
Just before the New Year, surveillance cameras captured video of three people criminally trespassing on the…
Real Shots Fired: Kenya Shows Off Gun Skills After Trolls Trespass Moore Manor Follow and get the lates…
As of now I can say Kenya Moore is a bully anyone picking on Kim Fields... Has to be cause she was nothing but nice smh
'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: Kenya Moore's dad confronts Matt over his anger issues
Now THIS is actually an awful song. Kenya Moore x "Gone With the Wind Fabulous"
Honestly and truly, give us Tommy back and take Kenya Moore!
Phaedra Parks - Phaedra Parks reads Kenya Moore listen, like, share at
Kenya Moore showed up to the wrong reunion show?
Just saw that sweethearts Mindy Cohn & Barbara Eden are going to be on a cooking show with Kenya Moore. Maybe BE can blink her away.
I have 20 new followers from Kenya, and more last week. See
When you are good at being confrontational you have to be good w/ words as well. I learned that from Kenya Moore.
SHOP NOW AT BOOBOO De Niro and Moore 'to star' in David O Russell TV series
M Moore you disgusting pig move to Saudi Arabia or Kenya or someplace they might behead you it would be a favor to all
I feel like Kenya Moore in this dress I have on today. I just want to twirl 💃🏾 💙
Condescending born in says TAKE MORE OR ELSE. h…
I bet Kenya Moore is a Leo... Let me check
😂😂😂😂. Because I feel like trolling: . Quad and these props for the reunion! Kenya Moore's impact!
Real Housewives star Kenya Moore's ex has had enough of the reality TV trickery
Omg this will be the greatest movie ever if Kenya Moore gets ate by a shark 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Pain nourishes courage. You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you. Tyler Moore
OMG Kenya Moore LOL Rich Dollaz two more to think about for the next season. 🤔🤔
Jay-Z and The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore, on the set of the ‘Money Ain’t a Thang’ video in 1998. https…
In the words of Kenya Moore... Don't come for me unless I send for you
More messy drama between Kenya Moore and Matt Jordan
Kenya Moore’s boyfriend defends her amid romance problems .
Watch kids recreate infamous 'gone with the wind fabulous' fight
the episode when Marin was flirting with Kenya Moore would be seen as Martin sexualizing women
Kim Fields blames Kenya Moore for quitting ‘RHOA’ want to bring a different flavor to the show kim is boring boring
Kim Fields blames Kenya Moore for quitting ‘RHOA’ who cares kim is a things of the past kim want special priveledges
'Real Housewives of Atlanta' news: Cynthia Bailey moves on from her recent split; Kenya Moore ...:...
It amazes me that Kenya oh so wonderful Moore is always on the hunt for but never seems to find the perfect man
Kenya Moore's BF has definitely been missing leg day, how can you be a personal trainer with twiggy looking legs 😧
Why does Rhonda sound like Kenya Moore? 😂😂😂 Don't come for me. Girl use your own lines. Lol
Is Attention "Moore" Important To Kenya Than Motherhood? This latest revelation is too much.
*** said give it 2 seasons and Leremy running off to Kenya 😭
I'm so happy I'll be doing makeup for a fashion show that Kenya Moore from Real Housewives is hosting at Motor city😝💁🏼
reveals whether or not she is pregnant! Details here:
Real Housewife Kenya Moore opens up to Dr. Oz about her mother and her major health scare, today at 3:
Kenya Moore Talks her Mother, Bullying, & more with Dr Oz! More HERE! +get more TEA!. htt…
tells the truth about possibly being pregnant! Find out right here:
Kenya Moore can write a script for you.
X student Callum Moore has organised for All welcome! 💜
Bruh I'm at Kenya Moore's house in Atlanta lol,
Kenya Moore Posts a Shower Video on Instagram to Show That Her Hair is Real
Since she like digging up dirt on other people Moore Is Broke & Faking Drama via
Only dark skin Females we acknowledge is Kenya Moore and Tika Sumpter.
I just see pure evil when I look at Tara. She reminds me of Kenya Moore.
I liked a video from Kim Fields Brutally READS Kenya Moore. FINALLY!
They never mentioned that Millionaire Matchmaker situation with Kenya Moore this entire season.
I'd rather watch Jill Zarin and Aviva Drescher on than another season of Kenya Moore
‘RHOA’s’ Kim Field’s husband Chris Morgan blasts Kenya Moore: There is still residual fallout from the “Real…
Kim Fields’ husband fires back at Kenya Moore over *** allegations
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More Celebrity Gossip on - Kim Fields&Husband Has Strong Words for Kenya Moore...
