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Kent State

Kent State University (also known as Kent, Kent State, and KSU) is a public research university located in Kent, Ohio, United States.

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Kent State had 1 yard passing yesterday?
Kelly Bryant earns his stripes as Tigers blast Kent State in opener
Clemson Football vs. Kent State: 3 things we learned from the Tigers’ win via
How the heck does national champion Clemson play Kent State, and it counts as a game, not practice?
Here's a scouting report on Kent State including players to watch, storylines
You heard that right, Kent State! On October 8th we will be welcoming Lil Uzi Vert to the MACC!!!
First home event of the year! Beautiful day for to host Kent State at 1:00 at the Marra Athletics C…
New Mexico volleyball moves to 2-0 on the year as the Lobos sweep by Kent State in Ames, Iowa!
First serve vs. Kent State is moments away! Follow stats at the link below! . 📍: Ames, Iowa. 📊:
From the season opener in Ames today. The Mavs face Iowa State & Kent State tomorrow.
On this morning's Mike Gallagher show: Mike reacts to Howard Dean saying Trump's election was like Kent State.
Our 1st goal from Sunday's 2-1 win at Kent State. Ashley Thiss collects a loose ball & drops it to Grace Grant who unl…
Shades of Kent State, May 4, 1970. 4 students Killed by Ohio National Guard. Thank God no se…
When Kelly Bryant (Calhoun Falls) starts vs. Kent State will mark just second time in 199 games South Carolinian starts at…
Global elite trying to spark another Kent State style event & then use media to frame Trump as responsible to have him r…
Kent State, University of Toledo , Wright state , Tuskegee University , Tennessee State Fisk university Got pick on by next year
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Make sure to share the link around ! For any Kent State men interested in Delta Chi we want to talk to you !
If anyone knows where I can buy a Kent State:. Josh Cribbs jersey . Antonio Gates jersey. or James Harrison jersey, let me know.
Conor McGregor talking trash to Floyd Mayweather is like 38 point underdog Kent State talking trash to Clemson
College football: Former South Fort Myers receiver Antwan Dixon on track to resume career at Kent State
Here's Nick Saban in 1972, during his college football playing days at Kent State:
Fun fact I learned today: University of Tampa football beat Nick Saban and Jack Lambert of Kent State in the 1972 Tangerine Bowl
3/..the dandy of Gamma Chi, sweet things from Boston so young and willing". This describes Kent State shooting victims start at Michigan.
There always were bad cops(think "Kent State" and the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago) but it seems to be getting worse.
Kent State has offered Oldsmar 2017 big man Stefon Fisher & 2018 guard DJ Mitchell, per their coach
Send in National Guard and mow down Resist protesters Kent State style.
Best of luck to Jimmy Hall. He has come a long way. Dri Archer: the last Kent State old head 2 make it 2 the league
Kent State freshman Tyler Heintz died after being transported to hospital following conditioning drills
Ryan Jacobs homers, Sammy Frontino rips three hits as Release hammers Total Baseball 10-3 at Kent State
Today at Kent State, Miami recruit Ryan Jacobs has homered over the center field fence, and hit ground rule double over LF
Mow 'em down like they did at Kent State. Take out the cop killers. If the authorities don't do it, v…
Kent State will become a smoke-free, tobacco-free campus beginning July 1. Learn more:
352:40- all the pretty flowers on Kent State's campus.
Kent State implements the tobacco-free, smoke-free campus July 1. Trustees approved the initiative in May 2016
Peace out Kent State, see you in August. Thanks for an amazing year with amazing people💛💙
Can you pass this to Jeff Richmond for me? We went to Kent State together. Now, I'm looking to get engaged:
Great article. Only note would be that Josh Kline played for us a bit and he was from Kent State
No mention of Kent State's Najee Murray, which was widely reported...interesting
I heard this at the CSNY concert in Seattle 2 weeks after Kent State. It went viral via radio. A ju…
We remember the Kent State shootings in which an Ohio National Guard was sent to Kent State Univ, killing 4 students an…
Cadet Paige Cooley, Kent State is receiving the AFCEA ROTC Honor Award from LTC Matthew Fox.