‘RHOA’s’ Kim Fields finally fires back at Kenya Moore in big way: For a hunter like Kenya Moore who is always on…
The first black Miss USA Carol_Ann-Marie_Gist . It is not Kenya Moore as she likes to state.
We stood by Kenya Moore; we will stand by Porsha Williams! just glad people that look like us get to represent! 👏🏾😘
Kenya Moore & Matt Jordan: The Bravolebrity shows off her new boyfriend in New York City.
please get rid of Kenya Moore she is a tired Ms USA that is very mean spirited.. PS she's NOT a housewife so why is she on the show
I wish Kim Fields had've slapped the CRAP outta Kenya Moore.
Kenya Moore is not happy to see Nene Leakes.
Nene Leakes wanna be Kenya Moore so bad with the ponytail. 😂
Kenya Moore is everything to me. She's everything.
Omg. Just got done watching RHOA and my heart breaks for Kenya Moore, I can't imagine the internal pain of having a living parent deny you!😔
hate to say this cause I love me some kenya moore & I don't know her mother only what I've seen an heard BUT her mother is a wack job
Kenya Moore shared her story with People Magazine in 1993. This is not just a storyline.
happy Monday to you tomorrow Kenya Moore
Family Reunions typically take place in the summer. My heart breaks for Kenya Moore.
isn't a Kenya Moore fan, but I can't comprehend making a joke about her biological mom locking the door on her like she's a solicitor.
Kenya Moore Mama like, "Come for me without calling first and I'll let the top lock twirl for you!"
Sounds like an episode of fixmylife is needed for Kenya Moore
Patricia Moore – Kenya Moore's Mother: On Real Housewives of Atlanta, we've seen Kenya Moore talk to he...
Moore. i know you may want answers from your mom, but clearly there's something deeper that she can't face.
I think this is the first time we're seeing the real Kenya Moore instead of the character she plays every week. It's refreshing.
that ain't the only "stick" Kenya learned to drive Papa Moore.
So, I wonder whose last name has (Moore) since it is not her dad's and apparently not her mother's. ?
what kind of family reunion is called "Kenya's" instead of "Moore".?? Self absorbed much?
Kenya Moore has beat the odds and for that she rocks!
I'm all for this reunion. Really I am. But why does the shirt say Kenya's family reunion instead of Moore's family reunion.
Kenya Moore photo bombing family lol
as a mother I would never abandon my child. Rejection hurts. I'm so sad for Kenya Moore.Move on and heal# RHOA
That Kenya moore is a horrible person, her mom needs a restraining order
I feel sad for Kenya Moore! She traveled all the way to Detroit and her mom disappointed her
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Kenya Moore has a horrible biological mother. That's so strange for an adult woman to act like she never had a child. Insanity.
I feel so bad for Kenya Moore her mom just ignores her.
I understand wholeheartedly what Kenya Moore is going through. My Mom is the exact same way 😐 hard to watch but you're strong
For you Kenya Moore Accept what you cannot change
I bet when Kenya Moore scrapes off that make up & lashes I bet she looks like a dog. 🐶
The family reunion is the Moore side or Kenya's dad's side?
Quote of the night: "I'm Miss USA...I can string some words together" - Kenya Moore
Who Is Kenya Moore's Mother? Come look! Is this an old picture of Kenya's mom?
This Kenya Moore family story is going to be boring. Because it's tired. Move on...
Is Kenya Moore aware that she is almost 45 years old. Girl your clock is ticking. Adopt some kids & call it a day.
I'm a little tired of this Kenya Moore & her mother storyline...
I wonder what Kenya Moore's mother looks like
Kenya Moore's family does not like her, support her, love her! EXCEPT her aunt
Seeing Porsha go to the Emmys to do the red carpet instead of Kenya Moore, the actual film person seems odd.
I'll never forget when Marlon Wayans said Kevin hart had abs like Kenya Moore ..lmao like what does that even mean??
what rich dude in hollywood did that?? lol K Michelle & Kenya Moore & a few other sistas have slandered Black Men for WM
Man Natalie Cole is Kenya Moore's mom...u can't tell me she ain't
A Reality show need to have. Kenya Moore. Nene Leakes. New York. Joseline . K. Michelle. Teairra Mari . Mimi Faust. Would be so lit
Kenya Moore says Kim Fields is boring on The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Kenya Moore is the most toxic thing to happen to the Remove her from the show
what does nene thinks about Kenya Moore saying she is the new queens lol please drink for her nene
I'll start watching again once Kenya Moore is off the show.
, did your producers condone Kenya Moore throwing plastic containers into the lake while filming RHOA? Her behavior's gross
"I wanna be the next Madame CJ Walker." - Kenya Moore
Phaedra Parks defends Shereé Whitfield over her fight with Kenya Moore at Cynthia Bailey's party!
The shaaade! begins with some major Kenya Moore and Shereé Whitfield beef:
U don't guys don't bring Kenya Moore on the show because of Tamar's biasness but gets Nene repeatedly
Lil mo Jackie Christie Kenya Moore , so basically nobody
Kenya Moore has been proposed to 8 times. Chile. I have only 1 under my belt. Challenge accepted.
nope - that would be Kenya Moore! she called out anyone throwing that shade!
Even Kenya Moore had a bodyguard at one point.
lemme get off here cuz daisy like my attn. She want me to tell her smthg - in my Kenya Moore voice,😂😒😞
Giving Kenya Moore gone with the wind
I am ashamed of the fact that Ben Carson is from Detroit... He in the same boat as Kenya Moore to me 😕
But I have a real disdain for them and Kenya Moore so whatever.
omg I can't wait until the reunion, she needs to get TF dragged like Kenya Moore did on RHOA! 😩
Kenya Moore’s dating life will be a major part of her Season 8 storyline!
M/E U cannot be the most hated house wife, Vicki and Kenya Moore holds that crown, It makes me sick Meghan will be there
Kenya Moore is going on several dates during Season 8 — Will she finally be successful in love!?
She might not be pretty 2 u, but 2 moore she a true African Queen... My kenya finest!
Watching nas street dreams video and seeing kenya moore. Wow.
In the words of Kenya Moore don't come for unless she sends for you. Rhonda chose the wrong lady to mess with
Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks Are Moving Forward and Real Housewives of Atlanta May Never Be the Same
This lucky Real Housewives fan got to live out her dream thanks to some of your favourite Housewives. 😊
Vivica A. Fox still thinks Kenya Moore is a ‘snake’
If Kenya Moore, Danielle Staub, Michaele Schon was in prison, not one of you would have empathy so no thank you
Just spotted Kenya Moore at She's a handful on but she is breathtakingly beautiful IRL.
Kenya Moore's biggest relationship scandals and fibs have been exposed!
Kenya Moore is a lot of things.but I'm sorry ugly ain't on that list.
Kenya Moore is the Queen Of Reality T.V, she made Nene Leakes give up RHOA
Kenya Moore wears her pregnancy better than Kim Kardashian though.
Nene Leakes visits Kenya Moore in the GHETTO via
I liked a video Phaedra Parks checks kenya Moore
Right cuz porsha be pushing ppl buttons
Praise from Kenya: Robyn Moore praises God for the outreach of a recent ministry team from Anchor Baptist Church...
Claudia Jordan on Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8: She’ll Be Part of Kenya Moore’s Storyline
Kenya Moore please girl and Cynthia Bailey you are a mess I see why Nene Leakes don't mess with you no more you are me…
didn't you do a huge thing against violence yet you back cynthia.. biggest hypocritic going MISS kenya moore
I thought I spotted her at this cigar bar but it was just Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore: "Every day somebody thinks I'm Beyonce!" 😭😭😭😭 man this whole vid killed me
Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes are still feuding after the vet’s exit from show — See all of their latest disses!
Kenya Moore is weighing in on the controversy after reports surfaced that Cynthia Bailey kicked Porsha Williams...
Kenya Moore responds to Cynthia Bailey-Porsha Williams fight:   Cynthia Bailey claims she was in self defense mode…
Kenya Moore on reports Cynthia Bailey kicked Porsha Williams in the stomach: ‘I believe in self-defense’
Claudia Jordan is returning to as part of Kenya Moore's storyline and "wasn't released" from her contract!
I like lots of people that others generally do not like: Diddy, Karl Lagerfield, Kenya Moore, Kim Kardashian, etc.
Kenya Moore looks like a brown skin, Kim Kardashian to me.
Stevie and Joseline movie going the same place as Kenya Moore's As The World Twirls.
Kenya Moore so Claudia has been fired ,why bravo can't boot Peter Thomas butt off!