The four players are David Jones, safety from Richmond, Najee Murray, Cb from Kent State, Tim Patrick, wr from Utah, and Tarik Cohen, Rb
vs. Kent State! Come join us for a beautiful night at the ballpark!. ⚾ Javier Alvarez. 🕔 5 p.m. 📍 Eastwood Field…
Thanks for the invites to the Northern Ohio Prospect Games at Kent State and the Underclass Trials I at THE Oh…
There's Akron U & Kent State but I went to Cleveland Institute of Art.
Williams played well in the MAC Title game vs Kent State, interested to see where he goes.
T7| Another strikeout for Betsa, and Kent State is down to their final out here at Alumni Field.
Lonzo Ball in the adidas Harden Vol. 1 "Disruptor" vs. Kent State
Whicker: Lonzo Ball takes a fall, but the Bruins stay upright in beating Kent State
Charles Barkley is the best player to wear a Kent State jersey.
.finished with 15 points and 11 assists in UCLA's 97-80 win over Kent State. . |…
UCLA easily dispatches Kent State in First Round of NCAA Tournament. UCLA will face Cincinnati Sunday.
Lonzo Ball on UCLA's win over Kent State in Sacramento
I'm gonna be honest, I saw "Kent State" in trending and got really scared.
That time Charles Barkley became the best basketball player ever to wear a Kent State jersey.
Bru-wins!. UCLA shoots 63% to beat Kent State, 97-80, and advance to play Cincinnati.
Everyone supporting kent State from the 44240!
UCLA defeats Kent State 97-80 in first round of NCAA Tournament
LaVar Ball right now with UCLA only up 5 points on Kent State
VIDEO: Lonzo Ball on how he's feeling after suffering a hard fall in Friday's win in Sacramento over Kent State…
UCLA advances in NCAA tourney with 97-80 win over Kent State via
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Whenever Kent State is trending, I'm always a little disappointed to see it's not because the national guard shot someone😅😂
Devon Andrews should be at Kent State right now dawgin Lonzo Ball, period. Lavar would claim DA on his taxes.
This announcer literally comments how Hamilton absorbed contact then gets mad THE VERY NEXT PLAY Kent State didn't get an And1 for the same😒
Charles Barkley hops on the Kent State bandwagon
No. 3 UCLA beats No. 14 Kent State, but defensive issues arise once again
It's March. The wins don't have to be pretty. It's all about surviving and advancing. Proud of how the team handled Kent S…
This game between UCLA and Kent State is proving why should be in the tournament. The MAC is so underrated.
UCLA surges in second half to defeat Kent State, 97-80: For more than 30 minutes Friday night, UCLA appeared in…
wish Kent State's best player was a guard. Marcus Keene would cook UCLA
Cheering hard for Kent State tonight! And I really hope this team loses early - why? So Ball dad will shut up
Ill laugh so hard if Kent State beats Lonzo Ball and UCLA
Kent State (No. 14) will play UCLA (No. 3) in Sacramento, California on Friday, March 17 for the NCAA Tournament.
serious question, what does Lavar Ball disrespecting NBA legends have to do with UCLA vs. Kent State?
I really hope Kent State beats UCLA on Friday night, maybe then LaVar Ball can shut up and stop disrespecting legends of the game.
Kent beat BGSU, who beat Murray State, who beat Northern Iowa,who beat Arizona State,who beat USC,who beat UCLA. Kent State to the Sweet 16
Schools from Ohio in the tournament:. Cincinnati. Xavier. Dayton . Kent State. Teams not in the tournament:. THE Ohio State U…
The other Final 4 teams: North Dakota & Kent State. Oh and she's very relieved Mt. St. Mary's won last night... she has them over Villanova
Kent State is throwing their own music and arts festival in the Rec Center called Kentchella! Who is going to join?