I wonder if all the people who hate Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore feel the same about TAMI ROMAN.
Former Miss USA and The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, showed off her banging bikini body while on...
LeAnn and Kenya Moore are like Betty Davis' character in "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" - living in the past. Tragic.
Kenya Moore looks like she smells like coco butter, burnt weave and pear lotion from Victoria secret
I don't understand, is this really the first time Kenya Moore is dating a married man?
Kenya Moore & Claudia Jordan FIRED from RHoA?! Nene Leakes leaves us SPEECHLESS once again:
Janet is so classy! So Will Smith and Kenya Moore had it out for Janet huh?
You really didn't want to hear about the Kenya Moore story today on Dish Nation...# Over it..
The shade Kenya Moore was throwing on Wendy Williams this morning..sips ☕
They should've gave Naomi's role to Kenya Moore 😂😂
I liked a video Kenya Moore vs Vivica Fox PhoneGate and firing on Celebrity Apprentice
So apparently Gabrielle Union said "gone with the wind fabulous" and Lee Daniels is a Kenya Moore fan too! Wow! 😻
Kenya Moore denies stealing phone from Vivica A Fox on 'Celebrity Apprentice' -
I liked a video from Vivica Fox vs Kenya Moore, Bobby Christina, Amber Rose and Whiz,
Wendy Williams dishes about the interview with Kenya Moore. After show
All that shade from Kenya Moore on Wendy Williams.
I don't even watch but hide yo kids, hide yo wives, hide yo phones cuz Kenya Moore is pillaging everything around here
Kenya Moore and Vivica A Fox's fight on Celebrity Apprentice was everything!!
I am sorry three people can't be wrong about Kenya Moore. You, Porsha Williams & Brandie!!! She is crazy as ***
If kenya moore was here she would say your FABULOUS right!! Gone with the wind fabulous.
Kenya Moore wants to be a beauty queen.. Ugh so original..😒 if only it was 1993
Kenya Moore was seen grabbing her goods on the red carpet of a Celebrity Apprentice event at Trump Tower in New
Kenya Moore is by far the worst person on the show . What trash , glad she's gone
“Kenya Moore is a mess to the 10th power, but she would do well on somebody's sitcom. If Nene can act, then...…
Kenya Moore always talk bad about a person without the person being there to defend.
Kenya Moore is being messy on Wendy Williams 😩
Lmao at Wendy's response to Kenya Moore on her show
Kenya Moore on Wendy lol talkin bout Vivica face 😭
Wendy Williams is reading Kenya Moore and I'm here for ittt!
Kenya Moore on Wendy talkin bout "I never attack women on their looks" UMMM lady, you done made comments about Kandi's weight a FEW times
“Kenya Moore on Wendy Williams Today She STOLE MY S on TIMELINE C&D on the wig!
Kenya Moore on Wendy Williams Today Was she on her best behavior? What do you think?
Finall watch that Kenya Moore interview on Wendy. She's back to being my fav till NeNe claps back.
I don't think I could ever have the energy to watch Kenya Moore with Wendy Williams. Nope. Thought about it. Nope.
Kenya Moore is a perfect 10,stunning, bombshell,dynamite would write more adjective to describe her but no space,Loved her today on Wendy
I'm not a big Kenya Moore fan BUT she does give good talk. That Wendy interview today was a mess lol she makes for good tv
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Kenya Moore is cutting up on the Wendy show.
Kenya Moore is the only RHWOA whos been invited on Wendy Williams show since Nene started issue w Wendy. they have good repore w each other
Kenya Moore threw more shades in an 8Minute Wendy interview than I ever did in my 18 years of existence.. 😂😂
Roger Bobb hints at marrying Demetria McKinney..That would make Kenya Moore very happy..
Vivica Fox told Kenya Moore to "bounce, trick" on national TV in front of Donald Trump. It was the greatest thing ever.
Kenya Moore is THE DEVIL IN THE FLESH. TY for being a class act through all of that.
Kenya Moore you have a title that not many black women have painted it by doing this Robin its ghetto boo
OMG!! Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore are working my nerves. Dem *** need to get it together.
So I am watching The Apprentice on NBC. Kenya Moore former Miss USA & Miss Universe (1993) says to Donald Trump and his kids, " you guys really are the first family in America..." That is such a disrespectful statement to the current President, his family, and all the previous Presidents and their families. I can not believe she would be that disrespectful to stay on a show.
The best "read" since Phaedra Parks read Kenya Moore on RHOA. President Obama brewed, poured, and sipped his own tea... He won BOTH of his presidential elections!
Like *** would we watch Cynthia Bailey doing? Or worse, Kenya Moore? Yawn.
Vivica Fox, Kenya Moore and Thandie Newton hit the carpet at NBCUniversal's 2015 Winter TCA Tour yesterday to...
Kenya Moore: Lupita Nyong’o ‘refused’ to take a photo with me at a Globes party
Kenya Moore at the Golden Globes! Will Nene Leakes Ego Be Able To Stand it? & Moar!
Kenya Moore throwing shade at our beloved Miss Kenya U don't want to face the wrath of 🏃
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Kenya Moore is a nasty ratchet. Miss america isn't an accomplishment. The only business sense you have is what *** to ride.
Kenya Moore calls out Lupita Nyong'o for refusing to take a pic with her: Former Miss USA and Real Housewives ...
Lupita Nyong'o refused to take a pic wit Kenya Moore, former Miss USA. The epic snub was revealed after a fan asked Kenya who she hung out...
Fashion Police be damned, I knew Lupita had taste. Kenya Moore,
The newest season of Celebrity Apprentice has just started and already behind the scenes shenanigans has commenced. On Monday during the show's broadcast, Vivica A. Fox, who's a contestant on the reality series, cracked a joke about her co-star and The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore's altercation with Porsha Williams. Last year, the two Atlanta peaches were involved in an altercation while the ladies were at… [ 271 more words. ]
I needed to catch up with Kenya Moore, Vivica A. Fox and Kiesha Knight Pulliam — watching The Apprentice
I find it pretty funny that I will soon have my last name changed and will be Kenya Moore. Growing up there was...
I watched Celebrity Apprentice last night! I felt really bad for Keshia aka Rudy, she was the project manager and was promoted to early retirement. Shawn Johnson very honest and I respect her recap. Kenya Moore.treacherous. Keshia and Vivica Fox kind of fell apart. In order to achieve your goals and bottom line you must separate business and emotions. It's a hard pill to swallow, but necessary. Funny because before I tuned in to CA, earlier in the day I watched T.D Jakes "This is no time to lose your head." Food for thought.
This season is going to be interesting. Kenya Moore, Vivica Fox, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Shawn Johnson, Kate Gosselin-whew!
Ian or Keisha. Love them both!! This is a great cast and of course I'm watching for Kenya Moore too :)
A digital art work of Kenya Moore by Dan Newburn from a photo found on the Internet. If you are shown in this...
Wow Keshia Knight Pulliam and Kenya Moore are on The Apprentice. Not to mention Vivica Fox.
JAILBIRD AGAIN! Porsha Williams was arrested again on Monday for allegedly speeding in Atlanta on a suspended license, The 33-year-old reality star was clocked going 78mph in a 55mph zone on an Atlanta highway, according to an article on Monday by TMZ. Williams was driving with a suspended license and booked at a jail. The star of The Real Housewives Of New York was freed after posting a $1,726 bond. A mugshot obtained by TMZ showed Williams make-up free and smiling with her long hair down. Williams earlier this year turned herself into authorities after a warrant was issued for attacking reality show co-star Kenya Moore.
Forgiveness isn't for the other person it's for you -Kenya Moore
The beautiful ladies of Atlanta Housewives. Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore, and a slight view of Cynthia…
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Donald Trump hyping Celebrity Apprentice on Wendy Williams claiming fight btwn Vivica Fox & Kenya Moore is the greatest moment 4 that show
🍑 Latest trio of pals Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey came together to shoot a…
Kenya Moore is going to be on the Celebrity Apprentice and I hope she does well because her charity is for the Detroit Public Schools Fd.
I'm listening to this breakfast club interview w/Chris rock and they are acting like Karlie doesnt have more acting credits than Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore brought Angela Stanton to the reunion. She's been playing dirty from jump.
Kenya Moore hit the carpet in Victoria Beckham Cutout Gown now available at AlOthman Outlet! 😍
I liked a video Watch What Happens Live with Kenya Moore and Sherri Shepherd + aftershow
Kate Gosselin and Bodyguard Steve Neild Shared a Hotel Room, According to Kenya Moore!: It looks like sparks a...
Kenya Moore Speaks Out On WWHL: Kenya Moore appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night after an all new ...