Golden Flashes are going to the Big Dance! . Kent State punches its ticket to the NCAA tourney for the first time since 2008.…
to transfer to Kent State or stay at BG next year??? 🙁🙁
SCJ SPORTS: Hall scores 24 as Kent State dethrones 2-time champ, Buffalo
A favor to his ailing college golf coach brought Ben Curtis back to Kent State for the fall semester
2014 grad Chris Martin with the win out of the pen as Kent State moves to 3-0!👍
B8 | Kent State calls on Chris Martin to take the mound. Washington enters the box with Ward on third. 2 outs. . BU 2, KSU 1
Help Austin Severn earn Athlete of The Week for his big pin against Kent State on Senior Day!
Blessed to receive my first offer from Kent State ! 🔦
One of the biggest rivalries in College Basketball tips off at 7. Tune into to watch Akron host Kent State at the JAR.…
Kent State's May 4th memorial is now registered as a National Historic Landmark:
Kent State is the latest offer for St. Xavier 2018 DL Blake Bacevich.
Brewster Academy graduate Kevin Zabo had 17 points for Kent State in an OT loss to Bowling Green on Tuesday
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Made by a Kent State alumni!! Kent State comes in clutch finally!!
Michigan GOP official calls for ‘another Kent State’ murder of campus protesters and Trump says nothing https:…
actually the the biggest moment was from a Kent state guy lol
You are arguing to expand the state, coerce people, & regulate market, to save no money at all.
It wasn't "poorly worded." You said exactly what you were thinking: "Time for another Kent State." Now you're lying ab…
Guess I can't be against the Drug War and the police state cuz libtards agree sometimes.
Michigan Republican Party Secretary and former chair calls for "another Kent State" to quell student protests. https:/…
If you want to know whether the Kent State shootings were justified, don't ask me. Ask the commission that President N…
A former Kent State QB now has the greatest catch in Super Bowl history... unreal
FBI — Kent State Shooting For those that need to understand the murder of unarmed peaceful protestors
How long before this administration turns its guns on Americans who disagree with it?
Julian Edelman moving up the ladder of Kent State finest and Super Bowl legendary plays... Good job Jul…
Congratulations to Wayne's 2017 WR/DB Ray James who will continue his academic and athletic at Kent State University. http…
We don't need morons like this in the Republican Party.
do whatever you want - but if the state is making me support immigration, why would I call for open borders?
The violent mind of the GOP and its horrendous branding
All of my tuition went towards the Kent state commercial during the Super Bowl
Does the state not force taxpayers to pay for Border Patrol, ICE, walls, detention centers, and employer raids?
Y'all saw that Kent State boy out there ballin. Plus the best catch 😎
So since Jillian Edelman was a Kent State alumni, can we not have class tomorrow? So we can uh.. celebrate his victory
Patriots won the Super Bowl. Edelman plays for the Patriots. Edelman went to Kent State. Therefore Kent State won the…
Republican calls for 'another Kent State' to deal with campus protesters
Michigan Republican suggests 'another Kent State' for protesters
6. Stonewall thousands of people fought the police over three days; Kent State 4 students killed; Attica 43 deaths some were cops
Former Kent State qb made the greatest catch in Super Bowl history
MI leader calls for another to tamp down college protests. America needs to call for his resignation. htt…
A Kent State alum that I live with a reminder for everyone.
im not gonna visit henry anymore bc Julian Edelman went to kent state and I hate the patriots
To think he did this with his best receivers being a rookie, a former lacrosse player, and a dude from Kent state
Well, y'all warned me about it, and now I've finally read it. The public's horrifying response to the Kent State massacre,…
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Julian Edelman saw that Kent State commercial and got fired up
Pretty much says it all about the morals of this new GOP led by T and Bannon. History check. Kent State changed everything against Gov.
A lacrosse Player. A Quarteback from Kent state. And no Gronk...
& are a real menace. So are some of their supporters.
Edelman went to Kent state. Kent read Kent write, but boy ken catch
ICYMI: Watch Julian Edelman of the New England Patriots reel it in below: .
Michigan incomplete to Kent State, broken up by Southeastern Louisiana
Kent State made me horrified to be an American. Natl Guard shooting college kids. "What if you knew her, and found…
dan adamini I dare you... Kent State will not end well for YOU and Your Ilk.. I DARE YOU... You coward..
In 1970 Kent State students were KILLED on campus by Natl Guard troops. GOP wants THAT, now?!
Bannon will have his Kent State or Tienanmen square at some point and likely with impunity from GOP.
We head back on the road this weekend to take on No. 24 Edinboro and Kent State! All the info you'll need:
I think it's going to require a good old fashioned Kent State style massacre before these people will settle down.
Someone may want to educate today's college protesters about a place in Ohio called Kent State. Sooner or later, it…
The Ohio State National Guard did nothing wrong at Kent State
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Tribal lands are sovereign. Is this Trump version of Kent State? Has he no respect for non-white Americans?
Kent State is playing host to 2017 First Love guard David Collins today for an unofficial visit
First Love (PA) guard David Collins '17 is on an unofficial visit to Kent State today
David Collins of First Love (PA) is on a unofficial visit to Kent State.
Only lower bowl tonight at the NIU Convocation Center for game against Kent State.
Cheers to Kent State for opening the first university dining hall in the United States!…
Kent State's Jordan Korinek’s 23pts/10reb led the way for the Golden Flashes as they pick up their third straight win!
Trojans wrestlers Darber and Sanders will vie for second state tournament gold medals this season…
Congrats to on winning the high jump at Kent State with a leap of 6'8"
State Department employee just described to me what he heard today about Trump's careful planning to bring in "the best pe…
To be clear, this is the proper way to handle state propaganda.
Nope that's what their masters want. Leftists romanticize Kent State. These duped fools are recruiting now.
Kent is more than a county it is a state of mind.
Financial Ad Counselor - OH-Kent, Kent State University has the following ...
Offense sluggish for UT women in loss to Kent State
Update your maps at Navteq
Man I'm truly Blessed to have received my first scholarship offer to Kent State University!
I have gone seven rounds with Kent State. Everyone is back safe. 💪
Kent State's victory vs Toledo had me thinking about this game from 13 years ago
Congrats to Pitcher, Gabby Sherman, for committing to Kent State University! We're so proud to have you as a... https:/…
Kent State's wifi is straight trash man
kent state won both games, did okay on camera, couldve done way better, but another day. Good day overall.
It is disappointing, however on some level I think it may be a turning point. Without 'Kent State', we might still be in Vietnam.
And just in case you need to be reminded what happens when you mix military & protests: Kent. Sta…
Blessed to receive my 1st offer from Kent State University
Kent State University has decided not to allow us to...
Mark my words: Kent State head coach Rob Senderoff gets fired without Jimmy Hall at the end of next year
your brother doing a mighty fine job here in Athens. Though I wouldn't mind him calling more fouls on Kent State
I bet. I am reminding National Guard friends about Kent State. They may be in the thick of things.
Really? Tell that to Cinci, Xavier, Dayton, Akron, Kent State, Toledo, Cleveland State etc...that's a tired narrati…
Two days, two comeback wins at Kent State for NIU 🏀! 🙌
For inquiring minds, the record for combined points in a game is 217 (1991). Already 107 in this one tonight at Kent State.
having a great time will be at tonights game at Kent State , more snow please.
Proud to support .on the road at Kent State!
30 mins to tip at Kent State. WATCH: LISTEN: WLBK, WYLL, STATS:
Kent State opens up against the defending national champion
Former Romulus standout Jaylin Walker did work for Kent State today in their big win over Texas!
Texas and Tevin Mack (15.8 PPG) face Kent State in final game before conference play begins; watch live in the ESP…
Day 4: Hillel at Kent State will continue to support and welcome the LGBTQ community.
Stanford was at LF checking out Drew Peterson. Libertyville's 6-7 jr. has offers from Loyola, IUPUI, Kent State, Tulane, William & Mary.
Sunday's match against Kent State has been moved up to a 1 pm start.
Kent State closing golf course to chip away at expenses - Akron Beacon Journal
3-9. A failure end to a failure season. Proud of Kent State. Not proud of the Kent State Golden Flashes.