Kenya Moore say Nene Leakes should have went to one of Detroit Public Schools because she can't speak..ouch
Kenya Moore donated to the Detroit Public Schools foundation, & NeNe didn't! More details on the…
On Sunday, the Bravo Network premiered season seven of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the first since last season’s reunion special, during which a brawl erupted between cast members Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore. That fight was just the most recent in a long line of physical altercations ...
Please dear Lord tell me Jim will NOT be returning to next season!! Kenya Moore looks like an angel next to him!
‘RHOA’ star Porsha Stewart beats out Kenya Moore for Bravo spin-off
I don't have time for Claudia Jordan cuz she's not funny on the Rickey Smiley morning show and Kenya Moore cuz she looks like a raisin
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Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan r like reese's lol. Kenya is the outside and Claudia is the peanut butter inside the reese's. Sounds good
Kenya Moore is chocolate. Claudia Jordan is like peanut buter lol
Kenya Moore to Nene Leakes: AHM RICH TOO, BEEYOTCH! - Kenya Moore has just served...
in related news, I hope all of NBC's new shows get cancelled so they have to air with Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville.
Real Housewives of Atlanta City Season 7 start is on November 9 at 8 PM says Bravo TV. Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Nene Leakes, Phaedra Parks, and Kenya Moore will be back to comprise the regular Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 cast. Porsha Stewart, who has been a regular for the past two seasons, will however return demoted to a recurring guest role in the Bravo reality TV show. [ 703 more words. ]
I know Kenya Moore has a bunch of beautiful hair, I've even seen Wendy root her. But is she still denying ever using weave on the show ? 😐
Kenya Moore denies bits of gossip that she's dating Kordell Stewart
Kenya Moore denies rumors she's dating Kordell Stewart /
Kenya Moore denies rumors she's dating Kordell Stewart
Kenya Moore denies rumors she's dating Kordell Stewart
It's so nice to see that Kenya Moore and Kim Zolciak are friends. 😆😄😏
Why would Billy Bush assume that Kenya Moore wears a weave just because she's black.Rude and Racist. Like his opinions
I did not know that B. Scott, and Kenya Moore are FRIENDS. Did Porsha Williams know that from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Maybe Kenya will slow herself down on the new EPISODE of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Kenya Moore: I Want to Play Michelle Obama - It seems the Real Housewives of Atlanta star holds herself in pretty...
Man they been saying my dog Christopher Williams (New Jack City) got Kenya Moore moist...BEEN hitting that...hmmm
Phaedra Parks is expecting Kenya Moore to kick her down after jail sentence. And she doesn't care.
Just like Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss said her mom knows how to taunt. Plus, Kandi offers a baby update. Watch.
Laughing at the people in a comments section cussing each other out over Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore. People get a life!
She said I'm a model😒 O u take pictures for a living-_-✋ I want an Angela Bassett not a Kenya Moore👊
"Kenya Moore: I Want to Play Michelle Obama That wld be an insult to USA.
Didnt even know that Kenya Moore was in a
Why isn't pregnant yet? Plus, she talks about her mom taunting Mother Tucker. Watch.
According to knows how to taunt just like Plus, she gives a baby update.
Loool Kenya Moore on girlfriends she's killing me
Who watched last night? The movable butt implant was disturbing. I wonder if Kenya Moore's does that too?
TOTALLY!! @ I love Kenya Moore but I'm before anything.
So Kenya Moore is Queen Now? Nene Leakes is Facing a Pay Cut from Real Housewives of Atlanta. Check out how much: http:…
ya know i keep forgetting Kenya Moore was an actress before being on the Real Housewives of Atlanta
Moore: Guns Are Great...If You're Sober! - Yes, Kenya cops to owning "several" guns of her own but she...
yes! It's Kenya Moore from Real Housewives ATL!
All purpose parts banner
"me rn as I look at all this drama from Kayla's tbh video 😂😭 Kenya Moore taught me.
Kenya Moore, put down the prop. You haven't been a beauty queen since 1994. Be like Elsa and let it go.
👲💂👳 : Kenya not stay away for so long and visit me!
Please don't come for Kenya Moore, because I will come for you 😘😘😘
"She's a *** that's why I call her Kenya Moore *** "
I really felt like Kenya Moore afterwards
Kenya Moore talks guns in bars bill
Saw Kenya Moore and her white Bentley, her plates say "Gwtwfab". She really is nuts
Kenya Moore Talks Guns In Bars Bill: Real Housewives star Kenya Moore talks to us about the new Georgia bill t...
Why is Kenya Moore at the BET awards
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