Watched NIU drop 3 interceptions on the same Kent State drive. Golden Flashes finish drive with a TD catch into quadruple coverage.
Kent State women's basketball falls to Baylor 84-42, the Golden Flashes await the loser of DePaul and Western Kentucky
Good morning Huskie Fans! is here at Dix Stadium and will have coverage of the gave versus Kent State beginning at 11 am CT!
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NIU’s 4th QB Daniel Santacaterina looks to propel the Huskies to 5-7, and potential bowl appearance vs. Kent State.
Here at Kent State's MAC Center for the tri-meet tonight between the Golden Flashes, Ohio State, and Cleveland State. A-B-C format on 2 mats
Kent State coach Rob Senderoff is a big fan. Go Golden Flashes!
Rare photos: Young *** Goddard takes the stage while at Kent State h/t
Fleck is 28-21 & Miles 141-55. Hazell was 16-10 at Kent State. Need coach who has done it on big stage.
Very cool idea from Kent State basketball. @
ICYMI: In a display of unity, each Kent State player invited a fan of a different race to join him for the anthem:
In a display of unity, members of Kent State's basketball team invited fans to join them on court before the game. https:…
Kent State needs to be an inclusive space for all of its students - and that includes removing the photo of Golda Meir.
Cleveland State rallies but falls to Kent State in overtime, 79-74
Kent State holds off Cleveland State rally for 79-74 win in OT
literally all the ones following the Kent State massacre, dude.
How long until Trump incites a Kent State style massacre on the peaceful protesters?
you may be too young to remember the anti Vietnam War protests. Kent State was truly horrifying. students killed by Natl Guard
Let's talk about health: physical activity, nutrition & preventive care at today's Kent State of Wellness Forum, 4p…
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If Democrats wake up before too late, we might avoid things like the Kent State massacre.
If you federalize for small localized riots, you'll get a Kent State massacre. And that's when you really loose control.
A 1st on our - Kent State honoring the "Professor of the Game," Bowling Prof.James Palmer, as chosen by the students 🎳🙌🏻
It is actually a form of narcissism. "This period is more divisive than the Kent State massacre."
Ravens def coord Dean Pees had a long visit on the field with LB James Harrison. Pees coached Harrison at Kent State
Kent State forces a 5th set with Miami, as the Golden Flashes try to snap the RedHawks' 20 match winning streak.
Kent State leads the match 1-0 in sets, but Miami coming back in the 2nd up 13-10.
Make it three goals for Laila Richter breaks the game open for the Golden Flashes. . Kent State: 3. Miami: 0.
leave Kent State victorious with a 3-1 win over the Golden Flashes. They will travel to Ohio tomorrow for a 7pm matchup
GOAL: Jenna Hellstrom scores for Kent State with a kick to the bottom right of the net. The Golden Flashes now lead 2-1
The winner of our match will take on top seed Kent State tomorrow. The Golden Flashes defeated Ball State 2-1 in first semifinal.
FINAL: Kent State takes down Ball State. The Golden Flashes are heading back to the MAC Championship match!…
MATCH DAY! The BGSU volleyball Falcons travel to Kent State today to take on the Golden Flashes at 7 p.m.
brings back vivid memories of Kent State massacre...humans never learn how to move forward
Here's a look at your updated MAC Women's Soccer Championship Bracket. See you at Kent State's Dix Stadium this wee…
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On this date in 1997, Jose Davis threw 7 touchdown passes in a 60-37 Kent State victory over Central Michigan at Dix St…
Belichick epic today. Notes Jack Lambert got his chance at Kent State when kid ahead of him dropped out to go on tour with Rolli…
Our Gameday Central page for tomorrow's contest versus Kent State is live.
IDK though, Kent State has Jack Lambert, Josh Cribbs, Julian Edelman, James Harrison and Antonio Gates. UA's got work to do either way.
Joining my father at the unveiling of the Center for Architecture and Environmental Design at Kent State today.
the Kent State shootings were formative for them. Chrissie Hynde there too, interestingly.
Drew Norberg with 2 straight stuffs - a solo and an assist - to give Kent State a 5-4 lead in the opening set.
Kent State students went on a mass clown mob hunt after a reported sighting last night. Go, Golden Flashes.
Jalen Hurts is now at 60 percent completion mark. He's kept this mark against WKU, Kent State and Ole Miss.
Jacobs steps up in Tide's victory over Kent State
Nick Saban wanted to coach at his alma mater, Kent State. Kent State passed. Kent State faces Saban on Saturday.
Read our extensive recap of Saturday's 48-0 win by the No. 1 Alabama football team over Kent State at...
Kent State vs. Alabama 2016 final score: 3 things we learned from the Crimson Tide’s 48-0 win
See and Kent State fans hit campus before the Crimson Tide's home game
I kinda agree with you but Kent State is 1-A Mac school. If this was a bottom FCS school I would agree more..
Alabama Video: Xavier Marks dekes a few defenders on his way to a 75-yard punt return for a TD vs. Kent State (ESP…
Alabama scores yet again. 48-0 Crimson Tide leading Kent State in the 3Q.
Crimson Tide QB Jalen Hurts is back in the game, and Alabama's got first and goal at Kent State's 10 yard line.
If you see a Kent State sorority girl over the next couple of days, tell her she's beautiful and buy her a snack. She's had a rough week.
.Nick Saban was a freshman at Kent State in 1970 when the Ohio Army National Guard shot four student protestors.
Bernie Sanders brought the W's back to Kent State
Kent State all but puts this one away as Mylik Mitchell finds Nick Holley for a 28-yard TD, his second score of the game. 27-7 Kent State.
Mitchell threads one in to Nick Holley for a touchdown. 20-0 Kent State with 5:53 to play in the game
The bama game on the 24th vs Kent State is at 12:00. SO EARLY IM NOT GONNA BE ALIVE FOR THAT SORRY NICK
you are definitely not PC Kent State anymore bro
Volleyball defeats Kent State to complete Dunn Hospitality Tournament: An exciting 3-2 victory by the University of…
When I went to Kent State University and was paying for my own classes, sounds dumb but I skipped whatever classes I wanted to.
don't miss the excitement on the Tennessee bench tonight at 6:30pm against Kent State.
Watch video of Derek Adams punting for Kent State, and read story.
Football: Manheim Central grad Derek Adams on his collegiate debut for Kent State inside Beaver Stadium:
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Football: after 3 fantastic punts today, Manheim Central grad Derek Adams comes up short (29 yds) on that last one for Kent State
Football: 42 yard punt on Derek Adams (Manheim Central grad) third boot of the day for Kent at 43 yd avg
Football: 46 yards on the second punt of the day for Kent State true freshman Derek Adams, Manheim Central grad
Football: Manheim Central fans who came here to see Kent State punter Derek Adams (only 1 punt so far) be like...
Football: In his first collegiate punt, Manheim Central product Derek Adams with a 41 yd boot for Kent State vs
Kent State is the first EVER college campus to open up an entirely gluten-free dining hall! Check out the article
[Penn Live] Who are the Penn State freshmen green lit to play against Kent State?
Air Force, Duquesne, Penn State, Kent State, University of Akron, and IUP. Love you all 💔
Congrats on signing to Kent State, Here's to continued success at a great university!
More like a celebration if anything...Kent state ☔️
Just applied for credentials to the Kent State ,Penn State game on Sept, 3rd. Really hope they get accepted. Would love to call a game there
Nixon had nothing 2 do w Kent State shootings. Ohio Nat Guard was ordered in after request by Dem Mayor LeRoy Satrom
Tell me why I open the computer and see that my mom started applying to Kent State for me. Like what? 😂😂. Never will I go there. ✌🏾️
Been thinking about transferring to Pitt or Kent State🤔
Penn State is playing Kent State this season and I have never been more excited for a Kent State football game in my life
3D Printing Metal with Filamet, the MVP for Kent State ... - - https:/…
Heck of a run for those guys this season. Had a blast covering them at state. Thanks for tuning in, Kent!
Getting ready for the 'ship at Kent State University
Life is Sweet when you Go Greek at Kent State 💛
so proud of my Bestfriend for committing to Kent state today!! love you so much💙
The Homecoming Parade will be on October 1, 2016! Don’t forget to register your organization today!
Kent State was under Republican President. 2 of 4 students killed were walking to class not involved in the protest.
Kent state is number 90 on the 100 top party schools so ya know we're pretty wild
Anyone attending Kent state want to be mine and personal chef
33 days: Kent State held Delaware State to MINUS-33 yds, fewest allowed by an FBS team in 2015 https…
Congrats to my bro since day 1 for committing to play golf at Kent State. Congrats buddy ⛳️🏌
All five of Boise State's offensive coaches (Zak Hill, Scott Huff, Lee Marks, Junior Adams, Kent Riddle) will meet with the media tomorrow.
Congrats to on the commitment to Kent State! Much deserved.
S/o to meg for commiting to KENT STATE. All of your hard work payed off. Proud of you❤️
Going to be weird not going back to Kent state for my 3rd year 😔
And come out in that Kent State zip up?
When the students were killed at Kent State, the cast voted to do a demonstration from the stage
Kent State ws a wake-up-call/tactical turnabout, n *my* lifetime re the PTB's reaction to 'peaceful protest'. 2/2
"It's very simple Kent. The child is reverting to a feral, or wolf-like state. Here's an artists conception."
Excited to announce I've committed to play golf at Kent State University!
My degree is in Journalism (Kent State 1990). But I gave up on it years ago. You restore the faith. *** you're good.
Kent State University at Kent ** Student offer: $50 free ride promo credit from Lyft! Get the Lyft app & enter Code ZOOT
Skilled teams might put a stop to them. Protests,,, I'm not convinced. Kent State on Roids now.
People enjoyed fireworks at the Balloon Classic at Kent State University Stark in Jackson Township on July 30, 20...
Listen to Kent State covering for MAC MedIa Day, we are live from Ford Field in Detroit
I really don't get the Kent State disrespect. The Golden Flashes are going to be better than people think.
Mario did you know that Thurman Munson also went to Kent State?
Rod did you That Thurman Munson also went to Kent State?
Good luck to the boys at Kent State today! Tell I said Hi!
Kent State offers 6-6 Drew Peterson of Libertyville. Versatile wing plays w/ the Illinois Wolves and one of state's top 10 prospects in 2018
that guy obviously missed most of the 60s and 70s too. Kent State man. Get'em Educated Steve Dave! You're the man Bry
partners with Kent State and to launch science learning app. .
Yesterday, 2017 5'10 PG Calvin Hill (Kenwood) picks up major interest from Kent State--had a great showing at t…
After finding out that Kent State has a master's program in Museum studies, I think I have found where I want to go.
Kent State is the latest to contact 2018 Divine Child/SF Quinn Blair (
If I'm Youngstown state & Jim Tressel, I'm looking right down the road at former Kent State and Akron HC, Rick Rembielk. $ has to be right.
Kent State scores two runs to make it a 4-3 game. We got to the bottom of the 5th. Due up for DiLeo. Williams. Stidham
Welcome to America. You probably never heard of Mayor Daly, Kent State, San Jacinto, Battle of N.O. Don't Mess w US.
Kent State and Eastern Michigan will begin at 1:25, as the Golden Flashes try to beat the Eagles for the 5th time this season ⚡️⚡️
At inaugural research conference at Kent State. Andrew MacDonald reminds us that the IB was created to “make the world a better place."
Looks like Alabama may suspend him for the games against Chattanooga, Western Kentucky, and Kent State this year
Kent State will take on Akron at 1 p.m. The Zips defeated Toledo, 7-0, in last night's late late game.
Salute to Penn State, Kent State, Bowling Green, Rhode Island, and Pace University For Coming to the Dungeon!
Batting practice action! Miami of Ohio pre-game before playing Kent State today at 3:30pm at…
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